What to Do When the “Original” Note is Proferred

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There are two issues when the other side presents original documents. First is that they say these are originals and they do not accompany it with an affidavit from someone with actual personal knowledge of the transactions or the high bar for business records exceptions to hearsay. My experience is that 50-50, the documents are original or fabricated by use of Photoshop and a laser printer or dot matrix printer. So what you need to do is to go down to the clerk’s office and see what they filed. It would not be unusual for them to file a copy saying it was the original. Second, on that same point, the original can be examined. When the signatures are heavy there should be indentations on the back. Also a notary stamp tends to bleed through the paper to the back.

The second major point is the issue of holder v owner. The owner of the debt is entitled to the ultimate relief, not the note-holder unless the other side fails to object. So along with the proffering of the “originals” they must tell the story, using competent foundation testimony, how they came into possession of the note. In discovery this is done by asking to see proof of payment and proof of loss. Which is to say that you want to see the canceled check or wire transfer receipt that paid for the “transaction” in which the possessor of the note became a holder under UCC and is entitled to a rebuttable presumption that they are the owner. If there is no transaction for value, then the note was not negotiated under the terms of the UCC.

Since they possess the note there is a hairline allowance that they may sue for the collection on a note in which they have no financial sake but there is no ability to win if the borrower denies they received the money or that the possessor of the note obtained the note for purposes of litigation and is not the creditor — i.e., the party who could properly submit a credit bid at auction by a creditor as defined by Florida statutes, nor are they able to execute a satisfaction of mortgage because even upon the receipt of the money they have no loss, and under the terms of the note itself the overpayment is due back to the borrower.

And just as importantly, they cannot modify the mortgage so any submission to them for modification is futile without them showing proof of payment, proof of loss and/or authority to speak for and represent the interests of an identified creditor.

An identified creditor is not merely a name but is a report of the name of the owner of the debt, the contact person and their contact information. Then you can contact the owner and ask for the balance and how it was computed. So the failure to identify the actual owner is interference with the borrower’s right to seek HAMP or HARP modifications — potentially a cause of action for intentional interference in the contractual relations of another (asserting that the note and mortgage incorporated existing law) or violation of statutory duties since the Dodd-Frank act includes all participants in the securitization scheme as servicers.

The key is the money trail because that is the actual transaction where money exchanged hands and it must be shown that the money trail leads from A to B to C etc. The documents would then be examined to see if they are in fact relating to the transaction or a particular leg of the chain.

If the documents don’t conform to the actual monetary transaction, then the documents are refuted as evidence of the debt or any right to enforce the debt. What we know is that in nearly all cases the documents at origination do NOT reflect the actual monetary transaction which means they (a) do not show the actual owner of the debt but rather a straw-man nominee for an undisclosed lender contrary to several provisions of the Truth in Lending Act. The same holds true for the false securitization” chain in which documents are fabricated to refer to transactions that never occurred — where there was a transfer of the debt on paper that was worthless because no transaction took place.

One last thing on this is the issue of blank endorsements. There is widespread confusion between the requirements of the UCC and the requirements of the Pooling and Servicing Agreement. It is absolutely true that a blank endorsement on a negotiable instrument is valid and that the holder possesses all rights of a holder including the presumption (rebuttable) of ownership.

But hundreds of Judges have erred in stopping their inquiry there. Because the UCC says that the agreement of the parties is paramount to any provision of the act. So if the PSA says the endorsement and assignment must be in a particular form (recordable) made out to the trust and that no blank endorsements will be accepted, then the indorsement is an offer which cannot be accepted by the asset pool or the trustee for the asset pool because it would violate an express prohibition in the PSA.

And that leads to the last point which is that a document calling itself an assignment is not irrefutable evidence of an actual transfer of the loan. If the assignee does not agree to take it, then the transaction is void.  None of the assignments I have seen have any joinder and acceptance by the trustee or anyone on behalf of the pool because nobody on the trustee level is willing to risk jail, even though Eric Holder now says he won’t prosecute those crimes. If you take the deposition of the trustee and ask for information concerning the trust account, they will get all squirrelly because there is no trust account on which the trustee is a signatory.

If you ask them whether they accepted the assignment of a defaulted loan and if so, what was the basis for them doing so they will get even more nervous. And if you ask them specifically if they accepted the assignment which you attach to the interrogatory or which you show them at deposition, they will have to say that they did not execute any document accepting that assignment, and then they will be required to agree, when you point out the PSA provisions that no such assignment or endorsement would be valid.

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  1. […] What to Do When the “Original” Note is Proferred […]

  2. The traitors and impostors to our Constitutional Republic will tell you guns kill…to that I say so does MASSIVE SECURITIES FRAUD BY THIS BANKSTER CORP…..the proof is what occurred on 9/11….

  3. Electronic currency is not constitutional or legal in the U.S….SHOW ME THE MONEY RECEIPT……..THEY CAN’T BECAUSE IT WAS ALL DONE ELECTRONICALLY & ILLEGALLY. If you can’t put your finger on it….it does not exist.

  4. Here was BOAna response to our requests, they filed a MERS assignment of the Note and Mortgage together back dated 4yrs from MERS to CW to BAC to BOAna. Then a few weeks later provided our attorney a CW LP release. …….. Well that settles it then BOA is the note owner and mortgagee on record …………. ( I will sell you some swampland in Florida if you believe that. hahaha ) …. what BOA actions did was prove that BOA was a Bigger Greedy Buttwipe than CW!!

  5. In order for my husband to Warranty Title to me ….. (because the title co of my choice excluded secondary market loans (MERS) in its sec B coverage), as they dont know who owns the loans. In order to remove it (MERS) from sec B .. exclusions of coverage he had to provide the title insurer with proof that MERS had been paid off. He had to get proof the fraud 08 fc was dismissed (court records.. not sufficent) he had to get a LP release from CW. Ok then…. lets get to it! The man needs the records to clear his title! Cough’em Up Buttwipes!! …. Only the note owner can file a Satisfaction of Mortgage!!

  6. Shelley I see your point that a Note does not grant ownership of the property as it is a separate document that a debt is owed and I think you have an excellent point that take all the focus off the Notes.

    guest if I have misunderstood what you were saying, tell me again what you meant, as I though you were trying to justify that simply because money is given by anyone that the borrowers under any conditions must pay back the monies, while not have any right under the Notes.




    Here is a link that begins with Stuart Halsan’s testimony.


    This is a video of a Washington state senate meeting in Olympia. WA, I and several others were told by Senator Goodman not to show due to the bill was going to be pulled due to it being a bad bill, they had this meeting without us, I believe on purpose. On the second video you will see the attorney for the title association admit there are no notes. He admits the problem lies in the securities pools. He admits if you expect to sell a house by reconvayence with an authentic note You will never be able sell your house. Pushing this BS bill is necessary to close and sale every home due to no, zero, nada, homes well be closed and sold without this BS SB bill 1435. A bill to enable the sale OF STOLEN HOMES. ABSOLUTE ADMISSION OF THE LENDERS DO NOT KNOW WHO OWNS THE LOANS AND ADMISSION THERE ARE NOT NOTE. NOT EVEN THE SENATORS WILL BE ABLE TO SELL THEIR HOMES EVER.

  9. I put blatant testimony by an attorney representing the title company association during a senate meeting that there are no notes and true documents to close and reconvey a sale on a house and no comment.? and testimony of a senator stating they dont know who the lender is.

  10. Louise,

    All we can do is bring it up over and over and over in court. And refuse to pay when we lose. I lost to a JDB and, with interests, I suspect it is now in the $15K vicinity. Self-employed: they can’t go after anything (although every so often, I catch some thug snooping around my house. i got in the habit of always closing my garage. Just in case.) I refuse to lose sleep over it.

  11. Charles.. you are F.O.S.!! I do not work for Ginnie Mae! And you totally missed the point of my posts. Oh Well! Not My Problem!!

  12. As to the notary issue there are going to be situation when I closed loans that I had a notary in another state verify that the husband or wife was in the other location notarize the other, who was not present the part of the closing from another state.

    So now back to guest is working for Ginnie Mae trying to say that the monies where originally from the investors (Federal Reserve) as stripe put you in your place, by saying its still laundering monies.

    Does the Federal Reserve or other investors buying MBS authorized by law to originate home mortgage loans? The answer is no. The reason when you look at the land recorder office and don’t see Ginnie Mae as the lender on the Security Instruments (mortgage, deed of trust, security deed) is because they are not a lender.

    It not my place as a borrower to verify a register banks funds at the closing table. The fact is the funding is suppose to come from the bank your taking the loan out with and the regulators regulate these bank for unsafe and unlawful pratices.

    So in the end guest wants us to accept the what he is saying is laundering so the borrower must pay the loans back, even when he is admitting that the sources were delivered from criminal activity. Ginnie Mae is caught and that the bottom line because they have no proof at all where the purchase a single loan since 1971 for the MBS Ponzi scheme they are running.

    The Fed printed trillions of dollars having since the 1970’s making 5% on that money without actually every having collateral!

  13. Thanks, Christine. That is exactly what I was talking about. The document cannot be signed in one sate and notarized in another, and I know the banks still do this. It is not legal.

  14. Louise,

    If I recall, that was the goal of part of Lynn Szymoniak’s investigation: demonstrate fraud, among other things, by the fact that paperwork was issued and allegedly signed in CA but notarized in… FL and that the notary, whose role it is to swear under oath that the person having signed had done so in his/her presence, could not have been in the alleged location short of being omnipresent.

    It’s still practiced today in all impunity by JDBs and banks.

  15. NG said:

    “Since they possess the note there is a hairline allowance that they may sue for the collection on a note in which they have no financial sake….”

    jg: a hairline allowance. okay, but not when rule 17 is invoked. I concede that art 3’s holder provisions (here meaning one in poss of a bearer note whom I believe for lack of negotiation is not in fact a holder) butts heads with rule 17, but I continue to posit that in fed
    juris, the right to enforce under art 3 is trumped by rule 17. The rpii is the one who will suffer by non-payment and imo, that’s why it isn’t true that a thief may enforce a note, at least may not seek relief in a court of federal jurisdiction. I believe that’s a myth which snowballed.

    “but there is no ability to win if the borrower denies they received the money

    or that the possessor of the note obtained the note for purposes of litigation and is not the creditor”

    I have a case, which I’m going to find and link, which I take as thee or one of thee granddaddies of this issue – assignment (here possession) for the sole purpose of litigation. I think I linked it before, but it’s been awhile. I thought this was a good post.

  16. guest I get your point that you want that exact dollar bill sourced. however the source exactly whether it came from this deposit or wherever unless we are saying that the funds were illegally obtain in the first place, which does not help the lender because it their illegally sourcing not the home owner, but does not change the fact, that these loan were placed into these pools without them being paid for.

    Now if your trying to say that the Federal Reserve was laundering money to first create the loan, and that it the Federal Reserve’s money, then it no different than a loan shark having some legit business acting as a front and now RICO applies.

    The reason the Federal Government been able to get around the issue your talking about guest is that they first in 1971 when the first Ginnie Mae MBS were sold was to talk the bank that they needed the first $100,000 to make that first loan, and once it closes we the Federal Government in cahoots with the Fed will kick you back your $100,000 by calling what your buying out of thin air a MBS, and your not out anything because we have the Fed Gov guaranty 100% of your principal.

    But really the bank already out of the transaction because they are handing over the Notes signed in blank. The reality is the Fed did not have these fund they just printed out of thin air and this was at the time the governments stop using the silver and gold as a standard and now America on some fiat standard, where the US dollar is valued at what the Fed says its worth. Some like the LIBOR system.

    So why has the banking system gotten away with this crap, because there was not a crisis that involved this many people, but the people it involved in the banking system are more diverse and like myself being black I was always questioning things.

    Because of my journey (good & bad) and the reason I ask question so much was probably for this moment in time. I was always afraid they would look in my office and see the hire a black man at the bank. But I was so surprised that 98% of white wanted to work with me when the meet me, but it was my fear of not doing the best for them that made me work harder, and today along with the rest of you are putting together the crime scene.

    I have already back in Aug 2011 put in a Whistle-Blower claim with the SEC for the securitization of all the government secured loans. So guest while not hiding I am playing this game for keeps, because we are talking about $1.1 trillion in phony MBS!

  17. Guest: No need to be snotty. The assignment on my mortgage was signed in one state (NC) and notarized with a witness G. Smith and then notarized in Texas, a different state with G. Smith, the same witness. She apparently was able to morph from one state to another. Notaries need to be in the same state the document was created in. On top of that, the signer, Robert Hardman is a VP of MERS in Texas, not NC. The top half of the document is in NC and the bottom half in Texas.

  18. Charles, I understand your funding check was issued from the bank, the question is where did the bank get the funds in the account where the check was drawn from? Who is the depositors in the bank account the check was drawn from?

  19. These banks aren’t just laundering drug money, they are also laundering Securities Fraud.

  20. Guest here the deal the fund first came from the bank I work at to close the loan as a personally hand carried that check along with my closing cost to the closing.

    Now 11 days late the loan was sold to Washington Mutual Bank and a few days later it was placed in the Ginnie Mae pool. The is placed in the pools free of the lender having a debt, and the the securities is sold and the lender who is no longer a lender but is a “issuer” draw an advance on the MBS it has just sold.

    Remember that the loan are relinquest to Ginnie free of any lender debt, but in relinquishing the blank Note without purchasing the debt of the Note is that you also wipe clear the debt of the home owner because the holder of the Note is not due monies and the Note is not any longer a Note.

    You cannot go down and record a Note that has a blank endorsement at the local court claiming your the loan holder.

    So quest what you have is a big old Ponzi scheme because the securities don’t have any underlying collecteral, and are worthless!

  21. The Federal/Reserve Bank got the funding from the U.S. TAXPAYERS and Defaulted….and that is SECURITIES FRAUD…….There is no Legal Correction for it…..That one Act, done without our knowledge or consent…..allowed the FED Corporate Bank to steal a Quadrillion Dollars from US.


    That is why the RULE OF LAW says……..Before a Security Entitlement can be Issued……….. the Issuer must have created the Security first by Acceptance & Consideration ……. that is the only way to Convert a Negotiable Instrument……UCC ARTICLE 3 ….. The check was already cashed…..at the Origination Fraud by the Issuer of the Bill of Credit…THE FEDERAL RESERVE BANKSTERS….Therefore, the notes/mortgages was no longer Convertible …..they were no longer a Negotiable Instrument and certainly not Security Instruments or Security Entitlements …. These crooks were therefore, gambling on Securities Frauds….and still are…

  23. The real scourge by this bank Corp of crooks is, they monetized everything, every aspect of every transaction without our knowledge or consent. Even my Property Deed has 2k written on its face. That means the Treasury, and their agents, the title companies, are compromised and invested in this scam. However, those 2ks are long since re-routed into other SECURITIES FRAUD OFFERINGS called REPURCHASE AGREEMENTS … I agree with Janet Tavikoli’s assessment, this is the biggest fraud in the history of the Capital Markets.

    These bankster crooks simply want a lifetime revenue flow from everything we do. It is a very deceptive form of control called investing.

  24. The party who funded the LOANS is NOT listed anywhere on the Note or Mortgage. The Note had to be paid in full before Securities could be issued (sold). Who paid off your Note so that the issuer could sell MBS? Who? Who? Who?

  25. So Charles…. follow the money. Whose money was used to fund the loans?

  26. Louise, I close out- of- state purchase loans all the time, its absalute my signature and seal are legal to be filed in other states because I witness the seller or buyers signatures here. I’m not going to argue the US Patriot Act with you … if you do not know how it affects your Notary Duties … then I sure hope you carry a Good E & O Ins policy.

  27. I agree Charles about the REPURCHASES being done without an ORIGINAL PURCHASE. They had 90 days from closing and 30 days to record the Security. This is simply Cronyism at all levels. Guest is obviously an agent of the hijacked Treasury Department. Chicago title and trust I am assuming.

    If Louise believes anything these crooks are doing is constitutional or legal she needs to take a closer look…. NO EX POST FACTO LAWS….

  28. The fear mongering is not coming from the American people. It is coming for these crooked corps and politicians. They are still coming for your guns. Religion has nothing to do with this. If it were not for religion and my realization there is a spiritual world, and a battle between good and evil all around us, I probably would have never made the right observations and connections.

    These crooks have hijacked everything, not just religion. They have hijacked the educational system as well. That is another big reason why people are not understanding this. They made religious belief look like phooey and took prayer out of the schools for a reason. This part of the plan is well implemented and well organized.

    I am no longer going to waste my time or energy defending myself or convincing anyone about anything. Do your own research and you will find out the fear mongering is coming from the Bank Corp Syndicate.

  29. @guest, the Patriot Act is federal. Are we now saying that federal law covers the notaries in all states? I think they tried to pass a law that a notary’s notarization covers all states, and Obama vetoed it. In other words, on many of these assignments, the notary is located in a different state than where the assignment is created and signed. Not okay. Not properly notarized.

  30. Guest Ginnie Mae is finish on this matter as I have a letter from Wells Fargo to answer the OCC complaint that Wells Fargo foreclosed in their name and submitted to the court from MERS the assignment of Deed of Trust.

    How as Ginnie has the problem so does Wells that neither one has proof of purchase, so you got opposing view where the other has to throw blame on the other because the law was violated when the documentation was delivered to the court.

    Wells Fargo tell in the letter that they foreclosed because Ginnie Mae was the lien holder and and they were acting on the behalf of Ginnie, and only after the foreclosure on Mar 15, 2010 did Wells purchase he loan on Mar 26, 2010. So if on Mar 15 you receive $191,683 that that the VA purchase the property, the 11 day later there this balance of $10,717 but with VA loan there is no recourse on the remaining balance so what is there to buy 11 days la

    Now the Wells Fargo account activity statement show the account as receiving the amount of $191,683 foreclosure, and $211,648 for full settlement and $25,764 = $429,095 in monies Wells Fargo received on a $202,400 loan balance that there no actual lender who could have calculated the principal balance because the monies were pass through to the investor that purchase the Mortgage Back Securities.

    Wells Fargo cannot be given a get out of jail free paws from Ginnie to illegally present documentation to the courts, so they given the answer they they though Ginnie was the lien holder when in fact this was impossible and ignorance is not excuse to break the law!

  31. Guest, read what you have provide in your link (I believe you probably work for Ginnie) but it says that the service will provide the short fall of delinquent loan until the REPURCHASE of the loan from the pool.

    In order for a REPURCHASE there must have been a PURCHASE. Ginnie want it both way and that is that the loan are placed into the Ginnie pools, gut if I don’t sell the Note then I don’t need to pay Ginnie back, because as Ginnie Mae said they don’t purchase a home mortgage loan.

    The payments are pass-through so what does a service have to with it? Yes there is an escrow account that take care of the taxes & insurance.

    Ginnie Mae demands that the Notes are signed in blank nd relinquish to them and they are in physical possession of the Note and under UCC 3, Ginnie is owner of the blank Notes but not the debt because the don’t and cannot purchase a home mortgage loan and they state this point.

    Ginnie Mae is not a home mortgage lender and are not regulated to do this business. Understand that when Ginnie is in possession of the Note document it no longer a Note because the holder of the Note is not owed a debt, and a Note without a debt is not a Note but simply a piece of paper.

    Guest have provide the same weak answer that ginnie provided, but they fail to answer the law. The service rs are saying that they foreclose for ginnie Mae and after the foreclosures they purchase the loan back in the case of Washington Mutual Bank loan that were service by Wells Fargo.

    Bottom line is put a fork in Ginnie & Wells as they are done!

