At Least 50% JPM Mortgages Have Errors

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Editor’s Comment: The real reason why the foreclosure reviews were terminated was not because of the expense, complexity or time it was taking to do them. The real reason was that the people close to the reviews were finding “error rates” that were 10 to 20 times the rate claimed by the banks. That is a euphemistic way of saying the foreclosures should never happened in at least 50% of the foreclosures that did happen. And now they are saying you can have $1,000 on average for your trouble instead of getting your house back or enough money to replace it.

The “problem” the OCC is addressing is that directive from the Obama administration to not kill the megabanks, issued on the information from those megabanks that killing them will kill the world economy. That is pure horse crap. And now books are coming out  detailing how that the TBTF doctrine is both false and highly destructive to our economy, past, present and future.

If a bank is carrying assets that are really not worth anything, then those assets should not be included in the requirements for capital structure of that banks. They either need more money (which they have lying in the Cayman Islands) or they must fall apart, after being resolved by the FDIC.

We are left with an economy built on an illusion that creates the illusion of recovery until it busts again. And it will. As Zillow points out today, the apparent price increases remain out of line with income and are solely based upon low interest rates which will start to go up to normal levels at some point. Once that happens, people won’t be able to afford paying even on modest loans because they just don’t have the income or credit to enter into a transaction that is destined to fail.

The latest “settlements” involving billions of dollars of payments to homeowners who were wrongfully foreclosed, is a drop in the bucket for what the banks owe back to the American economy, investors who purchased bogus mortgage-backed bonds from unfunded and possibly nonexistent “trusts” whose “trustees” have nothing to do except collect their own fees.

Obama promised transparency and in some ways he fulfilled that promise. One notable exception is in banking and finance where the entire business is dependent upon big lies. The simple answer is that if someone’s house was foreclosed wrongfully they should either get the house back or compensation for the loss of the house based upon the figures used to induce the homeowner borrower to enter into the deal.

That means the banks should be stuck with the false appraisals now that we know they are false. And the banks should absorb the risk of loss now that we know there was no underwriting committee or procedures to verify the collateral, income of the borrower or viability of the loan.

If we start telling the truth, then the clawback of wealth for those thrown under the bus into poverty and those who have still managed to stay in the middle class will be a far superior method of providing stimulus to an economy that at this point relies upon the financial services sector to make up for almost 50% of the GDP we lost when we lost manufacturing and other outsource jobs abroad.

Small business will inevitably improve by leaps and bounds, hiring the bulk of the workers who are unemployed or those who have given up looking for work. Median income rises, with the ability to pay more on a higher mortgage increasing directly promotional to the increase in median income. The shortage of housing for sale is solely the result of foreclosures and underwater homeowners, which accounts for more than 25% of all homes that could be on the market and are not.

When you base your policy on a lie, then more lies must be told to prop up the original lie. And eventually, as we have repeatedly seen throughout history, the house of cards collapses — again and again. What we need is a mechanism to evaluate all foreclosures — past, present and future — and if the foreclosures are or would be wrongful, then they shouldn’t be done and the victims should be compensated.

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  1. Bottom line, there is concealment of the true crime. The concealment of the fact there is NO SECURITY, is in fact an ACT OF CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE ….. that is preventing the entire country and its people from being protected from wanton criminals. As a direct result of the concealment of these crimes of negligence against us, the Life, Liberty and Property of our nation and its people are in peril because when there is NO RULE OF LAW for criminals, NO ONE IS SAFE.

  2. 9 out of 10 times I could tell the borrower who their new Bankster would be …. Example… borrowers are so Thrilled to be getting away from “Buttwipe Bankster” because of all the errors. I take a peep in the lender and the title closing and wiring instructions and guess who their loan is going back to? Friggin Buttwipes!!! What happened to TIL?

  3. A closing package consists of three parts .. The Closing and Wiring Instructions, The Lender Docs and the Title Co Docs

  4. I had fools sign anyway, …. then call me back later complaining to me the broker didn’t keep their promises. Sorry, you signed the contract and there is nothing I can do for you except advise you to get an attorney.

  5. Borrowers ask (after hanging up with lender/broker) … “What should We Do?” Answer: I am not an Attorney, I can not give you Legal Advise. I can say this … these are Legal Docs and You are Signing Under Oath that the Information is Correct and that You Agree to the Terms… It is a Legal Binding Contract. Is the Information, Terms and Agreements Correct? ( I wouldn’t know.. I am not a party to the transaction, nor do I have an intrest in the transaction). Borrower answers NO. …….. Well there is your answer,

  6. 2008 2009 2010 2011 ….. were risky but exciting years for me! Why? Because I Loved Busting a Scumbag broker lenders and small time title co (usually the brokers family member .. wife brother n law etc…) who lie to borrowers and send me to closing without the proper docs. The scumbag gets stuck with the closing costs when a borrower couldn’t be pressured to sign and wanted to have their attorney look them over first. All Good Right? So the homeowner/borrower continues to pay current servicer bank and decides to check other lenders in the area. All Good and Proper Right? So then come the NOD from the Ut.. Umm…. New Lender (NOT.. because the borrows didn’t sign) !!!!!! Now the homeowners are calling me in panic ……. Calling Both banks and the Buttwipes still file FC on them! Multiple Families!! Buttwipes!! Buttwipes!! Buttwipes!! Friggin Idiots were selling them Before they Closed!!

  7. I know UKG, …. I have never ever seen them mentioned in any of the discovery docs…. Ut Umm …. the recreated docs. And the only endorsement of the Note we have ever received was the .. Ut Umm… Mers assignment/endorsemet all in One filed on our deed. Dag Gone It if I have yet to see the endorsement of the Note from Broker to Mers. I suspect I never will.

  8. guest, as soon as you mention Taylor Bean Whitaker it’s a black hole.

  9. The investors in subprime “loan” cash pass-through (securities investors) FUNDED NOTHING — all they did was purchase pass-through of cash flows to debt collection-modified CHARGE-OFFS.

  10. There were a handful of loans brokered and closed in late 2007 right before the Beginning of the End. No trust to send it to .. and GM didn’t accept CWs loans anymore. LIMBO LOANS ….. But let me tell you, CW nor BOA own those loans … they didn’t pay a dam dime! That was Investor funds used to fund the loans but the loans never got sold or moved forward to anyone. Ask an Investor who settled for pennies on the dollar !! Buttwipes!!

  11. Understand that when BAC took over CWs servicing rights, BAC refused our payments and we were the one to call them to inform them of BAC/BOA refusel to accept our payments because we didn’t want the taxpayer stuck with a bill we were perfectly willing to pay. That is when we found out.

  12. Charles, if it were in a GM pool, they (FHA) are stuck with the payments to the investors (as the insurers). If they had it they would want our money. Right? There is no reason for FNHA,HUD,FHA,GM to lie. They all say its a privately owned bank loan, don’t know who (one of less than 1% of all total loans). We stopped paying FHA ins (escrowed) to BAC after receiving another NOD after the reinstatement.

  13. guset it would be impossible for MERS to act on the behave of CW in your case if the loan was placed in the Ginnie Mae pool. The more you keep talking the more sure I am that the loan was in a Ginnie Mae pool. But in 2011 why is MRES acting for CW and not BOA because the company was sold in 2008.

    What happen is that since the loan was originated by a broker who sound as if it have a warehouse line and did not broker the loan under Ginnie Mae the title was never assigned to CW in the local land recording office, now this is not to say that CW did not purchase the loan, but do they at the point in 2011 to record an assignment of title.

    You mention that they funded more than you borrowed, and this would explain FHA not insuring the loan, but who accepting the MIP payment? So they were stuck with a non insurable FHA becaause the broker did something illegal?

    My point is have they been making you pay MIP payments for all these years, jump out at me.

    This is why we need to have made available records of these contract. MERS is acting for the broker in order to later assign the title to CW. Is the broker still in business and if not when did it go out of business? If the broker when out of business before the transfer, I don’t see any way MERS is authorized because that lender no longer exist and MERS is not a lender and does not have any financial interest in the loan!

  14. I have Charles, Thank You! They confirm it. No reason to lie because CW privilege to send up stream to GM was suspended day after closing. The note is in the brokers name and the funding amount was tens of thousands more than we had borrowed. The Note and Mortgage were never endorsed to CW until Sept 2011 ( Endorsed the Note and Mortgage by Mers ) Just before they released the CW LP on record.

  15. Dear guest, if I had to guess I would say that CW did place you loan into a Ginnie Mae pool and I know Ginnie Mae is hiding its involvement in these loan problems because as they hold the blank Notes, that fact is that they cannot do anything with them because they have not purchase the debt.

    Ginnie Mae is not in title in any county in America as “holder in due course”/owner as they are not listed of the Notes and don’t have a financial interest in the Notes/loans.

    What I believe sent I was first able to get records from Ginnie Mae from the FOIA Dept at HUD and expose that my loan was in the Ginnie Mae pool, they have since stop giving up any information.

    I don’t believe that if the Ins premium is being paid they don’t know who is paying it, as there is a paper trial. Here the deal also that CW was already caught not transferring the Notes to the Trust, but remember the Note must be signed in blank and relinquish to Ginnie Mae if the loans are placed into the pools. However these large lender where play and a game of cat & mouse and called themselves Trust or Custodian of records to keep in their possession the blank Note, so that in the event loan did default who was already in title would not be an issues.

    Ask Ginnie Mae through HUD FOIA office to send you any and all records they have in their file on you, and if they do I believe you should find the date your loan was placed into their pool.

