Why Is $21 TRILLION in the Cayman Islands When It Should Be in USA Stimulating the Economy?

The latest reports show that all the real money in the world issued by governments totals around $85 Trillion. AND the latest reports show that 1/4 of all the money in the world is in the hands of “Companies” (Straw-men) controlled by people in the United States. And the last statistic I find important, is that the shadow banking system has now grown to approximately $1.25 QUADRILLION dollars.

How did that money get to the Cayman Islands when it wasn’t there before the mortgage madness meltdown? If you don’t believe in magic or coincidence one can only conclude that the Cayman money, most of which came from the our country, derives (i.e., is a derivative of) the false cash equivalents that was created by Wall Street. How did it get there.

Based upon my research, the money came from (a) skimming the investor money (around $17 trillion) before it ever reached the mortgage markets and (b) betting on losses under circumstances where  the Banks were in total control of the losses and the declaration of who could claim those losses.

And there are other more exotic ways in which at least $3 trillion was siphoned out of the U.S. economy. Altogether it looks like bankers are controlling more than $10 trillion that was “withdrawn” from the U.S> economy and are still on their way to doubling that figure as they foreclose on residential and commercial property in which the real loss w as suffered by real people whose future pension and retirement benefits are going to be cut because of a shortage of money.

So while we are arguing about national deficit and joblessness and hopelessness, the bankers have been vacuuming up all the money we have and maintaining their overpowering oligarchy see this article which mirrors my own writing for several years and that of Simon Johnson and others from the International Monetary Fund and other prestigious economists:

Why Does No One Speak of America’s Oligarchs?

With all indicators pointing to the fact that bankers control our deficit, our debt and our spending, it is an inconvenient truth that the U.S. is going through a period in which government is by the banks, for the banks. Jefferson warned us of this and Hamilton successfully countered Jefferson with some very reasonable arguments.

The truth is, if you look back into American history and politics, there were two things that the framers of the constitutions missed completely. Banking is a necessary ingredient in every economy and thus is the support for any society. Investment banking increases liquidity by coming up with increasingly exotic ways to lower the cost of risk and thus lower the cost of credit.

BUT, what both Jefferson and Hamilton missed was the possibility that the quest for profit would turn out to be like one of those sci-fi movies in which our own creations — robots — take over the world and kill all the humans.

The answer is a middle ground — to treat banks for what they are, just like water, power and other utility companies that are essential for human existence. By putting them under restrictions that are reviewed for their effect on society, and indeed the world, the likelihood of another crash would be substantially reduced.

As it stands now, the likelihood of another crash and recession is at least as high as it was in 2007. Everyone is buying gold but nobody is talking about it. The fact is that with the next crash the use of American currency as the world’s currency will diminish to near zero. And THAT means we will need to find something that pays back all that currency we have issued in a form acceptable to other nations.

The reason things are out of hand is the housing crisis and the failure of regulators and law enforcement officials to tackle the big problems the way the Senate is attempting to do in the break-up of the big banks. They see the risk. Whether they can act in time to prevent another drop into the abyss remains to be seen.

The entire TBTF doctrine is a cover-up for “let us keep the money we stole.” Take back the Cayman money and we have a thriving economy where workers are trained, deficits go down and the national debt tumbles. But that would mean allowing homeowners to reap rewards from Wall Street’s game — restoring their equity in homes that had been pumped in appraised value far beyond anything real. For reasons that defy imagination it seems to the the policy of this country that it would be better to stay in recession, better to allow the bankers to escape jail. better to leave with their trillions in the Cayman Islands, than to allow relief to the most essential segment of any economy — the middle class which is shrinking as I write this.

Who do you think will buy your upscale goods and food and services if 46 million Americans are living below the poverty line as it is MOST conservatively measured. Where will the revitalization of the American economy come from when the true number of Americans ling right at the poverty line or below is more than 80 million.

The facts are actually quite simple, but Wall  Street, in its quest for continued control attempts to make them complex. If the debt owed to investors  whose money was loaned on residential and commercial deals has been paid down or extinguished, then the borrower should have a corresponding reduction in his payable. That’s all we need to stop foreclose and restore the American dream. Shout out to the Senators in the U.S. congress to get on the stick and restore money to the U.S> Treasury and restore money to those who were victims of the mortgage scam, and while you are at it, make sure you find out state senator and state representative and tell them the same thing. “Give up your alliance with the banks or suffer the consequences.”

First and foremost where is the media, which has gone dark on stories about bank criminal activity? Where is the outrage?




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  3. There is a massive cover up of numerous serious crimes happening in this country marilyn, mainly, Criminal Negligence. There has been a lot of consolidation, mergers & aquisitions to coverup the fact they are one giant Corp of maniacs AKA TBTF. Upon discovery of what they do by investing, I do not differentiate one from another. They are all hogs, feeding at the trough of We The People.

  4. In my issue with Guest about “a scam Title company called Coronet”
    I think she is a bit of a faker. She claimed she had a dealing with a real company called Coronet Title that went belly up. My feeling is she sometimes picked up facts on the sites and made statements that could confusion. for the fighters of this massive fraud.

  5. Guest…..the real question is why are you questioning me? Why are We The People fighting to protect our property rights when these entities NEVER HELD….DO NOT HOLD OR NEVER HELD THE LEGAL RIGHTS OF THE HOLDER OF THE SECURITY…? THAT IS THE REAL QUESTION.

  6. Getting back to Neil’s original topic of money hidden in the Cayman Islands, I think Stripes is right on target. The traitors of this country
    hide behind their positions in life.

    One can be sure there is alot of money hidden by William P Foley CEO of Fidelity and his entourage of subsideries .

    Was his plan hatched to destroy the United States of America
    one house at a time, while he attended West Point or did his
    sickness of GREED AND POWER come later in his life.?

    When Foley’s plane lands or his ship docks at the Cayman Islands
    are the people trained to click their heels and extend their arm-
    he is doing what the British couldn’t stop when this country gained its Independence.

  7. Oh .. While I am on a Roll Tonight….Stripes …. I am not who you think I am … but I have done business with her professionally ( I do not know her personally). But I do have her info ….. She was Warned along time ago about you …. when you went on you psychotic rage here. You can Kiss My Ass To!!

  8. I was going to send out a few emails for you Marilyn … but now you can kiss my ass and pay and attorney to do it for you!

  9. hahaha… I see why you two don’t have an attorney! Let me clarify…. Order, Confirmation, Docs, Closing . No Signatures. Loan FILE closed on my books. Get Over Yourself…

  10. Give me more stripes
    so we can all go back to living under the American Flag..

  11. @ After I closed …. .
    Your flippant writings do match with what you are saying now.

  12. Stripes, Go Crawl Back Under the Rock.

  13. It means the loan didn’t close. I do not know where you are trying to go with this but you are barking up the wrong tree. No Information Here! Hire yourself an Attorney! End of Conversation!

  14. Insurers went Belly Up . No Surprise To Me … I Black Listed them after the 1st closing for them years ago.
    what does your last sentence mean?

  15. As far as anyone could see, it is a scam company- a name only and has not issued policys. So that is why when you said you only used them once I was interested.

  16. Marilyn, Do you have an address or contact info for them? If you don’t, I could probably get it for you (I am sure it would be expired thou ).

  17. If you know they weren’t registered, why are you questioning me? I told you .. I threw that out as an example. Heck … I didn’t know they weren’t registered. News to Me, but then again I said I never did any work with them. We have professional organizations who share info on the companies. A newbie like myself back then … headed the warning.

