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Darline wrote: “It is not over yet! I can promise you this what they have done will be exposed entirely it takes time! Stand your ground as I have said if you have a home about to be foreclosed do not fold and run. even if you don’t have a lawyer. The day you go to court bring everyone you know with you to court and make a stand and demand they show proof. The original docs. If people start calling the media with their stories and filling the court rooms with the your loved ones and friends affected by this the judges will be forced to demand the same. This is not the time to be silent. If you cant afford an attorney remember you have a voice USE IT. At that point what do you have to loose they are already have taken it as far as they are concerned now you need to fight back. I don’t believe in class action suits at this point because they just cover up the bigger issues and fail to properly defend the individual’s rights and steal more funds from settlements.”

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  1. christine I always consider your comments some of the brightest here even as you and other are arguing as I feel they given good argument also. However as my first comments on Jul 16, 2012 “Buying US Foreclosure” have not change since that time and just with Neil now coming to the conclusion that I had back them, and him being an attorney and not because of me week after week saying their was this problem with Wells Fargo and their handling on WaMu government loans.

    So why did I write? I guess to here the argument against my position but the actually never came because people could not envision that the establishment would actually be involved in this type of corruption.

    I believe Neil had to feel as if he or one of his partner had to make this discovery instead of some commenting person on his blog. However why do you think as clear a Harry Markopolos wrote that the SEC never understood him?

    I guess in the end I could see people coming to the oppinion that I had been saying here over and over again for 1 1/2yrs on this site and 3yrs since I first connect the federal government with the exactly way this crime was conducted!

  2. Charles
    No offense but is English your native language? And were u born in the U.S.?

  3. Sheeple. Siri went to school here, too.

  4. Justme…well said. Unfortunately your dog doesn’t hunt. Here’s why.

    For every person in foreclosure, 9 folks aren’t. They have no sympathy for those they consider deadbeats. And whereas u might find a disproportionate number of forecloses at Wally’s, Wally people are not generally disposed to writing letters to judges or politicians. That’s why foreclosees yield up default judgments more than 97% of the time. They r a product of the American education system that has ruined this country since the 1960s. Steeple. U had that one right.

  5. Charles,

    I was under the apparently mistaken impression that people came to this blog to exchange practical information they could use to successfully fight the banks. What’s the point of writing if it isn’t to be understood? Unless, of course, this blog’s only purpose is to allow people to vent and think out loud their own confusion. Which would explain why wins are so few and far between…

    “What is conceived well is expressed clearly. And the words to say it come easily.» (Horace Boileau)

    Why would you feel the need to defend me? Pointing out that something doesn’t make sense doesn’t require any defense and if people perceive it as a personal attack, so be it. Being touchy over one’s confusion only serves to confirm the depth of same.

  6. Charles Reed
    No matter how you say it, your message is getting across.
    Fight on.

  7. Christine do we all speak with perfect grammar in life? What I seen here lately that you are in more argument with people who write way better than I do, but it still not good enough for you so, why would I bother as I am not wanting to be this English major. However even the best of people writing here perfectly seen to be in the same boat as I am in and there writing have not gotten them any further along.

    I guess in reality I could do better if I wanted but I guess I really don’t and I guess my check spell is not working real well or it the operator. Heck on the other post I was indirectly defending you and your battle against others in can we just get along!

    However in the end I realize I am not a good writer, but I am not stopping, and hopefully I will get better.

  8. holy cow yeah I am done on the old rotbox for now. Can anyone tell me something on the Investor # and account # on the 1098? I know what is it, but not what number matches to what investor….something like that……spanks.

