Wake Up Tennesee: You Only Think the Foreclosure Mess Won’t Hurt You

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There are somethings you can do about this, one of which is obviously to ignore the issue and let the ill come to your door and find out you have to pay several thousand dollars to cover the lost association dues to the HOA. Right now the mood of Tennessee courts is to be very dismissive of the homeowner defenses and counterclaims. It is a bright red state. The judges are applying knowledge from years ago to a novel situation in which the parties are not who they appear to be and the money is not where it appears to be.

Because of that it would be wise for homeowners to unite and contact their legislators to NOT further burden them with already rising costs associated with foreclosures. But more than that, study, up, you end up with a first lien on the property and wipe out the mortgage that is being foreclosed, leaving with the homeowner with right of redemption that is far easier to satisfy than the one the bank is trying to impose based upon appraisal fraud at the commencement of the transaction.

I personally know several investors who are buying the liens from associations and foreclosing on the banks, getting considerable traction but not winning all the time.

So Tennessee wake up and smell the roses or the stuff that comes out of the back of a horse — it’s your choice.

TN bill would pass foreclosure fees to neighborhoods

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  1. […] Wake Up Tennesee: You Only Think the Foreclosure Mess Won’t Hurt You […]

  2. Whether they “print” money or not makes very little difference. The result is the same: it is money backed by thin air to purchase something worth two rabbit pellets. The only thing it has accomplished is limit the inflation, from what Bernanke is saying.

    I don’t know how that works either way.

  3. Cypress Bailout sparks Global Selloff. Their banks are shut down. CNBC hosts say there will be a price to be paid for Cypress sticking it to the Russian Oligarchs and the Plutocrat Politicians…you don’t tell a Russian Oligarch to take 70% of their money…That is immoral …Cyprus mind you is the size of the state of Deleware. The CNBC host said Cyprus are breaking the rule of law…and they should have just printed the money….The media are a bunch of immoral scumbags….they would rather see the people starve in the streets than tell the banksters to take their debt and shove it. Screw all of these crooks and their manufactured garbage. If the entire world told them to shove it they would all have enough wealth to last them for many lifetimes. All of the bankster debts are fictitious & illusionary and are indulgences for the rich to control the people. The rest of the world should have the guts to tell the banksters to take their debt fraud and shove it, we are not complying. ….. you shouldn’t have bought your own failed debt back for spit…scumbags….

  4. Life, Liberty and Property are not exchangeable for massive bankster fraud in the U.S.A.

  5. Under our constitutional government Congress has the ability to lay and collect taxes but not to force that payment or criminalize non payment of taxes or use the collection of taxes as a way to control the people. These politicians are using non payment of taxes as a method of terrorism. The taking of life, liberty or property for non payment of taxes is in fact criminal.

  6. The ongoing cover up for this robbery of our wealth and property by the politicians is the biggest act of treason in history. This is far worse than what these crooks did during their last great depression because this time they are trying to collapse the currency to insert the microchip into every American by rendering paper currency worthless. This fraudulently induced bankster government and their microchip will be implemented under the guise of healthcare….OBAMACARE…

  7. Ron Paul would love nothing more than to audit Fort Knoxx and declare US broke. The truth is the banksters created a quadrillion in debt and they have the quadrillion because they stole it and handed US the bill….. and their debt is fictitious. This financial crisis is a giant hoodwink.

  8. Gold is so expensive because they are wiping out paper currency. They don’t want us to have any way to buy or sell without the mark of the beast…it takes 1700 paper dollars to buy one ounce of gold. That is absolutely criminal. That can only mean the amount of debt these banksters created with our unauthorized signatures, far outweighs the value of the gold and assets we hold. They never want us to get out of their debt grip. These crooks are who are insolvent on their balance sheets and need to be shut down. They hold a quadrillion in debt and nothing backs their debt. That is their dirty little secret.

  9. What these crooks are doing with the currency should have everyones hair standing on end. It is very deceptive. They are using electronic money printing to Capitalize themselves and they are converting paper money into electronic currency…they are trying to tattoo us by taking all paper currency out of circulation. That is their shadow banking system. It is electronic and it is criminal because it is completely unregulated. The SEC claims they are going to keep a close eye on Wall Streets electronic trading ….. they police themselves and that is why we are here.

  10. The trillions of dollars the FED collects in mortgage money every month is converted into electronic wealth. All of these transactions we are making over the phone & on the Internet are electronic transfers. It is true, there is not a lot of paper currency in circulation and that should startle the pants off of everyone. That is why we need to issue our own currency. When we write a check, the money has to be in the bank but they issue us credit slips when they pretend to lend….that is how they steal…by lending worthless electronic credit slips……..that is not wealth. That is criminal by its deception. Their credit & debit system is the mark of the beast. Obama said this scam all began with the ATM machine and they are turning everyone into their own personal ATM machine thanks to the traitor politicians.

  11. I agree Christine. I admit, I started at the other end of that rabbit hole. One is Never to Old to Learn. From what I understand (correct me if I am wrong)…. taxpayers ( us, our children and grandchildren and their grandchildren) will be paying off the electronic credit created to cover the banksters losses. I Love Bacon! Anyone Up for A Good Ole Fashioned Hog Roast?

  12. We need to call it as it is. No printing of money. Not since 2009. it is completely electronic.

    December 22, 2010, 4:15 PM

    Is the Fed Printing Money?

    By Jon Hilsenrath

    Is the Federal Reserve printing money to finance its bond buying? Or isn’t it? Ben Bernanke has given inconsistent answers, at times saying it is and at times saying it isn’t.

    In an exchange with readers on Time magazine’s website this past weekend, a reader asked Mr. Bernanke why the Fed is creating dollars “out of thin air.” Mr. Bernanke said it wasn’t. “These policies are not leading to increases in the amount of currency in circulation,” he said.

    He made a similar argument to CBS News’s Scott Pelley earlier this month in defense of the Fed’s plan to purchase $600 billion of U.S. Treasury bonds with money that the Fed creates. “People talk about the printing press. That’s not what this is about. This policy does not increase the amount of currency in circulation. It does not increase in any significant way the amount of money in broader terms, say, as measured by bank deposits,” he said.

    Yet back in March 2009 Mr. Bernanke told Mr. Pelley that the Fed was printing money to fund an earlier bond buying program. “It’s not tax money. The banks have accounts with the Fed, much the same way that you have an account in a commercial bank. So, to lend to a bank, we simply use the computer to mark up the size of the account that they have with the Fed. It’s much more akin to printing money than it is to borrowing,” he said.

    Comedian Jon Stewart made much of this obvious contradiction.

    Here is an attempt to sort it out:

    The Fed has been buying bonds since early 2009. When a private investor buys bonds, the investor uses cash or sells some existing asset to raise cash and uses that money to buy bonds. The investor might also borrow money from a bank and use the borrowed funds to buy securities on margin. The Fed can do something else. It has the power to electronically credit money to the bank accounts of sellers who in turn sell government securities or mortgage backed securities to the Fed. The banks get the money and the Fed gets the securities. The Fed isn’t literally printing $100 dollar bills when it does this. But it is creating money, electronically, that wasn’t in the financial system before. In that sense, it is printing money.

  13. Everyone would leave TBTF & TBTJ if they had an alternative…..our own currency. That would abolish them. Most Americans have no clue how badly they have been screwed over by the International Banksters. There has been a very huge movement in this country to control their fraud and not let their secret coup de tat be known. The local parish is actually paying peoples mortgage payments & other bills. They will do anything to keep the cover up going. Good Luck…there are way to many victims and it keeps getting worse.

  14. Stopped printing in 2009, Yep! It would be notable to say that is when there was no more equity to be squeezed from homeowners. Refi’s and HELOCs all but disappeared. 5yr ARMs came due with no refi available because of negitive equity. Reverse Mortgages became their Prime Source of Business. Buttwipes!!

  15. TBTF are criminal on their face….. We have NO CHOICE…..We need the option of not doing business with this criminal organization by issuing our own currency.

  16. This is a fraudulently induced Bankster Government…..this is not our Constitutional Government. The traitor politicians allowed them to hijack US with money printing, fake money lending….AKA CREDIT, they create massive debt without our knowledge or consent and invest in everything we own, pay for and Labor for by printing money for themselves and their criminal friends. They got way to greedy and dishonored us exponentially. They used our trust and they screwed US. Now We The People should be demanding our money back and clear title.

  17. Its called establishing a pattern of repeat bad behaviors. Collecting evidence to show they continue to do these things in the course of everyday business. By Going Public … the very least we can expect is Justice from the Public. We have a right to choose who we do business with …. how many folks will be leaving TBTFs and TBTJs?

  18. The counterfeit money is being printed, passed and stolen…… $60.4 trillion dollars since 2008….Bloomberg news reported the FED collects trillions of dollars a month in mortgage money…It is a pay to play scam. However, when they use that scam to take advantage of us and rob our wealth and you can’t afford to play, because they dishonored you without your knowledge or consent and the fraud is apparent on its face. That is when they need to be stopped and forced to pay back what they stole and go to prison.

    Instead, they are being allowed to keep on collecting payments they are not owed….and they are recirculating the same fraud….by repurchasing their own fraud and reselling it, that is destroying the economy by causing inflation they are devaluing the currency. Their ponzi scheme failed in 2008 and they should have been shut down and audited and forced to pay back what they stole and imprisoned and our own currency issued in place of their currency at face value. Instead they were allowed to steal $60.4 trillion of our wealth and 20+ million of our properties. That is treason.

