Thanks to Modern Medicine

Thanks to everyone for their good wishes and prayers. It worked. I am much better now, still recovering but regaining my strength and mental clarity. Thanks so much to everyone who reached out to me.

I will be in South Florida longer as a result of the this medical interlude so you can reschedule your appointments.

Best regards


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  1. Tom, Hammertime, Galt, and all
    marilyn lane says:

    If you study how and why all of us that are stuck in this these foreclosure frauds you will come to the conclusion William p Foley of Fidelity Nation Title and their subsidiaries is the orchestrater and facilitator between all the fraud, fraudulent documents, the Court, judges, County Clerks , Banks.and lawyers

    Subpeona WILLIAM P FOLEY and we can watch the massive foreclosure fraud come tumbling down – he should be likened to a “:deep throat” of foreclosuregate.

  2. He does it because fighting for the future of our children and grandchildren keep us going ……. and keep us Honest.

  3. Neal, probably not my business, but what the hell. Why do you continue with this site if you are ill? You worked on Wall Street and have been a licensed attorney for many years, so, you’re not broke.

    What is the single most important factor that keeps you coming? I am now reaching an inflection point in life, and i am seeking some feedback from folks who have a couple years seniority on me!

    The immediate reason only.

  4. Hi Neil,

    Sorry to hear you haven’t been well. Glad to hear you’re now on the mend, though.

    We had some good news on Thursday in the Supreme Court of Western Australia where we defeated the plaintiff’s application for summary judgment.

    The 11th biggest corporation in the world represented by the 2nd biggest law firm in the world was found wanting by 2 unrepresented country bumpkins who have followed a lot of your strategic advice.

    I hope one day we can speak to you, as there are a LOT of people in Australia now taking notice of your blog.

    God bless and stay well.

    Best regards,

    Chris Shannon Perth, Australia

  5. Good News Neil!
    Take the proper time to heal before you jump back into the Bulls pen.

    Wishing You a Speedy Recovery!

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  7. best wishes – ask your doctor about adding pomegranate juice to your daily diet

  8. Mr. Garfield: just read your “thanks” response to inquiries concerning your medical interlude;sincere prayers for a speedy recovery. Oftentimes, doing the right thing, comes at a high price. Just remember: rewards are, always, much greater than any obstacle. Carry on. Thank you. N. Taylor

  9. Hey man good for you. Hang tough and keep on keeping on! Seriously, the Free World depends on people like you, regardless of what the haters say.

  10. Neil: I am happy to hear you are getting better. All the best.

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