Hiring an Expert: What Are you Looking For in Foreclosure Litigation?

I have spent the last 7 years developing the narrative for an expert opinion that could be presented, believed and sustained in court. In writing to a probable new expert we will offer through the livinglies.store.com I summarized what attorneys should be looking for when they consult with an expert in structured finance (i.e., derivatives, securitization etc.).

Here  are some of the issues you want covered by the expert declaration and testimony in court. The basic rule of thumb is that the expert must have both the qualifications to testify as an expert and a persuasive narrative of why his conclusions are right. Without both, the testimony of the expert simply doesn’t matter and will be rejected.

If you are a proposed expert in structured finance, then here is what I would want to know, and what I think lawyers should ask, depending upon what fact pattern is present in each case.

One thing I need to know is whether you feel comfortable in talking about the ownership and balance of the loan.

In one example American Brokers Conduit was the payee on the note and mortgage. We alleged that they didn’t loan the money. Our narrative ran something like this: if you ask me for a loan, and I respond “Yes just sign this note and mortgage” AND THEN you sign the note and mortgage AND THEN I don’t give you a loan, ARE YOU PREPARED TO SAY THAT THE NOTE AND MORTGAGE WERE DEFECTIVE IN A BASIC WAY, TO WIT: THAT THE SIGNATURE ON THE NOTE AND MORTGAGE WAS PROCURED BY FRAUD OR MISTAKE AND THAT WITHOUT THE IDENTIFICATION OF THE REAL CREDITOR BOTH INSTRUMENTS ARE DEFECTIVE.

Would you, as a reasonable business person accept a note purporting to be a negotiable instrument under the UCC if you knew that the transferor neither funded the loan nor (if they purport to be a successor) paid for the assignment?

What is your opinion of your position if you found out after acceptance of the note and mortgage that there was doubt as to whether the obligation was funded or purchased for value? What would you do or suggest to a client in either of those positions — (1) knowledge [or “must have known] or (2) no knowledge [and later finding out that there is doubt as to funding and purchasing for value]?

Are you prepared to say that the fact that the borrower actually did receive money as a loan from another different party does not create a circumstance where the borrower is construed to convey any rights to anyone other than the source of funds or someone in actual privity with the lender — and that both note and mortgage are defective under normal recording statutes — and certainly not a commitment by the debtor to BOTH the source of the funds and the receiver of the signed promissory note and mortgage?

In the one case referred to above, the corporate representative conceded that ABC didn’t loan the money. He was unable to explain what was transferred by ABC to Regents and from Regents to 1st Nationwide and thence to CitiCorp by merger. He admitted that “Fannie Mae was the investor from the start.” You and I understand that neither Fannie and Freddie are lenders. They are guarantors and they serve as Master Trustee for hidden REMIC trusts. (Do you know or agree with that assertion?)

But the question is whether the note is actual “evidence of the debt” (the black letter definition of a promissory note when it contains a promise to pay) when the creditor is identified as a party who was not a lender. In the absence of disclosures of some representative capacity for an actual lender, are you prepared to testify that the note is unenforceable even if the debt is otherwise enforceable in relation to the actual source of funds?

Or would you say that it is not enforceable by the stated payee but it might still be evidence of the debt and evidence of the terms of repayment to the third party source? How does the marketplace treat such questions in valuing a note and mortgage?