    What going to have to be done is that we have to sue Federal Reserve Bank, Ginnie Mae corporation, MERS and the servicers to all the loans in the Ginnie Mae pool to expose the real corruption and that the Fed should not have been involved in negotiating this deal with the servicers because they had a financial interest in this matter.

  16. BAC did the same thing CW did … They Steal you Escrow Money to Pay the Default Servicing Fees. Why didn’t the default servicers remove loans that were Reinstated? To profitable to keep them in default loan services, and besides… that way no one would know about the INS SWAP frauds and the Trashed Title ( you know .. the one that requires a lawsuit be brought by the homeowner to be fixed ) Buttwipes!!

  17. Charles, our current loan was a Purchase of this property prior to sale of former property. When BAC took over.. they refused our payments. ??? So we demand to know who the owner of the loan was and they told me Ginnie Mae. So I call GM and they tell me the loan was never registered with them (not in their system). So I call FHA and they find that the FHA ins pays are being made, but it was not BOA making them and they didn’t know who. Their investigation led them to believe TBW was involved. (since when?). FHA said they couldn’t figure out how BOA was involved unless it was a bank owned loan and sold to them. I ask if anyone has made a default claim on Ins .. they say NO. So we make a deal that if a claim is filed they will contact us and not pay without investigating 1st because we had our money. After a year of stalling, we were advised to just go ahead and reinstate with BAC like we did with CW. We did. End of Story Right? .. I Wish! … BAC send NOD for Taxes and Ins for a Full Year. Guess What?… The taxes and ins were escrowed (in advance) and PAID TO BAC, the Sept 10 NOD total was for Ins due In coming NOV 10 and current year tax bill not yet billed .. due .. or payable til the following May of 2011. BUTTWIPES!!!!!

  18. Here why there are no trails back to a Trust for Ginnie Mae pooled loan is because if a Trust is in physical possession of the Note its the same as any other non-lender.

    The Notes are blank and being so messes up any type of normal Trust situation because when the party your hired by does not actual own the debt, then what have you got…..NOTHING!

  19. Charles, I agree, none of them have a financial intrest in the Note or Mortgage. Who does?

  20. the argument have started out wrong because the are base on if a borrower was in default. In a Ginnie Mae pooled loan the borrower can never be in default because who was the lender is not in possession of the Note which they relinquish so they could later sale securities.

    So the borrower is taken off guard when it ask if you were behind on your payments, and borrowers answer yes BUT. The answer should be no, and in fact from the very first payment there was an illegal collect of money from the borrowers that was collected by a servicer who was pretending to be the servicer when in fact Ginnie Mae cannot accept payment.

    Let do this one more time that a Note is a only a Note it the holder of it, is owed a debt. This is not about whether we owe some guy on the moon or in China or Wall Street, as it is about does the borrower owe who calling the Note due. If who is supposed to be owed a debt is not in court claiming a debt due, then debt is not a issue. The reason it not an issue with Ginnie Mae is that neither they or the servicer or MERS has a financial interest in the Notes!

  21. UKG.. You Play a Lawyer Pretty Well at Home. 🙂 I would like to add that the court agreed that the successor who was trying to enforce the contract was liable for its predicessors actions that caused harm to the other party in the contract. Ut Oh ..

  22. HARP is a great thing for you prime borrowers with loans over 4%. for a while, anyway. If the PRESIDENT has his way, in 8 years it won’t make any difference. We’ll all be eating insects and Moochelle will be telling us “it’s got just as much protein as this T-BONE”.

  23. @UKG 04/11/2013 08:29

    what I was alluding to was that you tie that ruling:

    We “should hesitate to dismiss a complaint under Rule 9(b)
    if [we are] satisfied (1) that the defendant has been made
    aware of the particular circumstances for which [it] will have
    to prepare a defense at trial, and (2) that plaintiff has substan-
    tial prediscovery evidence of those facts.”
    , 176 F.3d at 784. From McCauley’s complaint, we are able to glean the following facts: (1) the time of the alleged fraud was late
    summer or fall, 2006, when the appraisal and loan were made;
    (2) the appraisal was undertaken at McCauley’s home, to
    which Ocean Bank sent an appraiser; (3) the false representa-
    tion consisted of the representation from Ocean Bank that
    McCauley’s home was worth $51,000 or more; (4) the iden-
    tity of the person making the misrepresentation was Ocean
    Bank; and (5) as a result of the misrepresentation, McCauley
    agreed to the $51,000 loan. J.A. 99-101. Moreover, McCau-
    ley’s fraud complaint is not the type of frivolous action or
    strike suit Rule 9(b) is designed to avert.
    Thus, we hold that McCauley’s complaint meets the
    requirements of Rule 9(b)6.

    You take that with “Clearinghouse” and I think you can stay out of Federal Court. No getting “10(b)6’ed”.
    am I reading that right?

  24. Here what I been trying to example to folks, and that is the easy road is to attack Ginnie Mae because there not going to be an allonge later or the blank Note is suddenly signed and endorsed to some other party after the loan was placed into the Ginnie Mae pool.

    Ginnie Mae caught in its own rules plus the law, as they must have physical possession of the blank Note, because they think that this gives them ownership but once they fail to purchase the debt, there is absolutely no debt because the lender has no Note (contract) for the debt.

    There not even an unsecured debt because the lender relinquish the contract and Ginnie Mae not being a lender can in no way call a debt due because there is not one due to them. Ginnie Mae cannot simply hand the Note back because they cannot appear on the Note as they must be a home mortgage lender.

    I understand why Ginnie Mae started doing what they did, however it never made law sense if Ginnie Mae could not purchase the Notes or the investors purchase the Notes. However the investor not being a bank just as Ginnie Mae did not want the risk anyway.

    Now they actually got nothing but penalties on top of losses. Guaranty if like my situation, if you get every single government insured Note from the foreclosures, they must all have one ting in common and there is no way around it and that is that the Notes are still blank and will remain for every blank. This is what surprised the OCC when one of their appeal personnel who did not have a clue about mortgages and what I was talking about, but to her credit she did do as I asked and made Wells Fargo fax a current copy of the Note 1 1/2yrs after the foreclosure, and it was as I said blank.

    I know this is coming to an end because it too simple to solve over a Ginnie Mae!

  25. Each Nail hammered down into the NailBed gets us closer to the Truth! Not All Loans are the Same .. Terms Vary, State Laws Vary… I am not an Attorney, but I do advise you to seek a Local Attorney in Your Area familer with your local and state laws, real estate law, contract law, common law, land law and criminal law. Ok..Ok … So our Attorney is a Genius, so maybe not so many qualifications. But you get my point. Be rational and reasonable, dont get greedy.

  26. Thank You for the Update Kingcast! Keep Up the Good Work … Do Not Let Them Off, Stick to them Like A Thorn!

  27. No Offense Taken TU.. I’ve been handed many a bad checks before… I have them pinned to my bullitin board as a reminder… heeheehe …. You Nailed it on Your Last Post!

  28. “the FedGov now holds unenforceable worthless paper and they know it, …..that SHOULD be their inducement to force the banks to make new loans to get valid papers”


    That means that the people who own their homes free and clear because no one has an obligation for payment, at least not a secured obligation for payment, will enter new agreements to pay for what they already own, so the government can shift from worthless papers to non-worthless papers?

    Thus your article mentioned herein with the title

    Posted by: Matthew D. Weidner, Esq. | on April 11, 2013

    Trespass Unwanted, Corporeal, Life, Free, Independent, Conscience, People, In Jure Proprio, Jure Divino

  29. @Charles Reed ,

    I agree with your analysis .. the FedGov now holds unenforceable worthless paper and they know it , it is fast becoming common knowledge with us worker bees … until a year or two ago I would get pushback from anyone outside these forums on the subject when I spoke the truth … they’re getting it now but don’t want to acknowledge the full meaning of their knowledge.. that SHOULD be their inducement to force the banks to make new loans to get valid papers by whatever method is required , principal haircuts , interest rate cuts , $0 closings… they need to get this mess cleaned up and the banks MUST do what the FedGov dictates ,, none of the banks are solvent and can be brought down with a single phone call or fax by a regulator to the WSJ or another news outlet.

  30. Debt Buyer Lawsuits: The Illusion of Evidence

    I think somewhere in the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, it is realized these servicers are debt buyers and subject to Fair Debt Collection Practices and other rules different from mortgagee.

    So holding the note means they are holding a piece of paper.
    When One argues about that paper as if it is evidence of some obligation “Show me the note”, then that ‘creates’ a whole new situation for the judge and the one representing the ‘nobody’.

    They come in and ‘show you the note’.

    You know most of these ‘remedies’ are put out there by them because they know most people don’t research or they stop their research at one good point.

    When they indicated they planned to steal my home, and I was peacefully enjoying it, I said no. The more they expressed ‘we have an interest in your home’, I expressed back ‘I have an interest in my home, too!”. Their interest was not secured, but that’s the wording they used in their correspondence as if their words carried any power on paper over the living.

    When you are able to go to court and look that judge in the eye, and beyond the laws of man (which did not come first) you speak to him in the language of God with the laws of heaven, about this thievery, you may get someone.

    Corporation to corporation conflict — it’s not personal, it’s business.

    Creator to Creator, there is no conflict. All men are endowed. If you have the Creator and that judge does not? Well, let’s say we are dealing with unequal things.

    But people are tied to the system by their ‘invisible agreements’, and can get pretty mad at you if you speak from a voice of freedom and with confidence.

    I wanted my home, but I was not tied to it. It was not my identity. I worked for it, like I worked for my clothes. If my clothes are stolen, there is only so much life energy I’m going to expend to get it back. When my home is stolen, I tell the people who ‘created this mess’ what was done to me and they need to fix it.

