NY Considers LAW Criminalizing Every Person Who Participates in Fraudulent Foreclosures


A.G. Schneiderman Commends Assembly for Passing Foreclosure Relief Bills

Bills Will Help Prevent New York Homeowners From Getting Trapped In The Growing “Shadow Docket” Of Frozen Foreclosure Cases; Schneiderman: These Bills Will Help Protect Homeowners From Wrongful Foreclosures And Keep More New Yorkers In Their Homes

(NEW YORK)- Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman today praised the New York State Assembly for passing two important pieces of legislation aimed at protecting homeowners in New York. The “Certificate of Merit” bill (A. 5582)would help more New York families avoid foreclosure by enacting common sense reforms to bring greater integrity to the foreclosure process and expedite homeowners’ participation in court-supervised mediation sessions where they can negotiate workable alternatives to foreclosure with their lender. This joint program bill was proposed by the Office of the Attorney General and the Office of Court Administration.

The Foreclosure Fraud Prevention Act (A. 10629) is a program bill proposed by Attorney General Schneiderman that would impose criminal penalties on residential mortgage lenders, servicers and their agents who intentionally engage in fraudulent or deceptive conduct in the preparation, execution or filing of false foreclosure documents. It would also impose criminal penalties on those who, as “high managerial agents” of these businesses, are aware of such conduct by their employees below and fail to stop it.

Both bills are sponsored in the Assembly by Judiciary Committee Chair, Helene Weinstein, and in the Senate by Senate Co-Leader and Independent Conference Leader, Jeff Klein.

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  1. The judges who have stolen millions of properties from the people or encouraged loan mods with no proof of claim by the Plaintiff should be held to account as well. That is not only criminal, that is treason.

  2. Bob G. Will be glad to answer questions from those willing to go along with the communist program. Those so called “responsible folks” who don’t want to stand up to these establishment crooks. Obedient slaves is what they want.

  3. Grieve on the huff post? LMAO… There is no first amendment over there. The commies have that blog on lockdown.

  4. Marilyn , you are funny,
    its called a bidet, my son thought he should wash his feet in it when he was about 3 I yanked him outs there fast lol.

  5. You already said you are gaming Bob G. Why would I ask you for anything?

  6. @ Marilyn…I would be happy to answer questions from responsible folks. i remind you that this is not professional legal advice, for which you should seek legal counsel from an attorney in your personal jurisdiction.

    Also, any questions should be directed to me at my gmail acct for this forum: It is LIVINGLIES2013.

    I have no control over Garfield’s site, but I do have control over the above referenced gmail account.

    I will not be addressing any questions from Stripes, however.

  7. UKG should call up CHASE bank and ask them why they put our family business of 25 years out of business. Thanks to them, I have time to put these fuggers in their place. Their first Midwest branch idiot whose crew screwed us over told me to get a job. This is the direct result of crooks telling me what to do. Now I can do it all from the comfort of my home that I had the time to find is lien free. Now who are the idiots?

  8. Look at who’s calling us bitches and telling us to get jobs.. LMAOROF…!

  9. Legal questions for Bob G….? Nothing these crooks are doing is legal.

  10. Enough is enough UKG…? Ha…..That will be the day anyone tells me what to do. …… Esp some Internet troll. Get a job…? Why don’t you try contributing something of value to society instead of trying to cover up for these communists and attacking the few who are telling the truth. The shit’s only just begun to hit the fan. Get used to it.

  11. Lets get into only legal questions like UKG and Christina want. So maybe a dozen or two of you can type in some legal questions for his friend Bob G and since he is an attorney will be happy to answer them.

    There is nothing stopping them from coming on to Neil’s Web page. UKG and Christina start typing. I think Bob G is impatiently waiting to start answering.

  12. If Bob G is an attorney and we on this site know nothing why is he reading this site or is he here to pick our brains and our take on things.

  13. I work from home, ukg.

    People can post whatever they want here—that is both a good and a bad thing.

    Uh oh—look out—“you-know-who” is getting ready to attack—here it comes!

  14. both of you bitches should go get a job.

  15. IF YOU DON’T LIKE THE WAY THE COUNTRY IS GOING (AND I CERTAINLY DON’T) GO GRIEVE ON THE HUFF POST. We’re talking about mortgages here. Affirmative defenses to foreclosure, Fraud in the factum. Not in your rectum. get lost stripes. carie, you’ve said your piece. enough is enough.

  16. None of these foreigner’s have the guts to say this crap to our faces. They are and have always been cowards who expect the American people to save their sorry asses. Fight your own battles & your own wars.

  17. What I find really creepy though is your bizarre obsession with me. You can’t go one day without saying something about me. You’re like some kind of weird stalker or something. I dare you to go one day without saying something about me…bet you can’t. Icky.

  18. “Questioning everyone’s motives and integrity is the mark of a weak and sick personality.”

    You just described yourself, Christine—except you forgot to add that in addition, your greatest thrill in life is to belittle and demean.

    What a heartless freak.

  19. Unless of course you are an insider…

  20. Did anyone ever tell these people investing is the same as gambling? If you are going to gamble, eventually you are going to get burned. That’s my motto.

  21. Again WTF do you care Christine? This has nothing to do with you.

  22. Buckshot Anyone?

  23. The truth is, we were all robbed by these bankster crooks and their perps on Wall Street overissued investments in things they did not own and in things that did not exist around the globe. This was a global scam, it was not an American scam. It was a communist scam. You foreigner’s are blaming the wrong party because they are who screwed you and they screwed everybody. They stole $60.4 trillion dollars from our Treasury since 2008. What is the GDP from your countries? These commies stole GAZILLIONS from us without our knowledge or consent so stop your whining.

  24. Deb,

    I understand exactly how you feel. However, many here have lost a house. E.ToLLe, Zur, DCB and many, many more. They fought very hard. They moved on and don’t come here to “grieve”. They explain what happened and how and that’s it. This was supposed to be a information site. Not a therapist couch.

    If i were the only one saying so, I would say: yep, could be me. I am not. How long have people asked stripper to get lost? How many people have told Carie what she needed to do (which she refused at the time) and are now stating clearly that they are fed up with her endless whining? Enough is enough.

    Honestly, has any of what they posted ever helped you with your own case? Has it helped anyone? Look at the number of people with good info who don’t come here any longer. I sure as hell didn’t chase them away. In fact, I’m still in contact with quite a few who’re still in the fight. A certain (small) number of individuals have decided to use this site as a whining platform and who systematically go on the attack when they don’t like what others write. Questioning everyone’s motives and integrity is the mark of a weak and sick personality. Too many of those here. And this constant ganging up like pack animals is a sad commentary of how badly this country is doing.

    Bob is right: spoiled brats who’ve been indulged so much that they haven’t learned to face adversity. Not my problem. i didn’t raise them.

  25. nuthin’ worse than the smell of burning rubber or the sound of a screamin’ woman

  26. If Christine is European then why is she arguing with us at this site about our problems? She has enough of her own. I don’t go over there and stick my 2 cents in their numerous problems. I know misery loves company but why pretend you are better off when you are worse off? I heard you gave up your individual constitutions and your national sovereignty to join the Euro. Talk about a laughing stock, why would you trust them? Whatever, I don’t give a damn about it. We have enough of our own problems with the Russians and the Chinese, their European counterparts trying to steal our shit. They can all go to hell.

  27. Deb
    I don’t know whether you are going to be in front of the Appellate Division yourself presenting oral argument but someone told me
    whenever you are in front of a Judge (s) imagine them sitting not
    on a dais but on a toilet it helps you from getting intimidated.

  28. Christine, fellow European,
    I recognize your smarts, I do, and your passion, but to deny what we are being spiritual beings in a human “suit” with all its wonderful attributes- one being we can cry and grieve, is illogical. what is happening in this country riles up every human emotion I have.

  29. Guys, there’s no point in dealing with or paying any attention to Christine—she’s a heartless freak, who will never change. She lives to berate and belittle—that’s her joy. Sick.

  30. @Deb
    what we are telling you is don’t be “shocked” at the abuse of the court
    It is par for a foreclosure and prepare to expect the unexpected but fight on.

  31. @Christine
    My posting went way above your head.

    Our postings are for everyone facing foreclosures, appeals etc that foreclosures are not just court process and to fight on. But you are such a blank that you you never connect.

  32. @Christine

    My posting went way above your head. Our postings is to let everyone facing foreclosure is not just a court process and to fight on .but since your a blank you could never connect

  33. in a suit

  34. and Lanny Breuer looks like a weasel

    (that’s my bitchin outta the way)

  35. i was so upset last night with ya,ll, I actually don’t want to :hurl” actually I want to fight for what it is right, im serious, money- comes and goes, divorce, American dream, bad choices, whatever, but to have been asset stripped with nothing to rebuild with is just not going down, I have no choice but to fight to the end, no choice, and who ever is right, and I think theres a lotta “right” on here overall, its not helping by getting “into it” personalities aside,. PLEASE lets work together, ive had some good info from here that sent me off researching, ive had total rabbit holes that sent me off researching, but so far- im still batting, I can in fact relate to individuals PAIN on here, it is obvious, but I think that might be projected on to others, and we all have enough of our own pain to deal with, so lets not try to give it to someone else to “wear”, that’s what I see. and when I say I love you all, im sincere, because the passion in the blogs show, and Neil helped create that, but, he cant be blamed for how we conduct this. Im in AppeaL, IT IS SHOCKING what I have been made to endure in court- this is a huge and probably the biggest stumbling block, no discovery NO JUSTICE.when the DOJ gives HSBC a tap on the back of the hand “don’t do it again for laundering (for terrorists) and actually admits that if they jail them the world financial industry will come to an end (words to that effect) then heck yes, we have one hellacious stumbling block don’t we.

  36. “What Stripes, Carie and I blog about is very much part of the grieving process involved in foreclosure.”

    There. Finally someone coming clean about her agenda: the three hyenas come here TO GRIEVE. Bob is right: they confuse this site with a therapist couch. They won’t spend the money to see a shrink and expect serious fighters to listen to woe-me, woe-me. Funny though… many before those three have lost a house, men and women alike. They never spent nearly as much time here “grieving” by attacking everyone and contributing nothing. So much for “I moved on”..

    There is a moment in life when you need to move on. Nothing gives you the right to such the energy out of everybody else and nothing gives you the right to sabotage other people’s active fight.

    The utmost selfishness… Get a shrink.

  37. @Deb
    Before my two condos were foreclosed upon, I never knew anyone who was foreclosed on, I wish I knew then what I know now about all that was going on behind the scenes.

    What Stripes, Carie and I blog about is very much part of the grieving process involved in foreclosure. You don’t just get ousted from a home, you get ousted from your way of life. Even my dog was grieving, he missed his special trees.

    That Neil has given so many the opportunity to try to regain some of what was stolen from them, is great. No wonder the racketeers and the Christines of the world are fighting and trying to bad mouth Neil, they want to sweep the whole fraud under the carpet and we won’t let them.

  38. Christine’s Rothschild nazionist agenda is what everyone should fear. These are the investors in everything that effects our Life, Liberty and Property. God help us. Notice how she continually blasphemes God by saying Gawd?! If she were living in a majority Moslem country like Iran and she talked about Allah that way they would cut her head off. She is an ignoramous who bashes our country but uses our legal rights to promote her agenda. What a hypocrite.

  39. You’re a FREAK, Christine. Disgusting.

  40. I have dealt with the investor mindset on numerous occassions. It is incredibly evil and greedy. All they care about is themselves. Shame on them. It is disgraceful.

  41. Carie and my cases are completely different. Hardly the same “m.o.” and our talking points are completely different which is great. We need more talking points that are valid. One person can’t take on every issue because there are so many.

    It is clear christine has another agenda here at this site. It is neither American or patriotic. She obviously works for the investors or is an investor in this scam.

  42. Carie,

    “some people contribute to making the world better in ways people like you would never understand.”

    What a laugh! And you do that how? Sitting on your butt blogging on 5 different sites every day and berating people who don’t agree with you? Like Ivent/Stripes? Two peas in a pod. No wonder many people believe you’re one and only. Same m.o.

    And don’t tempt me, Carie. It’s all out there. See… you just can’t stop putting your e-mail out… Just a simple copy-and-paste job. Including the answer of the many people so much taken aback by your nastiness that they question your sanity. I’ll be delighted to oblige if you push. Just say when.

  43. Wishing or hoping illness or death or bad on anyone, whether they are good or bad, is the lowest of the low. That is inhuman.n Anyone who has ever done that, and I have witnessed that in bitter divorces, they have had nothing but bad luck. Call it bad karma or God’s anger, wishing or hoping death will come back to haunt you. That is the law of the universe.

    I don’t wish ill will on any living thing. No one lives forever and no one should play God. That is the epitome of evil and the reason we are here. Only the Creator is infallible. I am confident in my faith there will be a day of reckoning for all of this evil.

  44. Like I said, Christine—some people contribute to making the world better in ways people like you would never understand.
    Your narcissism knows no bounds. Your negative toxicity permeates everything you do—you find sheer joy in figuring out ways to degrade and insult. You contribute absolutely nothing of value in this world. What a waste.

  45. Good riddance.

  46. Marilyn’

    I missed that (you know, working and all…) Pardon me if I did. That snarl was a beauty not to miss.

    @christine said ‘IN THE END YOUR GOING TO CROAK’

    Actually, christine’s grammar was a tad better… She said “You will croak”

    And that, you will. Did you really believe you would beat that? That is your end road, no matter what. Snarly or not. Science hasn’t stopped it and if you lost a few lousy condos, chances are your credit is shot and you can’t afford the latest technology to prolong life by a few years anyway.

    The question is… did you have fun living on earth while you did? Did you positively impact anyone? Rhetorical question. Here, you’re a haunt…

    Stripper spreads fear. Her call in life. It works on some. Not me. Carie spreads… well, nobody really knows. Sits on her butt, sucks knowledge from everyone, attacks when she doesn’t like the answer, doesn’t do much and is smug on every site she posts on (5 so far). Don’t tempt me: it’s out there, just waiting for copy-and-paste.

    So, will you croak? Absolutely! Should you try to live life and deny death…? Free choice. Gawd given right too. Is snarling going to give you back your condos? Is snarling giving you pleasure? Think hard. Doesn’t take anything away from anyone. Just hurts you. And I’m still here.

    Pick your battles.

  47. Two serious imbeciles, snarling while understanding nothing. The third one shouldn’t be too far behind. The world goes on. 7 billion strong.

    Good night, ladies. You are beyond repair.

  48. Christine said, this country is the laughing stock of the world. The country and its citizens are not the laughing stock of the world, the politicians are. All the crooks never thought they would get caught red handed by the people stealing the country but they did. Christine is the arrogant one who counts her chickens before they are hatched.

  49. Yup—pure narcissism.

  50. A few of us, including carie are doing our best to fight these crooks and expose their crimes. Who are you Christine to judge anybody? What have you done besides be rude & insulting? Your agenda has nothing to do with what we are fighting for. You are obviously out to destoy our Constitutional Republic. You would love nothing more than to see us lose our national sovereignty and all of our wealth and freedoms. You are like a persistent rain storm that won’t go away. We have overcome this regime before and I am confident we will prevail again.

  51. Some people contribute to making the world better in ways people like you would never understand, so it would serve no purpose to explain to you what I do…you wouldn’t care or see any value in it, because you don’t understand the value it has.

  52. Deb,

    Lowering yourself. You’re better than that and you know it. Life will take its turn. American women are in a deep doodoo. American people are in a deep doodoo. 320 million people in a world of 7.5 billions. Not even 5% of the entire planet. Yet, 25% of the world inmate population is here, in this country. Is this helping any? Is this country better for it?

    “The incarceration rate in the United States of America is the highest in the world today. As of 2009, the incarceration rate was 743 per 100,000 of national population (0.743%).[2] In comparison, Russia had the second highest, at 577 per 100,000, Canada was 123rd in the world at 117 per 100,000, and China had 120 per 100,000.[2]

    While Americans represent about 5 percent of the world’s population, nearly one-quarter of the entire world’s inmates have been incarcerated in the United States in recent years.[3] Imprisonment of America’s 2.3 million prisoners, costing $24,000 per inmate per year, and $5.1 billion in new prison construction, consumes $60.3 billion in budget expenditures.”