The question is whether the expert actually believes and is willing to argue that these conclusions are true and correct.  The expert must earnestly believe these assertions to be true, logically and legally.
Is it acceptable to the prospective expert to see a result where the application of law and facts results in the homeowner getting his home free and clear — on the basis that the wrong party sued him or initiated foreclosure (in non judicial states), or that the notice of default, notice of acceleration, and statements of money due were wrong.
The approach is an attack on ownership and balance. The balance would be wrong, even if the ownership was established, if the payments were not applied properly. The payments include all payments received by the creditor.  That includes all servicer advances directly to trust beneficiaries, as well as insurance and loss sharing payments (i.e., from FDIC and others) paid and received on behalf of the investors directly or the trust beneficiaries.
Part of the reasoning here is that you really have an interesting problem. The Trust beneficiaries agreed to “loan” money to a REMIC trust in exchange for a complex formula of repayment under the indenture of the mortgage bond (contained in the Prospectus and Pooling and Servicing Agreement). Those terms are different than the terms signed by the homeowner.
So there are two agreements — the mortgage bond and the mortgage note. Different parties, new parties are in the PSA as insurers, servicers,servicer advances etc. all resulting in a DIFFERENT payment from an assortment of parties expected by the creditor —different than the one promised by the debtor whether you refer to the note as evidence of the debt or not.Add the complicating factor that without evidence that the Trust was ever funded (i.e., without evidence that the broker dealer sent the proceeds from the offering prospectus to the trust) how do we answer the basic contract question: was there a meeting of the minds? The expectations of the lender (investors) and the borrower (homeowner) are entirely different and the documents used are completely different.

How could the Trust have entered into any transaction for the origination or acquisition of loans without evidence of funding?

On what basis can the Trustee or servicer claim any authority if the Trust was not funded and was essentially ignored? Does the expert agree that avoiding or ignoring the trust means avoiding and  ignoring the prospectus AND the PSA, which contains the authority for ANYONE to act on behalf of the investors, who are no longer “trust beneficiaries” but just a group of investors without a vehicle for their investment?

ESSENTIAL QUESTION: Is the expert prepared to testify about this aspect of structured finance — i.e., how do you connect up the debtor and the creditor? As an expert you would be expected to be able to testify on exactly that question.

And finally there is testimony about the mortgage. If the mortgage secures the note (not the debt, necessarily), which is what is stated in the mortgage, then is the expert willing to testify that the mortgage was defective and should never have been recorded?

Would it not be true, in your estimation, that if a homeowner executes a mortgage in favor of a party posing as a lender, and that party is not a lender to the homeowner, that you could testify that the moment such a mortgage is recorded it probably clouds title?

Would you be willing to testify that based upon those facts, you would say that it is an unknown variable as to who to pay?

Would you be wiling to testify that if you don’t know who to pay, you have no basis for trusting a satisfaction of mortgage from any party including the the original mortgagee?

And lastly that if there is no basis on the face of the instruments or in recorded instruments to presume a valid creditor has been named, that no better presumptions would attach to any assignment, endorsement or other instrument of transfer?

For information concerning expert declarations, consultations and testimony from experts with appropriate credentials to be qualified as an expert, or for litigation support, please call 954-495-9867 or 520-405-1688.

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  1. @ James Smith, I have the same deal. The mill attorney signed a POA and an attorney in fact, authorizing himself – to foreclose – on behalf of a long dead bank and MERS. The judge thought it was all hunky-dory. Never batted an eye.

  2. There was more than just one funding of course. OCC data reveals that TBTF banks were leveraged at anywhere between 30 x 1 & 90 x 1 on CDS/Derivatives to Asset ratios.

    So while there was “a” closing that took place and we know that players like JPM were leverage at 90 x 1 on cds/derivatives, it begs the question; what did they do with the rest of the money and how did they suffer a loss?

    Where did they receive ownership of the note and mtg or dot? Can they prove that they purchased an interest in and to the subject note from a bona-fide holder? Can they produce bank ledgers or wire transfer logs & most importantly, will a judge make them produce such evidence in a court of law?


  3. Max Gardner has a list of items that you should look for which would probably indicate fraud. One of them is “The assignment is executed by a party who claims to be an “attorney in fact” for the signor.” One of my recently created bogus assignments has the exact same thing. Can someone explain to me the significance of this and what would make this fraudulent? jsmith5915@msn.com or 443 677 2799.

  4. If anyone on this site can refer me to a maryland lawyer who can help a homeowner facing foreclosure, I would SOOOOO appreciate it as the stress is so overwhelming and I feel as I have nowhere to turn. Please anyone……….email laure8929@gmail.com. Thank you.

