Why is the Media Ignoring the Obvious?

My consistency should be lauded instead of ignored. I represent one of the few people left who were on Wall Street in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s and who used layered bundling of derivative securities in the 1980’s to finance investments in commercial and residential real estate. Back when I started on Wall Street in my early 20’s I fell right in with those who set the tone and culture of Wall Street that frankly has not changed since the dawn of securitization (the breaking up of an investment into smaller shares so that more people with more money could provide capital to capitalist enterprises). We are talking about 2,000 years of human history where the Romans invented the idea of condominiums and cooperatives, the prejudices against Jews forced them into the jewelry and lending business because they were not allowed to do anything else, and the first appearance of pieces of paper used interchangeably with the actual exchange of goods and services.

When I was on Wall Street, the last thing on our minds was the quality or risk of any deal. We were there to make money move and that is what produced revenue. Eventually in economic history. it was discovered that once you could convince people to leave their gold, or securities with you, there were open ended moral hazards that were made legal by control of the purse strings by Medici, Rothschild, Warburg, Morgan and dozens of others. They did it quite simply through blackmail, bribery and intimidation. Nothing has changed. The result is always the same — the money moves up to the people who already have it while the rest of the population is enslaved. And about every five years, as Mayer has always said, bankers tend to step on a rake — only this time they are getting away with it, which is a first. They never even bothered  to throw a scape-goat under the bus because they didn’t need to — they were immune.

So we have bankers moving with impunity in our society making your money THEIR money by tricks of the trade. Case in point: student loans, where banks were allowed to insert themselves into a system that was already working, rake in enormous profits and leave students’ future mortgaged beyond any hope of repayment. Same as with mortgages. Any economist or businessman will tell you the same thing: without educated, trained workers, developing and evolving in a society, the work and the opportunities are going to shift geographically to where the workers are educated, trained and able to handle the jobs. We currently have 3 million jobs that are unfilled because we have seen education as an expense rather than an investment. It is like not saving for retirement and then being surprised, when you can’t work anymore (because of physical limitations or because you don’t know a damn thing about how business is conducted by the younger generations) and suddenly you are shocked to discover you are broke and depending upon social security and the largesse of family who are only recreating the same cycle you started and your father started in the first place.

And of course, the student loans won’t be repaid anymore than the mortgage loans are getting repaid. That is because the loans were stupid, they included marketing and sales commissions for people to encourage young, inexperienced people to take out loans for more than they needed with little or no hope of ever repaying the loans. Since they were guaranteed by the government, thanks to the banking lobby, and since they couldn’t be discharged in bankruptcy (mostly) thanks to the banking lobby and since in the last 15 years the loans were securitized removing the last vestiges of risk, the increasing interest rate (set to double soon if congress doesn’t act) and onerous terms of repayment are going to force graduate to seek out anything that provides immediate income instead of find their unique fit and contribution into society and developing new ideas and innovating because of their newly acquired knowledge,  skills and creativity.

Now we have banks reporting profits that are stupendous. I use that word because it is plain stupid. Banks are supposed to make money by lending at a higher rate than their cost of capital. But now they are lending the money of investors with no cost and stealing around 25%-30% of the investor money right off the top (tier 2 yield spread premium). Is it legal? NO! But our attorney general chooses to see it another way or to look away entirely.

The “free” press has slashed budgets for investigative reporters, and is simply parroting what government, Wall Street and big business are telling them to say. So when I am interviewed, my answers are and have been the same since the  1980’s when I was a talk show host on South Florida radio — people, consumers of information from the Press, and citizens who elect public officials must insist on something different. The pronounced apathy of the American voter is equivalent to the boss taking a ten year holiday — what did you think was going to happen in your absence?

Here are some issues I always bring up and those of you who get to speak to other people, the media or government should keep these in mind:

Why are you not investigating the representations on bank balance sheets in view of the fact that they are losing in Foreclosures suits — whenever they are required to show proof of payment and proof of loss?

How can banks be making money when they loan less money? How could banks own mortgage bonds when we know they were only created when they had investors committed and then sold forward without actual loans backing them?

How can the mortgage bonds be “mortgage-backed” when the entity that issued them never received any funding and never received the loan receivables? Why can banks claim the loss when the loss belongs to investors?

Why didn’t the banks instruct the closing agents to name the asset pools as the lender, the payee, the secured party on new or acquired mortgages?

Why are you not asking your own legal department how a mortgage can be perfected lien when the named “lender” never funded the loan and never funded the acquisition of the loan?

How hard is to see that the trail of real transactions (where real money exchanged hands) doesn’t match up with the paperwork given to borrowers and violates the terms of the paperwork given to lenders)?

I could go on with a hundred more questions, as you readily see from my blog www.livinglies.wordpress.com. Believe me, I know what these bankers did. The roots of this crisis were planted in the 1960’s and 1970’s. I was there working on Wall Street as an investment banker and a principal in a small brokerage firm.

I helped create what people now call derivatives and I was there when the bond traders and creative minds figured out how to create junk bonds, replacing the search for undervalued bonds.

I was there when the first flicker was conceived of masquerading junk bonds as investment grade if they were backed by mortgage loans. And I was there when they realized that they could be sure of the failure of mortgage loans and make a fortune betting on it without ever putting up a dime. The trick on Wall Street has always been to take the profits and allocate losses to investors. Why is this so difficult for the media when the facts are all in the public domain?

Mortgage Investors Get Blindsided


The Sub-Prime Mortgage Market Is Heating Up Again

GRETCHEN MORGENSON: http://http://www.nytimes.com/2013/06/02/business/in-bank-earnings-quantity-over-quality.html?emc=eta1&_r=0

BofA $8 Billion Mortgage Deal Before Judge After 2 Years – Bloomberg

Feds crack down on foreclosure auction scams — aiming at everyone except the banks, who submit “credit bids”instead of cash at each alleged auction.

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  1. They owe me clear titles plus 3x the face value of the notes for committing fraud in my name without my knowledge or consent. I have all of the rights of the harmed party if they don’t have the trustees receipt. They robbed me of every payment. Now they are trying to steal my properties. Pay up crooks!

  2. Stripes.. you keep saying they owe you free & clear title. What have I been trying to tell you for the past year about the title? You also keep saying they owe you all this other money to … who is the Who you are referring to? You know the taxpayers are already paying out so you want to sue who? yourself or maybe a dirty attorney? You are a very smart person (disconnected & dangerous) but smart. Did you flunk Math? Quit dwelling on what you know … its what you don’t that is going to protect your bacon.


    Fraudclosure and the entire manufactured financial crisis was done intentionally and for very NEFARIOUS purposes and they are all political. This is how the international communists plan to install a totalitarian dictatorship in America. OBAMACARE is the installation of a totalitarian dictatorship by these communist imposters and nothing they do or are doing is legal.

  4. Another great example of NEFARIOUS from Webster’s ….

    Moreover, those starry-eyed States inclined to perceive international relations in moral terms underestimate the NEFARIOUS MACHINATIONS of their competitors on the world stage – Richard Wolin, New Republic, June 4, 2001.

  5. From Merriam Websters dictionary …..NEFARIOUS – adverb – FLAGRANTLY WICKED OR IMPIOUS: EVIL….



  6. Massive fraud destroys the contracts KC….they Altered the contracts without notifying us they defaulted on the contracts by splitting the mortgages & notes and gambling with OUR SECURITIES…..that is SECURITIES FRAUD with OUR AUTOGRAPHS ….COUNTERFEITING TO GAIN UNJUST ENRICHMENT, FRAUD & FORGERY because they did all of this without our knowledge or consent, they owe us a ton of money & clear titles. Do what though wilt is illegal and deregulation does not make fraud legal. Deregulation is a ruse and not an excuse for wantoned law breaking. This fraud began in 1982….way before the repeal of glass-steagall.

  7. Heard a commercial on the am radio yesterday morning…. call this number your house could already be paid for by the National Mortgage Settlement. You could own your home free & clear. Servicers will still keep trying to collect mortgage payments from you even if your house is already paid for so call the number now.

