Banks Targeting LivingLies?

There is an old expression which I may have used on this site before says “you know that you are over the target when you start getting flack.”

In a variety of ways, we have uncovered a number of strategies being employed by the large banks on Wall Street directed at discrediting the discussion on this blog and making it as difficult as possible for us to do business. One of the ways that they do this is by planting articles in various periodicals which make it seem as though the housing crisis is behind us and that the banks are doing everything possible to alleviate the suffering of homeowners who are under the gun of wrongful foreclosures that amount to nothing less than outright theft.

Another way they do it is by posting “comments” on the blog that are designed to take up a lot of space and interfere in serious discussion between the readers. The latest round of spamming from the banks has been pointed out to us by a reader and the way that we are handling this is by eliminating the comments from those people who are clearly interfering in intelligent conversation and bona fide research that appears in the comment section in each blog article. To those whom we suspect are paid spammers from the banks, we are sending the following email:

“We received numerous complaints from other followers of the blog  regarding comments that you have posted. We are now blocking any comments from you and we will be watching for any variations used by you to post comments that are designed to confuse and chase people away from the blog. We are very much aware of the effort of banks to interfere with our operations and we must be extremely careful to stop any activity on the site that appears to be spawned by people who are paid by the banks to discredit the blog. If you wish to appeal this decision please send an email to”

As for the attempts to interfere in our business I will not give any details here nor will I state how we are staying one step ahead of the banks who would like to see the blog taken down in the business destroyed. I am no stranger to fighting with these banks. And they are no stranger to losing the fight when the issues finally appear on the radar screen.

For my part I will continue to provide increasing depth, suggestions, strategies and tactics for lawyers to use against these banks. There is no doubt in my mind that these banks will eventually fall despite all attempts by government and central bankers to create the illusion of strength when in fact both the financial condition of the banks and the financial condition of the economy continued to be bankrupt beyond repair.

There is only so far that you can kick the can down the road. Now that I have so much company in this effort in the form of attorneys, government officials, and pro se litigants, it can be fairly said that my efforts have spawned  a cottage industry in which these banks will find themselves the target as real people represented by real lawyers seek money damages and other relief. The outcome of this is very clear to me. There are many economists who have seen and recently made comments based upon their analysis of government issued economic statistics; in particular there are concerned that financial services was at equilibrium with the rest of the economy when it accounted for only 16% of economic activity.

Now at a time when unemployment and underemployment combined with those people who have given up completely may have reached an all-time high, it is apparent to those economists that the alleged growth of our gross domestic product is in large measure due to our willingness to treat the trading of worthless paper as economic activity. The proof is in the pudding. The only way we can say that our gross domestic product is improving at a low rate of 2.5% is by ignoring the fiction of economic activity in the financial sector.

Financial services are now counted in gross domestic product at around 48% versus the 16% when financial services were at equilibrium with the volume of actual production of products and delivery of services. While unemployment grows and while wages continue to stagnate and even decline, we invite a social catastrophe caused by graphic economic inequality supported by fictitious numbers and arrogant policies controlled by those who have received the largest benefit from the largest crime in human history.

Thus the question being answered by this blog and others like it is how long we will listen to government statistics showing an increase in economic activity of 2.5% which is a complete illusion, and when will we start acting on the fact that comparable economic activity has declined by 32%. Think about it.

And by the way, those people who think that they can earn easy money by acting on behalf of the banks should realize that they are extremely expendable and will definitely be thrown under the bus once the plan of action has been disclosed. To the extent that you have any written confirmation of instructions from the banks as to how to interfere with this blog and other discussion sites, I suggest you make copies and have them distributed in different geographic locations. Otherwise, in the event of a lawsuit for interference in our contractual relations with customers and prospective customers, you might end up being the lead defendant.


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  1. @ jellybean

    I know that jan van Eck is on the various foreclosure sites and in fact put eloquent input into many issues including on one of my postings years back.

    I addressed my question on
    ‘Cite the law that allows the Bank to originate a ponzi scheme in absolute prohibition to the US Constitution ‘
    to jan van Eck and BobG because i know what ever bubbameister they come up with would be eloquent.

  2. Neil of course we are all being targeted and watched. This case in MD shows just how dirty they can be, with a hand-picked judge lying about the real intent of Emergency Rule 14-207.1 in direct contravention to what the committee chair said…. and the committee chair was Jurist of the Year!!!

  3. @ ALL
    the Jan van Eck who posts on here so eloquently is the real deal…the real Jan van Eck!!

    He has helped many of us all along and not necessarily always on this single blog.


