Az Attorney General Gets It! Precisely Wrong

Nothing could have said it better than these words from the chief law enforcement officer of the state. He said it because he meant it. And he was sort of right in a twisted way. And he was expressing the frustration of all three branches of government together with nearly everyone including the borrowers. The words were “assuming no underlying injustice.”

You see that everyone has become so wrapped up in the paperwork and the arguments about the paperwork nearly everyone has forgotten to ask the most basic question: WAS THERE A TRANSACTION WITH OFFER, ACCEPTANCE AND CONSIDERATION. WHERE IS THE MONEY? where is the canceled check or wire transfer receipt? He was only saying that the fabricated forged paperwork was an acceptable short-cut IF NO INJUSTICE is present. In other words, at the end of the day it is just the collection of a debt. But what if there is no debt? Then what is all that paperwork about?

So to make it clear, what I am saying is that if I loan you money, you owe it to me whether we have anything in writing or not. If I fabricate and forge your signature on it, what’s the harm? You got the money, you agreed to pay it back, you still owe what I loaned you. And if the note, forged or not, conforms to the deal the borrower thought they were getting, what difference does it make whether you use the note or not?

Ok, there is a problem with the statute of frauds, and about a dozen other statutes and doctrines that arose to prevent fraud and injustice. So maybe it isn’t acceptable to fabricate documents, forge signatures, lie to the courts and otherwise do things that ordinary citizens can and are put in jail for doing the exact same thing.

But so what? You owe me money, you know it and you are not going to get out of owing it just because I committed some crime. I didn’t commit a crime in loaning you the money, did I? I committed a crime in collecting it — and that is what is bothering everyone including even the borrowers.

So why do I write this blog, litigate cases against the “lenders”, appear as an expert witness to give opinion evidence and explanations of the finance industry?

Well, let’s see. What if I didn’t loan you the money, AND I got paid more money than you received in a loan from someone else? Huh? Yes, think about it. What if I didn’t loan you the money? What if the paperwork was not just fraudulent and criminally created, what if it was just plain wrong? What if there was no transaction at all between us? Should I still be allowed to collect from you, take your house, your livelihood, your reputation? Might you spot some injustice if you learned that banks, pension funds, governments, investors, the central bank (Federal Reserve), gave me ten times more money than you got on the loan?

You are assuming that because the money showed up at the closing table that the loan was real. But the money on the table was stolen. Oops that does make things a little different doesn’t it? And here is the kicker —- the thief got paid ten times over for making the loan appear real. The only injustice is to investors whose money was stolen and borrowers whose lives were stolen.

But I guess that isn’t enough. It is ok to steal, it is ok to lie, It is ok to fabricate is ok to drain the money from our economy and blow up world commerce. You know, on second thought I don’t agree with the Arizona Attorney General. I think he is a paid stooge and an idiot. Because I know him, met him and explained to him what the truth was, Along with his investigation team who like in Florida when they were getting close to an arrest were fired or transferred.

Injustice? Where is there not injustice in this whole thing. We have debased our currency, undermined the financial integrity of our governments, left pensioners with too little money to get the payments they were expecting, and we have taken homes away from people just because someone at the top thinks it is too inconvenient to bring the banks down, put the criminals in jail, and leave the victims without any effective remedy. I thought we were better than that and that people like the Arizona Attorney General should be investigated for corruption. But then I was always an idealist.

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  1. Maryland Lane,

    You were t in state court before you were in federal court. The bank was in state court, you never showed up and defaulted. So do explain to us why you waited 10 years to challenge the sales, And then tried to do so in federal court


  3. One thing I can add, having been through thousands of satisfactions of deeds in the Maricopa, AZ deed office…another pack of forgeries and fake-ass stuff. People didn’t stand in line for hours at banks, one minute after the other paying off their mortgages…IMHO. The facts every time, lead right back to the same place. Paid off notes, moved through to servicing or debt collectors to be paid again, with the sale of your house!

  4. Sure the Arizona AG got it wrong. She is paid by us to screw all of us!

  5. Allow me to clarify what I meant in my last comment…. they are arrogant for blaming the very people who made this the richest nation on earth and they all got richer off of our backs.

