Ideology Blocks the Truth

I was sent the following email from someone who clearly has not investigated and researched bank fraud since the mortgage mess started to brew. Here is what she said:

“Did the bank honor the terms of the original loan agreement? Did you? You call it a predatory loan which is an excuse for not reading the agreement. Unless the bank committed fraud, the situation is entirely your fault. Millions of people buy houses that are modest, maybe a bit smaller than they wish, because they know they cannot afford anything more. Perhaps you should have done the same. I have no sympathy for people that did not read the terms of their original loan agreement.”

Ignorance and ideology are what is stopping the correction needed for housing and thence the economy which depends upon consumer spending, housing being a major component of that spending. So let’s look at her self-righteous email, line by line and then see what she would say.

1. “Did the bank honor the terms of the original loan agreement?” Actually the answer is that in most cases there was no bank disclosed to the borrower. “Originators” referred to in the business plans of the banks as filed with the SEC clearly show that they relied heavily on “bankruptcy remote” non-bank thinly capitalized vehicles, which is to say straw-men in sham transactions leaving the borrower with no information on the identity of his creditor or how to contact them or pay them.

The whole idea here was to create the illusion of a transaction and then use paperwork that assumed the validity and reality of the transaction when there was no transaction. The originator was not permitted to take control of the money even for a minute, nor were they allowed to retain ownership of the loan on or off record. These companies were started for the sole purpose of originating loans, not brokering them and not lending the money to the borrower.

So the simple answer to the question is that no, there was no bank, and no bank honored the original loan agreement. Even where the “lender” was a bank or mortgage broker, the same story holds true — they were used as straw-man conduits for the investors money who funded the venture believing they were buying mortgage backed bonds that were good loans approved in accordance with proper underwriting standards and then placed into a REMIC pool which was proportionately owned by the investor. In fact, the investment bank never funded the REMIC pool and never allowed the REMIC pool to enter into any transaction in which the REMIC pool acquired the loans through either origination or acquisition.

The bank therefore not only did not honor the agreement, it perpetrated a fraud upon the buyer and the lender (investors) by creating agreements that recited intentionally false facts as to both the identity of the creditor and terms of repayment. In fact, ask the bank if they were part of the agreement you are asking whether they honored. Their answer is no, we were not part of that agreement. So what was there to honor?

2. Did you honor the agreement? How do you honor a non-existent agreement with a non-existent creditor who never did their part of the bargain (loan money to the borrower)? The ideological writer of the above quote assumes she knows what happened with these loans when she does not have any clue as to the actual practice. The simple answer is yes, homeowners attempted to honor their agreements but hen were told when the appraisal fraud became evident, that they must stop making payments in order to apply for relief which of course never came. But at that point the homeowner, at the instruction of the bank that had nothing to do with the loan but was pretending to be the “lender” they had paid money up front to the bank, which was illegal for the bank to request or accept, and then piled up 6-12 months or more of payments that were offered but rejected by the bank once the loan was declared in default.

3. I would insert: which agreement are you talking about — the one where the borrower agreed to pay money in exchange for a loan that never came from the payee on the note, or the one where the real creditor lender was offered not only payments from the homeowner but insurance (AIG) and proceeds from hedge products like credit default swaps? And then I would further add, how many times should “the bank” get paid on the same debt? If the bank already made $1 million on a $200,000 loan, why should they get paid again through a foreclosure and even a deficiency judgment, which leads to the question of who owes whom money? If the promissory note between the homeowner and whoever was pretending to be the lender at the loan closing says that payments received by the creditor should first be applied to the debt and then any overage, after deduction for expenses, is owed to the borrower, then it seems to me that the “Agreement” which has not been read by any of the ideologues who have an opinion on exotic financing instruments that they cannot begin to define requires the over payment to be paid to the borrower. Thus there can be no default if there (a) no debt and (b) money due back to the homeowner under the terms of the promissory note (the agreement you keep talking about, but have never read).

4. “You call it a predatory loan which is an excuse for not reading the agreement. Unless the bank committed fraud, the situation is entirely your fault.” Ignorance is bliss. Popping your bubble, not reading the agreement is never a defense to the breach of any agreement, unless there is a provision to the contrary contained in the agreement itself or in the statutes governing the agreement. A predatory loan is defined by statute and case law as one in which the parties are unequal both in terms of bargaining power and sophisticated knowledge of transactions as complex as real estate deals where the number of documents and the thickness of some of them is staggering and despite the fact that the law requires delivery of the documents at least 3 days before closing so the borrower can get some advice, and that is exactly what the originators and now the banks claiming rights under the note, did NOT do. Some regulations describe a pattern of lending called table funded loans as predatory per se — whether the borrower read the documents or not. These loans, laden with fraudulent  representations made to both the real lenders (investors) and the borrowers (homeowners) were fraudulent according to common law going back centuries, statutory law going back decades and common sense. Where the loan comes from an undisclosed party and the loan documents (the agreement) “borrow” the transaction between the homeowner and a bank or other lender that is unconnected with the documents presented at the loan closing, there is no breach by the borrower because there never was a completed transaction with those who are foreclosing on properties by the millions.

5. So  there being obvious evidence of fraud, using your logic, it isn’t the fault of the borrower. It is the fault of the originator and all the bit players pretending to be dealing in real transactions when they were in fact dealing only in worthless paper.

6. Sympathy: Your lack of any sense of sorrow for people whose lives were turned upside down is disturbing and indicative how this mess happened. The banks were counting on people like you who without reading any of the documents themselves would nevertheless have an opinion on the documents and the behavior, with the assumptions that the bank was faultless.

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  2. Bank sent me TWO COMPLETELY FORGED AND FRAUDULENTLY FABRICATED VERSIONS OF MY NOTES—repeat: NOTES, as in PLURAL NOTES— using them with intent to defraud me, the taxpayers, and the investors and also Fannie Mae. I DID NOT MAKE THESE NOTES, THE BANK DID. So yes they did commit the crimes and I have absolute proof of it. One of our “notes” has just my husband’s “signature.” The other has “his signature”, my “signature”, and then some fake “endorsements”…..Now, I was NEVER ON THIS LOAN. So why would I EVER SIGN THE NOTE???? And that is the one they put thru to the court…..oops and they forgot the “fake endorsements on that version.” They remembered the endorsements eventually, but put them on the one with BOTH OUR SIGS, and MINE SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN THERE. HELLLOOOOOOOOOOO. READ THIS ALL AGAIN.

  3. The psychopaths running the asylum want our guns and ammo and leave all of us to be sitting ducks…? They are disarming the cops too…they are all complaining they are low on ammo….the cops are none to happy with these politicians either…. The truth is we need more guns & bullets than ever by the looks of things…Rising poverty…&..rising crime rates are a recipe for disaster. So what do the secret squirrel’s do….? Buy up all the ammo. Now if that does not prove intent to harm….what does? What better way to disarm the people than to take away their ammo….? If they really were looking out for the people they would be handing us the guns & bullets. These politicians are big fat imposters.

  4. That security guard reminded me of that pic of that wack job woman guard down in gitmo torturing the prisoners. They hire some real Psychopaths for these jobs. They need the mental health evaluations before they get these jobs.

  5. You really have to wonder why in the hell we are allowing these crackpots to treat all of us like criminals? You can see and feel the hatred they have for us. It is ridiculous.

  6. Apparently the cookoos nest are running out of meds … time for the round up and the straight jackets and rubber rooms.

    I ran into one of these types today at the Daley Center….a Security Guard…she was like a mini Hitler. Shouting at people to get waved down with her insecurity wand…it was like something right out of Nazi Germany. These are the morons who need to be locked away for a long, long time. She seriously needs a mental health evaluation and that gun taken away. Giving any power to psychopaths like this is nuts. All the other security guards seemed uneasy about her behavior.

