Unrhetorical Questions — Money, Lies and Accounting Records: Gander and Goose

Why are our courts routinely accepting allegations and documents from foreclosing banks that they would summarily throw out if the same allegations and documents came from borrowers?

 How can possession of an ALLONGE construed as ownership

of the debt without any other evidence being presented?

Why is the standard definition of “Allonge” ignored?



 I recently received a question from an old friend of mine who was a solicitor in Canada and who is frustrated with our court system that continues to assume the validity of loans that have already been thoroughly discredited. He has attempted on numerous occasions to get information through a qualified written request or a debt validation letter and has attempted to verify the authority of any party to whom he would address a request for modification of his loan in Florida. While chatting with him online I realized that this information might be of some value to attorneys and borrowers. The principal point of this article is the old expression “what is good for the goose is good for the gander.” For those of you who are unfamiliar with the old expression it means that there should be equality of treatment, all other things being equal. In mortgage litigation is apparent that when an allegation is made or a proffer is made through counsel rather than the introduction of evidence, the courts continue to function from both a misconception and  misapplication of the Rules of Court and the rules of evidence.

 When the case involves one institution against another, the same arguments that are summarily  rejected when they are advanced by a borrower are given considerable traction because the argument was advanced by a financial institution or financial player that identifies itself as a financial institution. In fact, a review of most cases reveals a much heavier burden on the party defending against the loss of their homestead than the party seeking to take it —  which is a complete reversal of the way our justice system is supposed to work.  The burden of proof in both judicial and nonjudicial states is constitutionally required to be on the party seeking affirmative relief and not on the party defending against it.

In the nonjudicial states, in my opinion, the courts are violating this basic constitutional requirement on a regular basis under circumstances where the party announcing a right to enforce a dubious deed of trust, collection on a dubious note, and therefore having the right to sell the property without judicial intervention despite the inability of the foreclosing entity to produce any evidence that it owns the debt, note, mortgage rights,  or even demonstrate a financial interest in the outcome of the foreclosure sale; to make matters worse the courts are allowing trustees on deeds of trust to be appointed or substituted even though they have a direct or indirect financial relationship with the alleged lender.

These trustees are accepting “credit bids” without any due diligence as to whether or not the party making the offer of the credit bid at auction is in fact the creditor who may submit such a credit bid according to the statutes governing involuntary auctions within that state.  In nonjudicial states the burden is put on the borrower to “make a case” and thus obtain a temporary restraining order preventing the sale of the property. This is absurd. These statutes governing nonjudicial sales were created at a time when the lender was easily identified, the borrower was easily identified, the chain of title was easily demonstrated, and the chain of money was also easily demonstrated. Today in the world of falsely securitized loans, the courts have maintain a ministerial attitude despite the fact that 96% of all loans are subject to competing claims by false creditors. The borrower is forced to defend against allegations that were never made but are presumed in a court of law. If anything is a violation of the due process requirements of the United States Constitution and the Constitution of most of the individual states of the union, this must be it.

 In the judicial states,  the problem is even more egregious because the same presumptions and assumptions are being used against borrowers as in the nonjudicial states. Thus in addition to being an unconstitutional application of an otherwise valid law, the judicial states are violating their own rules of civil procedure mandated by the Supreme Court of each such state (or to be more specific where the highest court is not called the Supreme Court, we could say the highest court in the state).  This is why I have strongly suggested for years that an action in mandamus be brought directly to the highest court in each state alleging that the laws and rules, as applied, violate constitutional standards and any natural sense of fairness.

 Here is the question posed by my Canadian friend:

(1)  The documents are phony documents (copies) produced by Ben Ezra Katz. It will cost me several thousand dollars to have a document expert evaluate the documents and then testify if they find them to be copies. At the beginning of this case, The Plaintiff’s attorney (Ben Ezra Katz associate) told the court (I do have a transcript) that they has found the ORIGINAL documents (note, mortgage, etc.) and that they had couriered the ORIGINAL documents to the clerk of Court. They did a Notice of Filing which on its’ face states ORIGINAL documents. I can not afford a document expert, however the AG in S. Florida has an open investigation into this case. Would I be out of line in requesting that they include this case per-se as part of their investigation and accordingly make a determination as to if or if not the subject documents which are on file with the clerk of court are originals or copies ??
(2)  The only nexus that Wells Fargo produces to establish themselves as a real party in interest is a hand filled out allonge (copy attached). Please note that the signer only signs as “assistant secretary” without further specifics. On the basis of what they provide it is virtually impossible to depose this person to determine if she actually did or did not sign this document, and if so what is her authority to do so.  I want to launch some sort of discovery that seeks to discover what else the Plaintiff has which would support the alleged allonge. Things such as any contracts, copies of any consideration, what was the consideration, who authorized the transaction, etc.  Do you have any suggestions in this regard. I bounced this off my attorney and I am not sure that we are on the same page. He wants to go to trial and have the proven phony documents as the main thrust. I agree with that, however I also would feel far better if we were able to cut them off at the knees as to standing such as the alleged allonge is part of the phony documents, and there are no documents that the Plaintiff can produce to support not only its’ authenticity, but its’ legitimate legal function. I do not like to have all of my eggs in one basket.

 And here is my response:

 You are most probably correct in your assessment of the situation. If they lied to the court and filed phony documents you should file motion for contempt. You should also file a motion for involuntary dismissal based on the fact that they have had plenty of time to either come up with the original documents or alleged facts to establish lost documents. The affidavit that must accompany the allegation of lost documents must be very specific as to the content of the documents and the path of the documents and it must the identify the person or records from which the allegations of fact are drawn. They must be able to state with certainty when they last had the original documents if they ever did have the original documents. If they didn’t ever have the original documents then an affidavit from them is meaningless. They have to establish the last party had physical custody of the original documents and establish the reason why they are missing. If they can’t do those things then their foreclosure should be dismissed. The more vague they are in explaining what happened to the original documentation the more likely it is that somebody else has the original documentation and may sue you again for recovery. So whatever it is that they allege should result in your motion to strike and motion to dismiss with prejudice. As far as the attorney general’s office you are correct that they ought to cooperate with you fully but probably incorrect in your assumption that they will do so.

I think you should make a point about the allonge being filled out by hand as being an obviously late in the game maneuver. You can also make a point about the “assistant Sec.” since that is not a real position in a corporation. Something as valuable as a note would be reviewed by a real official of the Corporation who would be able to answer questions as to how the note came into the possession of the bank (through interrogatories or requests for admission) and  what was paid and to whom for the possession and rights to the note, when that occurred and where the records are that show the payment and how Wells Fargo actually came into possession of the note or the rights to collect on the note. As you are probably aware the predecessor that is alleged to have originated the note or alleged to have had possession of the note must account for whether they provided the consideration for the note and what they did with it after the closing. If they say they provided consideration than they should have records showing a payment to the closing agent and if they received consideration from Wells Fargo they should have those records as well.

But the likelihood is that neither Option One nor Wells Fargo ever funded this mortgage which means that the note and mortgage lack consideration and neither one of them has any right to collect or foreclose.   In fact, since they are taking the position that the loan was not securitized and therefore that no securitization documents are relevant,  neither of them can take the position that they are representing the real party in interest as an authorized agent for the real lender.  And the reason you are seeing lawsuits especially by Wells Fargo in which it names itself as the foreclosing party is that the bank knows that Iit ignored and routinely violated essential and material provisions of the securitization documents including the prospectus and pooling and servicing agreement upon which investors relied when they gave money to an investment banker.

In that case, since you seek to modify the loan transaction and determine whether or not it is now or is potentially subject to  a valid mortgage, you should seek to enforce a request for information concerning the exact path of the money that was used to fund the mortgage. And you should request any documentation or records showing any guarantee, payment, right to payment, or anything else that would establish a loan to you where actual money exchanged hands between the declared lender and yourself. The likelihood is that the money was in a co-mingled account somewhere —  possibly Wells Fargo —  which came from investors whose names should have been on the closing and the closing documents.  Those investors are the actual creditors. Or at least they were the actual creditors at the time that the loan money showed up at the alleged “loan closing.” Since then, hundreds of settlements and lawsuits were resolved based upon the bank tacitly acknowledging that it took the money and used it for different purposes than those disclosed in the prospectus and pooling and servicing agreement. These settlements avoid the embarrassing proof problems of any institution since they not only ignored the securitization documents, more importantly, they chose to ignore all of the basic industry standards for the underwriting of a real estate loan because the parties who appeared to be underwriting the loan and funding the loan had absolutely no risk of loss and only had the incentive to close deals in exchange for sharing pornographic amounts of money that were identified as proprietary trading profits or fees.

And the reason why this is so important is that the mortgage lien could never be perfected in the absence of the legitimate creditor who had advanced actual money to the borrower or on behalf of the borrower. This basic truth undermines the industry and government claims about the $13 trillion in loans that still are alleged to exist (despite multiple payments from third parties in multiple resales, insurance contracts and contracts for credit default swaps). The abundant evidence in the public domain as well as the specific factual evidence in each case negates any allegation of ultimate facts upon which relief could be granted, to wit: the money came from third-party investors who are the only real creditors. The fact that the money went through intermediaries is no more important or relevant than the fact that you are a depository bank is intended to honor checks drawn on your account provided you have the funds available. The inescapable conclusion is that the investors were tricked into making unsecured loans to homeowners and that the entire foreclosure scandal that has consumed our nation for years is based on completely false premises.

Your attorney could pose the question to the court in a way that would make it difficult for the court to rule against you. If the lender had agreed to make a loan provided you put up the property being financed PLUS additional collateral in the form of ownership of a valid mortgage on another piece of property,  would the court accept a handwritten allonge from you as the only evidence of ownership or the right to enforce the other mortgage? I think it is clear that neither the banks nor the court would accept the hand written instrument as sufficient evidence of ownership and right to collect payment if you presented the same instruments that they are presenting to the court.

PRACTICE HINT: In fact, you could ask the bank for their policy in connection with accepting its mortgages on other property as collateral for a business loan or for a loan on existing property or the closing on a new piece of property being acquired by the borrower. You could drill down on that policy by asking for the identification of the individual or committee that would decide whether or not a handwritten allonge would be sufficient or would satisfy them that they had  adequate collateral in the form of a mortgage on the first property and the pledge of a mortgage on a second piece of property.

The answer is self-evident. No bank or other lending institution or lending entity would loan money on the basis of a dubious self-serving allonge.  There would be no deal. If you sued them for not making the loan after the bank issued a letter of commitment (which by the way you should ask for both in relation to your own case and in relation to the template used by the bank in connection with the issuance of a letter of commitment), the bank would clearly prevail on the basis that you provided insufficient documentation to establish the additional collateral (your interest in the mortgage on another piece of property).

The bank’s position that it would not loan money on such a flimsy assertion of additional collateral would be both correct from the point of view of banking practice and sustained by any court has lacking sufficient documentation to establish ownership and the right to enforce. Your question to the court should be “if justice is blind, what difference does it make which side is using an unsupportable position?”

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Money from thin air? If the bank does not create currency or money then where does the money come from? Answer investor deposits into what they thought was an account for a REMIC trust. And if the money came from investors then the banks were intermediaries whether they took money on deposit, or they were the underwriter and seller of mortgage bonds issued from non existent entities, backed by non existent loans. And any money received by the banks should have been for benefit of the investors or the REMIC trust if the DID deposit the money into a trust or fiduciary account.Dan Kervick: Do Banks Create Money from Thin Air?

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  1. Everyone has a different view niedermeyer. There are many angles to this scam IMHO. Fraudclosure is complicated. You can’t get motivated if you don’t know why we are in fraudclosure. It is not because we did not pay a mortgage or bought things we could not afford. It is because we were set up to fail so these communists could steal everything from We The People and install a totalitarian dictatorship. That is what OBAMACARE is, the installation of a totalitarian dictatorship. These creeps want to microchip babies when they are born into their fraudulently induced slavery and that came from a very reliable source. Time to get our heads out of the sand and realize fraudclosure is THE FINAL WAKE UP CALL and is part of a much larger and nefarious plan.

  2. If at first you do not succeed, drink more coffee and go back to class. I was lonely with hubby gone so long and I was acting immature drinking diet coke last night . When hubby got in late last night we bonded and stripes was left alone. My chances of reaching full maturity are about 80/20 because growing up is no fun. Sorry If I offended anyone.

  3. OK , I’ve had enough ,, all you children go take a nap already … over 100 meaningless comments clogging up what should be relevant discussions in the last 24 hours… sheesh!

  4. Litvenenko got killed by Putin for saying the spy networks are the real culprits. They are all working for the Synagogue of Satan.

  5. The Kremlin has installed itself at the White House and in Congress and they have hijacked our Treasury under the guise of fictitious debt. They control the politicians, the media, the courtrooms, the military and the cops. Wonder why these hoodlums like Beyonce, JZ and other friends of Obama peruse Cuba openly? Because these imposter politicians are hiding they have no angst with Cuba. It is all a ruse to make us believe they hate Cuba and they hate communism. The U.S. is no different than Cuba and the U.S. has been overtaken by communists.

    I see the cops hanging out in bank parking lots at night now instead of in Dunkin Donuts. Stupid is as stupid does.

  6. Oh look, it’s pinky & the brain. We will lend you our worthless credit and use that fraud to steal everything from you and then we will use our healthcare spy network to microchip you to our fictitious debt. Oh yeah…? Eat shit.

  7. It’s the blame game…the Khazar crooks, the Oligarchs are blaming their perps they have hidden in the Vatican, the Jesuits, the banks they control, Wall Street, the U.S. GOVERNMENT who are all in reality hijacked by these same Khazar imposters.

    BRICS and the Synagogue of Satan, the khazars can suck bricks. Or better yet, eat their shit and howl at the moon.

  8. The FED dollar is not our currency, we need to coin and issue our own currency, U.S. BANK NOTES as the U.S. CONSTITUTION requires. The petrodollar is an international bankster scam, not a U.S. scam. The oligarchs used their scam to unjustly enrich themselves and now they want to blame their own scam on the U.S.

    It is all a lot of b.s. and people are waking up to these Khazar crooks….AKA THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN.