    Pamper to bruised, over-inflated-egos like Carie, Stripes and the likes. This country is the laughing stock of the world. 7 billion people do not give a shit about America any longer. 7 billion people ignore America. America, the playground bully with 70 years of stolen taxpayers money used to improve the war machine no longer means anything for the remaining 7 billion people. Doesn’t take away from me. Doesn’t add to your life. Makes the hyenas with no hope snarling even more.

    Ever wondered why? No skin off my bones. This country needs to wake up. Or be done. Funny though… not my numbers. Didn’t make them up. They are public numbers. Government numbers. NATO numbers. Official numbers. Just finding them and posting them. And people bitch? Against me?

    Suppose I croak tomorrow… Those numbers still stand. And someone else will bring them up. So, you’re going to hate and hate and hate until… when? When you wake up to the reality of America gone to pot and you’ve done nothing to stop it??? Those numbers are not going away.

  53. Like I said—a disgusting, narcissistic human being of the worst kind. No life, no love. Lives to insult others. Everyone sees it. Pathetic.

  54. Carie, move your butt, make something of yourself, make a name for foreclosure defense or contribute something. YOUR country is dying. What are you doing? Sitting on your butt blogging all day long in as many sites as you can find, posting anything from anyone and refusing to use the brain you were born with. You know it, Anon knows it, tnharry knows it, UKG knows it, many others you pestered know it.

    Grow up.

  55. Right on, Deb—Christine is the epitome of narcissism.
    She needs to get a new hobby—’cause she makes everyone here sick. Sad and pathetic.

  56. PEACE OUt luv ya all

  57. sure garfeild wants the exposure, as do a few others on here, some plants some just have personality clashes, im sick of iy, I have hurt bad for 4 ffin years nd some of this makes me hurl

  58. tip of the day- look up narcissism the chracteristics, all of them… (prob spelled it wrong tho)

  59. I rest my case. Dusk and they come out. Hyenas…

    Deb, you’re right. It wasn’t supposed to be and it didn’t used to be. Garfield wants the exposure.

  60. The truth has been being told by a few proud and determined Americans but not for nearly long enough. I did not even know back 2 years ago when this quest for truth started, what I know now. I knew this was a vast conspiracy to take over our country but I did not know precisely who do it, or how they did it but, I knew why they did it. I figured out right away they did not secure the lien but I did not understand the mechanics of the crime. I really get it now. The truth is even uglier than I could ever have imagined. This is not just about saving property from crooks….this is about saving the country from totalitarianism.

  61. You keep bringing up my name, Christine—why? When will you stop?

  62. No, Deb—you’re an angel…”you know who” (used to call herself “enraged”) loves to stir up it up with her hate-filled rants directed at other posters. Sad…she’ll never stop, because she seems to get a sick thrill out of it.

  63. Wow—talk about “nasty”—you’re the epitome of the “nasty snarl”. Sitting all alone and unloved, with no friends or family. A sad, pathetic life of her own making—borne of hateful disdain and an ego the size of the universe…whose only joy in life is to ramble on and on about how much she despises everything and everyone.

  64. been watching blogging learnin (the hard way) here for 4 stinkin years and this is not what it is supposed to be about, I hope I have not added to the negative in any way, im a realist, we are all damaged by this, my game is healing. damage limit. I don’t mind going down a blind alley…if it leads me home. no wrong turns- only consequences.

  65. @christine said ‘IN THE END YOUR GOING TO CROAK’
    You have a wonderful outlook on life.

    I do see KC’s name. I AM NOT FAMILAR WITH WHAT his position. Who is he or she an attorney? a judge ? A FRAUDCLOSURE VICTIM?

  66. “Live by the sword”. Typo. Marylin lane, before you snarl, translate that in 2 languages. Or snarl. Like an imbecile. You’ll croak all the same in the end.

  67. Bob,

    Google marylin lane and 4closurefraud (for example) and you’ll see that it’s a team work with previously-known-as-ivent-aka-stripes. it’s been going on for a sweet, long while. Same with Carie and ivent. Losers teaming up to destroy an information site and taking absolutely no action whatsoever.

    Garfield wants the exposure. Exactly what is killing this country: “There is no such thing as bad publicity. Talk about me and I will make money from it” In other words: make a quick buck, no matter how, or take longer to pierce through but establish a solid basis over time.

    Bob, if you are in the same circles as I am (SC in a few states), you ought to know that Garfield has lost an incredible amount of credibility among solid attorneys. Go to any court and see what happens when people say his name. Offense and defense attorneys roll over laughing! There’s a reason for that.

    A country gone to pot. Stephen Bassett has it right: this country has a last chance to really lead the world. By disclosing what has been done with 70 years of taxpayers money and coming clean once and for all, in order to make technology available to everyone and save the planet. If America blows it, this is it. China, Russia, Brazil or even France will disclose. Everyone of them is getting antsy as hell because everyone of them thinks “people first”. One of them speaks and this is it for this country.

    Never in history has Congress had such a low rating. Never have this country’s people been so dumbed down, indifferent and plain nasty. One more chance. The last one after having refused to prosecute crime other countries are duly prosecuting. One chance to redeem itself. Just one.

    Then, it’s over.

    Humanity will keep going no matter what. It’s been on earth for 250000 years. Three-hundred-year-old America? Done. For good. With imbeciles white-knuckling for the return of John Wayne, Frank Sinatra and Charlton Heston until the cows come home.

    I am very optimistic for humanity. America? Not so much. Leave by the sword, perish by the sword.

  68. I know ALL CAPS is an attention grabber and was needed at the time. It was quite effective and sure bugged the trolls.

  69. There are plants on theses sites and really no way to monitor them.
    I still hold title to my two properties and if Judge Alice Schlesinger hadn’t taken a bribe from the Thomas Malone of Fidelity and David K Fiveson of a non existant title company he called Coronet Title I would be back in possession of my properties.

    There are alot of people with their own agenda trying to get a piece of the money made from these fraudclosures.

    You as an attorney could explain in very simple english to help those that don’t even know where to start. Many people here didn’t have the slightest idea where Stripes was coming from when she spoke about how high the fraud goes including alot of attorneys. But they are starting to wake up. Anyone annoyed with our conversations are missing the boat of knowing the whole picture of the fraud.

    I am sure there are Judges, Law enforcement etc that read these posts and hopefully one of them will notice Stripes ranting and say to themselves as the whole country is caught up in this mess, this woman was on to something years back.

    I think ir was Dale Carnegie who said something like – the people
    who never gave up when the world said it couldn’t be done , got it done.

  70. Blah…blah….blah..is all I hear from the trolls.

    I don’t waste my time arguing with idiots

  71. Well, Marilyn, you’re right about that…Stripes sure has made an impact. And that’s good, because it shows that no one is completely useless…they can always serve as a bad example.

  72. To all…this used to be a very informative forum. People related their experiences as to what was working and what wasn’t. Knowledgeable people posted new ideas and they were intelligently discussed. People asked for help, and help was generally offered.

    A lot of great posters have left this site. Some because they won their cases, others because they lost them; in any event both types moved on with their lives.

    There was little if any ranting and raving and yelling and screaming about the banks and their fellow travelers. Everybody pretty much knew that these guys were crooks. Their was no need for broken record postings about how evil they were. There was hardly any singing the star spangled banner and ranting on and on about the violation of our constitutional rights.

    You see, anyone with half a brain was already checked out on all this stuff. This site should not be used for INCESSANT social-political rants; rather it should be a site to educate and assist those facing foreclosure. But this is now becoming virtually impossible with Stripes, Marilyn, et al. having pretty much commandeered this board. You’ve driven and are still driving a lot of good people away from here, people who have a lot of good advice, tactics and strategy to offer those in foreclosure.

    You are really doing the banksters job for them, by essentially making it impossible for folks to have INTELLIGENT, USEFUL and PRODUCTIVE conversations. The banksters couldn’t do a better job than having you folks shutting down the flow of information to those who most need it in order to defend themselves from the banksters.

    To be honest with you, if I were running this board I would boot the lot of you. I don’t see how Garfield can sell any of his products or services on this site. Before anybody buys, they check the quality of the posts. Once they’ve had a taste of you guys, there’s no sale. Too bad Garfield doesn’t check his own boards. He might learn something valuable.

  73. @Bob G
    I don’t have conversations with the President
    POTUS slang for President of the United States.
    Stripes also is only one person and she sure has made an impact
    on this whole fraudulent foreclosure movement.

    Washington, Lincoln, Churchill, were also one person each .
    And they changed the world.

    What ever it is you have you use

  74. “tnharry our favorite banker is that your connection?”

    Too funny! You girls make me crack up! Running to any attorney’s pants at the first opportunity and yet ready to stab him/her when it becomes… obvious that you don’t know your elbow from your butt and the guy/girl won’t do your insane bidding.

    Bob: you’ve been marked by the loons to be the next tnharry. The leaches will try to suck every bit of knowledge from you and turn on you when you refuse to deliver for free and indulge in their lunacy. Then again, you already knew that, didn’t you?

    Is that a great country or what?

    Food for anyone’s thoughts, though. Historically, those imbeciles have often been chosen to be kapos in jails and prisons. The dumber they are and the more dangerous and vicious they prove to be. And they breed first!!!

  75. Marilyn…defend our Constitution? What would you like me to do? Whatever I do won’t make one wit of difference in this country. However, what POTUS does will make a difference. Right now he and his minions are trashing the Constitution at every opportunity. So why not ask POTUS to defend the Constitution? His defense or trashing or ignoring of the Constitution is what counts.

    If this guy and his gang keep going the way they are unimpeded, the country will be lost. He’s got the media, hollywood, academia and the beneficiaries of his entitlement society on his side. What do we have? The country has been dumbed down beyond belief. How do you intend to maintain our constitutional republic when up against stuff like the foregoing?

    And no, I didn’t take any oath to defend our Constitution as an attorney.

  76. @Christine

    tnharry our favorite banker is that your connection?

  77. Marilyn,

    Spare me that idiotic rant. One stupid stripper is enough for one site.

  78. Seeing the imbeciles at work is really funny. Tnharry was right: it can be entertaining. For a few minutes every couple of weeks. ‘Til something more entertaining comes along. Right now, I savor how dumbed down Americans have become. And how much of them happen to be… American women. The biggest consumers of pharmaceuticals in the entire world. Drugged down, morbidly obese and rendered stupid and by their own hands. Enlightening.

    Steinbeck was onto something…

  79. @Christine

    Stripe was way ahead of all of us. Go back and read all her older posts.
    even when she typed in caps.

    Christine you didn’t read this posting by foreclosurefraud.

    The Biggest, Most Corrupt Bank Scheme That’s Not Being Stopped
    Posted by 4closureFraud on May 22, 2013 •
    “Conspiracy theorists of the world, believers in the hidden hands of the Rothschilds and the Masons and the Illuminati, we skeptics owe you an apology. You were right. The players may be a little different, but your basic premise is correct: The world is a rigged game. We found this out in recent months, when a series of related corruption stories spilled out of the financial sector, suggesting the world’s largest banks may be fixing the prices of, well, just about everything…

  80. You do realize that, after having wasted your life doing… just about nothing other than pester and be a parasite, you will croak, right?

    Enjoy it now. It ain’t gonna be pretty. Even KC lost interest in your imbecile rants. Tells me everything I need to know…

  81. @ Bob G

    How about you defending our Constitution instead of giving support to someone like Christine who states American is gone, finished , done and we will all be put into FEMA camps.

    And you took an oath to defend our Constitution as an attorney?

  82. The majority here are imposters to our constitutional republic. We know them by the lies they tell.

  83. Thanks again marilyn….! Only because of people like us who give a darn about this country will we get through this. We are among the few who understand what these crooks are really up to and what is at stake. We are among the few and the proud who are standing up to these imposters for our legal rights. We can be proud to call ourselves American patriots.

    Obama said today we are still at war. This is true and the war is both foreign & domestic.

  84. And if the stripper is “bright” and “courageous”, that means that the great majority of the people writing here are dead wrong and poor judges of character. The majority has been speaking for over a year: stripper is a moron. There is a solid consensus here. If you don’t see that, you can’t be trailing too far behind her…

    Might explain why you lost all kinds of properties…

    i know whose information I’ll rely on… Ain’t gonna be yours.

  85. I rest my case. Another chamber pot who feels the constant need to intervene. No wonder this country has gone… to pot! That’s all that’s left.

  86. @
    Stripes is Bright, Courageous and a True Patriot defending our
    Constitutional Rights and encouraging everyone to do the same.

    As Winston Churchill said, Never Never Never give up as the Nazis
    were trying to take over the world
    Never, never, never will we give up to Banks, Courts, Title Companies,
    Communists, Socialist or Fascists

    You and your cohorts ideology can never destroy an American’s strength.

  87. “Stripes…how do you stand being around yourself all day ?”

    She doesn’t. Hence her need to pester everyone and flaunt her stupidity. And obviously, seeing the time she spends watching TV and posting crap, she doesn’t have a family life or any kind of social life either. People probably avoid her like the plague. I’d like to be a fly on the wall when (if) she appears before a judge.

    But you know what, Bob? Too many people indulge her. Look at the number of idiots who cheer her up.

  88. LMAO….We are all in the same institution….and the inmates are running the asylum.

  89. Stripes…u r institutionalized somewhere, aren’t u ?

  90. Cry me a river Bob G…..if you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

  91. Stripes…how do you stand being around yourself all day ?

    My claim, demand or cause of action is not the same as the Plaintiffs. My claim is in defense of their original complaint based on no cause of action ….. failure to state a claim as the law requires at the onset..fraud & forgery…plaintiff lacks standing. All elements of my claims are apparent on the face of the docs entered by plaintiffs at the onset by the failure of plaintiffs to state a claim. They were not harmed however, I was and by the plaintiffs bringing this suit with no proof of claim at the onset they intended to permanently harm the defendant’s.

  93. iwantmynvp said:

    “…why is the FED buying all the MBS out of the former GSE’s? Nothing in the liquidity program states what Trust Assets they are purchasing…”

    From my friend:

    “…Deregulation prevented public disclosure of identity of current creditor — for which borrowers were entitled to by federal law. And, GSEs purchased the false MBS securities (were actually only collection rights to default) and derived derivatives, thereby — purchasing the false securities/derivatives to their own default debt.”

  94. Sorry Stripes, Every Case is Different. Res Judicata does not apply to your cases. But for the Wise … they know what I am talking about.

  95. Res Judicata….? The trust was never created as the law requires. Where is the trustee for our titles……? AKA the title compay….AKA THE TREASURY DEPARTMENT……? The scumbags are hiding because they were a party to the fraud.

  96. Res Judicata …. Its the Law. Ammo? Ohh .. Butt Plugs. LMBO! yeah .. you can still get them for WW rifles. Also very Effective.

  97. “thank for the ammo”. LMFAO!

  98. A countersuit cannot be brought because the Plaintiff failed to invoke the courts particular subject matter jurisdiction. All I am doing is challenging their claims are brought upon fraud, forgery, no standing and no cause of action. These things are not hard to prove because they dud not attach a proof of claim at the onset.

    Lie is all you crooks do.

  99. KC…..What do you know about being a patriot? ZERO. You are siding with the enemy scumbag. I never filed a countersuit against the crooks. That proves you are simply talking out of your ass. You & Jim Carey would make a great pair.

  100. Bob, they are not GSE’s any longer.

  101. Christine confuses bitterness with intelligence.

  102. i never said i agreed with it – but before all the other hoopla – it is as siple as that. No Federal Reserve Note’s exists until it is debted into creation. Your signature authorizes the creationof the Note(s).

    Without discussion about ratification and coinage – This is what they do, and until we shut the reserve system – you will see more of the same.

    As for FRE and FNM – they are buying out the defaulted paper – pennies on the dollar – are not stciking it anywhere other than on the balance sheet of other other SPE’s.

    The reason Fannie and Freddie are rising is because the crap is being absorbed by us suckers and the actual lenders will unwind the notes slowly – not losing a dime of course.

    The Lender is YOU.

  103. Shut Up Stripes … You are no more Patriotic than Christine! Because if you were …. you would know your countersuit is against yourself! Moron! Nothing is Free!

  104. I’ve had about all the America and American Bashing I can Handle .. especially from a foreigner who couldn’t satisfy her American Man, that’s why he found him another and divorced her! Give Me a Break!