    Sure, from 2009 to 2010, there over 4 million people who’s homes were taken. There are about 300 million people in the United States, and not all are old enough to purchase a home.

    A little over 1% of the population was robbed by unlawful acts.
    Warren put it in the public.
    The list that was in the Independent Foreclosure Review was a list of unlawful acts performed and the ‘purported remedy’.
    But it was a list of unlawful acts.

    Who filled out the list and what the remedy would be? The banks.
    So the banks have admitted to at a minimum 3.9 million unlawful acts against 3.9 million people. If some were married, increase the number of people. If more than one unlawful act was committed then increase the number some more by the stacked number of unlawful acts that were committed.

    More than 3.9 million unlawful acts has been admitted by the banks.

    Who said no one committed any crime and it’s ‘public’ what was done.

    Per government federal laws that protect consumers, when a act of fraud or deceptive practices occur, there is a minimum fine or penalty plus restitution available to the victim.

    No I don’t have my home, but I still have eyes to see, and I haven’t ‘lost’ anything. I was robbed.

    Trespass Unwanted, Corporeal, Life, Free, Independent, Conscience, People, In Jure Proprio, Jure Divino

  31. Oh, I don’t want to start a war because I used Stripes and guest in the prior post.

    If I offended you. I am going to say.

    I apologize.

    I don’t have time for fighting with my brothers and sisters.
    I’m not going to do it. I will apologize sincerely because I would not have known how sensitive it by some to be mentioned in an example.

    The programming is thick.

    Trespass Unwanted, Corporeal, Life, Free, Independent, Conscience, People, In Jure Proprio, Jure Divino

  32. Hi Charles Reed.
    Remember I never ‘under stand’, but I do comprehend and you are right. Totally right.
    I even posted in the prior blog a link about it.
    People think mortgages are different because they are two documents, but the two documents create something unique but it’s not above the law.

    As Neil said, the note is evidence of an obligation but it doesn’t indicate whether it was paid or not.

    Having the note means nothing, blank or otherwise.
    They have to prove up that they paid for it if it’s not written out to them, and that would mean more than just holding it in their hand.

    That’s why the allonge was so important to show who had it when.

    If Stripes gives me a check with my name on it, and I give it to guest, and guest gives it to you, and you try to cash it and my name is on it and it’s not endorsed, that won’t work.

    You could have taken it from Stripes before it was given to me, so it was evidence of something but not proof the transaction ever took place. I could have had it and lost it (losing through some fault of mine) or it was stolen. Without that signature you can’t tell if any real financial transaction took place.

    But a case is as strong as it’s weakest link.
    The note didn’t come first, the Deed came after the note was signed so it didn’t come first.

    The paperwork has one signature, even the people sitting in the room didn’t sign them all, they were given the capacity to sign a few that matter to whoever set up the transaction.

    NO one can come in between our contracts and set up new agreements without our consent.

    What God has put together let no man put asunder (it doesn’t only apply to marriage).

    No law impairing the obligation of contracts shall be made.

    The problem is, people add problem upon problem by ‘working with’ the very people that caused the problem, and in doing so you are ‘helping them’ fix the problem they created for themselves, and not getting a remedy for what they did to you.
    Not you specifically Charles, just ‘us’ who are ‘you’ when we jump from one toadstool to the next because we don’t want to touch the water.

    Where I come from, people would easily say ‘bump that shi..’ and walk away and not be enslaved by bull….t.

    Final remedy comes when someone signs that check (out of desperation or whatever) when they sign it, that’s the ‘settlement’ of the ‘settlement check’.

    Yes you still have the right to sue them, but with what? Pro Bono?

    In their codes, once Fraud is identified, some of their code gives you two years to sue for damages, some give you one. So it’s not as cut and dry as learning what to do from ‘them’ or ‘their media’, or ‘their dog and pony show hearings.

    I like the hearings because it logs the details in the public.

    It puts the information in ‘The Book of Life’.

    Trespass Unwanted, Corporeal, Life, Free, Independent, Conscience, People, In Jure Proprio, Jure Divino

  33. @UKG 04/11/2013 08:29

    I’ve been busy with life in general and don’t know the ins and outs of every aspect of the greater fraud that is our banking system … I’ll take a stab at your challenge…

    Regarding the case you linked it simply seems to be a microcosm of EVERYTHING we are seeing in the securitized loan areas , they had no reason to expect the loan to be successfully paid back , the appraisal was inflated by 50% over fair market (and the loan was to pay off a private purchase agreement .. maybe the selling owner had bank connections.. unknown)

    The quotation on P12 (indented para # 3 ) re-iterates what should be a universal truth ,, “federal thrifts are presumed to interact with their customers in a truthful manner…” but since they have been demonstrated to be deceptive I would think that “Putting aside the fact that fraud may arise from a “party’s willful nondisclosure of a material
    fact,” Kessel v. Leavitt , 511 S.E.2d 720, 752 (W. Va. 1998)
    (quotation marks and citation omitted), ”

    It appears that fraud in the inducement , in this case valuing the property FAR above appraisal is actionable …

  34. Speaking of due diligence and fraudclosure, robosigning and such, I hate to say it but Senator Menendez is acting like a phony, all talk and no action:

    Thursday, April 11, 2013

    New Constituent Letters and Repeated FOIA Requests Pin Senator Robert Menendez as Phony for Protecting BoA and Phelan Hallinan & Schmieg.

  35. Trespass I think you are not understanding that the banks in cases, as with Government insured loans are taking into their possession blank Notes which they cannot buy or sale, which is a fact of their regulation and law.

    One cannot go to the court with a blank Note that is not endorsed with you being the recipient of the Note because the Note does not state that you are the owner of said Note, So in accordance with the UCC 3 and common sense you must present to the court when you paid for the debt you are claiming that is owed to you.

    You cannot present to the court a fraudulent assignment of the title and foreclose for an amount that not owed to you. The Note is no long a Note if it does not have a debt attached to it, as it has transform to simple a piece of paper that not a Note!

  36. Let someone move in who can pay the taxes…?

    Greedy crooks do like to make wild speculations not based in law or fact.

    THE FACT IS…..When you choose to bring a fraudulent lawsuit based upon no law or fact and you present counterfeit, forged copies of checks and destroyed contracts upon the court to steal from someone, you should pay for that.

  37. Who is greedy …? You dirty sob’s are. I am well within my legal rights to take back what is owed to me from your crimes you committed against me. What a bunch of conniving, lousy lying felon dirtbags. I know what you crooks did so now this is personal…this is about what _I_ think is justice for the biggest financial fraud in history you crooks committed in my name without my knowledge or consent. I am the only harmed party…not you Imposter Felons…!

    Loan mods or refis of Securities Fraud is a coverup for Securities Fraud and that is CRIMINAL…..You are all big fat hogs….. lousy felonious, greedy, lying Scumbags.

    You told me what to do but I got greedy…? Hey guest, guess what? Don’t tell me to commit felonies…just because you are a felon and apparently a Satan worshipper because you have no morals…

    I don’t worship evil and I don’t negotiate with terrorists or do business with known felons.

  38. If no money changes hands.
    Where is the loan?
    What is the loan?
    With CFPB coming up with important mortgage disclosure provisions, it would be nice if they indicate we didn’t loan you any money, but with your signature we will be able to secure your property as collateral for you to pay us for what your property is worth.

    Trespass Unwanted, Corporeal, Life, Free, Independent, Conscience, People, In Jure Proprio, Jure Divino

  39. This trust is executed!
    Some battles carry no benefit expressed or implied.
    Maxim of Law. One should know with whom they deal.

    You will not interfere with my right to free speech just because you can’t handle a general comment.

    Here’s a specific comment especially for you Christine, “I don’t care”
    By Divine Right by exercising free speech, “I don’t care.” Would serve you well to know what it means to ‘trespass’.
    This is the only time I will comment to you directly.

    A taking away or confiscation; as in deprivation of a constitutional right or the taking of property under eminent domain without due process of law (i.e. without just compensation)

    Trespass Unwanted, Creator, Corporeal, Life, Free and Independent, State, Conscience, In Jure Proprio, Jure Divino

  40. Here is my theory and that is the securitization has caught up with Fannie & Freddie. These clowns have had the most properties foreclosed and owe the Federal Government $190 billion but if as with Ginnie Mae not money changed hand in the purchasing of let say a third of the portfolios as Ginnie Mae does with 100% of it pools, its Katy bar the door.

    So what they are doing now is stopping the flood of foreclosure that put them in the hole $190 billion and an opportunity to have all the the Notes and titles redone where the homeowner cannot challenge the past contract. What do homeowners who are broke do? The sign the new documentation because there is no one out there helping.

    However if in the end it does provide most with a lower monthly payment, I would say we who have complained have help at least make families monthly output lower and stay in the property, we done our jobs. Its took two to tangle, yet most of the blame I give to banks who were the keepers of the gate!

  41. As usual, I’ll consider the source…

  42. Find it interesting.
    I didn’t ‘lose’ my home.
    As I said,


    I see why people experience what they experience.

    Ask those that are getting $300 how interesting it was to refi or get a mod after 18 months of trying.

    I said what I said because of freedom of speech.
    If you think I was talking to “you” then your EGO may be right, maybe it was for you.
    I just wrote it.
    You attached to it.

    Trespass Unwanted, Corporeal, Life, Free, Independent, Creator, Conscience

  43. I always find it interesting that those who lost their home are the most vocal against any type of refinancing or modification. If someone is helped by it, then I’m all in favor. Negativity does not convey spiritual enlightenment, far from it.

