Self-deception, rationalization and moral compass

The “parsha” this week from the Torah involves the story of the second creation, when G-d wiped out all life on the earth except for Noah and the inhabitants of his ark. The reason why this happened was thievery amongst other reasons (beastiality included). But the part about thievery was not just that people stole from one another, but because it had become a way of life.

“Yiddish humor defines “chutzpa” as the case of a child who murders his parents and then asks for leniency from the court because he is an orphan!

“While such exaggerated self-deception is hard to imagine in real life, the capacity for human beings to lose touch with their actions can be truly remarkable. A true story which illustrates this took place in a suburb of Warsaw about 70 years ago:

“A woman had come from out of town, bringing her family’s meager savings with her, searching for profitable business transactions. As it happened, while she was staying at the local Jewish inn, thieves stole her money. When the local rabbis saw how distraught the woman was, they hit upon an unusual plan – to talk with the “leading” thieves in the area, whom these rabbis knew, and see if the money could be retrieved.

“Surprised at being summoned by the rabbis, the thieves agreed to a meeting. One of the rabbis explained to them the difficult straits the victimized woman was in, and, though he was not at all certain what their response would be, suggested that the thieves keep 30 percent of the loot and give the rest back to the poor woman. Upon hearing this, one thief fell into a rage, shouting, “We worked hard for the money! It belongs to us! We’re not going to keep less than 60 percent!” (Quotes from

The problem here was the thinking process of the Rabbis, the thieves and the victim. The victim did not ask for justice and return of her money. The Rabbis failed to demand justice, making sure that the thieves did not enjoy their loot and punishing them as an example to others, and the thieves who had rationalized what they were doing as work and therefore earning a place at the table of compensation. With everything so upside down, and all humanity having entered into a dark period of self deception, G-d makes the decision to flood the world and dispose of all mankind and all other loving things, with a view toward restarting a world that is not based in fiction and self delusion, rationalization and acceptance of consistent immorality.

From that era come reports that “often many thieves would descend on their victim together, but each of them would take only a very small quantity of goods to insure their individual exemption from prosecution. The thieves would repeat this over and over again. The end result was that though they had become enriched, the thieves could rationalize they hadn’t really done anything wrong, for, after all, no court was demanding they stand trial.”

“With this understanding, the error of the flood generation was more than simply a case of people constantly stealing. It was a situation in which people had so lost their moral compass that they’d become embroiled in self-deception and could no longer recognize that they’d done wrong. It was because their self-deception had become so extreme that they were beyond repair and the Almighty had no choice but to start His creation all over again.”

I don’t have the pay grade of someone who can say whether our current situation is of biblical significance, but from my personal vantage point it certainly appears that we have reached the point of total loss of moral compass and the acceptance of thievery on a world-wide basis with both the thieves and the victims rationalizing the system and the government both allowing promoting violation of any moral standards and the government’s own laws. I speak of bankers and brokers, merchants and politicians.

Before we expect another flood it should be pointed out that the courts and government are in conflict on this very point. In the mortgage mess the decisions range from appropriate moral outrage at bank behavior to intentionally turning a blind eye toward the bankers’ behavior and actually enforcing the deceptions and rewarding the bankers with approval. The victims have largely accepted their fate in part because of acceptance of an era of injustice. And even the lawyers who are there to intervene on behalf of those who cannot fight for justice themselves are in a state of denial and self deception. It is nearly universally accepted that foreclosure is just and proper and that borrowers should pay their debts.

I accept the notion that borrowers should pay their debts and I even accept the extreme remedy of throwing a family out on the street if they agreed to use their home as collateral for a loan. But I ask the question: if in 1996 it was announced that over the next 6 months tens of millions of families were going to be enticed into taking loans based upon false promises of property values, false promises that because of unique innovations on Wall Street they would be able meet the payments and even make money, and false representations that their lender was at risk and could therefore would obviously not put itself in the position of going out of business because these loans could not work, what would you say to that?

If borrowers should pay their debts, then are we not saying that they should pay for the risk they knew they were taking? Would we not say that the bankers themselves assumed the rest of the risk caused by inflated appraisals, false underwriting, and false representations about the sharing of risk? And what would we say to the investors who, like the borrowers, assumed that the risk on the loans they were funding was no greater than the risk on mortgage loans before this plan was put into place? Wouldn’t we say the investors should be paid 100% for the principal they advanced the interest income they need to pay their pensioners?

If it was known in 1996 that more than $17 trillion would be taken from investors under false pretenses and that the bankers would create a “shadow banking system” tens times the size of the world’s money supply, the answer would have been “no, you can’t do that.” But because it happened over 15 years instead of 6 months and happened one “loan” at a time, it gradually eroded our outrage and acceptance of corrupt behavior became the norm. If you look at the results, you can easily see that the bankers retained all of their ill-gotten gains and were rewarded with more!

If it was known that 10,000,000 families would be displaced by the conduct of bankers who were playing with other people’s money and who moved money under false pretenses claiming part of the movement were conventional real estate mortgage loans, we would have said that would have a devastating impact on our country driving it into a depression worse than the 1930’s. So we would have said no, you can’t do that.

And if the bankers attempted to do it all anyway, we would have stopped them, seizing the money they were taking in and returning it to investors and correcting the false mortgage liens and loans so that the borrower was paying for the risk they agreed to assume not the risk imposed on them by the corrupt bankers in a surprise “gotcha” that clearly violated federal state deceptive lending laws. So at least 25,000,000 people get thrown out of their homes based on 2.5 persons per household.

And millions of people who think they can live off their pensions are going to be learning that their vested pensions are now underfunded and that they will be paid less because of losses from mortgage bonds that were bogus from start to finish. And those victims mostly fail to express outrage and claims for justice as the banks continue to make false reports of proprietary transaction profits that are mere book entries changing the apparent ownership of the money from investors to the investment bankers.

Instead, like the victim in the story above, most homeowners are accepting their fate because they agree that borrowers should pay their debts. They don’t understand the concept of assumption of risk. Despite laws requiring disclosure of the parties and terms of the loan our society has adopted the view that the guiding principle should be borrowers should pay the debts, as claimed by anyone who asserts the claim — even if they never loaned any money and have no money in the deal. The laws and rules regarding disclosure were created to protect consumers from banks who were clearly in a far superior position to understand the transaction, the payment terms, the viability of the loan, the real value of the collateral, and the likelihood that the transaction would work. Today the Truth in lending Act, while still law, is ignored in favor of expediting Foreclosures on loans that everyone agrees were based upon false pretenses to both lender and borrower.

