Curious and Shocking Failure to Follow the Law: BofA, Chase and OneWest

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Editor’s Announcement: Based upon current information and direct interviews with participants I have come to three broad conclusions:

  1. Bank of America never acquired any loans from Countrywide.
  2. Chase never acquired any loans from Washington Mutual
  3. OneWest never acquired the Indy Mac loans but instead entered into a loss sharing arrangement wherein the FDIC would absorb 80% of the loss and OneWest would receive the proceeds from foreclosure.

BofA never merged with BAC home Loans and the entity created to merge with Countrywide was Red Oak Merger Corp. which like the REMIC trusts was completely ignored. Neither Countrywide, red Oak BAC nor Bank of America ever paid one cent to acquire the loan balances. Hence the paperwork showing “for value received” is a lie.

Chase Bank acquired the banking operations of WAMU for  consideration that is expressly stated as zero. No assignment of WAMU loans exist, according to the FDIC receiver for WAMU. In most cases neither  WAMU nor  Chase ever spent one nickle funding or acquiring loans.

OneWest was capitalized with less than $2 billion and even that is not confirmed inasmuch as there doesn’t seem to be any transaction in which money was moved into a OneWest bank account. Like the above, neither Indy Mac nor One West ever paid for the loans.

All of that means is that they are not injured parties if the borrower doesn’t pay nor are they responsible parties if the investor is not paid. Their claim of agency just doesn’t cut it. For purposes of collecting insurance and proceeds from credit default swaps and federal bailouts, they claim ownership and then after payment, they claim agency so they can chase the foreclosure too, in addition to being paid several times over. But for purposes of sharing in the bounty of betting against the same mortgage bonds as they were selling to the investors the banks consider that proprietary trading and insist on the investors (lenders) taking the loss.

Practice hint: dig deeper and follow the money trail and don’t think that the note is part of the money trail. It isn’t. Only a cancelled check or wire transfer receipt, or ACH confirmation or check 21 confirmation would be proof of ownership (proof of payment) and proof of loss (entitling them to submit a credit bid at the auction of the property). Stick with this strategy and you won’t be sorry. The failure to come up with evidence of an actual injury to an actual party is deadly not only on the facts but for jurisdictional purses of standing.

The banks have cleverly steered the conversation in court to why they should not be required to produce the actual records of actual transactions affecting the loan or the loan pool claiming an interest in the pool. They only want the  court to look at the note and mortgage and the fabricated “allonges”, endorsements, transfers, sales, assignments, all of which are evidence and carry certain presumptions. But he story told by those documents turns out to be a fiary tale when you look at where and when money exchanged hands and between what parties.

The banks are avoiding the obvious: that they claim a REMIC trust exists and was funded (both of which are probably untrue), and that the REMIC trust acquired the loan by buying it (without any evidence of a money exchange) backdated to when the loan was “closed” [note it is our position that none of these loans were closed, since they have yet to be completed].

If the Trust DID own the loan, then what effect does a fabricated assignment have from the originator, aggregator or anyone else other than the trust? The pretender lenders can’t have it both ways. They can’t say they transferred the loan into the trust in 2006 and then claim that an assignment in 2011 from Countrywide to Bank of America conveyed anything.

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  1. Property owners who have had fraudulent foreclosure claims brought against them should accept no less than clear title and substantive monetary damages and other equitable relief for harm done and harm intended.

    When the Issuer of the original bill of credit failed to exercise ordinary care in the taking of the instrument, and merely pretended to perform on their contract, then brought a fraudulent claim against the other party who was unknowingly deceived and performing on that fraudulently induced contract, that is intent to deceive and not only harmed the other party to the fraudulently induced contract by collecting payments and pocketing those payments but now, the issuer sent in imposters to steal our property after committing acts of RICO to intentionally destroy the value of our properties by overissuing fraudulent investments in our properties without our knowledge & consent by counterfeiting & forging our unauthorized autographs.

  2. That link is not working, the story is also posted on 4closurefraud.

  3. Senator Ron Wyden (D. Oregon) writes letter and asks justice department head Eric Holder to investigate LPS concerning ongoing fraudulent practices by LPS after an ex chief executive admitted to fraudulently preparing 1million fraudulently signed and notarized mortgage documents.

