Fannie and Freddie Ignore Homeowners in Detroit

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In the upside down world of the foreclosure of mortgages that are neither in default nor owned by the parties initiating foreclosure, and where applications for modification are submitted that clearly exceed federal standards for approval (and are denied)  and should come as no surprise that the government sponsored entities, Fannie and Freddie, canceled their appearance at a Metro Detroit foreclosure hearing which they had scheduled.

These are essentially federal agencies. Their first duty is to serve the country and its citizens. But they canceled their appearance because of pending litigation against them. Here was an opportunity for them to understand the impact of foreclosure on families, businesses, investors and the government. Here was an opportunity for them to utilize information provided to them by people on the ground to fashion remedies that are appropriate and legal.

This is all part of state and federal government policy to sweep the mortgage tragedies under the rug. Despite the fact that we know that most of the foreclosures that have already been deemed completed were in fact illegal, we have had millions of “auction sales” in which strangers to the transaction were awarded title to the house without ever having made a single payment of any amount of money to originate or acquire the loan that was allegedly in default but which was fatally defective and certainly not in default  despite the illusions created by Wall Street banks.

I am leading the charge on this one. It is my intention to file suit against the Wall Street banks who have accepted monthly payments, short sale payments, and full payments on loans that were subject to claims of securitization. In fact, my law firm is offering to represent homeowners who lost or sold their homes on a contingency fee, as long as only economic damages are sought. It is my goal to show payments to the sub servicer or anyone else in the false securitization chain should never have been made and were never due. It is my opinion that these payments are owed back to the homeowner in all events, together with interest, costs of the court action, and attorney fees where those are provided by statute or contract.  Each case will be evaluated as to viability utilizing this strategy.

If Bank of America or any other bank responds to an estoppel letter for payoff or short sale without knowing or showing that they have paid for the origination or acquisition of the loan, then they have no business providing the estoppel information or approving or denying a request for a short sale. Their acceptance of the money at closing and their execution of a satisfaction of mortgage or release and reconveyance is a sham. In the absence of any other creditor demanding payment and showing that they are in fact a true creditor (having paid actual money for the origination or acquisition of the loan), proceeds of all such closings should, in my opinion, go to the homeowner. If the bank got the money, it is my opinion that the bank should be sued for recovery of the entire proceeds of the closing.

Each of those closings described above represents a gift to the banks and a horror show for the homeowner and many attorneys for homeowners. The spin machine for the banks has created the illusion that homeowners are seeking a free home when in fact it is the banks that are seeking and getting free money and free homes. In auction sales where the banks are submitting a credit bid, they do not qualify as a creditor who can submit a credit bid. But the credit bid is accepted anyway and the bank gets the house for free despite the fact that the bank has no status as a creditor or even the authorized representative of a creditor.

Fannie and Freddie are colluding with the banks and the federal reserve  to maintain the illusion that the notes and mortgages are in proper form, were properly executed, and contain true representations concerning the real parties in interest. Many theories have been advanced as to why the Federal Reserve and other agencies are colluding with the banks. I think the reason is because many layers of policies are based upon the false assumption that the origination of the loans complied with existing laws, rules and regulations. The federal reserve and other federal agencies would look pretty stupid if they had paid or advanced trillions of dollars for worthless notes and mortgages and worthless mortgage bonds.

It is highly probable that the reason why the real lenders (investors) have not pursued loss mitigation with homeowners directly is that they know the note and mortgage is unenforceable and they have said so in their lawsuits against the investment banks that sold them the bogus mortgage bonds. What they don’t fully appreciate is the fact that most homeowners would willingly give them a valid mortgage and note based upon the reality of the current market. But the intermediaries (servicers) are doing everything possible to prevent modification or successful mediation of claims; which of course results from those intermediaries falsely claiming to be owners of loans that were funded by investors and falsely claiming losses on those loans that were paid by insurance and credit defaults swaps. Those intermediaries are the leading Wall Street banks in this mortgage mess. As long as we include them in the process of resolving the mortgage meltdown, the problems will be compounded rather than cured.

