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Editor’s Analysis and Comment: If you want to know where all the money went during the mortgage madness of the last decade and the probable duplication of that behavior with all forms of consumer debt, the first clues have been emerging. First and foremost I would suggest the so-called bull market reflecting an economic resurgence that appears to have no basis in reality. Putting hundred of billions of dollars into the stock market is an obvious place to store ill-gotten gains.
But there is also the question of liquidity which means the Wall Street bankers had to “park” their money somewhere into depository accounts. Some analysts have suggested that the bankers deposited money in places where the sheer volume of money deposited would give bankers strategic control over finance in those countries.
The consequences to American finance is fairly well known here. But most Americans have been somewhat aloof to the extreme problems suffered by Spain, Greece, Italy and Cyprus. Italy and Cyprus have turned to confiscating savings on a progressive basis.  This could be a “fee” imposed by those countries for giving aid and comfort to the pirates of Wall Street.
So far the only country to stick with the rule of law is Iceland where some of the worst problems emerged early — before bankers could solidify political support in that country, like they have done around the world. Iceland didn’t bailout bankers, they jailed them. Iceland didn’t adopt austerity to make the problems worse, it used all its resources to stimulate the economy.
And Iceland looked at the reality of a the need for a thriving middle class. So they reduced household debt and forced banks to take the hit — some 25% or more being sliced off of mortgages and other consumer debt. Iceland was not acting out of ideology, but rather practicality.
The result is that Iceland is the shining light on the hill that we thought was ours. Iceland has real growth in gross domestic product, decreasing unemployment to acceptable levels, and banks that despite the hit they took, are also prospering.
From my perspective, I look at the situation from the perspective of a former investment banker who was in on conversations decades ago where Wall Street titans played the idea of cornering the market on money. They succeeded. But Iceland has shown that the controls emanating from Wall Street in directing legislation, executive action and judicial decisions can be broken.
It is my opinion that part or all of trillions dollars in off balance sheet transactions that were allowed over the last 15 years represents money that was literally stolen from investors who bought what they thought were bonds issued by a legitimate entity that owned loans to consumers some of which secured in the form of residential mortgage loans.
Actual evidence from the ground shows that the money from investors was skimmed by Wall Street to the tune of around $2.6 trillion, which served as the baseline for a PONZI scheme in which Wall Street bankers claimed ownership of debt in which they were neither creditor nor lender in any sense of the word. While it is difficult to actually pin down the amount stolen from the fake securitization chain (in addition to the tier 2 yield spread premium) that brought down investors and borrowers alike, it is obvious that many of these banks also used invested money from managed funds as gambling money that paid off handsomely as they received 100 cents on the dollar on losses suffered by others.
The difference between the scheme used by Wall Street this time is that bankers not only used “other people’s money” —this time they had the hubris to steal or “borrow” the losses they caused — long enough to get the benefit of federal bailout, insurance and hedge products like credit default swaps. Only after the bankers received bailouts and insurance did they push the losses onto investors who were forced to accept non-performing loans long after the 90 day window allowed under the REMIC statutes.
And that is why attorneys defending Foreclosures and other claims for consumer debt, including student loan debt, must first focus on the actual footprints in the sand. The footprints are the actual monetary transactions where real money flowed from one party to another. Leading with the money trail in your allegations, discovery and proof keeps the focus on simple reality. By identifying the real transactions, parties, timing and subject moment lawyers can use the emerging story as the blueprint to measure against the fabricated origination and transfer documents that refer to non-existent transactions.
The problem I hear all too often from clients of practitioners is that the lawyer accepts the production of the note as absolute proof of the debt. Not so. (see below). If you will remember your first year in law school an enforceable contract must have offer, acceptance and consideration and it must not violate public policy. So a contract to kill someone is not enforceable.
Debt arises only if some transaction in which real money or value is exchanged. Without that, no amount of paperwork can make it real. The note is not the debt ( it is evidence of the debt which can be rebutted). The mortgage is not the note (it is a contract to enforce the note, if the note is valid). And the TILA disclosures required make sure that consumers know who they are dealing with. In fact TILA says that any pattern of conduct in which the real lender is hidden is “predatory per se”) and it has a name — table funded loan. This leads to treble damages, attorneys fees and costs recoverable by the borrower and counsel for the borrower.
And a contract to “repay” money is not enforceable if the money was never loaned. That is where “consideration” comes in. And a an alleged contract in the lender agreed to one set of terms (the mortgage bond) and the borrower agreed to another set of terms (the promissory note) is no contract at all because there was no offer an acceptance of the same terms.
And a contract or policy that is sure to fail and result in the borrower losing his life savings and all the money put in as payments, furniture is legally unconscionable and therefore against public policy. Thus most of the consumer debt over the last 20 years has fallen into these categories of unenforceable debt.
The problem has been the inability of consumers and their lawyers to present a clear picture of what happened. That picture starts with footprints in the sand — the actual events in which money actually exchanged hands, the answer to the identity of the parties to each of those transactions and the reason they did it, which would be the terms agreed on by both parties.
If you ask me for a $100 loan and I say sure just sign this note, what happens if I don’t give you the loan? And suppose you went somewhere else to get your loan since I reneged on the deal. Could I sue you on the note? Yes. Could I win the suit? Not if you denied you ever got the money from me. Can I use the real loan as evidence that you did get the money? Yes. Can I win the case relying on the loan from another party? No because the fact that you received a loan from someone else does not support the claim on the note, for which there was no consideration.
It is the latter point that the Courts are starting to grapple with. The assumption that the underlying transaction described in the note and mortgage was real, is rightfully coming under attack. The real transactions, unsupported by note or mortgage or disclosures required under the Truth in Lending Act, cannot be the square peg jammed into the round hole. The transaction described in the note, mortgage, transfers, and disclosures was never supported by any transaction in which money exchanged hands. And it was not properly disclosed or documented so that there could be a meeting of the minds for a binding contract.
KEEP THIS IN MIND: (DISCOVERY HINTS) The simple blueprint against which you cast your fact pattern, is that if the securitization scheme was real and not a PONZI scheme, the investors’ money would have gone into a trust account for the REMIC trust. The REMIC trust would have a record of the transaction wherein a deduction of money from that account funded your loan. And the payee on the note (and the secured party on the mortgage) would be the REMIC trust. There is no reason to have it any other way unless you are a thief trying to skim or steal money. If Wall Street had played it straight underwriting standards would have been maintained and when the day came that investors didn’t want to buy any more mortgage bonds, the financial world would not have been on the verge of extinction. Much of the losses to investors would have covered by the insurance and credit default swaps that the banks took even though they never had any loss or risk of loss. There never would have been any reason to use nominees like MERS or originators.
The entire scheme boils down to this: can you borrow the realities of a transaction in which you were not a party and treat it, legally in court, as your own? So far the courts have missed this question and the result has been an unequivocal and misguided “yes.” Relentless of pursuit of the truth and insistence on following the rule of law, will produce a very different result. And maybe America will use the shining example of Iceland as a model rather than letting bankers control our governmental processes.

Banking Chief Calls For 15% Looting of Italians’ Savings

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  3. Clearly, these companies were never broke…..just like the so called failed banks that were shut down to siphon off our assets. The public trust no longer exists and no one should be cooperating with these corporate bankster crooks.

    These crooked plutocrat politicians are directing this scam to steal our Constitutional Republic. They want to be slave owners of everyone via the oligarchs in banking and on Wall Street. They are freedom, wealth and income thieves. We The People pay for everything upfront then irtually every dime we earn is paid back to them in the form of secret taxes we call bills. Then they sock us again by taxing our property & paultry incomes. It is all extortion and it is all illegal by its deception. The money we pay in goes in the globalist plutocrats & oligarchs pockets and we get thrown the crumbs and now they even want the crumbs.

  4. Let’s follow the Investments shall we…?

  5. The big 3….The Bankster -Oil – Drug Corp of crooks owes the American People a quadrillion dollars they stole from US. They have been robbing and looting the U.S. TREASURY with impunity since 1982.