  4. I goofed up on the link below…. here is where the cowards are ratting on themselves and blaming others for their crimes….

  5. The crooks are ratting on themselves again about what they have done and what they are planning…..
    reporting ELITE HIDING because “terrible events” are coming…. they are seriously ill and fear mongering and war mongering is all they know. That is precisely how control freaks operate. If they can’t have their evil way and have it all than everyone suffers and dies…They are no different than any other user and abuser. Fear is all they know. If they can’t make you fear them, they know they have lost control. Cowards always hide.

  6. “If the market falls, because the numbers aren’t very good” says Bloomberg News guest Jeffrey Sica from Sica Wealth Management.

    After $60.4 trillion in bailouts and 20 + million properties stolen backed by $12 trillion in U.S. TAXPAYERS initial stakeholder investment…CNBC reported Wall Street made $60 trillion dollars in the year 1999 alone for the bank owners selling derivatives with no skin in the game…

    Therefore, if the market fails, it is a complete fraud by the control freak bank owners who have accumulated more wealth off the backs of the American people than anyone could ever imagine or ever need.

    BLOOMBERG NEWS also reporting, EX SEC head Mary Shapiro nominated to go to GE …. & many CEOs are going to be trading places. Condaleeza Rice may become NFL commissioner….James Lockhart says mortgage market is being oppressed by “too many regulations.” & Dodd – Frank goes into effect today to regulate the derivatives markets…..Business as usual in other words….everything is a bank owner directive, a sham & a fraud designed to give the illusion that what they are doing on Wall Street are legitimate business practices ….. However, by these CEOs trading places, that proves none of that is true…it is all a big charade as Condaleeza Rice possibly going to head the NFL proves, these are titular heads who are indorsed, appointed and merely take instructions from the bank owners….they are programmed robots who cover up, lie, cheat & steal for the indulgences of the bank owners.

  7. Pardon my error, these crooks have done this _same_scam to everyone in one way or another….it is a completely evil and insane scam to wipe us out and impoverish every American…

  8. The elderly are desperate and most could have never saved enough money to retire in this bank owner manufactured horrible economy. They are being thrown to the wolves who caused these horrors. They have done this sane scam to every American whether they realize it or not. These bank owners crooks sucked all of the equity out of of everything we paid and labored for and now they are coming for our blood because that is what vampires do. Most Americans savings and investments are depleted or have been eaten up and wiped out by these crooks. We are an insecure nation as a result of all of this bankster fraud and that was the intended consequence of this scam. Their rescue plan is evil. Their fix for all of their fraud is poverty and totalitarianism. We should reject them and their fixes for their own fraud and sue them for all of their criminal fraud. It is not hard to prove, the mortgage fraud is in every mortgage. The American people need to become much more proactive and a lot less reactive and work together to help the weak.

  9. My script for Reverse Mortgages for Buttwipes taking Advantage of our Elderly ….. You questions are of a legal nature and it is apparent you have been mislead/do not undrstand the terms of this loan. Reverse Mortgages are very complicated and Homeowners should always seek Legal Advise to fully understand the terms of the contract. Mortgage Counceling? … hahaha…. Bullshit Buttwipes!!

  10. I am not an attorney stripes and all cases are different in facts. Ask an Attorney! All I know is alot of people got fc on because of servicer/bank errors, I know alot of Vets, Service Men and Women who got fc on illeagly. I tell them … You need an Attorney!

  11. Dirty deeds done for the bank owners….under the guise of money lending and investing….and it’s no longer a trade secret and it’s criminal.

  12. What about those who got evicted by the homeowners association with no judicial proceeding…..and no foreclosure filed and the crooks erased the homeowners name from the record….& I can prove it…

  13. They would not want anyone to know their trade secrets now would they John? No the investers, not the homeowners, not the insurers and not the taxpayers. “Free Trade” has a whole new meaning!

  14. If they lost their roof because of bankster fraud they could get $125,000.00 ….? They are supposed to replace their stolen roof with that measly pittance …? That is an insult …!