  9. With numbers like those and I lost the side bets .. I would file BK to!

  10. Hehehe… 95% of the world populations are taking back what belongs to them and there is absolutely nothing 320 millions can do to stop it.


    What is the Petrodollar System?

    Oil price is officially calculated in US dollars. This commodity is also sold in the same currency. Therefore, in order for a country to buy oil, US dollars are needed. And, in order to obtain the dollars, the buyer will have to either sell their own products or services to the US or buy US government debt. One of the most common ways is to buy US bonds.

    The petrodollar system literally created a strong link between oil and the American currency. The two seemed inseparable until recently…

    The First Steps Towards the End of the Petrodollar System Have Been Set

    For political and economic reasons, certain countries have been avoiding the US dollar in trade. This makes the transactions somewhat more complicated, but the result is a negative one on the dollar.

    Major oil exporting countries (and not only) have been ditching the dollar either in favor for their own or their partner’s currency or even their own, but some have also been trading oil for gold or have even engaged into bartering.

    Iraq started trading oil for euros in the year 2000 [and the US started a war…], Iran has been selling oil to India for gold and in ruble to Russia [and the US is agitating for… war!], the United Arab Emirates has already started selling oil to China for Yuan [and the US if fomenting civil unrest there…], Venezuela and Russia are using the bolivars and the rubles in bilateral trade [and the US killed Chavez…].

    These are just a few examples of how the US dollar’s importance in trading oil is diminishing.[and how the US is launching desperate attempts at stopping its demise by using the war machine…How predictible!]

    It Will Be a Gradual Process, Not a Sudden Crash

    The crash of the US dollar will most likely be a gradual one, not as sudden as many have been predicting [and a few people will definitely need to get a day job… just to survive].

    The immense debt accumulated by the USA, the mortgage bubble, the threat posed by the retiring babyboomers, the nearing fiscal cliff, the quantitative easing rounds that are increasing inflation. all these are just some of the factors often talked about, but the petrodollar system’s demise seems to be far nearer!

    In fact, by taking a look at all these threats, you’ll notice that the petrodollar system’s termination is more of a threat than most others. It’s one of the nearest threats to the US dollar.

    Steps have been already been set towards the end of the petrodollar system: more and countries are selling oil for anything else than US dollars.

    The Tremendous Importance of Oil in the Dollar’s Strength

    Crude oil is in fact the most traded commodity in the World. Until several years ago, every country needed US dollars to buy oil. Currently, an increasing number of major oil sellers have been quitting the usage of dollars.

    The obvious result is a decrease of demand for the US dollar. This will eventually fatally weaken the American currency.

  11. 1= land
    3 -2 = 1
    1 – all credits received after maturity = amount owed. ( unsecured of course and less economical harm ( successor and self inflickted liabilities) = a negitive

  12. Maybe I was not clear the first time. Let me repeat myself. 1-3= -2 AND 1+2=3


  13. No need KC….the jig is up.

  14. My homework is done and I know I am owed clear titles and a lot of money but I will settle for 3x the face value of the notes and clear titles. That is not greedy, that is fair and just.

  15. You can look it up in a dictionary, you can google it or you can call it.
    Good Night All!

  16. Word of the Day … Maturity

  17. I am the least greedy person you will ever meet. All I want is what they stole and hijacked. That is not greed…that is justice.

  18. There is a knucklehead in every class. and I am just jinxed enough to get them all assigned to me. Why Lord ? Why? I am not going to sugar coat it for you. Grow Up and Do your Own Homework!

  19. Either you are just plain stupid or you are running down my posts. Why? Oh..right… Still greedy and immature. Nope! Not Ready Yet!


  21. Maturity Test …. Date? Sure .. When?
    Nope! Not Ready Yet!

  22. Oh well, nice try but, you just can’t fool everybody.

  23. They may be sicker than we thought. I think they are necromaniacs.

  24. I don’t know if you every reached maturity knucklehead and we may never know if you do.

  25. What is called on maturity? There is nothing to mature. Their fraud failed and nothing can revive that dead corpse.

  26. Due on sale called at Maturity. Credits after the call to eqv and 3-2=1 and 1-3 = -2

  27. Really creepy article that says 95% of Americans will be dead in 5-15 years. Now if that doesn’t frost the cake…..Lousy Ingrates…read about that & other creepy stuff here…

  28. Non-judicial sale, robbery same thing. They are one in the same if they don’t have the trustees receipt.

  29. That doesn’t sound legal KC….Somethings missing there …oh yeah right, I hold the Security and they will have to pry it out of my cold dead hands.

  30. And 3-2=1.

  31. The only successors or heirs with a legal right to my household estate are my kids. If they want to pitch a tent in my backyard that will be at their own risk.

  32. 1. Homestead Exemption and Equalized Value. The Land. .
    2. Household estate/title… The Objects.
    1 plus 2 equal fair cash value

  33. Simple Fees. Non-judicial sale. Action against the Land/Deed. Joint tenancy in its entirety. Lender successor and heir to your household estate.

  34. Please elaborate KC…if you can’t shoot straight, you shouldn’t be shooting.

  35. Look around….people aren’t spending money. That should be the first clue that we are being robbed silly.

  36. Fool …

  37. This economy is really bad and it’s not going to get better and these crooks know it. This all an evil plan to steal everything from us and if you don’t get that you are being set up to fail and robbed of everything then you are being fooled twice.

  38. You agree to pay these felons for robbing you and you will be out in the street in no time flat.

  39. You pay .. You stay and you get to play with To big for their britches ~~ kinda boys.

  40. They have only invoked felony frauds upon the court, nothing more.

  41. I like Simple… Fees not so much. And I still maintain I like my chicken fried. If only I could catch him. hahahaha

  42. I have yet to see a valid claim or cause of action so whose the knucklehead? They are just whores that’s what they are.

  43. Things to keep the property habitable such as water and sewer. Other things like taxes and such … An action invoking the jurisdiction of the court against the deed. Knucklehead!

  44. Tell me KC….because according to these crooks it was the fee simple deed then it was the mortgage deed then it was conventional subrogation and none of that shit has flown so far.

  45. Dummies… file without proof of claim and substitute the plaintiff.. for the party paying your state obligations. Knucklehead! A claim against the land.

  46. They have no actionable claims because they robbed us. That is what they are hiding. That is why they won’t call these fraudclosures criminal acts or felonies just recklessness or mistakes. Oh hell no! WITHOUT THE SECURITY …these FRAUDCLOSURES are FELONIES…FRAUDS UPON THE COURTS….THEY ARE RACKETEERING ….COUNTERFEITING ….FORGING…TO GAIN MORE UNJUST ENRICHMENT & SO MUCH MORE.

  47. Knucklehead!

  48. The action has to be on which deed? They don’t have a legal claim to any deed. They don’t own a deed. They are imposters, third parties not before the court who have no standing, no proof of claim. They are scam artists and felons.

  49. Bill Black said Greenspan has 2 direct connections to the ENRON scandal. Regulatory and investment schemes. Greenspan is only valuable to these crooks in how he comes out publicly and lies to defend them.

  50. Oh…BOA must of filed against you before you caught on to them… and you got a settlement… Good for You Poppy! New Century…TBW Twin… bad bad bad. Dead Horse. Its not like a dead horse can keep you tied up in court forever without producing proof of claim. State by State… What time is it? Give It your All Poppy, …. Stand on your Land and Do Not Move! Are they coming after you on a persona debt or as an action on your land? It must be an action against the land THE DEED to invoke jurisdiction. Such as those actions you agreed to with your state when becoming a homeowner. That my friends in an action against the Deed. Now about those title problems?

  51. Greenspan perused the Senate floor and recruited the Keating 5.

  52. Listening to Bill Black interview on the Fm radio 99.9; how the elite are ruining the economy. Great stuff.

  53. As for discovery…I have gotten much of it. Sometimes I get stuff from dumb clerks. But I chase everyone…and some of the information I have gotten is straight from the defense attorneys trying to assert their claims and find it doesn’t match with other information acquired elsewhere. I have no answers and come here from time to time to try and give information that may relate to someone else in their case. Some things work, some don’t, but all cases are similar, but different. I can say, I have had 2 cases one with BOA and one with New Century…and did get a settlement from BOA. Still in court with New Century in 2 states. We have made headway in that case, but the judge is a crap shoot. All I can do is try.

  54. It has worked for me…that’s all I can do. I try everything in my arsenal…leave nothing to chance. I try not to follow their lead and defend myself, I have done nothing wrong. I take my own path whenever I can…if it’s not good enough, then so be it. But I will keep on fighting, anyhow, anyway, no matter what.

  55. RE: Held the Fifth Amendment prohibits one from testifying against oneself-as some cases are considered criminal cases when fraud, conversion and forgery are involved and I cannot be compelled to bear witness against myself under this activity;


    Its a two way street… why do you think there is no jproduction in discovery for those specific docs? Self- incrimination, not just successor liability.

  56. And one can always go after the judges bond?

  57. Everyone is entitled to their take on things…but I am a creditor of New Century…there’s a reason. If you want to play the game you MUST know the rules. Winging it…for some maybe. I don’t see it as production though.

  58. An attorney told me the judges don’t give a shit about the Constitution…the USC.

  59. They are using the so called FEDERAL RULES OF CIVIL PROCEDURE in Illinois State courts and that is complete bullshit. They are all complete frauds with absolutely no credibility.

  60. The NSA whistleblower said his conscience made him blow the whistle on the NSA. To that I say, Bravo..we need more like that guy. He gave up his $200,000.00 a year salary and left the U.S.A. over this. It makes me wonder what else he knows if he left the country. That’s scarier than the spying IMHO.

  61. This is in Federal Court, now, not State

  62. KC

    I filed a motion a few months ago, judge has not ruled on it yet, spelling out the hearsay evidence issue. Rule 406.

    I made accusations of violations of Canon Rules about the judge and his relationships outside the court;

    Held the Fifth Amendment prohibits one from testifying against oneself-as some cases are considered criminal cases when fraud, conversion and forgery are involved and I cannot be compelled to bear witness against myself under this activity;

    Provisions of 11 USC 523(2)(A)(B) should not reward criminal behavior and allow the courts to let the perpetrators hide the consequences of their crimes;

    These people are liable for willful and malicious injury- certain criminal restitution…and courts are instructed to “read the pleadings of a pro se litigant liberally and interpret them to raise the strongest argument that they suggest”. McPherson v. Coombe; Burgos v. Hopkins.

    Most of this behavior is a tort action…and even if they get your house subsequent actions should be filed against these bastards. Get the cash, if they steal your house!

  63. NSA leaker talking on CNN said “if the U.S. Government wants to get you, they will get you.” To that I say that is precisely my point, these are imposters to our Constitutional Republic because, in our Constitutional Republic, We The People are the Government. We also pay for everything these crooks are doing. Therefore, nothing these imposters are doing is legal yet people keep cooperating, complying & conforming.

  64. They do not call it a homestead for nuttin! Stampeeeed! Run or Stand Steady!

  65. They try to collect from an un consenting party who has no interest in the property. Stuffing! When a party with no interest goes after another party with no interest. Now that’s Funny! I mean Gusty Greedy Risky Business! Oh Good Heavens … look what time it is! Its quiet time.

  66. So basically .. when the debt is uncollectable from the borrower (for what ever reason), they go after their successors, who have no interest in the property.

  67. True KC….it was a pay to play scam and they got way too greedy.

  68. This is an evil plan that was 100 years in the making and the beast got caught so it may have to reinvent itself but it’s not going to die. It will always be lurking.

  69. Have you ever tried to take out a purchase loan on a property , you have never held the deed to? And find out you already have a mortgage loan on that property in your name for the title?… the kicker is you never applied for a loan.

  70. So true marilyn. Everyone needs to educate themselves. You really can’t open up someones mind, only they can do that for themselves. There is a lot of info to absorb and if you are stubborn you won’t get it.

  71. Do they keep records of their crimes KC? That certainly does not appear to be the case. Anyone can come up with a computer printout of virtually anything. They are if nothing else, clever counterfeiters.

  72. KC
    I am not giving anyone legal advice. I had enough trouble figuring out my own legal issues and my motions;.What I and stripes are saying is Wake up Wake up.

    Everyones facts and case is different.

  73. CNN guest talking about the NSA spying scandal said ” this is as scary as it gets.” Obviously has not yet been cleaned out by these crooks and is not fighting these imposters in fraudclosure court pro se. Fighting these crooks takes guts, he better toughen up.

  74. Why ask me Marilyn? You already know the answer.

  75. kc Why did Fidelity Title again buy Lender Processing Service that produces fraudulent docs and fraudulent transfers of property after the Lorraine Brown explosion, because fraud is very profitable at the little peoples expense

    .Look at the LPS website and you will see their connection to the government.
    They cover all the angles.

    What does that have to do with the lawsuit??? The more the title companies are able to perpetrate title fraud (not defend against title fraud) the richer they and their investors become. And the more money they have for everyone to see it their way.

    Get it?

  76. Cash sale only because they want all of our cash out of circulation. That is also why no attorney’s are fighting for monetary compensation and most of these fraudclosures remain in limbo. They want to store credit us our properties and never take their fraud off our titles so we can never sell them. Screw these Hitler Nazis.

    That Hitler nazi from the IMF, Christine LaGuarde suggested our properties remain in our famillies forever and can never be sold. She is suggesting indentured servitude. Screw her. She is a black witch.

  77. Marilyn.. when you said they hid your last four payments.. did they cash them and put them into suspense or hold them and not cash them at all? Both cases are easily proven by your bank records.

    Remember what I said Citi did with our former property after we bought this one? When I told them we were marketing it … they file default and start fc … saying our last two mortgage payments were NSF. I ask for account from them and sure enough … no payments appled and nsf charges. hahaha . I get them copy of our bank records showing they were indeed paid and not returned at all! Citi employee accused me of felony fraud for submitting false claims on a bank letter head. hahahaha Yeah … what did they say when the VP gave a sworn affidavit that the records I provided Citi were true and accurate? Nuttin! I said Financial HARM! OUCH! Now if they held your payments and did not cash them … your bank account balance will reflect the funds in your account and your account history of payments should back you up. Judges don’t like fraud on the court either … I know from experience! 🙂

  78. “..It is not evidence if it is not verified for its accuracy, authority and how it was acquired…”

    Right, Poppy.

