Wall Street banks shifting “profits” from mortgage bonds into natural resources

Wall Street banks know all about leveraging. They need to bring back the huge quantity of money they stole from the U.S. economy that they have secreted around the world (without paying a dime in taxes). The strategy they adopted was to bring the money from the shadow banking sector into the real banking world by “investing” in natural resources. The reason for the choice is obvious — high demand for the raw materials, high liquidity in the marketplace for both the products and the futures and related contracts for “trading profits” (like the “trading profits they created with investor money in the mortgage bond market before any loans were made), and an opportunity for virtually unlimited “leverage” where they could control prices and bet against the very same investments they were selling to their customers.

The leverage comes from a primary investment in the warehousing and transport of raw materials and secondarily taking positions in the ownership of natural resources. This allows them to manipulate the cost of raw materials — like copper and aluminum (see articles below), manipulate the politics in our country so that infrastructure repairs and rebuilding is out off until there is a tragedy of a large collapsing bridge killing thousands, and manipulate the bidding process for natural resources (like the Iraq and Afghanistan wars) so that there is a level of panic that causes the nation to send ten times the price of rebuilding now. The natural resources market is basically the only game they can play because it is the only marketplace that is large enough to absorb trillions of dollars stolen from Americans and people all over the world in the securitization scam.

Just as securitization was an illusion, making the base investment (mortgage loans) non existent at the same moment they were created or acquired, so will be the exotic investment vehicles now being prepared for both institutional and ordinary investors that will cover the multiple sales of the same bundle of commodities. Here we go again! Another boom and bust.

Tue, Aug 13

CFTC subpoenas metal warehouse companies • The Commodity Futures Trading Commission has reportedly subpoenaed Goldman Sachs (GS), JPMorgan (JPM), Glencore Xstrata (GLCNF.PK) and their subsidiaries for documents relating to warehouses they operate for aluminum and other metals. • The agency has requested information dating back to January 2010; it also wants documents relevant to the companies’ relationships with the London Metals Exchange. • The CFTC’s investigation follows allegations that the activities of warehousing companies have artificially boosted the price of metals, particularly aluminum. • Earlier speculation said the CFTC had sent subpoenas to an unnamed metals warehousing firm.

Full Story: http://seekingalpha.com/currents/post/1216972?source=ipadportfolioapp

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  1. Eggs, thanks so much.

  2. eggs – thanks for the link. going to read it.

  3. Louise,
    The anti-MERS brief in the Texas case (Martins v. BAC, et al.) I referred to earlier can be found here with minimal commentary and a download link:

  4. UKG,

    Right. I sued in federal court and servicer never countered in foreclosure in over 2 years. Suddenly, some foreclosure mill sued me … in state court, thereby duplicating pretty much everything. It’s a guerrilla tactic: they will do everything they can to destabilize homeowners by first making it unaffordable to adequately fight.

    Banks have been given unlimited amounts of our money we need to get back if we are to stop this insanity.

    Or… it will not end well.

  5. http://www.cnbc.com/id/100963099

    Oh my Gawd!!! Are we finally finding true religion as a country…?

    “Capitalism works best when its participants do not lie and cheat. Capitalism works best when its biggest beneficiaries play by the same rules as everyone else,” Bharara said. “That is why prosecutors need to be even more aggressive, regulators need to be even more vigilant, companies themselves need to pay close attention to the cultures they create.”
    —By CNBC’s Jeff Cox.


    It has been my contention all along: there is no evidence anywhere that whatever MS has done (or not done) has left any positive trace for any homeowner anywhere. The only apparent testimony he gave (and which is recorded on internet) was in connection with the prosecution of crooked attorneys who just happened to be his former associates/partners. i am not inventing it and i am not on a witch hunt. We, homeowners, have been conned enough as it is. We all need to be particularly vigilant and careful.

  6. E, Please download the case you were referencing in Texas and send as attachment to this blog so that all of us can see it or give us the full name of the matter. Thanks,

  7. the procedural twists and turns thrown at the homeowners by banks now includes the addition of another law firm representing the same plaintiff. Dual service, dual pleadings, dual timelines, they screw on time and try to bury your attorneys. Object.
    The judges are certainly part of the game now, jg.

  8. re: graupner – well, I followed some links, and could find zero relevance to MS’s financial arguments. Maybe they came later. This case, for anyone interested, seems to say (imo – was a cursory review): graupners owned a house. They deeded it to a relative who, claiming it as her second home, took out a loan. She then deeded it back to graupners. (I don’t think much of that, but – if I got it right -, they weren’t the first to do it) The bankster didn’t notify graupners of the foreclosure because they weren’t the borrowers and guess they decided they didn’t need to, which they did since graupners were again on title. So what does this have to do with derecognition and other economic theories?? Not trying to egg on “anyone” here really- just commenting on what I read. But, yeah, I do wonder how Einstein’s new theory of loanomics could possibly have been in play here.

  9. eggs – yes, ownership of our land goes back generally to government land patents. (Why does Torrey -sp?- System come to mind? Can’t remember – maybe that was something else.) Evidence of ownership of property interests came to require a writing and later, a notarized writing, and a recordation at the land office,* nka the county recorder or in some places, the Registrar. Ownership and encumberances went pretty smoothly with some finite rules to settle disputes until MERS came along.
    *recordation isn’t, though, what makes a deed effective. It’s delivery.
    People record deeds to give Notice, for protection (and when a loan is involved, a title co. would insist).

    Btw, the banksters are hard at work trying to get courts to re-interpret and or infuse more bench law in I think it’s rule 544 or like that in bk which allows certain debtors to avoid unrecorded interests, like say those in unrecorded assignments. They aren’t taking their displeasure with the existing law to the legilslators – they are concentrating their efforts on the judiciary. again. If the banksters get their way, it’s just a matter of time before we here might be talking of 544 and the ‘old days’, and younger people and new judges will believe what the banksters fashion is the truth.

  10. I am writing a book or two :

    How I guranteed bond Payments
    (and they still foreclosed)

    Why I Rent CD’s to Depositors
    (and never see any money )

    I threw away my free rent deal for life
    (and throw it away with a Mers Claim )

    How to Purchase My Home with no money
    Down ! (over and over )

    Can I do a Sale lease Back and Quiet Title

    How I Granted and Conveyed Title and
    then fought a foreclosure

    Lenders who refundi $200,000
    at the close of escrow

    If they made two notes then there
    must be two liens

    How can a Holder foreclose without
    tendering the Bond”

  11. MS – I stand by what I said despite you resorting to irrelevant history and histrionics. I don’t make personal attacks on you. I disagree with you at times. Do yourself and others a favor and stop removing any doubt about yourself by your own pen…..

  12. btw, the court used this logic to vacate an order issued six months earlier (out of time) which had sustained the pro se litigant’s obj to B of A’s claim. I cannot believe what banksters get away with. They don’t respond, they don’t show up, and when they feel like it, they put on those tap-shoes and do their dance.

  13. Christine , on August 15th, 2013 at 9:23 P.M. said

    Anyone googling Garfields name gets enlightened very quickly. From what i gather, your claim to fame is that you testified against “crooked attorneys” and that, in exchange for testifying against those former associates of yours, you negotiated complete immunity from prosecution. Quite a few disillusioned and disgruntled clients of Living Lies are looking to see you indicted and question why no one ever can find an address for you Neil.

    Ripoff Reports about Neil are far from glowing reviews and not one serious attorney mentions you.

    A minimum of due diligence is all it take to get to the bottom of it Garfield. In the meantime, Neil , if you believe that you understand foreclosure defense better than anyone, write and publish a book. If it’s any good, it will become known.

    No let me go back and massage my corn colored crispy chicken


  14. I think I have defended the judiciary just about enough after reading this in a case: The issue was the propriety of service by mail v
    registered mail and to whom of an obj to claim by a B of A. The court said this:

    In RE Gordon (Bankr.D.Nev. 3-20-2013) 11-22221

    “The record shows that attorney Dean Prober filed a request for special notice on November 8, 2011. (Dkt. #25.) The request says this:

    It is hereby requested that copies of any documents, pleadings or orders for which claimant Bank of America, N.A., its assignees and/or successors in interest, is entitled to service or notice, also be sent to

    the agent for Bank of America, N.A., its assignees and/or successors in interest, addressed as follows:

    Prober & Raphael, A Law Corporation 20750 Ventura Boulevard, Suite 100 Woodland Hills, California 91364

    DEAN R. PROBER, ESQ. CA BAR #106207 As Agent for Bank of America, N.A.”

    Prober had also filed the proof of claim as agent for B of A. The court found the notice to Prober of the obj to claim to be insufficient notice to
    B of A, despite Prober’s assertion that he was B of A’s agent!!