  44. LOL
    What better way to clean up the ownership of the loans than to dangle the prospect of lower payments to keep someone who doesn’t own your loan from stealing your home and being accused of illegal activity.

    Why you have so many months to go ahead an create a ‘real obligation’ where someone can clean up the title ownership and you can ‘really’ pay for the property over ‘how many years’ so you don’t lose it.

    Yeah. Break(ing) News at that!


    I see why people experience what they experience.
    Gift horse – > mouth
    Gift horse < – mouth

    Trespass Unwanted, Life, Free, Conscience, Creator, In Jure Proprio, Jure Divino


    Posted by: Matthew D. Weidner, Esq. | on April 11, 2013

    If you’re in foreclosure or thinking it’s close, there’s great news for you from Bloomberg….additional information that may help you to avoid foreclosure…..

    Borrowers with mortgages backed by Fannie Mae (FNMA) or Freddie Mac (FMCC) will have until the end of 2015 to obtain new loans under the Home Affordable Refinance Program, the Federal Housing Finance Agency said today.

    HARP previously was scheduled to expire at the end of 2013. The program allows borrowers to cut their loan payments by refinancing at lower interest rates even if they are stuck in homes that have lost value.

  46. Notes in decision regarding Count II

    (“To the extent that borrowers are defrauded, as a matter of con-
    tract law, they have defenses against the holder of the obligation in an
    action for recoupment.”).

    Trespass Unwanted, Creator, Corporeal, Life, Free and Independent, State, Conscience, In Jure Proprio, Jure Divino

  47. TU RE: They are changing owners from one who won’t pay taxes to one who will pay taxes


  48. UKG… YES! The Current holder is liable for claims being made arising from a contract it is trying to enforce, althou their predicessor commited the dirty deed. Now in some cases the successor came in and dirtied its hands also.

  49. UKG,

    The timeline is perfect. She purchased in… 2006! Just at the top of the bubble! When fraud was at the highest.

    As I said, it is always better to attack first and there is a new count to add to all the other respa, tila, fial and what not. In district court, nonetheless!

  50. Land stays where it is, if you can see that it is immovable.
    They are changing owners from one who won’t pay taxes to one who will pay taxes.

    They haven’t lost anything as I can “see”

    Trespass Unwanted, Corporeal, Life, Creator, Conscience, In One’s Own Right, By Divine Right.

  51. almost 40 posts since this morning.
    stripes, you suck. get lost.

    anybody paying attention? the link

    Count II alleged misrepresentation of the property’s value to induce the mortgage, plaintiff’s reasonable reliance on that misrepresentation, and harm. Because the fraud claim only incidentally affects lending, it is not preempted. Because the complaint adequately pleaded fraud, dismissal was improper.

    now class: somebody tell me what is significant about this?
    Douglas? Buehler?
    no, no, no, not you MPV….I know you know.

    but class, it’s the hot combo, not beef and peppers, not sausage and meatballs, it’s the link to what?? you combine this and…….

    you’ve got until tomorrow.
    and I’m still not a lawyer.

  52. The idea of Tax Debt Buyer irks me and gives me dry heaves. Towns and counties are clamoring for money but don’t hesitate selling tax debt to buyers, thereby relinquishing the actual real estate.

    Read that again: towns and counties will get rid of the one thing that has value: land!!!

    What am I missing???

  53. Yes that is a Link to Keep Handy. It is Especially Helpful if you know who the newbe players are … you know … their OLD fka or aka or dba.

  54. Good Question Christine. But from what I understand the banksters are paying the taxes and adding it to the balances (if there is one). They are just using 3rd parties to hide what they are doing. Sneaking in the back door with another lien and FC on it because well .. you know … but its still the banksters.

  55. Speaking about Mers, it doesn’t hurt to keep this link in your favorites: the list gets regularly updated and new JDB are added as they mushroom.

  56. Just checked on the MERS member list. Lakeview Holdings is not a member. Lakeview Funding, Lakeview Mortage and Lakeview Loans are but not Laskeview Holdings.

    So my question stands: what happens with servicer, trustee and whoever else can claim a financial interest if TDB purchase the tax lien and starts foreclosing?

    Are the sharks going to eat each others?

  57. Lakeview can refile. Read the entire decision. But they already dismissed once, they dragged a few parties in their appeal and they must pay all appelees’ costs. Might be just what the doctor ordered for Deberry.

    Still, that TDB scam sounds ominous. And I checked that Lakeview outfit originally out of Utah: they are everywhere!!! Being sued left and right. i bet they are among those horrible outfits that use intimidation and break into people’s homes.

    W#hat I need to figure out is what happens to all other parties (servicer, trustee, beneficiaries, etc.) when they purchase the tax lien and start foreclosing… Because quite a few people have a claim of financial interest. How does that racket actually play out?

  58. In Svoboda , however, unlike this matter, the plaintiff could not refile the matter following the court’s dismissal without prejudice because the plaintiff had previously dismissed the action. See Selmon v. Crestview Nursing & Rehab. Ctr., Inc

  59. Nice Christine! If they had previously filed and voluntarily dismissed the case. Bars them from coming back. Very Intresting Indeed.

  60. New one on me: some outfit named Lakeview Holdings LLC purchases (for penny to the dollar) tax liens on real estate property. It then gives it the right to foreclose. In other words, a TDB (Tax Debt Buyer) with power to seize the house. Pretty scary on its own.

    Great case: homeowner appelee wins (pro se). Lakeview loses, must pay appelee’s legal costs, etc.

    [Cite as
    Lakeview Holding, L.L.C. v. DeBerry
    , 2013-Ohio-1457.]
    Court of Appeals of Ohio
    No. 99033


    Civil Appeal from the
    Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas
    Case No. CV-773777
    Kilbane, J., Jones, P.J., and McCormack, J.

    April 11, 2013

    {¶ Error! Bookmark not defined.} In this matter, however, the dismissal without prejudice does not determine the action and does not prevent a judgment because the certificate has not expired and the six-year statute of limitations has not yet expired. Lakeview may therefore simply refile its notice of intent, then refile the foreclosure complaint within 120 days of that notice. Indeed, the lower court noted that the case was “dismissed, subject to refiling.” Lakeview cites to Svoboda v. Brunswick , 6 Ohio St.3d 348, 453 N.E.2d 648 (1983), to support its claim that the matter is subject to review herein. In Svoboda , however, unlike this matter, the plaintiff could not refile the matter following the court’s dismissal without prejudice because the plaintiff had previously dismissed the action. See Selmon v. Crestview Nursing & Rehab. Ctr., Inc
    ., 184 Ohio App.3d 317, 2009-Ohio-5078, 920 N.E.2d 1017 (7th Dist.).

    {¶Error! Bookmark not defined.} Accordingly, there is no final appealable order herein, and the appeal is dismissed. It is ordered that appellee recover from appellant costs herein taxed. It is ordered that a special mandate be sent to said court to carry this judgment into execution.
    A certified copy of this entry shall constitute the mandate pursuant to Rule 27 of the Rules of Appellate Procedure.

    LARRY A. JONES, SR., P.J., and

  61. guess my home was a $250,000 property, that was a VA loan that they don’t want to talk about. As I written Sen Warren and I see that in the new letter she mention the 800,000 that the OCC & Fed had already identified.

    Its not going to be tomorrow but soon they will have to deal with an obvious problem that they just screwed up and did not exchange money for government insured loans and Ginnie Mae is not in title on a single one of these pooled loans. The are caught by their own policies and US Laws!

    And to Christine I don’t feel MERS can last as in the case of Washington Mutual Bank loans that were service by Wells Fargo, it a slam dunk or fraud because the never purchase the loans from the bank and the now defunct bank is defunct, but long before that had relinquish the endorsed blank Notes to Ginnie Mae. The no way on earth Ginnie Mae could cause to have a property foreclosed because they are only an INSURER and don’t have any financial interest in a single loan, because it would be against the law for the non-mortgage lender!

  62. If Stripes had half a brain, she would have taken my advise 8 months ago and she wouldnt be fighting two forclosures now. But she got Greedy!

  63. nabdulla, she is not way ahead, she is just catching up on old news. And it certainly is not going to save a home in forclosure.

  64. @ All

    “marilyn lane, on April 9, 2013 at 3:01 pm said:
    All the years I have been reading Ivent or be it Stripes
    Time has proven she was way ahead of most of us in knowing
    How high this foreclosure fraud goes…..
    Just as Stripes might not be right about everything she is sure making our country aware that something very wrong is happening with our rights and freedoms and waking them up.”

    Mr. Garfield, for what it may be worth, I agree with Ms. Lane.

  65. Christine.. Let me give you an example of correcting their errors … hahaha ….. The new assignment was a Note and Mortgage Transfer All In One Doc … from MERS in 2011 back dated 4yrs. Lets see how well that works for them.

  66. E Tolle, I know you didn’t mean me, it’s just the distortion of your statement.

    I happen to know from experience, that they do not view ‘us’ as chattel.
    They created a paper document and they view ‘it’ as chattel. They want us to use the document in order to use the system. But we aren’t using it by agreement. We are using it under Coercion. If there were another option we’d take it. But they ‘take our right to life’ if we don’t use it.

    Fine. They want us to use their ‘chattel’ document, that’s fine.
    But even in using it, the one who created it is responsible for it.

    That creator cannot ‘make’ us be representatives of what they created.

    Thus they tell us half the story about the document with a ‘name’ on it, but we don’t have ‘names’ in our world, we are ‘called’.