    And when you do everything short of a lawsuit ( not to mention we shouldn’t have to sue to try to make someone follow the law and not steal your home) to get that verification and you are lied to and/or ignored and then your title/home is sold due to those lies and hearsay, you MUST eventually have a forum to be heard and compensated for this deception and theft.
    The information submitted to the IFR reveals all—yet that information not seeing the light of day.
    Senator Warren can’t even get it.
    Oh, how I would love to be at a microphone in a televised meeting in front of Congress—I would knock their socks off.

    P.S. Posting here incessantly just because you’re bored is pretty ridiculous.

  79. I believe all of this information is of the utmost importantance KC and here’s why….. If you don’t get who put you here and why, their motive and their objective, then you are not going to bother putting up a fight. You are living in an altered state where you believe you will be able to work your way back and that’s never going to happen once they steal it all from you. You will never own anything of value ever again. It sounds negative but it’s the truth.

    These crooks don’t want us to own anything of value that we can redeem for cash. They want a completely credit based system where there is no need to have any cash, everything is credit based and can only be redeemed in credit in their Corporate store that we pay for. They want fraudulently induced credit/debt slaves who live on false hope and will never be able to free themselves once they are microchipped with OBAMACARE.

    This is why I am sounding the alarms and alerting the people we are living in the most perilous times in human history. It is imperative that we all stand up to these bullies and these crooks be held to account and demand they give back what they stole and hijacked from us.

  80. Just sitting on the sidelines waiting for the beast to draw its last breath. Why beat a dead horse?

  81. Marilyn, I can not change what happened, but I can prevent it from happening again. I was not involved in it, so please do not jump to conclusions like stripes and point fingers and put the blame on me. People are asking for free houses and they don’t know why? They only know that somebody did something so they point the finger at everyone while playing the hockey pokey and turning themselves around.

  82. No warranties ….. . CASH SALE ONLY. Why?

  83. KC
    Yes it Could.
    What is happening now behind the scene holds more weight than what is said in the Court Room.
    The more people in this country that insist the law of the land be followed the more the Judges will take note of it.

    Our Constitution gives a Judge his position in life. And he swore a Oath to uphold it.
    More people everyday are seeing the hypocrisy in the Courts. Fighting for our Constitution everyday in the courtrooms all over this country is what will change it for all of us.


  84. In the refi and mod examples … the new lender is insured (cough) and when you go to sell or transfer title … the buyer is unwittingly aware of those sec b exclusions. This decreases the property value because the title and deed must be defended in a court of law and protected by court order before you can pass on good title to your property. They want you to short sale and warrant title to the perspective buyer (aka themselves) and .. aka you are the insurer.

  85. Homeowner title ins policies only cover pre-existing title prior to the end of closing. They will defend your title if suit is brought by another party (if that party is not listed in sec b exclusions). They will not defend your title for servicer errors and they will not insure them either. Get It?

  86. Marilyn.. I know what you and stripes are saying.. I do not dispute or confirm it. But what does it have to do with the mortgages/DOT and notes? What does it have to do with origination and fc? What does it have to do with paying off your debt but not getting clear title? What does it have to do with your credit? What you are discussing will not help prevent or stop a fc now will it?

  87. Kc
    Thats the whole point people blogg cuz they are ” bored” Jhesus Christ on a bike.

  88. Angry? No! Frustrated with lack of common sense and outright greed and stupidity? Yes!

  89. stripes
    have you noticed the more the truth comes out the angrier some people get. Wonder why and what their relation to this blog is?

  90. Ok folks go home now ukg declared the blogg killed. I understsnd how disappointed you are Roger. Me too but we have in fact gone around in circles on here and ill trll you i pick n choose what leads me to research but frankly some much wAsted time Yes i ned council yes yes – but theres no one to take on my complex case. yET.

  91. Hahaha UKG… I was bored today.

  92. Raising capital requirements on them won’t work either because they never get audited or held to account fl their balance sheet fraud. They police themselves. They should pay those they’ve harmed by their business model of fraud and that would be everyone. But everyone doesn’t want to educate themselves so the few of us who did should be justly compensated.

  93. You should not be fighting for a free house … you should be fighting for your HOME and stand steady to your rights! You should be fighting a harm such as title and credit… but ya cant get green out of a turnip. Just saying … And if I said it … I mean it!

  94. this blog has successfully been killed.

    those of you who know me know where to find me.

    see ya.

  95. I understand Deb, but I’ve never been in that situation, that’s why I refer you to an attorney. I am not an attorney. my husband reinstated so many times his head was spinning, but they kept denying him reinstatement. Why? They need the title because ?????? and they don’t want you to know what? They were paid or the Harm that they did to those who reinstated or fell for the mod fraud scam. Who holds these liabilities? WHO insured them? Think About It!

  96. Got docs? Is more like it. No they don’t. Their business model is fraud and they want to keep it that way. It poses no risk to them because we pay for everything.

  97. The liabilities don’t come out of their pockets, they come out of ours. That’s why they keep committing crimes against us. If they had to start paying out of their own pockets and were jailed for their crimes, this would all stop.

  98. Kc
    Dont you think i have done that.
    Pro se was not an option.
    I have faced and am facing some serious ptoblems on too of serious problems.

  99. Deb, my answer would be hire an attorney. In our case .. we did not raise any questions nor did we answer the court and the court took what they said to be true. Sucks to be their successor …….

  100. Ofcourse not a lawyer not legal advice but “rules is rules”

  101. Kc
    If you don’t read something like Discover the Network
    you won’t know what you don’t know
    and how the left wing operates in this country .

    I have never been political. The only thing I knew
    about George Soros was his name and that
    he was a very rich man.

    But when I had that creepy Judge Schlesinger
    who thought a forged deed carries rights.
    my new occupation became delving into past cases
    and connections of Thomas Malone of Fidelity Title
    and David Fiveson of a non existent Title company
    he called Coronet but did see his firm had represented
    Soros in a real estate case

    I had heard that Schlesinger was a left wing Judge,
    but I didn’t think that meant anything to my case since
    I had the documentation and the docket of being under
    Federal jurisdiction when the state court judge signed
    two void ab initio judgments.

    Watching so many people losing possession of their properties
    to fraud, I wondered why Obama was not doing anything
    about the .fraud

    And then stripes entered in my picture.
    I had no real idea when stripes was ranting about.
    And when I found out the connection between the left wing
    , Obama, and Soros – all the pieces fit in place.

  102. Or maybe not …. teeheeheehe

  103. Not a kawyer. But rules is rules

  104. Question
    When a judge issues a decision that flys in the face of the rules the law and due process when there are material facts that are raised and there are very serious issues unanswered then is not ” res judicata ” outside the judges scope see frcp 60b
    Or my case usca 9th circuit 12-16192.

  105. maybe they already did it and you already have it?

  106. Dag gone it poppy .. pop them with this … I want a sworn affidavit as to the facts set forth in this complaint.

  107. Got Milk?

  108. I’ve talked to much today. Its quiet time and more cookies for the grandbabies.

  109. Oh… I stated that wrong… Its at the lenders discression to accept reinstatement if a default is two years old or older. Something to that effect.

  110. How do you all like that clause in your mortgage that says.. its at the lenders discression to ut um …. except reinstatement after 2yrs of a default. Why? State by State … Tick Tock says the State Clock.

  111. So KC is saying the reptilians will find a way to steal it all from the red blooded American people. Well our color doesn’t run.

    These suits are being brought on color of law and color of debt so show me the Security or none of this is legal.

  112. Yes Poppy Yes! And for years they got away with it. Takes balls to do Risky Business these days … the liabilities are endless. Ballless .. But understands a good joke. haha

  113. Dead Man Walking …. What are you going to do?

  114. There is not one lawyer that has presented “evidence” that I have seen. They have been handed a file, barley read it and come to the court to convert our property. Absolutely no diligence has been performed.

    I personally, have not seen one homeowner object to this so called “evidence”. It is not evidence if it is not verified for its accuracy, authority and how it was acquired…it is hearsay and should NEVER be allowed by the judge.

  115. Res Judicata bars claims from being refilled how many months after dismissal? State by State … Tick Tock …

  116. State by State … What does the State Clock Say? Tick Tock What time is it? Its time to ……………………. do what?

  117. And just how long can they play this game … denying discovery before you file a motion to do what? State by State.. I stated.

  118. What the plaintiff entered really is all heresay and innuendo Deborah without evidence the hold the Security or have rights of a holder. Not just that, but it is criminal on its face on many levels and reeks of a civil conspiracy these imposters are being allowed to deceive us and enter a lawsuit upon the courts not based in law or fact.

  119. State by State … Deb. How long can a (fraudulent) claim hold water? Is their blood red or green or zombie blood? The blood is successor in liabilities to. The green blood supply is all dried up … What are you fighting and how long can they last without blood before either being replenished or dried up? 2yrs? 3yrs? Maybe 4 or 5? The red blood supply is or will be locked up sooner or later.

  120. Who made that rule KC? The truth is, the crooks are coming for everybody. That is how this plot works, by deception. People have a false sense of Security that if they go along with the program they will be o.k. They fail to realize they are literally one paycheck away from fraudulently induced hell.

  121. I have not lost sight any of these atrocities
    My points are related to what we can plead under rules of court, the evidence we do have and thry dont to open the doors to discovery otherwise they will scream hearsay, absolutely the originstors were misrepresenting what they were peddling omg yes, snd they knew, but strategy stripes, really.

  122. If at first you do not understand .. read and read again until you do. Have a Good Afternoon All … My Grandbabies are here and I have baked them cookies.

  123. My take is KC is an agent of our hijacked Treasury Department. She knows what’s going on. Like Neil Barofsky she is trying to find some neutral ground to stand on but there isn’t one. You can’t be both an American patriot and be getting enriched by these crooks. KC is obviously compromised in her loyalties. In the end that won’t bode well for her or anyone when these imposters come for them and they will.

  124. Don’t we have enough problems, defending ourselves to these gangsters and Czars?

  125. I didn’t say your statements were not true, not did I dispute them, I just said this is not the forum for it.

  126. You keep changing positions just like these imposters KC. Why do you argue with me? The facts don’t lie. You are either with us, or with the terrorists. There is no neutral position.

  127. Small Mind? hahaha if mine is small yours is shrivled up and long gone along with your condos. I know exactly what is going on and I am doing what is right for my country and not some snobby nose bitches! Oh … did I say that? Yep! If I said it .. I mean it! I just should not have said it out loud! Duct Tape Please!

  128. KC — I don’t know who you are and not to be rude but direct I think you have a small mind when it comes to what is happening in our Courts.and why Judges are not following our Constitution.

    Do you know how Obama became President and whose money was behind him.
    George Soros and his Open Society . After 911 and Bushs response Soros thinks The greatest threat to the world today is American Supremacy and he wants to change that Soros is our Shadow Government. .

    Read Discover the Network and you’ll have an idea what stripes is ranting about

  129. Recovering from Harm is the Anti-dote!

  130. Never lose sight of the first place issue Deborah. They don’t have the Security. That is what they are covering up and why they try to confuse everyone.

  131. My information must be useful otherwise I would not be burying yours and you trolls wouldn’t be incessantly attacking me.

    The truth is powerful.

  132. ML
    Thing is too am concerned sbout REMICS and trust because- the TUSTEE presenting themselves as a”trustee” is a trustee of what exactly and a 1099a is submitted from the “lender”. We are dragged into this srgument by the oppoditions fraud upon the court. It matters.

  133. This plot is all becoming common knowledge now. When you talk to people about these crooks nothing shocks them anymore. People are waking up and are fed up in a big way. I was listening to talk radio one day and apparently there are a large group of black people in Anerica who are very disgruntled with all of Obamas lies. I was in line at the gas station and saw a black woman with a big stack of lottery tix she was going to check. How’s that hope & change working out for ya? Apparently not so well.

  134. Really? I have posted useful information for the umpteenth time in how many years here? and you bury it is B.S. …… Why is that Stripper?

  135. Yeah right KC…you are just another lying troll who hurls accusations based on nothing. You are no different than a playground bully. Grow up.

  136. Carie… All these years and you still can not give a homeowner one helpful bit of information because you can not answer my first question.. FAILED AGAIN! Keep trying! Stripes… Exactly What you claim is not important here……. is why you are F.O.S.! A Fake!

  137. Stripes your right, If one looks at his nose he doesn’t see his whole face.

  138. Carie,

    My opinion is the fraud is in the origination Banks are not allowed to lend their credit. It is prohibited by our Constitution Banks are in the business to lend money. Money and credit are not the same.
    Why do you spend your time with REMIC and Trusts. Etc. ? You know more about that than most Attorneys BUT the origination is the fraud.
    If the fraud is in the origination , the contract is ultra vires

    And for a sheriff to remove anyone on an ultra vires contract
    Sounds like fraud against the Court to me. Fraud against makes things void. Void is a nullity. And has no statute of limitations.
    How is this happening in the Court .that they are not following our Constitution.?
    Read the site Discovering the Network

  139. Sorry KC, fighting foreclosure is about a lot more than filing paperwork. People really need to know who these imposters are and what they want is totalitarianism. Maybe that revelation will put a fire under their asses to get educated. I recognized this evil right away and that is where many get misguided because they believe its just a house but its about a lot more than just a house. This is about losing all of our freedoms to these imposters who are communist control freaks. They don’t want us to own anything. They want mind controlled slaves.

    I am glad to help people fight their fraudclosures if I can but Neil gives plenty of great info on that subject.

    My hope is to get people motivated to get educated and fight these imposters.

  140. No Christine I did not just discover the GSE’s were not banks but many don’t know this.

    My own mother thinks Fannie Mae owns her mortgage and I told her no they don’t because they can’t because Fannie Mae is not a bank. She doesn’t get it because it is probably the stubborn German bloodline. My Dad is Italian that originated from Spain and Irish and he gets it. Thank God for that bloodline.

