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EDITOR’S COMMENT: FINALLY! A law firm in Washington DC has filed a lawsuit against the OCC to reveal the documents, disclosures and findings of the agency relating to the banks, the OCC Foreclosure Review and related matters. These are the kind of actions that should be filed in my opinion against state and Federal agencies that are enabling the securitization myth, foreclosures, defective auction bid, corrupted title and severe economic damages to people who don’t even realize they are victims of a scam and instead feel guilty about not paying their fair share.

The principal is simple: in any case where an agency fails to do its duty, or in case where someone wants to know what the agency is doing the Freedom of Information Act and other laws can be invoked to force the agency to comply with its statutory duty to regulate, commerce, banks, recording or whatever the case might be. Generally it is called an action in mandamus, which an action against an agency to perform its duties as set forth in the enabling statutes.

Note that the law firm filed the complaint in its own name and not the name of any client. The case is pure and simple. OCC is supposed to do its job and we have right to know whether they a re doing it. Having failed to respond, they are sued and the court will make them reveal whatever is in their files, which in this case is likely to be very damaging to both the agency and the banks it allegedly regulates.

See also Yves Smith on this subject generally:

Wells Fargo’s “Reprehensible” Foreclosure Abuses Prove Incompetence and Collusion of OCC

I have been pushing lawyers to bring actions against agencies and even the courts — going to the Supreme Court of each state demanding that they set procedures and standards of proof that a re consistent with existing law and consistently applied in all lower tribunals.

Actions against the FDIC, Federal Reserve that are similar in nature are already in the pipeline. Give your support to these actions any way you can. Follow the cases carefully because it is probably these cases that are going to crack the TBTF myth wide open along with dismantling the theory that loans were securitized when in most cases the loans were not securitized, and the creditor — the real creditor — is left with an unsecured receivable subject to set off for payments made to the agents of the investors (insurance, credit default swaps etc paid to the investment banks and other participants in the fake securitization chain).



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  1. It is in my opinon that the OCC Customer Assistance Group and the OCC Ombudsmans Office work together to avoid Consumers valid and justified Complaints against National Banks to allow these banks to continue wrongdoings. I have a similar situation with Bank of America and my Father’s Trust Fund Deposit Only Account,of which I am the Beneficiary. I have been waiting for one year to hear from the OCC Attorney’s Office in Houston, TX since my Case was sent to them. I wasted three years with the OCC Customer Assistance Group, who told me there was nothing that they could do to help me. I have spoke to a genteman in the Houston, TX location and sent an letter to the Attorney’s Office awaiting their response. I believe that this OCC Attorney will help me from what I have been informed of by the OCC Large Banks Department and the Gentleman that I have been corresponding with in Houston, TX. I will get my Case resolved!

  2. Everyone should do there own research and make there own educated decisions. You don’t have a valid argument Christine. You have done nothing to disprove me. Hurling baseless accusations is not proof of anything. I stand by all of my statements.

  3. And I will correct systematically all the disinformation you post for as long as i care to.

  4. I refuse to engage in nonsense with liars. I have enough of that to deal with in my daily life. If you have something valid to discuss bring it on. Otherwise, don’t waste my time. I have bigger fish to fry than the likes of you.

  5. “Instead of trying to desecrate my character…”

    Unreal. 1) One cannot “desecrate” what doesn’t exist. 2) Nothing “sacred” about moron.

  6. Bigotry to who….? The truth is the truth. This fraud knows no boundaries. It is in every walk of life and every race, religion and nationality. The only inhuman thing here is you and your sicko friends. I am God fearing and I know better than to hope for bad things to happen to anyone. You are just evil. Only you can save your soul. No one else can do that for you.

    Instead of trying to desecrate my character, which you can’t, why not bring a valid argument. Oh that’s right, you can’t. Because you don’t have one.

    Oh well, players can’t play when no one else is playing and losers never win..

  7. I don’t get into arguments with imbeciles. i just point out how deranged and incoherent they are. For all I know, you could croak right this minute and i wouldn’t give you 2 thoughts. What i will not allow you to do is to keep poisoning the air with your stench of ignorance, bigotry, prejudice and repulsive subhuman behavior.

  8. I do not feel the need to justify that rude remark with a response Christine. However, I will say I this, you have yet to win an argument with me based on law or fact. Enough said.