  105. So many men look for wives in other countries because they want subservient slaves and the women want a ticket out of their country. These women are going from one oppressor to another. If these men want mind slaves they should seek counseling. They probably have a problem dealing with women who have more brains than them. There is definitely a downside to marrying a woman who does not know the laws of this land. If they go into fraudclosure, they are done. The only pro se’s I see fighting in court are American women.

  106. The banksters don’t pay their bills. That is the bottom line for me. I kept up my end of the bargain and they deceived me by using my autograph as a weapon to destroy my Security. They are simply pocketing our payments and they have no legal right to do that because they never performed on their end of the bargain. Upon my discovery of what the Issuing bank did was clearly with Intent to Deceive makes what the Issuing bank did criminal and I don’t do business with criminals.

  107. As usual, the hyenas attack together as a pack, whether directly concerned or not… Just for the hell of it. They get some sick pleasure in attacking, I guess. Very symptomatic of moral and mental decay.

    No wonder so many American men look for a wife in other countries. If the specimen here are any indication of how American women age and how bitter they become, I too would find a wife elsewhere… Must be imbearable to deal with stupidity, day-in, day-out. Must be even worse to deal with chronic nastiness…

    Actually, American women are not liked by the rest of the world. there’s a reason for that…

  108. “The promise to pay creates the debt.” LMAO……Nothing the banks did was legal.

  109. I agree marilyn lane, Christine is no U.S. Patriot. I doubt she even resides here in the U.S. With the Internet she could be blogging from just about anywhere, like from inside the Kremlin. Many of these foreigner’s are fluent in English. Remember she said she speaks 3 languages? One of them is no doubt Russian.

    The promise to pay means nothing Bob G. if the contract does not exist. Remember what the law says about the Security Agreement? Without the assignment the former & the latter are a nullity. Besides, the banksters already cashed the check and the law says they have to create the Security……PAY CONSIDERATION TO THE TREASURY….Illinois Law says…..(810 ILCS 5/3-303) (b.) Consideration means any Consideration to support a simple contract. if they want to turn these mortgages into Security Entitlements. (810 ILCS 5/3-310) States effect of instrument on obligatiion for which taken by a person entitled to enforcee the instrument, the bank is liable as maker or acceptor of that claim. (810 ILCS 5/3-303) Value and Consideration by legal transfer by Performance. (810 ILCS 5/3-416) Sec 3.-416…..Transfer Warranties (a.) Person who transfers an instrument for Consideration warrants to the transferee and, if the transfer is by indorsement to any subsequent transferee that: (1.) The warrantor is a person entitled to enforce the instrument; (2.) All signatures on the instrument are authentic and authorized (4.) The instrument is not subject to a defense claim in recoupment of any party which can be asserted . Obviously the transfers were illegal because nothing underlies the mbs’s. Meaning, THE BANKS DO NOT HOLD THE SECURITY OR HAVE ANY RIGHTS OF A HOLDER. IF NO SECURITY, WAS RECORDED AS THE LAW REQUIRES, AND THERE WAS A TRANSFER TO ANOTHER PARTY, THAT IS NOT JUST A TECHNICALITY …… THAT IS CRIMINAL. ALL SUBSEQUENT TRANSFERS, SALES, ETC ARE FELONIES. THE BANKS COMMITTED SECURITIES FRAUD WITH OUR SECURITIES.

    If the note was split from the mortgage, the default cannot be cured.

  110. As a veteran, all I can say is … thanks for the ammo.

  111. In gratitude to our veterans today and always.
    In the. In the nsme of freedom and the fught against oppression.

  112. @ Deb
    You are right, We trusted the Banks. NOT untill my Bank hid four of my mortgage checks did I have any inkling something strange was going on.

    It wasn’t till I filed a chapter 13 to stop them and the Judge told me to research a 510 motion that I discovered the Bank fraud and motive of faking a default, accelerating and demanding legal money for the bank’s illegally lent credit.


  113. Happy Memorial Day to All our Veterans .. Past, Present and Future.

  114. promise to pay was induced and predatory- under certain contractual conditions, which were not conducive to a viable mortgage secured by real property as was portrayed, this is where some of our difficulties lie, why we signed, I wanted my house, I invested in the creation of it,- the buyers understanding was that the exchange for the promise was in good faith, and the seller had some risk thereto, the big wheel turning behind the scenes had been turning for decades and things (the greed) escalated, just like heroine addicts, they need more and more because the tolerance increases, they scheme how to get what they need by any and all means, but eventually they go too far and its all over. do you think the ones that are deeply involved with this crime against humanity can just stop and realize what they did , even care, about true cost. NO ONE HAS BEEN SENT TO JAIL, well except one robo signer type person.

  115. @iwantmynpv

    The fact that the Fed doesn’t return excess net income to the treasury, but rather strikes an offset, doesn’t really concern me. distinction w/out a difference, so to speak.

    And of course the Fed can never go BK. they have the ability to create money, even for themselves. Consider their operating budget. If they are not buying interest bearing securities from the Treasury, or any other govt source, they have to create their own credits at their own bank, the Fed, with which to make purchases for operating expenses. Such a sweet deal.

    As to why they are buying MBS from F&F, I would say to reliquify those GSE’s. The GSEs have to sell bonds and stock in order to finance their purchases of new secondary mortgage paper. If the GSEs starting selling assets in the open market to generate such funds, the market might not be willing to pay par for the paper, and the charade would come undone. Also, selling MBS or mortgages would tend to depress prices of those assets and raise interest rates, something the GSEs cannot suffer at this time. And that is something that would disturb the Fed’s program of low or zero interest rates.

    By selling to the Fed, the GSEs don’t have to worry about any market disturbances, as the Fed just puts the GSE securites in the attic for the time being. In exchange, the GSEs get fresh cash at par with which to continue their operations.

  116. @Iwantmynpv

    The promise to repay the debt creates the money?

    Where did you get that law from?

  117. @Iwantmynpv
    “The promise to repay creates the debt?”

    Where did you get from?

  118. @ Bob, take a look at the changes the FRC made to their own accounting policy back in 2010. Inadvertently, Stripes argument holds some weight – certainly not on the merits set forth, but accidently, simply by stating something it read somewhere… at some time.

    Stripes does not understand the difference between conveyance and Guarantee. Stop the games and look at the notional amount of the bonds, you will see the leverage.

    Now, since we are talking about the FED, and obviously everyone on the page is incredibly smart.. if not the smartest souls on the planet, ask yourself a question; why is the FED buying all the MBS out of the former GSE’s? Nothing in the liquidity program states what Trust Assets they are purchasing.

    Why do folks now think the common stock for Fannie is worth something? Do they know something we do not?

    The FED does not create the money – The promise to repay the debt creates the money, i.e. treasuries, credit cards, mortgages, school loans etc…

    The process than only requires the Reserve System Banks to post the necessary reserves back at the Central Bank.

    Now, this is the part that sucks – the excess collateral held at the FED as reserves and the interest paid by the FRC to it’s members is where the fraud is. Second, the net income of the FRC is purportedly paid to the Treasury – this is not what happens. The FRC keeps the net and strikes a pen to the balance sheet offsetting what the United States of America (corporate) owes on its obligations to the FED /Note Holders.

    In effect, the FED cannot ever become bankrupt, and have now guaranteed their own solvency through some magical pen strokes.

    If you think I am wrong.. betcha that the next sap down in Venezuela accepts dollars for oil, and does not start any bullshit about accepting the Real or Remnimbi or Dinar or Euro’s. You will fall in line… or you will be erased, because the American media states you are a threat and the military establishment (the world’s finest) is quick to enforce when public approval has been achieved.

    I like chicken…

  119. Stripes

    Christine is a traitor to the United States of America .If she is a citizen of the US by birth or naturalization she owes allegiance to it, If she is here on a Visa why isn’t Homeland Security looking at her.

  120. Anyone notice lately how these politicians and their cohorts & minions are all stuttering & stammering when they are asked to give answers to important questions or are pleading the fifth? If that doesn’t work they snivel & cry like Ina Drew. They are all really starting to look bad. Lies always catch up to the liar.

    For example Illinois Senator Dick Durbin’s interview on FOX news today was asked why he called for an investigation into one particular group. The council on foreign relations member said…humina..humina….uh…they were targeted because they were bragging about how much money they were making. LMAO…

  121. Christine knows 3 languages, preschool, playground bully and middle school. She seems to have a Sesame Street diploma. Bravo.

  122. CACA…? You sound like a preschooler.

  123. Thanks to the cabal, the only security we have is between our own ears. The only argument you ever have christine is name calling and that really shows your insecurity as well as your ignorance. You are obviously way out of your league in a foreign land not your own. You thought you could buffalo your way through and everyone would just fall for your communist spin. However, that is simply not the case. For those who know the truth, your lies are as big and obvious as dumbos ears.

  124. “So much for her claims of being so much more educated than all of the rest of us.”

    Hey, moron, show me one post of mine where I made any kind of a comparison. Not responsible for your insecurities.

  125. The stripper, on the other end, is full of CACA…

  126. Bob that not what I am saying that happen, The VA had already arranged a set purchase price which was $191K (foreclosure) and the second entry $211K on the Wells Fargo customer account activity statement I received from my complaint with the OCC, indicated that it was “full settlement”.

    What I believe is it was a separate insurance amount that the lender or Ginnie Mae that pays the full P&I over the full loan because the securities is paying is based on the full term of 30yrs at a set payment, and if the loan default there needs to be a replacement of that loan, and the insurance would pay that payment until term.

    Remember before this the default rate was at 2% so I am sure some insurance company like AIG won’t make that policy, before the crisis.

    The next entry which was 4 months was four month later, and it was the insurance payment from the VA Guaranty fund, and it was $25,700 which I verified with the VA.

    It makes sense to me why there was the $70 billion FHA loan loss if they could cash out 700,000 loans and not worry about 30yrs of payment, and set in an account drawing interest on the up front P&I, while paying the investor there monthly payments,

  127. Bankruptcy does not cure the FED’s default or a QUADRILLION dollars in derivatives fraud committed by the banksters.

  128. You now you are on the right track when the trolls like christine attack with baseless accusations and no facts to back up their claims.

    She will never prove me wrong so like a schoolyard bully she name calls.

    So much for her claims of being so much more educated than all of the rest of us.

    I would love to see her argue her case in a courtroom. She wouldn’t last two minutes.

  129. just because you filed bankruptcy doesn’t mean CACA. neither does failure of the bank to take possession of the res. Don’t leave your house.
    Pepper Hamilton LLP

    After filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy, the debtors tried to surrender their residence to the mortgage lender. After the bankruptcy the lender refused to accept a surrender, refused to foreclose and refused to release its lien. The debtors brought an adversary proceeding claiming that, among other things, this refusal constituted a violation of the discharge injunction they received in bankruptcy. The bankruptcy court found no violation; the Bankruptcy Appellate Panel agreed; and on appeal the 1st Circuit affirmed – but with some cautionary comments.

    All parties agreed that the mortgage loan was substantially underwater. The loan had a balance of ~$186,000, while initially the debtors valued the property at $130,000 and the lender valued it at $86,000. Although a foreclosure proceeding was pending at the time the bankruptcy was filed, the lender voluntarily dismissed the foreclosure without prejudice based on the bankruptcy.

    The debtors received a discharge under Section 727 of the Bankruptcy Code, which means that they were discharged from all prepetition debts, including the mortgage loan. Under Section 524(a) of the Bankruptcy Code a discharge “operates as an injunction against the commencement or continuation of an action, the employment of process, or an act, to collect, recover or offset any such debt as a personal liability of the debtor, whether or not discharge of such debt is waived.”

    After they received their discharge, the lender advised that it would not proceed with foreclosure, and that the debtors remained responsible for taxes, insurance and maintenance of the property. In response, the debtors reminded the lender of the discharge and demanded that it either commence foreclosure or discharge the mortgage. The bank declined, although it advised that it would consider a settlement option or a short sale. After exchanging a few additional letters, the debtors vacated the property, turned off the utilities and notified municipal authorities and the sewer company that the lender was the party responsible for any obligations pertaining to the property.

    The debtors then reopened the bankruptcy case and brought claims against the lender based on its violation of the discharge injunction, including a request that it be required to either take possession of the property or deliver unencumbered title. The bankruptcy court did find a violation in connection with a letter that stated that the debtors still had “a financial obligation to pay [Beneficial] for the money borrowed. This financial obligation… remains intact…” The lender was ordered to pay $7,000 in sanctions. (This part of the order was not appealed.) However, the court declined to find a violation based on the lender’s refusal to foreclose or release its lien on the property.

    The 1st Circuit acknowledged that the purpose of the injunction is to provide debtors with a “fresh start” without the burden of prepetition debts. However, it also noted that:

    Despite its broad scope, the discharge injunction does not enjoin a secured creditor from recovering on valid prepetition liens, which, unless modified or avoided, ride through bankruptcy unaffected and are enforceable in accordance with state law.

    The debtors’ argument that the lender’s refusal was a violation of the discharge injunction was based on a 1st Circuit case in which the court held that the refusal to foreclose or release a lender’s lien on “an inoperable, worthless car” was intended to coerce the debtor to pay a discharged debt, and thus was a violation. (Pratt v. General Motors Acceptance Corp. (In re Pratt), 462 F.3d 14 (1st Cir. 2006).)

    The court drew various distinctions between the Canning and Pratt cases to support its conclusion that in this case the lender was only seeking to obtain the value of its lien. It noted that although there was a discharge of personal liability for the mortgage debt, that did not affect the ongoing burdens of owning property. The court found no legal authority that would allow a homeowner to simply walk away from a residence with no strings attached. Although debtors may seek to free themselves from the lien by surrendering the collateral, the lender is not required to accept the surrender as long as its decision is not “a subterfuge intended to coerce payment of a discharge debt.”

    So, the court found that the lender’s refusal in this case did not constitute a violation of the discharge injunction. However, notwithstanding the lender’s victory, the 1st Circuit closed with a sobering admonition:

    A coda is necessary before we conclude. Today, where both lenders and homeowners strive to recuperate from hard economic times, this opinion should not be relied upon to leverage a way out of the bargaining table. It is one thing to insist upon state-law rights in refusing a recalcitrant “foreclosure or release” demand by a debtor, and completely another to refuse negotiating with a debtor willing to compromise. Put differently, while this case may provide some guidance on the dos and don’ts applicable to the bargaining dynamics between secured creditors and bankruptcy debtors, our remarks in Pratt still control: “the line between forceful negotiation and improper coercion is not always easy to delineate, and each case must therefore be assessed in the context of its particular facts.” 462 F.3d at 19.

    In determining whether to exercise rights with respect to collateral, lenders dealing with individual debtors post-bankruptcy need to recognize that things may not be back to business as usual.

    The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.

  130. A tax revolt is needed…a real tea party and there won’t be a tea party because people are for the most part brainwashed into loving their abusers. They are afraid to face the reality that they are being robbed into the poorhouse by people and names they thought they could trust.

    Reality bites and people don’t want to face how badly they are being screwed by a system that is a complete fraud and is being used to control their lives.

    The serpent moves more subtle than any beast of the field which the Lord God has made.

  131. Moron.

  132. The banksters don’t pay for anything. There is no justification for anything they do. It is simply robbery of the sheeple. All this talk of investor pools and other crap is all nonsense. They have stolen $60.4 trillion dollars of our wealth backed by $12 trillion in property since 2008. What in the hell are we negotiating? Millions are still using their credit and paying these crooks a mortgage payment they aren’t owed. What have we learned? People are sheeple and these crooks know it. Therefore the robbery continues unabated. It won’t stop until we all wake up broke & homeless in the land our fathers conquered and it’s coming.

  133. There are those who say, so what if these communist investors are invested in everything that effects our life, liberty & property. To them I say you must love inflation. What are you going to do when the basics are no longer affordable to you because these investors are so greedy that they don’t give a shit if you can afford food? Then it will be anarchy. Look at how the prices of everything have skyrocketed. What will you do if you get a $1,000.00 water bill and they tell you pay it or they will shut you off with no justification as to why you have a thousand dollar water bill. They charge whatever they want because they can. Take the price of a candy bar nowadays, $1.50… has the price of making candy gone up that much in the last couple of decades? I think not. It’s the greedy investors. How about healthcare prices? It is all investor tyranny. So sit back in your easy chairs and keep saying so what because they are coming for everyone. Sooner or later no one will be able to afford anything and the investors fix for that will be totalitarianism. Then everyone saying, so what will be slaves to these tyrants and no one in their right mind will want to live under that.