  9. These are not naive acts, Bob.
    You know what is naive? Me. 2 years ago. I was completely CLUELESS as to all of this. Clueless. And now that I do know….and any other common folk…..that is first instinct. That is what we are taught from kids (unless your parents were not sheeple) Depend on the police, depend on your government etc. They are there for a reason. When you get past the “holy shit look what is happening” phase, and then your eyes are open to how the “system” really works, what CAN you do? Do something stupid enough, crazy enough to cast enough enormous attention that prevails through to media and then at some level sparks interest in the public eye – but they have to know, they have to care. people do not. They are self absorbed. In the masses- and I mean masses- writing letters, calling, surrreeeeeee-o it is going to be a pain in the ass for them, they will have to address it, or say they will and we know they will not. What is there to do? If you knock people because you believe their small actions are naive you place people in a spot to feel like all hope is lost. Too many of you are on some high horse and need to saddle down. What I see is wrong is how there are arguments on how to argue this….we all agree this foreclosure junk is WRONG. It is theft, it is fraud, it is immoral…..I am going to go ELMO (yeah, the fuzzy red puppet) on you and insist we agree to brainstorm on how to make a big enough shit storm to at least STOP people getting thrown out of their homes. Argue case law, notes, strategies, etc etc- it’s all individual. Unless we are going to depend on a few break ground cases to stand behind where, if I might add, many judges don’t care what some other one ruled…we are accomplishing squat. I am not saying plan some hijack ….there are enough people in foreclosure, WAY more than enough people on the very brink circling the drain stretching paycheck to paycheck worrying every day, enough people as us on sites such as these….one thing..at one time…it will do something. All we need is a little something. look at Obamas health care site- all over the news it was all blocked up, too many people. Would not take much to spread the word- head to your local dollar store and walmart with little flyers …”are you worried about not being able to pay your mortgage? So are millions others and homes are being taken left and right…use your voice …” goodness never mind- I sound just like that cheerleader ….I DO think the biggest thing that would make a dent is (lots of) public complaints on the Judges. There are only so many of them per given area. Farrrdggge. enjoy your saturday folks.

  10. Charles,

    Do you have spell check? It’s a really cool thing: it not only checks spelling but it also fixes glaring grammar problems. Makes it so much easier on the readers and it cuts down a lot on wasted “Huh?” time…

  11. Bob G, Warren does and did response and only after her response did she take up the ideal that the lender owed the Federal Government $37 billion. The point is not about what is owe or me or other homeowners but what is owed to taxpayers.

    We know the public is not in what the individual is due, but they are interested in what owned them. Senator Warren at 64 has once change to make a name for herself in the history this country and in front of her is solving the greatest fraud ever!

  12. Charles…one other thing. All your phone calls and letters are meaningless. They just toss them in the trash. And Warren can’t get anybody to do anything in the Executive Branch. You want something to change in the Executive Branch, you get Valerie Jarret to take up your cause. Then it’s a done deal. She’s the one who’s pulling the strings.

  13. Charles

    Ya gotta stop drinking the Kool-Aid, buddy. The govies aren’t going to do a thing about this. They can’t afford to. If they had any intention, they would have jumped on the non-REMIC status of these trusts. But they’re not going to do anything to bring on another financial collapse. Get it?

    As for Warren, she just got elected. Fauxcohontus can afford to grandstand. Just wait until she starts coming up for reelection. The party will make her toe the line, because Wall Street will tell the party to rein her in or no campaign contributions to the party leadership. That’s the way the world works Charles.

    I swear that you guys are the naivest bunch of folks that I’ve ever come across.

  14. Bob my battle not that the government will ride in on white horse to rescue me, but that they will be force to act as to not look as if the bank have purchase them. This Darline Spencer seem to think that Obama was not bought by the bank (I don’t know), but I believe that Obama now that he does not have another election, and problems with healthcare should trouble the rest of his time.

    However the wild card is Sen Warren, who at 64yrs of age it now, and she stop on to what I been saying as she feels that the amount due to the Federal Government is $37 billion for 2008-2010 where I was presenting the $24 billion figure for 2009-2010.

    I first wrote Warren when she was being selected to head up the overseeing panel and she did not have the authority to actually do anything, but now as a Senator she does have powers to force the OCC and Fed to do certain things and you can see by the secret meeting with LPS to settle for $200 million the forgeries.

    I believe that its because of my letters to Warren that they drew upon to ask the OCC and Fed for the results of the Independent (wink wink) Foreclosure Review Board as to what illegal finding they found. I am basing my fight on the fact that there are expected oversight in government and that oversight is being question as more evident is dropping out the sky.

    Today just by writing (badly) we are putting the government on notice and the Fed that they have a responsibility and I started questioning the Fed implicit involvement in the crime as far back as a year ago or so. I don’t know if I was the first to accuse the Fed, but I know I have emailed them several time telling them of my finding and how they were profiting from the illegal foreclosure with the wink & nod from Ginnie Mae to the servicers to do this dirty work.

