Carol Molloy Guest Tonite – Lawyer From Tennessee and Massachusetts!

Carol Molloy is our guest tonite. She is a foreclosure defense litigator who is a member of the Bar in Tennessee and she used to practice in Massachusetts. We are going to be talking about non-judicial foreclosures, due process and the facts on the ground.

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  1. unaware of a single victory in Tennessee by Mrs. Molloy…

  2. Are the FDIC settlements apart of Tarp or were they of a separate nature?

    Maybe this has something to do with it ..
    All My Friends say ….. Stupid is what Stupid does …
    You cant Fix Stupid, but You can Muffle It!

    Editor’s Comment: There are jokes going around about how you can’t fix stupid. We should add that you can’t fix title either unless you throw out hundreds of years of law and market expectations. No settlement will clear title, nor will it absolve the Banks of criminal responsibility — but the latter can be settled by AG’s too willing to grab for the public relations coup and not willing to stand up for the citizens of their state.

    Yves Smith has captured the flavor of the moment in the article below. The Banks seeking a settlement had better be careful what they wish for. As events unfold outside the boundaries of the settlement, they may have put themselves in the position of already admitting to the fraud, without any meaningful protection against liability —- civil or criminal — for screwing up the title registries around the country.

    In the end they will either be required to pay far more than this settlement to get signatures that clear up chains of title or they will be forced to fold their tents. The ultimate responsibility for fixing the title problem will come back to the banks who created them because nobody else will do it. Their assumption that they could finesse their way out of this was and remains, well, stupid.

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