  32. Louise
    there are simply fear mongers on this site who focus on the things we can do nothing about, other than ignor them and offer better info to counteract and preserve this forum, because it supports us somehow, they know this, things may not always be in total truth on here but each of us, with our cases which are different and plead differently must be discerning, very , discerning, the scare tactics are transparent to me and i refuse to give it power, so bugger off stripes,your smart you know a lot but what you are doing is counter to what we here want to achieve, and a freaking revolution is not, NOT, THE ANSWER, i want legal support and things stated with PARTICULARITY, THAT WILL HOLD WATER, IN COURT. iF info DOESNT SERVE YOU OR YOUR CASE and i do question where this info was obtained, not by first hand knowledge but from planted stuff that looks legit on the internet and news to do the same- instill fear,
    i accept theres no smoke without fire, but lets do what we can legally because that is the one and only thing we have at this point in time, until further notice, and it must not fail us.we are forced to deal with the schiasters if we take up a lawsuit, they are a step ahead but god works in mysterious ways, and ive saidd it befor and ill say it again, and you all know in your hearts, that in the end god has the last word, gods will, be done. ( and im of no ” Religion” none, i am spiritual being having a human experience as for aliens, maybe they are spirit having an ‘alien” experience lol)

  33. After I realized I had been looking at a 2011 ruling in McD v OW, I went looking to see what happened and found a diff McD case in CO.
    There, as in WA McD, the servicer claimed it was the holder of the note owned by FHLMC(!). Much later, they proferred what was purported to be the original note and were ultimately granted the green light on foreclosure based on poss of the note. Now, the servicer, who admittedly did not own the note and has no skin in the game, gets the property at the f/c sale by credit bid. The servicer then transferred the property to FHLMC. WTH? What credit does a servicer have, pray tell? So that’s the game: the banksters can claim they’re note holders with rights by mere (alleged) possession (like MERS did in Mitchell – NV,but didn’t get away with). That UCC deal is just not working – and that’s because Rule 17 is being overlooked. All these yeahoos try to claim, as did the servicer in the CO case, that they are the rpii by mere possession of a note in which they have zero interest. Bull. But my real issue here is their majorly bs credit bid. Even if a court ignores rule 17 and finds one in poss of a bearer note to be entitled to enforce it, such a finding still doesn’t lead to the right to a credit bid, which is not the same thing as enforcement at all. AND whether or not one is in poss of a bearer note is not the threshold in fed jurisdition: rule 17 says the threshold / jurisdictional bar is aggrievement / injury, NOT the right to enforce by poss of a bearer note. Further, If the svcr gets an assgt of the dot and is not the demonstrated agent of the noteowner, the note and dot are bifurcated. period. These notes just can’t be regulated by article 3 – not now, not ever. Possession of a note does not make that party the lender. Borrowers were informed the note might be sold or otherwise transferred, not enforced by any yeahoo claiming possession. We probably didn’t have to be informed, but since we were, it’s only
    reasonable for us to have believed that only a LENDER (who bought our note) would have any rights against us. Guess I’ll have to read that specific language again. yawn.
    E tolle – I noted your cite to Mi law re: prima facie-ness of sheriff’s deed – unbelieveable. really. That law has to be challenged. Maybe you will find out which of the people’s reps in your state endorsed and promoted that piece of dog doo and shame them til the cows come home.
    lay opinions – ask a lawyer or 10

  34. LMAO….if that link is blocked…just google that link or google the words…Did J.P. Morgan worship Satan?

  35. What George Carlin said is true….they want obedient workers…people just smart enough to run the machines and do the paperwork. They want cooperation and everyone working in their sick, sadistic global commune.

  36. Rothschild zionism financed IBM who organized the social expulsion of the Jews and the confiscation of their property and their extermination. Look around any bank and you will see IBM computers are everywhere…. Look around Congress and the Senate, and many of the the mayors and the Governors….are Zionists or just behind them are zionist wolves in sheep’s clothes. They have hijacked everything.

    They also hide behind corporate shields and the media and are members of many bankster organizations, namely the Council on Foreign Relations…..They are the CODIFIERS of the biggest numbers scam in history. Their scams are all in the numbers.
    They are the Synagogue of Satan. The Zionists have hijacked it all and hide behind trusted names like GE….notice all medical equipment bears the GE logo….those electronic scanners they scan everything with, including all of us are all tied to a global data base implemented by IBM and GE…all information in this database is AKA…. THE MEDICAL DEVICE REGISTRY on page 1000 of OBAMACARE. It is the microchipped Mark of the Beast they want to permanently tattoo us like they did to the German people and is already in our pets and use that to control and keep track of the extermination of every American first financially then they destroy you physically, mentally and socially.

    That medical tracking device is in the credit/debit system and is all tied together with the Social Security number and all forms of ID including the smart card, the smart grid and all store discount cards. Your number is in the wristbands they slap on you at the hospital…. Apple and Microsoft as well as Hewlitt Packard and all telecommunications are being used to track us by these high paid technocrats….Everything we do is being monitored by many devices that all tie into their medical device registry cleverly open but hidden in OBAMACARE. OBAMACARE and the implementation of the microchip will be their final act against us. They will then have accomplished their holy grail of totalitarianism by technology the International Bankster Corp will have created a globe full of electronic slaves……everyone will be man made Frankensteins.

    Notice the media never discusses the unconstitutionality or illegallity of THE MEDICAL DEVICE REGISTRY AND THE MICROCHIP IN OBAMACARE.

  37. Time We The People sent the International bankster debt cartel our bill for robbing all of us of a quadrillion dollars….

  38. The Catholic Church are the richest fat cats on the planet for being secret agents of the Synagogue of Satan…..they are who controls the World Bank for the 8 largesse bankster families…Send the Vatican and the Rothschilds, agents of Satan all of your fraudulently induced debts. They aren’t humble, they are bad seeds who have produced bad fruits….Send the Big Banks or whoever claims to own your mortgage a notice of Default….and demand for payment..

  39. Key word…pass through means commit tax evasion….

  40. Screw them all…they are repaying themselves for robbing all of us…. and impoverishing the country.

  41. People who paid these crooks on time for 25 -30 years are losing their livelihoods because of massive Securities Frauds by the International banking cartel. They are being denied healthcare to force OBAMACARE fraud and are eating out of food pantries to keep paying these crooks mortgage money …. money these crooks never lent and to keep their lights on. The Catholic charities are paying the bills for and feeding the families of the victims of the International Banksters who have hijacked everything with their crimes against humanity.

  42. Ginnie Mae Issuer must make principal and interest pass-through payments to investors for delinquent loans, as well as provide the funds to re-purchase loans to foreclose on a home or modify a loan. Ginnie Mae Issuers are responsible for any unreimbursed costs associated with either violating insurers’ servicing guidelines or for inadequate insurance coverage.

  43. Ginnie Mae Issuers are responsible for any unreimbursed costs associated with violating servicing guidelines.

  44. The International Banksters are cleaning up while pretending to help the oppressed they created. Don’t send them any money….they are denying people their basic needs while they are robbing everyone.

  45. My mortgage company told me that Ginnie Mae owns my loan. Is this true?

    Yes, but only your servicer can make servicing decisions regarding your loan.

    When the security is issued, the Issuer conveys all right, title, and interest in the loans backing the securities to Ginnie Mae so that in the event that Ginnie Mae must honor its guaranty to the investors, it will immediately have the right to the mortgage payments.

    Ginnie Mae permits the Issuer to hold legal title and service the loans on its own behalf so long as the Issuer is in good standing with Ginnie Mae. Therefore, the servicer controls all servicing decisions, including litigation involving your loan (e.g., foreclosure and bankruptcy proceedings).

    Last Updated: 2/14/2013

  46. The mortgage companies and servicers handle the day to day tasks of robbing and pillaging the American people for the International Bankster Cartel. Don’t send them a dime and crash the World Bank….they are Complete Communists. Time to issue our own currency.

  47. The strange little scalely green aliens are all of the J.P. MORGAN trolls like you louise…

  48. Just wanted to add…..JP MORGAN did not buy the government bonds….he had a verbal agreement with Grover Cleveland who took J.P. MORGANS word as “good as gold.”

  49. We will never crash the banksters by buying silver as Max the Keiser suggested….no …. stop paying the mortgages…that will crash the banksters…..

  50. The debt never existed Charles because of non performance by the Issuer of the Original Bill of Credit…..THE FED….. This was a plan by the banksters to crash the U.S. TREASURY DEPARTMENT….just like the European monarchs did via that skank J.P. MORGAN via the banksters at the Treasury Department and the banksters in CONgress particularly, Senator John Sherman & the SHERMAN SILVER PURCHASE ACT of 1890…..the Banksters caused the U.S. TREASURY to fail by competing bi metal currencies..silver & gold backed certificates… gold & silver certificates were both redeemable for gold……… the banksters held onto their gold certificates and cashed in their silver certificates for gold….they crashed the treasury in their manufactured panic of 1893 by cleaning out the gold with silver certificates and still held the gold certificates…..the Treasury was overdrawn …. then sheister J.P. MORGAN offerred to “save the country” by buying government bonds and by selling government bonds, he would deposit $60 million in gold into the treasury buy selling government bonds the banker syndicate would avoid a bank run on the treasury. 12 days later, Morgan led by a syndicate of bankers, bought back the gold from foreign investors and offered the bonds for sale at $122.25 and sold out the entire bond isssue in New York within 22 minutes. Morgan filled the Treasury with gold and stood to make millions more than he co signed for.

    As usual, the banksters had no skin in the game. If everyone stopped paying the naked mortgages, we would crash them and their whole evil scam would be over. Nothing backs their debt, just our willingness to participate in their scam. They are just looting us now. They all got paid. The U.S. TREASURY …..WE THE PEOPLE ARE NOT BEING PAID A PENNY OF WHAT THEY STOLE….REPURCHASING SECURITIES FRAUDS WITH OUR STOLEN WEALTH JUST ALLOWS THEM TO ROB & IMPOVERISH US….THE U.S. TREASURY HAS BEEN HIJACKED SINCE 1893 BY THE INTERNATIONAL BANKSTERS WHO DO NOT PAY FOR ANYTHING….THEY JUST ROB OUR WEALTH….

  51. Louise… After following the guidelines and rules set forth in the US Patriot Act … A Notary must sign/date and seal (stamp) in Illinois.

  52. * GSEs are currently under conservatorship and not on NYSE.

  53. In the Ginnie Mae program, Issuers are financially responsible for their securities, even if the underlying mortgage collateral becomes delinquent. While the GSEs are responsible for the financial losses related to the loans in their investment portfolios and MBS, the Ginnie Mae Issuer must make principal and interest pass-through payments to investors for delinquent loans, as well as provide the funds to re-purchase loans to foreclose on a home or modify a loan. Ginnie Mae Issuers are responsible for any unreimbursed costs associated with either violating insurers’ servicing guidelines or for inadequate insurance coverage. This requirement provides a strong incentive for private institutions to make better quality mortgage loans. It is important to note that Ginnie Mae does not have a financial obligation to MBS investors unless the Issuer becomes insolvent. ….. http://www.ginniemae.gov/consumer_education/Pages/ginnie_mae_and_the_gses.aspx

  54. UKG: Thanks. Sometimes I think this site has some very weird aliens on it, you know, the ones with the little horns and green scales.

  55. Yikes… •Under both programs, the Issuer must use its own resources to cover shortfalls in amounts due to security holders or to Ginnie Mae resulting from insufficient collections on the mortgage collateral.

  56. A consumer’s mortgage company handles the day-to-day tasks associated with managing their mortgage loan.

  57. I believe why agreement of Trust are not brought up because nobody understand this mess that has occurred. The Judges never had to deal with this crap as they are financial expert and as you can see the lawyer work for the borrowers where never in a position to work with securities dispute.

    Your right in these investor not being owner of and for what has happen is an accounting trick where they have acted as if they applied P&I to the borrowers loan but its impossible because the payments are not flowing through the lender because in the case of Ginnie Mae pool the lender no longer has a financial interest in the loans.

    Here what I believe that there are no actual trust with Ginnie Mae pooled loans.

  58. @Hman

    You said:

    “… I believe the trustee’s may be empowered to act on behalf of the investors but I also believe they have a fiduciary responsibility to the borrower? They can not claim to be the “owner” of the loan…”

    The Trustees (of the MBS) and the securities investors (of the MBS) are NEVER the CREDITOR… so they cannot be the owner…the “owner” is the “creditor”. The Trustees and the securities investors are NEITHER….EVER.

    And again, here is what AONONYMOUS said:

    “…The question homeowners should be asking is — who owns the security??? Although security investors are not creditors, by the Fed Res own Opinion, if courts want to claim that that securities own the loan, the party owning the security should be identified. And, securities are for pass-through of current cash flows only, not collection rights.

    This is an argument I have had with top officials at Maiden Lane, the US government vehicle for purchase of distressed assets. It is their opinion that the party with the largest tranche ownership to a trust must be identified under the law. I am not adverse to this. If it can be proven that a loan was validly transferred to a trust (which I doubt), and that the trust has received all advances for principal and interest default, then I will accept that the security tranche holder with the largest security interest must be identified as the creditor to the borrower. Of course, loans were NOT validly transferred to trusts, subprime trusts were NOT valid securities, and collection rights could NOT be validly transferred to trusts — nor could they be the “asset” from which securities and derivatives are derived.
    Nevertheless, at least we would have an entity if the largest (proportional) tranche owner is identified.

    …we have a piece of paper (supposed security) — with a faceless unidentified beneficiary creditor claiming foreclosure rights. By this, we do not have the ability to question that creditor as to anything — including a valid modification. A “heresay,” questionable “security” reference, serviced by a servicer, is all we get…”

    The TILA Federal Reserve Opinion clearly states that the trustees and the securities investors are never the creditor…yet they get away with claiming they are…I’m wondering why isn’t the Fed Res Opinion used in court? I’m guessing the judges couldn’t care less.

  59. stripe if we talking about ownership it the HUD Settlement agreement and th lender is not purchasing the house they are providing funding and the title company is only providing that the title is clear of liens. So the Not is only an agreement to payback money to a lender only who is in legal possession of the Note who originated the loan or purchase the loan. However in a Note there is no provision for a non lender to purchase the debt. If threr is no debt there is no Note. A Note cannot be a Note if there is no debt!

  60. SORRY FAST FORWARD TO BILL 1435 ON BOTH OF THE VIDEOS. This is testimony by the senator the lenders don’t know who owns the loans. Testimony from the title association representative attorney blatantly claiming there are no notes and if anyone including the senators want to ever sell their houses with authentic notes and reconveyances they will not ever be to[ without this bill.] see both Kabooming statements below in the videos.




    Here is a link that begins with Stuart Halsan’s testimony.


    This is a video of a Washington state senate meeting in Olympia. WA, I and several others were told by Senator Goodman not to show due to the bill was going to be pulled due to it being a bad bill, they had this meeting without us, I believe on purpose. On the second video you will see the attorney for the title association admit there are no notes. He admits the problem lies in the securities pools. He admits if you expect to sell a house by reconvayence with an authentic note You will never be able sell your house. Pushing this BS bill is necessary to close and sale every home due to no, zero, nada, homes well be closed and sold without this BS SB bill 1435. A bill to enable the sale OF STOLEN HOMES. ABSOLUTE ADMISSION OF THE LENDERS DO NOT KNOW WHO OWNS THE LOANS AND ADMISSION THERE ARE NOT NOTE. NOT EVEN THE SENATORS WILL BE ABLE TO SELL THEIR HOMES EVER.

  63. stripe I am not talking of the different securities instrument in Deed of Trust, Mortgage or Security Deed and talking about a Warranty Deed a builder give to a homeowner it has purchase from it. The titles don’t give ownership to the lenders, but are the document that used for the lender to seize the property.

    No matter what passed now, does not change the fact that one must have a logical way to prove they have purchase the debt. Here what it boil down to with out all the drama and that is simply bring the cancel check, wire or what ever shows the lender exchanged money for the loan.

    We are making this to difficult when it boil down to who pay what and who did not, and it over. I believe it as simple as that and the lowest hanging fruit is Ginnie Mae because are Ginnie the Note can never travel anywhere else.

  64. Google this phrase folks….these crooks are trying to block the truth by denying you knowledge…..

  65. louise, I think it was Moneywatch or yahoonews or something. foreclosure stats are increasing.

  66. Racism & Colonial Praxis as Process…..
    If the link is broken …..google those words….

  67. Next a similar lawsuit against the ABA…? Wouldn’t that be swell?

  68. Racism and Colonialism as Praxis and Process

  69. “Teach those impudent Americans a lesson. Bring them back to colonial status.” – Nathan Mayer Rothschild

  70. Shill No. 2 apparently started her shift. Different styles, both in writing and in format.

    E. ToLLe: what would be interesting is to have it broken down by bank as a servicer, as a trustee and/or as a Fannie/Freddie/Ginnie/FHA agent. Because chances are, they’re probably more likely to fo all the way when they are allegedly acting for something else.

  71. These imposters are in fact nihilists…..

  72. Unclean hands include acts of falsification and concealment of crucial evidence and key witnesses.

  73. http://www.occ.treas.gov/topics/consumer-protection/foreclosure-prevention/correcting-foreclosure-practices.html

    Correcting Foreclosure Practices

    Updated March 22, 2013

    Independent Foreclosure Review

    Excerpts from the topic include:

    On March 18, 2013, more than 4.2 million people were sent postcard notices about payments they will receive as a result of an agreement between federal banking regulators and 13 mortgage servicers

    These 4.2 million people include eligible borrowers whose mortgages were serviced by Aurora, Bank of America, Citibank, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, JPMorgan Chase, MetLife Bank, Morgan Stanley, PNC, Sovereign, SunTrust, U.S. Bank, and Wells Fargo.

    For borrowers with mortgage loans with the following servicers: EverBank/EverHome Mortgage Company, Financial Freedom (OneWest), GMAC Mortgage, and IndyMac Mortgage Services (OneWest), the Independent Foreclosure Review process continues.

    A payment agent will be appointed to administer payments to borrowers on behalf of the servicers. Borrowers will not be required to execute a waiver of any legal claims they may have against their servicer as a condition for receiving payment. In addition, the servicers’ internal complaint process will remain available to borrowers.

    Trespass Unwanted, Creator, Corporeal, Life, Whole Blood, Free and Independent State, In Being, People, In Jure Proprio, Jure Divino.


  75. Charles….the property deeds were given to us to hold as the Security that the contracts were being honored…..in discovery…we have discovered…..the contracts were not being honored. The property deeds were insured and our title was protected by those owners insurance policies issued along with those property deeds by the U.S. TREASURY DEPT via their title company agents & agencies.


    Under the clean hands doctrine, a person who has acted wrongly, either morally or legally – that is, who has ‘unclean hands’ – will not be helped by a court when complaining about the actions of someone else.”

  77. These banksters have done a masterful job of turning everybody against everybody. That’s all they’ve done. They are Ghetto pimps.

  78. There are no lawsuits…..these are Securities Frauds…..that is all they are. Anyone who tries to make you believe this was any less than a set up to commit robbery by the banksters is a liar.

  79. The international bankster corp will tell you…..it is a Muslim caliphate….it is a war on terror….jihad….deadbeat borrowers……it is Satan…it is the investors….it is China ….it is Russia….it is the pope….its the mafia….the Kgb…the Fbi….the Cia…..the States….the NSA….HOMELAND SECURITY….IT IS THE CORPS…..YOUR DOCTOR…YOUR DENTIST….YOUR NEIGHBOR……YOUR ROTTEN KIDS….YOU FAILED…..YOU SCREWED UP…YOUR WIFE DID THIS…YOUR HUSBAND DID THAT …….the courts are allowing this….. it is the judges….it is the attorney’s ….it’s bin laden….it’s al quaeda….its the politicians…Its DOMA….it is the structuring of deals…..it is the cops….it is the treasury/title companies…….it is Iran….its all your fault …..it is north Korea…it is Wall Street…..it is the Governments….it is the drugs…the muslim brotherhood….the synagogue of satan….it is religion…..it is GOD…..