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45 Responses

  1. The Treasury are who needs to be held to account. Why are WE THE PEOPLE allowing the Multinational Corporations who we funded and who all got rich off of our backs by robbing the trust for the peoples wealth by contributing virtually nothing dictate to us?

    We are all being played for fools by these con artists.

    They have been deflecting the people from the real culprits here…those who were entrusted with our wealth & property….THE U.S. TREASURY DEPARTMENT.

  2. I too have Chiicago Title for my two condos I went to them back when this fraud was happening,- they did nothing – they knew what was coming with Fidelity Title.
    And for Fidelity it was one of their NY Attorneys Thomas P Malone
    that gave a bribe to Judge Alice Schlesinger to disregard the ruling of the United States Constitution

  3. I have always loved that song.

    I once mentioned that I wanted to try to do something
    but someone told me that I have so many enemys since fighting the courts, the title companys etc that the best intentions could backfire

    Not by you but by the plants on the sites.


  4. Demand answers from the trust for the peoples money & property…THE U.S. TREASURY DEPARTMENT…..

  5. That lovely song was written by Abel Meeropol and Earl Robinson.

  6. Well surprise, surprise….it appears there may be compelling evidence the Moore tornado may have been manufactured by the Nazi gestapo to deflect from the current scandals…

  7. Thanks marilyn…. our real nemesis is those commie crooks who hijacked our Treasury Department. The title companies and their employeses are agents of the U.S. TREASURY DEPARTMENT. They are the trustees for our properties. The so called trustees are CHICAGO TITLE & TRUST for my house & PREMIER TITLE for my commercial property. The trustee named on my house from CHICAGO TITLE is Patricia Picard…. I can’t find her. There is no named trustee on my Commercial property….how convenient. I want to talk to them about a few things like why they “failed” to protect my title from fraud…

  8. the journey is weary but we cannot give up till we bring back our country to what it was

    House I Live In, The Lyrics – Frank Sinatra

    Review The Song (8) Send “House I Live In, The” Ringtone to your Cell

    What is America to me?
    A name, a map, or a flag I see;
    A certain word, democracy.
    What is America to me?

    The house I live in,
    A plot of earth, a street,
    The grocer and the butcher,
    Or the people that I meet;
    The children in the playground,
    The faces that I see,
    All races and religions,
    That’s America to me.

    The place I work in,
    The worker by my side,
    The little town or city
    Where my people lived and died.
    The howdy and the handshake,
    The air and feeling free,
    And the right to speak my mind out,
    That’s America to me.

    The things I see about me,
    The big things and the small,
    The little corner newsstand,
    And the house a mile tall;
    The wedding and the churchyard,
    The laughter and the tears,
    And the dream that’s been a growing
    For a hundred-fifty years.

    The town I live in,
    The street, the house, the room,
    The pavement of the city,
    And the garden all in bloom;
    The church, the school, the clubhouse,
    The million lights I see,
    But especially the people;
    That’s America to me.

    The house I live in,
    My neighbors white and black,
    The people who just came here,
    Or from generations back;
    The town hall and the soapbox,
    The torch of liberty,
    A home for all God’s children;
    That’s America to me.

    The words of old Abe Lincoln,
    Of Jefferson and Paine,
    Of Washington and Jackson
    And the tasks that still remain;
    The little bridge at Concord,
    Where Freedom’s fight began,
    Our Gettysburg and Midway
    And the story of Bataan.

    The house I live in,
    The goodness everywhere,
    A land of wealth and beauty,
    With enough for all to share;
    A house that we call Freedom,
    A home of Liberty,
    And it belongs to fighting people
    That’s America to me

  9. Marilyn lane
    That is such a point to truely consider
    Which is why i cant sleep well sometimes.

  10. I sure hope we get more Stripes fighting all these crooks at the Bank, The Titile Companies, The Courts AND ALL THE PLANTS.

