Ken McLeod Files Complaints Against Notaries: 3 Licenses Revoked so far

So far he is three for three and he has no plans to stop filing complaints against notaries who signed false, fabricated affidavits. Ken McLeod (Arizona) is about the best investigator for economic crimes that I have ever come across. I won’t publish his number because the last time I did that he was swamped with calls and couldn’t do his work. If you can get to him, hire him. He has helped my law firm in a variety of ways sometimes tracking down witnesses within minutes and even telling us where they were standing at that moment. And he is devoted to bringing down this false system of foreclosures based upon false documents, false debts, and false testimony.

“The robo-signing notaries need to be stripped of their professional licenses.  I fully intend to file a complaint against every single notary who ever signed a false affidavit in Arizona.  It may take me years, but, this is how it’s done.  One at a time until they are all gone.

“Notice the Garcia revocation.  The notary presented after the fact falsified logs to try to cover his ass.  His other problems were accepting expired passports as proof of idea.  He even acknowledged the demand by a ‘detective’ but made a (wrong) legal decision he didn’t have to comply.

“Revocation of these commissions will have to be disclosed by these notaries any time they need a bond or apply for a government job.

The subtext for this is that if the notaries were committing crimes or violations of the rules and regulations governing their licenses as notaries, then two things are true: (1)  if a false notarization was affixed by a notary in order to record a document in public records or to authenticate an affidavit as testimony, then the document or affidavit needs to be expunged from the record or coupled with a notation that the affidavit or document was falsely notarized, and  (2) if the document was falsely notarized and is therefore not effective for the purpose for which it was improperly recorded, then any action based upon that recordation is void or voidable.

The one thing that I need to remind readers is that a false notary does not completely invalidate a document. It may invalidate the recording and it may imply that the entire document was false. But it doesn’t prove the entire document was false. For example, if you in fact signed a mortgage and a note and the mortgage was required to have two witnesses and a notary, you have a contract regardless of whether or not it was recorded.  The failure to provide the proper notarization does not nullify the instrument. When the notarization was not fraudulent, and affidavit attached to the instrument will suffice to correct the problem.

Luz Anaya Notary revocation letter from AZ SOS 09232013

Letter from AZ SOS revocation of notary commission Felix Garcia

Gloria Cramer AZ SOS Revocation Letterdated 1-20-2014

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  1. Can Sandra Jean Kinnunen be included on her complaint?

  2. Sharon Renee McClendon is a known robo-signer with connections to Morris Hardwick Schneider LLC,Marshall Watson and I believe David Stern, plus Williamson County January 2013 Audit, Yet she has not made it on the Robo-Signed list…..She was my Fraudulent Robo-Signer on my AOM, Plus the others above…..Any new information on her would be helpful….Thank You……

  3. @ Gene , KC et al ..

    I can verify that swapping out pages occurs… I had that happen to me in Illinois about 4 years ago … it was a quit claim deed but there was a sales contract attached and the title company swapped out a single page regarding contents of the property I bought… taking away my biggest reason to purchase… the seller was a government entity and as it was a small town .. well connected… cost me $100’s of thousands…. I tried to fight it when they stole my property (contents) but when the whole team including the small town judge is against you it’s just a delaying action. I’d give you a link to the court battle but it is a small farming county and their records are not online.

  4. Charles said
    “This notary bs is arresting 16yrs old black boys for selling weed as if they are going to lead you to the CEO of HSBC for laundering drug money for Mexican cartels! The Mob started selling drop in the ghetto and its not stop today”
    this oppression due to highest level of hypocrisy
    Kids don’t stand a chance

  5. Neil- on the same subject if you will, where are all the CARYN GRAHAM /MERS/MARSHALL WATSON CASES? Need case law or other viable info as to outcomes to date….anyone??? State Florida

  6. Here another thing to think about and that is I bet that the only people who received modifications, missed payment on purpose and had the incomes in the first place to have made the original payments but missed 3 months to apply because they wanted the lower rates.

    Now as those modification are with these other lenders as they been sold, can get cancelled but what the borrowers going to say as the lenders got those paystuds that show yearly earning!

    This is about war and if they can kind the weaknesses that what war is!

