Paragraph 22: Not Exactly the Magic Bullet

Since we had our technical difficulties with the use of free conference last time I am going to answer certain questions that were sent in and never covered in the last members teleconference. Free conference assures me that the technical problems have been solved —  but the call-in number is going to be different.


Question regarding “paragraph 22”: I have enclosed a link below discussing the paragraph which is numbered 22 in the example used.

The first thing I want to say is that there are no magic bullets anywhere within the complexity and chaos of the false securitization scheme devised by Wall Street. Nothing will be a substitute for a thorough understanding of the scheme and no one element or theory is going to result in a “free house” for a homeowner except in those cases where the party pretending to be the lender as so angered the judge that the judge is looking for a way to punish them. Nonetheless the article below is written by an attorney who apparently has a fair understanding of several issues involving securitization of debt and is therefore worth reading.

The second thing I want to say is that the paragraph does not always bear the number  “22” since several different mortgage forms have been in use and evolving over the last 20 years. But the point raised by the article and by the question sent to me is entirely valid. In a case involving title to real property, and especially in a case where title is going to be forcibly taken from one party and given to another, the requirements of notice are usually going to be taken very seriously by a judge and applied very strictly. If not, and you have taken the trouble to properly prepare a good record, it is highly likely that exceed on appeal despite the fact that the odds on appeal generally favor the pretender lender by a wide margin.

The third thing I want to say is that notice is like a two edged sword.  It must come from a party that is empowered to give notice and that power should not be assumed based upon the self-serving proclamation by a pretender lender that arrogate unto itself the power to do anything with your loan. The other side is that once notice appears to be properly given, you must open your mail and react to it within the time limits prescribed by statute. Obviously if the pretender lender commences some sort of action against you before the notice period runs out you have an opportunity to reverse the procedure and force them to start all over again. On the other hand if the statute requires you to take some action once you have received notice and the notice period has run out, then it is likely that this will be held against you and in fact it may be fatal to your position.

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  1. Worse yet, OBAMACARE will be the end of all of our freedoms. OBAMACARE is the microchipped mark of the beast. It is the red dragon of communism and they are coming for everything.

  2. I absolutely agree with you.

    This kind of corruption was in bananna republics.

  3. marilyn ….Problem with most of them is, their loyalties are not with us or the Constitution. These people don’t get into these positions of power to work for us or the best interest of our country or it’s citizenry. There are a lot of coverups going on and that’s nothing new but, this has gotten way out of hand. We always knew there was corruption but not the extent of it. Now they are coming for the innocent and want to steal everything from us. We The People who funded everything they did. They want us to be their slaves. I for one am not buying their scam and no one should because nothing they are doing is legal. Not one goddamned bit of it.

  4. Stripes,
    I agree with you that a lot of people in power have a lot of hangups but if I were to connect that link with the lead judge at my Appellate hearing David B Saxe, I would conclude he is part of a sex ring that likes snakes and since the woman he left in possession of my condo is a snake, he defiantly refused to obey the Constitution. And it wasn’t that he wanted to coverup for Judge Schlesinger

  5. Maybe this country needs more bobbits but I still can’t see what that has to do with JUDGES chopping parts of the Constitution.

  6. It’s not about what we believe, it’s about what these people believe and worship marilyn. Their deceptions. Remember Bushes old man was connected to that boystown pedophile sex ring? There are a lot of sex scandals connected to these politicians, & some judges.

  7. This is a conspiracy is so evil and so vast it boggles the mind. An attorney told me a couple of years ago, you can’t go into battle unarmed not knowing who your enemy is. This is true in a sense but, it is not always easy to know where the enemy is hiding. Evil takes on many forms and is almost always incredibly deceptive. It could be lurking right within your own home and you may not even recognize it.

  8. I skimmed thru your last link and it is goory but I have to tell you I don’t believe in OCCULTISM and I have no idea why our this connects to our Judges not paying attention to our US CONSTITUTION.

  9. If you think I am kidding about some of these so called professionals take a look at this blog. It is guaranteed to make your hair stand on end. The title of the article is …… Is Blood Libel Really Cannibalism? The comments below it are chilling.