  134. Charles

    I’m thinking that VA purchased the loan. Sale only brought in 191 so VA paid the diff to 211. VA wouldn’t pay out 211 to WF and not get the house or sales proceeds.

  135. Bob the loan bal was $202,400 Wells Fargo slipped themselves into title, and foreclosed on the property. The sale was for $191,700 in which the Dept of VA purchase the loan. So Wells Fargo according to the account statement sheet also received on the same day as they received the proceed from the foreclose, an additional amount of $211,000 that was referred to as Full Settlement. Then 4 month later they received $25,700 form the VA in the insurance claim to the VA Guaranty.

    So in stead of a loss they made $226,000 over the balance for a total of 428,400 (I rounded down for this purpose). So what I am wondering is if there is an addition insurance on the government insured loans that pays out as if the loan went the full term, which would account for the extra $211,000.

    What I means is that they full term would have generated over 30yrs $211,000 in interest.

  136. @charles

    I’m having great difficulty trying figure out your post. Could u clarify please ?

  137. Something I though about last night look at what Wells Fargo was paid in total base on a $202,400 balance and that was $428,400. So is this amount for the full 30 year P&I payment of a loan placed in a pool, and was there in addition to the VA insurance payoff of $25,700 why would there have been after the foreclosure sale of $191,700, there a full settlement amount on top of the other two posted in the receivables column, there is a $211,000 entry that bring the total received.

    Now Ginnie Mae if this is how this game is played, did foreclose on 800,000 government insured loans during 2009-2010 and if they place an insurance on all the loan for the life of interest, why would you not foreclose on all these loans and that 211,000 in prepaid interest that going to draw interest as the “investor” are either paid off, or monthly payment until that term of the securities has ended.

    Why would you not sabotage the water if this is the return? So as the average loan is $100,000 and that $100,000 in interest x 80,000 is $80 billion. In a crime there is Motive!

  138. Give the people back all our titles and payments you crooks pocketed, with interest you crooks!


    John Stossel on Fox News about to report that we paid for all the houses…..

  140. CNBC said the banksters have stolen $60.4 trillion dollars from us since 2008 Charles. They are lying about the numbers and they are lying about everything while they keep robbing us into poverty. Then when no one can afford anything anymore they will blame us and offer to fix all of their fraud with a World Tax on our buildings and Obamacare fraud.

    Same thing with the insurance companies Deb….it is all about their investors pocket books and to hell with the rest of us.

    Gerry Willis of Fox Business was talking about how the Moore tornado victims are being denied being made whole by the insurance companies. That is insurance fraud at the investor level. They only want to pay out piddly claims & hand the bill to the U.S. TAXPAYERS for major damages from their weapons of mass destruction via the “broke” Federal Government. Like in Katrina….they will give you a FEMA TRAILER to replace your destroyed house.

    This is a giant investor scam.

  141. Where did the $13 trillion come from to lend at zero to .5% to banks when the Fed’s balance sheet only has $2 trillion on it?

    How do you lend $13 trillion plus have purchase $1 trillion in MBS and each month your spending $85 billion each month to keep the stock market up and running?

    Its called a fraud the Fed is conducting and is only allowed to conntinue because people are on the take!

  142. The banksters steal our money and convert it into Government bonds and T bills and Federal funding and tell us they paid for everything. They are all lying thieves. Time for a private audit of the U.S. Treasury Department. WE THE PEOPLE have a legal right and demand to know where all of our money went!

  143. Whats in it for the insurers. They have to know

  144. The reason why they can’t deny you emergency medical care is because we pay for everything in our taxes. Nearly every dime we pay & spend is a tax that our enemies put in their pockets & throw us the crumbs. Private healthcare costs should be dirt cheap and so should prescriptions because we fund all of these corps. Same goes for our natural resources. Healthcare and prescriptions are unaffordable because of healthcare fraud by the greedy investors at the top of the pyramid scheme. They are all double dipping and now they want to triple dip. The illuminati banksters are greedy control freaks who owe us innumerable amounts of money and all they do is steal from us and re-socialize their fraud onto us. Senior citizens paying for Medicare…..sub par medical care are being robbed into hospice care. They are being murdered by the banksters who consider them useless eaters.

  145. The latest poll shows 53% of Americans hate Obamacare…!

  146. That’s right America….the entire Federal Reserve Credit System is one big giant credit lending & investment scam. The illuminati banksters use credit lending to steal our wealth, and they use Wall Street to invest in their own fraud schemes like derivatives called Mortgage Backed Securities…..our Securities that we pay for, not theirs. They hijack everything by investing in their own default, create debt by overissuing investments in OUR SECURITIES….everything we pay for ……and pocket all of our payments as usury. They insure themselves on all of the risk they create and then insider trade out of all of their fraud and hand us their unsustainable bill for their serious gambling problems. The interest rate scam is just another communist method to rob the peasants they create and they have many.

    The latest & possibly the most maniacal & diabolical communist investor scam is….OBAMACARE. OBAMACARE is the permanent installation of the communist banksters totalitarian dictatorship. It is an electronic coup de tat of our infrastructure. There are 9000 unconstitutional laws attached to OBAMACARE. OBAMACARE flies in the face of our Constitution and will be the complete and utter end to our freedom & our national sovereignty. These communist investors will have complete control of every aspect of our lives and it will be the end of all of our freedoms because there will be no more privacy. Private ownership of anything will be abolished. They will spy on our every move through their medical device registry and the microchip implant. That microchip will destroy the need for cash and then they will own us.

    Cut up those credit & debit cards America and tell these politicians you will not comply with bankster tyranny…AKA OBAMACARE

  147. Blessed are those with ovaries also the hidden enemy depending on your age lol
    Happy holiday ukg get the beer in.
    Im workin lovin my fellow man getting them healed , i love my job. When i go home its all about this chit. For now.
    And btw- i will ” never surrender” im a brit who is english/american ive earned my place
    here by the sweat of my brow ( no i dont lift weights but can throw a great kick in the throat- not bad for worn out ovaries 😁

  148. Their house of cards is being revealed. They really thought no one cared. They used names we thought we could trust and then got way too greedy. They severely underestimated us.

    The truth is, the cream always rises to the top and shit sinks.

  149. @UKG
    I’ll have an O’Douls, thanks—as I say a little prayer for those that sacrificed their lives.

    “We are all worlds apart, yet we are too close to measure the distance.”

  150. Animals are noble creatures, Christine. Unlike you.

  151. The system is completely rigged—from the “20 guys at the top” who manipulate all the rates and trades with impunity, to that house you are clutching on to with all your might:

  152. Hyenas. Scavengers running in pack. Once in a while, they turn on each others, just like hyenas. Then, they make up and gang up on someone else. ‘Til next time they get at each others’ throat. Completely unteachable. No one ever heard of a hyena learning anything, unlike a lion, a tiger or an elephant. The scum of the animal kingdom.

    Amazing to watch. It’s going to be really interesting when they’re cooped up in fema camps, devouring each others.

  153. Where do I see that show with Shelley Erickson?

  154. Where is the love? I love ya, Deb! And about 4-beer-thirty this afternoon, I’m gonna love everybody! and the RED, WHITE, and BLUE lights are in the treehouse!
    Happy Memorial Day!

  155. Happy Memorial Day weekend America…..! The official date for Memorial Day is not until May 30th.

  156. That’s right Christine, you and your commie cohorts & minions are wasting your time because, when you know the truth, the truth is unchangeable.

  157. Christine is postering the commie propaganda again at this site with that commie professor, Jeffery Sachs video below. This is precisely why they don’t want us to believe in a Creator. It makes you more likely to believe these communist professors who tell a lot of truth to make you believe one big lie.

    Christine is obviously worried the Spawns of Satan like herself were not successful in spreading their evil seed in every American.

    Obviously, the Creator has a larger plan and God saved the cream.

  158. Unloved and unlovable—that’s what bullies are. Insecure and pathetic.

  159. The U.S., the richest nation on the planet does not need to borrow and never needed to borrow credit from the World Bank or any foreign bank. Their credit lending was a communist scam to rob us into fraudulently induced slavery. Same with social safety net programs, and taxes. None of our stolen wealth is being spent into our economy. It is all being re-distributed into the World Economy. That plan was hatched by these communist/globalists at the RIO EARTH SUMMIT in Brazil in 1992. We The People are who BRICS stole all the wealth from to create BRICS…It is not an alternative to the former system. It is a revamped totalitarian regime all funded by us.

  160. Bob,

    You’re wasting your time. The sad thing, though, is that those morons are allowed to breed… and turn perfectly fine and innocent little human beings into more morons.

    Yep. Time to rethink that human being thing… Doesn’t augur too well for Gawd’s future.

    Happy Memorial Day weekend.

  161. marylin, look up “misprision of a felony”. the judges refuse to hold bank attorneys accountable.
    and in case you haven’t noticed, the country is dying all around us. Loss of liberties, destruction of the infrastructure, school systems that indoctrinate instead of educate. 50% of the country gave up on their right to “self determination”. They’re happy being poor, stupid, and on the dole of the government. Then they blame everyone else for their abject poverty.

    and ya gotta watch that show with Shelley Erickson. They sent the marshalls to her house because the judges’ sidewalk was vandalized. I hope nothing happens to all the judges I’m pissing off!

  162. Columbia economist Jeffrey Sachs:

    “I believe we have a CRISIS OF VALUES that is extremely deep…I meet a lot of these people on Wall Street…I regard the moral environment as PATHOLOGICAL…they have no responsibility…they are tough, greedy, aggressive, and feel absolutely out of control…and they have GAMED THE SYSTEM…and they have a docile White House, a docile president…and a regulatory system…that is terrified of these companies…the financial companies are the number one campaign contributors…we have a corrupt politics TO THE CORE…what it’s led to is this sense of IMPUNITY that is really stunning…I have waited for 5 years to see one individual on Wall Street to speak in a MORAL LANGUAGE, and I’ve not seen it ONCE…(nor) a judge, a president, SOMEBODY…and it hasn’t happened…and it’s not going to happen any time soon, it seems…”

    full story:

  163. Shelly Erickson: BALLS OF STEEL (or is that OVARIES OF STEEL?)

  164. @Bob G
    , on May 26, 2013 at 9:32 am said:
    @Bob G
    Connecting the dots and since you are an attorney and you agree with Christine that this Country is done .gone. finished. I wonder if you have even taken a similar type oath as below:

    Upon admission to the bar, every applicant shall, in open court, take and subscribe an oath to support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of this State, and take the following oath, or, in the case of an applicant conscientiously scrupulous of taking an oath, such applicant shall make appropriate affirmations to the same effect: [1975, c. 66, §5 (AMD).]

    “You solemnly swear that you will do no falsehood nor consent to the doing of any in court, and that if you know of an intention to commit any, you will give knowledge thereof to the justices of the court or some of them that it may be prevented; you will not wittingly or willingly promote or sue any false, groundless or unlawful suit nor give aid or consent to the same; that you will delay no man for lucre or malice, but will conduct yourself in the office of an attorney within the courts according to the best of your knowledge and discretion, and with all good fidelity, as well as to the courts, as to your clients. So help you God.”

  165. @STRIPES

    Check with your village…they are missing an idiot.

    The Fed is NOT financed by the U.S. Govt or taxpayers. The Fed finances the U.S. Govt, by purchasing Treasury securities directly from the Treasury (something they’re really not supposed to do). You need to take a course in banking and economics.

    Unlike you or me, the Fed writes checks on itself, and clears them by itself. It doesn’t need “cash in the bank” because (a) it is the bank, and (b) it prints its own IOUs, a/k/a cash. Pull a bill out of your wallet. It says Federal Reserve Note. It’s the currency of the realm.

    When you write a check to pay for something, your bank debits your account, and the Fed debits the bank’s subaccount at the Fed. The Fed then credits the payee bank’s subaccount. The payee’s bank then credits the payee with the electronic funds that you used to commence the transaction and with which you paid the payee.

    Get it?

  166. To say the U.S. is done as a sovereign nation and a Constitutional Republic is pure communist propaganda. This country is massively corrupted by these communists who have infiltrated everything by many methods. The problem is people keep cooperating with them.

  167. You & Christine are simply full of b.s.. Bob G….The banking scam has been outed and the truth is the U.S. TAXPAYERS PAY FOR EVERYTHING UPFRONT AT THE ORIGINATION….YOU BETTER DO YOUR HOMEWORK. The U.S. GDP is half the worlds GDP at $30 trillion dollars…..That is precisely why the world banksters wanted to nationalize (communize) our Treasury to themselves.

    Christine is obviously a communist and Bob G is either way behind the learning curve or a communist party member himself.

    You simply failed to b.s. everyone..tsk…tsk.

  168. Lovely…


    WASHINGTON — Bank lobbyists are not leaving it to lawmakers to draft legislation that softens financial regulations. Instead, the lobbyists are helping to write it themselves…

    …And as its lobbying campaign steps up, the financial industry has doubled its already considerable giving to political causes. The lawmakers who this month supported the bills championed by Wall Street received twice as much in contributions from financial institutions compared with those who opposed them, according to an analysis of campaign finance records performed by MapLight, a nonprofit group.

    “I won’t dispute for one second the problems of a system that demands immense amount of fund-raisers by its legislators,” said Representative Jim Himes, a third-term Democrat of Connecticut, who supported the recent industry-backed bills and leads the party’s fund-raising effort in the House. A member of the Financial Services Committee and a former banker at Goldman Sachs, he is one of the top recipients of Wall Street donations. “It’s appalling, it’s disgusting, it’s wasteful and it opens the possibility of conflicts of interest and corruption. It’s unfortunately the world we live in.”

    The passage of the Dodd-Frank Act, which took aim at culprits of the financial crisis like lax mortgage lending and the $700 trillion derivatives market, ushered in a new phase of Wall Street lobbying. Over the last three years, bank lobbyists have blitzed the regulatory agencies writing rules under Dodd-Frank, chipping away at some regulations.

    But the industry lobbyists also realized that Congress can play a critical role in the campaign to mute Dodd-Frank…

  169. In one part of solving this mess is that Wells Fargo admits to not purchasing the Washington Mutual government insured loans anytime before the foreclosure, yet does have MERS place them as the title holder as the “holder in due course” to foreclose administratively.

    So they admit to a crime as it known that Ginnie Mae is in possession of the blank Note and does not have the power to be on title, because it is a fact they cannot purchase the debt.

    So after the foreclose Wells Fargo claim that they then purchase a loan that they never owned but the property already been foreclosed and the debt should be handled as it a non recourse VA loan. So if the debt was owned by Ginnie Mae (which it cannot be), but let say for the sake of Ginnie Mae argument it was owned by them, and Wells Fargo who never had ownership and has admitted that fact, then why would not the company they hired simply transfer the proceeds of the foreclosure to the owner of the debt?

    The debt has end and there is no more loan, so why 2 weeks later would Ginnie Mae sale a completed foreclose loan to another party? The fraud is the insurance that a lender could claim, that Wells Fargo acts as if they were always the lender who was in possession of the debt, when it applies to the VA Guaranty fund

    However Wells Fargo want us to think that one can cause the harm by illegally placing themselves into title as the “holder in due course” and foreclosing, which creates the harm of loss, collect the proceeds of the foreclosure sale, and then a couple weeks later purchase the loan that got no balance, and submit to the insurance company that they were the “holder in due course” at the time of the harm?

    So you get into a car crash were you don’t own the car, and you don’t have coverage on that car, but you purchase the car after the accident and claim to the prior owner’s insurance company as if you always were the owner of the vehicle and you were paying the premium.

    Stop you create the accident by foreclosing and have no financial interest, but after the fact you claim against an insurance policy that you were never the beneficiary too?

    With Washington Mutual Bank Government loans this is the scam, and it actual exposes the total Fraud that Ginnie Mae MBS are!

  170. @Bob G
    Connecting the dots and since you are an attorney and you agree with Christine that this Country is done .gone. finished. I wonder if you have even taken a similar type oath as below:

    Upon admission to the bar, every applicant shall, in open court, take and subscribe an oath to support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of this State, and take the following oath, or, in the case of an applicant conscientiously scrupulous of taking an oath, such applicant shall make appropriate affirmations to the same effect: [1975, c. 66, §5 (AMD).]