    I didn’t get the number and I didn’t hear the commercial again. Anyone else hear this commercial?

    I knew they were up to something nefarious. Paid for by the National Mortgage Settlement is a ruse so these crooks don’t have to pay monetary damages for all their fraud. I demand it…clear title plus 3x the face value of the notes for the hell these greedy bastards put me through.

  8. I’m working on the translation to English UKG .. my tongue is still tied up at the OMG stage. Master Baiter … hahaha! The Bait bows to the Master.

  9. KC, welcome to the club. now it’s your turn. explain away in English. My friend MasterBaiter has been trolling this pond for years with the accounting argument. The key points re: secured borrowings, funding the QSPE with liabilities instead of assets, and the subsequent demise of the REMIC structure and the charge-off of the liability allegedly secured by the non-attached security agreement (mortgage) or better, according to MasterBaiter, the MERS nomination seals the deal.
    I often contend that the write off occurred at the Securities Underwriter stage (Citigroup), and these four vintages of WFHET 05 were allegedly “shelved”. Used as reference obigations in a Goldman CDO and a Deutsche Synthetic CDO.

    nice to have you around, buddy…..

  10. When Mandelman said “Lets the Games Begin” .. he forgot to mention the name of the game. QT …. Quiet Time.

  11. Neil you naughty little boy… you go directly from quiet time and explain yourself to the class …. hahaha …. I am seconding MSs motion and calling you out. Sorry and God Bless!

  12. The final straw for me was the homeowners who completed their permanent mods and were refinancing … Not even aware of the titles, not aware that the new loan did not hold the new lender (gag) responsible for anything the lender gone by had done to you. Oh and those sec b .. bs…..

  13. Wake Up Call for Me. We have been disputing the amount owed and have demanded payoff and can not get one. I thought considering the three copies of our account and how the payments were applied on each separate accounting from day one……… no attorney in his/her right mind would sign an affidavit as to witch account was true. Have always been willing to do the honorable and moral thing and pay what we owe and have been capable of it, don’t need a mod (wouldn’t take it if we did) considering aaa, we would file bk as a first option ….. and we wont give up homestead exemption rights in a refi/mod for a lower rate either. I just can not figure why they would drag us thru the mud … now I do.

  14. Poppy holds the evidence in his/her hands. Just had not figured out yet who/what paid the account off down to a zero balance. Think about it Poppy .. I thought for a long time it was the CDOs and Creative Ins for pre betting on WS (insider trading) after the default. Nope … go back farther.

  15. Yes MS! Yes! And It is right under our noses. Being at the top of my accounting class 30+yrs ago … I should have seen it thru all the BS. I Like Simple and I like my Chicken Fried! 🙂

  16. carie/ANON- Much has been divulged by whistleblowers but nothing about the insurance/cds/cdo payout aspects of these ‘loans’ that I have seen. I remember after a refi (3) the servicer always seemed to either credit the first payment late or lose it altogether. If these were all GSE loans at the outset, I believe that the servicer or originator was obligated to buy them back if they didn’t perform (cured or seasoned loans). So they were purchased for next to nothing (collection rights only) we need insurance payout information.

  17. “O’Brien calls for criminal action against the Big Banks
    Says they acted like “criminal enterprise”

    Saying that the time has come for a full scale criminal investigation, Southern Essex District Register of Deeds John O’Brien, today has sent some 31,897 of what he says are fraudulent documents that have been recorded in the Salem Registry to Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz.

    O’Brien said that he is asking these officials to impanel a Grand Jury to look into the evidence that he has presented.”

    That’s awesome…except Holder et al.don’t give a sh**.
    Wonder why O’Brien didn’t send the info to Senator Warren also?

    Because the media like the banks is owned by the JEWS.
    The JEWs firmly believe that that they are superior to Gentiles,and
    that all the property of the Gentiles belongs to them,
    Fuck the Jews and Heil Hitler.

  19. its used for tax payer purposes and affirms how to convert a Mortgaged property into free and clear ….(it really works)

  20. There is another important analysis to confirm the Home free and clear analysis …its used for tax payer purposes and affirms how to was a Mortgaged property into free and clear …..numbers do not lie …What do you say NG …take a stab at it ..will you …Please …

  21. There is a formula used to calculate the home as free and clear …at time of F/C

    Its simple and ….its just simple . To use , to apply and a must to bring into court .

    Go for it NG …

    share it with your readers .

    What is it NG ?

  22. Codification Topic 805
    Business Combinations

    Business Combinations

    SFAS No. 141R, Revised in December 2007
    “Business Combinations”

    FSP FAS 141R-1, April 2009
    “Accounting for Assets Acquired and Liabilities Assumed in a Business Combination That Arise from Contingencies”

    Acquisition Method
    Acquisition method is applied for business combinations

    Steps of acquisition method:
    1. Acquirer
    2. Acquisition date
    3. Assets, liabilities, noncontrolling interest
    4. Goodwill

    One entity should be identified as the acuquirer

    Acquisition date
    The acquirer obtains control at the acquisition date

    Recognition principle
    The following are recognized at the acquisition date:
    1. Assets
    2. Liabilities
    3. Noncontrolling interest
    4. Goodwill

    Measurement principle
    The following are measured at the acquisition-date fair values:
    1. Assets
    2. Liabilities
    3. Noncontrolling interest

    Exceptions to Recognition and Measurement Principles
    1. Assets and liabilities arising from contingencies
    2. Income taxes
    3. Employee benefits
    4. Indemnification assets

    Exceptions to the Measurement Principle
    1. Reacquired assets
    2. Share-based payment awards
    3. Assets held for sale

    Goodwill or a gain from bargain purchase
    1. Goodwill = Consideration transferred + FV of NCI – FV of Net Assets
    2. Gain from bargain purchase = FV of Net Assets – Considerations transferred – FV of NCI
    FV: Fair Value
    NCI: Noncontrolling Interest

    Consideration transferred
    Consideration transferred is measured at fair value
    Contingent consideration is measured at the acquisition-date fair value

    Share-based payment awards exchanged for acquiree’s employees
    Modification of share-based payment awards under SFAS 123R

    Business combinations
    –> achieved in stages
    Previously held equity interest is remeasured at the acquisition-date fair value
    Changes in fair value are recognized in earnings as gains or losses

    Business combinations
    –> achieved without the transfer of consideration
    –> achieved by contract alone
    Rules of acquisition method are applied
    –> even if all equity interests are allocated to NCI

    Acquisition-related costs
    –> recognized as expenses
    One exception for the issuance costs of debt or equity securities
    –> apply related GAAP

  23. Once your account goes into default it stays in default because it was always in default by the Issuer. These crooks don’t honor us, they use and rob us.

    This was the greedy communist game plan for at least the last 100 years. Rob us with social safety nets & progressive taxation, hijack the pension plan’s & destroy them, lend us back our own wealth at interest, collect payments they aren’t owed, work us like dogs while they brainwash our kids, vaccinate us with ticking time bombs while poisoning our food & water supply, and then detonate their domestic and economic terrorism time bombs so they can traumatize & steal everything we worked our entire lives for. Then with no way to afford private healthcare or way to make a decent living, we will accept OBAMACARE and totalitarianism with open arms. Those who live through it will wish they were dead. At least that is the hope of the wicked.

  24. As to the zero hedge article. I knew the rental business would blow up in their greedy faces. Being a landlord sucks because people don’t give a shit about a rental. They don’t care for the properties as if they were their own and like the banksters, renters don’t honor their contracts and many times walk away leaving the place a wreck. The prices of these rentals must be astronomical as well because the property taxes are way out of wack as are the utility bills. Who in their right mind would throw thousands of dollars a month out the window to rent a house when they can rent an apartment for a fraction of the price? Most Americans aren’t making that kind of money and if they were, they would buy a house cheaper than it would be to rent one.

    I hope the greedy morons all choke and get everything they dished out from their nation of renters “big communist idea.”