    Anyway I don’t give a shit what the Imposter Pope ate for breakfast or where Obama was born, I already know he is being controlled by imposters to our Constitutional Republic.

    I have known about these evil doers and what they were planning for a long time and none of that info came from Tv that’s for sure.

    All of my info came from insiders who are very credible. You have no argument Christine. The truth is out for those who want to know it and those teenagers and 20 somethings really do get it.

  141. Stripes… I found not one thing in your entire post helpful to homeowners facing or in FC? The group conversation you are looking for is two benches down. Please leave this forum open to the harm of the loans and mortgages themselves have done to the household estate and borrower/ homeowners. And How to stop a pending or current fc action. This is a learning group … not a tag along to see whats in it for me kinda thing. Understand?

  142. Marilyn, the point about the letter was the connections that are being made about who these people are and their evil motives.

    I never believed Soros is anything more than a perp. He is probably Obama’s handler. Have you read anything by Fritz Springmeier? He talks about the Monarch mind control slaves.

    Obama is definitely being told what to do and say. These people controlling this scam are evil.

    Where is our military? That is the real question. We have the most powerful military in the world and nothing is being done to stop this? Our Treasury is being looted, $60.4 trillon dollars since 2008 by these crooks and nothing is being done to stop this. That is an outrage yet people keep paying these crooks to rob them.

    Whenever I hear anyone say they are still paying these crooks a mortgage even though they know they are crooks because it’s the moral thing to do, they signed a contract, It makes me crazy. They are usually well educated Americans who are soo terribly misinformed. They don’t really understand what these imposters have done, what they are planning and why. They don’t understand the evil machinations of this scam or the motives behind this. They don’t know who these imposters are or why they are imposters or why they are stealing their money.

    Then there are those who are eating out of food pantries to keep paying a mortgage and that is completely wrong on many levels.

    People are not educated about this evil plan and are terribly misinformed. Little do they know they will wake up broke and homeless one day and living under totalitarian rule as a result.

  143. clause in Judicial Mortgage/deed of trust .. ~non judicial sale~. Ok… What about notice of that sale upon default? Carie … after all this time.. Can you tell homeowners what to file in non-judicial states… to stop a Notice of Sale? If you have not learned that yet … you have learned nothing. Go back to Go and do not collect your house.

  144. “…In non-judicial states the burden is put on the borrower to “make a case” and thus obtain a temporary restraining order preventing the sale of the property. This is absurd. These statutes governing non-judicial sales were created at a time when the lender was easily identified, the borrower was easily identified, the chain of title was easily demonstrated, and the chain of money was also easily demonstrated.”

    Exactly. And none of those things are easily identified or demonstrated…because they don’t exist. The fake subprime mortgage securitization Ponzi scheme cannot relate to those old statutes in any way, yet the courts continue to try—just to “move cases”.

  145. Go to Quiet Time Christine .. I left you an extra roll of duct tape just n case. LMBO!

  146. Question of the Day? What cookie monster does grandma feed? The one that has already been fed or the one that is still hungry?

  147. “Here’s the kicker….Fannie and Freddie are not banks …..”

    HAHAHA! The dipstick didn’t know and just discovered it? And then, she goes on and on about how 95% of the world have it completely wrong and she’s got it Oh! so right. That, of course, after having declared that everybody is out to get:
    1) Her;
    2) Her country
    3) But… thank Gawd and thank her enlightened teenagers and their friends, she has the inside scoop on it all, from Obama’s birth to what the pope had for breakfast.

    Throws any name into the pot to look smart and clever but, in the end, it is absolutely transparent: dipdstick knows nothing, has seen notyhing, has gone nowhere, gets all info from TV. And the fact that dipstick does appear to have followers as dumb as her tells me that stupidity is in a fairly copious quantity in this country. No wonder smart people can’t get justice. Dumb ones have invested so much time and energy proving to judges that homeowners are stupid that they’re actually destroying it for everybody else.

    Oh well… nothing happens in a vacuum.

  148. So while I am fending off a debt I supposedly owe (all offers made in my name only) … My husband is demanding payoff from MS with all payments applied to payoff his debt. He is a Good Man!
    I preach the Words .. Live~Love~Laugh and Learn. You are Never to Old to Live~Love~Laugh or Learn. Back to my math homework.
    Many Blessing to You All!

  149. Sooo .. While I am trying to avoid a debt I don’t have (supposedly) …. My husband is desperately trying to find his payoff by demanding over and over again in writing for the balance owed… because he really do want to pay his debt off. That’s the kind of man he is… he and his family get bullied, threatened and intimidated. He never gets that statement .. he knows his title is MUSH and false claims had been brought against him by CWHL INC,. He knows the successor in interest hold successor liablility. Now … his wife… Well… grandmas for many generations baked a lot of cookies. 🙂

  150. I ask… Who or where did you get this information? He answer .. from public records somewhere, …. I say… Oh? … I have two words for you. He answer with a question..Whats that? I answer … RISKY BUSINESS! .. Been playing this game with the pass the hot potato for three years now. hahahaha

  151. Our trustee deed from seller trust is only to hubby and law firm signing as POA for the trustee of an unfiled trust agreement. Our Warranty deed shows my husband and I in joint tenancy. The mortgage shows my husband as married to KC Tricky Tricky … Sticky Sticky …. as I told the lawyer contacting ME to refi MY note …. RISKY BUSINESS! he LHBO with me.

  152. The action has to be against the land .. to invoke the jurisdiction of the chancery courts. And action in persona is not actionable by FC.

  153. Going down memory lane, through old records. Heck .. Not only did I not sign the note , (no consent) … the only doc presented to me was the last page of the mortgage to sign. No initials . No presentment. No deal!

  154. Sunday Morning Mud of my face.

    Bare legal Title~(Deed~Title)~ Equalized Value~(landvsstructure). homestead exemption ~interest~. Successors in interest and heirs follow in the footsteps of borrower under the GAG you suckered me, without my consent! … but I have no interest. ??? WHY?

    Have a Blessed Day Everyone! Let Your Light Shine Bright!

  155. IMO: the debt collection fight should be in state courts, the rules are in the State Statutes for that. The notes need to be in Federal Court, UCC appropriate, as well as Fraud origination and Cloud on Title…

    The quiet title is also state regulated, does not go the house itself, the land it sits on.

    It is my experience the 12(b)(6) stuff, is because the judge does not have subject matter jurisdiction…again IMO, not a lawyer.

    Some of us are losing due to wrong venue, improper jurisdiction and picking the right battle in the right place.

    I can say: the Federal Court just dismissed the servicers case…and had a lot of questions; did not give them a nod to foreclose, questioned paperwork, with stamped signatures and an allonge attached to nothing, corporate addresses from a company called elove in VA…no valid trust, then tried to make a modification $75,000, over the original paperwork, with disclaimers from everyone, from the janitor to the CEO of Ocwen…LOL Didn’t fly! One for the good guys, maybe. See what he (lawyer for the servicer) does next round…

  156. dtripes
    I don’t think that anonoymous letter is the issue.To me the issue is what is going on here in the White HOUSE WITH OBAMA AND SOROS getting done what he wants.

    That is why we are all getting no response from our Government with the foreclosures.

  157. Stripes
    the DHS posting no surprise if you read DISCOVER THE NETWORK

  158. stripes

    in DISCOVER THE NETWORK they have many pages on all left wing operations and how it is happening and being done and the players.

  159. dtripes
    LPS website states
    Supporting the Federal Government
    With its unmatched expertise in housing and finance, and aptitude for creating back-office efficiencies for a wide range of functions, LPS provides the technology solutions that integrate seamlessly with existing systems, and power transformation and efficiency at all levels of government. Our solutions include:

  160. trying to remember….if a state has a one-action rule, in order to get a deficiency judgment, the lender must foreclose judicially. In those states, if a lender forecloses non-judicially, he loses his right to a deficiency judgment. I remember a little more now. I brought this up before and questioned why lenders would f/c non-judicially and forego deficiency judgments. Christine, think it was, says it was over the cost of judicial foreclosure, which I couldn’t agree with. But now that I think about it some more, I still believe judicial is a tougher road to hoe when you’re a crook , but banksters may feel what they’re foregoing is a tax ben if the borrower is uncollectable as to the def judgment. But then again, I don’t believe they’re entitled to write-off the deficiency if they’re in a state which allows for a def judgment and they decided to shine it in favor of non-j foreclosure. You and I can’t write off a debt unless we demonstrate we tried unsuccessfully to collect.

  161. The OR SC was asked four cert’d questions. This is part of their answer to no. 3:

    “3) “No.” ORS 86.735(1) does not require recordation of “assignments” of a trust deed by operation of law that result from the transfer of the secured obligation.”

    Unless and until I’m shown incorrect, I’ll disagree with these learned scholars (if I got it right what they’re saying) and say again there is NO such thing as a trust deed following the secured obligation by “operation of law”. What law? And speaking of law, there never was any law or custom which meant MERS could foreclose, as in the “if by law of custom” in the dot.

    Only the right to the collateral instrument’s assignment follows the note, and that’s a mighty distinction. The right follows, not the instrument itself nor the interest it carries. The buyer of a note has an equitable right to the dot’s assignment, but one may not enforce an equitable right between A and B as to C (here the homeowner) and anyway, equity is not available when B has failed to exercise his right as to A to get a stinking written assignment. If a law, such as the statute of frauds, is available to resolve an issue, equity may not be turned to. Equity is a last resort when there is nothing else, generally a contract or statute, to resolve an issue.

    All interests in real property must be reduced to writing (any that may not be performed in less than a year, like a lease for instance) and the UCC’s regulation of notes / the debt obligation doesn’t change this. Some people believe otherwise, partly due to C v L, but C v L failed to address the statute of frauds. There is no transfer of a deed of trust which results from the sale of the note (“secured obligation”)as the OR SC posits (or show me “by operation of law”). The note buyer has a right to an assgt but doesn’t have it til he has it…..in writing, and it can’t be enforced until then. Yeah, this is at odds with AZ (Hogan, was it?)
    Sigh. If someone is dumb enough to sign a purchase agreement (or buy a note however) and not include a provision for the assgt of its collateral instrument, a court could order an assignment in equity from the note seller, and here I’d say only if the intent may be found in the contract. IMO, a court may not decree an equitable assgt of a deed of trust; it’s equitable solution would be limited to ordering a written assignment. and slapping the dummy who didn’t include the assignment in his agreement up alongside the head.

    One other thing which comes to mind about these OR decisions was the discussion in the hearing about for whose ben the dot is done. It is not just for the lender’s benefit, as was advanced. In states with a “security first” statute, the lender has to go after the security, the real estate, before looking for a personal judgment. And they can only do that in states which allow deficiency judgments. So a borrower may walk away from a million dollar loan, and if a def judgment is allowed, the lender may only get a personal judgment for any amt not realized by the sale of the collateral. If no def judgment is allowed, the lender
    gets the collateral and that’s the end of it for the borrower.

    I firmly believe what I’ve said. Homeowners need to know who has a right to do a thing when it comes to their homes. Following C v L, that may never be possible again, but that’s not why I believe what I say. lay opinions.


  163. The jig is up….Anonymous letter to Putin & Medvedev


  164. Funny stuff from Saturday Night Live….Chuck Hagel “v” the Khazars….dress rehearsal for the Chuck Hagel Hearings….

  165. These Corps resemble ENRON. Yet, were never audited by the U.S. GOVERNMENT who under Obama now strangely call themseves the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT….Really they are telling us they are all imposters to our Constitutional Republic.

    The Secrets out alright…spy agencies AKA…THE SHADOW GOVERNMENT ….AKA THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT…WHO ARE controlled by the Russian Khazar Mob and have hijacked our Constitutional Republic under many guises … they are the politicians and judges and are hiding in law enforcement and at our Treasury Department they are hidden in all of these spy agencies… the German Khazar Nazis….the Jesuit Khazars of the Mediterranean …the Swiss Khazar international banksters at the BIS…..The Rothschild ISRAELI Khazars, the Mexican Khazars, the Moslem Khazars, the Catholic Khazars…the British Khazars, etc…they are all here and hide in every religious denomination and nationality and in every profession…They always misrepresent who they really are. They are AKA ….THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN.

  166. @Marilyn

    An Unlawful Detainer is a court order. The real estate investor that bought at the trustee’s sale is the one that got the UD and had it served by the sheriff.



  169. CONgress reeks like shit.

  170. Allow me to repost that FREDDIE MAC LINK…

  171. FANNIE MAE….. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fannie_Mae

  172. Here’s the kicker….Fannie and Freddie are not banks ….. Freddie is a federally chartered corporation created by CONgress on July 24, 1970. Read about it here America….




  173. Carie I really dont know the answer to this but it doesn’t hurt for you to investigate.

    Even though California is non judicial from where does the Sheriff get the order to evict. I would think the Sheriff is an officier of the Court.

    if the sheriff dispossed you because the bank sold your property even though they never owned it(,because of origination fraud )

    look up nemo dat
    Prehaps they sent the sheriff out to collect a house the bank never owned

    FRAUD AGAINST THE COURT BY AN OFFICIER OF THE COURT makes everything void. Void is a nullity and a nullity has no statute of limitations

    You have to look up California law. .

  174. Good one marilyn. This time Yankee Doodle has a lot more to contend with then when those lyrics were written.

    Hey christine….tell the BRICsters to show us the Original Security Agreements or the Khazars are going to be getting the steaming hot poo poo platter instead of the steak & lobster they ordered….guaranteed.

  175. Sheckles..too funny John …

    Yes Christine it is a great country because when it comes down to the nitty gritty, we stick together.

  176. Hawks win!

  177. christine
    Dewey thought he won the election
    You never know how things turn out.

  178. @Marilyn

    I just now saw your question…
    The house/title was sold at the Trustee’s sale to a real estate investor…the sheriff served us with an Unlawful Detainer because I told the investor that we weren’t leaving because the documents recorded were fabricated and the servicer and foreclosure mill were not creditors, etc. The real estate investor told me that the title company said all is well and according to law. Scumbags—they know it’s all crap.