  19. Reread that thing you just posted, dated 2010. Look at all the people listed stating something along the lines of “Bank better watch out. They will get in major trouble.” Miller, Cordray, Marcy Kaptur and others.

    It is now 2013. Trouble? Banks? Is it any wonder no one believes government any longer…?

  20. “All of their money printing is backed by zero….”

    There hasn’t been any new money printed/circulated since 2009. Check it for yourself by looking at bills. I always have a whole stack in my house and I’ve checked repeatedly for a couple of years. Nothing has been printed since 2009. I believe it is iwantmynpv who called my attention to it.

    It is a game of transposing/transferring numbers on balance sheets from bank to bank. Nothing more.

  21. All of their money printing is backed by zero….. They are counterfeiters ….. forgers and felons. They have a banking charter to rob the Treasury and oppress us with the money they steal and print and hand us the bill. They use our unauthorized signatures to invest in their own fraud.

  22. No…..the only new money created is the money they print off of our unauthorized signatures……they use that to fund their own investments. The payments they collect are indulgences….it is all a scam….let’s be honest…..they print as much money as they want for themselves and their criminal friends because it is backed by the debt they create……zero……

  23. What Capital Reserves do the banks hold that back up a quadrillion dollars in debt fraud…..? They did not even have enough Capital Reserves to back up our initial $12 trillion dollar property investment in 2008 yet they have received $60.4 Trillion dollars and 20+million in our properties since 2008…..What do their books show they hold…? Not $60.4 trillion dollars…..Therefore, they are crooks…

  24. RE: The banksters don’t use our money to fund mortgage loans….

    You are correct… they use invester money. The only new money created is the difference between the old loan and the new loan.

  25. The banksters don’t use our money to fund mortgage loans….that would be illegal …….. Capital Requirements don’t allow that….the U.S. TREASURY funds mortgage loans…..these banksters use our payments to fund investments in what we pay for….that is criminal

  26. You are a notary public guest…..? Do you know what the notary laws in Illinois say about notarizing documents when you are a party to the transaction. …? It is prohibited….it is a criminal act.

  27. So guest…..do you mean to say people who like to party in their free time are a danger in the work place…..? WOW….!

  28. I have a problem with anything that dictates a policy that infringes on the rights of the American people and what they do in their free time. That is totalitarianism. What about alcoholics ……? Do they get tested for alcoholism…..? Where do you draw the line when it comes to our personal lives….? Public Aid recipients should not be treated as second class citizens by the very crooks who rob them of their dignity and cause their poverty. These bankster crooks think they are the boss….the American People are living in a bankster induced coma.

  29. It is about time We The People started acting like WE OWN THIS PLACE.

  30. RE: these corporate crooks want to test your piss for drug usage in order to hire you ….

    Why should that bother you Stripes? It makes for a Safer Work Place and Less Accidents. If I had my way …. those on State Aid would be Tested As Well! Tragic the worker gets tested to work and pay taxes….. but the recipitent of the tax monies dont. And there you have it Folks, do Drugs and ya dont have to work and you can live on the working mans back. Buttwipe!!

  31. The International banksters need to be abolished along with their ugly corporate dictatorship of investors. Screw them and their communist dictator crap……these corporate crooks want to test your piss for drug usage in order to hire you ….they want your social security number to pay a bill……..screw these Hitler mfers …. why do we allow it…?

  32. Let’s face the facts…..the free markets are a farce…they are only free to the banksters who get everything for free from us….they have the money printing machine to invest in and that allows them to capitaliize on everything we pay for. That is totalitarianism. It is not Constitutional or Legal in any sense of the world.

    Only a nation that coins and issues it’s own currency has a free market that can Capitalize by borrowing it’s citizenry its own wealth at a nominal interest rate and paying back what it borrows from itself for a small fee.

  33. They did not keep their monies locked up in a vault .. they kept the money in circullation funding things like … Mortgage Loans.

  34. RE: the investor thing- less than 5 million, forget investing seriously, only the rich play.

    Ma and Pa … Nickle and Dime Savers Invest their money in Pools with thousands of other smaller investers. example 401ks …. pensions and other retirement investments……….. employee (invester) monies are pooled together to make larger purchases at discount prices.

  35. When someone is directing you to do or accept something that puts your Life, Liberty & Property in jeopardy and could destroy your Legal Rights to protect those inalienable rights….they are deceptively stealing your free will, they are a control freak.

    This is why unions, civil rights and social justice exists because we are being controlled by control freaks who are becoming increasingly tyrannical. We need right to work States in a Constitutional Republic….? WOW……are we brainwashed by these banksters…!

    We need permits to do everything in the land of the free & the home of the brave….even to remodel our own homes…use a picnic grove WTF is that….?

    That is control freak bullshit…that’s what it is. The banksters mandate all of their radical rules because they control our Constitutional Republic by investing and it is unconstitutional and illegal. Even the Property Tax monies are being used to abuse and rob us by these investor thieves. The Property Taxes are way out of line with the actual property values and have been for a long time. Therefore, the people must revolt.

  36. The real conflict here is our enemies are invested in all our inalienable rights…..everything that is required to sustain our Life, Liberty & Property is being directed by the bankster Corp who were allowed to invest in everything we own, pay & Labor for. They are denying us our legal rights to defend these inalienable rights. That is terrorism.

    Obama had the opportunity to sign into law this fraud could be extinguished in a bankruptcy but he did not. I blame the directors of this scam….the traitors from within in Congress & the Senate
    Who created the Federal Reserve Bank so said Bernanke. Bernanke told the crooks in the Senate….if you don’t like the FEDs monetary policy….you created the FED so you can draw up a mandate to abolish the FED…..UH HUH…THAT’S RIGHT….but did they…hell no..!

  37. Congress and the Senate are the biggest traitors here. They are directing the bank scam through the Executive Branch by the secret fraudulent inducement of the war powers act on 9/11.

    This is not our Constitutional Government, this is a secret Bankster Government and it is not Constitutional or Legal. Therefore, the U.S. CONSTITUTION requires the people must revolt and that is why the banksters want our guns…..The banksters declared an open & secret war on the U.S. citizenry on 9/11 and used that to stage a secret coup de tat of our wealth in their manufactured stock market crash of 2008…. It was the biggest robbery and transfer of our wealth in U.S. HISTORY to the banksters both foreign & domestic via Wall Street…

    That is why there have been no criminal prosecutions …… that was an act of war and insurrection by our enemies both foreign and domestic. The bailouts of TBTF were actually a secret coup de tat of the U.S. Treasury by the banksters.

    This entire coup de tat is being carried out by the traitors within the Congress & the Senate. It was and is all an INSIDE JOB by our enemies both foreign & domestic carried out by the traitors from within.

    We The People are at war with the Bankster Corp for our Constitutional Republic and no one should be cooperating with these Corporatists or sending them any money.

  38. cant argue with that stripes- no prosecutions no deterant, so why obey the laws of the land.

  39. No criminal prosecutions is the reason why we are here. They would have stopped their nonsense long ago if the crooks went to jail. Not one criminal indictment to date. No way they couldn’t find one crime they could charge them with. They were definitely insured well in advance they would not be criminally charged. Like the day in 1999 Clinton repealed Glass Steagall. CNBC reported Wall Street made $60 trillion dollars selling mortgage derivatives in the year 1999.

    Some attorneys are trying to get the banks debt extinguished. This truly is a job for the citizenry.

  40. npv- white knight dark night gladys night, matters not
    i think what it will take is massive class actions by the citizens in each state and farther with a team of the best bravest lawyers who love their country more than the color green, and the way of life that we want to see for our children. thing is people are illogical- they think its all going to be ok in the end- while they sit on their untoned bums,. thing is i ask the question why is the law becoming a novelty, and worse, accepted as ok for judges to rule outside of it…so ask yourself if you were in their shoes- where would your loyalty be. difficult situation. hmmm
    and Neil, im not judge bashing, im playing by the rules and getting beaten up badly.

  41. Everyone has to survive notmynpv…….attorney’s can only do what they can do under a bankster corporate government. The people need to revolt on this fraud en masse. No criminal prosecutions of these crooks does not help the situation. Attorney’s are merely trying to control the fraud but it is not easy…. everyone should be educating themselves.

  42. iwantmynpv,

    Having an agenda is not the problem. Lying about it and presenting it as a life-saving opportunity is what;’s fundamentally wrong. because it takes away people’s ability to simply say “No” and move on. Paying taxes wouldn’t be a problem for me if they were invested in… people! Having Congress and government lie about where they go is what pushes me to simply withdraw my participation.

    Once again, it’s not WHAT people do. It’s HOW they go about it.

  43. It’s all in the word… For example, Neil posted a help wanted ad seeking young lawyers. Why not,ambitous, honest, any-age lawyers. Neil wants young lawyers so he can split less of the kitty.

    He wants to pay these kids 30k per year (intern wages) to do his bidding. Even the alleged “white knights” have an agenda in the end.

  44. stripes was right on the investor thing- less than 5 million, forget investing seriously, only the rich play.

  45. im readin these posts and the IRS was how they nailed Al Capone, wasnt it,they hold authoritive law, they can nail these crooks on wall street if they so wish- so fellow citizens, we pay, they pay, why is there a me n you pay, and the “wall Street way” no , remic no tax exemption no remic then what did you loose, you claim a loss, whoes loss and who picks up the tab, im sick of it im sick of slaving away for what- higher taxes.

  46. Guest re lis pendens post
    Just so yall know – the buyer steps into the shoes of the seller i believe and so the buyer deals with it, in court.
    ( not an attorney so check it out yourselves)

  47. The investors at the top of the Pyramid scheme control the scam and they are from every nation. They hide behind the shareholders and the board of directors and secretly direct their scams against us…..they invest in their scams through investing in stocks & bonds their shareholders purchase & repurchase and through the large institutional investers….who are their broker/dealers. That is how they manipulate the markets.

