How the Presence of MERS or Any Private Database Is Circumstantial Evidence of Fraudulent Intent

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While writing an expert declaration I managed to express something more clearly than I had previously done in other declarations. It starts off with the question “why does MERS” exist? And remember that the large banks all have the own version of MERS in house as well. My conclusion is that if the loans were truly securitized as represented, the county recording system would have been used.

While the argument is often advanced that MERS and equivalent databases at Aurora, Wells Fargo and Chase were created to facilitate the transfer of loans and mortgages, in my opinion this is a specious argument and certainly contrary to custom and practice in the industry.

If the loan was originated with funds of the REMIC, then the REMIC would have been named on the note and mortgage, disclosed to the borrower and there would be no reason to transfer the loans.

If the loans were purchased from the originator then a simple transaction would have taken place — the REMIC would have withdrawn funds, paid the originator, and received an indorsement and assignment of the note that would have been recorded. Again there would be no need for an elaborate system for transferring loans — unless the loans were being transferred in ways that the original investors did not know, and would not have permitted.

These passive unsecured databases are therefore merely tools of an illusion such that an official looking computer printout can be issued with different information about the loan tailored to the intended recipient of the report. The ability to manipulate data is infinite in these private databases whereas use of the county recording systems would have shown the actual trail of the loan, the money and the documents as required by law. Hence the obvious conclusion that the loans were not originated by the REMIC.

The real transactions would be disclosed if the alleged “holders” are required to show proof of loss and proof of payment. The banks are seeking to rely on a presumption about the real transaction rather than showing the actual transaction where the loan was transferred. That would require them to show money exchanging hands, which simply did not happen in virtually all cases where transfer of the loan is alleged.

By focusing on the “holder” definitions, the Court and counsel skip over the obvious. Who really is out of pocket on this transaction and why wasn’t it properly recorded in the county records. No, it isn’t to save money on filing fees. It was to cover-up the fact that they were trading with investor money.

It’s like someone gives you $10 to go to the store and buy something and on your way you stop off and gamble off 1/3 of it. Of course you are going to come back with less groceries. But if you make up a plausible story about prices going up at the store or getting mugged on your way home, you might get away with it. If you keep your own database on these events as proof of your lies, and if it looks formal enough, anyone might believe the reports.

Now your bets pay off. You still leave the person who gave you the $10 with a $3 loss and you keep the proceeds of the bets. The fact that the money you gambled was money entrusted to you for a specific purpose doesn’t even enter into the equation.

The conclusion I reach is that the only reason for these private databases is that the banks knew in advance that they would be diverting money into their own pockets and they wanted something that looked official to cover-up their illegal acts. It doesn’t seal the deal but it should get you some traction in court.

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  1. I just looked up on MERS site in all variety available. The only one that turns up connected to my address is the min. An address only look up gets results My name and ssn do not find any result. They never have.??

  2. TAUNTON —

    The Bristol County Board of Commissioners received an update on the county’s lawsuit against a national financial services company over registry of deeds recording fees.

    The Bristol County Board of Commissioners received an update on the county’s lawsuit filed against the Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems from the county’s lawyer. The commissioners discussed the update from attorney Robert Naumes during Tuesday’s meeting at the Superior Courthouse in Taunton.

    Naumes told the Board of Commissioners that the case against MERS, originally filed last March in Suffolk Superior Court in concert with the Norfolk and Plymouth county governments, was ordered by a judge to be moved back from a federal court to the state court. Naumes said that this means that the county’s law team will be able to start working on the case.

    “The court just allowed our motion to bring the case back to the state court,” said a letter from Naumes, read by County Administrator Jaye Cioper. “We originally filed in Superior Court and it was moved to federal court. The stay will also now be lifted and we can finally get to work. I will keep you informed on any other developments.”

    Commissioner John Mitchell said that this was good news for the county. The county government hopes to recollect hundreds of thousands of dollars in recording fees that it claims were skirted when MERS allegedly created a gap in the chain of mortgage assignments for property in the county using artificial and unlawful methods.