  6. Thankfully America woke up and your evil wish is not going to come true. The American people will ever accept totalitarianism under any guises or manufactured crises. The FED has been insolvent since day 1 and all of their criminal activity through Wall Street is nothing new. They need to be abolished and our own currency coined & issued in the form of U.S. BANK NOTES as the U.S. CONSTITUTION requires. I am sick of the way RT NEWS blames US for all of the bad in the world, all done by the Bankster Corp. They all need to be thrown out of America and never let back in. Same goes for all the Zionist/illuminati media and politicians and all of their Open/Secret Societies like the CFR.

  7. “Go back to Commieland Christine….”

    Don’t have to. It’s coming HERE!!! Where are you gonna flee…? Huh?

  8. TOO BIG TO FAIL NEEDS TO GO TO JAIL……& ALL OF ITS CRIMINAL MINIONS & COHORTS. It is all one giant Amalgomated Mega Merger Conglomerate that is Unconstitutional & a Giant Illegal and criminal Fraud upon the American people…..TOO BIG TO FAIL IS A BIG SWINDLE…..AKA……NESARA-ONE PEOPLES PUBLIC TRUST-THE AMERO……= A SECRET & OPEN CORPORATE BANKSTER GOVERNMENT……AKA GLOBAL TOTALITARIANISM.


  10. Go back to Commieland Christine….No American Citizen ever agreed to any open and secret merger and aquisition with this Corporate Bank of crooks……AKA …..THE NEW WORLD ORDER… Therefore it is all Unconstitutional & illegal in the U.S.A……BRICS can go suck U.S. bricks…..and the European Union can go back to hell where they came from. TOO BIG TO FAIL needs to go…

  11. The secret and open Corporate New World Order mass joinder of the Big 3……GOLD-OIL-DRUGS have names AMRO-ARAMCO-AVALON…..ARAMCO-is BIG OIL- it was a secret merger of the worlds natural resources… oil-gas-property-technology- the military are some of its categories…. …. AMRO- was a secret merger of the worlds Gold and precious metals…..and AVALON was a secret merger of pharma & the healthcare industry. AA-MCO…joined by AVRO….THE WORLDS TECHNOLOGY & THE MILITARY BECOME…..the three big AAAs -All are controlled through investing by foreign & domestic open & secret communists. The intended consequence of that Unauthorized….Unconstitutional and Illegal union will be named the AMERO….the final amalgomation by the Alchemy of a one world currency that will be the final secret and open fraudulent inducement of an open & secret totalitarian form of Global Corporate Government upon America under the guise of these 3 names……ONE PEOPLES PUBLIC TRUST ……THE AMERO…& NESARA…..
    Read about it here….MONEY, ALCHEMY & BETRAYAL….

  12. “…the coming U.S. and Russia merger…..”


  13. Allow me to repost that link…the coming U.S. and Russia merger…..

  14. The secret and open merging of U.S. oil with foreign oil…..

  15. The crooks blocked that link below…it is a must read…you can Google it. Also read about these open and secret mergers such as the merger of the Bergen-Brunswig Corp and Amerisourcehealth…= OBAMACARE….this is how they do it….

  16. Read all about what these traitors have been up to for decades…..this open yet secret giant megamerger of the Gold/Oil/Drug BankCorp cartel have been secretly merging with the Russians behind our backs…many experts believe Reagan/Bush were the biggest traitors in U.S. history….This entire scandal we are living today started in 1982 and is the direct result of what these secret communist traitors have been planning for decades….the merger of the U.S. and the Soviets under a New World Order secret but open Totalitarian regime……YUCK……no wonder these courtrooms are being operated like secret Stalinist regimes…..secret as in fascist, these Globalist New World Order sheisters are openly stealing everything from the American people….just as prophecy predicted….watch China …openly Communist …… and watch Russia….secret Communists. Russia would secretly and openly spread her errs of open Communism all over the world. The result of these secret crimes against our Constitutional Republic is open and secret Totalitarianism by this illegitimate Corp of Communist Crooks……This is all being directed by the European Zionists who want secret but open totalitarianism. They are working hand in glove with the Russians, the Chinese, the North Koreans, Iran, Israel and the political Zionists from within American. All of our enemies are on U.S. soil acting as if this secret and open robbery and war on our Constitutional Republic is not really happening. Read about it here….. THE NEW WORLD ORDER IS THE MERGING OF CAPITALISM & COMMUNISM……IT IS SECRET & OPEN TOTALITARIANISM BY OUR ENEMIES BOTH FOREIGN & DOMESTIC…

  17. Anyone hear of the Religion and Marriage Fairness Act….? There was an advertisement about it on the radio this morning. Now what do we need that for….? Why does an Unconstitutional and illegal Bank/Corporate run entity that are not our Government have any Legal Right to determine what is unfair about religion and marriage….?

    This Bank Corp Synagogue of Satan are again taking their own personal luciferian beliefs & opinions and forcing theirs upon our Constitutiinal Republic and We The People. Who cares what these Luciferians believe is fair….? If they have their way, our great nation will be reduced to one giant Bohemian Grove Commune that has no moral values at all. How dare these immoral crooks try to tell us what is moral?

    This Bank Corp of Imposters want to do everything they can to destroy this great nation. I for one, reject them or anything that weakens America as an upstanding moral nation and I reject them and all of their evil works. This Corp of Bankster crooks certainly do not represent our Constitutional Republic in any way.

  18. For example……Jack Lew another international bankster appointed “head”….the so called Treasury Secretary traitor to the Trust for The Peoples money and traitor to the American people is heading to China.

  19. That is the real reason why there is no peace & security …..The International Bankster Corp has been allowed by the traitors within to steal a quadrillion dollars of our wealth since 1982…and another $60.4 trillion and 20 million U.S. PROPERTIES since 2008.

  20. There is no discovery…..This sheister INTERNATIONAL Bankster Corp are hiding the fact they robbed the American people via the TRAITOR POLITICIANS FROM WITHIN …..THEY ROBBED WE THE PEOPLE….THE U.S. TREASURY DEPARTMENT of a QUADRILLION dollars of our wealth and this fraud started in 1982. Since 2008 they have stolen $60.4 trillion more of our wealth and 20 + million of our properties under the guise of money lending & investing…….This was the biggest ponzi scheme swindle and heist of our wealth in U.S. HISTORY. That is why the title companies who are agents for WE THE PEOPLE and the TRUSTEES FOR THE PEOPLES TRUST ARE HIDING….THE TRAITOR POLITICIANS FROM WITHIN AND THE INTERNATIONAL BANKSTERS ROBBED THE U.S. TREASURY DEPARTMENT AND THEY ARE HIDING BEHIND THE FED BANKSTER CORP….THEY ALL STOLE A QUADRILLION DOLLARS + FROM We The People via the traitors within WHO ARE THE U.S. POLITICIANS ….

  21. Why do We The People need unions..civil rights & social justice fixes, in the freeist nation on earth when all of those Legal Rights are already afforded to every American Citizen…..? We already have a Legal Right to Defend our Life, Liberty & Property….to employ ourselves or work where we choose….save our own wealth…..freedom of religion……freedom of speech….not to pay taxes….not to contribute to social programs……The communist traitor’s from within have been slowly and strategically hijacking the Legal Rights of every American Citizen and replacing them with an Unconstitutional and Illegal Corporate Bankster form of Government.

  22. This war against our Constitutional Republic actually began at our inception..there have been several Acts of Insurrection against our Constitutional Republic since then…. all wars, the LEAGUE OF NATIONS/ U.N./IMF/WORLD BANK MEMBERSHIP…AKA….when the Federal Reserve Bank was fraudulently introduced…F.D.R.s socialism…the assassination of J.F.K…..9/11….the PATRIOT ACT…current manufactured financial crisis is covering up a quadrillion dollars of our stolen wealth by our enemies both foreign & domestic….THE NDAA…OBAMACARE….This war is both open & secret …unconstitutional & illegal.

  23. No Legal right of the American People may be infringed…..including the Legal right to Defend…..Life, Liberty & Property. Judicial Supremacy does in no way override the power of We The People. No power is Superior to the power of We The People…not taxation…not the Supreme Court….not any law, statute, investment, investor, executive order or ban that weakens the power of We The People. We The People are the gatekeepers of our Constitutional Republic especially in times of war or insurrection.

