BOA “SENIOR COLLECTOR”: “I lied because I was told to lie.”

Want to know why the blog is called “Living Lies”? Then read this:

see affidavit.boa3.djk

see also Memorandum to Certify Class: Editor’s Note: This is where the banks are at their most vulnerable.. They have gone to great lengths to create the illusion that they were modifying loans or even willing to do so when in fact what they really wanted and needed is a foreclosure sale to prevent them from getting hammered on liability for stealing the investors’ money and for diversion of both assets and money from the investors and from what would have been a benefit to borrowers. memotocertifyclass. I believe that there are monetary damages that could be awarded particularly when the pretender lender cannot come up with an allegation and proof of financial injury. Opportunities to sell or refinance the home were thwarted both by the pending foreclosure action and the negative credit reporting from non-creditors. People who have had their credit scores tanked by the pretender lenders should write to the credit reporting agencies and tell them that the report is false and fraudulent — that you never owed any money to the entity that entered the negative report.

Practice Hint: Get the name of the person and confirm their telephone, email, fax and physical address. Tell them you are recording the conversation for training purposes. And then record it.

This affidavit shows exactly why you need people are both lawyers and forensic computer experts to assist on most cases. Law firms lacking these resources and lacking private investigators, are not equipped well enough to do battle with these lying behemoths. If they are charging low fees just to sign you up, their chances are diminished that they can do anything besides delay a wrongful foreclosure instead of beating it.

This affidavit is an example of why the entire foreclosure process is going to unravel in the near future. Previously judges were resisting pleading, argument and discovery direct it at the credibility and truthfulness of affidavits and live testimony in court if they were submitted by a well-known bank or other institution supposedly acting on behalf of a bank. As time passed more and more judges were beginning to discern inconsistencies in the pleading and proof of the banks. But they still thought that the banks were most likely in possession of “the truth” and that any representation from the bank should be treated as credible whereas any representation from the borrower should be treated as dilatory at best.

Bank of America has taken the position that its house is totally in order. They even got the Atty. Gen. of the state of New York to back off of a lawsuit that was eventually filed only against HSBC. Danielle Kelly, Esq., of the firm of Garfield, Gwaltney, Kelley and White is writing an article about affidavits (in support of foreclosing) signed by people with no idea of what they contain (or knowing that they are lies), including the description of the signor as someone with authority to do so. You’ll see that article shortly, so I won’t belabor the point. I’ll simply quote the following from an affidavit of a supposedly senior person at BOA filed in United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts.:

Using the Bank of America computer systems I saw that hundreds of customers had made their required trial payments, sent the documents requested of them, but had not received permanent modifications. I also saw records showing that Bank of America employees have told people that  documents had not been received when, in fact, the computer system showed that Bank of America had received the documents. This was consistent with the instructions my colleagues and I were given. We were told to lie to customers and claim that Bank of America had not received documents it had requested, and that it had not received trial payments (when in fact it had). We were told that admitting that the bank received documents would “open a can of worms” since the bank was required to underwrite a loan modification within 30 days of receiving those documents and it did not have sufficient underwriting staff to complete the underwriting in that time…. Site leaders regularly told us that the more we delayed the HAMP modification process, the more fees Bank of America would collect. We were regularly drilled that it was our job to maximize fees for the bank by fostering and extending the lay of the … modification process by any means we could —  this included lying to customers. For example, we were instructed by our supervisors at Bank of America to delay modifications by telling homeowners who called in at their documents were “under review,” when, in fact, there had been no review or any other work done on the file.

Employees who were caught admitting that Bank of America had received financial documents or that the borrower was actually entitled to a permanent loan modification where discipline and often terminated without warning.

The only other thing that I would state at this point is that Bank of America did not merely lie to its customers. Bank of America makes a practice of lying to its own staff. While the use of a “nonperforming” loan are higher than the fees paid on a  “performing” loan, the real reason for this outrageous behavior is that the banks are attempting to protect and maintain their receipt of outrageous sums of money that they have declared to be proprietary trading profits. As I have stated before these banks are intermediaries. They are not and never were principals or real parties in interest in any transaction between the homeowner and the investors who put up the money.