  7. Answer to the query from the disinfo machine troika from down below…The U.S. Constitution/ Bill of Rights.

  8. U.S. Drops to the Tenth Freest Nation on Earth: Now Listed as Mostly Free
    March 16th, 2012

    By Dr. Harold Pease

    For nearly two decades the Heritage Foundation and the Wall Street Journal have teamed-up tracking and rating the 184 nations of the earth on economic freedom. In their 2012 ratings “Hong Kong and Singapore finished first and second in the rankings for the 18th straight year. Australia and New Zealand ranked third and fourth, and Switzerland fifth. Canada finished sixth, … falling out of the group of ‘free’ economies into the ‘mostly free’ category;” a fall made by the United States in 2010. The U.S. also slipped from a three-way tie for ninth place last year to tenth place today. Even Mauritius, taking eighth, a small island off the coast of Africa, was seen as more economically free than we, as were Chile and Ireland taking seventh and ninth.

    And the moron continues her vast campaign of systematic disinformation. Not only does she know jack shit but, in order to have something to post so as to give herself an illusion of importance regardless whether people want to read her insanity (the perfect definition of a narcisistic personality), she makes it up as she goes. The perfect example of a chronic and uncurable imbecile. The Chinese and the Russians will have a field day ridding this country of such morons.

  9. We will only remain the freeist nation on earth as long as we invoke our legal rights to Defend our Life, Liberty & Property. There are imposters trying to steal it all from us. That is what they are hiding. Better let them all know …no tresspassing will be allowed……This is our house and we will defend it.

  10. I just can’t take you seriously UKG…you crack me up. Maybe it’s the name…. It’s hard to take used car guys seriously.

  11. “If UKG is fighting fc I am tinkerbell.”

    that’s right, stripper. I’m Peter Pan. and you’re an idiot. get lost.

  12. @ILUVMYMPV: not you, man, HER. I luv you, van!

  13. The contract never disclosed what they were doing. I fully qualified for my mortgage and put 40% down. All they tell you is “if we sell your “loan” to another bank”….it’s all lies. It was a Securities Fraud swap o rama. They are all insanely destructive.

  14. There is no genuineness about anything they do. The Politicians are to blame.

  15. Backed by uncertificated….not authenticated securities. SECURITIES FRAUDS.

  16. I meant to say they are counterfeiting copies of counterfeit securities….AKA uncertificated certificates.

  17. There is no fc to litigate if the fc is faulty, fraudulent and has no basis in law or fact upon presentment. The Defendants then have all of the rights of a harmed party if the Plaintiffs intended to deceive the Defendant’s with counterfeit copies of Securities to gain unjust enrichment. That is a serious crime. For that Negligence the Plaintiffs should pay the Defendant’s monetary damages and clear title for harm done and harm intended. These are heinous acts being perpetrated on unknowing victims…WHO ARE We The People.

  18. Most would think it is a showdown between the plaintiff and a defendant. The truth is …. It comes down to a showdown between the Attorneys and their area of expertise and their knowledge of the law.

  19. Too many Americans are much to willing to accept everything they are told. They don’t recognize this is nothing but greed by some very greedy individuals. These imposters are doing this same greedy scam in every nation. The Canadian people are not free from these crooks. Any nation that has a Central Bank ran by these evil masterminds is not safe. We need to follow the rule of law and issue our own currency….U.S. BANK NOTES….and throw these sheisters out. We need a couple new amendment’s that do not allow anyone to invest in anything that would put in peril our Life, Liberties or Property.

    I stand by my comment below. I love this Country. We are still the freeist nation on earth. We need to be dilligent about our protections. We need to claim our own Liberty. That is why we have a Constitution/Bill of Rights to defend our Liberty.

  20. “…at least we are a land of laws. You just have to know what they are.” Because moron knows what they are.

    Tell that to the millions of people whose job, house and pension plans were stolen from under them. People are more stable in Cuba.

  21. All I have to say to the ice queen is…at least we are a land of laws. You just have to know what they are.

  22. “We are still the freeist nation on earth.”

    Where else have you lived exactly, moron? What do you base such an idiotic statement on?Do you see Europeans flocking to America? Hell no! It’s the other way around. Wonder why… What about New Zealanders? Australians? South Africans?

  23. I agree notmynpv….that you are not.

  24. LOL.. guest. I love this country… We are still the freeist nation on earth. Thank God.

  25. We have a Winner! The homeowners just bid all three liens at $1 . And takes them all for $3. What a Lucky Winner .. ! Now about those liabilities … will the homeowner/invester sue themselves? hahaha

  26. Who wants to start the bidding at $1? Anyone? The loan balance is zero, Lots of Room for Profits here …… (shhhh… i’m not disclosing that the Liabilites are in the negitive..)

  27. Lets have an Auction …. I have three liens on a title, all claiming ownership of the same Note. (Shhhh… None are Real). I am going to auction off/sell all three liens seperatly to the highest cash bidder. Each of the three High Bidders/Winners will get an oppertunity to collect from the homeowner and steal their home. May the Best Greedy Win. hahahaha Strike 3 rule applies. The homeowner and the lnvesters are just obsticles in your way… mow them down! On your marks, get set … (Green Light) GO!

  28. UKG… I know that. Why do you think we need records to transfer and warranty title? Because that is what they filed against our title before releasing the 08CW LP. CW lied to … they were Not Mortgagee of record nor were they the lender on the Note or by endorsement. BOA lied and filed that Nasty Criminal Slander Against our Title in late Sept 2011….. Why? Because we demanded the 08 CW LP on record be released ? This is Exactly Why BOA is Hot Water/Its Own Liability on these Loans!

  29. @usedkarguy – I am not an asshole. I have been known to be a bit cranky at times, but never an asshole. Why would you post such harsh things about me. Your comment may have ruined my entire life. I am going to sulk now!

  30. It is really about what these evil doers believe. They have no morals. Everything they do is immoral if you have any scruples. Everything they do is illegal. They are control freaks plain & simple. Use and abuse everyone is all they do. It is all out in the open now if you care to take a look. It is the face of one evil that wears many disguises. They all worship the evil Babylonian Talmud in one way or another.

  31. The world has been put on the black hand path without their knowledge our consent. That is what is changing. The truth that is being hidden from everyone is…..If you can’t put your finger on it, it does not exist. Like MERS…there is no life on MERS……there is no life in their electronic world….Just control freaks, fraud, fiction, debt and despair.

  32. They have entered everyone into their evil MATRIX without our knowledge or consent. Forced acceptance of OBAMACARE is acceptance of the Microchipped Mark of the Beast system. It is AKA THE MEDICAL DEVICE REGISTRY….THE MEDICHIP….they will control everyone through this MATRIX…..If you go to the hospital you will see they scan the wristbands with the same device they use to scan groceries….They turned everyone & everything into a commodity without or knowledge or consent. There are really sick, evil control freak sadists behind this scam. The gang of 8 Senators are the worst of the bunch. They are hiding in both parties. They are pure evil.

  33. What is a clear title……? It is much more than a piece of paper called a SATISFACTION OF MORTGAGE……You need the Original Note & Mortgage stamped paid by the Treasury and returned to you. Even with that, your property is still in their electronic data base by PIN NUMBER…..PROPERTY TAX NUMBER….. they are using our PIN NUMBERS to commit fraud without our knowledge or consent in their make believe electronic world of evil doings.

  34. Jeff Berwick cofounder of the bitcoin ATM…says it is a decentralized algorithm currency system………BEWARE….666……

  35. The world is changing, whether we want it or not.

    Thanks, World Reserve Currency, But No Thanks: Australia And China To Enable Direct Currency Convertibility

    Tyler Durden’s picture
    Submitted by Tyler Durden on 03/31/2013 12:46 -0400

    A month ago we pointed out that as a result of Australia’s unprecedented reliance on China as a target export market, accounting for nearly 30% of all Australian exports (with the flipside being just as true, as Australia now is the fifth-biggest source of Chinese imports), the two countries may as well be joined at the hip.