  18. The serpent moves more subtle than any beast of the field the Lord God has made.

  19. @ Guest
    Compaines like Coronet Title selling bad Ins Policies, lieing both to the homeowners and the Insurers went Belly Up . No Surprise To Me … I Black Listed them after the 1st closing for them years ago.

    I was very interested in that statement. After pursuing and seaching for Coronet Title with the help of NY DEPT OF insurance NJ Dept of INS and several people well versed in Title Insurance none cold locate such a company ever being in existence . The closest they could come was a Coronet Auto Insurance that was out of business

    I asked you about Coronet intrigued that you knew of them and instead
    of answering that question you rattled off in other directions?

  20. And when I say still employed by the school district at the time, it was as a SUB. I had resigned my FT position a couple years prior after an extended family medical leave of almost two years taking care of my dying elders.

  21. 1st of All, I Never said I was a Title Agent,. Second of All … I was still employed by the School District when I went back to school, Third, I don’t care much for folks (like Stripper or a Bankster) who makes assumptions and accusations and expect the counter party to prove them wrong. This is my advise… Take me to court and Prove you Claim or Shut Up! Enough Said!

    p.s. …. Chicken Shits Talk the Talk …. But do not Walk the Walk to the court house. Why?

  22. @ Guest
    Yesterday you said “I started closing loans in late 2007 and took title abstract course in summer of 08. Trust Me, I did not do anything wrong … I went in for one reason and one reason only AND IT WAS NOT MONEY!……

    your opinion would only be from a novice and several people on these sites have spendt many years in this business . I would like to see title agent who really know what goes on.

  23. If they can’t find a way to make you believe their lies they tell you to call a fraud fixer.

  24. See what I mean…? A bonafide liar. How can they cover their own criminal asses is all they know. Blame everyone else is all they do.

  25. RE: I told her to send me my satisfaction

    See what I mean? What makes her think I can do that? Drugs?

  26. I never asked guest for any legal advice. She stuck l her 2 cents in my business and I told her what I thought of her opinions … they stink and I told her to send me my satisfaction and she told me to hire an attorney. I told her to stay out of my business. I never asked her for any advice. She won’t stay out of my business.

  27. Lets get this straight, Stripes wanted legal advise and I told her to hire an attorney and she verbally attacked and threatened me and has never stopped. I did nothing but try to help her. What ever you do .. dont tell her to hire an Attorney. God Forbid …

  28. Let me get this straight – for whatever you did tfor stripes,
    that you never did for money .why be angry if she didn’t pay?
    Did your title include meshuga?


  29. GRRR… I need Sunshine Again! Rain Rain Go Away! Example …. CW went Belly Up, What happened to Them? Did they Change their Name? Did they Merge? Did they file BK?

  30. You and Stripper are two peas in a pod, You both ask Questions and Expect Answers but Yet Claim Your Not Asking for Help? I threw out an example and made a statement. Have Questions? Do your own homework or Better Yet .. Hire A Lawyer!

  31. You have it wrong. I have not been asking you for advice, or to help me.
    I have asked you to claify what you said about Coronet Title going belly up and you haven’t used them again. Tjat is my question to you.

  32. marilyn, Hello Back … I understand what you are saying and yes .. what you state is True, I know. I just dont know the process of fighting in reverse. I also do not know your state laws. What I am saying is I cant help you, not because I dont want to. I’m not an Attorney, but I advise you to seek one in your area. Best Wishes! Keep Us Updated.

  33. @ Guest
    Many people have obtained fraudulently transferred deeds
    that is what a good part of Title Fraud is about.

  34. How many years does it take to transfer deed after sale? After deed is transferred, its a whole new ballgame evicting the tenants. Make sure the tenants are aware of the situation (most want to save the money to move on and do not mind saving a few bucks and kicking a bankster butt). A long term (low rent) lease that could be enforced on the new owner. Serves them Right! Buttwipes!!

  35. For anyone out there whose home was fced and the deed is still in your name .. go break the locks and rent the place out to cover the taxes and ins .. aka .. help the City and another Family Out. When a Buttwipe or a Sheriff show up at the door make sure you leave a current copy of the deed showing you as the owner, your telephone # and current address and contact info for your Attorney with the tenents and have the tenent show it to the Sheriff. Sheriff will apoligize and leave.

  36. marilyn, I know people get frustrated with me for not commenting on their case or answering specific questions, but you have to understand I am not an attorney nor by any means an expert witness either … but I do have a way to make sure Buttwipes play Fair or Lose …

  37. I started closing loans in late 2007 and took title abstract course in summer of 08. Trust Me, I did not do anything wrong … I went in for one reason and one reason only AND IT WAS NOT MONEY!…… Dammed curiosity got the Kat … after someone got caught with their hand in Kats Cookie Jar. Kats will rip you … as Granny would say … A New Asshole!

  38. You haven’t gotten grasp of my story right so I have to doubt that you might not have stripes story right either.

    The Bank admitted that long gone previous attorneys auctioned off my two condos when the bank never owned them
    ——– nemo dat you have to own something to sell it.

    and the title companies were coming in to Indemnify

  39. Your certainly not a William Foley nor do anything of his magnitude
    I believe while the money was coming in a lot of people kept quiet
    as business “policy” and when title fraud came to the surface you wanted out and I don’t blame you.

    I think many people got caught up in title fraud not feeling they were doing anything illegal. and I don’t think you or any of these peole could have done much since they were all small players in the big scheme of things.

  40. P.S. you should get your eyes and head examined if you can not tell the difference between Strippers and Stripes. End of Conversation!

  41. marilyn, I am going to tell you what I told stripper … I do not have a bag of magic fairy dust to fix what was broken. If you are going to blame me for hopscotching around and blame me because I can not help the displaced homeowners… you can stick it where the sun dont shine. I do what I can… I can live with that. If you cant .. thats your problem, Not Mine!

  42. your talking in circles to me. You said Coronet went belly up .I asked where you got that info. since the snake and her attorney never had title insurance, when we went to NYSC having title insurance was a figment of their imagination. So that they.could stand should to shoulder with the corrupt Fidelity attorney.they claimed they had a Coronet policy.

    Goods to hear some crooks are getting their due.

  43. Mers was not the issue I lost possession of my properties. But what about all the lives and properties destroyed by it. ?
    This is not a game of hopscotch

    Any one caught up by this fraud firstly should get their properties back .
    if they want them and then We have Forfeiture Laws

    Perhaps any person or corporation with funds in Cayman accounts
    has a certain date to fill in a form There would be panic among the thieves but It could be done.

  44. A Hilliard title agent helped put together real-estate deals that defrauded lenders out of $7 million as part of a conspiracy with real-estate agents and mortgage brokers, an assistant U.S. attorney said yesterday in U.S. District Court.

    The title agent, Deborah L. Kistner, and her husband, Mark A. Kistner, “were willing to do anything” to make money on the deals, including lying on government documents, Assistant U.S. Attorney Laura M. Fulton told a federal jury.

    The couple’s trial started yesterday and is expected to last two weeks.

    Fulton said in her opening statement that she’ll prove that Mrs. Kistner, the owner of Premiere Title and Coast to Coast Title in Hilliard, “repeatedly lied to brokers and lenders” about illegal cash kickbacks to buyers and cut checks for those kickbacks.

    She said the couple “hid the kickbacks so the lenders would provide the loans” for properties in central Ohio and Florida. The couple also bought six homes as investment properties and eventually sold them; several of the charges against them involve the sale of those properties.