  7. If we going after all the notaries what about the borrowers and loan officer? What about all the closing people at the title companies? It not as simple just picking out a few notaries! What about the court personnel allowing all these phony filings?

  8. If we do not go after ALL these crimes, they will continue, no two ways about it. When our laws are adhered to, you will not have these types of crimes, and these ARE financial terrorists! Your not getting the scope of what we are dealing with, and what is needed to correct the situation.

  9. First what are we going to court for? To out 100,000 notaries in jail? Because Jamie Dimon just got a $39 million bonus for last year and he ain’t going to jail nor is the bank going to jail.

    This notary bs is arresting 16yrs old black boys for selling weed as if they are going to lead you to the CEO of HSBC for laundering drug money for Mexican cartels! The Mob started selling drop in the ghetto and its not stop today.

    The 15 of 19 hijackers from 911 where Saudi citizen let in this country, and I am pretty sure that none of the 19 hijackers could have been aided to the point of helping these clown who took lesson to fly a plane but did not care to learn to land.

    911 was a country caught off guard, but in any way to think a notary action aided is hard for me to imagine was key in anyway as all these clowns were here legally and would have had some type of green card.

    The White House was brief on Aug 6, 2001 with a report that said Bin Laden Determine to Strike in US, but failed to stop the attack. The notary is in jail but America does not attack Saudi where 15 of the terrorist and the lender was from?

  10. @Charles Reed – – I know they are the bottom of the food chain, and I DEMAND THEY LOSE THEIR LICENSE FOR CRIMINAL CONDUCT!!!! They KNOW what they are doing is wrong, and should be addressed accordingly. It is the Notaries RESPONSIBILITY to prevent fraudulent actions, but they are actually perpetrating the crimes, and make no mistake about it, these are NOT victimless crimes, they are crimes that lead to victims losing their house illegally because of these crimes!!! I also know they are not the ultimate person behind the curtain that implemented these crimes, so law enforcement should take out the lower level criminals and work their way up to the ones that orchestrated the entire criminal scheme!! Additionally, these crimes are effecting all Americans, whether in fraudclosure or not, because our land records are full of junk that really should be fixed, but probably will not since all our land records are crime scenes as John O’Brien and others that know better will state. Again, REAL victims, ALL Americans!!!

    @KN, in regards to your statement, “Don’t ever admit to the Note or Mortgage without Proof that what is being presented is an unaltered original.” – – – THERE ARE NO ORIGINALS, so ABSOLUTELY deny as there are no originals in existence, once altered, it is not an original, once fraud has been committed, the contract is void and thereby no existence of a valid contract, etc., etc!!

    Back in the ’80’s, Prosecutor, now Professor Black put many people, some lower level, some higher bank officials in jail for the so-called S&L (Savings and Loan) scams, yet this is not happening, and by his estimation, this is 70 times greater in scope of a problem. With the failure to prosecute these crimes by law enforcement, I feel the ones that failed to do so should be removed for malfeasance and misfeasance in neglecting their jobs and should be punished for that (jail if appropriate and at least removal from their jobs), and the crimes that are not past statute of limitations (which many are becoming now) should be properly investigated and prosecuted by competent investigators willing to do their jobs irregardless of political corruption attempts to stop such actions!! This INCLUDES the lower level notaries that did things they KNEW were crimes. Even children KNOW when you are a man (or boy), that your name is NOT Linda Green, you cannot say that you are Linda Green. Yet 23-27 different signature of her exist in all our land records, all notarized (and zillions of other names with various number of different signatures) which when those people signed, and a notary who was responsible for NOT notarizing when they know it is a fake signature, ALL KNEW THESE ACTIONS WERE WRONG. That is a CRIME that FALSELY lead to someone losing their homes, and that is unacceptable and should be prosecuted, period!!!

  11. I told this story once before a notary told me ( and I have no proof that it’s true or not, but the story goes a notary she knew sits in jail after notarizing something to do with a pilots license without the person being present, we’ll it turned out to be a 9/11 terrorist !
    Most notaries understand the principle and responsibility. Like due process and procedural rules the should be properly adhered to.