  25. It would not take much investigating for a professional to find fraud everywhere on our property titles. These communist crooks were obviously told they could just take it all because we were all too stupid to know we were being robbed of everything. People were brainwashed into thinking if you don’t pay the mortgage, you get kicked out. The media parroted this quite often as if it was some kind of psychological trigger that would keep the programming switch on. They called us deadbeats who were underwater anyway. Just walk away…you deadbeats. Go rent an apartment or live in your car. We were irresponsible and looking for a free house and ruining it for the responsible people who were baking cakes and shit to pay the crooks who robbed them.

    I will never forget the liars who tried to turn everyone against each other and tried to make all of us want to all kill ourselves.

    Luckily some of us were not brainwashed enough to believe the lying scumbags in the media. They should be thrown in the state pens for deceiving the public with intent to permanently harm the innocent and being yellow bellied traitor’s to humanity.

    They were not reading from scripts, they were terrorizing people who were already in deep despair and turmoil through no fault of their own. They were telling people to walk away from their homes on 60 minutes. That is the worst humanity has to offer when they have a roof to go home to themselves and they are telling their fellow man to go live in the street. They knew full well this was the biggest robbery of humanity by the banksters in history.

    Greedy yellow bellied bastards every one of them.

  26. Article on Zerohedge , smart money fleeing “foreclosure housing for rentals”


  27. This guy is swimming upstream….has been for a couple years now…
    O’Brien calls for criminal action against the Big Banks
    Says they acted like “criminal enterprise”

    Saying that the time has come for a full scale criminal investigation, Southern Essex District Register of Deeds John O’Brien, today has sent some 31,897 of what he says are fraudulent documents that have been recorded in the Salem Registry to Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz.

    O’Brien said that he is asking these officials to impanel a Grand Jury to look into the evidence that he has presented.

    “I am confident that these documents will show a pattern of fraud, uttering and forgery. These documents are signed by known robo or surrogate signers, whose signatures were supposedly witnessed by notary publics. In addition, these documents may contain fraudulent information in the body of the documents. I believe that a criminal investigation is the next step to hold the perpetrators responsible.”

    O’Brien praised Attorney General Coakley for her aggressive pursuit of wrongdoing in her civil action but noted that other states such as California, Nevada, Illinois and Michigan have launched criminal investigations, and O’Brien is hopeful that Massachusetts will do the same.

    recording false assignments of mortgage and foreclosing en masse with illegitimate documents has become the norm, so guys like this and the foreclosure defense attorneys make themselves targets of the status-quo ruling class beneficiaries of the fraud. I’m telling’ you guys, a real revolt against this is coming. Don’t think for a minute that these lawsuits are slowing down. They’re not. Wisconsin foreclosures are down 45% from last year, and that’s why housing values are going up. But we know it’s all a ruse. Any daylight at the end of this tunnel is the light on the train coming at you.

  28. and so today Triad Guaranty filed for chapter 11 BK liquidation. Triad is a provider of direct primary insurance on mortgage certificates (like mine). Wells hadn’t filed a claim. Now they’re out of luck.

  29. They have the nerve to proudly sing the National Anthem at these sporting events exclaiming unabashedly we are living in …”the land of the free & the home of the brave”….. while our Government and Treasury are hijacked by communist/satanist imposters who are openly stealing everything from us?! It is utter blasphemy and an absolute outrage that anyone would stand and honor that BIG FAT LIE…while our nation and its people are being dishonored, robbed, raped, pillaged and stripped of all of our freedoms by these nazizionist political crooks.

  30. hman, good. Hope you found the case with discovery at the other NG Post I ref’d. E. tolle – by now you know I did – thanks. Did my soul good to read it.

  31. We are being plunged back into the dark ages by these greedy crooks. Perpetual wars, plagues, mass suffering and death to dwindle down the population, poverty, indentured servitude, the inquisition by way of unwarranted and unsubstantiated claims to persecute the innocent, feudalism all manufactured by these barbarians.

  32. Who Runs The World? Solid Proof That A Core Group of Wealthy Eliteists is Pulling The Strings……

  33. Mwahaha….Here’s an interview with AIGS Benmosche from his sea side villa in Croatia…. He says the world will need to retire when they are 80 (because he and his cronies are big fat crooks). Please read the comments below from the bloggers, they are the funniest I’ve read in a while and their final solution ideas for the bankster crooks are LMAOROF…spot on…!


  34. AIG’s Robert Benmosche on CNBC rationalizing the TBTF bailouts as needed because AIG is going to play a big role in a dramatically better financial system.

    The nerve!

    Dramatically better for no one but these arrogant crooks who have been robbing us into the poorhouse ever since 2008. $60.4 trillion of our wealth stolen under the Obamanation.

  35. BTW elexquisitor, the judges and the bank attorney’s are not laughing and seem very surprised at what I know.

  36. Never underestimate the determination of the American people elexquisitor… There is a lot more to fighting this war on drivel than filing paperwork. Fighting 2 fraudclosures is just one battle in this war and my cases are on hiatus until August. Hallelujah, praise the Lord! I have a couple free months to investigate this scam and chat.

  37. John Gault,

    Thanks for the lead. Just saw your post. I will look into it. Nationstar has actually been “suspended” in 23 states. I am not sure which ones.

  38. “I feel like Bernanke’s bailing out the policy makers” said Maria Bartiromo of CNBC discussing with Bill Gross of Pimco the bad economic effects of the never ending robbery by the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK of the U.S.TREASURY DEPARTMENT.

  39. More on the evil plan from this link…..

  40. @stripes – NO WAY you are pro se with 2 active FC and able to spend the time you do on this blog, with the level of intelligence you exhibit here. Likely your 2 FC was one FC, and you got tossed out of court on your ear with the judge laughing so hard he fell out of his chair. That being the case, you came back and filed again due to your ADD, and got thrown out a second time on res judicata and labeled as a vexatious litigant and barred from the courthouse. Then when the judge noticed you hanging around his car he got a restraining order against you.

    Your ‘free speech’ is costing Neil $20-30 a month for the electronic storage of your drivel, and there’s no telling how many people you have inconvenienced by the extra time taken to skip past your pathetic posts.

    So be a good Girl Scout and take a long hike off a tall cliff…

  41. Notice they didn’t fire Jamie Dimon. He’s got the goods on them. He knows they are all a bunch of commies but he knows it’s good money working for them.

  42. I am thoroughly and completely convinced the banks/Wall Street are not the real culprits here. What they did was criminal but they are the scapegoats. The directors of the entire scam are the nazionist politicians and their board of directors at the FED/WORLD BANK.

  43. Jamie Dimon wasn’t lying when he said Simpson Balls is the real problem here…..the real problem are the nazionist politicians. They even want their bank perps to be obedient slaves and they aren’t going for that.

    Take for example the non compliant with the law foreclosure filings the bank attorney’s file. The courts accept them and judges ignore all of the obvious fraud & criminality. This is not cronyism with the bank attorney’s by the judges, this is all political. If the bank attorney’s were any more blatant in exposing the criminal fraud of the banks they would be just saying in their complaints, we are criminals committing criminal acts. We are here to steal for the nazionist politicians and their criminal friends. It could not be more blatant.

    Then of course the Obama plan and all the mis-takes by the servicers. Those weren’t mis-takes. They knew giving a loan mod when no mortgage contract existed was not just criminal, it is lifetime slavery.

  44. It is apparent that the banks are not forcing compliance with their own fraud but the Nazionist commie politicians are the real culprits here. The banks aren’t complying with the Nazionist regime because they know it’s more fraud.

  45. UKG

    “…the taking of homes with forged and fraudulent documents when the alleged debts are really unsecured.”

    And this is “provable”? Yes. Just as provable as what ANON has been saying. Doesn’t mean you are allowed to bring it up in court. And in non-judicial CA they don’t let you show any proof of anything anywhere. Period. Real discovery is not allowed—so how can you prove anything to keep your home?
    Don’t forget, you made fun of me a couple years ago when I said it was all unsecured debt. Now you state it blatantly.
    ANON knows what she’s talking about.

