“Untouchables” Touches Nerves

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Dear Mr. Smith,

Last night I watched ‘The Untouchables’, for the second time.  This evening a group of my friends and I are going to watch it again.

During your interview of Mr. Brewer and the Agent from the FBI, I was struck by the spin these two individuals used as to their stated inability to find ‘anyone’ who could implicate Wall Street in criminal activity.  I saw the amazement on your face too at their answers, or, really non-answers.

For almost six years thousands of homeowners have been telling their story to uncaring or disinterested law enforcement officials and Judges.  The result has not been criminal prosecutions, but rather, these same people being kicked to the street.  The regular guy who complains about mortgage fraud is simply labeled a nutcase and summarily dismissed.

I am a private investigator and too, battling Wall Street.  However, in my case, I treated my investigation less like a search for civil documents and instead a criminal investigation.  I tracked down the perpetrators of the actual fraud in companies such as Deutsche Bank, Barclay’s Capital, HomeQ and others.  I interviewed these individuals and digitally recorded their conversations.

The recordings tell a chilling first person story of fraud and deceit by organizations worth trillions of dollars.  Corporate signers and notaries admitting that ‘the documents will never see the inside of a courtroom because they look like right, they have stamps and signatures…” and, “…when I got your phone call for an interview, the first thing I thought about doing was creating a dummy log…”.  More importantly though, are the stories about how  these interviewees were instructed by their senior managers to knowingly break the law.

I sent copies of my recordings to every law enforcement agency I could think of, from local police, the state Attorney General, the FBI, and, the Inspector General of the FNMA and its Senior Special Agent Martin Abad (yes, I recorded him too).  Despite pointing out hundreds of millions of dollars in fraud, and an even higher amount in the value of homes taken improperly, the most common response was, as you found out, “This is too big”.  Too big to prosecute – tell that to the families who have been removed at gun point from their homes at the behest of the banks and their lawyers.

Best regards,

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  1. Hells bells America.

  2. This link describes some of the evil practices of this cult who have hijacked America…

  3. The Black Hand (extortion) –

  4. The Vril Society…

  5. Allow me to give the correct spelling of the name of the author of that book The Coming Race…… Edward Bulwer-Lytton.

  6. The Vril Society practiced black sex magic and killed young children to gain supernatural power. They believed in human sacrifice …they got their ideas from an 1871 Sci Fi novel by Edward Bulwer Litton called The Coming Race.

  7. Interesting program on the military channel entitled Dark Fellowships : The Vrill….Profiling the Secret Society that began over 100 years ago and influenced Hitler & the Nazi party. This S.S. were a group of elite who apparently worshipped Satan.

  8. It’s got to be in transcript form. NOBODY will listen to a tape, it’s too time consuming.

  9. Please send me the links. I’ve been fighting the banks for several years and would really like to check out what you have: rebecca1568@gmail.com.

  10. KC its not about it simply being under state law allow because Federal laws are also involved. Yes you must prove your claim as with anything, so if you present your evidence to the regulator with Note, Assignment and whatever every you have it makes the regulator regulate and not be able to defer it back to the lender for them to decide if they broken a law when you stated what law was broken and have the documentation to back it up.

    What we seen with the IFR, is 4.2 million people that all but 150,000 or less actual had an ideal what happen to them, so there no reason that the banks would not insist on handling it out side the settlement because of the sheer cost of let say 100,000 homeowners at $100,000 time 3 for treble damage is $3 billion at first and then a wider pattern would have been developed as there are 800,000 government insured loans that should not have been foreclosed.

    The issue is not going away, but it does now allow the subject on its own be viewed, which I believe will help the regulators understand what actual happen without the modification getting in the way. The modification throw up a road block, that if handled correctly would have been a solution had they had preformed the mods, and have everybody sign new Notes.

    However greed plays a part because the public is so dumb, are are just running around with their head cut off saying simply that they were wronged, but cannot tell you how they were wronged!

  11. I see it more as the Imposter politicians who are also investors in this scam to steal our freedoms and they are the ones calling for our extinction. They don’t want private ownership of anything for the peasants they created. This was an evil plan by the investors at the top who are communist idealogs and do not want any of us to own anything of value. They want all of us to be slaves to their massive credit & investment fraud. Screw them.

  12. “This is too big”. Too big to prosecute – tell that to the families who have been removed at gun point from their homes at the behest of the banks and their lawyers…


    So—with all kinds of proof out there—where are the lawyers who are willing to go after the entities who stole from these people?

    Sue the servicers and foreclosure mills for damages for these people. Forget about getting the house back—it’s not going to happen—but suing for damages—why not?

    “…A tort, in common law jurisdictions, is a civil wrong which unfairly causes someone else to suffer loss or harm resulting in legal liability for the person who commits the tortious act, called a tortfeasor. Although crimes may be torts, the cause of legal action is not necessarily a crime as the harm may be due to negligence which does not amount to criminal negligence. The victim of the harm can recover their loss as damages in a lawsuit. In order to prevail, the plaintiff in the lawsuit must show that the actions or lack of action was the legally recognizable cause of the harm…”

  13. I would be interested in hearing and seeing more about this. I am fight Deutsche and Chase here in KS and get no help from the state AG as supposedly the Governor of KS stole all of the foreclosure settlement and put in the general fund so the AG got no help in fighting and certainly none of the homeowners saw a penny.

    I am three years into it and would really like to see what is there. We are still in the midst of discovery and have just recently amended counter claims against Chase as the servicer. So now would be a good time to see what is there and if we can use in our discovery.



  14. I experienced it first hand in Eldorado county CA, US Fed ct, CA Superior ct & US BK ct
    Would love a copy
    5547 Crest Dr, Outingdale CA 95684
    Call me if you would like to talk
    Need a lawyer willing to fight & file to force them to prosecute the Robo signers

  15. P.S. I am not an Attorney. But I am someone who knows to much and is to close to the situation. I talk to much sometimes .. I just thought you should know that.

  16. Once your ( short lived CH 11) is discharged file a QT.

  17. Use Federal Court to serve all them with Notice and Request POC. Make sure you include to list all Unknown Owners and Unrecorded Owners of the Note/Mortgage. Let them Choke on It!

  18. SOL limit predators from keeping you tied up in court without POC and Laws also protect you from being taken into court without POC. What are you going to do about that?

  19. Charles, you said ” There is a reason that “No Standing” was taken out of the payoff category! “. My response is because it was settled under/according to your State Laws. No Standing is another way of saying ” No Proof of Claim”.

  20. Here is the problem and this letter tell it best that the attorneys including Neil are wanting to invent the wheel, when the wheel has already been invented and all they need to do is hook it up.

    However as years have passed by and time is running out the lawyer are just coming the conclusion that we been telling them that the banks don’t own the debt, you see the light bulb going off to a degree but still not action.

    Pretty soon as with all these settlements the banks & government will lock up the homeowners in individual settlement that simply cut out the middle man in the lawyer who is still questing and taking half the award if there is time left.

    What more can the homeowners due when I am sure that out of the IFR application that were submitted before the Apr 2012 deadline are the ones with actual proof of how these crimes were committed. There is a reason that “No Standing” was taken out of the payoff category!

  21. Too big, NOT to prosecute, actually. The damage they have done is far worse, than if they were properly held accountable and prosecuted!

    The government lies…

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