  5. Yes Ian, Tom Deutsch deserves what he’s been getting….a shellacking from the dysfunctional family that he’s been trying to be the mouthpiece for, the ASF and its league of perps….a bunch of weasel criminals masquerading as self-respecting businessmen and women. When they see things going against their built on sand, $1.5 trillion or better securitization scheme, they boldly state their version of age old property laws to suit their doomed business model. It’s all lies.

    They know it and we know it. But seeing as how CONgress, regulators, law enforcement and prosecutors, judges across the land, the IRS, and the totally corrupt administration are all dead set on propping up the whole illicit scheme, our fate as regular citizens is to take it in the shorts and quietly move on. When, or I should say, if, there’s ever a rebellion against this widespread criminal behavior, no one should be surprised at the legions of highly sophisticated ex-military police moving full scale upon the sleepy populace.

    While we’ve been distracted with losing our homes and also our children to ludicrous war after war, we’ve collectively failed to notice that the idiots in power, from federal to local sheriffs, have set into place a system so much worse that anything ever before imagined, even by old Soviet or Gestapo standards.

    This week I watched as two drones silently glided over my farm, watching over every square inch of the landscape below, spying eyes recording every movement by American citizens. Once we were free.

    There’s no reeling this thing in short of rebellion. These people are way happy being in control and in the money. Grow food.

  6. Reminder and relating to what ML said – jurisdiction ( from Wiki)
    The upper most important issue I believe in a lawsuit filed is that the particular court must have jurisdiction to rule :
    Per Wikipedia:

    Jurisdiction (from the Latin ius, iuris meaning “law” and dicere meaning “to speak”) is the practical authority granted to a formally constituted legal body or to a political leader to deal with and make pronouncements on legal matters and, by implication, to administer justice within a defined area of responsibility. The term is also used to denote the geographical area or subject-matter to which such authority applies. Areas of jurisdiction apply to local, state, and federal levels.

    Jurisdiction draws its substance from public international law, conflict of laws, constitutional law and the powers of the executive and legislative branches of government to allocate resources to best serve the needs of its native society.

    Not wanting to ” reinvent the wheel” but new readers need to be reminded and that you can’t do jack if you don’t have the authority, period.

  7. Yes im still waiting on appellate hearing 9th circuit, its got to be soon,
    I appealed july 2012

  8. ML, im so sorry to hear that as a pro se litigant that is a bitter pill to swallow when i hear of such travesties of justice.
    My case is simply presented under facts, the law, rules that apply, under the errors that were made, there is rule 60b giving a broad reservoir for justice, ( i exhibited case law and plead with particularity ) that is the goal.

    Not an attorney
    Check with a licensed attorney

  9. @Deb

    The documented facts were in in front of judge Alice Schlesinger of NYSC that the state Court judgments were void ab initio since ML v Astoria Federal S & L /Fidelity NY FSB were under jurisdiction of the Federal Court Southern District on June 30, 1997 the date NY State Court judge Carol Arbor signed two judgments without jurisdiction.

    Astoria’s attorney admitted in front of judge Schlesinger they never owned the two properties when the banks previous debt collector attorneys auctioned them off to straw buyers. Judge Schlesinger refused to follow the law of the Constitiution and the US case of Ellliot v. Piersol and ruled that Fidelity and a scam title company’s clients could stay in possession of my two condos

    I timely appealed to 1st dept of the NY appellate division and the five judges also refused to obey the Supremacy Clause of the Constitiution and rather protected judge Schlesinger and they lied and changed the dates I was under Federal Court. Jurisdiction

    To this day many years later, although Chief judge Lippman said this is not a final Constitution decision, the appellate court adamantly denied to give me a Final Decision so that they can bash me and hold the case in limbo.