  46. The settlement requires a settlement conference within 60 days to “allow” homeowners to discuss an alternative to foreclosure? THAT IS FORCED COMPLIANCE WITH FELONS! Why those Nazi fascists! They are all terrorists and in America, we don’t negotiate with terrorists. Show me the Security or get the hell out of here you lousy, greedy, felon, communist crooks!

  47. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/06/04/hsbc-foreclosure-new-york-schneiderman_n_3383072.html

    * NY says HSBC ignored law designed to protect homeowners

    * Bank declines to comment

    NEW YORK, June 4 (Reuters) – The state of New York plans to sue HSBC Holdings Plc for ignoring a law designed to protect struggling homeowners from being thrown into foreclosure without getting a chance to renegotiate their mortgages.

    The lawsuit being filed by state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman in Buffalo, New York, accuses HSBC of ignoring a state law that requires lenders to make a “request for judicial intervention” when they began a foreclosure action.

    That process requires a settlement conference to be held within 60 days to allow homeowners to negotiate an alternative to foreclosure.

    “Companies like HSBC are brazenly ignoring state law, leaving homeowners across New York stuck in a legal limbo where they can’t even get the legally required settlement conference that could help them keep their homes,” Schneiderman said in a statement.

    Neal McGarity, an HSBC spokesman, declined to comment. A copy of the complaint was not immediately available.

    Schneiderman is suing a month after he announced plans to sue Bank of America Corp and Wells Fargo & Co for violating terms of a $25 billion nationwide settlement over mortgage servicing abuses by failing to meet a timeline for processing mortgage modification applications.

    That settlement covered five major banks, but did not include HSBC.

    Schneiderman said his probe showed that HSBC was too slow to file paperwork in some 300 foreclosure cases in four New York counties. He said some paperwork was filed two years late, during which HSBC would charge interest, fees and penalties.

  48. Interesting article at this link…Obama and the world’s royal family connection traced back to Egypt….

  49. KABOOM! I wish! Even with me being fully retired .. because of us having lets call it security and income we cant go there. And they wont do nuttin but sit and stare?

  50. Being observant is a gift KC.

  51. We really don’t know what we are eating these days or what these pharmaceutical drugs are really doing to us. Most pharma drugs do more harm than good. They treat the symptoms and ignore the underlying causes. Kind of like the mortgage fraud. Most of our bodies are highly acidic and that causes many health problems. I read it is best to keep your blood alkinity at 7.5 or lower. Eat lots of organic strawberries, watermelon and lots of fresh lemon. Lay off the meat esp bbq meat. Chicken is supposedly high in arsenic as well as pork.

    Unfortunately, living in the heartland gives us a short growing season. Hydrophonic gardening is a good alternative esp with all the airborne toxins these days.

    Some say the cures for everything are in nature and I believe that is true. Problem is, the control freaks don’t want us to know what they are.

  52. We have this one chicken that just stares for over 3yrs now. Does a lot of balking …. but it just sits and does nothing else. One of these days … that Chicken is going to get Fried!

  53. @neidermeyer

    You asked:

    “I (and I suspect many others) were granted “no payments for 3 months” after closing ,,, I’m going to ask although it seems obvious … Was this to establish non-payment and a (never publicly acknowledged) default to enable the trick of collecting on some variety of insurance? or simply to avoid the algebraic nightmare of breaking out 10,000 different payments over a 90 day period and just have all of them start at the published depositors REMIC closing date.”

    Here’s what ANON said:

    “Very good point. For many, payment was delayed. This was tied into what was allegedly paid at the refinance but, it may very well have affected the REMIC 90 day period. Where did that delayed payment actually go??

    Default occurs before refinance, but then what?? Insurance was an issue.

    Again, good point.”

  54. Homegrown Organic .. Its the only way to go. Acers of Homegrown Organic Fruits and Vegees…. Homemade Jams and Jellies and homegrown beef, pork and chicken. Live Long and Prosper. sorry.. but I like my chicken fried 🙁

  55. Nice 1 Carie! So True! Take it from a country girl .. you can not grow your own produce on a beach. I Love the Heartland!

  56. First Zionism began in Russia…..

  57. “But the people are easily amused, and just love eating genetically altered popcorn”

    Did you know that there are ingredients that are deliberately put in these processed “foods” (not really food, as they have absolutely no nutritional value) that are more addictive than heroin? In addition, a ton of (fat-producing) sugar and gluten is added. It’s shocking to look at pictures of people 100 years ago…they look completely different than people do today.
    It’s not just “habits”—it’s ingredients—added on purpose that are highly addictive, and make tons of money for all the corporations involved. (including Big Pharma and funeral directors!).

    If anybody hasn’t seen the documentary “Hungry For Change”, I would highly recommend it…for you and everyone you know.

    It’s all about profits for the corporations. Everything.

    Where did they store the guillotines?

  58. UKG, … is right. DYNOMITE! (once your account goes into default it never comes out). EXPLOSIVE!

  59. There is a veritable communist/satanist love fest going on right in front of our eyes and people are beginning to see it. All the scandals are a distraction from our robbery. If Obama or Holder or Bernanke or any of them got the boot, their replacements would probably be worse. The communists have our Treasury Department hijacked and everything they are doing is illegal esp OBAMACARE. The people need to be filing lawsuits en masse and stop cooperating with these crooks.

  60. Yes, the crooks do owe us a lot of money and, it was the biggest crime spree in history and, it is still going on up to this very minute. This was all about the theft of all of our freedoms.

    They are slowly and strategically coming for it all. They want no private wealth or ownership of anything for anyone but them. That is what they mean by spread the wealth around. They steal the wealth from us and hand it to our enemies so we are left a shell of our former selves. This evil phase of their plan to rob our wealth and give it to the BRICS nations…BRAZIL, RUSSIA, INDIA, CHINA & SOUTH AFRICA was hatched at the RIO EARTH SUMMIT in Brazil in 1992. As a result, the communists are coming for our livelihoods, our businesses, our private pensions, our private healthcare, our savings, our property, our liberty, our personal freedoms and independence.

    They have nearly shutdown the free markets with their Corporate megaconglomerate. It is like a giant hydra that sucks the life out of booming economies and keeps the wealth in the hands of the rich. All of a nations wealth is siphoned out to foreign bank accounts where the uber wealthy use it to monopolize the free markets of other nations.

    It will be like a global epcot center. Every nation eventually loses its identity to the Corporate Logo. Those prospering now will eventually loss their luster to these greedy communists.

    This latest installment of their hundred year plan that started in 1914 with WW I, was the beginning and this is their evil endgame plan for humanity.

    They want obedient slaves, microchipped to their fictitious debt with OBAMACARE, their totalitarian satanist government.

    They want everyone working on their Corporate Slave Plantation for $16 bucks an hour. That way they can seize all of our assets under the guise of a poor economy that they caused and install their totalitarian dictatorship under Obamacare.

    They want to destroy the need for cash. The banks hold the majority of our cash and the little cash that is in circulation will be sucked up by their corporate hydra of inflation. The reason the short sales are cash only is, the banks want ALL THE CASH out of circulation. Those who think they are getting a bargain are being stripped of their cash by the banksters. Soon the property taxes will be so inflated because of bankster greed, the properties will be stolen because people won’t be able to afford the taxes.

    The banksters are on a cash search and destroy mission.

    They want a global corporate store credit system where everyone pays throughout the microchip in OBAMACARE and our freedom and independence are eliminated when the need for cash will be destroyed. We will go from the debit/credit/smart card credit system to the microchip in OBAMACARE inserted in the hand to pay for everything.

    If you think that can’t happen, it already is. I was at a ladies youth softball game out in the boon docks last summer and they had small electronic aperture terminals at the entrance where you could pay to enter with a credit/debit card. Out in the middle of no where.

    As long as the sheeple keep cooperating, complying and conforming, Orwell’s fiction will become our living hell on earth.

  61. JG, did you get that case I sent you?

  62. UKG said…. “The bank owes you money for using the house as collateral to borrow money from multiple sources and clearing huge profits on your signature.”

