Death and Misdemeanors

Ghost of notary comes back from death and notarizes thousands of documents. Read all about it —

Dead Notary Signs After Death

Besides the obvious fact that the notarization is defective there is a deeper question of why anyone would need to falsify documents if the loans were real. One can imagine a case or two where someone crosses the line between legal and illegal. But why would there be hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of cases in which documents and signatures were falsified?

Remember we are talking banks here, not a sandwich shop. These people invented documentation to protect themselves and create currency out of thin air by trading in commercial paper. They never had to fake it before, so why now?

My answer is because there are no transactions to support their paperwork. The only existing transactions that actually took place would support paperwork that would have looked and said a lot of different things — vastly different from the paperwork that is being used for recording, foreclosing, satisfying, refinancing, and approving short-sales.

How different? Different people, different entities and different terms for repayment. You can’t get any more different than that.

Meanwhile people forget that these apparent crimes not only go unpunished, but also are exacerbated by the actual occurrence of death and illness caused by stress from a wrongful foreclosure. The effects of TSD and PTSD is setting in on a huge portion of our population.

Foreclosures Drive Up Suicide Rates

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  1. Need some assistance. I need to find specific laws that state that it is illegal for Servicers and thier attorneys to create fraudulent Allonge’s and Assignments in order to foreclose on a homeowner. Thanks

  2. So I finished the audio I mentioned in the previous post.

    If it’s true, and this is what that woman experience and evidenced, then we look at ‘one’ foreclosure (by legal name, but theft by rule of law), and in doing that, these banks are getting 8 more or 9 more properties free and clear behind the theft in the public using pieces of paper that only we see, but the judge sees all the transactions that are involved and all the properties that will be released to the pretend lender, and all the insurance that will be paid for all the properties that are purportedly defaulted.

    Now, looking at the Fed purchasing what we were told were worthless bonds, and increasing their balance sheet to more than 4 trillion dollars; you have to know the purchase includes the lien over the properties behind those bonds.

    Then you look at the empty REITs that are trading with no property, and even if a bank is penalized for robbing, that means these investors must not do business with them, and in all actuality, the investors underneath the financial institutions whose job it is, to look at the ‘real’ assets of any investment they give a prospectus for, well they are lying in their prospectus claiming a value for assets that aren’t there, and we are putting our energy behind getting money made out of thin air, to put it in an investment fund that is full of thin air, and when it collapses we will end up with nothing because we put nothing in.

    They know the money has no value, it’s not backed by anything, so they’ve extended the fraud to investment funds that has no value because it’s not backed by anything, and they have taken our properties because for the one property we labored and kept up for shelter, they put 9 behind it and get all of them in one fraud claim.

    The judge knows and is sitting there bankrupting the nation by their orders of possession regardless of the evidence put before them.

    There is no way these people who most of them don’t even have an oath of office to sit there, are robbing us hand over foot, by pretending we are dead spirits making an ‘appearance’ in their court room to only be heard when they have a ‘hearing’, and act as if there is nothing they have robbed the ‘dead’ of when they judge our ‘dead pledges’ (mortgages).

    We funded both sides of the transaction and it’s pure theft by everything they have in their own rules and codes and provisions, and there is culpability because there is two or more people involved in these transactions in order for this to take place, AND if someone has a public office and knows something wrong is going on, they have a responsibility to reveal it, and that’s Misprision of Felony.

    FEMA is for them, but the unfortunate part of that is this is people’s husbands, wives, sons, daughters, neighbors, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, officers, and sheriffs, etc….they are among us and they are doing these things and when the time comes to take them away for shoving these papers and robbing the people under the disguise of a legal action.

    Bankrupt your estate and they get so much more, by the time you retire with social security, you’ve cleaned out the behind the scenes account and someone else walks away free and clear with a clean slate for all the stuff they did. That’s why they push going into bankruptcy to keep them from taking the property and sometimes let you keep it if you give them a new contract so they can keep the others (you don’t know about) that are behind the initial transaction.

    Only opinions, I know nothing, if I think I know something, I find out something new proving I know nothing.

    Trespass Unwanted, Creator, Corporeal, Life, People, Free, Independent, State, In Jure Proprio, Jure Divino

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