    Bob I am wide open and there is no turning back from this mission, as this is a battle to the death. I must just stay focus on the separation of the Note and the debt as without one the other does not exist! As Charlie Sheen said it just Winning! There no way the OCC and Fed can be working thing out with LPS and not do the same with MERS as Szymoniak v. Ace complains about both!

  15. @Bob G
    Thanks is right. Unlike what Christine says I am not here to plaster your name all over the internet. I am in this fight to get my two condos back and find out how in the world this fraud could happen to me and so many others and now identify who are the people who are the friends and the foe of our fight.


  16. Prepare to see your name plastered all over internet from this day forward and/or… until death do you part.

  17. Aw, Gee…now she knows (or is it nos?)

  18. Bob,

    Not fair. You give her half the info. Robert E. Gee.

  19. Declaration of Independence

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    The English King and Parliament had put many unjust restrictions and laws on the American colonists, such as abolishing their local legislatures, forcing them to house soldiers on their own property, resisting the appointment of judges and other officials who disagreed with England, putting military authority in power over civilian authority, restricting their ability to trade with foreign countries, conducting sham trials of government officials accused of wrongdoing, levying taxes without their consent and a host of other issues.


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    The Founding Fathers tried for many years to get England to amend its ways and reason with them. Finally, when England wouldn’t respond, the Americans decided that it was right to cast off the yoke of bondage the English were putting on them so they could live in freedom.

    The American founders had very strong beliefs about the sanctity of human choice and human conscience, meaning that each person should have the choice to believe what he wants to and not be forced into anything against his will.

    Today, we live in freedom because of the principles these Founders believed. We have freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom to choose our own leaders, freedom of the press, freedom to choose where we can work, who we marry, where we live and many, many other freedoms. We can follow our own dreams, instead of living for the will of the latest dictator

  20. MARILYN LANE…OK, you win.

    My full name is Robert Gee. Most folks, however, just call me Bob G. You’re welcome.

  21. ML,

    I know… That really burns you, doesn’t it? Guess what: Bob and I know each other’s identity. That’s all that matters. And Schesinger is about this close to suing the pants out of you. And don’t answer: I’m done dignifying your insanity for today.

  22. OK Charles, well said (this time 😉 ).

    Anyway, the sooner folks ground themselves in reality the better they are going to be, whether with their house or without. In order to survive and pass your genes forward, you have to be reality based, whether or not it is painful. The truth will set you free, but nobody said that the truth would not be painful.

    So here’s the ultimate truth. The government is not your friend and it is not here to help you. The government is part of the Ruling Class, along with the economic 1%.

    For all you patriots out there, here’s a quote attributed to George Washington:

    “Government is not reason, it is not eloquence, it is force; like fire, a troublesome servant and a fearful master. Never for a moment should it be left to irresponsible action.” See what the man said? IT IS NOT REASON! And he, of all people, should know.

    Ok? So does everyone get it? Neither Congress nor the Executive Branch is going to help you in your foreclosure fight. Not ever, because YOU don’t have the money to buy them. Nor is ranting about all the injustices in the System. It is what it is. You have to win your battles in the courtroom with the Judiciary. And the Judiciary, it seems, is finally coming around. Now I have it on good authority that Wells Fargo has perfected its appeal in the Erobobo case, and that its papers are sophomoric and unimpressive. My guess, therefore, is that Erobobo will be affirmed. Stuff like that helps you win…patriotic rants or crying in your beer don’t.

  23. Christine
    you and Bob G still refuse to identify your self and what you are hiding.

  24. Between self-serving, narcissistic and incoherent MS and self-centered, self-absorbed, numbrilistic and rambling ML, this blog is a really true reflection of what this fucked up country has become.

    Any wonders 1 in 4 people in this country has alzheimer’s or alzheimer’s type dementia? All it manufactures nowadays are nutcases! And for some odd reason, they all seem to flock here!


  25. Have you notice that whistle-blower seem just a bit off centered including myself? Whether it Markopolos, Szymoniak and this Darline Spencer. Both Szymoniak and Spencer where involved in personal foreclosure action as well as myself, but without going through this action I would not have spent the time needed to figure out what part of this crime was affecting me. Even the Citi whistle-blower in Sherry Hunt seemed crazy as a bed bug, but $31 million later crazy as a bed bug ain’t bad.