  179. Why MERS? MERS wasn’t created just to save some shekles on recording fees. It goes much further, even beyond what we generally throw around. MERS was created because they needed a straw man, someone, to go after the collateral since these trusts may not hold real property, certainly not after the cut-off date, nor can their interests be changed from X to owning real property. The trusts can’t do it, long and short. Even if the trusts themselves WERE entitled to a credit, they can’t make the credit bids, since doing so would find them in title to real estate as the grantee of the dot trustee’s deed. THAT’s why (well, one reason) there’s the credit bid assignment to someone else, usually the servicer. MERS was a handy stand-in-catch-all until the-all-but-ignored-by-us Consent Order. But even that was problematic – another chapter of this sick tale. These trusts are passive, and can’t do much of anything, including owning real property, not even in satisfaction of an alleged debt. But the bnksters pretend they are using the non-existant credit bid of the trusts to make credit bids which are then assigned to someone else, and as I said, generally the servicers. I’d like to see some supporting documentation for the authority to 1) make a credit bid and 2) assign it to another party.
    If an agency agreement exists which beyond a doubt authorizes an agent to do an act, here a credit bid and assignment, if the agent takes title, it’s the same as if the principal has title, and these trusts cannot do that, imo even if it were found that the trusts own the notes and the interests in their collateral instruments: a passive trust has no way to enforce the notes and dots. Imo, the truth is, they don’t have to because someone, including FNMA when FNMA is the issuer, has guaranteed payment. I don’t know all the subrogation stuff, even the piece I once knew, other than to recall that the AIGs couldn’t have subordination rights and why that was.
    If these trusts are the passive trusts I believe, this would also explain (again one of who knows how many reasons) some alleged dot trustees have attempted to sell the lien (abbreviated) instead of making a title transfer by deed, which is really the only thing a dot trustee is authorized to do ( a dot trustee is authorized to quiet title, long and short of that one.)
    If I’m right about these trusts being passive and what that means, and if so, I note because it’s bull it included malice of forethought, the only thing anyone can do about any real (key word) default, anyone being the banksters, is repurchase the loan with no loss to the investors. I think. Right after that, they’d be free to make a credit bid in their own right. Knowing I’m no where near brilliant, if this is true as I believe, I wonder why the attorneys representing investors fail to make these arguments, that is, arguments in favor of making the banksters bear any loss the banksters created, and not just arguments based on
    “poor quality”. Poor alright – poor business plan. Not only poor, but untenable. Maybe they can’t, other than by way of guarantees. Maybe they’re truly messed.
    But then, the guarantees seems like a rather big deal to me. Anyone?

    About MERS foreclosing pre-Consent Order: when foreclosures where done and the successful bidder was the beneficiary- with that handy credit bid (!) – MERS as ben or MERS as agent of ben should have been in title to every one of those properties. Anyone interested, here’s my take on how that works, how a ben takes title as a matter of law by way of being the successful bidder at the f/c sale:


    NG, ARE these passive trusts?

  180. For Stripes
    Lyrics to “Over There” by George M. Cohan
    Johnnie get your gun, get your gun, get your gun
    Take it on the run, on the run, on the run
    Hear them calling you and me
    Every son of liberty
    Hurry right away, no delay, go today
    Make your daddy glad to have had such a lad
    Tell your sweetheart not to pine
    To be proud her boy’s in line.
    CHORUS (repeated twice):
    Over there, over there
    Send the word, send the word over there
    That the Yanks are coming, the Yanks are coming
    The drums are rum-tumming everywhere
    So prepare, say a prayer
    Send the word, send the word to beware
    We’ll be over there, we’re coming over
    And we won’t come back till it’s over over there.
    Over there.
    Johnnie get your gun, get your gun, get your gun
    Johnnie show the Hun you’re a son of a gun
    Hoist the flag and let her fly
    Yankee Doodle do or die

  181. Marilyn,

    Apparently so… seeing what you post day in, day out. Hey, dream on, And hate away. You’re only poisoning yourself and your entourage.

    And visibly, you ain’t enjoying yourself much either. 🙂

    What a great country! Imbeciles flaunt the worst they have to offer every chance they get. TV, Internet, endless wars. Great country indeed…

  182. “How much wealth does Africa own yet all their wealth is concentrated in South Africa.”

    And here comes the imbecile who’s never set foot in Africa, doesn’t know jack about Africa but… lectures on it? Surreal! Jeez… the pod is filled with those arrogant, ignorant imbeciles who can’t even bring their own government to do the right thing.

    US dollar is gone. BRICS contract directly with Europe and Africa out of the mighty dollar. And those morons whine and cry about a lost house…

    America: a sad end to a great dream. Thank Gawd the founding fathers are dead and can’t see that…

  183. Christine – Even without being in my Condos, I have more wealth in my pinkie than you have in your whole body he he he

  184. “Christine is typical of a jealous person”

    HAHAHA!!! Jealous of what? Your accomplishments? Jealous of whom? You? You can’t be seriously believing that. Let me see… You lost a few condos for want of a fight. Years down the road, you’re still unable to move on. You keep playing the blaming game and, so far, not one ounce of personal responsibility. To top it off, you’re living in the past, completely oblivious that America represents less than a puny 5% of the world population and things are moving (with or without you). This country no longer controls the world’s economy, it still is incapable of bringing its criminals to justice and 25% of the world’s inmate population is… here, while it pushes drug and human trafficking and agitates for war all the time.

    Nah… Nothing to be jealous of. Not here. Not on this site. Sorry for this country that stopped attracting brains decades ago. Sorry for this country whose own citizen flee by the hundreds with the money they stashed away. Sorry for what’s in store for its arrogant, unprepared, uneducated citizens. Sorry for this country who forces the Kay Briggs to come out and blow the whistle against their own government and husband.

    Jealous? Don’t kid yourself. You’ve got nowhere else to go. Me? Jealous? HAHAHA!!!!

  185. Stripes, Are they still pushing the puck –
    matches the nickname for Christina.

  186. I believe in pitching in if we so choose but, I also believe charity begins at home. There is plenty of blight right here at home. What about the tornado victims and the countless other tragedies we have endured through no fault of our own? There comes a time in history when people need to stand up for themselves. How much wealth does Africa own yet all their wealth is concentrated in South Africa.

    Most African people are living primative lives in the 21st century and that is because of the same cabal of crooks we are dealing with at home. They are the staunchest oppressors on the planet. They want misery for all of mankind.

    As the saying goes, the only Security you have is between your own ears.

    They can never take what you know away from you and that is why they work hard at destroying our thought process.

  187. Sorry for the delayed responses marilyn. Watching the blackhawks playoff game. It’s going into overtime. Go hawks!

  188. Stripes, Christine is typical of a jealous person.

  189. Stripes, The website starts that a lot of the world hates the Americans
    because they have so much and many in the world are jealous and by Soros’ theory the way to solve the problem is to give aid to all people all over the Globe, whether they come from a banana republic or a muslim country

    As for NEIL, If he labors, he should enjoy the fruits of his labor.
    Whether he makes money or gives his knowledge away it is his choice, This is America.

    Christine is a blank

  190. It no longer is in the hands of the 320 millions who believe to be the navel of the world. It’s happening despite that sorry 320 million representing less than 5% of the world population but… they want to hold on to the illusions. And they want their guns! My gun, my gun, give me my gun!!!

    The 95% is acting. No guns needed. Brainless need not apply… 🙂

  191. Hehehe…

    Lots of noise… on blogs. No action what-so-e-ver. Bankers come here and read. And then, they roll over laughing at this sorry display of imbeciles congratulating each others for their ignorance and bringing absolutely nothing else to the table.

    Toooo funny!

  192. Stripes It will take a couple of days to read all the information on that site and all the organizations Soros funded with billion of dollars.

    Poppy – I think you said this country can be self supporting and your right, but start reading that site and why that is not the direction we are working on.

  193. I believe it marilyn. Soros and his minions did the same scam to the Bank of England but these people are all in the same cabal. Did you see the movie Obama 2012? It talks about how Obama and his minions want to end colonialism because they believe colonialism caused all the worlds problems but it is the same cabal trying to reboot their system after they used colonialism to rob all of us.

    It is the same old blame game by the same old group of Nazizionist khazars who are no more than a small, centralized shadow group of thugs, thieves and murderer’s.

    If you look a bit deeper you can connect the same players.

    I knew Christine the Khazar thug would be here spouting off her big fat drivel all over this blog.

    He…he..he…yeah right!

  194. Hehehe…

    Got your condos back yet? Got compensated? Might be the old dichotomy between opening one’s big mouth all the time while doing not much else or actually taking action… Aaaaaahhhh! Free will is a hard thing to exercise. In some people’s hands, it’s simply wasted.

    Christine doesn’t “hate” America. She just has little tolerance for ignorant, self-centered imbeciles willing to blame the entire earth for their self-inflicted misery but not willing to move their butt and do anything.

    Christine loves America. And she loves the fact that she can post whatever she wants. Freedom of speech. She also loves the fact that she can do it from the comfort of her… house!


  195. Stripes and all-
    The site is called DISCOVER THE NETWORKS.

    It tells and explains the shadow government behind obama and whats behind the shift of wealth in the United States and how it is being provoked.

    Stripes you are very right about the things you describe but here are the names of the organizations. Stripes are you reading.? i KNOW THERE ARE ALOT OF LEFT WING JUDGES BUT I DON’T KNOW IF ALL THE Judges know of this preplanned destruction of our Country.
    God Bless YOU Stripes.

  196. Stripes- When you read it you will see where Christine gets her talking points of her hate for America from.

    He is a hidden enemy but not a silent one and he puts his money here his mouth is.

  197. Stripes- I started to google George Soros because I knew one of the lying, corrupt Attorneys that paid a bribe to JUDGE SCHLESINGER David K FIVESON’S FIRM represented George Soros in a lawsuit.

  198. Hehehe…

    “The wheels on the bus go round and round,
    round and round,
    round and round.
    The wheels on the bus go round and round,
    all day long…”

    The story of this site. Except that Garfield is the only one who makes a living at it. And he doesn’t waste nearly as much time as the bloggers he attracts.

    Tooooo funny!

  199. Stripes
    press in George Soro and his open society. it is a long read
    but it shows all the organization behind the scenes and how OBAMA went from being an unknown to president. You will also see that Soros is behind Obamacare and why

  200. Hehehe…

    As the moron stated: “I don’t tell people what they want to hear. I tell them what they NEED to hear.” How arrogant and… well… imbecile.

    Skeptics Versus Imbeciles
    Saturday, June 8, 2013

    Many imbeciles proudly view themselves as skeptics. Let us analyze the differences.

    1. Imbeciles assume nobody else has access to their ”highly specialized” knowldge. They feel the need to preach as much as they can. They’re the only ones with the answers, after all!

    2. Skeptics are perfectly aware of all sides of the coin, i.e. for-and-against arguments. They look at both sides, add their personal evaluation and make a final determination. The determination is subject to change if new evidence comes to light.

    3. Imbeciles confuse their vision of reality with what is reality.

    4. Skeptics realize their view of reality is just that: their view. They will defend their view if need be, but are mentally flexible, even if new evidence demolishes their previously held beliefs.

    5. Imbeciles are incapable of connecting the dots which are non-linear, because they are, well, imbeciles.

    6. Skeptics analyze an issue from multiple angles, making connections which are not there at first glance.

    7. Imbeciles deal with totalities: black versus white.

    8. Skeptics deal with shades of gray.

    9. Imbeciles are weak-minded and collectivist.

    10. Skeptics are strong-minded and individualistic.

  201. Stripes Press in George Soros and his open society and you will see exactly what made our contry go down so fast.

  202. All of those mortgage payments the sheeple are sending are going to fictitious payees who are not owed any money. Those imposters are using that money to terrorize the American people and we are all paying for their loss of income in everything we do. Those paying a mortgage while eating out of food pantries, collecting food stamps etc is costing all of us money.

  203. Any known or closet-readers here willing to take on OR’s Brandrup and Niday? I can hardly stand to look at them, honestly. I listened to part of the afternoon oral arguments in disgust. The only bright moment was when one of the two female judges asked if someone really could hold “legal title” to a contract, i.e., the deed of trust. For just that question, we should send her roses. Don’t want to besmirch (had to look up that spelling, I did) the h.o.’s hard-fighting attorney, so won’t mention him here for now other than to say the answer he gave sure as sam mcgillacuddy wasn’t the one I’d have given, nor I venture the one she was looking for.

  204. The long and short of the entire scam from 9/11 up to today is imposters who are communists/satanists have hijacked our Constitutional Republic and are stealing everything from us under the guises of a fake War on Terror and a Fictitious Debt. That is it, in a nutshell.

  205. The long and short of what I said is that many litigating are involved in what’s called “Notice Pleading”. A complaint must give notice to the defendant of what the clam is and thus, imo, does NOT or at least may not require more specifics in the complaint as the banksters like to allege. Fraud has a diff standard and may require who where when. But even then, the fraud ‘standards’ are relaxed for pro se’s, at least acc to case law I’ve read. Anyone interested in doing research on dodging mtd’s might start with “notice pleading’. imo. And take a look at Rule 26 discloures. I’m of a mind sanctions are in order for not making the initial disclosures req’d by 26. The banksters will stand on “we forked over what we had to which demonstrated our rights”, i.e., the note, dot, what not, as if nothing else exists which bears or could bear on the issues. They like to pretend that’s the end of the story and it is if we don’t do something about it.

  206. Khazar Empire, Illuminati and the New World Order….

  207. Oops the page to that link is gone….NO…the commie trolls blocked that link but you can google it.

  208. Interesting blog discussion about the khazars, the illuminati & Freemasonry ..

  209. Something odd going on around here? A pro se filed a complaint against so and so banksters, alleging intentional misrepresentation and negligent misrepresentation, as i get it based on the loan origination. He then states that discovery reveals (present tense) proof of satisfaction of the Trust and “assigned cusip number linked and verified to said mortgage….verifiable proof of satisfaction.”