  15. “….the plaintiff sought defendant’s… records for the past 10 years ……… The trial court ordered the defendant to produce the records. The Defendant objected to producing the records on the basis that he had a right of privacy in the records. On certiorari review, the appellate court reversed, holding, “We find the order departed from the essential requirements of law because when a party challenges a discovery order concerning material to which the party asserts his or her constitutional right to privacy (or privilege? sic), the trial court must conduct an in camera examination to determine the relevance of the materials to the issues raised or implicated by the lawsuit.” Accordingly, the appellate court required the trial court on remand to conduct an in camera inspection and an additional hearing to determine the relevance of the records.

    James v. Veneziano, 37 Fla. L. Weekly D2338a (Fla. 4th DCA Oct. 3, 2012)

  16. Jg’s comment at 9:36…is that judge Sammy Sosa in disguise…? thatsa foul ball hit out of the park….better check for cork…

  17. Even Better Case John! 🙂

  18. John, I suspect there will be alot of fcs overturned.

  19. A judge who wants discovery of the crime scene…? Duck snorts…!

  20. Well now. Don’t I like this one:

    Factual issues inherent in determining issues of agency may preclude summary judgment before discovery into the agency issue has been completed. See Vance v. Barton-Malow Thatcher, Inc., 680
    So. 2d 492, 494 (Fla. 1st DCA 1996).

  21. You never know, she could be hanging out in Transylvania with Count St. Germaine …

  22. from the case I linked below:

    “Harvey Covington may have been able to successfully
    **challenge the affidavits as the only evidence of the amount due and owing on hearsay grounds**, had it been allowed time to complete discovery and had the case then proceeded.”

  23. That person wouldn’t happen to be Patricia Picard of Chicago T&T….? I can’t find her either….people swear they’ve actually met her and have done a lot of business with her. I think she lives in another dimension and I don’t dabble in the spirit world….or try to conjure up demons…it’s dangerous stuff…way to dangerous & risky..!

  24. For those of you who were fc on and lost your home because of bank errors, under the settlement framework it is possible to get your home back. If not … they have to pay you the $125,000 plus your lost equity you had in your home. I have posted it several times, a couple of times in this stream. Yeah .. It still Sucks! Get an Attorney!

  25. They filed the MERS transfer of note…..? ROFLMAO….They filed that as evidence of their own criminal fraud…

  26. holy geez oh man.
    Okay, getting past that….In this foreclosure case, the trial court granted summary judgment even though the defendant requested an opportunity to take discovery on the plaintiff’s summary judgment affidavit and, further, the plaintiff had not responded to all of defendant’s discovery requests. The appellate court reversed, holding,, “[I]t is an abuse of discretion for a trial court to grant summary judgment where the opposing party has not had an opportunity to complete discovery.”

  27. Oh… I almost forgot .. we keep writing the person who filed that doc at the recorders office and asking her, under who authority did she file it. *She does not want to talk to us ….. I can not imagine why? *snickers*

  28. Good you tube Video on the Occult Sorcerers hiding behind the scenes of this massive crime spree….if it does not post, you can you tube search the title …. Disney Dark Secrets -Atlantis Sorcerers – Freeman TV….

  29. We were demanding release of the CW LP, they knew they had to release it as we had reinstated and wanted to conclude our business with them after the Fraud NOD by BOA. But before they filed the release, they filed the Mers transfer of Note and Mortgage …. Oh boy! Show Me the Endorsements!! Show me proof of your payment and proof of your loss, we want to make sure this loan is current! Buttwipes!!!!

  30. Those 401 ks are not being replenished for millions who were forced to cash out of them because of forced long term unemployment or underemployment or forced retirement …. and they were penalized again by being taxed on their is all criminal bullshit…. What about our retirement investments…our property investments that ARE protected under the U.S. CONSTITUTION…..& ALL THE LAWS OF THIS LAND THAT WERE PUT IN PLACE TO SAFEGUARD AND PROTECT OUR LEGAL RIGHT TO…..LIFE…LIBERTY & PROPERTY…? These crooks hijacked our private property rights by robbing and investing and overussuing investments in our autographs and setting us up to fail….? They should all be hung..!