    Over the weekend, Australia appears to have come to the same conclusion, with the Australian reporting that the land down under is set to say goodbye to the world’s “reserve currency” in its trade dealings with the world’s biggest marginal economic power, China, and will enable the direct convertibility of the Australian dollar into Chinese yuan, without US Dollar intermediation, in the process “slashing costs for thousands of business” and also confirming speculation that China is fully intent on, little by little, chipping away at the dollar’s reserve currency status until one day it no longer is.

    That said, this latest development in global currency relations should come as no surprise to those who have followed our series on China’s slow but certain internationalization of its currency over the past two years. To wit: “World’s Second (China) And Third Largest (Japan) Economies To Bypass Dollar, Engage In Direct Currency Trade”, “China, Russia Drop Dollar In Bilateral Trade”, “China And Iran To Bypass Dollar, Plan Oil Barter System”, “India and Japan sign new $15bn currency swap agreement”, “Iran, Russia Replace Dollar With Rial, Ruble in Trade, Fars Says”, “India Joins Asian Dollar Exclusion Zone, Will Transact With Iran In Rupees”, and “The USD Trap Is Closing: Dollar Exclusion Zone Crosses The Pacific As Brazil Signs China Currency Swap.”

  36. These imposters want a GLOBAL STORE CREDIT SYSTEM where you will own nothing…Everything is debited and credited by their GLOBAL DATA BASE….This is why they don’t want to give you clear title to your property and NO ONE has a clear title. Even if you paid your house off or never had a mortgage. The Synagogue of Satan is planning to steal it all. Read about it here…

    Synagogue of Satan…..

  37. CNBC reporting at the bottom of the hour bitcoin ATMs may be going in Cyprus. BEWARE… is worthless stateless paperless currency these sheisters want to replace the currency with. It is not legal in the U.S. or many countries. Bitcoin electronic currency will be connected to the Mark of the Beast in OBAMACARE. Electronic currency is the final endgame to completely control everyone by these sadistic evil doers.


    Bitcoins: Could virtual cash replace money?

  38. Nickle and dime saving doesn’t do you much good if your livelihood is stolen from you. Those nickels and dimes go mighty fast when you have to pay a fraudulently induced mortgage and other inflated costs of living scams devised by these crooks. Then factor in the hijacked or stolen pension plans and other investments and you have a recipe for disaster.

    These crooks have manufactured a disaster by stealing or hijacking peoples wealth, property, Liberty, Freedom and Independence. History has shown time and time again feudalism with the people always fails. Dictators and dictatorships always fall. This is why in America we are a land of laws that protects the people from that hell. Forcing millions of people into poverty and desperation is a sick game. It is like a childhood game of mercy to force acceptance of totalitarianism. Everything these imposters do is like playing a childhood game with bullies on the playground.

    Greed is a serious illness.

  39. The truth is…the original deal never happened.

    What we have here are mostly trolls who are pretending to be in foreclosure. There is no other reason for so much stupidity. We had pretender lenders and now we have pretenders in foreclosure. Never before have I seen so many frauds and phonies so desperate to make victims feel so defeated. Haven’t you crooks stolen enough..?

    You losers should all get 3 consecutive life sentences for all of the fraud and felonies you have committed.

    From Poland, no pity for Cypriots — or ourselves….

  40. louise Wells is alive and well. if the lender is gone, you are re-affirming with….who? EXACTLY!
    Guest, nothing is “endorsed to” MERS. MERS holds and collects nothng. a NOMINEE, not a beneficiary. that’s the reason they can’t sue in the name of MERS. they don’t do it anymore. originally, all the foreclosures had MERS in the caption.
    Judges are not stupid, they’re just biased.
    I stated a couple weeks ago that my neighbors finished their chapter 13, and the bank called them (HSBC) and asked for a “deed in lieu”. I told her to sit tight, force them to foreclose, and save the money. They’ll need it to move. eventually

  41. Louise,

    “Another point here is that the so-called originator entity in my loan and others is bankrupt and no longer exists.” Exactly the reason why I asked UKG that question. Happened in many, many cases. Can’t go back and undo what was done and can’t redo it either.

  42. @usedcarguy: Your statement:Think about that for a minute. If “WE” are re-affirming the original documents, then
    1) the loan is between me and the original named lender, again
    2) there is no trustee, no trust, and no valid assignment (loan is in default, remember? can’t be sold without notice)
    3) all those counterclaims for the bad origination and racketeering violations can’t be ducked under “holder in due course” by the sham securitization.
    4) if the bank withdrew the judgment of foreclosure by petitioning (unilaterally) to reopen the case, there is no judgment of foreclosure. they must re-foreclose.

    How right you are. The “original” deal never went away. I have the same situation. I believe that there is something else we are missing here. They can’t recreate the situation, because the transaction would have to be completely fraudulent AGAIN! The attorneys representing the bank would have to use fraud, forgery, misrepresentation, fraud on the court, and magic etc. to create a new transaction/note/mortgage. Another point here is that the so-called originator entity in my loan and others is bankrupt and no longer exists.

  43. Hubby and I were just Nickle and Dime savers the past 30yrs and yes most was in MBS along with the pensions. But Uncle Charlie, he also fancied the farm, not just precious metals. It was in his blood, just like it was Grandpas. Hundreds of Acres of Farmland and 10 or so acres of home grown organtic veges every year, canned and frozen.! Oh and the fruit trees and berries … My daily snack growing up, Yummy! Beef and Chicken come straight from the Amish Farms. Good Healthy Living! I have everything down pat … ceptins, I dont choke chickens. Would you believe I married a city boy 32yrs ago? Yeah… Grandpa couldnt believe it either. hahaha It took awhile for my city boy to get grandpas approval, but he did and he also earned his respect. There used to be a day, when a mans word was as good as a handshake. Buttwipes also took advantage of that to!

  44. Cyprus Steal: The West’s Premeditated Bank Robbery….

  45. Blame It on the Coffee, I can not sleep. Oh Well. Did I ever tell you the story of how my Uncle Charlie became a Millionaire? Probably Not, makes me feel uhhh poor. Anyway he made his Millions in the Gold and Silver Trades. All these years I have never fancied diamonds gold or silver. Funny how I have craved them the past few years. Dont Worry …. Its Not Addictive and Its Perfectly Legal. Moving On …. He paid more for his Motor Home than we did for our Home. That man never would let us take it on vacation by ourselves, … One Day my husband asked him how many MPG does it get on fuel. He told my husband if he had to ask that question … He couldnt afford one. hahaha … Just Like Uncle Charlie!

  46. Secrets of the Cyprus heist…

  47. UKG… if it were not for my husbands Pride of having always paid back on our debts, I would have drug him into BK a long time ago, kept both houses, had two new vehicles and Be out Already! Yeah … I really want that sports car! LOL! And Yeah… The Bankster Would Deserve It! But we need our disposable income to help pay the grandkids educational expenses …. Just Like My Grandparents Did for Me and My Children.

  48. No millionaires and billionaires should be allowed to hold public office and there should be strict limits on campaign donations from anyone. No more lobbying on Capital Hill. There needs to be term limits to two terms and they cannot run consecutively. Mayors and Governors as well. No corporate lawyers should be allowed in. No judges or justices should get lifetime terms. They should all be elected, not appointed. The politicians need to be made to sign legal contracts to their campaign promises. If they break the contract, they must resign. Background checks of all Politicians must be done and publicized. No law should be passed without our approval. The electoral college needs to be abolished. Popular vote only. Etc…

  49. Its amazing how Private Trusts and LLCs can protect assets even in bankruptcy. Right Neil? Some of us have a Business and a Family to Attend to! Little Man at Grammies today sick … slept most of the day. All I could really do in my spare time today was be Quiet. haha! And to All a Good Night!

  50. Hobby Lobby won their healthcare mandate against OBAMACARE forcing them to pay for the abortion pill… The entire bill can be declared immoral on many grounds. Hobby Lobby has it right. We need a large class action…We The People v OBAMACARE… NO FASCIST COMMUNIST HEALTHCARE IN AMERICA … LOWER THE PRICE OF PRIVATE HEALTHCARE SO EVERYONE CAN BUY THERE OWN HEALTHCARE IF THEY SO CHOOSE.