    The Kistners were indicted by a federal grand jury in 2011 on the conspiracy charges as well as wire fraud, bank fraud and money-laundering. Four others involved in the scheme, which operated between April 2006 and April 2008, have pleaded guilty to federal fraud charges.

    Karl H. Schneider, the attorney for Mrs. Kistner, said others in the scheme are to blame. He said Mrs. Kistner, 50, had a “puritan work ethic” and no evidence will be presented that she put false information on documents.

    Kevin R. Conners, the attorney for Mr. Kistner, 52, said his client had little involvement in his wife’s title companies and “should not have been drawn” into the federal case against her.

    “He trusted people his wife dealt with,” Conners said. “I think you’ll find him not guilty on all counts.”

    The Internal Revenue Service and the FBI investigated the Kistner case as part of a mortgage-fraud task force.

  45. I had these buttwipes Black Listed and reported to and they Filed BK on me. Imagine That? http://www.dispatch.com/content/stories/local/2013/01/15/title-agent-defrauded-lenders-of-7m-jury-told.html

  46. Thats because they are not an Insurer, only an agent. And only required to register in the state where they were selling/issueing the policys. Some did not even do that.

  47. NY Dept of Insurance never registered a Coronet Title nor ever even heard of them. So where did you get info it went belly up?

  48. I agree Marylin, The Title Insurers were a Major Part of the Creation of MERS. And there are some Bad Apples to Be Found in that Bushel! But now they find themselves NOT insuring these bad titles created by the default loan servicers and mers.

  49. Compaines like Coronet Title selling bad Ins Policies, lieing both to the homeowners and the Insurers went Belly Up . No Surprise To Me … I Black Listed them after the 1st closing for them years ago. Buttwipes didnt pay me either because the loan didnt close. Imagine That? I also reported them along with many others including their mortgage broker buddwipes. Just Sayin …

  50. To me title problems are a bridge conspiracy. Each one does its part and moves it on

    A good place to start undoing this conspiracy would be with William P Foley.

  51. Lets not be coy here … the Title Problems started with the creation of MERS. Your suggestion/conclusion of me covering it up is absurd! You dont know me at all …. The Banksters Hate Me because I dont set back and keep my mouth shut.

  52. We stopped paying our mortgage over 2yrs ago and started putting the P&I in a Trust (less legal fees). We also stopped paying the servicer Escow for Taxes and Ins and started paying them directly ourselves without the middleman who couldnt/wouldnt fix an error/crime, but chose instead to commit another Crime to cover It up. Does that make sense to you? BOA has never filed suit aginst my husband, Why Not? Ins Fraud? Sure It Is!

  53. A county registers the titles and because they are not the ones doing due diligence the title industry took advantage of that fact and were able to spread their virus.

    Are you willing to give your customers the money they gave you together with damages for hiding your head under the sheets while the virus spread?

    When searching title fraud I found NY Supt of Banking was well aware of Titile fraud long before I discovered it.

  54. I serve the Public. I do NOT serve self-suficient lazy deadbeats who are looking for a Free Ride. Those are the people who call me a every name in the book, including names of other peeps.

  55. Is it Legal to send blank ALTA to closing (for the borrower to fill out without the knowledge to even understand the legal language or time to check the records) and have them sign it in Blank Form and have it Notarized?

  56. marilyn, You dont even have to ask that question. My loyalties are with the Public not Corps of Any Kind! There are bad apples embedded in every bushel like Fidelity, Stewert etc..etc.., no different than the banks or the courts. Answer this Question ……. Are Title Abstracts a requirement of a Refi?

  57. @ Guest

    Have you ever done due diligence in a title search when Fidelity came up in the chain of title that you didn’t closely examine in concern for your clients?

  58. marilyn, … Really? Its not nonsense to protect new homeowners and its not nonsense to protect those doing refi’s. Or would you rather they all get screwed to? As far as the county recorders offices go…. you are speculating or jumping to conclusions like stripper…. because our County reorder was a Leading Advocate in the Fight here in Ill.

  59. @ Guest

    Nonsense. Once Fidelity made contact with the country’s Land Registries it was trickle down cover up for the whole industry.

  60. I do own a bb gun…..I could use that to shoot your ass full lead for tresspassing on private property. It’s not fatal but, your ass will be sore guaranteed. One never know what booby traps they will be walking into by tresspassing on peoples private property.

  61. You tell her marilyn..! These title companies are filthy by any name. A few bad apples …? Ha… They are agents of the U.S. Treasury Dept. and their only duty was to protect the title to our property and they failed at the one job they had. That is absolutely unexcusable. Where are they now? They aren’t defending our titles…they are hiding behind us instead of defending us. We are doing their job because the lousy stinking cowards threw us to the wolves. They didn’t secure the liens for the foreign banks because they couldn’t…because they are FOREIGNORS & IMPOSTERS and they cannot own anything in this country. That is why they committed GAZILLIONS in Securities & Derivatives fraud in our names and handed us the bill. That is the only way the jealous bastards can get to us is by handing us their unsustainable debt fraud. The title companies covered up for all of their fraud, aided and abetted it and dumped it for them. They are lousy dirty felons & traitors. They failed to do their fiduciary duty…? Ha….that is absolutely criminal.

  62. marilyn, As a matter of fact Yes, to name one of many. What about it? Does a few bad apples make the entire industry full of bad apples? I hardly thind so!

  63. Unfortunately I have been in this battle far too long. Since 1994 when the bank hid four of my mortgage checks, that they claimed they had never received and silently dropped in the mail to me and yet they also have bank markings of being posted to their ledger.

    Talking about illness. Several years back this fraud triggered a one inch bout of shingles above my eye and a case of tic de la roux to prevent illness I self MIA.

    Talking about Title Companies. Could you be associated with the infamous Fidelity. I have a letter in the vault from Fidelity in response To my simple letter to William P Foley ‘ What went wrong that your New York attorney Thomas Malone finds himself fighting for a forged deed?
    …THE RESPONSE STATES IT IS PROPER TO FIGHT FOR A FORGED DEED.” now doesn’t that bring us full circle up to the April 23rd sentencing

    I really wish we had twelve more stripes fighting with us and some black and white stripes plastered on William P Foley.


  64. Thanks marilyn..we need more like both of us. If I were a druggie or a lush it would be way to easy on these crooks..

  65. Oh Marlyin, you poor thing! You want 12 more Stripes? You were MIA to long while you were out ill. We need fighters not half cocked lunitics. Careful what you wish for.

  66. dealing with this whole issue of fraud can make the most rational
    person a bit looney especially over the Internet since you have no way of knowing whether its a friend or foe.

    I think if someone is a drinker this could give them the incentive to take a few. Everyone deals with stress their own way and you have to admit this massive fraud is stressful.

    I’d like to see 12 more stripes fighting this battle. Maybe we can get the bankers, the title companies and the Judges stressed out.

    I never drank, I never did drugs but I sure told alot of peole where to file the papers Somethings have to be taken with a grain of salt. Think of them as stress relivers – and they are.

  67. Most alcoholics and drug addicts do not remember what they say or do when under the influence. Denial while sober is also another Red Flag. Typical and Predictable Behavior. Oh Well .. No My Problem!

  68. As I have said many times…I do not self medicate. I face my obstacles even if they are manufactured by Imposter Felons.

  69. I don’t even own a gun idiot… when I said I was well within my legal rights to shoot a criminals ass full of lead if they threatened to violate my legal rights that was a figure of speech. I never mentioned a Sheriff you fabricating moron.