  11. If Judge Alice Schlesinger of New York Supreme Court didn’t follow the law
    decided in the US Supreme Court case of Elliot v. Piersol – that a Court must have
    Jurisdiction to sign a VALID JUDGMENT (not a void ab initio judgment) why
    would a Judge of her like have to follow the law decided at The United States Supreme Court on Abortion or Segregration or anything?

  12. Javagold
    indeed- the trust is gone. I simply can not relate , my experience has been, not 1 but 2 times attorneys took my last dollars- and did nothing but harm to my case, like basic stuff, not complex, never got past first base with these guys, who does that ? these guys spoil it for the good guys- but how would I know the good guy from the bad, I cant pick em, I believe when some one takes money that they will give you something of value, to help me, because I relied on them, I trusted them. so, in left with one option, I trusted myself. Won on my motion for reconsideration- 9th circuit, guess HSBC,s attys are in a bit of a spot.

  13. stripes; when you open your mouth, does your whole head disappear?

  14. BTW, Kudlow came out of the commie closet when he said what happened in Cyprus should have happened here. He ticked me off so I switched to FOX BIZ and Lou Dobbs.

  15. My behind is none of your business but, FYI… I workout daily. If I were an imbecile you would be out of a job at the Kremlin. Perish the thought.

  16. “I wish I had been speaking out about these crooks for 4 or 5 years, however, it has only been 2 years.”

    And no action whatsoever. None. Just sitting on her butt, blogging all day long. Butt becoming flatter by the day. No brains growing though. Big butt getting flatter. Brain vanishing. Imbecile last year. Imbecile today.

    How’s St. Kudlow?

  17. Is Neil going to be taking on Fidelity and the title companies who work behind the scene to push more fraud on the Nation and facilitate the fraud at the Country’s County land recorders.

  18. William P Foley CEO of Fidelity – mastermind of this whoe fraudulent foreclosure scam should not be sitting in California under his grapevines but should be heading to jail.


  20. BTW christine…..I wish I had been speaking out about these crooks for 4 or 5 years, however, it has only been 2 years. I wish I knew then what I know now but unfortunately we can’t change the past. I only hope I can do my part to help change the path these crooks put us on.

  21. Yes, Elizabeth knows it’s hard out there and she knows why. The real cat isn’t even out of the bag yet. Most Americans don’t know the real truth about what these traitor politicians & media have really done to the people by allowing the banksters to destroy our Securities. Most don’t know many of these politicians are in fact, communists, wolves in sheep’s clothes. Most don’t know these communists are invested in our demise and we already paid for everything. Most don’t know they robbed us and hijacked our Treasury to continue the robbery because what they really want is totalitarianism.

  22. Look who’s talking Christine. You don’t know anything about me or what I have done to fight these crooks. This involves a lot of educating yourself or you can’t fight them. I fully intend to expose what I can about these scammers and that requires a lot of citizen blogging. I have spent a great deal of my time trying to expose this scam to as many Americans as I can because I realize the consequences of being uninformed are dire. I am not only fighting 2 fraudclosures myself, I have also met, called, e-mailed and wrote numerous government agencies, the state & local cops, the FEDS and politicians including the White House, the FED, the media, etc and let my angst be known & I am far from done.


    Elizabeth Warren’s Commencement Speech: ‘I Know It Is Hard Out There,’ Senator Tells Graduates

  24. “Why aren’t there more of us fighting these crooks?”

    Takes more than sitting on your ass screaming your head off to qualify as “fighting”. Where is the action? Not even in court! Just wasting years of your life posting stupid rants. And you’ve been doing it for what… 4, 5 years? Show us the result of your “fighting”. Curious to see that.

    Some fight, indeed… What a load!

  25. The Bernanke charade has gone on long enough. These people are criminals.

  26. These are banks who are funded by all of us. The fact they do not hold the Securities is because they broke numerous laws and destroyed our Securities. It is about time for some accountability from the FED.