  51. If they try to force us into BK… we already decided I would buy two maybe three new vehicles and rack up 100,000 or so in secured credit. File a Joint CH 11 or 13 and all BoANANA get is disposible income as unsecured debt collector and they will get Nadda after that on my husbands income alone. At end of BK .. we have two new vehicles, maybe a sports car to …. 🙂 ….paid off and the unsecured debt collector goes byebye. I can play down low to ….. if that is where the buttwipe wants to go.

  52. If there is no trust, no trustee and NO SECURITY…and no rule of law, you, your family, your papers, effects and your property are not safe.

    Why would anyone cooperate with these Imposters and Felons….?

  53. I might not win at all…that’s o.k…..Spend all you got left fighting them … and if you lose and you are homeless & broke you can’t file b.k….

    Yeah right you sheisters…!

  54. Oh wait… I have never seen the endorsements of the Note to MERS or the money trail for consideration paid by MERS. BBBBut I have asked Several Times over the past couple of years.

  55. Other than the All in One MERS transfer of the Mortgage and Note together, has anyone ever seen the Note endorsed from the origionater bank or broker to MERS? Has anyone ever requested that MERS, as owner of the note with the right to endorse to show consideration paid for the debt? Yeah… Me Neither. What a Shock!

  56. There is more defeatist commie crapola being churned out at this blog than can be believed. If UKG is fighting fc I am tinkerbell. No U.S. Patriot would be fighting fraud and arguing with me. It makes no sense. You are all liars and you are all full of shit. This blog is like a Roman vomitorium. Poor Neil. This is the result of good and honest people speaking the truth in America. The spooks come out of the woodwork.

    I will not be deterred.

    The truth needs to be shouted from the rooftops about these Imposter Felons and all of their Securities Fraud Crimes against us must be exposed.

    We have to do what we have to do.

  57. The give away house was our former property. They pulled that BS after we reinstated with CW on this house. You could say we got a double whammy of fraud and cover up fraud on both properties at the same time. I swore I was Jinxed and my husband swore I had pissed off the Mob, because we could not figure out what two frauds on two different properties, with two different lenders had in common. I thought they were coming after me because I went after them on my daughters property. hahaha The common demonator was MERS and LPS.


    These crooks are not shitting everybody and certainly not me.

    Smart people will stop buying their crap and doing business with these sheisters.

  59. UKG… spend all you got fighting them, and if you lose and have to pay their legal fees …. file BK on them. Serves them Right! Oh and before you do … Buy yourself a New Car. We would have to buy two …. hahaha…. dammed disposable income!

  60. UKG .. Any Legal Aid Assistance there? Challange the consideration paid for the debt. A debt collector can only collect what he paid plus legal fees to collect. If they didnt pay anything for it …. THEY HAVE NO LOSS AND NO STANDING AND NO LEGAL FEES TO COLLECT. Make them prove The Money Trail All the Way back to Funding! The Plaintiff Bankster must Prove a Loss or Harm if you dont pay it. No Harm and No loss, means no lawsuit and no right to collect legal fees on zero.

  61. UKG,

    Fun but also weary, at times. Is your original lender alive or defunct?

  62. Like always UKG, what you throw at me, bounces right off me and sticks to you… &…na..sticks and stones… I know I am on a playground of schoolyard bullies who are not smarter than most fifth graders and I am not trying to insult any fifth graders. They are certainly a lot wittier as well.

    Bottom Line …. any trolls and other whatchamacallits who abandoned ship had more brains than you. They knew they couldn’t lie their way out.

    What I am left with are thugs. You said you want stop by my home and pull my Internet out of the wall ..? You would rather play dirty pool than shoot an honest game. Now that’s a lousy coward.

  63. I take that back about winning. I already won. I’ve stuck it to them for four years (that’s about 70 g’s) and another 120g’s in legal fees, and I’m far from done.
    and I don’t think that a loan modification under duress of ongoing litigation utilizing abuse of process ( especially a HAMP that was never returned) constitutes a “settlement”. If you never got your HAMP docs returned, it was never a contract.
    Let’s talk HAMP again. In your HAMP they will state that the borrower “re-affirms” the original loan documents.
    Think about that for a minute. If “WE” are re-affirming the original documents, then
    1) the loan is between me and the original named lender, again
    2) there is no trustee, no trust, and no valid assignment (loan is in default, remember? can’t be sold without notice)
    3) all those counterclaims for the bad origination and racketeering violations can’t be ducked under “holder in due course” by the sham securitization.
    4) if the bank withdrew the judgment of foreclosure by petitioning (unilaterally) to reopen the case, there is no judgment of foreclosure. they must re-foreclose.

    isn’t this fun?

  64. DURBAN, South Africa (MarketWatch) — The leaders of China, Brazil, Russia, India and South Africa pledged last week to increase cooperation to achieve the twin goals of faster growth and reforms in global governance. Collectively, the five BRICS nations account for 42% of world population, 20% of output, and nearly all of current growth in the global economy.

    It was the fifth annual summit of the BRICS nations, which comprise the fastest growing emerging markets. At China’s urging South Africa, a much smaller economy that is seen as a gateway to resource-rich Africa, was admitted to the group two years ago.

    Vladimir Putin, the Russian president and host of this year’s G-20 global economic summit in September, said the BRICS are coordinating their positions on investment, mining, and combating the drug trade. China’s new leader Xi Jinping stopped in Moscow en route to Durban and called for closer economic links between China and Russia.

    The leaders at Durban launched formal negotiations on a BRICS development bank, even though they could not agree on its voting structure and operational base. Cash-rich China will be a major player and its headquarters is likely to be in Shanghai. The BRICS bank is intended to complement the much larger World Bank and be active in infrastructure projects, particularly in Africa.

    The two biggest BRICS economies, China and Brazil, are creating a $30 billion fund that will finance bilateral trade in their own currencies. The BRICS are also setting up a $100 billion contingency reserve arrangement to provide mutual assistance in case of financial emergencies.

    Except that, by now, it’s no longer BRICS but BRIIICS. Indonesia and Iran have joined. And everyone of those countries has taken delivery of Keshe Foundation technology while imposing serious restrictions on Monsanto. Coincidence? I think not!

  65. UKG,

    And then again, you probably will. Just for the hell of it, how many people have filed appeals in WI? Not that many. There comes a point when fighting you will become a bad economic decision for the bank. Hang in there as long as you can. What have got to lose?

  66. You changed your name guest. Why is that….? Why are you always on my back…? Who do you think you are fooling…..?

    Getting “kicked off” of websites proves one thing….Our first amendment rights are limited and only a commie control freak would approve of that. That is nothing to brag about. That is a disgrace when an opinion or the truth being spoken becomes a revolutionary act.

    The liars and deceivers have free reign to spew and regurgitate commie propaganda and vomit it up all over the newspapers, Tv and Internet. The Patriots are being silenced. That is not only a disgrace, that is criminal.

    The good thing is, all traitors are being revealed. The sad thing is, there sure are a lot of them.

  67. guest, you said you gave the house away? huh? I missed that part of the story. and no, they can’t. just like a judge can’t say I don’t have STANDING to challenge the ENDORSEMENT on the note. ‘yeah, that’s what she said. We know that’s gonna stand.

  68. i might not win at all.

  69. Majic Question of the Day? If a deceased party (who was not a mortgagee of record at the time it filed LP on deed and Never had the Note assigned to it either) accept an asset 5years later and try to pass it off to a trust? It Can Not! Impossible! MERS Can Not Fix It! If you think I am bluffing ….. show me the endorsement from broker to MERS! Yeah that is What I Thought! Buttwipes!! We were trying to work with them to fix the title and they tossed us aside like yesterdays trash! Big MIstake!!