    The court also said this:

    “By its own terms, the request for special notice is limited to copies, not service.”

    jg: Okay, if we have to give them this one, the lesson is watch out for sneaky language. The attorney asked to be copied, but gave the impression he was an agent for process imo.This is crapinski to me.

    ” Nor is there sufficient proof of an implied agency on the part of attorney Prober or the Prober law firm to accept service of the objection.”

    jg: now wait a minute. NOW the court wants to talk about sufficient proof of an implied agency? They’re kidding, right? After makiing
    a million or so presumptions of (non-existant) agency and to boot non-existant implied agency as to real property, because when it comes to real property, there is no such thing as implied agency), NOW they want ‘sufficient evidence’ of (an implied) agency?! Well, then, I’m thinking stare decisis: the courts must be consistant in its rulings. It cannot be one way for a pro se litigant and another for a B A N K.

  15. MS,

    Anyone googling your name gets enlightened very quickly. From what i gather, your claim to fame is that you testified against “crooked attorneys” and that, in exchange for testifying against those former associates of yours, you negotiated complete immunity from prosecution. Quite a few disillusioned and disgruntled clients of yours are looking to see you indicted and question why no one ever can find an address for you.

    Ripoff Reports about you are far from glowing reviews and not one serious attorney mentions you.

    A minimum of due diligence is all it take to get to the bottom of it. In the meantime, if you believe that you understand foreclosure defense better than anyone, write and publish a book. If it’s any good, it will become known.


  16. E Tolle,
    Butler is a stand up guy for sure. He knows what’s going on is a complete farce. Did you see they’re sanctioning Babcock in RI now? Under the same essential premise as the Butler sanctions, i.e., that he keeps filing cases using supposedly discredited arguments–that they themselves have discredited. That’s the gist of what they’re accusing Babcock of.

    Meanwhile, a friend just sent me an amicus brief in the Martins v. BAC appeal in the 5th Circuit. It was written by Austin atty David Rogers and another chap whose name escapes me at the moment, but it is a brilliant takedown of the pro-MERS, pro-note-follows-mortgage argument. It is of course based on Texas law, but it also brings in Carpenter and a few other federal sources. Well worth reading, even if it is ultimately futile. Look it up on PACER or email me at leftbehindchild@gmail.com and I can send it to anyone interested.

  17. Christine

    You make representations about my services and character – with no knowledge of the facts READ WHAT I TELL YOU FOLKS – KEEP YOUR MONEY – JUST READ . This is Neils site and he is theperon and attorney to represent people in court . I testify –you think the guy would spend the dime to depose me once and for all .

    Garfield (good person Im sure) – thinks this is a mortgage related securities fraud
    Mendel son – Quiet title
    Charney – A lost collateral issue

    They are each wrong in very subtle and yet extreme perspectives – all wrong and I offer to testify in cases where plaintiffs realize the other arguments don’t work.

    My case experieince includes

    2010 The CA Appellate Court remands in the Graupner Case that I testified in – Overcoming a motion in limney and two days of character assasination reciting stuff like what your spewing

    GMAC / CitBank the Riffle Case 2011 in San Jose was decided upon the Plaintiffs dropping the case on my deposition.

    The Corbett case Vallejo CA Sup Ct 2011 was won with prejudice

    My appearance in Federal District Court last minute (2012 Jug Albert Court SA) overturned the court order having just granted the creditor relief.

    Henderson $450,000 discount
    Behan $165,000 Cash for Keys
    Limon $3,000 Cash and foreclosure suspended -back in the house AFTER ONE AND ONE HALF YEARS

    You said “he has managed to sucker a few bloggers out of a few bucks without giving anything of value in exchange. Not very good. Isn’t that what highway robbery is?

    highway robbery ….where did you go to school and where were you trained . Look, you want everything I have and for what – to take and do what? look, if you can be objective , here is somthing I guess these alleged clients could not use ?

    (1) Look at the last mortage statement you received

    Principal Balance :
    Esrow Advance :
    Combined Totals:

    On that statement is a code – find it decypher it . Its so substantive and causes the court to draw early conclusions for cause to dismiss and certainly useful to overcome a 12(b ) motion . You need to find it and then discover the formula used to allow these trustee foreclosure mills to reconcile balances owed .

    Look at the Notice of Default –

    There is somthing hidden in there to alert the court of a serious violation prohibited by all operations of law . Nothing in equity can overcome the lenders right to be repaid . Nothing , that is, other than a single componant of law that works to overcome the lenders right of claims held to the security and it sceams out in the NOD .

    I have been in court – and Im tired of appearing and have never been comfortable with the fact I am broadcasting what I know in an enviroment for national security. You think this is a game.

    Freddie CFo comitted suicide or so they say and this had bothered me. He was a striaght up by the book player who helped lauch this scheme which was nothing more than transferrfing the governements liabilities under the GSE to the private sector through foreign national banks. Paulson is as tough as nails point person to head this stuff -BUT FROM THE INSIDE OF WASHINGTON ? This tough as nails Head fed descibes going into press conferences having dry heaves ad nausa – why . It was’nt he who committed these acts of bank defesance. But this was all made possible by outsider banks acting as a delayed cashier for the originating wires . They were given incentives and rewarded for their participation.

    I believe it’s a mere coincidence that HSBC Deutsche Bank and Barclays were banks domiciled in countrys of orgin for aid in the war brought by the united states ./ Australia , England and Germany

    Talk specifics and act reasonably decent and I welcome you into intelligent argument . Please .

    …please okay

    John Gaul – whoever you are

    Read the definition for
    accretion -A bonds surivival is by accretion.
    mortgage – A notes survival is by accrual

    Even you said their appears to be two notes . . .
    Can you have one loan sold under two notes – Nope

    Can you rely on a sinking fund to compensate for two notes in teh event of early prepayment ? YESSSSSSS! Can you hope and rely on a sinking fund to compensate for early prepayment by default ? YESSSSSSS!

    You can hope and rely on a sinking fund to compensate for early prepayment by default where property values declined ? Can you hope and rely on a sinking fund to compensate for early prepayment by default where property values declined and the Robust condition for marketability are gone ?

    Hell NO ! Two notes become revealed and cause certain restraints to prohibit one from enjoying all unalineable rights to title .

    So arguments about mortgage securities fraud
    – Quiet title , Quiet Riot, lost collateral issues and lost in space …that’s the concern – taking the wrong arguments into a court


  18. Foreclosure lawyers charge some homeowners for nonexistent cases
    By David Migoya
    The Denver Post
    Posted: 08/18/2013 12:01:00 AM MDT
    Updated: 08/18/2013 03:19:36 PM MDT

    At the risk of losing their homes if they didn’t, scores of Colorado homeowners struggling to avoid foreclosure in the past year were each forced to pay hundreds of dollars in lawyer charges for phantom court cases against them, a Denver Post investigation has found.

    Those charges, which homeowners in the state’s largest counties unnecessarily had to pay to bring their property out of the foreclosure process, totaled more than $40,000. The law firms billed the charges to be reimbursed for having filed the lawsuit and posted a legal notice about it, records show.

    Although the fees were very real, the cases and the notices were not.

    The Post found 126 foreclosures since January 2012 in which homeowners in 11 counties were told by county public trustees to pay the charges associated with the filings or the foreclosure would continue. But, in fact, no foreclosure lawsuit was filed.

    Read more: Foreclosure lawyers charge some homeowners for nonexistent cases – The Denver Post http://www.denverpost.com/realestatenews/ci_23885908/foreclosure-lawyers-charge-some-homeowners-nonexistent-cases#ixzz2cMObtoQl

    Unreal… If it was done in Colorado, what are the odds that it happened elsewhere too?

  19. Banks did everything else. Why not that too? I mean, come on! Why anyone stop at anything after having been rewarded for so long?

    JPMorgan Hit By U.S. Bribery Probe Into Chinese Hiring: Report

    Reuters | Posted: 08/18/2013 8:42 am EDT

    (Reuters) – U.S. authorities have opened an investigation into whether JPMorgan Chase & Co hired the children of powerful Chinese officials to help it win business in China, according to the New York Times.

    Investment banks have a long history of employing the children of China’s politically connected. While close ties to top government officials is a boon to any banking franchise across the world, it’s especially beneficial in China, where relationships and personal connections play a critical role in business decisions.

    The approval process for a stock offering in China, for example, is one area that has come under criticism inside and outside the country for being opaque and prone to cronyism.

    For JPMorgan, the China hiring probe comes while the bank is under intense scrutiny following the $6 billion trading loss it suffered in the “London whale” derivatives scandal. Federal prosecutors on Wednesday brought criminal charges against two former JPMorgan traders – Javier Martin-Artajo and Julien Grout – accusing the pair of deliberately understating losses on the trades on the bank’s books.