  31. What you are suggesting guest is illegal and criminal…None of those conveyances and reconveyances are legal at all because of the FRAUD IN THE FACTUM….

  32. PSSTT… Stripes, we are one of those 401k investers to. We had many eggs in many baskets. We ended up with lots of broken eggs. But not to worry about that 401k loss …. it is being replenished. I have concerns with the private and public pension cuts, I have concerns with SS and Medicare cuts, I have many concerns … but losing my home is not one of them.

  33. Public Corporate Sector Pension Funds are not guaranteed under the U.S. CONSTITUTION either. Therefore the bailouts of the Too Big To Fail Corporation are Unconstitutional and Illegal…..All of these TBTF Investor bailouts are Unconstitutional and Illegal that is why the agents of the bank owners are burning the U.S. Constitution..!

  34. That currency must be backed by something of real value…..In the U.S. it is only Gold or Silver that has the value to back the currency……Federal Reserve Notes are a Foreign International Currency. We need to issue our own currency ….U.S. BANK NOTES BACKED BY OUR OWN GOLD & SILVER….. SUE & ABOLISH THE FED PRIVATE BANKSTERS…

  35. OPPT is another international bank owner scam to give the illusion of freedom. Only a nation that coins and issues its own currency can be free.

  36. MERS thought they had a lien…ha..! Their greedy owners thought they could invest in every aspect of their criminal fraud and walk away with all of our businesses, livelihoods, wealth, property, liberty, freedom, independence and our Constitututional Republic by investing in all of their criminal fraud…..! Investment is a new form of feudalism by the bank owners…. NEWSFLASH…..Investment OR Indorsement is not ownership in the U.S. because these bankster crooks don’t pay for anything …… Ask the 401k investors in the private sector who lost their asses on Wall Street or the investors in MF GLOBAL or the victims of Madoff..Investment is gambling unless you are a STAKEHOLDER……which every American is a STAKEHOLDER because WE ALL PAY HUGE AMOUNTS OF USURY AND TAXES ON EVERYTHING WE ALREADY PAY FOR… EVERYTHING WE DO… BUY & CONSUME IS RE-SOCIALIZED AS DEBT ONTO WE THE PEOPLE BY THESE BANK OWNER CROOKS….THE TRUTH IS……WE THE PEOPLE PAY FOR EVERYTHING UPFRONT & THEN WE REPAY …& REPAY & REPAY THE BANK OWNERS WHO PAY FOR NOTHING BUT INVEST IN AND INSURE THEMSELVES ON ALL OF THEIR FRAUD UNTIL WE ARE ALL BROKE & HOMELESS…

  37. It should have gone like this to protect the integratiy of the titles, and the intrest of the investers. Note endorced to CW in 08 and Mortgage assigned out of Mers to CW in 08. Then CW should have filed the LP. But this Did Not Happen! And what they did in 2011 was the Last Draw … Granny got out the Buckshot!

  38. OPPT works. More and more people use it and get the goons and the thugs out of their hair. And more people write to report it.

    Stay Strong — Stand Firm — Hold Your Ground

    Greetings Friends — I share with you here a story of courage, strong will and determination. I share it simply to paint a picture of what we are capable of when we decide, by our own free will, to stand up against corruption and injustice. Right now, we “the people” are the enforcement. Our individual acts scream the message “We Will NOT Take It Any Longer!” I am here to share with you….our screams have been heard.

    The day quickly approaches where we will need to scream no more….

    ~ Brian

    This post sheds some context to the story below:

    Follow · 2 hours ago

    Friday, March 08, 2013
    5:30 p.m.

    Banks are closed for the weekend.

    My doorbell rings twice.

    I answer the door and at my doorstep stands a tattoo-laden individual with piercings in his lips, nose, etc.

    Rough around the edges.

    The intimidating type.

    Merely doing his job.

    A human being.

    After asking if I’m Thayne, he proceeds to inform me he’ll be repossessing my truck.

    I was in shock for a moment, now facing the consequences of my actions (I could no longer afford my truck payment from December onward and stopped paying insurance on it after January).