  70. the truth is that the foreclosure defense attorneys and pro-se litigants who used to converse here and share information are gone because a mouthpiece like you has destroyed the site. you’re an asshole, and the guy that started this site should post your IP address so I can stop by and rip the cable out of your house you p-o-s.
    NPV sez: “they will try the UCC route and allege the conveyance as of the cut-off date.” everything you said including this is accurate. Wells put in an assignment with the proof of claim that was never recorded and never seen until the poc. note endorsed after f/c but delivery never accomplished. there is no way Wells delivered anything to HSBC. As in Kemp.
    don’t be surprised when the judges you think “get it” and sound “sympathetic and interested” suddenly rule against you, and give the banksters their way. they’re even trying to whack me for two appeal fees to appeal the same judge ruling first and second motions for reconsideration. no winning until you get to the appellate level as I presumed.

  71. The 7 U.S. Cities on the Verge of Bankruptcy

    Washington, D.C.
    Detroit, Michigan
    Honolulu, Hawaii
    New York City, New York
    Chicago, Illinois
    Cincinnati, Ohio
    Camden, New Jersey

    Bonus list: Practically every major city in California: San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco, Los Angeles

    That’s a whole lot of people who are starting to have a lot more in common than what separates them. Approximately 27 million people all together. Ideology doesn’t have a prayer. Nor does the moron who wrote that senseless e-mail.

  72. Drugs Eat Brains while you are still alive, and they eventually render you homeless and possibly kill you. The Walking Dead are Make Believe designed to Scare You. They are Not Real!

  73. The Truth Be Told … You have been kicked off of every other site you have contaminated, INCLUDING THIS ONE ….. Ivent the Insolvent Stripper. You reincarnated yourself as Stripes The Stripper with a new email address to get back on here. Talk about Dishonesty and Wishful Thinking! You are the only person I have ever known to have so much BS spew from their mouth and still hold two hands full of Shit!

  74. Somebody wants me here and the truth to be told or I would not be here so cry me a river.

  75. This blog is about the last shred of free speech left. Damned commies.

  76. why don’t you get it? nobody wants your opinion. can you go play on the new york times or something?

  77. The Grey’s have landed and they are not what they appear to be. They are in fact, demons.

  78. Stop what UKG…? The truth or the lies ….? You need to clear that up. There is .1% who are telling the truth here. I doubt Neil wants his site going completely communist. That would be sad.

  79. You are the one trying to enforce the contracts…..? What? WHERE? Funny, I don’t see any evidence of any contracts or title companies names anywhere on those fraud complaints…. Concealing your identity and posing as a third party means you are not amenable to service of process and your whereabouts are unknown….Imposters & Felons are concealing the true facts…you are all committing Acts of Rico. Where’s the cuffs…?

  80. neil, c’mon, really? you can’t stop this?

  81. Christine, There is No Doubt About It …. There can be no political favortism. Everyone gets a Haircut! Most already got one or two and have another coming. As far as deadbeats and freeloaders go …. they do and have always existed. The Greedies just tweeked the Scale and took advantage of it like Everything Else. P.S. The Signing Dead do not really eat brains …. the steal homes.

  82. It is a BIG EVIL IDEA…rob the country blind and name yourself TOO BIG TO FAIL & then mwahaha… TOO BIG TO JAIL….then play the race card against the peasants TBTF created and blame them and the black man in the White House for their crimes.

    Buzzzzzzzzers up…TBTF FAILED BECAUSE….. You can fool some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time.

  83. No Need to pull the Sniff Sniff Routine …. I am the one trying to enforce the contract remember? Perfectly capable and willing … see my Team Mate Mr Doe? Naaaa …. they aint gonna haul me into court, I am not on the Note or Deed. I just using my hubbys firm biskets as bait, ( but we are a package deal ) ….. heehehehe….. No Takers….. What is Wrong With Us? Do we stink or something?

  84. Question: Why wouldn’t a cause of action for Intentional/Negligent Misrepresentation have traction against the Trust who was assigned the DOT/MTG and Notes years after the closing of the trust expired be a winning COA? Particularly if the Assignment was invalid?

    Situation: You receive an an acceleration letter from the servicer, naming a Trust that the proposed foreclosure action will be in the name of. You find that the assignment from MERS to the Trust occurred five years after the trust was “closed”. Not only that, MERS acted as Beneficiary/Mortgagee in the Assignment, which is very likely unlawful.

    The point is, by moving this way, the pressure is on the Trust/foreclosing entity to prove it has standing to OWN THE NOTE, which it likely does not, by way of prospectus and PSA, et al.

    Seems to me a strong hand to play and to be aggressive in doing so. Modification on your terms, not theirs.

  85. So far, the people who have kept the refrain alive about deadbeat borrowers are those who haven’t lost one hair yet. As I keep saying, the number of those people is shrinking by the day. there will come a point where everyone has lost something in the shuffle. Then (and unfortunately only then) will people have more in common than what separates them. Then and only then will they be able to work together to throw out the bunch of incompetents who lead us and decide to rebuild on more sound and solid bases. It’s coming.

    Stockton, CA CalPERS – The Next Cyprus-like Haircut?
    Posted on April 1, 2013


    If you don’t think the Wall Street corruption and securities fraud, including mortgage-backed securities, isn’t affecting everyone – think again. Stockton, California has succumbed to bankruptcy due in large part to bad securities investments.

    Look out California public employee retirees for the next Cyprus-like haircuts.

    Given the most recent rulings protecting the banks, Stockton is just one of many municipalities headed for the bottomless boat of bankruptcy. ”A federal judge ruled Monday that Stockton is eligible for bankruptcy protection, despite the objection of creditors who argued the city could come up with more money,” writes Diane Marcum of the LA Times.

    “A city of nearly 300,000 in California’s Central Valley, Stockton filed for bankruptcy last year, becoming the biggest U.S. city to declare bankruptcy,” posts Jim Christie of Reuters.

    “Bond insurers Assured Guaranty Corp, Assured Guaranty Municipal Corp and National Public Finance Guarantee Corp have been joined by Wells Fargo Bank, the Franklin California High Yield Municipal Fund and Franklin High Yield Tax-Free Income Fund in contesting Stockton’s bid for bankruptcy eligibility.

    pension scrabbleThe insurers have more than $300 million of exposure to the city’s debt and have said that Stockton’s decision to keep making payments to its largest creditor, the California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS), showed lack of good faith during the initial stages of the city’s bankruptcy plan.

    The $254 billion pension fund manages pension accounts for Stockton’s current and retired employees.

    A lawyer for the capital markets creditors during the trial’s closing arguments said Stockton officials gave the creditors a “take-it-or-leave-it” offer instead of negotiating in good faith, adding that the city’s decision to exempt CalPERS from impairment was “tainted” because city officials involved in the decision had a conflict of interest due to having retirement accounts with the pension fund.”

    “The process was hopelessly flawed,” attorney Matthew Walsh told Klein.”

    Pension-cartoonWhat neither of these articles tell you is that Stockton and CalPERS got caught up in the Wall Street Sucker Punch created by the purchase of rotten, worthless securities. As discussed by DeadlyClear in The Sucker Punch – The Elite’s Attack on Pension and Retirement Funds posted on September 16, 2011:

    Read the rest on Deadly Clear (link won’t post).

  86. RE: Because the middle intermediaries were never a part to the transaction,other than siphoning off the investor dollars (See Use of Proceeds), which never made it to any trust either, they have the indorsement from the loan funder direct to the issuing entity,…………………………. I would like to add 1) the funder was not using its own money to fund the loan. 2) indorsement form the loan funder to an inity/issuer that no longer exists is problamatic because you can not transfer an asset to a non existant or BK company. Duh! …………………. Extremley Problamatic if the Non Existant Issuer file Fraud Default and LP on title. Their Solution ?… Transfer the Note to MERS first……. hahaha…. Them Dumbasses Already Shot themselves in the Foot and Their Ship has Sank here in Illinois!

  87. The judge might yet hall your miserable lying ass in there yet. Now that would be something to see. Got title….? You could always pull an Ina Drew and squirt some crocodile tears …. I did the best job I could your honor to cover the banksters criminal asses….sniff..sniff….