  12. So you go to the state to have the notary license revoked, but as what been said here, what does this $10hrs worker actually know” If they actually knew anything they would not be signing this crap.

    That DocX that hire those kids, where one guy said here signed 4,000 time a day Linda Green name, but these folks are not in jail and neither is Linda Green but the founder in Lorraine Brown is in jail for the forgeries.

    Yes I have documents in my file that there is this robo signing notary, but its not the notary I want because there nothing to go after, but the attorney that drafted the Notice of default and assignment of DOT and that law firm, had a duty to know.

    It the Attorney who was working also as the Assistance Secretary for MERS is who job it is to have know what they were signing was a forgery. Who got more to lose a $10hrs notary or this law firm and the bank it was representing?

    Is this about feeling good or getting restitution?

  13. Here is the problem…

    Given that every bank, every lender, many closing attorneys, many notaries, many $10/hr peons paid by any of the above was involved, and 100% of government profited from it, where do you actually start prosecuting?

    Do you go from the bottoms up and get all those $10/hr peons in jail, hoping that they will talk about what they know nothing about, in hope that they will hang a few big fish? Do you go from the top down and throw Congress (all 535 members) in jail and they don’t have the balls to talk because… Jeez… they do get the kinds of perks no one here gets?

    Or… of do you just make a really, really sweeping statement by refusing to pay for any of the above, prosecution and all, because, after all, it wasn’t your doing from the get go and whatever problem there is, you paid good taxe money for… Jeez… What again?

    Oops! That would mean refusing to pay taxes and getting your money out of banks. Wrong crowd. Takes moral courage.

  14. What about California? We had an expert review the sigs and notary sigs and received a report that they were forgeries. Unfortunately, the judge could have cared less because of the federal robosigning settlement.

  15. @carie I would not be surprise if they kick all the modifications out so that they can clear the air with this $50 billion settlement. I said it before the $50 billion is to shake the tree for any and all crap to come to the table.

    A modification is not a refinance and was not subject to the original contract. Unless the government was handling this the bank were never going to play fair, and you see that now.

    If this government does not do the right thing we the people will have to take matter into our own hands. I know some will be taken care of, but it just a question of how many and even how many even know. If any indication from here is the temperature, not many do have a clue as there at what 15 people that pipe in now and then!

  16. Transparency is a wonderful thing; exposure, flood lights on all the crooks that make honest people lives hell. Foreclosure is a cash cow and they are going to do whatever necessary to steal and make money. Consumers did not go to law school so they are engulf in spider webs, therefore , they are at a disadvantage. By the time they get through the situation the thieves took the spoil and are gone. Where do you place the scale of justice.

    My foreclosure process has experienced such. They get the name of someone and they put it on the form. I got no service, nothing left on my door, when I question they change lawyers and new papers supposedly served as they continue their foreclosure. This time the notarized letter I got through the dept. of finance shows notarized service. The notarized description of the person collecting the paper does not fit. Someone at my home they listed, who states “I received nothing” yet they have the correct name and color of person but everything else wrong. No way could they have come and list the description including age so wrong. They probably got the name and fill in the blanks.

    This behavior is not only in the foreclosure business, it is in the credit card business, the debt collects are doing the same thing. When you go to court you will observe that majority of the consumer are absent only the debt agencies or their lawyers present. I had a judgement against me while I was overseas studying. This was for a card I have no idea about. They drop the case, without prejudice then when the foreclosure began they reopen and proceeded to do the same dishonest dance. The case was again dropped, citing statue of limitation. They still got off because they did not answer to the fraud.

    Recognizing the fraudulent notary is a new step, but it is a beginning, and the law need to charge like the military at these people and strip them of not only license but charge them for a crime.

  17. Why in Tarnations would MERS need the Permission of the Estate to FC?

  18. The difference with the MERS signer or DocX they are creating the forgeries and they is nobody between the person who create the forgery. Now it all together different in signing a form that you seen a driver license or that person sign something. But the notary is not going to be responsible for you getting foreclosed and the MERS signer is! Why spent the time?

    If its about somebody should have spent 15 minute looking over the file and everything else was correct it not something that over turn our case. Are people going back in most cases to the loan officers? No because it about the later part of this transaction were people are having the problems. There is only so much you can devote to thing that don’t matter.