  10. You are not kidding Stripes.
    I think I wrote it on a different posting but I wil post it again
    Not only do the people have to wake up and fight but the JUDGES
    have to wake up and fight for the Constitution cause once iit goes there go their jobs.

    It is the US Constitution that gives them their position in life

  11. I believe the real danger in America is deception…..false representation. No one knows who to trust in this country anymore. We go to medical and legal professionals for help and we have no idea what they believe so we do not know what to believe in many cases. Our Life, Liberty and Property….all of our freedoms are in peril because people are running around with axes to grind and in many cases take pleasure in the misery of others. Whether it is their satanic belief system or they are mentally ill or invested in the scam or are only in it for the money or power, I feel this is the most dangerous time in human history. We can’t trust anyone to tell us the truth and verifying things are incredibly difficult when there are so many liars running around the place.

    That is why OBAMACARE needs to go. We will all be turned into microchipped, sick, dumbed down, lab rat slaves by these psychopathic maniacs. Take their wellness visits for one example. I don’t want any of these untrustworthy morons sniffing around me when I’m sick, let alone when I’m well,

  12. That is a great description marilyn of what these crooks have done to this great country. Their greed has turned America into an open pit of fraud….a real cesspool, and the fumes are eminating and are noxious and toxic to our Constitutional Republic. Time to clean up this crime scene.

  13. Or many are simply power trippers…

  14. I agree marilyn about that stank. Some people have no respect for others. The stank from him still eminates today. The Secret Societies and “community organizers” are what allowed this to happen. Unfortubately, some people will fall for just about anything esp when they can make money from the scams.

  15. stripes,
    The words written in my post below coes from MILLERS book the site you referred us to.

    In one of many moves, I lived in a luxury REIT. Down the road was a cesspool depot where a worker died when he fell into an open pit and was overcome by fumes

  16. I received this letter from Ginnie Mae in which they say we don’t buy the loans, but we require they relinquish the Note, and but we do allow the private entity to stay in title. Did you get that terminology private entity? Now as you admit to receiving the Note but did not purchase it, how are you saying that your allowing someone to stay in title.

    These guys are so bold that the OCC cannot understand the State laws in titling were they admitting to violating law in allowing these same clowns to foreclose when in fact it is Ginnie Mae that admitting that they have the Note!

  17. @Stripes

    In 1773 Amschel Mayer Rothschild, an orthodox Jew who never changed his underwear and let his clothes fall apart, convened a meeting of 12 prominent Jewish bankers.

    There is no way that meeting could have been held before they all keeled over from the fumes.

  18. @Stripes

    I definitely agree with you there is a problem with weirdo wackos at the top
    with a plan that started long ago to steal and destroy our country

    So, not only do the people have to wake up and fight but so do the Judges
    – if our Constitution goes there go their jobs.

  19. @marilyn lane …. Whoever penned that was an insider who knew the evil plan. There were a lot of insiders who wrote books about what the Illuminati banksters were planning. George Orwell was one. People thought that his book 1984 was a work of fiction at the time. There are even those in the film industry like Stanley Kubrick in his film, Eyes Wide Shut who were revealing things about this cult. Jesuit scholar Father Malachi Martin blew the whistle on the illuminati a long time ago and talked about how they infiltrated the Catholic church and were holding Satanic black masses at the Vatican.

    I don’t believe this conspiracy is simply a Jewish, Catholic, Muslim or any other particular religious denomination, nationality, race or country that are behind this. It is easy to get the wrong idea when talking about this cult because they have used very deceptive means to infiltrate everything.

    I do believe this cult, the Synagogue of Satan, worships the Devil’s Bible, the Talmud and have very deceptively incorporated it into the religions and mindset of alot of people. This cult have very keenly and deceptively seduced the many because they want to control the world. They are clever and communism is the vehicle of choice they have used to accomplish what they want, which is, totalitarianism to them, and all of their evil.

    The serpent moves more subtle than any beast in the field which the Lord God has made.

    For the best analogy I have read to date go here….