    Short and sweet. Packaged in a nutshell.

    And nothing about that will change until the people demand action against the perpetrators. But the people are easily amused, and just love eating genetically altered popcorn while watching the latest recycled blockbuster movies.


  63. UKG- very sensible stuff you put up here. many thanks

  64. hman / anyone getting it from NS: (left you a bit of interest at Banks Traded post, also)

    “NationStar is a lender and loan servicer for banks including Bank of America. In communications sent as recently as July 24, 2012, NationStar has included Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) Notices that violate the requirements of the FDCPA by “overshadowing” the right of borrowers to dispute the validity of the debt. Borrowers who have been provided this faulty notice by NationStar may be entitled to damages under the FDCPA. A claim can be made through an independent lawsuit or as a counter claim or defense in a foreclosure action by the bank.

    It is important that you keep all correspondence from your lender or servicer so these violations can be identified and claims made on your behalf.”

    from Francis M. King, Esq.
    Might be worth the effort to look up a case or two of his against NS.

  65. Of course, I will go one step further in the assertion that the Nazis and the banksters are the front men for the Ashekenazi Russians hiding behind the scenes of all of this. They are always the pot calling the kettle. They are all in cahoots in the hijacking of our Treasury Department including the Chinese. Yes, I can definitely see Russia from here and I don’t have much use for Al Gore being president either. They are all frauds.

  66. Here is the direct link to the explosive article written by Tom Heneghan entitled: U.S. REMAINS UNDER NAZI PAPERCLIP ATTACK AS J.P. MORGAN DERIVATIVES GO ASS BACKWARDS..


  68. Black is white and all of that illuminati crap. It only works when the majority believes everything they tell us is true. When the majority believes the opposite of what they tell us is true, then they have a problem.

  69. The courts must be having a difficult time extinguishing mortgage debts that don’t exist. Do these people have any consciences at all?

  70. I’m really feeling the love UKG…thanks!

  71. Prove me wrong UKG… you can’t.

  72. The property is the collateral that secures the security that we hold. It has value. The value of the properties is neither here nor there because of the fraud ridden contracts. Our signature guarantees our end of the contract not theirs. What they did was take our autographs, our unauthorized signatures and racketeer with our Securities without our knowledge or consent. They defaulted on and destroyed the contracts. The debt they created, even if it exists, is fraudulent and not owed by us. We have no mortgage debt to extinguish because there are no valid legally enforceable mortgage contracts because the banksters destroyed them.

  73. carie, the arguments of anonymous, while interesting, are unprovable. the “vapor money’ arguments are also worthless. the law is not easy to work within. that’s one of the reasons there is so much fraud occurring on the bank side of the action.
    some of you people ought to quit stroking yourselves. aren’t you embarrassed? are you really that self-centered and Narcissistic that you think we want your drivel on here? stripes, please go play on the tollway. in the I-PASS lanes.

  74. stripes is the “Queen of Conjecture” and it’s all garbage.

  75. KC, most causes of action can be boiled down to the fraud in the inducement to enter the mortgage loan contract. That can be related to an inflated appraisal or promises made by the lender agent. The news that the LIBOR manipulation has been exposed, and the fact that the fraud directly impacted the payments of the ARM loans to the point that widespread defaults were triggered is an argument that bank attorneys would be hardpressed to rebutt in front of a jury.
    As to the use of your note to commit fraud on others, and the ability of the maker of the note to contest the endorsement attached in blank by non-existent entities, as well as assignments of mortgage that are refutable, preferential transfers after BK filing of the debtors, predatory loan servicing, the list goes on.

    not legal advice, just the rantings of an out-of-control-Dago

  76. Mike Work, the DEBT is discharged IN PERSONAM, that is, against the person (YOU). The foreclosure comes after the BK to take the RES, the REAL PROPERTY. The property does not owe money, you do. Bankruptcy discharges the DEBT. the property (allegedly) secures the PAYMENT of the debt, and yes, bifurcation can happen. Something I have alleged in my case. I am encouraging the neighbor who completed their Chapter 13 plan to fight the coming foreclosure that has to occur for title to be taken. HSBC called them up and asked them for a “deed in lieu” and the homeowner said “no”, I have to check with my attorney”. Check your state laws and get the help of a bankruptcy practitioner.

    as for racketeering, the taking of homes with forged and fraudulent documents when the alleged debts are really unsecured.

    The bank owes you money for using the house as collateral to borrow money from multiple sources and clearing huge profits on your signature.

  77. There are several types of government bond offerings. Keep in mind everything is a ponzi scheme.
    Understanding the different types of bonds….

  78. Here is something for you stripes. Pretty deep for most. Let me know what you think pls, would love to hear your take on it.

  79. Didn’t you hear the latest news on MERS? It has now been turned into a deadly coronavirus.

  80. Neil said:
    “and since they couldn’t be discharged in bankruptcy (mostly)”

    In WHAT CIRCUMSTANCES could a mortgage loan be discharged in bankruptcy? Anyone??? Maybe when it can be shown that the Note and DOT were bifurcated…not at origination, but later when MERS assigned the DOT to an entity with no interest in the Note obligation.

    The court in my case has expressed in a tentative MSJ ruling that “no endorsement of the note was made to the assignee of the DOT”. Did my earlier Chapter 7 discharge do away with the obligation under the note which was left “UNSECURED” according to Restatement (Third) Property (Mortgages) Section 5.4?

    Come on, think about it. Deed of Trust assigned to US Bank with NO interest in the underlying obligation (as in NO indorsement or physical delivery to US Bank). Chase, the purported “servicer” inserts its own name into the blank indorsement from originator. Can any of you spell and define B-I-F-U-R-C-A-T-I-O-N?

    Then, there’s the MERS Milestone Report that shows GMAC as the “investor” and “servicer” at all relevant times.

  81. It’s about time we held them to the fabric of our country, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights said Jesse Ventura on CNN’s Piers Morgan tonight. I could not agree more.

  82. How do you prove it? They don’t have possession of the legal agreement’s, their own Securities. They lost possession most likely before we even signed anything.

  83. And invested in our Securities as well.

  84. The FED defaulted on the contracts and split the mortgages and notes and overissued investments in our Securities.

  85. How is it exactly they used our securities to racketeer? How did they make their profits?

  86. You keep saying … The Fed defaulted on its contract. Explain it for me. Defaulted with their contract with who and how do we prove it?

  87. How do you prove it thou?

  88. The taxpayers back the credit lending. The FED is a strawman to the extent they don’t actually lend anything of value.

  89. The problem with that definition is there has to be a mortgage that underlies the bond. There are no mortgages that underlie the bonds because the FED destroyed the contracts by defaulting on the contracts and racketeering with our Securities.

  90. The Treasury backs all credit the FED lends with full faith & confidence in the U.S. taxpayer’s.

  91. The FED issued the credit.

  92. Oh.. I thought the Treasury issued the bill of credit. Are you sure?

  93. The Treasury.

  94. Oh.. so then who issued the bond and the securities?

  95. A bill of credit.

  96. What did the issuer issue? A bond or a security?

  97. Who is the beneficiary? The holder of the Security, me.

  98. The Issuer is only the beneficiary as long as they hold the Security. Once they racketeer with our Securities without notifying us, they lose possession of the instrument.

  99. Who is the beneficiary?

  100. I thought the issuer and the beneficiary were the same party.

  101. Oh……

  102. The Issuing bank.

  103. By not creating their own Security & racketeering with ours without our knowledge or consent.

  104. Who is the issuer of the original bill of credit?

  105. The Origination Fraudsters.

  106. What claims do we have to base damages on? How did they violate our trust?

  107. The Issuer of the original bill of credit.

  108. This goes way beyond any protections we had under TILA or RESPA. The FED outright robbed us.

  109. If the successor stands in the shoes of the issuer … Who is the Issuer? What did they issue?

  110. If they did not create their own Security, they had no legal right to collect any payments from me….not one.

  111. I should absolutely not have to file any claims. The third parties who brought the fraudulent foreclosure actions should suffer the losses and pay me back what they stole and clear titles to both of my properties. They stand in the same shoes as the Issuers.