With the victims out- gunned and lacking in the information that would fully explain the way they got into this mess, the regulators, law enforcement and lawmakers are supposed to do something for all these people — the borrowers and the investors. The government should have made it known that this scheme involved taking people’s pension money and loaning their own money in a “loan” that was merely a transfer of money from the persons pension account to the pockets of the investment banker. The mortgage loan was merely window dressing and the bankers, regulators and law enforcers and law makers are ignoring the reality, self-deluding themselves and lazily helping the bankers. They propose settlements like the Rabbis who offered a percentage to the thieves. They bargain as though the thieves had legitimately earned some portion of the theft from the poor women. They were accepting and ratifying moral and legal corruption.

If we start with the premise that borrowers should pay their debts, we are already committing error. Long ago misbehavior of lenders caused both common law and statutory rules and laws concerning the “just debt.” If the loan was usurious many states made it a crime, wiped out the interest due and in some cases wiped out the principal as well to dissuade others would might be tempted to prey upon people who don’t have advanced degrees in business and mathematics, people who don’t have years of experience squeezing transactions for profits not visible to the laymen’s eye.

Our self delusion, rationalization and hypocrisy has reached epic proportions. We apply moral and legal standards to borrowers, use that to strip pension funds of any right to repayment and any protection of collateral that was pledged to the bankers instead of the lenders. The horrid hypocrisy of holding borrowers to a false moral and legal standard while not starting, as the law as always done before, with the premise that lenders should obey the law, disclose the true nature of the transaction and behave in a moral and legal manner has supplanted our system of justice that dates back to Judaic rules for reaching justice as a result and not just finality.

Across the country, using the false premise that the borrowers are responsible for this mess, many courts, the media, government and law enforcement are creating false settlements, admitting that the bankers have been and still are misbehaving but allowing the bankers to retain their ill-gotten gains. They have now assumed that despite the requirements of due process and the rules of civil procedure that the borrowers should be assumed wrong and the strangers bringing Foreclosures are right and that any defense by the borrower should be dispatched as creating delay. Expediency has now replaced justice. Expediency for the sake of bankers and governments colluding with them.

If Christianity stands for the proposition that people matter more than business and money, if Judaism stands for the proposition that the Jews are chosen to lead the way for a righteous life, if Muslims stand for the proposition that followers of Islam are messengers of actual true justice, then the state of the world, not just our own national economy, is fast approaching the point where G-d hits the reset button again.

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  1. US Bank and SN Servicing has submitted Forged documents in our federal bankruptcy case too and we will never stop perusing them in court for damages. We are also asking our Federal judge to prosecute their current attorney out of Jacksonville Florida who continued to defend this case knowing that forged document are before a federal court. All the offending parties at SN Servicing and their attorneys are committing a serious crime against our country. We have filed a formal complaint with the FBI and the US attorney general and many great Judges all across this nation are finally stopping them from this kind of fraud on American families. US Bank and SN servicing and their attorneys are also violating a serious consent order that was to protect the people from these crimes but they could care less. Please feel free to have your clients join a class action suit so that we can end their behavior with a multi billion dollar punitive damage suit. Join us, call Ray Shelton in Florida at 352 274 8467

  2. This is one of THE BEST posts you have ever shared with us Neil. Thank you so much for these thought provoking and infinitely true words or wisdom.

  3. Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! Another well done piece. Keep on hammerin! The damn is breaking.

  4. christine – I certainly could be wrong and of course I don’t want to
    give a bum steer. I do have case law which dismisses UE for lack of contract, (which is why I said as I recall). I think, but ONLY think, it was in a dismissal of a county recorder’s action against MERS et al. But, since you corrected me (and if rightfully so, I’m sure glad), I took a gander at the definition and application of UE (not in any particular case) and it appears a contract is not in fact required for a UE claim. Next time I’m in cases, I’ll look into it. In the meantime, yes, no one should believe a lack of contract 86’s a claim for UE.

  5. “Unjust enrichment – as i recall, is a claim made pursuant to a contract only. The bankster has no contract with the homeowner whereby to assert UE as a claim.”

    Wrong. Even if you’re dealing with a servicer 4 or 5 times removed from the original contract by way of MERS, you can still claim both unjust enrichment AND conversion. John, please! You can’t be going around misleading people.

    That way of thinking is still the biggest roadblock for pro se homeowners.

  6. the mortgages and notes were not transferred to any issuing entity. If a loan is put back – it is either paid in full by the originator or it is swapped for a like loan with similar features producing adequate cash flow to replace the lost cash-flow to the pool of loan, all of which are held by the depositor or investment banker prior to a default.

    If any party that had a current MOM loan checked public records – there is no assignment to the trustee – simply because they never intended to transfer anything to the trustee.

    If MERS were still able to plead itself as an interested party – the loans would never be assigned.

    Java, year ends are in – and reserves must be raised pursuant to BASEL III

  7. From shelly’s deadlyclear link:

    “The hard core fact here is that in order to securitize the loan documents – they need to be electronically transferable. Step one – not done.”

    Okay, I believe it though I don’t understand why they had to be electronically transferable to securitize them. ANYONE? (I also believe if they were transferred at all, it was electronically thru MERS’ e-registry system, which is factually NO transfer since the borrower never authorized / approved electronic transfer, an apparent prerequisite for e-trading).

  8. Unjust enrichment – as i recall, is a claim made pursuant to a contract only. The bankster has no contract with the homeowner whereby to assert UE as a claim.

  9. christine – you may well be correct, but even so, it’s my understanding that ‘comparative negligence’ is used in personal injury actions and not as a defense in contract disputes. But, yes, one should always check one’s state for this or that, even if in fed juris.

  10. When (if?) a bankster substitutes a loan, for say, a ‘bad’ loan, I give: how is the loan which is being substituted transferred to anyone / transferred OUT of the trust? By alleged possession of a bearer note and the ever-handy MERS standing in as nominee for everyone and his brother?

  11. JG

    I’m not kidding. Live in a non-judicial foreclosure state.

    No Notice of Default,
    No assignment.
    No power to substitute trustee, but they did it anyway.
    Filed the acceleration stating they were nominee and that it was ordered by the substitute trustee of the DOT, seven (7) before they appointed themselves as substitute trustee.

    Legally they have to have the right to file the notice and can legally foreclose 21 days later on the specified foreclosing date.

    That’s just the beginning of what was wrong.

    Beneficiary abandoned their claim.
    Real trustee was impotent. I called his office, was told the ‘pretender’ was their client too so they would hand the title to the substitute that the pretender hired.

    I am noticing they are working diligently now to get clean contracts.

    I imagine a world where they pay a lot of money to those they robbed, and get paid regularly from those that fought to not be robbed.