    Harry Markopolos son of guy that owned a brokerage firm, former CIO of an investment firm and US Army Infantry Officer, for 8 years of a 9yr ordeal where this master degree person wrote the SEC telling them that Bernard Madoff was operation a Ponzi scheme is prefect English, yet for 8yrs the SEC did nothing, and it was not until the Ponzi was crashing because of the Financial Crisis that Madoff’s sons came forward and told authorities what dad was doing. However I am still under the belief it was Madoff himself that told the boys to turn him in to save the family from going to jail!

    I know Bob G criticizes me on my bad writing, but Markopolos who wrote the book “No One Would Listen”, could not get the SEC to act with his communications, because Madoff was like your father or grandfather as he was once the Chairman of NASDAQ and probably running the Ponzi before he had that job, and now we are accusing prominent people and institutions with high crimes. The Federal Government has gone on the attack and accused the borrowers as being in on this misconduct as if they had a seat at the board room table.

    We have not been using common sense in dealing with this issue and have been making it harder that it really needs to be, and I believe that because that the legal field was caught off guard as the issue of defending a borrower against foreclosure was not a common thing, and was mostly a forgone conclusion in everybody’s mind. However here we are 10 million foreclosure later in a short period of time, on the tale of “people wanted to live outside their mean”? So 10 million people who could not swim jumped in the deep end and drowned, and not a regulation for safety in no jumping in the end if you cannot swim is observed?

    I realize I am somewhat off, but I know its what make me in 2005 look at Wells Fargo as this corrupt steering outfit, and in Oct 2010 figure out that Ginnie Mae had a securities problem that they did not own these loan, and neither did Wells Fargo in the case of the Washington Mutual Bank government insured loan placed into Ginnie Mae program!

    As The A Man says its a chain of title issue, he is right as without owning the debt you cannot be in title. But it starts at the separation of the debt before it even get to the title, as a Note is NOT a Note without a debt, and a debt is no owed without a Note!

  26. @Bob G
    it is obvious you are a defender of the corrupt elements that want
    to stop the Truth of this massive foreclosure fraud getting exposed.

    What is your last name so all can investigate to whom you are connected and your purpose on this site,

  27. Bob G

    You don’t know how to read, understand nor spell.

  28. @ Marilyn Lane…you have just proven my point. Your were unable to address any of the issues that I raised. Not a one. And Marilyn, the fact that you couldn’t address a single issue, BUT POSTED ANYWAY, is proof positive that there is something seriously wrong with you.

    You see a person who knew that they couldn’t have honestly addressed any of the issues that I raised, wouldn’t have responded at all, thereby demonstrating some semblance of mental stability.

    But not you…you responded anyway. You’ve embarrassed yourself to know end…and you don’t even realize it…you poor dear.

  29. to Bob G
    You don’t know what you don’t know so stop calling me names.

    I had written a book about the theft of my properties and sent it to many people .
    That is when people like you had doubts to my sanity because they thought banks don’t do this and were nothing but honest.

    In 2008 in response ro my book, I sought two ORDERS TO SHOW CAUSE to mark vacated Two Void ab initio judgments for lack of JURSDICTION OF New York Supreme Court.

    The corrupt debt collectors were gone from the Bank and now the bank had what I thought were more ethical attorneys when they looked at the facts and the dates and answered for the bank and stated in front of JUDGE SCHLESINGER ‘we are stepping aside and the title companies are stepping in
    And its indemnify indemnify indemnify.

    In comes Thomas Malone of Fidelity National Title for one property and David k Fiveson with a sham title company he called Coronet Title since he could never obtain title insurance for the other property. —and so began the saga.

  30. To Bob G and all
    Right Bob.
    That should have been the end of it and I should immediately been restored to my two properties.

  31. Marilyn…well then, that should be the end of that, right?
    So how’s that lack of jurisdiction thing working out for you. Please tell us.

    If the court lacked jurisdiction then the judgment is void. Has the judgment been declared void, and are you now home free? Inquiring minds want to know.

    Marilyn, this just sounds like another one of your irrational rants. Either your judgment was declared void and you have your properties back, or you don’t. So which is it?

    And if you got the judgment declared void and you got your properties back, tell us how you did it…and be very specific.

    Marilyn, I don’t believe that you are psychologically or mentally capable of addressing the issues raised above, either factually and legally. And I don’t believe that you can address those issues–and none other–in a reply to this post.

    If you cannot specifically and succinctly address the above issues, it is my opinion that you will be admitting to everyone here that you are a severely mentally disturbed person, warranting no further reading or consideration of your posts.

