Even if You Win, Homeowners Must Quiet title and Clear the Negative Report on Their Credit

This is a nice question to answer for people who have already won their cases successfully defending against a wrongful foreclosure. It is nice because homeowners are winning more and more cases. But it is equally relevant to those who are not in litigation and who think they have clear title and are out of the woods because they are current on their payments. The plain truth is that virtually everyone who has a mortgage lien filed against their property which is subject to claims of securitization, sales into the secondary market, assignments, or other transfers have a problem with title. The time to clear that up is now — not when you are trying to sell or refinance or mortgage the home. The quiet title suit could take several months to resolve.

As for the issue of whether the home can still be subject to foreclosure even after the homeowner has won and judgment has been entered, the answer, I’m sorry to say, is Yes. A Judgement for the Homeowner does not legally bar the same or another “lender” (i.e., pretender lender) from alleging a fresh breach from the lack of payments from the homeowner — especially if the claim is for payments “due” after the judgment was entered. But it is true that they have a lot of explaining to do before they can win, which is probably why we have not seen very many actions like that.

And that again is why a suit to Quiet Title is necessary. In addition, the homeowner’s credit has been wrecked, so that must be restored; and there is possible action for damages for slander of credit and related causes of action.

I think where people have gone astray on their opinion that it is completely over once they win a judgment in court is that the judgment does act as a complete bar to the issues that were litigated.

But the issues that were litigated were the ownership of the loan, proving the balance due, etc and the alleged breach by the homeowner. THAT breach has been litigated, but the failure to pay right after the Judgement could be considered another breach.

And since the Judgment is only against the party who initiated the foreclosure against you it does not act as a bar to another party coming in claiming that they are the owner, or even the same party coming in and saying NOW they are the owner and they are suing on non-payment after the Judgement was entered. There are several defenses to such an action but I think we might see the banks test these theories out over the coming months.

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  2. Hi I was wondering if you could help me my sisters. Law went into forcloser on a house and this guy dale gavino convinced her to sell her deed for two thousand now after her ex husband who was on the origami deed passed away she received a letter saying she owes over 300k .. This guy is a known scam artists .. What do u recommend

  3. I am losing my will to live because my life is consumed with trying to get an ETHICAL person with a voice that will be heard to expose our case. We were never in arrears. MGL ch 244 sec 14 was ignored, that’s an automatic DEFENSE. Our Judge was CORRUPT and we later found out his wife is an attorney for the corrupt bank? I will die trying to get my story EXPOSED!

  4. Its like you read my mind! You appear to know a lot about this, like you wrote the book in it or something.
    I think that you can do with a few pics to drive the message
    home a bit, but instead of that, this is great blog.
    A great read. I’ll definitely be back.

  5. Any advice of what to do when the case was not won by the proper party? In our case there was an illegal foreclosure that we had no knowledge of because there was no arrears. We had a preponderance of evidence to show all the FRAUD but had a corrupt Judge who’s wife we later found out is the head of the legal department of one of the big banks that have been accused of illegal foreclosures.

  6. Question for the brain trust here. If I have a judgment lien on my property (from a scam c/c debt, but a whole ‘nuther story) would I be shooting myself in the foot by doing a quiet title? I would have to serve the bottom feeder debt buyer notice in that action, right. Bringing them to the surface to try to collect? Also, I still have a three year old lis pendens (which I filed in an old foreclosure action) on record with the recorder, does that have any impact on a QT action or the filing of a new foreclosure action in a non-judicial state?

  7. You are right and I do appreciate your words and thoughts. We all have to chose a path…this fight for me, is not about the house any longer, it is about principle, dignity and freedom. Freedom from the oppressive forces of evil doers, sociopaths and puppets carrying out these greedy, self-serving chores of true sociopaths. They steal, cheat and squander more than they can ever use and we as a people lie still and silent, steadily moving from who we are to who we have become in the “market” of society.

  8. Poppy, its because those of us doing our ‘thing’ behind the scenes that we are getting the world we want for the future.

    I could not fight as hard in the process. It was a non-judicial state, the paperwork was the dog and pony I stared at in disbeilef when I saw a writ of possession in the show and it said some stranger with a gun could put their hands on me and mine.

    I paid $2500 retainer to an attorney in real estate law. She used it to go to the law library to ‘study’. She didn’t see the fraud and said it seemed like the ‘thief’ was my servicer. No matter what I pointed out, she thought these things were transferable without assignment regardless of the history. When I pointed out dates where notice is filed but the right to file the notice was recorded later, or I pointed out they didn’t even record a notice of default because they didn’t have an assignment, and I put her in touch with the Attorney General’s office attorney I had passed all my paperwork to, nothing happened and I thought they were working to help.

    I finally wrote her and said I no longer wanted her services. I thought she knew more than she did, this process happens within 21 days in the judicial corporate state I lived in. It was not enough time to ‘learn’ what I needed to know. I kind of thought my money was purchasing the ‘expert’. I packed up everything I didn’t want ‘their hands’ on without my permission, including my family and pets and moved.

    My job is highly technical and at the same time as if also part of the plan, the company was laying off people and increasing the work load. Having mouths to feed, shelter that is part of the pursuit of happiness required, I focused on the technical tasks that took over the mind space I would have used to educate myself in the legal realm. Got different housing, loving the location, family changed schools adjusting like the troopers we are as we pursue happiness with the life we are given even if someone trespasses and interferes with our right to be where we were.

    Then I started pointing out the things that were wrong. A lot of what was wrong was seen by the attorney generals. My stuff was bad, but I had no robosigning. When they posted their findings, it was public knowledge the extent this ‘hearsay’ would go to steal our wealth through our estates.

    Even after all of that and the settlement checks, and the finding MERS had no standing and all the supreme court decisions of Kansas and Massachusetts, and it’s still going on. Then the GSE’s (government sponsored entities) started wanting them to purchase their bad paper back, and the settlement checks that amounted to $300 which is less than honest money put up by the homeowner for more than 11 years of wages, real life energy transfer of the Creator within, that was used toward keeping the property and not used for any other useful purpose, I decided I would correct the system where I could. So I would correct the system in areas where I did have time to research the law and bring their darkness to light.

    I can see the effects of all of our efforts in the changes that appear so bad to many who can’t see that this change is a benefit. Yes, all the other presidents did things that changed things and it went from bad to worse, but if you don’t know what to look for and only see what is shown to you, then of course you can’t see it.

    I have pondered, if all of the presidents of the republic and now the corporation were ‘duly elected by the people’, has social security numbers that were theirs within the system they were controlling’, were born in the system they were controlling, what is the most we could expect from them? Answer: We can expect from them the things they did within the system.
    Then we have someone accused (not proven because it can’t) who has all their papers sealed before they became president, is accused of being appointed and not elected which is beyond belief because ‘the people’ chose this one, is accused of using a social security number of a man long dead from a corporate state he never lived in, is accused of not having a valid birth certificate which to me, in my opinion, means his corporeal body and foot prints are not bonded into the system like the rest of us are, and if the bankers who control by money, deception and extortion were to put any money against that social security number into any bank account, it’s not his social security number so you can’t bring him down that way,
    He writes EO (executive orders) that can be applied to anyone including the people in power, yet those in power pay the people who don’t care they hurt themselves and others to spread rumors that these writings will lead to their death and demise.
    People point to Georgia Guidestones that were put into place long before this man took office, and he’s different from all prior. The first time he mentioned doing something with wall street we had the fat finger flash crash that made many millions poor and many millions rich and shifted the wealth so fast, he could not mention a thing about it his first term. After a second term, he’s not going to be elected again so he can put in the Executive Orders to change this system to support life.
    I see what others don’t see and with anything possible in the Universe and as Fabric of the Cosmos series discussed there is a multi verse where any activity can have multiple outcomes at the same time, I’m aligning with the multi verse that gives me what I see and desire from the changes occurring.

    I know I am who I was waiting for and I came into my power as I helped change the system not in hatred or negativity, but in love. I know the lower level employees know not what they do, but there comes a time where you do not leave your conscience on your pillow as you interact with One of you.

    There are jobs that should not be filled with people of conscience, so I don’t know who is doing those jobs against us, yet it is a free will choice to align with the energy that echos your life the most.

