Example of Good Lawyering at Deposition

I won’t give specific comments publicly because I don’t want to tip off the opposition to why this was done so well and how he elicited the testimony he wanted. And while many of us who are veteran litigators could point to possible other maneuvers, we are talking style more than substance. This is about as close as you are going to get to perfection in the questioning the witness from your opposition. But I will say that this lawyer was extremely deft at posing questions designed to elicit the answers that show a witness is simply a paid patsy instead of a custodian of records or a person with any personal knowledge of the subject of a verification, testimony or affidavit.

Original Deposition Transcript of Angela Edwards (Carter 11-22504)

If anyone wants us to sponsor a seminar on techniques, strategies and tactics in examination of the witness for the banks and servicers, we would be happy to accommodate you and I would invite this lawyer to speak at that seminar.

The lawyer’s name is Evan Rosen, Esq., 2028 Harrison Street, Suite 204, Hollywood, Florida 33020 Tel: 754-400-5150. I don’t know him yet but I hope to get to know him soon.

And here is the transcript of a video deposition conducted in Jacksonville very recently. It gives me great pleasure to see talented, serious litigators like this entering the field after receiving the brush off from 100% of all lawyers I contacted in 2007 and 2008 and part of 2009. If I were a banker, I would be nervous.



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  1. Can someone please tell me how I can watch the video of the deposition? I am having trouble getting to it. Thanks so much!

  2. @ poppy . Thank you, thank you, !!!!!!

  3. I agree we all need to educate ourselves and stick to our guns about what we believe but, we don’t need to be organized. Everyone can fight on an individual basis for what they believe freedom an liberty means to them and then we will have something.

  4. @Johngault

    You are exactly right here:

    “I didn’t like mandelman’s blog. I see some validity that not enough people fought from day 1, but there’s this learning curve thing. And the organization thing and the money (ours) to fund anything and everything. We’re still not making the right arguments.”

  5. Correct error…that is mine.

  6. This entire scam is about greed but what is the basis of that greed? That is what many are missing. The basis of this greed and the khazar communist/satanists ultimate goal is complete control of everything and everyone.

    Now what are we willing to give up in order to put a stop to this greed is the real question. It will come down to some really tough decisions and will prove what we are made of in the end. We will need to get our priorities straight and decide what is need and what is vice. I am of the opinion that going along with them will end badly for anyone who does.

    How ugly this will become truly depends on how badly they want totalitarianism and how badly we want our freedom and independence. For me nothing is more sacred than my freedom and independence from these imposter tyrants. Therefore, I demand 3x the face value of the notes plus clear titles to my properties. That will be sufficient for me to get my life back on track and free me from these crooks. Everyone has to make their own stand. hat is mine.

  7. I do not believe we are not making the right arguments. If the judges won’t listen then no argument will ever be the right argument. They were told to just take our property from us because we signed that contract and that is what the judges are told to believe and do. That we are deadbeats that do not want to pay our bills.

    I certainly aim to change that view and prove to the judges that these Plaintiffs are imposters and nothing they have done or are doing with my signature was ever authorized by me therefore, nothing they have done has been legal since day 1.

  8. I caught on to the Mandelman deception quite a while ago. He will say everything these crooks are doing is illegal and then he will say we but we owe them money. What? Since when do we pay the crooks who robbed us money or property? Isn’t that extortion? People aren’t paying attention in most cases and don’t have a clue how badly we were robbed by these communist crooks. $60.4 trillion dollars since 2008 according to CNBC and they have nothing on there balance sheets to back that withdrawal from our Treasury. This is an outright robbery of our freedoms, our liberty, wealth and property under the false pretenses of a war on terror and some fictitious debts. I for one will not be a party to their crimes against me,the citizenry and my great nation.

  9. I didn’t like mandelman’s blog. I see some validity that not enough people fought from day 1, but there’s this learning curve thing. And the organization thing and the money (ours) to fund anything and everything. We’re still not making the right arguments.
    N- I’m with you on the depo. Last guy I enjoyed that much was on the Upke depo of Hultman, think it was.