  5. Of course the demons want the truth removed from this site marilyn. The truth drowns out their shreiks from the bowels of hell…ban the truth they say.

    Any American citizen knows there are no limits on free speech in America. That is how we know the enemy is in plain sight.

    Everyone needs to do their own research because the serpent moves more subtle than any beast of the field which the Lord God has made.

  6. It should be simple – if you post ore than 3 times in 30 minutes – you are banned!

  7. lol

  8. Just checking to see if I was banned yet.

  9. to the enemeys of Stripes

    Before some of you want to write off Stripes as a Looney I think you should google ‘Agenda 21” into your computer.

    It sure looks like the takings of so many private properties by fraudclosure
    Is the start of a larger plan.

  10. Right on marilyn…!

  11. @BobG.. Jan van Eck.. etc

    By what LAW are the banks allowed to start their Ponzi scheme

    Their ill-gotten gains MUST BE FORFEITED TO OUR US Treasury
    and the PEOPLE.

  12. Take your lies and shove them trolls.

  13. Americans like marilyn and I are speaking the truth publicly and not holding back. We may be the last vestage of hope that saves this country from totalitarianism.

  14. hey louise, you and I are both crooks and liars. and I’m a bank shill. and the stripper is a truth teller. and marylin believes her.
    we’re doomed.

  15. You are right marilyn, all the demons are here. I would guess they are mostly agents trying to protect the investors or investors themselves or paid shills. The name van eck is all over the investor lists. Remember he said there are only 55 van ecks and something about investing in this site?

    I agree about the spy network as well. It is so intricate and so in our face it is creepy. They are not hiding it if people are paying attention. The sudden outrage in the media about the NSA spying is laughable. Where have they been? They just noticed?

    Maybe the scandals coming to light represent a tipping point like the gun battle, it is time to tell them to shove it.

    CNN showed Obama letting the President of Chile sit at his desk today.

    Yes it’s true, these communists are bold and in our faces. They are not hiding what they want. Global control. The world is their stage and the U.S. is their bully pulpit and nobody is buying it.

    Time we told them all just where to shove it.

  16. Stripes

    There is definitely a network of spies, creeps and crooks
    trying to bad mouth Neil’s site.
    Jan van Eck said it was absurd to think that jan van Eck Global
    Would post on this nothing site.
    Noticed how Jan hasn’t left this nothing site.
    TN has disappeared from the radar but is probably posting
    With another name.
    I would not be surprised is the hackers from Astoria are posting here

  17. They all go both ways marilyn. That’s their dirty little secret. They would love nothing more than to have the truth removed from this site and keep their satanic ritual over America going until we are all in their evil cult. I have faith they will fail but not until they take as many souls with them as they can. Well I hope to save as many as I can from their ritual abuse and human sacrifice but, it will take all of the strength we can muster.

  18. Yeah Louise I wish you lived in Chicago too because we have a special place for assholes like you who lie and rip people off. Let me know when your in town. I will gladly show you where that place is.

  19. UKG: You are right. They need to foreclose so that documents will be buried and hide their crimes, but if the law was followed, even that would not make a difference. Fraud is fraud, and a paper trail does not just go away. Until the judges let us do discovery, this krap is going to go on and on. As to Stripes, it is a good thing I do not live in Chicago. What an asshole!! Unless NG does something soon, I will have to think he does want to keep her around.

    Now, we appear to have additional fools posting bullshit on this site. I have been in litigation for over five years and multiple lawsuits–all related to foreclosure one way or the other. I am sure I cost the other side at least $200,000. Sometimes crime does not pay. At the moment, I believe suing them is the only way for us to fight back. What goes up must come down. It is the law of physics. It is all going to come out.

  20. stripes –
    ukg says he doesn’t like your chitter chatter on this site but I honestly feel I learnt alot from you. ukg says he rather talk to BobG, Jan , Harry on the phone. now ukg is talking to a code name T, i think it might be tnharry and tnharry worked at banks and he goes both ways.

  21. So, uh, when is this going to start?

  22. Precisely what verbal diarhea are you talking about UKG? As I always say prove me wrong. You have had plenty of time to prove me wrong and you have yet to even try.

    The crooks do want their trolls taking over all the blogs. Esp this one. The truth is dangerous. When you “get it” you know what these crooks really want is nothing for us and everything for them. I despise that notion and I refuse to cooperate with tyrants.

  23. nobody devotes the kind of time to espousing a bunch of verbal diarrhea like stripes does unless they’re sick in the head or paid to act like they’re sick in the head.