  10. The ” stand” at a jury trial. Why no wins. The stand…. The real live witness to actually vetify the facts
    Getting the FACTS into evidence is our first hurdle. Im at appellate level and the facts are in, undeniable undisputed on tbe record

  11. ETolle- well said! Adam Levitin is by far the leading securitization expert in the US. Have you read his bio?
    And he made mincemeat out of the testimony of Tom Deutsch, the head of the ASF( American Securitization Forum, or Council -ASC). It was pathetic! The guy was like a trapped rabid dog looking for an escape route. Levitin countered all his lies, lies he has been feeding the press, regulatory agencies, and member banks.
    Also, what about numerous federal judges’ rulings that the mortgages were “defective and unenforceable”?

  12. @E-Tolle you tell them, because this is getting serious. NV is right and these clown have been illegally foreclosing!

    I been talking to the Federal Reserve for the past few months about why they are not doing anything with the bank holding companies who are the owners of the banks.

    What have we been thinking as the bank come to the holding companies for monies to make these loans and these holding companies should have been audited for the failed loans they made to the banks, The banks cannot be settling settlements after settlements and the bank holding companies not also have failed loans.

    BOA holding company should not longer be with all the cases stacked up against it?

  13. ABC aka American Home Mortgage aka Homeward Bound sold to Ocwen. For me,four-five years latter and still hearing the same stories. Incredible!


  14. Even an EXPERT WITNESS couldn’t help in our case we filed for an ILLEGAL FORECLOSURE! We had proof that we paid over 140,000 in 5 years on an INVALID LOAN! We also proved that we were never in possession of the note, mortgage or any closing documents that are required by law to satisfy the terms of a Legal Contract until 4 1/2 years after the ORIGINATION FRAUD. We also had Proof of all our phone calls, letters and QWR’s that all were unanswered. We also proved that the Corrupt bank ignored MGL ch 244 sec 14 and we had no knowledge of the illegal foreclosure until 43 days later. Our home had already been paid off over 4x prior to this FRAUD & Civil Conspiracy. Our Judge was so UNETHICAL and his actions need to be EXPOSED!

  15. Gene, you’re living in a fantasy world. Securitization fail is real, come to terms with that fact. But don’t take my word for it, and I know that you won’t. But few are as versed on these issues as Adam Levitin. He writes:

    Nevada AG: Securitization Fail

    posted by Adam Levitin

    The Nevada AG is looking to reopen the 2008 AG settlement with BoA: the AG alleges rampant and immediate non-compliance with the settlement. The NYT coverage missed what is arguably the bigger story: the Nevada AG came out and alleged a securitization fail. The NY AG moved in this direction in his BNYM settlement action intervention, but was a little more oblique on that point. The Nevada AG minced no words:

    Bank of America misrepresented, both in communications with Nevada consumers and in documents they recorded and filed, that they had authority to foreclose upon consumers’ homes as servicer for the trusts that held these mortgages. Defendants knew (and were on notice) that they had never properly transferred [text redacted] these mortgage to those trusts, failing to deliver properly endorsed or assigned mortgage notes as required by the relevant legal contracts and state law. Because the trusts never became holders of these mortgages, Defendants lacked authority to collect or foreclose on their behalf and never should have represented they could.


  16. And E. the “table funding” is only working when it is “used” for that purpose. And most should know, some of the “originators” took the money and “never” properly perfected the liens…and that;’s a fact. Bye—just had to throw that in here. FYI: don’t care what the experts here think. Evidence is in the hearings, transcripts and paperwork!

    No responses needed…moot! And yes, I am an idiot, gene and pissy-chrissy!

  17. E Tolle,

    It is all about credibility on the stand. Blow away one argument, and there is no credibility left. (BTW, I am an EW, not an attorney. But I deal with compliance issues daily, as well as MBS issues, so I am qualified with that.)

    As to the Trusts never being established, there is no court that has ever ruled and been upheld that the Trusts were not established.

    Do you seriously think that PIMCO and other investors who bought bonds would not use those arguments to recover billions in losses if it were true?

    Use logic and think about it………not NG’s garbage.

  18. “From this one perspective alone, it voids most of his other arguments.”