  10. Like I said—sadistic AND narcissistic.

  11. Keep living in your commie dream world Christine. In case you trolls haven’t noticed you are slowly becoming drowned out by the truth and outnumbered by those who aren’t buying what your selling.

  12. A basket of crabs… crabbing all day long. And flaunting it. And once in a while, when they’re done ganging up against one person they hate and who doesn’t give a shit about them, they turn on each other, just like crabs. Or hyenas. Phenomenal. Proving to the world how primitively animal they have remained. Funny thing is… the consensus among smart people is that they are losers and quite useless as a bunch.

    Oh well…

  13. @Poppy

    Yep. Sadistic AND narcissistic. Yuck.

  14. @ daniela

    How can US Bank, NA sell your loan to Ocwen? Check that…NA’s cannot fund loans, it is the rule for National Associations. US Bank has no skin in your loan, believe me. And Ocwen are servicing entities, but if they say the note was assigned by the US Bank trustee, indicative of funding party (authority), NOT. The buck stops there, go after that, what is US Bank claiming their place in this is…?

    “USBANK sold the loans of AHMIT 2005-4 to Ocween Loan Servicing”

    You say your loan was not in this trust, per SEC, then how can they, the trustee of the trust, place your loan with a servicer? Remember a servicer is guided by the PSA for the benefit of the trust…see if this is a debt collection effort, it would be noted on the paperwork when in default, bottom of page.

  15. @ poppy

    Thank you so much! My case is a nightmare that is going on for 4 years. My loan supposedly was part of American Home Mortgage Trust 2005-4, US Bank trustee, American Home Mortgage Servicing (was the Servicer). But my loan number is not listed on the SEC fillings. Today I found a report that shows all loans for that Certificate in foreclosure as of may 2013, mine is not listed as well. Meanwhile USBANK sold the loans of AHMIT 2005-4 to Ocween Loan Servicing – I guess loan and service of the loan.
    Last month they (US BANK) file an assignment signed by a woman that works for American Home Mortgage Servicing on behalf of American Home Mortgage Acceptance and of course notarized by the Linda Bayless that everyone knows is a “fake”. I also found out that USBank is getting a settlement with the Insurance company who insured the certificate. But the Bank of Ireland and another insurance company own (I guess) some part of these certificates also, so I want to grab the Judge’s arm and make him understand all of this.
    of course I had Marshall Watson, Benz Ezra Katz and now Robertson, Anschutz & Schneid as plaintiffs attorneys.
    Best regard

  16. This is an incredible deposition ,, you could see the setup prior to the explosion of goodness beginning on P59 ,, WHAT A MORON!

    Neil , can you tag this with “AHMSI” ? Thanks

  17. @ carie

    She loves the drama, it makes her feel special, seriously. When someone spends ALL their time rebutting things, correcting grammar and insulting other’s it is very indicative of what they are lacking. Just the idea she can correct language typo’s and write fairly well, makes her feel “elevated”, superior. And she likes hurting people’s feelings, by trying to make them feel inferior. Something sadistic there. I’ve learned over time, intelligence is subjective, depending on what the situation calls for…I mean if you’re a race car driver, you may not be able to read and write very well, but you sure know a lot about what it takes to win and have a lot of heart!

  18. More like time to go somewhere else and act like a jerk. Thank God.

  19. As usual, Christine is the pot calling the kettle black.

  20. Hey, moron… Those are your crooks. You breed them. Handle them. Oops! What am i saying… to handle anything one needs to get off his butt.

    All that good fun allowing those imbeciles to outdo each other… Tnharry is right. It is entertaining. In small dose. Time to go to work.

  21. As always, the biggest critics of America are the biggest users of America.

  22. Its a dying system says Christine the grammar queen, unless we do something its going to go down.

    Why don’t you go arrest the crooks christine?

  23. This is a blog site Christine …. not miss prindables English grammar class.

  24. All three morons playing the hyena game again… Enlightening…

    There were quotations marks at the beginning and the end of the Mandelman excerpt. They still are there. As in “This passage is a quote from something written by someone else and the rest of the article can be read on the site whose link is also posted.”

    Does anyone of you know anything about grammar? Are are you really trying to prove how low this country has gone. Once again, stupidity and bad faith will do this country in.