  27. Sounds good, but discovery is still being denied. This whole nightmare would have come to a screeching halt if discovery went the way discovery is supposed to go. If you have no discovery, you cannot win anything. The lawyers for the banksters know this and also know they do not have a case. We need judges who will allow lots of discovery from the banksters. We also have lots of fraudulent documents and fraud on the court going on. Our due process rights have been almost completely destroyed. We need to see that check or transfer of money to the alleged owner. I have not seen it yet!

  28. To anyone not aware of what the banks, servicers, force-placed insurors and their ilk have done to Detroit: A close personal friend has business in various suburbs yet flies into Detroit and stays in a downtown hotel. They are warned not to stop or get out of their cars until they reach 8 mile road ( driving north out of the downtown you hit one mile road, two mile road etc) The reason being you will no doubt be murdered. And the last 4 or 5 years it has been a pastime for people to get an upper-floor room and wAtch the homes burning in the city and the suburbs beyond. Check google for a drive-through. Get an updated program so it’s not misleading.

  29. carie- I may give him a call at that number. In the meantime, last night I was reading Adam Levitan’s posts on Credit Slips under ‘securitization fail’ which reiterated his testimony before the House or the Senate a number of times. He is regarded as the leading authority on securitization. The head of the ASC (America. Securitization Committee, or somesuch, Tom Deutsch, tried to schmooze over the law, and made an ass of himself, pretty obvious to me he was lying, or an idiot, or perhaps both. Anyway, read the comments also, great input from f/c defense attorneys nationwide. Discusses PSAs, UCC, trustee duties and liabilities, borrowers being a party to the PSA. Neil- hook up with Professor Levitan. He just recently filed an amicus brief in the BOA ‘settlement’ with MBIA. As well as several hundred others……

  30. @Ian—It does make sense—“elegant simplicity” is a good thing, as far as I’m concerned.
    Not being a lawyer, I just look for things that seem to make sense…sometimes I’m way off, but other times I may not be. The fact that Neil posted this today after I’ve been ranting about it in the comment sections is a hopeful sign.
    I’m guessing since I am on the West Coast I would just call that number he has up there: 520-405-1688…?

  31. What about Michigan??

  32. carie- re:proximate cause- I think this is the first time I have seen this mentioned here. good work. My only thought is, is. there a reason why no one has ever mentioned this avenue of attack? Does it not hold up in court? It is elegant in its simplicity. For instance, ” but for the fact that xyz Law Firm proffered false documents supplied by LPS, and caused them to be filed in (pick a county) recorder’s office, this so-called ‘ foreclosure’ would never have taken place. And Mr. Homeowner, already under severe stress from said actions would not have committed suicide.” Yeah, I would say that is a good courtroom tactic. which even a judge can understand.

  33. Why aren’t there more of us fighting these crooks? Is it brainwashing? Is it mind control? Is it the poison chemicals they are dumping in our water & food supplies? Or something far more sinister like these evil doers have cast an evil spell on the people of this nation? They certainly have seduced many into this evil cult by very deceptive tactics. They have millions of Americans worshipping their false idol of credit lending. People do not see the seduction because it is very subtle. They want everyone working on their slave plantation and they control that by investing in their own scams. Nothing they do is legal because they lend nothing of value. Everyone should be challenging these fraudclosures by these crooks and filing title claims against them because they want a nation of renter slaves and what they are doing is not only criminal, it is evil.

  34. Neil:

    Need to sue the Foreclosure Mills, too:

    In the law, a proximate cause is an event sufficiently related to a legally recognizable injury to be held to be the cause of that injury. There are two types of causation in the law: cause-in-fact, and proximate (or legal) cause. Cause-in-fact is determined by the “but for” test: But for the action, the result would not have happened.


  35. This is all a part of the black magic ritual abuse by these occultists … read about it here. There intentions are not good.
    Gardner’s Black Mass……

  36. If this cult of evil doers has their way the entire country will be one giant Detroit. This cult of investors has robbed us of nearly everything. They have hijacked the government, stolen our livelihoods, our businesses, our wealth and now they want to control everything and everyone through OBAMACARE. The people need to reject them and all of their evil works. OBAMACARE will be totalitarianism by this evil cult of investors/Satan worshippers.