    To get someone alive(‘s) attention we go to them and make an audible sound. We talk to them, we speak to them. But their papers are only active when they are moved from one place to another. Physically or electronically.

    Their papers require a representative.
    They foreclosed on paper and stole from the People.
    As long as the people think they are paper/chattel because they are told they are over the internet, they’ll have no idea that was was done is an impossibility but it’s being enforced by People.

    A corporation has no brain. So who’s the brain behind the corporation?
    A corporation cannot own this Earth. They can use portions of it, but it has no claim on anything alive, because it didn’t come first.

    Which came first, people or corporations?
    People came first.
    So a creation cannot be greater than the Creator.
    That’s their own legal maxim.

    It’s people committing criminal acts against people and each claiming to ‘be doing their job’ when someone set up this ‘job’ that they do and that someone is the ‘real party’.

    No claim can legally be brought against us without that ‘real party’ being present.

    We go to courts and bring our representative (attorney) to deal with their representative.

    When we know who we are.
    When we know who they are.
    When we stand in our own right and don’t under stand beneath them, then they (whoever it is) that denies us our right is the party at fault.

    We can’t solve this problem until we ‘see’ it.
    The system (architect) has public figures who are in office a short time and don’t see it.
    The people are educated so that we don’t see it.
    They put our focus on ways they want to kick us out of their education system because your hair was the wrong color after you went swimming, or you ate your sandwich the wrong way and for 5 minutes it looked like a gun, even though you finished eating it and there is no threat.

    They do this to make you fight to keep what they are offering you which is really something you don’t want anyway.

    People if they think something is being taken from them will fight to keep it. But the basic rule is; they can’t have it until you give it to them.

    Our homes were taken.

    Somehow their system got so unregulated people are doing things in it that is not allowed under any circumstances.

    Once I object, they have rules that they have to stop and make me whole again.

    This foreclosure settlement doesn’t have to be cashed by anyone who was harmed if they don’t believe the amount satisfies the injury they experienced, unless they want to consider this situation ‘closed’ and for the offer of stealing one’s home, the consideration is $300.

    People who have not been paying attention will have no one to blame but their selves for living here but expecting someone else to take care of them, but pointing fingers at other people and what they do, when in all actuality they are all doing different versions of the same thing.

    There is no way you can steal my car, and give me $300.
    So how in the hell can you steal my home and think $300 is an equitable settlement? You do that by dragging it out. Putting it in your media, having the arguments back and forth (you write both sides of the argument), get the people to believe this is all that’s available to them to remedy the situation, they accept the settlement, and for everyone who accepted the settlement, you got a clean signature and can show you made a good faith attempt to settle the unlawful act, they took the agreement, the clock starts ticking, they don’t sue you, so you consider yourself free and clear of the harm you did to them.

    But someone doing a ‘refuse’ type action may make it known in their situation that what was done is ‘not acceptable’.

    It’s all contracts, and illegal activity has occurred, but the blind-sidedness is that people are eager to silence someone who is not aligned with them and their way of thinking than to learn some things about ‘life’ and ‘living it’ and protecting it, including the life of the ones you want to silence or send back over the border.

    All life is protected.

    This is the wheat and chaff situation. The left behind situation.

    It may be intentional that the heat has been turned up, the spending was increased, the wars were exposed, the thefts are disclosed, and the people have stopped what they were doing individually and collectively are finally ‘seeing’ their world and what role they play in it.

    Look at how many people had an unconscionable contract and jumped form one to another ‘hoping’ someone else would take care of them.

    Then there is the few that walked away from an unconscionable contract.

    I don’t trust the system. If they don’t need my trust, then fine.
    I don’t trust their money. They can write In God We Trust on it all they want. God does not trust their money. So those words carry no value just like the currency it is written on.
    I don’t trust the people who control the money because as soon as I work for it and earn a right to use it, they are doing things to take it back and make me work harder for access to it, to eat, live, and have shelter from the elements.

    It’s so stupid, it’s like Humans have to be declared an endangered species among corporation, such that their corporation endangered species laws would kick in and protect us from losing our shelter, no matter where we live.

    It’s so stupid, that we being the People are being discriminated against for our ‘natural origin of flesh and blood’ by corporations whose natural origin is (paper) as if we are insignificant and our lives don’t matter, such that their ‘discrimination’ laws should kick in and protect us from losing our right to property, our right to protect ourselves from an occupying force, our right to pursue happiness.

    Unequal things cannot be joined together.

    Trespass Unwanted, Corporeal, Life, Free, Independent, In Jure Proprio, Jure Divino

  67. Nabdulla,

    I guess LPS corrected their “errors”… This country has become such a f’ing joke!

  68. Charles, I would say it is Safe to say my Home is one of those 250,000 homes they do not want to talk about. The missing piece of the puzzle. What they dont want to talk about.

  69. The ground work is set when Warren made it clear as she knew the answer that the victims could take the lender to court….right? As she the OCC said yes so the response from Warren was priceless.

    The lenders are going to have to deal with there own documentation of the review finding that they committed frauds. So let deal with the 250,000 that are not accounted for in the payout charts at a small balance or property value of $100,000 x 3 for treble is $75 billion. there is a big problem that the banks in trying to keep this under cover and stay ahead of the game as in the Robo signing by creating first the IFR and then HUD step in in Jan 2012 and took the easy road in singling out BOA for Countrywide.

    I believe we have corner these clowns with their own IFR.

  70. Black’s Law 5th Edition

    Unconscionability. Basic test of “unconscionability” of contract is whether under circumstances existing at time of making of contract and in light of general commercial background and commercial needs of particular trade or case, clauses involved are so one sided as to oppress or unfairly surprise party. Division of Triple T Service, Inc. V. Mobil Oil Corp., 60 Misc.2d 720, 304 N.Y.S.2d 191, 201. Unconscionability is generally recognized to include an absence of meaningful choice on the part of one of the parties, to a contract together with contract terms which are unreasonably favorable to the other party. Gordon V. Crown Central Petroleum Corp., D.C.Ga., 423 F.Supp. 58, 61.

    Typically the cases in which unconscionability is found involve gross overall one-sidedness or gross one-sidedness of a term disclaiming a warranty, limiting damages, or granting procedural advantages. In these cases one-sidedness is often coupled with the fact that the imbalance is buried in small print and often couched in language unintelligible to even a person of moderate education. Often the seller deals with a particularly susceptible clientele. Kugler v. Romain, 58 N.J. 522, 279 A.2d 640.

    The mortgages of the property and land within the jurisdiction of the United States of America was a standardization of unconscionable contracts by corporations operating under the jurisdiction sitting on top of the land called the United States.

    Two unequal entities enjoined and that should never have been allowed. People living and corporations existing do not co-exist well. Corporations will kill people (take the lives of people) to continue existing.

    Our lives consist of more than breathing and eating. It consists of experiences and shelter from the elements and co-creating and developing spiritually.

    The inanimate corporation derives it’s powers from living people hiding behind it who are killing (taking the lives of people) who want to live free from trespass.

    Thou shalt not kill.

    Black’s Law 5th edition definition of Life.

    Life. That state of animals, humans, and plants or of an organized being, in which its natural functions and motions are performed or in which its organs are capable of performing their functions. The interval between birth and death. The sum of the forces by which death is resisted.

    Human life begins at conception but the state of pregnancy of a woman determines the conditions under which she may be entitled to an abortion free of state interference. Roe v. Wade, 410 U.S. 113, 93 S.Ct. 705, 35 L.Ed.2d 147. See also Abortion; Viable child.

    “Life” protected by the Federal Constitution includes all personal rights and their enjoyment of the faculties, acquiring useful knowledge, the right to marry, establish a home, and bring up children, freedom of worship, conscience, contract, occupation, speech, assembly and press.
    See also Natural life; Useful life; Wrongful life action

    Trespass Unwanted, Creator, Corporeal, Life, Free and Independent, State, Conscience, In Jure Proprio, Jure Divino

  71. They overissued investments in everything to the tune of a quadrillion dollars in Securities/Derivatives fraud….their debt is unsustainable and can never be repaid…their debt is criminal…it was all created by committing massive Securities Fraud/Derivatives fraud. These crooks owe us GAZILLIONS ….

  72. […] Filed under: CDO, CORRUPTION, Eviction, foreclosure, GARFIELD GWALTNEY KELLEY AND WHITE, GTC | Honor, Investor, Mortgage, securities fraud Tagged: False appraisals, financial services, foreclosure review settlements, foreclosure reviews, Gdp, JPM, median income, unemployment, zillow Livinglies’s Weblog […]

  73. The FED are foreigner’s E Tolle… they cannot own anything or anyone in America…..they can buyback and sell their own Securities Fraud till the cows come home…not of it is legal. Our property is secured to We The People not to them…or are we to them…the FED defaulted…end of story.

  74. One thing we need to do says Mr. Lew is broaden the base and lower the rate on the business side…..Hmmmmm…where have I heard that one before…..? That commie Kudlow…

    What does that mean….?…..BROADEN THE BASE..IS FED SPEAK FOR…..the CRONY CAPITALIST CORP need to borrow more of our money at a cheaper interest rate…BUT…..THEY ALREADY DID THAT & WE ARE BROKER THAN EVER…..! MWAHAHA…

  75. TU, you said, “I’m not chattel personal (and I know what chattel is).”

    I never meant to imply that you are someone’s chattel per se. What I said is that in the widely held securitization scheme that is par for the course, they view you as chattel, whether you like it or not. Look into the hugely prevalent practice of across the board death policies on employees, the so-called dead peasant policies. If that isn’t evidence of chattel-like practices, I don’t know stripes from my toilet bowl. And it is widely practiced, just not that whispered about these days. Highly profitable tossing us into the grave on Vegas odds.