    A report posted in the Times’ online Saturday edition cited a confidential U.S. government document as its source for the story on the China hiring probe. The Times said the probe is a civil investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission’s anti-bribery unit.

    The Times said JPMorgan hired Tang Xiaoning, the son of Tang Shuangning, a former Chinese banking regulator. Tang Xiaoning is now the chairman of the China Everbright Group, a state-controlled financial conglomerate.


    Does that mean that all our former government employees who went to work for Big Pharma, Monsanto, WS, the oil industry, etc. are also going to be investigated…? Yep! In our dreams!

  20. Its all about how it comes back out of( MERS) an irrevocable trust .. til death do us part.

    Many Blessing to You All!

  21. Take Us Home Country Road, to the Place where we Belong. Home … Home

    Home Sweet Home

  22. Oh wait … he is not being sued. Nope! Nope!

    But I want to sue the stuffins out of a stuffed suit who terrorized this family to keep them from learning of the profits they are entitled to.

  23. And the Answer is ……

    The household estate.

    My husband (the borrower) is getting sued by …. his one and only true love of 30 plus years and his children (but they don’t know it).

    Wait…. we didn’t authorize that. beneficiaries don’t have the authority to close out a trust unless he (the borrower) becomes a divisee (croaks). Its the only way out.

    Trustor can not make changes to irrevocable trust.

    It must be a Ghost … I will call him George. I will squeeze him till all his stuffing falls out. Better yet .. I will let the Duke of Ashmore shredd him to pieces after he rips out all the stuffin. Dogs are good at that. lol

  24. Do you still want to attack MERS? Kinda .. Sorta. Like this … Who authorized you to transfer? The Trustor? The Trustee? The Beneficiary? The Master Criminal Servicer? Who?

    Research … Who has the legal capacity to authorize MERS to act?

  25. Freehold Estate … Free from liens and encumbrances.

    Now .. where MS comes is here ….. trusts make money … money that is lawfully the beneficiaries. How did they make those Millions?

  26. Foreclosure Mill = LP in Capital Asset Co.
    FC Attorney = Debt Buyer/Collector

    Takes Balls to FC on an Estate for an unsecured debt if the Grantors and Heirs know …………….. about the trust ….. that is.

    Good Grief …

  27. You can not be the Trustor and Beneficiary of a life irrevocable trust.

    But what if your family didn’t know about the Trust?

    What if you didn’t name a beneficiary?

    Do they have Rights? Sure they do!.. the are your beneficiary by law.

    But what if they don’t know and fail to act?

    Finders … Keepers?


    Why else do you think they fc on the Estate?


  28. Not my comment but a comment from msf Mortgage servicing fraud site. These judges need to be lined up with handcuffs on and prosecuted.

    Stop Here, Watch and Read!
    It is inconceivable that our own American judges have become co-conspirators to multiple felonies by taking the affirmative step of granting facially void judgments to help conceal the banks’ use of counterfeit promissory Notes and other faked documents to steal trillions of dollars of homes in the United States — and in plain view of the U.S. government, law enforcement and the public.
    Your Mortgage Documents Might be Fake!

  29. You can not modify an irrevocable trust agreement. Nope!

    Don’t fight them … Join them!

  30. Putting assets into an irrevocable trust protects them from debt collectors.

  31. Assets that go into a Trust must be Free and Clear of All Liens and Encumbrances.

  32. Eggsistense said, “saying that deeds of trust can be transferred distinctly and separately from a note.”

    That’s the sad state of affairs in MN. I’ve said it before….Bill Butler’s not only up to $325K in sanctions by these unscrupulous judges, he’s also losing his home. The following is from his own foreclosure dismissal:

    The Butlers provided the following statement of their legal theory: “when a mortgagee seeks to dispossess someone of his home, it must be able to show: (1) it is the valid assignee of a properly perfected mortgage; and (2) is entitled to enforce the note.” The Butlers then state the following: “Plaintiffs allege that the defendants do not hold the original promissory note. To enforce the original note and the mortgage that secures it, as an initial condition Defendants must have physical possession of the note or otherwise be able to show that they are entitled to enforce it.”
    The Bank Defendants assert that the Butlers’ argument that the banks were required to hold the actual note in order to foreclose is wrong under Minnesota law. The Bank Defendants assert that in Jackson the Minnesota Supreme Court affirmed the law that the party enforcing the mortgage must be an assignee of the mortgage with a recorded interest but need not have any interest in the promissory note. The Court agrees.

    Then what about STARE DECISIS?

    Lat. “to stand by that which is decided.” The principal that the precedent decisions are to be followed by the courts. To abide or adhere to decided cases. It is a general maxim that when a point has been settled by decision, it forms a precedent which is not afterwards to be departed from. The doctrine of stare decisis is not always to be relied upon, for the courts find it necessary to overrule cases which have been hastily decided, or contrary to principle.

    Which leads to Carpenter v. Longan:

    “The note and mortgage are inseparable; the former as essential, the latter as an incident. An assignment of the note carries the mortgage with it, while an assignment of the latter alone is a nullity.”

    I look forward to the day these black robes cry out in anguish for justice when they can find none. Oodles of schadenfreude.

  33. There is no lien on the land deed. Why?
    The Warranty Deed was not filed. Why?
    The Title was transferred prior to default. Why?

  34. Grantor/borrower/Trustor Grants and Warranties Title Free of all _____ and _______ irrevocably to ________ .


  35. Under land registry, deeds and charges were not recognized unless they were filed.

    KC… No Warranty Deed filed. Show Me the Title!

  36. Very interesting to see history repeating itself–from the Wikipedia article on “allodial title” (no links in this section, but still):

    “Until the 18th century, almost all common law property ownership depended on proving a link of possession from a royal grant of title to the property owner. Although the feudal system was rapidly disappearing from England in the 18th century, to be replaced with a system of taxation, in theory the feudal chain of title still exists, although it is a formality.

    However, proving ownership in the absence of the documents was an impossibility, and forgeries of crown grants were common and difficult to detect. Moreover, it was nearly impossible to determine if land was subject to common law encumbrances (i.e. mortgages). This led to the establishment in the 18th century of land registry systems, where a central office in each county was responsible for the filing of land deeds, mortgages, liens and other evidence of ownership, transfer or encumbrance. Under land registry, deeds and charges were not recognized unless they were filed, and persons who filed were given priority over previous transactions that had not been filed. Moreover, under statutes of limitation, only documents that had been filed in the past 40 years had to be consulted to determine the chain of ownership.

  37. MS,

    You’ve pegged me wrong. I don’t do Goodwill. Volunteers of America is my department store.

  38. KC,

    Sorry about your missing refund. I guess you’ll need to get in line. And I’m afraid your miserly… what? Couple of thousands of bucks? ain’t gonna be very relevant in the big picture below. And we know it’s true because we did hear Rumsfeld whine about missing trillions the day before 911. A black hole has been created and it’s sucking everything into it. Some bottomless pit that endlessly inhales money, properties, land, countries, you name it. From what i understand, that bottomless pit vacuums $98 million every single day, just in this country!


    I find that honorable that you would want to defend MS but, really KC, he doesn’t make any sense for most of us. And he has managed to sucker a few bloggers out of a few bucks without giving anything of value in exchange. Not very good. Isn’t that what highway robbery is?
    It’s hard enough to be the prey of banks and government. When your neighbors join the ranks of the thieves, we’re in big trouble!

  39. johngault quoted case law which said: “a mortgagee’s interest does not survive the discharge or satisfaction of the underlying debt, regardless of the mortgagee’s intent. ”

    Of course that is correct. And it is in fact the law across the entire country. That’s why current judges want nothing to do with it. And this very principle points out why it is so dangerous to have judges all over the country (but notably, in my reading, in Texas and within the other states that comprise the 5th Circuit) saying that deeds of trust can be transferred distinctly and separately from a note.

    That is to say, it’s dangerous for you and me, but it’s perfectly safe and quite profitable for those the judges are there to protect, i.e., the criminal banks. These judges are perfectly willing to let a transfer of a deed of trust determine who is entitled to foreclose on property. They in fact will defend this notion with the most tortured logic–whatever it takes to defend it.

    And we are all assured that no bank will come back and sue a homeowner for an outstanding note after that homeowner’s property has been sold out from under him. That may even be true, but only because the banks are being given 100 cents on the dollar via QE for their “toxic paper,” which is to say our notes which they still show as being on their books. But that just makes the problem much bigger for everyone, as QE rewards criminal behavior and bad and/or complete lack of recordkeeping while it simultaneously increases inflation for everyone else.

    And who is to say that, even after QE ends (if it ever does), the banks won’t decide that they want to bleed us even more, and they surely will. At that point, it will become common to hear the stories of poor bastards who lost their house in 09/10, and now the banks have decided to sue them on notes, too. And the judges will of course allow that to happen, because they’ll say that it was decided in 2012 and 2013 that notes and deeds of trust are two separate things, with the note entitling the banks to your money while the deed of trust merely gave them the right to kick you out of your house.