As partial explanation of what I am talking about, consider this: you order a brand-new TV on Amazon using one of your many plastic cards. The vendor is (by way of example) Best Buy. Your account is debited $1000 which is exactly the amount you agreed to pay. Later, you find out that Best Buy accepted $600 for the TV and the intermediaries kept the other $400.  You also find out that during the shipping process the intermediaries took possession of the TV and intentionally dropped it 30 times to make sure that it wouldn’t work. During that process you learn that the intermediaries each paid for a contract of insurance using your money. Sure enough, the TV arrives in 1000 pieces. Each of the intermediaries receives full payment for the TV probably at the original purchase price of $1000. The intermediaries tell you that your problem is with Best Buy because that is the vendor in the transaction. Best Buy tells you that the TV was just fine when it left its distribution center and directs you to one of the intermediaries that handled either the shipment or the payment for the shipment. You are left going around in circles and you get worn out or you accept a settlement that is worth far less than the TV you purchased.

Now comes the fun part. The issuer of the credit card wants you to repay them $1000 at the end of the month or pay monthly installments with an interest rate of 24%. All you know is that you got screwed but you’re not entirely sure how that happened. The purpose of this blog is to educate you gradually on how you got screwed and why you are not a deadbeat; instead, you are a pawn in a very large Ponzi scheme.

Garfield, Gwaltney, Kelley & White

4832 Kerry Forest Parkway, Suite B

Tallahassee, Florida 32309

(850) 765-1236

More News:  – But they won’t go after Wells?  Makes a lot of sense

From Danielle Kelley, Esq. : The affidavits filed with the Court in Massachusetts by BOA and Urban employees are infuriating.   I particularly like the one that talks about the gift cards and $500 bonus payments to employees who had high foreclosure numbers and the one about the “Blitz” where as many as 1,500 modification applications would be denied several times a month based on production numbers whether the homeowners truly qualified for a modification or not. Selling out homeowners while collecting federal incentives to “pretend” to consider them for a federal modification program and then behind closed doors giving Target gift cards to employees who have high foreclosure numbers? 

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  1. I am so appalled by BofA I am beside myself, worse yet is these bankers have not been brought up on charges. For law-makers to stand by, knowingly watching this unfold and to do nothing about it makes them as guilty as those that participate.
    I hope all big city newspapers get a hold of this information and run with it. Make it front page news not hidden in the back pages or in the business page where the very people who caused this crises can ignore it.There are a lot of people who don’t read web sites but need this info. This is kind of our present day Watergate, only way way bigger. This kind of info made loud and clear makes men into hero’s.
    Thank You Neil.

    On a different note; Question I was one foreclosed in 2008-9 by Downy Savings and Loan and I never hear anything about them. I know they went out of business, that they were investigated by OCC, but still not much about them.
    Thanks I will take any info Jaime

  2. thank you neil for posting the class action certification doc..this is getting very interesting…

  3. Once you know the truth Brian, the truth is unchangeable. There is no closing Pandora’s box once it was opened. It’s not pretty but it is Pandora’s box, not mine.

  4. Best of Luck to you Louise…! It’s a long tiring road never knowing where the end will be. They aim to wear us down so we give up. Never give up because what this is really about is restoring our freedoms. They want to steal everything from us under false pretenses and many guises. That is why they keep changing positions and halling us into court for no valid legal reason. I compare them to porn stars. They are the best example of what will happen when the worst of mankind hijacks a nation. It can do terrible things to people.

  5. This is the All American, “get the fee no matter what” syndrome. My loan was riddled with title problems, lawyer problems, table-funded, lender not included in the note and mortgage, illegal fees, HUD-1 which had incorrect information, money disappeared in the transaction and into sellers and attorney’s pockets. I was never given a signed set of documents i.e. note and mortgage. Closing atty did time in the federal pen for wire fraud related to closings and real estate transactions. I am back in litigation again after Set. Agmt was violated. It never ends.

  6. The politicians were pushing the commie agenda. It all boils down to khazar communist politics. Anyone can see those comps in my refi were way off the mark.

  7. Im thinking about this “defective tv to begin with”. Was it not the bubble huper inflated market environment that precipitated created a defective ” tv.” Chicken or egg situation but , now who rode the appraisers and what did the appraisers receive in exchange for stretching the numbers to create a hostile market place to induce a signature from unsophisticated borrowers who genuinely believed their Was a fair exchange and the home they were investing in was worth something, it was bogus equity- neg equity in real honest market value- ask the economist

  8. Once you get it you are never going back.

  9. Weird but a clientt just said this to me:
    ” kings or pawns we all go back in the same box”. Had to laugh at that.

  10. Kc
    Its a matter of lining my case up for the next round. I keep saying this but fat lady no sing yet ! I think we whom Ill call front line crash test dummies have learned the envitonment in which we need to survive and are better equipped for the next round of fire- there are public records and discoverable material that will sink their stinking rat infested ship. Phew feel the luuurve.