    For example…Bloomberg News reported the largest Shareholders/bondsholders/investors in Fannie Mae are the IMF…THE INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND WHO ARE THE INTERNATIONAL BANKERS/INVESTORS…This is a banker coup de tat by investing but they DO NOT OWN ANYTHING….As CNBC reported….Wall Street is not selling anything because they don’t own anything because We The People pay for everything upfront….

    Every war including the Iraq and Afghanistan wars were paid for already by every American reported FOX NEWS. One of the hidden truths for the implementation of OBAMACARE is that OBAMACARE will fund the next big war. It is all about fake control with fictitious debts of the banksters.

    It is all fraudulent control by bankster liars who use secrets, lies, deceit and fraud to control by that fraud and investing in their fraud is how they steal everything from the people. They used investing in their fraud to turn everyone against each other as well.

  48. JPMorgan’s Follies, for All to See
    Published: March 16, 2013

    “Remember that this is a report examining JPMorgan Chase, the bank that enjoys the best reputation among its peers. One can only wonder: if JPMorgan Chase traders think nothing of misrepresenting the value of their trades to minimize losses, what are the financial world’s lesser players up to?”


    HAHAHA!!! Good one! Care to ask HSBC?

  49. Does anyone want to talk some more about “Capacity” to Sign a Legal Document? Or have I given you all enough information to put a few more holes in the USS MERS? I am a Notary Public appointed and commissioned by the State of Illinois, a Signing Agent certified by the NNA and a Title Abstract Perfectionest per say ……..

  50. Ali Velshi on CNN says if you can’t play on Wall Street you don’t win..and Wall Street is a job & wealth creator….and we don’t pay that much tax ….

    LMAO….Are you freaking kidding me….? You can’t pay to play on Wall Street unless you are a millionaire or billionaire ……. the Crony Capitalist Communists have hijacked the free markets by investing…All of the little guy investors are their cute little play things like 401k’s and pension plans are fodder for these crooks….

    The Corporate control freaks are Job & Wealth stealers.

    Everything we pay & spend is an indulgence tax…..a secret scam by the bank owners and politicians who invest in all of their own fraud.

    Ali Velshi is a commie propagandist.

  51. Christine…….if the truth hurts so be it. I only attack the lies….not the bearer of the lies unless the bearer personally attacks me. I am way above that childish name calling game. It has no validity. You can’t be neutral in this crime spree….you are either with our Constitutional Republic or you are with the Bankster Corp terrorists.

    Speaking the truth has become a Revolutionary Act in America.. That is the only reason the commies want to shut down free speech. That is despicable in a free and open society. In our Constitutional Republic we may not always agree with what someone says but we should defend with our lives ones right to say it. Otherwise, there is no Liberty…freedom, independence or Constitutional Republic.

  52. Senator Carl Levin said JP MORGAN committed crimes but no word on criminal prosecutions….he must be an investor.

  53. “No need to name call Christine.”

    And by the way, you set the tone for the past year or so. Not one person has been spared on this blog and other ones you were kicked out of.

    A little late to cry “foul” now, isn’t it?

  54. Correct typo….tick tock the game is locked nobody else can play….little miss muffet sat on a tuffet …. it is all a nursery rhyme and a childhood game being directed by playground bullies.

  55. You wish Christine…..in all of your evil dreams of a one world satanic cult. Totus tu satan. Yuck..

  56. Imbecile.

  57. It is called criss-cross the old double cross and then it is tick tick the game is locked no body else can play….they want to throw momma …..our Constititutional Republic, from the train.

  58. Seen what IMF’s been doing lately? Seen how much debt has been forgiven to all those countries bled dry by the US for so long?
    Yep, moron. The US is finally making amends. Along with the rest of the western world. Know why? Because it’s now or never. When Gore ran his documentary “An inconvenient truth”, he clearly stated:

    1) We know what to do and we already have the technology (stolen from us by all those black projects of the industrial military complex);
    2) We have about 10 years to act. if we don’t do it now, it will be too late.

    Open your eyes and shut your mouth.

    Hagel pushes wealth redistribution to Third World

    Serves on globalist groups urging massive increases in U.S. funding

    Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2013/01/hagel-pushes-wealth-redistribution-to-third-world/#8xAcK1mwvA1oFyWs.99

    Chuck Hagel, President Obama’s nominee for defense secretary, sits on the board of numerous globalist groups that promote major increases in U.S. government funding for the third world.

    Hagel is a board member of the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition, a broad-based influential network of businesses, policy makers, and national security and foreign policy experts pushing for more U.S. funding for diplomacy and Third World development. It also includes faith-based, academic and community leaders.

    The group has released scores of reports advocating major increases in governmental funding to the developing world.

    One recent report, “Building a Better, Safer World,” calls for the elevation of “global poverty” with increased U.S. humanitarian assistance worldwide.

    Aaron Klein’s “Fool Me Twice” spells out Obama’s shocking, radical plans for the next four years

    Another report, “Smart Power 2.0: America’s Global Strategy” promotes foreign assistance such as investments in global health, so-called sustainable agriculture, and development programs in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    The Global Leadership Coalition includes an advisory board that reads like a who’s who of former State Department officials, including former secretaries of state Madeleine Albright, Colin Powell and James Baker.

    Also on the board are President Bill Clinton’s national security adviser, Samuel R. Berger, and Zbigniew Brzezinski, the national security adviser to President Jimmy Carter.

    Hagel, meanwhile, is also a board member of the Initiative for Global Development, which says it seeks to combat global poverty by advancing private and public investment in the developing world, largely in Africa. The group is chaired by Albright and Powell.

    Hagel pushed U.N. redistribution scheme

    WND previously reported Hagel has a long history of introducing legislation aimed at massive U.S. funding for the Third World, even pushing a de facto global tax.

    With Obama, Hagel co-sponsored the Global Poverty Act, which would have imposed a new “tax” on the U.S. requiring the country to add 0.7 percent of the gross national product to its overall spending on humanitarian aid.

  59. Remember, upon discovery of their fraud by law you should not cooperate or you are a party to it.

  60. I am well aware of what the Bible says about them. I am also well aware of what the modern day prophets have said.

    They always destroy what we build because all of their mind control comes in the re-building scam.

    That is why i don’t cooperate with criminals.

  61. Seen what IMF’s been doing lately? Seen how much debt has been forgiven to all those countries bled dry by the US for so long?
    Yep, moron. The US is finally making amends. Along with the rest of the western world. Know why? Because it’s now or never. When Gore ran his documentary “An inconvenient truth”, he clearly stated:

    1) We know what to do and we already have the technology (stolen from us by all those black projects of the industrial military complex);
    2) We have about 10 years to act. if we don’t do it now, it will be too late.

    Open your eyes and shut your mouth.

    Hagel pushes wealth redistribution to Third World

    Serves on globalist groups urging massive increases in U.S. funding

    Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2013/01/hagel-pushes-wealth-redistribution-to-third-world/#8xAcK1mwvA1oFyWs.99

    Chuck Hagel, President Obama’s nominee for defense secretary, sits on the board of numerous globalist groups that promote major increases in U.S. government funding for the third world.

    Hagel is a board member of the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition, a broad-based influential network of businesses, policy makers, and national security and foreign policy experts pushing for more U.S. funding for diplomacy and Third World development. It also includes faith-based, academic and community leaders.

    The group has released scores of reports advocating major increases in governmental funding to the developing world.

    One recent report, “Building a Better, Safer World,” calls for the elevation of “global poverty” with increased U.S. humanitarian assistance worldwide.

    Aaron Klein’s “Fool Me Twice” spells out Obama’s shocking, radical plans for the next four years

    Another report, “Smart Power 2.0: America’s Global Strategy” promotes foreign assistance such as investments in global health, so-called sustainable agriculture, and development programs in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    The Global Leadership Coalition includes an advisory board that reads like a who’s who of former State Department officials, including former secretaries of state Madeleine Albright, Colin Powell and James Baker.

    Also on the board are President Bill Clinton’s national security adviser, Samuel R. Berger, and Zbigniew Brzezinski, the national security adviser to President Jimmy Carter.

    Hagel, meanwhile, is also a board member of the Initiative for Global Development, which says it seeks to combat global poverty by advancing private and public investment in the developing world, largely in Africa. The group is chaired by Albright and Powell.

    Hagel pushed U.N. redistribution scheme

    WND previously reported Hagel has a long history of introducing legislation aimed at massive U.S. funding for the Third World, even pushing a de facto global tax.

    With Obama, Hagel co-sponsored the Global Poverty Act, which would have imposed a new “tax” on the U.S. requiring the country to add 0.7 percent of the gross national product to its overall spending on humanitarian aid.
    Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2013/01/hagel-pushes-wealth-redistribution-to-third-world/#8xAcK1mwvA1oFyWs.99

  62. No need to name call Christine. I am well aware of the robbery in progress by our enemies both foreign and domestic. This is about way more than robbery and wealth distribution….that is a control mechanism.

    This bankster scam has always been about complete control of our minds….that is how they control everyone and everything….totalitarianism by the theft of our Constitutional Republic…by the Banksters. That is the Holy Grail for them…to take away our free will by their grand design. They want to tattoo everyone to their Satanic cult and Satan. They are inhuman. Look around. The result is now apparent on its face….They want us to have no morals like them and they will tell us everything they are doing is for the sake of our own peace & security but there will be no peace and security as a result of what they are doing.