    If the Federal Reserve note didn’t exist, I’d still find something to do to keep busy. Something that I enjoy. If someone were to give me the things I need to keep living, ie a roof over my head, and food in my stomach when I hunger, and clothing to cover, a clean place to sleep, clean up and relax, and some entertainment, and materials to seal wounds or tend to illness, then I would still remain productive in society in ways where I can grow something, create something, discover something, fix and repair something, etc. The account doesn’t have to have any zero’s as long as whenever I reach in to get what I need, it’s there. Sort of like that bible story where the One called Jesus fed the masses with two fish and bread. That meant each time someone went to eat there was food to eat, an abundance for the masses.

    I ask that we see that as much as everyone has not ‘helped’ solve the foreclosure thievery, it’s our combined energy here that is helping to reveal that We, the people on this planet have not chosen this outcome for our experience so we have crossed over from free will to executing someone’s will.

    Federal Reserve Notes are the will of dead men, with pictures of dead men on them. Dead paper carrying no value except what we are forced to accept and use to live our lives.

    Birth certificates and sealing infant feet on them when they are born, is someone else’s will.
    Social Security numbers used to steal the wealth of estates is someone else’s will.

    When the ones who create a system are no longer living and the Ones who are born into that system cannot control the outcome, then it no longer is a Free Will planet. The Creator created a Free Will planet. The creation cannot be greater than the Creator. We will see the change we want to see by what we focus our thought energy on. Just make sure you have your mind centered on what you want to see, because focusing on what you don’t want to see can produce the outcome of seeing what you focused on, even if you didn’t want to see it.

    One day it will be revealed what role I each of us have played in the changes that are coming.

    It’s not just foreclosures, this case can be of interest. People’s children have been seized, their cars towed when police kidnap them from the streets over a purported traffic violation where a traffic infraction is not a crime, IRS has seized peoples wages claiming they owe taxes, debt collectors have attached to people’s labor claiming to be owed money for a purported debt when the one they are robbing is the creditor in the transaction.

    Eyes to see. Court cases use legal words, to comprehend what is being heard or decided, you must have a legal dictionary or access to one.

    People are creating the change we want to see.


    Trespass Unwanted,

  9. You are welcome…and I appreciate it!

  10. Christine Im sorry ..its early

  11. Kristine…you name your self and then comment . Very bold and very honest Thank you

  12. Just so there is no confusion: My name is: Christine Konar, from Newport, RI and now living in North Carolina…I have nothing to hide. Anyone who has access to Pacer can find me, some of my stuff is on Scribd…with my phone number. Everything I put here is intended to help. I have had more than 5 cases heard from State Court to Federal Court and the appeals courts (2) in NC and (1) DE. One right now in process.

    I have skin in the game, some here do not and continue to harass, berate and insult our process, when in fact they have no solutions to any of the problems. Then there are those at the very least “over talk”, by that I mean, principles that are beyond the scope of one’s expertise. Everywhere you turn there is misinformation or complex principles that are not explained in a way that are easily understood by laymen.

    Then you have the lawyers, who by the way, IMHO, competent one’s should be paid, but the ruse of competency and taking money under false pretenses is beyond comprehension.

    It appears the old adage “there is no honor amongst thieves”….is correct!

  13. I’ve always said some people post here under more than one name, such that if one name goes away, they are still here. Never left, and adds new names all the time. There are so many old and new names and it’s the same One.

    Neo: Why do my eyes hurt?
    Morpheus: You’ve never used them before.

    The system slanders. If someone is shut down it could be (could be) because they don’t want them to be heard. Assassinations occur in many ways, including character assassinations.

    The veil is lifting, but I see you. I see the energy behind the posts of ‘different names’.

    Trespass Unwanted

  14. It is robbery, pure and simple, with a gun-force, under duress… with and under the guise of lies, deception and fraud. The “intent” is evident and the paperwork is “hearsay” as it is not verified and checked by any party wishing to steal your property, which is required by law. The essence of this is “armed robbery”….

    There is no oversight, little legal relief, and no adherence to the rules of procedure, in any venue, that I can see! I’ve seen no criminal prosecution for counterfeiting, forgery, fraud on the court, perjury, misrepresentation, breach of fiduciary duties, sanctions from the ABA, disbarment, felonious theft, grand theft, etc…the list is long.
    And not one person in the justice department, SEC, FTC, FBI, Deed Office, Federal Courts/Local Courts are doing anything to purge this filth.

    At the end of the day, for me, it comes down to agencies borrowing money in YOUR name, using your credit profile, from 3rd parties and using it for purposes other than what it was intended for. And I don’t care who says this was not “illegal”. I say your contract NEVER said, the note you signed would be converted and sold as bonds, giving you little or no rights to settle any disputes or problems associated with the agreement. And approximately 90% of all notes are in this shit…people never know until there is an issue, even as slight as a lapse in insurance…then the games begin!

  15. Ever wondered why ‘theft of property’ is a ‘trial by judge’, only?

    We are not looking at any paper (ie constitution, bill of rights, treaties, documents of confederation, etc) for our rights, wouldn’t you think that we could not be robbed of anything we are in possession of through agreement, by someone (doesn’t matter who it is) that was not part of the agreement?

    Is it moral turpitude?

    Trespass Unwanted, Creator, corporeal, Life, Free, Independent, State of Life, State of Conscience, the People, In Jure Proprio, Jure Divino.

  16. This is a letter sent to Ocwen, this month from me…kept the case number in here so anyone can check this. It is meant to be helpful, as I know Ocwen is a debt collector, not a true servicer, under the PSA agreement.

    FYI: my first name is Christine, and I am no way, shape or form affiliated with christine on the blogs. I do my own work, research and case study…in North Carolina, not Ohio.

    October 06, 2013

    Attention: Research Department
    P.O. Box 24763
    West Palm Beach, FL 33416-4736

    —————— Plaintiff
    REF’S: NMLS #: Acct: #

    This notice is to certify and attest a “DISPUTE” AND “DENIAL” any debt exists to “any and all” debt collections by Ocwen as a representative of unknown entities or their (Ocwen’s) status as representatives’ of “unknown assigned parties” employed by or for them or any “ghost” loss payees are disputed and fail without proper authority, potentially causing loss of land-real property with threats of foreclosure. NC General Statute § 75-51(1)(6). Threats and Coercion, and

    Any and all amounts deemed collectable and due are submitted to the recipient are rejected as erroneous, have no legal basis and based on paperwork that is fictitious and deceptive. NC General Statute §74-75 (1)(2)(4)(5)(7). Deceptive Representation, and

    The amounts claimed as due and payable are falsely inflated by the remitter and is not on the bequest of the origination of any loan, trust¹ or by the designated entity that Ocwen claims to be employed by. NC General Statute §74-75(6), and

    ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬The current paperwork, which is being received and remitted to the receiver, is currently under the jurisdiction of the Federal Bankruptcy Court, in Wilmington, Delaware Case No. 07-10416 KJC: New Century-TRS Holdings and the Liquidating Trust, et al. An Adversary Proceeding, with a Jury Trial request is still under advisement by the Honorable Judge Kevin J. Carey, for the Plaintiff, —————–Case No. ————-, with a pending claim No. ———, while —————– is a “designated creditor” of New Century, the originator/lender: Exhibit A, and

    A previous District Court Complaint, removed by the defendants Ocwen’s Attorney, Mathias H. Hunoval to the Federal Court, was summarily dismissed by The Honorable Judge James C. Fox Case No. 7:11- CV-163-F, citing numerous inconsistencies with the complaint and was guided by the Delaware Federal Courts jurisdiction by allowing the stay of the Plaintiffs claims to remain in effect, until the Delaware Bankruptcy Court was resolved, not overriding their position in the action and dis-allowing any actions to be taken in the NC judiciary process on or by Ocwen. In that same complaint No 7:11-CV-163-F Section C; Fraudulent Conveyance, unbeknown to all parties at that time, the Plaintiff is a “known creditor” of New Century Refer to: Exhibit A, and

    ¹ The Holder’s described in the initial NOTICE OF HEARING ON FORECLOSURE OF DEED OF TRUST, 2009 Pender County, NC; 11-SP-200; naming U.S Bank N.A. as trustee, for the registered holders of CSMC Asset- Backed Trust 2007-NC1 OSI Asset-Backed Pass Through Certificates, Series 2007-NC1 OCI by and through its Attorney-In-Fact OCWEN LOAN SERVICING, LLC (THE “Holder”) IS INCONSISTENT with NY Trust Law, providing for time frames of entry into said “Trust”, and alleging OWNER-Holder status prior to the assignment of any notes and all actions taken on behalf or for the aforementioned parties. The Trust mentioned in the original paperwork, was opened on August 01, 2007 and closed on August 31, 2007, PER SEC filings rendering the entry of the “alleged note” non-compliant and “VOID” with any assignment of 2009, beyond the date designated under NY Trust laws.