    We will all scream and carry on about ancient property law, the Andelmans will try to point out the best way to appease the banks, those of us still left here on Living Lies will try to find the magic words to try to get the judges to stop this and disparage anyone who tries to point out that laws and legal theories already exist to stop it but the judges won’t listen, and the bank-rape will continue until we are all completely destitute and/or dead.

  40. Listen Up Folks …

    The Little Tea Pot is always up to its neck in hot water, yet it continues to sing.


    JG… study your vocab and mortgage/dot.

    Christine .. still waiting for 2012 refund from IRS for overpayment.

    MS …. You are Brilliant, be a mentor and set a better example for others.. no name calling or defaming needed… just teach them.

    Have a Blessed Sunday!

  41. Chistine “…as if you met me and take on my character…” Pray tell. When? Where?

    You remember …I was dropping off suits and other items for donation at Goodwill …remember . I saw you shopping and I said hi …remember . Times still tough …poor thing ..I know

  42. Other than that, we and the banksters are still bound by the same old set of rules. You talking about accretion and so on is distracting and irrelevant imo.

    Accession? Allodial title? Are you kidding me? Intestate? Hard to take you seriously when you spew this stuff. I read your first comment here and thought you actually said something. Think I got fooled.

    J Gault

    Careful ….your an internet junkie …Im not being offensive. Thats all you do . You and the rest knew nothing when you joined this site . Nothing . Your arguments ramble and you have nothing but conjecture to offer . If it gets you off …great – But you say nothing .

    Allodial title – think thats alot of gibberish. Look up the word Siesed ; the fee simple title was siesed of the estate. Siesen dating back to pre allodial title formaltity and Magna Carta See Herny the VIII and war waged in middle east.Catholic church siesed title to homes as tax deferred transfers and sale (TO AVOID TAXABLE GAINS BEING PAID ON CGARHITABLE GIFTS ) contributionS BY kNIGHTS GIVENLAND BY THE KING FOR THEIR SERVICE …again , it was all for finaincing the war . Sound familiar Put your tounge back in the mouth and set aside the glue for a moment. Why waste time with a hisotry lesson – huh , why ? Why nimrod . Tell me , what is in your mortgage that begs the question …. Siesed of the esate ? You were not fooled – fool


  43. Maher Soliman

    “…as if you met me and take on my character…” Pray tell. When? Where?

    Grow up, my boy. And stop peddling. You’re not very good at it.

  44. Maher Soliman,

    Grow up my boy. Really. Grow up. Boy.

  45. United States 9th Circuit Court of Appeals

    U.s. v. Polk, 822 F.2d 871 (9th Cir. 1987)

    “Whether or not Anderson retains any legal interest in the Polk property corresponding to the two former mortgages is a matter of Arizona law.
    See Magneson v. C.I.R., 753 F.2d 1490, 1495 (9th Cir. 1985), citing
    Aquilino v. United States, 363 U.S.509, 512-13, 80 S.Ct. 1277, 1279-80, 4 L.Ed.2d 1365 (1960).

    According to Arizona law (probably all states laws – sic),

    a mortgagee’s interest does not survive the discharge or satisfaction
    of the underlying debt, regardless of the mortgagee’s intent.

    Best Fertilizers of Arizona, Inc.v. Burns, 116 Ariz. 492, 493,
    570 P.2d 179, 180 (1977) (en banc).”

    This is one reason imo why the court got in wrong in Hogan.

  46. well, I take that back about the same old rules. IF securitization changed the character of the note, destroyed it actually, there could be a new set of rules which I couldn’t identify,

  47. Did the banksters decide to “assign” the notes in the dot assgts in conjunction (that’s a nice word) with the IRS or did they come up with it themselves, I do so wonder. Did the IRS say ‘okay, we’ll look the other way, but you’ve got to make a record the loan went to the trust at SOME time”? I hasten to note this wasn’t necessary until MERS
    Consent Order. Prior to that, no one knew who was snarfing homes.
    Since it appears obvious, at least to me, the IRS is ignoring the amt of tax liability here, it’s made me wonder if they did in fact demand a
    record, even post-cutoff date. Odd because it’s post-cutoff, yeah, but I still wonder. We could guess that the banksters were making the investors whole post-foreclosure were it not for all the lawsuits screaming about the quality of the loans (and thus the hits taken by investors).

    If the banksters didn’t in fact endorse and deliver the notes to the trusts, why would the trusts now be willing to pretend they did? Of course there is no evidence the trusts have accepted these ‘tardy’ assignments (and we would all fall over if a trustee ever committed to acceptance by/in writing), but say there were evidence, why would they do it when it appears to be the banksters plan to hit the trusts/investors with the losses which the investors would not incur if they wouldn’t accept the tardy assignments? The investors would incur no loss – they would be owed the amts due on the notes at the time they paid for them less any payments received.

    And isn’t AIG waiving subrogation a “tell” that AIG knew the banksters still held the loans but they were subject to the security interests of the investors who had paid for them?

  48. Sorry

    Correction …..
    $100 k free and clear versus
    $100 K levered by $1.0 Million

    100,000.00 0.05 $2,000,000.00
    (900,000.00) (0.05) 18,000,000.00


  49. Christine , or Carlos or Wells Fargo, whoever you are …

    Using a NINJA No Income No Asset verification as skin in the game maybe the straw that breaks the proverbial calms pancreas .Today I received a clients file …three years to the date of the default .

    Multiple attorneys have taken the case and gone nowhere. I would love to show it to NG and have him opine before I write this – Really

    What’s wrong with this borrower profile and cause for investigating a substantive banker sham.

    Loan Amount_ 417,000.00
    Contribution _ 33.50%_ 139,695.00

    Savings _55.00% _ 76,832.25
    Savings _ 45.00%_ 62,862.75

    The borrower Savings Totals 33% of the loan or the cost to securitze [30%] and pay CWHL Inc a commission [3%]:

    I mean , this guy has never had more than one PITI in the bank saved up for 30 days or more.

    Christine I’m sorry but your putrid disgusting take on me , as if you met me and take on my character has denied people like this guy from making substantive claims while going the Robo Rooter Route Now the statue of limitations will probably void the claim

    Why you and F Lee Finger Tolle act as you do in open forums is a quandary Your take on the piece written as enlightenment for purposes of attacking NG and myself . That is dementia ,a counterproductive thought process clouded .with personal views tainted with hatred for hating sake.

    By 2007 the cost for the asset backed security was skyrocketing . Its cost was for rating the the late series. That cost was so absurd and the method so expensive – used to create the over collateralized contributions or lenders skin in the game. It had reached over 30 % cash by 2007-08

    So here’s a good one.

    Make up the amount by showing it as borrower saving using a NINJA No Income No Asset verification.

    The breadth and depth of the banking industry faltering in 1999 was so bad and at at a crisis level that nothing was ruled out in a desperate attempt to salvage the economy. The same was true of the social security dilemma and annual remuneration for CMO non insured medical treatment for uninsured patients.

    The extent of this country going bankrupt in 1999 causes one to look at the case for accounting of the cash reserve surplus the Clinton Administration created and destination of those funds. The surplus was gone, spending was doubled and the SP platform was launched all in year one of the Bush Administration. Is it possible there was a decade long exchange transferring the Clinton cash surplus for a Bush cash reserve levered 10 fold by domestic and international debt ?

    If I own $100,000 in savings Free /C compared to the same encumbered by $1.0 million ….the first is worth 20,000,000.00 to the bank …the latter is worth $ 200,000,000.00


    This is not a legal opinion and not provided or intended to give legal advice . This is not from an attorney and cannot be held as a valid legal opinion

  50. kc:”JG… you didn’t find it in the mortgage/DOT agreement because it was not disclosed to you.”
    what wasn’t? well, a lot wasn’t, but what do YOU mean?

    You said the investor’s funds paid off the loans. That could almost be true because of non-delivery, i.e,, since the banksters didn’t transfer the loans, the investors funds, meant to buy them, actually paid off the loans.
    But the UCC gives the investors security interests in both the notes and their security (dots), making the banksters indentured parties for the full amt due on the note at the time they rec’d payment from the investors (or anyone). We have to work on reconciling these two issues, but in the meantime, I think I can say (again) that in that state,
    the note is enforceable by no one. The bankster sold its interest and the investors don’t have the notes. Imo the investors have causes of action against the banksters for non-delivery, but for some reason, they have been loathe to assert them. Loss of tax status on the monies they HAVE received (borrower payments thru bankster)? Don’t get that one, since the banksters would also be liable for the tax rams of the investors.
    If the investors never get the notes, I would think for sure their funds paid them off. That’s probably a big reason they are trying to assign them to the trusts in the “MERS” assgts of the dots.

