4th DCA Florida: Trustee of Asset Pool Must Join or Ratify


“servicer may be considered a party in interest to commence legal action as long as the trustee joins or ratifies its action.”

ElstonLeetsdale LLC v CWCapital Asset Management LLC-1

This ought to be interesting. If Deutsch, or U.S. Bank, or Bank of New York, or any of the other “Trustees” join or ratify the action then they are asserting, under oath (if the lawyer for the homeowner knows what he or she is doing) that (1) the Asset pool is exists, (2) that the subject loan is in the asset pool (i.e., consideration paid by the Trust and assignment before cut-off date) and (3) that the trust was properly organized and (4) that the Trustee is authorized by [fill in blank here, if the lawyer of the homeowner knows what he or she is doing] to accept the assignment, join in the lawsuit and ratifies the representations and claims made on behalf of the REMIC trust and (5) signed by  a trust officer for the bank who says it is the trustee for the asset pool.

You might want to ask while you are on the subject, exactly why the Trustee wants to bind the beneficiaries of the trust to ownership of a worthless loan. This is a question raised by Judge Shack in New York 5 years ago. Nobody was listening. Now maybe some people are starting to see the wisdom of Shack’s question. If securitization was on the level, then the funding, assignment, assumption and payment would have all occurred as set forth under New York Law, the Internal Revenue Code, the provisions of the Pooling and servicing Agreement, which means underwriting according to industry standards and procuring insurance and credit default swap protection FOR THE INVESTORS, NOT THE BANKS WHO HAD NO MONEY IN THE DEAL.

So while you are on the subject, you might want to ask the trustee why they have made no claim against the insurance, credit default swaps and other payments received from co-obligors that were not disclosed to the borrower. In fact, you might want to ask whether the trustee views this as an account receivable, bond receivable or note receivable? If he or she doesn’t know, ask who would know — after all a trustee is like a receiver with special skills and experience in keeping the books for each trust and assuring customers there would be no commingling of funds. If the trustee doesn’t think the trust is owed any money other than the payments from the borrower, ask him or her, why not?

Once the trustee acknowledges that there were payments which should have been allocated to the bond receivable account or account receivable for the investors, then ask the big question, to wit: do your books and records show the same flow of money in and out of the trust as the figures used by the subservicer in declaring the default, and bringing the foreclosure action. Once you get by “I don’t know” the answer is going to be “NO” if you drill deep enough and keep asking the questions who knows, what do they know, how do they know it and is the party claiming to be the trustee really a trustee?

I ask you this: with each of these fine banking institutions maintaining separate corporations or divisions that provide trust services for even a few hundred thousand dollars, why wasn’t the same trust department used to provide trust services to the REMIC trust? Why is it managed by Reynaldo Reyes, VP, Asset management at Deutsch Bank? What fees were received by the trustee? What services did it perform?

Suddenly a new dawn is upon us. The banks knowing full well they were going to claim and get free houses started early and effectively in persuading the media, government and the public, including the borrowers themselves that to defend the foreclosure was immoral because the borrower was seeking a free house. The banks were smart enough to get out in front of that one, but it is coming back around to bite them. The homeowners are not seeking free homes, they are seeking reasonable deals based upon true facts instead of false representations, withholding of disclosures required by law and lies from the intermediaries who pretend to be the lenders or to act for the lenders when they do not.

Is there a free house? Yes, every time another Judge rubber stamps another foreclosure and allows a non-creditor to submit a “credit bid” (non-cash) and take title to a home they advanced no money to finance or purchase any loan.


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  1. JG says …. that would be a lovely story if it weren’t for the ramifications of the voluntary dismissal of a case (it’s without prejudice).

    KC says …. she rides in the tail winds of Res Judicata. 🙂

  2. What is the Treasury motioning to summary judgement? That is the question. They are traitors that’s what they are. They are still gambling with our Securities even though they don’t own anything. Lying Scumbags! It’s all staged for the benefit of the investors.

  3. gionah – that would be a lovely story if it weren’t for the ramifiications of the voluntary dismissal of a case (it’s without prejudice). But, yes, her efforts and attitude are to be applauded. As I recall and as we’ve discussed here, a vol dismissal is not possible if a mtn for sj is pending. Apparently she didn’t know this. Bummer.

  4. Join – yes. Ratify – no. ratification is the act of endorsing an action or event after its occurrence. Some things may be ratified – this isn’t one of them. imo.