    Yeah right.

  88. The title companies are who should be defending these titles. Dirty cowards have me doing their work for them for free. Goddamned freeloading felons.

  89. Excellent Post Iwantmynpv!!

  90. Any Volunteers/Strangers out there willing to Help a Strange Self Serving Stripper? If so … Please Raise Your Right Hand. ……………………………………………………………..La De Da Da Da……………………………………………………………………………………………. Nope……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….Still Dont See ! …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. I have 20/20 vision. Just thought you should know that. teehehehe

  91. The only buttwipe who needs flushing is you guest. The judge agreed with that notion. This dispute is really between the banks and the title company/U.S. Treasury. We The People are being abused by 2 completely corrupt entities who all should be in prison by now.

  92. Carie, gets it, just presumes the default was prior to origination. Where she does get it – is the notes that came about at the alleged funding – not origination never go to the alleged Trust until the Master Servicer triggers the default. That is why after the MERS blow, they are now recreating and fabricating notes – they will try the UCC route and allege the conveyance as of the cut-off date.

    Some Judges are now demanding the original note be brought to court, or they want a sworn affidavit from the Custodian or Trustee, acknowledging delivery. Because the middle intermediaries were never a part to the transaction,other than siphoning off the investor dollars (See Use of Proceeds), which never made it to any trust either, they have the indorsement from the loan funder direct to the issuing entity,despite the fact that they could not convey direct – because they no longer owned the loans went most pools went live. hell, some were even out of business and they were assigning notes.

    IndyMac and New Century were apparently indorsing notes while they were before the bankruptcy court claiming they had no assets.

    We need to take a poll. If one officer / banker was shot in the face in public by a firing squad – do you believe others would curb their greed?

    @ carie, just remember who the originators are in the conduit. We keep bypassing the closing bank by calling them originators, which they are not. No money – no internal lending guidelines, loans all held for sale until creative GAAP provided HTM benefits. These loans were originated to be securitized pursuant to the investment bankers guidelines and lending requirements.

    Carie, who did you work for? You know far more than the average schmo, and you are too smart to be an attorney.

  93. The Stripper says……………………..” BTW……I have done nothing but help myself.” Strangers helping strangers……. how touching….

  94. I have no issues with Honest People Flushing Buttwipes, But watching a Buttwipe Flushing a Buttwipe is comical …. That Poor Judge! I almost feel Sorry for Him.

  95. RE: ” BTW……I have done nothing but help myself.” ……………… One of the Most Truthful Things to come out of Your Mouth!! I can not Argue with that!! Like I said … aka …. Selfish Buttwipe!!!

  96. RE: “This blog is 99.9% commie trolls…Know them by the lies they tell ” …………….. Then Why on Gods Green Earth are You and Your Gawd still Here?

  97. BTW……I have done nothing but help myself. That is why I know the truth and I don’t believe any of you trolls who can only be compared to Marxist professors. I don’t trust any of you.

  98. This blog is 99.9% commie trolls…Know them by the lies they tell. I am anything but desperate or greedy. I demand justice and the rule of law be upheld. We are a nation of laws…not scams.

  99. I wonder why the stripper has not found any team mates yet? She is all alone in her self created solitude of Despair and Greed. Could it be her Greed holding her back? Sure It Is!

  100. The strippers are calling me a stripper..Ha

  101. re: (Securities investors are as much of a creditor/lender as a borrower is!) Yes Carie …. YES!! And by joining teams against the Banksters …. We Kick Ass! Yes We Do!

  102. Strangers helping strangers……. how touching….

  103. LMAO….NEVER…EVER…You however, might want to take your own advice..

  104. Banks don’t lend money guest….that is a fact. They don’t pay back what they borrow in our names either. They were investment whore houses that never paid for anything and now they are re-investment skanks…..

  105. I’m not Evil Stripper …. As a matter of fact, I help strangers everyday…. those who can not help themself and those who try. You fit into neither one of those cataglories. But I will give you two itsy bitsy bread crumbs thou …. GET OFF YOUR ASS AND HIRE YOUR OWN LAWYER!

  106. “…Unless the bank committed fraud, the situation is entirely your fault.”

    (oh, but they did).

    “…The bank…perpetrated a fraud upon the buyer and the “securities investors”. (NOT LENDERS, NEIL).

    The subprime (MERS) IS A SYSTEM OF NON-FUNDING…no funding needed for transfer of collection rights only…which was most of the subprime transactions.
    (Securities investors are as much of a creditor/lender as a borrower is!)

  107. Simply showing we performed on our end of their shit deals does not prove they performed on theirs. Nor does this prove where all of our money went. These were dirty deals done for free. All of our payments went in their pockets.

  108. The banks comingled depositer monies and funded the checks/loans.

  109. Guest can dish it out but she can’t take the heat….typical.

  110. September 5, 2011
    The abominable banking system that is in place today, gives a bank great incentive to foreclose on an Ultra Vires contract, as the bank demands lawful money returned for the unlawful money lent.
    By what Authority are the Banks doing this? There is no authority for doing this. This is in complete prohibition to Art 1 Para 10 Cl1 of our US Constitution.
    All of our cases with slightly different facts all stem from the same Fraud.
    The Bank did not lend you LAWFUL MONEY but the Bank intentionally wrote
    a bad check and gave it to you –to circulate as money
    I certainly did not know this kind of fraud was going on when I signed my mortgage and note. Did you?
    The Mortgagor puts up a down payment, the Mortgagor pays a lot of fees and probably paid an attorney to represent them, all in order to get this bad check
    Would a Mortgagor have put in all that money, if one knew the truth of how the Banks ran their illegal business. I bet not.
    Did anyone notify you after that big day – the Banks check bounced – of course not. When the check that the Bank wrote came back to the Bank that wrote it, the bank didnt say we only have 5% , if that much and it was not stamped insufficient funds the bank stamped it paid
    So since the Bank did not have the money sitting in the banks account when they wrote the check, what the bank gave you is their credit.
    That is exactly what is prohibited by Art. 1 Para 10 Cl 1 of the US Constitution.
    What authority gives the Bank the right to make contracts with bad checks
    Nothing- Nada.
    Lawful money is needed to make a contract valid.
    Over and Over Mortgagors gave a Bank a mortgage on their castle , in return for a Bank giving you a credit entry on their books and charging you Interest on this credit. Also illegal.
    Did the Bank give you lawful money or is that what you got, credit?
    Banks are not allowed to lend their credit- Banks are in the business to lend
    lawful money There is not a Bank charter that allows a Bank to lend their credit.
    And as we continued to make monthly payments the Bank collected more money on their fraud.
    You try writing a check when you dont have funds sitting in your account to cover it.
    You can be sure that check is coming back markedinsufficient funds You are not allowed to do it and either is a Bank.
    This scam of Ultra Vire contracts caused injury to us, the true homeowners.
    In addition the banks are laundering bad checks.
    The Banks violate Truth in Lending Laws.
    The Banks are collecting Interest on money that doesnt exist. (Lending you 5% and collecting Interest on 95% of thin air)
    And once the Bank gets their Ultra Vire contract going, they start flipping them to MERS, Securitizations , Wall Street, Title Companies etc. there is no shortage of people all wanting to get their piece of the illegal profits.

  111. You are evil guest.

  112. Sorry Stripper, I can not answer your questions. I am not a lawyer and I do not answer legal questions. I do however pay an attorney to answer all my legal questions. Nice Try Buttwipe!

  113. You are the nutjob…I am not talking about Neil or the secondary market….I am talking about the underlying transaction…THE OIGINATION FRAUDSTERS…..THE BANKSTERS…Who bought back their own Securities Frauds by investing in their own Securities Frauds…What a dingbat….