    MS – please stop commingling specific real estate terminology with
    accounting terms. I respect your accounting acumen (don’t know enough not to), but my real estate vocabulary goes waaaay back.
    no one should need to see any accountant regarding any loan. I don’t give a rats what the players did internally or what they called it.
    We signed loan documents which are regulated by a limited set of laws. Loans may be transferred pursuant to that limited set of laws. They either were or they weren’t. A claimant has been injured by our non-performance or it hasn’t.

    There has been the introduction of a couple other issues which may bear on our loan liability, one of which is payment by a third party, which never used to happen to my knowledge until recently.

    Other than that, we and the banksters are still bound by the same old set of rules. You talking about accretion and so on is distracting and irrelevant imo. Accession? Allodial title? Are you kidding me? Intestate? Hard to take you seriously when you spew this stuff. I read
    your first comment here and thought you actually said something. Think I got fooled.

  51. Maher Soliman,

    Grow up my boy.

  52. The day the earth stood still is the day America decided it was IT and nothing in the world could move on without IT. The earth was supposed to stand still… for America?

    The world took notice. (If you have questions, write me: cbrightlife@aol.com )

    It’s been moving fast forward everywhere else all along. And everybody is invited to join. My own American-born kid got that and so are millions of kids all over the world. Peace Corps. Teaching in China. Studying in America at full price and going back home to… move on.

    Just for the hell of it… do you have any idea what the Geneva convention has served for in America? To make soldiers of refugees. The only country that does that. America revisiting old colonialism circa WWI. America trying the recreate a long gone past. America recreating… England. And sending thousands of refugees to fight wars against their own upbringing. Insane joke?

    A joke. Keep on blogging about a house. The world doesn’t give a hoot about a house. The world is about 7 billion people living on earth and American holding 80% of the resources and having no moral courage to fix 2007. Or 911, for that matter…

    Oops! Germany’s gold, entrusted to America in 1946, happens to have… vanished? How can that be?

    Your country. Your problem. Just be good boys and girls and pay your taxes.

  53. Christine said – he opens his big mouth and can’t back up anything with any kind of credible source, case law or anything.

    Enron Nigerian barge Case
    TYCO ; over 2300 SPV acquisitions made in one year.
    Philadelphia newspaper Bankruptcy : and Appeals court intervention into the stalking horses bid and debtors rights to bid
    CRAIG Electronic Fraud case- Court overruled sentencing of executives
    Adelphia and WorldCom sentencing
    Freddie CFO architect of the bankers SPV hung himself ’09
    Enron manipulation of accounting for earnings sake
    First Alliance Fraud case with Lehman (first hand knowledge )
    PinnFund Fraud Case (Grand Jury request to testify )
    Priority SEC inquiry (First hand experience )
    Rostami Ex CEO mortgage Lender conviction / First hand experience testifying

    Christine said – I open my big mouth and can’t back in anything credible ….or anything.


    (1) A plaintiff or applicant may join any party in the same proceeding for claims the plaintiff or applicant has against an opposite party.Its where plaintiff may sue in different capacities and a defendant or respondent may be sued in different capacities in
    the same proceeding. Where there is more than one defendant or respondent, it is not necessary for each to have an interest in all the relief claimed or in each claim included in the proceeding.


  55. MS is not a target. He is as dysfunctional as all of us. And he does the dysfunctional thing: he opens his big mouth and can’t back up anything with any kind of credible source, case law or anything. Same for NG: we’ve been reading all kinds of things from him for years. Not ONE case he can cite to support what he advances. Is he wrong? No! He lives his reality and he isn’t starving. He knows something we don’t.

    Face it, people. We’re all completely dysfunctional as a species, running around and trying to make sense of what has none.

    What we know is simple:

    1) We were brought here on this earth by parents who were dysfunctional. They loved us and they wanted us to make it in a dysfunctional world. They taught us crap they had hung their hat on in an ever-evolving world and had no clue about that. We must revere their good intentions. They really meant well. They were obsolete the minute they gave us birth.
    2) The society we were brought into has been dysfunctional for… eons. What else could we expect?
    3) It doesn’t have to be this way and we don’t have to perpetuate that sad state of affairs ad vitam eternam.
    4) History is only the story of people who looked for solutions with half a deck: not one of out ancestors ever anticipated what today would be like. They gave us an idea of what will never work. Still up to us to do our thing once here and test it. We did just that.
    5) Look at birds and squirrels. They come, they breed, they do their thing, they appropriate a branch for mating/breeding season and they sing all along. And then, they croak.

    Humans don’t even sing along. And they still croak. Any problem with that? I have a big one: banks took away my singing. For a while, until i reacted.

    Do we repeat 1 to 5 and croak or do we grow up, look elsewhere and sing first and croak then, happy we came here?

    It’s not the banks, government, Congress or anybody else. It’s people and their unreasonable expectations of life and whether what they see is worth living. I applaud Egypt, Greece and Syria: they know what they don’t want. We don’t even know that much… The true test of a dying civilization.

    MS didn’t kill America. People who sit blogging in the wind for their own personal satisfaction and doing nothing else killed this country.

    Still paying your taxes? And feeding the problem? I won’t. Croaking is my end road anyway. And yours. Might as well travel and meet as many people as i can in the meantime and get involved in as many feel-good endeavors as I can in the meantime. ‘Cuz whatever we start in earnest will go on after we die. Blogging? Not so much. Just name 20 people with whom you created such a real relationship while blogging that… you traveled and saw new things.

    I don’t have 20. i have 72 and 18 countries to go to, whether or not I lose the frickin’ house. How many do you have?

  56. Solly, can we talk about accession and Article 9 relating to the “secured interest” alleged by the undisclosed third party?

    Article 8 is precedence over all other code for conveyances and title. The title transfers are lost in the basis in assets converted in to shares

    I sell you chose for 1000 and you sell her the same for 1100

    At 10 units per article the transfer is booked as a gain on sale , from $100 PPS to $110 PPS . Article 8 is held under a uniform instrument supersedes the condition for transfers of chattel, meaning the terms for contract and transferring assets as to the ownership of stock used to capitalize the entity and claiming the origination

    See a tax attorney for proper legal opinion and accounting requirements under the IRS Codes

  57. JG… you didn’t find it in the mortgage/DOT agreement because it was not disclosed to you.

  58. You are the Creditor/Grantor/Trustor
    MERS is your nominee…Embrace Yourself.
    The investors money was not used to fund the loans… it was used to pay them off.

    Just thinking out loud boss.

  59. Does anyone know why FNMA felt it had to guarantee payment or buy-backs on mbs’s? I want to know because of X, but the effort to be rid of FNMA and FHLMC is troublesome especially since they want to be rid of it and go right to securitization, which along with MERS has to GO.
    FNMA etc worked just fine until the banksters’ greed got totally out of control imo. I don’t like the guarantee, though, and we need to know imo why it guaranteed the MBS’s. That guarantee essentially made
    the investors lenders for FNMA.

    I’m not savvy enough to figure all of what MS says (but kudos for saying it in English). I wouldn’t concentrate my legal efforts on showing the funding of the loan originally. I would make my arguments relevant to the ‘investment’, the alleged loss, of the current claimant as to not lose the judge – even if I were ultimately after proving Neil’s theory, which also imo you’d get to as a matter of course when you start down the money trail which you’re doing when you ask for evidence the
    claimant will sustain a loss by you’re nonpayment.

    The banksters used the investors funds to fund loans, then
    participated in CDS’s. AIG, the regulated insuror, wanted in the act
    and either underwrote insurance for non-interests (or alternatively wrote insurance for insurable interests already subject to the security interests of others, which they knew) and participated
    in unregulated CDS’s which in its only fleeting recognition was called stretching instead of illegal, AIG had to pay out at 100% of the claims lest a true economic tsunami ensue, the banksters got all the money and didn’t pay off the secured interests which were why AIG waived subrogation -or- the investors had a right to payments made by the borrowers only and that on unseasoned loans in the biggest scam in history), the banksters moved the money off-shore so couldn’t perform as counter-parties, the government freaked, ignored the impermissible acts of AIG in accruing its liabilities and made the taxpayer bail out AIG et al with freshly minted greenbacks, causing the dollar to weaken substantially and now accusing China for instance of manipulating currency, the banksters are foreclosing by issuing 2013 assgts in the name of a computer program to (empty) trusts closed years ago in lieu of honoring their own true indentures*, and now the banksters are bringing the absconded moolah back in the country in some form of ‘thing’ with a nice tax rate, all the while calling us the deadbeats for not paying loans they willfully made to people they knew weren’t qualified and hiding heinous teaser rates in a mtn of paperwork. What’d I miss?