    For example….9/11…..19 Saudi hijackers caused a secret military state to be implemented …. yet there has not been one criminal prosecution of any so called terrorists. It is common knowledge, no secret, the 2008 stock market crash was manufactured and created by Insider Trading…..their answer was….steal everything from us and hand the crooks who did it trillions of our wealth & property and allow them to re-purchase all of their securities fraud with our stolen wealth. The created debt of the bankster corp is being used to insert the mark of the beast into every American.

    I am not buying what they are peddling and no one should be cooperating with the Bankster Govt who are not our Government.

  63. Moron, your biggest fear is being played out right now. Wealth leveling from the top down. You really think that banks are going to keep that wealth they stole? The ultimate plan is to tear them down and effectively redistribute everything.

    And those investors who got conned out their life savings because of greed… well, money was never meant to be held in vaults and amassed. It was always meant to circulate and be used for everyone’s benefit.

    Read your bible lately, moron?

  64. Moron. You really don’t get it.

  65. The big wealth distribution already happened in 2008….that was the biggest robbery and transfer of our stolen wealth from Main Street to Wall Street to the Banksters in history. Since that robbery they have siphoned another $60.4 trillion of our wealth….and 20+ million of our properties.

  66. You should love it then E Trolle……inflicted pain & suffering is your bag.

    Christine……I pity whoever buys into their tattoo scam. It is the road to perdition.

  67. The funny thing, though, is that instead of focusing on education, American focused on stripping everyone of everything for the benefit of the banks. High time it was reversed. And it will be. Go ahead, imbecile. Scream, yell, be your regular moron all in caps if you wish.

    Wealth redistribution is happening. With or without this country.

  68. I would first make them perform the stations of the cross with thorny crowns on their heads. After all they believe human suffering is the only way to salvation.

  69. The alarm bells went off as early as the 1980s. Anyone who read Bloom’s “Closing of the American Mind” or read that NY Times article dated 1987, will know I am right. The American people have absolutely no clue what’s in store for them. No clue. Fewer than 5% of the world population… how much does that weigh in the balance? Not a hell of a lot!

    Published: January 13, 1987

    “Momentum appears to be gathering for an attack on what many educators regard as Americans’ ignorance about the world beyond their shores. Foreign failures and difficulties that have developed in recent years, from Vietnam to Iran, have led to calls for a general bolstering Americans’ knowledge of unfamiliar languages and cultures.”

  70. Self mutilation is not my bag.

    And the rest of LL suffers because of that fact.

  71. What would I do……? I would erect inverted crosses on Capital Hill and nail them and make bets on how long they would suffer before they aspirated on their own bodily fluids.

  72. Whoever they are….? They are the Bankster Government. The big club of Investors who invest in everything we own and pay for and pocket all payments as indulgences. They are goddamned crooks…bankster wankers, whatever you want to call them, they are illegitimate.

  73. Self mutilation is not my bag.

  74. Most people in this country don’t have a clue about Cyprus. They can’t place it on a map, have no idea about the people living there, what their history is and how big (or small) a nation it is. What’s important is that certain things are currently happening worldwide and that it will not get better soon. And don’t believe for one second that it can’t happen here. in fact, the number of bank black outs in the UK and here in the past few months, always duri9ng a weekend, should tell you everything you need to know.

    There is an ongoing worldwide leveling of wealth from the top down. Go to NC to read the rest if interested, although this country appears to think that the world is split between two entities: us and “them”, whoever “they” are… How blind! The biggest disservice ever caused to this country was cultural isolationism.

    Saturday, March 16, 2013
    Cyprus’ Bank Deposit Bail-in

    Ed Harrison here. I haven’t been on NC in a while now but Yves asked me to cross-post this one because the issue is important. Let me note here that Tyler Cowen asks some troubling questions on this. And Ed Conway raises some good issues as well. I recommend reading those posts too. Below is my cross-post. If I have any updates, go to the CW version for those.

    This morning we learned that after hours of tense negotiation, Europe has hammered out a 10bn euro “bailout” of Cyprus. I put the term bailout in quotes because the key feature of this deal is the bail-in of Cypriot depositors to the tune of 5.8bn euros, about a third of Cyprus’ GDP. This means that depositors went to sleep on Friday night and woke up Saturday to find that their money, deposited safely in Cypriot banks, had been seized and used to “bail out” the country. While the bail-in became official EU bank rescue policy during the Spanish crisis last summer, bank depositors were never mentioned at that time. I see this as an extreme measure which, if the European banking crisis continues elsewhere, will have very negative implications for bank depositor confidence in other European periphery countries.

    The mitigating factor in terms of preventing a loss of confidence in the European banking system is that the bail-in will happen principally via a one-time 9.9% levy on deposits over 100,000 euros. This is a bank holiday measure that means that Cypriot bank account holders with funds over 100,000 euros will have 9.9% of their account holdings deducted from their accounts when banks open on Tuesday. However, importantly, an additional 6.75% levy is going to hit deposits below that 100,000 euro level. As a bank depositor, given a one-day national holiday to decide what to do with your now shrunken savings, what would you do?

    Read more at http://www.nakedcapitalism.com/2013/03/cyprus-bank-deposit-bail-in.html#P7f72uhXfAy2ADJi.99

  75. Love is a bitch and I love my freedom and independence and I hate tattoos. Tattoos are for slaves.

  76. The Issuer of the credit did not perform on their contract, they defaulted on their contract and never notified me of their default,, therefore there was an unauthorized change to their contract that completely altered their Original contract ….. that alteration is called Securities Fraud. Collecting unauthorized payments is stealing and not Performance on their end of the contract. They did not exercise ordinary care in the taking of the Instrument, therefore I have all the rights of a harmed party. That means no tattoo for me…

  77. Neil is a Good Cookie…. He knows the RPII (the party with losses) and the Homeowners (the party with losses) need to go on the attack together …. you can flush more buttwipes that way. 🙂

  78. They don’t want a depo from me because that would mean they would have to cough up evidence of their crimes they committed in my name with my unauthorized signature….they don’t want that.

  79. The MERS officer has created such a mess …. The RPII and the Homeowner can neither one perform their end of the contract…. Yet both want performance. So what do they do? They attack the MERS officer from both directions …

  80. I never signed any contract that allowed them to commit fraud and felonies in my name. An autograph is an unauthorized signature….an autograph gives these crooks no authority to do anything in my name.

  81. MERS is a shadow operation that is used by the banksters to commit and hide their crimes.

  82. Where is the trustee who witnessed the supposed “signing” and where is the contract……? There is no law in equity or property for a non-existant contract witnessed and notarized by fictitious persons.

  83. Stripes…. If MERS has no employees, who do the MERS officers work for? Who signs their paychecks? Example…. I appoint you as a MERS officer as my employee to sign and stamp as an individual (you have no clue about signing capacities). Who qualifies as a MERS officer? What gave me the authority to appoint you as a MERS officer? Better Question yet …. what are you going to do when the homeowner comes after you for signing those docs? After all you did sign them in an Individual capacity. Ut Oh…. do you see a depo in your future?

  84. All transfers are conveyance frauds because what they are conveying and re-conveying are Securities Frauds. The Bankster Government are openly yet secretly, racketeering in Securities Frauds.

  85. #1 MERS is not a bank. MERS Rep already admitted, MERS has no employees.

  86. There are no trust agreements recorded anywhere because there never were any trusts or trustees. The only task they performed was the destruction of their fraudulently induced contracts.

  87. If every American stopped paying the mortgage which is what should have happened, the banksters would be fine. It would be one less indulgence for them to collect but, it would not cause them any financial pain. The only thing they would lose is some of their control. The mortgage payments are no more than a big fat indulgence tax for the bank owners and their investors. Bloomberg reported the FED collects trillions of dollars per month in mortgage money.

    The FED does not lend any moneys and never pay back what they borrow in our names. All of the credit they lend is a control mechanism and all of their contracts are fraudulently induced.

    This is why the Politicians are all in on it and they gave the keys to the Treasury to themselves and secretly work against us through these crooks.

    These crooks deal in nothing but securities frauds and everything they do is unconstitutional and illegal. There are no contracts. It is all a grand illusion for the control freak politicians and the banksters.

  88. A trustee signing and transferring assets from a trust must first prove its capacity (its right to do so)… i.e. The Trust Agreement giving the Trustee the power to act. The Trust Agreement must be filed at the time of the recording. Or the recording in VOID! A Fraudulent Transfer! The same applies to parties signing in other capacities such as Agent or Attorney in Fact.

  89. The point I was trying to make last night about MERS, is in what capacity did the MERS officers sign. Look at the recorded docs and see if MERS signed in an individual capacity or as agent for the principal. For starters MERS can not sign in an individual capacity if it has no intrest in the note or mortgage. The way they should have signed was by identfying themselves as nominee/agent for the principal and they also should have named the principal for whom they were acting for. Brush up on Signing Capacities…. Trusteee or Sub Trustee signings, POA signings, attorney in fact signings. Think! Think! Think!

  90. heheheheee E-tolle, Two glasses of wine gets me a motor mouth. Sorry,

  91. I see the Itchy and Scratchy Show continues on Living Lies.

  92. We have a bankster government and it is not constitutional or legal. They are all invested in our demise and railroading everyone into poverty. The local news tells the story every night. Murder, robbery, poverty, it is a constant bombardment of horrors. It is all thanks to the banksters and the politicians who have destroyed the country. It is Corporatism and investors gone wild and it is ugly in every sense of the word.