    What it really is……… the BLAME GAME to deflect from who the real imposters and traitors are…..the INTERNATIONAL BANK CORP………..a debt cartel of control freaks criminal sheisters and fraudsters…LIE & DECEIVE IS ALL THEY DO…….

  80. typos big time sorry

  81. John gault
    Ill send it and anyone else. ( ck with your council as to relevance to ypur nexs my case is different and im not an attorney but i verified my law and procedure. It may you see somrthing that you dont now, and get a persoective that you dont have now. Thank you

  82. The home and property owners are the lenders Charles……and WE are the _only_harmed party….

  83. @E. Tolle: Where did you get your figures for banks and who has the most foreclosures in the pipeline? Very interesting.

  84. striper as much as I would like to blame all the mess on the lenders, homeowners want the large amounts also.

    Now the numbers on the in process foreclosures is great reporting and shows the last year 90 day delinquent households and it only March and the BS foreclosure payout have not been paid out yet. Once this scam has been done lenders are free to ramp up the foreclosures again!

  85. The foreign mafia is here…..well no shit e trolle …

  86. All spies are being revealed…..

  87. Banks Foreclosing on the Most Homes

    10. SunTrust Banks Inc.
    > Loans in foreclosure: 6,001
    – Avg. property value: $207,157
    – Pct. seriously underwater: 64%

    9. PNC Financial Group
    – Loans in foreclosure: 8,545
    – Avg. property value: $185,306
    – Pct. seriously underwater: 55%

    8. HSBC Holdings
    – Loans in foreclosure: 16,317
    – Avg. property value: $233,670
    – Pct. seriously underwater: 60%

    7. Citigroup
    – Loans in foreclosure: 27,697
    – Avg. property value: $202,390
    – Pct. seriously underwater: 54%

    6. Bank of New York Mellon
    – Loans in foreclosure: 31,821
    – Avg. property value: $236,703
    – Pct. seriously underwater: 67%

    5. Deutsche Bank
    – Loans in foreclosure: 33,608
    – Avg. property value: $228,446
    – Pct. seriously underwater: 63%

    4. U.S. Bancorp
    – Loans in foreclosure: 44,881
    – Avg. property value: $206,754
    – Pct. seriously underwater: 62%

    3. JPMorgan Chase
    – Loans in foreclosure: 54,325
    – Avg. property value: $208,183
    – Pct. seriously underwater: 54%

    2. Wells Fargo
    – Loans in foreclosure: 84,903
    – Avg. property value: $205,550
    – Pct. seriously underwater: 56%

    1. Bank of America
    – Loans in foreclosure: 96,319
    – Avg. property value: $203,956
    – Pct. seriously underwater: 61%

  88. CNN reporting……spy car lands on roof in California….

  89. All gogs and magogs are now completely out of control and have become big fat whores of Babylon in Rome and are being revealed as promised.

  90. All of the hogs ….gogs & magogs are on there way to the slaughter as a result of their being hogs….gogs & magogs….is that nice enough for you….?

  91. They all belong to the same species. We breed them in Ivy league schools. And then we feed them and pay them very, very well to screw us. If this country didn’t invent masochism, it sure a hell refined it into an art form.

  92. usedkarguy……you know how the saying goes….pigs get fat…..hogs get slaughtered.

  93. The inflated appraisals were done to sucked the equity and the value out. Nothing more. They were all in fact below subprime pigs and crap used to rob and destroy the value of everything we worked our asses off for. Those values are never coming back because they were fraudulently created by derivatives fraud.

  94. stripper, you’re a sad, strange little person. please go away.
    most of these are A-B conversations, so please C you’re way out.
    is that nice enough?

  95. No one benefits from paying to play in this scam. This is simply secret and open extortion and robbery. The bankster ponzi scheme failed in 2008…..

  96. Warranty Deed where given to the homeowner and the source of monies if not properly liened are at best unsecured debt. I do have to disagree that the property were worth what they were at the time the boom was going on because the market was paying the full sticker and above.

    Now there were the cases inflated appraisals but that was to obtain the right LTV. But the biggest cause of damage was 80/20 type loan whee the MIP was eliminated. Now taxes have not drop to the levels they should be at so homeowners are paying too much in taxes.

  97. It is a bankster scam called Default….then they call these frauds derivatives, pump, dump and hide. Then they come back as a third party to steal the remanants of their crime scene.

    Any fixes for fraud like loan mods, refis, deed in lieu, cash for keys, the AG SETTLEMENT, FRAUDCLOSURES are a band aid on a gaping gunshot wound.

    These crooks need to pay pack what they stole….every payment ..3x the value of the notes and the hijacked properties is justice. Anything else is criminal fraud and robbery.

  98. These are SECURITIES FRAUDS….and nothing more. They have no value, they were, and are still being used as financial weapons of mass destruction to steal everything from the people.

  99. Underwater is another catch phrase of these sheisters…. The properties were never worth the bubble price. It was all manufactured fraud & fiction to equity strip the property values. The crooks are so arrogant the States are still saying the properties are worth the fabricated price and taxing people at the bubble prices even though the properties are worthless. Vulture capitalism is what this is. Everything is worth only what the vultures will pay. These are the perils of a society manufactured by criminals who are control freaks.

  100. let look at it another way and that is that the actual problem in these case are because the Notes are not recorded, and if you don’t have a DOT or Mortgage or Security Deed that means that a Note at the local recording office needs to be recorded. So when these blank Notes are passed around they cannot be done so because a blank entity has no rights. This is the problem right now that Ginnie Mae has as they got nothing that proves they own these Notes because these did not purchase them.

    So let forget the Security Instruments and let bring the Notes to the Judge and prove who you because to own the debt!

  101. Blahblahblah. Moron.

  102. With a nasty mouth like that christine … you deserve to live in their trailer park in hell.

  103. Fuck off imbecile.

  104. We only elect them by believing their lies. The truth is they are all liars and they are all full of shit. When you know the truth, this is all about consumerism and co depentency on them it is time to stop cooperating with totalitarianism and believing everything you are told. It’s all a big fat lying game to create totalitarianism by control freaks in their secret world of Gold Oil and Drugs….that is how they control, by misrepresentation, they are committing crimes and trying to force everyone to believe electronic wealth is something of value. Electronic wealth has no value. It is a store credit and WE THE PEOPLE are the owners of this store….time to throw the bank Corp of renters out…..they violated the terms of their own agreement because they are crooks.

  105. They want a globe of renter slaves. That is why they want the American people out of the picture and reduced to a poverty stricken, welfare nation. They don’t want us producing, just consuming. That is how they want to force totalitarianism. If you don’t produce and all you do is consume everything they sell that causes co dependency. I’m not buying anything they are selling.

  106. E. ToLLe,

    You elect elect them and you pay their salaries. Anything you stop feeding will die. or go away if money isn’t good anymore.

  107. To Recend (recission) … to reverse and put all parties back where they were before the transaction. That would put the hurts to the Marshmellow in the Middle … who precipited the entire scam…..! Everybody returned to where they were before the transaction. The investers get thier money back, the homeowners get their monies back. The Marshmellow Melts!

  108. A great interview on Alternet that will make you want to storm D.C. and Wall Street, if you haven’t arrived at that point by now on your own.

    What big business — and that’s those 2,600 companies which own 80 percent of the business assets in America – what those 2,600 companies have figured out, and their leaders have figured out, because people running these firms are very smart people, is that it is easier to mine Congress and the state legislatures for gold than to go out and earn it in the marketplace. Sometimes all you need is to get one word put in to a regulation.

    For the lobbyists, they take a very long-term view of this. They get a little change made this year and they say, “It’s no big thing!” A couple of years later, they get another one, and another one, and another one. After 40 years of doing this, you’ve had a very successful career. You’re very wealthy. You can retire. You’ve also managed to totally screw your fellow Americans.

    How this relates to foreclosure is easily seen by anyone who’s studied their state’s statutes and the repealing of same. John Gault speaking of how Washington state is taking the attitude that assignments aren’t necessary is an example of how our legislators pass anything they’re paid to pass, if in fact that is a law there. There are plenty of examples that I do know are laws that were passed that strip one of basic legal rights that should be a sacred as whatever religion one holds dear.

    Such as:

    Every sheriff’s certificate of sale . . . shall be prima facie evidence that all the requirements of law . . . have been complied with, and prima facie evidence of title in fee thereunder in the purchaser at such sale, the purchaser’s heirs or assigns, after the time for redemption therefrom has expired.

    So if in fact that banksters can hurry and pull off an illegal land grab, stealing the property (or buying it themselves with a false credit bid) before the buyer gets her act together, it’s all ordained, thanks to some highly paid lobbyists that paid off their bankster friends in multiples.

    Whence come the pitchforks and the guillotines?

    Read the complete Alternet piece here….

  109. Don’t let anyone put your mind in a cage….Pandora’s box is now wide open……read up people…. absorb everything you can about this clever enemy….who is clever but not infallible…..

  110. This international bank corp certainly wants everyone to believe they own everyone and they own everything. If you look a bit deeper, they are really just clever cons and criminals who steal. Conning and railroading people out of their personal freedoms and possessions is not ownership, it is in fact criminal.

    People are finally waking up and taking Georges advice and thinking outside of the cage and finding out we have all been fed a lot of lies about the true nature of the beast.

    Their business model of secrets, lies, deception and fraud in order to use, abuse & steal and gain fraudulent control of everyones mind is all they do.

    They indeed have done what they promised. They have sent in the nihilists, their mafia thugs to finish us off.

    They have over the past few decades, stolen the quality of education to severely weaken the minds of the people. They have manufactured poverty and have promoted drug and alcohol addiction. They have millions believing freedom & independence is getting a job working for them. They have lulled and seduced the minds of seemingly well educated people and have turned them into their soldiers. They are compensated for how much they can steal from us, for them, not for their individual brilliance. Even those people are now slowly and strategically being thrown under the bus.

    These control freaks have seized the free markets by monopolizing everything with the wealth they have stolen from us through their perps. The high paid in the world of high finance and their attorney’s are now their clean up crew.

    The attorney’s who could help have been rendered useless by this crime.

    They screwed even the judges and the cops. No one has escaped their crime spree. They have used their financial weapons of mass destruction to compromise people and turn even the moral into their agents. They have created and staged a secret and open war on every american with their lying games.

    They have used their secret and open crimes against everyone to terrorize everyone. The entire nation has been turned into a crime scene and a game called the Law of the Jungle and the survival of the fittest.

    This is of course all being done for their mutual entertainment and to fulfill their own sadistic control freak pleasures.

    They all thought they were too slick to ever get caught. They underestimated their enemy who is all of us and our will to be free and independent.

    They believed by robbing, drugging, and dumbing us down they would force acceptance of totalitarianism.

    What they are now finding out is being robbed and forced into poverty and having no access to attorney’s has caused people to educate themselves about who they are, their evil plans for mankind and all of their evil works.

    We come to find out the truth is, this is an evil plan for totalitarianism and they are using technology to achieve their holy grail. They don’t own anything and are in fact, the microchipped mark of the beast.

    Electronic wealth, transfers are false control are a lot of fakery…fraud and fiction.

    The truth is being revealed…If you can’t put your finger on it, it does not exist.

  111. DWynn – was it you who invited people to read your case? I would read it, but I don’t want to pay to do so. You could put your docs at scribd and link them or email them…..? Had your email, I think, but lost it.
    Someone here ref’d the MCDonald v OneWest case which I found and read. Good and bad. One step forward and 10 steps back in WA. The WA court said that a “formal assgt” of the dot might not be necessary, which I find conflicts with WA law (in C 61 or 62 I think it was).
    Since WA has nixed MERS as a beneficiary, they will or may now do away with assignments of the dot to save the banksters the trouble of executing and providing the chain of assignments from any real players, looks to me. If a court and this country is going to treat a note and dot as one instrument, then they need to apply the appropriate law to that one instrument. whatever the h that is, but they can’t simply ignore the treatment in bench law. The court referred to the sub trustee as the agent of the lender, which makes me see red as usual. If the dot trustee is the agent of the lender, non-j foreclosure has turned into a because I said so since the act of an agent is the act of its principal. In other words, the third party interjected into deeds of trust is no more than a collection agent for the alleged lender. Why bother, except the system using dot “trustees” is the m.o in place: The collection has merely been out-sourced (though I see some banksters actually own the “trust” companies). There’s not a shred of what was intended by the legislature when non-j was enacted. Not a shred.
    The AZ court in what was that case -Hogan?- was quick to point out that non-j was implemented to save lenders the time and expense of jud f/c, which is true, but overlooked the fact that the privilege* of non-j foreclosure requires strict compliance.
    In the McD case, the sub-trustee was appointed by a party who neither had poss of the note nor an assgt. I’d llke to see them added to the suit and asked to justify their NOD on behalf of a principal with no interest. “Trustee”? Hardly. The law is being eroded and this time while we’re awake. The only good news is that the court is not impressed with OW’s alleg that it is the noteholder by virtue of being the servicer for some trust despite not having poss of the note. The court essentiaIly said that (bs) reasoning would find multiple claimants and or a free for all as to the note. I hope the homeowner fights hard and long , whatever it takes, because if OW prevails without sanctions or is otherwise not found liable for bad behavior, it’s going to be a very dark day.
    *as to privilege, where else could a contractual breach be handled out of court with one party being the loser by design? What’s going on now is total mockery of the legislative intent: there is NO one verifying a damn thing. Because banksters have abused the privilege so heinously, I think we should demand that the privilege be repealed, and in the meantime, we need to get back to the strict compliance. Imo that could start by holding the “trustee’s” feet to the fire as to what evidence they were given of the default and the interest. Seriously. And when the privilege goes, it needs to take MERS with it.
    Courts and legislators (only maybe as to today’s legislators) want to see equity done. We get that. But courts have to remember or be reminded it’s only available to those with clean hands, not those who systemically planned to mess over others, implemeted lousy business plans with the biggest malfeasance ever witnessed, and have brought the globe to its knees. Investors need to get real and go after the proceeds from credit default swaps. I don’t believe they can’t. WE are not the enemy. The banksters are and someone in their own camp. I also believe it’s beyond a court’s discretion to force one party to a contract to make payments in escrow or otherwise during the pendancy of litigation as a condition of an injunction or for any reason. In the Nosek case, everybody on the bankster side and his brother were sanctioned big bucks, and the appeal court shot it down to a pittance: one party, the homeowner, has everything to lose, but the other party, the bankster, has nothing to lose? The homeowner has to pay as if there is validity to someone’s claim and then if he’s lucky and or knows the law inside and out, he’ll get some recompense? That’s a load and a half. We are not supposed to have to pay to play other than litigation expense which should be reimbursed when the bankster is shown to be full of it. I mean, if one makes a respa claim, for example, the court doesn’t compel the bankster to escrow the demand, right?
    Well, heck, maybe we should make respa claims while we’re at it and tell the courts we want the demand amt escrowed.

  112. Charles Reed,

    Master servicer is Maher Soliman. Self-serving peddler. Part of the problem. Never been part of the solution. In fact, for years, people here have been asking him to point us toward one case, one single, lousy case that was won thanks to his “expert” testimony.

    Don’t know that there exists even one… But he comes back. regularly. Just in case some newbie never heard of him and would be gullible enough to fork up whatever Soliman’s asking price is.

  113. Debate Welcome MS! You know Neil is not going to debate you .

  114. UKG,

    Tx. I missed that one even though I check OH court of appeals decisions every day.

  115. RE: MS…. MBS investors in the securities receive payments of interest and principal from the debtor in possession?…… YES!

  116. I bet masterservicer work for Ginnie Mae as a lawyer trying to stop the momentum of the challenge to the securitization of these loans talking about its not a securities issue, but when the securities are worthless does this not effect the securites as they don’t actually have and underlying collateral, and fraud is needed to pay off the investors who purchase the MBS?

  117. RE: MS… MBS issued for sale to investors are contingent to the underlying mortgage loans satisfaction – paid off by the borrowers……. YES!

  118. RE: MS ….. Mortgage backed securities are created when mortgage loans are packaged, or “pooled,” by issuers or service rs PTD (delivery) ……. YES!

  119. RE: MS …. A mortgage backed security is formed solely to finance a borrower’s purchase of a home or other real estate …… NO!

  120. RE: MS… A mortgage backed security represents an ownership interest in mortgage loans made by financial institutions …. Answer is No.. MBS represent a small ownership in the pool . (not the loans themselves individually)

  121. here’s another Ohio case:

    Court must dismiss foreclosure complaint due to lack of ownership
    Legal News Reporter
    Published: March 22, 2013

    An Ashtabula County court erred by granting summary judgment in a foreclosure case to a financial institution that had no ownership interest in the mortgage at the time, the 11th District Court of Appeals recently ruled.

    Self Help Ventures Fund sued Lois J. Jones of Conneaut in May 2010 after she defaulted on a $61,100 residential home loan from Sky Bank.

    According to case summary, Jones bought the home in 2007 before Sky Bank merged into Huntington National Bank.

    Self Help claimed it was the holder of the promissory note Jones defaulted on.

    But although Self Help attached copies of the note and mortgage to the complaint, both showed Sky Bank — not Self Help — was the creditor.

    About two months later, Huntington assigned the note and mortgage to Self Help. Self Help then filed a motion for summary judgment against Jones with the new documentation.

    The appellant argued Self Help lacked standing but did not dispute defaulting on the note.

    In March 2012, the trial court entered summary judgment and a decree in foreclosure against Jones. However, the trial court granted Jones’ stay of the sheriff’s sale pending appeal.

    In her appeal, Jones alleged Self Help did not hold the note when it filed the complaint, and therefore lacked standing.

    Self Help argued although it did not hold the mortgage when it filed the complaint, it acquired standing when it became the holder after the complaint was filed.

    In a 2-1 decision, the 11th District panel reversed the court’s summary judgment and ordered the trial court to dismiss the complaint without prejudice.

    The appellate court cited an identical issue before the Ohio Supreme Court in Schwartzwald, supra, in Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. v. Rufo. In that case, the Supreme Court held that standing is determined at the time of the complaint.

    “Further, the Court held that a mortgage holder cannot rely on events occurring after the complaint is filed to establish standing,” 11th District Judge Cynthia Westcott Rice stated. “Thus, the plaintiff cannot rely on Civ.R. 17(A) to cure its lack of standing by obtaining an interest in the subject of the litigation after the action is filed and substituting itself as the real party of interest.

    “Finally, the Court held that when the evidence demonstrates the mortgage lender lacked standing when the foreclosure action was filed, the action must be dismissed without prejudice.”

    11th District Judge Timothy P. Cannon concurred.

    Fellow appellate Judge Diane V. Grendell dissented, calling the dismissal of Self Help’s complaint unwarranted.

    “The better course for dealing with scenarios in which the plaintiff becomes a holder of the note and mortgage after the filing of the complaint was that followed by the Ohio Supreme Court in State ex rel. Jones v. Suster,” Grendell stated.