  24. You do not need a formal Legal education to understand your Legal Rights as an American Citizen …… that is why these Corporate Bankster crooks hate US and wish to destroy that document….the U.S. CONSTITUTION/BILL OF RIGHTS…. because as long as We The People have those Legal Rights afforded to every American Citizen the BANKSTER CORP have NO LEGAL STANDING to lay a finger on any any American citizen.

  25. its just not tennis

  26. just lately im thinking that like government- they want you to believe its complicated, but its not as complicated as they make you think it is, application and study and you will see. they have to friggin cheat to win.

  27. The reason why the U.S. CONSTITUTION/BILL OF RIGHTS IS the greatest document ever written by men is because, it is easy for every American citizen to interpret. It was meant to be that way for a reason…

    So that We The People could use the U.S. CONSTITUTION/BILL OF RIGHTS to defend our Legal Rights without an attorney.

  28. i hate to say this, but this stinking battle chose me, i did not choose it.

  29. Roman Canon Law leaves a lot to be desired as it does leave room for legal opinion. Truth be told, fraud is always deceptive but, the truth is, fraud is always apparent on its face, and can only be interpreted one way…it is criminal.

  30. like i saiy, years dont matter, i dont want to live an unlived life and like franco- i will die on my feet rather than live on my knees – not that i plan on dying, or loosing.

  31. yes its in reverse. but there is now a record of what transpired. words matter and if they turn out to be lies, aw well.

  32. I disagree that it takes years to understand law. However, it will take years to undo what these very deceptive crooks have done that is, try to undermine the power of the American people, the U.S. CONSTITUTION and the RULE OF LAW in the greatest nation on earth, the United States of America.

    There is more far more crime disguised as Rule of Law than there is Rule of Law or Procedural Law. The judicial process has been severely undermined by decades of Secrets, Lies, Deception and Fraud by the enemies of our Constitutional Republic from traitors within and from our enemies from outside of our borders. There is mass corruption at every level as a result.

    The truth is dangerous to this Bank Corp of crooks because the truth is….they have no Legal Standing on U.S. SOIL.

  33. I just want to know exactly how many years of our lives we are supposed to give them before enough is enough. P.S. dont tell Christine….. but I saw the Emporer without his clothes on. TeeHeeHeeHe!

  34. Deb, Yes! The trickery is in the wording. You must have extensive knowledge of legal terminology. It takes years to understand and comprehend it… i.e. Law School. Heck… the courts are still hashing it out in some states as to what the wording and the intentions were. One Judge rules one way … and another Judge rules another, so most just stall for time waiting for State Supreme Court Decisions to Be Handed Down .. appealed and finalized. YEARS!

  35. I’m sorry Deb, I misunderstood! I really do not know the reverse process for someone who lost their home. I know former homeowners have the legal right to come back and sue and possibly get their homes back, I’ve heard it is a long uphill legal battle. Nevertheless … its been done.

  36. and you bet im fighting for my right to file an ammended complaint, boy will it be ammended. im wiser now

  37. no you misunderstand, i lost everything- they got it all
    ive nothing to loose but my self respect

  38. hence when i say get a good one, i mean a real good one- they are out there

  39. guest- im cleaning up the mess attorneys made lol

  40. Good for you deb….!

  41. The FED got paid ….. they are pretending they did not to cover up for the crimes of the Treasury heads…past & present….they are all crooks every one. The title companies are agents of the U.S. TREASURY DEPARTMENT….

  42. I know Deb, I’v been watching the lawsuits going on 10yrs now. Its late in the game …. you have managed to survie and maintain possesion and that is what counts. Please get yourself an Attorney. Most of the issues with prose are their answers to the complaint, and that is where they get nailed or they get SJ in their favor and the pretenders SJ denied. . I suspect you can file an amendend answer to the complaint and an affermitive defense and voluntary dismiss your counterclaims with the right to come back later. (combining the two get messy) I dont know! state laws vary! Judges vary! I wish I could help you! I really do!

  43. i have more than that in mind stripes.

  44. That’s right…..the title company stands in the shoes of the ISSUER of the Original Bill of credit…no matter who they say they are……PROVE STATUS OF HOLDER OR STATUS OF RIGHTS OF A HOLDER……FALLS IN THE LAP OF THE TITLE COMPANIES/U.S. TREASURY DEPARTMENT …..

  45. ill add- when the fdic sold assets what was the disposition, if they are not the successor in interest then what are they – debt buyers?? so what happened to other “assets” what were the other assets, were they charged off, were there swaps, but how, if indymac was servicer for a deutsche trust (NOT) certificates were held by investors to that trust, but my loan was unqualified to be in the trust, so what was in the non trust, hot air, holographic paper bag as someone once said, and the hsbc trustee gets the house at auction for “legal money” (trustees deed upon sale issued by the bUcket shop) what does that mean, it was deliberately changed not to say “credit bid” so explain why they go to the trouble with such words, because words count, every single word in law counts.

  46. Tell the title company…..the AGENTS FOR THE U.S. TREASURY AND THE TRUSTEES OF OUR WEALTH & PROPERTY that you demand no less than a cash only money order for said amount $______ and clear title.

  47. Send the crooks at the title company a DEMAND FOR PAYMENT LETTER Deb….

  48. Bottom line…..this Bankster Corp owes the American people a QUADRILLION DOLLARS……send me my money order and clear titles to both of my hijacked properties ASAP……..

  49. If a party is signing as an agent for another party ( it does not matter what they call themself.. POA, Attorney-in-fact, MERS officer, secratary or VP) ….. there has to be underlying contract granting authority of agency. The party signing as Agent for another party must disclose that it is an Agent, and in what capacity it is signing as agent for its Principal. The Principals Name and Contact information MUST be disclosed and the Contract of Arising out of the Agency MUST be filed!!

  50. guest , oh yes , for the love of god i did it all. i sent ceases and desists and told them why, initially (4 years ago) as for stepping into the shoes, the liabilities are inherited too, as for the assets, believe me , under foia i asked and got stonewalled. and i intend to get to that again, but judicially-
    only a lawsuit and discovery and a great judge will get the justice for those of us who go the distance, or that can, many just cant even if they wanted to.

  51. That scenario you describe guest is racketeering with securities frauds and is a very deceptive coverup for the Origination Fraud by the Issuer of the Credit and are in fact acts of RICO and they are Presenting Fraud upon the court by Concealing the real party in interest…WHO ARE…THE TRUSTEES…WHO ARE …THE TITLE COMPANIES…. WHO covered up for the crimes of the Originator of the fraud….the Issuer of the Original Bill of Credit…..The FEDERAL RESERVE BANKSTERS…….there are many Felonies being committed by the Issuer by third party agents of the Issuer buying up securities frauds with stolen U.S. taxpayer money…



  52. Deny & Discover ….. Keeps the Buttwipes Away!

  53. Yes! A successor can step into the shoes of his predicessor. But the successor only has the powers its predicessor had. If the predicessor losts it ability to fc on the deed because of its agent….. its successor does not have the ability to fc on the deed either. The successors powers are limited to its predicessors. The predicessor can not pass to a successor what it did NOT have.

  54. A new principal can buy the debt, but it must come to court under an unsecured debt collections action and the principal must show the actual consideration he paid for the debt (if any). and that it is entitled under law to collect his losses plus legal costs.

  55. If a Principal lost it right to fc on the deed because of its agents actions. The principal sues or settles with the agent. The new principal has the same rights to the deed and the old one..NONE! If the new principal lacks standing also (and it does) … the attorney-in-fact is F>O>S just like the Principal (former agent). Buttwipes!!!!

  56. The Russian & Chinese Governments are secretly and openly working black ops against our Constitutional Republic. They are trying to incite a Bolshevik Style Revolution in America against our own Constitutional Republic to get even with U.S. POLITICIANS for the Reagan – Wanta – Mitterrand protocols and the Banksters are all in on it because of Glass Steagall. There are many traitors from within. We need to Stand firm to our Original Constitional Republic and demand the rule of law be upheld. No fixes for a quadrillion in fraud by the banksters, and our enemies both foreign & domestic.