    At this time, ————————— has been retained to defend and demand the cessation and harassment of the creditor, —————– against the activities and behavior, of Ocwen, its attorneys or any of its affiliates, until such time the Federal Court has remanded a final order on behalf of the Plaintiff. Additionally, any and all Global Orders rendered by the Delaware Bankruptcy Court have been challenged and are currently under consideration by the Federal Court, deemed contentious² and further litigious by the Plaintiff, ——————————–
    Dated: October 06, 2013

    Enclosures: Exhibit A

    CC: US Bankruptcy Court, Delaware

    ²The “illegal” seizure of “unfunded notes” in the time frame New Century was unable to obtain financing, cease and desist order in 6 states ordered by the State AG’s, a Grand Jury investigation and hearings, with a licensing suspension in CA. While Credit Suisse, a non-funding creditor who lent New Century a line of credit, when NC (“New Century”) did not use the money for its intended purpose, per transcript of the NC-TRS Holdings hearings. The “alleged” ———- note, held for collateral “only” was to secure payments from the Bankruptcy Court, per transcript of the ———-evidentiary hearing July 12, 2012, answered on cross-examination by Alan Jacobs, Trustee. Now, Credit Suisse has been compensated by the Trustee for all monies owed and the alleged ———–“note” should have never been transferred for servicing. The “debt” owed to Credit Suisse by NC, has been paid, per Exhibits in Delaware Bankruptcy Court files.

  17. I for one want to hear what you are saying, MS. Fighting with Ocwen for years…and have a case hooked to them in DE. Bankruptcy Court. All information is good information, if it helps untangle the lies from these servicer entities. As an adult and able to do my own research, the truth does rear its head. The copy and pastes here are nothing but an opinion and anyone can find most of them. We checked the land records for Ocwen, West Palm Beach, Fl…when I can dig them from my files I’ll list the numerous other agencies, banks, servicers using the same addresses. Most of you will be floored who resides and does business out of that same address and owns the property on the entire block! The point of that is: they are all feeding off the same umbilical chord…and it makes sense.


    Mortgage X 80% = PV
    Mortgage – PV = Cost to Carry


  19. JohnGault
    Looks like Fidelity’s buy back of LPS Docx is also outsourced to India or Pakistan.

  20. Ocwen

    Here are the issues with this foreclosure mill.

    1] by its own admission – We appreciate the opportunity to serve your home loan needs AS IN FORECLOSURE NEEDS ?

    2] you will be provided a variety of self serve options for managing your account. MANAGING WHAT ACCOUNT -THEY ARE A COLLECTIONS AGENCY FOR GODS SAKE – NO MORTGAGES

    3] you can print your 1098 statement from last year. For 1098 statements from 2 years ago or more, please call a Customer Care Representative at 1-800-766-4622 BEYOND TWO YEARS IS TABOO AS IN RECONSTITUTION

    4] see hours of operation. Automated service is available 24/7.EVERYTHING IS AUTOMATED IN DE-RECOGNITION

    5] A short sale will affect your credit. But since a short sale generally takes less time to complete than a foreclosure, the time for reported delinquency can be shorter. SHORT SALE IS NOT WHAT YOU THINK

    6] And by successfully selling your home through a short sale, your loan will be reported to the credit agencies as “paid for less than full balance”.BY WHO WHO SUCCESSFULLY SELLING YOUR HOME …


  22. @ johngault

    AND like AHMSI/”Homeward Residential” … outsourced to India … where they can control the robots … the robots don’t think independantly and will do whatever is asked of them ,, no matter how illegal , because they are insulated by 10,000 miles and the knowledge that their government won’t allow their citizens to ever be subjected to US law.

    This article http://www.housingwire.com/articles/ocwen-finalizes-acquisition-homeward-residential states that OCWEN bought AHMSI’s asetts?? can we find out what they were? It SHOULD only be contracts to service ,, but as we all know Wilbur Ross owns mortgage bundles at pennies on the dollar … DID Wilbur sell his junk debt residential portfolio in the deal?

  23. “One former foreclosure mill supervisor told me that it’s because OCWEN outsources all their document processing to a company in India.”
    Kind of like that MERS’ contract with Genpact nobody’s on?

  24. from C’s article:
    ” Aurora Loans Servicing which had been spun off from Lehman Brothers as part of their bankruptcy. Then this year they acquired the servicing rights held by Residential Capital as part of their bankruptcy liquidation after being spun off from Ally Financial. ”

    I’m wondering if this writer has his facts straight. Best I know,
    NationStar ended up with both Aurora Loan Services, LLC’s svcing and the servicing goodies from ResCap’s position in Ally’s bk. Maybe “Aurora Loan Servicing” is diff than “Aurora Loan Services, LLC”.?
    Pretty sure NS got ResCap’s servicing when Buffet’s company got the loans themselves – unencumbered. It’s still on my radar because I’m still wondering how it is that ResCap had a loan portfolio that size for
    Buffet to buy for 2.5 Billion. Securitization wasn’t for them?

  25. There is a solution to quiet title it is called treble damages + ………..

    They can have the house after they pay up

  26. Frustrated With OCWEN? So Are Their Attorneys
    By Steve Dibert October 18, 2013

    OCWEN’s Own Attorneys & Homeowners Agree That OCWEN Needs To “STOP THE INSANITY!”

    As you can imagine with the type of work MFI-Miami does, we have been bombarded by homeowners telling us horror story after horror story of utterly incompetence of the customer service departments at the nation’s largest lenders.
    pissed off processor

    OCWEN’s attorneys find it as frustrating to deal with OCWEN corporate as homeowners do.

    With the signing of the National Mortgage Settlement last year, this was supposed to improve but instead just the opposite happened. This was brought on by the lenders who signed the national mortgage settlement. Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase Wells Fargo and others realized it was easier and more profitable to sell the servicing rights of the loans they were servicing to non-signatories of the settlement agreement than it was to comply with it. So they began selling off their servicng rights.

    One of these buyers was OCWEN Financial Corporation headquarted in West Palm Beach, Florida. OCWEN who already had a beach head in the battle for dominance in the mortgage servicing arena when they acquired HomEq Servicing from Barclay’s Bank in 2010, Litton Loan Servicing from Goldman Sachs in 2011. In 2012, they acquired Saxon Mortgage from Morgan Stanley, Homeward Residential (the rebranded AHMSI), Aurora Loans Servicing which had been spun off from Lehman Brothers as part of their bankruptcy. Then this year they acquired the servicing rights held by Residential Capital as part of their bankruptcy liquidation after being spun off from Ally Financial. My Processing Manager, Cindy Dent will tell you they give her the same types of run around when she requests documents.

    OCWEN is also the source of a lot of the complaints we receive from homeowners. I get told that customer service people don’t speak English, they lose documents or claim they never received documents when it can be proven they were sent, etc. The typical horror stories you hear about mortgage servicers.

    After speaking to former and current supervisors and attorneys at some of the largest foreclosure mills in the country, MFI-Miami has learned that the foreclosure mills suffer the same frustrations with OCWEN as homeowners do. This is kind of shocking considering they are supposed be OCWEN’s lawyers.

    One former foreclosure mill supervisor told me that it’s because OCWEN outsources all their document processing to a company in India. She said, “I doubt they even have the files at their corporate offices in West Palm Beach.”

    Outsourcing these types of operations in itself isn’t all that shocking but what she told me next surprised me. She said they were as frustrated with OCWEN as much as homeowners. All communication with this firm in India had to be done via email and they were not allowed to call the company in India or OCWEN in West Palm Beach, Florida to get answers. Everything had to be done by email. One of my other sources, an attorney who works at a multistate foreclosure mill said, “I can see OCWEN giving a homeowner a run around but we are OCWEN’s attorney representing them in a case. I just don’t get it. OCWEN is a royal pain to deal with. I dread the files I get from them but what can I do?”