  70. I never disclosed a lot of things that you seem to know…you are well practiced at the art of deception..& coercion….you are either a spy or you are trying to protect your own criminal ass. Either way…you approached me by making blankety blank statements …Maybe you should TELL THE TRUTH …for once in your life.

  71. I would never forget a comment about a Sheriff, especially when I call one my God Father! Just because I work in the title industry does not mean I had anything to do with your loan Buttwipe!! I would disclose my idenity to more than Neil and DC … but there are those gun slinging .. conclusion jumping morons such as yourself who threaten to take lives!

  72. Stripes… All those recreational drugs and alcohal have eaten your brain.

  73. Nice try guest….you are nothing a big fat fraud and a big fat liar……

  74. Yeah right guest… Why would the Sheriff come to my house….? I never said any such thing…. You are a fabricator and a big fat liar just like those fraudulent documents you recorded & dumped on the public…What a felon…..!

  75. Nice Try Stripes… I have been on this site for 5yrs. You accused me of being someone else and I told you that if you were so convinced that I was this person you shoud supena me. Tell the Truth! And all the Information I repeated about you … you disclosed it publically yourself! Tell the Truth Buttwipe!

  76. Correct typo…she is a stalker ..

  77. Thank You again marilyn lane…! Guest has been stalking me & trying to terrorize me for months on this blog. She knows a lot of inside info about my cases but won’t tell me who she is. She told me a while back I should have subpoenaed her in the first place. The only person I ever talked of serving with a subpoena was Patricia Picard from the title company. She is a stalked.

  78. She has herself convinced I work for the title co involved in her loan and forged her paperwork. When she joined the site this past year we all tried to help her but she attacked and accused us all of being traders and commies and such. I do not recall the article headings but all here can verify. She said when the Sheriff comes to her house there was going to be a bloody battle to the death. She is not a rational or a reasonable person.

  79. (The persons life she thought I was) I don’t understand that phrase.

  80. I COME AND GO FROM THE SITE. iUnder what heading was that written?

  81. marilyn lane. apparently you missed the part where she accused me of being someone involved in her case and was threating my life (the persons life she thought I was). She also said she would put her guns in the hands of her teenage children to defend in what she believes in. We all know about the problems with teens, their parents and guns!! She has confessed to alcohal and drug abuse. I could go on and on …. are you sure you want to be her friend?

  82. Stripes is certainly no moron or any the names you want to call her. I don’t always agree with her church symbolism but she is bright and way ahead of alot of the sheeple. I LIKE HER, AND NOT IN THE BIBLICAL SENSE,and I like her courage. even though I have Zionist in my background.

  83. My grandfather and grandmother came here in 1901 from Romania with two children. They had experienced first hand when it meant to be singled out and targeted because one was Jewish All over Europe the homes of Jewish families were marked by an X painted on their front doors.

    My grandfather I.m sure didn’t go to any meeting that the Rothschild bankers went to.
    .That such a meeting did take place seems feasible especially in light of what is going on in the world today but not because they were Zionists but greedy bankers And the like .

    My mother would always tell me my grandfather was a zionist his whole life but not to take over the money supply. Zionists to my grandfather meant supporting
    their homeland where Jews could have peace and freedom.

    My grandfather came here penniless. From 1901 till 1929 he became a very rich man. Then kaboom.
    The more he mad, the more he gave. But he sure wasn’t looking to take over the money system from a years before secret meeting. So the word Zionist has different meaning for different people..

    I also take notice that the media,, Hollywood all with Jewish bosses has more to do with the Instinct they have to build a good life.

    The Jewish history certainly makes all of them know what it is like to be persecuted


  84. Who are you calling a moron…you moron..and a perverted moron at that..

  85. Elexquisitor,

    You want to send me an e-mail? I may have a few things to give you. And do you have access to Justia?


  86. @Christine – I’m in CA (non-judicial) – discovery hearing coming up where FNMA and JPM claim common business records not relevant to proving their interest in the Subject Loan. You know, like vault transfer records and records of my payments to the beneficiary.

  87. “I don’t believe the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion were a hoax”

    Nor do I. Only way to explain the existence of such a moron… Can’t be accidental. Nature wouldn’t allow it.

  88. marilyn lane…..this is an attack on anyone who believes in anything good. This is because of an evil belief system that has infiltrated every religion and Govt. These idealogs are the Synagogue of Satan. They worship evil. They believe in the Babylonian Talmud AKA the devil’s Bible. This evil belief system has infiltrated the Catholic Church as well as every church. They love to desecrate the church and holy things & holy places and our beliefs.

    I don’t believe the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion were a hoax because if you read them, you can see many of these evil things have come to pass.

    They always warn about the evil they are planning in many subtle ways that are usually undetectable because good people don’t think like them.

    Socialism, Communism and Cronyism are their main weapons of choice. Though they have many weapons of mass deception in their arsenal as we well know.

    They are hard to detect because they hide behind religion & Govt and are in fact, frauds & fakers. Therefore it is not easy to identify them. They hide what they really believe.

    It does not matter if you are Catholic, Jewish or of any religion…you are a target if you believe in anything good. That’s why they hate the U.S. CONSTITUTION & the Rule of Law. They hate anything or anyone that protects us.

    You will know them by their evil works & their bad fruits.

  89. What I have to say is mild compared to some of the hateful comments in the blogosphere. I am just being honest. The blogs are full of hate nowadays for religion, gays, blacks hating on whites & visa versa. That is a direct result of the biggest robbery of our wealth in history & it is still going on, unabated. No one is stopping these greedy bastards.

    This hate speech is a direct result of the big coverup of the truth about WHO the real culprits are ……THE BLACK HAND INVESTOR CONTROL FREAKS…&…the traitor politicians are all in on it….. and WHAT they have done to this country……DESTROYED OUR PEACE & SECURITY…..BY STEALING INNUMERABLE AMOUNTS OF OUR WEALTH & PROPERTY BY ILLEGAL CREDIT LENDING & INVESTING PRACTICES….BY COMMITTING MASSIVE SECURITIES FRAUD…….BY DOING SO, WITHOUT OUR KNOWLEDGE OR CONSENT, HAVE HIJACKED OUR LIBERTY, FREEDOM & INDEPENDENCE. This Multinational Corporation of black handed banksters want totalitarianism.

    Therefore, the truth about these criminals and their Securities Fraud crime spree needs to be broadcast everywhere by exercising our right to free speech everywhere … This is both necessary and needed because the wrong people are being blamed for this manufactured crisis that was and is really a robbery of every American.

    This is war on anything good…..A belief in anything good is hated by these people…They hate anyone who believes in God, the Constitution and the Rule of Law. They despise any law that protects our legal rights. They want everyone to self destruct and they want everyone to hate, blame, maim or kill each other. That lets them off the hook and makes it easy for them to permanently install totalitarianism. This evil is very deceptive.

    This massive coverup for these Imposter felons, these black handed investor control freaks needs to stop because they don’t own anything and never did.

    We The People own this country. That is what they don’t want us to know.

    They can sell, buy, swap, repurchase Securities Frauds for all of eternity that does not make Securities Fraud legal and that does not make them owners of anything. There is no legal fix for Securities Fraud….

  90. The laugh of the day! Gov. has become… a charitable institution! Yep, deduction and all, you can now officially make donations to government to help it fix the mess we’re in and that not one of us here created.

    Hey guys, I know I’m not an official elect but, just for the hell of it, what would you think of my idea: get back that seriously misplaced 21 trillion from the Cayman and put it to work here. What a novel idea…!