  57. An Agent to a Principal who causes the Principal Actual Losses and Harm is responsible to the Principial. i.e. The principal does not have the capicity to fc on you anymore because of the agents actions. That is an issue between the Agent and the Principal. The Agent .. who becomes the New Principal behind MERS (as part of settlement with harmed principal). gets himself an Attorney-in-Fact to hide his idenity. The New Principal has No standing to sue You Either! Althou … the blanketed attorney-in-fact scheme lands them alot of properties.

  58. A word to the wise……don’t trust the clean up crew. They are working for our enemies……nice sounding names like NESARA & ONE PEOPLES TRUST ARE NOT WORKING FOR OUR CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT BUT ARE SECRETLY & OPENLY WORKING FOR THE ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT …..


  60. Deb, get an attorney to clean this mess up for you. It will be well worth it!!

  61. Attorney-in-Fact for the Attorney (the new hidden Principal)! OMG!! hahahaha The very same Attorney who was Agent for the previous Principal and Responsible for the Damages to the Previous Principal and the Homeoner! HAHAHAHA

  62. Deb … An attorney-in-fact is an agent of the principal! …… Who is the attorney in facts Principal? Can they produce to you a copy of that contract giving you that authority from the Principal. You will also need to see the docs showing how the Principal obtained the asset and what consideration was paid for it. They just snowball things to confuse you. You want the Principal! The Principal or the Principals Agent (hahaha) holds the Liabilites for your Damages! That is why they hide …..

  63. So you have been nominated to serve as an Attorney in Fact under a Durable Power of Attorney. What does that mean? An attorney in fact is a special type of agent. An Agent is someone authorized to act on another person’s behalf. As an attorney in fact under a Durable Power of Attorney you are authorized to act on the Principal’s behalf in certain financial and related matters. If you have been nominated as an Alternate attorney in fact, this means that you are asked to serve if the primary nominee is unable or unwilling to serve. Below are some frequently asked questions concerning your duties and obligations as an Attorney in Fact.

    1. Do I have to agree to accept the appointment?

    No, you do not. If you do not agree to serve, you should let the Principal know as soon as possible so other arrangements can be made.

    2. Can I quit at any time?

    You can generally quit. You should always notify the Principal as soon as possible of your intentions. There might be situations in which you would be held responsible if you abandoned your Principal in the middle of some activity.

    3. Can the Principal remove me?

    Yes. The Principal can remove you at any time. Once you have been informed in any manner that you are no longer to serve, your authority stops.

    4. What can I do as an Attorney in Fact?

    You need to read the language of the Durable Power of Attorney. Sometimes Attorneys in Fact are given very broad powers and other times they are given very limited powers. You have no powers beyond those described in the document. If you are unsure whether or not you are authorized to do a particular act, you should consult the attorney who prepared the document.

    5. What can’t I do as an Attorney in Fact?

    There are a few things that an Attorney in Fact cannot do even if the Durable Power of Attorney says otherwise. You may not sign a document stating that the Principal has knowledge of certain facts. For example, if the Principal was a witness to a car accident, you cannot give a statement for the Principal stating that the light was green. You may not vote in a public election for the Principal, or create or revoke a will or codicil to a will. Nor may you perform personal services for the Principal under a contract (such as writing a book). Likewise, if the Principal is a guardian or conservator for someone else, you cannot take over those responsibilities under the authority of the General Durable Power of Attorney.

    6. When can I act?

    Your authority to act depends both on the actual language of the Durable Power of Attorney and on the Principal’s capacity to manage his or her affairs. Some documents authorize you to act immediately upon direction of the Principal. Others allow you to act only after some event has happened, such as the Principal becoming incapacitated of making informed decisions. You need to read the document carefully.

    7. When can I make decisions on my own for the Principal?

    Normally, the Principal makes decisions and you, as an agent, are authorized to act to carry them out. Only when the Principal is so mentally incapacitated that he or she is unable to make informed decisions should you make decisions on your own for the Principal. Even then you have a duty to make them in the best interests of the Principal.

    8. Would there be any consequences if I make decisions just because I think it is a good idea?

    There could be. If the Principal is not mentally incapacitated and refuses to agree with some decision you made, you could be personally responsible for any costs required to reverse your decision.

    9. Can I do anything I wish with the Principal’s property?

    No. You are required to make all decisions and perform all actions for the benefit of the Principal and not yourself. An Attorney in Fact is looked upon as a “fiduciary” under the law. A fiduciary relationship is one of trust. If you violate this trust, you could face civil and criminal proceedings. The Principal remains the owner of all of his or her property. Taking anything for yourself, without the clear consent of the Principal, may be a crime.

    10. If I agree to serve, am I responsible for the Principal’s debts?

    No. Acting as an Attorney in Fact does not make you responsible for any of the Principal’s debts. The only way you become responsible is if you agree to co-sign some obligation.

    11. What responsibilities and liabilities do I have as an Attorney in Fact?

    You have a responsibility to deal fairly with the Principal and to be prudent in managing the Principal’s affairs. You, as Attorney in Fact, are liable to third parties only if you act imprudently or do not use reasonable care in performing your duties. If ever you are acting as an Attorney in Fact and are unsure as to whether you are doing the right thing, you should seek out professional advice not only to protect yourself but to protect the Principal.

    12. I’m ready to do something as an Attorney in Fact. What do I do?

    After being certain that the Durable Power of Attorney gives you the authority to do what you want to do, take the Durable Power of Attorney (or a copy) to the third party. Explain to the third party that you are acting under the authority of the Durable Power and are authorized to do this particular act. Some third parties may ask you to sign a document stating that you are acting properly. You may wish to consult your attorney before signing it. When acting as an Attorney in Fact, always make that clear when signing any document.

    13. How should I sign when acting as an Attorney in Fact?

    You always want it to be clear from your signature that you are not signing for yourself but are, instead, signing for the Principal. If you just sign your own name, you may be held personally accountable for anything you sign. As long as your signature clearly conveys that you are signing in a representative capacity and are not signing personally, you cannot be held accountable. It is best to sign as follows:

    Jane Doe, by John Doe as her Attorney in Fact or

    Jane Doe, by John Doe as her POA.

    In both examples, John Doe is the Attorney in Fact and Jane Doe is the Principal. The exact wording is not important. Just make sure you indicate that you are signing for your principal, not yourself.

    14. The third party will not accept the Durable Power of Attorney. What now?

    For a number of reasons third parties are sometimes hesitant to honor Durable Powers of Attorney. Still, so long as the Durable Power of Attorney was lawfully executed and it has not been terminated, third parties may be required to honor the document. You should contact your attorney if a third party refuses to honor the document. Under some circumstances, if the third party’s refusal to honor the Durable Power of Attorney causes damage the third party may be liable for those damages.

    15. Do I have to report my activities to anyone?

    You always have a duty to report to the Principal. Whether you have more specific reporting duties depends on the language of the Durable Power of Attorney. You need to read it carefully to see if you are supposed to give regular written reports to someone else. Even if you are not required to report, it makes good sense to give regular reports to at least some of the Principal’s heirs and beneficiaries. This should protect you if someone later makes a false claim that you took financial advantage of the Principal.

    16. Should I keep careful records?

    Absolutely. There is increased awareness of the problem of financial exploitation of the elderly. There are new laws that make it easier to prosecute these crimes. You do not want to have to defend yourself against baseless charges. Careful records are your best proof of innocence.

    17. Can I ever be forced to explain what I have done to a court?

    Normally, you do not have to report to a court. However, if someone complains to a civil court or a criminal court that you have abused your powers, you may be forced to explain what you have and have not done.

    18. When does my authority end?

    Your authority stops if you quit or if the principal removes you. There are other events that can end your authority also. Your powers as an Attorney in Fact end upon the Principal’s death. At that time, the Personal Representative appointed by the Probate Court takes over. Also, if a court decides that you have not done your job well enough and/or that the Principal needs someone else to manage his or her affairs, the court may appoint a conservator or guardian to take over management duties. The conservator or guardian then steps into the shoes of the Principal and may remove you or may ask you to report to him or her.

