Agenda for Member Only Teleconference Tonight

  1. OCC Consent Decrees
  2. OCC Guidance — 13 Questions
  3. Discovery
  4. Pleading
  5. GGKW
  6. Chris Hayes
  7. Rachel Maddow
  8. Jon Stewart
  9. Bill Maher reversal
  10. Occupy and demonstrations, violence
  11. IT’S ABOUT THE MONEY! Tracking the money trails before you look to the documents.
  12. Lawsuits to recover economic damages on wrongfully foreclosed homes

4 Responses

  1. Who else has a 1099a with Box 5 “was the borrower personally liable for repayment of the debt? NO? I do….. here is the link. Kick their a….

  2. I take it I should respond and use their non response as an admission of their guilt and use that in support of my motion.

  3. I have quick question for you Neil if you have a minute. If the plaintiff did not respond to my motion as the court ordered, should I respond to that? The judge asked me if I wanted to respond to them and I said yes. I should probably use their non response in support of my motion. What do you think? Thanks in advance Neil!

  4. Neil I am a new member and do not know how to listen to teleconferences.

    Also what time? Thanks

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