    “In that case, the court stated the following: `Although a court may have subject matter jurisdiction over an action, if a claim is asserted by one who is not the real party in interest then the party lacks standing to prosecute the action. The lack of standing may be cured by substituting the proper party so that a court otherwise having subject matter jurisdiction may proceed to adjudicate the matter.’ ”

    The case, cited Self Help Ventures Fund v. Lois J. Jones, No. 2012-A-0014, was posted March 11.

  122. People are waking up. Doesn’t matter whether it flies or not. What amtters is that people are waking up.


    White House Petition: Make Lawmakers Wear Logos Of Financial Backers On Clothing, Like In NASCAR

    The Huffington Post | By Nick Wing Posted: 03/20/2013 9:36 am EDT | Updated: 03/21/2013 1:10 pm EDT

    From the depths of the White House’s “We the People” petition website comes this cause created on Tuesday, hoping to force congressional lawmakers to prominently display their financial backers and monetary support from various lobbies.

    Since most politicians’ campaigns are largely funded by wealthy companies and individuals, it would give voters a better sense of who the candidate they are voting for is actually representing if the company’s logo, or individual’s name, was prominently displayed upon the candidate’s clothing at all public appearances and campaign events. Once elected, the candidate would be required to continue to wear those “sponsor’s” [sic] names during all official duties and visits to constituents. The size of a logo or name would vary with the size of a donation. For example, a $1 million dollar contribution would warrant a patch of about 4″ by 8″ on the chest, while a free meal from a lobbyist would be represented by a quarter-sized button. Individual donations under $1000 are exempt.

    While such a change in the rules would not actually lie within the executive branch’s purview — and would likely break House and Senate dress code — the petition is indicative of what has become the site’s de facto function, to serve as a clearing house for a wide variety of proposals of both the novel and novelty variety.

  123. Citizens give up freedom in exchange for protection.
    Citizens are under the control of government where govern means to control – look up etymology definition.
    Citizens pledge allegiance to inanimate objects like a flag instead of a man or a government. Since they don’t know what they do, they have to have someone act as a parent to their infant behavior.
    Citizens teach their offspring to do the same things they do to be accepted.
    No matter what a group of elites do to make a citizen not want to be a citizen so they can step out on their own and govern their own life, the Citizen will remain a citizen and keep electing the people who control them and complain that they have no power and there is nothing they can do.
    Citizens are proof that the herd mentality works when people are part of the herd.
    Entertain a citizen enough and they will daydream their selves out of knowing how to grow up. Take their homes from under them and they will open their eyes to the world and wonder what has happened to it.

    They did not care what happened to others until something happened to them.

    I saw this coming over a year before it happened. When it got to me, I wanted to save the world by what I know. My knowledge was not enough to ‘stop’ what happened to me, and I couldn’t do what I did ‘until’ I was robbed. Before that it was all threat. I did not negotiate with Terrorists. Bush taught that lesson, don’t negotiate with terrorists. Nancy Reagan taught us ‘just say No’. So I said ‘No’ when they were robbing me. I turned off the t.v. (don’t even get the electronic waves of the unit affecting my brain by it being plugged in and not in use.)

    The remedy is here, occurring now.
    No doctor owns my body. I went to a referral and was offered a piece of paper that stated they could make decisions in regards to my health, and I wrote on it after discussing it with me. They had on it that parts removed from me can be used for research and education and I wrote on it, it must be destroyed. The doctor’s office refused to see me, stating it was a legal document and could not be altered.
    The work around to this situation was that I come in with my own provisions that stated those things and on their document when I signed, I could write, valid ONLY without attached withdrawal of consent specific provisions. The office could still refuse to see me and that would be discrimination and I can pursue that another way, or leave them alone and find someone who will treat me, mind, body, and soul the way I want to be treated.
    To give someone blind permission with your body parts can have them researching ways to kill you or clone you or make a vaccine specific to you or any number of things.

    Anyone claiming we are owned is lying. Paper is owned. We are not paper. When slaves were born, their births were entered into a slave owner’s bible. That bible did not own that slave, no more than the man who beat them into calling him master, owned them.

    The Creator owns what it created. If you contract a right away, you created that. You own what you did through lack of knowledge or ignorance too. This system will stay in place for those who do not stand on their own feet, and you can say No without picking up a gun and killing someone because you disagree with them.

    If you think problems are solved through violence, the system is setting up rules to move you from those who do not want to live in violence or fear of violence any more.

    layman’s definition of allegiance is this:
    [ ə ljənss ]

    loyalty to ruler or state: a subject’s or citizen’s loyalty to a ruler or state, or the duty of obedience and loyalty owed by a subject or citizen
    devoted support: loyalty to or support for a person, cause, or group

    People get mad when someone learns something ‘different’ and does something different by not standing and placing their hand on their heart to pledge loyalty ‘to the flag’ “”of the””” ………

    Stop creating what you don’t want to experience. Stop trying to control the actions of others according to your ‘will’. You control your wants and will and let them control their wants and will and as long as the two wants and wills don’t ‘trespass’ there is no harm from a Universal perspective.

    Live and Love and the rest will fall into place, including our heaven on earth.
    We were pre-programmed to react to certain stimuli a certain way.

    We come to these sites and they say, file bankruptcy and people do it and when they are unemployed and trying to find a way to live, they don’t know if their actions created the problems they see.

    People got to court to save their home and present the truth and are robbed. The first court case is under duress and under coercion, someone is talking about taking your shelter! If you appeal, then you create the contract as if two parties are having a disagreement over a ‘valid’ contract. Now you bring to the table your info and hope they bring to the table their info and if you lose then, that decision is final unless the appeals court messed up on some procedure (has nothing to do with evidence, had to do with how they played the game).
    Haste makes waste.
    Slow and steady wins the race.
    The same thief offers to review what they’ve done to you and people fill out more paperwork, hoping to get a remedy from the thief.
    Does it surprise anyone when the fox asks the hen what harm was done when it entered the henhouse and fed off the hen’s offspring?
    Was it any surprise when the review turned up a lot of no issues found? It’s like the fox saying, I ate baby chicks, but how can I know I ate your chick? What mark was on it to prove it was your chick? How do you know “I” was the one who ate it that day?

    People who were told a bank was going to foreclose on them; and they walked away from their home before the foreclosure; and have found out they still own the home because the bank didn’t foreclose after all. Still owing taxes, still owing HOA dues. Still responsible for upkeep when vandals go in and strip it of appliances and break the windows and destroy the plumbing.
    WE are People, claiming our rights and freedoms and there is a responsibility for what WE choose to do in the way we go. We can’t keep pointing fingers at others for what is happening when we are selecting them to do the things they do.

    I dropped out of the system a long time ago. I asked the voter registrars office how do I get out, not just let it expire, but get out of that system all together. She told me and the change was instant. I changed a lot of what I do and as a result there are freedoms I experience that others do not, because they did not change what they do.
    I don’t teach because it’s a trespass to tell someone who is still ‘in’ what to do when they are ‘out’. People have to make the first step, and I’m not talking UCC filings or expatriation in front of no consulate. Getting out is as easy as Dorothy clicking her heels and making it known where she wanted to be (parable speaking) Glenda, the good witch, told her she could always go back home. (She just needed to know how). The citizens of Oz continued to live under the belief and control of the wizard because that’s what citizens do.
    The real truth. The homes were always ours. Our bodies are ours. Our names were given to us and we choose to be ‘called’ by them, but we could be ‘called’ anything. ‘A good friend of mine’, ‘mommy’, ‘daddy’, ‘neighbor’, ‘smart’, ‘crazy’ (You can call me crazy. – was a song.) (You can call me Ray, or you can call me Jay, was in a commercial) all of this is available, we limit ourselves by our limited way of seeing things.

    Stop, if you choose. And see things as a lesson you are teaching yourself. Even if you don’t want to learn it, what is it that you needed to know or should know to get past the situation you are in.
    (shooting a gun will not be the answer to getting past the lesson).

    You have more power than you think.
    Many think they need to rely on someone else power for their own existence. If someone makes a decision for you and you are standing in front of them, you’d say, ‘Hey, you don’t have my permission to decide that for me.’ In this day, with all forms of communication, you hear someone has made a decision and you ‘have the right to remain silent’, and that’s what you do, and you accept their decision. How smart is that? No wonder someone is making decisions for you.

    I love you, and when you wake up to your part in the game, I’ll be glad to play the ‘new game’ with you.

    Trespass Unwanted, Creator, Corporeal, Life, Whole Blood, Free and Independent State, In Being, People, In Jure Proprio, Jure Divino.

  124. He said it first and he was one of you… Died fairly young too… Coincidence?

  125. Doctors and lawyers in this f’ing country own you. Doctors own your body. Lawyers own your soul. And it happened because you allowed it.

  126. And in case you don’t believe that the elite has done everything to stop you from meeting your own needs, explain this much:

    Why would any government forbid any kind of natural food and natural medicine or, at the very least, heavily regulate it and control it, forbid most people from most states to cultivate veggies in their own yard… all the while naming a Monsanto guy at the the head of the biggest oxymoron ever: the Food and Drug (!!!) Administration.

    Don’t believe me?

    Look at the timing between the first lawsuits by farmers against Monsanto and Dupont and the beginning of all those foreclosures. Timing is everything. Now look at what is going on worldwide: Monsanto is losing ground. Everywhere. They almost won. Not quite.

  127. Looks like a duck, walks, like a duck, quacks like a duck. Time is running out and too many countries would rather see this one destroyed than the whole of humanity killed and the planet wiped out. I am confident. We’re getting there.

    Foreclosures were meant to keep people in fear and the elite ruling them. Best way to govern anything is to make sure that they can’t meet their own needs without you. Food? Check! Health? Check! Reproduction? Check (this f’ing country is the only one that classifies maternity as an “illness”. Ever wondered why when 2/3 of the world have their babies at home?) Housing…? Check!

    They almost won by going after that last thing they could. Don’t believe me? Wait another couple of weeks.


    ETs, Zero Point Technology & the Future of Humanity with Steven M. Greer, M.D.
    By Tim Miejan Leave a Comment

    It used to be you could laugh about UFOs and extraterrestrials, brushing them off as science fiction. Space invaders. Martian attacks. Even E.T. phoning home. But no one’s laughing now that new evidence is being brought forward to substantiate not only the existence of extraterrestrials, but that a covert, international effort has been in place for the past 50 years to keep the subject under wraps.

    Witnesses are now willing to step forward-should the public exert enough muscle to prompt Congress to hold open hearings on the issue-to testify that technology reverse engineered from extraterrestrial space craft has been produced and is now fully operational. Using zero point energy, unidentified groups of people have reproduced alien space craft and have flown them in our airspace. This technology produces no pollution and is limitless. If used for peaceful means, it would effectively eliminate our global environmental crisis forever.

    The problem is, the technology is being kept from our elected government and the public at large. As disclosed recently in a New York Post article by Deborah Orin, former Justice Department official Webb Hubbell, a friend of President Clinton, revealed in his new book Friends in High Places that he was effectively stonewalled in getting information for Clinton on extraterrestrials.

  128. http://www.peoplestrust1776.org/

     What do you think?

    Lynda J. Folk


  129. ms
    i really think and believe you know a lot, but i am no where near knowing or showing such info to the judge. what did we have when we first went into court- the opposition pick the argument and WE have the burden of proof. and the court make it difficult as hell to game change- we are forced to play their game (unless we opt out like trespass, and i get him, but my path was chosen for me, no wrong turns just consequences, right)- all of this mess,and( for stripes) its not europeans,, its people globally- its not just americans, we are all “the people”.
    ive not found an attorney yet that will or wants to get into this with total comittment, either they get it and turn white when i talk about it, or they tell me to walk, forget it, you cant win, well too late for that now isnt it.
    good luck maybe i for one hope you have your day in court, as i hope to have mine.

  130. THE HISTORY OF MONEY…..USURY….The European bankers set up all of their scams to force usury on the people. It is all done through the politicians….Every bank run is fraudulently induced by the bankers so they can offer help when they are who caused the crisis. Then they say we saved you & now we own you. It is all manufactured by the banksters who don’t lend. They use manufactured crisises and pretend to lend.

  131. […] Filed under: bubble, CDO, CORRUPTION, currency, Eviction, foreclosure, GARFIELD GWALTNEY KELLEY AND WHITE, GTC | Honor, Investor, Mortgage, securities fraud Tagged: assignment, bankruptcy, endorsement, evidence, holder owner, indorsement, mortgage litigation, original note, presumptions, transfer of debt, trustee Livinglies’s Weblog […]

  132. They were all gambling. I was watching The Men Who Built America tonight. J.P. Morgan did not believe in stock speculating and called it gambling. He felt investing was too risky as well. He liked mergers, joint ventures. His son, J.P. Morgan, Jr. did not see things the same way.

  133. to mastersevicer yes the funds advanced to lenders were for the purpose to produce more loans, however first (chicken or egg) is the lender first must put up its own money to originate the loans to pool before the investor can purchase anything.

    The investor that are purchasing the MBS are not lenders and cannot legally purchase a home mortgage loan. It a separate transaction and the investor does not have possession of the alleged underlying collatera.

    What we got is what government wants you to believe that Ginnie Mae can hold these blank Notes without purchasing them yet claiming to local courts that they are the financial parties when in fact no sale occurred.

    This title issue is no different than the Robo signing and if that was left to the government without a light being shined on it, you would be saying that lender had the right to also enter fraudulent document to the courts.

    If the government in Ginnie had the right to hold title they would have recorded them instead of this stupid stuff of MERS finding anyone in the old chain of ownership to try and say they still have the ability to transfer assignment to another lender years after the lender has sold all interest in the loans.

    They are not settling for billions of dollars because they are the “holder in due course”. The investor in the Ginnie MBS is not worried about whether the home loan payment is paid because the principal is 100% guaranteed by the Fed Gov.

  134. Where is Pritender Bharrara….THE U.S. STATES ATTORNEY….? Pretending massive SECURITIES FRAUD did not happen….that’s where. Where is AG HOLDER…..? Holding the Securities Fraud bag and not allowing anyone to know it exists… & now there is Treasury figure head, Jack Lew….Pretending to own the Deeds in Lieu…..There you have it…..the unholy alliance….the triple crown….the Pritinder Holders of the Deeds in Lew..it’s all a big fat lie & a criminal Fraud…Intent to Deceive by Concealment with intent to gain unjust enrichment ….. from EVERY AMERICAN….


  136. Correct error…..they have stolen $60.4 trillion in payments and 20 + MILLION properties since 2008 that they had no Legal Right to take.

  137. Just because they are making their owners and the politicians a lot of money doesn’t make this Constitutional or Legal…..these corporate crooks have stolen a quadrillion dollars from us…plus $60.4 trillion in payments and 20+ properties they had no legal right to take. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH…time they paid back what they stole.


    You don’t need a fancy law degree to defend your Life, Liberty & Property in the U.S.. That is our legal right.

  138. They broke ALOT OF LAWS here MS…….They committed innumerable felonies……there are more types of Law and more Criminal Acts committed in one case than one Lawyer could handle. You would literally need to study Law for 20 years to defend these suits properly…….there is Property Law, State Law, Notary Laws, Contract Law, Securities Law, Trust Law, Civil Law, U.S. & COMMON LAW, Criminal Law and Federal Law and God knows what else. We really need Criminal Defense Attorney’s because of the Securities Fraud alone. This is a disgrace…not one criminal prosecution to date and everyone knows they are criminals. So give me a break.


  140. Where am I committing a crime…..? I have no choice but to invoke my legal rights and Defend my Life, Liberty & Property in this corrupt mess…. It is also my legal right and my patriotic duty to inform & alert the people of these SECURITIES FRAUDS against our free republic. Watch the J.FK. speech I posted below in its entirety. It is so relevant to what is happening today, it is undeniable he knew the evil they were planning & the methods. It is remarkable how it sounds as if he were living today.

  141. This site spews hammer hardened gibberish locked into real property claims that are moot in a securities registration . Its unsettling and Niel – your arguments are well organized and weight proper construction with no chance of prevailing – why ?

    A real property question attacking the conventional lender fails -from lack of substance – not merit for RE issues but for anything substantive that addresses the real deal –what is behind the scenes in what I call the Great US land bank and multi unit cooperative …how would you say ….master planned US community …or …government housing

    Yi think I am kidding – I am not kidding , Your readers are so far away from any chance of prevailing….I cannot understand how you will survive the backlash when what is known is revealed

    Please -Answer the following . My invitation to the great NG – DO it Answer these Q;s

    A mortgage backed security represents an ownership interest in mortgage loans made by financial institutions

    A mortgage backed security is formed solely to finance a borrower’s
    purchase of a home or other real estate.

    Mortgage backed securities are created when mortgage loans are packaged, or “pooled,” by issuers or service rs PTD (delivery)

    MBS issued for sale to investors are contingent to the underlying mortgage loans satisfaction – paid off by the borrowers

    MBS investors in the securities receive payments of interest and
    principal from the debtor in possession? .


  142. I am doing nothing illegal usedkarguy…..I am well within my Legal Rights to invoke my First Amendment Right and Inform & Alert the people. I am also well within my Legal Rights to Defend my Life, Liberty & Property if the Rule of Law is not being upheld. If it were, unconstitutional & illegal foreclosures would not be happening and I would not be forced to invoke all of my legal rights to defend my Life, Liberty & Property. They don’t have the Security Agreements because they committed MASSIVE SECURITIES FRAUDS in my name, without my knowledge or consent. Therefore what they are doing is not just illegal practice of law, these are serious Felonies.

  143. will someone please sue stripes for unauthorized practice of law?
    tolle, send an e-mail. lost yours.
    gault: an unrecorded assignment is still a written transfer. it is all very state specific; and then, in states like Wisconsin, you can find the statute that says recording is required, but the judge says “well, until the legislature changes the laws around here…..” and then the bankster attorneys file three assignments of mortgage. if they weren’t required, why do it three times?
    we’re gonna get the answer the old-fashioned way—through appeals.

  144. Sorry gang having some issue with my computer, but as I was saying the Wells Fargo top subprime loan officer in Elizabeth Jacobson told the story of the “ghetto loans” and black people being called “mud people” by the Wells Fargo staff in late 2007 as she said there were steering blacks into subprime loans, but it took until 2012 before that case was settled and the staff admitted the crimes.

    I don’t know what happening to my screen, as it is not acting right, but be a well fago electronic attack!

  145. I get Wells Fargo method of madness as they now control a 1/3 of the mortgages in America and they are too big for the government to do anything with. Wells Fargo last quarter made $4 billion as there only a handful of lender and with interest rate where they are and people wanting and needing to refinance and purchase homes.

    Wells Fargo waits until the press is so bad in one area until its made to pay a settlement and let just take the Baltimore case where the loan officer

  146. Poor people…..they should know of the MASSIVE SECURITIES FRAUDS these crooks have committed & are still committing….they would strangle them with the microphone cords.

  147. Charles Reed – likewise in state of AZ, does it matter? the originator/broker were they authorized to act in the capacity that they did, neil can you clarify this- they were conduit non lender non bank yet in my case sold 100 % of their “loans” purportedly to indymac, yet i have a letter offering the “loans” to comerica 2 weeks after closing- hmm, the assignment date is not on the counterfeit 2 versions i have re indymac I knew this on the day of signing that the loan was going to be sold, but what did they sell if the loan closing was an illusion and the trust wmpty and my loan was unqualified to be in there anyway- past cut off date,-see- but i thought it was the originator risking their money based on the appraised value of the property. i was not privy to what MERS was because i trusted it was legal, no , it was perdatory, title was seised to trash it, i still wholeheardely believe mERS is illegal period it is industry owned brainchild of banks to wheel and deal and it doesnt allow the borrower to know where the real party , person time and place is to pay off the “loan”.