  112. You said .. collected payments that were not owed to them. Did you pay them off? That’s easy enough to prove …. what is your point?

  113. Who would we file our claims against? The US Treasury? I’m confused… that would be like a boxing match with myself at the my own expense.

  114. What damage did they cause me? The Treasury Department allowed the FED to racketeer with my Securities and pocket all of my payments they were not owed. Now I am fighting 2 fraudclosures pro se as a result of their deceptions were an abuse of my trust.

  115. Ok.. So where is the proof and what claims should we file?

  116. We The People ARE THE PUBLIC and the U.S. TREASURY DEPARTMENT IS THE TRUST FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE’S MONEY & PROPERTY. How did they violate the public trust? They allowed the FED to rob the TREASURY and racketeer with our Securities without our knowledge or consent. The Treasury Department via the Title companies dumped the fraud by the banksters into a public trust. The Treasury Department allowed our robbery, covered up and laundered their fraud and dumped it into our laps and the racketeering continues under the FED, the crooks who robbed us have under Obama, hijacked our Treasury Department.

  117. Simple….where is their Security? Why don’t we have the original cancelled notes & mortgages stamped paid from the Treasury in our possession? We have the Security but no paid receipts. We now know they were racketeering with our Securities so where are their receipts?

  118. How did they violate the public trust and what damages did they cause you? Silly me .. I always thought the US Treasury was the Public. I better double check that ……

  119. Securitized being the key word. These are our Securities, not the States, not the Counties, not the Judges, not the banks or their investors and not the Treasury’s. The Treasury violated the public trust and for that they owe clear titles plus monetary damages to We The People.

  120. And maybe Strpes can prove what she says about the securities is true? ….. Like how they did it. Floor is open …

  121. As a result of the banksters crime spree, they owe us a lot of money & the Treasury owes us clear titles to everything.

  122. The properties are Securitized to us but what the banks did by racketeering with our Securities was illegal. It was all done without our knowledge or consent.

  123. KC,


  124. You want to PDF my Security Deed and my Fraud ridden title guest? Think about that….Are you sure that is what you really want to do? How about all those fraudulent docs that were recorded by the title companies on to the Public Record? Do you really want that?

  125. Worth repeating … RE

    home loans…most have been securitized and they won’t be able to sell and offer a clear title if the buyer wants to follow the cash sales

  126. Maybe guest means We The People are the only legal holder’s of the Securities? That is what they don’t want anyone to know.

  127. The judges making foreclosure decisions should look at their own home loans…most have been securitized and they won’t be able to sell and offer a clear title if the buyer wants to follow the cash sales. Every active researcher/foreclosure victim should check out their judges home for recordations or ask the the judge “who owns your loan your Honor?” It is amazing that homeowners receive a notice that their loan has been sold to xyz company and to now pay them and we don’t question the validity of the sale? Aren’t we all guilty of just acceptance of what our bank says because the banks couldn’t possibly lie, right ? And, the judges deciding our fate don’t question the validity either, yet many judges can’t pay off their mortgages because who is REALLY owed? Who do they pay? Who has been paid? Obtain your judges recorded docs and wake them up!!

  128. Think about it … Think about it real hard before you give me permission to make your privacy public. I might just take you up on that offer … provided of course I can have PDFs sent to this website. They are so much more effective than talk alone ……

  129. Who’s name calling here? Some can’t take the heat so they start bullying. It’s childish to bring a lowlife put bull rapist into this to take the heat off the truth. Unfortunately, that is the level of this crime syndicate. The lowest of the low.

  130. What am I not telling KC…..? I have nothing to hide. Bring it.

  131. Does it bother you so much that I know what you are not telling? You have reduced the conversation to name calling again.

  132. You are a sicko K.C….I am not going any further and dragging your momma your husband and your kids into it.

  133. You can do better than that Stripper. My Father? That is the best comeback you could come up with after 15 minutes to think about it?

  134. BTW….No one to date has spoken the truth about this scam in layman’s terms except for moi.

  135. It’s not nice to talk about your father that way KC…even if he is a pit bull rapist.

  136. Then that makes you not better than those who talk the talk but don’t walk the walk to prove up the talk. Hey … I heard they arrested your John at the Cook County Humane Society this past week. Sick man he is. All you have to do is Google It. But I bet you already knew .. didn’t you? The John goes broke before the stripper. Enough Said! Sick!

  137. I don’t have a goddamned thing to prove up KC….not a goddamned thing.

  138. There are many Americans who don’t know what these crooks have done & are still doing. The only attention I am seeking is the spotlight to be put on the crime syndicate and their filthy crimes, not myself.

  139. Yeah .. you said it, you and a million others. But you need to shut up and start proving up.

  140. The banksters, the politicians and their appointees were racketeering with our Securities and they still are. They have hijacked our Treasury, our wealth and property and are robbing us into poverty. They are all engaging in massive Bank Fraud and are cleaning out our wealth while racketeering with Securities Fraud with our hijacked Securities and it is criminal. Nothing they are doing is legal. There I said it…cry me a river.

  141. I am aware of the scam and I know most of the factors in play .. the difference between you and me is that I am seeking a solution and you are seeking attention.

  142. No one is stopping you from expressing your free speech KC. You are just a cry baby. Well cry me a river because I am going to say what needs to be said.

  143. The truth is clear….Supremacists of every kind have hijacked the country. They all have their own axes to grind and every American is a target and a victim of their crimes in one way or another.

  144. K.C….You should know better by now than to try and tell me what to do. Maybe you should take your own advice and shut your pie hole & maybe you will realize everything is a scam and you are no less screwed than anyone else.

  145. @ Carie re:10:32 ,

    Why do they have no records??? Because, loan (falsely) put in default prior to subprime refinance (some new buyers actually assumed a default loan at purchase)… What happens when loan is put into default?? Transferred to another default processor — after 60 days. So, at refinance, prior servicer did not even have the records.

    I (and I suspect many others) were granted “no payments for 3 months” after closing ,,, I’m going to ask although it seems obvious … Was this to establish non-payment and a (never publicly acknowledged) default to enable the trick of collecting on some variety of insurance? or simply to avoid the algebraic nightmare of breaking out 10,000 different payments over a 90 day period and just have all of them start at the published depositors REMIC closing date.

  146. Stripes, Accept my Apology is Advance of my Freedom of Speech to Express my opinion …. We get it already! You sound like a Broken Record … SHUT UP AND LEARN!

  147. Miracles do Happen! … There is Hope for you Yet Christine.


    As promised, i am hereby publicly apologizing for doubting the legitimacy of Carie’s source. Indeed, what she has posted recently comes directly from Anon.

    I Am Proud of You for Admitting Your Mistake and Apolgizing!

    P.S. Now that Christine is trying to act like an adult … Lets have Carie step up and Accept her apology and Move Forward Shall We.

  148. Just want to make cleAr from my last blogg
    I know there are good attorneys fighting, ukg has a good one by the sounds but my case was situated such that no attorney would take it on at that point- too much work and i had no money left. No option- pro se
    And what a story i could tell but who to tell it so the message gets out on main street and the story is not distorted, where are the truth tellers for the little guys.

  149. All the debt is unsecured because the banks don’t lend money they lend credit off of our Securities….our backs. Where this gets felonious is when the banksters started racketeering with our Securities.

  150. @Mike Work

    The subprime crap is all unsecured debt. But even if you get it discharged in BK you can still be served with eviction. They figured out everything.

  151. They should taze them right back carie and there should be lawsuits being filed up the wazoo. The media should be called out on this because everything they are doing is illegal. The media made a huge issue over the unconstitutionality of taking our gun rights away but not our property? That is ludicrous. What good is owning a gun when they have stolen everything you need to defend? They are all dirty double crossers.