    Trespass Unwanted,

  12. Not all states subscribe to the “assumption of risk” defense. In torts, for example, MA subscribes to “comparative negligence”. People need to know where their state stands on that issue before invoking it. Otherwise, they may very well lose on easily avoidable technicalities of that sort.

  13. This in my lay opinion is a good definition of the affirmative defense of “assumption of risk”:

    A defense raised in lawsuits. It asserts that the plaintiff (bankster) knew that a particular activity (agreement to make payments) was risky and thus bears all responsibility for any loss which results.

  14. Neil said (Oct 1 post again):

    “Which brings me back to the falsification of securitization as cover for a PONZI scheme. If the bankers had played fair, they would have had the notes payable to the REMIC trusts and the mortgages naming the trusts as mortgagees or immediately record assignments of both. They could have disclosed the securitization at closing but they didn’t. If they did, the advances by servicers could have been covered by the documents producing the cloud effect that the banks want to see from the courts.”

    I don’t understand that last sentence, but Neil, they couldn’t endorse the notes or assign the dots to the trusts because passive, preferred- tax-status trusts may not enforce jack; they may accept pass-thru payments – period – or kindly take the time to explain otherwise. If you take that as fact, which obviously I do, then you’d have to ask this question (wouldn’t you?): if a note is endorsed to a trust and the dot is assigned to a trust, who if anyone would be authorized to assign the loan docs to someone who WOULD be in a position to enforce them (but could NOT be the agent of the trust)? Could the agreements (psa) have authorized the secn trustee to do so (re-assign the loans)? Probably. So why didn’t they do it that way? The first thing which leaps to mind is that the secn trustee would then by his signature be pretty much warranting that the loan was in the trust according to Hoyle (all transfer were done properly), which actually, if the secn trustee is truly involved now in foreclosures (and they’re not being done by servicers in the trust’s name without authority), he is doing, anyway (where is this trustee authority to be found? where is anyone’s authority to f/c / enforce for a trust found?
    The next thing which leaps to mind is that when this hack-job was formulated, MERS was going to f/c. Well, foreclosures were going to be done in MERS’ name and so the banksters didn’t have to be concerned with “details’ like the trusts taking title to real property. Then we learned of the infamous credit bid assignment, which is now being used to again preclude the trust from owning a new thing and post-cut-off to boot – and that’s the best, most generous description for what is really going on.
    What I really don’t understand is why you, Neil, ignore the issue of the trust’s ability to own real estate. I dare say with God as my witness,
    MERS was not mainly about saving recording fees or even about transfers, electronic or otherwise: it was all about avoidance of the trusts owning a ‘new’ asset. The use of MERS as the beneficiary willfully bifurcated the note and dot and was so formulated to “deal with” foreclosures because these trusts may not enforce anything. They have a right to borrower payments made and any contractual
    guarantee or third party obligation. Which reminds me: does a third party payment (for any reason whatsoever) vitiate the tax-status since it’s not a “pass – thru”? Got me, but I wonder.
    The only state which actually sanctions this MERS lunacy (including the bifurcation) is Arizona, which finds in favor of an (absurd) independent action on the dot apart from the note. I think I’ve mentinoed this before, but here goes again: the NV SC, for instance, has ruled tht MERS does in fact bifurcate the note and dot, but they may be “re-joined” for enforcement (or whatever). Cannot RE-join something never joined. Imo they blew it by not naming the lender as the orig ben and then assigning to MERS.
    They actually did that initially, but then apparently decided what the hell and named MERS as the orig ben. ( I think it’s fatal. fwiw.)
    these are lay opinions, as always

  15. NPV. WHY WILL SHTF IN JANUARY ???? I have seen you say that a few times. What’s January ?????

  16. @John Gault – The PMLBS normally require the sub-servicer and/or master servicer to make notional advances against delinquent payments if, and only if, their is a likelihood of recovery through collection or legal resolution. Since, this likelihood diminished during the economic collapse and systemic failure of our entire banking system – the servicer’s stopped making advances, disregarded contractual and implicit recourse agreements, which subsequently blew out the lowers certificate classes of every securitization.

    Fannie Mae does not take possession of the notes inside the GSE Trust -it holds them on the corporate side with the Depositor and either insures or purchases the MBS conveyed to the pool. Second, the only time they take possession of the note is after they pay out on the claims or modify the defaulted note into a new note. Look at any HAMP mod – the party named as lender is the same NA that owned it before the default. The rest is the GSE paying the claim – issuing a new note under the pretense of modifying the old note, and re-securitizing the cash flow produced by the collateral.

    Shit is going to hit the fan this January and folks like A-man will still be waiving their flag of remembrance instead of protecting the future and really pushing the agenda of NEVER AGAIN.

  17. TU – are you kidding?! Since bona fide purchaser without notice rules may apply and so your home may be lost, don’t you have some claims under, say, breach of contract, etc?

  18. So I own your note for 100k. Howard, who sold me your note, has agreed for whatever reason to make payments if you stop (probably as an inducement to get me to buy the note). You stop making payments. Howard makes payments to me which (imo) reduce the note balance by 2568.00. How much do you owe me? Isn’t it the same amt which is due on the note after the 2568.00 deduction?
    Howard can’t use the note as the basis for any claim against you, even if contractually the amt he paid me is a loan between him and me. You never asked him to make the payments as my guarantor. Howard may have a contractual claim against me, the note owner, for his advances, but not one against you and not by way of the note. Any “howard-rights” would have to be found in a contract between Howard and me imo.

    NG’s oct 1 article says
    “His (mandelman’s) position on servicer advances of principal and interest is that it has nothing to do with the Borrower and these are just loans………he’s not sure that these payments should be applied to the Borrower”

    jg- yes they should

    “….Martin said the servicer advance is a loan and is to be repaid.”

    jg: this changes nothing – a payment is a payment

    “Possible, although this isn’t contemplated (that I know of) in UCC 3-602….”

    jg: Imo, this is THE only possibly relevant portion of 3-602:

    “(a) Subject to subsection (b), an instrument is paid to the extent payment is made (i) by or on behalf of a party obliged to pay the instrument, and (ii) to a person entitled to enforce the instrument. To the extent of the payment, the obligation of the party obliged to pay the instrument is discharged……”

    jg: The only problem I see here is that I don’t believe as passive trusts,
    these trusts may in fact enforce the instrument, something most of us
    and most particularly the judiciary can’t fathom since it’s so dang
    messed up. The trusts certainly may not own real property by way of foreclosure or any other means (enter MERS, the non-agent, but rather an accomodation party to (try to) avoid the passive trust owning real property l and s).
    “Normally”, like in the example above, I would be a person “entitled to enforce the note” and so Howard’s payment to me would pay the note, but I’m not so sure servicers’ payments are actually being made to anyone “entitled to enforce the note”. How would a passive entity, such as one of these trusts, enforce a note secured by real property, esp when, by and large, these are “security first” contracts between the lender and the borrower (precluding a money judgment before garnering the collateral – f/c -in satisfaction of the debt)? I think in exchange for their tax-preferred status, the investors either abandoned their right to enforcement, never had it, or their recourse had to be configured independently of the note and dot thru some voodoo with a third party.