  148. GUEST (all caps) posted this a couple of pages ago. It is really something to watch in the light of that WF payday loan article. We may getting closer to pitchforks that we thing.

  149. Google it folks …..they blocked that link….

  150. Mwahaha…the U.S. POST OFFICE was privatized in 1971 under the POSTAL REORGANIZATION ACT….40% of their revenue comes from private retail partners such as Walmart, Costco, Office Depot, Staples, Walgreens, Sam’s Club, Costco… read about it here..

  151. It took me 13 days to get a letter mailed from 30 minutes away….

  152. BTW…..I did not receive the mailing until March 21, 2013 and it came from 30 minutes away…

  153. Electronic currency…..AKA BITCOIN CURRENCY is not a legal tender currency because you can’t put your finger on it and prove it exists…

  154. I guess they control the USPS as well because once a piece of mail is stamped postage paid you don’t get back the piece of mail. This was not a prepaid envelope. It was stamped USPS $2.32 and mailed on March 8 2013…..but the doc was filed on March 13, 2012….? Weird..

  155. Here we go, this is precisely what their planning……total control via bitcoin currency……a totally decenteralized, unconstitutional and illegal electronic currency…..read about it here….

  156. Things that make you go hmmmm are happening more frequently and at quickening pace.

  157. Can anyone explain how a document can be filed by an attorney on the 13th but the postage stamp says it was mailed on the 8th…?

  158. Bankster Wells Fargo To Muscle Bigger Share Of The Ghetto Loansharking Market

    By Steve Dibert 03.23.13

    Wells Fargo Charging Between 225%-300% APR On Payday Loans

    Wells Fargo announced earlier this week it was expanding it’s lending into a shady area of lending that was once reserved for street level junior mafiosos, pimps and hustlers that prey on the working poor and elderly in America’s ghettos and they are not alone. U.S. Bank, Regions Bank, Fifth Third Bank, Bank of Oklahoma have also announced they will be expanding their presence in the payday loan market.

    Yes, I’m talking about high interest and unregulated payday loans marketed under various names, Wells Fargo calls it, “Direct Deposit Advance”, U.S. Bank calls it “Checking Account Advance”, Regions Bank calls it, “Direct Deposit Advance”, Fifth Third Bank calls it, “Early Access”, Bank of Oklahoma calls it “Fast Loan SM” and Guaranty Bank calls it “Easy Advance”.

    If you haven’t heard of a payday loan or a payday advance loans consider yourself fortunate. They work just like you see on the Sopranos or in the Godfather movies. Let’s say you have a job working at Taco Bell for minimum wage you’re living on Social Security and your car breaks down. You need a way to get your kids to school and get to work for the next 2 weeks until you get your next pay check and get your car fixed. This where a payday loan comes in handy. You walk into one of their offices, write a post dated check made out in the amount of what you will owe them in two weeks for the principal owed plus any fees or interest along with proof of employment, then slip it through the slip in the bullet proof glass to the person on the other side and they give you cold hard cash.

    The big drawback is the whopping usury interest rates of between 225% to 300% that these companies charge. Payday lenders market their loans as “open-ended loans” like credit cards but in really they are “close-ended” loans meaning that the loan has a start and completion date. Lenders disguise their loans as open-ended so they can skirt around the Truth-In-Lending Act. Their borderline illegal collection attempts when it comes to pay up which includes threatening people with criminal prosecution or sending people to their homes. These mafia style collection attempts have become so problematic that 15 states have banned Payday loans all together.

    click here for the rest.

  159. MERS is not a gatekeeper….these are SECURITIES FRAUDS…..NOTHING CHANGES THAT FACT.

    We The People are the Gatekeeper’s of our Constitutional Republic… only We The People have the Uninalienable Legal Right ……to invoke at any time the U.S. BILL OF RIGHTS…..to insure the RULE OF LAW is being upheld…..that legal document, Protects our Life, Liberty & Property from any unreasonable searches and seizures without due process that could result in Permanent Destruction of our Legal Rights that could permanently Harm or Injure our Peace, Liberty, Tranquility, General Welfare, our ability to provide for our Common Defense, and guarantees our Peace & Security…. & our Freedom & Independence to ourselves & our posterity.


  161. Here more proof of the fraud that MERS is involved in that sinks them but they are th gate keeper to the massive fraud. In the State of Nebraska were in 2005 MERS filed in front of the NE Supremen Court that they were not a “mortgag bank” and the NE Supreme Court agree with MERS.

    Now as the NE Dept of Banking & Finance wantd MERS register like the other financial corporation but MERS did not want too. Now in the State of NE a out of stat corporation must register to conduct business in the State and they must receive a certificate of registration.

    However MERS once attempted to register with the the NE Secretary of State but did not provide the financial information of their corporation and the register did not continue. So in the State of NE MERS is not authorize to do business at all and cannot use the State court system because they are not register to do business.

    In 2008 the State put into effect a Foreclosure Protect statute that said a electronic mortgage registry could not bring a foreclosure action that it was not a financial party too, but if it did have the permission of the actual holder of debt it could act for.

    Now what funny is that NE had already set the trap for MERS but have fail now to act….WHY? NE State Attorney Gen is a owner of banks and banking is were he has earned his money. Why does not now after first going to court with MERS and setting the trap in 2008 with the wording of ELECTRONIC MORTGAGE REGISTRY (are there any other electronic mortgage register?), what shut NE down when they got MERS trapped?

  162. So what if it’s FOX NEWS….deborah…the truth is the truth.

  163. you know Trespass post a long piece a while back and i liked his take on promise to pay- we promised to pay who- not a servicer, we promised to pay based on a contract that we did not know was dishonred ab initio,devil is in the contractual details, so how who where and why did the servicer take ownership of the mortgage, dates matter

  164. stripes- its FOX NEWS FOR GODS SAKE




  168. The Supreme Court are not ruling by law either, they are not upholding the U.S. CONSTITUTION….OUR LEGAL RIGHTS….therefore they are imposters and the people should not be cooperating with these fascists. Same holds true with all of the politicians….

  169. The Politicians,Big Oil, Big Pharma, the Banks, & Wall Street….are the same Corp…doing the same crime…..they are not U.S. or Private companies or our Government. They are imposters….!

    There are 9000 pages of “new laws” in 2700 pages of OBAMACARE that infringe upon our Legal Rights and destroy our free will…..and our Legal Rights to Life, Liberty & Property……there is no way to pursue life, liberty or happiness under a fascist healthcare LAW…being forced by imposters AKA OBAMACARE….there is no way private healthcare should be “unaffordable “….therefore OBAMACARE is FASCISM…..An Unconstitutional & illegal way to wipe out & control the PRIVATE SECTOR by the shareholders, bondholders, investors and directors who are Corporate totalitarian control freaks disguised as our Government.

  170. BOA was getting all the early bad prss and was even singled out in the Jan 2012 Robo settlement as they paid HUD $1 biillion for its role in cheating the FHA. Now BOA problems are being placed on the back of Countrywide who is a known thief and friend of members of Congress.

    However what should have been dealt with at the side time as BOA was Wells Fargo’s handling of Washington Mutual government insured loans that the SEC conveniently lost the Whistle-Blower complaint I filed in Aug 2011, that Wells Fargo was illegally foreclosing on all these government loans.

    The reason I believe that this was not address was the finger prints of the Federal Reserve and there investments in the Mortgage Backed Securities they purchase with the monies they magically supplies to these so called lenders. I have to admit this planned crime has been tough to crack, but because there been this internet which puts information and the exchang of ideas and complaints these clowns are done.

    You cannot do what the Federal Reserve has done and expect million of people to simply go away.

  171. Corporate America are hiding behind an American name to siphon our wealth out of America.

  172. Apple is holding $170 billion of our hijacked wealth and has it hidden offshore…APPLE are not a Private Corp…they are funded by all of US….


  174. FOX NEWS Neil Cavuto about to report A RED ALERT…..CORPORATE HOARDING OF OUR WEALTH…..!





  176. This Open & Secret Security Breach of our personal & national Security is precisely the reason why J.F.K said we must use our First Amendment right to Inform and Alert the people & always have militias at the ready. Nothing they are doing is Constitutional or Legal. Therefore, they are IMPOSTERS to our Constitutional Republic. They are Fictitious Persons & Fictitious Payees.

  177. I will not shut up deborah….I am well within my Legal Rights to say that because there has been a breach in our National & Personal Peace &Security by these clever imposters… Do not misconstrue my meaning of the word REVOLT I do not mean violence…..I mean by non cooperation. The Second Amendment is our weapon of last resort.

  178. There should not be a need to be pro se if the Rule of Law was being upheld. By fighting pro se, we are in fact, invoking our Constitutional Rights. If the Rule of Law were being upheld, there would be no foreclosures. These are Securities Frauds and therefore everything they are doing is Unconstitutional and Illegal. The people must revolt and stop cooperating until the U.S. CONSTITUTION…OUR LEGAL RIGHTS ARE RESTORED and the Rule of Law is upheld.

  179. stripes the people must NOT revolt shut up already.

  180. These were loans made to imposters without our knowledge or consent by We The People……from our U.S. Treasury…. our Constitutional Republic is in peril because of what these imposters have done. The FED Defaulted, did not notify us of their Default and committed massive SECURITIES FRAUD in our names, without our knowledge or consent. There has been a breach of our own peace & security as a result as well as our National Security on 9/11. Therefore, the people must revolt until the U.S. CONSTITUION…OUR LEGAL RIGHTS and the RULE OF LAW are restored under that document.

  181. sorry- over to you charles. did not mean to be rude. onward with note issue- promissory note

  182. These are Securities Frauds charles reed….there has been a breach in our national security as a result. There is no way to justify massive securities frauds by imposters. Therefore, the people must revolt and stop cooperating with these imposters. We The People must demand the U.S. Constitution/Bill of Rights and the Rule of Law be upheld or we are well within our Legal Rights to invoke the Second Amendment to defend our Life, Liberty & Property.

  183. shelly
    i dont expect any kinda breaks in court or in life
    i want due process and the rule of THE LAW AND – PROCEDURES THAT THEY DECIDED UPON WERE A GOOD IDEA in the best interests of JUSTICE i am very damaged and my court needs to hear me.

  184. Back to Notes. Government loan are pooled with other same type loan and interest rates, so they are quickly underwritten for the pools so that they are accepted and insured. Understand that they need to be the same interest rates so these loans are not sold from here to there.

    The loans enter the pools as the Notes are endorse having a blank where the name of the party that is suppose to be the owner of the Notes.

    Once the Notes are relinquish without then being purchase, there no way these loans can be taken out the loans unless the advance funds are paid back that the lender who is now the “issuer” pays that entire amount back, that its been advance by the “investors”.

    The Notes have been relinquish with the blank endorsement so under UCC 3 the Notes belong to Ginnie Mae who not the investor, but is in physical possession of Ginnie Mae who fully admits it does not and cannot buy or sell a home mortgage loan at all.

    Now here is were the exposure is easy to show with Washington Mutual, IndyMac and Countrywide because the loans were to change hand to different “issuers” but they were already in Ginnie Mae pools under the old issuers assigned numbers. So as been menion before what the payoff amounts for the borrowers as the patments are all passthrough amount to pay the “investors” and there is no lender at this point because the Note have been relinquish in blank, and has no financially innterest party.

    So the loans are foreclosed while Ginnie is still in possession of the Notes but Ginnie has not way of calculating a payoff amount because the payment were always passed through. The now none lender cannot calculate the payment because they never receive them. So when Washington Mutual & IndyMac when bankrupt and were seized there was not real accounting done because those payment cause never actual be credited to the borrowers loans.

    What occur to make it look as if the payment when to the lender WaMu or Indy and paid the loans P&I and then the bank who turn around once it collected the monies and paid the “investors”, but this did not happen and only on paper the balances are reduced but not actually. It an account trick because this is two totally seperate transactions.

    The Fed is hiding its and Ginne involvement in a crime!

  185. J.F.K warned of warantless wire taps and increased security being used under the guise of an unforeseen threat. That unforeseen threat would be covert and not publicized.

    That unforeseen threat that is being undisclosed is massive Securities Fraud by imposters. This has resulted in a secret and open but undeclared war by our enemies who hide behind Government and Corporate shields to Conceal their identities. That Concealment of massive SECURITIES FRAUDS committed by the Banks, Wall Street and their shareholders, bondholders and investors is hiding a Breach in our National Security.

    As a result, no one is safe and the peace and security, the Life, Liberty and Property, our Freedom and Our Independence are in peril both openly and secretly.

  186. The courts are suppose to give extra consideration to Pro se however it is the opposite. My now attorney tells me after reading my pro se case the judge was extremely mean to me. She told me I was one brave woman. I expected her to tell me I was one crazy woman. , Even lawyers have it tough with judges. Very few courts obeying the rule of law. and violation 18USC 4. and our due process.

  187. carie, you made me lol- thnx

  188. @Deb
    You are a rock star!

  189. christine,
    yes they hate pro se ers, im treated like ch**
    but they havnt stopped me yet because im doing it properly, 1. im right on law 2. right on procedure 3. im right on case law backing me up 4. ive hAD 4 STINKING YEARS TO FIGURE THEM, i know what they are doing.
    this is what they did- x2 deadbeat attorneys down, (otherwise this would be over now) and about 80K down the u bend, i endeavored to resurrected my case and took it to 9th circuit USCA, then hsbc decides to play dead , “were not a party to the suit” – like dont be ridiculous, (you all should read my docket and pull the motions off- its an education you will not believe 12-16192 9th circuit – do it because believe me a hellacious amount of work went into it, it may help you all when you get to appeal- and you will) anyhoo, so hsbc, file answering breif late – they had 30 days and the firm has huge reseources, but they are a day past time line, i therefore did intentionally get to answer thier late breif answering brief arguing that the court doesnt have jurisdiction, ( long shot id say since they were the party that merged into the existing suit by their choice assuming standing of course ),and then the court doesnt identify them as a party on the docket whats up with that i say to myself – well ill tell you- the 9th circuit decided when i paid and filed my appeal, decided to call it “an ammended notice” (youll see all my motions on the docket ) in appeal the two separateits meging two separate appeals under my two (2) seperate 60b motions- appeals are merged in circumstances like this since its from the one suit, though it is complicated legal course, this is typical, but its NOT an ammended notice of appeal – i have fought for that too, they made me, bare with me here- Then im told by the clerk that i cant file two briefs, (they dont say hsbc is not a party and they dont say hsbcs brief is late and not accepted and they dont declare then as a party on the docket and they dont adress my letters disputing the “term ammended notice of appeal’ but i submit proof and motion that its clearly not the intention, case law ect, bla bla) so im motioning to submit two reply briefs, as instructed, i wait again, (this all started last july) then the USCA 9th circuit says, well tell you what, you can file an extended brief instead- so i do this at great expense of course and i get that in. THEN i motion for oral argument THEN i get some movement – hsbc is not a party- can you believe that , SO THEN i motion for reconsideration- please guys you have to see this to believe it. its a due process issue bottom line. not a pro se issue, though i believe that is clearly an issue and im looking for great council, not found one willing or able so far.

    this is not legal advise consult your attorney, its well researched information subject to your own, i refer to a public record.

  190. I have a lot of respect for the MA courts which generally make well-reasoned decisions. Having said that, I yet have to say they biffed here but good. From Culhane v Aurora Loan Services:

    “…..An assignment is effective, however, without the need independently to establish the authority of the assignor to make the assignment. In re Marron, 455 B.R. 1, 8 (Bankr. D. Mass.2011) (citing Aliberti, 779 F. Supp. 2d at 249; Kiah v. AuroraLoan Servs., LLC, No. 10-40161-FDS, 2011 WL 841282, at *7 (D.Mass. Mar. 4, 2011) (Saylor, J.)

    This is the errant reliance by the court for the statement above:

    Mass. Gen. Laws ch. 183, § 54B
    “.An assignment of a mortgage if executed before a notary public, justice of the peace, or other officer entitled by law to acknowledge
    instruments, whether executed within or without the commonwealth, by a person purporting to hold the position of president, vice president, treasurer, clerk,secretary, cashier, loan representative, principal,investment, mortgage or other officer, agent, asset manager, or other similar office or position, including assistant to any such office or position, of the entity holding such mortgage, or otherwise purporting to be an authorized signatory for such entity, or acting under such power of attorney on behalf of such entity, acting in its own capacity or as a general partner or co-venturer of the entity holding such mortgage, shall be binding upon such entity and shall be entitled to be recorded, and no vote of the entity affirming such authority shall be required to permit recording.”

    What this statute says is that if so and so in such and such capacity purports to execute an assignment for an entity, the assignment alienates (assigns) any interest held by that entity. Under this law, if I were the vp of Joe’s Mortgage and I assign the dot to Hank’s Mtg, I have assigned whatever interest IF any Joe’s Mtg has. Joe’s Mtg and only Joe’s Mtg is bound by my signature. This law does not stand for the proposition that Joe’s Mtg had any interest to assign, as the Culhane court misinterprets it. It merely says that IF Joe’s Mtg had an interest, my signature as vp binds Joe’s Mtg. Missed by the court is the fact that while binding on Joe’s Mtg, if Joe’s Mtg had nothing to assign, the assignment accomplishes nothing, and if not taken as some absurd quit claim, it’s fraudulently recorded imo if Joe’s Mtg.had no interest to assign. (executing the assgt would probably not be fraudulent with no interest, but recording it would be).

    What doesn’t have to be verified is that I as vp have authority to
    assign Joe’s Mortgage’s interest on behalf of Joe’s Mortgage;
    This law says so and so’s signature binds the entity and that’s all it says. it does not give validity to the assignment, that is, that Joe’s Mtg had anything to assign. If it were otherwise, anyone here or any where working for an entity could (as v.p., treasurer, etc) assign all our deeds of trust. Since it’s been irking me for some time and I happened on Culhane today, I thought I’d bring it up. We have a right to challenge the interest purported to be assigned. Lay opinions.

  191. JFKs speech on Secret Societies in its entirety …

  192. There was a prophecy, a warning that something was going to occur that would cause the people to take up arms against it. That something already happened on 9/11. That was a Breach of our National Security, as was the manufactured stock market crash of 2008 a Breach of our personal Peace & Security because of Securities Frauds by these imposters. None of that should have happened, especially not the Patriot Act, NDAA and increased Security on all of us, the victims of these crimes. The further victimization is an open secret and is ongoing by the further erosion of our legal rights by OBAMACARE, repurchasing of Securities Frauds by these crooks with our stolen wealth, the ongoing collection of payments by these crooks who stole a quadrillion dollars from us …. $60.4 trillion in payments and 20+ million illegal fraudclosures, more of our freedom and liberty have been stolen from us as a result of all of these lies being believed than at any time in our history..

  193. @ Christine, write me, will you?

    You can go thru UKG.

  194. They purchased a ticket to ride off the backs of all of us. They never owned anything because of the Origination Fraud …. that was SECURITIES FRAUD……Lost ownership of the originals is not just a nullity of the entire deal but it is a breach of our peace & security.

  195. Virtually every dime we earn, pay & spend is going in the pockets of these Imposter crooks. Stop cooperating until the U.S. CONSTITUTION & THE RULE OF LAW is restored.

  196. @usedkarguy: I think we a mixing apples and oranges. I am a notary, and I have an embossing stamp with my name and state on it. However, I am required to sign my name in ink on the document. In my state, the stamp is not absolutely necessary but the signature is, and it must match the signature I have signed at the Clerk of Court’s office in my county.