    Slow down there counselor. What about the argument that the entire MBS scheme is just that….one huge circle jerk performed on the entire world by the banksters in DC and Wall Street?

    The “nothing to see here” meme fell apart years ago. Your systematic denial of widespread criminality is way beneath the intelligence level of all on this board.

    “Here he is making claims that ignore what the Trust Agreements say….”

    There can be no trust agreements if the trusts were never established. I believe you’re foremost an Expert Denier.

  19. Ian, they all have problems. Take for example his first statement about American Brokers Conduit not loaning the money. First, TILA and Fed Commentary is specific about Table Funding and who the lender is, even using Warehouse Lines of Credit. So if you go with his arguments, then you are not only saying that TILA and Fed commentary is wrong, but also years of case law. From this one perspective alone, it voids most of his other arguments.

    NG then goes to “That includes all servicer advances directly to trust beneficiaries, as well as insurance and loss sharing payments (i.e., from FDIC and others) paid and received on behalf of the investors directly or the trust beneficiaries.”

    Here he is making claims that ignore what the Trust Agreements say, and he ignores that insurance claims and loss sharing agreements only take effect AFTER the home has been foreclosed upon. Since that is so, how could those payments mean that the loan was never in default, since to collect, the home had to be foreclosed upon.

    Notice it is all about the EW must “firmly believe” that the theories he postulates are correct, even with all the actual statutes and case law against what he says. It is simple, a competent EW who has the experience and credibility to testify would never “firmly believe” that his arguments were true because the evidence indicates otherwise.

  20. Apologies – off track there. Nite

  21. Not that I’m wild about the French generally but I’ve met a few I liked. We tend to generalize based on ” conditioning” if you lived there you might say something else. It’s new generation I think Christine gets that – no more wars no more killing one another, that’s not the way, all thus talk about ” allies” if you think about it where the banks are concerned there’s no country no boundaries.

  22. Jheeesus NPV- the DOJ just tapped HSBC on back of hand with a dinky little fine which equates to less than 2 months profit margin for laundering for the drug cartels and Alcaida what do you call that, our enemy is here right here. Anyone think they are not still at it – there’s no deterrent.

  23. TU. I posted NO links. Just kidded NG was looking to get people fired up and bash him , with this latest post of his. It was 100% harmless.

    You can see Neidermeyer, even posted agreeing with my post, that wad there fir a day or so. And then removed. Why ? Who know. Who cares.

    Meant no harm by it. But I must admit after 4 years, I have tired of NG website. It’s turned into a waste of time. At least for me. I still wish everyone well. Fight the banks until the bitter end.

  24. javagold,

    If you put more than one html link in a post, it would go to moderation, and sometimes specific websites are not allowed to be posted, I think talk shoe is one of them. I haven’t posted it as a normal link in a while; but I wonder what ‘magic word’ was used to make your post get ‘filtered’ and not posted here?

    Trespass Unwanted, Creator, Corporeal, Life, People, Free, Independent, State, In Jure Proprio, Jure Divino

  25. @ Christine, that is an interesting article you posted about the smell, hairy French trading with an island we have had an embargo against for 60 years. Hmmn, maybe Castro likes fried snails.

    The French can’t be trusted, they are not our allies, deal with both Russia and Iran, and could give a rat’s ass about the Euro because they know Germany will protect them

  26. Gene- just as a reference point, which of Neil’s statements/theories do you find most egregious?
    We know that payments by insurers on (bogus) mortgage bonds/ loans practically bAnkrupted MBIA and AMBAC. So third party payment theory isn’t far off.
    We know that all the “liars loans” were made by the originators by their “cut and paste ” dept., and then to the “scan and shred” dept., so no surprises there.
    let me know if you would please.

  27. There is something positively mesmerizing about a country seemingly incapable of gathering, understanding, digesting, analyzing and synthesizing information that is readily available, drawing appropriate conclusion and taking action (short of blowing something or someone, which, as the entire knows by now, is the American way).