    When I asked homeowners and the employees of the foreclosure mills what they would say to OCWEN CEO Ron Faris what would it be, the universal answer was, “STOP THE INSANITY!”

  27. @ Masterservicer

    I can see what you are saying even if I don’t understand the minutiae ,,, but it is useless to us and anyone fighting a foreclosure AT THIS TIME. We have courts that openly ignore obvious forgeries and allow plaintiffs to file without stating a cause of action that can be remedied… Quite simply what you have to offer needs to be shouted from the mountaintops (Zerohedge , the Blaze , Investors Business Daily) .. it must come from the top down, your end needs to start with education of the general public by going BIG… we are fighting a bottom up action … both are useful but our role is different. I don’t know how you can profit from your knowledge but that isn’t my problem… maybe fame drives you? I don’t think the USDollar has enough time left for anyone to profit long term… In that case , if you indeed are one of the architects of the demise you will no doubt find yourself portrayed in the movies someday.

    If you want to start a “top down” cascade ,, e:mail me and I will get you in touch with Glenn Becks producer , Stu ,,, your insight would be the basis for a FABULOUS “For The Record” episode … I can’t give you his personal e:mail but I can forward a message … They actually do real investigative journalism… I can be e:mailed at brian_tracy AT cfl.rr.com … That’s my REAL e:mail …

    Don’t let the frustration here stop you …

  28. http://www.washingtonpost.com/business/economy/jpmorgan-close-to-13-billion-deal-with-justice/2013/10/19/7f51c918-38f8-11e3-80c6-7e6dd8d22d8f_story.html

    JPMorgan agrees to tentative $13 billion settlement with U.S. over bad mortgages

    By Sari Horwitz and Danielle Douglas, Updated: Saturday, October 19, 9:37 PM E-mail the writers

    JPMorgan Chase, the nation’s largest bank, has reached a tentative agreement with the Justice Department to pay a record $13 billion to resolve allegations that it knowingly sold faulty mortgage securities that contributed to the financial crisis, a person familiar with the talks said Saturday.

    If finalized, the deal would be the largest penalty ever paid by a single company, representing a tremendous win for the government after years of public criticism over its struggle to hold Wall Street accountable for its crisis-era misdeeds.

  29. Something is up. Especially with JPM… Preparation for the debt jubilee? That would be pretty nice…


    JPM to Shutter Litigation Group for Consumer Debt Collection
    OCT 17, 2013 8:59am ET

    JPMorgan Chase (JPM) plans to disband a group tasked with suing consumers to collect delinquent debts, according to former employees and others who were told about the change. The move comes two years after the bank ceased filing collections suits amid scrutiny of the accuracy of its records and court filings.

    Last week, the bank informed employees in its collection-litigation services division that it plans to shut the unit and reassign them to other parts of the company, said former employees and others told of the changes. The San Antonio-based division is responsible for coordinating litigation against delinquent borrowers, maintaining records and managing law firms hired to pursue the bank’s claims, the sources say.

    The group’s roughly 100 employees could be reassigned or let go as a result of the shutdown, the sources say. A JPMorgan spokesman would not confirm the closing or the size of the group.

  30. MS,

    And do us all a favor: don’t deny. Internet is a fantastic thing: you can find pretty much anything there is to find about pretty much anyone. And since you cannot function without bragging, gloating and boasting, there’s plenty about you in there… And it ain’t pretty!

  31. MS

    “Please….you circulated that BS for years w Neil’s blind eye .” No actually, he hasn’t. I have. And that’s beside the point. It is true that you haven’t gone to jail but let the record show that it is only because you decided to throw your former partners in crime under the bus, by selling them to the AG, after which time you testified against them in exchange for immunity from prosecution.

    Reason enough never to give you any personal info. Java, do yourself a favor and stay away from Maher Soliman. It could be dangerous to your health…

  32. Title is reduced to 4 shares per $1,000.
    Title transfers at $1000 placed into a depositors account with the shares sold at discount


  33. Just found this

    Please….you circulated that BS for years w Neil’s blind eye .

    Go away man, let people learn from what is really happening .

    You call me a fraud BUT NEVER ATTACK MY MESSAGES .


    Message is fact based and detailed …nothing wrong with the message …but your attacking someone you do not even know …

    God Bless you

  34. Come now the plaintiff who files this plaintiff’s memorandum in opposition to defendant’s motion for summary judgment

    I. Introduction

    This Case Arises from controversy concerning Real Property situated in the State of ________________at ___________________in the county of __________________
    A lender and or its successor can only transfer into a qualified exchange arrangement agreement that which they hold the title

    Taking of ones title can only be accomplished by extreme and unorthodox accounting measures and imposed concessions on a borrower who is duped at the bargaining table.
    For every $1,000 in loan is a mortgage that was never satisfied and never reconveyed as a prior lien of record. For every $1,000 in loan are four shares of trust common stock.

    For every four shares of common stock there exists the Corpus for trust holding the depositors holding thereof. The value of the corpus is the value of the estate and title. The trust is therefore the shares locked away in depositors account that is then sold to a foreign central bank for 80 percent of its value

    The sale of the trust depositor’s account at 80 percent of its value mandates the seller repurchase back the shares at their face value

    The seller, an indenture trustee appointed by a National Association will repurchase the trust assets at 100 percent loan to value or at the notes face value as the borrowers demand for payoff.

    The borrowers demand for payoff or bene. statement is in fact all that is being sold in trust and transferred at a discount. This is done with the assurance the issuers can get the household borrower household to agree to an early payoff, as a title buyer’s right of repurchase.

    To avoid coming out of pocket the issuer must do anything it can to assure the occupants repurchase their title and not the sponsor. These mandated requirements’ cause the sponsors to act like a servicing agent and offer unattainable loan modifications that induce the borrower into a default,

    The inducement comes at least two years prior to the year six bond holder’s maturity. registerclaims@live.com

  35. Gave you my address as you requested. Knew you would be too much of a pussy to reply. Knew anyone named Maher Soliman would back down at once. It’s in your DNA. Keep telling people who lose their house to do somersaults and see how it works our for you.

  36. Donna (Living-thighs Reader)

    I’ll guess that your loan includes what you paid for the wire into the HUD 1 for pay off for the construction loan. The construction loan was not paid off….it was carried back. Its value at settlement (move in ) was 80 percent of the notes value. At five years a payoff demand is equal to the note at 100 percent and notes at 100 percent cover all interest in a discounted bond.

    The discounted bond amount at 100 percent equals your loan prepaid, interest, paid in advance, paid as agreed, paid to year five.

    Your loan was a prepaid like a debit credit card so the reason why they could over fund the transaction and still get a AAA rating

    The bond was prepaid in five year intervals but must be called or brought due and payable at the end of the fifth year. Every Notice of default has proof of this as it included on Notices as the Due on Sale Clause.

    But the NOD is unenforceable if given WITHOUT NOTICE OF SALVAGE or restitution in advance of the Court Order for ENTRY OF JUDGMENT under the “FDCPA” 30 days Collections letter.

  37. Java ….can we converse on some other chat if not in person ….you need to ID yourself so I can get to u maggot …too talk

    In the meantime I am bombarded with Garfield clients emails thanking me for he truth ….love it ….Peace

  38. Javagold@outlook.com

    Speak English and like a normal person. As you can see I’m no longer in the mood for games. Wait for your reply tough guy.

  39. M Soliman never been to jail , never wore nylons under his slacks and never kept embarrassing ointments in his desk drawer like the morons on this site ….

    Now lets get to the answers .The Morons and fingerlings hate good answers and watch how they attack the person and not the word. You can gauge how correct I am by the greater degree of Garfield led violent responses

    [1] To create bond holder parity:
    Take 365 X 365 = ______________
    Take 365 + 365 =______________

    As a bond underwriter I just brought every loan in the country into a commonly traded asset backed security or corporate debenture .


  40. Java Gold Give me an address ….yes now please

  41. Poppy, the answer is so simple….MS is seeking patrons. He wants to be paid to correct the situations (individually) that he created (en masse). He’s just like Dimon and Blankfein…pay me to rape you some more!

    It’s also reminiscent of Spectre, of Bond fame…pay me billions or it’s annihilation. So, we lose all of our resources, or we lose….all of our resources. It’s a win – win for them. And a lose – lose for us. Always.