    [I’m posting only the beginning of that comical article. Worth clicking on the link though.]

    Pay down the federal debt and get a tax deduction
    April 10, 2013 — 1 Comment

    Here’s a tip for all you tax payers out there: Donating money to help reduce the federal debt counts as one of the more unusual charitable tax deductions.

    Members of Congress don’t want the federal government to raise taxes to help reduce the ever-growing national debt, which is $16,784,854,240,304 as I write this post. Check out USDebtClock.org to see how much it has already increased.

    But if you personally want to go above and beyond the amount you already pay to Uncle Sam to help him pay down what he owes, you can send an additional amount to the Bureau of the Public Debt.

  91. Eventually, someone will pay attention… Then again, why should anyone paid by our dime and secure in its job want to spoil such a good thing…? Want it to stop? Don’t pay your taxes and stop feeding the monster.


    Foreclosure Review Report Shows That the OCC Continues to Bury Wall Street’s Bodies
    Alexis Goldstein
    April 10, 2013

    From the homeowner who died fighting a foreclosure based on a typo to the family evicted at gunpoint at 3am, there is no shortage of heartbreaking stories of improper evictions. But while victims of wrongful foreclosures are frequently too small to find justice, the banks perpetuating the crimes against them remain far too big to be held accountable. The most recent entry in the “banks got bailed out, we got sold out” saga is the latest report by the Government Accountability Office on the Independent Foreclosure Review.

    In the wake of the foreclosure crisis and the myriad abuses perpetuated by mortgage servicers, the Office of the Comptroller for the Currency (OCC) and the Federal Reserve created the Independent Foreclosure Review. Fourteen servicers owned by banks like Bank of America, Wells Fargo and JPMorgan Chase were ordered to investigate foreclosures between 2009 and 2010 and figure out if these foreclosures were fraudulent. In order to give the semblance of independence, the banks were told to hire third-party consultants to conduct the reviews.

    By announcing this supposedly far-ranging “investigation” with much fanfare, the regulators wanted to create the impression that they were getting to the bottom of the practices perpetrated during the foreclosure crisis. However, when reading the fine print, the “Independent” Foreclosure Review merely replicated the worst patterns and practices that caused the financial crisis—with regulators again deferring to banks and allowing them to hire their own investigators.

    In January 2012, undoubtedly fearing that the Review would be yet another whitewash of the foreclosure crisis, Representative Maxine Waters and Senator Robert Menendez, together with Representatives Brad Miller and Luis Gutierrez, requested that the Government Accountability Office (GAO) monitor the review. Last week, the GAO issued its second report on the topic, unveiling a slew of deep failings. The report revealed what was long suspected by many observers: that the OCC and the Fed had no interest in actually discovering what went wrong. Here are just four of the many deceptions outlined by the GAO.

    Deception #1: Regulators obfuscated abuses by failing to provide a consistent approach.

    Deception #2: Lack of transparency.

    Deception #3: The OCC misled the public about how many homeowners were harmed.

    Deception #4: Missing Documents were not considered “errors.”

    Deception #5: Regulators tried to find as few harmed borrowers as possible.

    Just as the Foreclosure Review was chaotic by design to give cover to the banks, the banks inability to properly service loans was a feature, not a bug: A 2011 study by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau showed that banks profited to the tune of $25 billion by deliberately under-investing in their servicing. This disgusting combination of incompetence and profiteering by the megabanks’ servicers is yet another piece of evidence that the supermarket approach to banking is a complete failure; we don’t see the same levels of abuses and mistakes in servicing at smaller community banks. The megabanks remain not just too big to jail, but entirely too big to manage.

    It’s no surprise that the OCC continues to enshrine Too Big To Fail: Former OCC head John Dugan was one of TBTF’s major architects, as reported on by Zach Carter for The Nation in 2009. And John Walsh, the agency’s most recent chief, proclaimed before the Foreclosure Review even began that there were only a small number of wrongful foreclosures. There was much optimism that the appointment of Thomas Curry to run the OCC would help clean up the agency. But in his response to the deceptions of the Foreclosure Review, Curry has been as spectacular a failure as his predecessors.

  92. I’m puzzled by reference to Zionists. Even with my name of LANE i am jewish. and alot of the jewosh judges knew it because of my thirty year previous friendship with the snake that lives in one of my condos.

    I also had Germans from the bank, Irish from the the long gone bank attorneys an oriental judge and mixture of a lot assorted ethnic and race backgounds- so WHAT hAPPENED THERE.

    I was an artist my whole life and never payed attention to world finance

    I just looked up ‘ Zionist’

    The Protocols of the Elders of Zion or The Protocols of the Meetings of the Learned Elders of Zion is an antisemitic hoax purporting to describe a Jewish plan for global domination. It was first published in Russia in 1903, translated into multiple languages, and disseminated internationally in the early part of the 20th century. Henry Ford funded printing of 500,000 copies that were distributed throughout the US in the 1920s.
    Adolf Hitler and the Nazis publicized the text as if it were a valid document, although it had already been exposed as fraudulent. After the Nazi Party came to power in 1933, it ordered the text to be studied in German classrooms. The historian Norman Cohn suggested that Hitler used the Protocols as his primary justification for initiating the Holocaust—his “warrant for genocide”.[1]
    The Protocols purports to document the minutes of a late 19th-century meeting of Jewish leaders discussing their goal of global Jewish t or in print in numerous languages hegemony by subverting the morals of Gentiles, and by controlling the press and the world’s economies. It is still widely available today and even now sometimes presented as a genuine document, whether on the Internet…

    To me it seems like the Fraudclossure Scams are all Greed and all the tthieves want a part of the action.

  93. Go est brains, zombie moron frothing at the mouth.

  94. Why are you here Christine was the question…?

    Great interview with Alex Jones and Michael Savage…..the “commies now own the banksters debt fraud”…..

  95. Fuck off, stripper. You
    ‘]re a moron. One day, you’ll piss off the wrong person… and then, we’ll have a party.

  96. Looking to see what happened to corrupt Raymond Coons compliance manager at the OTS I came upon this salary list

    Search ResultsFull text of “U.S. Department of the Treasury … – Internet Archivearchive.org/…DepartmentOfTheTreasuryEmployeeRosterAndSalaryL…Cached
    You +1’d this publicly. Undo
    Full text of “U.S. Department of the Treasury employee roster and salary list 2008” ….. CA Coons,Raymond L Assistant Director, Compliance R3-EX-SUPV-ASST …

    Do any of these people on Treasuty payroll have excess money in the Cayman Islands.


  98. Real News we can use… http://www.electronzio.com/

  99. What’s going on with America’s Wholesale Lender, the alleged dba for CW? An unregistered dba as far as I know can’t contract in its own name. Must be “Countrywide whatever doing business as Americas wholesale lender”. Can’t endorse a note, either. Did everyone just give up on that deal? Not a rhetorical question. Asking because I’m interested…..

    NG had a post about it in 09/2010 which is here:


    Has there been any discussion of the NV SC case “Edelstein” here?