  64. Guest funny
    Indymac did that via email. Via their trustee come attorney come attorney in fact foreclosure mill dba bucket shop on how to get a free house like taking candy from a baby outfit. Phew. Theres so much.

  65. Let’s blog this shall we…..? This raunchy European Business Model does not have any legal legs in our Constitutional Republic…the only Oligarchs & Plutocrats we are dealing with here are the U.S. BANKSTER CORP of Politicians and their FEDERAL RESERVE BANK…..the Politicians control by robbing us and investing….the traitors within are the real problem here……they stiffed everybody from the IRS to both Governments via credit scamming and Wall Street “investing”. They are secret fascists who are extorting We The People for their crimes against every American and pocketing all of our remaining wealth.

  66. Hman, that is why we did not file QT early on To many ghosts behind MERS. We had to force BOAna and MERS to support their position and claim in writing. That is when the Sept 2011 Mers assignment of the note and mortgage was filed on title. It goes like this …. from MERs to CWHL, BAC, BOAna. MERS gave up its claim to our Deed and BOAna is a bag of hot air!! BOAna confirmed it was the Note Owner/Holder via FEDEX. “””” snorts “”””” Sorry!! Take it from a CW Invester…. !!

  67. Human my argument would be this if if what in this order, and that is to show the judge that the original lender was defunct before MERS assigned the Note to the other lender. Because at that point MERSis only empower by the a active lender that has ownership of the debt. If the assets of the company were not awarded to the new bank out of bankruptcy I don’t see what claim they have to you loan.

    So if the assignment was done after the bank folded MERS does not have any powers because they are only granted power under the DOT as a actor for the “holder in due course”! If the lender cannot act under the law, then a surrogate cannot act for the non banking intity who cannot be a member of MERS because they are no longer a mortgage bank.

    The judge has got to understand that that MERS has absolutely no financial interest in the loan/Note. Then I would question if I agreed to have MERS act in this capacity who was the legally party from MERS at the closing advising you to what MERS was proposing. Is MERS allow to practice law in AZ?

    So you need a date of sale to the new leader but if the assignment was signed on the date the sale took place the don’t have to recorded as long as the new lender did not sale it to another, which that assignment must inform the land recorder of the transfer of ownership of debt.

  68. Quiet Title….? Ha….how about a big fat DEMAND FOR PAYMENT CERTIFIED LETTER to CONgress & the Senate from We The People addressed to each and every Plutocrat Politician for their Default to the U.S. Treasury……in our names without or knowledge or consent….? AKA THE ORIGINATION FRAUD…..BIG FAT FUGGERS….EVERY ONE…!

  69. Change can only come when every American stops cooperating with this Bankster Corp of hooligans…..they are stealing all of the Depositors wealth….The Depositors are all of us. Take your money out of everything America….these investors are greedy crooks. You are not paying for anything ……the police & firemens and public sector pension funds are being paid by the public sector workers..pension funds and everything have always been a Ponzi Scheme….these Plutocrat Politicians are simply indulging themselves by pocketing our wealth.

  70. Bill Clinton got $86 million dollars for his last term as President…..Obama is said to be worth millions….how does a community organizer who did a short stint as a College Law Professor and an Illinois State Senator become a multimillionaire ….? You have to be wealthy or well connected to get a seat in Congress and the Senate ….and they get multimillions from the Oligarchs robbing all of us. Same with any Board of Directors in this Bankster Corp…..

    Time To Stop Depositing Our Wealth Into Their BIG FAT Retirement Accounts ……

  71. Jamie Dimon said it all when he coined a phrase with 2 words for this quadrillion dollar bankster corp crime spree …. SIMPSON BALLS……..

    The politicians are the PLUTOCRATS ….. who the banking OLIGARCHS are working for in the U.S.A ……

  72. Charles,

    Original “Bank” was a brooker that is who’s name appears on the note,dot, hud-1 etc…I sued him and won a QT against him. However, after I beat him MERS did an AOM to Aurora.

    My attorney crushed the other attorney at my hearing but the judge still dismissed my case. My attorney notified everyone. CFPB, County Attorney, Attorney General, County Recorder etc…Nobody responded.

    I think the “accounting” is your strongest case if you live in AZ. Forget about a title defense. The MERS business model has been accepted by the AZ legislature. My attorney argued that the MERS employee and the servicer were the same person. The judge had no issue with this. Even the banks defense attorney stated that the “MERS officer” was the same person and this practice was acceptable all over the country.

    The defense argued that I agreed to have MERS serve as an agent for the lender when I signed my DOT. Wasn’t that relationship terminated when they were defunct and stop paying membership dues? MERS is the biggest obstacle. Holder arguments don’t hold up in AZ. It’s been determined that foreclosures are done on the DOT and not the note, therefore presentment is not necessary. Not my rule just AZ caselaw.

    How can MERS transfer title from a defunct brooker? Well when judges say they can. This is why I seek to find where the funds came from. Again the title company maintains they do not have the funding instructions from the brooker in the file. That is why I’m curious if you can cross reference the Cusid #’s on any other closing document. If you could prove the money came from another source you would have a case that the note & deed where defective. The assignment of mortgage and any other document would be irrelevant because it names the wrong party on the documents.

    Is there any useful way to use the CUSIDs?

  73. The Bankster Corp stole a quadrillion dollars from US and have stolen $60.4 trillion dollars and 20 + million properties since 2008 and are planning to seize all of our wealth & property for a Quadrillion dollars in Securities Fraud committed in our names without our knowledge or consent……? Depositors should stop contributing to their scam.

  74. Knowing the truth is a dangerous thing. It allows you to see who all of the traitors are.

  75. Black Notes ARE SECURITIES FRAUD…Black shoals math….Black’s Law Dictionary ….. Dark Pools …..the 9/11 commission report from CONgress are Concealment of our robbery by the Banksters.
    Concealment is the crime of our time and because of that there is no peace and security.

  76. I guess if I was a bankster I would be giving back what I stole before I got hung.

  77. We The People were the Lender….that is what the traitor’s are covering up…. “You didn’t build that”…”You didn’t pay for that”……LIARS….EVERY LAST ONE……The banksters are pretender lenders who invest in everything We The People pay for, upfront at the Origination Fraud they are Securities Fraudsters….the Bankster Corp are our enemy #1 ….swindlers & sheisters crooks.

  78. There are millions of Americans paying to play by paying these crooks for committing massive securities fraud in their names. Many know the truth but don’t want to “rock the boat”……

    I say sink it….it’s not worth saving because these banksters screwed We The People out of a quadrillion dollars and 20+ million properties…..these banksters are pocketing their payments to clean out their wealth…….$60.4 trillion dollars since 2008….. They are being traitor’s to our Constitutional Republic and they should be told that.

    Not having the time to fight these crooks is no excuse because forced unemployment put them here.

    I don’t pull punches, I told the bank attorney these crooks aren’t getting another thing from me.

    An attorney actually told me don’t even go to court…don’t answer the complaint….What kind of advice is that…? I am well aware of the unconstitutionality and illegallity of fraudclosure but turning a blind eye creates peril for the people. Goddamned hoodwinkers…

    Stand up to the crooks America and don’t back down.

  79. Guest if I am a bank and I have a deal with bank B to wire funds to the title because we share a wiring staff or simply I have deposites with bank B and I want them to send my money from bank A to the title company. However as a loan officer I know that we waited on wirers from the lender that we locked the lock with and had underwritten and not at the end the money was coming from bank Z.

    What is the telling truth is if the loan are placed into pools with black Notes because there is no exchance of cash. If there is no exchange of cash the is not a transfer of the debt, and that what will kill this current crime!

  80. Human I don’t that the wiring information is that important as you make have had a broker who who had a warehouse line or was funding it through who they were brokering the loan for. It not like the money was coming from Joe’s bar & grill.

    Its not like the Fed was sending the monies. Look if a person buying a property monies had to come from somewhere to pay the builder or seller of a existing home.

    What important is who is currently on the Note and do they have proof of purchase, as you say the bank is a defunct bank, then who has foreclosed or is attempting to foreclose must show that they paid for you loan.

    Who was the original lender?

