Sitting on a Powder Keg: Riots and Demonstrations Worldwide

With the addition of Sweden to those countries rocked by and surprised by rioting over economic conditions and inequality, the day of reckoning for the banks and the governments controlled by the banks is nearing. As we saw in the Arab Spring and other social phenomena when passions reach critical mass, things change — and not always for the best, at least not at first.

History shows us that when inequality and social welfare are at their worst, as perceived by the public, a significant minority rises up, changes government and takes their revenge on the wicked and innocent alike. Our own revolution was a minority movement that achieved critical mass with very few people leading to the charge or even attending meetings.

Sweden, a country that prides itself on social justice, was hit yesterday by the fury of rioting citizens. And the Occupy Movement demonstration yesterday resulted in 17 arrests and Taser of at least one demonstrator. Anyone who believes that this will blow over without consequences is mistaken. The underlying problems of inequality were not the result of a business cycle: they were the result of criminal behavior of bankers colluding to take wealth, property and income away from virtually everyone.

The manipulation of LIBOR and the indexes that feed into LIBOR is an example of the arrogance of bankers who seem to know they won’t go to jail and probably will suffer no penalty whatsoever. Meanwhile the loans tied to changes in LIBOR as published by the Wall Street Journal had changes in interest rates dictated not by market forces by by the brute force of arrogant bankers whose religion is money.

The mortgage situation all over the world is what is causing the economies around the world to bleed. It was caused by bankers who cornered the market on money thus acting against free market forces which they pretend to like so much. They created an unprecedented storm by raising asset prices artificially, betting that the prices would come down to normal levels and defrauding pension funds and other investors plus defrauding homeowners, consumers, and tax-paying citizens. In the end they have the money and property and everyone else suffers. This fact is not lost on the public.

If we want to avoid the same fate as dozens of other countries around the world in turmoil we must return to being a nation of laws. It is in the public domain now that the banks have illegally foreclosed on millions of homeowners. Not only have they not gone to jail for mortgage fraud, wire fraud, RICO and other criminal actions, they have been rewarded with both more money and weakening of regulations that might prevent them from doing it again — if we ever get out of this mess.

The right thing to do when the wrong thing was done, is to make it right. If someone was foreclosed upon illegally they should get their house back or bargain for a dollar settlement that takes into account economic loss and the indignities of damage to lifestyle and reputation. As things stand now, this remedy is slipping away — and yet it is the only right thing to do. Millions of people in this country and Europe are falling into poverty, which means they don’t have the resources to put food on the table or a roof over their heads. To add insult to injury when tragedy strikes in places like Moore, Oklahoma the insurance companies are paying the banks that have no loss whatsoever.

I counsel people to avoid violence and to never disobey a direct instruction from anyone in law enforcement. It will only make matters worse. But I can tell from people who contact me and the mainstream news stories that people have no respect left for a legal system that does not respect the right of people and favors corporations and institutions even if they have obviously committed crimes against humanity, the state and millions of individual citizens. We have seen violence before and nobody liked it. I think it might be coming to our shores with a vengeance.

We can save ourselves the trouble if we break up the mega banks, break their hold on government and reduce them to the status of utilities regulated carefully so that they don’t run away with transactions conducted by their customers — which is exactly what happened in the continuing mortgage  meltdown. Occupy is right, Elizabeth Warren is right, and even the rioters are right (even if we disagree with their methods).

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  1. Yes. I feel it in the air–something this way comes. I am ready for it. It is about time.

  2. The banksters understand one language “Money” Boycott the Banksters Any TV station that is sponsored by the banksters need to be boycotted. Any City must stop doing business with the banksters. Supermarkets that have Banks leasing space must be boycotted etc… VIOLENCE DEMONSTRATION ONLY MAKE THE BANKSTERS LAUGH. MONEY TALKS BULL#HIT WALKS



  3. The banksters can stick their rotten credit where the sun don’t shine. They have zero credibility and the only skin they have in the game is ours.

  4. Re. Senator Warren and “deliberate foreclosure fraud”:

    (Merriam Webster) fraud:

    “In law, the deliberate misrepresentation of fact for the purpose of depriving someone of a valuable possession or legal right. Any omission or concealment that is injurious to another or that allows a person to take unconscionable advantage of another may constitute criminal fraud. The most common type of fraud is the obtaining of property by giving a check for which there are insufficient funds in the signer’s account. Another is the assumption of someone else’s or a fictitious identity with the intent to deceive. Also important are mail and wire fraud (fraud committed by use of the postal service or electronic devices, such as telephones or computers). A tort action based on fraud is sometimes referred to as an action of deceit.”