  6. We need to ask these sheisters point blank….WHERE DID THE MONEY COME FROM IN THE FIRST PLACE ….? I asked the third party Investor attorney that question point blank out in the courtroom hallway. He laughed and wouldn’t give me an answer.

    To all of those who say the problem in America is the people don’t want to work anymore. They are either brainwashed, arrogant entitlement people or lying Nazis. Either way, they have a lot of nerve saying that while they are living in the richest nation on earth. Especially when WE THE PEOPLE are the very people WHO these commie nazi crooks robbed and they all used and abused to get steal and filthy richer.

  7. It’s way more than a lost house Christine. It is our individual liberty & freedom that is being STOLEN…….OUR PEACE AND SECURITY. What is going on around the world is endemic to what is going on here at home. WHEN THE U.S. GETS A COLD THE REST OF THE WORLD GETS PNEUMONIA. These crooks are biting off their own noses to spite their faces by screwing with U.S.

  8. If they want to go the birth certificate route and use that as some claim in money or equity they better have receipts for that claim as well because they will owe us a metric ton of money for that scam too…!

  9. I for one do not believe that BIG LIE tresspass unwanted. Deception makes nothing they did or do legal and besides we already paid for everything umpteen times over. They want to have it both ways. We were never in debt to anybody. WE THE PEOPLE have always paid for everything up front at the ORIGINATION.

    The proof is they never come up with any receipts that prove otherwise and they never get audited. However they criminalize us for their crimes against us.

    I agree neidermeyer…these are the great deceivers of mankind.

  10. Well said Trespass; the birth certificate, with the bond when you are born, says it all. When the USA was bankrupt in the 1930’s birth cert’s were pledged for bonds at birth…we are trapped in that, forever if we play as regular citizens. The corporation, DC, is separate from the people and unless people check their status, they will continue to play the governments game!

  11. The opinions expressed are mine and mine only.
    I know nothing and if I think I know something; I know nothing.
    If anything offends you, stop reading. I love everyone and will not get into an argument over ‘be-lie-fs’ (there is a ‘lie’ in there).
    If it offends you, seek and ye shall find.

    This post is not directed to anyone or anyone’s comment.
    I have the utmost respect for all of us who share this common life experience on this planet, Earth.

    Historically speaking, people abandoned the real estate America when they joined the corporate UNITED STATES. People are proud ‘US Citizens’, and by their choice and their free will, they have give up their unalienable rights and accepted inalienable rights. Unalienable rights cannot be contracted away even if you were insane, inalienable rights can be given up by contract.

    To top it off, they pledge to things like flags.
    To pledge is to make an oath.
    They pledge allegiance to inanimate objects and want people to treat them as responsible adults.

    They look at people who see through the farce and ge mad at them for ‘NOT being’ like them.

    I pledge allegiance to the United States?
    No, it doesn’t say that, it says I pledge allegiance to the flag.

    To pledge an allegiance is to give an oath to give up rights for protection from the ‘thing’ you are placing your pledge.

    They have the ceremony and people all join in because it’s ‘tradition’ to give up their rights in return for protection from an object that can’t jump off the flag pole and do a thing to them.

    They also get caught up in the ceremony of ‘raising’ the thing that will protect them, and lowering it on ‘special occasions’ which are usually sad occasions, and they are really caught up in how it is handled by hands that are not trained to handle the thing, and how to fold it.

    But did it protect the people? They pledge as large masses in the thousands at ever sporting or school event, and has it protected their rights, has it protected their liberty, has it protected their property?

    Then the people find out….they find out they are members of a corporation. That as members they have no rights, because they have been moved to the same standards as the corporation. A corporation with corporations that are registered with it…the corporation names them US Citizens and treats them as corporate ‘persons’ who represent the ‘corporate’ body the main corporation recognizes.

    The people want to stay registered as corporate representatives and get mad when they are not treated like ‘people’!.

    The information has been floating around the internet like crazy!

    But will they read it? No. But they’ll tell their family to wake up and fight the beast from inside the beast. You are either part of the system or you are not.