  11. Here’s a message to Brian Moynihan …. the khazar commie jig is up.

  12. You are simply a liar Brian. The truth is being told and you should applaud that not criticize it. You are obviously a communist shill.

  13. Stripes; I don’t think you understand what I was saying because you appear compulsive about running this site as though your own. I mentioned the first amendment and then you distort it’s meaning to justify your mania and desire to control the topic of conversation.
    All you do is distract from the learning that people do with this site. I think you well understand that, and that it is your purpose.
    Is there a chance you might open your own site so that you can become the expert and continue your thought control arguments there? I have only been coming here for 4 years now. All the people that used to help others can’t, and if you were introspective, you might see why. But you don’t seem to understand that listening is better when you have nothing to say. You go off topic in every rant to distract from what had always been a conversation between people trying to learn based upon the subject matter in each post.
    Do you work for someone trying to mislead and confuse? I ask because that seems to be your only purpose, and seems apparent that it is the outcome. Anyone that reads the news knows what you know and you don’t have to repeat it. Offer something ‘to’ the conversation rather than trying to redirect it. That would be constructive.

  14. Grrr. Sorry Neil! Deb, Neil can help you to.

  15. No Deb, I don’t. but Master Servicer can help you!

  16. Kc – do you have a suit/ pleading on how in heck these accusations will pass ” muster” uou ate right but – you get my point yes

    KC on June 12, 2013 at 9:41 am
    Neil… you still have it wrong. It was a defective TV to begin with and all the parties knew it (except the buyer and the real creditor) … the objective was to cover up the defects and sell it as new and collect the insurance. They just keep flipping the same defective TV 20X over and over again.

  17. I remember a couple of years ago one of the anchors on FOX made a remark… Obama the American people need relief, they can’t pay their bills. I was surprised at that remark and it made me wonder what they were really up to. Now I know it is another tax scheme and it is tied to the totalitarian OBAMACARE system.

    OBAMACARE should be everyones biggest fight. OBAMACARE will be the end of all of our freedoms and our Constitutional Republic. Same with any new tax as a fix for fraud and the biggest ponzi scheme swindle & heist of our wealth in history.

    Beware of a new World Tax or any new tax they want to fraudulently induce as a fix for fraud.

    RT news are saying today that our Imposter Government are using Stasi tactics on the people. The Communist Khazars should know, they invented them and are directing the entire scam..

  18. To say the conspiracy part doesn’t matter hides the first place issue. This is and always was an evil plan that must be exposed.

  19. This is not bare rubbish KC and you know it. It is apparent on its face this was a well orchestrated 100 year communist plan to steal everything from us.

  20. By golly she is starting to catch on … if she would just leave out all the her Bare rubbish opinions and put her ABS on she just might graduate yet! I move her up in the class from row from row F to row D.

  21. KC asks …what can/did $13 trillion in bailout money buy?

    CNBC said these maniacs stole $60.4 trillion dollars from us, from our Treasury since 2008.

    Total value of the property initially was $12 trillion, therefore, nothing backs that amount, we were robbed.

    The crooks charged us $13 trillion to steal $60.4 trillion in our wealth is how I see it. Why? Because we already paid for everything upfront at the Origination.

    They all should have been taken to the woodshed.

    We certainly did not sign or agree to pay them to racketeer with our Securities.

    This was the biggest robbery of our wealth and property in history.

    That robbery and 9/11 are parts of the communists evil endgame plan for totalitarianism.

    OBAMACARE and microchipping us to all of their fictitious debts is their ultimate goal.

    Time to wake up and stop cooperating, complying and conforming with communism and all of it’s evil machinations because nothing they have done or are doing is legal. Not one thing.

  22. niedermeyer, it is unreal how much we are finding out. I would have never thought to pick up a book of quotes by a communist and read it. I never even heard of Ayn Rand until a couple of years ago. I remember reading Animal Farm in school and for some reason I never forgot it.

    We did not know how they were using fear as a weapon of control. It really kept us in the dark. Thankfully not anymore.

    I think I have read more in the last few years than in my entire life. Good thing I have always loved to read. We certainly needed this wake up call.