  42. Nice…MS if you really wanted to fix this, why don’t you explain the process step-by-step to all. What your complaint would involve? How you would you state it? Defenses? Come on…do the right thing here, if you are in fact responsible for this mess.

    I get a lot of what you are saying, but putting it in layman’s terms and tying this to a court action, not so easy.

  43. KC, this isn’t frustration you’re reading from me. It’s more like the end of the road of allowing these sorts of villains to still wander the earth. It is time we sort this mess out once and for all. What does that mean?

    It means a debt jubilee. We take back all of the ill-gotten gains that have been stolen from the 99% by the 1% over the last 40 years. And those that aided and abetted get imprisoned, or…. CHING goes the blade! Like Javagold said….FUCK THEM!

    It’s time for total revolution. What? You don’t think so? You are wrong my friend. Only when you and your grandchildren start suffering like the rest of Americans will you come to understand these ideas. You’re obviously still at that phase of….THEY CAME FOR MY NEIGHBOR, BUT IT DIDN’T AFFECT ME, SO I SAID NOTHING….

    It’s way past time for revolution. Mark my words….the longer you wait to come to grips with this reality, the longer and more difficult the end result.

    Read the following to understand why the time is nigh….


  44. M. Suliman tell us about your recent experience in jail.

  45. Ok.. my volunteer shift is over, I have settled enough childish disputes today to last all week! Then I drop in here …. Ughh! Master Servicer, BEHAVE! I scolded a child today for that ,,, I told you so nonsense! E-Tolle, I feel your frustration, but many were used and deceived about the work they were doing. Be understanding of others…Please!

    MS is right on Target about the Title! CONFIRMED!!

  46. Fuck You. M. Soliman.
    You knew it was bad, just thought that it would never get this bad. Sorry that just is not good enough…Fuck you M. Soliman….you better hope we never cross paths.

  47. MS says, “But the truth is I helped design this mess….”

    All the more reason to load your ass into a tumbrel and cart it through the main streets of the once proud USA, on your way to a shiny new guillotine gladly made by the victims your little scheme threw out of their homes like yesterday’s garbage.

    You have a lot of nerve offering these murky, nonsensical rants pretending to know how to right these wrongs when everyone knows you’re just another snake oil salesman looking for a quick buck at another victim’s expense. Your biggest problem is that the damage you’ve already done to many a poor soul who paid for your services is scattered all over the internet like autumn leaves. Prick.

  48. debt is unsecured allowing the lender to strip title. In this way the title transfers among the transferor and transferee- neither of which are the originator.

    The investors held in the Pooling and Servicing sham are the originator and the funding bank NA who form a LLP as a TRS.

    Tax payer insured capital funds these REMICs and the amount owed by the originator for the warehouse line causes the originator to be the obligor

    Where a creditor debtor arrangement is altered by a purchase and sale and the borrower debtor is held to an obligation owed to the Bank NA, the household is left with a purchase option or buy back due under a five year straight note

    Garfield has never gone this route and would be a fool to jump ship off his quiet title garbage for the truth , But the truth is I helped design this mess and I for one never intended for this to be as bad as it is.

    For those who stuck with me -Tina, Roger, Phil Oleg ; i’m indebted to you – now lets get into court .

    For those who attack me vehemently seeking retribution for the lost note (“C Minor”) or home lost on a Hobo signer argument —-try this . Go home and roll into a somersault position ; then tell us what you see. Blogger trash… hiding behind an alias . The all of you !


  49. DEBT IS UNSECURED – WHY This will blow your mind
    Also , does anyone here really know what a short sale involves ? Again, another hidden bisquet Call Us registerclaims@live.com

  50. One cannot Quiet title to something they deed away Christine [you con artist swindler …Moron] LOL

    …borrower irrevocably grants and conveys, title to trustee, into trust upon having been lawfully seised of the estate.


  51. The mortgage is lost to the basis in assets that is discounted under an 80-20 financing scheme . The 20 percent is discounted from the first mortgage to use as a five year prepayment, then it is added to the notes face value . The first is held payable upon the demand and the latter is held unrecognized until the demand is issued. Where the first is a discount and the latte is reimbursement —THERE IS NO SERVICING ALLOWED UNDER THE SEC ENFORCEMENT OF AB 1122 / registerclaims@live.com

  52. By M.Soliman
    (There -now its yours to do as you see fit . This site was never dialed in – never !
    Claims should state from discovery how US banks have taken title from the onset of the HUD 1 origination. The title is held in a tax deferred exchange under Dept of Treas Reg 1.1031 that accrues interest to the date of the trigger or trustee sale. In this manner the foreclosing interest is the held by a grantee . The amount due grantee accrued from day one, allowing the foreclosing beneficiary to accelerate in reverse and to be shown in as F/C beneficiary on the final recorded the deed upon sale.

    In this Generally Accepted Accounting Principals reverse mortgage reversal scheme is the allowance for infamous derecognition of assets and extinguishment of liabilities under the now codified FAS 140. Under these rules the household will (1) abandon the title under the deeds reps and warrants (2) be left holding a leasehold estate (3) be held to a default of the depositors account that was pledged at a discount.

    Under this IRC Tax Payer tax deferred exchange model is a procedure that induces the lenders agent to falsify a conventional servicing track record, to back date a foreclosure, and pursue only the occupancy while absent the necessary condition precedent for first having repurchases the rights sold to overseas central banks by pledge of the depositors account.

    MSoliman ; / October 15th 2013

  53. A system of debt collectors of unsecured debt selling and buying homes pretending like some fake unfunded “note” is some kind of real “mortgage”, and the money trail is completely hidden—because they CAN.

    All the original notes were charged-off after deregulation and a securitization fake mortgage Ponzi system of non-funding was set up.

    (from Anon):

    “…When a note is charged off — it is charged-off. Note no longer exists. Cannot sell the note, because the loan that backs the note — is Charged-off!!! Thus, note/loan is gone. All that remains is collection rights to the default debt…this is basic accounting.

    And, many people get harmed in court because they do not use correct terminology. Charged-off accounts/notes cannot be sold. If debt collector states “account was not sold” — they are correct. Charged-off accounts are dead — and the account/note/loan cannot be sold. What IS sold is the collection rights to the charged off account/note/original loan.

    That is all that remains—collection rights.

    Must use “collection rights” as terminology.

    Forget MERS for the moment, and bifurcation. Not relevant. MERS is a separate issue, because MERS blocks disclosure of actual owner of note BEFORE the note/loan is charged off/sold.

    Further, MERS was rarely used in valid GSE loans/refinances. MERS was set up to cover actual debt collection rights…”

  54. A system of debt collectors of unsecured debt selling and buying homes pretending like some fake unfunded “note” is some kind of real “mortgage”, and the money trail is completely hidden—because they CAN.

    All the original notes were charged-off after deregulation and a securitization fake mortgage Ponzi system of non-funding was set up.

    (from Anon):

    “…When a note is charged off — it is charged-off. Note no longer exists. Cannot sell the note, because the loan that backs the note — is Charged-off!!! Thus, note/loan is gone. All that remains is collection rights to the default debt…this is basic accounting.

    And, many people get harmed in court because they do not use correct terminology. Charged-off accounts/notes cannot be sold. If debt collector states “account was not sold” — they are correct. Charged-off accounts are dead — and the account/note/loan cannot be sold. What IS sold is the collection rights to the charged off account/note/original loan.

    That is all that remains—collection rights.

    Must use “collection rights” as terminology.

    Forget MERS for the moment, and bifurcation. Not relevant. MERS is a separate issue, because MERS blocks disclosure of actual owner of note BEFORE the note/loan is charged off/sold.

    Further, MERS was rarely used in valid GSE loans/refinances. MERS was set up to cover actual debt collection rights…”

  55. I appreciate the feedback and any support, this is daunting and never-ending…the truth is evident. Just signing a note should not be the only test. If they gave you nothing, no loan, funding, where is my down payment and who are the payments going to? Burning question for me.

  56. hman – sounds like you’ve put up one hell of a fight. You must be exhausted. MERS assignment or no, when anyone filed a tila or respa claim, Aurora couldn’t type “we’re just the servicer” fast enough. I am not an authority on NY trusts, but even so, there’s no way I believe a loan in borrower-default for years is still in any stinking trust (if it ever were) or for that matter, hasn’t been written off by someone. Keep messing with Aurora – ask for a modification, anything. They will ultimately identify themselves as a debt collector. Just a suggestion. But, hey, wait a minute! Is Aurora still actively doing anything? Thought they were toast and reborn as Aurora Commercial Corp….? I thought they transferred their servicing portfolio to Nationstar, so NS may be up next for you.