    All legal documents (submitted to court) which are fully executed (fancy terminology) must have a signature and a date on it. There are other requirements as well for filing at the Clerk of Court’s office, and the other side (opposing counsel) must be served as well with an attending “Proof of Service” document which shows date of delivery (put into the US Mail), to whom delivered with complete name and address and signed by atty or pro se litigant and dated. Leave this stuff off, and the Court can dismiss your dox and kill your case.

  197. Rahm Emanuel talking right now about the justification for closing 54 public schools. He has no valid excuse. He said longer school days is the answer and tracking children in schools…..?

    Most Illinoisans blame him for the fraudulent school closings in a recent poll. These crooks want to put more of our money in their pockets and steal more property.

    This is all about making the people believe their lies so they can steal everything from us.

    This is not our government….these are crooks….we need a nationwide property tax revolt until the U.S. Constitution and the rule of law is restored.

  198. @iwantmynvp…you said:

    “…Carie, I agree with most, and still disagree with the one premise of purchases. I have personally received an original mortgage note stamped “paid in full” from Fannie’s servicer, Chase Home Mortgage.
    Fannie and Freddie are still their slush fund, but you continue to overlook one important factor. At the time of the financial unravel, the FHLB had more lent to the banks than Freddie and Ginnie combined.

    ANSWER (from ANON):

    “…Servicer name is for hire. There are many levels of servicing. Note stamped “paid in full” is meaningless. Need to check with Freddie/Fannie as to what was reported to THEM. Never, ever, recommend a wire transfer for refinance — need the CHECK. The heck with “going green” — need that cancelled check.

    Money lent to any (F/F, GM) entity is also irrelevant in relation to what exists as reported to by servicers-for-hire to those entities. Proprietary information. But, need to open their records — it will SHOCK you. “iwantmynvp” has not researched. He/she is too trusting. Or, in the business…”

  199. It’s all about one thing….selling lies as fact. Look a bit deeper and you will see everything they say & do is in fact, all fraud & fiction.

  200. I don’t agree with 99.9% of the comments on this blog. E Trolle, Christine, These are all very deceptive crooks. Aliens are demons, make no mistake and so are these trolls. There is one creator and that is what they are hiding. Everything they say & do is a counterfeit and a forgery of the truth and is unconstitutional and illegal.

  201. Something lit up the sky reports CNN…OMG…..I saw a real meteor…said one witness..How does that witness know it was a meteor they saw? How gullible are people? It could have been anything. It looked similar to the “meteor” that hit Russia a couple of months ago reported CNN. Lots of unverified information all of the time being reported as fact. Isn’t that called fiction….? CNN also reporting soldier kills 2 fellow soldiers than shoots himself. That does not sound right. These are perilous times for that reason. We don’t even know who are enemy is in most cases, our enemy cannot be identified and that is precisely how they like it.

    The phony mortgages, the phony repeal of glass steagall, 9/11 was a fake terrorist attack, the fake patriot act used as a secret war declaration for the thieves to secretly transfer our wealth and steal our freedom, a fake war on terror, the fake stock market crash and fake loss of our wealth and subsequent fake manufactured crisis, the NDAA used as another weapon against the people, the fake foreclosures, the shootings of innocent victims on U.S. soil by unknown assailants used as a weapon to steal our 2nd amendment rights, homeland “security” purchasing 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition but won’t say why, 2 popes for the first time in history, no criminal prosecutions of any of these crooks, doctors are refusing doctors visits to the sick and uninsured because they are trying to force the microchip in obamacare, Wall Street executive pay rising 15% this year just to piss us all off, everything they sell or put into law is being implemented by a tool or as a tool to spy on and control us.


    Everything these crooks are doing is unconstitutional & illegal. One lie after another. These people are controlling their fraud by telling everyone the big lie they are our Americans and are our politicians, our government, treasury Dept, judiciary, law enforcement, the media, doctors, U.S. corporations, lawyers, teachers, our military but nothing they are doing is Constitutional or Legal.

    That can only mean these people are IMPOSTERS if everything they say and do is a big fat fraud and a big fat lie. They are therefore, both, open and secret control freaks. Call them communists, totalitarians, mafia, secret societies, whatever they are, they have inhuman qualities and can’t be trusted or believed. They are using every American as a guinea pig to see what we will allow them to get away with.

    The Constitution requires We The People stop cooperating with a Government that is acting like a tyranny and are oppressing We The People until the Constitution and the rule of law are restored and upheld. That would be anyone who lies, cheats or steals and hides behind a Corporate shield or call themselves something they are not like they are our Government.


    Never give up your guns.

  202. E. ToLLe,

    Fair enough. I do, however, listen to people such as Richard Dolan, Robert Dean, Dr. Stephen Greer, Stephen Bassett and the likes (beats watching TV any day of the week, for sure). All of them, along with serious scientists such as Gregg Braden have pretty darn serious credentials I’ll never have and there is a consensus: the industrial military complex has occulted for decades reverse engineering developed from Rockwell on; Russia, India and China are pretty open about it and the US (cabal, mostly, since even out government is kept in the dark) is the only roadblock to saving ourselves.

    I don’t know about you but, choosing between a Bush, Clinton or even a very disappointing Obama and anyone of those guys with incredible serous moral courage (all of them have been threatened and they haven’t given up) is a no brainer. And the thing of it is… they all do conferences worldwide. They get invited.

    Enough for me to look into it. Cuz the way i see it, foreclosure is the biggest man made distraction intended to keep people fearful and prevent them to taking any kind of action. And looking at the moron of service, it’s working…

    We’ll see what pans out with Bassett.

  203. Christine, I agree with much of what you say. Of course the owners of the world, the .01%, are behind all of the wars and strife as you mentioned, of that I have no doubt. But how you then extrapolate out into alien disclosure is beyond me.

    I’ll tell you what….come April 29 thru to May 3rd, which is the scheduled disclosure conference you’ve referenced….if anything even resembling us having a high-five with aliens surfaces from those talks, I’ll personally bring to your door, if you haven’t had it replaced with a tent flap by then, an iced-cold six pack of your choice, along with a complimentary cheese and cracker selection sure to delight. If you are found to be holding an empty alien bag, you can bring me a chilled Pinot Grigio and some Bleu.

    I have no doubt about the fact that the largest asset and land grab in history is underway, and that our government is 100% complicit with that act, but please don’t confuse this issue with extraterrestrials, as that twain will never meet.

    As to energy, I hold out zero hope for any white knights riding to the energy rescue. We are all 100% screwed on that front. Don’t waste your time believing in ridiculous theories on the internet. The only guarantee you and I have on that front is that in a billion years or so, we’ll be a wonderful oil slick deep in the earth ourselves.

    And no, I don’t watch the history channel. This TUBE you refer to is 99% of the problem. They rewrite everything to make their games plausible, thus keeping their hand in the criminality untraceable. I’ll take the wind through the pines any day to that crap. Just look what watching CNBC and bowing down before St. Kudlow has done to that moron straps/assvent. She’s been reduced to playing the village idiot in an Oscar awardable role for all the world to see. What a waste of a perfectly good computer.

  204. Best site to poke your nose in: Where do my taxes go?



    33.13% goes to defense. Defense against whom? Where is the invader? If you click on it, the list of nebulous projects goes on and on.
    12.55% goes toward “general interest”, most of it paid on Treasury Security debt, whatever that means.

    You will be glad to see how much you pay in interests on refunds of tax collections: first, they take too much. Then, they bill you an interest on what they over collected. Lovely, indeed.

    I am glad to see that none of that tax money goes toward Soc. Sec. Then again, isn’t that the $2,000 paid elsewhere? Better not take that from us twice!!!

    Anyway. It’s one of those things: the more you look into, the more your blood boils and the more you love your gun…

  205. You can rule out Securities Investors carie…the Securities were never created. The only perfect crime are the crimes no one cares to investigate. These crooks committed so many crimes and not one criminal prosecution means one thing. There is a full blown takeover of our Constitutional Republic in progress. These are our totalitarian enemies both foreign & domestic. Where is the military is the real question…..? Why is nothing being done? 9/11, the fraudclosures, the stock market crash, Sandy hook, and all of the other shootings and all other Acts against us were and are being done by these foreign invaders . People are home but the lights aren’t on.

  206. If it came down to suffering & dying in the street that would be the the only choice … they can pound their one world crap…they are all evil bastards.

  207. Christine said “if” it was orchestrated for what purpose…..? Totalitarianism & the microchip…..Max Keiser calls it Wall Street’s Slave Plantation… I call it a Corporate bankster gulag of war criminals ….nothing these crooks do is legal. They give you 1 choice disguised as “fixing massive securities” frauds that can’t be “fixed”….that choice is be broke….suffer & die in the street or accept totalitarianism …. I like what Larry Kudlow said tonight……it is the 3rd year of OBAMACARE …and we have this to say….happy birthday…..&….we hate you… I have the same exact sentiment for these Soviet/Chinese corporate imposters and all of their manufactured tyranny & oppression…..we hate you…

  208. Time to arrest the hedge fund managers. They embezzled trillions by committing tons of fraud. I would like to see what these crooks were representing….every mortgage was a subprime mortgage disguised as something else. Goddamned crooks should be hung.

  209. The title companies are hiding and that is not only criminal, it is treason. I want the court to subpoena them to court. They have a lot of explaining to do…..my title insurance owners policy covers any fraud to my title and they are on the hook for a lot of fraud.

  210. Give me a break about Legal Aid…..the State AG should have filed criminal complaints up the wazoo by now. I am not settling for any fixes for crimes of this magnitude.

  211. I don’t trust anyone and they have to pay the taxes and insurance as long as I am in fraudclosure. So they can play tiddleywinks all they want until I get clear title & monetary comp. Otherwise I am going to sue the pants off of every party on that title…

  212. It is a mess but I have it handled and if they screw me, they are all going to have hell to pay. I am not backing down.

  213. Legal Aid is working directly with the AG and the AG settlement funds are being used to fund the expansion of the project. Get off you Duff and Go! You have to Trust Someone at Some Point! Pay the Taxes and keep your Insurance policy effective !!!!

  214. They are not the lender if there is no legal assignment and either are any subsequent parties. They all stand in the shoes of the Issuer.

  215. I don’t trust “Legal Aid” …the States Attorney’s office should be handling these cases. They are criminal. I am not hiring any attorney’s there is way too much corruption in this state.

  216. The lender on the note or the party the note is endorsed to ….

  217. If there is no trust that means the Issuer of the credit defaulted on their contract and the notice of default is being served on the wrong party, which is us. Who is serving this notice of default on us…..? The traitor’s at the U.S. TREASURY DEPT by proxy of third party debt collectors. That is high treason & that is criminal.

  218. Stripes .. What a mess! But not impossable, call Legal Aid.

  219. Who gives them the authority to act if there is no trust ……?

  220. A Trustees Agent May FC on behalf of aTrustee for a Trust. However there must be the trust agreement showing the appointment of the trustee, giving rise for the trustee to act on behalf of the trust within the scope of its power given by the trust. Then there is the agreement, such as agent agreements, examples.. POA , Attorney in Fact, Mers officer, yada yada agreement between the Trustee and their agent showing appointment of the agent to act on behalf of the trustee, who acts on behalf of the trust.

  221. I also have the trust deed for the commercial and it is stamped PNTN…AND SO IS THE PAID MORTGAGE STAMPED PNTN….

  222. I have the stamped paid note in my possession…..

  223. They cross-collateralized my residential property without my knowledge or consent. They are using a paid note as the cross collat.

  224. Only the trustee can bring the foreclosure and there has to be at least 20% controlling interest by the shareholders/investors in that trust to give authority to the trustee to bring a foreclosure.

  225. how is your commercial mortgage tied in with your home mortgage?

  226. The trust agreement is the ownership of the loan. Once the loan is transferred to another bank there has to be a trust agreement. Otherwise there can’t be a legal transfer. Transfers can only go bank to bank. There can only be one trust and one trustee, the title company.

  227. Both are servicers….with the commercial they have switched plaintiffs twice during the foreclosure and have recorded 6 assignment after the foreclosure was filed and created 2 trusts. The first servicer transferred back to the original plaintiff…first Midwest bank now the servicer transferred to another servicer…bayview to LNR…not first Midwest to LNR…they are trying to create a chain of title after the foreclosure was filed. The first assignment was recorded a year after the fc was filed. These are all illegal conveyances and reconveyances.

  228. With the house first it was the mortgage now its a negotiable instrument …..they already told me there is no discovery, trust or trustee. With the commercial the trust was created after the foreclosure was filed. First it was a Remic trust 2010-12 series and now it was just transferred to another trust…West End trust.. It’s all criminal fraud. The trust never existed in the first place.

  229. RE: Without the trust agreement no transfers are legal. …. True. That is why the transfer/sale of the deed to this property to my husband was never perfected. Strike One … Stripes, Is the bank that is fc on you fcing on behalf of a trust or is the bank claiming ownership of the loan. It makes a difference.

  230. A recorded mortgage is not a legal lien, it is evidence of nothing other than criminal fraud and the banks debt without the legal assignment.

  231. They used the loan mod scam to get the borrower to admit a hardship and trigger a default. A default triggered the CDSs . If no forclosure …. no right to CDSs…. Right? BOA Liabilities? Perhaps a Good Reson for BAC to refuse payments on loans that CW had defaulted and collected CDSs on because BOA absorbed CW. My husband got his OCC settlement letter yesterday, he never applied. What gives?

  232. Without the trust agreement no transfers are legal. That is the perfection of the Legal Lien. The Secretary of State must also be notified everytime a lien is created or a transfer of title occurs by filing the UCC statement. They never did that…fixture filings are meaningless. Therefore, these aren’t Securities of the States either.

  233. LMAO guest…GOOGLE IT FOLKS…..ASSIGNMENT OF BENEFICIAL INTEREST OR COLLATERAL ASSIGNMENT OF BENEFICIAL INTEREST. It must be dated 90 days from the closing & recorded at the Recorder of Deeds no more than 30 days later. That is the Legal Lien….the Security.

  234. The trust agreement has the words delivery and acceptance on it with the date and the trustees signature and it is notarized. It is the SECURITY…

  235. Wrong again Strpes!

  236. Do you know what an actual legal assignment looks like jg…? It is a trust agreement. It doesn’t just say mortgage assignment at the top of the page.

  237. Did we know this? (from 2011)

    “A federal District Court judge in Massachusetts has ruled in the case of Dixon v. Wells Fargo Bank, 2011 WL 2945795 (D. Mass. 2011), that a bank cannot induce a homeowner to stop making mortgage payments as a prerequisite to negotiations to modify the mortgage and then use that failure to make the mortgage payments as a predicate for foreclosing on the property and evicting the owner. The bank’s representation that it would renegotiate following the borrower’s cessation of mortgage payments constituted a promise on which the borrower reasonably relied and that promise could be equitably enforced by denying the bank the right to foreclose in the circumstances. The court did not find a promise by the bank to modify the mortgage but it did have a duty to negotiate the modification in good faith before foreclosing.”

  238. JG…. that is exactly when they started pushing Refis, D.I.L., Cash for Keys, DIL, MODs …. get the borrowers signature anyway you can to transfer the deed and warranty it. Borrowers got the future liabilities and Buttwipes got more profits.
    Bad! Bad! Bad!

  239. We should all call & email the U.S. STATES ATTORNEY, Preet Bharaara and tell him it’s about time to start arresting these shady hedge fund managers and then they will all be ratting on each other. Then its on to the title companies and Treasury heads past & present. It should be a real cake walk right to the Slammer from there.

  240. BS multiple assignments (purporting consideration):

    “.Assignments made for consideration are irrevocable, meaning that the assignor permanently gives up the legal right to take back the assignment once it has been made.”

  241. Now this is interesting:

    “Requirements for an effective assignment
    For assignment to be effective, it must occur in the present. No specific language is required to make such an assignment, but the assignor must make some clear statement of intent to assign clearly identified contractual rights to the assignee.

    A promise to assign in the future has no legal effect.

    Although this prevents a party from assigning the benefits of a contract that has not yet been made,

    a court of equity may enforce such an assignment where an established economic relationship between the assignor and the assignee raised an expectation that the assignee would indeed form the appropriate contract in the future.”

    Equity couldn’t be interposed when it comes to trust law which requires strict compliance. imo.

  242. ukg – I’ve opined before that a mortgage (a lien) may follow a note, tho I definitely think not myself. A dot doesn’t follow a note because of the statute of frauds which applies to all interests in real property (requires a writing). The dot is not governed by the UCC. I haven’t supported that argument (which I see as fact of course)…..well, one of these days..But, it’s the same reason a substitution of trustee must be evidenced by a writing.
    Some courts like to make that recordation is for the benefit of the lender and not for the ben of the borrower…..bah humbug..If that were precisely true, chapter 11 debtors and bk trustees couldn’t avoid unrecorded interests. I knew Carpenter (a mortgage, not a dot) was going to cause grief as the banksters inevitably turned it to their favor. Carpenter ignored the statute of frauds.

    “The “Statute of Frauds,” adopted in England in 1677 and now incorporated in the law in every American state, generally requires real estate transfers to be in writing, signed by the transferor and acknowledged before a notary. There are few exceptions to that requirement.”

    “The Statute of Frauds is an affirmative defense which is waived if not pleaded.” (oh dear!)

    Ind. Code § 32-21-1-3 for instance

    “A conveyance of an existing trust in land, goods, or things in action is void unless the conveyance is in writing and signed by the party making the conveyance or by the party’s lawful agent.”
    As added by P.L.2-2002, SEC.6.

  243. Who pays for those attorney’s ….?

  244. How would you know if my daughter gave blood..? Is my house bugged….? I don’t believe in self medicating & I don’t believe minors should give blood without parental consent & certainly not during school hours. I esp despise the military recruiters who show up at the school’s trying to hijack our kids. It’s all commie crapola.

  245. BTW….judges aren’t supposed to be ruling by knee jerk reactions, they are supposed to be ruling based on law & fact. There is no law or fact in these fraudclosures. Therefore, there should not be any foreclosures to rule on.

  246. We have Attorneys! 🙂

  247. Quite frankly, I was impressed your daughter choose to give to Help another in need. What is your Problem with that? Are you afraid your drugs might somehow show up in her system?

  248. If that were true then why do you trolls spend so much time trying to shoot the messenger….? You trolls never use a law or fact based argument. You are certainly not the sharpest tools in the shed and these judges who are railroading the people don’t look smart, just criminal.

  249. That doesn’t make it right guest. A 17 year old is still a minor and should need parental consent for someone to stick a needle in their arm. Kids were blacking out from giving blood during school. That’s bullshit.

  250. They would not be getting much if they stole yours.

  251. “Why do you think these crooks want to steal our intellects …?” HaHaHa! Nothing to steal where that came from…

  252. American ingenuity made these crooks a lot of money and that is why they want to destroy the free markets. They are users. The best & the brightest are educated right here in America. Why do you think all the foreigners want to come here to go to school…? They all want to steal our intelligence.

  253. In Illinois a blood donor can donate with parental consent. At age 17 parental consent is not longer required. The “Non for Profit” Blood Banks schedule their Buses on Blood Drives at all the High School and Collage Campus months in advance. All donors blood is tested on the spot to make sure a donor is healthy enough to donate. (i.e. Hep C, Aids, anemic, durgs.. etc,, dont recall the specifics) Per the C part of K

  254. What about testing for Zoloft or how about Prozac & Depakote…..? Lots of ticking time bombs. Guns aren’t the only way to exact revenge. One thing the American people are really good at is creating things. Why do you think these crooks want to steal our intellects …?

  255. People snap for a lot of reasons, like being robbed of everything by traitor’s and imposters. There isn’t a test for that one.