  81. That could be true Charles but I also hear her promoting paying back these crooks. I wouldn’t send them another penny.

    Screw you Christine you bankster imposter scumbag. You are no American that’s for sure.

  82. Once you find the depositer, your job is not finished yet. Was the depositer using his own money or someone elses?

  83. Deposits = Dispursements

  84. Charles… correction. What is important is who the depositor (funder/lender) holding the proof of funding (le reciept) themself. And its NOT the lender on the note or mortgage. Ut Oh!

  85. Contract Law 🙂 Common Law 🙂

  86. Stripe I believe that the reason szymoniak is not saying anything is because she is due millions maybe a billion or so more monies as Docx Lorraine Brown copped too 1 million forged assignments and Docx was not the only Robo signing outfit.

    As we can see from her Jun 2010 letter that she is talking about the securitization of these loans, so I am sure she and the illegal team that help her have a law suit that under seal right now that going to be worth a ton of money. However as part of these law suit that are under seal, your not allowed to talk about the case!

    I think Szymoniak is not like this genius lawyer, but she more the nutty professor who was pitched a biggest old fast ball in her hitting zone and she nit the thing out the park. I truly believe if she like me were not personally going the hardship herself she would have never solve the Robo signing in the first place.

    Ask yourself one question as 60 Minutes broke one of the largest money crime cases of all times back on Apr 3, 2011 yet there been no follow up in that case, nor has the White House mention the deeds of these Whistle-blowers!

  87. HMAN ,

    Go back to the title company and demand the FULL file on your closing … it will have the inbound wires that you’re looking for. … and probably a lot more…

  88. You know i pay attention to detail. One thing that stayed with me from my first day inftont of a federal judge on leaving in the court elevstor one of oppositions council. Said. ” you know there will be costs”. Its contract law” people usuallyly give themselves away.

  89. Human you need a current copy of the Note to see if it was properly endorsed. If the wire come to the title company then yes it going to be the title company that going to distribute the money, but that not important. Its important who is on that Note and who on the DOT!

  90. Stripper, despicable individual,

    Lynn Szemoniak is still fighting. She represents people in FL and many of them are destitute. She does it out of that money she made, pro bono more often than not. Where are your fruits? Just plain despicable. To be perfectly frank, I hope, I sincerely hope you lose everything. You’re a jealous, envious, despicable subhuman. Croaking would be too easy. i hope it is painful and very, very slow to give all the time you need to reconsider your attitude. You make me want to vomit.

    Lynn Szymoniak
    President and Founder

    Lynn Szymoniak is an attorney who has been active in the South Florida area for thirty years. From cases ranging from civil rights issues, insurance fraud, and election procedures, Lynn Szymoniak has a reputation for being a dogged defender of justice and has been called as an expert witness for the United States Government. In 2010, facing foreclosure after being forced from work by breast cancer and to care for her ailing mother, Lynn Szymoniak noticed inconsistencies in the banks paperwork. This lead to the discovery of the illegal practice known as ‘robo-signing,’ where banks fake needed signatures to foreclose on homes. Lynn Szymoniak sued on behalf of the government, forcing the banks to date to pay out over $95 Million to HUD to be used for foreclosure relief, allowing people behind on their mortgages to find a way to stay in their homes. Lynn Szymoniak took her share of the settlement and founded the Housing Justice Foundation, an organization dedicated to helping the victims of foreclosure fraud and exposing the crimes of predatory lenders.

  91. Yes the title co escrow agent cuts the checks from escrow, so the preceeds will come in a check or wire from the title co escrow account. What the title co is required to keep is the electronic Wireing reciepts ( or ach or ck posting into the escrow account) from the depositor. You already know how the funds were dispursed, (funding instructions) you want to know who depostied the funds into the escrow account ( deposit is required by law before dispersment). You are asking for the wrong document.

  92. FROM “Mortgage Servicing News”

    AGs: Time for DeMarco Out, Principal Reduction In

    In the eyes of the attorneys general from nine states principal writedowns on federally insured mortgage loans are the Achilles’ heel of the housing and overall economic recovery.

    So they are calling for the removal of Edward DeMarco, the man who by refusing to allow principal writedowns on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac loans is pulling the breaks on the recovery.

    A nine-state coalition lead by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley is demanding new, permanent leadership at the Federal Housing Finance Agency that oversees Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

    In a letter to the president and congressional leaders, the attorneys general argue that the FHFA’s acting director Edward DeMarco, who was appointed by former President George W. Bush, has continuously refused to give principal relief for struggling homeowners, which in turn has been a “direct impediment to our economic recovery,” hence he must be replaced, they wrote.

    Under the leadership of DeMarco, who refuses to adopt policies that will help maximize relief for struggling homeowners through “principal writedowns that would result in more loan modifications,” Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac hinder progress, said Schneiderman.

    “The time has come for the president and Congress to work together to install a new, permanent leader at FHFA that will be a partner, not an impediment, in the national effort to comprehensively address the foreclosure crisis,” he added.

    In the letter, the attorneys general argue that principal writedowns are a central component of the national settlement because it helps so-called underwater borrowers whose mortgages are worth more than their homes. And since loan modifications are based on the net present value of a mortgage loan “it serves the dual purposes of helping borrowers keep their homes and meeting the economic interests of lenders and investors,” while having a positive impact on the housing market and the economy.

    Which is why, the attorneys general argue, the FHFA’s claim that principal forgiveness conflicts with its goal of asset preservation not only is “not supported by reality,” but actually reduces the value of the Fannie and Freddie portfolios.

    “It is far more profitable for any financial institution to hold a portfolio of performing $200,000 mortgages that lets families keep their homes than a portfolio of nonperforming $250,000 mortgages headed toward default,” the letter notes.

    They call on Fannie and Freddie to join all the other federal, state and local entities that have partnered with the AGs “to develop a multipronged approach to dealing with the foreclosure crisis,” including loan modification best practices.

    Besides Schneiderman and Coakley, the attorneys general of California, Delaware, Illinois, Maryland, Nevada, Oregon and Washington signed the letter.

  93. If I am fighting pro se…everyone should be fighting pro se because nobody has the time to fight these crooks. You must make the time because our Constitutional Republic depends on it. You can whistleblow till the cows come home and alert the people but that is not standing up for yourself or anyone else.

  94. You should not get a big fat payout for following the path of least resistance. That is the cowards way. Every American should be holding these crooks feet to the fire. Snooze you lose.

  95. I wish the U.S. would follw Iceland’s example.The U.S. needs to get rid of the FED.

  96. Following the $ seems very easy to present to a judge. Being as the note, dot and Assignment of mortgage all show the Original lender as someone other than what is listed. I have been able to get a list of the cusid #’s that are associated with my particular trust. There is about 10 of them.

    I also pulled the wire I received for a cash out refi. The money was advanced by the title company. I called the bank (Chase) that issued the wire and they confirmed it was the title who advanced the funds.

    Does anybody know where to go from here? The title company claims that the funding instructions are only saved for 5 years which is all that is required under AZ law. So I can not get funding instructions. HUD1 also shows my defunct original lender as the lender.

    Does anybody know where the CUSID for your securitization trust would be? On what document would you find this #? If I could cross reference the CUSID and get a match I think I could make the case that the $ came from another source listed on the documents and beat these bastards.

  97. Lynn Szymoniak got a big fat settlement for whistleblowing and it is still going on. These people are actors who are working for our enemies in secret…. What has she done since her big fat paycheck….? Paid back the crooks who put us all here. The measure of the genuineness of the person or persons is in their good fruits and I don’t see any good fruits coming out of her since the multimillion dollar pay out.

  98. This is as true for Ireland as it is for us. Read the analysis and tell me it doesn’t piss you off to no end!!! This is here, Greece, everywhere! The reasoning is the same everywhere you look.

    Can’t last much longer.

    Ireland’s Home Mortgage Crisis: No Debt Relief. The Destruction of Savings and Pensions ~ Global Research
    March 18, 2013 mrdsk

    by Caoimhghin Ó Croidheáin

    irelandWe are living in a society where the combination of fractional-reserve banking (lending out multiples of deposits) helped along by quantitative easing (printing almost unlimited quantities of money) based on fiat currencies (money without intrinsic value) has created exponential growth for the world’s financial elites. This led to unprecedented bubbles in the property market as banks made it easy for people to borrow more money than they would have been allowed in the past when a conservative banker guideline for a home buyer was to have a two to two and a half times mortgage-to-salary ratio.