    THEY derive their entire digital matrix from our physical existence through derivatives. They sell our kid’s educational $$$ through impossible to achieve levels of repayment through derivatives, sold throughout the university’s claim to supposedly educating our kids. They make it to where operating a simple business like landscaping or daycare or nursing needs such impossibly high levels of accordance and insurance as to eat up all of our scant profit margins, all the while their take isn’t at all marginalized. Forget that they also own the commodities that we consume, from food to fuel, even to the occasional libation that we resort to for an escape. They’ve got it all covered. Pour me another oh kind benefactor, please. Even the drugs that those who have had it with society resort to…coke and meth and heroin, all paid and delivered by these securitization geniuses working for the banks and following their profit tables and guidelines.

    I watched the entire Senate OCC coverage today. I was very impressed with Warren. She’s still new. I liked Obama when he was new. I’ll never fall into that trap again.

    Let’s just see what comes of it. Warren’s totally surrounded by scoundrels and scalawags, to put it in family type terms.

    I remain LL’s #1 cynic. I so look forward to being proved wrong. They ARE after our last penny. Part the tent flap to prove me wrong

  76. I suddenly has a strange craving for a Lou Malnatis pizza….a Lou with sausage & extra cheesey….


  78. QUESTION….MR. LEW….We would like to know how & where you get the credit….LMAO! THE U.S. TAXPAYER’S OF COURSE…!

  79. yes WE are getting there.
    The important thing here is the ‘public record’.
    Somehow the Fed was able to take over our financial system long before I was born and could disagree. The people who didn’t mind this take over are dead and gone and we inherited something we don’t want.

    Whatever they said they would do for the ‘benefit’ of the people that gave them the position they have; it’s important to show ‘publicly’, they didn’t do what they said they would do, to justify undoing what was done by the ‘dead people’.

    Trespass Unwanted, Life, Free, Conscience, Creator, In Jure Proprio, Jure Divino

  80. nabdulla, LPS continues to do Dirty Work even after Browns prosecution, its to profitable! Makes Me Sick! TU … Its Great! I watched it live today, Reed and Warren really Dig In Deep! But all I heard was stutters and nuttin about the titles yet. We are getting there thou …

  81. 1 hour 9 minutes in and going ….Warren is amazing!

    Trespass Unwanted, Life, Free, Conscience, Creator, In Jure Proprio, Jure Divino

  82. OH HELL NO….. I am not chattel securitized to any foreign bank……I never signed or agreed to that…..!


  84. Black’s Law 5th edition

    Chattel. An article of personal property, as opposed to real property. A thing personal and movable. It may refer to animate as well as inanimate property. See also Goods; Property (Personal Property)

    Personal chattel. Movable things. Personal property which has no connection to real estate.

    The comment “” was:

    You and I are chattel personal, to be securitized until death do us part from the banks.

    Trespass Unwanted, Corporeal, Life, Free, Independent, In Jure Proprio, Jure Divino

  85. @ All

    Do you BELIEVE this crap !!!!

    “LPS has wound down all of DocX’s operations, re-executed and re-filed mortgage assignments as appropriate….”

  86. Personal property……

  87. 54 minutes into the hearing
    Reed: Do you still think it was the best alternative?

    Mr. Daniel P. Stipano
    Deputy Chief Counsel
    Office of the Comptroller of the Currency: No. I think if we, we had it to do all over again we’d take a different approach.

    Reed: You’ll have it to do all over again!

    Girl in the background who was semi-paying attention had the greatest surprise expression.

    Trespass Unwanted, Corporeal, Life, Free, Independent, In Jure Proprio, Jure Divino

  88. 2 hours. First 20″ minutes is no-activity recording

    Outsourcing Accountability? Examining the Role of Independent Consultants

    Financial Institutions and Consumer Protection

    Thursday, April 11, 2013
    10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

    Trespass Unwanted, Life, People

  89. Stripper … I Dont have to, You already proved it yourself.

  90. My below comment is for the scumbag lying crook guest.

  91. News from the Front: Wall Street Takes Your Homes, Your Deposits, and Your Social Security (Updated)

    Author: L. Randall Wray · April 8th, 2013 · Comments (5)Share ThisPrint 86 66

    Here are a few recent tidbits from the press, just in case you were feeling a bit overly optimistic.

    1. MERS Helps Wall Street Steal Your Home

    Over the past couple of years, I’ve tried to explain how the financial sector created MERS to destroy property records so that it would be easier to steal homes. In the old days, property records were maintained at county recorder offices. But that was so old-school. It made it too easy to find out who owes whom and who owns what. Wall Street wanted to make this as complicated as possible so that no indebted homeowner would ever know who she/he owes. Wall Street took the mortgages and sliced and diced them, separating origination of mortgages from the ownership of the right to receive payment, and as well separated that ownership from the servicing of the mortgages. And then the bankers burned all the records.

    In the old days, you had to keep all the documents together, in physical form. And when a mortgage was sold, you had to go back to the recorder’s office to change the record. With the creation of MERS, most of those documents were destroyed and the banksters never bothered to tell the recorders who owned what. The indebted households have no idea who owns their note and who services the mortgages. Even if they write that monthly check, the banks claim they never received it—the dog ate it, you know.

    In truth, since they screwed up all the property records, even the banksters have no idea who owes who what. So they just start foreclosing on everything. Don’t owe a mortgage? Who cares, they foreclose anyway. You cannot prove you’ve got a right to the house you live in, since they shredded all the documents and “forgot” to tell MERS you paid off the note. No more “note burning parties” since they burned the notes as soon as they got them. See here:

    I just came across an excellent video—albeit wonky—that explains all this:

    It will take decades to sort out the mess that MERS has made of property records. Meanwhile, don’t believe ‘em. They have no proof they’ve got a right to take your home from you.

    Update: Since some flaming comments are flowing in from the “bank lobby”, let me add a couple of pieces I came across today.

    Yes, I know how hard it is to believe just how much MERS has screwed things up. And some find it hard to believe that bankers are willfully stealing homes. Here’s a column from HuffPost that summarizes a new study of bank foreclosure thefts:

    A few key sentences: “BOSTON — Nearly a third of all foreclosed borrowers who faced proceedings brought by the biggest U.S. mortgage companies during the height of the housing crisis came to the brink of losing their homes due to potential bank errors or under now-banned practices, regulators have revealed. Close to 1.2 million borrowers, or about 30 percent of the more than 3.9 million households whose properties were foreclosed on by 11 leading financial institutions in 2009 and 2010, had to battle potentially wrongful efforts to seize their homes despite not having defaulted on their loans, being protected under a host of federal laws, or having been in good standing under bank-approved plans to either restructure their mortgages or temporarily delay required payments. More than 244,000 of those borrowers eventually lost their homes, government data show….”

    And here’s a more academic piece on the industry’s Frankenstein monster, MERS, which discusses the ways county clerks and qui tam litigants are fighting back against MERS. It can be found at:

    From the paper’s abstract: “Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. (MERS) has faced unceasing controversy from litigators and scholars for its role in foreclosures, its effect on public records transparency, and its role in the housing bubble. While scholarly accounts have described the challenges MERS has faced in foreclosure and bankruptcy courts, this essay seeks to examine the most recent burgeoning challenge to MERS’ manner of business: county clerk and qui tam lawsuits. All around the nation, county clerks and qui tam litigants have begun to file lawsuits against MERS, alleging a number of claims, including that (1) MERS violated state laws requiring assignments to be recorded; (2) MERS used deceptive language to avoid recording laws; and (3) MERS has been unjustfully enriched by depriving county clerks of recording fee revenue. Ultimately, the essay finds that most courts have rejected these claims against MERS, but that such lawsuits remain an expensive risk to MERS….”

    And from its conclusion: “So of what import is this most recent spate of MERS related litigation, given that the vast majority of suits have been dismissed? First, although this Article has taken a relatively skeptical and pessimistic view of these anti-MERS lawsuits, banks and their advocates must remain wary of these seemingly unending matters. Just as the tobacco lawsuits were initially met with skepticism and ridicule, one large win was all it took to turn regular routs into an industry-changing victory. Here, one verdict in favor of a clerk in a class-action suit could result in a ruling that MERS must go back and, for example, record innumerable assignments or pay millions of dollars in avoided recording fees. This, in turn, could result in a new appraisal of the viability of MERS’ manner of business.”

    And, finally, here’s a link to a petition drive against MERS:

    Richard Zombeck has been following the MERS scandal since the beginning and he offers a quick overview of the issues. Richard writes: “In short, MERS enabled the industry to throw mortgages around in their chimp-like poop-flinging frenzy without keeping any kind of paperwork or paying any fees. This has left the sanctity of the land records in every registry of deeds a veritable shambles. ‘This isn’t just affecting homeowners in foreclosure,’ says Jeff Greenberg the founder of Landtegrity, ‘MERS has polluted the majority of the land records in this country. Everyone should be concerned, especially people who are paying their mortgage and expect to own their home some day.’”

    (Note if the links don’t work, copy and paste them into your browser.)

    2. What You Should Learn From Cyprus: Deposit Insurance is Not Deposit Insurance

    Here’s a scary piece: Think Your Bank Deposits Will Always Be 100 Percent Guaranteed by the FDIC? Think Again.