  23. Stripes… What can/did 13 Trillion in bailout money buy?

  24. Stripes,

    Should have added that it is my favorite because it is diametrically opposed to Soviet survivor Ayn Rand and the distilled version of the 1100 page novel “Atlas Shrugged” can be put into 3 little words , four letters … “A is A” , the battle between good and evil is rarely so well defined.

  25. Stripes ,

    LOVE that Lenin quote …. that is what we’re fighting and it goes to so many theaters of battle…

  26. CNN reporting there is a gay lobby inside the Vatican.

    No doubt in my mind Satan is out to destroy the Catholic Church. Not because there are gay clergy but because these are imposters who are doing everything the opposite of church teaching and are embarrassing all Catholics.

    CNN also reporting 5% of U.S. Doctors are refusing to take insurance and are taking cash only. Those doctors are true American Patriots!

  27. Nothing backs this robbery…or justifies it. That is why there have been no audits. TBTF…..the Khazar communists are cleaning out our Treasury….that simple.

  28. The banks are overleveraged 40-1….? Try $60.4 trillion dollars to these investor crooks since 2008 backed by $12 trillion in our initial stakeholder investment. It was an outright robbery…and the khazar communists robbery of WE THE PEOPLE is still in progress. Nothing backs this robbery.

  29. And it was all legal! Unethical but legal! Go Figure!

  30. To all the best part is:

    The credit card receipt was also securitized – so they are alsoleveraged 40-1 on deposits, and the master trust grinds out defaults while the company that originated your debt held the collecrion rights and other over-collat tranches in the credit card trust.

    So, the credit card company is also getting paid on the CDO default because you won’t pay for the fake broken TV.

    Bad example – Judges understand that the TV arrived broken – they do not understand that the guy who claims to have sold you a tv only sold an interest and the middle guys sucked out all the components before it was destroyed intentionally.

  31. Vladimir Lenin once said…”the lie is sacred and deception will be our principal weapon.”

    So for the man for whom the lie is sacred, in order to convince his hearers he is telling the truth, he must redefine the truth.

    Sounds like the politicians, right?

    Whether you are Catholic or not…this is a great read….

  32. Turn on your light, take a look around and ask yourself, who is going to turn off the light when you are no longer there every night. May God Have Mercy On Us All!

  33. All of this evil has its roots in the Communist Big Idea….130 Marx quotes & 30 Frederick Engels quotes….

  34. Theft by Deception .. yep! That about covers it in more ways than one! I have no blood on my hands but I know to much, you can not hide me in the dark because my Light Shines Bright!

  35. AHtorn[eys] these days are Taught; Jon Paul Sarte’s: “Law of Rhetoric” that clAIMs (Aims to deceive), that;
    “In order to Speak the TRUTH; On must Lie” and in Things Legal v. lawful; Lie[ing] is assumed to be presumed: “Legal” as Every Thing is: NOW/ OWN Legal; NO thing is: Illegal for some, but not some others?
    We therefore Live in legal, Law Less Chao[tic], CONfusion by design to enrich the Legal Mercenaries masquerading as Public Servants!
    Theft by Deception!

  36. The only ones who left this site are most of the trolls. God Bless America!

  37. Well Brian all I can say to your comment is……Thank God for the U.S. CONSTITUTION/BILL OF RIGHTS, right.? You sound like a cry baby and a sore loser by attacking the messenger. Try and add something informative instead of whining like a sniveling cry baby loser.

  38. Dear Stripes; Everything you say you have said every day that you have posted a 100 or more comments on this blog, which seems to be every day. You have apparently driven most that come to this blog to no longer comment or ask pertinent questions due to your continued screaming at the top of your lungs.
    If you were to keep your mouth shut and ears open, you might learn what many of us have to save our homes. I did. I found out something here that led to it. I shared it, as many other people in the same boat shared it. But now they are drowned out because you seem to own the only lifeboat and you are passing out flotation devices usually only seen before they are flushed.
    Please try to listen and learn. Maybe then, those of us that want to share something other than diatribe can participate again. We’d appreciate everyone having that privelege Neil offers with the 1st Amendment. Once critical mass is obtained, there will be some prosecution, incarceration and return of property.

  39. Their perps are given Target gift cards as an incentive for having high foreclosure numbers. That is precisely how commie corporatism works so We The People should boycott them. These corporate stores are all invested in this commie takedown of America.

  40. Fannie Mae sent one of their Khazar commie black nobility agents out to my house to take pictures one day. My husband asked her who she was to which she replied the bank sent her. My husband replied they don’t own anything to which she replied “wanna bet?” To which he responded get the hell out of here before I call the cops. She arrogantly snapped a few more pics & left.