  9. “I am up in arms. I am one of the few who is trying to do something about it.”

    Moron, what do you DO? Where is your book? Where is your advocating publicly? Where do you give seminars about what you’ve uncovered? Where is your lawsuit, imbecile? Where i9s your own website?

    You don’t do jackshit. Except be an imbecile, which is pretty much all you know how to do. That and breed kids you are now consulting for advice! (I guess St. Kudlow isn’t enough of a reliable source…)

  10. E. ToLLe,

    Cool song.

    For starters, you and I have only lived with the Petrodollar. We don’t know anything else. That, obviously, can survive only with… petrol! And we know what is happening with that: there is a push to get out of it or risk destroying ourselves. We also know that countries I knew to be undeveloped (I can remember disastrous famines in india a few decades ago) became “underdeveloped” and are now… well… doing quite well.Those are changes that are not going away.

    Now, countries are associating and cooperating to completely get out of that system altogether and go back to a more stable, something-tangtible-backed money (don’t know yet what that something-tangible thing is but it safe to look at gold for right now).

    When i look at all that, i can only see that TPTB is a thing of the past. Sure, right now, it still looks alive and kicking but when i read, for example, that even Australia is getting out of the system, i can see that whole crock unraveling.

    So, yes, houses are still being taken away and yes, it is a terrible thing to go through, especially so close to the end. Yes, looking at Dimon’s face day in, day out, is aggravating as hell and I would very much like to see him hang naked, upside down by his big toes downtown NYC but… I’m afraid retributions won’t happen. Those guys won’t stay put, they’ll probably lose everything but they probably won’t have to atone for anything. Then again, whatever happened is still our doing, indirectly: but for the people electing those morons in Congress and in government, none of that Nafta/run the country down would have taken place.

    Time to move on and look up. Just my take on things. Gotta run.

  11. I am up in arms. I am one of the few who is trying to do something about it. People just are not paying attention.

    I compare it to the days of Noah…people were living it up until the disaster hit.

    People do not want to believe the worst.

    If the time comes in our lifetimes that they try and force Acceptance of the Mark, it will be horrific.

    OBAMACARE is the vehicle.

  12. Christine, I totally understand, I really do, and I didn’t mean to imply you wildly attacking. I asked a very simple question….what changes are afoot? I see nothing on my horizon save for more of the very same bullshit that TPTB have pushed on us for years. IMHO, there’s nothing touchy-feely about it, either things are moving forward or away from resolution, and from my viewpoint, nothing has changed that can concretely be pointed to in any way, shape, or form that would signify any advance in the right direction. I am not diseased for viewing world affairs in that light.

    I have no desire to wax eloquent on how you or I should “feel” about the world’s conundrum. I was just simply pointing out that we’re still in a world of shit as far as TPTB raping the system and therefore all of mankind, in their (successful so far) push at taking everything that’s not nailed or screwed down, and I see absolutely nothing that would make me believe that things are changing for the better. I remain a die-hard cynic.

    On a lighter note, it’s now time to break into song:

    Yes, how many times must a man look up
    before he can see the sky?

    Yes, how many ears must one man have
    before he can hear people cry?

    Yes, how many deaths will it take till he knows
    that too many people have died?

    The answer my friend is blowin’ in the wind
    The answer is blowin’ in the wind.

    And at great risk, I would add to Master Dylan’s lyrics:

    Yes, how many people’s homes must be closed
    before it is seen as a crime?

  13. E. ToLLe,

    I didn’t attack. i just stated how I function without saying that it is the way everyone else should. I don’t want to be bitter, angry and negative: I simply don’t like the way it feels and for what I’m concerned, it is completely unproductive. What i hear and read everywhere I turn is that the world is changing. It will never be as it was and that is a reality. Do you see it as becoming worse by the minute or better by the day?

    It’s a choice everyone has to make for himself.

    I’m in contact with lots of people from different European countries and they all have the same reaction: why isn’t everybody up in arms? Why no riots? Why no revolution? Why are people seemingly accepting what is going on? Maybe because we’ve moved on and and away from tit-for-tat and realized that riots are not the answer. Maybe it is because people are realizing that they only have control about how they feel and how they view things. I’m just offering a different view. It is neither good or bad. it simply is. And it’s out there. I’m not the only one looking at it that way. That’s it.