  24. @T: I don’t put anything past these bank racketeers and their law firms. I have seen the corruption in their actions pleadings, assertions, and briefs with taking all kinds of case law out of context.
    An honorable, ethical attorney is at a disadvantage trying to practice law defending homeowner claims in a place where the other table is occupied by a group of attorneys who have no ethics whatsoever, other than to their own portfolios. When guys like me come along and tie them up for FIVE YEARS and well past $100k in legal expenses, their has to be more to the story; especially if their only trying to take a $100k house. I have a BofA case where the property is worth a paltry $35-$40,000, and the bank/law firms have pursued the foreclosure for 4 years. The payoff isn’t in the property (regardless of the value). The payoff is in executing the foreclosure to finish the extinguishment of the transaction.

  25. I do believe Neil knows how important it is to unite under one common theme. Our freedom and liberty.

  26. Usedkarguy –

    I’m glad you too see/read Stripes as per their “distractions”. Perhaps they only want to fill these pages of Neil’s with busy reading text … its seems so to me too.


  27. I do believe the judges know that I see the seriousness of thes fc matters marilyn. Too many Americans have been much to compliant with these crooked banksters and I for one am not buying any of it. They chose to commit fraud with my autograph, my unauthorized signature and for that they should pay the price. To those who say oh well, that’s just way it is I say, that is the wrong answer. That answer will land this nation and its people right into the depths of hell. If someone commits fraud in your name without your knowledge or consent and you discover that and you continue to go along with them, you are as guilty as they are. I will not be a party to the destruction of my country or my own life by these imposter felons, God as my witness, I do not cooperate with communists because communism goes against my moral beliefs not including the fact nothing they are doing is legal under any of the laws of this land.

  28. Watching the uproar about Stripes on this site, I can imagine how
    nervous she gets the judges in black robes who illegally ruled against the laws of this land and the Constitution and the people in three piece suits that bought into this Ponzi scheme. Good.

  29. I do not take orders……I am not a member of their communist club.

  30. So bring it on UKG…..I don’t take orders. That is unamerican….

  31. Everything is relevant to the mortgage fraud AKA the destruction of our Securities…WITHOUT OUR KNOWLEDGE OR CONSENT …you should know that by now UKG….

  32. I’ll lay off if you keep it on point, okay? Please, we don’t need this distraction. If you’re in with Kentucky Fried Chicken, that’ fine. Just stay in the realm of mortgage fraud without all the anecdotal opinions. Enough said.

  33. My main focus is restoring our freedom and Glenn BeCKhhhhh wouldn’t want me …I’m too honest. Now he is a bank shill who said on FOX NEWS….THE BANKS DID NOTHING WRONGGGHHHHHH…! HEIL…GEITHHHNER….!

  34. A bank hack? LMITALIAN/AMERICAN/IRISHAO….You are out of your freaking gourd. Think what you want. KFC knows who I am…….mom, baseball & as American as apple pie….you bet!

  35. Who removed my posts?

  36. why don’t you go on Glenn Beck’s site? He’d love to have you rant there.
    No offense to Glenn Beck intended.

  37. stripper: you’re main focus is disrupting us. I have no doubt that you’re a paid bank hack. Many folks have come and gone here. You’re the first to take this keyword/anarchist tack here. It is odd that as homeowners and attorneys have made massive strides in this area of law (or law breaking), people like you populate sites like this and contaminate them with thousands of posts. Bank shill, do you get paid by the character? You’re a P.O.S.

  38. In your commie dreams I was banned Louise. Thank God some people are awake and are speaking out about this biggest crime in history against WE THE PEOPLE. The First Amendment may just be what saves the country from totalitarianism.

    Exposetheserotteneggs….Unfortunately the truth is startling and most would rather ignore it. They would rather conform, comply and cooperate with these tyrants than educate themselves and face reality. The truth is depressing, it makes you mad and it is evil. Some people don’t want to cope with reality. They want to ignore it and hope for a change.

    I am not able to do what these people do and play along with the charades. I know they robbed me and I realize the consequences of complying with these imposters will mean the end of my freedom for the rest of my days. I refuse to accept that because I do not believe this is the way the Creator intended the world to be or our lives to be.

    I believe the Creator intended for everyone to be free & independent not just a select group.

    I believe the Creator gave us everything we need to be free & independent and these crooks have stolen & hijacked it.

    That includes the U.S. TREASURY DEPARTMENT/DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE. That is why there have been no criminal prosecutions of these crooks.