  41. The servicers duties are limited to what is in the Prospectus. The servicers duties are limited to collecting payments and issuing statements. The servicers have no power of direction to bring a fc suit and no legal authority to give loan mods because they don’t hold the Security or have any legal rights of a holder.







  46. The banksters were racketeering with our Securities without our knowledge or consent and the U.S. TREASURY failed to do their job we entrusted them with and Secure the Trust for the peoples wealth and property.

    The banks aren’t broke, they have innumerable ill gotten wealth. The entire financial crisis as well as 9/11 and the war on terror was manufactured by the Khazar communists to steal everything from us.

    Any financial collapse is a fraud and an illusion to steal everything from us and install their totalitarian dictatorship with the microchip in OBAMACARE.

    The politicians are a bunch of lowlife nazi, fascist, commie investor crooks who don’t own anything because they don’t pay for anything.

    Lie, cheat, steal, use and abuse us and invest in their own fraud is all they do.

  47. FACT: The servicer (acting on behalf of the beneficial owner(s) of the note) is the entity responsible for initiating and completing foreclosure actions and, as such, the servicer (not MERS Inc.) is the entity that is responsible for assuring that mortgage assignments and mortgage notes are properly assigned to the real party in interest (i.e., the servicer or the note owner) prior to the commencement of foreclosure proceedings. MERS® System members have a substantial interest in providing accurate and current information because they rely on the MERS® System to obtain current information about note owners and servicers, as well as to obtain or receive legal notices served on MERS Inc. as mortgagee of record.65 Using MERS Inc. as the mortgagee of record actually reduces the possibility of missed or incorrect assignments that would create an unclear “chain of title” as to who is the actual mortgagee or beneficiary of the security instrument. When MERS Inc. serves as mortgagee, the recorded chain of title to the mortgage starts with MERS Inc. at origination and ends with MERS Inc. when it either releases the lien or assigns the lien to another entity.66 The MERS® System also streamlines the lien release process, reducing research time and recording fees

  48. FACT: A transfer of the mortgage note does not require a corresponding assignment of the mortgage. Under the MERS® System, MERS Inc. is named in the mortgage as nominee for the lender and its successors and assigns. The UCC, which has been adopted, with slight variations, by all 50 states, governs the transfer or sale of notes (whether they are determined to be negotiable or non-negotiable).48 However, the recordation of mortgages and requirements for their enforcement are governed by real estate law. This bifurcation of applicable law does not render their application mutually exclusive; rather, both the UCC and applicable real estate law in the respective jurisdiction must be complied with in order to have an enforceable note representing an obligation to pay, and an enforceable lien on the real property that is collateral for the note.

    Under the UCC, a note sale or transfer is effective and enforceable upon meeting three criteria: (i) the buyer giving value, (ii) to a seller with rights in the note and (iii) execution of a security or purchase agreement that either describes the note or is accompanied by possession of the note.49

    Once the note is sold or transferred such that the conveyance is enforceable or “attaches” as described above, there is a corresponding automatic transfer of the seller’s interest in the mortgage to the buyer. Section 9.203(g) of the UCC states “The attachment of a security interest [which includes the right of a buyer of the note] in a right to payment or performance secured by a security interest or other lien on personal or real property is also attachment of a security interest in the security interest, mortgage or other lien.”50 These UCC rules do not address priorities of the security interest in the underlying property, enforcement of the mortgage, or the impact of filing or non-filing.51 Those issues are governed by the real estate law of the jurisdiction in which the property is located. But it is clear that under the UCC, the transfer or sale of the note includes conveyance of seller’s interest in the underlying mortgage.52 In order for the buyer of the note to be comfortable about its ability to foreclose or take any other necessary steps to realize on the collateral, it must have a contractual relationship with the mortgagee of record. Under the MERS® System, that contractual relationship exists, and MERS Inc. has been granted the right and authority to act on behalf of the owner(s) of the note as well as the servicer of the note. The roles are outlined by contract among the parties which specifies their duties and responsibilities under both the UCC framework as well as the real property recordation system.

  49. As said in the PBS’ “I, Claudius”, a Roman emperor that lasted because his relatives thought he was an idiot: “Let all the worms that live in the mud hatch out.” Well, everybody, the worms are starting to hatch. The big crash is coming and Mortgage Backed Security (aka more bullshit) and debt without end is going to show us just what they were doing with our land and our money. I hope to stay in litigation until the explosion.