    “The biggest thing is this will get it going,” Mitchell said. “Now that it’s back in state court, the lawyers can start doing the work on it. … The defendants had it removed to federal court. It was just a delaying tactic. I assume they wanted it in federal court, in the sense it is further removed from the state system.”

    Mitchell speculated that the defendant originally wanted it in federal court because there is a perception that state judges have a “slant” in favor of local governments in their state. “It’s a state issue,” Mitchell said. “State judges may just have simply more knowledge of the state recording system. For whatever purpose, they didn’t get it in federal court. Our lawyers wanted it in state court.”

    Also during Tuesday’s meeting, the commissioners discussed the first sewage bill that is due for the new sewer system that was installed at Bristol County Agricultural School. They also talked about a request to establish a concession stand at the Third District Court in New Bedford.

    Read more:

  3. MERS can’t hold or transfer anything legally because MERS is not a bank and MERS does not have a banking charter. Either do the servicers. That is why their duties are limited as are the trustees duties. Property transfers can only go from bank to bank. MERS is a shell corporation the banks use to hide, and launder securities fraud through. The banks use MERS to racketeer massive Securities Fraud among themselves. The banks also use MERS to dump their fraud on the title companies who dump the banks fraud onto the public. ….the U.S. TAXPAYERS. MERS is criminal …..a bank black op.

  4. Thanks Z! Great Facts about MERS! It breaks my Heart you Lossed Z. Remember what I said … keep your butt parked. They may have a SJ … but I am assuming they have a couple of problems with the credit bidder and the title. Have you tried to talk to legal aid? You can still stop a sale after SJ. It would please me Greatly knowing your Family stays in Your Home!

  5. If anyone would like copies of my interrogatories to MERS (remember, I’m not a lawyer and I lost my suit), which were answered by William Hultman, let me know. They contain nuggets like this:

    “MERS is only able to transfer what it actually holds and cannot transfer a negotiable instrument by virtue of a transfer or real property.” Response to Int. 4.

    “A promissory note is a negotiable instrument which is transferred through endorsement and delivery. Any language in the assignment which claimed to assign the note could not do so as notes do not move through assignments in the land records.” Response to Int. 7

    “The MERS assignment can only assign the interest that MERS is holding. When MERS is named as the beneficiary, it hold legal title to the Deed of Trust and can assign the Deed of Trust. Unless MERS is the note holder it cannot transfer the note since the note moves through endorsement and delivery pursuant to the Uniform Commercial Code.” Response to Int. 13

    “MERS has never owned the note.” Response to Int. 14

    I asked them to produce any/all assignments of my note/DOT that have been recorded on the MERS system. The answer: “MERS does not possess any responsive documents.” Production No. 5

    If anyone would find a pdf of this useful, I’m not a lawyer, this isn’t legal advice. I lost my case. Most of the other interrogatories were objected to and not answered.

  6. Winning SJ did nothing to fix the title, nor did it leave us with knowing who we owed and the Judge wouldnt even decide how much. We ended up settling out of court on that property, We told the attorneys to donate the property to charity, but they didnt even want it .. ??? Part of the settlement had to be they had to take possession of the property and have the title transferred within 30days. We did not want to be landlords … we wanted to sell. Its pretty bad when you can not even give it away. SAD!

  7. Evil directs this conspiracy against our Constitutional Republic. I will not be deterred. The bank owners defaulted, and defrauded ALL OF US…..EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN……whether you used their credit or not…..the liability for this rotten economy is all theirs. Lying and committing more fraud and more heinous crimes against us does not change the fact the bank owners owe the American Citizenry GAZILLIONS…

  8. E-Tolle, I know I can be annoying at times. Just Ignore me. Doc says its Good for me to release steam, and my husband says better a moron like stripes than him. *blushes*. My Heart is in the Right Place and My Fight is on the same Battleground. Just a few short years back… I remember demanding our attorney to explain what the heck standing had to do with a false claim of default. I could not figure out why the lawyers were argueing standing when there was no default. No default .. No case.. It should be simple… Right?