  93. The LP bars any interest prior to the foreclosure sale….? They have no interest either way….Scammers….

  94. LOL…there are rules…?

  95. Guest….LMAO…you are something else and then some. That is all I’m going to say.

  96. What they did had nothing to do with Race, Skin Color or Religion! It was Pure Greed Driven By Cold Hearts of all Nationalities!

  97. Charles, I appriciate the fact you are sticking up for the Vets who were abused in this mess. You are half right and half wrong about the GM loans. A discussion for a different day. But Honestly you had NO Business using your Notary Commission closing loans as a Signing Agent!! It is obvious you were not / are not qualified and you were the perfect choice for loan sharks to use because you dont have a clue when it comes to Signing in any other Capacity other than as an Individual.

  98. The ironic part was … we were always willing and able to pay. We didnt need a mod, nor qualifed for one (no hardship), They should have just released the LP. But Nooo …. BOAna had to go fix the books AGAIN and to order up ANOTHER fraudulent doc to be made and filed before they released the CWs LP on our Deed. The MERS assignment of the Note and Mortgage Together. That is When All Hell Broke Loose!!! With all this flushing tonight .. I suspect a higher water bill for this month. teeehehehe

  99. We enjoy the convience of auto pay and have for many years. From day One of the 1st payment Due January 1 2008 and every month for 3 friggin yrs I tried to get this mortgage on auto pay with CW and BAC and got excuse afer excuse after excuse!

  100. I just could not for the life of me figure out why BOAna would lie about what we owed in 2010. Why BAC refused and then lied and misapplied our payments, lie about the dates they recieved payments and fake an escrow shortage again. BACs behavior was just as bad and even Worse than CWs behavior all over again! Friggin 3yrs later….. the buttwipes obtained their intrest after the CW LP and tried to get FC in CW name before SOL. !!! LOL!!! The Lawsuit was dismissed!! Buttwipes!!! Buttwipes!!! Buttwipes!! Left the LP on the Title and I didnt know It!! Flush!!! Grandma waves Goodbye as you fly around in circles before taking the big dip!!

  101. I suspect by the end of March… there will be no more CW servicing rights or anymore fcs on CWs LPs bu BOAna. It is just a Funny Feeling I Have in the Pit of my Stomach.

  102. Intresting, I had to repost this on this link. ……………….. the lis pendens bars any subsequent interest in the property obtained prior to f-c sale. anyone who receives an interest in real property that was filed after LP but prior to the granting of a f/c judgment loses their interest 🙂

  103. Silly MERS Officers signing in an individual capacity when they hold no intrest in the note or mortgage. And if they were signing as agent with the right to endorse on behalf of the principal ….. they have to name the Principal and the Principal must Prove Up its Capacity in sooo many ways that it can not prove. Its Gets Messy!

  104. After reading the links below … ask yourself … who is your Zombie? Do they have a Birth Certificate? ~~grins~~ Hubby says I am being silly tonight. I say its the Whine … oh wait I mean the Wine. Yep! Mother Natures Best!

  105. I did not sue because I already knew that the Investers and the Taxpayers were taking the Losses. Me and Me! No Need in sueing myself now is there? Only the other Hand … No need for a buttwipe to get a free or almost free house either… Right?

  106. How do you like that folks? LPS was going to Blackball Me if I did not See Fit to do Things their way. Hmmmmmmm …… Thats Ok, Grandma needed a long vacation anyways. And her time with her Grandbabies is Priceless! I think I forgot to Thank Them… Oh wait … I Did! In my own Kinda Special Way! ~~giggles~~ And No Christine … I do not take any synthetic drugs. That would be like putting weed killer in my flower beds.

  107. My Zombie CWHL …. was not even REAL. It Was Never Born! CWHL Never was lien holder/mortgagee of title. Never! Never! Never! CWHL was Never the Note Owner .. Not on the Note and Not by any Endorsement to the Note! Nope! Never! Never! Never! BOA dint get what CWHL Didnt Have!! Nope! Nope! Nope! Bad LPS creating those docs and Bad Lawyer for Filing Them!! Bad! Bad! Bad!

  108. Yikes….. MERS Zombies are sinking the Ship! And I do not see any Lifelines being thrown to them from the RPPI or the Homeowners. Bon Voyage!

  109. When BOAna stepped up to the plate … under the rules of the game (law) we were not required to tender nadda to BOAna. And we didnt! Buttwipes!! That would be an admission of a false statement. Sorry Amanda!

  110. If you do not know the rules, ignorance of the law is no excuse. Hire an Attorney!

  111. In Order to Be Successful you Must First Learn the Rules of the Game! Play By The Rules!

  112. If the trustee does not exist and is not amenable to service of process, the crooks are going pay for that.

  113. The depth and the scope of these crimes against us is massive and it was never about the money for the real players hiding behind the scenes of these crimes. This was about control of every American and that should not be tolerated by any American.

  114. I have done a lot of investigating and not just on the Internet. I have done a lot of footwork and what I have uncovered are a lot of fictitious persons. That is why they don’t want discovery or hearings or trials. They should have to pay up for that.

  115. Being the Smart Grandma my Grandmas taught me to be, I even had a Cooke Jar with a Saftey Net at the End of the Row. SS and Medicare. hahahaha!!! Buttwipes!!!

  116. Where’s Waldo is not my concern or my job guest. I already know this entire fc scam is massively criminal.

  117. Its a Good Thing My Husband has a Private pension plan and I have a public one…. oh wait…. thats not good either. Buttwipes didnt leave a Cookie untouched!! Now I have to stay home all day and bake more cookies with the grandbabies while mommies work. Life is Wonderful!

  118. All I can say is the title companies should have shut them down a long time ago. Dumping the securities fraud of the banks into the open market by way of a dutch auction and buying the securities frauds back through Deutsche Bank and posing as an inventment firm, Inteliquent that is really a public utility….telecommunications and turning securities fraud into a common stock offering is criminal bullshit. Talk about black ops….! I am incensed that the title companies and the politicians in this state are aiding & abetting and concealing the crimes of the banks and Wall Street. That is the ultimate betrayal of the Public Trust IMHO….they all need to be held to account both monetarily and with jail time.

  119. Dont bother googling us Stripes. We have been removed. To Many Nut Cases wheeling guns jumping to conclusions about whom their enemy is. Call it self-preservation.

  120. KC ….. C= party one and K= party 2. You were Good Christine! I had to change it after it attatched to FB. I could not risk our idenities going public. aka Shadowcat aka ?????? Title Closings

  121. I hope Lisa shuts the crooks down.

  122. Up until now … DCB was the only other person who knew this.

  123. By intentionally creating all of these conflicts they are causing their own house of cards to fall. Sooner or later, no one will want what they are peddling anymore. It is nothing but debt fraud and it is a wealth and income destroyer.

  124. Oh… did I ever mention that my youngest daughter closed loans with me in 2008-2010? Oh the Goodies we had for Lisa! 🙂

  125. It all goes back to the first place issue….who robbed us….? Instead of looking for the hair in the egg, they should be auditing & prosecuting these Wall Street sheisters and their shareholders, bondsholders and investors at the top of the pyramid scheme. It is all about the swindle and the acceptance of their fraud. This is all about the robbery of all of us.

  126. Does anyone want to know how I thanked LPS and their bankster buttwipes in crime? Lets just say … they are still paying for it. Do Not Mess With Grandma’s Cookie Jar!! Nope! Nope!

  127. My husband had an after tax 401k in addition to his pretax 401k .. . After collage, the weddings and the down payments on the girls houses we were low on cash in 2007 when hubby got a hair up his butt to buy a ranch home to retire in … I guess helping the girls buy their homes, he wanted a new one to. He requested withdrawl from from his after tax 401k account and they accidently gave him the money from his pre-tax 401k account. We did not claim the income… didnt know what they did. During the lawsuit.. here comes the Tax Woman, wants to audit our business records. Ok then … Nothng to hide … here ya go! Hours, Weeks and Boxes full of Title and Loan Doc records, wireing instructions and funding instructions, borrower information, Notary Journal …. yada yada yada KaBoom! Records 2007,2008,2009… Guess what triggered the audit and guess what we were nailed for over $5,000 in taxes on? Yep! My records were Just Fine!!! Dan taught us to …. Keep everything!!! They Nailed us on the pretax ealy penalty withdrawl with an addition 10% tax penalty. We had to withdrawl the after tax funds to pay the taxes on the pretax funds they sent us by accident. Per the IRS! Ya Just cant fight the Tax Man! But you can a Bankster! 🙂

  128. Like who invests in Blackwater and Halliburton ……? The same ones who made the put bets on American Airline stock at the CME before 9/11….it is all in the you tube video 9/11 coincidences Episode 17..

  129. The tax man is not going to find any hidden wealth in middle America….it has all been stolen by the Investors in TBTF and it’s hidden overseas. They need to look at these investment firms and their investors who invest under many different names and follow those investments.

  130. Most Americans are not bringing home any profits to tax. They are lucky they are affording their basic needs. In most cases people are doing without a lot of their basic needs just to survive. The Totalitarian TBTF BANKSTER INVESTOR CORP has it’s commie boot on the throat of the free markets. Therefore I hope they all choke and die on their own Securities Fraud excriment….

  131. Christine, I do not debunk what you post, I have an open mind. But I disagree on the IRS issue and I think people should be aware of the consequences of this action. For many here, that type of action could further cause them harm if they plan to maintain the homes. My daughter wanted to sell the house after the divorce and buy a smaller one. But she cant!