  57. IRS sent a letter I saw first hand but will paraphrase for opinion sake.

    Stating to change the exemption to something worth withholding or they would tell the employer to ignore the W-2 filed until the employee changes their W2 from Exempt to some status with a number of exemptions.

    Their W-2 form has a mutually exclusive field. You either put 0 – 7 exemptions or you put Exempt.

    IRS wanted them to change Exempt to 0 or greater or within 30 days they were going to notify their employer not to honor their W-2 until it is changed to ‘some status’ single married head of houshold’ and some exemption 0-7.

    Then stated further, this does not determine whether you have a tax liability.

    So people pushing the not paying taxes and people not paying are getting push back from the IRS in some department called Compliance to set up the paperwork to owe taxes or they’ll tell your employer to ignore your paperwork so they can take out taxes.

    Compliance department is the new Voluntary forced on people involuntarily.

    Trespass Unwanted.

  58. Wasn’t there a case where someone bought a home in foreclosure, went to quiet the title and was denied, appealed to a Supreme Court and was told that they could not quiet the title because the previous owner should not have been foreclose on. Something to do with the foreclosing entity lacked standing to foreclose, and ruled with the lower court that even though the homeowner didn’t defend their right to keep their home, that didn’t mean the purchaser had a right to title to it?”

    It was around the time of the Ibanez trial, when things got busy and the courts were seeing the fraud, now there are no more Supreme Court cases because the lower courts are ruling within the parameters that prevent someone from appealing that high, it seems.

    Poppy, good luck. There’s a lot of documentation of the fraud. Easy to see, but hard to get their own system to recognize in justice. They have a license to disobey the law and at most they lose their right to disobey the law. How tough is that on their lifestyle.

    Trespass Unwanted, Creator, Corporeal, People, Life, Free, Independent, State, In Jure Proprio, Jure Divino

  59. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AcdNCz_7Qo0

    And the people kept on paying taxes to support the leaders who had sold them out so badly. And the country wasn’t getting any better… So, rather than unite to overthrow them, the people blamed each others, hated each others and attacked each others. And the leaders remained in power, became richer and rejoiced.

    Humanity doesn’t have a prayer.

  60. @ Poppy ,

    I am far from AZ ,, but when I hear Maricopa County I immediately think of Sheriff Joe … sounds like your county may be the epicenter of fraud ,, a clearinghouse for washed titles … It may sound like a longshot but I bet you could get some action out of the sheriff ,, he has a history of going forward on cases others are unwilling to pursue.

  61. “But Take NOTE: that has nothing to do with fighting the foreclosure. That has everything to do with ATTACKING THE BAD MORTGAGE.”

    “Attacking” is the key word.

  62. @Bob – I see you’re making the rounds of the foreclosure blogs peddling your foreclosure analysis product. It’s really poor taste to do so on a blog you’re not paying for that offers a similar product.

    And how many homeowners have you screwed by foisting your mortgage analysis that provides no in-depth discovery of business records of the various lenders and their agents? How about, say, all the WAMU-affected titles, for one. The only way to get such information is through a discovery motion, unless you have some unmentioned source you don’t list as a selling point. And as a result of your ‘benefit’, the title to the homeowners you ‘help’ have a permanently clouded title. How much do you think that reduces the value of their properties? And the beauty of it is you won’t be around when the homeowner or his heirs discovers the true cost of your ‘help’.

  63. What do you suggest when a homeowner had an INVALID LOAN and proved it to the Judge as well as over 100,000 paid on this INVALID LOAN that zero was credited. Our story is so much more involved but we are not giving up because we just learned crucial information about the Judge and his wife. We have enough proof to put them behind bars, that is if MA Legal System and state officials did their job.The corrupt bank & Judge have tried in vein to correct the records but too late I already have all the records from day 1 in my possession and all the Reg of Deed records or should I say lack of.

  64. Neil, sometimes I wonder if you live on the same planet that I live on (Earth, Urantia, Terra Firma). WHERE are all these people winning their foreclosure cases? I DON’T KNOW OF ANY!!!

    Yes, I read of temporary dismissals like Glaski in California’s 5th District, Deborah Focht in Florida’s 2nd Circuit, Shacht in New York, and Boyko in Ohio. But look at what happens. First of all, the mortgagors do get to keep the house a while longer, but it’s the same old house in need of repairs and they owe a colossal debt. Second, they all have to give the house up when the bank regroups, gets its paperwork and plaintiffs in order, then refiles the foreclosure notice or complaint and wins the house. Or their attorney cons them into buying a loan mod that leaves them with the same old house needing repairs and a debt about 3 times the value of the house with a balloon they’ll never be able to pay.

    THAT’s what really happens to people who fight the foreclosure. In reality FORECLOSURE VICTIMS statistically NEVER WIN when they fight the foreclosure of a valid mortgage becasue they cannot change the fact that they borrowed the money, breached the note by failing to make timely payments, and must forfeit the collateral in order to retire the debt.

    BUT, if they can prove the mortgage lacks validity in some way, or that some torts, breaches, or serious legal errors underlie the loan, THEN they can BEAT THE SNOT out of the lender as attorneys Jim Bordas and Jonas Causey did in West Virginia’s Brown v Quicken Loans case.

    *Quicken Loans*ordered to pay $3.5M in mortgage case, appeals*…*

    7 Aug 2013*…*WHEELING – A judgment in a fraud lawsuit against*Quicken Loans*has*…*lawsuit against it that awarded her $3.5*million*in punitive damages and*…*of the*West* *Virginia*Consumer Credit and Protection Act in a mortgage loan, *…*

    wvrecord.com/news/s-3962-state-supreme-court/261610-quicken-loans-ordered-to-pay-3-5m-in-mortgage-case-appeals – 74k -Similar pages

    But Take NOTE: that has nothing to do with fighting the foreclosure. That has everything to do with ATTACKING THE BAD MORTGAGE.

    Sadly, you offer your readers NO SERVICE of ANY VALUE in such a quest.

    But I know the only mortgage examiner worth his salt in America who can find ALL the causes of action underlying the mortgage. I’ll share his information FREE with YOU or ANYone who calls me at 727 669 5511 or emails me here: http://r.beetagg.com/?48F181.

    Bob Hurt

  65. There’s no actual debt ceiling right now
    1:41 PM 10/17/2013

    Alex Pappas
    Political Reporter

    There’s no actual debt ceiling right now.

    The fiscal deal passed by Congress on Wednesday evening to re-open the government and get around the $16.4 trillion limit on borrowing doesn’t actually increase the debt limit. It just temporarily suspends enforcement of it.

    That means Americans have no idea how much debt their government is going to rack up between now and Feb. 7, when the limits are supposed to go back into place and will have to be raised.

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2013/10/17/theres-no-actual-debt-ceiling-right-now/#ixzz2i7cqYKic

    And TV kept on blaring the good news: “A deal has been signed! A deal has been signed!” And the people rejoiced and returned to their mindless blogging about completely trivial matters while the country was being sold, one parcel at a time. And one morning, the people woke up and saw that their country no longer existed. And the people said: “Oh! Our leaders have betrayed us!” But by then, they no longer had leaders to blame for their inaction. And it was too late to do anything about it…

  66. Nothing ever happens in a vacuum. This country is $17 trillion in debt and being sold one parcel at a time. For all we know, MERS, quiet title and foreclosures might be completely irrelevant sooner than we think… Under the circumstances, is anything going to qualify as a win?

    And the people of the land kept on chasing their tails while the world was shaping the future of humanity…


    China’s Largest Conglomerate Buys Building Housing JPMorgan’s Gold Vault
    Tyler Durden’s picture
    Submitted by Tyler Durden on 10/18/2013 13:54 -0400

    In what is the most remarkable news of the day, which has so far passed very quietly under the radar, Fosun International, China’s largest private-owned conglomerate which invests in commodities, properties and pharmaceuticals also known as “Shanghai’s Hutchison Whampoa”, announced in a statement filed just as quietly with the Hong Kong stock exchange, that it had purchased JPM’s iconic former headquarters, the tower built by none other than David Rockefeller, at 1 Chase Manhattan Plaza for a measly $725 million.