    Marilyn, I think that you should seek out professional psychiatric help. I am serious. I hate to have to say this to you, but unfortunately it is true.

  32. @Bob G and all

    The Void Ab initio Judgment was signed in New York Supreme Court while the case was being heard in Federal Court Southern District. So anything signed in a NYSC was without JURISDICTION .

    Bob G and all here is the law on Court JURISDICTION.

    PURSUANT TO United States Supreme Court Case ELLIOT V. PIERSOL
    Under Federal Law which is applicable in all States. The United States Supreme Court stated that if a Court is “without Authority, its judgments and orders are regarded as nullities. They are not voidable but simply void and form no bar to recovery sought, even prior to reversal in opposition to them. They constitute no justification and all persons concerned in executing such judgments or sentence are considered in law as trespassers.

  33. The city (my) flopped with taxes. I paid, the servicer then paid about a week later- city REFUNDED me and accepted their check, or should I say Corelogic’s check….pppshhhh

    1098’s – the 3 digit ‘investor’ number that flops about from year to year …anyone know how to connect those numbers to an entity?
    203, 845…..?

  34. RE MasterService…

    Wouldn’t it be great to attend a deposition session where MS is being deposed? The Q&A would be like listening to Abbot and Costello do “Who’s on First.” Would be absolutely hilarious. I would certainly pay the price of admission to attend. I’m sure the cable channels would love to get the rights to that one.

  35. @marilyn lane

    You lost your props years ago…why do you continue to post your rants here? You have nothing to add to the discussion. You can offer no sound legal advice about anything.

    Patriotic American…that’s fine. But you can be patriotic without acting insane. This blog is nothing more than a place for you to express your frustrations about the “System.” I believe that you and folks like you somehow get a dopamine or endorphin rush when you post and people respond to you, even if they respond negatively. Very unfortunate.

    We know the System is corrupt. How many times do you have to tell us? We’re all checked out on that, Marilyn. You would have to be living on Mars not to know the System is corrupt. So just shut up and deal with it.

    If you can’t offer this group anything more than your patriotic rants, and rants about how the System and the courts are corrupt and unjust, then just go find a therapy group where someone really wants to listen to you, and perhaps can help you through your time of trouble. This is not the site to help you deal with your psychological problems caused by the unjust System. It just isn’t. Folks come here for helpful answers, not rants. Rants don’t win lawsuits.

    Here’s something else. A lot of people with useful advice don’t post here much anymore. We communicate with each via private email and telephone conversations. We can’t be bothered dealing with the Marilyn Lanes and other crazies that abound here. Such would be counterproductive and a waste of our precious time and resources.

    “If you like your insanity, you can keep your insanity. Period.” (Just don’t bring it around here.)

  36. Earth to MS…come in MS. You are now on a secure channel…no need to continue encrypting your transmissions … please transmit in standard English. Do you copy?

  37. Christine
    you don’t even have the facts of my case right. Judge Alice Schlesinger was not brought into the case till 2008. Why don’t you find out what YOU are talking about first?

  38. @ Christine

    why don’t you put your whole name on your posts so that all of us who don’t have the slightest idea who Christine the big bad nasty mouth is and we can all investigate you. You are afraid.

  39. @ Christine

    Only a tin fool like you would want JUDGE SCHLESINGER to
    trash our Constitution and cheer her on. Not me. I’m a patriotic
    American and proud of it and fight to restore our freedoms and keep us free. It is not a waste of time for me. None of us asked to have our properties stolen but you do what you have to do in life.

  40. I am in such agreement. I told Bank of America not to pay my taxes on my property.

    Only the title holder pays the taxes ….Hello

    Think !

  41. Christine —

    Remember what the gentlemen told you at the bar last night ?

    May I push in your stool sweetheart …..

    Get a life fool ….get a life

  42. Here is what I presented to the SEC

    Leave a Reply – SEC has little if any jurisdiction over the deportment of Treasury by executive order and order of the US Congress . DOJ best bet and with Holder at helm…no chance !