    I DO NOT have many things that many people possess within the system. I backed out of it a long time ago. The system does not see me as part of it, but it knows I operate within it. I have a right to operate within it. I have a birth right to be on the ‘land’ I was created from. My parens co-created me together, and my mother ate of the sustenance from the land, and I consumed from her what she consumed from Earth. I am of the chemical properties of the land.

    I have a body and mine almost seems like a corporate body, but it’s not. A game of hangman would show the difference between my body and a corporate body.

    My body has a head, but a corporation had a head. My body had arms and legs,and a corporation had ‘limbs’, or what have been called ‘arms of the organization’. My body has a body, and the corporation is said to have a corporate body.

    The differences stop there. The corporation is a body with no soul, so it is ‘undead’. Someone has to give a corporation life, like frankenstein. A corporation does not have hands nor feet.

    Anyone ever served by a sheriff would know or have seen the document mentions something like, ‘by my hand on this day’ and it is a distinguished separation of the sheriff from the corporate body of the office of sheriff to the corporeal body of the man who has hands and feet and is sovereign and can do sovereign things with immunity.

    Those who have gotten a writ of possession or unlawful detainer would notice the paperwork may mention that the sheriff has permission to ‘put his hands’ on the ‘persons and property’.

    But people won’t read. The Constitution is for the PEOPLE, not for persons, and the system has converted everyone as a representative of a corporate PERSON, and we didn’t even create the corporate person, the state we live in did. So it has a representative, but we assume the role without knowing it and get mad at them at our ignorance. But they are revealing this to us and we sit and say nothing.
    Citizens vs United was to show that corporations had the same rights as persons…but no one looked into why, a corporation had the same rights as ‘you’. Well you are presumed to represent a person, and the CEO, Chairman, President, Executive, or whatever is representing the corporation. All of you are registered with the corporation UNITED STATES and so you vote and they vote like shareholders of a corporation that has a President.

    The rights are on the outside of the corporation, where people are people again, not on the inside. Man, woman, child, individuals, representative, guardians, parents, are persons. An attorney is not a person, he can represent a person, in the legal definitions, an attorney is One who…..

    In legal definitions, People are people of a state, but a state is A People. State’s rights are people rights. States are sovereign.
    Sovereigns do not become citizens. Sovereigns do not give up rights or liberty for protections from inanimate objects like flags.
    Sovereigns do not pledge allegiance to anything but it’s Creator, not a creation of man.

    For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of the Creator.

    As or the definition of person…just a good search, go into any of your codes and statutes, do a search on person, and there is a ‘definitions’ section in the statute, that will tell you a person is a corporation, association, individual, conservatorship, and whatever, but A=A=A=A. We learned that in elementary when they drew the bubble and showed objects that belonged in the bubble and objects that didn’t belong. A flower is a daisy, rose, carnation, chrysanthemum, dandelion. A=A=A=A (all flowers), same with person above…all of those words mean person.

    Look at some executive orders and you’ll see the president clearly defined the word ‘person’ in some of them and left is undefined in others. Look at the US code. Title (??) USC (??), just do a search on US Code and person and the definition is in there.

    Get a legal dictionary and look up the definition of person.
    Internet dictionaries are distortions. If you can find a legal dictionary in google books, good luck to you. The entire world uses legal words in everything they do. They call us consumers, or talk about financials, or discuss, sequestrations, or treaty’s, the entire system is build on lawyer language. You will always be receiving the communication differently and not knowing what is occurring even as they reveal to you what they are doing.

    A person has ‘privileges’ given to them from someone who is NOT a person, like a President, or a CONgress member.

    If all men are created equal, how is it, you are not equal with them?
    Because you did things to indicate you didn’t want to be equal.

    You registered to vote to make them you leader.
    You get licenses that give a privilege to do something, like ‘drive’ when the ‘right to travel’ is an unalienable right, they can take away a driver’s license and take away your ‘privilege to drive’.

    I have been without a driver’s license. Everytime I get stopped for a driving infraction, I tell them of my right to travel in private property (an automobile/private conveyance that has no lien with the state.) I give them a state issued ID. Do you know they can’t write me a ticket for a driving infraction on a state ID? What do they do? The pull up the expired driver’s license number and put it on the ticket? They create a fraudulent contract and tell me if I don’t sign it they’ll take me to jail. When I sign the ticket indicating the force or intimidation that made me sign it, the clerk of the court is so used to getting tickets of compliance, she doesn’t read the signature to know it was not a meeting of the minds. It had an OFFER, but no ACCEPTANCE, and no CONSIDERATION. Yet they go through the process like it’s a valid contract between consenting parties.