  19. NS also said on Oct 1:

    “They will likely conclude that with the account receivable of the alleged creditor being current, there should have been no declaration of default, acceleration, foreclosure or sale of the house. But they will say that the borrower is not off the hook. The Servicer has a separate claim for contribution or unjust enrichment. But such claims are obviously not secured by a pledge of the house as collateral because no such documentation exists.”

    It depends, I’d say, on what a contract says. A note which is not in default can’t be accelerated for a fictional default. IF some contract says a bankster who has guaranteed payment or who advances payment may call the note on behalf of the note owner, then MAYBE – big fat maybe – such a note could be accelerated (but the balance of the note must still reflect the voluntary payments made). The place to look imo is in the master servicing agreement. As to FNMA, to end its liability on its guarantee, FNMA must repurchase whatever was sold to the investors (note, certificates, whatever). Then one has to learn if when fnma repurchases, a contract exists which compels the guy who sold the loan to fnma to repurchase from fnma, which I doubt (at least after a time certain, like a year or two) but don’t know. At any rate, I don’t think a borrower could compel compliance, though I think a borrower COULD compel FNMA to be the named plaintiff using judicially noticeable material (about fnma’s guarantee) because if fnma has not repurchased, it’s continuing its guarantee and the loan is not in default.
    If a loan went thru fnma, fnma was compelled to repurchase to end its guarantee. In the absence of a contract to the contrary, neither fnma nor any bankster has ANY claim against the borrower or the property for monies paid to the investors. These guarantees / payments are voluntary contributions and as an affirmative defense, constitute an “assumed risk” in making the guarantee / payments, which imo, as I’ve opined, 86’s any bankster claim for unjust enrichment. Any figures which don’t reflect principle-reducing voluntary payments are false and that’s enough to stop the show. They would have to be made as a separate claim (good luck on that one because of the assumption of risk; the borrower did not ask anyone to co-sign and had nothing to do with it.)

  20. There was no notice of default filed when my home was stolen.

    Trespass Unwanted

  21. NS said on a previous post (Oct 1):

    “……coming up with the fact that servicers are advancing payments to investors when the borrower stops paying. In fact, they advance those payments to investors after the declaration of default and even after the foreclosure is complete. Where do they get the money from? ”

    On any loan that went thru FNMA, they get the money from FNMA aka taxpayers / us. FNMA guarantees payment on loans it securitizes. The servicers are to advance the payments to the investors when the borrower doesn’t pay and then turn in due bills to FNMA for reimbursement. Neil, really, if you don’t have time to read this stuff, please hire a law student. I have yet to see any of these payments reflected on a loan claim. There is either no, zero, zip correlation between what is paid to investors and the notes or false figures are
    tendered to homeowners and courts as rote.

  22. I agree, Vote them all out if they enable the crime. And Boycott the banks in all ways possible. The masses have the power, it is the masses that allow this. Evil persist when good people do nothing.

  23. That the moral fiber of America and even the world has become incredibly corrupted, change is in the wind. Check out

  24. @patrick – I was just reading a book which covered being “bought out of jail” in Mexico in years past (present?). It made me think of what’s going on in the U.S. these days. In America, instead of a criminal’s bud paying the federales or wardens for the stay-or-get-out-of-jail-card, the govt may extort a criminal with civil charges in lieu of criminal charges and thus the criminal is allowed to buy his way out of jail by the payment of a (civil) fine and is not required to admit “fault” to boot.
    I hear Warren Buffet has an idea and my long and short of it is that we vote for NO one currently holding office in any future elections, regardless of the posture of their opponents. We have that power and it’s one which doesn’t take much effort or pickiting or marching. Just SAY NO to re-election of those currently holding office who have not supported prosecution (token lip service doesn’t count) of ‘white-collar’ criiminals.

  25. @ A Man – we are all children of Noah (even Hitler). Although, I am not a jew – I am righteous Christian who observes the first five books, but also believes that Jesus Christ was not a prophet.

    I keep my core belief system to myself – and when i see others mixing their belief system with politics and current events (however wrong they may be) I let them have it. There is no mention of bestiality in Genesis and the editor is wrong.

    Allowing him to use this pulpit to interject lies and deception would be the equivalent of the media supporting and masking Hitler’s propaganda in the late 20’s, much of which led to the nazi party coming to power.

    If you mean God, say God, if you don’t – simply say nothing at all. This site is not about ones choice of religion, or history that neither occurred, or would be used wisely as a parallel to foreclosure activity.

    It makes one wonder if you wrote the ridiculous article you self hating Jew. Not all Muslims are bad, not all Germans are bad and not all Jews are bad. People, in many cases are bad regardless of their religion, creed, culture and thought process.

    Stick to your little bullshit rally cry – Never Again. If it wasn’t for all the Muslims, Christians, Jews and folks of German decent born and raised in the United States, Poland, England and elsewhere – there would be no Israel. You wouldn’t even have the opportunity to make your stupid statements.

    More important, you show what a weak man you are when someone is taken to task – and the best response you can muster is a reference to me being a nazi or an antisemitic hater.

    I lost relatives that died trying to free your relatives from the devil himself. So, just like the editor was challenged – so are you big mouth – establish one mention in the torah or the bible that mentions bestiality.

    “If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them. . .

    “And if a man lie with a beast, he shall surely be put to death: and ye shall slay the beast. And if a woman approach unto any beast, and lie down thereto, thou shalt kill the woman and the beast: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them” (Leviticus 20:13-16) .
    The KEY word is IF, and if your understanding of IF is somehow misunderstood – I will put it in simpler terms.

    If the A-Man had balls – he would be the king.

    You are a perfect example of stupid, which goes to show that religion should not be mixed with real day events. Even God’s chosen people have some idiots who spew – instead of being open to learning from those that can add a different and unique perspective.