    . . .that with WaMu’s loans there was no counter-party to pay the payment for a defaulted loan,

    Leave a Reply -WAMU officers and Directors are the obligor to the DOT (Bank of NY Mellon) for secured depositors accounts holding TCC that were pledged to form the waterfall (TPC) and later charged off to collateral holders – foreign national central banking leaders

    ….and the loan could not be purchase from the securities because as WaMu was declared a “fail bank”

    Leave a Reply – Its assets and liabilities were merged in a M&A with JP Morgan Chase

    . . .one loan would cause the entire securities to be bad, because the total amount due to investors is short of total due

    Leave a Reply – Massive Loan Loss reserves from prepaid interest …problem was the reserves were calculated as a discount off the face value of the purported notes and covered by bad HELOCS used by the originator’s to finance the registration of converted common stock.

    Reed, Bravo –

    Well Sir, nice effort – but your light years off. I traded over a billion and sold these assets into the same getting out for fear of the thing unraveling – little did I know the bad guys would prevail (and I would get persecuted by those who I came to help )

    So do your thing , attack what I am telling you ,,,,look puzzled, ask questions back ….go on the attack , call Christine …..praise Neil G …..Yawn boring !

    Happy New Fear’s


  43. Darline Spencer, bottom 3rd post from the comments.


    Here is the problem: info way too sketchy about who she is and what she knows and has done with it. Too little info on google shows that she really isn’t a Karen Hudes and isn’t saying anything getting over, although she comes up with a healthy does of paranoia. And… no court case I could put my hand on.

    Why NG would quote Darline Spencer is anyone’s guess. One thing is sure: she won’t impact my case one way or the other.

  44. Setting the record straight on Darline Spencer

  45. Bob G.,

    You’re going to get a kick out of that one: google “Judge Alice Schlesinger” and read the number of derogatory posts that same idiot has been plastering internet with. One of these days, that poor tinfoil soul will get sued in defamation and slander… Can you imagine? For the past 16 years, she’s been harping on that one judge, day in, day out.

    Talk about a wasted life!

  46. Bob G.,

    If my memory serves me well, Darline Spencer used to work for B of A and became some kind of a whistleblower. She’s been cheerleading homeowners eversince. It is the third time NG refers to her and I did some research the first couple of times: all I was able to find was some sketchy info about her having denounced B og A after leaving (or being fired, I still don’t know which is which) and she has a twitter account. If I recall, she was placed under some gag order as well, for some reason I don’t know.

    I really have a problem with sketchy. That’s why i come down so hard on MS.

  47. my fight is since 1997. But it has no latches. it was stolen with a void ab initio judgement, a nullity and time can never make an invalid judgment valid only a corrupt judge like Alice Schlesinger can , that refuses to follow the Supremacy Clause of the US Constitution.
    hey Bob G. is that the kind of Judge your proud of?

  48. I don’t know who Darlene is, but if she been writing about the crime were these bank don’t hold ownership as the Notes are blank, and forgeries have been used to obtain control of the process of foreclosing with the forged assignment, then I agree with her that now is not the time to be quiet!

    I am not sure about how to get family involve when the government involved in discrediting us as they have a vested interest in screwing us over.

    As with the article in WSJ we got to understand that the Federal Reserve Bank allowed the banks to get involved with commodities and there was just something on JPMorgan being allowed to old this aluminum company in England. But also the Fed has to know that these agencies like Ginnie Mae cannot legally own the debt of the loan that are placed in these securities, that the FED has purchase.

    I see that the noose is tightening as people are finally thinking the unthinkable, that we actually been had with the governments complicit involvement!

  49. @ Louise
    When two or more come together in belief it shall be granted!
    I am with you may it all be revealed and may we have our homes that we have fought so hard for.

  50. I agree with Darline and have been fighting for seven years this January. I sincerely believe that all will be revealed–all the forgery, lies, unjust enrichment, fraud on the court, fraud in the inducement, etc.

  51. I would go further and audit the Judge. Go and see if the judge in other cases has followed procedures. Is the judge being threatened by the banksters?

  52. Where’s the article? All I see is a cheerleading paragraph above.

  53. Good stuff!

  54. Best article in years. Finally somebody on this blog gets it.



  56. And for all who agree with Darline Spencer say “I”. I am in such agreement. I told Bank of America not to pay my taxes on my property. It is my responsibility. There is no Escrow Account. I put this in writing and they did it anyway. They use this as leverage. They are criminals. And another ting Darline, what you said about how this affects family and friends, this is so true. This hurts everybody who is close to you. I will fight back. I am not going to stop and these crooks will pay dearly for throwing me out of my home.

  57. Who is Darlene Spencer ?

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