    In contrast to these methods for almost unlimited sources of (false) wealth conjured up by financial elites, workers (borrowers) have only one source – wages – which are going into decline due to government cutbacks and increased taxes. Yet despite this obvious anomaly, whereby the banks get bailouts with even more money, borrowers are expected to pay back, and in full, under threat of repossession, every single cent of the flawed money lent to them to pay exorbitant house prices inflated by excessive lending in the first place.

    According to David Hall, Director, Irish Mortgage Holders Organisation:

    ‘The Irish mortgages crisis, now into its sixth year, is still raging beyond any control of the authorities. Per latest figures from the Central Bank of Ireland, 186,785 mortgages (including BTL) in Ireland are at risk (in arrears, restructured or in repossession), accounting for an unprecedented 25.3% of all mortgage accounts still outstanding.’

    Hall goes on to state that ‘with some 650,000-750,000 estimated people residing in the households with the principal residence in mortgages difficulties, we are witnessing a wholesale destruction of savings, pensions and wealth of several generations of Irish people.’

    As if that wasn’t bad enough the government is introducing property charges from 1st July. Media discussion of these issues revolve around valuations of properties and not around the huge amounts of tax already paid to the government when the houses were purchased or the fairness of such a tax on properties which were bought during the bank-inflated boom, delusionally misnamed yet commonly known as the ‘Celtic Tiger’.

    Media pundits, sounding like poodles discussing the length of their leashes, have not questioned the ethics of forcing people to pay back such huge sums of money under the rubric that allowing people to write-down a portion of the debt would cause a ‘moral hazard’ (as if the initial lending spree was itself moral). Similarly, there is little discussion of the property tax deferral option for low income persons, a sinister move, which implies, (like with the hard line taken on mortgage repayments) that exemption is not an option any more for low wage earners but only more accumulated debt (with interest) to be paid sometime in the future- further impoverishing those least able to pay.

    Adding insult to injury, the Department of Finance secretary general John Moran spoke recently of an “unnaturally low level of repossessions” and that ‘homeowners could not expect the taxpayer to subsidise them to remain in a house “that is beyond their means”.’ It is interesting to note that ‘their means’ didn’t seem to matter at all when it came to lending out the huge amounts of money at the outset.

  99. They were not loans, subprime or conventional or table funded or anything other than big fat frauds.

  100. We The People are the only ones who can get those cufflinks back. Time to hold these politicians feet to the fire.

  101. Who was/is really behind Corelodgic? ……. 2011 SEC charges

    In December, 2011, six Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac executives including Daniel Mudd were charged by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission with securities fraud. “The SEC alleges they ‘knew and approved of’ misleading statements claiming the companies had minimal exposure to subprime loans at the height of home mortgage bubble.”[68] Former Freddie chief financial officer Anthony “Buddy” Piszel, who in February, 2011, was CFO of CoreLogic, “had received a notice from the SEC that the agency was considering taking action against him”. He then resigned from CoreLogic. Piszel was not among the executives charged in December, 2011.[69] Piszel had been succeeded at Freddie by David Kellermann. Kellermann committed suicide during his tenure at Freddie.

  102. The fraudulently induced Bankster Government Corp of thieves wanted to get more fraudulent control of US by committing more heinous fraud. They own a lot of felony fraud, that is all they own. By many secrets they used many deceptions and made milliions believe their lies and have managed to rob US of a QUADRILLION dollars + $60.4 trillion more and 20 + million of our properties. This was the biggest bankster ponzi scene swindle of our wealth and properties in history…..all off the backs of We The People without our knowledge or consent.

  103. Muni bond whistleblower Meredith Whitney on CNBC…saying “U.S. BANKS” will grow by taking cost cutting measures like cutting jobs….what a scumbag…

    Baking in the fraud by keeping the ponzi scheme going is not covering up anything. Committing more fraud does not make the fraud go away. It makes everything worse as the rotten economy proves.

    The banksters need to be told by the American people to take their quadrillion dollar fraud and shove it. We are not working as your fraudulently induced debt slaves any more.

  104. Obama needs to ask for his darn cufflinks back thats what
    Id like a bit more back than that to have any faith restored.

  105. What you want is to follow the easiest path and that is with Ginnie Mae Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS) because the Notes have no way of even making up that they are sold to another, because the 100% wholly owned Ginnie cannot act as a lender and does not purchase the debt.

    So in 1970 the government wanted to get more ownership but having investor buying MBSand they homeowner’s payment pay the principal & interest means that the investors would have to charge like 6% on a 5% loan or something about what the loan was made at.

    The only money to be made bay the lender would have been servicing the loan and the premium yield. The advancements on the MBS sells is supposed to be used to generate more loans.

    It was never the banks money being used even if they unfronted the monies they had a guaranty that they would get their money back once the loan was pooled and the MBs was sold. What I say the deal has been was releaved when the Fed simply printed trillions of dollars out of thin air is how the these mortgages are making money for the Federal Reserve who is buying the Ginnie Mae MBS.

    The Fed print the money at no cost and not collateral needing a product to lend money for which was a cost of zero to the Fed, they turn around and pay the lender a few month of the interest from the loan as premium yield and send the bank back out there to do it all over again as the Fed is making money off of monies it simply printed, ans is getting a return of 6 to 8% return since 1971. What a deal when you got ZERO invested!

    Now that the jig is up, Ginnie Mae and the banks are now having to explain who owns the Notes that are blank that Ginnie did not purchase, and now the bank through MERS is having title assigned to the lenders who have not purchase the debt of the loans.

    Lynn Szymoniak back in Jun 2010 wrote the SEC and told of the securitization of these loan nd it also explain why my first whistle-blower submission was lose before the Robo settlement was handled in Jan 2012. We see the letter Szymoniak wrote, so why was this issue not dealt with back in Jan 2012?

  106. Congressman on Neil Cavuto said the American People should not be subject to all of these manufactured crisises…..

  107. There is no more putting lipstick on these pigs. They are now hogs. So the saying goes…..pigs get fat, but hogs get slaughtered.

  108. I never cared for realtors much. Now I know why. They are sheisters swindlers who capitalize on the fraud the banksters commit. Scmucks and Scoundrel’s.

  109. Foreclosure is not an operation of law when no legal contract exists. Nothing fixes the fact when fraud entered the contract, fraud destroyed the contract and the fraudulently induced debt. There is no legal fix for it. No refi, loan mod, short sale or foreclosure action is an instanter that repairs or replaces a fraudulently induced contract.

  110. Sorry Neil, …. I was taught to express my words in writng my whole life and keep my mouth shut. Technology has enabled me to do just that! giggles

  111. My aploigies Mr Anderson Buttwipe Lawyer representing multiple parties… conflict of intrest piece of ……………………… Shhhhhh!!!!

  112. Time to shut down the REO Speedwagon…they are deceptive crooks who are dealing in Securities Frauds to gain unjust enrichment….These realtors should be thrown in prison for aiding and abetting.

  113. Others have recission rights also, each case is different …. see if yours can be recended. Not a Lawyer..

  114. Table funded “loans” are criminal without the security agreement.

  115. Yes guest
    But gotta claw my wAy back in time
    What wAs done was done and i am so damaged ill keep fighting No choice

  116. They are faking due process… me the legal agreement that says I agreed to any of this fraud the banks committed in my name …there isn’t one…..therefore all of the debt they created was without my knowledge or consent…it is all illegal. The Security Agreement is not in reality even the first place issue ….. there is no legal contract that exists that states we agreed to any of it.

  117. A Tip for all you REO ( (owner) bank financed) buyers ….. RECEND!!

  118. Deb, I also know (specialist per say..) TIL, RESPA, Reg Z and the US Patriat Act .. this takes you back to the beginning of the transaction with table funded loans. 🙂

  119. If you let them force you out on a procedural bluff how can you get to discovery ,

  120. They are not following Legal Procedure because if they were, these cases would never have been allowed to be entered upon the courts with no security agreements attached.