    While the big picture is being openly played out right under our noses, people continue missing it. Our president keeps delivering everything he promised, including transparency so crystal clear that it is literally blinding. And people have no clue.

    Your biggest problem is NOT the house. As I have said and repeated over and over, the foreclosures were deliberately orchestrated as a destabilizing distraction which would see people running so scared that they wouldn’t notice anything beyond those damn four walls consuming their entire life.

    There will not be a collapse. There won’t be WWIII. But I’d sure as hell learn a second language if I were you… Chinese might come handy soon.

    Consider the following:

    Fed Clears Way for Chinese Firms to Buy US Banks
    Mary Thompson CNBC
    Wednesday, 9 May 2012 | 4:31 PM ET

    For the first time in its history the Federal Reserve gave the thumbs upto an acquisition of a U.S. bank by a Chinese bank, opening the door for other Chinese banks to follow suit.

    And this:

    JPMorgan sells New York building to Chinese firm for $725 million
    By Charles Riley CNN October 18, 2013: 9:13 AM ET

    And this:

    Crisis in Ukraine Displays US Power Over Payment Systems
    Kadhim Shubber Published on April 8, 2014 at 15:03
    BST Analysis

    And this:

    Chinese investors are buying up Detroit
    Real estate buyers are snapping up dozens of properties, often sight unseen. Where else can you buy a 2-story home in the US for $39?
    By Forbes Digital Dec 10, 2013 12:08PM

    And this:

    Mastercard Is Really Worried About Putin’s Plan For Russian Payment Cards
    MAY 1, 2014, 1:52 PM

    Here is a very interesting take on the big picture:

    MAY 7, 2014 JC COLLINS

    “The purchase of the JP Morgan building by a Chinese firm has been well covered. The important thing to remember about this deal was that no one saw it coming until it was announced.

    The same can be expected in the coming months as larger US bank purchases by Chinese firms are announced and the takeover of industry openly commences. See post The New American Industrialization.

    China has so heavily invested in Detroit that its now being wondered if that city will be the first Chinese American city in the new financial and industrial age that is upon us.

    When the Fed taper reaches zero I would suspect that we will see some dramatic moves in bond denomination. Western gold reserves are depleting at the similar rate as the taper. The balance between gold reserves and dollar debt is where the future tales are foreshadowed.”

  28. Interview with Mary McCulley, who won $6 million judgment against US Bank but is currently in prison:


  29. I’ll say this – after five yrs in this ” soup” it’s hard to tell the good guys from the bad since everybody wants your dollars – the do nit go far in this level of litigation – we are taking on the big boys, dig deep into your intuition and listen very carefully and remember the saying – if it looks like a duck and walks like a duck then – think again it might be a chicken hawk. 😉

  30. For the record, I am a 702 certified expert witness and have been grilled by opposing counsel during hearings. I was found qualified to provide opinions on Lender Policies, Procedures, Practices, Damages, etc.

    With what NG proposes that an Expert Witness should feel comfortable testifying to, he would be the “only” EW that could meet his standards. No competent EW who understands lending, TILA/RESPA and the other Alphabet Soup regs would ever attempt to make the claims that he makes.

    Reputations are based upon legitimate testimony, experience and knowledge. To opine on what he wants would destroy the EW’s reputation.

    NG is just gaming everyone again.

    (Sorry, been far too busy to post here. Much going on. I need 72 hour days.)

  31. I saw the following on Reuters.

    Click to View in Browser

    Reuters Election 2012 Daily round-up of the day’s top news from the campaign trail, the White House and all the politics in between

    Advocacy group for drug offenders turns to white-collar crime
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Americans convicted of fraud and other white-collar crimes gained a new defender on Wednesday as an advocacy group that has long fought strict drug sentences launched a campaign pushing for lighter punishment for financial crimes.


    Also I hope none of the climate disasters Obama spoke wets or destroys the” money” the fraudsters, the bankers and title companies stole from us and have hidden underground that they didn’t try to hide overseas.