    I don’t see anybody getting something over turn because of the notary did actually review a signature unless it was like a quit claim and then recorded at the court house and now we got stolen property by deception!

  19. Go to this Link and listen to the video …. Bradburn vs BOA

    Listen carefully when the homeowners attorney mutters who MERS represents.

  20. @KC
    That is so true. But lets take these notaries out. Some of them do know what they are doing. That is why when they are requested to provided a certified copy of the Journal, they do not provided it. In other cases such as the one I am going through with Indecomm Global Services, the Notary Public had to have management review her journal and the request. Her name is Sandra Jean Kinnunen. She works for Indecomm Global Services, she is a notary public and has signed herself a number of documents as a vice president, assistant Vice President, Assistant secretary for MERS, PHH Mortgage, US Bank… Her colleagues are notarizing her documents and are doing the same thing. This has to stop…. They know they are breaking the law. Losing their license should not be enough, they should go to jail…. O yes, why would she give her boss the journal for review? Is she not supposed to keep it safe? WOW. I am reporting her, Her boss and everyone I can find from that company practicing these actions to the SOS, to the FBI, DoJ, HomeLand Security, etc…

  21. You have to work up the chain, starting with
    ” Who hired the notary?
    Who issued the notaries check?
    Under what authority is that person acting? Proof Please.
    Keep moving up the chain.

    Use the same concept with MERS signors.

  22. All I am saying is that these notaries are at the bottom of the food chain, and your only taking away their ability to be a notary which I got no problem with. However these people are least knowledgeable about why something is needed, and the bank will simply get someone else to be a notary just by paying the fee to obtain the title which is done at banks all day long.

    Some young employee is not going to know they are being set up. Look at all the other bank employee who have not been given advance bank classes, and will do what they are taught to do. Bank are not going to jail not matter how much we find on it. and maybe in some cases there is the sacrificial lamb of some low level stooge, but that it.

    I just don’t know about spending time on a notary unless that document was used in court to file something making it a clear violation of law!

  23. Won’t the person recording the notarized document without authorization (specially Power of Attorney) be liable for fraud? What if the Notary Public knows that person personally, works with this person and still notarizes the document claiming to work for MERS be fraud?

  24. Don’t ever admit to the Note or Mortgage without Proof that what is being presented is an unaltered original.

    Request copies from every party involved.. Trustee/Servicer/Holder/Owner .. flavor of the month.

    And of course …..

    Get copies from county recorders office
    Copies from court records
    Copy from your original file (unsigned)
    Copy from your original file (signed)
    Contact original closing notary, title company, lender etc….

  25. Another practice was to offer you an interest rate that changed on the final documents. Then, they give you a note and mortgage that is blank and unsigned. Why would they do that? I think the answer is obvious, to steal and commit fraud against you. They knew these loans were going to fail, the fraudulent documents were part of the scheme.

  26. As JG said … Altering a Contract for the purpose of self enrichment is a ________ ? So you state a claim of ________ ?

    A Notary making the claim without harm to the notary is nada.

    But !!!!
    If the party that was harmed, states the claim and the damages/harm/losses to them by the plenders & agents…

    ………………………………. the action would render a different outcome.

    Why the Bailouts?
    Why all the loan modifications/refinances with new terms?
    And lets not forget about the release of liabilities for the new lender for the old lenders actions, and the title ins commitment and exclusions.

  27. @ Gene, I don’t know KC or even who they are, but, but I have personal first hand proof and knowledge of this practice in at least one case, and where you see it once, you KNOW it is occurring many times over! I filed a complaint to the Florida Governor’s Office about it, and filed an affidavit into a case where it happened as well as on public records regarding that exact issue of altering pages of a purported mortgage. It happened in 2006, but I still have the proof and documentation to support my affidavit. The Governor’s Office, judge, etc, all ignored the issue, but at least it is on record. After this property was illegally sold, I sent the new owners a copy of the Official Records version of the affidavit so they knew about it, they didn’t call me to even inquire so I suspect the buyer was connected with the foreclosure mill law firm. I was not a party to the action, but was the notary that went to the homeowners house to sign the papers, and it was altered in several ways, including adding witnesses that were never there, as the so-called witnesses lived in Miami, 3+ hours from where the signing took place at 9PM on a Friday night.