    This is a secret but open military intervention by our enemies both foreign & domestic on U.S. SOIL by the International Bankster Corp who lend no gold or silver….nothing of value and pay for nothing but to invest in everything we pay for. They are imposters & sheisters crooks who invest in everything we own…. They are big sheister swindlers, that is all they are.

  121. The crimes of 9/11 and the subsequent crimes of the 2008 financial crisis are the biggest cases of Corporate Bankster foreign espionage on U.S. soil in U.S. history. The culprits, both foreign and domestic, all need to be held to account by We The People for their crimes against the U.S. citizenry.

    The crooks in Congress and the Senate shut down the peoples house to We The People…..? We can’t get near Fort Knoxx or get an audit of the U.S. Treasury…? That is criminal….!

    The Bankster Corp have seized our wealth and they lend no gold or silver…..? They are hanging their gold fringed flag on U.S. SOIL and are secretly and openly telling the citizenry they have secretly conquered US without ever firing a shot by Secrets, Lies and Deception they have defrauded us of our Constitutional Republic….? Oh hell no…..AUDIT THE TREASURY…make these crooks produce receipts that prove they paid US back for anything they took…..where are the Security Agreements that back up $60.4 trillion dollars and 20 + million US properties the banksters have taken since 2008….? They have no receipts….!

    This is the biggest swindle of our Life, Liberty & Property in U.S. HISTORY by IMPOSTERS…..our enemies both foreign & domestic.

  122. Guest i wish i had your knowledge. Maybe then i could make more sense. Work in progress. Imreading up

  123. Honestly Deb, I do not understand legal procedure .. it clashes with common sense in my book. What I do know is … when there is not default there is no case. I know about titles, title abstraction, title ins policies, closing procedures and wireing instructions. I know about signing capacity of someone other than a principal endorsing legal docs. I know the inside makings of MERS and LPS and what there roles behind this fraud was. I know I want some Prosecutions!! This type of repeat behavior must be stopped!!

  124. I agree with deb…..the judges should be ruling on facts presented. These sheisters should be really paying for their crimes.

    The judges should be awarding the harmed party, all of us, monetary compensation and clear title for harm done and harm intended. The Issuer and all subsequent fakers were Grossly Negligent in not exercising ordinary care in the taking of the instrument…..they used our unauthorized signatures to gain unjust enrichment … and we have all the rights of the harmed party.

    The banks committed numerous felonies in our names and it is time the courts stopped ignoring the first place issue…the FRAUD IN THE FACTUM.

  125. Take note the European “contagion” known as Cypress cost 401k losses today. These crooks should have never been allowed to re-purchase their own criminal fraud. No one should be trusting these maniacs with their retirement money. What are people thinking ….? Talk about an insane gambling problem. I can see trying to recoop losses but they are taking big chances knowing these banksters are building an even bigger bubble by repurchasing their own soured debts. They are riding a dangerous wave.

    The banksters are in reality, trying to create a nation of renters of the sheeple by buying back their own criminal fraud and the result of that scam will be uglier than anyone could ever imagine. They are trying to sneak in totalitarianism. No one should be cooperating with these pretender lender sheister crooks. When you play with fire you are going to get burned.

  126. Guest
    Its s very bad ruling if its a due process issue and material facts of the case remain unadressed and were not judged on the merits.

  127. Their cases should have never been accepted by the courts without a receipt that proves they lent any gold or silver, and they have no receipts because they don’t lend us anything of value. Credit slips or swaps as they call them are not a security or proof of anything without the legal agreement. They are poker chips and the banksters all pay to play with those credit slips and destroy the value of the underlying gamble. They are scam artists is all they are.

    They have stolen $60.4 trillion dollars of our wealth and 20 + million properties from US since 2008 and it is all b.s. because banks don’t lend gold or silver…If they paid back everything they stole they would never feel an ounce of pain in their pocket books. The only pain they would feel is the loss of fraudulent control because they had everyone living their lies they told. To say that is how the world of high finance works is down playing what a criminal operation it truly is. The world of high finance is no more than a control freak mechanism by control freaks.

  128. Follow the money trail….? There isn’t one. Because banks don’t lend money or anything of value, they lend credit slips… chips. They are pretender lenders, phony bologna bsers. Banks print money for themselves and their criminal friends off of the backs of all of us and invest and overissue investments in everything we own, pay for and Labor for. It is all a scam, an illusionary trick that gives them fake control. All they do is take our money for nothing and they get all of their shit for free.

    They lend credit, collect taxes and Social Safety net monies as a very deceptive form of robbery. We do what they tell us are the right things, while they do criminal things by deceiving everyone into the poorhouse.

    Follow their investments and you will find out it is the same crew who invest in everything. The bankster Corp of shareholders, directors and investors are all scumbag crooks who destroy the value of everything we build.

  129. RE: More like….It ain’t over until the judge says… “bank’s motion to dismiss granted. NEXT!” ……. I say its not always a bad ruling, especialy if the banks motion to dismiss is to dismiss its own case. Trust Me! Its coming back to Bite the Banks in the Butt years later!!

  130. Check out my pleadings 9th circuit asca
    12-16192. Your prob heading for appeal
    Look at the order and why its wrong learn rule 60b a grand reservoir for judge ( not to abuse his discretion)

    Not an attorney but i stuck to the rules check with your atty)

  131. Get up e tolle
    Motion to reconsider

  132. They know what they did those who covered up know and those who stole our loved homes know and those who bought them for pennies know our recorders office knows our attorney generals know
    And there is no getting away from these facts.

  133. yeah, E.Tolle—even if you CROAK in court…actually, that makes them happy.

  134. “It aint over til Granny says it is….”

    More like….It ain’t over until the judge says… “bank’s motion to dismiss granted. NEXT!”

  135. Neil said:

    “…It is my opinion that part or all of trillions dollars in off balance sheet transactions that were allowed over the last 15 years…”

    ANON has been talking about off-balance sheet transactions for years, and the fact that there were no real “notes”, and no real “loans”, in the subprime (so your beloved securities investors were conned just as much as borrowers who thought they were getting a legitimate transaction):

    “…So (back around 2000) when GSE’s started charging-off the NOTES (and they DID)—only COLLECTION RIGHTS REMAINED…NO NOTE.
    Collection rights (because there no longer is a NOTE)—can only be reported as “INCOME” by the aquirer.
    Therefore, all these REMIC’s that claimed to be removing RECEIVABLES from on-balance sheet to off-balance sheet—for “security” pass-through—were FRAUDULENT.

    This is what the subprime securities fraud is really about.

    As to the borrower, big difference—because for one thing—THE NOTE IS GONE (and only collection rights survive)—AND the “debt” IS NO LONGER SECURED. It is UNSECURED. Big issue in bankruptcy. And, of course, the subprime refinances were falsely and fraudulently presented as a MORTGAGE REFINANCE—when, in fact, they were nothing but COLLECTION RIGHTS MODIFICATION…”

    All those “notes” floating around aren’t really “notes”…yet the circus in the courts continue, pretending they are real.

  136. I have contacted your office on numerous ocassions and left messages never to get a call back for legal advice or information on securitization. One of the numbers is even disconnected.  I love your work and am just surprised that no one is keeping up with the one thing that could make you money, unless of course you have enough now not to be concerned.  Anyway, thank you for all that you have done to help all of us. YOur material is invaluable and very much appreciated.

    Sherrie L. Hampton-Muhamed, RN,CRRN,CCM Case Management & Rehabilitation Services, Inc Phone:  404-786-6291 Fax: 770-978-0207

  137. I want to address the greatest problem in the financial mortgage sector today.The fact that many mortgage bankers and servicers like Wilber Ross operate with impunity! Please sign my petition to bring them to justice! My email is

  138. It is only a question of time before it completely crumbles. By then, no country will be safe for quite some time.

    Besides… iceland is pretty darn cold!!!

  139. One of our nieces has a Masters in World Economics, she has been trying to get us to move to Iceland. LOL! But we chose to stand our ground right here at Home. .. It aint over til Granny says it is….

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