  25. The American people should have lost their respect for these same imposters hiding within these foreign Governments. They robbed us and still are with their “spread our wealth around” scam. Lying scumbags and 9//11 and their fake war on terror and their fake crises that they use to rob us. Screw them.

    Sending our sons and daughter’s to fight these manufactured wars and get their limbs blown off or worse, they come home in body bags. Then if they do come home alive they get treated like second class citizens. Ever visited a VA hospital? It is the most depressing thing in the world except for the pediatric oncology ward.

    This is the result when communists hijack the free world and it is despicable.

  26. @Poppy

    You rock!

    BTW, that “podcast” thing was her copy-pasting Mandleman’s article…not hers…she didn’t clarify.

  27. WRONG CHRISTINE….No one is infatuated with your verbal flatulence. We all know communist imposters have hijacked our Treasury Department. The KGB killed J.F.K and imposters, hiding within our own Government, traitors hid it for almost 50 years and now their here for all of us.

    Get over yourself….your not all that and a bag of potato chips.

  28. This fascination about Christine is really bizarre… even unhealthy.

    To put things into perspective, Christine is only anti-American to the extent that morons are methodically and systematically destroying this country by their greed, dishonesty, cowardice, mediocrity, lack of discernment, paranoia and abject fear. A team effort at the national level. And they flaunt it on blogs like this one… Nowhere else has Christine noticed such lack of self-respect. Nowhere else has Christine seen bad behavior being rewarded to such an extent. Nowhere else has she seen such vulgarity and crassness… Amazing indeed. 320 millions people shaming the entire human species by their public behavior…

    America has lost the respect of the great majority of the world. Whether you accept it or not doesn’t make any difference. Let’s see now the new Iraq. Isn’t that what America always does to get out of economic crisis? Wage war? Not too many countries agreeing to that now, is there? America is suicidal… And Christine won’t do anything to stop it. Not her job. What she will do though is observe and report, in the hope that people will finally wake up from their drug-and-alcohol induced torpor.

  29. The title of the article is…On Modest Encroachments.

  30. Speaking of articles, there is a good article on 4closurefraud.org by George Mantor about what George thinks about what Obama referred to in his latest speech asx”Modest Encroachments.” George nails it.

  31. Christine certainly seems to have an ant-American sentiment here at this blog. I think she may work for RT NEWS.

  32. Look them up, sorry, typo

  33. “I mean, after writing 900 articles over the last four plus years… to say nothing of the hundred odd podcasts I’ve produced… and with my email and even my cell phone online”…

    Can you share with us where we can find these articles and Podcasts?
    It would sure be helpful. And do you have another name you use, that we can look them? Really appreciate it.

  34. @ daniel

    If Ocwen was your servicer, servicers are working under the PSA….for a trust. They cannot buy these notes and be the servicer-debt collector, differentiate. They are using these words/language to confuse. If Ocwen has bought notes and they were previously the servicer, the trust is out, hence they cannot work under the PSA authority and are not collecting for any bank.

    When buying notes, for pennies on a dollar, they become debt collectors, that is state regulated, where the note servicing is Federal -UCC, trust is NY law stuff. If you dig deep enough, you will find the note is paid in full and Ocwen is attempting to collect 100% of the note value “twice”, under the servicing guise, then as a debt collector, using US Bank, who is usually a ruse. IMO

    I am in court with them and every piece of paper they have submitted to the court is either incorrect by legal standards/statutes/rules or counterfeited and forged. We have the testimony, transcripts and evidence…..look at the stuff you have from Ocwen and US Bank, NA very carefully. And one more thing; if US Bank is saying they are “owners”, define that, as National Associations cannot lend money, that’s the law…check that too.

  35. Neil, Ocwen Servicing bought a lot of mortgages from different companies including US Bank. Can US Bank continue with the foreclosure ? http://www.rescaprmbssettlement.com/docs/Ocwen_Sale_Notice.pdf

  36. If that link is blocked you can read about it here…

  37. Euthanasia for children nears approval by Belgian Parliament; Doctors to mass euthanize children and Alzheimer’s patients…..


  38. Anyone notice how much the media cow tows to the Muslim countries? Erin Burnett of CNN on the air tonight wearing Muslim garb when she visited iran.