  9. I am completely uncompromised and my loyalties are with our Constitutional Republic and all of the laws of this land. Therefore, I have a lot to add under the First Amendment…..the Supreme Law of the Land…..because OUR CONSTITUTION IS BEING IGNORED AND THE PEOPLES RIGHTS AFFORDED THEM UNDER THE U.S. CONSTITUTION AND THE BILL OF RIGHTS AND ALL OF TGE LAWS OF THIS LAND ARE NOT BEING UPHELD AND THESE ARE WAR CRIMES AGAINST EVERY AMERICAN CITIZEN….


  10. John you are right that not a single Note is signed by a single lender as well as the endorsements are not dated. I don’t know how these documents could state up in court!

  11. @guest re Charles – not really, if not stated right on target. AND the borrower was induced to believe MERS, which was identified in the dot as a corporation, was more than a utility. Certainy no one knew what MERS isn’t or is. I’m not convinced it matters beyond the salient issue of being unconscionable since neither MERS nor the Lender signed the dot to either make the appt or accept it.

  12. Neil, don’t look now, but a coup d’état has occurred on your website while you weren’t looking, and….for the love of Gawd pull the plug on the Itchy and Scratchy show now, PLEASE.

    Guest and stripes have nothing to offer save for wasting tons of valuable time. They’re obviously plants. Even a single zero or one of their binary code is wasted space. Ban them for life and I’ll buy a dozen securitization audits pronto.

  13. Notice JG always ignores the first place issue….the Issuer of the original Bill of Credit….dead give away….. He keeps talking around the truth. BTW….guest & Christine have foul mouths…that is their only defense when they can’t win an argument, which is never, they try to shoot the messenger…..they are big fat frauds.

  14. Jg…who are you calling a plant…? You are on the same page with guest….lie and deceive and try and make people believe lies is all you do. I am working for no one but our Constitutional Republic and the rule of law being upheld. Our freedom, liberty and independence depend on it. This is a secret war on U.S. soil by the Corporate bank owners who declared war on the American people on 9/11. They wear many disguises, Lie & deceive is all they do. The bank owners are the Great Pretenders and so are you. That is what I am exposing by telling the truth about all of your scams.

  15. q in theuest I do wonder of your motive on this site. However let me add a bit to my questioning of MERS as in the titles (mortgages, deed of trust, security deed) they explain that the are taken over some type of action so that they act for the borrower/homeowner.

    As much as MERS and lenders would like to act as if the Note is a one sided contract it not, as it is a two ways street, so how is MERS relaying the conditions of the title to the borrowers? they were not paying me to close on behalf of them and in none bank closing where a title companies were not paid to represent MERS.

    MERS is not a part of the bank/lender as the title is requesting that this process be allowed, and that not done until the local recording office has received and recorded the title. But as in the State of Nebraska where this will end is because MERS argued that they were not a “mortgage bank” and th clown is not even register in the State to do business at all.

    What I say yo have in that State alone is that every single loan has a invalid title at this point, and any that have been foreclosed could not have been because it involves a none register party to do business in State!

  16. guest and stripes – you’re either plants or you’re on the same page with each other and the rest of us in a common goal, even as you disagree from time to time. If you were sitting at the kitchen table and debating, I guess name-calling might be interspersed kiddingly between friends as happens. But you’re not at the kitchen table. Any chance you’d not do it here? If so, thanks from me and many others.

  17. A beneficiary in a dot is either the lender or its lawful agent – period.
    If it’s anyone else, the note and dot are bifurcated and neither is enforceable against the property and likely not enforceable at all depending on the contract and state law (recourse, non-recourse, one action, security first, etc.) until they are reunited if that’s possible. Some people think once bifurcated, reunification is not possible under
    Restatement 3rd (think it is). Got me. If these notes are regulated to some extent by Article 3, and hence its bearer provisions, that is just not the end of the story if for no other reason than because of other dispositive factors relevant to enf of promissory notes secured by real property (like the recourse, non-recourse, one action, security first, etc). I posited the dot is not a stand alone instrument – neither are these notes.