    The banksters removed to dc, tho the docket I think showed the plaintiff did (!). The homeowner submitted initial disclosures pursuant to rule 26. Banksters didn’t (surprise there, right?) The banksters did what they always do, which is file a mtn to dismiss. The homeowner filed an opposition and among other things said this (which partly doesn’t read imo, but whatever):

    “The simplified notice pleading standard relies on liberal
    discovery rules and summary judgment motions to define disputed
    facts and to dispose of unmeritorious claims. See
    Swierkiewicz,534 U.S.at 512. Indeed,courts have found that if
    the information sought by the motion (what motion? sic) – is obtainable through discovery,the motion should be denied. See,e.g.,
    Towers Tenant Ass’n v. Towers Ltd P’ship, 563 F.Supp.566,569
    (D.D.C.1983) (denying motion for a more definite statement because details such as “dates, times, names and places” are the central object
    of discovery and need not be pleaded”).

    Here the Plaintiff’s Complaint is not unintelligible or confusing
    and does not violate Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 8(a)’s requirement of a short and plain statement of the claim showing that the pleader is entitled to relief.” The Complaint clearly has a more than
    sufficient statement of the claim and more than meets the requirement
    that it be “short and plain”.
    For example,the Complaint specifically identifies the actions of
    Defendants and how those actions are wrongful……”

    The judge didn’t rule on the banksters’ mtd, which I take as a denial of the motion. Then a schedule was set including time for discovery and dispositive motions, etc. The banksters initiated it and got the homeowner / plaintiff to sign off at I suppose what was a conference between pl and def which was set by def. I wouldn’t have signed that one myself, would’ve wanted more i’s dotted and t’s crossed. Okay, so that’s that. Or WAS that. The chief-judge of the court REASSIGNED the case to a dfferent judge. .In other words, the judge who apparently denied the mtd is toast, which I find unsettling. Could be legit, could be not.
    One of the reasons I’m commenting on this case is because I have been a big fan of and an advocate for the disclosures required without discovery by Rule 26. NO one complies, least this is the first time I’ve seen it in thousands (think that’s accurate) of cases. At any rate, a lot of cases. What swayed the now-removed judge to rule against the mtd? Was it the homeowner’s arguments including the ones above, was it the h.o.’s initial disclosures, was it a combination of the two?
    Banksters use the same tired arguments about rule 12, and without fail, try to apply Twombley to their benefit. This guy said not so fast.
    WE should all say not so fast. For every twombley, and that’s assuming here it appropriately leads to a mtd being granted, there are 10 cases which support this homeowner’s arguments. We just have to burn the oil and find them. imo.

  210. Soros and his minions are nazi war criminals who should be hung.

  211. The Ashkenazi – Terrorism and the Illuminati…..

  212. stripes- I found this on Frontpage Mag

    HomeAboutContact UsBookstoreDonateColumnistsSubscribePamphletsHorowitz ArchivesFPM ArchivesObama Campaign Merges with George Soros
    January 25, 2013 By Daniel Greenfield 17 Comments

    98 Print This Post

    George Soros has leased the White House as a summer home for eight years, and appointed a number of his stooges to Cabinet positions, including Chief of Staff. It’s a great triumph for the wanted criminal who has gone from collaborating with the Nazis to controlling the greatest country in the world.

    And now Soros will be funding the Permanent Campaign to transform America into a Socialist country.

  213. Powerful Bloodlines of the Dark Cabal are all Russian Khazars…

  214. There are plenty of little stasis hiding behind the scenes who came from Spain as well. The Aldobrandinis and the Borgias are Spanish Khazars.

  215. All true poppy. God gave us everything that we need to be free & independent. Problem is the same greedy crooks want everything for themselves and nothing for anyone else.

    I don’t believe it is too late but we are definitely standing at the edge of the pits of hell. OBAMACARE will be the end of our freedoms and if we allow them to put the microchip in us then it’s all over. Only by the grace of God will we be saved from the evil they have in store for us then.

    Hillary and the communists in the democratic underground drafted that sin against God and treacherous piece of fascist commie legislation AKA OBAMACARE when traitor bill was president. They are all complete criminals.

  216. Redistribution of wealth is just another politically correct word for our robbery. All roads lead to Rome and the Jesuits my ass. They are just the perps, the Jesuits are the educators, the brains, and the enforcement arm of this global commie click. The brits are the money changers and convertors of their fraud they hide in swiss banks and other foreign safe havens like Cyprus. The commies at the top, the russian khazars, the oligarchs, are clever and hide inside many layers of this cocoon. Russia is pinky and Rome is the brain. The Germans add their own brand of occult evil to the mix. They are all equally diabolical and maniacal liars & thieves. Israel is maybe their largest fraud laundering operation. They all use us to fund their black operations and our military to steal the wealth of other nations. That is about the size of it. Everything they do is a big put on.

  217. There is nothing that this country cannot manufacture, produce or farm. We need no one. This is a lie of the largest magnitude…

    The plan for this country is complete fascism….people NEED to remember all of the world’s tyrants took over with relatively small numbers of supporters, not the majority. People need to wake up before it is too late, it may already be!

  218. Obama is doing no more than carrying out orders for these commie/satanists and he wields no real power. It is all being directed from behind the scenes by the real money power, the illuminati thieves who robbed everyone…..the Khazar Russian mob and their thieving counterparts in China, Brazil, India and South Africa. They make their counterparts in the City of London and at the Vatican look like amateurs.

    The BRICS nations have successfully redistributed nearly all of our wealth and hijacked our Treasury hiding behind the most likely suspects, their central banks.

    The rest of their crew like the terrorists in Saudi Arabia are being allowed to force us to buy their oil while the rest of their cabal steals ours. They have hijacked our utilities by investing in them through shell companies. NAFTA has been used to steal our livelihoods and our intellectual property. Cyberhacking is a ruse. The traitors from within handed all of our knowledge to these crooks on a silver platter. We are paying to educate, feed, house and give free medical care to these foreigners while our kids are being forced to do menial Labor jobs to pay for these foreign crooks free ride.

    Keep cooperating, complying and conforming and soon we will all wake up broke and homeless living under an OBAMACARE FRAUDULENTLY INDUCED TOTALITARIAN GOVERNMENT in the land our fathers conquered.

  219. The move with Obama Care right now is: and I know this for a fact (know doctors)…they are planning to stop accepting insurance. Cash only…and they can get away with it or the choice is: the government passes more mandates for the doctors, which WILL result in many of them them getting out of private practice…this is going to big, over time!

  220. Obama is perusing around the Country touting OBAMACARE and being shown shaking hands with the President of China while Putin is being exposed as an adulterer. Yes, the demons are all here and OBAMACARE will be their final act against us. It will be the nail in the coffin of our Constitution and the end of all of our personal wealth and freedom.

    There are 9000 communist laws attached to 1300 pages of OBAMACARE. That is how they will seize our Life, Liberty and Property and permanently install their totalitarian regime.

    OBAMACARE is a communist black op. If we allow this spy ring of thieves to get away with that, America will be done and all of our freedoms will be gone with the wind. Those guns will be useless against them. They will shutdown your microchip and lay you to waste.

  221. The truth is, nearly all of our income is being collected as a tax by these investors at the top of the pyramid scheme.

    Nearly every dime we pay and spend into this rigged market is going into these crooks pockets.

    The mortgages and property taxes are all being collected as excessive usury meaning, it is all being pocketed by these crooks and they are throwing us back a few measly crumbs.

    70% of our lousy incomes is going into the pockets of these greedy bastards. Now they want our businesses, livelihoods and property too.

    If that’s not bad enough, OBAMACARE and the fascist microchip tattoo will be the end of any personal wealth or privacy from these communists for the peasants they created.

    That is their evil endgame plan for us…totalitarianism.

    The communist controlled media won’t talk about the microchip in OBAMACARE because that criminal act being revealed to the naysayers would cause such outrage with the American people it would make these other so called “scandals” pale in comparison.

    Then if THE TRUTH were told that these politicians, which is just a politically correct word for TRAITOR……are invested in OBAMACARE…SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE JOHN BOEHNER IS INVESTED IN OBAMACARE……the real truth would be revealed about who the traitors are.

    These politicians are diabolical and maniacal psychopathic control freaks who are traitors and all should be publicly hung right on Capital Hill.

  222. That’s right KC…the U.S. Taxpayer’s, We The People are the investors who fund, pay for and build everything and we are being completely ignored.

    Our pension fund was invested in our small business property and that is why I am fighting these sheisters who have no skin in the game. We have all of our skin in the game, we built that business for 25 years and we invested a lot of time and money into improving that property. Not just that but, the refinancing bank secretly cross collaterallized my home with that undisclosed subprime piece of dung “loan” without our knowledge or consent. I have the stamped paid note & mortgage from the original cross collat that was also done without my knowledge but not the stamped paid cross collat mortgage. See how deceptive they are? They wiped out my home equity without me knowing it and put us out of business by pulling our business line of credit.

    Now this war is about our personal freedom and these Greedy Bastards are who waged it.

    25 years of never being late on a payment on anything and this is our thanks.

    Now this is war ….I know the truth about what these crooked did and it is egrergious and it is criminal by its deception alone and as a result, they owe us a ton of money & clear titles to both properties.

  223. Stripes… We have investments ( our retirement) with three of those investor groups that have settled for pennies on the dollar. We are the investors who got robbed . We are the homeowners getting roughed up and we are the taxpayer whose fed income tax rate and property taxes went up to pay for what?

  224. Just watch all the trolls come out of the woodwork after my last few comments.

    I found out the harshest trolls are right here at home at the local media blogs.

    Start talking politics at the local Patch and those local commie politicians will get you removed. One local Alderman, who didn’t like being called out on the local Patch about how the Village are using a private tree removal company to cut down our trees on our parkways because of a supposed Asian beetle infestation, when there was no sign of any beetles according to the people in my subdivision, had me booted.

    They had the nerve to cut down healthy trees and then tell everyone they have no money to replace them. As a result our summer air conditioning bills are through the roof…..no shade blocking the rising & setting sun. The houses facing west, in the hottest part of the day are handing COM ED a ton more money we don’t have. Now after some locals bitched, they are saying they will pitch in a $100.00 bucks a tree to replace them. Our streets are in a shambles as well. All patched up and bumpy.

    I called for audits God forbid because our property tax bills are astronomical and the place looks like a holocaust to which I got their boot on my throat.

    Corruption….corruption…corruption…from the bottom to the top.

  225. Oppss… Filed and Fried …

  226. Whenever the local media refers to Michael Madigan, the House Speaker of nearly 30 years, they refer to him as “powerful House Speaker Madigan.” Now the media has been reporting, his daughter Lisa, the State AG, may run for Governor of this hell hole. She has to have enough evidence to bury these bankster crooks and shut down these fraudclosures by now yet, like all the “scandals” tied to this Corp of crooks, all of their FELONIES are being ignored. It’s a culture of corruption the likes of which has never been seen in our history. These crooks are on a tare and are stealing everything from us. All of our legal rights, our wealth and our properties are being stolen under the guise of some fictitious debt.

    So if we are going to march on something, lets start at the State Houses and State Capitals where all of these illegal fascist laws are being written and being passed into “law.”

    All the Stalin’s are in the House and their Nazi counterparts are hiding in the State Capitals.

  227. Yes marilyn you are correct, they are still recording fraudulent documents onto our property titles. There have been so many fraudulent transfers recorded on my commercial property since these crooks filed fraudclosure 3 years ago, I lost count. On my house the demons illegally transferred my title to themselves via MERS …..THERE WERE NO LEGAL ASSIGNMENTS RECORDED EVER ON EITHER PROPERTY………and that is criminal my friends.

  228. poppy- exactly. and a debt collector is prohiboted by law from collecting or attempting to collect one cent
    more than they paid for the debt

  229. marilyn, I looked into Foley a while back and he sure seems like a real scumbag. Aren’t they all?

    They are all still conducting the same crime syndicate they always were though. The problem is law enforcement is being stymied because these crooks are subplanted in all of the top positions. I posted a link here a couple of days ago about how NY AG Schneiderman’s old man was in the big club.

    In Chicago the AG is Lisa Madigan and her old man has been Speaker of the Illinois House of Representatives for all but two years since 1983 and is the longest serving Speaker. Isn’t that ridiculous?

    That is how this syndicate works and why this crime spree is still going on. It is all political cronyism and “machine politics” here and everywhere.

    Always look into the top positions of political power if you feel you are getting railroaded or were railroaded and you will find these control freak Nazis are there giving all of us the middle finger.

    “Pay to play” is nationwide and even that phrase is not harsh enough for these scum. They are all a bunch of no good mini Hitler’s and mini Stalin’s and it is no longer hidden.

    All you have to do is look at that fascist, criminal piece of legislation known as ILLINOIS MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE LAW (IMFL) and where that supposed “law” came from ….THE ILLINOIS HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES where Madigan has been the head honcho for nearly 30 freaking years and you can see what is going on. Nothing in that “law” is following the rule of law.

    Recently they changed it and now the banks need to have the Security at the onset AS THE LAW REQUIRES but did they do the right thing for those of us who are still fighting these crooks on that very issue or have already had their properties stolen? HELL NO! Now the Nazis are trying to push loan mods again to people who have been irreparably harmed by these crooks!

    Heil Hitler is the mantra of all of these goddamned Nazi/commie/satanist crooks.

  230. The courts are allowing collections, multiple times of debts that are paid…they are counterfeit. No one is asking to proffer these documents into evidence and request a forensic expert check them…at some point is it worth paying for? I say yes! IMHO

  231. Stripes.

    Why is it that William P Foley of Fidelity Title would spend Billions of dollars to buy back LPS , the parent company of DOCX if it weren’t for
    The fact that he wants to start up the criminally lucrative business of
    Producing and transferring fraudulent documents in the courts and the county registers.

  232. None of this matters, when you have debt collectors, posing as servicers…the PSA guides servicers, not debt collectors, 2 separate entities, laws guiding both.

    At the end of the day, the notes ARE satisfied and copies are being bought to collect on. This is where the rubber meets the road. An “outstanding” debt is collectible, not a paid-off/satisfied debt.
    The ruse is distancing yourself from the fraud…

    These guys are tricking everyone, including judges. They are committing perjury, saying there is money owed. That is not the case. And IMHO this is your entire case.