    People who comply with the system of control and complain, are the reason the people who don’t comply have to go through so many hoops to assert our unalienable right to be ‘free’.

    We have ‘free will’, and it is taken from us by contracts of intimidation and yet we still ‘resist’ without weapon or harm, and then spend time reading things from people, partially awake, but looking at the tail and not the whole dog.

    Yes, there is shi-it, coming from that tail area, but what are you dealing with? If you don’t know what you are dealing with, you’ll always have that view of the tail, and anticipating the ‘shi-it’ coming from it.

    See the dog. Then see that you don’t have to be subject to what the dog is offering in it’s show. You are the reason you experience what you do.

    When I read that in 2010, I was angry. I was like, I don’t like what’s happening to me, how can I be responsible for it? But I took the time to see what role I played in every contract, agreement, association I had with the system.

    As I and many others back out of these agreements our parents and grandparents were entered into, we become more ‘outside’ the system. We become more ‘alien’ to it, and we get the rights we were born with while those inside, sit, complain, and watch the news garbage spew negative thoughts to control the mind.

    Tv is ‘programming’. Stay tuned for the regularly scheduled programming.

    You are participating in what happens to you. Your name is on every bullet that killed someone while protecting your ‘right’ to be a US Citizen. You are responsible for what you do in this world, and you know about guilty by association. Many a criminal’s friend is serving time just for ‘being there’ when it happened even if they didn’t ‘do anything’. You know.

    I love you all, but as in the days of Noah’s ark, the people knew and they did nothing. When the door closes and you haven’t exited the system, it would be clear your intentions were to stay with it come hell or high water, and you just may experience both.

    I don’t get upset at what they do because I am not what they are doing it to. I am a/the People. Just like fish or sheep, one or many is the same word. I am One.

    Much love to you.

    Trespass Unwanted, Corporeal, Life, Free, Independent, State, Creator, In Jure Proprio, Jure Divino.

  12. Melissa said: You folks on this site need to help each other with information and your own filings, not the crap that has been going on lately!

    Exactly…some here are legends in their own mind and lying, by the way! The older bloggers have left, but know a couple of these long-term bloggers…been here myself for 3 years, under different names…too much trash talk and call outs over nonsense.

    The fact is neidermeyer says: you don’t have to reach back to the securitization event/process to show anything … just a simple FULLY DOCUMENTED transaction.

    You are 100% correct. Been in court for 4 years and have made headway, the judges are the crap shoot! But, never once had to get into the securitization, that’s for trial. In your face is the debt collectors and 3rd party lender’s, which there is no such thing under the law. That is the point of challenge, in the argument. Then the contractual issue. Chip away, a piece at a time. The simpler to understand the better, IMO. I have not one time seen anything presented to a judge that is valid, assigned properly, allonges affixed the way they are supposed to be, no full signatures…mostly stamped signing, with initials…all garbage. Just what I’ve seen and I have multiple parties I share with in different jurisdictions, same thing.

    As for this blog, we all know about the Constitution, the scumbags lying to the court, the evil among us, etc…who’s winning, how and why is the $64,000.00 question(s)? Everyone emailing in secrecy…LOL, Pacer has all of it, it is not private! And the banksters and their attorneys keep a watchful eye on this stuff. They know who we all are!

    My piece…

  13. Nothing happens in a vacuum. While you’re scrambling for as lousy house, the world is in turmoil and more and more resentful of this country’s past actions. This will not end well…

  14. @ STRIPES

    AIG paid off hundreds of thousands of homes ,, you are correct in that they own nothing ,, because the insurance stipulated that they didn’t get any property that they had to pay a claim on .. the PRII still holds the property or sold off their interest afterwards ,, still the notes (which should have been destroyed in the conversion process which never happened) were paid in full and it is documented in federal court … that is why I say it is powerful , you don’t have to reach back to the securitization event/process to show anything … just a simple FULLY DOCUMENTED transaction.