    “You solemnly swear that you will do no falsehood nor consent to the doing of any in court, and that if you know of an intention to commit any, you will give knowledge thereof to the justices of the court or some of them that it may be prevented; you will not wittingly or willingly promote or sue any false, groundless or unlawful suit nor give aid or consent to the same; that you will delay no man for lucre or malice, but will conduct yourself in the office of an attorney within the courts according to the best of your knowledge and discretion, and with all good fidelity, as well as to the courts, as to your clients. So help you God.”

  171. @stripes
    I thought that just advising you that the Federal Reserve is not federally guaranteed nor funded by taxpayers, was all that needed to be corrected in your post below.

    However, as I read through the rest of your rant, it became abundantly clear that you pretty much are insane, an ignoramus, or a combination thereof (with a good amount of space cadet thrown in for good measure).

    You have absolutely no idea of what you are babbling on about. If I were a cop, I would tell you to step…away…from…the…keyboard, and remove your head from your ass.

    P.S. I believe Christine…therefore she has not failed.

  172. No one here believes you Christine. You failed.

  173. I was reading an interview with Catherine Austin Fitts last night about banking and Wall Street. The interview was from January 1, 2012. I always admired her bravery in speaking out against the mortgage Fraud that was rampant under the George W. Bush Administration.

    She was asked if the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK should be nationalized…..? She said the privately owned FED would better serve us in the hands of the U.S. GOVERNMENT.

    Funny how the FED, a privately owned bank, federally insured and funded with U.S. Taxpayer money were allowed to nationalize (communize) our Treasury Department to the Federal Reserve Banksters under the guise of “people bought houses they couldn’t afford” and “reckless behavior on Wall Street.” BIG LIES…

    These FEDERAL RESERVE BANKSTER crooks owe us a gazillion dollars…an innumerable amount of money.


    The politicians are investors and they lied to the people and the FED BANKSTERS got away with a coup de tat here..they communized the U.S. TREASURY DEPARTMENT to themselves. They have stolen $60.4 trillion dollars of our wealth since 2008 reported CNBC …backed by our initial stakeholder investment and a total value estimated af $12 trillion dollars in property. Now valued at $8 trillion dollars.

    Therefore, the only right remedy is for the U.S. GOVERNMENT to seize the wealth of the FED BANKSTERS under RICO …. the Rothschild wealth alone is estimated at $60 trillion dollars…the Vaticans wealth is innumerable. All of the illuminati banksters need to be held to account as well as the ringleaders in Russia & China.

    America is not broke, we were robbed by these evil mastermind communists who don’t own a damned thing but a lot of debt they created off of our backs.

    The FED, OBAMACARE and the entire Central banking system of investment fraudsters need to be thrown out of America. Their credit system is fraudulent and wrought with crime and needs to be abolished. Our own currency…U.S. BANK NOTES need to be issued as required by law.

  174. these words come from the 4closurefraud site

    Posted by 4closureFraud on May 22, 2013 ·

    The Biggest, Most Corrupt Bank Scheme That’s Not Being Stopped
    “Conspiracy theorists of the world, believers in the hidden hands of the Rothschilds and the Masons and the Illuminati, we skeptics owe you an apology. You were right. The players may be a little different, but your basic premise is correct: The world is a rigged game. We found this out in recent months, when a series of related corruption stories spilled out of the financial sector, suggesting the world’s largest banks may be fixing the prices of, well, just about everything.”*

  175. You proved us right again, Christine. Your own words speak volumes about who you really are. Disgusting.

  176. people on the front line get beat up the most

  177. “This Christine is a plant and one of many parts working on destroying our wonderful United States.”

    Are you for real? You 3 hyenas do a great job of destroying it all by yourselves by spending your entire life sitting on your butts, moaning and complaining all day long about the good ol’ days and never contributing anything other than platitudes and generalities “We the people”, “our great country”, “people need to, ought to, must, should, and what not”. Not one of you takes action. Go eat your Monsanto food, become morbidly obese, be one of the 17% with diabetes and one of the least educated among the developed countries (27th place, for Pete’s sake!), keep killing each others and shooting at each others and put it all smugly on me if you want. I don’t care. In your definition, a plant is someone who states it like it is. Fine. Doesn’t make it any less so… This country is done and over with. And calling me a plant won’t give you back your house or your condos. Knock yourself out: hating as much as all 3 of you do is like taking poison and hoping the object of your hate will die. Doesn’t get any more stupid than that.

    Deb, I know you’ve been fighting all along and you’re not included in that group. You’re a Brit who bought that American dream and i know it. Hope you win. And thanks, UKG. I know how you feel.

  178. Yes, Marilyn—it is excellent—I’m posting it—incredible, yet true:

  179. Have you looked at this on 4closurefraud

    The Biggest, Most Corrupt Bank Scheme That’s Not Being Stopped

  180. marilyn lane, it is becoming clear to many people who did not want to hear the “crazy conspiracy theories”, the truth is turning out to be crazier than fiction. There have been a lot of lies told to us and a lot of secrets kept from us. The so called media covered it all up for decades. In the not to distant past, the people speaking out about these things were labeled nut jobs, wing nuts, crazy conspiracy theorists and the lunatic fringe.

    Times are definitely changing and what we are finding out is pretty awful. We are finding these people who we entrusted to keep secure our Life, Liberty and Property lied to all of us about everything. These people are not who they appear to be on their faces. They have been hiding and covering up the worst secret of all, many if not most are the dreaded c word, they are in one big club of communists.

    Good God, my grandma was right when she told me never trust the banks and the politicians….!

  181. Deb

    If the Judges would follow the rule of law this whole mess could not happen .

    Judges did not want to get to be Judges to destroy this Country. Something bigger is happening

    To get our country back is not going to be an easy fight. There is a lot of power and money on the other side.

    I loved my easy life but when push comes to shove I know the Americans have the strength to fight to save our way of life. Enemies don’t look for permission to invade a country. That is why you are fighting a fraudclosure, I am fighting a fraudclosure and
    so are millions of others. This is a set up planned coup many years in the making.

    Neil has enough knowledge to educate the Judges tactfully and it’s a step in getting our rule pf law back.

  182. Indeed
    But apply the rule if law and build from there

  183. This fight we are having with Christine might sound like bickering
    when I read Christine’s posting below saying

    “Your country is done and over with. Deal with it.”

    This Christine is a plant and one of many parts working on destroying our wonderful United States.

    The other issue I see here are some attorneys are quite concerned that the pro se ltigents are taking pieces of their business away.

  184. I think that we are starting to realize how massive this fraudclosure crime is and how high up it starts.

  185. Wheres the love, we are all in this boat together. Whats happening here is we cant see the enemy and we lash out through frustration. Dint you think this is exactly what ” wall street” wants, the people scrapping amongst themselves whilst they carry on, business as usual. Just saying, wheres the love. Sad makes me sad.

  186. I think this bitchin is called exorcising the demon, personally I take ninja classes, I say devil get behind me- cant touch the future. onward.

  187. @usedkarguy…

    i’ve come up with something that may be of interest to you. contact me at my gmail account: LIVLIES2013

  188. this sounds like an apology to you Stripes

    New post on Foreclosure Fraud – Fighting Foreclosure Fraud by Sharing the Knowledge

    The Biggest, Most Corrupt Bank Scheme That’s Not Being Stopped
    by 4closureFraud

    The Biggest, Most Corrupt Bank Scheme That’s Not Being Stopped “Conspiracy theorists of the world, believers in the hidden hands of the Rothschilds and the Masons and the Illuminati, we skeptics owe you an apology. You were right. The players may be a little different, but your basic premise is correct: The world is a […]

    Read more of this post

  189. .I started by looking at pro publicia and went into Center for American Progess and secret think tanks for Obama. If any of you haven’t ever looked at that site, do so. It shows the organized force as how this country is being pushed to change so fast.

  190. I wonder what Christine’s real story and background is too.
    Seems like a plant.

  191. For somebody who doesn’t “give a damn about me”, Christine certainly spends a lot of time talking about me and making up lies about me and butting in when I’m discussing something with someone else…hmmm…that’s just plain weird…and kind of creepy.

  192. What facts do you deal in Christine? All that I have seen so far is one attempted cover up for these felons after the next. Take for example One Peoples Public Trust. You have got to be joking right? No she’s not. She is trying to cover up for the biggest bank heist of our wealth in history and hijacking of the U.S. TREASURY DEPARTMENT by the Federal Reserve Banksters…..the Rothschilds, the Warburgs, and the rest of the inbred illuminati bloodline. It is all about the art of the con.

    Anyone notice ever since Obama took office he and those turncoats in the Congress & the Senate claim they work for the Federal Govt…? Funny, the U.S. CONSTITUTION gave no special powers to the Federal Government. These people are imposters, they are not our government because nothing they do is legal. They are appointed puppets. Who are they really working with? The nazionists of course. Most are investors in this scam to steal our freedom & our national sovereignty. They are also members of this secret society AKA the synagogue of Satan by many proxies.. Whether they all worship Satan or not, they are all communists just the same. It is all one evil.

  193. You just proved me right again, Christine. Pathetic.

  194. “…which is what Christine loves to do.” Christine doesn’t love to do anything related to you. She doesn’t give a damn about you.

    Woe me, woe me, woe me. Martyrdom as a call in life. Phony as all hell and doesn’t fool any serious fighter. Go back to your “award winning” primitive glass painting. Everybody, Bob, Anonymous and tnharry included, knows that you never even approached one lawyer. I got your own e-mails to prove it and so do many others whose time you wasted. You decided, long before following any advice you pestered people for, that lawyers were “all crooks out to get my money.” I have it in writing and i bet tnharry does too. As far as Anon is concerned… we just happen to see eye to eye. Not impressed.

    Christine doesn’t give a shit about your feelings. She deals in facts. So do lawyers and judges. Bob is right. This is not a therapist couch.

    Have at it feeling sorry for yourself. Doesn’t take anything away from me. There are, however, people who won even in CA. I have a pretty good list. Difference between you and them is that… they fought!

    Back seat driver.

  195. Billionaire hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones says having babies destroys female traders ambition. One rich Wall Street businesswoman said she is a mother of 2 and had no trouble being a successful businesswoman. IMHO, it is all about priorities. Everyones priorities are different. Does having billions make you a better human being? Paul Tudor Jones sure sounds self centered and greedy and thinks life is all about the money. That is what this world is becoming, all about the money because greedy jerks like him are running the place. There are a lot of things in life that money and nannies can’t buy. My best memories are being home with my kids.

  196. Yes, UKG, you know nothing about CA foreclosure crap—but like Mr. Bob said:
    “I have talked to Brian. I know him…and he’s still losing in CA…”

    Brian Davies has spent a fortune and has the best lawyers and he is still losing, fighting the same bastards I had….I did my research and saw that in CA you don’t have a chance. That’s why I did what I did.
    Why would I put a lawyer on retainer indefinitely and spend a fortune when the system is completely rigged? No other state is as bad as CA. Period. Making that decision does not give someone the right to attack me over and over for making that decision—which is what Christine loves to do. That’s pretty pathetic, as far as I’m concerned.

  197. This blather Christine spews is Rothschild Zionism…..it is complete communism in sheeps clothes. As Dick Cheney said the other day on FOX biz we have been fighting communism for decades. I agree, the Cold War never ended and when Sarah Palin said she could see Russia from here, she wasn’t kidding. She was right about the Bill Ayres-spray as well.

    I am a member of no political party but they are telling the truth about these commies. They are becoming much more deceptive in their quest to dominate us. Thankfully there are many who are recognizing who these people are. Obama said in one of the debates they are not going to come by sea and invade us. That is true. They did it much more deceptively this time around, they hijacked our Securities by lending shitty quality credit, defaulted on their own garbage, the banksters committed massive investment fraud and derivatives fraud which is a nice name for dealing in Fraudulent Securities. They overissued investments in OUR SECURITIES to the tune of a quadrillion dollars in credit fraud with our autographs without our knowledge or consent. That is Securities Fraud on steroids, the Felonies committed by the banksters are innumerable.

    Don’t believe the big lie that Securities Fraud only effects the investors, we were the only ones with any skin in the game meaning, we were the only investors who were actual holders of these Securities. These crooks don’t own anything.

  198. and goodnight, Irene!

  199. judgments, hmmmm, let’s see,……I’ve talked with Christine. Seemed normal, understood the issues. She’s still in her house. Taking steps. On the offensive.

    Bob G.-Good guy, took a little of his time to answer a question and extend some professional courtesy. Seemed normal. an attorney who has real estate background. good information, to be sure.

    Deb, I know you. You know me.

    I personally don’t know shit about California foreclosure law, but if there is a deed of trust, they notify you, post an ad in the paper to make sure you know process has begun, and THE HOMEOWNER HAS TO COMMENCE A LAWSUIT TO CHALLENGE THE FORECLOSURE. That’s all I know. If you didn’t do that, you’re done.

    The only judgments I make are about my case and my attorney’s cases when she needs some help.

    Alleged default entered December 07. What year is this? 4 actions, still in my house. It’s not bragging if you can do it.

    I’m really sorry girls, but this endless ranting and blather not based on anything pertinent is a waste. Vapor money arguments won’t work.

  200. Wow you people are crazy. Wish I was a bankster , I would have nothing to worry about, as just 3 or 4 of the opposition here can’t even get organized , forget about millions.

  201. Like I said—the worst kind of human being. You prove it every time you post here.

  202. Share away, Marilyn… So, what do you have to share? How to lose?

    Done for today. Too pathetic. Your country is done and over with. Deal with it.

  203. And Carie,

    You damn well know I have a lit case. Denying it now is… well, who you are. Should i post all those e-mails between you and me? But, you see, being a hyena and accomplishing nothing while snarling is what you do. You’ve been doing that on 5 different sites for quite a few years while sucking the knowledge out of everyone and doing… just about nothing!

    That’s ok. True measure of stupidity with no action whatsoever. Lots of whining after the fact. No action. None. Zilch. Nada.

    Oh… and no, I’m not going anywhere until i decide to.

  204. In my second language she is el smucko

  205. Isn’t the purpose of this site is to share information ?

  206. Yep. Right about the time of day hyenas come out. As a pack. Gives them identity and power.

    Hey, Marilyn: people can say whatever they want behind my back and in as many languages as they wish to. Never stopped me from living my life and… I’m still here. Now, as far as foreclosure is concerned, I am among the very few who were smart enough to read and learn from the pros and attack the bank first. Do i have an ongoing case? You bet. in fact, i have 2. One currently in lit and one with a JDB. Does that stop me from being happy and having fun? Absolutely not! I’m not tied to -nor defined by- a house, a country or anything else. It’s called being free. Just the way Gawd made me.

    Oh and by the way… have you looked out your window recently? BRICS countries are redefining money worldwide (Americans wouldn’t know anything about that. They don’t care what is going on worldwide, being the center of the universe and all…) and race has not been an issue worldwide in a very long, sweet time. Borders? Jeez… while America is talking about installing all kinds of monitors to stop people from entering, the rest of the world, Americans included, is having a party relocating everywhere, mixing and matching, learning languages and learning to move on and adapt. And create. And leaving its mark. Gorgeous babies being born of African and Chinese. Not just gorgeous: they get the best of both worlds. Smart, healthy, naturally athletic, a mind geared toward physics, medicine and maths.

    Sinatra is kinda… dead. So are John Wayne and Charlton Heston. Good ol’ days gone for good. But that’s ok. To each his own. Men are people ever bitter in this country! Can’t see ahead!!! Can’t see behind Congress (a bunch of dysfunctional loonies) and government (ditto).

    Foreclosures were meant as a distraction from what’s really important to humanity. Sure as hell worked in this country, judging by would-be smart people sitting on their butts blogging all day!

  207. She only comes here to attack and put people down.. Makes her feel superior and worthwhile. Like I said—the worst kind of human being.

  208. What does Christine have to do with Foreclosures?

    Why is she here on this site?

  209. @Marilyn
    Christine is the most disgusting kind of human being there is. Best not to waste another thought or energy on her. People like her are the problem with the world. She’s very self-centered, lonely, bitter, and materialistic.
    Leave her to wallow in her own excrement.

  210. christine

    What do you have to do with Foreclosures?

  211. @ Christine

    At least you know what people are saying behind your back in three languages. I’d learn more language if I were you since there are alot more people of many languages talking behind your back.