    Can someone give me a list of reasons the boa / cw deal is messed , other than the employee testimony that CW never delivered any of the notes? If I knew, I forgot. thanks

  100. FOX BIZ. Gerry Willis reporting Doctors are filing bankruptcy in record numbers because people have empty pockets….one M.D. said there was nothing wrong with healthcare before the financial crisis…now it is a dying business. 47% of Doctors are planning to retire early because being a Doctor is no longer lucrative. The M.D. of 16 years said if OBAMACARE gets implemented, she is retiring early … there are too many rules and it is not even like they will be Doctor’s anymore, they will be expected to see 80-90 patients per day and that is not what she signed up to be a doctor for. An attorney said most doctors feel the same way about OBAMACARE and their feelings are along those same lines. Sounds like everyone hates OBAMACARE …the passage of OBAMACARE was fascist in the first place. No one wants communized healthcare, not the patients, and not the doctor’s. OBAMACARE is not how the free markets work and is for the benefit of no one but the control freak investors. These spies want to go up everyones ass with a microscope…..they are sick perverts. Commie Christine LaGuarde was told OBAMACARE will be hard to implement ….her answer… WHY….? WHY…..? Because this is not Hitler’s Germany, Stalin’s Russia and Mao’s China. Sick bitch.

  101. for b of a fans or anyone else:


    “$0 in Federal Income Taxes. Bank of America has not owed any federal income taxes for the past three years. On the contrary, since 2009, the bank actually reported a net tax benefit of $5.0 billion.fn2 One of the ways Bank of America is able to avoid paying its fair share of taxes is by using offshore subsidiaries that are registered in tax havens, like the Cayman Islands. As of 2008, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, and Countrywide had 143 subsidiaries in known tax havens.fn3”

  102. You are obviously not fighting fraudclosure Christine so WHY ARE YOU HERE? If I was not fighting fraudclosure I would not be here..You need to go to a foreclosure defense website in your State and find out what Affirmative Defenses are ACCEPTED by the courts in your State. Affirmative Defenses that are accepted by the court vary from State to State.

    Good God .. that list is like giving someone a loaded gun to play Russian roulette with.

    Everyone needs to do their own research.

  103. April 9, 2013
    About One Hour’s Worth of Legal Advice

    Lawyer Bashing Is Fun

    “Hello, yes, it’s very nice to meet you, too, I’m LAWYER.”

    “Ok, so, you were approved for a loan modification? Great! So legally the bank can no longer foreclose on you. Oh? You are still being foreclosed on? I’m very sorry to hear that.”

    “How long has this been going on? And you received $500 as a part of the @USOCC settlement with the banks?”

    “Well, you can still pursue legal action. Next steps? Well, I’m afraid our one hour is up. If you’d like to continue, we’ll need to schedule another meeting. And yes, my rate is $500/hour, so if you need to set up a payment plan we can definitely help you with that…”

    h/t @kiplet

  104. http://timothymccandless.wordpress.com/2013/04/10/affimative-defenses/

    affimative defenses
    10 Apr

    DO NOT PLEAD A LAUNDRY LIST. The vast majority of these affirmative defenses will not apply to any given case–they are intended as a brainstorming tool, and certainly should not be included in full. Rule 11 requires that you have a good faith basis for believing an affirmative defense actually applies before pleading it, and in discovery you will likely need to respond to an interrogatory identifying all factual bases for every affirmative defense you plead.

    List of Affirmative Defenses (Partial):
    23458820- failure to state a claim upon which relief may be granted (almost always use)
    – statutory defenses prerequisites (these will vary depending on the claims)
    – preemption by federal or other law
    – accord and satisfaction
    – arbitration and award
    – assumption of risk
    – economic loss rule
    – contributory or comparative negligence
    – intervening cause
    – supervening cause
    – claimants own conduct, or by the conduct of its agents, representatives, and consultants
    – discharge in bankruptcy
    – duress
    – estoppel
    – recoupment
    – cardinal change
    – set off
    – failure of consideration
    – fraud (generally, as an equitable defense, as opposed to fraud in the inducement, below)
    – fraud in the inducement
    – illegality
    – injury by fellow servant
    – borrowed servant
    – laches
    – license
    – payment
    – release
    – res judicata
    – statute of frauds
    – statute of limitations
    – waiver
    – unclean hands
    – no adequate remedy at law
    – failure to mitigate damages (or, in some circumstances, successful mitigation of damages)
    – rejection of goods
    – revocation of acceptance of goods
    – conditions precedent
    – discharge
    – failing to plead fraud with particularity
    – no reliance
    – attorneys’ fees award not permissible
    – punitive damages not permissible
    – lack of standing
    – sole negligence of co-defendant
    – offset
    – collateral source rule (common law) or as codified in statute (see, e.g., C.R.S. Section 13-21-111.6)
    – improper service
    – failure to serve
    – indemnity
    – lack of consent
    – mistake
    – undue influence
    – unconscionability
    – adhesion
    – contrary to public policy
    – restraint of trade
    – novation
    – ratification
    – alteration of product
    – misuse of product
    – charitable immunity
    – misnomer of parties
    – failure to exhaust administrative remedies
    – frustration of purpose
    – impossibility
    – preemption
    – prior pending action
    – improper venue
    – failure to join an indispensable party
    – no private right of action
    – justification
    – necessity
    – execution of public duty
    – breach by plaintiff
    – failure of condition precedent
    – anticipatory repudiation
    – improper notice of breach
    – breach of express warranty
    – breach of implied warranty
    – parol evidence rule
    – unjust enrichment
    – prevention of performance
    – lack of privity
    – merger doctrine
    – learned intermediary or sophisticated user doctrine
    – adequate warning
    – no evidence that modified warning would have been followed or would have prevented injury
    – manufacturing/labeling/marketing in conformity with the state of the art at the time
    – release
    – res judicata
    – assumption of the risk
    – product was unavoidably unsafe
    – product provides net benefits for a class of patients
    – spoliation
    – damages were the result of unrelated, pre-existing, or subsequent conditions unrelated to defendant’s conduct
    – lack of causal relationship
    – act of god (or peril of the sea in admiralty cases)
    – force majeure
    – usury
    – failure to act in a commercially reasonable manner
    – acquiescence
    – doctrine of primary or exclusive jurisdiction
    – exemption
    – failure to preserve confidentiality (in a privacy action)
    – filed rate doctrine
    – good faith
    – prior pending action
    – sovereign immunity
    – truth (in defamation actions)
    – suicide (in accident or some benefits actions)
    – adverse possession (in trespass action)
    – mutual acquiescence in boundary (in trespass action)
    – statutory immunity (under applicable state or federal law)
    – unconstitutional (relating to statute allegedly violated)
    – insanity (normally in criminal context, but may have some application in civil suits linked to criminal acts)
    – self-defense (in assault, battery, trespass actions)
    – permission/invitation (in assault, battery, trespass actions)
    – agency
    – Section 2-607 UCC acceptance of goods, notification of defect in time or quality within reasonable time
    – at-will employment
    – breach of contract
    – hindrance of contract
    – cancellation of contract/resignation
    – circuitry of action
    – discharge (other than bankruptcy)
    – election of parties
    – election of remedies
    – joint venture
    – lack of authority
    – mutual mistake
    – no government action
    – privilege
    – reasonable accommodation
    – retraction
    – safety of employee (ADA)
    – statutory compliance
    – no damages (where required element of pleading)
    – termination of employement
    – undue burden (ADA)
    – wrong party
    – implied repeal of statute (see In re: Stock Exchanges Options Trading Antitrust Litigation, 317 F.3d 134 (2d. Cir. 2003) (hat tip Bill Shea)
    – failure to take advantage of effective system to report/stop harassment (in Title VII actions, called the Faragher-Ellerth defense) (see Jones v. D.C. Dept. of Corrections, 429 F.3d 276 (D.C. Cir. 2005) (hat tip Bill Shea)
    – fair use (copyright). See, e.g., Campbel, aka Skywalker, et al. v. Acuff-Rose Music, Inc., 510 U.S. 569, 590 (1994). (hat tip Bill Shea)
    – Noerr-Pennington defense (antitrust) (a Sherman Act defendant can raise the affirmative defense of right to petition for redress, even if they use that right to try to gain an anti-competitive advantage). See Noerr-Pennington Doctrine (2009), ABA Section of Antitrust Law, at p.107. (hat tip Bill Shea)
    – Same decision defense (employer would still have fired employee for lawful reasons even if the actual firing was for a mix of lawful and unlawful reasons) (Mt. Healthy City School Dist. Bd. of Ed. v. Doyle, 429 U.S. 274 (1977)) (hat tip Bill Shea)
    – ignorance of the law. Ignorance of the law is rarely a defense to liability, but if proven, ignorance that racial discrimination violates federal law may be a defense to punitive damages in Title VII cases. See, e.g. Alexander v. Riga, 208 F.3d 419, 432 (3d Cir. 2000) (hat tip Bill Shea)
    – business judgment rule (hat tip Iain Johnston)
    – claim of right (defense to element of intent required to prove theft)