  132. There was a prophetic warning some time ago ….They will tell you everything they are doing is to insure your peace and security….but there will be no peace and security… It is in the very prophetic book entitled….The Thunder Of Justice by Ted and Maureen Flynn….Copyright 1993….The whole evil plan is in there.

  133. Republican…Democrat…..party names don’t mean a thing…It is the Bankster Corp of hoodwinker investor thieves. That is who everyone of them are…..Securities Fraudsters every one of them….!

  134. How many Americans right now still don’t know what a legal lien on property is…and that it is the Security….and these mortgages are in fact not mortgages but are securities frauds…? Millions upon millions. That is what is enabling these crooks to keep the ponzi scheme rolling and continue their robbery of We The People.

    Listening to the CPAC conference and how they deceive…it is like a giant freemason hoodwinkers convention…. ..lots of truth to sell one big lie….one Senator Cruz telling the audience…. you have a Legal Right to defend your Life …..but not one word about your Legal Right to defend your Liberty and Property….!

  135. The only real threat to our freedom is our lack of knowledge. Everyone should have some education in the judiciary, Law, their legal rights and due process. Imagine if everyone knew to check for the legal lien on their property records. None of us would be here.

  136. guest,

    You’re not too bright, are you? Takes a hell of a lot more faith to fight than it does to cave in. Don’t try to project your shortcomings on me.

    You’d be the last person to psychobabble anyone and especially not someone who, unlike you, doesn’t need psychotropic medication to function…

  137. What about these so called “failed banks” who held billions of dollars when they were shut down and are now hiding inside of “trusts” and hiding inside of big banks…..Like Amcore Bank N.A..the biggest bank failure in Illinois history who are supposed to be under investigation for fraud…..I found them hiding inside of Marshall & Illsley bank in an uninsured, unsecured “trust” called North Star. They are promising their investors all of their investments are safe…They are posing as AMCORE BANK N.A. MERS and are posing as MERS and are fraudclosing on us by their own servicers fraudclosing on MERS….! If that’s not criminal by deception & concealment ..what is…?

  138. When you give up on humanity and on life … you have nothing to live for and nothing to lose, Those do not sound like the words of a fighter but the words of someone who has given up on ever finding Happiness Again. Christine … to Hell with everything going on bad in your Life and material possessions! Go Find Faith, Hope and Love Again! My daughter is 31 and divorsed and in a lawsuit with a buttwipe who sold her REO. She did not let that stop her…. she is smart career driven, she can pay her bills and support her two and four year olds on her own. She tends to cut the ties that bind when another man gets to close to her. I tell you what I tell her …. Take Chances! Get the Estrogen Flowing Again! No Happy Pills Needed!

  139. guest,

    Unlike minding your own business, protesting waste of our taxes is not a novel idea. There are many organizations such as this one who redirect $.90 of each dollar toward social programs, instead of $.60 toward the military industrial complex.

    I, for one, will support C-Seti and The Disclosure Project long before i send one penny to any government agency. Why? Because for 70 years, the military industrial complex has held on to technology that renders oil and coal completely useless while promoting the destruction of this planet. if your idea of loving your grand kids is to continue what has been caused, great. I was brought up with the idea that, as a human being, my job was to leave this earth a better place than i found it. i don’t see that happening with the IRS.

    And i know you find my position objectionable. Deal with it. Ain’t gonna change it for you.


    New York City People’s Life Fund
    339 Lafayette Street
    New York, NY 10012

    About NYC PLF

    The New York City People’s Life Fund, established July 4, 1971 at the height of the Vietnam War, continues its efforts to link the peace and social justice movements.

    The Fund, formed as a repository for war tax resistance moneys and contributions, rechannels resisted war tax moneys to life-giving activities. Through the years it has continued to operate as a life-enhancing link to war tax resistance. Today, more than ever, its activities serve a vital need. The New York City People’s Life Fund was established at the height of government war spending, the largest portion of which was the Vietnam War. At that time military expenditures reached a high of 60% of the federal budget. This spending siphoned off moneys desperately needed for the poor, the elderly, the disabled, minority groups and veterans. As the military dominated thinking, so it dominated spending. Today, in the midst of the war in Iraq and other military exploits, the Fund’s activities are needed more than ever before.

    Now, as then, it is the aim of the Life Fund to redirect moneys into communities that are underserved by government. A recycling program that offers information and facilities for recycling, a church-operated soup kitchen that reaches out to poor neighborhoods, a theatre group that offers entertainment as well as understanding and support for people’s hopes and aspirations—these are just a few examples of groups funded in the past.

    As the Fund reaches its 41st year, we look forward to continuing its much needed work and strengthening the life instinct that resides in all humans.

  140. One person may not be able to change the world but, one person doing the right thing can make a real difference. We can all do our part to leave the world an infinitely better place than we found it.

  141. “But dont be throwing around false information.”

    It’s not my information. It’s there for anyone to read, ponder and act upon. No one said you have to do anything i am doing. Personally, status quo is more dangerous than anything else. Status quo is why not one banker has been jailed after being bailed out and having taken obscene bonuses (paid by me, thank you very much) that were shored away in the Caimans. No thank you. i need my money now, to live with. Question of choice.

  142. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink…

  143. When you’re bold, you can’t be held by the short hair. When you ain’t got nothing, you ain’t got nothing to lose. Attach what?

    Ossipee barely pays for itself. And i haven’t gone skiing for years. More of a hindrance than anything else. Ohio… well, I live in it. That’s about it. Retirement? The way the republicans are going, no one can’t count on that and I’m not due for many years anyway. By that time, this country will be a thrid-world country… if it still exists. Pension? What a joke! Gone with the bubble. Jail? They’ve already run out of room with all the marijuana “abusers” who, unbeknownst to them, are actually killing themselves to allow bank to prosper. Double whammy right there.

    In the order, what is the worse that can happen?

    1) I croak. I’m headed there anyway.
    2) I get fined and one more entity tries to collect the uncollectable. Join the club. Try to collect. Have fun at it. If you can look at yourself in the mirror doing it, I probably don’t want to live in the same world as yours.

    Can you think of something else I might have forgotten?

    In the meantime, I’m having fun. That’s what life is supposed to be.

  144. The IRS should be investigating these Wall Street crooks who are evading the tax man. They have siphoned $60.4 trillion of our wealth out of this country since 2008 with no accountability. What about all of these so called trusts that were set up after the crimes were committed….? What about these banks who are imposters hiding behind so called State agencies and hiding racketeering in our stolen properties ……? The banks are hiding behind State Agencies like The State Departments of Financial & Professional Regulations and are secretly re-purchasing Securities Frauds at Dutch Auctions via so called Investment firms like INTELIQUENT…..under the guise of Public Utilities like Telecommunications ….. This is criminal by it’s intent to Decieve, the banks are using so called Government Agencies to Conceal they are Racketeering in Securities Frauds.

  145. Yeah… but the IRS can attatch penalties and intrest along with a lien on your property. They can sieze your bank accounts .. Your information is wrong … way to many here in our state alone that I am aware of .. including one still in prison. Like I said … I like my life the way it is. If you choose to take on the IRS … that is your fight. But dont be throwing around false information.

  146. Re-purchasing soured debt with our stolen wealth creates poverty for everyone but the crooks who are re-purchasing it.

  147. http://www.nwtrcc.org/practical2.php

    The Risk of Criminal Prosecution and Imprisonment

    Through the use of skillful public relations the IRS has been able to frighten people by exaggerating the likelihood of criminal prosecution and imprisonment for those who evade or resist taxes.

    According to the IRS’s own estimates, the number of people prosecuted and jailed nationwide is minuscule when compared to the several million people who do not file returns. Among thousands of principled war tax refusers, we know of only two in the last 50 years who have been indicted for failure to file a tax return. One of those had implicated himself by filing a blank return. In 1980 he was sentenced to probation, with community service. He served no time in jail. The other, a non-filer since 1947, was sentenced to 60 days in jail plus three years’ probation in 1978.

    The IRS only recommends prosecution when they are practically assured of a conviction. The average amount of tax owed in criminal prosecutions is over $70,000. The most usual tax crimes prosecuted, in order of priority, are tax evasion, filing a false return, and not filing. Exceptions may be made in some situations to allow prosecution of people with lower liabilities if their nonpayment involves “flagrant conduct.”

    The IRS relies more on monetary civil penalties and civil enforcement processes as the U.S. prisons become increasingly over crowded and as the IRS computerized information capabilities improve.

    Many war tax refusers who fear criminal prosecution if they do not file are not aware that “willful failure to pay tax” is also a criminal offense carrying the same penalties as “willful failure to file.” Both are federal criminal misdemeanors punishable by up to one year in jail and up to a $25,000 fine for each year’s refusal. We know of no criminal prosecution of a war tax refuser for “willful failure to pay,” but when you file a tax return with a letter stating that you refuse to pay, you are actually providing the IRS with evidence of the crime of “willful failure to pay.”

    Every war tax refuser should be aware that they could be indicted for “willful failure to file,” or for “willful failure to pay,” but the risk is so slight for most people that it can be regarded as negligible when compared to the other practical burdens and risks of war tax refusal. In recent years the IRS has used the threat of criminal penalties to try to frighten people into reporting income from the “underground economy,” but there has been no actual increase in prosecution reported by non-filing war tax resisters.

  148. I am very well of the appraisal fraud,… dont know what they are gonna do. Principal reductions is the only alternitive I see. that is why the one thing I done right was demanded I choose the appraiser for this property before we closed. The appraisal came in low … I wanted my husband to withdrawl the offer and submit a new offer. This was late Nov 07. It was a couple thousand dollars difference and the realter and broker told my husband if he didnt close the next day as scheduled, there was a likely hood it would not close all. (investers cut funding to CW). So he agreed to pay the differance and closed. Guess what I was doing in Nov 07 … I had just started closing loans 6mo earlier and was preparing for the NNA Cerfification Tests and had registerd to take the Title Abstract Course. I completed the course in Aug 08.