  39. Unfortunately, I do agree with you. However they’re to many people who are asleep and need to wake up to what is really going on here. Now, how can that happen the way the news media is set up presently?
    I recently received an email petition from “occupy our homes” Sherry Hernandez, who with 6 others were arrested for “peacefully protesting” in the law firm of Covington & Burling a DC law firm whose clients are: BofA, Wells Fargo, JP Morgan chase and others. They are now known as the “Covington 7” and they are facing charges by the US attorneys office. They were in DC as part of a group of hundreds of homeowners
    who were demanding the Department of Justice to do its job and hold Wall Street accountable. They all have been affected by the foreclosure crisis and their message now is: “Arrest the Bankers, not the homeowners! We need more media attention on stories like this and more people need to get involved, but unless you have experienced this Foreclosure Fraud personally most people…really don’t get it. That is why I understand where you are coming from as you desperately feel the need to educate and inform people of what you know because no one is being held accountable and it is allowed to continue which is worse because what is their next move. It is the apathy of the people who are intentionally ignorant and that will be the downfall of this country. I wish I could be more positive.

  40. Yes, Stripes should have her own blog. Excellent idea. She can post hundreds of times, because there is something seriously wrong with her. BTW, why is she still posting? I thought she was banned. WTF??

  41. Don’t let anyone make you believe the BIG LIE that “it is just a house” and you will get another one someday or….. if they destroyed your livelihood or small businesses you can rebuild what they destroyed and stole or hijacked from you.

    This is a global communist plot to steal everything from us and control everyone & everything by investing in everything we pay for, and manipulating and lying about everything they have rigged while spying on everyone from behind the scenes.

    Once these Khazar communists steal it from you, they never plan on giving it back.

    What they really want is a globe full of obedient slaves who parrot their “politically correct” communist views.

    Look at the control these communists have over the media, law enforcement and the judiciary as the perfect example of what they want us to be.

  42. exposestheserotteneggs……my main focus is restoring our freedom and independence from these communist crooks.

    My own freedom is in peril because I am fighting 2 fraudclosures pro se.

    I realize the urgency of these fc matters more than most. So, if I can open a few eyes to the dire threat to all of our freedoms these fake crises like these fraudclosures and OBAMACARE pose to EVERY AMERICAN.

    If I can convey the urgency here, the dire warning about this Khazar communist plot to steal everything from us and destroy our Constitutional Republic in order to permanently install a totalitarian global government in America. Then I will feel that I have accomplished something.

  43. It depends on how much time & energy you are able to put into a website in order for it to
    be sucessful, if that is your goal. Just a suggestion as I understand it is a lot of work.

  44. It is really all about being at the right place at the right time exposetheserotteneggs. Everything is a gamble nowadays. The chances are better IMHO to exposetheserotteneggs right here at living lies then at some obscure website.

  45. @stripes
    Because of all the research you have done and all of your experience, I really think you might want to start your own blog. Then all of your information can be put in order and most helpful to others.

  46. The Khazar communists steal and privatize our wealth through progressive taxation, social safety nets, retirement funds and credit lending and hand us the bill.

  47. The entire Agenda 21 plan is Global Marxism under the guise of “saving the environment.”

  48. Here’s the blueprint for the Global Soviet commie plot from New Zealand. … may have to enlarge the screen but its worth the read….scroll down to the “sovietization” of local government.

    The blueprint tells how Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbechev and Rothschild agent Maurice Strong co-chaired the RIO EARTH SUMMIT in Brazil in June of 1992. Read about it here….



    The entire plot for BRICS to steal our wealth and spread it around the world was hatched under the guise of THE RIO EARTH SUMMIT IN. BRAZIL IN JUNE OF 1992…


  50. People all over the world are waking up to the global financial matrix (mortgage, securitization, interest rates, futures, derivatives, fractional reserve banking, and government/central bank currencies; their financial system is rigged) here is but only one of the latest examples:
    UBUNTU Liberation Movement

  51. Bijaya
    My last posting to you says I am posting at 8 something AM Jime 14th
    My computer in EST reads 11 something AM June 14th
    At this moment my computer says 12:10 PM.

  52. Financial expert on FOX BIZ David Stockman said Bernanke is blowing up the 4th largest bond bubble in history by buying bonds (repurchasing their own fraud) and the result when that bubble bursts will be a catastrophe.

    Now who wants a loan mod in this economic climate? Why would anyone be paying these crooks who are robbing them and pocketing all of their payments a so called “mortgage”? Those who are still believing the lies that the “economy is recovering” and they signed a “legal contract” and have a moral obligation to pay these imposters, these criminals money they aren’t owed.