  18. JG… I just do not get AZ. This is one reason to avoid a DOT state.

  19. Christine, I understand what you are saying about physically going into MERS…. hahaha. No, I can not say that I have. But I have seen many a Ghost Pop Out From Behind the MERS Curtain on the same claim.

  20. TU @8:21 last night – Before I forget, I don’t know what makes you think any property ever goes to a dot trustee if the beneficiary
    has disappeared because it doesn’t and wouldn’t. A party called the beneficiary in a dot may not yet assign its interest if it’s not the note owner. ** A dot is NOT a stand alone instrument because it’s wholley dependent on the debt evidenced by the note.** (AZ wants to treat the dot as if it is in what can only be faulty logic imo and which is due to be taken on). lay opinions

  21. Guest…I did not ask you any legal questions…. I asked you why are you so concerned about what the attorney said to me…? Of course you never answered the real question. Besides I was not talking to you…..You are always sticking your 2 cents in my business and telling me what to do. You are like a nanny state. I know your a spy and you spies don’t want us telling the truth about what’s really going on. The truth needs to be told especially about what’s going on in the courtrooms because it is treason and it needs to be exposed.

  22. Stripes, you can ask me all the legal questions you want.. but I will not respond to them. I will keep telling you over and over til I am blue in the face … Get a Job, Get a Lawyer and Get a Life Again!

  23. Christine, why do we have to ask to be indemnified, because the gatekeepers are not there for us anymore, they ensnared us all because they could. im with you though i cant live like a slave to a bunch of mobsters who bully us into court after screwing us for every dime and asset we had. and then some.

  24. You seem a bit rattled tonight guest…why is that?

  25. Why are you so concerned about what he told me for…? Over a year ago the bank attorney told me there is no discovery, trust or trustee…what more do I need to know…? I know this is a scam..that’s all it is.

  26. What information would an attorney want to get from me …? He simply told me what I suspected all along…nothing earth shaking but it was interesting none the less.

  27. Stripes… you are disulional if you think he gave you anything more than he wanted you to have to hang yourself. He is their attorney for Gods Sake!

  28. Lots…

  29. Too funny….do you think this is Mayberry…?

  30. He gave you information? roflmbo

  31. And dont let that Judge talk over the top of you either, you tell him to sit down and shut up you are talking and it is disrespectful to disrupt you. You know your right of due process and If he opens his mouth again… enforce your power of citizens arrest and slap those babies on him.

  32. The attorney got no info from me. He gave me info. Why would I ask the judge to recuse himself from the case…? That would be chicken shit.

  33. Ok.. Mrs Know It All Stripper. Fact! The Plaintiffs attorney did not make buddy buddy with you! He Used you to further his case and pumped you for information! Fact! I Bet He Would Laugh His Ass Off if You Went In And Asked the Judge to Recuse Himself! Go For It! You are the one will all the knowledge with lots of guts and bound for Glory! Chicken Shit!!

  34. No their created risk was not insured by the U.S. TAXPAYERS…they were massively overleveraged by a QUADRILLION dollars in criminal fraud…The U.S. TAXPAYERS paid for the properties upfront and the banks defaulted & defrauded us as evidenced by no legal assignments and no chain of title.

  35. GRRRR…. You are a Friggin Idiot!! The Investers are insured by the taxpayers you Moron!!!

  36. You are a liar guest….the investors were insured to, that’s why they insider traded the market into freefall in 08….the investors never owned anything anyway. It was all a scam to rob us out of everything. Everyone should watch the documentary Inside Job by Craig Ferguson. It tells how the investors were all insured on the fraud….that’s what the $60.4 trillion dollar bailout robbery was all about. The documentary Plunder the Crime of Our Time by Danny Schecter tells how AIG was $600 trillion in the red at the time of the bailout backed by $12 trillion in U.S. TAXPAYER INVESTMENT … This was all about stealing everything from the people, nothing more.