    *the only way imo the banksters aren’t indentured to the investors is if
    the investors funds weren’t used and they only factually had a right to borrower’s payments and the loans were to be transferred to the trusts to dead-end them and preclude enforcement by pretenders (in other words,securitization is a farce and the only real reliance can be on borrowers making their payments). That wouldn’t be true for FNMA’s securities because FNMA guaranteed them and I’d sure like to know
    why. But even then, FNMA as I recall pays the issuer and not the trusts unless the issuer is toast or insolvent, and I’d sure like to know why that is. I mean wth?

  60. Be Nice to MS … He has it Right! I know he talks above our heads sometimes (ok. most of the time) … but he is Correct.

    Thank You MS and God Bless You!

  61. Z, excellent try! Soon you will realize that MS makes no sense and likes to inflict emotional pain on people by attacking their intellectual positions, beliefs and opinions as well as issuing threats that the feds are going to get us. He is no help to the people posting here. He is just a distraction.

    Just released: CFPB Consumer Laws and Regulations RESPA. Type into Google. Very interesting and definitely going to throw a wrench into the servicers’ works.

  62. This part, too: “Your foreclosure is arguably a mix of roman cannon law and rule of a monarchy that was enforced ages before the dawn of common law. ” I would agree–can you elaborate?

  63. While I was posting my parsing, MS came back with another, much clearer post. Thanks for that. I think I hear you saying that the courts are applying the law in a sense very removed from the way we think and are taught that they are applying the law. Now that, I think, is something valuable, especially when you said this:

    “The courts are enforcing Allodial title, seisen, Freehold estates, an estate in remainder, lordships grants and conveyances with no right left to the next in kin .”

    These are terms I’ve heard before but am not terribly familiar with. You seem to be using the patriot argument that the courts are admiralty courts and not civil courts, but they don’t bother to tell anyone that. Could you elaborate on that? I’m really not trying to insult you–I really want to understand what you are saying, and so does everyone else. I think you obviously have valuable knowledge and a passion to share it or else you wouldn’t bother to post.

    But you have to say it in as clear a manner as possible, please! I think most of us are frustrated not with the fact that you differ with Neil, but that we can’t make out WHY you differ with Neil.

  64. I really wanted to try to parse MS post below, but I am at a loss. It seems to say so much but ultimately reveals nothing. For example, MS said:

    “You see Mers Corp is the joinder linking you to your rights as a beneficiary on one hand and purchaser for value received to date . When you or your attorney attack Mers as an accommodation you repudiate your agreements and surrender your rights by attacking the nominee. Then by jumping over to adversary claims against the nominee you acknowledge abandonment .”

    Okay, a sentence at a time…
    1. “MERS Corp is the joinder”–OK, a synonym of “joinder” is “conjunction.” So MERS is conjoining something, in MS’ words.

    And MERS, according to MS is linking “you”–presumably that pronoun refers to us homeowners/borrowers to our “rights as a beneficiary.” OK, is this a “beneficiary” of a type other than that mentioned in a Deed of Trust? I ask that because the homeowner/borrower is NEVER the “beneficiary” of a Deed of Trust.

    And then “you” also have rights as a “purchaser for value received to date.” Maybe so, maybe not–does this mean that because a homeowner has made some payments (but not ALL the payments), the homeowner has rights? I think the courts would disagree and the mortgage documents disagree.

    Conclusion for sentence 1: UNCLEAR

    2. When we “attack MERS as an accommodation…” I don’t know that anyone attacks MERS as an “accommodation.” We’re not trying to accommodate anything by attacking MERS, are we? We’re trying to prove that they have no power to do anything. How does “accommodation” fit into that?

    So when we attack MERS as an accommodation, you “repudiate your agreements.” If I knew what was meant by MERS being an “accommodation,” this might make more sense, but I don’t see how attacking MERS repudiates our agreement. Which agreement, the Deed of Trust? What else could it be? We’re not so much trying to repudiate the Deed of Trust as we are trying to point out to the court that MERS is NOT a beneficiary, despite what the Deed of Trust says.

    And you also “surrender your rights by attacking the nominee.” I think the truth is the exact opposite–one ASSERTS one’s rights when attacking MERS. How does one surrender one’s rights by suing somebody?

    Conclusion for sentence 2: UNCLEAR

    3. We “acknowledge abandonment” by bringing “adversary claims against the nominee.” Abandonment of what? Of our rights? Of the property? Of fill-in-the-blank? I know in the past MS has said that MERS is our friend, which I kind of get in the sense that if MERS doesn’t have reliable info on your note/mortgage–which they don’t–then that leaps several hurdles for you. But how does suing MERS acknowledge abandonment of anything?

    Conclusion for sentence 3: UNCLEAR

    Is my reading comprehension so poor that I am just completely missing the point? Did I miss some inside baseball and not get the jargon dictionary that somebody posted somewhere? MS seems to have some good points and at least he seems to get what he’s saying, but I cannot for the life of me make heads or tails of it.

  65. Neil – I am not using this site to advertise . Your lieutenants assure you of that . I am done with fee based testimony barring engagements where counsel is not involved or for claims that arise in other post foreclosure claims and endeavors …

    KC has gone nowhere with web site arguments.

    Attacks against my charter and work have been investigated by NY attorneys and the conclusion is 98 percent of the trash written was produce out of Los Gatos CA by a fee based offshore cyber terrorist group. The other two percent is spewed by Lousie and ekert tolle et al. I worked to hard and too long to jump ship and I’m left with nowhere to go. Those I came to help for the most part reject the truth and the other side is looking at me shaking their heads saying …. . Why ,

    I ask “why does this fecal matter here continue attacking ME and not attack my ARGUMENTS (Prevailed in a matter before the CA Appeals Court Graupner V Wells 2010 Fargo Bank order to remand)

    Garfield, you have hired my clients and attorneys that had yet to win – why ? You supported my view until peer pressure got to you. The clients who went off with the popular lost note theorem spent threefold on other angles and for what kinds of results ….nothing .

    You the household abandoned your claim and gave the opposition the right to release deposits held as the collateral. Was it not you the household that entered the court as a debtor and not the true condition for which a creditors rights are obvious

    You the household believe the lender forgave billions in loans they advanced as reconciliation or restitution for bad loans and excess advances . Restitution for bad loans and excess advances is (accretion) a loan loss reserve eaten up over the time they waited out the reverse depletion while offering you a bogus modification.

    You were told the appraisals are bogus while Obama tells listeners in speeches NO MORE APPRAISALS . Your still not aware of 90 percent of what our staff is holding such as why the US Department of Treasury removed what they did off their web site.

    How can the US banks like Citibank NA be overburdened in all time recorded debt while having amassed more cash than any other Bank in the history of the world. Or lets try it this way …How can the US banks like Citibank NA be overburdened in all time recorded debt while having amassed more cash than any other Bank in the history of the world.

    The cost of securtization is absolutely and in quantifiable terms prohibitive for entry into the markets Okay!

    Its not a crime, it’s just simply too expensive to make work – so how did they do it ? Put it this way ….they got someone else to finance it .

    The courts are enforcing Allodial title, seisen, Freehold estates, an estate in remainder, lordships grants and conveyances with no right left to the next in kin . By laws of nature and man a positive charge attracts to a negative ground. Two positives wont create anything of value no matter what their destructive (lightening or storms) or intrinsic value is equal too. If the cost of the assets is allowed to forgive the negative or liabilities . Get a clue Tolle and Louise (who will be subpenaed for slander and defamation where the defamer is allowed freedom of speech barring the one word to stay clear of for liability reasons “Fact”.

    So it goes the debtor is made the creditor at closing whereby the first cannot be held obligated to a creditor creditor relationship. In this instance the debtor is the guarantor to the holder who becomes indebted to the assets pledged for obligations owed to the holders assignment.

    – A freehold estate is an estate of inheritance, or for life, in either a corporeal or … those are properly estates of freehold ; and as no other estates are conveyed …all this leading to the magna carta.

    Your foreclosure is arguably a mix of roman cannon law and rule of a monarchy that was enforced ages before the dawn of common law.

    Now back to our presentation of

    Gumby and Mers meet Robo Signor from the Lagoon


  66. Solly, any thoughts? I’m counting on you here.

  67. MS has been helping this blog for a long time trying to de-bamboozle people who believe that NG actually knows what he is talking about.

    Thank you

  68. Leave a Reply

    There is no fraud in the construction of the investment platform or formation of trust . The third party selling the home is operating on a court clerks order for entry. The judgement is for the abandonment of a commercial asset. The asset used in a pledge to satisfy the trust funds objectives for appreciation. A tax deferred private commercial lending investment is not concerned with a grantor in trust until the time of triggering a capital gain . In this manner the reversion is taxable where the grantee herein is the seller who is the household acting as a foreclosing beneficiary at foreclosure sale.Because he defaulted under something never stipulated clearly , he transfers his right to a REPO under a cancellation of the sale date by claims brought in an FDCPA claims by one against another National Associations.