  14. These Globalist crooks want to fraudulently induce a stateless, paperless electronic currency. They want a GLOBAL STORE CREDIT SYSTEM for everything. Then you never own anything. CNBC reporting Bitcoin currency ATMs may be going in Cyprus. It is TOTALITARIANISM it is all connected to OBAMACARE and the MEDICAL DEVICE REGISTRY AKA THE MEDICHIP.

    It is the final endgame plan of these evildoers. It is totalitarianism by imposters.

    It is the face of one evil…the Synagogue of Satan…


    Read about it here…

    BBC News – Bitcoins: Could virtual cash replace money?

  15. So, in my post, the normal cynic in me said that the bad guys are all lined up in rows attacking us, and that there have been no defenders of the homeowners to be seen on any horizon from the government.

    Christine attacked, saying, “because something has not yet taken place doesn’t mean that it never will….” And, “The key is to know it’s “in the works”, shifting her turban ever so slightly as she shuffled her Tarot cards for another clear divination of current events, the strong scent of patchouli in the Living Lies air.

    And then Charles Reed jumped onboard Christine’s Sunshine and Puppies Tour bandwagon saying that Christine was exactly right, that the winds of change were blowing fair due to the fact that Eric Holder has been left in office and admitted that he wasn’t investigating criminality. And after the strange pungent smoke that Charles Reed exhaled had departed, I said:

    “WTF! and Huh?”

    I then asked for examples from each to explain why financial and legal spring had sprung for these two…. why they both felt that the funnel cloud that proved (at least to me and few tens of millions of others) to be an EF-5 devastating neighborhoods from sea to shining sea has in fact moved out to sea. More to the point, I asked for proof of something more concrete than just terms like “something was in the works”, and that it had nothing to do with contact with extraterrestrials.

    The reply from Charles Reed was all over the place, and hard to summarize without a turban, a Tarot deck, and some really good weed of my own, but it was something like….the administration left Holder in so that they could watch the crimes go unpunished….that stripes put it best, which I won’t even waste the binary code to discuss how ludicrous that statement is….that they stopped the IFR because their was too much evidence of wrong doing….and finally something about Warren and the presidency. And I then thought to myself, which is how I prefer to do it:

    “WTF! and Huh?”

    Christine then offered her answer to my question seeking hard core facts as to what has changed for the better by saying, “It’s not what happens to people. It’s what they make of it,” and, further retorting, “Humanity has been around for a very, very long time.” And at this point in the conversation I have nothing further I can add to this enlightening conversation other than to reiterate, after pouring a stiff drink and attempting to light this roach without burning myself, my standard, super intelligent reply of:

    “WTF! and Huh?”

  16. Wonder what this is about Is Wolff firm going to be the next sacrificial lamb like Lorraine Brown? . They did it all on their own? Just Wondering ! http://4closurefraud.org/2013/04/01/exclusive-did-bank-of-america-fire-foreclosure-mill-ronald-r-wolfe-associates-fka-the-florida-default-law-group/.

  17. The jig is up Christine. Get over it.

  18. E. ToLLe,

    It’s not what happens to people. It’s what they make of it. I could see everything as being hopeless or I could see it as an opportunity to expand my horizons. We may not have control over circumstances. We have control about how we react. Question of perspective. Nothing to do with the little green guys per se. Everything to do with changing our perspective on things and deciding to focus on what makes feel good. It can make life a hell of a lot more pleasant, regardless of circumstances.

    Some people decide to sit in front of the tube all day. Others spend hours looking for evidence that the end is near. Others yet look at evidence of the contrary. Humanity has been around for a very, very long time. Regimes come and go. Governments come and go. Money comes and goes. Houses come and go. We’re still here. To me, that’s huge.

  19. off topic but read matt tiabbi in rolling stone, the stupid stpid stupid 3 strike law and see what happens when the syastem is screwed with

  20. like your post trespass unwanted
    im in agreement but guess whos going under the bus if anyone, so, those lawyers need to wake up and do what they promised and remember what they first thought lawyering was about id say PROTECTING THE SYSTEM SO INNOCENT MEN DONT GO TO JAIL.