  37. Poor Stripes .. the Truth just does not Fit Her Needs. The banks got all the swaps and ins proceeds Idiot! Not the Investers! The Investers do not get paid till the house is fc and sold and the invester (taxpayer backed ins) claims are filed with Fannie, Fredie or Ginnie. And even then… the banks keep their fees out of that money, keep the house and then dumps the losses on the investers.

  38. None of you were harmed, not one of you. How much credit default swap insurance money and other insurance money have you collected so far….? $60.4 trillion … with no skin in the game. Time for prison stripes…

  39. Foreclosure is nothing but a scam. They all got paid exponentially and now they are all just vultures coming in for the crumbs.

  40. The investors were insured on the fraud. They already got paid.

  41. You do realize that the Banks, LPS and MERS is on the hook to the investers for the Fraudulent MERS assignments right? If the RPII is sueing them because they can not sue hubby ….. Makes Me Smile! The Buttwipe BOAna has No losses or harm caused by us. They themselves and their predisessors CW… did that to the investers and us all by themselves.

  42. Christine, yes it has been removed from MERS system (it went to private invester after BAC re-enstatement. And when BOAna came into the picture it was completely removed from Mers system. Our loan was never registered with SEC Fannie, Freddie or Ginnie. It is litterly a limbo loan and the 1st Mers on title (Thank God). But Mers has already released their claim to the title. And yes … if I were in your shoes and on the hook for the previous mortgage (as my daughter on REO purchase) is … I would sue to!

  43. What does a crook like you know about being a role model..? That is coming from the scum of the earth. My kids are well grounded, have good morals and are respectful to their parents. I couldn’t ask for more. No problemed kids in my house. They would give the shirt off their backs to someone who needed it. More than I can say for you crooks who have no morals and live to steal and destroy what we build.

  44. If i had a reading comprehension problem, you would not be arguing with me all the time and trying your damndest to shoot my message by trying to assassinate my character with your lies. We are all innocent victims of the biggest ponzi scheme swindle and heist of our wealth in history by you Corporate bank crooks in history. Everything we pay and spend is a tax that you crooks steal and throw out some crumbs. Goddamned crooks….every one of you.

  45. They do however have a poor role model.

  46. Apparently you have a reading comprehension problem. I did not say your children were poor. I said they were innocent!

  47. I will worry about my own medical care and my children aren’t poor. We don’t worship false idols in our house like you do.

  48. I have never collected a dime of welfare in my life but if I did, I paid for it. Hope you crooks all go belly up when none of us pay for your freeloading crimes anymore out of our pockets.

  49. You are nothing but a bank crook Christine…..working for the new world hoarders and all of their Anuit Coeptus crap. I stand for our Constitutional Republic and the rule of law, nothing more. The rule of law must be upheld or no one is safe from you crooks. We need to sue & abolish you crooks, allow no more investing in our unalienable rights and coin and issue our own currency. That is the only way to secure our Constitutional Republic.

  50. And besides … If we didnt pay our taxes, there would be no Link putting food on the Strippers Table. Ok… bad example… How about her Innocent Children? And all the other Innocent Children who have No Medical Care or Food or Education?

  51. I still disagree with you on the IRS issues in part. I agree the system needs overhauled, I agree there is abuse and misuse of those funds. But I am not willing to go to jail, I will file my income taxes and pay what is owed. And my husband says he doubts he will strike ..his job until his employer agrees to stop taking income taxes from his salary. If a business does that (like there is a chance of that happening) … the business will be shut down by officials and many jobs will be lost. Your just not being realistic …

  52. “…and we haven’t turned a profit in years…”

    How would you know unless you filed a 1040? The minute you file, you’re in the system. Which, by the way, you are, as a confirmed shill… wasting my time here.

  53. guest,

    with all due respect, you may want to seriously check back that “Our loan was taken our of the Mers System when the CW LP was released in 2011”.

    Did you physically go into MERS to verify that?

