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  1. I live in San Diego County and right now fighting several foreclosure defense cases with a couple of attorneys. About a month ago, I met George Mantor and found him to very knowledgeable in the area of “robo signers,” “MERS,” “pretender lenders” and other areas mentioned on the Livinglies Web page.

    Mr. Mantor knows how politicians running for this office are being financially backed by big banks and that he has a major battle ahead of him by funding his own campaign for County Recorder. What sets him apart is the fact that he is not afraid to stand up to the bureaucrats who continually tell the public that there is nothing that can be done or there are no resources available to investigate these types of white collar crimes, as told by law enforcement and the District Attorney’s office.

    In addition to fighting the common bureaucrats, Mr. Mantor also wants to make the recorders office run more efficiently by making each person held accountable for their actions. Like most government agencies here in California, part of the problem is the complacent attitudes due to being underpaid and thus the attention to detail is lacking. By providing an incentive program for the county recorder/assessor’s workers, this might motivate workers to become more “attentive” in their job performance.

    I hope he does succeed in his endeavors and makes some significant changes in this county. It has been hit very hard by foreclosures, and the banks should be held accountable for the despicable tactics used to perpetuate further foreclosure proceedings.

  2. this is very interesting…. this could be a revelations for a lot of people and hopefully the whole country will wake up.

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