  21. Banks don’t admit or deny wrong doing.
    What on earth is the law firm looking for and what will they do with it.

    Some things are private and confidential, so who are they trying to expose?

    Why now? March 18th or so, they sent info out that they will have a payor pay out on the foreclosures that went wrong.

    My guess is, in the process of deciding what foreclosures were really theft, they will be identifying the law firms who’s signatures are on the county real estate documents as trustees.

    When a client hires a law firm, the law firm takes the liability as they represent “stand in the place of” the person (statutory) who hired them to speak, think, negotiate, bid, and threaten homeowners for them.

    Not everything is being revealed.
    Law firms didn’t care what the OCC did when people were being robbed, but as the OCC or whoever pays out according to the settlement, then someone is culpable of the acts of theft and fraud.

    That law firm’s client is a class action of all law firms in a undisclosed way.

    Trespass Unwanted, Life, People, Creator, Conscience, Free and Independent State, In Jure Proprio, Jure Divino

  22. Oh Please……the rule of law is being ignored in these Courtrooms otherwise there would be no foreclosures. These Courtrooms are like a bad reality Tv show on reruns. But, good luck with that FOIA request. I don’t know what you are requesting but, there are NO SECURITIES.

  23. @E.Tolle
    Your post here at April 1, 2013 at 8:48 am is priceless…and right on…as usual.

  24. Everytime some one posts something good sttipes jumps in with a distraction to hopefully bury any good points that may help. In the real world, in court.

  25. I feel Elizabeth Warren is sincere that the Rule of Law must be upheld for everyone. Everyone is equal under the Law in our Constitutional Republic. We cannot however, use Social Justice fixes of re-socialism for massive SECURITIES FRAUD. There is no way to re-socialize this mess. That is what they have been doing since 2008 and we have been nearly bankrupted because of it. They all need to be held to account..from the top down and pay back everything they stole….all ill gotten gains must be returned to We The People.

  26. 6 (six) years.

  27. Hman
    Heres the official

    1. The District Court can be approached for obtaining records.
    2. The lawsuit can be filed after exhausting all administrative opportunities. It includes filing FOIA application and appeal which process has been completed.
    3. It has been stated in the Article ‘Going to Court: Litigating Your FOIA Request’ as follows:

    “You must consider whether your dispute is worth bringing to court. How important are the records you are seeking? Is the agency engaging in a pattern or practice that is systematically interfering with your research and that is in violation of the law? Are you able to gain support from other organizations or FOIA requesters to help explain to the court the importance of the case? Do you know enough about the denied records to make a compelling case in court? ”

    It brings out the questions which must be kept in mind while filing a lawsuit. 
    4. Statute of Limitation:
    It has been stated in the Article ‘Going to Court: Litigating Your FOIA Request’ as follows:

    “It is important to note that when an agency does not respond to a request at all and no administrative appeal is filed within six years, the statute of limitations has expired, and the requester will not be permitted to file a lawsuit.”

  28. E. Tolle I feel that there is a reason Eric Holder stay on and that to take the fall for this Administration sitting around watching the crimes go unpunished. I believe we, all of us here and everywhere on the net have shared our stories and people have a understanding now of how securitization works and it will bring about some justice.

    Stripes puts it best as they used these alleged defaulted contract in this debate of moral and unlawful. Obama made this BS work for him to get reelected, however he as much a part of the problem as the banker.

    They stopped the Foreclosure review because there to much evidence of wrong doing and giving 4.2 million foreclosed families something, in an attempt to hide the magnitude of the fraud by claiming that the OCC solution of getting monies in a expedient manner, as if the Apr 2011 had not in fact delivered a single amount to a victim at all.

    This is Senator Warren time if she has ambitions for the Presidency, because this is suppose to be her calling card and I feel that with her request for answers to her earlier request to the OCC & Fed, should provide her with the information to hang some people out to dry.

    At what point at the start of the Foreclosure review board did they think those results were not going to be requested? Only thing I can say thanks for doing what we thought you would do, and that is continue to fraud the people!

  29. They are imposters….you will never get your requests granted from any of their agents or agencies. These crooks have unconstitutionally and illegally invoked Executive Privilege to Conceal their crimes against us.