  28. LDTX

    I filed against a Notary in Texas pulled all the documents that I have copies of, filled out the complaint form per the website instructions and had it notarized. Got back a rather what I consider unprofessional letter from the Secretary of State which read no harm or damage has been done. Not getting anywhere with Harris County Texas. Even went to file a fraud report as that is what Harris County Court requires and it must be filed in my precinct. Was told they did not want to be bothered because of the amount of time it would take to do paperwork to process my complaint. So basically don’t bother our city officials with this is what police department in Pasadena TX told me. Can’t trust anybody at all anymore. So sad. My heart is breaking because the United States of America once was a great place to live but now there are so many terrorist cells in the banks that I can now say our economy is going to crash big time, there will be more homeless and hungry people than we have ever seen and these criminals are going to walk away scott free and never be prosecuted. I will eventually loose my home to these criminals and not a damn thing I can do about it because Attorney General Gregg Abbott, Stan Stanart of the Harris County Clerks Office, our Tax accessor and collector will ot listen. Their pockets are full and the banks are filling them and therefore nothing else matters. I hope in my lifetime I see Bank of America, Bank of New York Mellon, and ReconTrust the notaries and all of them on the news that they are in handcuffs and being hauled to prision for the rest of their life. It makes me sick to look at their profiles on LinkedIn and Facebook and they talk about how much they love God and what they do for their community and all the while it is a front because they are criminals. Bank of America has more Vice Presidents than any bank I have ever seen. Get on Linked in and search Bank of America
    I don’t care if they look 20 years old they are a Vice President.

  29. I have tried to get notary journal entry copies for 8 notaries (listed below)…. , 9 fraudulent documents “Please send me a copy of the line item from your notary public journal or an acknowledgment that no such line item exists”. In some cases the notary journals should have been turned-in to the County Recorders office. For these cases, I also requested a copy but none were found. For these requests, I had to pay for a “Certificate of No Record” . I was NOT able to get a SINGLE line item copy. I filed complaints with the Sec. of State in Calif and Georgia via cert. mail. In nearly all CA cases, the Notary did not renew so they would not investigate – they only investigate active licenses. Georgia Sec of State did not respond at all.

    ZERO out of EIGHT – Unbelievable!!!!

    SOS Complaint Lorena Enriquez SOS Notary
    SOS Complaint Kirk Kirtley SOS Notary
    SOS Complaint Jason Richard Hoppe SOS Notary
    SOS Complaint Sue Philpot SOS Notary
    SOS Notary Complaint S. Long
    SOS Notary Compaint J. Parsons
    Fulton County, GA Notary Complaint Cheryl Denise Thompson
    Fulton County, GA Notary Complaint Brittany Snow

  30. Here is an LuPuS attorney response to parties who initial and number every page of a contract. Parties who strike and initial changes they do NOT agree to.

    You cant do that!! We have to resign!! That will cost more Money!!
    Fine we will agree to the changes! But you have to sign a new contract, you must NOT date it, you can NOT initial and number the pages! We will attach the Notary Acknowledgement from last week.

  31. @Charles Reed, your missing a gigantic point in complaints such as these notary complaints. I totally agree the Notaries are not the ultimate goal, however, it IS one method to get to the ultimate criminals, but additionally, THEY ARE A KEY part of the fraud and crimes being committed. Eliminating those willing to commit these actions will eventually put a stop to it. If we do not file legitimate complaints for ALL violations against EVERYONE that violates even the smallest of rules, codes, statutes, laws etc., we WILL NOT change what is happening, these complaints ARE THE KEY TO THE CORRECTIONS NEEDED, and THE ONLY WAY TO EFFECT REAL CHANGES AND TO PUT A STOP TO THE FRAUDCLOSURES!!!

  32. KC…I have them too, DOT original 12, now there are multiples 13, 15 pages…ledgers from 1985, for a origination in 2005, etc, etc, etc…and I will not post publicly either. Bad idea.