    Do the Muslims change their beliefs and customs and take their garb off when they come to America and conform to our Society? No they certainly do not.

    I have seen Christiane Armanpour do this as well.

    Iran is supposedly not playing by the rules yet these reporters from the freeist nation on earth play by theirs?

    Who do these reporters represent? Not me.

    Since when have we become a nation of ass kissers of terrorist nations?

    Remember Bush snuggling up to the Saudi sheik even though 19 of the 9/11 hijackers were said to be Saudis?

    The entire my friend is my enemy and my enemy is my friend routine by these people just proves they are all imposters, liars and they are all full of shit about everything.

  39. 😀

  40. That thing is you Christine…..you are a giant boil on the ass of humanity.

  41. Blaaaaaah.

  42. Christine, check your e-mail….tag…your it.

  43. That is not all of the options Christine. Why don’t you relay this message to Vladimir & Co. from WE THE PEOPLE……You are imposters who don’t belong here spreading your communist opinions in America.

  44. ???

    Can someone make that thing shut up? Come on, Neil. Did you even send it your e-mail? What’s your vested interest in it?

  45. You are so negative about about America Christine it is utterly redundant.

    The reason there are so many victims in the fraudclosure fight is most Americans are not educated on all of this law. People are also brainwashed into believing a lot of lies. They go to an attorney, are offerred a few “options” and pick one of the few “options.” People are scaaaared of fraudclosure.

    Many don’t even show up to court or answer the complaint.

    I hope to empower people to educate themselves because knowledge is power.

    Fear goes away when you “get it.” When you get how badly these politicians and their criminal friends robbed us because what they really want is to control every aspect of your life from cradle to grave you want to really let them have it. You become empowered by knowing the truth and you know what is at stake if you don’t fight is the end of your freedom.

    Most people don’t even know they were robbed or what they are fighting for is their freedom.

    I believe If most Americans really knew what they were fighting for and why all of this is happening to them…and who these imposters are ….communist control freaks and what is really at stake….what these communist imposters are really doing is trying to steal everything from us…. All of our freedoms, our liberty and our independence, I truly believe they would make a stand never before seen in our history.

    If the people really knew their evil endgame plan is totalitarianism …I don’t think they would comply, conform or cooperate with any of these imposters, not for another minute.

  46. What Makes a Mortgage a “Bad Loan?” I’m Confused.


    Of course he can relate! He went through it too!!!


    There are six alternatives to foreclosure: loan modification, short sale, Deed in Lieu, Chapter 13 repayment plans, some type of litigation, or bring the loan current. That’s it and that’s all. So first, it’s important to understand the pros and cons, qualification and ramification of each path.


    In fact, there are more alternatives. Staying put until the sheriff comes is one. Staying in and waiting for the sheriff to deal with foreclosure first hand is one. Staying and starting to question on whose authority the sheriff acts is yet another one… It’s a system. A dying system. Unless people question it, it will go on.

  48. The money came from the trust for the peoples money and property, the U.S. Treasury DEPARTMENT. Our payments went to investors who never lent us a dime without our knowledge or consent. CoreLogic appears to be a statistics and analyzing firm who predicts risk in investment schemes..sounds like another ENRON in the making.

  49. “I’m Not a Total Idiot, You Know.

    I’m not a total idiot. I know what many if not most people involved in the foreclosure crisis want me to write about… and I know what people don’t want to hear. You do realize that, right?

    I mean, after writing 900 articles over the last four plus years… to say nothing of the hundred odd podcasts I’ve produced… and with my email and even my cell phone online… you do realize if there’s one thing I know a whole lot about it’s how this country’s homeowners think and feel about most things on most days.

    So, I know… you want to read about how a homeowner won some major victory in the courts somewhere… or how someone filed and got quiet title to their property… or how a bank couldn’t figure out who owned a loan and therefore was not allowed to foreclose… or maybe even something from the hot-off-the-presses-reports about JPMorgan Chase being a criminal enterprise… or how a homeowner drove over to their local county recorder’s office, found a forged signature and won their home free and clear as a result… you want to read anything to make you feel like there’s hope… anything to make the pain and frustration stop, even if only for a few hours.