    Back in the early 1990s the Neolibs started to drumbeat about how deposit insurance removes market discipline from banking. If Uncle Sam promises insurance on your deposits, you have no incentive to “supervise” your bank. And since Uncle Sam (Fed, FDIC, OCC) decided in 1999 that the regulators would no longer supervise big banks, either, banksters partied like it was 1999—as we all know. Which then required a $29 trillion bail-out of Wall Street.

    So the Neolibs are back. Cyprus was the opening gambit. You see, it is just so damned expensive to bail-out bankster banks, we need to “tax” (allow banks to default on) deposits. If you are lucky you might get half of your deposits. Next time, you’ll do a better job of supervising the banks that your government does not want to supervise!

    3. Obama Joins Social Security’s Enemies on Pretense that Uncle Sam Ran Out of Money.

    As I’ve been arguing for a long time, the whole deficit hysteria has been created to provide cover to the President and Democrats more generally so that they can slash the social safety net. I warned that Obama would push to cut Social Security. Pete Peterson has bought off Washington–they’re all on board now to gut the program.

    Obama has helped to orchestrate a “grand bargain” that raised payroll taxes on average Americans. Now he’s joining Republicans who insist on spending cuts—even as the economy heads back into recession, in large part because of those tax hikes. See here for more on the President’s sell-out to Neolibs:

    So there you go: they’ve got your home, your deposits, and your retirement. Nothing left but feudal serfdom to serve Wall Street.

  92. I’m not chattel personal (and I know what chattel is).
    So maybe that definition falls on the shoulders of everyone that believes what they are told.

    Trespass Unwanted, Creator, Corporeal, Life, Free and Independent, State, Conscience, In Jure Proprio, Jure Divino

  93. LMAO…..PROVE IT..

  94. Kudlow at it again….he suggests backing electronic currency AKA BITCOIN with gold…… Scumbag communist crook..!

  95. Nope! You are Not a Reasonable or a Rational Person, You are a Dangerous Freeloader who is of Danger to your self and Sociaty. I Will Not Stop! I Enjoy the Right of Freedom of Speech Also! Nanny Nanny Boo Boo … You cant Make Me! Sticks my Tongue out at You!


  97. FREE Loader! Wants Everything for FREE, uses the Excuses,… they OWE me … I am Intitled….. they are commie thieves ….. blah blah blah …. Its called Freedom of Speech and I will Not Stop til the World knows you are a Freeloader and Danger to Yourself and Sociaty! I Will Not Stop! Its my God Given Right and I am a True American! I will Not stop til I expose your Commie Ass … blah blah blah…..

  98. Their “Trade Secrets” are not legal. The truth is, they could not create the Security because the BANKS are FOREIGN CONTROLLED & OPERATED……Therefore they could not own anything in the U.S.A…So they gambled off of our Securities……THEY DO NOT OWN ANYTHING. The title companies are trustees for OUR PROPERTY… .they were engaged in a criminal conspiracy to cover up SECURITIES FRAUD….they don’t own anything either…..

  99. The banks cannot fix felonies…the title companies can’t cover up for their Securities Fraud anymore. This is the biggest financial fraud and coverup l in history. There is no fix for it. Once fraud enters a contract, fraud vitiates everything.

  100. You liars are WHO force opinions…..don’t tell my I want anything for free or I am a liar you crooks.

  101. Banks do not fix errors, Banks dont admit to errors, they do not admit to errors because they were not errors but their Trade Secrets.

  102. Agreed. And also Notice how Impossible It is to get a Bank to fix errors. …

  103. Errors my Ass… when 50% of the audited files have blatant errors and 100% of the “errors” are in the banks favor 100% of the time … that is undeniable evidence of fraudulent business practices.

  104. I will tell you what I please Stripper … Get Over It! Freedom of Speech!

  105. Stripper, Why cant people tell you things and express their opinions here? You tell people (force it on them) over and over again, you also accuse, threaten and name call. But thats ok for you to do it? One set of rules for Stripper and another set of rules for the rest of us? Smells alot like a Buttwipe to me.

  106. Don’t tell me I want everything for free you lying crook….you are who wants everything for free. 18 years of onetime payments you weren’t owed and 100 gs down….? We got nothing for free…collecting all of our payments with no SECURITY was in fact felonious…

  107. hahaha … you mean you want me to do it for FREE, just like you want everything else for FREE. hahaha …. Oh Well, Please do tell more ….. my husband is facinated how I have become this other person and he does not even know about it. Please do tell …..

  108. Aha….just as I thought…I was spot on from the start…BTW…NO THANKS….I DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH KNOWN FELONS….

  109. In fact…..quite the opposite is true guest…I Performed on my end of the deal….you did not & the reasons for that are criminal by their intent to deceive alone. Collecting payments and maintaining an escrow account to conceal SECURITIES FRAUD is FELONIOUS…

  110. Geee….. Let me make a few calls and find out for you. My fee is $125.00 an hour. I require advance payment. Cash Only for You.


  112. Sooo Sue Us Stripper, Either Prove Up or Shut Up!

  113. Guest says…..Oh please do tell her Christine you are a spy agent for an Imposter Corp of Felons…mwahaha…blow it out your asses you crooks. Engaging in a cover up for felonies is a felony…

  114. Funny how you demand from others what you wont do yourself. You will not reveal yourself so you must be everything you say you are. Gotcha!

  115. Oh Please do tell Stripper ….. I dont recall asking your permission……sue me! Freedom of Speach Spews alot of BS you know….

  116. You are nothing but a bunch of lousy cowards who try to intimidate. If you won’t reveal why you are here….you are Imposters. I am fighting fraudclosure …. if you are not attorneys & you are not fighting fraudclosure you are scammers who are here for unknown and possibly nefarious purposes and therefore, cannot be trusted.

  117. Oh Please Do Tell Her Christine …….. hahaha


  119. “You still never answered the question Chistine…” Right! And I won’t. You have no need to know. If i told you, then i’d have to kill you.

  120. Hey Stripper, I am not in FC either and I am not an Attorney. What about it? Do you have a problem with that?

  121. Trading around mergers & acquisitions is Insider Trading reports FOX BIZ…..a serious crime that means decades in jail….

  122. Funny you ask that question of Christine, I have been here for 5yrs and it was a Peacful Productive Learning Experience before your arrival this last year Stripes. As to date I have yet to see your case or even an email to verify your idenity. Why? Because You are A Paid Troll Who Comes Here To Distract ..

  123. Read all about the scam by these imposter felons here….

  124. You still never answered the question Chistine….. It is clear that you are not in foreclosure….you are not an attorney….therefore you are simply a snoopy little imposter until you tell everyone….Why you are here …?

  125. Where is the law written that We The People must pay nationalized Securities Fraud debt of a foreign owned & controlled corporate bank….? There isn’t one. Nationalization of bank fraud is not only criminal, illegal, immoral and unethical, it is an act of war and insurrection on our Constitutional Republic. It is in fact, totalitarianism …created by decades of secrets, lies, fraud & abuse AKA Socialism of our wealth….Social Safety Programs, Progressive Taxation, Investing in Securities Fraud are all Communist Crony methods of robbery of our wealth and fake Control. Fake Control by Credit lending, Defaulting on the Credit Lent and investing and overissuing investments in things they never owned is Securities Fraud ……that is fraud & deceptive practices to commit our robbery & it is bank fraud & that is the main reason why we are here. These banksters have committed multiple felonies to pull off this MASSIVE SECURITIES FRAUD SCAM…..The politicians used the pension holders money and the Social Safety net money as their own personal Credit cards to loot us as well. Nothing they have done is Legal.

  126. E. Tolle here what I am counting on as Warren has already in other meeting called these clowns out, which has put her in the situation where it put up of shut up. She doing what Paul and Sanders did in getting the Fed to release who they gave $16 trillion in zero to ,5% loans.

    As I wrote her about the 800,000 that the OCC & Fed had identified back in Sept 2012, she used this fact in her latest 14 page letter to Bernanke. You cannot turn back from the letter that was written as it has accused the OCC and Fed from hiding from Congress ILLEGAL activities that the OCC had already admitted before the Apr 2011 arrangement of the IFR.

    Here why I have hope is that Sen Warren is new and this makes or breaks her, because she already head the nail on the head, and if she does not finish the job she would be exposed. The problem with the past Congress personnel was that they been in Congress to long and were stop with Congressional investigation with Waters, Kaptur and Conyers wife is in jail now and he can’t even speak on abuse. However because Warren is new to Congress and not the years of baggage she is dangerous.

    With just the folks here commenting there is more than enough information to clear this matter up!

  127. Like hell we will waste our time… Go eat brains, zombie moron.

  128. If that link is not working you can Yahoo search it….

  129. Who owns Goldman Sachs….? Goldman Sachs is one of the largest SMOM/VATICAN/JESUIT banking proxies in the world. Who controls this Corp….? The 8 largesse bankster families. Who controls them…? If you read between the lines you will see the head honcho’s are…
    Mr. Putin & the Plutocrats in Russia…….

  130. NPV, nice to see you’re profiting off of all this misery.

    Charles Reed wrote, “ I got more than hopes that banks have over played their hand….” What move to date has ever worked against the banks? Name just one. I’ll wait….I have plenty of time sitting in this spacious pup-tent enjoying a meal of shoe leather with a fescue side-salad. Don’t rush on my behalf.

    Today, even as the OCC is giggling while being grilled about hiding the blatant criminality of the banks, Obama is secretly meeting with Dimon, Moynihan, and all the other criminals at the levers of true power. These are indeed the Masters of the Universe. What they come up with in this meeting – WILL – BECOME – NATIONAL – POLICY –and that’s the only thing you can take to or from the bank. You and I are chattel personal, to be securitized until death do us part from the banks.

