Neil Garfield in Ft Lauderdale for Consults and Hearings

I will be in Fort Lauderdale attending hearings and doing consultations and intakes on August 19-21. If you wish to schedule an appointment please call customer service as indicated below.

GGKW (GARFIELD, GWALTNEY, KELLEY AND WHITE) provides Legal Services across the State of Florida. We also provide litigation support to attorneys in all 50 states. We concentrate our practice on mortgage related issues, litigation and modification (or settlement). We are available to represent homeowners, business owners, and homeowner associations seeking to preserve their interest in the property and seeking damages (monetary payment).  Neil F Garfield is a licensed Florida attorney who provides expert witness and consulting fees all over the country. No board certification is offered by the Florida Bar, so the firm may not claim expertise in mortgage litigation. Mr. Garfield’s status as an “expert” is only as a witness and not as an attorney.
If you are seeking legal representation or other services call our South Florida customer service number at 954-495-9867 and for the West coast the number remains 520-405-1688. In Northern Florida and the Panhandle call 850-765-1236. Customer service for the livinglies store with workbooks, services and analysis remains the same at 520-405-1688. The people who answer the phone are NOT attorneys and NOT permitted to provide any legal advice, but they can guide you toward some of our products and services.


The selection of an attorney is an important decision  and should only be made after you have interviewed licensed attorneys familiar with investment banking, securities, property law, consumer law, mortgages, foreclosures, and collection procedures. This site is dedicated to providing those services directly or indirectly through attorneys seeking guidance or assistance in representing consumers and homeowners. We are available TO PROVIDE ACTIVE LITIGATION SUPPORT to any lawyer seeking assistance anywhere in the country, U.S. possessions and territories. Neil Garfield is a licensed member of the Florida Bar and is qualified to appear as an expert witness or litigator in in several states including the District of Columbia. The information on this blog is general information and should NEVER be considered to be advice on one specific case. Consultation with a licensed attorney is required in this highly complex field.

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    The bank (U.S.Bank) assigned/entered my mortgage into the trust after 4.5 years…

    Here we go – Perfect example of why I need the other distracters to back off and let me have a chance to demonstrate a real example of what I am taking about.

    First – the mortgage was not assigned nor transferred into trust 4.5 years later. The recording is for tax purposes.

    The conversion of assets into the certificate of deposit account and pledge thereof was for a term having a call provision triggering at five years. The party claiming title Trust Beneficiary as “holders” must announce their intentions by no later than month 54 or the six months prior to the anticipated sale.

    It’s a tax strategy that cases the initial transfer and assignment (at closing) that is allowed to rollover or recast as a bond.

    What is at play is a bond having to recast or allowed to roll over for the next five years. The reason is for avoiding the need to otherwise liquidate the various types of assets borne from the title .

    The advantage of holding on to tax-deferred investments is that they compound on a before-tax basis and therefore have greater earning potential than their taxable counterparts.

    If the trust investors “Bank to Bank” consider liquidating the home (true sale) they have to address qualified withdrawals from tax-deferred investments are taxed at ordinary federal income tax rates of up to 35%, while distributions – in the form of capital gains or dividends – taxed at a maximum 15%. (Capital gains on investments held for less than a year is taxed at regular income tax rates.)

    For this reason, it’s beneficial to hold securities in taxable accounts long enough to qualify for the 15% tax rate. You’re absolutely going to want to attack these efforts done solely to avoid tax payer liabilities for depositor’s accounts in linked transaction assets, not one in the same with a conventional mortgage foreclosure

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    Wish you were in San Faracisco Bay area, or Sacarmento….I have a real winner case here. I lost my home of 32 years. The bank (U.S.Bank) assigned/entered my mortgage into the trust after 4.5 years….Looks like fraud to me. Ireally enjoy your blog and what you do for all of us. When I get a few dollars ahead, I would love for your help. Best, Ken Wertz

  3. I have a lawsuit(served and filed) against American Home Mortgage/Owcen/Deutsche bank in Williamson county Texas- could use some help email is thanks pat ainsworth

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