    If anyrting shifts the earth in William Foleys graprevines could anything show up??????Just a thought.

  32. Deb
    It is good to see some anger show for what they did it your life. little by little the country is getting angry. Our fight all these years has not been in vain to bring back our great country and Constitution.

  33. See link below and have these concepts embedded in your lawsuit as you find your expert(s)
    Know your rules if civil procedure regarding experts and testimony because they first must qualify to give an opinion, the opposition will be all over them being disqualified. There are in fact other ways to show negligence and the law ( depending on state law) does not always dictate that you must get one but i sure us best ( med mal practice you must)
    Look at the info in link below to understand the concepts you must get.
    Not an attorney just sharing info. Consult an attorney.


  34. @all
    take notice when I brought forth my writings that this massive fraud stems from credit lent prohibited by Art 1 Para 10 Cl 1 of our US Constitution most of the blogs tried to skip over it and eliminate the
    origination fraud . With a bad foundation nothing will stand up.

  35. Did my most innocent post , actually get deleted ???
    This is one strange blog !!!!!!!!

  36. Isn’t that sad Christine,
    It’s not the people as a whole, it’s the fact that lies were told and we believed them, it’s the officials that failed to stop this crime against the American people, I was going to say homeowner – but thanks to MERS that is never possible and it’s true Neil states titles were clouded ab initio- the moment we signed the deed/ mortgage, and possibly before that at pre approval. we put our trust in and relied on certain people who knew we relied upon them to tell the truth , to do their job as a matter of public duty and to promote public confidence- not the case.
    I’m angry today can you tell, it’s something called emotion, humans do that.

  37. Interesting article:

    Cuba and France Set to Increase Trade Relations
    Tuesday, May 6, 2014 17:48

    “Malmierca stressed that the agreement signed Monday is part of the framework of steps taken to update Cuba’s socialist model, and he said it was an “appropriate” time to expand trade relations with Paris.
    Currently, about 60 French firms are doing business in Cuba via associations with local entities or through representation offices, branch offices or partnerships, according to government figures.
    In addition, France is Cuba’s 10th-largest international trade partner.”

    Published in Latino Daily News

    Source: http://www.hispanicallyspeakingnews.com/latino-daily-news/details/cuba-and-france-set-to-increase-trade-relations/29857#When:00:37:41Z

    So, while America is creating enemies everywhere, certain countries are taking advantage of the world economy to make alliances. So much for “My friend’s enemies are my enemies.” Incidentally, France is one of the few countries that never complied with that insane embargo… This country is going to find itself so alone, it will have nowhere to go.

  38. Look ( I’m not a lawyer – but) all we can do is show the heck up in court and hammer away at the truth under the laws and existing case law – there is plenty about holding them to the rules and the points we can raise as the rules and procedure get warped , challenge those wrongs, with particularity, that they are there for a reason get your teeth into motions for reconsideration do not lay down and bloody die , start liking the idea of appellate work if you can’t afford or god help me find decent trustworthy council have a bash at it buy the tools the books get a freelance paralegal to write for you and shepardize. Get west law on a trial basis for cheap I think you can have it for 2 weeks. Per computer address. Find a law student who can get you into the law library do what ever it takes. Then if you loose – you can deal with it then. Thank you.

  39. Neil ,

    Sorry to say but Javagold is right ,, you’re going to get bashed on this from all sides .. it’s pretty late in the game to be developing a gameplan…

    I’ve been a reader here since 2008 or maybe earlier ,, we have always known what was wrong but have been unable to get traction except for rare instances shortly after “yet another revelation” … the reason is simple … pallets of Benjamins ,,, digital truckloads of Benjamins delivered directly to the criminals who obediently buy bonds or whatever the Fed wants them to do…

    There is no oversight ,, enforcement (enFARCEment) actions are few and far between , intended to immunize not deter criminality (and delayed YEARS) and laws are openly waived (see IRS and the fake REMIC trusts) to help the bank-gov’t cartel.

    Good luck finding an ethical judge to hear your case ..

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