  212. As if marilyn needs an excuse to exercise her first amendment right to free speech. That is how we know these people are frauds. No American patriot would be spewing the globalist (communist) crap Christine spews.

  213. Thanks marilyn. With christine’s comments, I consider the source. She claims to know everything but never has a legitimate argument. These communists always attack the messenger with no facts in an attempt to shoot the message. The message is clear if you know the truth, nothing they do is legal. They can schoolyard bully all they want, the facts don’t lie, these imposters are felons who want to fix felonies by committing more felonies. I won’t back down to these cowards who don’t give a shit about us. This is all about destroying our freedom & national sovereignty by inhuman beings and I for one am not fooled by them.

  214. Marilyn,

    The day you speak and write in 3 languages as well as i do and make a good living doing it, I may consider what you have to say. Which means… never.

    What’s your excuse?

  215. @Christine
    If you plan to stay here – learn english

    Stripes are on our Ameerican Flag and a stripper is on a pol

  216. “And yes, Alice, I am judgmental when it comes to dealing with village idiots and wingnuts. By your own admission, the system is CA is rigged. So what is your problem? Get out of that sandbox and play elsewhere. Lesson learned? If you live in CA, buy a house with all cash or rent it.”

    She might have to sooner than later… Didn’t I just read something about two 5.7 earthquakes just north of Sacramento? With that kind of an attitude though, I doubt the rest of the country will welcome her with open arms…

  217. When Carie and that imbecile stripper pull out the big words they don’t even understand, I know i touched a nerve… Doesn’t make them any smarter. Just more obvious in their limited intellect. And more toxic to themselves.

    Kindergarten. Bankers are laughing their asses off reading this site.

    “If the Americans are complainers – get the next plane out.” No need to, Marylin. Chinese and Russians have been moving in for a few years with the American-born people’s blessing.

    Pretty soon, I’ll be in great company all around.

  218. They always try to bury the first place issue, they must be holder or holder in due course of their own Security. The law requires the basic statutory legal requirement to bring these complaints must be met at the onset of their fc suits. The cover up is in the fact these suits that are being brought without stating a cause of action at the onset are criminal and are wrought with felonies.

    The feloniousness of these suits is being ignored and that is a direct violation of our legal rights.

  219. Got CAFR?

  220. @charles reed.
    in ny, in order to initiate a foreclosure action, you must either be the owner or the holder of the note. servicers can’t do this on their own.

    my understanding is that GNMA just issues guarantees on conforming pools of MBS, and charges a fee for the guarantee. FNMA and Freddie, on the other hand, actually purchase mortgages in the secondary market (they aren’t allowed to originate)

  221. I meant judgmental in a rude, disdainful way.
    As far as learning to paint—you can only get so far with teaching someone…then you’ve either got it or you don’t.

  222. usedkarguy in the Giles v Wells Fargo seem as if thing were handled correctly if Freddie Mac purchase the loan from America South in 2007 and Wells Fargo was simply servicing the loan and with the approval of Fannie Mae they were placed into title with permission of the debt holder, but that debt holder should have been on title at the local county land recording showing that transfer. But that part maybe up to state statute as far as title, and also if the state allows the substitution on a non holder to be inserted for the actual holder of debt.

    However here on this site we are not arguing a party that purchase the debt, it parties that have not purchase the debt, as in Ginnie Mae who is not a lender and does not purchase the debt and has publish that fact.

    But there is a question on Freddie Mac & Fannie Mae and that is are they actual lenders according to the Notes would be my argument, and who is their banking regulator. Not anyone can simply purchase a mortgage home loan because they are not set up to handle servicing the loan and as a non-lender are able to change an interest rate or term as they are not a lender.

    But the situation where these loan were purchase is not the actual argument, it only when you got no claim and cannot provide evident where you purchase jack, and should not be in court claiming you did, when you did not. But I would explore Fannie & Freddie status on each loan because it does not sound to be consistence with each loans. It does not sound to me as if these two do actual exchange monies, and in some cases are opportunist.

  223. @carie…no, i’m not saying that i am better, just more skilled in some areas, and less in others. i’m wondering if you think that you are skilled enough to teach me how to get started painting portraits. do you think that you possess a rudimentary teaching skill set such as that?

    i mean if i were to spend a couple of weeks with you learning how to do what you do, do you think that i would be a better portrait painter as a result?

    btw, i don’t think that your parents were judgmental enough when raising you. my weren’t, and i had to spend about 15 years unlearning a lot of bad behavior that would have been unnecessary had more people been judgmental with me when i was younger. that’s the problem with the country today…not enough judgments being rendered by society against those that need it.

  224. And by the way, Mr. lovely Bob, I am an award-winning artist/painter…I was never meant to be a left brain know-it-all with regards to law. I work on my art all the time, and you have no idea what I’ve had to deal with in my personal life.
    You may be a smart lawyer, but I bet you sure as hell can’t paint a beautiful portrait. Are you saying you are better than me?
    Everyone has their gifts to share, but being judgmental and rude isn’t helpful.

  225. That Wells Fargo suit stinks to the high heavens of corruption. Wells Fargo needed to be burned at the stake on that one. Where are the State Prosecutors? That is a RICO suit if ever I heard one. Obviously Wells is the mop up crew for the Issuer of the Origination Fraud and they are all insured by us. However, the law requires them to be holder of their own Security or holder in due course at the onset. Not in fraudulent possession of our Security. Deception is key to this robbery.

  226. Bob,

    Wow—your true self comes out.
    This is what I said:
    “He has spent a fortune, and still has not won.”
    You said I didn’t fight and you judge me on that…yet Brian…?
    Good luck with that “personality” of yours…you sound like an alcoholic to me.
    Get some help—you need to check that or I sense a heart attack or stroke coming.
    Take care.

  227. @Carie…I have talked to Brian. I know him. FYI, he is a former plastic surgeon. He’s a lot smarter than you, and he’s still losing in CA, so there is very little hope for you and your Alice in Wonderland nonsense.

    And yes, Alice, I am judgmental when it comes to dealing with village idiots and wingnuts. By your own admission, the system is CA is rigged. So what is your problem? Get out of that sandbox and play elsewhere. Lesson learned? If you live in CA, buy a house with all cash or rent it.

    You don’t have money to pay a lawyer, cuz your kids are more important. So what are you proposing to do? You don’t seem to know enough law to even find the courthouse let alone litigate in it. No money, no legal skills, no house…and yes, no brains.

    I think that a lot of you CA characters need to have somebody be judgmental and kick your ass back into the real world, you know the one that you refuse to live in.

  228. Thanks again marilyn. We are all up against a lot. I happen to live in the hornet’s nest so I know I need to keep my can of bug spray handy. These deceivers creep up seemingly out of nowhere. It’s like being in a well scripted film with bad actors playing the leading roles. I really don’t think they thought we gave a shit enough to fight.

    I happen to know what is at stake here is all the marbles and if we allow them to get away with stealing everything from us, that will only be the beginning of sorrows for us. I do not intend to let that happen to me & my family.

  229. Right on, Marilyn…she’s probably hugging her “cabin”…what a life.

  230. Subject: File No. S7-35-11
    From: marilyn h Lane
    Affiliation: concerned individualSeptember 5, 2011
    The abominable banking system that is in place today, gives a bank great incentive to foreclose on an Ultra Vires contract, as the bank demands lawful money returned for the unlawful money lent.
    By what Authority are the Banks doing this? There is no authority for doing this. This is in complete prohibition to Art 1 Para 10 Cl1 of our US Constitution.
    All of our cases with slightly different facts all stem from the same Fraud.
    The Bank did not lend you LAWFUL MONEY but the Bank intentionally wrote
    a bad check and gave it to you –to circulate as money
    I certainly did not know this kind of fraud was going on when I signed my mortgage and note. Did you?
    The Mortgagor puts up a down payment, the Mortgagor pays a lot of fees and probably paid an attorney to represent them, all in order to get this bad check
    Would a Mortgagor have put in all that money, if one knew the truth of how the Banks ran their illegal business. I bet not.
    Did anyone notify you after that big day – the Banks check bounced – of course not. When the check that the Bank wrote came back to the Bank that wrote it, the bank didnt say we only have 5% , if that much and it was not stamped insufficient funds the bank stamped it paid
    So since the Bank did not have the money sitting in the banks account when they wrote the check, what the bank gave you is their credit.
    That is exactly what is prohibited by Art. 1 Para 10 Cl 1 of the US Constitution.
    What authority gives the Bank the right to make contracts with bad checks
    Nothing- Nada.
    Lawful money is needed to make a contract valid.
    Over and Over Mortgagors gave a Bank a mortgage on their castle , in return for a Bank giving you a credit entry on their books and charging you Interest on this credit. Also illegal.
    Did the Bank give you lawful money or is that what you got, credit?
    Banks are not allowed to lend their credit- Banks are in the business to lend
    lawful money There is not a Bank charter that allows a Bank to lend their credit.
    And as we continued to make monthly payments the Bank collected more money on their fraud.
    You try writing a check when you dont have funds sitting in your account to cover it.
    You can be sure that check is coming back markedinsufficient funds You are not allowed to do it and either is a Bank.
    This scam of Ultra Vire contracts caused injury to us, the true homeowners.
    In addition the banks are laundering bad checks.
    The Banks violate Truth in Lending Laws.
    The Banks are collecting Interest on money that doesnt exist. (Lending you 5% and collecting Interest on 95% of thin air)
    And once the Bank gets their Ultra Vire contract going, they start flipping them to MERS, Securitizations , Wall Street, Title Companies etc. there is no shortage of people all wanting to get their piece of the illegal profits.

  231. @ Christine

    We are going to take our Countrys values back from those of you who want to destroy the United States of America.

    I was born and grew up in this wonderful country surrounded by family and friends including some immigrants who loved and were so proud of this country.

    We weren’t complainers we were doers. We all grew up working to become whatever it was we wanted to do. I have eighteen doctors among my cousins. I am the sheep I am an artist.

    The artists are creators we have no time to waste with people with little minds like you.
    Go mobile if thats your thing. You probably couldn’t sit in your house for 24 hours and be alone with yourself.

    If the Americans are complainers – get the next plane out.

  232. @Bob G.

    One last thing, since you are so judgmental. You need to thoroughly read Brian Davies docs. He has been fighting for YEARS here in CA the same bastards that were involved in my situation. He has spent a fortune, and still has not won. So don’t talk to me about fighting. The system is completely rigged–especially in CA—the worst. My kids are more important than putting some lawyer on retainer for years, only to have him go; “Sorry! I told you it was a lost cause!”.
    You don’t know what you’re talking about when it comes to CA.

  233. This sounds like a case of pleading the wrong cause of action…..

    11th Circ. Backs Wells Fargo Win In Mortgage Transfer Case

    Law360, New York (May 23, 2013, 7:49 PM ET) — The Eleventh Circuit on Thursday dismissed a proposed class action brought by a mortgage holder who claimed Wells Fargo Bank NA violated the Truth in Lending Act by failing to notify her of a transfer in ownership of her mortgage loan.
    In an unpublished per curium opinion, a three-judge panel found that a federal judge was correct when she ruled that Wells Fargo was not obligated to provide notice of transfer and dismissed the suit. The panel ruled that because the transfer of the mortgage to Wells Fargo had been undertaken as a matter of “administrative convenience” to allow the bank to conduct a foreclosure, Wells Fargo was excepted from the notice requirement of the TILA.

    “To the extent that Wells Fargo was assigned the note, the assignment enabled Wells Fargo both to conduct a valid foreclosure proceeding under Alabama law and, therefore, to carry out its duties as servicer,” the opinion said. “Thus, the assignment was administratively convenient to Wells Fargo.”

    The suit stems from Wells Fargo’s decision to foreclose the property of named plaintiff Lakeesha Giles, who took out a $63,000 mortgage with America South Mortgage Corp. in 2007. The mortgage named Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems as the mortgagee.

    In late 2007, the Federal National Mortgage Association purchased the mortgage and servicing was later transferred to Wells Fargo, according to the opinion. In June 2010, Wells Fargo contacted Giles to inform her that, based on her default on her mortgage, it was foreclosing her home. The next month, MERS assigned the mortgage to Wells Fargo, so that the bank could conduct foreclosure proceedings in its own name, the opinion said.

    Wells Fargo did not inform Giles that MERS had transferred to the bank ownership of the loan, according to the opinion.

    The bank went ahead with the foreclosure and in October 2010, sold the title to Giles’ property to Fannie Mae, which had submitted the highest bid to Wells, the opinion said.

    Following the foreclosure of her home, Giles filed suit in July 2011 in Alabama federal court on behalf of all mortgage holders whose mortgages were transferred to Wells Fargo without disclosure in the previous year. She claimed that under the TILA, Wells was obligated to notify her of the transfer within 30 days, but that it failed to do so.

    But U.S. District Judge Kristi K. DuBose rejected Giles’ argument, ruling in a September summary judgment order that Wells Fargo had only been the “nominal owner” of the loan and that it was not liable.

    On Thursday, the appeals court found that Fannie Mae had only temporarily assigned the mortgage to Wells Fargo to allow the bank to foreclose, barring Giles’ TILA claim. Because the administrative convenience exception applied, the panel found, there was no genuine issue of material fact to dispute.

    “We appreciate that the court reached what we believe was the appropriate decision,” a Wells Fargo spokesperson said.

    Counsel for Giles expressed frustration with the ruling and said it went against the purpose of the notice requirement in the TILA.

    “We’re really disappointed and probably will ask for a rehearing,” said Earl Underwood Jr. of Underwood & Riemer PC, adding that the requirement was based on “a common sense notion that a person who is being foreclosed should on know who to deal with.”

    Giles is represented by Earl P. Underwood Jr. and Kenneth J. Riemer of Underwood & Riemer PC.

    Wells Fargo is represented by D. Keith Andress, Catherine Crosby Long and Natalie Renee Bolling of Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz PC and W. Austin Mulherin III of Frazer Greene Upchurch & Baker LLC.

    The case is Giles v. Wells Fargo Bank NA, case number 12-15567, in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit.

    Thanks to Law360 newsletter. You should subscribe.
    –Editing by Andrew Park.

  234. “…Their acceptance of the money at closing and their execution of a satisfaction of mortgage or release and reconveyance is a sham. In the absence of any other creditor demanding payment and showing that they are in fact a true creditor (having paid actual money for the origination or acquisition of the loan), proceeds of all such closings should, in my opinion, go to the homeowner. If the bank got the money, it is my opinion that the bank should be sued for recovery of the entire proceeds of the closing.”

  235. “…It is my goal to show payments to the sub servicer or anyone else in the false securitization chain should never have been made and were never due. It is my opinion that these payments are owed back to the homeowner in all events, together with interest, costs of the court action, and attorney fees where those are provided by statute or contract.”

  236. @usedkarguy

    To me, this Bob G seems knowledgeable but he as well as I know how corrupt some Judges are like Judge Carol Arbor who signed two foreclosure judgments in NYSC when the case was under Federal jurisdiction. Like Judge Alice Schlesinger who took a bribe from Title attorneys to defiantly rule against an issue decided in Federal Court re jurisdiction because she preferred the money t

    The Appellate Judges who rather rally round a corrupt judge than stand up and defend our Constitution.

    It is not that I don’t think attorneys have more training and are better prepared for a court room than a lot of us on these sites, but when the Judges stopped paying attention to the law and could control an attorney with a wink of the eye I saw a lot of possibility that I could get thrown under the bus so that the attorney wouldn’t risk sanctions , suspensions or risk his or her license

    When you look at the tip of your nose you don’t see your whole face
    Stripes has made many of us aware of the big picture. A rigged system needs to be challenged or it will always remain rigged.

    And the Courts are first starting to realize stealing our homes is not quite like taking candy from a baby.

    God Bless Stripes and her courage .and I think Judge Schlesinger will think twice before making a mistake and taking another bribe to throw the case as she thinks of Marilyn Lane a very polite and quiet woman in the courtroom who knew she would be such a fighter.

    And as for plants I am sure the Courts and Banks and Title companies are trying to shut us up.

  237. I am.

  238. @ Carie…so what’s stopping you? Go sue them and let us know how you make out. By your own admissions here, you are obviously a talker and not a doer.

  239. @Marilyn
    I got you…that “person” is a bitter, unloved, lonely, hateful person who’s only joy in life is putting other people down to make herself look good. She has nothing..oh, except some stupid “shelter” that she thinks is the only thing that matters…she has no idea what truly matters…just like all the other sociopathic materialists.