  114. Whispers to the Stripper …. what color are Neils biskets, white or tan? Hot Flash! I may be getting old … but I aint dead yet. *Grins*


  116. Did you hear that Neil? Your most loyal follower just called you a Fraud for investing in MBS… investing in your own Fraud. I think the Stripper should turn you over and Spank You! You Are A Bad Boy! *blushes*

  117. No No Stripper … You lie Again! What security invester in their right mind would buy junk? They wouldnt … they have standerds, such as those set out in the PSAs and Underwriting Agreements. They .. the Greedy Buttwipes sold us Lies … just like they sold Lies to us as Homeowners! You are One Whacked Out..Drugged Out Nut Job Stripper! Go find something to Blow On!


  119. Not sorry to be a kill joy …. The Securities Fraud Investors funded their own Securities Fraud Investments with our stolen signatures….our unauthorized signatures were used as poker chips in their casino ….IT WAS A MASSIVE SECURITIES FRAUD PONZI SCHEME…..the U.S. TAXPAYERS FUNDED THE BILLS OF CREDIT….and the whole scam. They printed all the electronic wealth they wanted from our unauthorized signatures….they partied hardy.

  120. The Investers should have been listed on the Note as it was there money that funded the origional loan. Not the brokers or banksters money!! In the twisted theme of things … instead of the investers being named as lender/creditor to the homeowner (the two parties entering a contract), …. in the name of GREED (and not under the terms of the PSAs) the investers became the banksters lender/creditor instead of the homowners lender/creditor. Talk about a Twist of Fate that can come back and Bite Ya in the Butt!!

  121. If I am related to them you know how I am, I would want proof. I would have to put my finger on those documents before I believed that one.

  122. Carie, you are wrong, the MBS investers monies were used to fund the loans. When the banks (GSE) defaulted the loans and or trusts they DID NOT PAY BACK THE FUNDS TO THE MBS INVESTERS, IT WAS MBS INVESTER MONIES USED TO FUND THE LOANS! The investers whose money was used to fund the origional loan has NOT been paid back by the banks. They pocked the ins monies and kept it going… business fraud as usual. Phoooey!!

  123. I am sure your organized spy ring tells you exactly how it’s going. The proof of their Default is at the onset as you well know. I am well aware of the problem and I see it as systemic and it starts with the gay rights activists in the Senate and the Congress. They are the top of the fraud chain….they are directing Obama. The evil masterminds with the multimillion dollar bank accounts AKA THE GANG OF 8. Those 8 rich white Republicans and Democrats are the real pimps and prostitutes….the color black is just a symbol of their black hand hiding from behind the scenes and their own hatred for humanity. They all need to be strung up.

  124. carie
    that post (anon) was golden

  125. ooooh, did I say thaaaaaat? snickers huhuhu … I meant your cousins in Goverment not WH. Yikes … that made me sound prejudice and I’m not.

  126. Hey Stripes …. Let us know how your ” I’m not in Default because they Defaulted first.. FC Defense goes. Everybody knows the its the Borrowers Default at issue here …. Not the Banks default. And if you have not heard yet …. the Banks have not defaulted. Nope! Not Once! Not yet at least. Your Moron Stupid Greedy Idiot inbreed Cousins in the WH keeps using our taxpayer money to bail them out.

  127. We are all taxpayers and investors in this scam. Everything we pay and spend is a tax. The securities fraud collections were converted into indulgences taxes for these crooks. 28 years of working abd paying property tax and these fraudulently induced debts and this is the thanks we get? Oh hell no…! Now they want to steal everything We The People busted our rearends for and become slumlord zilliionaires off of our backs….? Time to get locked and loaded…

  128. Wow. 37 comments entered already. I am sure to get lost. I wish I knew if all of Garfields writings refer primarily to loans made AFTER, say, 2000? I think my loan, made in 1994, may be inapplicable to most defense strategies. I dont know. I know my loan was securitized and it is NOT in MERS. I wish I knew if my originator was the proverbial strawman. Anyone qualified to lead me in the right direction ?

  129. Deny And Make Them Prove It! No Default….No Standing… No FC! And they dont come after you as non secured debt collector because they are not owed anything. Buttwipes defrauded you and the insurers, and the taxpayers, …… they defaulted your loan, collected all the ins proceeds, trashed your title and if you reinstated …. (no fc deed to collect taxpayer backed ins for the lender/invester). So they hide the loans on their books (tossing them from gangster to gangster) hiding them from the insurers and investers alike behind MERS, and keep collecting your payments and forwarding them to investers. i.e. Investers were not aware of the default and the insurers were not aware of the reinstatements. Bankster walks off with two pockets full of cash and uses every means possible to re-default the homeowner before they find out about the titles! Buttwipes!! Buttwipes! Buttwipes! Hell Yes!! The Homeowners were going to Scream at the Tops of their Lungs (especially if they were invester/taxpayer to) and the Gangster Banksters handled us as Homeowners Gangster Style!! Them Bad Boys tried to bully and cheat, Got To Greedy …. And Grandma Kicked their Ass!!

  130. No Harship, No Loan Mod needed. No Loan Mod, no liabily release and no title for the Bankster who is owed Nothing! Ut Oh ……

  131. There is No Hardship! And there is No Default! We have been trying to enforce the contract … Not modify it!! Buttwipes!!! Thats Why!

  132. Why would a non secured default debt collector not file a lawsuit for the unsecured debt and go for a judgement against your paycheck? Heck, if somebody owed me that kind of money, I would file a lawsuit against them … Why Have They Not Filed a Lawsuit of any kind? Drum Roll Please …………………………

  133. No Standing makes what they are doing criminal. ACTS OF RICO.. Securities Fraud and all subsequent actions are Felonies. They owe me a ton.

  134. I never Defaulted because these criminals did. Therefore there never was a contract..You guest are who is full of it… you & your cohorts can go spy on yourselves … morons.

  135. Why would a homeowner be fighting standing in court when there was no default? Remember what I said …. if there is NO Default there is No Court Case. Simple!

  136. Who are any of these people…? No one wants to disclose that but I will….they are not only Imposters & Felons to our Constitutional Republic they are FOREIGN NATIONALS & they are also the 9/11 TERRORISTS …They are an International Spy Ring trying to steal the country…that’s who they are.

  137. Stripes…. You are a Big Fat Lier Lier with your pants on fire! You are jumping around so much, the fire is spreading fast! Its Consuming You! Its about the Borrowers Default you Stupid Moron Idiot .. Gwad fearing.. Evil Acting.. BS slopping pile of manure!!

  138. Sucks for the Banksters when the homeowners attorneys fees to litigate them will be way more than the value of the property. The Cherry on Top is the Bankster will lose anyway! hahaha …. Risky! Risky! If I was in their Britches and My Tidy Whities were not so Clean ….. I would not file another lawsuit against my husband either. Just Sayin ….

  139. Any fraud to the title is covered by that Owner’s Title Policy. However, that is not the first place issue…their Default is. That dispute is between the Securities Fraudsters and the Treasury Dept…They Nationalized their crimes to hide they are all in the sack together. I don’t watch porn and I don’t aid & abet criminals. Now pay me back what you stole and your morals are your problem.



  141. See Bankster? See Bankster run…. follow the Money not the Title! No Title Damages if there is a Default. Sorry Stripper! My Best Regards to your Family, your stream of dribbling slobbery BS will cost them your Home! Not My Problem! I’m Not a Lawyer!


  143. Sheeesh… I get it already! Do You? You know ….. What in tarnations does Standing have to do with No Default?

  144. They could not be Securities Investments because the Security was never created. Investing in the fraud by the Issuer of the Defaulted credit slips …..SECURITIES FRAUD is a crime caused by their own Negligence and failure to check the Security existed. Selling investments in these frauds was simply Felonious.

    I don’t care who you say that you are, or what you believe or assume….These are the properties of We The People until proven otherwise. That can only be done ONE WAY…by the Issuer of the Original Bill of Credit, creating the Security….all subsequent transfers are fraudulent without Acceptance & Consideration paid by the Issuer. There are no trusts or trustees….? Then get the hell out of here….you have no legal authority.