  105. The OCC and Fed are backing themselves into a corner why? Its because the Fed of the hook for $1.1 trillion in Ginnie Mae Mortgage Backed Securities that there is no underlying collateral for the securities!

    Sen Warren is on track as she pointed out what I wrote to her about and that was that the OCC & Fed in Sept pointed out 800,000 homeowners that should have received a modification but instead were foreclosed.

    The OCC was been inspected by the US Treasury and the GAO in the last 12 months and but said this agency could not find water if they were being water-boarded!

    Warren fired this shot that make collusion look like what the OCC and Fed are involved in. I believe the beginning to the end is in Warren & Cumming letter today.

  106. @guest,

    To be honest, I scanned it briefly and didn’t study it too closely. Hint? And I’ll go back to check it out.


    Check out this article. Homelessness is exploding all over the states. 1 million kids don’t have a home to go back to at night. 146 million people are either “poor” or “low income”.

    Dry beans have a very, very long shelf life and as you may know, if you do have rice and beans stored away, you’re guaranteed to eat pretty balanced meals as long as you don’t run out.

  107. go hungry not go homeless

  108. elexquisitor,

    Which state are you in?

  109. That bible book states we were given the “herbs in the field as meat to eat”. First chapter of that wonderful reference if you can get past the distortions therein.

    Makes no sense to go homeless with all the good edibles on the landscape, unless people really are programmed that food only comes from a brick and mortar store.

    Heaven help those that think that. Watching t.v. commercials of food will not help them feel fulfilled.

    Trespass Unwanted, Corporeal, Life, Free, Independent, Conscience, In Being, In Jure Proprio, Jure Divino

  110. sieze

  111. http://www.federalreserve.gov/newsevents/press/bcreg/bcreg20120621b2.pdf

    Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
    Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
    JUNE 21, 2012

    This document is what was referred to about the section missing.
    Still says some dollar amount plus equity.

    News media are either lying or someone is not doing proper payout.

    Trespass Unwanted, Corporeal, Life, Free, Independent, Conscience, In Being, In Jure Proprio, Jure Divino

  112. @neidrmeyer, or charge the corporations a “troll” charge. Just seize 20 cents on every dollar held in a foreign subsidiary

  113. The will begin starving the world to death (other than Africa, Asai and South America, on 7/1/2013. Americans will stare en-masse at the hands pf those sworn to protect them.

    Also, the Jefferson tale about corporations rising up around the people…homeless on the very lands their forefathers conquered …blah blah blah, is errant. Jefferson never made that quote.

    Most are not going homeless you blinded slobs, they will be going hungry. The false flag famine is coming soon. may God have mercy on your misguided slobs.

    Rice has the longest shelf life….

  114. http://www.jdsupra.com/legalnews/debt-buyer-lawsuits-the-illusion-of-evi-93006/
    Just because a debt buyer is able to provide you with a large stack of documents doesn’t mean that they can prove that they are the owner of the debt and it certainly doesn’t mean that they can prove their case in court.

    Nice read.
    I remember the articles when Google and Starbucks were exposed for not paying taxes.

    Something stated a business would take the order in one location, get paid and ship it out of another location that was a tax haven and that’s where the money was transferred or received for the transaction. I’m not quoting it right, but there was a lot of hops in the money trail that if one business was audited, unless someone said ‘yeah and our Cayman Island warehouse would ship it out’, then the auditor would not know and would take the audit trail down another path.

    If they don’t repatriate it, those countries should change their tax laws to get a piece of the pie they are protecting, that is not being invested in their country to improve their infrastructure?

    How much money does one man need when his unlimited credit will let him fly on the most expensive jet, sleep in penthouse of a high rise building, put him in the best suite of a hotel, give him private limousine rides, and front row seats, and top of the line tailored clothing, and the chef’s special, and private accommodations and the oldest liquor in the wine cellar?

    There is nothing they can’t have on their unlimited credit, so what’s the purpose of hoarding all that money and making people get kicked out of their ‘private property’?


  116. Christine …. Did you notice what was missing from the OCC mirrored settlement chart?

  117. @Christine – my question is in what category does someone like myself fall who had a case filed in state court in 2010 because the servicer didn’t respond to a QWR? I could sure use some help with attorney fees about now.

  118. From here on out, it is about whatever it takes carie…no more being nice….you can call it whatever you want because I could give a rat’s ass what anyone “thinks” is “fair.” These crooks don’t play fair so maybe you all need some stronger meds…because it’s no doubt gonna get alot uglier.

  119. OCD is alive and well with certain posters here…lucky us!

  120. The Damaging Links Between Food, Fuel and Finance: A Growing Threat to Food Security
    Listen to this article. Powered by Odiogo.com

    By Timothy Wise, Director of the Research and Policy Program at the Global Development and Environment Institute, Tufts University. Cross posted from Triple Crisis

    Just when you thought the unhealthy ties between food, fuel, and financial markets couldn’t get more perverse, we get the announcement that Vitol, the world’s largest independent oil trader, is entering the grain-trading business, hiring a team from Viterra, based in Toronto, to run the show. And lest we toss this off as just another corporate deal, Javier Blas in the Financial Times reminds us that Viterra has itself recently been bought by Glencore, perhaps the world’s greatest global commodity speculator.

    What could go wrong?
    Read more at http://www.nakedcapitalism.com/#1TFvbowZ3ckrsVzm.99

  121. Wednesday, April 10, 2013
    OCC Releases Embarrassing List of Foreclosure Review Payouts on Eve of Senate Hearings

    As much as people who were watching the shutdown of the foreclosure reviews expected the payouts to be grotesquely low, seeing the actual numbers is….revolting.

    As readers may recall, borrowers who were foreclosed on or had foreclosure actions underway were given the opportunity to have foreclosures completed or underway in 2009 and 2010 reviewed by “independent” consultants. 510,000 borrowers submitted letters. But the process was shut down, with hardly any reviews completed and the ones that were done highly suspect, given that multiple whistleblowers (and not just ours!) reported the banks and reviewers were colluding to suppress any finding of harm. This is part of the OCC’s payout matrix (click to enlarge); you can see it in full here.

