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  1. Most people are well aware by now of the unconstitutional and illegal conflict of interest created by the foreign multinational bankster Corp. Criminals don’t have any legal rights accept their Miranda rights. I for one am sick of the Globalist scam to let these foreign nationals take this country over without ever firing a shot. We are a nation of immigrants but this is war time & no foreignors should be let in without intense scrutiny & monitoring. This country is a big fat screwed up mess because foreign nationals have hijacked the country. These politicians and their globalist policies are public enemy #1. They should all be forced to resign for allowing this ongoing foreign multinational takeover of our Constitutional Republic.

  2. LOL.

    Any post that contains two hyperlinks will get stuck in moderation.

    Doing as Kalifornia did two posts ago and putting in the links without the www and without the http works.

    It does not work if you try to add spaces in between because something about the blog will put them together as soon as the http is shown.

    Two https and forget it, it’s moderation.

    Just because it gets moderated doesn’t mean it’s a lie.

    And if you wait for the moderated post to appear there may be 4 or 5 more postings from Neil before it shows up in that post.

    Only those that receive e-mail of everything posted would see it, the rest of the public may assume they’ve read everything posted on that blog and not go back to see if the number of comments had increased (indicating the moderated post was added) even if the last comment is the same in that post.

    Divided we fall.
    I guess it’s working.

    Everyone has rights even those declared as terrorists. We do not know if they are being set up, paid to do what they do, or what other arrangements are there behind the scenes to point fingers at them.
    Reserving judgment as their rights are unalienable is important.
    There are many false prophets, and some will falsely accuse someone/anyone of a crime to get recognition or a promotion or to appear competent.

    Many people are set up.
    Homeowners were set up.
    One day we’ll see the common factor. We are all endowed and equal and some ‘want to be more equal’.

    Of course everyone must find their ‘way’, and I won’t interfere with their path of comprehension.

    Trespass Unwanted, Corporeal, Organic, Life, Free and Independent State, Alive, In Being, In Jure Proprio, Jure Divino.

  3. What case? You never stated a case.

  4. See, now we all know why Neil doesn’t block people from posting…it’s about the numbers!!!

  5. Used Kar Guy I think you underestimate Stripes. Stripes has at least 40% of the comments.

  6. I rest my case…..

  7. The local radio stations are advertising a new HARP program if you have a Fannie or Freddie “loan.” These sheisters will stop at nothing to keep the ponzi scheme going for the benefit of the investors. Show me the money or get lost. Their debt is massive & can never be repaid.

  8. Take a ride by the corporate octopus and you will see the stupid people dining in their restaurants, and buying their foreign made crap, patronizing their corporate monotony. Idiots..

  9. All Obama & his cronies care about is giving more rights to the foreignors. They are literally saying here…we are letting you have the place. They are Globalists…..a nice sounding word for complete communists. They want to let the foreignors steal it all from us.

    The American people keep cooperating with Corporate America and patronizing their illegitimate business model and sending them money for nothing so they will continue to eat us alive.

  10. That is the direct result of foreign imposters (the Synagogue of Satan) have hijacked America & are running the country A man. The inmates are running the asylum. Here’s Johnny..

  11. The Boston Alleged Terrorist has more rights than we do.

  12. The banks could have not legally created the Securities because they are foreign controlled. So the invested in & overissued investments in our Securities. It was all a scam.

  13. Neil if you really want the whole “truth” out—stop saying that securities investors were some how “lenders”. Please.

  14. I would like to add, I love it when the old school attorneys come to court and talk about the Constitution being upheld. The judges do not disagree and that gives me hope.

  15. UKG…I doubt it but, everyone should be exposing the fraud, not just me. This is about saving our Constitutional Republic. Nothing is more important than our Liberty, Freedom & Independence. Without that we have nothing.

  16. and the last ten thousand have been from “stripes”.

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