  15. Why does anyone need $70 billion dollars and numerous palaces?

    Why does the Vatican need innumerable wealth while millions upon millions go hungry?

    Why do billion dollar hedge fund managers escape criminal prosecutions?

    Why do doctors not cure the sick when they can? Why do doctors make people sick or sicker?

    Why did the foreign third party investors need to steal $60.4 trillion dollars more from us?

    Why have none of these financial crooks been arrested?

    Why is Obama running around the world covering up and lying for these crooks while millions are suffering in this country for what these crooks have done and are still doing?

    Why is CONgress stealing our bullets….Our Constitutional rights but giving them to illegal aliens?

    Why are courts of law ignoring the rule of law and not honoring our legal rights?

    Why does the Federal Reserve Bank, a PRIVATE BANK get to steal trillions of dollars a month in mortgage payments from us plus $85 billion per month with no receipts?

    What is the NSA really spying on and for whom?

    Why did John McCain, a war hero say that Russia is trying to undermine us by Snowden blowing the whistle on the NSA if the NSA is Russia?

    Who does Snowden really work for if he is hiding out in Russia?

    Why do the lies never stop?

    Do we really believe these people do not worship evil?

    They certainly are setting us up for a final showdown.

  16. Wall Street is all fat from their greed and theft while people are doing without their God given freedoms and they don’t even know they were robbed by these crooks. They lie day after day all smug as if what they did was legitimate while their victims struggle to meet their basic needs. They wiil have hell to pay for it in the end.

  17. Give the people back what you stole and hijacked you crooks…!

  18. BK is another big fat lie and another big fat cover up for these crooks so they can sweep their fraud under the rug and they don’t have to pay for their crimes.

  19. The hope of the wicked has always been that they would never get caught.

  20. These things are not secrets and have already been revealed to those who wanted to know the truth.

  21. Internal struggles do sometimes play out in an ugly way on the world stage. These evil doers still have a bit of time to make it right. If they do go as far as to fake a financial collapse that will be their final warning from the Creator to right their wrongdoings. I sure hope it doesn’t go that far.

  22. all you wisconsin folks get over to the Wisconsin Law section. Lots of stuff going on here in the BK courts. the attorneys ARE out there,

  23. melissa, call me. you have my number. if not, you have my email. nevermind, I just emailed you. we’ll talk tomorrow.

  24. The Ark of the Covenant is the truth and I don’t think Neil is the type to covet his neighbors goods. Covet means are for those who desire what belongs to someone else. That is for the greedy & the selfish like TBTF.

  25. Their only injury is to their third eye and no one needs one of those. A few of us blinded it for them.

  26. WE THE PEOPLE are the injured party. That is what the clever crooks do not want U.S. to know. When the majority of Americans figure out how badly they were screwed over by these liars then it will be mob rule. That is what they fear. When Presidents have to give speeches from behind bulletproof glass and need protection 24/7 you know they have a secret that they don’t want us to know. The truth about WHO they really are and WHO they really work for is the secret they have been hiding since the Crucifiction. That is why they want our bullets…our Constitutional Rights. The great deceiver knows laws and Guns are worthless without bullets. Stealing the legal rights of the people allows the lawless one to rule by deception.

    IMHO the second coming is the truth that has been hidden from us for 2013 years and is being revealed only to those who seek it. Some make fun of those who believe Jesus return would be out of the clear blue sky but I for one am a believer. I believe the truth is the calvary and Calgary ….the Crucifixion of and the end to all of the lies we were told to believe will be accomplished soon for those who want to free themselves before the final battle. I have faith the truth will win and what the final battle will actually be is an internal struggle. God said his will be a world without end and I truly believe that. They will pay a heavy price for playing God and I wouldn’t want to be them. Stealing the free will from the people is not going to play out so well for them in the end. These cowards will be the first ones to tell us they like chicken and that is all we really need to know.

  27. Christine,
    What Dawn is saying is essentially what Neil is saying–these “lenders” didn’t lose anything. They just want the real property (i.e. the house) AND the money. And if they have to fabricate documents to do it, then they have no problem with that.