    In my experience, MERS never followed the loan, the borrower or the money. If follows the… property. Hence the two unpaid/unsatisfied loans on MY property, preexisting my purchase of the house in OH. Both appear under MY name, MY SS no. and my address. I wasn’t even living here then.

    Are you still questioning why I would sue?

    Read that in the light of that horrible story Carie posted yesterday.

    MERS follows the land and everything that touches it.

  54. No imbecile christine, i don’t have a bank account ….. and we haven’t turned a profit in years. I have inflamed many people by telling the truth…? Tough shit isn’t it…. ? That means one person can make a difference. And NO…. I’m not going anywhere because unlike you, I am not a coward….I don’t look for fraudulent fixes for fraud. My stand is my stand and it is for our Constitutional Republic, not your GLOBALIST totalitarian bullshit….jackass.

  55. Christine, I get where you are coming from. Once you learn a lesson the hard way … its a lesson Well Learned. Our loan was taken our of the Mers System when the CW LP was released in 2011. That is also when Mers transferred the Note and Mortgage toghether almost 4yrs later to CWHL, BAC HL Servicing, Bank of America N.A. BOA na has never filed LP in on title in their name or filed suit. Buttwipes!! Mers has already signed off on ours …. hahahaha! Who am I to fight it? Now to deal with the debt collector BOAna and get my QT. Oh .. It would be nice to have the deed in my name also as it was supposed to be. 30yrs of sharing deed with hubby and then Not … is like being stripped naked. But it was that error of not putting me on the deed or the loan that put me in a position to call the loan and end the contract my husband had entered. They wont talk to me or hubbys attorney. Buttwipes!!

  56. And the imbecile who files her taxes like a good, petrified, terrified, angry little girl, keeps using her bank account (convenience, you see…) and keeps telling We The People what they ought to do.

    Stripper, We The People F.U. We F.U. big time. In fact, you’ve managed to insult and inflame so many people that, were I in your shoes, I might reconsider leaving my home… Then again, some people need to learn the hard way.

  57. Everyone should say to hell with all of them and stop participating. We are all funding these bank owner crooks and their war against US. They don’t like paying for anything out of their own pockets, that is why we are here. It’s all about their bottom line. The bank owners, their minions and cohorts are the biggest wealth stealing, wealth destroying, money grubbing hoarding welfare recipients of our wealth on the planet.

  58. Been lied to a few times too many. 911 becomes worse by the day. Between Kay Griggs and this, I am not about to deal with anyone for what concerns me personally.

  59. What I say is very simple: “I want a release that indemnifies me from everyone, known or unknown to date, susceptible to come after me for that original amount, and I want that release to hold me harmless from any existing or potential claim for that amount, known or unknown, whether asserted or not, INCLUDING from MERS. They’re willing to hold me harmless from everyone and indemnify me against everyone. No problem. Except MERS. I don’t care about anyone (businesses come and go). I specifically care about MERS.

    No sale until I get what I want. Ain’t paying until then. I learned my lesson really, really, really well.

  60. mers is what cloudes title ab initio, no other way around it. we bought homes, signed a bogus deal with a clouded title and a hyperinflated appraisal, how else could the banks get their way.

  61. Christine, you keep saying that you can not get out of MERS. I disagree, If Mers assigned the lien to another party. Mers is no longer the lien holder, ( nominee or beneficary for anyone anymore.)

  62. The bad news is… Haliburton is doing for the military and this country’s infrastructure what MERS has been doing for real estate. Are we in deep shit or what?

  63. OMG!!! That was the piece I was missing!

    MERS is the one thing that banks created to service their needs and greed and now, MERS is what holds them alive! Now I understand why not one homeowner fighting a defunct bank, lender and such can’t seem to prevail: MERS.

    No wonder Johngault has been so focused on it. Kill MERS and you kill the entire economy of this country!

    Well, the good news is: those investors, be it Russians, Chinese or Clinton are buying… MERS. That shouldn’t take too long any more.

  64. Come to think of it, that no-employee, no-office, no-address MERS zombie outfit appears to hold everyone by the short hair. Something like a Hoover file on every bank, lender, title insurer and what not.