    I know… and I understand.

    Don’t you think I’d like to write about all of that stuff and more? I would, I assure you… in fact, after writing about the financial and foreclosure crises for going on five years, more than just about anything I’d like to post a meaningful article about something hopeful for this country’s homeowners? And since it’s always been my nature to be optimistic about things in general, you’d think I’d be able to come up with something that could at least be placed in the “positive development” column.

    But, I can’t. And it’s not that I don’t want to give people what they want… it’s the lying that would be required that I can’t seem to get past, because lying would be a prerequisite to writing about any of those things in some positive way. And even if I could figure out a way to write something without outright lying, it sure as heck would require a whole lot of lily gilding at the absolute least and I don’t like doing that either.

    Look, and I mean this in the nicest way possible, unless you’re the kind of person who’s suggest-able enough to be hypnotized on stage to bark like a dog after being told to relax while staring at a pocket watch for a few seconds, there’s just no way you can say anything positive about the topics previously mentioned with any sort of confidence, hopeful undertone…. or straight face.

    We… and by “we” I mean “homeowners”… are NOT winning.

    In point of fact, most of what’s being told to homeowners today, as related to preventing foreclosure is just one flavor shy of unadulterated crap…. a shot in the dark at the very best… and by any objective measure, the chances of anyone truly winning in court are… well, how about if we just euphemistically refer to them as being… remote… since the alternate phrase referring to a snowball’s chances of survival in the underworld would sound so harsh.

    Don’t get upset with me… it’s not my fault.

    Look around and the only honest conclusion one can draw is that the only path that can reasonably be considered close to an answer to foreclosure is to get your loan modified… and I know that absolutely NO ONE likes hearing that. I know some that would prefer starting chemotherapy than the loan mod process… at least as they know it. But that loan modifications offer by far the best chances for avoiding foreclosure and remaining in the home is not just my opinion… it’s an overwhelmingly, indisputable fact… based on any and all actual numbers… there is no credible question about it.

    Let’s get the facts understood and out of the way…

    According to the U.S. Department of the Treasury, the overseer of the Making Home Affordable Program and Home Affordable Modification Program (“HAMP”), as of February 2013…”


    It’s not pretty. And it’s because so few fought from the get go. Look up the numbers. They are so reflective of people’s priorities.
    Too many fought for the house. Too few fight on the principle. A country with no principles is a doomed country.

    Oh! And by the way… How do you like that new development about Syria and “weapons of mass destruction…”? Except that now, it’s getting serious. Nobody really cared about Iraq. Russia and China sure as hell care about Syria.

    Is this country really stupid??? Or just plain suicidal?

  50. This is addressed to the real fighters, those in court and with active cases.

    Have you been hounded down to the tune of 10 mails each day to “take advantage of the new Harp”? It used to be a few each week. Now, it’s almost every hour on the hour. We’ve filed so many motions, things and whatnots and courts nowadays are getting all motions by e-mail.

    There is a push somewhere to get people to cool it and get into the fold. I believe the push is directed at the rebels who want to get to the bottom of it… That would be us, the hard-core fighters, right?

    I want to play. And I want to win. I don’t give a shit about the house per se. I’m in for the game and the big win. They put me there…

    For me, it all started with a few misplaced mortgage payments and a few pertinent questions no one wanted to answer. Nowadays, i don’t want answers. I want the entire truth about stupid questions, such as… where did the money at closing come from? Where did my money go? What’s with “suspense accounts”? Who’s Corelogic? When are we getting rid of MERS?

    You know, trivialities like that… Now, I want it all.

  51. If the link is blocked you can google it. It’s a good read.

  52. What’s the color of that m&m that wins you $$$.. ? Apparently the ones that are shades of gray are the Imposter m&M’s….


  53. This depo reminds me of a song lyric from m&m… Will the real slim shady please stand up?

  54. These people clearly don’t have a clue what they are signing and verifying. It is a complete disgrace. I would love to see a deposition of a title company agent of the U.S. TREASURY DEPARTMENT. The supposed trustee/escrowee for the fictitious trusts. That would end the entire fiasco in a hurry.

  55. That was awesome!

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