  37. Neil,
    How and where do we sign up for you and your people to represent us in a suit like you have just explained ? You and Brad already have a little knowledge about our particular case.

  38. hey Neil- My situation here in PA for e onomic damages would be a real good one for you. I have a UPL claim ( verified), LPS provided the false docs, a “corrective assignment of mortgage” ignoring the last (false) ‘holder’, who had been out of business for 3 years when said assigment was executed, and a REMIC which is trading at 8cents per share . Further, the name of the purported ‘lender’ has been morphed into another co. with the same name, said co. having been incorporated in 2010. There were no successors and assigns, as my ‘lender’ changed their name , and promptly went out of business, having failed to meet capital requirements. (they were broke) Let me know if there is another. adress to be more specific. And thanks for your great efforts!

  39. “…the contingency fee gives the successful attorney a percentage of the damages awarded in favor of his client.

    This makes it easier for the poor to pursue their civil rights since otherwise, to sue someone for a tort, one must first be wealthy enough to pursue such litigation in the first place. However, because of the high risk, few attorneys will take cases on a contingency basis unless they feel the case has good merit.”

    This is the only way “the poor” can be heard and helped in this foreclosure nightmare.

    I hope this works, Neil—I’m all in!!!

    Any lawyers in So.Cal who want to work on this, please contact me: cariemac9@gmail

  40. Can I invite your firm to take a look at what is happening in Kansas City?

  41. “…showing that they are in fact a true creditor (having paid actual money for the origination or acquisition of the loan)…”

    The servicers are saying that the “securitization trust” is the creditor/owner, and are foreclosing on behalf of “the investor” that “owns your loan”.
    Those are the contradictory lies they are using to foreclose…I have it all documented in my case.

    “In fact, my law firm is offering to represent homeowners who lost or sold their homes on a contingency fee, as long as only economic damages are sought.”

    This is what I have been talking about—suing for damages!!

    (Although Neil still keeps saying that securities investors somehow “funded loans”—this is STILL not true.)

  42. Religion failed miserably, either by design or by default.

    Start listening to people who know better, such as Dr. Eben Alexander who knows and experienced life after death and you’ll know this video is absolutely correct: give people fear of death and you’ll control everyone. Religion did exactly that: “Obey and live or disobey and die.” The new paradigm is: “There is no death. only different stages in life. Soul is immortal no matter what and there is no hell!!!”

    Guess what:unlike what you believe, life has NEVER been a question of “life or death” but rather a question of “life and death”. Learn about what will happen next and you’ll know that no one can hurt you. Ever.

    Change your paradigm and government and banks means absolutely nothing, except the source of your systematic and methodical poisoning and killing.

  43. Fannie and Freddie have been able to keep the status quo simply because people have kept it. It takes two to tango and, although it is a farce of primates acting as primates, it still plays on the same music.

    Had everyone stopped paying as soon as banks were bailed out, the charade would no longer exists. people, to this day, still pay someone whose identity they are completely oblivious to. Why? Why as much as $1,700 (as Ian was saying)? To someone he doesn’t even know? Where is the logic in that?

    Government can still play the games it plays because… people keep the status quo by paying their salaries. Why? Where is the logic behind that? unless, of course, one is profoundly into pain, it makes absolutely no sense!

    And get that: whether you pay your mortgage or not, you’ll feel serious pain at the hand of both banks and government entities. Doesn’t that make more sense to decide for yourself on how much, where, when and why you will feel pain? Pain is there no matter what. Shouldn’t you have a say on the intensity you’re willing to experience?

  44. Neil. I think homeowners have been abused for so long and trust no one in this government any longer , that I doubt many would be willing to sign anything new to anyone.
    Moral Hazard is a bitch. And it started at the very top !

  45. are you representing homeowners in nevada?

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