  149. We are all the taxpayers and investors. We are the only party with any skin in the game, the rest of it is just an unsustainable ponzi scheme. The stakeholders, all of us taxpayers who paid for everything and were fraudulently induced into believing these contracts were being honored by the Issuer of the credit were swindled out of everything all because of the first place issue….the FED had no skin in the game. The FED defaulted and did not notify us they destroyed their contracts. There is no legal correction or new swindle that can turn this crime scene into something legitimate.

  150. Banksters count on the fact you can not make your mortgage payment … i.e. tips the scale in their favor you wont be able to afford an attorney to pay the long and drawn out litigation either. I suppose the Judges look at pro-se as you would have lost your home anyway because you couldnt pay … you are just looking to take advantage of a bad situation already dumped on the taxpayers and investers. I kinda see their point. You have to be prepared to Pay one or the other, or both! Get a Job! Get Another Job! Setting around growing potatos in your ears is not going to support you or your family! Pro-se are losing 99.6% of the time!!

  151. guest,

    Why do you keep harping on it? Did it occur to you that i may know what I’m doing? And why is it always after I mention something about your unsustainable position concerning homeowners’ blame?

    How ’bout… minding your own business? I know it is kind of a novel concept but you’ll get used to it with a little practice.

  152. The mortgage and the note are inseperable……without the legal assignment neither exist. BAYVIEW -v- NELSON…

  153. Listen Up Stripper …. The Fed is repurchasing the MBSs to keep from paying off on the CDSs. They are Not buying the notes. Ding!

  154. Christine.. after about 3yrs of not filing income tax returns, you will get notice from the IRS and they will come and Audit you anyway. Not filing your Income Tax Returns only hides your Income from the Bankster temperaly. Your audit will be over long before your lawsuit. Just saying … if your not filing to hide your income (to low) it doesnt work.

  155. We did not make a decision to not pay the mortgage, it was forced.

  156. If I were a millionaire that would not give them a right to rob and take advantage of me and I would still protest those fraudulently inflated bills. That is a very slick form of robbery. We lost our business of 25 years because of what these crooks did. We are struggling to rebuild it and we are continually being robbed from every direction. Again, it is the principal of the matters.

  157. Allow me to clarify, no contracts exist for many reasons but, the Fraud in the Factum is the destruction of the entire contract.

    Allowing the FED to re- purchase their own soured debt by any proxies is criminal. These are Securities Frauds they are Racketeering with.


  158. So Stripes… why are you complaining about the taxes and the water bill if you are not making a mortgage payment? Heck.. I am paying the taxes, insurance, maintaince and all utilites in addition to re-investing the mortgage payment into a trust .. we also pay an attorney. And our mortgage is less than one third of yours. Whats your problem?

  159. They need to be stopped from purchasing their own soured debt by proxies when they don’t hold legal title to anything. If they don’t have the Security Agreements they are committing felonies …. without the security agreement they are racketeering with Securities Frauds to gain unjust enrichment. Any recordings after the fc is filed when the pretender had no standing are felony frauds. The pretenders are racketeering to gain unjust enrichment. The judges have to know what a real security agreement looks like. It is a legal trust agreement that has the delivery & confirmation receipt on the document along with the trustees notarized signature. It must be dated no more than 90 days from the closing and recorded no more than 30 days after that in Illinois. That is the only legal lien. A recorded mortgage is only evidence that a debt once existed but is not a Security or an Entitlement without the Security Agreement. No transfers are Legal without it. The Security Agreement is the tort that makes the contract legal and is the first place issue. No notes or Mortgages exist without the Security …. that is proof of Performance by the Issuer of the Original bill of credit of some task being Performed on their end of the contract. Collecting payments is not Performance by the Issuer or any subsequent collection agency for the Issuer.

  160. I need to remind you … All loans are different. The example I gave with Kondaur Capital is a case I was personally involved in on a conventional uninsured loan. All Loans are Different!!

  161. Why else would a non secured note holder use MERS to hide their idenity? You know …. claim ownership of the Note and authority to endorse it to ???? perhaps another Kondaur Capital sibling?

  162. Kondaur Capital buys the notes at discount rates because of the scratches and dents are on the title. i.e. …. Not the mortgagee of title is the note sellers problem and the buyers problem. The only legal way for a non secured note holder to get title is via association and/or maintaincedues/ fees, property tax or abandonment.

  163. […] Filed under: bubble, CDO, CORRUPTION, currency, Eviction, foreclosure, GTC | Honor, Investor, Mortgage, securities fraud Tagged: arrears, assessments, debts, DUES, HOA, LIENS, MAINTENANCE, mortgages, notes, PRIORITY OF LIENS, Tennessee law Livinglies’s Weblog […]

  164. A party who has no Authority as a Trustee can not act as a Trustee or nominate Sub-Trustee. Signing as Attorney in Fact you must show by whose authority you are acting. Only a Principal can have a party act on its behalf and the Principal must also show how it became Principal and what consideration was given.

  165. This is all about the principles of the American people. How far have we fallen as a society that we would allow this robbery of every American to continue because we think we are safe as long as the bank/political Corp are stealing everyone else’s freedoms….their Life, Liberty and Property?

    That is precisely what they are doing…They want to observe us with all of their weapons of technology and see what we will allow. Why else would they be monitoring every move we make in our daily lives….?

    Everything they are doing to us is being done to control us and see what we will allow. They will not allow us to fight each others battles, because this war that has been completely manufactured by the banks and their “political” counterparts, is meant to weaken us severely as individuals and therefore, as a nation.

    Every action by every individual has a positive or a negative force. It is either a force for good or a force for evil. Cooperating with thieves and crooks who are diabolical can never be a force for good. Therefore, we should never cooperate and give them what they want. We The People, every American, pays for everything because, virtually every dime we pay and spend is a tax and is being used to further this agenda to destroy us. This is the result of the greedy bank owners and politicians who invest in everything we own, pay for and Labor for. It is a totalitarian scam that starts with socialism and ends with re-socialism….totalitarianism creates poverty and destroys the peace, freedom, liberty and independence of the people and the nation.

  166. Stomp #1 keeps them from taking you to court and You would think after all these years they would have provided the requested info in Stomp #2. I would have thought so! But I guess if you were the owner of the note since default and had collected more than you paid for the note already from the homeowner … maybe ya wouldnt want to disclose the info. I dunno … just jabberin

  167. Stomp One! Lack of Standing to Invoke Jurisdiction. Stomp Two! Proof of Consideration on Debt and Debt validation. Stomp Three! QT action.

  168. Oh… companies like Kondaur Capital buy scratch and dent loans in Bulk! Cheap! Cheap! Cheap!

  169. Deal with the Debt, then File QT.

  170. They buy loans on an average of 25-30% face value. Who is your Servicers Principal (note owner ) now? And how much consideration did he give for the note?

  171. They buy scratch and dent loans (the ones they wrecked) …….. then they lie cheat, bully harrass and break the law all over again if the property is still occupied. And trust me … they dont just strickly get the loans after a fc, but get them before on loans that can not Judicially get FC.. and they try to complete the job their predessor could not. They are not the only Co out there …

  172. It’s not my battle. Better things to do with my time. And it’s still only one outfit. End of discussion.

  173. Do a History on Kondaur Pres and Owner … He was a Big Sub-Prime Mortgage Lender on the Hook for the Mortgages he origionated. Yep .. he is on the back end of the train regurgeatating the houses again. Keep searching Kondaur Capital and their connection to LPS.

  174. The good ones went up to .. I agree. I disagree about Mers…! They were Never Mers Members! Never! They re-organized under a new name and went Mers after the fact to hide their idenity,

  175. You’re coming up with one example of a rotten outfit. I see it from the angle of 6 years of in-depth investigations led by people such as Bill Black, Cathy Austin Fiits, Gretchen Morgensen, Andelman and the many government agencies that have looked into it and come up with the same conclusions.

    One outfit v. millions of people conned. That makes for a hell of a tipping scale, right there…

    That’s OK. You’ve got your solo song. I’ve got a million-voice chorus behind me. Investors were greedy and they played right into the hands of banks. End of discussion as far as i am concerned.

  176. “Why do you think they and they and and the small time title agent/offices all disappeared, closed, BK’ed, merged, sold out or operate under aka?”

    You got it completely wrong and it is the opposite. The honest and decent ones went belly up. Only those willing to join the MERS system and play by MERS rules (fund’em, fund’em) survived.

  177. Trust Me Chrisine … I know what the broker/originaters did! I blew the whistle on them years ago and still do!! Why do you think they and they and and the small time title agent/offices all disappeared, closed, BK’ed, merged, sold out or operate under aka? I find it ironic they are now the bottom feeders aka companies like Kondaur Corp. http://www.flippingfrenzy.com/page/54/

  178. Guest,

    Maybe you didn’t but I just happen to be one of those millions of homeowners you keep blaming, whose income was, indeed, largely overstated. How many really intentionally overstated their income? very, very few. They got CONNED! Like investors. Put the blame where it belongs: the conners. Not the connees…

  179. Guest, you’re walking on well established quicksand with that line “….homeowners who lied about their income on no doc loans.” That bullshit laden meme has been totally debunked by law reviews from coast to coast. The fact that you’d even regurgitate it leaves your motives highly suspect in my book.