  256. Traitor, traitor quite contrary how does your crime spree grow…? By covering up the truth….

  257. Employers require drug testing because people with guns on drugs snap.

  258. I can’t wait to see all of you commies lose it all Christine…oh that’s right…you can’t because you never owned anything ….snap.

  259. For all of you who are losing in court because of a judge’s knee-jerk reaction and bias against pro se, thank assholes like stripper for it.

  260. Our bank….? LMAOROF…..

  261. Can’t wait to see you lose, imbecile. Seeing your attitude, that’s the only possible outcome. Unless, of course, Abby is right and you already lost it all.

  262. We don’t give a rats ass about Basel. Screw these commie a**holes & all of their fraud & fakery. Nothing they do is legal.

  263. People can’t be blamed for believing in the little green guys… What else could they believe in? Society? Law? Government? I mean, really! 16 billions in legal expenses and fines (born by “creditors”, meaning you, as a client/depositor of the bank) but Jamie Boy got his 18.7 millions in salary and bonuses. What a great country!


    The Price of Evil at JPMorgan Chase
    Posted: 03/20/2013 9:13 pm

    $16 billion.

    That’s how much JPMorgan Chase has paid in fines, settlements and other litigation expenses in the last four years alone.

    More than half of that amount, $8.5 billion, was paid out in fines and settlements as the result of illegal actions taken by bank executives.

    $8.5 billion is almost 12 percent of the net income the mega-bank brought in during the same period.

    High Overhead

    These figures comes from “JPMorgan Chase: Out of Control,” an impressive analysis of the bank’s performance by Joshua Rosner, an investment analyst at GrahamFisher. And there’s more. Since Rosner published his report only last week, JPMorgan Chase has settled another dispute.

    This latest agreement is with the trustee for customers of fraudulent investment firm MF Global.

    The MF Global deal included a $100 million cash payout from Chase, and an agreement to waive the $417 million in claims it had made against MF Global’s clients. If you add in the full amount of this agreement, the bank has given up more than $9 billion in settlements since 2009.

    Now we’re over 12 percent just in payouts. Throw in all the other litigation costs and the total comes to well over 20 percent of the bank’s net income in a four year period.

    And illegalities aren’t the only thing that’s costing JPMorgan Chase’s shareholders a lot of money. There’s also the London Whale foul-up, an apparently illegal series of trades that’s already lost the bank $6.2 billion.

    Add it all up. Then throw in the massive fines JPMorgan Chase paid before 2009, but after Dimon took the helm. Then add in the likely cost of the cases which loom before the bank today. You’ll find that the Price of Evil for Dimon & Co. is very high — at least by normal standards.

  264. Yeah right Christine…..most pro se’s lose because they don’t “get the system.” You are so full of shit. The rule of law is not being applied otherwise there would be no need for pro se’s because there would be no FRAUDCLOSURES …. Why don’t you make like the wind and go blow.

  265. Cyprus, Basel (i, ii, iii) and what’s in store for us…

    It’s very long and can be found on Deadly Clear. I’m only posting what concerns all of us: our relationship with our bank.

    “In a September 2011 article in the Bulletin of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand titled “A Primer on Open Bank Resolution,” Kevin Hoskin and Ian Woolford discussed a very similar haircut plan that had been in the works, they said, since the 1997 Asian financial crisis. The article referenced recommendations made in 2010 and 2011 by the Basel Committee of the Bank for International Settlements, the “central bankers’ central bank” in Switzerland.

    The purpose of the plan, called the Open Bank Resolution (OBR) , is to deal with bank failures when they have become so expensive that governments are no longer willing to bail out the lenders. The authors wrote that the primary objectives of OBR are to:

    ensure that, as far as possible, any losses are ultimately borne by the bank’s shareholders and creditors . . . .

    The spectrum of “creditors” is defined to include depositors:

    At one end of the spectrum, there are large international financial institutions that invest in debt issued by the bank (commonly referred to as wholesale funding). At the other end of the spectrum, are customers with cheque and savings accounts and term deposits.

    Most people would be surprised to learn that they are legally considered “creditors” of their banks rather than customers who have trusted the bank with their money for safekeeping, but that seems to be the case. According to Wikipedia:

    In most legal systems, . . . the funds deposited are no longer the property of the customer. The funds become the property of the bank, and the customer in turn receives an asset called a deposit account (a checking or savings account). That deposit account is a liability of the bank on the bank’s books and on its balance sheet. Because the bank is authorized by law to make loans up to a multiple of its reserves, the bank’s reserves on hand to satisfy payment of deposit liabilities amounts to only a fraction of the total which the bank is obligated to pay in satisfaction of its demand deposits.

    The bank gets the money. The depositor becomes only a creditor with an IOU. The bank is not required to keep the deposits available for withdrawal but can lend them out, keeping only a “fraction” on reserve, following accepted fractional reserve banking principles. When too many creditors come for their money at once, the result can be a run on the banks and bank failure.

    The New Zealand OBR said the creditors had all enjoyed a return on their investments and had freely accepted the risk, but most people would be surprised to learn that too. What return do you get from a bank on a deposit account these days? And isn’t your deposit protected against risk by FDIC deposit insurance?

    Not anymore, apparently. As Martin Hutchinson observed in Money Morning, “if governments can just seize deposits by means of a ‘tax’ then deposit insurance is worth absolutely zippo.”

    The Real Profiteers Get Off Scot-Free”

  266. Many pro se lose because they really, really don’t understand the system. Here is a very good example of why homeowners have gotten such a bad rap in court. Sorry to say but each one of those makes it that much more difficult for legitimate ones to prevail. Why? Because judges end up throwing all pro se homeowners in one big bag labelled “vexatious-litigators”, aka pains in the butt deadbeat jerks.


  267. UKG,

    And yes, you’re right: it is not the actual stamp itself but what it states that matters. Szimoniak explained it very well with that VP of MERS also employee of a specific bank or law firm handling the paperwork apparently on behalf of both. Can’t be both… Serious conflict there if you are employed by the law firm and sign for MERS at the same time. And yet, even though Szimoniak made a big deal about it, judges don’t appear to care… Still today.

  268. UKG,

    That thing about stamp v. no stamp is not quite clear cut. As an example, I was told that in OH, notaries do not have to have a stamp. Anything they notarize within the state can be done with or without a stamp but what matters is that they sign, date and record their notary registration number on the doc they notarize.

    On the other hand, if they notarize, within the state, something that is meant for a federal government agency (IRS, INS or what not), the feds require a stamp. Ditto for documents meant to be produced in another state requiring notaries to have a stamp. Nothing is easy in this country… As a result, most OH notaries just simply go out and get one, just to make it easier on themselves.

    So, when i refie’d, it was in OH, with an OH lender, for an OH property. No stamp. However, subsequent transfers/conveyances of mortgage note I pulled from the country recorder’s office (when they existed) did have stamps because said transfers/assignments/conveyances were performed in other states such as MI, CA (!), FL (!) etc. which may have required a stamp.

  269. @ gault, some judges read it that the assignment of the note takes the mortgage with it. the problem I have with these “jurists” is that they allow a “copy” of a note with a “trailing” endorsement and no recordation of the assignment of the debt/mortgage at all if the perfection of the security interest is assumed because the plaintiff has a “copy of the note”, (like my judge did), well, she’s in for an appeal.

  270. louise, how are you? TollBooth, good to see ya. And Christine, beautiful day, isn’t it?
    I had a document notarized at the bank. She used a stamp. so did the guy at the L&T agency. Rubber stamped notarizations are indeed legal. But that is a notarization, not a seal of a borrower or an executor of a contract. And it isn’t just the “stamped endorsement” that’s at issue; it’s the title that the person is executing under “Christine Louise Tollbooth, V.P We’ll Fuckem Bank, N.A.”, when Christine Louise is a document processor who also directs the janitorial service run by stripes. She is not a vice president at all, she is a document processor.

  271. E. ToLLe,

    Foreclosures are part of a big picture we all try to grasp. Have you seen how much progress people who handle it as an isolated event have accomplished thus far? How long have people been harping on MERS? Is it gone yet? Why? Have foreclosures tapered it down? No? Why? Why the need to funnel all that money to the industrial military complex via the bank (because that’s exactly where it is going. All of it)?

    Nothing happens in a vacuum. WWI, WWII, 1929, S&L crisis, 911, foreclosures, everything is tied to oil. And we have the ability to get off the oil and we must do it right now. Otherwise, humanity is done and over with. Gore, along with a large number of scientists, said we had the technology to clean up our acts (reverse engineering of shot down UFOs since Roswell allows for clean, zero point energy) and a limited numbers of years to act. In fact, we were given roughly ten years… ten years ago. Time is up.

    Open your eyes and look at what is happening worldwide. Foreclosures are meant as a distraction to destabilize people so much that they won’t ask questions or protest. It didn’t “just happen”. Look at it, look how it played out and tell us that it wasn’t intentionally orchestrated. Ditto for the world crisis.

    Well, if it was intentional, for what purpose? And explain to me why, suddenly, there is such a push for disclosure. Have you watch the History channel? Do you read international news. Do you see where China is going? Did you hear the statement made by the Russian Prime Minister on TV? The only country that is resisting coming clean with anything whatsoever is the US. Why?

    We can’t understand this insanity without digging deeper. Because, so far, the people who try to resolve it by explaining it strictly from the standpoint if an economic “Oops!” aren’t doing too well. Even though they keep pointing to fraud, it isn’t making a dent. Did you ask yourself why? Did you ask yourself why it is allowed to remain so endemic in a country that is basically “civilized’? Did you ask yourself why, the more we hear about the extent of the fraud and the less anyone appears to be shocked or even concerned?

    It’s much, much bigger than MERS or foreclosures. It is about getting off oil… yesterday but releasing all the technologies all the countries have, individually, gathered from shot down ET crafts. Because one of the problems we are running into is that Keshe Foundation, which reproduced a lot of the Tesla and Faraday zero point, plasma energy, is pretty dangerous in the wrong hands and it is in many of them…

  272. More names of some Billionaire Hedge Fund Managers..Carl Icahn, Scott Thompson, Bill Gates, Larry Ellison, Kevin B. Rollins…2 Buys From Bill Gates Secret Hedge Fund; Cascade Investment LLC, A private holding company http://www.streetauthority.com/investing-basics/2-buys-bill-gates-secret-investment-460249

  273. UKG,

    I know it sucks on the face of it but I really don’t think district courts can rule otherwise when the state and/or counties do not, indeed, impose a legal requirement of recordation. In place where they do (TX, OH, ME for example), those actions could not be dismissed on such grounds.

    On the other hand, where I do have a hell of a problem is when there is such a requirement, a legitimate lawsuit was filed and it was subsequently dismissed by the county, apparently for no reason at all other than pressure from the Feds. If I recall, that’s what happened in MA, NE and CA, wasn’t it?

  274. These Billionaire Hedge Fund Managers need to be prosecuted first…names like John Paulson, George Soros, Steven A. Cohen, William Ackman, Kenneth C. Griffin, Daniel S. Loeb…..

  275. Wake Up…Our Totalitarian enemies have bought up the country Unconstitutionally and Illegally. Everything they are doing is radical and it is all criminal.

  276. There can be no legal transfers and no legal proceedings without the Security Agreement john gault. These are Securities Frauds.

  277. There are no judicial proceedings because the Rule of Law is not being followed. That is because we have been hijacked by Radicals of every way shape and form and everything they are doing is Unconstitutional and Illegal. If the rule of law were being followed, there would be no foreclosures and all titles would be cleared and all payments would be returned to the American People. Even the outright dismissal of these cases does not correct the injustices we are all being forced to endure.

  278. You can argue “MERS” doesn’t have the authority to transfer the note or you can argue the assignment of the note in the coll instrument assgt is prima facie evidence the note is just now being assigned (or argue one and then the other alternatively). Course this may spawn a rash of back-dated assignments (prior to the trust’s closing date), so have to be ready for that possibility.

  279. This is all Soviet Style Politics. All People, Possessions and Property have been Unconstitutionally and Illegally made wards of the State. There are no judicial proceedings because we have been hijacked by Totalitarian Radicals. This is war on our Constitutional Republic by the Soviets and the Chinese. New Documentary coming out entitled Death by China. These totalitarian control freaks have used radicals from within who hate America and have their boots on our throat. They bought up the country illegally.

  280. louise linked to some Max Gardner material wherein he says this is a clue of a bogus deal:
    “The mortgage note is allegedly transferred in a single document along with the Mortgage or Deed of Trust (i.e., “Assignment of the Note and Mortgage”). You cannot “assign” a mortgage note. You can only “negotiate” a mortgage note under Article 3 of the UCC.”

    I agree with the first sentence (and the banksters are attempting to use MERS to do a belated sale and assgt of the note to the trusts), but not the last sentence because I believe that a note may be transferred by a sale and assignment agreement. The UCC is only default law and my understanding of that is that ‘default law’ is law which is looked to in 1) the absence of a contractual agreement or 2) any other reason to look to statute to settle a dispute and determine rights.
    Imo, if I, for instance, sold you a note by a sale and assignment agreement and then didn’t deliver the endorsed note (say), the UCC would determine our rights. But in a real estate loan deal, neither the note nor the coll instrument are stand alone instruments. And both the UCC and the statue of frauds are or may be involved. AZ said a beneficiary may enforce a dot, but who is, what is the definition of, a beneficiary? It’s the note owner/lender or its properly appointed (key words) agent and no one else.

  281. Ilinois is a judicial state louise. We have been hijacked by communist radicals who are totalitarians.

  282. The Neo Con Republicans are directing this scam however, that does not leave the Democrats off of the hook. The Democrats are largely radicals. We have the Oligarchs of Corporate America and the Plutocrat Politicians to blame for this Soviet Style coup de tat of our Constitutional Republic in both parties.

  283. UsedKarGuy: That decision in Illinois is why all states should be judicial. Whatta bunch of BS.

  284. @guest: Mistake noted. However, please check out this link by Max Gardner and top tips for fake mortgage dox.


  285. The Democrats have hijacked the free markets with a Soviet Style system of politics.. Larry Kudlow was spot on tonight in his reporting. The Department of Homeland Security has purchased 1.65 billion bullets..they have hijacked the Second Amendment…..$60.4 Trillion dollars in bailouts to the hoodlums on Wall Street…the Democrats have hijacked the free markets. The appointment of the their cronies to positions of power in the Judiciary and Law Enforcement has hijacked the legal system.

  286. W-in-T- F happened here on LL in the last few days? All of the sudden and without notice, we’re about to be told that aliens are among us, that we’re all about to be gassed in FEMA camps, and even worse, that stripes has people responding to her incessant and meaningless diatribes like she should be given the time of day. Oh the humanity!

    Would everyone PLEASE come back to foreclosureland @ LL, where we all reside?

    These other topic areas make me suddenly gag, huge dry heave types of gags, believing that people are so easily shaken from what is really going on here, a HUGE crime spree. It has nothing to do with extra-terrestrials or FEMA, and especially not with that windbag assvent/straps.

    Just say no.

  287. Stripe your so right on the money connection in politics. Obama came into office worth a couple of million dollars, and the people you have mention that are billionaire are worth more than a Obama and Clinton together will ever be, and in the next few months Obama will be as worthless as Clinton is to the people.

    What has taken place is that the Democrat has sussessfully gotten the poor vote behind Obama who never had the power to deal with these large banks as these men are more powerful than the office of the Presidency.

    Just look at the speech Obama was force to give in Israel on a visit that does not amount to a hill of beans, but mean him know his spot. Obama is done in order of this housing crisis as the greatest hope is probably Sen Warren who is a young gun at a advance age, and if she not purchase, this is here mission to take on and my just become President if she plays her card right as Oama who acted as if he were against war, but has put all those who voted yes to the Iraq War in a position of power.

    Obama is the ultimate Trojan horse who never had any I tension of buying those to justice that has cause this chaos!

  288. more bad news for borrowers and county recorders alike:

    Southern District of Illinois joins growing number of federal courts in dismissing lawsuit against MERS to recover recording fees
    Dykema Gossett PLLC
    Thomas M. Schehr and Jared D. Kemper

    March 13 2013

    Thomas M. SchehrAuthor page »Jared D. KemperAuthor page »

    The Southern District of Illinois has dealt another blow to municipalities seeking to recover damages against Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. (MERS) for failing to record mortgage assignments and pay the accompanying fees. In Union County v. MERSCORP, Inc., –F.Supp.2d– (S.D. Ill. Jan. 30, 2013), the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Illinois, interpreting Illinois law, dismissed a putative class action filed by Union County for failing to record assignments and to pay the required recording fees for those assignments. Judge Patrick Murphy dismissed the action holding that, under Illinois law, “there is no mandatory duty to record.” This ruling is another victory affirming MERS’s business model.

    In its four-count complaint filed on behalf of all counties in Illinois, Union County alleged that MERS and the other defendant banks engaged in a civil conspiracy, violated Illinois’s Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Business Act, and were unjustly enriched by failing to record assignments and pay applicable county recording fees in Illinois’s recording statute, 765 ILCS 5/28. Union County sought, among other things, a declaratory judgment requiring MERS and the other bank defendants to record and pay the recording fees for every mortgage assignment in Illinois. The Court dismissed Union County’s claims, holding that “by the plain meaning of 765 ILCS 5/28, there is no mandatory duty to record here and Plaintiffs’ complaint fails to state any claim upon which relief may be granted.” The Court reasoned that the requirement to record “is not a duty, the dereliction of which exposes the mortgagee or mortgagor to civil penalties.”

    This ruling marks the sixth state where MERS has obtained dismissal of a recording fee suit: The other states are: Missouri (Jackson County v. Merscorp, No. 12-cv-00665 (W.D. Mo. Jan. 14, 2013)); Iowa (Plymouth County, Iowa v. MERSCORP, No. 12-4022 (N.D. Iowa, August 21, 2012)), Florida (Fuller v. MERS, No. 11cv-1153 (M.D. Fla., June 27, 2012)); Arkansas (Brown v. MERS, No. 11-cv-06070 (W.D. Ark., September 17, 2012)); and Kentucky (Christian County Clerk v. MERS, No. 11-cv-00072 (W.D. Ky., February 21, 2012)). In each of these cases, the courts also held that the municipal plaintiffs had failed to state a claim because the laws in those jurisdictions did not require MERS to record assignments of mortgage.

  289. Who were the largest contributers to Senator from Illinois Dick Durbin’s campaign…? Simmons Cooper, LLC, CME GROUP, Citigroup Inc, MacAndrews & Forbes, United Continental Holdings….Total money raised for Dick Durbins Cycle of Fundraising, 2007 -2010…$10,581,956.00

  290. If the link is blocked…You can Google Who is Paulson and Company…? The Crooks are also invested in the Politicians Like Senator Chuck Schumer and Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois who aid and abet them in committing their crime sprees by getting on the Committees that protect and serve these crooks…..Also Google search the names…George Soros, Steven A. Cohen, and William Ackman.

  291. With FHA, VA, USDA loans your only going to have one or possible two endorsement, where one will be blank and will forever be blank and non-negotiable because as Ginnie Mae cannot appear on the Notes, as does not, the document cannot ever be passed along because the Note never grants a debt holder the authorization, as the debt holder must sale to the future debt holder the debt.

    Once Ginnie take possession of the game is over forever!