    What a horrible thought… a computer program with the ability to blackmail its members!

    Seriously, it is as though MERS terrifies everyone. Try to get out of it. You simply can’t. Hence OPPT. I’m getting ready to send courtesy notices to NH. Can’t do it in OH since I’m in suit but in NH, I’ll see out that pans out.

  65. Charles said:… ” I uses to close these these loans for the bank”. I ask Charles … Where are your fees listed on the HUD? Who paid your fees? The Bank? The Title Company? The Borrower?

  66. Charles Reed,

    MERS was everywhere. In every aspect of the lending process. Not going away either since we are now at MERS, the 3rd generation with no indication that it is going anywhere. Nope. Here to stay, so long as people don’t wake up to it.

    In 2004, when I closed, my lender was a MERS member. My lender was also my title insurer (different name but same officers. In fact, my lender started out as a title company and became a lender when he realized how much money could remain in-house, sheltered from taxes and such). Today, people get conned into the refinancing, modification or they flat out buy something else. Try to negotiate out of MERS. Can’t be done. In the process of doing that in Ossipee: I’m willing to settle an old Heloc for less than 10% of what was owed. The bank was MERS. The JDB is MERS. The frickin paperwork is MERS. And old cabin, fully paid off. Settlement in a divorce agreement: I got the cabin. And I borrowed on it to fix it up. Couldn’t pay.

    i’ve demanded 2 things to settle: 1) MERS comes out of my paperwork and 2) I get a full satisfaction of lien for the total of the amount previously owed, including cleaning up of my credit record, plus the return of my note. JDB was entertaining 2). Apparently, JDB being a MERS member, they have only the MERS crap paperwork. They keep balking at my first condition.

    No sale. I’s rather they sued me. But… they don’t seem very eager. Threatened a lot. Never went past that. Go figure.

  67. quest not grabbing at straws because I uses to close these these loans for the bank, and we where never given a class on MERS.

    We were told to read the form to the customer, not that we were even given a class on the detail of MERS. I closed a 1,000 loan, but I did not work for MERS.

    stripes is right MERS is a scam that was created by the big banks and GSE to defraud the borrowers in time like these. I am MERS and these banks worst enemy because they have made me learn what exactly they are up to.

    I believe that there are only a handful of people that understands the full process of Ginnie Mae’s involvement in this mess, and I am the one person outside of this government that for a fact knows the crime that has been commited.

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  69. MERS was created to launder bank fraud by the banks. MERS is a fraud & a fiction, a shell Corporation of the banksters, a tool of their racket. All of the MERS docs are manufactured by the banks and their attorney’s. Charles has a good point, however, a MERS Rep already said MERS has no employees. MERS is a sham and a fraud….there is no life on MERS.

  70. stripes…….what a waste of time you are….making a “app” that deletes you….crap for brains, and proud….

  71. Now you are really grabbing at straws Charles.

  72. How to end this mess with MERS is to interview the closure of the loan and see who was hired by MERS to represent MERS at the closing. I guaranty there not a person who closed the loans that ever had a second of training of who or what MERS was or did.

    Haul in every single closer and let see there legal training to cover what MERS purpose was. If the closing agent did not know, then how were they suppose to explain to customers, when you got people off the street with hand me down wives tales of your just to just skim over the documents because you only got so much time per closing.

    MERS is not listed in these States as some legal firm!

  73. What if MERS shows up on the property from the previous homeowners ??????

  74. I have no doubt that MERS was created to help facilitate the crimes of the banksters. It is also very interesting that Eric Holder was a partner at Covington & Burling when MERS was created. It is also interesting that when I went to my closing, no one explained what MERS was or what a MIN number was on my mortgage, which means that my alleged loan was already in the scam system.

  75. Don’t know if it’s true but since listening to Kay Griggs, I tend to believe a little bit more that it very well could be…

    WWIII will be fought through internet, it seems.