    Here is Bloomberg described the transaction:

    Over the past year, other Chinese developers and wealthy investors have been buying real estate in the U.S.

    China Vanke Co., the biggest homebuilder listed in mainland China, said in February it joined a residential real estate venture in San Francisco. The families of Zhang Xin, co-founder of Soho China Ltd. (410), the biggest developer in Beijing’s central business district, and Brazilian banking billionaire Moise Safra this year bought a 40 percent stake in New York’s General Motors Building.

    The landmark 1 Chase Manhattan Plaza, designed by architect Gordon Bunshaft and built in the 1950s, was once the headquarters of Chase Manhattan Bank. Rockefeller, as head of the bank’s building committee, selected the site and oversaw its construction.

    JPMorgan intends to relocate about 4,000 employees, most of the people who work in the 60-story skyscraper, to other New York locations, Brian Marchiony, a spokesman, said in August. JPMorgan occupies about half of its space.

    None of this is particularly newsworthy What is, however, is what Zero Hedge exclusively reported back in March, namely that the very same former JPM HQ at 1 Chase Manhattan Plaza is also the building that houses the firm’s commercial gold vault: incidentally, the largest in the world.

  67. We did extensive research in the Maricopa, AZ deeds, OMG…satisfactions of tens of thousands of mortgages from all states, minute by minute…and we too have QWR’s with zero balances, at least 9 assignments from 2009 thru September 20,2013, fake Notaries and robo-signers, different page numbers each time the DOT was assigned, transferred and recorded, the list is long and we have had our asses handed to us in District Court. Now in Federal Court, where much of the state shenanigans are not being allowed, so far! Keeping my fingers crossed, cause we have the proof…Good luck, hman, this is a mess.

  68. That’s exactly the point hman. Most of the notes were sold to bondholders and bondholders cannot sue for foreclosure. You shouldn’t be in that situation, it is a lie! And egregiously unfair…

  69. I tend to agree with the article. I won a quiet title against the broker before. After I won and the final verdict was signed MERS did an AOM to (Aurora) and Aurora of course did a substitution of trustee and the new “trustee” posted a trustee sale.

    Once this was started I sued the “servicer” the new trustee, MERs,etc…and John Does 1-1000. Yes you can win a QT but in AZ when the note isn’t required to be shown and anyone can transfer anything and anytime on MERS the QT is only valid against the party won against. There is nothing that can stop another party from making a claim after you win your 1st,2nd, 3rd suit.

    It’s like a damn hydra. They can keep coming. As far as the bond holders claim goes I would say that they couldn’t really claim more than they owned. For example if they purchased “X” amount of shares and it equated to 3% of the total pool than logically they couldn’t claim more than the % they owned. I’m far from an expert and I’m just giving my opinion. Also, do you honestly think that a bond holder would pursue you if you beat the trustee, servicer and MERS? Doesn’t the trustee/bond holder relationship empower the trustee to go after the deadbeat homeowner & doesn’t the Trustee/servicer relationship pass the responsibility to foreclose to the loan servicer (probably to pass the liability to the servicer and claim plausible denial?)

    Saying a QT won’t work I think is a defeatest attitude. I don’t think there has been any “silver bullets”. If there was everyone would be going that route. Some say file BK, others say file suit in Federal Court, some say state, etc…Personally, I’d like to share what has worked in my experience.

    I have gotten responses from QWR as well as Loan Validation letters. I have aquired the allege trusts and parties involved in my transaction. I have received conflicting info from the multiple loan servicers I’ve had. Multiple versions of the notes, multiple assignment of mortgages, and other defects.

    I have written the Maricopa County recorder advising of fraudulent documents on record and received no help. I have written the AG and received limited help directing me to file a complaint with consumer affairs. I have received the most help from the CFPB. I have received confirmation from my servicer that the CFPB has contacted them and requested they review my complaints.Like I said I beat my broker but got my ass handed to me in state court. I’ve also just got my date pushed back again until Feb 2014.

    Look sometimes you have to think outside the box. Do a press release, search for your “bond” holders, whatever. I don’t sell or endorse anything. Just fight as hard as you can and don’t give up. Share what has worked for you.

  70. Does this apply to california? We are in a non judicial state.

  71. I’m sorry all that other info showed up in my post below when i copied and pasted but scroll down to – New York is drowning with bribes and corruption.

  72. this is why I am still going after Judge Schlesinger to give me possession of my two condos. read article below about the courts.

    Abenomics In 14 Words
    Sharing Rides, Hoarding Profits
    The Washington Redskins, Conservatives And Bob Costas
    Old Tanks & Modern Mayhem
    The Childcare Nightmare
    Why Are So Many Jews Leaving Israel?
    The Devil Made Me Do It
    Psychodynamics Of US Default
    The Politics Of Bad Cinema
    A Nation Brought To The Verge Of Ruin
    Sexual Victimization Of The Criminally Insane
    Protesting Pot Prohibition While Black
    It Is No Measure Of Health To Be Well Adjusted To A Profoundly Sick Society
    The Politics Of Meth In West Virginia
    A Fight Like Many Others
    A Pervert’s Guide To Zizek
    Chavez’s Way Of Doing Politics
    The Default Circus
    Debt Rhetoric And White Privilege
    War, Poetry And Reconciliation
    Big Tobacco Gets Sneaky
    Wikileaks Rides East!
    America’s Discontent With Egypt
    Bill Maher, Liberals, Racism And Patriarchy
    Pieces Of My Mind
    A Surefire Plan To Address Gun Violence
    What Makes A Protest Violent?
    Ralph Miliband The Illusion Of Radical Change
    Awkwardest And Most Authoritative Ever Comments On Drones
    Drug Companies’ Expansion Into Emerging Markets
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    It’s Now Official
    New York is Drowning in Bribes and Corruption
    The insidious greed and public looting that Wall Street has nurtured to an art form in New York City is metastasizing like a virulent tumor strain throughout the state, fraying the social fabric and crushing people caught in its grip like bugs.

    On Tuesday evening, September 17, 2013, Seema Kalia was scheduled to give testimony before the first public hearing of the New York State Moreland Commission on Public Corruption. But according to Michelle Duffy, a spokesperson for the Commission, when Kalia’s name was called that evening, there was no response.

    Kalia could not respond because she was abruptly arrested in the foyer of a courtroom on the very morning she was set to give testimony, ostensibly for contacting her ex husband, a portfolio manager on Wall Street, seeking back support payments. Kalia is being charged with violating a court order barring her from contact with her husband because she is alleged to have thrown one of his own men’s shoes at him in 2012 – a device characterized by the District Attorney’s office as a “weapon.” Typically, a misdemeanor charge of this nature would not result in jail time.

    In Kalia’s case, however, she has been jailed at Rikers Island since September 17 and when she went before a Judge on October 4, she was sent back to jail for another 33 days after she declined to plead guilty to attempting to do bodily harm with a “weapon.” Her bond was doubled from $7,500 to $15,000. The earliest she might be released is November 7, her next court date.

    Kalia alleges that the Manhattan District Attorney’s office has stalled her case for almost a year by getting the court to agree to repeated adjournments. Two separate phone requests to the DA’s office yielded no response to clarify the allegation. (A faxed letter of inquiry to Cyrus Vance Jr., the Manhattan DA, and Jocelyn Samuels at the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department have also failed to elicit a response.)

    The Moreland Commission testimony that did occur on September 17 at Pace University, in a room ridiculously too small to handle the mushrooming numbers of victims of the crime wave that New York is experiencing, mirrored the kinds of charges that Kalia has been making since 2011. (The overflow of people wanting to testify, who were left outside on the sidewalk, staged protests.)

    Preet Bharara, representing the U.S. Department of Justice as U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, the district that has failed to rein in the serial crimes by Wall Street’s biggest firms, said that “Public corruption, based on all the evidence, appears rampant. And the ranks of those convicted in office have swelled to absolutely unacceptable levels.” Bharara said that his office has had to prosecute “State Senators as well as State Assemblymen; elected officials as well as party leaders; city council members as well as town mayors; Democrats as well as Republicans.” It was likely little comfort to the audience that it’s a bipartisan crime wave.