  53. Bijaya
    I am in EST and my computer clock was past midnight last night.

  54. First they killed Kennedy, now they are coming for us.

  55. Sorry flag day is always the 14th

  56. This is also why attorney’s are not going for clear titles and monetary compensation because they aren’t about to ask the judge to tell the KGB, these communists who are no more than mobsters, to give us back what they stole. That is why these cases are in limbo because they all got caught red handed trying to steal it all from us.

    I don’t care who they are …. they are crooks.

    Pay us back what you stole you crooks!

  57. It is all a sham with our Treasury Departnent marilyn. There are nothing but imposters running the joint and the country. That is why all they do is lie and steal our hard earned money and property and protect their crime racket they have going on at our hijacked Treasury Department. They have failed to do their jobs and protect our Securities, our wealth and properties because there are criminals running everything. They make John Dillinger’s and Al Capone look like saints. These title companies may call themselves different names but they are all agents of the U.S. TREASURY DEPARTMENT. We’ve all been played for fools and robbed by these Khazar communist hoodlums.

  58. If this is all true then that is why the Government is forcing all the courts to stop us
    Worse than Madoff
    The treasury is backing false assets & congress assigned the risk to the tax payer with the Bush bailout, Paulson forcing the banks to take the money, Dodd Frank, & such
    There is no money the debt is surely unsecured
    I want my property back or compensation for the taking

  59. There is a good article on on the subject of our Security by George Mantor entitled ….. On Modest Encroachments. George talks about how he feels about imposters spying on us under the guise of “protecting our Security” or as Obama put it in his last speech about these spy agencies spying on all of us are just “modest encroachments.”

  60. Stripes
    you are right. Even after the banks new attorneys admitted they didn’t own my two properties when they were auctioned off by the banks long gone corrupt attorneys,- the title companes were stepping in to INDEMNIFY
    In steps Fidelity. Aren’t they the ones that acquired Chicago Title?
    The other title company nothing but a sham company called Coronet Title

  61. I was told by the FBI when my bank account was compromised a few years ago, there is no way to protect your Security 100%. The best you can do I was told by a bank employee is buy identity theft insurance from the bank.

    So there you have the truth from law enforcement, there is no way you can protect your Security 100%. The best you can do is insure your Security.

    Isn’t that what we bought those Owner’s Policies from the Title Co/U.S. Treasury for? To protect our Titles from fraud?

  62. Robin Hood!! Robin Hood!!! oh I mean, Neil !! Neil !! Thank You Bravo, I love it. You are making our voice’s stronger everyday!!
    Those jerk’s who cower behind mind-games and mental health issues, this will someday come back to bite you in the xxx.

  63. Marilyn Lane: Two things: there is a virus going around that steals E-mail out of your E-mail account. I know that for a fact, because a business here had all nine of his computers attached and many E-mails removed. It tried to get into my computer as well, but I have very good anti-virus software and only use Chrome and Internet Explorer as my browser. My computer has been attacked multiple times whenever there was an upcoming hearing where I was working on pleadings to be submitted to court. It seems that law firms no longer practice law; they practice stalking, favors, hacking, lying and fraud on the court. Very sad.

  64. @ NEIL
    I have noticed many articles that I have saved in particular from Neil have been deleted from my computer not by me but by an unknown. I believe I know the hackers( from a bank) and by their mistake was able to obtain a phone number. Should that phone number be of any help, you can have it

  65. God Bless America marilyn!

  66. @Stripes
    Today is Flag Day.
    Yeah for Stripes!

  67. The only vested interest I have is restoring our freedom. The truth being told is the only way to accomplish that. No one in their right mind would want to live under these imposters and their totalitarian spy government. Certainly not me.

  68. Feelings mutual trolls but UKG and Christine are even bigger boils on the ass of humanity than most of you.

  69. I take this issue, this whole foreclosure mess with utter seriousness. As far as my self control, I have plenty. You’re probably right that I should ignore her. But it’s kinda like that group that harasses the families at military funerals. You just want to punch ’em right in the face!
    Shame on the editor for allowing it to continue.
    I’m winning my case, not whining about my case. I can thank Neil for getting me started. I thank my attorney for getting me where I am today.
    IF there was a serious thread going with pertinent information, one would subscribe via the RSS to stay in touch. With all the bullshit from the stripper, there is no reason to follow any post.
    I’d rather talk to Bob and Jan and Harry and my other cohorts on the phone than have to sift through all the bullshit on here.
    Freedom of speech my ass. She’s like herpes, a gift that keeps on giving.