    How the hell is that NOT “deliberate foreclosure fraud”?
    And why are there no lawyers going after “deliberate foreclosure fraud” AFTER the fact?
    Do ANY lawyers ANYWHERE try to sue the servicers and foreclosure mills AFTER foreclosure for the LIES and fraud they engaged in to steal these homes?
    If not, why not? Any lawyers care to comment?
    Bob G.?
    Anybody can sue anybody for damages if they have a case with proof in writing—doesn’t mean they would win, but they can sue. If someone steals something from you BASED ON DELIBERATE FRAUD, and you have proof— you can sue them AFTER the fact for damages because they stole from you based on that deliberate fraud.

    All we get is the bogus IFR…which is another complete sham/scam.

  5. They are all imposters faking ignorance. Like Bernanke and his monetary policy tools. He is a goddamned criminal who is robbing the country blind and the Politicians and the media are blatantly ignoring these crimes so they are goddamned criminals as well. Jacob Lew and his predecessor’s at the Treasury are no more than Imposters pretending the Treasury robbery & hijacking never happened. This is a massive Zionist scam and I don’t mean the Jews. Joe Biden said he is a Zionist but not a Jew. These people are sinister and are who have hijacked the country. Their ideology is complete communism and complete control by committing crime & fraud under the guise of law, government & legitimate business practices. They are all imposters to our Constitutional Republic and nothing they do is legal, moral or ethical. It is a big cult and if your not worshipping their evil, they want to destroy you.

  6. Elizabeth Warren said in that video:


    Love her.

  7. No more fighting by their rules. We must fight and there are no more rules until the war is won.

  8. We are all being used as human guinea pigs by the investors. Look at all the bad drug commercials. Lawyers are seeking to sue the medical establishment for giving FDA approved bad drugs to people while these bastards continue to advertise more FDA approved bad drugs with horrible side effects that include death. This is the definition of insanity.

  9. I see the word Deregulation being used as s a big fat excuse that has no legal legs. Show me the law that says anything they did or are doing is legal? Ignoring the law is the same thing as breaking the law. Take the fake repeal of Glass Steagall by Clinton as an example. The banksters were gambling with the Securities to our properties and God knows what else as far back as 1982. Deregulation means breaking the law and the word Deregulation is being used as a blanket coverup for felonies by the investors and their perps and nothing more.

    Just like the very deceptive bailout/nationalization, fraudulent conveyance of our Treasury to the very crooks who robbed us was done to create totalitarianism. The crooks were given the American peoples Treasury….our wealth and property in exchange for a quadrillion dollars in fraud committed by the banksters. The inmates are running the asylum they created and they have a name for that as well…it is called Conservatorship.

  10. Apparently someone is screwing with that link. You can go to the link below it …… lies of to read all about the Ken Lay connection to Bush and many other lies of the bushmaster.

  11. I will try to repost that link. There may have been an unintended alteration to the script……

  12. Deregulation and no accounting for their deeds, coupled with absolutely no spiritual/moral values by anyone “in charge”, means complete chaos and destruction…which is what is happening worldwide.

  13. Mwahaha…the link is blocked but you can find the link to that story and other lies of Bush here…..

  14. Ken Lay of ENRON was one of Bushes buddies….read about it here..

  15. The reason there have been no arrests of the bank employees is because their investors put them up to it. The politicians are also investors and that is why nothing they are doing is legal. These crooks owe us a gazillion dollars.

    The S&L scandal was no doubt the trial run for what is happening right now. Same with ENRON and the dot com boom & bust. They were all test subjects for this robbery by the investors at the top of the pyramid scheme.

  16. This article is spot on…except for blaming big banks and big institutions. Those are merely bricks, mortar and systems. The real culprits are the individuals using these banks and institutions to engage in criminal enterprise. 25 yeas ago we jailed the S&L execs. And we had a good run until this latest financial meltdown caused by individuals, not institutions or corporations. Need to jail these guys again, in order to set an example again. And we do need to break up these big banks and regulate their non-banking profit centers. But I would be surprised to see this happening peacefully, at least not with this gang in Washington.

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