  5. Remember folks when you are talking to the FED/U.S. Treasury Dept. attorney’s you need to ask them some very pertinent questions. Like, how can they be the trustee for your Security when they stole your Security and destroyed the contract and were Racketeering with your Security with your unauthorized signature to gain unjust enrichment? Aren’t those FELONIES? Isn’t FORGERY A FELONY? Aren’t Racketeering and Securities Fraud predicate acts and Counterfeiting, Forgery, Negligence in the taking or paying of an instrument and unjust enrichment causes of action under RICO 18 U.S.C …..? If the underlying misconduct is….”Collection of an unlawful debt” by you…the Plaintiff I am under no obligation to prove a pattern of misconduct.

    Bringing a lawsuit when you do not hold the Security, the legal assignment is an attempt to collect an unlawful debt and is a serious crime.

  6. The abuse of power by these politicians needs to end. They are way out of control. No more electoral college or electronic voting. All ballots need to be handcast on paper ballots and hand counted by the citizenry. The rigged voting needs to end.

  7. Larry Kudlow on CNBC talking “lessons from Lincoln.” I would have to say Lincoln is a lesson in how you should never give too much power….Executive Power or Supreme power to one person or branch of Government. One way to guarantee Supreme power stays in the hands of the people is if no politician is elected, no law, Act or Amendment should be passed without the people voting on it by popular vote, paper ballot, handcounted by everyday Natural Born American citizens. We also need no more than 2 non consecutive terms for all politicians. No lifetime judges or justices either. Same term limits as the politicians.

  8. What goes around really does come around. All of the harm they caused us is coming around to them. Like the family in fighting. Well you can’t divorce your own father but it sure is pretty entertaining all the same. Pass the popcorn, this is getting to the good parts!

  9. The local media reporting AG Madigan is fuming over pension reform. Gov Quinn is apparently on her side over pension reform. Her father, Democratic House Speaker for all but 2 years since 1983, and the longest serving Speaker, Michael Madigan is who is said to be pushing for all the cuts to the State pension plans. These politicians are absolutely ludicrous.

    Michael Madigan …

  10. I have in my possession the paper trail….all of the fraud docs certified and notarized from the Cook County Recorder of Deeds.


  12. Then….get this. Patricia Picard of Chicago T&T dumped the fraud through MERS & CITI into PUBLIC in 2007 and Patricia didn’t transfer the title to the servicer, the current Plaintiff…PHH MORTGAGE until 8 mos. after the fc was filed. ..YEAH RIGHT! THAT IS A FRAUDULENT CONVEYANCE IF THERE EVER WAS ONE!

  13. No I told them my demands…. they have to send me a check for 3x the face value of the notes and clear title for unauthorized use of my signature.

  14. I never authorized MERS to do anything with my title because MERS never lent me anything. MERS is not a bank and besides that, the issuer destroyed the contracts upon conversion of the mortgages/notes and that was way before MERS appeared on the title as CITI and VERDUGO TRUST who I have no knowledge of CITI. Shaun Lyerly was the notary public for MERS and Marilyn Brown was the so called VP of MERS. YEAH RIGHT!

  15. Void is Void. Now tell me again what rights you waved? The note is a different story .. you need to demand a payoff statement from the Creditor, so you can pay what you owe.

  16. They dumped their fraud into a “public trust” for public sale without paying just compensation to us. Deceptive right?

  17. In the destroyed mortgage contract for my commercial property it actually says you waive your right to a jury trial. These are very criminal and devious minds and that statement is proof of intent to harm.

  18. This is why the Khazar communists manufactured 9/11 and their fake war on terror.

  19. My peace & security…..my 5th Amendment right is the asset they overleveraged without my knowledge or consent.

    AMENDMENT 5 ….
    No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless upon presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offence to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.

  20. The Answer …. Bare Legal Title to MERS.

  21. Who authorized this fraud with my signature? Obviously the traitors in the Treasury Department took it upon themselves to abuse the public trust.

  22. Your signature secured a limited interest in your property and only for a specific sum of money by way of a lien on your deed.

    Question. What does “Secured Limited Interest Only” mean?

    Question. If the party holding that Limited interest sold his shares and leveraged them 20/1 in the shadow banking market and lost he would be bk.