    I am seeing this time and again. “I am the creditor”, “I am the lender”, I have an assignment from the trustee”, bull shit…if there is no trust who the frap are you collecting money for? And debt collectors ARE NOT working for any trust, trustee or bank…forget about it!

    In my case we have a “seizure of the note only” to be held for a creditor payment from the bankruptcy trustee. The “seizing” party, Credit Suisse, moved the note through to their servicer, with no authority from the court…now a foreclosure case in my state, which was dumped by the Federal Judge, against the attorney for the “supposed” servicer. Credit Suisse was paid for the theft of the lines of credit New Century stole and now are trying to collect once again with the foreclosure…we have the transcript and Exhibit of the payout from the court.

    My loan was seized, as it was NEVER funded…the money was used by New Century to keep them solvent. So, I ask who have I been paying, where is my down payment, taxes, insurance, etc…? Zero balance on my ledger, no loan money was ever attached to the property, it was stolen…per cease and desist orders from 6 states.

    Per bankruptcy court, I am now a creditor. Now, how can a servicer, from a seizure, that got paid for their loss (verified) go into court and claim a loss and ask for a foreclosure? The servicer is a creditor and so am I…let’s see what the judge in NC thinks about all this, at the second round in Federal Court?

    IMHO only, no lawyer here, just know what I see…

  233. @masterservicer – lol – If it be a dumbshit at the helm, what than shall we call the folks floating downstream on the vessel of “turd”.

    Most of the folks here still believe they were part of a credit freeze in 2009. I believe an argument can be made about credit grade at the alleged origination,and the funding of the initial hedge premium. What are your feelings about when the origination actually occured – closing table – or – secondary market conveyance?

  234. Carie
    Since California is a non judicial state, who is it or what isit that gave a sheriff the authority to remove you.

  235. stripes

    Fraud on the court occurs when the judicial machinery itself has been tainted, such as when an attorney, who is an officer of the court, is involved in the perpetration of a fraud or makes material misrepresentations to the court. Fraud upon the court makes void the orders and judgments of that court.

    In Bulloch v. United States, 763 F.2d 1115, 1121 (10th Cir. 1985), the court stated “Fraud upon the court is fraud which is directed to the judicial machinery itself and is not fraud between the parties or fraudulent documents, false statements or perjury. … It is where the court or a member is corrupted or influenced or influence is attempted or where the judge has not performed his judicial function — thus where the impartial functions of the court have been directly corrupted

  236. Thank you Bill Gates for helping us save this Country.


    Even Carie. Fraud against the Court has no statue of limitations.

  238. @liesisalltheytell
    I can’t help but think that this time in the history of the UNITED STATES
    Will be known as the Nazi/Lenin Era when so many lost their properties by the Fraud of the Courts because of the illegal rulings by judges the like of David B Saxe and Alice
    Schlesinger. To right the wrongs that occurred all properties should be returned to their rightful owners plus damages. Good luck to you lieisallthey tell.

    I remember writing to my corrupt Judges, I am going to get my story out about this Court on the Internet.
    Little did I know how many people were going to be here fighting. Wonderful lNever give

  239. I agree lies, this is the biggest scam ever.

    I believe this scam by these ruthless, evil people has the potential to plunge many people into a dark abyss in which they may never recover if people keep cooperating. I believe that is the full intention of these imposters is to plunge us into an endless cycle of poverty until we accept this change they believe in which is complete communism….totalitarianism.

    I wish you all the best at your hearing in July. I believe good will win and we will get back to our Constitutional Republic, the way it was intended to be. A nation for the people, by the people with a good and decent moral code.

  240. “The lie is sacred.” – Luciferian Freemason, Communist revolutionary, Vladimir Lenin

  241. Geneva Accord – a precursor to US involved wars

    (2003), a peace plan in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
    (1991), a peace plan in the Croatian War of Independence
    (1988), a settlement that concerned Afghanistan
    (1954), a plan concerning Indochina and Vietnam
    (Ho Chi Min came to US for backing initially –
    Truman said Passssss !

  242. The deed is pledged and the note used to trade short term yields and derivatives. FAS 140 and codified changes under ASC 310,320 demand surrender of all control over extinguished liabilities causing the assets to be derecognized , The dumbshit at the helm of this site knows what sells Robo and allonges gibberish –

    Fool —fool

  243. we are part of a huge scam and it was not suppose to ever be uncovered. but we must remember the think tanks probably occurred before the internet. why else would BK laws change, mortgage lending change (securitizations) and mortgage insurance (PMI to CDS) all planned land grab. I beleive we are strongert hen they are we have our own army on the internet. by just voicing our opinion here gets it out to someone that was once like us 4 years ago. If feels great!!!! to have the knowledge I have thanks to all of you , Neil, and the internet web sites. we are saving our homes one by one. my hearing is july 16th. wells fargo has not produced discovery it has been a year????

  244. Communism, Satanism, they are both equally as evil and are one in the same and I reject them both.

  245. I meant to say why not, WE PAY FOR EVERYTHING! They are greedy communist hogs who want to have our cake & eat it too.

  246. Did anyone vote for, sign or agree to the wars, the TBTF bailouts, fraudclosing on our fellow Americans, allowing the government to spy on us, the Patriot Act, the NDAA or OBAMACARE? NO….The real question is Why not? We pay for everything?

  247. True marilyn, the judges do all stick together just like most professional con artists however, that does not make what they are doing legal.

  248. They are openly violating our legal rights in numerous ways. Take OBAMACARE for example, they are not “giving us” healthcare, OBAMACARE is far from free and they are going to use it to spy on all of us. They are no more than a giant agency of spies who are complete control freaks forcing everyone to comply with their fraud and making us pay for it. We never gave then our permission to spy on us and we never asked them to force us to pay for healthcare. It is all fraud all of the time. Imagine if the people were smart enough to boycott the federal reserve banks and refused the social security number. We would not be here today.

  249. stripes my issue with that is the Judges themselves make the decisions in the cases and it is the rare judge who will rule against himself or a fellow judge.

  250. I believe we are at a tipping point marilyn and they all know it. Do they want to steal it all from us? Yes, no doubt in my mind. Will they succeed is completely up to all of us. I say stop cooperating, complying and conforming and sue them. That is our legal right under the U.S. CONSTITUTION/BILL OF RIGHTS if the government has become completely corrupt and is acting like a tyranny and oppressing the people.

  251. strtipes, maybe the US Supreme Court is noticing the corruption in
    th e Courts. I found the following:
    New Documents in West Virginia Coal Lawsuit Shine Light on Judicial Corruption Allegations
    Fri, 2013-06-07 09:42Sharon Kelly
    .New Documents in West Virginia Coal Lawsuit Shine Light on Judicial Corruption Allegations

    “Extreme by any measure.” Those four words were used by the U.S. Supreme Court in a landmark 2009 decision to describe judicial corruption and corporate influence in the West Virginia courts.

  252. Sure they are marilyn. They always rebuild what they destroy at the taxpayer’s expense. That’s how they steal from us, keep us broke and keep their ponzi schemes rolling. There are always bigger & better investment opportunities for them in destroying everything we pay for and build. We build it, they burn it down and rebuild it….it’s all elementary.

  253. It is all a political agenda marilyn, and they are all invested in it. Just like OBAMACARE and the prison system. They all gain something from what they steal from us. When Obama gave his speech today on the so called healthcare law, they had the market ticker up behind him for all the healthcare stocks. They are telling us right to our faces, the healthcare law is another investor scam.

    This is all about stealing everything from us. I can’t tell anyone how to fight their battles because we are all at war with these imposters.

    The best advice I have is make them prove anything they are doing is legal. Even the judges have to give a legal reason why they make a decision and if it is not valid then file a lawsuit on the crooks. Tie up the courts for years if need be because they don’t have a valid legal reason for anything they are doing and they know it.

  254. you said ‘You always know they are at a loss when there is some disaster looming or occurring.”
    Last night BEFORE I closed the computer it said

    This morning as I opened my computer in bright red headlines it said
    something like
    United Nations is making the most massive ever
    humanmitarian aid -to Syria

  255. We really need to make these imposters prove what they are doing is legal. That is what they fear because nothing they are doing falls into any legal perimiters under our Constitution or any of the laws of this land.

    I watch the useful idiots argue with their so called expert knowledge on the “news” channels and none of it holds water. These are all opinions that have nothing to do with the laws of this land.

    You always know they are at a loss when there is some disaster looming or occurring.

    They are all liars and the best cons know how to cause a distraction so they can rob you.

    They rarely hold a gun to your head, they would rather try to outsmart you and will hold a gun to your head only as a last resort.

    Take OBAMACARE as an examlle ….if OBAMACARE was really what the people wanted, why make it a law and force it on people?

    Congress doesn’t even want OBAMACARE for themselves…the greedy bastards.

    Everyone certainly agrees we need affordable private healthcare and OBAMACARE is neither affordable…..private or healthcare in any traditional sense. It is a MICROCHIPPED MARK OF THE BEAST HEALTHCARE SYSTEM…that is controlled by the same greedy, communist, Satan worshipping investors who put us here.

    Who wants that? No one in their right mind wants these communist thugs telling us what to do and when to do it and spying on us through their microchip.

    They are all communist Satan worshipping thugs.

  256. What was in it for Judge David B Saxe and his panel of four appellate judges to side with Judge Schlesinger in her criminal behavior and rule against the Constitution.

    I don’t know the answer yet but researching on Judge Saxe I see he bought a small
    Addition to his NYC apt. for $90,000 that he calls maid’s quarters. This is a judge
    Complaining he can’t live on his salary?

    Why would a Bank give a mortgage to a Judge just scraping by?

  257. I agree marilyn, that’s why the politicians put us in this shitty position and it was all intentional.

    Everything the judges are doing is political and is being directed by the politicians and they are all invested in all of the fraud.

    Obama said it today, Congress are well aware of everything that is being done to us.

    However, he also said we elect these crooks and that is one message I am not buying. The high ranking politicians, the judges, the law enforcement and other agency high ranking political positions and the bank dicks are all appointed by the board of directors of the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK.

    They are all nazizionist Satan worshippers who dictate these sick & evil policies to these people. However, when nothing they are doing is legal then they start running out of believable stories. All of the lies start to catch up with them and they all start turning on each other. That is what we are beginning to see happening right now.

    I found out early on, if it makes no sense, start looking for the fraud. I was shocked in what I discovered that pretty much everything is a big fat fraud.

  258. Egg(nickname)

    That is why I think Stripes is on to something that many of us
    didn’t about when we went to Court to fight.

  259. Stripes, It should have been that this court only cost me to file
    two show cause orders But since JUDGE Schlesinger
    ruled against the Law of the Constitution it set in motion
    Lots of fees for Appellate Court, fees for serving,
    printing appellate Briefs etc etc etc.

    The Court figures that few people in foreclosure either don’t have
    or won’t put the money into the fight. The judges are bullies.

    I think this pro bono effort is for the Court to discover who is
    Too poor to fight and the judges will have the staying power.

  260. Marilyn,
    I totally agree with you–the judges are the problem. The judges are the problem. The judges are the problem. Who’s controlling the judges? Not the law, obviously. What has turned the judges into bank puppets?

    Nice to see Neil finally acknowledging that the courts are obstinate and unhelpful, no matter the weight of the argument wielded by the homeowner.

  261. Oboombacare, the microchip and a nation of broke, homeless renter slaves will be the boobie prize for us if we don’t stop cooperating with all of their fraud.

  262. I think the situation is perilous and the people are waking up to that and are arming themselves against these imposters. There was a prophecy that said something would happen that would cause the people to take up arms against it. I think the theft of our personal and national sovereignty is that something.

  263. It is illegal that these fc cases are even being entered upon the court under false pretenses. However, I believe we needed the wake up call. We were all cooperating with these crooks and we did not even know it. I would have to say the education I received from fighting these crooks is priceless. The cost of answering the suit was a couple hundred bucks, a nominal fee for what I have learned. It does not cost any money to challenge their fraud claims in court and we could have never had the opportunity to challenge them without the crooks filing fraud suits first because we could have had no way of knowing they were crooks.

    The truth is clear, we will lose our freedom if We The People don’t fight these imposters and their loan mods and fraudclosure scams and demand the rule of law be upheld. Will it come down to guns and bullets to save our sovereignty? Only time will tell.

  264. I agree, Marilyn—we need a massive march on D.C…problem is—the people most aware of and effected by all this crap are the people with no jobs and no money to even GET to D.C., much less march!!
    But—the situation is organic, and awareness is growing…

  265. Pretty ridiculous that the so called “tea party” are hiding behind a logo to secretly evade paying taxes just like the Corporate scumbags they proclaim to be fighting against. They are all liars and they are all full of shit. I give the tea party 2 thumbs down for secretly tax evading.

  266. Stripes, I too at one time thought that if you file a lawsuit
    with the correct procedure and the correct words, your case
    will be decided honestly.

    That is not how the Courts work. The judges don’t give a
    Damm how many suits or motions you file its money for the Courts.

    Before I realized this ,I have probably filed more motions
    then some attorneys. The Appellate Court was so tired of my fighting
    back for them to follow the Constitution
    they got to the point where they said I’m abusing the Court.
    Naturally I told them they are abusing me.

    All the time I was filing motions the snakes and their corrupt attorney
    Have possession of the two condos that was stolen from me.

  267. Then of course there is the tea party gang who have not revolted on anything or even suggested it. They are a good example of how people will sit on their asses and believe some person or group or this Imposter government are going to fight for their rights. That is never, ever going to happen.

    I am one of the few who don’t feel sympathetic towards those who become targets of these imposters when they really aren’t doing a damned thing but playing along with the crooks. Tea Party my ass…they haven’t done anything worthy of mention.

  268. I am talking about people in general marilyn. We are among the very few who are fighting these imposters or exposing their fraud scams.

  269. I know marilyn you are a fighter and we need more fighters like us. There is a lot more to this war than filing paperwork. How many people don’t even answer the complaints or even show up for court? They sit on their behinds and wait around for the govt to save them. It is pathetic how lame that is.