  33. Filing complaints against the notaries is locking up the black 16yr old 30 years ago on the war on drugs! What the notaries real damage in this? Notaries are not needed for forged assignment, but may sign other documents they not seen or are not correct as their bosses are wanting something notarized.

    Let go after who wanted the document falsely notarized and benefited from. If the notaries are making monies of this crap, I see them being handled but with the beneficiary in the overall scheme.

    How many kid lives were ruin for small drug charges but the kingpins are free and this does not actually stop the drug trade. Are there a lot of case where the false notarized document cause the foreclosures?

    The Notary is not filing the document but the banks are, and the banks are gaining from the false document. So what happening to all the bad documents? Are we taking all there records and disclosing who got what?

    I agree its wrong, but it not like we got the banks for doing this! If we not going to prosecute the bank how fair is it that other are prosecuted or disbarred?

  34. I also have recorded phone calls for requests of document doctoring and back dating. Bad Title Companies! Bad! Bad! Bad!

    Its funny how that link I posted referring to Neil making the news, there is a Kingscast video in it of the proceedings and not one person caught who MERS was really representing. hahaha

  35. Gene …. You reviewed what they wanted you to see. I have Proof in our own case, as does the Federal Prosecutors Office.

    I have thousands of closing packages … the records. I also don’t want to got to jail for disclosing them publically.

  36. Look at Indecomm Global services. Same practice. I am going to file a complaint against all of the notary publics working for this company..

  37. KC,

    Please provide proof of your allegations about swapping out pages on mortgages and notes, or multiple deeds and notes with different terms in a closing package.

    I have reviewed over 5000 document sets from lenders and borrowers combined and seen thousands more, and never once have I seen a situation that you describe.

  38. Neil, I want to add to this to the article …

    Many thousands of Notary Acknowledgements were stolen from sets of closings docs and placed on a “New Set of Docs” with Different Terms than the Note and Mortgage the borrowers signed at closing.

    Another trick is swapping out the pages of a mortgage before filing them Right after Closing. It was common for the signature pages and notary acknowledgements to be on separate pages.

    To get past this …. In 2010 they started closing with two copies of the Note and Mortgage at closing for the borrowers to sign. Each with different terms. And the borrowers only receive one copy.

    One copy for the plenders to sell forward and one for the buyers … two different contracts as Neil has been saying!!

    When you sign any legal docs … I highly recommend you initial each and every page of the docs that don’t require your signature.

    Always get signed copies of the docs before leaving closing, don’t just accept the blank package prepared for you.

    Always date the docs!

  39. I have been filing complaints against numerous notaries as well, many reprimands and several removed from office as well. It is an often overlooked issue, but exactly what you said is dead on, it is important, it can help put a stop to the crimes. You MUST confine your complaint to specific violations of rules, laws, statutes, etc., NOT that you don’t like such and such. These complaints are also true of attorneys, judges, you name it, if they violate the laws of our country, FILE A COMPLAINT detailing specific violations, NO MATTER THE FINAL OUTCOME OF THE COMPLAINT. If we are to effect real changes in this entire fraudclosure issue, these complaints will be crucial!

  40. Years ago I notice the numerous variations in the style and content of the signatures using the TX notary stamp for “Melissa Bell”. I reported the situation to TX and they indicated it would be acted on.

    I later found that this commission was relinquished to the state EARLY. Beware of notary signatures done using TX-issued stamps where the signature does not match the stamp. The state of TX did NOT like to find that this particular stamp was being used with signatures that varied from “Bell” to “M Bell”, “Mel Bell” and I may have even seen a “Ma Bell”. The style of the signature also varied, making it likely that several people were signing for Melissa and using her stamp.

    Also take note that when TX has a notary commission that is relinquished, the state records can be miss-interpreted by some employees. Instead of the commission continuing to show the date that the commission was supposed to expire, that state was changing the expiration date to reflect the relinquished date. So if you were to inquire about the commission that should have expired on a certain date (per the stamp on a document), the state employees would sometimes get confused and state that the commission had not existed.

    Not all of the state workers appeared to realize the possibility that the end date was altered in the records, reflecting a revocation or relinquishment.

  41. Look at security connections llc. In Idaho. Lots of robo signing and questionable notaries.

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