    BofA Launched Major Spy Effort Against Occupy Movement And Critics

    By Steve Dibert 03.12.13

    Group Tied To Anonymous Also Retrieved Salary & Financial Info On Bank Execs

    spy-6A group with ties to the hacker group Anonymous as allegedly managed to gain access to an unsecured Bank of America server from one of it’s contractors in Israel. The group known as Par:AnoIA discovered 16 gigabytes of information that included memos and emails that show Bank of America actively spied on private citizens, Anonymous, active members of the Occupy movement, and critics of Bank of America. In their statement, Par:AnoIA states, “We release the received files in full to raise awareness to this issue and to send a signal to corporations and Governments that this is unacceptable.”

    It appears that Par:AnoIA was able to get in through to the server by hacking into a Thomson Reuters subsidiary named Clear Forest that provides tools for data mining text and social media. The access to Bank of America’s information was located on an unsecured server in ClearForest’s offices outside of Tel Aviv. Par:AnoIA was able to hack into the source code for ClearForest’s proprietary data mining application, OneCalais that was also on an unsecured server.

    In a statement, Par:AnoIA said:

    We consider this release noteworthy for several reasons:

    • It contains detailed data about hundred of thousands of executives and employees from various corporations around the world, including salary information.

    • It shows that Bank of America and others are contracting other companies to spy and collect information on private citizens.

    • The overall quality of the research is poor and potentially false.

    • The collected data was stored insecurely and could have been retrieved by anyone.

    Especially the last point is critical. The source of this release has confirmed that the data was not acquired by a hack but because it was stored on a misconfigured server and basically open for grabs. Even more alarming, the data was retrieved from an Israeli server in Tel Aviv – while ClearForest is based in Tel Aviv it remains unclear why this huge amount of data was stored insecurely on an open server.

    Par:AnoIA also stated that they were able to access personnel information about the salaries of Bank of America executives and the executives from other financial institutions from around the world.

    “As an unexpected bonus 4.8 Gigabyte of data containing detailed career and salary information of hundred of thousands of executives and employees from various corporations all around the world was found on the same server. The folder was named Bloomberg which could indicate that this data belongs to Bloomberg L.P. On the otherhand the entries are tagged with “reuterscompanycontent” which would point to Thomson Reuters. In any case: What is it was doing on the Israeli server is up to anyone’s guess.

  76. I am not a lawyer, this is not considered legal advice. If you need the advice of a lawyer please seek competent counsel.

    Please write a blog post on MERS operating an Securities -” unlicensed Bourse”. Essentially performing the function of a securities exchange. Money loves speed.
    So MERS was set up to be the mortgage business equivalent of an Indenture Book Entry system.

    Therefore, according to the Securities Act of 1933, a note is a security. Since the receipt for the signature on the mortgage note was not provided it enabled the money from the note to be invested. The Securities Act of 1933 essentially says the money, invested thru another, for the expectation of a profit, is an investment contract, and everybody better be licensed and comply, even with a securities Broker license and maintain net capital requirements.

    I believe upon investigation that MERS and all the mortgage brokers and loan officers were not securities licensed, since the intent of the mortgage note was to securitize it in the secondary market.

    If there was fraud involved, would the state and local official go after unlicensed people and void invalid transaction based on Securities Fraud?

  77. “That would require them to show money exchanging hands, which simply did not happen in virtually all cases where transfer of the loan is alleged.”

    Haven’t we already covered that ad nauseam for the past… what? 4, 5 years? And didn’t you say earlier today that discovery wasn’t a toy but something to use to get the info on all those issues, apparently very mundane to banks and government alike?

    All of this is fine and dandy but… pretty useless unless people do follow those pieces of advice. Still today, most people don’t file suit. Can’t do it for them. It’s too bad though. Because if just 500,000 all of a sudden decided to fight by filing suit the same day, changes would happen pretty quickly!

  78. The bank owners always conceal what they are doing. Not very many americans knew anything about MERS before this manufactured mess began. We trusted the predators too much. MERS is an electronic fraud laundering bank owner black op. All of the vultures are invested in it. MERS can’t legally own or transfer anything because MERS is not a bank.

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