Criminal Fraud at the Root of Mortgages and Foreclosures

I recently received the following email from a former US Government Criminal Fraud Investigator. I thought I would share it with you.


I agree 100 percent with your findings.
I am a former Agent for the US Government Criminal Investigation Division and have investigated many, many foreclosure cases, most of which I  have found  absolute fraud, misrepresentation, fraudulent, fictitious, manufactured documents and forgeries by banks and their associate organizations. One example is the
“LINDA GREEN” incident that was exposed by CBS, with the fraudulent robo-signing and notarizing of documents that were presented in court actions and trustee sales of properties.
It is very hard to believe that law enforcement agencies, such as County District Attorneys, State Attorney Generals, and more courts, with judges who are or have been some time in their lives,  home owners, have had mortgages, trust deeds, and some sort of debt against their properties, become outraged at the methods used by banks to defraud the public.  I have seen the recent tremendous fines and levies government agencies have been placing  against the banks for fraudulent activities, for the fictitious assignments, and the unethical, illegal methods used in foreclosure activities, plus the maneuvering done with mortgage backed securities between Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, and the demands for payments and ultimate foreclosure proceedings by banks who don’t even have title to, or can legally show ownership and/or possession of notes and trust deed assignments, they have been successful in taking, (steeling) properties from our citizens. 
Yes I agree, that many borrowers accepted loans far more than they could possibly ever expect to repay if hard times hit, but the banks were responsible to be cautious and to understand that when they offered the gigantic, “Free Money”, without financial backing, and loans that far exceeded regulated, legal limits, with their tricky methods of over-loaning with a first mortgage that was sometimes more than the true value of the property, and then  a so-called, Equity Line of Credit that as a secondary secured instrument, far, far exceeding loan limits, only for the banks greedy, over lending so as to benefit immediate loan fees from east coast, investors who were also greedy, not considering the absolute potential bubble that had to burst.
I was amazed at the government fine against Chase Bank for $614 Million with Chase admitting to fraud.  The BofA with 2.1 Billion and then again with a $13 Billion Dollar fine and penalty, and Ocwen with over $2 Billion in fines.  It is a good start, but not enough to put a dent in their pocket books. Other banking or so-called banks, also need to be hit hard, such as Aurora and Nationstar, Mers, and other foreclosure mill operations. When I see one of our Veterans, with a wife and two children placed in the street due to a banks illegal foreclosure, it is sickening and makes one wonder what our legal system is coming to. 
I am so pleased to see that Kamala Harris, the California Attorney General has recently put together a Strike Force for Civil and Criminal Investigations of mortgage and foreclosure fraud.  I believe her actions will light the way for more states to seek criminal charges against banks and their individual co-conspirators who are manipulating home owners, and who are disgracing the United States legal system with the methods in which they have presented and completely fooled the courts with illegal, unethical and outrageous methods used in foreclosing and placing thousands upon thousands of American families in the street. I also applaud the NY Governor for setting a program so as to allow citizens  in every county of NY to seek Grand Jury Investigations of foreclosure fraud by banks.
Thanks to your efforts to expose the greedy, unlawful bankers as well as the law firms who represent them.  I see more and more complaints being filed with state Bar Associations against lawyers and law firms who are definitely conspiring along with the banks to defraud the citizens of the rightful ownership of their homes. 
I Tip My Hat to you and those who have the courage to fight, and hopefully we will see major changes in  law enforcement agencies across our great country,  as well as courts, to stop the outrageous methods banks have developed to enrich their own financial positions at the cost of our countries Dream of Home ownership.
Keep up the good work, and GOD BLESS.

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  1. Who do you see when all atty are afraid to take your case because the court system is involved in mortgage fraud with Luthie Mortgage co
    this is proven what he does/? I have an atty from Ohio but no one here
    they get paid off scared I need help, any one want look at this please help me he took my home and the courts help him the Judges are involved to the point of no HELP so wrong here in SC Greenville county Thanks Shirley Beemer

  2. Max Gardner has a list of items that you should look for which would probably indicate fraud. One of them is “The assignment is executed by a party who claims to be an “attorney in fact” for the signor.” One of my recently created bogus assignments has the exact same thing. Can someone explain to me the significance of this and what would make this fraudulent? or 443 677 2799.