  152. The politicians and their criminal friends are no more than a bunch of modern day Judases.

  153. If you do your research you know the truth……the banks don’t hold the Securities and none of this crap should be going on. It is all a scam to steal everything from the people and all of the bank perps are getting rich from our robbery. The States and Counties have joined the global crime syndicate and are in cahoots with the banksters who are engaged in racketeering with Securities Fraud, AKA as our hijacked Securities.

    Nothing they are doing is legal. Not foreclosure, short sales, deed in lieu, loan mod, refis or bankruptcy are cures for the biggest robbery of our wealth in history.

    The poliicians and their minions & cohorts are simply engaging in a coverup of our robbery and are racketeering with our hijacked Securities and are all gaining unjust enrichment from it. They are allowing the control freaks at the top to gain more and more fraudulent control of our country as a result. They are the worst and most despicable traitors in history, bar none. They make Benedict Arnold look like a saint.

  154. They talk about the street gangs in the City of Chicago as the main crime problem in this city but they are a smokescreen for the real criminals hiding in the government. Just heard Illinois States Attorney Anita Alvarez talking on CNN about how the gang problem in Chicago is a generational problem. She drops the ball there because the generational gang problem in Chicago is hiding inside the government. They are pretending to govern while engaging in a crime racket. They are a crime syndicate who call themselves legitimate sounding names.

  155. “and since they couldn’t be discharged in bankruptcy (mostly)”
    In WHAT CIRCUMSTANCES could a mortgage loan be discharged in bankruptcy? Neil, or anyone?
    The court in my case has expressed in a tentative MSJ ruling that “no endorsement of the note was made to the assignee of the DOT”. Did my Chapter 7 discharge do away with the obligation under the note which was left “UNSECURED” according to Restatement (Third) Property (Mortgages) Section 5.4?

    Come on, are there no opinions out there?

  156. @stripes
    If you “organize a sit in” you get tased.

  157. Christine
    Im stuck with a case in tatters thats what council did i kid you not. It defied logic what was done, it took me more than a year to find the baby thrown out with the bathwater- not half bad for ” just a nurse” im citing opposing council when they cheated – on the record raising the pleadings, arbitrarily ( just one example of what wrongs were done to me) so like i ssid before its not an ideal world i can only fight my corner with what ive got. Wish i could do more believe me if i could i most certainly would. And i have not lost yet either. I think its great that we still can talk freely on here i understand it gets a bit uncivilised its crazy what’s going down in this country and abroad. Im ill equipped to deal with it just doing my best with what i got. Post your opinion but if stripes riles you just dont react, snd carie contributes very well its important to discern for oursekves, its that simple., truth reveals always wTch and see. Just read -if it serms untrue move past it dont attack it.
    The banks the media the gov have us distracted, or running in every direction, im not running anywhere theres no whete to where to go and im braced fir the next distraction, but its no way to live thats the price i pay for fighting, onguarde !

  158. Looks like Black Market and Underground Economy is the only answer.

  159. I am completely focused but that doesn’t stop these crooks from stealing everything. It is a very deceptive form of robbery. The judge tells you yes you are right but, they keep on granting the crooks their motions to steal your property with no proof of claim and squashing your motions. They are ignoring us in an inobvious way and making it look as if you are getting due process when in fact they are railroading you out of your property. That is deception and that is criminal. If the Plaintiff did not follow the rule of law and file a proof of claim at the onset, the Plaintiff, their attorneys, the courts and the judges are engaging in a criminal conspiracy to unjustly enrich themselves and permanently harm us. They all need to be held to account.

  160. What better way to commit a massive crime than no accounting. That’s why there were no audits of TBTF. They don’t keep records of their crimes. This is more like underwatergate. They have nothing that proves they are owed anything.

  161. The “facts” and “truth” are Locked in the Wall Street Pandoras Box. Most people who I have come across are Ignorant re: The Banks and Wall Street’s part in this Greedy Gamble that went South. It is Intentional Ignorance orchestrated by Wall Street and the Banks so as to keep the People from a Massive Protest.
    According to PR Newswire, Davis Ellis of Davis Ellis advertising (one of the largest independently owned advertising agencies in Southern Ca) has created an ongoing brand awareness for One West Bank (formerly IndyMac Bank run by Steven Mnuchin, former Goldman Sachs partner and active hedge fund manager) which is advertised on TV (news), outdoor, radio, high end print publications and major sports sponsorships (Los Angeles Lakers).
    Lots and lots of money is spent for Silence of the Media.

  162. “People are running in every direction, completely unfocused”

    I am completely focused , Christine.

    Truth is one.

  163. @phatforums
    you said: “God I hate our Justice system.. my life is a nightmare, all because I wanted to PAY my mortgage and wanted to know who actually owned it.”

    You had the gall to want to know who “owned” your “mortgage”—that’s WHY it became a nightmare.
    It never was a real “mortgage” to begin with—and we were never told that.
    Anybody who asks the question: “Who owns my mortgage and please show me the paper/money trail and the ledgers and the balance sheets” immediately becomes like a leper that the servicers MUST DESTROY.
    You see—it’s like an investor in the middle of a Ponzi scheme (unbeknownst to him) who all of a sudden asks to see his money and wants it all back—(that’s what crashed the economy)—the perpetrator of the Ponzi panics and tries to cover up his lies.
    Only in the subprime WE are the suckers/investors in the gigantic mortgage Ponzi…because they weren’t really mortgages. They made us Ponzi “investors” when we signed our names on the “mortgage” papers.
    Maybe you can glean some info from this post to neidermeyer:
    (although it can’t be used in court as of now)


    Here’s her answer/info—AGAIN:

    “No docs, because they were not mortgages. MERS was set-up to cover for the fraud. Do not know what to tell neidermeyer. But, will tell you this —- many banks do not have records of anything. This is despite law firms claiming that they are the “creditor”, “lender”, “mortgagee,” “investor”– or whatever else you want to call them.

    Why do they have no records??? Because, loan (falsely) put in default prior to subprime refinance (some new buyers actually assumed a default loan at purchase)… What happens when loan is put into default?? Transferred to another default processor — after 60 days. So, at refinance, prior servicer did not even have the records. How could they ever even process a payoff — if they did not have the records. Of course, with MERS, MERS just covers up — but, they do not have the records either.

    Who has the records??? Big default processors hired by big banks. Names well known. Need a certain technical platform in order to do this. Only a few big names had it. However, one big major servicer, not a bank, also has their own technical default platform processing system. They do not need the big name processors.

    Did anyone know this?? Fidelity National is re-purchasing Lender Processing Services. As most are aware, LPS was spun off from Fidelity in 2008. Word is that Fidelity is re-purchasing them. WHAT THE HECK??? Guess that someone needs to compete with the well-known servicer that has their own technical default processing platform. This Servicer – the “gem” superstar recommended by Wall Street. The new “darling” everyone on Wall Street loves.

    Main street — no darlings here.”

  164. LOL! I think I see Christine drowning for the 1st time! What is Wrong Christine …. is Accounting to difficult for a multi-language person like yourself to understand? ….. Sorry in Advance if I Offended You. 🙂

  165. No one calls Kudlow a saint except for you Christine. CNN and all the major news networks are covering up for the true crime, the banksters robbery of us, and the hijacking of our Treasury by these commmunists. These media people are well practiced at the art of deception but they don’t fool me. They tell only parts of the real story to cover up for the real crimes against us. Everything is a scam for the benefit of the commie control freaks at the top of the pyramid scheme.

  166. Non judicial fc is a bigger crime than what the banksters did. They are openly seizing the property of the people illegally. That is complete and utter totalitarianism. Is that why the cops turn a blind eye to dope dealing down in California? Is everybody freaking stoned out of their minds down there? The commies are stealing everything from you people and you call yourself rebels? You are acting like rebels without a cause IMHO…They are giving you crumbs in exchange for your Liberty & Freedom.

  167. “I will keep on harping”

    Translation—“I will keep on attacking”

    It’s your wasted effort, Christine…you just end up looking like a jackass.
    Because I will keep on posting the info about what they really did…info that is not necessarily for “court.”