    If you Set aside the fraud, Neils willingness to steal work from others , all lies, acts of criminally insane and seisen for pain – you will travel further in a Judaical melting pot than you have to date – The fraud claims are immaterial operations of law that will not allow you to prevail if your the one who cancels what the lender earlier repudiates .

    I’ll see you all at the finish line and there we shall toast the prevailing parties “Henderson $450,000 discounted Home / Limon 3,000 cash and keys back to home after 18 months/ Joe B $165,000 settlement .

    You see Mers Corp is the joinder linking you to your rights as a beneficiary on one hand and purchaser for value received to date . When you or your attorney attack Mers as an accommodation you repudiate your agreements and surrender your rights by attacking the nominee. Then by jumping over to adversary claims against the nominee you acknowledge abandonment .

    Tide eliminates odors and freshens each wash. The wash taking place here is under codified IRC rules washing of previously unrecognized Louise receivables and extinguished Tolle assets in a mergers and acquisitions conducted on a flow basis and this wash fails using your defenses – long after the trustee sale.


  69. KC, I want the best for people here, and I know for a fact that he is not well intentioned. Be careful.

  70. Todays Special …

    Stuffed Shirt with a side order of Proffer

  71. Ok.. maybe a little scatter brained (aren’t we all?). LOL

  72. Our 8yr old grandson has Autism, he is Very High Functioning. A lot like MS. Connor could talk down an adult trying snooker him and put them in their place (choke them on their own words). He even has a tendency to talk above my level of terminology.. like MS does. But that does not make him scatter brained or wrong … it just means we need to study more. ….

    My Little Smarty Pants …

    Please don’t Judge , and for Heavens Sake stop Attacking People because they are different! Are we so used to Stripes behavior here that we must now imitate it?


    Many Blessing to All.

  73. E.Tolle, MS has been haunting this blog for a long time trying to bamboozle people into believing that he actually knows what he is talking about. He always starts threatening people as they get closer to the weird place he lives. Here is my question: If you really are an expert witness about anything, why are you advertising your wares on this blog or any blog? A legitimate expert who has been paid for research and testimony does not need to advertise here. I know, because I used to be the person reading the curriculum vitae to determine which expert would be used for testimony in federal court. He is basicially FOS and has never provided any deposition, CV, transcript of testimony or anything to help any of us or prove his positions. Just sayin….

  74. “There is a place for you to rest your heads a very long time for your anti American collaboration supporting the failure of the US Economy and terrorist threats against government”

    Now that’s prime right there! Hey MS, you might want to get a tissue and dab that little bit of gray ooze trickling down your earlobe. Brain-drool. It’s unsightly to say the least, and you can’t afford to lose any more of that stuff, as it’s obviously in way short supply.

    And fwiw, I totally support the failure of the US economy that you and your cohorts have gamed from the get-go. You’ve admitted to being an early player in this system of fraudulence and criminality. Soon and going forward, anyone found to have played a part in the financial system in place today will be allowed to pick out the exact lamppost of their choosing.

    Got sisal? I do.

    Oh and ps. Maher, it’s the government that is a terroristic threat, not the other way around.

  75. Louise and Carie – your so clueless and yet you argue from a perspective of knowledge. There is a place for you to rest your heads a very long time for your anti American collaboration supporting the failure of the US Economy and terrorist threats against government .

    To the open minded, your challenging the “absolute return” in claims brought into jurisdiction of a federal district court for covenants made for “national (association) use.”

    How can a local court prescribe the law as the “holders” named therein under Mers Corp.

    The local court deciding these matters is tantamount to the absolute madness of a few LL morons.

    Claims must attack any investment policy/strategy for appreciable assets that assert or strive to give the same return regardless of market conditions. In other words the return shall never increase or drop in line with US equities over a corresponding term

    Arguments attack the return projected that shall never increase or drop in line with US equities, and where it does offer a fixed percentage above bank rates, inflation or other objective measure A.K.A. “index” plus “Margin”.

    See also: targeted return.

    Let these persons suffering from trials of depression past past be banished by the court for there outspoken ignorance and for their petulance , cast from the court in view of trust law and for having been outspoken, asserting beliefs of a nitwit and spewing ignorance in wrong jurisdiction

    Love you Guys ….

    Pro Tanto foreclosures is for what ever it is worth

  76. Solly, can we talk about accession and Article 9 relating to the “secured interest” alleged by the undisclosed third party? It’s really funny how the arguments from the legal side, the accounting side, and how the layman reads the law without ambiguity when counsel sometimes struggles with the minutia, all the arguments converge at the same point: accounting, consideration and sale for value, and derecognition of the original “whole loan asset” that IS the LIABILITY of the DEPOSITOR/SELLER/and sometimes SPONSOR of the SPV.
    We know the servicers are now misrepresenting themselves as everything BUT the servicer. Fannie directed servicers and trustees to hide their position until AFTER the foreclosure and issuance of the warranty deed. Trustees’ counsel have no knowledge, performed no due diligence, and don’t know WHO IS ENFORCING the rights to the security interest under Article 9 of the UCC? I refuse to believe that. Or they know that there is no enforceable security interest and aid and abet the sham proceedings.

    Now tell me how it is completely legal. (fill in the blank)
    I know you have a position on that. What is not legal is the fraudulent conveyance of the alleged “security interest” in the RES to obtain a foreclosure. As to my Wisconsin laws, Wisconsin is probably the only state left that requires banks to lend lawful currency, not their credit. Secondly, as a title state, the party on the warranty deed (us) is the owner at law and in equity FIRST, and the lien interest must be recorded or proven to force the foreclosure.

    What about accession agreements between Debtor and Creditor?
    You know this:
    In property law, it is a mode of acquiring property that involves the addition of value to property through labor or the addition of new materials. For example, a person who owns a property on a river delta also takes ownership of any additional land that builds up along the riverbank due to natural deposits or man made deposits.

    In commercial law, accession includes goods that are physically united with other goods in such a manner that the identity of the original goods is not lost.[1] In English common law, the added value belonged to the original property’s owner. For example, if the buyer of a car has parts added or replaced, then the buyer fails to make scheduled payments and the car is repossessed, the buyer has no right to the new parts because they have become a part of the whole car.

    In modern common law, if the property owner allows the accession through bad faith, the adder of value is entitled to damages or title to the property. If the individual who adds value to the owner’s chattel (personal property) is a trespasser or does so in bad faith, the owner retains title and the trespasser cannot recover labor or materials. The owner of the chattel may seek conversion damages for the value of the original materials plus any consequential damages. Alternatively, the owner may seek replevin (return of the chattel). However, the owner may be limited to damages if the property has changed its nature by accession.

    For example, if a finder discovers a gemstone and in good faith believes it to be abandoned and then cuts it and integrates it into a work of art, the true owner may be limited to recovery of damages for the value of the gemstone, but not of the final art piece by way of replevin. The remedies and application of the law vary by legal jurisdiction.

    So where does this take us?

    I’ll see you tomorrow.

  77. Yes I agree. Collapse of the evil empire is close.

  78. Jon Rappoport can be pretty damn funny too.

    NBC’s Meet the Press hits lowest rating in 21 years
    [link to jonrappoport.wordpress.com]

    Aug15 by Jon Rappoport

    Another media ship is going down. Break out the champagne.

    The big-3 Sunday morning news shows are basically politicians talking through the screen to their colleagues in Georgetown. Gibberish from idiots to other idiots.

    In so far as the shows reach the general viewing public…

    The unspoken premise of This Week, Meet the Press, and Face the Nation goes like this: Given the fact that America is making constant war to expand the imperial corporate empire, the military industrial complex is suffering a hernia from carrying so much money, multiple agencies are spying on everybody all the time, the medical system in America is killing 2.25 million people per decade, millions of acres of untested GMO food plus Roundup are a runaway health disaster, the Fed Reserve is a private banking monopoly posing as a government agency, the Mexican border is a sieve for the Sinaloa Cartel to kick off their Washington-approved drug routes to a distribution hub called Chicago, only “the cops and thugs should have guns,” the government-sponsored mental-health monopoly called psychiatry is destroying the brains of countless numbers of children, vaccines are filled with toxic ingredients, the federal government is pouring wet cement on the Constitution every hour of every day, more people are using food stamps than are working, our children are learning how to become little robots in school, the free and independent individual is an anathema, television is brainwashing 300 million people, and all presidents are vetted to ensure they’ll support a Globalist planet…NONE OF WHICH WE’LL TOUCH ON IN THE NEXT HOUR…

  79. Louise,

    They are not mutually exclusive…

  80. Excellent call on that one, Carie. I just thought he was bipolar.

  81. from E.Tolle’s link:

    “…Rome was powerful until the Germans ceased to believe it. Then the rotten edifice collapsed. Washington faces sooner or later the same fate. An inhumane, illegal, unconstitutional regime based on violence alone, devoid of all morality and all human compassion…”

    add to that: sociopathic materialism and rampant greed…

    Yep—when those things are your “gods”, collapse will surely come…eventually.