  26. Moral turpitude.

    Here, the properly designated trustee was not present on the notice of default; and the notice did not have all the provisions required by the Deed of Trust in addition to any statutory notice provisions. Although the notice does not have to identify the beneficiary, it certainly cannot be expected to be valid if an unknown or illegitimate party is named and its unrecorded agent is having its agent file the notice. In short, none of the hitherto unknown (to the contract) names on the NOD were able to be confirmed by independent authority (county recorder) by the borrower. Usually this type of transaction is involved in selling bridges. Now the courts seem to want to apply it to mortgages, as well.

  27. Related to this but not on topic, here is an article well worth reading and digesting.

  28. Yes God must be looking at the same picture here! I sure see this in panoramic view! I see this in the eyes of many whom tell me they are frighten by all the evil in the air, without understanding the entire picture of what is happening. People are mortified.

  29. Let go back to the days of racing for the pink slips of cars, and we have a three party hold the pink slip and that pink slip is not signed over to who your racing before the race as signing the slip would automatically make the other the owner of the car. So once the race is won and the car is lost then the slip would need to be signed with a bill of sale so that the taxes can be assessed and you could get a new title and registration for the car.

    So the lender and investor of the securities are entering a separate financial transaction that a side back and not a part of the original contract/Note and does not involve having the homeowner/borrower enter into this speculation.

    The lender turned “issuer” signs endorsing the Note to NO ONE and places it in the hands of the third party in Ginnie Mae who does not originate, buy or sell home mortgage loans at all and does not buy or sell Ginnie Mae mortgage back securities (MBS), but the product is called Ginnie Mae MBS cleverly.

    The lender/issuer put the idea of the loan into this grouping so that they can receive fund from the investors who in no way is purchasing the home mortgage loan as they cannot and due not as is the Note is not endorsed to the investor or even signed in blank and relinquished to them.

    So the loan go bad just as losing a race and the blank Note like the pink slip is in the hands of the third party and the third party cannot sign the pink slip for the loser and the loser must do all the thing legally to transfer all that the winner needs to take ownership of the newly won car. But there is also thing that get in the way that gambling is against the law and a gain cannot be made even if the other party won. It like buying drugs and the drug dealer rip you off and so you inform the police?

    To further make this arrangement impossible is the fact that during the race the owner of the car crashed and died, and the pink slip need to be signed by the deceased to the other racer, but the other racer has no purchase of a purchase as this activity was part of an illegal activity. The car is going through probate, and just a these FHA & VA loan of Washington Mutual if there was a claim by Ginnie Mae it should have gone through WaMu’s bankruptcy. However through bankruptcy you must show proof that monies exchanged hands!

  30. I should prob apologise for the free lunch statement. Its just in my line of work ya know, but the reality is not what fox news says it is . Thanx for link christine, interesting.

  31. Christine. Modification was an in house BOA mod. I was told it was demanded by Freddie. ( I believe because of origination fraud, but could be wrong)
    They played all the stall and lies games for 4 years that we trying to get HAMP. Finally got a 3rd party to help and was able to get it…..
    Wasn’t the greatest modification , but they extended to 40 years, dropped interest to 4%, dropped all fees and BE charges and we stayed in our house. All in all , best I could ask for at the present Time.

    1. Going from 4 years of no mortgage payments , to a mortgage payment, even 700 less than original, is a bitch. It’s the moral hazard that TPTB have created and I think they don’t understand this.
    2. Although happy to stay in doesn’t address the fraud in the paperwork and origination.
    3. Whatever it is we think we are doing right now , it is just a lie and will never work long term in the future, imo.

    Keep fighting them. I have my original house and I’m fighting them until the end on that one.

  32. Java,

    Can you expand a little on that mod you got? Was it one of those many upward mods that led to many foreclosures? Or did B of A foreclose as you were negotiating your mod?

  33. Deb,

    This is one way to look at it. The other way is this: between 1980 and 2012, over 27 million people came to the US, half of them becoming citizens and the other half, almost 14 million, permanent residents in the US. Americans leave, they are being replaced by non-English speaking populations, the 2 largest ones being Mexico and… China. Followed by the Philippines and India. The numbers are here

    Population migrations are happening at a record level. That’s one way to finalize uniformization and globalization of the world. Our kids leave and reproduce what they were taught wherever they go and we absorb population and they learn what we teach, our brand of corruption included.

    And when 10% of your population is immigrant, they will put up with anything if there is any risk of losing the illusion of liberty they keep being brainwashed into. Even your own statement indicates it…

  34. Johngault. Best I can tell, I received a modification from BOA NA on a Freddie backed mortgage and I don’t believe BOA NA bought it back, I think they were instructed/demanded to modify the mortgage ( I believe because of BOA indiscretions)

  35. If someone disagrees and can show us otherwise, have at it (and please do) – but my notes also indicate that in order for a loan to be modified, the servicer has to buy it first (FNMA loan) and then, and majorly significant, is the fact that FNMA will not take it back. Who is going to? No one, is my thought: the servicer is stuck with an unmarketable, “portfolio” loan. If and since no one will buy it, they, the servicers/banksters, are stuck with the loan on their books and out that working capital (even if it’s HAMP gimme-funds). If that’s true as i believe, what the heck was the govt thinking when it doled out HAMP funds? Nada. HAMP was and is a holygraphic, untouchable, untenable illusion, the machination of those without a clue as to how lenders operate and or who threw homeowners a bone devoid of any meat for some sort of balancing appearance. Lenders haven’t portfolio’d loans since the 80’s, if then. The govt forked over billions of dollars to those whom it would do nothing but damage to use them (as if they would – gag) UNless the govt, in yet another socialist move, created an end-home for modified loans. Maybe they have, but if so, it’s news to me.


    2 1/2 years ago, Neil. So where’ve you been?
    Now if you’ve hit on this before and this was a rerun, please accept my apology. Still, imo every figure given as a balance on a note which overlooks the servicer advances on, say, a FNMA loan is a false figure and I can’t think of any reason, given that the law requires these figures to be dead-on accurate, to ignore the issue and not
    stay on it til everyone “gets it”.

  37. NG – I see your glaring headllne from Oct 1 about servicers making payments after borrowers quit. I’m going to read that post and your two subsequent posts on the matter, but are you actually positing this as news? I, a non-attorney, a mere plebe, approached this in March of 2011 (below), over 2 1/2 years ago and I did so, as i recall, based on a cursory look at public material at FNMA’s website. Don’t ask me why the homeowner defense attorneys appear to have overlooked this invaluable information lest I utter an opinion.
    Well, hell, if many attorneys can claim to have read what is available to read and learn from in public forums such as FNMA’s website, I guess I’d be “surprised”.
    . .