    The numbers here beggar belief. They are seriously trying to claim only 8 people who submitted letters were foreclosed on who had made all their payments on time? I’m going to check with my Tampa Bay whistleblowers on this one, and I am highly confident that my seven sources (out of 900 temps employed at that site) saw more examples than that. An even more obvious howler is claiming that only 239 people weren’t converted to permanent mods after completing three payments under a trial mod. The temps reported that borrowers were kept languishing seven, ten, even as long as 18 months in a trial mod while the bank kept receiving but pretending it hadn’t gotten their required documentation (the temps also reported seeing images of the documents that had been faxed in yet were claimed to have gone missing).

    Even though, as Shahien Nasiripour points out, the aggregate numbers ‘fess up to large levels of mistakes, they’ve all been conveniently shifted to the less consequential categories. For instance, you’ll see in the columns that show letters sent to the IFR, the absurd claim that only 8 people were foreclosed upon while 46 had foreclosures “in process”. Ahem. This appears to reflect the fantasy that banks would catch their erroneous foreclosures or would halt the process if the borrowers provided proof of payment. But as anyone who has been on this beat knows, getting servicers to rectify errors is pretty much impossible, particularly once a foreclosure is underway. So the numbers have clearly been doctored to reflect bank PR. Remember the lengths the “independent” consultants went to to deny that anything bad happened. One of our Tampa Bay witnesses recounted how Promontory argued that a borrower had not been harmed when his payment checks were sent back by the servicer: “the bank was sending back payments because the borrower was not making any.” Huh?

    As reader MBS Guy said via e-mail:

    What is the point of sending $300 to 2.4 million people? Under what scenario does that accomplish anything?
    The banks spent over $10,000 a loan in the IFR so that they could send the borrowers $300?
    The servicers don’t even get a release from liability in exchange for the payments.
    About the only thing that seems to have been accomplished is that the IFR was stopped before higher borrower losses could be uncovered.

    Even by the sorry standards of the earlier Treasury Dept shams, this is particularly lame.

    The Wall Street Journal also focuses on the modest payouts:

    The vast majority of borrowers being compensated for mortgage-related abuses will get $1,000 or less apiece, a sobering coda to a protracted attempt to help those who may have been placed into foreclosure as a result of banks’ mistakes…

    Those affected by foreclosure mistakes questioned the fairness of the payouts. Eric Krasner, 52 years old, of Duluth, Ga., filed for bankruptcy before losing his Frederick, Md. house to foreclosure in 2010, a mistake that should mean a payment of $62,500 according to the regulators’ compensation schedule. Mr. Krasner, who had a mortgage of $365,000, filed for bankruptcy after a gift shop he owned sunk under the weight of the recession and wound up losing his home.

    If the “bulk of people get $500 or $800 after losing their houses, is that making good on things?” he said.

    Read more at http://www.nakedcapitalism.com/2013/04/occ-releases-embarrassing-list-of-foreclosure-review-payouts-on-eve-of-senate-hearings.html#QyRz4GLFmsm2E8cL.99






    Kudlow’s typical “criminal fraud investor” type of response……STOP BLAMING THE BANKS….DON’T BLAME THE POLITICIANS…..CREATE JOBS & MOVE ON….


  124. 90 million Americans have dropped out of the work force…food stamp recipients rose 70% since Obama took office…..47 million Americans are on food stamps….81,000 Americans became disabled last month… 1in 6 Americans are living below the poverty line….The politicians in Washington continue unprecedented spending of our wealth after serving We The People up $16 TRILLION DOLLARS IN SECURITIES FRAUD DEBT COMMITTED BY THE BANKSTERS & WALL STREET….Tops on the Political agenda……GUN CONTROL LEGISLATION & IMMIGRATION RIGHTS FOR ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS…. Reports Lou Dobbs of FOX BIZ…


  126. @ Charles Reed ,

    Most of that money is parked there because the owners of the accounts aren’t stupid … This money was for the most part earned by US corporations overseas and CANNOT BE BROUGHT BACK INTO THE USA WITHOUT PAYING 40% IN TAX…

    You want the money repatriated? Drop the taxation of money earned outside our national boundaries. It really IS that simple.

  127. Living high off the hog is reserved for black hand members only…. that certainly would not be me. I don’t have access to the U.S. TREASURY DEPARTMENT ….THE TRUST FOR THE PEOPLE’S MONEY. IF I DID … I CERTAINLY WOULD NOT STEAL IT, HAND IT OUT TO MY FRIENDS & FAMILY, GAMBLE WITH IT & HIDE THE PROFITS AND HAND MY LOSSES BACK TO THE PEOPLE I ROBBED……SCUMBAGS.

  128. Most of the money stolen is STAKEHOLER MONEY…..OUR MONEY.

  129. Best description of you arrogant buttwipes…

    You are all licentious liars, haters of anything good…

  130. Everything is fine & dandy as long as you can live comfortably off the backs of all of us like big fat whores.


  132. I have a New Name for You Stripper …. BOSS HOG!

  133. What do you consider sacrifice Stripper? People giving you their life savings so you can live HIGH OFF THE HOG ?


  135. You are full of shit guest…….CNBC reported a long time ago these crooks have stolen innumerable amounts of the U.S. TAXPAYERS…..THAT MEANS THEY ROBBED EVERY AMERICAN OF INNUMERABLE WEALTH BECAUSE EVERYTHING WE PAY….DO OR & SPEND IS A TAX…..THAT DOES NOT EVEN INCLUDE TAXING OF OUR INCOME…



  136. As Neil has just said the news media gone quiet on this, and the best example is the GAO report that still the Washington Post has failed a week later to print anything about the botched Foreclosure Review.

    How does all this money get to these off shore account in the first place without Treasury knowing? When the Fed prints $16 trillion and give it to the bank while at the time only having a balance sheet of $2 trillion in assets, but only citizen are on the bandwagon to not restore the property rights of the homeowners, will have to experience further pain in a correction to this stock market once Buffett and his boys all pull their money out that they got in a 6500!

    Neil hits its on the head when he talks about commercial properties, which I also think that bank have hidden the losses of the commercial loan that the builders took out at the height of the boom and as homeowners went under so did the 100’s of thousands of builders, who banks had to sit on all those bad loans.

    What can still happen is that as these small hideaways should be put on alert that if what not due to the US Treasury we are going to seize those assets by any means necessary. Cyprus was the example that was needed that we can force this money out of these tax havens as were really only dealing with a small group of rich people and not standing armies.

    What can a small group do? We just had 10 million America families have there homes seized and about 6 million or so waiting in the wings, so why not seize what a few 100 American have in foreign banks?

  137. Stripes, You are An Idiot! Most of that Money is Stolen Invester Money and Illegal Profits! Its NOT your Money! While I eat Mac and Cheese and Saved for over 30years …. You EAT Prime Rib and didnt SAVE or INVEST …. As a Matter of FACT… You are a Liability to Investers, You borrow and dont want to repay! You are a Wanna BE Freeload Deadbeat!!! Its Not your problem .. its the Investers, the insurers and the taxpayers. YOU DO NOT FALL IN ANY OF THOSE CATAGLORIES! You are a HOG of Everything You SEE .. Not just food but this blog just to mention a couple of things…..

  138. These crooks are all legends in their own minds but no one else’s.

  139. Great article, it is right on the money…..our stolen wealth. This is just a mere pittance of what these crooks have really stolen but an outrage just the same.

  140. That headline says it all. Thank you Neil…!

  141. Hear My Outrage! As an Invester/pensioner … BUTTWIPE!! As an Homeowner …BUTTWIPE! As a U.S. Citizen and Taxpayer … BUTTWIPE! Yes .. Yes .. I know BUTTWIPES ARE DISPOSABLE!

    What we need is a Great American Flush Out!

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