    Question? What asset did the secured limited interest holder use of yours to secure his debt? Yes… your signature. But what else? ABS not ABC and not MBS

  23. We certainly did not authorize them to use our signatures for any use other than what was specified in the contracts. They were authorized to cash the check/note and that is all. They are also guilty of unauthorized use of my digital signature….FELONY FORGERY…

  24. That is precisely why we did not sign any of those documents and they are all unauthorized…they are imposters, presenting copies that are frauds…those copies are counterfeits and forgeries. They are suborning perjury upon presentment and those copies and those affidavits that are being entered 2-3 years after the onset with no proof of claim attached at the onset are just more evidence of intent to deceive.

  25. There is nothing wrong with my socialization skills KFC. The parasites who feed off of the lies may disagree because they are the real pariahs. They live in their own little sick world of control freak b.s.

  26. They used my autograph, my unauthorized signature to commit massive Securities Fraud. The house & the property are the collateral but my signature secures the deal. They need my permission to convert the instruments. Without the notification that they were going to be racketeering with my Securities, my signature was unauthorized, it was forged and the instruments were counterfeited and what they did was criminal by its deception alone and proof of intent to harm.

  27. I am giving you leeway stripes, I am considering your medical condition, considering the socialization skills issues… its hard to be a team player. You don’t have to choose sides … Just Play Nice and Play Fair!

  28. Stripes.. when you refer to your security they stole and racketeered with, what specifically do you mean by “your security”? And don’t feed me this robo hobo signature crap either. Are you suggesting they stole your credit? If so .. I wouldn’t disagree with that. Dig Deeper! Just don’t go down to far .. you don’t want blood on your hands.

  29. Time to pay the piper. They failed to fool everyone with their cheating and lying.

  30. You are a real jerk and a half KFC.

  31. They were committing Securities Fraud by racketeering with my Securities, my autograph, without my knowledge or consent to gain unjust enrichment. Same fraud in the foreclosure as the Origination Fraud. The Plaintiff “stands in the shoes” of the Issuer/Originator.

  32. Neil, you do realize Stripes is an Autistic Genius and if I keep poking at her she is going to get to tell the end of the story before you do right? I still don’t like her thou … She is a Bully!

  33. I knew you had it in you Stripes … now break it down into simple words for the financially unsophisticated.

  34. My proof of claim is they don’t have their own Security as the law requires they create the Security before any conversion of a negotiable instrument.

    They law regarding the instruments, our Securities, requires they must attach a proof of claim at the onset of their suit. If not, and they are presenting copies with no proof of claim at the onset, they are presenting counterfeits and forgeries and are racketeering to gain unjust enrichment.

    The law requires they use ordinary care in the taking or paying of an instrument. They did not because they don’t have possession of the Security and they have no idea where it is.

    They destroyed the original contracts by converting the original instruments without notifying us of the change…their Alteration to the Original contracts allowed them to racketeer with my Securities without my knowledge or consent to gain unjust enrichment.

    They were counterfeiting and forging with copies of the instruments and overissuing investments with my autograph without my knowledge or consent.

    They were committing fraud with my Security, my autograph, my unauthorized signature without my knowledge or consent.

    SECURITIES FRAUD….they were misrepresenting these instruments as their Securities with our unauthorized autographs.

    Therefore all payments they collected from me were unjust enrichment.

    That is precisely why our entire nation and its people are in peril.

  35. Stripes, I suspect if you stop bulling people you could learn a lot from the Graduate down stream …

  36. Stripes, you want damages? You have to show POC just like the criminals …. Where is your Proof of Claim for Harm? They have to prove economical harm and so do you. Talk Less .. Study More!

  37. My brother`n`law … He is an engineer to, but retired now. It took Doc a lot of years to complete the New Federal Courthouse and remodel the old state one. Having to make sure everyone does their jobs is not an easy job. My husband complains everyday now about crybabies like Stripes. I Love the New Clock! You should come down and see it sometime Stripes!

  38. My niece was excepted into the Uof I Engineering program when she was 16. It runs on my hubbys side of the family. We also have a World Economics PHD in the family, she recommends Iceland. Then we have “God” watching over our shoulders …. We call him the “Godfather”. Just thought you should know that Christine. Take Better Notes this time. 🙂

  39. Thanks Neidermeyer, I was never very good at mechanicals, being married to a engineer all these years you would think I would have known that. …. hahahaha

  40. KC ,

    ABS = Antilock Braking System

  41. Traitor in Chief is on the Military Channel…!

  42. How can there be no discovery….no trust & no trustee when a fc must be brought by the trustee for the trust……the title company agent of U.S. TREASURY DEPARTMENT? This is all a scam that’s how.