    The sooner everyone tosses out the ridiculous fantasy that some cavalry is going to be riding into Dodge, the better. How exactly are Brown, Warren, and Cummings going to battle the other 500+ who gleefully stuff their campaign coffers with graft?

    And last but definitely not least, Fuck Off Stripes.

  131. Good one, guest.

    One word: Cayman.

    Obama administration says housing agency needs $943 million

    WASHINGTON | Wed Apr 10, 2013 4:00pm EDT

    (Reuters) – The cash-strapped Federal Housing Administration will likely require a $943 million taxpayer bailout to cover expected losses on loans it insured as the U.S. housing bubble was deflating, the Obama administration said on Wednesday.

    It would be the first bailout of the government’s mortgage insurer in its nearly 80-year history.

    The White House estimated the FHA has about $30 billion on hand, but said its cash reserves would likely be swamped by souring loans.

    FHA Commissioner Carol Galante said the agency still might be able to avoid taking aid from the U.S. Treasury, despite the financial hole projected in President Barack Obama’s 2014 budget proposal. It has until September 30 to decide whether it needs a cash infusion.

    “FHA, while still under stress from legacy loans, has made significant progress and is on a sound fiscal path forward,” she told reporters on a conference call.

    In November, an independent audit found that the FHA faced a projected deficit of $16.3 billion. Since then, the agency has a taken a number of steps to shore up its finances, including raising the premiums borrowers pay. Galante said the policy changes could bring in about $18 billion this year.

  132. At least 50% have an error. Let’s try 85% or more. Did we all forget that at the time you sat down at the closing table to sign your documents, there was already a MIN number on the closing documents. They already sold your signature into the debt slavery system. On top of that your mortgage and note do not represent the transaction at all. Totally different entities did the transaction and no money changed hands just faxes. The cherry on top is that the appraisal was fraudulent, too. We need to do what Iceland did to its banksters, try ’em, jail ’em and reduce the debt across the country.

  133. Trying to make sense of a public settlement where loans that the servicers or no one involved with the servicers that owns any debt that attached to the properties, but the property was illegally foreclosed and its not address in the settlement.

    How do you not deal with this elephant as whistle-blowers from the Review Board itself are crawling out the woodwork, and investors are suing because of securitization. So how does this current fake settlement not dig a deeper hole for the Federal Government when Congress is demanding the illegal foreclosure files.

  134. Iwantmynpv,

    What about doing your civic duty…? And if you do send money to pay off the national debt, you get to take it as a tax deduction. Isn’t that grand?

    [I’m posting only the beginning of that comical article. Worth clicking on the link though.]

    Pay down the federal debt and get a tax deduction
    April 10, 2013 — 1 Comment

    Here’s a tip for all you tax payers out there: Donating money to help reduce the federal debt counts as one of the more unusual charitable tax deductions.

    Members of Congress don’t want the federal government to raise taxes to help reduce the ever-growing national debt, which is $16,784,854,240,304 as I write this post. Check out to see how much it has already increased.

    But if you personally want to go above and beyond the amount you already pay to Uncle Sam to help him pay down what he owes, you can send an additional amount to the Bureau of the Public Debt.

  135. So the OCC and Fed put out that the first of 4.2 million will received monies by the 12th and it gives a break down of 3,949,896 but that leaves 250,104 household that are not accountable on the break down sheet…why?

  136. I have made a decision, or three. When shit hits the fan I have decided to break three Commandments:

    1. I will covet thy neighbors good; than,

    2. I will kill them; than,

    3. I will kill them.

    Luckily I live right next to a bank CEO and nobody will miss him….. LOL

    RAD is running for those who purchased at $1.14. I would sell half the position today and leave a trailing position until $3.00.

    I am also looking at the for profit education stocks. They have been pummeled and I think that one in the sector has been oversold.


  137. I don’t see how the Fed is involved at all in these settlements because it is they who are receiving the proceeds of the fraudulent foreclosure, that pays them for the worthless MBS.

  138. Not at all! You’ve got it all backwards. Goldman Sachs IS the Feds.

  139. Seems to me that the Fed IS Goldman Sachs…

  140. What I believe Sen Warren and Rep Cummings did was fire the first shot at the Fed, that said your either going to release the file that contained illegal activity or they are going to have to take the Fed & OCC to court and get the results.

    Both Warren & Cummings are lawyers and there no way that they can be stop from obtaining the IFR reviews. What I though at the beginning of the joke Independent (wink wink) Board was crazy if they thought that what was gather would be kept secret if the board as everyone had a hunch that there was no Independent in independent.

    Where is HUD when 800,000 of the loans were FHA, VA & USDA loan that were foreclosed!

    I got more than hopes that banks have over played their hand, as I wrote the GAO back on Jul 19, 2012 which they responded with a conference call of at least 5 members on that phone within the week.

    This my not be fastest process but I do see no way out for the lender with this latest settlement, because it fall way short and it not address is this huge class action that includes the OCC and Fed! Remember what the Sen Warren and Rep Cummings are talking about is that illegal activity be released and the OCC & Fed are talking about that these illegal activities are trade secrets? What the F!

    The OCC was a duty to submit to law enforcement any criminal activity in order to maintain a safe and sound banking system, and that is not the case as the crook that cause a $13 trillion dollar worldwide theft, is still on the lamb!

  141. By concealment of the fact they never created the Security because they couldn’t, these Imposter felons have stolen innumerable wealth, property and have hijacked this country.

  142. Lets be honest here, no security was ever created by these imposters because legally they could not own anything in the U.S.A. so these people are simply Imposter felons who are spinning our wheels.

  143. I remember when Ron Paul said their crimes against us have been codified in the Constitution. That statement was quite deceptive because nothing they are doing is legal because they never created the Security. That means everything they have done subsequently to conceal the Origination Fraud is a nullity….null & void.

  144. Another one of those damn “errors”… When people are accident prone, there comes a time when they lose their license. When people are fraud prone, they call it “error” and then, they get millions for such a job well done.

    Is that a great country or what?

    Thursday, April 11, 2013

    How Many Ways Does Goldman Sachs Get Preferential Treatment?
    Let me count one of those ways: Goldman Sachs (accidentally) obtained preferential treatment when it received the Federal Reserve FOMC minutes, which give important information regarding intended monetary policy, before the public did.

    The comments at the end of the following article show how little credence the “accidental” leak has with the public some of whom consider information leaks a feature of the system rather than a bug in the system. There is a lot of cynicism from the public regarding all banks and their relationship with the Federal Reserve.

    Banks including Citigroup Inc. and Goldman Sachs Group Inc., along with congressional staff members and trade groups, received potentially market-moving Federal Reserve information 19 hours before the public in a release the central bank called accidental.

    Brian Gross, a member of the Fed’s congressional liaison staff, distributed the March 19-20 minutes of the Federal Open Market Committee meeting at 2 p.m. yesterday Washington time, according to an e-mail obtained by Bloomberg News. Gross referred questions to Fed spokeswoman Michelle Smith.

    The release was “entirely accidental,” Smith said. “This was a list of professional contacts that one individual had,” she said. “This group of individuals does not in any normal course receive any information early.” The mistake was discovered this morning, according to the central bank.

    FOMC minutes, which include comments on the committee’s discussions about the direction of monetary policy and its outlook for the economy, are among the Fed’s most closely scrutinized documents as the panel debates when to stop its third round of bond purchases.

  145. The politicians are transparent because nothing they are doing or have done is legal. That is because the truth is being concealed….THE BANKSTERS NEVER CREATED THE SECURITY…..Therefore everything they are doing is illegal. When that truth is revealed it is GAME OVER for the black handed banksters.

  146. ectapang

    What article?

  147. Judge Napolitano on FOX BIZ says the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution protects our persons, places and effects from being snooped on by the Government. No statute can override the Constitution.

    First of all, these are imposters who are snooping and second of all, it is not always easy to detect they are snooping.

    That is why they are concealing the fact NO SECURITY EXISTS….


  148. Pls read an interesting article.
    Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

  149. Nothing backs the massive Securities Fraud debt of the banksters. The Derivatives fraud financial weapons of mass destruction were used to conceal the Origination Fraud…the fact these crooks do not own anything but a ton of debt fraud.

  150. I see a silver lining, though… The more alphabet agencies look into it (on my dime, of course. Time to combine all those incompetent morons into one r two agencies, top!) and the higher that percentage becomes.

    Suggestion… if we offered to look into it ourselves, for free, what do you think the likelihood is that we’d find that it is, in fact, closer to 99.99% “error” rate?

  151. Massive Securities Fraud was no error…this was an evil plan….there is no legal fix for massive Securities Fraud. Securities Frauds can only be committed by committing numerous Felonies.

  152. Obama has offered absolutely NO transparency whatsoever—duh! He has made the cover-up more complete and complex.

  153. Right on, Christine!!
    That’s the bottom line—“fraud is not an error”…but the spin and cover-up continues…

  154. “At Least 50% JPM Mortgages Have Errors”

    No kidding! Errors? As in… Oops! Unfortunate snafu? Last I checked my own account, it sure a hell didn’t look like errors. So much so that they actually took all those errors and placed in never-never land, under something they called “suspense account”. Didn’t look like “error” to me. More like systemic theft, with a very well-planned method to it.

    When all is said and done, we’ll have to rewrite the entire dictionary and return to plain English. Fraud is not an “error”.

    “Obama promised transparency and in some ways he fulfilled that promise.” Neil, care to elaborate…? When? Where? With all that transparency, we all should be blind by now. And free as birds…

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