    These entities foreclosing better be the TRUSTEES FROM THE TITLE COMPANIES ……AGENTS OF THE U.S. TREASURY DEPARTMENT….and not third parties hiding the Securities Fraud of the Issuer of the Original Credit Slips… they better be able to prove they created the Security or they better be prepared to pay up the harmed party for being Negligent in the taking of these Instruments.

  145. In addition from ANON:

    “…Deregulation prevented public disclosure of identity of current creditor — for which borrowers were entitled to by federal law. And, GSEs purchased the false MBS securities (were actually only collection right to default) and derived derivatives, thereby — purchasing the false securities/derivatives to their own default debt…”

  146. Whack! Cut their Legs off and there is No Standing! No Default – No Standing! We call them Weed Whackers in the Heartland!

  147. We were not looking for a free house, just an apology, the fees reversed and our attorney fees paid. Nope! Never Got Any of It! We paid our Attorney and gave the house away! Buttwipes dont get Rewarded with for bad behavior! We never asked for a free house and didnt want one. Still Dont! But come Hell or High Water… you can not negociate with a Brick Wall ! If a brick wall takes enough hits, knocking out one brick at a time …. it will eventually tumble down.

  148. meant: “falsely defaulted debt”.

  149. “…The whole idea here was to create the illusion of a transaction and then use paperwork that assumed the validity and reality of the transaction when there was no transaction.”

    Yup—just a transfer of collection rights ONLY to already falsely (by the GSE’s) defauled debt—presented as real “notes”.

    Again, Neil—securities investors are never the creditor or the lender…per TILA Fed Res Opinion…no matter how many times you say it.

  150. The recorder of deeds office did an abstract title search for me for free on both properties and what they found was a lot of criminal fraud and as a result, clear title to me.

    What is going on in these courtrooms is Intent to Deceive and Intent to do permanent harm by Concealment of the true facts….there is NO SECURITY….A HEINOUS CRIME…this is being done to benefit these Imposters and Felons who not only want to gain more Unjust enrichment…..but permanently harm me. Their ILLEGAL ACTS of entering FRAUD UPON THE COURT are in fact, Acts of Rico….They are involved in both CIVIL & FEDERAL RICO ACTS. EVERYTHING they are doing is criminal and NO SECURITY in fact means EVERYTHING they are doing and have already done is criminal on its face. Every document they recorded onto the Public Record after their Default is a FELONY…

  151. What we were taught to believe the word NATIONAL to mean is not what it means to these Imposters….NATIONAL SECURITY means the polar opposite to them…..Nationalization is open & secret Totalitarianism. They are in fact hiding the fact, they are a Global Corporate Re-Investment Bank…SECURITIES FRAUDS…..They are not State or Federal Agencies……They are Foreign Nationals who have hijacked the country. These Imposters have Nationalized our Treasury to their Felonies….That Act was an Act of War on our Constitutional Republic.

    The TRUTH IS there will be no Peace and no Security until the RULE OF LAW is restored.

  152. Gosh …. All I wanted was an apology from Citi, Never Got It! They didnt get the House either. hahahaha The House was donated to a Good Cause! 🙂 No 1099 …. Good Attorney turned Prosecuter. 🙂

  153. I kept asking over and over and over again, why a Major Bank Like Citi would do something like this, and dump the loan on Bayview, then Bayview dumps it on Kondar Capital? Worst yet . they refused to admit their mistake or fix it? Why? Why? Why? Was I Jinxed? Did God give me more Burdon that I could carry? It was the Title…. Stupid Me.. Never thought to do a Title Abstract of My Own Titles. Duh!

  154. They are in fact Concealing their own Default to the U.S. TREASURY DEPARTMENT ….SECURITIES FRAUD… There is no Legal or Monetary fix for it. That is why nothing they are doing is Legal. They are simply looting.

    It is like the aftermath of any major disaster…it is no different than the aftermath of Katrina or Sandy.

    What is different and in fact so dangerous about this storm is they are Concealing massive SECURITIES FRAUD CRIMES and that CONCEALMENT is endangering the lives of every American.

    They have completely communized their crimes against us and Concealed them under the guise of NATIONALIZATION….NATIONALIZATION IS A NICE WORD FOR OPEN & SECRET TOTALITARIANISM …


  155. After 63 years of experience in this life, there are few people I truly trust and admire. Neil Garfield is one of them. May you continue to be blessed Neil, as you are a blessing…
    Dr. James Chappell

  156. The Banks were using the loan mod scams and refis to hide the bad titles for years behind MERS. Trust Me …..! It worked for awhile, but then there became so many corrupted titles, homeowners started sueing. Think about this senario …. Homeowner markets property because realtors tell them its not worth their time or money. that they dont want involved. What? Anyway the homeowner gets offer for short sale and presents it to the Bankster, …. Bankster keep saying they didnt get it …. had to keep sending it multiple times after calling on the status of the offer. WHAM! Loan is sold and defaulted! What the Hell??? NOD for two NSF auto pays! What the Hell?? Send copy of bank statement. Not good enough! So send copy of bank statement on Bank Letterhead signed by VP. Homeowner was told she was being charged with Feolony… forging docs on Banl letterhead. What the HELL?? Time to contact Attorney!
    Dirty Rotton Low Down Buttwipes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  157. This is the second case I have seen that the bank has withdrawn foreclosure during the case. One in Idaho in the Supreme Court! Trial is on the 3rd and I believe it is for a non suit dismissal. will have to see if that is what happens. Now this on the web is thIS

  158. They used the ploy of Liberation Theology ….Church “Reform” and Government “Reform” employed by Vatican Council II in 1962…….they wanted us to believe everything was cool… they changed……BIG LIE…..this was all done to rob the place of everything….Now they are using Opus Dei theology to enforce their Securities Fraud crimes against us. They are the modern day Spanish/Roman Inquisitors…..They are wolves in sheeps clothes…..Imposters & Felons who worship the Evil Babylonian Talmud… That is the real reason why nothing they do is moral, legal or ethical under any of the Laws of this land.

    It is the neo con version of the revived Roman empire to try and install a dictatorship on U.S. SOIL. They are all Imposters & Felons and nothing they do changes that fact.

  159. Its got nothing to do with attitudes of entitlemrnent as ive heard that flung at borrowers- it is to do with reliance – not buyer beware. How on earth could any of us we “aware” and “beware” if i needed to beware then why was it not disclosed- this wAs a very sophistocated transaction in reality, hence the lawsuits the ( lovethis phrase thx jve) ” pervasive posture of innocent opacity “

  160. Please name the ahole who sent that email !

  161. That letter prob came from a ” bird dog” collecting 20% commision

  162. The law requires delivery of the documents at least 3 days before closing so the borrower can get some advice, and that is exactly what the originators and now the banks claiming rights under the note, did NOT do.

  163. The totalitarians never thought they would get caught red handed. That is why they ARE wantonly Concealing massive SECURITIES FRAUD and nothing they do makes SECURITIES FRAUD Legal.

    Not Communizing the U.S. Treasury and all of its agencies….Not fraudclosure, Not ignoring the Rule of Law, Not re-structuring, repurchasing, hypertaxing, new wars, re-socialism, OBAMACARE, hyperinflation, military intervention, martial law, no new or old manufactured terror threats like 9/11 can cure their Default.

    The fact remains unchanged since 9/11 because the fact is unchangeable….. there is NO PEACE and there is NO SECURITY because of massive SECURITIES FRAUD by these Corporate Re-Investment Banking Felons.

    They all need to be arrested…every last one.

  164. It is most unfortunate that at this late date there are still people who think the lenders and banks are actually conducting business. They are conducting fraud and are very similar to the way the old time Mafia worked. In fact, some people believe that the Mafia upgraded itself to becoming bankers, insurance agents, mortgage brokers, appraisers, etc.

  165. SLAP!… SLAP!… SLAP!

  166. SLAP! …SLAP!….SLAP! Yep! Neil Still Has It in Him! LOL .. Stupid Folk Messing with the Master! hahahaha …

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