  43. The Treasury attorney already told me they don’t have any discovery. There is no trust and there is no trustee so stop lying KFC…

  44. Excuse me KFC but, the law requires they attach the PROOF OF CLAIM….the Security or an affidavit at the onset…..therefore these suits were criminal upon presentment.

  45. Not exactly Stripes .. they just got a little behind on their paperwork, and it takes them a little time to track them down the current creditor and get a payoff demand letter responded to. Then they need to get the paperwork in order, it was just a mistake, Its like tripping over your own feet when you try to put both feet forward at the same time. Just ask them!

  46. I was brought up Catholic and I believe in one God, the Creator of everything. God is not a control freak like you satanist morons. The truth is, God certainly didn’t do you communist/satanists any favors because every one of you crooks got caught. As promised, when the time of the great apostasy, the falling away of the faith came to pass, God would reveal the truth to his true believers. That doesn’t bode well for you liars.

  47. Yikes… two mistakes in one day. Sorry!

    ABS= Automatic Brake System

    Hey.. I’m still new at this stuffs ok. Give me a Break or a Coffee!

  48. They were racketeering with MY SECURITIES without my knowledge or consent …..COUNTERFEITING & FORGERY WITH MY AUTOGRAPH…AND NUMEROUS OTHER FELONY FRAUDS…. they changed the terms of the contract without notifying me of the changes therefore all payments they collected were unjust enrichment…..INTENT TO DECEIVE AND RACKETEERING WITH COUNTERFEIT SECURITIES TO GAIN UNJUST ENRICHMENT.


  49. .. ABS … Air Bag System. 🙂

  50. Not Mine! Not Anymore! Thank God! Oh.. Stripes… I don’t know what GWAD you believe in. But its about time you found a new one! He is doing you no favors at all Sweetie! Good Night!

  51. A + B + S = ABS


  52. Blackhawks win in triple overtime!

  53. All you talk about is the security investor claims. You can not claim damages for what they did to the security investors. They have their own lawsuits. What claim for damages do you have for harm done to you not the investors! Knucklehead!

  54. No … I am just trying to get you to tell us what harm was caused to you? What are your claims for damages?

  55. Yeah how do you know what the judge sees? Are you telling me the judge is your buddy? How is being robbed by crooks and fighting 2 fraudclosures pro se beneficial to me? You are an A-1 asshole KC.

  56. You better figure it out fast … its almost time to bury the shark, poor thing is down to skin and bone.

  57. You wish KFC….truth is what you liars fear and that is why I’m here. Once you know the truth…the truth is unchangeable. So…cram it clowny…!

  58. What harm did they cause you? So far all the Judge sees is the benefits you have received. Tick Tock the Cat chased the Mouse up the Clock.

  59. Stripes … You do realize you have made yourself a class clown Right? Everybody is laughing at you because you can not even state a claim, because if you did, your case would have been dismissed! The Judge surely appreciates all your help in you giving such bad advise to other homeowners, you are making his job easy Moron!

  60. The law is the law for everyone even the U.S. TREASURY DEPARTMENT…!

  61. Cry me river iwantmynpv….wah…wah..Wah……ouch baby…the truth really hurts …


  63. Does :living lies pay stripes to bury posts with worthless garble so it is consumed from within and nobody gets to see it without scrolling down past 15 stripes comments?

  64. The law is the law for everyone including banksters….!

  65. Why was my comment about what master servicer had to say on the interplead thread deleted? Do you guys edit out comments when someone with industry knowledge compliments someone with real understanding of what is happening.

    It does not seem like Neil is educating folks slowly – it appears he struck up a good commercial model with this blog and screens some of the more important posts / comments / facts.

  66. In your commie dreams KFC..

  67. Judge to Stripes …. Nice Try. hahaha … you have 30 days to vacate.

  68. Got trustees receipt? NO THEY DO NOT…BECAUSE THEY ARE FELONS!

  69. I never copied anyones anything. All of my motions are my original docs and I have the handwritten rough drafts to prove it. I have nothing to prove…..I did my research and you are all criminal felons in every sense of the word.

  70. the trustee stuff , that is

  71. this really fits my set of circumstances.( and evidence) thank you.