  82. Why does MS always drink before he comments?

  83. And another class action, this one in NJ.

    John and Laura Brecker; v. 1st Republic Mortgage Bankers; Accredited Home Lenders;

    Dozens of banks fraudulently used the Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems in connection with the loans they serviced, and they failed to honor the purpose of the federal money provided to them, nearly 100 plaintiffs claim.
    Camden County Superior Court – Law Division

  84. New class action, this one originating in KY. Citibank accused of having foreclosed despite a Chapter 13 stay in place. Apparently, it was done numerous times by the bank.

    Maybe Garfield is right. Maybe that entire mess will only be cleaned through unrelenting class actions nationwide.


  85. Right. I had just forgotten how incoherent he can get.

  86. C, What’s wrong with Maher Soliman has been the same thing that has been wrong with him since the beginning: He does not make sense.

  87. What the hell is wrong with Maher Soliman?

  88. HAHAHAHA!!! Too funny! All government knows how to do is print money and… even that , they can’t do right!!!

    God you people are missing it . Paulson was a Wall Streets Icon and Bernanke an economic master. They created a scheme that buried you and-you and every homeowner that to date

    The platform is so basic any of us could create the same , some have before …but here its a is fool proof model against those who attack the financial side of the administration.

    Attorneys – I do not see how you side step a mass mal- practice suit to date – really . Your crying about mortgages and defaults with mention of the offshore depositors account, the discount on the bond, accretion and interest only accrual used to determine the appraisal.


    Wake up .

  89. I seem to recall some of the places where the money is kept off shore are: The Cayman Islands, Panama, Bermuda, Monaco, Lichtenstein, Jamaica and Switzerland and others not so obvious

    But where did the money originate . Loans are a capital assets damn it . The eat up cash deposits and a banks liquidity as capital long term assets. the 30 day OTC term deposits did not go offshore – come on!

    So where did the cash flowing into safe havens that mark to market to mirror the loans manifest.


  90. I read it a couple of days ago. I tend to like Paul Craig Roberts: pretty direct in his approach.

    “Americans will soon be locked into an unaccountable police state unless US Representatives and Senators find the courage to ask questions and to sanction the executive branch officials who break the law…”

    Find the courage, huh? Where would they find something like that? Would they even know what it is like when they see it? Maybe if everyone stopped feeding them, they would find it in a jiffy…

  91. Christine, this one’s for you, and btw I share this guys feelings 100%….

    Dr. Paul Craig Roberts writes: Humanity Is Drowning In Washington’s Criminality

  92. Neider,

    Did you see this? I posted it on another page. Pretty damn funny, no?

    HAHAHAHA!!! Too funny! All government knows how to do is print money and… even that , they can’t do right!!!


    US misprinted 30 mln new $100 bills
    Edited time: August 15, 2013 12:18

    The US is approaching the release date of its new $100 bills, but the Bureau of Engraving and Printing is facing an embarrassing problem: 30 million bills were incorrectly printed, and fixing them will cost taxpayers an estimated $3.79 million.

    The new $100 bills were designed to reduce counterfeiting, and were initially scheduled to be released in 2010. But that summer, the Bureau of Engraving and Printing noticed that the bills were being produced with a blank sliver, due to a fold in the paper. The release date was therefore pushed back to 2011, and again pushed back to Oct. 2013.

    But additional printing problems could once again delay the release of the “Benjamins”.

  93. The people have the power of the masses to stop all this crime if they organize and get involvec by litigation and voting and exposure. You can find ways to demand this crime comes to an end. The power mongers want their position in power. Educate, expose and be a squeaky Wheel. Support those with good ideas and whom are willing to litigate to stop this crime. Call write mail and email your representatives. They dont want you awake. When wakened in the masses the exposure on 60 minutes and Front line alone did marvelous changes to exposure and what the represenative did to make a difference. We need much more.

  94. I seem to recall some of the places where the money is kept off shore are: The Cayman Islands, Panama, Bermuda, Monaco, Lichtenstein, Jamaica and Switzerland and others not so obvious. I am sure there are some places that do it illegally even for their own.

  95. Just in case anyone wants to see the rates .. http://hts.usitc.gov/

  96. Importing metals is a great way to avoid paying ~40% tax on their hidden funds (corp rate to be paid on repatriated monies) … I checked copper , aluminum and nickel and in each case , although certain products had tariffs as high as 6% it was possible to bring in forms of the metals with no tax or at most 1%, bringing in metals certainly raises fewer eyebrows than 40′ cargo containers filled with pallets of benjamins … the main problem being the lack of benjamins , their “cash” is likely in digital form… better to buy something with it …


    zerohedge.com usually has great insight on things like this..

  97. In his 1913 book “Banking and Currency and the Money Trust” Lindbergh spoke to the central bank’s ability to manipulate commodity prices even when supply and demand remain more or less static:

    “The market prices of commodities vary from day to day and often several times a day. This occurs when there is no radical difference in the proportion of the supply and the natural demand. This fact is conclusive proof that our system is controlled by manipulators and
    fundamentally wrong. I have sought to elucidate this problem within this volume and have suggested a plan which, if adopted, would make the people the master of the world, instead of the present master—THE MONEY TRUST.”

    Not that Lindbergh is the only one who ever pointed this out, but he pointed it out a century ago! I agree with Shelley and Christine–this has got to end, and it ain’t gonna end well for anybody. To paraphrase Ol’ Hickory–these banks are a den of vipers and thieves and we WILL rout them out!

  98. @ Christine

    re: Oil and gas , that is more a function of the Egypt Coup de etat and the FED and the fact that oil producers want to be paid in ANYTHING but USDollars. DJIA down yesterday and today on (surprise!) weak profits… The thing to watch are bond rates .. we’ve already seen movement to higher interest rates (lower bond prices) recently … Bernanke is in a box of his own making… we’re screwed.

  99. MS – Making mortgage loans non existent at the same moment they were created or acquired, IS LEGAL .If done under the IRS and Dept of treasury rules for a private investment trust used to discount bank to bank receivables sold as discounted bonds

    MS – I believe the action should benefit from a Motion to vacate or set aside judgment for “intrinsic fraud” (i.e. judgment rendered on materially misstated instruments and affidavits and other false testimony.

    MS-Your claim builds strength explaining HOW the mortgage loans emerged non existent and why this is a restraint on alienation, circumventing the guarantors right to salvage, for deceptive claims bought for sale by economic waste and claims for illegal estopples by lache under a forward contract held as an agreement in perpetuity

    Always seek a lawyers opinion with regards to a legal opinion. this is not a legal opinion but views shared by experienced expert witnesses

  100. Leave a Reply:

    Just as securitization was an illusion, making the base investment (mortgage loans) non existent at the same moment they were created or acquired,

    MS – How Neil Tell them how and draw it up on a general ledger. If not the court will boot these desperate claims out the front door. In the GL set forth the substantive accounting argument’s for extinguishment and non recognition.

    Plaintiffs’ claims should establish merit for cause citing action for obvious inverse condemnation resulting from TARP new law that accrues when new law becomes enforceable and not when law is enacted


    Always seek a lawyers opinion with regards to a legal opinion. this is not a legal opinion but views shared by experienced expert witnesses

  101. Meanwhile we’re making a feature length film here in NH.

    Thursday, August 15, 2013

    KingCast and Mortgage Movies Say Kudos to Earthworks Microphones for Their Assistance in “10 Questions: America’s Mortgage Foreclosure Crisis.”

    Focus on this NH journal entry. Making a good documentary requires optimal sound. And boy do they ever provide it; we sound better than NPR!

    I’m waiting on former Executive Counselor Dave Wheeler for my next interview. This is going to be a scathing indictment of the banking industry and our elected representatives and the actual impact that foreclosure fraud has had in New Hampshire…. the State that votes first.

    Earthworks website; Stevie Wonder might be blind as a bat but he knows how he likes his music to sound and he depends on Earthworks to get it right.

  102. We are literally in the tentacle arms of financial ‘Krakens” lords. Somehow this monopoly on the entire world by these evil wrong doers has to be ended.

  103. And baqnks keep playing with oil and gas prices too. I was fuming last night when, at 4:00 pm, gas was $3.25/Gal. and it had jumped to $3.56 at 8:00 pm.

    This is not going to end well…

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