  168. Carie is in a non judicial state and nothing they are doing is legal. The question I have is why has ANON not organized a sit in on the State Capitols demanding answers to why non judicial fc are even allowed? They are illegal.

  169. Allow me to add they are still fighting eviction. They were told a maintenance company now owns their home. CHASE told their attorney they hired after the fc upon his request for docs they don’t have to produce any docs once they are granted a fc. The real question is, why would they not want to produce any docs?

  170. “Carie would still present them as the key to a win…”

    Christine—Miss thick-head—read carefully:



    When will you ever get it? I NEVER say “use this in court”…EVER.


    My GOD you are thick.

  171. For example, my sister & her husband were fraudclosed by CHASE and filed Bk after the fc. The Bk attorney told them, we cannot tell the bank about the Bk… My question would be why? Don’t all debt collectors need to be notified? If this debt truly exists wouldn’t both parties benefit from extinguishing it? The property value is not in proportion to this so called debt so what gives? I will tell you what gives. Fraudclosure is a scam to steal all of our property and create a nation of renters.

  172. The greedy investors want a nation of renters so I highly doubt they will let you extinguish their fictitious debt in a b.k., just their fraud.

  173. “and since they couldn’t be discharged in bankruptcy (mostly)”

    In WHAT CIRCUMSTANCES could a mortgage loan be discharged in bankruptcy? Neil, or anyone?

    The court in my case has expressed in a tentative MSJ ruling that “no endorsement of the note was made to the assignee of the DOT”. Did my Chapter 7 discharge do away with the obligation under the note which was left “UNSECURED” according to Restatement (Third) Property (Mortgages) Section 5.4?

  174. because Christine
    until the fat lady sings. belief creates miracles, and I believe in them, ive witnessed them and though “intangible” to some closed thinkers doesn’t mean it cant happen. dare to believe. “he who dares wins” onward.

  175. Yes…I actually have physical receipts that prove I have skin in the game.

  176. These are all greedy investors who were made whole long ago. But if you insist on sending investors your money I will gladly accept your payments because I have yet to be repaid for their robbery.

  177. Bottom Line, the Illuminati Banksters do not have any valid legal claims on our Securities. They are greedy control freaks that is all they are.

  178. Dear Mr. Garfield.

    I have a question, that I am so confused about.

    Back in 2006 Washington Mutual made me do a quit claim deed so they could work with me on my mortgage. ( It was in my husbands name and he signed it over to me)

    For 7 years , they could not find paperwork suddenly they have it ( Orion Financial Group I think is the new docx and LPS)

    They foreclosed on the house and gave judgement against my husband not me. The title is not in his name.

    Also, my lawyer said it was because I was part of the law suit.. which the court never acknowledged me. What I said and did meant nothing.

    So my question is 2 things 1- why wasn’t the quit claim deed sent with the note ( its been on town land records since 2006 ) 2- How can they foreclose on a title that is not in that persons name?

    God I hate our Justice system.. my life is a nightmare, all because I wanted to PAY my mortgage and wanted to know who actually owned it.

    Thanks for your time, I try to read everything and I just admire you. I live in VT.


    Date: Mon, 3 Jun 2013 14:41:31 +0000 To: ttyson3@hotmail.com

  179. Reblogged this on Ronmamita's Blog and commented:
    “I was there when the first flicker was conceived of masquerading junk bonds as investment grade if they were backed by mortgage loans. And I was there when they realized that they could be sure of the failure of mortgage loans and make a fortune betting on it without ever putting up a dime. The trick on Wall Street has always been to take the profits and allocate losses to investors. Why is this so difficult for the media when the facts are all in the public domain?”

  180. As promised, i am hereby publicly apologizing for doubting the legitimacy of Carie’s source. Indeed, what she has posted recently comes directly from Anon.

    That being said, i still question why someone who didn’t test those theories herself would spend so much energy posting them without any first hand knowledge and why, knowing that the author of those posts has been fighting a terribly drawn out and lengthy battle, Carie would still present them as the key to a win.

    I will quote from Anon’s own e-mail: “On occasion, Carie contacts me. Asks for my “opinion”. I am not shy. I do not tell her to post anything [sic].

    … It is finished in courts, unless something major changes, and you have the answer for that. What you have been telling me all these months has given me piece of mind, I have been so distraught over what has happened to everyone. Without the knowledge you have given me — I do not know if I would have anything left to pursue anything.”

    The facts Anon uncovered may very well be the truth: she still readily admits that “it is finished in courts” and she is thoroughly discouraged. Why than encourage others to take on the same fight? Especially when Carie never herself took on that fight? (And yes, I will keep on harping over those who did nothing to save themselves while pushing a dead horse.

    This country is dying of all those “Do as i say but not as I do” people. That is a fact.

  181. Thank You Neil for your honesty. This is a massive crime scene and the reasons why are being hidden. The uber rich control freaks want to make everyone their microchipped slaves to their fictitious debt. That is the bottom line.

    There are legal, moral and ethical reasons why these foreigner banksters cannot legally create their own Securities in America and they certainly can’t own ours. That reason is apparent, they are all way too greedy.

  182. Dylan lost his show right about when he started talking about repatriating our stolen money to a U.S. bank. Problem is, the crooks have seized our Treasury because the World Bank thinks they have collection rights on money they borrowed from us and never repaid. The U.S. Taxpayers via the Treasury funded all loan Originations and what occurred after that was the biggest crime spree in history. All those involved, starting at the top, need to be hung for the deception alone and that includes members of the media. They have yet to expose the true crime, the seizing of our wealth, property and assets, our Treasury Department by the illuminati banksters for their fictitious debts.

    That was an ACT OF WAR by communists on the American people and the Politicians, the media, the judiciary and all branches of Government including the Treasury Department are completely corrupt and are all in on it.

  183. Oh.. and those GFEs are a Gold Mine of info when compared to final HUD…. or better yet D.U. records.

  184. “It was discovered that once you could trust people to leave their gold, or securities with you, there were open ended moral hazards that were made legal by control of the purse strings by Medici, Rothschild, Warburg, Morgan and dozens of others.”

    That is simply not good enough of an excuse for me. This is the property of the American people and every aspect of a transaction regarding real property must be documented. To say some rich s.o.b.s have the goods to back this massive crime spree is simply unnacceptable and makes them suspect #1. They are all criminal masterminds, that is why they are trillionaires. Those claims that their massive wealth backs this massive crime scene is a shout out to law enforcement that they all need to be arrested, their wealth and assets seized and returned to the people.

    Their incessant greed is causing a domino effect for society. The local media in Chicago reported the other day all photagraphers from the Sun-Times newspaper were let go. Greed destroys empires and that is apparent on the face of this entire manufactured mess.

    All of those involved in this massive global crime spree that used the American people as scapegoats need to be held to account for the good of humanity.

  185. This information is enough to want to make me vomit. One only needs to look at who ‘owns’ and/or ‘controls’ the new outlets in this country. As recently as May 2013, a documentry called Citizen Koch, A Film About Money, Power and Democracy was yanked by PBS because David Koch was ‘offended.’ David Koch is a PBS contributor and sits on the board. See http://www.prwatch.org

  186. All cost of a loan must be disclosed to the borrower via APR ~~ for cost comparison when shopping for the best rate and closing fees…
    see TILA . See final HUD1 ~ discloses all cost of the loan including YSPs..

  187. YSP … Yield Spread Premium. Is it legal? Neil says NO! I say ….. Sure it is Neil, if its disclosed to the borrower/buyer. Silly Boy!

  188. “The trick on Wall Street has always been to take the profits and allocate losses to investors.”

    AND the homeowner/borrowers were “set-up” to be conned “investors” also…only we thought we were getting a real “mortgage”.

    Classic Ponzi.

    The media is owned by the perpetrators—I guess the journalists want to be paid…
    Dylan Ratigan started exposing this stuff—and lost his show.

  189. They are not ignoring this. They are being TOLD not to print this information. Monopoly of the “media”…

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