  270. I meant to say thanks for the heads up carie…..! This is what often happens when you proofread your own work. You can really screw up and miss important words. That is another reason they have an advantage in fc court. We have to do it all ourselves as we learn and it is easy to make mistakes. I always try to have my husband or kids proofread my work but even that is not foolproof because they do not always understand what I am talking about. It’s a real challenge.

  271. Stripes, one thing you got wrong – you can’t say I give up. I am fighting since 1993 when the original bank Fidelity ny fsb HID FOUR OF MY MORTGAGE PAMENTS. in order to fake a default , accelerate and demand real money for their credit. Illegal illegal illegal . The JUDGES
    know which end is up but they don’t want to upset their apple cart.

    Just like Shays rebellion gave birth to our Constitution the whole Country needs to do something massive .


  272. Oops….I did mean my freedoms cannot under any circumstances be bought. Thanks for the heads foolproof! Even proofreading is not foolproof…..!

  273. Stripes that is how it should be when you file a lawsuit
    that the simple facts are heard by the JUDGES and with
    Solomon like wisdom issues a decision
    BUT that is not what they do except for very few Judges
    Like Arthur Schack

  274. “my freedoms can be bought”…I think you meant “can’t”.

    Anyway, whatever words you want to use to say it—you are basically saying this:

    Humans have a higher nature (spiritual) and a lower nature (material).

    When the lower nature takes over—you have self-centered materialistic sociopaths.
    When the higher nature takes over (which is the only thing we take with us when we die) —you have compassion, selflessness, truth, and love.

    Our lower nature must be guided by a purified higher nature for there to be a balance in this life.

    The lower nature—as an analogy—is “the devil”.
    The higher nature—as an analogy—is “angelic”.

    The world will destroy itself unless humanity’s capacity for nobility in their higher nature is encouraged…unfortunately, we don’t realize this except through great suffering.

    Things will get worse before they get better.

  275. We all give up way to easy marilyn. That is the real problem.

  276. I am talking about filing lawsuits on all of their fraud from 9/11 to the patriot act to the NDAA to their insider trading scam that crashed the markets to the destruction of our property titles to OBAMACARE. Make them be held to account for all of their fraud.

  277. Stripes, we do need a redress of our grievances but from my experience
    The now sitting Judges will get the cases and steer the decision against
    We The PEOPLE like many of the Judges now do.

    Shelley Erickson said in her video –
    Not till our judges them selves uphold their oath to protect our Constitution
    will anything change. And if they did that the country would not be in this position.

    For example:
    Every JUDGE KNOWS that the Court has to have jurisdiction on the day
    they sign a Judgment in order for it to be valid. If not,
    the judgment is void ab initio. A VOID JUDGMENT IS A nullity.
    And subject to collateral attack at any time

    Brutum Fulman (I learnt this phrase from Matt Weidners site)
    The passage of time cannot make VALID that which has always been VOID

    Judge Schlesinger doesn’t like that law It comes from
    the United State Supreme Court case of Elliot V Piersol.
    Rather than follow the law Judge Schlesinger wanted money
    and she took it from Title attorney Thomas Malone of Fidelity Title
    and attorney David K Fiveson of a non existent
    Title company he called Coronet and she ruled against the Law.

    Five NY Appellate judges Saxe,Friedman.Moskowitz,Freedman
    and Richter In their decision said we are defiant
    we are not going to follow the Law and instead tried to hide Judge
    Schlesinger’s criminal acts and tried to change the dates of my Federal Petition.
    Chief Judge Jonathan Lippmann decision stated
    that that is not a final decision under the Constitution
    but still the Appellate Court refused to follow the Constitution.

    Shelley is definitely right that getting a Judge is a crap shoot

    This is not how the courts should give Justice. And so not to give up
    their power so this Country could go back to being a Democratic Republic
    they are working on extending the age before they have to mandatory retire.

    And then they tried another one of their lies saying I

    That is why everyone must keep every paper from these frauds. .

    I can’t see any solution for us without a march

  278. I have always felt this is a spiritual war and a test of our faith. The naysayers will say don’t bring religion into this, this is about politics or law. I see what they fail to see or do not want us to see. I see the hidden hand. I see who is dictating this entire scam in the physical world. It is not Putin, or Obama or the politicians or the illuminati or these hundreds of secret societies and agencies who are all a clever ruse and part of the coverup for the real culprit.

    The thief in the night will not be any of these frauds who claim they have some legal right to take everything away from us. The serpent is incredibly deceptive and will never tell you what it wants or that it is him hiding behind the scenes trying to steal and consecrate every soul on earth to him.

    These demonic forces wear cloaks of secrecy and like in fraudclosure, will never reveal their true identity or their true objective. They will never tell you what is owed because that amount can only be tendered by giving it all of your freedoms…..your soul in payment for his fraud and the destruction of your title.

    It really wants your personal sovereignty to be free as the Creator intended.

    Communism is the clever ruse that the malefactor has used to install his hell here on earth. Totalitarianism is the malefactors evil endgame plan for mankind. Comply or die broke, homeless with no medical care is what is being offered and no one should be buying any of it because we fund everything these crooks do.

    I am strong in my faith and I see the connections to this evil endgame plan to steal all of our freedoms were foretold in the Secrets of Fatima.

    The vehicle of communism would be used by the malefactor to steal it all from us if the heart of Russia was not consecrated in the one true faith, that there is one God and one God who is the Creator of everything.

    The consecration never happened because the malefactor infiltrated the Catholic Church.

    As well as infiltrated all governments.

    Therefore the warning that Russia would spread her errs of communism throughout the world was fulfilled.

    This war will first be a war on our souls that will lead to a final battle that could be cataclysmic if this evil has its way.

    My loyalties or my freedoms can be bought under any guises because I know who this is and what it wants.

    The serpent will try to steal it if you won’t comply with it but I believe the Creator always holds the trump card and always has the upperhand because the truth never lies or deceives.

    This is what I firmly believe..

  279. “We should all be filing targeted lawsuits as individuals regarding all of the illegal things these imposters are doing and telling them why we know nothing they are doing is legal. We really don’t need attorney’s to do it. ”

    stripes—it seems like even if you have an attorney or not—everyone runs into the same brick wall eventually:

    Non-disclosure of the ACCOUNTING.

    Which they simply get away with calling:
    “Trade secrets” and “Privacy laws”.

    You can’t get around that…not at this point anyway.

    Senator Warren can’t even get it.

  280. Thank You marilyn. I really believe it is imperative that every American citizen becomes more proactive in our legal system. We should all be filing targeted lawsuits as individuals regarding all of the illegal things these imposters are doing and telling them why we know nothing they are doing is legal. We really don’t need attorney’s to do it. These politicians are frauds who are not doing their jobs so we need to put them in their place and hold them accountable. Filing complaints with the very agencies they control does nothing. We need to demand a redress of our grievances by filing lawsuits en masse. I believe that is imperative.

  281. Why would we ask any politician or spy agency to protect us or our families from terrorism when they already failed miserably at protecting our Securities?

    Why would we ask these imposters to protect us after they all failed to do their jobs and protect and defend our Constitution, our Legal rights regarding our Securities to our Life, Liberty and Property?

    Therefore, We The People would certainly would not ask them to force us to buy glorified Medicare and their microchip as a viable solution to so called “unaffordable” private healthcare.

    Especially not when they are investors in this communist totalitarian system and have used these social safety nets to do nothing but rob us and destroy our Securities in order to fraudulently try to control us.

    They are all well educated, keenly deceptive communist criminals who operate on legal theories that are not based in law or fact. ..

    The truth is evident, nothing they do is legal, moral or ethical and not everyone is fooled by them.

  282. Stripes With each day that passes I get to see how advanced you are in your thoughts about the massive frauds overtaking our wonderful country.

    Perhaps all those that have lost money and property could organize to link with Occupy and march to Washington for a weekend to fight for our rights under our Constitution and let anyone discusted with what has happened to this country join us.

    I would like to suggest the name Stars and Stripes forever for our march..

  283. It’s the usual blame game. Obama blames Congress, Congress blames Obama while the communist imposters keep stealing everything from us.

    Now the Federal judges are being dragged into it to make it appear everything they are doing is legal yet, none of it was authorized or agreed to by any of us.

    None of it strengthens any of our legal rights under the U.S. Constitution/BILL OF RIGHTS. None of it.

    It is all illegal and these communist imposters are using every lie they can think of to legitimize their crime spree and steal it all from us.

  284. Obama on the N(eo-nazi)S(py)A(gents) spying on us……the court authorizes this….if they want to listen to your personal phone conversations they need permission from a Federal judge. Congress authorized this and are constantly being notified about what these (spy) agencies are doing. A FISA court is authorizing all of this (spying on us)….so don’t worry. These things help us prevent against terrorist attacks. This is a mild encroachment on your legal rights with zero inconvenience. They are under strict supervision of all 3 (Imposter) branches of government. These are all preventable measures and Congress, the people you vote for, are fully briefed on these issues. We also have our own lifetime Federal Judges in place to make sure things are being carried out legally. There’s a reason these programs are classified. So don’t worry. Mwahaha…

  285. “…loans that still are alleged to exist…”

    “Alleged” is right.

    We invested in nothing. That’s what a Ponzi is.

    “…We signed documents that we thought were a mortgage refinance, but they were not — they were reaffirmation of false default that we did not know about. No funding was necessary for these document signatures. The ONLY funding provided was for any “cash-out” — the rest was just a reaffirmation of a false default debt.

    How does this fit into a Ponzi scheme?? Because a Ponzi scheme collects money from “investors” — when there is NO REAL INVESTMENT. In other words, they collect money — when they KNOW that there can be no validation of cash flows to the investors. The investors in the subprime mortgage refinances (MBS securities investors) believed they were investing in valid (qualified) mortgages, but they were not. Thus, the potential for cash flow return was not likely — as the borrowers were not mortgagors, they were only “debtors” in default debt, unknown to them, who were being charged high interest rates — that could never be substantiated. So, where would the cash flows come from??? The foreclosures??? But, foreclosures are NOT securities —current cash pass-through must be on CURRENT cash pass-through -(required for REMICs)– and, foreclosures are NOT current cash pass-through.

    Security investors do NOT get foreclosure proceeds.

    That is why, bogus trusts, are NOT borrower’s creditor.

    We do not know who is our creditor.

    Ponzi scheme?? YES. Based un-substantiated cash flows and bogus contracts. The cash flows stopped — and Ponzi inventors had no where to go. Which is why we had — government bailout.”

  286. Obama said…increased cost of healthcare are not because of the new (totalitarian) healthcare “system.”

    So sign up for the microchipped mark of the beast at healthcare.gov.

  287. He calls OBAMACARE COMPETITION & CHOICE that are driving the price of healthcare down. What a lying b.s.er.

  288. …….as affordable!

  289. He’s trying to sell his Totalitarian healthcare bill.

  290. The media awaiting remarks from our communist Imposter President about all the fraud in his administration. Goddamned crooks, every one of them.

  291. If the banksters want to do any conversions of the Originals, our Securities, they need to pay due Consideration to the Treasury and notify us of the change to the Originals. Otherwise, these are frauds and are certainly not negotiable instruments.

    Of course they would never have notified us of these conversions because none of us would have ever signed or agreed to them gambling away our Securities.

    So the banksters just went ahead and did what they wilt and committed massive Securities Fraud with our Securities and the commie politicians installed communist Imposters at the U.S. Treasury Department who would allow this crime spree with our autographs and our Securities.

    All illegal of course because none of it was disclosed to us or authorized by any of us, WE THE PEOPLE WHO PAY FOR EVERYTHING.

  292. Isn’t the Allonge only recognized in States who are under the Napoleonic Code (Louisiana): Allonge (from French allonger, “to draw out”), a slip of paper affixed to a negotiable instrument, as a bill of exchange, for the purpose of receiving additional endorsements for which there may not be sufficient space on the bill itself. An endorsement written on the allonge is deemed to be written on the bill itself. An allonge is more usually met with in those countries where the Code Napoleon is in force, as the code requires every endorsement to express the consideration. Under English law, as the simple signature of the endorser on the bill, without additional words, is sufficient to operate as a negotiation, an allonge is seldom necessary.

    I think in other States the buyer of the note should just sign on the back or a space on the front.

  293. Of course the money to fund the fraud came from the Treasury and our own personal bank accounts. I put $100,000.00 down when I bought my home in 1992 and later in the refi and a purchase of our business property, the sheisters cross collateralized our home and stole our equity without our knowledge or consent. It was a set up to fail. An undisclosed ARM loan structured like a conventional mortgage. No HUD 1 at the closing. They are all lying pieces of shit and felons.

    I get the idea of using their own rhetoric against them but, I am fed up with all of their lying games. They keep punting their fraud around the courtrooms and seeing if they can outsmart us with their lying bullshit when we know, nothing they are doing passes the litmus test.

    It is all fraud, all the time and there is no covering it up once you “get it.”

    These are non judicial fraudclosures being disguised as judicial foreclosures and there is nothing judicial about them.

    Their fraud is evident at the onset and these cases are all fraud that should have never been entered upon the courts in the first place.

    The allonge transfers nothing because they never held the Security in the first place due to the FRAUD IN THE FACTUM….BANKS DON’T LEND US MONEY.

    These banks are no more than hired thugs, contract killers who lend lies and innuendo so they can rob us and gamble with our Securities unbenounced to any of us.

    These weren’t mortgage loans, they were get rich quick schemes the banks bundled up as their Securities and they were never their Securities.

    The banks were on a Securities search and destroy mission with our Securities.

    The banks were used like heat seeking missiles to steal our wealth, Labor and property and for that, they should pay us back every dime we handed them with interest and the Treasury should clear all of our titles back to us.

    These banks are simply big fat embezzlers for their controllers.

  294. In (real) contracts that I have been involved in outside of my mortgage, the contract has been signed by both parties, not just me. My copies of my mortgage, deed, note, whatever, only have my signature on them. Doesn’t the other party have to accept the contract also? I’ve seen this with junk debt buyers too, where the original creditor sells, assigns or transfers the note to another party just by mentioning them in the document and the only person signing the document is the “seller”, nobody is accepting for the “buyer”. “I, so and so, transfer, sell or assign all rights to…….” and so and so is the only one signing the document????

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