  72. I already told you sympathy gets you know where. Coping another persons homework is cheating and you can not buy your way out of it. Don’t cry me a river… do your homework! Answer the Questions!


  74. No KC….you crooks failed because you didn’t fool me.

  75. What are the Economic Damages for the Issuers non-disclosure of all aspects of the Original Contracts…..their “negligence” in taking ordinary care in the taking of the negotiable instruments….MY SECURITIES……..? That NON DISCLOSURE is proof of an INTENT TO DECEIVE and that alone is criminal and their NEGLIGENCE in the taking of the instruments was heinous and egregious. They have put our life savings, our retirement money and our livelihood in peril. Our oldest also lost his livelihood when they destroyed our family business, our other son had to drop out of college, our third son is unable to afford college, our daughter is the next victim. All of our grown kids live at home. We also no longer have health insurance. Surprise….! Cue OBAMACARE & the microchip for the paupers these crooks created. Screw them and pay us back what you crooks stole and hijacked and we will buy our own private health care insurance like we always were able to afford until these crooks cleaned us out.

  76. gionah … She is one feisty Lady. Smart To! I Like Her! We have no fc case filed against us. Why? And Jionah ….You Just Graduated! 🙂

  77. Very Nice you two! Excellent! And I am not talking to you Stripes! You Fail!

  78. Moreover g.Jonah…..Did the banks notify us they Altered the Original Contracts and destroyed them? NO….! Did we give the banks permission to racketeer with our Securities and pocket all of our payments? ……NO…..! They owe us every payment +++ if they went and filed fc knowing they committed massive fraud with our autographs plus clear titles…..!

  79. What they did not disclose? ……They did not disclose absolutely anything pertinent to the Original Contracts. Like they would be defaulting on the Original contracts….racketeering with my Securities and pocketing all of my payments ……all unjust enrichment.

  80. I am looking for sympathy from no one. I am speaking the truth. You asked where the equity went jerk in a half. I don’t have to answer your questions but out of the hope of exposing the crooks I don’t mind yet again, telling the story.

    The title company sure owes me some answers, particularly Patricia Picard.

    How was I harmed economically when they filed fraudclosure? #1…Those fraudclosures should have never been filed if they committed fraud in our names. That is the arrogance of these crooks.

    #2. We have struggled to rebuild our business because of this FC fiasco. FC has cost us alot of our time and that has caused a huge economic hardship on us. All of those trips to court cost us money…$50.00 evertime we go to court it is $30.00 to park and $20.00 bucks for gas & misc. Not including all the time I spent writing & typing motions and filing those downtown.

    #3. The stress of this manufactured mess has also taken an immense toll on us.

    #4. Fighting 2 fc’s pro se is a ton of work and I spent countless ours educating myself which took time away from rebuilding our business they destroyed.

  81. Woman Defends Herself, And Beats US Bank Against Foreclosure.
    Saturday, May 11, 2013

    (Before It’s News)
    We Have The NWO Against The Ropes. Now, For The Final Uppercut

    I’ve been following a case. One small case, and one person against an army of lawyers, and one honest judge.

    US Bank on Friday backed down from its efforts to foreclose on an Aurora woman whose federal court battle against it has taken on the constitutionality of Colorado’s foreclosure laws.

    Just days after lawyers for the bank told a federal judge they’ve always had the original documents necessary to foreclose on Lisa Kay Brumfiel’s tri-level house legally — and U.S. District Judge William J. Martínez said to produce them — the bank rescinded the whole thing.

    Despite the move to make a nearly two-year nightmare to save her house go away, Brumfiel on Friday insisted she’s pressing on.

    “I would rather risk losing my house again than to selfishly watch this corrupt process continue for others,” said Brumfiel, a 43-year-old part-time saleswoman who took on the court battles without a lawyer. “I know too much, and I don’t want the blood of it on my hands.”


    This lady is a true sovereign citizen. She has not only not had to pay her mortgage for over a year, but she has not paid a cent in hiring lawyers, and used publically available information to defend her case. And not only has she won her case, but she has a mountain of evidence against the big banks through disclosure, like

    where are our titles and deeds to our homes going??

    Now, someone is going to say, well, she borrowed the money, she needs to pay it back.
    I say to them, when you opened your bank account, did you agree to allow the bank to use
    the money in your account to loan money against?