  28. Dawn,

    Simple, older people here. Caps are a drag on trifocals and punctuation means something. Can you rephrase in a human format?

  29. Everything is rigged, as Matt Taibbi keeps pointing out. All prices are fixed, and real estate is no exception, as Neil has repeatedly pointed out. I still disagree with Neil that “money” changes hands when a bank gives the seller of a house a “funding check” that just happens to be in the amount of the promissory note I signed.

    But that aside, the problem is not that we owe money, the problem is to whom do we owe it? I still maintain that the “Note Holder” as defined the standard Fannie note DOES NOT EXIST. That Note Holder has to have done BOTH of two things: 1) taken the note by transfer and 2) be entitled to receive payment under the note. In a typical securitization scenario, none of the parties on the finance side can say they have done BOTH of those things.

    Hence the need for fabricated paperwork–the purpose of MERS is to bring Note Holders back from the dead. MERS is the zombie virus that re-animates the corpses of separated notes and mortgages.


  31. Thanks Kalifornia,

    Melissa, UKG is usedkarguy. Send me an e-mail and I’ll forward it to him. He is in the miodst of it and has found a great attorney.

  32. @ Melissa:

    Sad to hear about the adverse outcome on the opposition’s MSJ. Something smells in Denmark.

    According to years of observing usedkarguy, Wisconsin is not a homeowner-friendly jurisdiction.

    Did you have any representation at that time?

    Especially because he is defending in Wisconsin, please reach out to usedkarguy. I believe he is a really great resource!

  33. Melissa,

    Contact me. I can help with WI. Actually, UKG can help but I can put you in touch.

  34. NPV,

    “I need help to run for Governor in NY – who is with me?”

    What’s your platform? I’m in Ohio. Can’t help much from there. Let me know though. We never know…

  35. Corporate America may be a Democracy but I am not a member of the Communist party of America or a willing participant. We were all hoodwinked into this Communist crap. However, upon my discovery of that fraud they are a nullity….null and void and I demand they pay me back what they stole & hijacked from me ASAP…!

  36. The crooks repurchased their fraud with our stolen wealth. It is all an irreligious satanic crock of shit and I for one am not repaying for it. WHY? That is TOTALITARIANISM and it turns out Democracy is really communism and these communists have made a complete mockery of our Constitutional Republic and what it and we stand for… DEMOCRACY IS ACTUALLY THE ANTITHESIS OF OUR CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC.

  37. What precisely does Melissa call blogging crap? Not that I care so much about what she “thinks” but I am interested in knowing what specifically she considers blogging crap? I find reading blogs more interesting most of the time than what most of the sites offer. Not Neils site of course but, most of the truth is usually in the blogs. The blogs are always informative and interesting and I learned a lot from the blogosphere. I also learned it doesn’t hurt to keep an open mind in this complicated mess because having a closed mind is what put us here. The entire fraudclosure mess is not so cut and dried as simply filing paperwork. There is a lot more to this scam than meets the eye..or the evil eye however you choose to view it. I recognize evil when I see it and this scam is all evil.

  38. Neil likes the bull – a hit is a hit- even if it is meaningless garbage

  39. @ aclay – only if he accepts Christ, oh yeah, he has the covenant… lucky bastard

  40. neideymeyer, those AIG loans were paid through maiden lane – they did not pay insurance – they bought the pools. At thta tie the losses were so severe that the FRC decided to run its own clean-up call. The loans have been sold – that is why AIG was throwing a hissy fit.

    The folks whose MBS were sold are the folks with the EMC loans – Chase is still servicing them. You can thank Tim Geithner and Jamie Dimon for that violent closure.

    I need help to run for Governor in NY – who is with me?

  41. Boy Niel, you have figured it all out and have connected every dot, and your vigilance, truly there is a special a place in heaven for you.

  42. @ Melissa…Lesson #1….Don’t tell the American people what to do or how to fight their battles. Our First Amendment right to free speech is unconditional and unlimited. It is only limited when crooks have something to hide or cover up.

    So… If you need help ASK FOR IT.

    This is a blog down here not a library.