  70. @ Ian

    They say it was a trust, but impossible…SEC file has my loan number, but the information is incomplete and the trust opened August 01, 2007-closed August 30/31 2007. Loan was generated February 27, 2007. In that time frame, 27,000 loans went unfunded, that’s coming from DE bankruptcy court testimony. Most loans were pooled in February 2007, but New Century took the lines of credit and spent them for expenses, again testimony from BK court. What it is: the loan was put in a sheet to go to the trust, but many never made it and they sent the information to the SEC to look like it was funded, but it is not accurate. All verified…

    Credit Suisse, in that same time frame “illegally” seized many of our notes, to HOLD as security until the trustee paid their claims. Credit Suisse got paid $.90 on a dollar and still pushed a copy of the notes through to their servicers for additional collections, behind the courts back: SPS (Select Portfolio & Ocwen). Now, that is not a legitimate collection by them, as Carrington, of CT bought ALL of the servicing rights from the trustee, with DE court approval in 2007. I have 3 tax statements from 2007…each one generated by different players. Carrington, SPS and Ocwen. The correct party is Carrington.

    There was a suit filed by McMahon, the justice department rep from DE because, he was adamant that non-lenders like Credit Suisse were claiming ownership of notes they did not fund, this was in 2007 also. The parties that put the back-door deals together were under the tutoring of Susan Uhland, O’Melveny & Meyers of CA and she is in bed with recon trust buying houses for her personal portfolio, in places like Pacific Heights and places around the Bay area..(we did a background check on her).

    And then there is the approval doc’s…2 of them; one with Wells Fargo, the other RBC, the HUD also has RBC, who New Century bought out in 2005, non assets only? I believe too, that New Century collected from Wells and RBC, stealing the money. They were also taking payments from borrowers and escrow money, verified in transcripts, to fund daily operations. I was getting late notices from the first month. My loan was in default, on paper, with New Century, but never funded, per court testimony and cease and desist orders in 6 states confirm this too.

    There’s more, email me again: @

  71. UKG
    Why are you allowing stripes to affect you? Maybe you could just skip her comments. Why not? It’s called self control.

  72. for the last fucking time stripes, shut up. You’re a waste of air.

  73. poppy- did your new century loan or loans belong to a DLJ Trust? A CWALT Trust? I had a. double-funded New Century loan and am interested in anything you may have which may help me.

  74. UKG,

    “I don’t see any difference…..” Neither do I. There’s none. Remember something similar a year ago? NG has a vested interest somewhere in keeping the mess going.

  75. Well Brian, it really depends on what you believe to be nonsense now doesn’t it? Nonsense to you may be a revelation to someone else. It is really about what you choose to believe is nonsense. It doesn’t hurt to try to keep an open mind in life. You never know what you might learn.

  76. The hope of the wicked. Why don’t you take the high road and stay on it UKG? How much can they possibly be paying you to keep up their charades?

  77. I don’t see any difference…..

  78. Neil,

    If you are interested in some paperwork, I have 100% the paper trail from cats like New Century and BOA/Countrywide.

    NCentury 2 entirely different paper trails, transcripts, original wiring, fake repurchase papers, Exhibits, etc…and Credit Suisse play, rock solid.

    Have paperwork from 1986 on a ledger for my loan in 2005, with BOA/Countrywide… right from Blank Rome, with trustee a VP of the lender, fake assignments from “closed” countrywide Home Loans Inc, amended foreclosure sales from 2009…it is my opinion: this paperwork could be very valuable for others…shows in great detail the lineage.

  79. Thks Neil
    I just do not read those talking nonsense and appreciate your efforts to block them

  80. Thank heavens for attorneys like Neil who cannot be scared off/bought off – I went through TWELVE – the last one quit on the eve of the hearing and the FC Mill showed up with his file containing all of my defenses. I beat them them bad – DWP – as a pro se, in part due to advice from this blog and others. Give ’em hell, Neil!

  81. 1ofthemany…..There have been so many Acts against us they are almost too numerous to mention. I always keep in mind they are all Imposters who really don’t own anything. It is all the Art of the Con with these swindlers. They are always trying to outsmart us but when push comes to shove with these individuals, nothing they are doing is legal. They may hide behind corporate logos or hide behind party names. They always misrepresent themselves in many ways but, they are in fact, individuals who have an agenda that is not legal, moral or ethical.

  82. Neil ,

    Thanks for cleaning house here ! I’m a longtime reader/commenter and you have always been a valuable read …

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE e:mail me with details on your business proposition regarding “Put Up or Shut Up” ,, I may very soon be in a position to join the party and I have a deep pockets friend that has only in the last year learned what we have known for the last 5 ,,, she could very well back the whole thing..