  82. Crype. Stripes is back. And I was gonna explain federal preemption vis-a-vis Kalifornia statutes.

    Later, baiter

  83. KC, on June 12, 2013 at 5:09 pm said:
    Stripes, What was it that they did not disclose to you? What economical harm was done to you by this non disclosure? What economical harm was done to you when they filed FC?

  84. Sympathy will get you no where. ANSWER THE QUESTIONS!

  85. My homes equity was used as a downpayment on my commercial property. They cross collateralized my home without my knowledge or consent and stole all of my equity out of both properties.

  86. How I spent my equity? No, it’s more like who stole my downpayment, all of my payments and all of my equity and my autograph….AKA my unauthorized signature. Hawks score!

  87. I thought I just explained to you (again I might add) how you spent your equity. Anymore stupid questions to get out of answering the questions you were asked? You can not re-direct me – I am the master of re-direction. Go back to your seat, sit down and be quiet (a nice way of saying shut the hell up) until you have the Correct Answers!

  88. In real life all you have to do is pay what you owe. That’s right KC….why don’t you crooks try it. You sure pocketed enough of my payments. How about some accounting of where 18 years of my payments went and the $100 G I put down on the house. Maybe Patricia Picard of Chicago Title & Trust knows. Damned straight she does.

  89. Benefits? Nice little cash back of my own equity? Oh please ….we put more than that down and the crooks pocketed it. I have done my homework and told all. Sorry if you missed it. The Blackhawks are on and I’m not missing this with your nonsense. Go Hawks!

  90. Shadow banking behind MERS is risky business and the beast fears the shadow cat.

  91. In real life all you have to do is pay what you owe, why cant you just be happy with that? We do not have much use for cheaters/strippers in our society. They are a bad influence on our children and grandchildren.

  92. Snap out of it Stripes, you are standing at the head of the class and everyone is staring at you and waiting for your answers. Would you prefer I send you to the corner now with the Dunce Hat for not doing your homework again?

  93. Or is that a trade secret? *snorts*

  94. You were so busy thinking about the benefits you were getting like that nice little $80,000 plus cash back in your equity. The benefit of using your equity and paying off and combining your debts including a credit line, but not closing the credit line as required by the terms of the refi. And now you keep talking about this 3X note value and a free house as an added benefit feature. Please enlighten us and tell us your secret to stripping the investors and taxpayers of their money …….

  95. Stripes, What was it that they did not disclose to you? What economical harm was done to you by this non disclosure? What economical harm was done to you when they filed FC?

  96. Just as I thought!. You don’t know anything and you can not prove anything! Let the securities investors take care of securities issues. You need to be focusing on your claims as a homeowner. Oh.. that’s right, you don’t know what they are, but the money sounds good HUH?

  97. I am talking about the Securities Fraud….TILA RESPA HUD 1 disclosures don’t mean a thing if they destroyed the contract.

  98. Its time for you to step up to the plate stripes, tell us what TIL disclosures were not given? RESPA disclosures? REG Z disclosures? If you are going to talk.. talk about the important things. Things like the terms of repayment in the note, bare legal title, sale clauses, default ….

  99. What I despise more than the crime spree itself is the utter arrogance of these people who robbed us and still are robbing us. The entire investor “entitlement” mentality that they are some how better than us, and have some supreme right to do what they want, control us and tell us what to do when we pay and Labor for everything while they sit on their big fat communist asses and invest in their fraud and act like communist dictators.

  100. The banks Racketeering with our Property Securities without our knowledge or consent was deceptive, egregious, heinous & felonious.

  101. A robbery is a robbery. The most harmed victims should be compensated ……3x the face value of the notes and clear titles.

  102. VOID Is VOID Not Voidable!

  103. We received disclosures of nothing pertinent from these crooks but nothing changes the fact we hold the Securities and they destroyed the contracts/notes and robbed us silly.

  104. Sorry! 🙁

  105. Stop pussy footing around Neil and tell the class about the Real Harm! About how it affects their spouses, their successors and heirs! Tell Them Neil! Teach them about the household estate, freehold estate and leasehold estates. Tell them about the Required Disclosures …. they didn’t get! Come on Neil … tell them what Senator Warren was talking about!! Skip thru the BS of their financial scheme and tell those who fell for the Harped Hamp Camp
    Scam , ….. what they agreed to!!! Fee Simple is the only way to Go!

  106. Got trustees receipt?

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