  20. ML- you kill me

  21. @Stripes

    That letter from Levy to Marx is one mans opinion.
    Look at the pictures he looks like a religous man

    Every religion seems to have predictors of the future.

    How many people in 1928 knew that Obama would show up
    and be the Messiah for the Jewish people. ?

  22. the hackers are on my computers and rearranged the words in my last posting
    William P Foley again acquiring LENDER process Service,? they are the facilitators that screwed the county records with their DOCX

    March William, and his gang to the big house and lets get the properties returned to the right ful ownersor go with NEIL FOR THE CASH.

  23. I had three and a half honest judges. Bad behavior?
    The tides are turning and Void ab initio judgments are a nullity and no statue of limiatations I am the title holder of these properties.
    William p Foley of Fidelity again aquiring Lender Process Service, these are the facilget the stolen properties returned to the rightful owners itators that screwed our Country Title records up all over the Country.

    March them to the big house .

  24. @Bob G

    I had been to that site you referred to previously but not as a poster
    I zeroed in on the issue of voids.

    Being prose, to do everything by the right technicialties I used a reputable Appellate Printer. My argument was precise and clear pursuant to the US Supreme Court case of Elliot v. Piersol.

    The Appellate Answer was we are defiant we are not going to follow
    the law. Many motions later they remained defiant.

    CHIEF Judge JONATHAN Lippman ruled the Appellate Decision was

    not a final decision pursuant to the US CONSTITUTION – they then claimed my case was never in the Appellate Court .etc etc .

    The Appellate Court knew imy two NYC condos were auctioned off with Void Abnito judgments but still they wanted to protect JUDGE sCHLESINGER. i HAVE EVERY PAPER AND MY CASE PROVES WHAT IS GOING ON IN THE NY COURTS.

  25. Interesting info about Karl Marx…

  26. They don’t believe they have to perfect the legal lien because they think no laws apply to them. They want us to believe everything we own is theirs for the taking & we are all ripe for the picking. These Demons & their Communist Machine Dragons have hijacked the country.

    Baruch Levy letter to Karl Marx….

    “The Jewish people as a whole will become its own Messiah. It will become a world dominion by abolitionist of other races, by the abolition of frontiers, the annihilation of Monarchy and by the establishment of a World Republic in which the Jews will everywhere exercise the privilege of citizenship. In this New World Order the children of Israel will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition. The governments of different peoples forming the world republic will fall without difficulty into the hands of the Jews. It will then be possible for the Jewish rulers to abolish private property and everywhere to make use of the resources of the State. Thus will the promise of the Talmud be fulfilled, in which is said that when the messianic time has come, the Jews will have the property of the whole world in their hands. – Baruch Levy letter to Karl Marx, “La Revue de Paris” page 574 …..June 1, 1928.

  27. Think back now it seem crazy as I think of it now, that the original Note is not at less on file at the local land recording office and not required each time their was a transfer. Because it is that Note & Debt relationship that determines whether their is a valid lien.

    Right now the real reason we got all these problems is that the counties have allowed party to just come in without proof of a debt and simply attach to our properties Fraudulent assignments.

    I think it it boils down to it groups may have to sue to compel the allege financial parties to bring the proof of purchase and endorse Notes.

    Just think about it that MERS is coming to court claiming that bank A is assigning to bank B the assignment but we got not show of the cancel check on file at the court?

  28. To All:

    Some time ago I started a discussion on another foreclosure site. I just got done reviewing the exchanged posts between myself and the other participants. I think it would be very helpful for folks here to review the discussion.

    ssgoldstar.discussioncommunity. com/post?id=5045486


  30. A Security is a physical thing Charles. The property deed is the Security and the Title Company ….THE TREASURY DEPARTMENT insures that title to be authentic. If you have an owners title policy that protects your title from fraud as long as your name is on that title. The commies have hijacked the Treasury Department otherwise the Treasury would be doing their jobs and defending our titles.

    This dispute is really between the Treasury & the FED…..NOT US.