    Keep up the great site..

  83. Stripes and all – Stripes -I have seen you speak of this before and TY for that. The stolen/hidden National bank act on 1927, this would not be happening, no interest over 2% on ANY loan, no foreclosure just write off sooooo I ask… what have they done with it? We know why they hide it and many other rights… because these our rights. Not theirs to play with as they want you to be nothing, seriously infantile they seem to be, via stolen riches.. I venture to speculate that they (elite) are then extremely spoiled.. poor babies. A copy of this act would be nice to see firsthand. TY Neil for being in the forefront of this ongoing stripping attempt of the general hardworking public. So much fraud, it will not progress, it will implode. They are only bringing us closer together, gotta love the human spirit. Bless the ones that did not survive it. Strife to those that perpetuate it.

  84. Loan rescission is a behind the fc scenes battle. They won’t rescind because the plaintiff won’t be able to file a claim against the property if they rescind and you are in fc is my take. I think they have only 30 days to file their claim.

  85. Keep up the good work, Neil.

    Joe P

  86. The damages in rescission have to be because of the fraud ridden TILA disclosures. The bank has a certain amount of time to file a claim after the rescission and you can dispute it. They usually don’t bother from what I have heard.

    The challenge regarding the tort and breach of contract claims are good in fc.

  87. To “KC”
    Your tort claims [for damages] do not go away simply because you avail yourself of a Statutory remedy in demanding rescission of a loan transaction. If you have been injured, then it is axiomatic that for every injury there is a remedy. You have the right to file a civil action for damages, assuming that the other entity (bank, servicer, whomever) has breached the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing in its various interactions with you.

    An issue that you would have to explore is whether your damages claims lie in tort or in contract; that would be specific to the unique facts of your case. Typically, if the bank/servicer did something evil, such as send spies to go break into your house and steal your belongings (yes, that happens all the time, mostly to Bank of America and Chase Bank “customers”), then you claims would lie in tort [in my view]. If they failed in their duties under the Contract, your claims lie in contract. Generally, tort claims would get you larger damages awards, all depending on the specific facts.

    One thing for sure: if you do NOT file your suit promptly, then you end up not being able to assert your claims of right. So, don’t delay, sue them all.

  88. I met with a state investigator a while back about the mortgage fraud. He told me wherever there is a lot of money being made there is fraud.

    Those who are cleaning house on this fraud certainly don’t want it to end.

    That is why the truth being told by anyone who is exposing this massive defrauding of We The People is dangerous to these greedy bastards.

  89. ….and devour everyone.

  90. You are right marilyn. That is a good warning for everyone because this evil that roams the earth knows its time is short and it is incredibly deceptive in its attempts to devour everything.

  91. @Stripes

    It certainly appears that their are two faced people who want to curtail Neil’s efforts to get justice for the property owners of these foreclosure frauds.

    Neil has certainly earned the right to make some money for his never ending help.

    My advice is, watch your back, some of the two faces would like to be you.

  92. Neil has always been smart. Now maybe he is finally getting Mean and Angry !!!!

  93. Your problem is KC …you can’t outsmart me. I know too much.

  94. Ok I give up everyone… I can no more reason with a Knucklehead than I can a brick wall. I hope you found the information useful and I apologize if I think out loud to much. Many Blessing to All!

  95. None of that recission/short sale/loan mod crap floats with me anymore KC…I know too much now. The judge shouldn’t be mad at me for anything. I’ve been put through the wringer to get to this point.

  96. I even offered to do a short sale on commercial property at one time …boy was I dumb right?

  97. The example I just gave was for a purchase loan. In the case of refi… you must tender back the benefit of cash out and any debt paid on your behalf. You keep the house.

  98. Neil, you are a true public servant and have taught so many of us about the fraud. Most importantly, you provide solutions that can be implemented by other attorneys or unrepresented homeowners.

    We are so thankful!

  99. Like I said KFC ….I am much smarter now.

  100. The politicians had us blaming the judges and everyone but them. That is what is so infuriating to me.

  101. Under rescission (for a properly stated claim) after the lender tenders, the borrower tenders back the house. Each party is put back in the position they were in before…… as though the transaction had never occurred. With the added benefit of having the loan removed from your credit history as thou it never existed. Yes this is a Powerful Tool!

    But what if you don’t want to tender your home? Do you have other options … like offset in damages for economic harm done to you?