  30. This is the neo con version of the Revived Roman Empire. Liberation Theology …..Fake Church Reform and Political Reform were used as a ploy by Vatican Council II to rob everyone….now that ploy has been reversed to Opus Dei theology…. The revived Roman Empire is trying to permanently install their dictatatorsip. They are the modern day Spanish/Roman inquisitors. Imposters, Frauds, Felons and Thieves every one of them. This group, these Secret Spies have always worshipped the Babylonian Talmud. Nothing they do is ever moral, legal or ethical. They are using their own Default….Secret Securities Fraud Crimes to steal everything from us.

  31. Charles, with all due respect, I can’t for the life of me see how you get something positive out of your statement:

    “….the wind of change are coming as Eric Holder just admitted that they were not investigating these crimes. Something is about to go down big, and I think it all about the securitization of the MBS!”

    So the top law enforcement official in the nation states that these crimes have and will go unpunished….and you throw up your arms in glee thinking that things are turning for the better? I just don’t get it.

    What that admission from Holder says to me is that these crimes will continue unabated, with no prosecutions for the ongoing criminality. To read anything else into that is pure fantasy. Obama’s hopium and delirium will just keep on giving, until it’s all been taken.

  32. I have a question about Freedom of information if anyone would like to take a stab at it? Would FOIA be applicable to MERS as an “agent/nominee” as the lender? Any thoughts?

  33. They are stoning us alright….They and their Opus Dei theology crap. It is all in the Babylonian Talmud. It is not Moral or Legal…it is the face of evil. They are the Revived Roman Empire…using their crimes against us to persecute We The People where they have no Legal Jurisdiction on U.S SOIL because they are Felons.

    This is the same method they have used all throughout history…..Pretend they are your friend..while they steal & destroy …then they turn their crimes into the Spanish/ Roman inquisition ….a blame game disguised as debt…they are using their DEFAULTED CONTRACTS…..MASSIVE SECURITIES FRAUD as a weapon to steal everything from us.

  34. Well charles whatever its a day late and a dollar short. But all part of how truth is supposed to surface in devine order.

  35. Christine of the right track that the wind of change are coming as Eric Holder just admitted that they were not investigating these crimes. Something is about to go down big, and I think it all about the securitization of the MBS!

  36. Oops. That word was least not meast

  37. Im on it. Foia – you will be stone walled you will more thsn likely have to file suit for judicial review. At meast from my own. Experience. ( not a lawyer not legal advise))

  38. anyone knowing of any help for Idaho homeowners?
    Hi Shelley,
    Wes had a suggestion. have you ever come across blog posts that are along the lines of “Idaho is the lap dog of the banks…”???
    Idaho courts are far behind the other states and paddling in the opposite direction of those states rulings…

    Do you think you could post on a blog a little something somewhere along this line of thought and send me a link to it?
    If I had a post like that, Wes would use it. He’s going after the Idaho courts corruption.

    Email me at Shelleystotalbodyworks@comcast.net

  39. I don’t know where you stand E Trolle, probably somewhere in the Kremlin. I know where I stand….I stand firmly in my Constitutional Republic….in the United States of America.

  40. They are wolves in sheep’s clothes. Unfurling the Goldman Sachs flag…..Ha…they are the Goldman Sachs flag.

    Concealment of their felonies is the crime of our time.

  41. Invoking and Exercising ALL of our Legal Rights is the only proper Correction for these SECURITIES FRAUD FELONIES against We The People.

    If they cannot PROVE they hold the Security Agreement…they Performed on their own contracts and in fact are Concealing their Default because they never notified us by U.S. MAIL that an Alteration had occurred to that Contract…




  42. @Christine, I appreciate your enthusiasm, I just wonder what makes you believe that something is “in the works”. Exactly what in your opinion has gone down that would make one believe that our totally captured system is furling the Goldman Sachs flag? And please don’t suggest alien intervention….I dry-heave at the mere suggestion.

    I disagree that I’m being defeatist by simply acknowledging where we stand. And while I will agree that some courtrooms appear to be leaning slightly left of center, especially in your home state, it’s been well over a half decade of borrower-toss games just to get to these meager results. We all know that our government, from county recorders to Obama’s Citi-group staff, know and approve of the criminality….they just want us to go away already. We’re ruining their plunder.