  31. The truth is Charles, these people are imposters who can’t bring the receipts…..THE LEGAL ASSIGNMENTS…..and we should have those original notes & mortgages stamped paid from the Treasury Department if there were any Alterations made to the originals like any transfers of our titles like the Issuer bought the loan….these are our Security interests…..not theirs. They must notify us of any Alterations by U.S. MAIL or they had no authority to collect any payments from us.

    The FED banksters committed bank fraud on steroids and they still are.

    Call the Issuing bank and ask them for the Originals….they will probably tell you they have no way of locating those. That is criminal.

  32. stripes exactly we got un-endorse and maybe an allonge that giving power to something that not present at the court, yet we cannot bring the paid receipt.

    If all end if a lender not some group that purchase some created word in “securities” which is not a physical item that you can touch, and is claiming that because you purchase a securities, that it the same as purchasing the debt of the home.

    When a insurance company insures your car, it not purchasing your car but providing insurance and has no claim to your car, because they proving insurance as its a byproduct of you purchasing a car.

    The byproduct of you closing you home loan is that post the closing a “securities” is created between the lender and some buyer to purchase the fabricated “securities” and not the Note because the Note is a contract for a home loan and not some Wall Street investment. The no mention of a securities arrangement in the Note, so what makes one think that the “investors” of the securities are entitle to cash out the Note when the Note was never purchase.

    You have post debt agreement between the lender and another party that has nothing to do with the homeowner? What been done is Fraud!

  33. A maroon elexquisitor? Maybe you should do your homework before you make statements that are FALSE. You are not in possession of anything but a worthless piece of paper. You can call it American exceptionalism, I call it the law of the land that protects its citizens from a Government that is completely corrupt and useless..AKA…THE U.S. CONSTITUTION….Maybe you investors should have done your homework before you invested in things you knew nothing about.

  34. That must be another wild investor theory elexquisitor because in America, you cannot be in legal possession of a note if the Issuer of the Security Entitlement does not hold the Security or have the rights of a holder. You may take up that issue with the Issuer but, you are not owed anything from the owners of the property. You are not owed our homes, businesses or money. Maybe you should call the Treasury Department and ask them why your investment is not a Security or the SEC.

  35. I never gave them any blank checks but obviously they took it upon themselves to use the notes as such. The notes are unendorsed as well as unindorsed. But everybody got paid and look…there’s an allonge, an unindorsed note and no legal assignment….that means these people are not just imposters, they ars felons!

  36. My paragraph 22 is so old it requires language in the notice that it contains a statement that borrower can challenge the foreclosure in court. Clearly that statement was missing. The problem is that it only makes the notice of default voidable in CA, not void. The good news is that the banksters didn’t want to lose their ‘referral fees’ by re-starting the non-judicial FC from scratch, so they pressed onward, hoping to sweep the error under a clouded title.

    @stripes – you’re still a maroon. Spare us your tripe.

  37. There is a common link to a lot of these foreclosures and that is a blank Note. Forget about all the smoke and simply use your mind, as a blank endorsement cannot walk itself into a court and give guidance to anything other than it blank and if it not in the possess of the entity that done the blank endorsing, then it the document must explain itself.

    You come to court with against a couple of clown claiming to be the owner of the blank Note because WHY? Now the only action can be if the party is trying to foreclose, is to bring proof of purchasing the debt, if the blank Note has changed hands.

    What so difficult about a party that purchase something bring in some type of receipt where your alleging you purchase something. Do you go back to Wal-Mart of Target without a store receipt or the credit card that was use and return items you claim to have purchase there anywhere from yesterday or as far back as 2003, and expect your money back?

    It a must that if you have a blank Note that you have not been listed on that you must present why you should be in court in the first place. Yes you can have possession of, but yet you cannot act because there no proof as to how you can to be in possession of and are you harmed!

  38. Link did not work


  40. There are no “free houses” for these felons. Just the big house…they belong in the State pens for life. We can seize & auction off their assets to pay for it.

  41. Should not the cases be base on the criminal activities that will have longer statutes of limitations? If a house is stolen by a non-financially interest is it not a simply act of theft?

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