  38. I guess christine that thise who are leaving America realised it was not in fact land of the free. But there are those that stay who think they will get a free lunch. No free lunch. Got to be a fair exchange of energy for anything in the universe to work as it is meant to. Other wise. It dont work, as we can see. But my feeling is this for now, i like the weather on the other hand where would i go. If i cant have justice here it will not happen elsewhere because the injustice hapoened here. I believe fate comes to meet us, we do not go to meet our fate but we can navigate it smsrtly. Be the helmsman better still, “be tbe wind”, ( MC Aubry citing his fathers advice- kudos MC )

  39. I asked my bank for an authentication of an assignment they made and the following was the answer.

    A power of Attorney, Executor of Estate, or any other authorized person does not have the authority to grant authorization to another third party. Only the Executor of an Estate can authorize an Attorney to represent the decedent’s estate or a Real estate agent to handle the sale of the property to receive limited loan information.

  40. And there we go again: crackdown on bank abuses. DB, UBS and… Citigoup. It won’t take long before we learn that Chase and HSBC were in it all the way to their elbows…

    If it’s not global clean up time, I don’t know what is. The tide has been turning for a while. Now, it’s manifesting.

    Swiss Regulators Probing Alleged Currency Manipulation
    By Gavin Finch, Liam Vaughan & Elena Logutenkova – Oct 5, 2013 6:22 AM ET

    Swiss regulators said they’re investigating several banks for allegedly colluding to manipulate the $5.3 trillion-a-day foreign exchange market.

    The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority “is coordinating closely with authorities in other countries as multiple banks around the world are potentially implicated,” it said yesterday in a statement. Separately, the competition commission said it opened a preliminary probe on Sept. 30 after receiving allegations of collusion among banks to manipulate some foreign-exchange rates.

    Authorities around the world are investigating the alleged abuse of financial benchmarks by the firms that play a central role in setting them. UBS AG (UBSN), Switzerland’s largest bank, was among four firms fined about $2.6 billion for rigging the London interbank offered rate, the benchmark for more than $300 trillion of securities worldwide.

    Britain’s FCA yesterday reiterated its June statement that it has been speaking to the “relevant” parties. The regulator has separately requested information from four banks including Frankfurt-based Deutsche Bank AG (DBK) and Citigroup Inc. (C), a person with knowledge of the matter who asked not to be identified said in June.

    The Hong Kong Monetary Authority said in a statement yesterday it will “closely monitor” developments.

  41. Neil,
    Nice article, thanks for the introspection.

    Two quotes
    “The victims have largely accepted their fate in part because of acceptance of an era of injustice.”
    .”And even the lawyers who are there to intervene on behalf of those who cannot fight for justice themselves are in a state of denial and self deception”

    Where are victims to go to seek justice where there is injustice? Where are the lawyers to go as well? It is a known fact that lawyers need the very courts that are dispensing the injustice for their livelihood, and victims cannot pick and choose a court nor judge to dispense justice and to follow the Rule of Law.

    Judges are more interested in the Rule of Court, in their own space.

    It is a known fact this place we live in and on, all of it, all the land and sea has rules. The living man is the true creditor. There is no way a corporate entity that is not living can rule over a living man, except by breaking the rules and being a living man behind/owning the corporation and using it as a cover to enslave an equal/living man.

    No one has accepted anything except the role they will play in this test. When the truth is revealed, many will have their home because they ‘fought’ for it, but they will find out at what cost they ‘won’ for stepping into the game and resulting to the tactics used by the thieves to get it back/keep it.

    Anytime someone sees an injustice happening to their brother, but they want to step into it and see if they will fair better than their brother, the test was on them on whether they served their self or served another.

    If my brother is going to be robbed and I am going to be robbed, I am not going to sit at the table with the thieves to negotiate my ownership of my property, and leave my brother without theirs. I am not going to pay into their system to keep them financed so they can continue to do what they do. I am not going to purchase the items that were stolen or even look like they were stolen.

    This is the test I speak of that many fail and will find out they fail when the meek, the last become first and inherit an earth much more purer than this low vibration class.

    I listened to an audio, it was a Dallas Debt audio on talkshoe. The host mentioned a chance meeting a a woman he found out she used to be an attorney while filing some paperwork against a debt collector. She told him she stopped being an attorney when every felony case in her county, the prosecutor started off with a life sentence and they had to negotiate down from that.

    It used to be innocent until proven guilty, but there it a lot of money to be made in the court systems, it’s another form of banking. The money as debt or some audio I heard stated bench meant bank. Judges sit on a bench and act as bankers for the bankruptcy. They know who they serve.

    We must know who we are when we face them. They can use the carrot and stick of their court procedures to seal you into a soul contract for all eternity that you didn’t know you entered, but you entered it by ‘fighting’.

    God/G_d’s truth is not fighting your brothers and sisters over anything. God/G_d provided everything. To fight over something is to pretend there is not an abundance of that something provided by your Father/Creator.

    A clawing and gnashing of teeth will be heard when the final scores are revealed. If my brother is going to be left homeless on the street, who am I to distinquish myself as better or higher when all men are created equal.

    When it’s my time to be robbed, I’m going to make the case for all mankind and if I’m robbed, then I sit with the rest of mankind who is robbed and let All Father/Our Father take care of the punishment of what was created and violated His truth.

    Trespass Unwanted, Creator, Creditor, Life, Free, Independent, Corporeal, In One’s Own Right, By Divine Right

  42. Old article and Americans leaving the country were already in the 4 to 7 million range in 2011. The 25 to 35 years old. Those with the education, the technology and the knowledge to fix this country want no part of it. Quite a legacy indeed! I wonder what the numbers are by now…

    Tue Jul 19, 2011 at 03:14 AM PDT
    Leaving America “by a modest estimate at least 3 million U.S. citizens a year are venturing abroad”

    Quote: A Growing Trend of Leaving America

    But if the government is not counting, others are. Estimates made by organizations such as the Association of Americans Resident Overseas put the number of non government-employed Americans living abroad anywhere between 4 million and 7 million, a range whose low end is based loosely on the government’s trial count in 1999. Focusing on households rather than individuals (and excluding households in which any member has been sent overseas either by the government or private companies), a series of recent Zogby polls commissioned by New Global Initiatives, a consulting firm, yielded surprising results:

    1.6 million U.S. households had already determined to relocate abroad;

    an additional 1.8 million households were seriously considering such a move, while 7.7 million more were “somewhat seriously” contemplating it. If the data collected in the seven polls conducted between 2005 and 2007 are fairly representative of the current decade, then, by a modest estimate, at least 3 million U.S. citizens a year are venturing abroad.