    The U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, Loretta Lynch, testified that there is a “pervasive problem of corruption by elected and appointed officials” in New York, citing former State Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada who was convicted of stealing funds from Soundview Health Clinic, a federally funded clinic he operated in the Bronx. Lynch also called out former State Senator Shirley Huntley, who was sent to prison for her role in stealing funds from Parents Information Network, a non-profit organization she established to assist parents of New York City public schoolchildren.

    Dick Dadey, Executive Director of Citizens Union, testified that “there is a crime wave of corruption” and it has been increasing over the past 12 years.

    When it came time for the general public to testify about public corruption, it wasn’t legislative leaders the witnesses railed against, it was corrupt judges. Multiple witnesses testified to having real estate property stolen through corrupt court proceedings. One witness, Dale Javino, said he was cheated out of his life savings in bankruptcy court and what happened to him “is like what happens in Nazi Germany…”

    Leon Koziol testified that the retribution he sustained after reporting unethical judges to authorities “reads like a John Grisham novel…” Echoing the testimony of others, Koziol said a series of complaints over the years to the Committee on Judicial Conduct failed to reach the investigative threshold, “leading the common citizen to logically conclude that such commissions are a mere window dressing, which does more to facilitate misconduct than it does to rectify it.” Koziol concluded by saying it is one thing to ignore public corruption but quite another to target and punish the whistleblower.

    Ellen Oxman said “I believe the topic that you all wanted to hear was the unethical conduct by elected public officials – they would be the judges of the courts of this state.” Oxman went on to say that “If you can have litigation in this state, in this country, with a judge who accepts forged documents, by lawyers who are not admitted into the case, and you don’t even know the litigation has come to pass, then we don’t have a democracy.”

    Much of the focus was on judges said to have been corrupted by the more powerful party in divorce or custody matters. Nora Renzulli, reading from a previous complaint letter she had written, explained to the Commission that “Just as in the Catholic Church hierarchy’s longstanding tolerance for sexual abuse of children by priests, there is a broader scandal brewing in New York Court System’s tolerance for legally sanctioned judicial misconduct when judges reward an aggressive and litigious parent with custody and child support, who then excludes the other parent from relationship with the children.” This was a refrain that would be heard over and over again that night.

    Janice Schacter, a retired attorney, said that the Thomas Street location of the New York State Supreme Court “is pay to play; orders are not enforced, laws are not applied, domestic violence is treated with derision and conflicts of interest are ignored. Deference and preferential treatment are given to wealthy spouses and lawyers of prestigious firms.” Schacter also testified that the judge involved in her case attempted to censor her contact with the press by threatening to send her to jail at Rikers Island for 20 days. She said she was still having nightmares about it.

    William Galison explained how he has spent years providing testimony “regarding egregious corruption in the nomination and confirmation” of Jonathan Lippman, Chief Judge of the State of New York and Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals, only to have his evidence ignored by investigatory bodies. After citing a litany of conflicts of interest in the confirmation process, Galison played a tape recording of a voice mail message left on his answering machine by a member of the Judicial Nomination Commission telling him that his evidence against the judge was going to be shredded.

    A woman who stated at the outset that she would attempt to get through her testimony without breaking down, Margarita Walter, said her family had fled communist Cuba in 1959 seeking freedom and human rights in the United States. Instead, over the past 12 years, Walter said she has been subjected to “cruel and retaliatory tactics for exposing egregious misconduct and racketeering” in the Westchester courts, a wealthy suburb on the outskirts of New York City.

    Walter’s allegations parallel those of Seema Kalia, the woman arrested on the same day she was to present testimony before the Moreland Commission. Both women have been denied access to seeing their children. Both have been stripped of their assets. Both believe their court cases were rigged. Both have filed complaints with U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara and the Commission on Judicial Conduct, to no avail.

    The one thing that sets the two apart is that Seema Kalia is behind bars in Rikers Island over a misdemeanor charge which is incorrectly listed as a Class D Felony at the New York City Department of Correction inmate lookup web site. I provided the correct information to the Department of Correction, showing that the shoe-throwing incident had previously been reduced to a misdemeanor by the District Attorney’s office, and asking if someone might have provided phony documents to incarcerate Ms. Kalia. A response was promised by my deadline. None was forthcoming.

    The idea that judges could be bribed or have quid pro quo arrangements with high powered lawyers is not charting new ground in New York City.

    In 2007, New York State Supreme Court Judge Gerald P. Garson was convicted of accepting bribes from divorce attorney Paul Siminovsky. During an eight-month investigation by the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office, a video camera secretly placed in Garson’s chambers captured Siminovsky plying Garson with expensive cigars and cash. In court proceedings, Siminovsky testified that he entertained the judge with drinks and meals in exchange for favorable courtroom treatment. Siminovsky pleaded guilty and was sentenced to a year in jail.

    A Brooklyn rabbi, Ezra Zifrani and his daughter, Esther Weitzner, pleaded guilty to giving $5,000 to an intermediary who “clearly implied he was going to bribe Judge Gerald Garson” in November 2002. Garson, at the time, was the judge hearing a child custody dispute between Weitzner and her ex-husband.

    To get around the random computer selection of judges to hear cases, court employees were brought into the conspiracy and given bribes to steer cases to Garson, according to the District Attorney’s office.

    After years of appeals, Garson, who had heard over 1,100 divorce cases, served only 2 ½ years in prison before being paroled on December 23, 2009. His maximum term could have been as much as 15 years at the time of sentencing but he received a sentence of 3 to 10 years. His early release set off protests with signs saying “Crime Pays In New York City” and “Justice for Sale.”

    At the time all of this was playing out, Charles J. Hynes, the Brooklyn District Attorney, said judgeships were for sale in New York. Wayne Barrett, writing for The Village Voice, published an in-depth investigative report on January 9, 2007, writing: “It wasn’t just that a case could be fixed. The darker secret was that the bench itself had been bought, that its polyester black robes were on a perpetual special-sale rack, that smarmy party bosses, ensconced at 16 Court Street across from the supreme court they ruled, demanded cash tribute to ‘make’ a judge. The district attorney, Joe Hynes, who first heard the rumor 36 years ago when he was a young prosecutor running the office’s rackets bureau, said in 2003 that he’d have to be ‘naive to think it didn’t happen,’ that it was ‘common street talk that this has been going on for eons.’ ”

    For years, myself and others warned that Wall Street was destined to collapse under the weight of its own corruption. It did. Now civic minded members of the public are blowing the whistle on a systemically corrupt court system desperately in need of a Federal investigation, not a state-run commission investigating fellow cronies.

    If one needs the ultimate proof that New York cannot heal itself, consider the amount of the bail bond that was set prior to sentencing after Judge Garson was convicted of accepting bribes while seated as a New York State Supreme Court Judge. His bond was set at $15,000. That’s the amount set in Seema Kalia’s case for a misdemeanor charge stemming from throwing a man’s shoe.

    Pam Martens has been a contributing writer at CounterPunch since 2006. Martens writes regularly on finance at http://www.WallStreetOnParade.com.

  73. News 2 new results for corrupt new york state judges
    New York is Drowning in Bribes and Corruption
    When it came time for the general public to testify about public corruption, it wasn’t … In 2007, New York State Supreme Court Judge Gerald P. Garson was …
    See all stories on this topic »

  74. “And since the Judgment is only against the party who initiated the foreclosure against you it does not act as a bar to another party coming in claiming that they are the owner” Get it yet?

  75. No surprises here, whatever side needs alliance. Zero probability of quiet title from bond holders…as is no foreclosure rights! Right from attorneys mouths…more copy and pasting, from the insightful one.

  76. Why quiet title actions make sense. And why chronic naysayers are the cancer of an organized society. I, for one, will definitely invest whatever it takes to clear my title once i win my action. Simple precaution.


  77. “The plain truth is that virtually everyone who has a mortgage lien filed against their property which is subject to claims of securitization, sales into the secondary market, assignments, or other transfers have a problem with title. The time to clear that up is now — not when you are trying to sell or refinance or mortgage the home. The quiet title suit could take several months to resolve.”

    I am in complete agreement with Garfield. Especially as long as the the constitutionality of that MERS atrocity remains unchallenged.

  78. Wow, quiet title…from whom? Thousands of bond holders, fractional sales of your note. Jeez, Neil you know that is “impossible”….why are you giving people false hope?

  79. How in the F$%# do you quiet title upon the estate having been seised upon irrevocably having been granted and conveyed into a bonds indenture – and held in offshore accounts …by judicial magic .

    So clueless

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