  240. @iwantmynvp

    I want to sue the servicer for intentional fraudulent misrepresentation and unjust enrichment.
    I don’t care about getting the house back.

  241. Marylin,

    The America you grew up in IS GONE!!!!! Wrap your mind around it once and for all. Humanity must move forward or die. the world keeps moving forward and this country is holding back every inch it can. Dreaming of the “good old days”. The same “good old days” is used to bitch and moan about. A country of chronic complainers…

    It is gone. The future belongs to mobile people. people willing to learn foreign languages and expatriate themselves. Holding back is only hurting yourself.

  242. Like the IRS scandal we must highlight what role the federal government has in these crimes. The GOP in my opinion because they did not challenge Obama on the issue of Housing/Foreclosures so Obama was able to control both side of the debate.

    Because the White House to many was promoting that they were going to help those homeowner that were victims and were doing thing right, what does that statement actual say? What right in this financial crisis?

    However Obama was able to lump troubled borrower into one category that he could call deadbeats that were “living outside their means”. The effect of Obama not being challenged about the New York mostly Democratic Bankers who supported him big time in 2008, but no prosecution of any of these high ranking bank officials occur. Now in 2012 Obama got to paint the GOP as protectors of the big banks/Wall Street because Romney was painted as this Wall Street creation, but at a net worth of only $250 million, we talking about a smaller investor that got the same net worth as Lil Wayne the rapper or Justin Beiber.

    But as Romney did get the bulk of donations from banks in 2012 but was it just a hedge bet, as Obama was already in the back pocket of the Bankers. But Romney was not rocking the vote of the GOP talking about helping borrowers, so Obama was able to run these not so helping borrowers programs but also telling the independent that he was tough of deadbeat, and the Ponzi over at Ginnie Mae is still not realized because the GOP not questioning and the borrowers only have one perceived lifeline and that Obama.

    We got to keep on fighting and get these agency head to answer our questions under oath where they face perjury charges for lying to Congress! As with the IRS I think you find that these government agencies have aided Obama by suppressing we the borrower as they suppressed the Tea Party and other conservatives. Something we find strange bedfellows!

  243. Marylin,

    Birds of a feather… Normal. All the losers do is stick together. Misery loves miserable company. Misery can’t stand someone doing what they don’t do and getting better results they got. It’s called envy. jealousy. Plenty of it here.

    Still in the house. Still own the cabin. i must be doing something right… I wonder what it is… No whining all the time, maybe? Taking action? Jeez… i really, really wonder…

    Just for the hell of it: compassion and empathy are definitely not what you girls exhibit. Fear is much, much more like it. Fear, spite and hatred.

    Foreclosure is exactly like everything else: you get out the fight what you put into it.

  244. gee, Marilyn, thoughtful response. this is the problem here: people like you want to talk Sinatra.

  245. @ Christine

    After reading what you wrote I can’t help thibnking you should go back to where you came from.
    I like people with real emotions, like the stripes, the caries.

    the America I grew up in is the America everyone should witness not
    what is going on in this country today. Re read the words in Sinatra’s The House I Live in and maybe you will connect to some real feelings.

  246. marylin, Bob G is not a plant. We’ve spoken before. He’s the real deal. Same with Harry. He knew what he was talking about. People don’t want to hear what they have to say because they are disillusioned. I thank the attorneys who participate because THEY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT. Many posters here think that because an attorney tells you something you don’t like, he’s “a plant”. We are not lawyers. The task at hand requires lawyers. You cannot do this (effectively) without one. Yes, there are exceptions. Some have had success. But the number of losses far outweighs the “wins”. Crying, whining, constant posting of emotions and thoughts does nothing for anyone here. Go get a therapist. They can help. Quit berating professionals who share their knowledge here.
    Everybody is angry, We know. But anger is no substitute for legal knowledge .

  247. Bob G.,

    Finally someone who says it like it is. Of note: those who attack the most happen to be those who lost for want of a fight and hate the entire world for it. Those stripper and woe-me who spend their time attacking everyone who doesn’t think as they do are only poisoning themselves. Hating is like drinking poison and hoping the other guy croaks. And guess what: they all; suffer from those poorly-defined, rich-kid illnesses: fibromyalgia, autoimune crap. Coincidence? Nope! Toxic people with toxic bodies. People sitting on their ass all day long, posting in as many blogs as they can manage the exact same insanity and… lecturing others, as though they know so much that they make it their mission in life to proselyte everywhere. Pathetic specimens.

    UKG, you have it absolutely right: it is only a house. Once that one is gone, there are plenty more where it came from. What is it with people and that house being an extension of themselves? Oh well… same way with their kids, their pets, their car…

    American people are in a big doodoo, Their entire worth and value are contained in what they “own”. No wonder they lose their mind when they lose their pets and their stuff!!!

  248. @Bob G

    That credit card issue might be very good for some but not our issue here. We are losing our homes to FRAUD.

    Stripes understands and has shown us a much larger picture of why so many of us were victims of their greed. If you want to add information about this massive ponzi to take our properties, good.

  249. FYI … here’s some very useful information, the kind of stuff that can actually help you.

    Credit Card Debt. Many of you folks are getting hammered by the banks in credit card cases. Or the banks have sold off your accounts to vulture funds that have paid pennies on the dollar for the account.

    Do you realize that beating the banks and vulture funds in credit card cases is easier than beating them in mortgage cases? Are you aware that the banks securitized your credit card charges within days if not hours of the charges having been made? Are you aware that they only have one or two credit card receivables trusts, that they keep replenishing with new charges as they occur, and that these trusts are set up just like the MBS trusts and can be found on the SEC website?

    Are you aware that the banks get paid from the trust as soon as they dump in the receivables, and that the banks are no longer the creditor that can either sell your account to a vulture fund or try to collect it themselves?

    Are you aware that they will admit that they have gotten paid when you hit them with a Notice to Admit in discovery? And payment is an affirmative defense that will win every time.

    The difference between the CC trusts and the MBS trusts is the relatively small balances of the accounts does not make it worthwhile for the trustee to go all over the country and try and track done and sue the cardholders for the balances. So the banks give it a shot in their name or sell the account to a vulture fund. And nearly 100% of these cases go to the banks or the vulture funds by default. (Note: you never see a vulture fund get an MBS deal, do you?)

    This is the kind of info that should be posted here and that is useful and productive and helpful to those being afflicted. Not the kind of Stripe Tripe or woe is me stuff that inundates this board.

  250. Neil’s Proposed Hedge Fund to Sue Banks…

    This is not a new concept. Sean Coffey tried it with BlackRobe Capital Partners recently in NYC. The firm folded in the last week or so.

    This is not what hedge funds do. It is a task for private equity firms. In my opinion, it will not get off the ground. Hedge funds and private equity funds depend upon the banks for a large measure of their financing; hedge funds for their acquisition stakes and private equity for their portfolio companies. They are not interested in this stuff, as they do not want to antagonize those that provide them funds and handle their deposit accounts. (See what’s happening to the gun manufacturers? The banks are cancelling their loan facilities and their deposit relationships with them.)

    A special purpose private equity fund is going to run into the same problems. And it’s not going to have a billion dollars worth of equity funding to pursue this. Do you realize how much this kind of litigation costs? Tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars. I know a guy in Greenwich, CT who tried this. After expending several million dollars in legal fees with no result, he threw in the towel. And this is a guy who knew what he was doing, having put together REAL MBS programs in Russia.

    The banks have all the money in the world, and they keep getting it free from Bernanke. They have the resources to hire law firms that charge $1,000 – $2,000 per hour. Guys who can charge these rates are “wired into the system.” They know all the judges personally. If the matter is before a state court judge that has to run for reelection, they finance his/her campaign. Is Neil’s firm going to do that? Is his firm going to hire
    guys who charge him $1K-$2K per hour?

    I would love to see Neil’s prospectus for this deal, especially his Risk Factors and financial projections.

    I empathize with you folks in non-judicial states. It’s a very tough row to hoe. But if you’re done, you’re done. You can spend all your time on this blog, but to what end? It’s not going to get your house back. It’s not going to get you any post-judgment recoveries against the banksters.

    Some of you folks remind me of the Nicole Kidman character in the movie “The Others.” She just refused to acknowledge that she and her kids were dead and move on.

    I guess there really should be a section on this blog for the Nicole Kidman’s and those whose only purpose is to rant and perpetually sing the Star Spangled Banner. The only thing that is productive is if you can tell us (a) how you won, or (b) how you lost and what you would have done differently.

    Other than that, what’s the point of being here, day in and day out? If you were paying a $100 an hour for a therapist, and complaining about the same stuff to the therapist that you complain about here, what do you think the therapist would tell you that would be any different than what you are being told here?

  251. CARIE THE LENDER IS THE N.A. THEY DO DISCLOSE IT ON EVERY FINAL HAMP MOD / NEW NOTE that is created through execution of the same final documents. Take notice that the new notes are being recorded with the relevant clerk in each County.

    Depending on the pool the only parties that can be the lender at this stage are the depositor or master servicer.

    Now, the real question, why do you care if the Servicer does, or does not tellyou that. What batlle are you fighting?

    My personal favorite is; “your investor is”

    I am also an investor in the property because I spackled and applied two coats of antique white paint to a hole in the living room, caused by a football,which took flight from a five year old.

    What is the difference?

    Apparently, you have answered one question for me through your last set of regurge, you have clearly chosen to Kneil instead of Bob.

    Can i get a drum roll pleaseeeeee.

  252. Your loan financed something other than your home
    Your loan was for fulfillment of a very integral piece of securitization that otherwise ….make this game a looser
    The certificates are not what you all believe they are…
    There is no interest rate and prepepayment speed risk is now the lenders tool to decide ….near has or will be a Robo issue or phony assignment …never was an issue.

    I tool a bet and moved into a place with a friend who introduced me to the client. It’s a square deal I’m renting ….I moved in the day order for entry was granted. .. Holdover commenced immediately thereafter.

    That was October ….
    Latest cases

    Cash for Keys
    LB CA $165,000.—
    SFV CA $ 3,000 – No stipulation to move

    Glendale CA Stop sale / Foreclosure cancelled indefinitely
    Wd Hills CA Back in home – almost 2 years after F/C/ eviction

    If there is a loan it’s by novation and you don’t need a assignment to novae consideration

    A requirement to surrender all control for assets upon sale tells me THERE IS NO SERIVCING AGENT

    It takes a independent third party and 12 months and a day to cause a liquidated mortgage to be restored in order to Foreclose ….LOL How’s that modification doing !!!!!

  253. For all of you that. might get discouraged fighting there are many PLANTS ON THESE SITES

    AS WINSTON CHURCHILL SAID never, never never never give up
    amd we won against the evil nazis.

    Why is this usedkarguy always thanking the plants?


  254. well ouch! I think I will raise a stink from this side of my computer then, I am still working and must conserve some of my time. Thank you for the advise though.

  255. Unfortunately, this is what happens to people who “raise a stink” and say they’re “not gonna take it anymore”:


  256. What we need is a REAL “Independent Foreclosure Review”.
    There was nothing “independent” about the last one.
    Sadly, Elizabeth Warren is the only person trying to get to the bottom of that BS.

  257. I feel like we go round and round trying to explain all of the pain to the very people who are crying. It is time to send our fight, our pain, these words to the White House! All of you who are so very educated, all of us who have our stories, all of others who are so angry….send all of it to the White House! Speak up make them listen, scream, shout, stomp your feet, make it loud, make it mighty, don’t stop… all of us write one thing everyday….drive them crazy, drive them mad, drive them by the hundreds, but drive them. I don’t care how you say it, just say it, and ask for an answer back! I have wrote many times but now I will write daily, every extra moment, I will be a pest, please join me.

    I am mad as hell and I can’t take it anymore!

  258. Okay, I guess it’s gang up on carie night.
    I don’t care about getting the house back. Duh.
    I want the “servicer” to give me my MONEY back because they LIED about WHERE MY MONEY WENT.
    I just can’t accept that the millions of people that were LIED TO OVER AND OVER and DELIBERATELY DEFRAUDED out of their homes and dealt with in the most insanely unjust and illegal way by these GD “servicers”, have absolutely no recourse whatsoever after the fact.
    I will never accept it.

  259. carie, if your house is gone, why do you hang around parroting anonymous? if you were foreclosed on, your house has been sold, you never appealed, oh, wait, you’re non-judicial, okay, you still did not file your action. There is no going back. You can’t even enter other causes of action without leave to amend. there has to be finality, yes, but I too question the cost. but it sounds like you’re all done. time to move on, maybe. please know I personally wish you the best. please hold on to your perspective. a house is housing. it’s a “thing”. I understand the passion to right the wrong. I thank you, too, for the effort you put in here. but many of the “anonymous” stuff is bunk. there is no time left for all this bullshit.

    bob, having a wonderful time. always nice to see you participate. your expertise is worth listening to.
    and stripes, I’ll answer a question you tendered.
    I got a Wells Fargo loan and the funding came from Deutsche Bank.

    did anybody notice Wells stock hit $40 today?
    who says crime doesn’t pay?

  260. The laws are already on the books. No new legislation is needed. The can is still being kicked.

  261. @Bob G

    Not only bizarre and unconstitutional but if this illegal ruling by Judge Schlesinger stands it destroys the Supremacy Clause of the US Constitution and the March 3rd , 1875 Act of Congress which states: It is the duty of the State Court to accept a Petition and proceed no FURTHER IN SUCH SUIT Cl 37, Sect. 3 Stat, pt 3 P 470. The Record vested the Federal Court with complete Jurisdiction.


    The fraud perpertrated against me is so obvious but they thought they could sweep it under the rug. They didn’t count on me writing a book entitled “Saccharin Sweet & Sleazy Judge Alice Schlesinger of New YOR SUPREME COURT Perpertrated Title Fraud with Thomas Malone of Fidelity National Title and David K FIVESON OF Coronet Title.

    They didn’t count on the Davids fighting back against the Goliaths
    The worms are out of the can against all the FRAUD

  262. Oh, I get it now…hey, do you know tnharry?

    As far as Neil—well, nobody’s perfect.

    But somebody has to go after these bastards that screwed over millions of people.

    I know you don’t agree…you’re just happy to do your thang…who gives a shit about the little people, right?

    Have a nice weekend.

  263. Carie…Neil also says that the PSAs represented to investors that the mortgages were insured. that is absolutely not true. Show me even one PSA that says that.

    Neil says a lot of things that he apparently cannot back up with facts.

  264. Bless you, Deb.

  265. who are you bob, Ive been here for a long long time, sorry I did interrupt, but you have an big opinion, so do i.

  266. Dear Bob G.,

    “…my law firm is offering to represent homeowners who lost…their homes on a contingency fee, as long as only economic damages are sought.
    …It is my goal to show payments to the sub servicer or anyone else in the false securitization chain should never have been made and were never due. It is my opinion that these payments are owed back to the homeowner in all events, together with interest…”



  267. all those AZ residents that lost their homes to IndyMac/onewest and have a bone to pick with the FDIC- only need 2 parties to get a class action started- I know the attys get the gold- but what choice do we have, we must stop the rape and piliage, its time, way past time, Neil , Berman Shapairo whats the name , Rob Carey works for them they sued a huge developer at the start of this mess and it went kinda quiet (settled?)- what do you think, im brainstormin here, 4 years ive been spending my life doing this- where is the real help, it must come from each state, agencies working together, waiting for washington is like waiting for hell to freeze over.

  268. My last post was for Marilyn
    Deborah…you’re late to the party. I’m merely responding to carie. She’s the Petitioner and I’m the Respondent.. Get it?

  269. how intention- back up the 1099a- trace it backwards

  270. Seems all very bizarre. I’m sure there is a lot more to this story. Were u represented by counsel? Are there any decisions in your cases that one can review?

  271. In addition, Bob G.:



    Obviously you have NO IDEA what goes on in CA, so NEVER MIND.

    I refuse to believe EVERYONE who got their homes STOLEN without understanding AT THE TIME of the foreclosure that it was FRAUDULENTLY OBTAINED has absolutely NO RECOURSE after the fact.

    I’ll just talk to Neil. Thanks anyway.

  272. im tongue in cheek folks, but honestly, we had no chance, but neither did David against Goliath at first blush

  273. and Bob G who the F do you think you are anyway.
    whats “you had your chance n you blew it” to Carie, like may//
    WE HAD NO chance, whats this word chance.