    More interesting, the biggest number of relocating households is not those with people in or approaching retirement but those with adults ranging from 25 to 34 years old.

  43. “If Christianity stands for the proposition that people matter more than business and money, if Judaism stands for the proposition that the Jews are chosen to lead the way for a righteous life, if Muslims stand for the proposition that followers of Islam are messengers of actual true justice, then the state of the world, not just our own national economy, is fast approaching the point where G-d hits the reset button again.”

    Well, would you look at that? All three named religions stand for the same thing: “Have only one Gawd as you can’t serve two masters.” America chose money long ago. America decided that Gawd-given common sense of not borrowing and staying away from usurers wasn’t good enough. Based on all those “American Greed” reporting, every single person conned by crooks had that weird too-good-to-be-true feeling in his/her guts but… succumbed to peer pressure (the Joneses signed up and are clearing 10% interests monthly!)

    Funny. All three religions talk about “Thou shall not kill.” We know what happened with that one. A few days ago, America was still talking about attacking Syria, going after Iran and whoever else it doesn’t like. Come to think of it… wasn’t America built on… killing? Cherokees, Apaches, Cheyennes, Comanches, Wanpanoags, you name them: they’re all dead!

    Ahaaaa. The best one of all: “honor thy father and mother”… America has been sticking mom and dad in retirements home they wouldn’t even put their dog in for decades! Muslims and Jews keep theirs at home. They truly honor them. Mom and Dad dies at home. Sick, insane, blind, they still die surrounded by their family.

    Garfield, who can’t seem to come up with wins of his own to quote on his own site, has now resorted to editorializing.

    America has exactly the government it brought upon itself. And the Congress it brought upon itself. And the judges it brought upon itself. And everything else it brought upon itself.

    And the funniest of all is… Americans have only one passport. What they created, they damn well will have to fix for themselves. If they don’t, Chinese and Russians will and Americans won’t like how it’s done…

    In the meantime, by all means do pay your taxes and feed those who destroyed the world. Do keep your money with Chase and B of A. Who know… Miracles have been know to happen!

  44. It is more about who you perceive the creator to be. Perfect and infallible in his divine plan for all of his creations to be free and independent or a counterfeit. The malefactor uses fraudulent control and deception as a weapin to confuse good and evil.

  45. IDeanTX and E.ToLLe,

    You both have it so wrong. It is called “Gawd”. And it is neither male nor female. Can’t be either. Not if humans were created at his/her/its image. Too many people whose very existence can’t be explained… or, as Bob de Niro said: “If there really is a Gawd, he’s gonna have a lot of explaining to do!”

  46. this is why the only place we have left is in court because after that- there is no where else to go. Because I am signed up for pacer and I now get notice from 9th circuit I got an email that was also sent to all attorneys asking for feedback (anonymous feedback) regarding “problems” I forget the wording but clearly enough attorneys are complaining about the holes in the safety net, for want of a better words. there are a few judges that have the goolies to stand firm under law and under GOD and their promise to both. bless those guys.

  47. So did Obama think he was a Rabbi meeting with the banksters for advice during the government shutdown?

  48. Hey stripes good to see…for what it’s worth I agree. This “grand” plan has been formulated over the years. There are no mistakes, errors, or accidental incidents, etc…all done by deceit. The Fiat money is 100% fallible, never worked and will collapse. When is the question.

    The government is sanctioning all of this and moving the money from the workers. They want us in debt…it works. We are no different than slaves on a plantation. The “illusion” of wealth, with new cars, big houses, boats, planes, etc…if you can make a payment you “may” use the stuff for a while.

    And the judges are in for a shock, as the MBS’ are directly hooked to their pensions. Wait until they find out they are limited in their capacity to collect, Ha, Ha, Ha…and it’s coming.

    We have the best government money can buy and we have poisoned much of the Global economy with our propaganda and sales of garbage products. You drop a nice, big shiny hook and you catch the big fish!

  49. The politicians and the courts are not preserving U.S capital by engaging in vulture capitalism, they are in fact, robbing the people of their free will. This is not entrepreneuristic, this is voyerism into a place most would fear to tread if they knew what the planned outcome will be is totalitarianism.

  50. This was all well planned, and well orchestrated, and premeditated by our enemy, that is the point, no matter who you perceive that enemy to be. I recogize this enemy as any person, place or thing who deceives me and uses that deceit to steal my free will.

  51. Self deception is alive and well on some of these comments

  52. Iwantmynpv stick to MeinKampf by your uncle Adolf. I think that is the book you are capable of understanding. The Book of Genesis is too complicated for you.


  53. Its a case of garbage in garbage out
    People are not idiots

  54. The Judges and Politicians are UnAmercan and Uncivilized. Due Process is the fundamental right in order to preserve a civilized nation.


  55. The ” idiots” have been fed garbage that they have believed. Garbage in garbage out.

  56. Read the book of Acts…Baraks name is in there. It talks all about how he uses false representation to commit his unlawful Acts

  57. This is the problem
    Evetyone is an idiot npv ???

  58. Wow, you learn something new every day. I read Genesis again in the entirety. I could not find one mention of the Jews fucking pigs. I always figured they simply fucked the gentiles.

    Who knew? God does clean the clean the plate every so often, but nobody – not even the chosen folks know the date – and although some are in tune to the events that occur around them – God is not telling you idiots anything.

  59. Excellent post!!

  60. The FBI told me a while back the GSEs are to blame for the biggest counterfeiting scam in history. I do agree by false representation about who they are, broker/dealers for the investment banks, who were not guaranteeing loans but investments, they hoodwinked the american people. That is heinous and the politicians allowed it and still are. The foreign third party investors are being allowed to come to court with a bogus doc, a page from some unrecorded trust agreement we never acknowledged and take property from us is abhorent and repulsive, criminal behavior by its deception.

  61. I see i hear i feel. This did not happen overnight, but now revealed the best way to correct the sins of the past is to start making the criminals pay by being accountable. They jsiled madoff his son killed himself, why just him.

  62. There is something fundamentally wrong with a system that would fake an operation of law for an unregistered and unidentifed foreign third party who faked a financial transaction to steal everything from you.

  63. We all know well what’s going on here….their grandiose scheme, the Great Securitization Machine, was designed on fraud and only works on fraud. They just didn’t ever imagine that it would all blow up and be exposed to the world as such. When the smoke cleared, it was easy to see that there’s nothing there save for a huge fucking fraud factory.

    Look at Max Gardner’s charts and analyze how many hands grab fees on each mortgage that runs through their fraud factory….the looting is enormous. Greed fuels this entire setup….NOT their claim that it must be this way to lure investors….that’s bullshit. They just want to remain rentiers skimming our last hard earned dollar, even as their entire façade has now turned totally transparent, allowing us all to see exactly what they’ve been up to. Stealing from us is easier than working for a living.