  102. My qualms are with the politicians who thought we were all so stupid.

  103. Do they enjoy this exposure? They must because if I were them, I would have settled this mess a long time ago and paid back what they stole from me. I offered them a rescission and if they were smart they would have given it to me. What they did was made me even madder and smarter.


  105. Everything they did from the Origination to today was criminal. They had the nerve to file a claim for relief after they robbed us into the poorhouse? They should have to pay the property taxes for intending to deceive us. Pay me back what you stole and hijacked from me and I will be on my merry way. I am not fighting for anything but my freedom.

  106. They brought the fraudulent claim KFC and I’m not paying for it.

  107. If you look into numerology, the meaning of the numbers you will discover why we are the way we are. I looked into my birthdate…11-12-1963 and it was shockingly accurate in its description of me. God speaks to us through the numbers, not the script as we were taught to believe.

  108. Stripes, the Judge does agree with you. Your sub plaintiff is paying your taxes and insurance for you, an economic harm to them. If that is all the harm POC they can prove… that is all they need. Stand Tall and Put Big Girl Panties back Up and Take Care of Your Business. Do Not give the Judge a reason to give you the boot. I want to do that myself …. roflmbo

  109. You are kind of crude KFC but I am used to it. Those who know me, love me.

  110. She is not a fake Louise.. she is real alright. I thought I just explained her condition… High Functioning Autistic Adult aka Autistic Genius with no social skills or common sense. She is telling the truth about fighting two foreclosures. God Bless Her!

  111. Yes, the great pretenders are still holding black mass and other satanic rituals over this blog.

  112. thank you neil for standing up to these bastards. we are all behind you 100%.

  113. Right Christine!
    Will the RPII please step forward …. We need to talk.

  114. We now know khazar communist imposters are imbedded in the Government and in our Treasury Department. The communist khazar banksters have hijacked the country under the guises of a fake war on terror and some fictitious debt in order to steal everything from us.

  115. JohnGault,

    I have not gotten a response yet from the email I sent you. Hopefully, you have some good info to share. I am sending my letter out next week as my house is going up for auction again soon.


  116. I see that we still have one of them posting even on this blog post. Thanks, Neil. We needed this for a long time.

  117. People power Neil!

  118. Interesting….

  119. Standing at the time of the foreclosure is really the way to go in Ohio. Anything else tends to fail.

    [Cite as
    Wells Fargo Bank N.A. v. Horn
    , 2013-Ohio-2374.]
    BRIAN HORN, et al.
    C.A. No. 12CA010230
    CASE No. 10CV167220
    Dated: June 10, 2013

    There were reasonable grounds for this appeal.
    We order that a special mandate issue out of this Court, directing the Court of Common
    Pleas, County of Lorain, State of Ohio, to carry th
    is judgment into execution. A certified copy of
    this journal entry shall constitute
    the mandate, pursuant to App.R. 27.
    Immediately upon the filing hereof, this docum
    ent shall constitute the journal entry of
    judgment, and it shall be file stamped by the Clerk of the Court of Appeals at which time the
    period for review shall begin to run. App.R. 22
    (C). The Clerk of the Court of Appeals is
    instructed to mail a notice of entry of this judgment to the parties and to make a notation of the
    mailing in the docket, pursuant to App.R. 30.

    Costs taxed to Appellee.

  120. Thank you, Neil. Let’s see now how long that lasts…

    Interesting case if you’re not quite sure who the parties to your foreclosure ought to be. It’s one of those “the more, the merrier…”

    [Cite as
    BAC Home Loans Servicing, LP v. Blankenship
    , 2013-Ohio-2360.]
    BAC Home Loans Servicing, LP, etc. Court of Appeals No. L-11-1199
    Appellee Trial Court No. CI0200906186
    Ronald M. Blankenship
    The Mortgage Firm, Inc., et al.

    Decided: June 7, 2013
    * * * * *
    Andrew D. Neuhauser and Richard Alston, for appellant.
    Robert H. Eddy, Eric Wineland, and Colleen A. Mountcastle,
    for appellee, Shore Financial Services, d.b.a. United Wholesale Mortgage

  121. You keep writing an we’ll keep reading. Thank you for all you have done since these horrible crimes began.

  122. Good Job! Will forward. Thank you.

  123. Glad to hear it, Neil! Long overdue. You made some real waves with yesterday’s BoA post! We salute you!

  124. Long, long overdue, Neil.
    Perhaps now we can get back to serious discussions without the interminable static from the inter-galactic noise generators.

  125. Bravo, Neil, Bravo !

  126. Neils horns are showing .. I like them! Sharp!

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