  50. You have done a lot of smack talking KC. and blaming the victims of the biggest robbery of our wealth in history. Now you are talking when you say it is time to compensate the only victims of this scam, the property owners. It is way past time the most egregiously harmed by this scam were paid back what was stolen and hijacked from them….monetary compensation….3x the face value of the notes and our titles were cleared of all of their heinous fraud and our freedom restored. I will accept no less.


    JP Morgan spokesperson saying there is no money in servicing (their own) delinquent loans.

  52. I have always been talking Stripes .. you just have not been listening.

  53. Now your talking KC.

  54. I just finished reading the affidavit published above. This comes to no surprise to me, I just do not know how people can participate in a crime against humanity of such magnitude for a paycheck. I would rather starve before participate. How is this in the best interest of our Country? Why have the homeowners not been compensated properly? Why have there been no meaningful prosecutions?

  55. The commies blocked that link but you can google it.


  57. CNBC reporting Thomson Reuters charges a fee to the elite to access insider trading information. They won’t say how much that info costs. What it boils down to says one CNBC anchor is…. “A ferrari is available to all if you have the money”

  58. Burke is the longest serving Alderman in Chicago history.

  59. Here is a good example of how Chicago machine politics works ….. Edward M. Burke has been a Democratic Alderman in the City of Chicago since 1969….

  60. LOL! Java! I don’t like mine Kentucky Fried.. I Like mine Country Fried and cooked at home.

  61. so what would the judge do in this case? are there damages involved? good for a homeowner to join?

  62. They already tried that eminent domain fascism in Cook County and it did not pass. 14 th Ward Democratic Alderman Ed Burke of the Chicago City Council since get this…..1969….was behind that Nazi big idea. I went berserk and sounded the alarms on the local blogs and it never happened. Everything they do has to be legislated and passed into law by one of them scoundrels.

  63. …..and I’m not paying for their crimes.

  64. Well then switch your name to KFC.

  65. When the Title Company Agent of the U.S. TREASURY DEPARTMENT commits fraud on the titles to our properties by turning a blind eye to their fiduciary duties, that is a criminal act.

  66. Keep an eye on eminent domain coming to a town and state near you.

  67. Trust Me Stripes …. they keep me in the dark because locking me up in the closet is not an option. lol I Love My Community! I Love My Family! And I Like My Chicken Fried!

  68. ding… The Title Companies
    ding… The Title Attorneys
    ding… POA for Trustee
    dong…… When a Title Insurer fails … Do they go into receivership? Who pays the Tab? Do they merge and carry the liabilities with them?

  69. Funny frame of reference… A TV, huh?

    Ditch the TV and start taking action. Be of use to someone else by showing what works instead of telling it. Lead by example or forever remain glued to that damn TV you get all your brains from, and irremediably… stupid, poor, miserable and useless.

    Oh well, what a waste of time talking to close-minded one-track minds… One thing is certain: those who seriously fight ain’t coming here anymore to talk about it and those who come here ain’t fighting, they have nothing to say and they still manage to blurt it, in all caps to boot. Tells me everything I need to know…

    Thank Gawd we’re not hoping for change from those morons. We’d be in serious hell! Oh wait! We are in hell! Damn it! It’s moron-land all around!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  71. So if this is fact why don’t all judges motion for discovery? And why are case s not being dismissed with prejidice when discovery is not produced. Trial is very expensive

  72. Neil… you still have it wrong. It was a defective TV to begin with and all the parties knew it (except the buyer and the real creditor) … the objective was to cover up the defects and sell it as new and collect the insurance. They just keep flipping the same defective TV 20X over and over again.

  73. The real problem in America are the Nazi Khazar Communist investors who are allowed to invest in everything that effects our Life, Liberty and Property. That would be the Politicians, Lawyers, and the Cops, the Media, the Doctors, and all of our enemies both foreign & domestic.

    We pay for it, they invest in and control it. That is a crime IMHO.

    That is the main reason we are living in Commieland U.S.A and why OBAMACARE FASCISM and the MICROCHIP were passed into law.


    Obama is invested in VANGUARD who have their greedy little fingers in everybodys pie.

    That is precisely why we are here and why these crooks are being allowed to spy on all of us.

    The investors in totalitarianism are writing the fascist laws and passing them into law.

  74. Neil—Except that the “brand new TV” you thought you ordered at the beginning of all of it wasn’t a brand new TV…it was a fake TV.

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