    Being positive for positive-sake is a feel-good exercise, or worse, dangerous, if it leads to a deleterious psychological state, kind of like the niece hoping against hope that her kind old Uncle Gropy’s hands are simply searching for his lost keys all over the place. TPTB know exactly who they’re fondling, and it includes the entire 99%, and the regulators watch on.

    I’m not saying you should frown, just make sure that your feel-goodness doesn’t gloss over the true nature of current conditions. While it may not have yet hit you or others here on a personal level, it will soon enough, I’d bet the farm on that. As I’ve said many times before, TPTB are intent on having red hotels on every single property, while we all hunker down against the cold on Baltic Avenue underneath tarps burning foreclosure defense manuals for warmth.

  43. J.F.K also warned that an undeclared war by an unseen enemy would be used to steal our Constitutional Republic.

  44. The OCC are not going to give them any disclosure or documents. Remember the investigations into Fast & Furious…? They are invoking Executive Privelege to Conceal their crime….MASSIVE SECURITIES FRAUD…


    J.F.K warned what the signs would be in his speech on Secret Societies….about the dangers of Unwarranted wire tapping and Concealment.

  45. Nothing they do is legal Charles. They are in fact, CONCEALING the ORIGINATION FRAUD…..MASSIVE SECURITIES FRAUD. The entities are IMPOSTERS & FELONS..

    Nothing they do Amends, Cures or Fixes the ORIGINATION FRAUD…NOTHING.

  46. Here is what I am trying to get across about the abuse at Wells Fargo. It like they are the Mob and at all cost not correct their course because the corruption is so deep!

    Starting back in Oct 2010 I question with the OCC whether Wells Fargo was the rightful owner of my Note, and at the end of the day Wells Fargo was force to admit they were not the lender, but instead of dealing with this one case, they and Ginnie Mae stuck to this ridiculous tale that somehow a non purchasing non lender Ginnie allowed the lender who relinquish any and all financial interest in the loan to stay in title while Ginnie Mae was in physical possess of the blank Notes the lender turned “issuer” of the Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS) they sold to investors!

    Now let understand that Wells Fargo did not place the loan in the MBS and the lender/issuer as it was Washington Mutual who in fact became a “failed bank” and they in fact were not in title as the lien holder.

    Long story short what would have been a VA HAMP modification or short sale and no full knowledge of the crime or some financial settlement, and I doubt very serious America would know that Ginnie Mae MBS program is actually a big ole Ponzi scheme.

    On one hand Wells Fargo does benefit from them increasing their market share in mortgages to 1/3 of the total market, for only about $8 billion it will have to pay for the abuse of the Ginnie Mae MBS, while in exchange for a trillion dollars worth of a cornered consumer without much selection in an alternative as Ginnie Mae’s ponzi is market wide.

    I do believe my well document file to the OCC leads to exactly how this crime was carried out, and very simply shows the common illegal practice among all the federal government insured loans.

  47. Just because something has not yet taken place doesn’t mean that it never will. I, personally, smell change in the air. The key is to know it’s “in the works” and not get hung up on timing and manifestation. Imagine if humanity had always reacted in a defeatist way! We’d still be living in caves and wearing pelts.

    I understand where you’re coming from though. I’m just concerned it might be contagious and I’d rather not get infected. The moron of service is already doing enough trying to demoralize everyone (so far, all she’s managed is to piss everybody off, thank that impotent gawd of hers!). Remaining positive is a full time endeavor.

  48. Don’t kid yourselves, just because they didn’t name their client doesn’t for a minute mean that this isn’t a suit brought by some pissed off high ticket consultancy that felt like a step-sister left outside the ballroom looking in at all the fun (looting) they missed out on.

    Exactly how many times has any entity; individual, corporate, regulatory, congressional, or from any administration, ridden to the aid of the citizenry? Oh let’s see….uhm….wait a minute…..it’s right on the tip of my tongue…


    Yeah, that’s the number I was thinking of……

  49. I posted that thing on March 29th on the previous page thinking it was, indeed, something to watch for. Glad NG picked up on it too. Oftentimes, all it takes is one person to dare filing such an action for others to follow suit. I would expect other law firms to grab that ball and start running with it as well.

  50. This case is going to be very interesting. I hope they get a judge who will rule in their favor. If not, I hope they appeal.

  51. Definitly a Case to Follow!

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