    When the FBI states that 80% of mortgage fraud is committed by the lender, when we all know that MERS should never have been allowed to trample on hundreds of years of property law by replacing a governmental system without as much as a “may we”….or a “this is what we have in mind…”, when judges openly rule against black-letter law in fear of giving borrowers a windfall, knowing full well that they’re giving the banks the same, the only bottom line is that the sooner we all come to terms with the fact that we, the people, have been sold down the river to the highest bidder by our so-called representatives, the better off we’ll be.

    For years now, folks on this site have stated the same issues, seemingly in disbelief that they’ve discovered what is now common knowledge, that we’re witnessing the largest criminal enterprise ever assembled and our government is too complicit to even pretend that there’s a problem. There is no salvaging this issue short of impeaching every single one of them and sending new representatives, with new checks and balances to make sure there are no repeat performances. It must be done.

    Christine is right on the money about how the rest of the world views the US, and if we ever plan on returning the states to a corruption-free zone, reestablishing ourselves as decent, reasonable people capable of handling the world’s many pressing issues like adults hand in hand with other nations, we’d best grow a set right now, before these assholes plunder America into a hole too deep to see the light any longer. We’re on the event horizon as we speak, and before we topple over the edge we’d best get our acts together immediately, in order to lock up all of these greedy morons in order to start over. REV 2.0

    Now I feel better. And stripes is still an asshole.

  64. Deb

    First I want to say I am so happy Stripes is back. In time I am sure you will all agree Stripes has given us so much information to fight this massive fraud.

    In 1997 when I discovered the ultra vire issue, I was in Federal Court with Astoria Federal S &L /successor in interest to Fidelity NY FSB . The Hon Louis L Stanton removed my Petition and ordered I write a letter demanding settlement from the bank. This demand letter angered and got nervous their debt collector attorneys that after three months they were able to pressure Judge Stanton to remand the case to State Court.

    All Judges know the issue of creating money , belongs in Federal Court not State Court.

    I hope now that this fraud isn’t hidden any longer , Judge Schlesinger will rethink ruling against the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution and Elliot V. Piersol.

  65. Maybe I am over simplifying this but, when you make a contract and agree to certain parameters and the contractual party from the other side alters, changes or amends it without your knowledge or approval the contract is void, hence the converting of your note, fractional sales, deception; obscuring-hiding of the lending party, where you cannot contact them on your behalf and discuss the “tort” deception…I mean really?

  66. To ETolle


    Do you feel better now 🙂

  67. ML
    Im convinced. Gotta convince the judges love.

  68. if a bank gave you a mortgage with their credit it is ultra vires
    – an invalid contract. void ab initio no laches no statute of limitations
    dig deep and fight the contract is a nullity.

  69. Why isn’t our legal system aware of the fraud and deception? Why doesn’t the law do anything?This is the greatest illegal transfer of wealth in history!

    Because the American Government has been Hijacked by Black Rock Inc. The Largest Financial Institution in the world. Follow the Green is the motto in Washington. Black Rock Inc is the coup d’etat, that has been paying Our Elected Officials to do What They are told.

    Another corporate way of thinking is ” Keep Em Hungry, Make Em Work”

    Imagine The Impact if We All Stop Working and Stop Paying.
    These people wanted to put us back into the stone ages, So Rather than wait for it, and give them your hard earned money, by the way the buying power of a dollar is probably around $0.50, Go there now and surprise them. Turn Off Your Electricity, make your own, use candles Try for a Month and be relieved Your not paying Your High Electric Bill.

    The criminal force upon us has us chasing a carrot, Stop running for something You will never catch.

  70. ET
    Im sure you felt better after that ,
    I did . Welll said.
    My good freind said the first smile your child makes is not the most important thing to remember it is the first frown.
    But honestly i only remember the first laugh,

  71. Thank you so much for all your efforts.

    I know in the end there will be justice whether now or in the next life because God is a just God and HE will bring about 100% justice. God brought his Son to take the sins of all evil doers which includes all of us such that the Earth and all who repent will be renewed and given new life not by flood but this time by fire. Evil doers who do not believe on Jesus Christ will receive justice also in Hell. They have received everything they will ever get here on this Earth which cannot compare to the riches in Heaven.

    After almost 5 years I still have a roof over my head due in part to your endless efforts, 3 trees on my roof on 3 separate occasions and a leaking oil tank. God is using you and I pray for you often.

  72. “I believe he is called God and not G-D and I find acknowledging him in that manner would affirm that the author does not believe or feels GOD is fictious [sic].
    Well I believe in him and his word and yes the day will come and we all shall be judged.”

    Not speaking for Neil here, but my Jewish friends believe it’s out of utmost respect for their God that they spell it as G-d….not because they’re non-believers. It’s not a “he who should not be named” deal.

    You: WASP, drill-baby-drill Texan, taught to believe fiercely in all that apple pie, flag waving crap, listens only to country while wearing high leather pretend cowboy boots,….always jump up and stand – saluting at the playing of that allegiance tune just before watching people crush each others skulls or wreck cars, using what little remains of fossil fuels so that your children will cower against the cold, in total darkness, believing wholeheartedly that there’s no other way than your narrow Christian path, all others can be droned out of existence. You treat the earth and all her inhabitants small and large as commodities ripe for the plundering.

    There….you’re right….you’ve been judged.

    BTW, you say that you believe in god….he’s actually a she, and black to boot. Now on welfare, no doubt, thanks to your American system.

    BTW2, You’re the one who’s fictious. I also judge you a fool.

  73. Why isn’t our legal system aware of the fraud and deception? Why doesn’t the law do anything?This is the greatest illegal transfer of wealth in history!

  74. […] See Neil Garfield’s blog here: […]

  75. Very nice piece Neil
    But i never reiszec the original meaning if. Chutzpa i do not like the word anymore.
    I do not have problem with that if uou borrow a dollar you pay back with interest being my understanding when i signed for my mortgage to buy a home, in the beginning.

  76. If you live in YOUR HOUSE , mortgage free forever, there is no need to worry about pensions and 401K. Simple solution. LET THE BANKS CHOKE AND LET THE SYSTEM COLLAPSE.

  77. Well said…Neil! The denial is pervasive, it has become a living breathing entity, that lives among us!

  78. I believe he is called God and not G-D and I find acknowledging him in that manner would affirm that the author does not believe or feels GOD is fictious.
    Well I believe in him and his word and yes the day will come and we all shall be judged.

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