  4. New robosigners deployed by banks & title companies in large numbers: | Love Your Glasses – “Isaac”

  5. I wantmynpv- yet another cryptic post regarding the feel-good letter which Neil posted. My question- you say peanut butter and “jelly”, but I feel it is more of a “preserve” or perhaps a “conserve”; distinguishing between the two is a legal quagmire not for the faint of heart. Throw in “jam”, and all hell breaks loose. Will this pb&j be a legal piece, or simply a commentary on the above? Please advise.

  6. Sorry: forgot the proper link:
    Part 1 of 4 – The Kay Griggs Interviews

  7. CRIMINAL FRAUD by courts, judges, & entire system, as explained by Kay Griggs, wife of a General:

    Part 1 of 4 – The Kay Griggs Interviews


  8. I also question the practices of the CA Atty General, Kamala (“Kabala”) Harris. In her $300M ‘agreement’ with JP Morgan she dumped most of it into the state judges’ retirement fund to replace the missed cash flow from defaulting RMBS pools, yet didn’t bother to publish the actual loans affected, to the detriment of the borrowers affected. And the few millions left over were dispersed among liberal non-government organizations for ‘loan counseling’ to low income borrowers (who can’t afford homes anyway) instead of creating a trust fund for legal defenses of homeowners fighting to save their homes.

    Instead of prosecuting banksters for their bid-rigging tactics, (see CA 1st Dist Appellate #CA139655) she has focused on jailing private investors for colluding with each other. Both groups influence bids in the same way – banksters by portraying a clouded title on publication of notice to reduce interest in auctions by the public, and investors cooperating with each other to form partnerships to reduce the number and amounts of bids at the auction.

    Kabala is running for another term to further support her bankster friends in fleecing the dwindling CA middle-class.

  9. Who was the former official who agreed 100% with your findings? We would like to get an affidavit from him.

  10. I am also now writing a letter to NG about this entire mess.

    It will be published as the guy who formerly made toast with butter and jelly, but only on the the third Wednesday of every month.

    It will be about the equivalent of this feel-good, yes it happened letter.


  11. Agreed, all reads good and true from the former investigator but on all levels for the borrower they did jack.

  12. I see no indication of Kamala Harris doing any such thing. The CA AG website says she signed off on the NMS. It says talk to your servicer if there is a problem. I am on Round II with Wells Fargo. Give me a break!!!

  13. “…email from a former US Government Criminal Fraud Investigator. That’s part of the problem: while employed, they do jack. God forbid they’d jeopardize their job!

    Easy to talk after leaving.

  14. @Doizark
    I got my equity out of my former home to buy a lot and build a home that I would later sell to support my retirement- it was a bubble ! House prices were inflated based on what they were doing behind the cloak and smoke of MERS. They got it ALL. They asset stripped all of us, as well as any body that could actually see the line to sign on.

  15. Kabala Harris is a fraud & part of this criminal complex. She cashed the $18 billion without passing a penny to any victim & promised banks to get out of their ways to steal unlimited # of homes in Ca.
    I had seen this confession form one of the big banks linked in this website soon after Kabala got the money.!

  16. Thats all fine and Dandy, but what about Homeowners, who know how to let their homes pay for themselves and where simply denied a refi with cash out to keep the ball rolling and instead find all of their cash equity stolen, a little at a time until the criminals take it all.

  17. Java
    It’s the other way around in my case – wells never showed up nor Fannie nor Freddie and hat tip Charles , definitely not ginniemae
    Sub prime/ jumbo no surprises what they did with the instrument.

  18. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step ( in the right direction) bless you all who endeavor to walk in truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, because it’s the best. (I’m sorry but it fits today)

  19. And yet Wells Fargo still foreclosed on house on behalf of Fannie Mae investor , whose name shows up ZERO times in the Fraudclosure !!!!!

  20. Charles reed- I hear you- NEIL, what are you waiting for?

  21. All I have to say is what have I been saying all along? This person sum up what I been writing about!

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