  43. The truth is ….. WE THE PEOPLE repurchased our own properties that we already paid for in the illegal bailouts and the same crooks who robbed us the first time used our stolen wealth to defraud us again. I will not be a party to that totalitarian scam. I want back what they stole the first time and they are not going to get away with robbing me a second time. Fool me once right GW?

  44. I have the wire transfer that shows that Novastar wasn’t the originator, but that US bank was,I have the PSA, the verifications of signatures from The Ohio Secretary of State that show the robo signing, and a million other FORGED and FALSFIED documents and I still lost the summary judgment! The judge doesn’t even look at anything, and in Wisconsin a copy of the note is good enough for the courts! By the way Deutsch Trust is the foreclosing party and Chase is the servicer, but now effective July,1 Chase transferred the servicing to Ocwen. What company of any kind takes control of a foreclosed home? There are no attorneys in Wisconsin who will help and the ones I have spoke with said ” This is a tough fight and would cost around $25,000.00. Who in the hell has that kind of money laying around? This is a joke! So I listened to Danielle Kelley yesterday and what I got is fight to the end, so I am planning on moving and losing my home, but I do plan on filing a Motion to Reopen and show everything to the judge again and I know he will still rule for the Plaintiff, but Kelley said to make sure the evidence needs to be preserved, so I will make sure everything is on the record again. You folks on this site need to help each other with information and your own filings, not the crap that has been going on lately! I have been fighting and following this site for over 4 years and have met and gotten some great advice from very nice people that follow Neil. So PLEASE STOP blogging crap and help each other that is what Neil does daily.

  45. And let us not forget the conversion of the property is now being pushed into the marketplace, for more unsuspecting buyers to crash and burn, with no clean DOT for the land they are paying for in the form of more phony loans.

  46. This is not American Greed as Russian mob controlled CNBC would have everyone believe. It is third party foreign investor greed.

  47. True the U.S. GOVERNMENT is being fraudulently controlled by many imposters; fictitious payees.

  48. ….and many of the judges too…!

  49. THE TRUTH IS CLEAR…..You can’t protect your crime racket if you stop lying.

    Even though the protection racket were robbed by these crooks too they still protect them and defend these crooks.

    Look at the cops and military people & politicians who do it everyday for a “living.”

  50. I did not believe it at first, but I guess the U.S. Government is really run like the Mafia by the NSA and some other alphabet soups. Wow!

  51. That black hole would be lying Christine. Because when you know THE TRUTH…ALL LIARS ARE REVEALED by the lies they keep spewing. They really look bad and they really look stupid now don’t they?


  53. Papergate,

    Can’t fight a black hole… Best you can do is stay as far away from it as you can.

  54. Al Capone was a small time hood by today’s standards and John Dillinger had the right idea in the beginning but they, like these crooks, got arrogant and way too greedy.




  57. Failing to exercise ordinary care is not just reckless….it is criminal …….NEGLIGENCE IS CRIMINAL… because these were our securities they were peddling. Read UCC 3-304 (d.).

  58. They don’t want to be called criminal just negligent. Well according to the UCC criminal and negligent are the same thing…READ UCC 3-404

  59. Neil ,

    The fraud is what is killing the country , nothing can be trusted and the guardians are the culprits… nothing in that statement that we haven’t known forever… We need to keep chipping away at getting the facts out .. people are catching on slowly … what about those few hundred thousand people whose notes (already unsecured at best as we know) were paid in full by AIG in 2008? THATS an argument your average Joe can understand … The insurance paid the note , for everyone in those tranches their house is PAID IN FULL… Who are they and why weren’t they given notice and a satisfaction of mortgage?

    We need to kill them with a thousand cuts … and that one is worth a few hundred cuts at least all by itself.

  60. The problem with their theory is …. I gave them permission to cash the check and pay who was owed …. I did not give them permission to racketeer with my deed and pocket my payments to sweeten the pot or use my autograph as an unconditional money back guarantee that what they were selling investments in they owned or they had any legal interest in or had any monetary value.

    That is precisely why the intent to deceive is criminal in the U.S.A. and so was their negligence.

  61. Good article Neil – let’s hope this page can stay neat and tidy so the intent of your article won’t get lost on the bs that pops up too frequently!!

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