  292. Take note that one of the top contributors to Senator Chuck Schumer’s campaign was John Paulson and Company. Who is John Paulson? John Paulson is a Billionaire who became a Billionaire by short selling subprime mortgages. In 2007 John Paulson made $3.7 Billion dollars short selling subprime mortgages… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paulson_%26_Co.
    Some other names in association with the frauds of the crook John Paulson are……George Soros, Steven A. Cohen, and William Ackman

  293. It is the moron politicians who are at war with us. The traitors from within. They are all invested in this scam..

  294. Apparrently, Mr Bharrara was the Chief Consel to NEW YORK SENATOR CHUCK SHUMER IN 2005 …..Chuck Schumer was also on the U.S. SENATE SUBCOMMITTEE ON SECURITES, INSURANCE AND INVESTMENT http://www.opensecrets.org/politicians/summary.php?cid=n00001093
    Here are some of Chuck Schumers Committe Assignments, Top 5 Campaign Contributors….Paul Weiss et al, Paulson & Co, Weitz & Luxenberg, Schulte, Roth & Zabel, Lazard Ltd…. …..

  295. Shelley,

    We already had the imbecile spreading stupid and unsubstantiated fears. Please do not add to that fire. Thank you.

  296. I just received an email letting me know this was not a letter of suicide. Thank God! He had me panicked.

  297. Carrie,

    You are correct. The servicers will identify the trustee as the “owner” of the loan. I have written fdcpa letters to Aurora & Nationstar who have been servicers in my case and they both Identify Deutsche as owner of my loan.

    I have sent follow up letters refuting their statements with the Black Law definition and verbage in the PSA that states “on behalf of cerfificate holders”. I directly have asked for this info which they won’t answer. I speculate this is because of confidentially agreements they took with investors.

    However, I have been able to find a handful of my investor by googling my trust and have written their attorneys attempting to get assistance.

    I believe the trustee’s maybe empowered to act on behalf of the investors but I also believe they have a fiduciary responsibility to the borrower? They can not claim to be the “owner” of the loan.

  298. Stop for a minute as I have told all here and everywhere before the the easiest way to break the back of this scheme is with Ginnie Mae MBS.

    The trial must end at Ginnie one the loans are pooled because the Notes are relinquish endorsed in blank and Ginnie does not and cannot purchase the debt as it not authorized and is actual legal for a non lender to purchase the Notes.

    Ginnie cannot come to court with a claim of ownership and does not do this as the service act for Ginnie, however there cannot be some servicing agreement for a servicer to service mortgage payments that its against the law for Ginnie Mae to collect. Is a pass through payment for a reason.

    I don’t believe that there are any actual Trust of government insured loan because you have these phony servicers as which Wells Fargo fakes like they are the service for the ex Washington Mutual Bank government loans. once these loan are assumed to be in default but are not actual in default because no debt exist.

    For these WaMu pools you cannot find a Trust agreement because the not actual Trust. Ginnie does not have ownership to place the loan in a Trust and they must under UCC have possession of the blank Notes because the Notes is blank, and if the Trust had physical possession of it would actual be owner of the Note.

    However with possession you must have purchase the debt or the Note is not a note under the law, as it does not contain a debt! The only reason a Note is a Note is because the holder is due a debt under the agreement, however once through this stupid creation of the securities the lender simply relinquishes it financial claims, to a Ginnie that not even involved in the selling of the MBS. It the investors that purchase the MBS no Ginnie but either one is purchasing a home mortgage loan.

    There are 800,000 loans from 2009_2010 allow that were foreclosed and not a one of them could be, because the debt was never purchase per Gimmie Mae regulation and US law as the non lender cannot purchase this product!

  299. Louise… Stamped Notary Signatures are not Legal .. I agree! But you are Wrong on Stamp Signatures Being Legal! I witness Stamp Signings for the disabled, I witness X signings for the blind. Trust Me they are Legal!

    March 22, 2013 There is no longer a justice system here, or a citizens law enforcement system.
    It is all corporate owned now by international banking interests that are tied to the Jesuit Vatican and
    the Rothschilds. Thereof, this is all now controlled and assigned under the Satanist Coven that is
    call the NSA.
    All Chiefs of Police have to swear an oath to the NSA before they are allowed to become a Chief of Police.

    After reviewing my lifetime here, and what I have had to be victim to and then also
    being denied even a social life let alone a sex life.

    All that anyone can now get ready for is to buy a remote farmstead with aquifer and
    stock up on store-able foods and all necessary supplies to be able to wait out up to
    three years, before this global war dwindles down. Most American cities
    are about to be annihilated.

    Consider that the North American mass elimination has already begun
    and millions are about to mass murdered (by gassing tents at the FEMA
    facilities) and those who want to ride through this they better begin
    to get ready now because the entire theater of world war is about to start in April.

    This country is in a lot of ways, thus deserves what it is about to go through.

    What do I have left to loose. I have never been allowed to enjoy life here.

    Should I care about a people who have all done everything they can to make my
    life miserable, and the continuously try to murder me several hundred times.

    My memory was erased by the Dept. of Defense, and I have been carefully
    watched over by the DOD all of my life. I do not have any memory of
    who and what I was, and my memory was erased due to what
    I know, and what I did, which is apparently I am one of the founders
    of Delta Force and apparently I am more then you would think.

    They protect me and have kept me here as to what they have
    told me, that I am considered to be a National Treasure.

    There is a pound of metal fragments that are embedded in my left
    side and my arms have been micro surgically reattached.

    They have even made it impossible for me see my now thirteen year old
    daughter Hailey Lynn Brown and from her ever being able to see her Daddy, and
    she only lives in Bellevue. Maybe she is able to watch me on cable TV
    in Bellevue, maybe. Thats if they allow her to be able to see her Daddy on TV.

    You would think that just one concerned women, in this last ten years,
    just one women would have cared to help me to be able to see my daughter.
    Nope, not one concerned women has even cared to even help me to be able
    to visit with my daughter. Not one concerned women. At least then
    my daughter would have been able to see her Dad with someone
    even though, vis a vis,. women will have nothing to do with me, her Dad.

    For my daughter to have even been able to see her Dad just even once.
    So that the Mafia in laws would not be able to claim that I was molesting
    her during the visit and all of the while as that I have been told, that
    they the grandparents and the mother all have been molesting
    my daughter and I am what, the target of this out of control corrupt system.

    Isn’t life fun here. Judgement is coming to this entire
    country and all that anyone should now do is to immediately
    prepare to evacuate all population centers and get ready.

    This country is about to be toast really soon. And, it deserves what
    is about to happen to all of the American people who have turned into a demonic self
    gratifying parasitic disease upon this entire planet.

    They have informed me that I had saved the lives of thousands of
    American troops and killed more then 37 thousand VC-Chinese in less
    then a year and a half. Thats what I was told.

    And, all that I am considered to be here is a short ugly broke white guy.

    By the way this is who they did this to, to this short ugly (now older) white guy:

    January 03, 2013 – You have no idea what I have had to deal with in this life time
    and try to find some form of sanity. And, there is literally no female love here, none!
    And, I am defending this country? Why? :Major-General:Will-P-Wilson:
    Delta-Forces:Will-P-Wilson: Why? For What and for who, to save something
    that is trying to destroy everything in any way including murder and mind *%#@ me non stop?

    On the left is Congressional Medal of Honor Maj. Gen. Will P. Wilson,
    and in the middle is Congressional Medal of Honor Gen. Terrence D. Swan. We received
    our Medal of Honors after they brought us back dead from Vietnam and used extremely
    top secret technology to literally grow us back together again at Area 51, They brought me back
    twice dead. And, put me back together there. I don’t expect anyone to have a clue
    as to what I have been through. . Maj. Gen. Will P. Wilson. Time to
    forget that being alive here was worse being dead here.

  301. Who is the U.S. STATES ATTORNEY Pretinder (Preet) S. Bharrara? From cnn money…
    Preet Bharrara The Enforcer of Wall Street..

  302. @Jack: stamped signatures are not valid as far as I know. It is supposed to be a handwritten ink signature. Look at notary rules in your state.

  303. It would have to be an authentic signature and it must be on the original note.

  304. Jack, Yes stamp signing is legal, are are require registration, check you state laws. However there are rules.. .. like legal docs being signed it requires a witness to the stamping by the signee/stampee or their agent …… a Notary Affidavit should be attatched. If stamping as agent for their principal. They need to sign in that capacity (as agent-signing for principal… i.e. Attorney In Fact for JJ Greedy). You need principal info to verify and a copy of contract to confirm the authority of the agent to sign/stamp.. That includes Corps.

  305. Read all about it here…..Look Who’s Running The White House Show…

  306. Is an endorsement from an ink stamp signature valid, or does it need to be a hand written signature? If a stamp signature is valid, how do you prove it is who it says it is?

  307. Look for the article at the link below that talks about how the Muslim Brotherhood were appointed to many White House Departments..

  308. If that link is blocked you can also find that article at http://www.fourwinds10.net/


  310. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/03/21/assurant-forced-placed-insurance_n_2927091.html?utm_hp_ref=business

    “…This is the first major move to end all of these practices and we hope it will become a nationwide trend,” said Benjamin Lawsky, the superintendent of the New York Department of Financial Services, which oversees insurance companies and state-chartered banks. “Prices should not be pushing up and up, pushing borrowers over the foreclosure cliff.”
    Practically everyone who has a mortgage must carry home insurance. If not, the company or bank that services the mortgage will buy a policy on the homeowner’s behalf and send the bill to the homeowner. This is done to protect the “investor” that actually owns the loan…”

    WRONG—there is no “investor” who “owns” these “loans”…the parties involved are JUNK DEBT BUYERS, DEBT COLLECTORS, AND SECURITIES INVESTORS.
    The servicer—when pressed—will simply say: “The securitization trust is the owner of your loan”, (which is physically impossible—because for one thing no “loan” was ever transferred to the trust)…and then the servicer simply ignores you when you ask for the name of the “real creditor”…or, like in my case (OneWest Bank),—he said:

    “We don’t have to inform you of the name of the Real Creditor because of privacy laws”.

    The perfect crime.

  311. You can see clearly what these criminals have done…and what breach of National Security does to the peace and security of the people of a nation by looking at what is going on in Cypress.

    This is why we have a Constitution and strict property and trust laws in the U.S.A when it involves Securities of We The People.

  312. There can only be one legal assignment deb and that legal assignment must be a legal trust agreement. That is the Security.

  313. I was not allowed to file a police report either….I was diverted to the State AG…..again, highly improper as there has been a breach of not only my security but, our National Security.

  314. I called the Illinois States attorney’s office early on and they told me to call the State AG…..that was highly improper. These are Securities of the States ….that means, these are the Securities of WE THE PEOPLE, these crooks committed massive Securities Frauds with.

  315. That would be Preet Bharrara and all of his associate States attorney’s nationwide ….in Illinois it is head States Attorney Anita Alvarez.

  316. Forget the notaries….the fraud is no secret….Subpoenas need to be dropped on ALL of the Title company heads and all of the Treasury Department heads past and present ASAP by the U.S. State Attorneys Office.

  317. This shows the flow of the Promissory Note and the breakage as the Note travels:

    It is never a good sign when you see all the BIG RED X’s:


  318. I have also 2 different copies of same purported assignment, Counterfeit. To indymac. No date
    How many more are out there how do i know there arnt. Hoe bout iput meleanie spotts on the stand and cross examine is she real person even or thAt name made up. In past indymac assured me they had the note – well a copy. Its az not needed of course.

  319. PLEASE! PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION!!! THIS IS ONE OF THE MAJOR PERPS BEHIND THE FRAUDULENT NOTES!!! TRUST ME!! https://www.change.org/petitions/national-notary-association-remove-lsi-lps-speakers-from-their-national-conference

  320. That’s right Shelley. The crooks tried to enter an “original note” onto the record in my case. Upon inspection of the note, my husband rubbed the signature and smeared it. And revealed it was a robosigned forgery. The notes are irrelevant without the Security Agreement anyway but, it was a significant piece of discovery none the less. That was physical evidence of Forgery.

  321. The JAMES MCDONALD evidentiary hearing has West One Bank employee testifying admitting two different photo copies of the note were scanned from a picture and endorsed with wet ink endorsements which is sometimes used to foreclose on homeowners, therefore the notes were counterfeit. Two notes in one case presented to the court. I was just looking this case up for a friend. My attorney is th attorney that brought this out in the evidentiary hearing in WA state. It was on stopforeclosurefraud.org also

  322. Love the posts here. An attorney has told me as long as an assignment exists & is recorded there is no reason for, and I will not be able to demand to see a ‘proof’ of wire transfer etc. that shows the “for value received” on said assignment – that was financed through my now ‘lender’ and not the loan originator(which went bk). Settlement statement is undoubtedly forged. Signatures on originals do not exist on ‘genuine’ copies from ‘lender’ as well as being on completely opposite sides of the line to sign and ones signature up and developed a middle initial. Numbers are wrong in HUD1 SS, title insurance disappears on the ‘lenders’ copy etc. Title insurance as made a month before house was even appraised, their are several different applications,the true ones signed affirm borrowers are worth -thousands per $ in bank vs. debt – the others have ‘assets’ & such added to show +thousands, rent paid for 5 previous years (borrower took this out after graduating hs,- they did not pay rent to parents) Pd. that year taxes w/closing costs, (did not go into escrow) and paid again (from escrow) at years end. Note has been stamped to “payable without recourse to *’lender’* after it had been signed and copied, almost all papers, (no GFE, except the fake one they made) are dated same day of closing. Loan applications(marked made by telephone), TIL, ($$$$’s from whats in HUD1 SS) Note. MTG, warranty deed, assignment, SS addendum that’s forged,all dated the day of closing. Payments in yearly tax/escrow show 17-200+ being ‘unapplied’ for years, attorney said he had never seen any payment history & escrow that jumbled. $$$’s in fees out of some payments..”corporate advances” Property inspections”..paid *123* monthly payment, it reflects *99* was applied, than the rest went to ‘fees’. over & over…got mod, MERS junk, states it was assigned to mers in the original day of note & mtg (humor me)…MOdification pages signed by ‘lender’ state our payments were *100* after mod letter was sent stating payments were now *300*, “lender” signature papers, VP both ‘lender & mers” not original copy borrowers were mailed to have signed & notarized per traveling notary, whom must of violated states statues on notary laws seeing she did not verify what she signed & had recorded were indeed the copies signed.(?) – pro`se here(attorney mentioned was an consultation)…Borrower Filed answer & counter claim. Plaintiff answered – in one answer they provided, borrower had pointed out, ..’in the assignment, if indeed it was true & legal, it says at the bottom – “to have & to hold, forever…subject to terms & conditions in assignment..” if “lender” sold/transferred loan to GNMA – which they admitted as well- would that not be a breech of their own contract …they admitted that in their answer…so they admitted they are in breech of their own contract. Which does not stay valid if they cannot prove they purchased the assignment? – or does it if the attorney is correct and they do not have to furnish this info. He also mentioned there was an assignment of the MORTGAGE – not the note -which ‘lender’ was at some point ‘stamped’ into (not on the original) They don’t own the Note, they have no standing to foreclose. Plaintiff wants strict proof in their answer of my ‘forgery’ proof etc. ..They have not provided a lick of anything demanded in the counter claim. Everything obtained was from a QWR, which they denied was submitted as well. Great lender attorney communication there. Next step: ? File request for documents? Discovery? IN QWR ‘lender’ stated borrower will not be granted now or ever copies of the original documents, MERS milestone report, nor any requests for what was paid for the loan (among other things) because it did not pertain to the loan and was essentially none of the borrowers business. Humph. So,…pointers here guys? Thanks much.

  323. The U.S. TREASURY DEPARTMENT are the real criminals here for allowing this robbery of US and this massive breach of National Security….We The People are the only Stakeholders. We are the only Investors who put all of the skin in this game. We issued the checks/notes and we hold the Security, the deed, until notice is given by the Issuer of the Credit that they Performed on the Contracts. The FED never gave notice of any Alteration to the Contracts.

    Therefore, we were dishonored, clear title must be given to all and all payments must be returned to all of us.

    That is the Rule of Law ….

  324. There is one maker of the notes, We The People. The trusts never existed because the title companies, agencies of the Treasury, never got notice of payment by the Issuer of the Original Bills of Credit, the FED. That is why there are no legal liens. No legal lien means one thing, there has been a breach of Security. No one is safe, secure or at peace in their persons, papers, effects or houses. The Life, Liberty, and Property of every American is hanging in the balance. All of this fraud was done without our knowledge or consent. The truth is, the FED is in Default in our names and never notified us of the alteration to the contract. What occurred after that was Securities Fraud so massive, it defies imagination.

    These banksters committed a quadrillion dollars in derivatives fraud in our names without our knowledge or consent with our unauthorized signatures. As a result, they have robbed us of a quadrillion dollars of our wealth, $60.4 trillion more in payments and 20 + million properties since 2008. Worst of all, they have put our National Security in peril. No one is safe as a result of what these banksters, Wall Street and their political cronies have done.

    Every American should be filing lawsuits against the title companies and demanding the U.S. TREASURY DEPARTMENT answer for the allowance of this breach of our National Security and this Quadrillion dollar robbery by the FED.



    Until then, We The People can only presume our Constitutional Republic has been hijacked by Imposter crooks and felons and they have declared War on US on U.S. soil and imposters Act and Govern ourselves accordingly and not cooperate with these imposters.

  325. Judges appear to be waking up. As I always said, it was only a question of time before judges were affected, directly or indirectly, by banks’ fraud. We’ll see more and more of them opening their eyes in the near future.


    Bank of America fined for repeated violations in Orange homeowners’ bankruptcy case

    March 19, 2013|By Richard Burnett, Orlando Sentinel

    A federal bankruptcy judge in Orlando has slapped Bank of America Corp. with a $220,000 sanction — one of the largest fines on record in the local court — for ignoring the judge’s orders and refusing an Orange County couple’s court-approved mortgage-loan modification.

    U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Karen Jennemann sanctioned the giant bank earlier this month after it failed to appear at a series of hearings but continued trying to collect unauthorized mortgage payments from the homeowners, according to a court filing.

  326. I believe that fits right with what we were discussing yesterday: the fact that the whole scam was and is run by a handful of individuals having tentacles everywhere and who converted enormous amounts of money from both investors and homeowners.


    Despite all the wrongdoing that caused the financial crisis, prosecutors have been slow to bring charges against individuals who originated bad loans, pooled bad mortgages, and sold bad MBS. Unfortunately, the lack of individual prosecutions signals to participants of the financial industry that wrongdoing not only will go unpunished but will likely even be rewarded financially. Without criminal liability, we risk a repeat of the type of conduct that brought us to the edge of financial ruin.

  327. In my case the beneficiary as a result of a vesting assignment claims to possess the original note, but the previous beneficiary (FNMA) claims to have no business records of the transfer of the note. There is only the recorded assignment (disputed) with the county. And a recent case law that assignments don’t have to be recorded for deed of trust loans.

  328. Good article. I have an “alleged” note that has no endorsement to the trust Deutsche Bank which is the alleged holder of the Note. It also looks like an autopen was used to make the note look real. However, recently my Note (loan) was sold again to a new servicer who refused to recognize my settlement agreement with the previous servicer.

  329. What about the HUD statement? How important is that? What if the HUD has the name of the party that funded the loan? And what if the original note is endorsed once at time of closing and then left with a blank endorsement and then showed up in the litigation with an endorsment to someone…
    Am thinking that the banks do not destroy stamps of old employees as their names keep popping up long after they are gone.

  330. I will be in touch with you. I have been off the blogs, drama here! We were shown a note, blue-ink…there is no way possible. Get into it later, but I want it in evidence, which they refused to do. 100% a great copy! Thanks for the outlet for this.

  331. we do photo-shopped note analysis and expert witness services -Contact me for more information. Rob Harrington -rob.bpia@gmail.com

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