  274. @Bob G

    I filled for a Chapter 13 to save my two condos and while there discovered the reason why ASTORIA FEDERAL S & L successor in interest to FIDELITY NY FSB (Fidelity hid four of my mortgage checks) had faked a default in order to accelerate the mortgages and demand legal money for Fidelity’s illegally created money.

    I found this when the wonderful bankruptcy judge Cornelius Blackshear had me research a 510 Motion to void a fraudulent creditor. And when I discovered and brought up the origination fraud of the mortgage he told me Federal District Court has origination jurisdiction of the money issue.

    And I filed a Federal Petition in the Southern District of NY . The HON Louis L Stanton read my Petition accepted it for filing and sent me to the Federal Court to pay my fees, get a docket number and file a copy of my PETITION in State Court and JUDGE Stanton issued his first orders.

    Almost three months into my Federal Case, the long gone corrupt bank DEBT COLLECTOR attorneys MJRF pressured the HON Judge Stanton into believing
    that I was a militia type that wanted to change the Banking Industry.

    And my Federal question Petition – Can a Bank create and lend their credit prohibited by Art l Para 10 cl 1 of the US Constitution.

    That is the drift and I was remanded to NYSC however while the case was under Federal Juridiction the State Court ignored the Federal Petition and just continued on and Judge Carol Arbor signed two foreclosure judgments void ab initio.

    It was this issue of Jurisdiction that I was in front of Judge Alice Schlesinger pursuant US Elliot v Piersol and she wove a tale of why she wasn’t going to follow the mandatory law of the Supremacy Clause of the US Constitution., when Thomas Malone
    Attorney for Fidelity Title and David K Fiveson of a non existent title company he called Coronet Title had “Equity “ and she defiantly ruled against Federal law.

    And the 1st dept of the Appellate Division refused to give me a final determination although Chief JUDGE Jonathan LIPPMAN decision stated that the Appellate Decision was not Constitutional.

    The Appellate Department knowing these were Void ab ignitio judgments trying to hide what they were doing and wanting to give my two properties to their friends changed the Federal dates in their decision.

    Are you saying that Neil “leading the charge” are the thoughts of a 7 year old? Neil is stupid?
    For God’s sake Bob—what the hell is Neil talking about? He is NOT TALKING ABOUT DOING SOMETHING BEFORE FORECLOSURE.
    He is talking about doing something AFTER foreclosure.

    You are obviously a typical lawyer.

  276. carie bring the best point in these cases while going through the fog of this war, and we are foreclosed upon, maybe best because it show damage and what I see happening to folks who have case withdrawn by banks and modifications done, what happens when the spotlight stop shinning of the problem?

    We the victims need to bring something to the table as I can see that attorney are getting….I am in trouble but I don’t know what was done but I want to ask the judge for discovery to go fishing.

    Victims need to use everything available to them in getting these agencies to gather evidence for you, so you can develop a picture of the crime.

    I guess what I am saying is to start by first getting your loan paper out the kitchen drawer and request a release from that lender everything and keep moving forward.

    We been given lemons in the foreclosure so let make lemonades out of treble damages in federal court!

  277. Carie…upload a copy of your law firm’s retainer agreement when you get it. I’m sure we would all benefit from seeing it.

  278. Carie…

    1. No. Too late. We’ve gone over this before. Google “collateral estoppel” and “res judicata.”
    2. Yes, but it’s too late now. See Above.
    3. Not now. See above.
    4. If you know what you’re doing, you get discovery. First you have to show up and not default. You defaulted, so you don’t get discovery.
    5. No. See all the above. That’s why it’s not happening.

    How many times do we have to go over this? You defaulted, you failed to appear, you were due no further notices of any court actions, except the final judgment. THE FRAUD COULD HAVE BEEN BROUGHT UP AND PROVED IN THE FORECLOSURE ACTION. PERIOD. THE END. FINI.

    Courts aren’t going to let litigation go on forever and ever amen. You had your opportunity and you blew it.

    Try and get one local lawyer to sue another local lawyer on behalf of you, a pro se litigant. Just try it sometime and see what happens. If you were a large corporate client that’s one thing, but you’re not. You’re a broke and busted would-be litigant with no money to pay an attorney. What attorney is going to take you on as a client? And you appear incapable of representing yourself in a pro se capacity, otherwise you would have done it and not defaulted in the foreclosure action.

    Carie, I feel like I’m talking to a 7 year old or someone with a severe learning disability. You keep asking the same questions over and over again. And I keep giving you the same answers over and over again. I’m not sure if this forum is some sort of therapy for you, or you’re jerking us around for some sadistic pleasure, or you’re just plain crazy.

    I’m sorry to be so harsh with you, but cold winds blow through the Halls of Truth.

  279. @Bob G.—Like Neil said:

    “…I am leading the charge on this one. It is my intention to file suit against the Wall Street banks who have accepted monthly payments, short sale payments, and full payments on loans that were subject to claims of securitization. In fact, my law firm is offering to represent homeowners who lost or sold their homes on a contingency fee, as long as only economic damages are sought. It is my goal to show payments to the sub servicer or anyone else in the false securitization chain should never have been made and were never due. It is my opinion that these payments are owed back to the homeowner in all events, together with interest, costs of the court action, and attorney fees where those are provided by statute or contract. Each case will be evaluated as to viability utilizing this strategy.”

  280. Case was under fed jurisdiction? So u were in BK, an the lender got stay relief, and the property was auctioned off subsequently via state court order?

  281. This is great that they passed this because as I talked to the OCC yesterday I sensed in the person voice that we were putting pressure on them to do their job and force the bank to pay up!

    Funny was she said let me ask you off the record…why if you have a slam dunk case as you state have you not taken the bank to court, and I reminded her that Wells Fargo was a trillion dollar asset company, and going through the OCC was the right option for me right now, but if I did not receive the answer I wanted that I was prepaid to take it to federal court.

    The OCC is a bunch of regular Joes that are why don’t you take them to court as if this is some small claim court action. The supervisor that was talking to me does not realize the different in state and federal court as far as what can be awarded and is wonder why we home owner are not line up in court, where attorney are jumping at the bit to take these case on.

    The OCC personnel is stupid to the fact that these Fortune 100 companies are just that Fortune 100 companies, and attorney who got about as much clue as the victims are up-fronting thousands of dollars to new form of litigation against the bank that have never been challenged in this way in the history of the world.

    Sensing the conflict in this supervisor and the time frame of this response, the leadership of the OCC is allow their personnel to hang out their like Lois Lerner who at her level like Oliver North is not making these decision for the freaking country.

    However what put in the I don’t knwo if they get it right is when the supervisor said that Ginnie Mae was the investor, and I stop her and say Ginnie Mae is not and investor but they are a Insurance company that is providing an insurance guaranty for the investors who purchase the MBS and not the home mortgage loan debt.

    I know that we got these clowns in the banks as stupid can only last so long!

  282. Thanks, Bob.
    Do you think any of those “additional remedies” would be damages related to intentional fraudulent misrepresentation? Isn’t it “intentional” when you are lied to—and those lies are used to sell title to your home?
    Isn’t there a way to force these entities to prove with balance sheets, etc., that a “loan” was EVER transferred to a trust? Of course we know it didn’t happen, yet this is the main lie they use to foreclose. The judges don’t care about letting someone in foreclosure have the discovery for that—but if you’ve already been foreclosed on and you SUE THEM afterwards to force them to “prove up” their lies that they used to foreclose—is that something that lawyers can do? And if so, why isn’t that happening?

  283. @ stripes
    As you say there are something like over 400 people in the US with that name.
    I zeroed on her. since her home address is Chicago and her age of 77.
    Since Chicago title doesn’t recognize the name Patricia Picard
    I thought at 77 she might br retired.

  284. Correct typo…there are a few questions I would _like_ to ask Patricia Picard of Chicago Title & Trust….

  285. Thanks marilyn..I spent a lot of time trying to locate her because there are quite a few questions I would liie to ask her but I have had no luck. Questions such as why is her signature attached to all of the fraudulent docs? Why she dumped all of the mortgage fraud in a “public trust”…? I want to know why she, the escrowee all throughout the title history, claims she was present as the notary at the refi closing when there was no notary present. It is also a criminal act that is prohibited for a notary public to be a party to the transaction they are notarizing. Why is she not defending my title in court because she is the Trustee for my property? Those are just a few of the questions I have for her.

  286. My issues are the void ab initio judgments were signed by NYSC Judge
    Carol Arbor while the case was under Federal Jurisdiction and fraudulently auctioned off to serial straw buyers, one of which was given my social security number to fake her identify at the NY Motor
    Vehicle Bureau.by Astoria Federal S & L’s long gone corrupt a
    ttorneys MJRF and ccorrupt court referee PENNY STARK

    The bank admitted in court that they never owned the properties when they were auctioned off. Nemo dat. but Thomas Malone of Fidelity did not want to indemnify their client and David K Fiveson never was able to get title insurance and lied in court saying he represented a non existant title company called Coronet Title..

  287. thanks Bob G
    It is what they recorded at the County registars office where there is the problem with the notary.

  288. If AG Eric Schneiderman really wants to do something productive he should get a law passed that will return the stolen properties to the original owners without time and money wasted by the victims and wasted by the courts and hope the AG of the other states will follow him.

  289. marilyn…

    a deed does not need to be notarized to convey the property. it only needs to be notarized to be recorded at the county recorder’s office. at least that is the law in NY. to convey the property the deed need only be delivered to the grantee and accepted by him.

  290. here in new york but I am sure similar in the other states..
    Lynn Armentrout, director of the Foreclosure Project at the City Bar Justice Center, said recovering a stolen home was often arduous. Even when there was a criminal trial, owners often must present evidence of the theft in court. They also must sue all purported owners of the stolen property, Ms. Armentrout said, asking the court to eliminate competing claims and restore the deed to the original owner.

    stripes you are still in your house, this is more for Carie and me and those that were ousted.

  291. Checking the sale of the forged deed I too can’t find where the notary is.. This probably is par for the course

    So many bridge conspiracies – one steps in and does their part and steps out and then the next steps in and does their part

  292. Carie et al.

    Here’s what I would do. I would sue the servicer for any economic damages related to the 1099, i.e., additional taxes. Only the lender can take the loss and issue the 1099.
    However, remember that each homeowner has a $250,000 capital gain exclusion on the sale of their house, either a private sale or a foreclosure. So if you have a $300,000 mortgage loan and the house sells at foreclosure for $200,000, you have a $100,000 capital gain. However, you don’t pay any taxes on that gain as reported on the 1099, unless the difference/gain exceeds $250,000. You would then have a gain on the excess over the $250,000 exclusion. This only applies to your personal residence. So if you get foreclosed on an investment property, there is no cap gain exclusion. However, I would then sue the service who issued the 1099 and who is not the lender. This would allow you to get at the actual loss to the “lender” during discovery in the 1099 action. You may then have additional remedies.

  293. I was originally at the Chicago site and in the search box I put in Patricia Picard and it comes back there is no such employee at Chicago. It is a rainy day and so I started poking around the Internet..

  294. Marilyn….I really couldn’t tell you if that were her or not because I have made numerous requests for her to contact me and have yet to receive a response. I am sure there are many Patricia Picards. It is not uncommon that these names appear on docs but cannot be located. It is all part of the game.

  295. stripes
    I was looking at Spokeo people finders and found this Patrica Picard
    Patricia M Picard age 77 Chicago, IL
    related to :
    Kenneth J Picard
    Diane J Picard
    Konald Picard

  296. I was looking at Propublica and didn’t see that you did that Sorry

  297. Carrie,

    You are right. Both of my servicers have identified Deutsche as the “Owner”. Never will answer who is the “lender” under black letter law definition. Also, you are correct when stating the servicer will issue 1099. This happened to me by Aurora.

  298. I posted that here earlier, Marilyn! 😉

  299. stripes, carie and all

    Try to pull up Dealb%k(Dealbook)
    Investment Banking | Legal/Regulatory May 23, 2013, 9:44 pm 361 Comments
    Banks’ Lobbyists Help in Drafting Financial Bills

    Christopher Gregory/The New York Times
    Kenneth E. Bentsen Jr., left, a Wall Street lobbyist, at a House financial services panel meeting.WASHINGTON — Bank lobbyists are not leaving it to lawmakers to draft legislation that softens financial regulations. Instead, the lobbyists are helping to write it themselves.

  300. Bob G.—of course it’s all “for show”.
    Just like HAMP, and just like the IFR.

    Bottom line—this sentence is the complete sham:

    “…avoid foreclosure by enacting common sense reforms to bring greater integrity to the foreclosure process and expedite homeowners’ participation in court-supervised mediation sessions where they can negotiate workable alternatives to foreclosure with their lender.”

    That is the whole point. There is no lender. When you ask, they will only give you the name of the Trustee of the MBS. No other identification of ANY kind of “lender” is given to you—am I right people?
    How can you possibly “work with your lender” when a lender/creditor is NEVER identified—after you request that identification a million times??

    Oh, except AFTER they foreclose—THEN you get a 1099A that says the SERVICER is the LENDER.


    How about suing the servicer and/or foreclosure mill for (economic) damages, Bob—like Neil is suggesting?

  301. you are right again stripes.
    We still have a Constitution and the laws are here.

  302. I didnt know fraud was not a criminal offense in New York? or any other State.


  303. There are no kings WE THE PEOPLE answer to under the U.S. Constitution. It is an eminence front and it is all a big fat put on.

  304. When bank robbers rob a Federal bank do the cops need to go to the politicians and ask them to pass a bill to criminalize bank robbery?

  305. Why do we need a bill passed to throw these criminals in jail? That is complete B.S…

  306. Why wait? Throw them all in the County Jails ASAP…

  307. I wouldn’t get too excited about this. It would still have to pass the senate (difficult) and be signed by King Andrew. You would then have to find a D.A. Willing to prosecute and prove “intent.” The banks would come in with the most powerful NYC law firms and trial attys available. And in NY there is no limit on campaign contribs to public officials OR THEIR OPPONENTS. This is all for show.

  308. The laws are already on the books but hopefully this will put more teeth into the fraudsters so that the bark is followed up with a bite.
    1867 carpenter vs Logan makes every proper transaction unsecured debt once sold with improper paper trail, like 90% of mortgages after 1998 and all those non creditor loans (loan originator transactions) moot scince there was no true mortgage in the first place

  309. I’ll believe it when I see it… and I will die of shock at that time.

  310. It is against the law to steel, we don’t need more laws, just in-force the laws we have. I appreciate they are doing this, but it is not needed, very simply follow through on doing the right thing.
    It is against the law to steel from a bank and anyone who was involved in the bank robbery would be jailed. In return, these same rules would apply in reverse!

  311. Hello,

    Thanks everyone for your info yesterday. Does anybody know what the federal law is that says a debt collector can not collect more then they paid? I might try and use their lies against them. Original servicer was Homecomings Financial (GMAC), sold to Aurora (at a reduction), sold to Nationstar (at a reduction again) So if my loan was purchased for less I should owe less if I understand correctly.

    Nationstar filed on Edgar the amounts they paid. So if I bring this to attention to the judge they would have to say they were lying or would have to reduce my debt by X amount? Wishful thinking I’m sure but worth a shot.

  312. his going to apply to all the snakes who knowingly bought fraudlent and forged titles and didn’t care cause they were getting a deal

  313. Is this going to be effective on foreclosures already filed?

  314. Wall Street Just Writing Their Own Regulations Word For Word At This Point »

    The New York Times | ERIC LIPTON AND BEN PROTESS | May 24, 2013 at 08:33 AM

    WASHINGTON — Bank lobbyists are not leaving it to lawmakers to draft legislation that softens financial regulations. Instead, the lobbyists are helping to write it themselves. One bill that sailed through the House Financial Services Committee this month — over the objections of the Treasury Department — was essentially Citigroup’s, according to e-mails reviewed by The New York Times…

  315. “…servicers and their agents who intentionally engage in fraudulent or deceptive conduct…”

    “INTENTIONALLY”. Guess how they will get around that one?

    Like Senator Warren said, it is “INTENTIONAL FORECLOSURE FRAUD”.

    Proving “intention” is what is needed. How do you do that, Neil????

  316. “…negotiate workable alternatives to foreclosure with their lender. ”


    There IS NO EFFING LENDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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