    What of due diligence on the part of the originators? The underwriters? How can anyone in their position condone their salaries if your logic is followed?

  180. And guest,

    Just for the hell of it… I never sign anything without keeping copies. Taught that way. it’s always worked for me. I kept all the papers I filled out by hand. I can prove what i put down as income, both times. It ain’t what ultimately was put on the closing docs.

    Should I bear some responsibility for what was ultimately signed and initialed? Probably. But in a comparative-negligence scenario, it wouldn’t exceed 25% because, you see… I am NOT a pro and the law, when applied, clearly refuses to hold Joe blow to the level of expertise of a lender.

    In a case of intentional fraud, as committed by lenders, any ounce of responsibility on my part flies out the window. Very simple. I’ll will stick to that ’til the day I die. So fart, it’s working out for me.

  181. I never said you did Christine. I was using that as an example.

  182. If you are going to sign as a Trustee (or anything else) for s Principal in any legal capicity, you need to file Proof of Authority. If you are signing as attorney in fact or sub-trustee you will also need to file a copy of that agreement also. No Agreements? Bad Deeds!

  183. “I only blamed the homeowners who lied about their income on no doc loans. Easy to Prove when you compare them to their IRS returns.”

    I can tell you one thing: I didn’t lie. In fact, most people didn’t lie. i did what everyone did at closing: I signed and initialed and signed and initialed here, there, everywhere i was told to. And later on, when I refie’d, i did the same thing. Both times, I had given the Lender absolute authorization to check my income by signing some IRS form and both times, the paperwork I hand filled out was beyond reproach. In fact, after my first refi, i realized i had been conned into some exotic thing i didn’t understand and immediately attacked the lender to have that thing corrected and to be put back where I had started out (to be made whole, as they say…). Between the first and second refi (2 months apart), my income jumped by 20K. In most cases, lenders overstated income to be able to close. Call me naive but it never, ever occurred to me that lenders cheated. Well, lenders did cheat on stated income by reporting 200% or 300% the actual income.

    And that, guest, happened in the great majority of the cases. Lenders cheated and you blame the homeowner for being too honest to imagine it? That is rich… Who was the expert and the pro? Not me. I’ll be dammed if i am blamed for intentional dishonesty perpetrated by professionals who, incidentally, enriched themselves in the process. I, along with millions, was conned. If i were the only one, I would say: “It must be me”. Millions conned likewise? Can’t be me. As simple as that.

    But that’s OK. Keep blaming homeowners. it’s been your song from day one.

  184. I only blamed the homeowners who lied about their income on no doc loans. Easy to Prove when you compare them to their IRS returns. The rest I blame on the pretenders who screwed up things so bad the investers can not fc and the homeowners can not get a Warrenty Title! The road goes both ways ….. I have the Proof!!

  185. Oh wait… I was thinking of the Law Firm that signed as sub-trustee for the Trustee of the Trust at closing. Yeah.. I need that agreement for Title Ins. But I suppose ya’ll see how this applies to Pretenders to. 🙂

  186. Guest,

    I read your 10:00. Couldn’t make any sense of it.

    “But what I have not seen anyone writing about are the lawsuits where the investers are sueing because the servicers errors(fraud) prevents the invester from FC. If the invester is not FC on you and is sueing the buttwipe for the losses… who is sueing you? How is your Pretender Registered with your SEC? Do they have powers of a Trustee in Your State?”

    What are your trying to say? I know you’ve been blaming homeowners for investors’ losses (although i still go back over and over to American greed and it is always the same story: they were making 5% interest and doing well. Some bastard comes and shines a risk-free 30% interest and those investors, sons and daughters of depression-eras parents taught right and solid common sense flies out the window… but it’s all the homeowner’s fault, right?) but what were you trying to convey? Or were you?

  187. Take BOA for instance… Fighting Like Hell not to be liable for CWs liabilities to the investers and the homowners. Are you kidding Me? Walk off with the Loot and tell the investers and homeowners to kiss your ass? Ok then Mr Buttwipe BOAna … show Me Your Powers to act as a Trustee, .. you know … where it says you are acting on behalf of the Principal as per the Trust Agreement. Yeah! I want a copy of the Trust Agreement supposidly giveing you the Authority to Act as Trustee! Buttwipe!!!

  188. Speaking of investor lawsuits, I went through 8 large vats of popcorn glued to the screen yesterday watching Levin peel off the layers of deceit at JPMC, leaving only the foul-smelling stench of desperation and futility inside. I love the smell of systemic fraud in the morning! Changed answers….I can’t remember phrases….fingers pointing every-which-way…..neon signs of guilt hanging on very expensive clothes, now ringed with sweat.

    Enough schadenfreude to last a lifetime. It was all good.

    But, back to the investor lawsuits, Levin basically laid out every single necessary ingredient for any investor harmed by these frauds and said, “Here’s the makings of your soufflé, come and get it!” Dimon et al won’t stand a chance after that show and tell, even though they are max lawyered up.

    But what’s troublesome about the whole deal is the ending….Levin said to Curry at OCC something along the lines of….now go and help JPMC right its ship…. Whaaaa? How’s about matching connected bracelets…connected to a waste chain and anklet chains as well? Trade all those expensive 38 – longs in for orange jumpers. I’d pay my last dollar (which just happens to be what I have left thanks to these criminals) to see Jamie Dimon walk the walk from a bus and through a razor topped fence that has no putting greens for miles. I bet he’d get a record price on E-bay for those presidential cuff-links.

    But it would appear that TPTB will be content with letting the investor class swoop in and rein havoc on these folks for a while, costing them money but no other serious constraints such as LOSS OF FREEDOM! When will I finally learn not to expect anything from this government save for more of the same? Go, and admit no harm.

  189. Christine….“ All those people trapped into dead end jobs making money for the sake of making money….”

    That’s not it at all. Our job is to work hard so as to put all the corporation’s C-suite children through Harvard and Yale, so that we can forever be ruled by the savviest, best dressed lawye….uhm…people on the planet. Rinse – repeat. That’s why they make more money than us. Much, much more.

    Don’t ever, ever think you can rise above your station. It’s the contemporary caste system, and it works just fine for all of us as long as we don’t question their motives or the people they place in positions of power in our government.

    So don’t rock their boa…uh…luxury yachts. They may take away our satellite TVs and our I-Phones.

  190. Ooops. I mean how is your pretender registered with your Sec of States Office.

  191. I read alot about the failure of invester lawsuits in mass against the banks for setting up and selling bad loans by manupliting the underwriting guidelines Courts have ruled that the facts are different in every loan and that each loan must be litigated case by case. But what I have not seen anyone writing about are the lawsuits where the investers are sueing because the servicers errors(fraud) prevents the invester from FC. If the invester is not FC on you and is sueing the buttwipe for the losses… who is sueing you? How is your Pretender Registered with your SEC? Do they have powers of a Trustee in Your State?

  192. The world is waking up. It is all coming down and tearing at the seam.
    All those people trapped into dead end jobs making money for the sake of making money, working long hours, creating nothing, building nothing, fixing nothing, improving no one’s life don’t know how to do anything else. They’re leaving WS in droves for… what? Nobody knows. Money was the goal. They made it. A ton of it. Now what?

    Strange world we’re living in…


    41 Percent Of Wall Street Ready To Leave Financial Industry: Survey

    News flash: Apparently some Wall Street workers are only in it for the money.

    In 2012, 41 percent of Wall Street workers admitted to being ready to leave the financial industry, according to the recent eFinancialCareers 2012 Compensation Survey. That’s up from 35 percent the year before.

    The defeatist attitude may have something to do with the smaller salaries and shrinking bonuses workers are bringing home.

    But don’t feel too bad. The average Wall Street salary still comes in at a whopping $363,000, according to an October 2012 report by New York state Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli.

  193. There is something very strange and surreal with the idea of digging into the ground to mine metal, melting it into bullions and letting it sit in huge warehouses for centuries. This is not what we were supposed to become: adorers of dead metal while 1/3 of world population starves to death, the planet has been destroyed almost beyond repair, most fish life has disappeared, 200 animal and plant species become extinct every single day and the list goes on and on.

    Indeed, it is surreal. Especially knowing that we are all headed in the same direction: death. Why come in the first place to experience this insanity? it makes absolutely no sense.

  194. A man,

    Did you look at the date on that thing? May 2012. But it doesn’t take away from the moral of the story: the woman did, indeed, get her mortgage wiped out WHEN SHE LOOKED AT HER DOCUMENTS.

    Inother words, if you don’t do your research, you won’t win. As simple as that. If all you do is drop your file in an attorney’s lap, you won’t win. You need to work, work, work at your defense. You need to spend hours and hours researching documents, similar cases, previous case law. It is work and it is an investment. The return depends on how much you put into it.

  195. Great news in South Florida. Robo signing is finally illegal.



  196. In these upside-down times we live in. It actually may be a good thing to have a small lien (relatively speaking) that forecloses and then you can pay in full if your state has a 30 day pay back period.

    We have to beat these criminals at their own games. Always Think outside the box and if all else fails then it may be time to put a few of them in a box.

  197. That’s why i never bought a condo… I saw what happened in the late 80s with the Massachusett’s miracle. An entire complex inhabited by two or three families forced to bear the burden of the entire association. If i recall, Mass reps ended up intervening and plenty of promoters went belly up. T’was touch-and-go for a while. And then, Bill Weld ran for governor and Dukaka (as we used to call him) ran for president.

    Oh boy! Those were the day…

  198. do not let mortgage bankers and servicers act with impunity-sign&share http://www.thepetitionsite.com/712/603/677/fairness in mortgage

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