    He said he’d give me a few minutes to get my things out of MY truck (Red flag, never unlock your house or vehicle for a goon, no matter who they are allegedly representing; nor give them your keys).

    I quickly gained the offensive and began utilizing what I’ve learned from Heather and co. including a specific YouTube video I’d seen.

    I started asking questions to throw him off-script.

    It worked quickly.

    I remained calm and re-assured him my issues were only with the bank.

    He kept attempting to refer to an alleged order; to an agreement between the alleged bank and myself.

    None of which he could produce to prove his allegations and justifications.

    He continually used threats and coercion (script) against me but it shed from me like water.

    I knew immediately when he lost his power and when I had complete control over the situation; complete control over myself.

    I kept repeating that I know my rights.

    He threatened to call the Sheriff who he alleged would allow the seizure of my property.

    I asked what documentation he had to prove this.

    I invited him to call the police. I informed him that the truck is registered in my name.

    I informed him that if this is the game he wants to play I would gladly allow the police to escort him off my property for trespassing.

    It’s a civil matter.

    It’s the local authority’s job to maintain the peace.

    He had caused measurable damage to my energy.

    He was disrupting my peace.

    He was in the wrong the moment he attempted to interact with me.

    Know this.

    They have NO rights to harm you under ANY circumstances; verbally, etc.

    After becoming flustered, he finally said he had no choice but to call his boss.

    He spoke with her for a moment and then handed me the phone.


    She attempted to use her script (threats, coercion) without any success.

    I simply kept asking questions; none of which she could or would answer.

    She attempted to get me to admit to something she was saying.

    She wanted me to admit that I’d failed to keep my agreement with this alleged bank.

    I simply replied, “That’s what you’re saying” or something along those lines.

    Never agree to any of their demands.

    They have no standing whatsoever.

    She continued to make feeble attempts at scaring me into submission.

    Sorry, you picked the wrong person to threat and coerce.

    I continued asking her to prove any of her allegations were lawful.

    She kept arguing otherwise, losing her cool by the minute.

    She played “good cop/bad cop” telling me how nice of a person I look like on my FB profile.

    I told her, “I am a nice guy.”

    Eventually she said I’m just a lawbreaker.

    I responded by saying, “People break the law EVERY day (what laws right?).

    Then she got really scary (yeah right!) and admitted what the law states.

    That they can peacefully repossess my vehicle which I was obviously resisting.

    Since they’d have to exercise force to do so, they have no choice but to leave.

    She proceeded to say how she was going to email the alleged bank in the morning (bankers work on Saturdays? Barely!) and inform them that I resisted and that she’d direct them to the finest attorneys in Missoula.

    Bring it on!!!

    I said, “Great! I’d rather deal with the law anyways!”

    I handed the phone back to her goon and once he got off, he simply said, “Have a good evening.” and proceeded to vacate my property IMMEDIATEDLY.

    This probably lasted around twenty minutes total.

    I never gave into them.

    On Saturday, I filled out my first Courtesy Notice and faxed it to her.

    I felt liberated!

    I’m all about facing re-po men, authorities, attorneys, judges, etc.

    They’ve all been foreclosed on!

    They have no ground to stand on!

    It’s actually funny watching these people sleep-walk.

    It’s important to remember they’re people.

    Never feed into their low energy patterns.

    We’re the change.

    No one said it would be easy but it is worth it.

    On a side note, I’m learning to let go of these possessions anyways.

    Everything is still in bondage and will be freed in short order.

    By no means is this glamorous.

    We are outlaws; out of law.

    We are also leaders.

    It’s our job to lead; by action.

    Asserting ourselves, always.

    We are manifesting our realities.

    If I gave into fear, I may as well have simply handed my keys over and given up.

    No fu**ing way!

    I’m a lightworker.

    I re-incarnated into this life for the purpose I’m fulfilling NOW!

    I am so powerful I scream it sometimes!

    I thank the Creator and rest assured knowing the Universe has, does and always will align with my thoughts, feelings and actions.

    I know this.

    I’ve seen the evidence of this.

    I am manifesting my reality, always.

  39. The chain of endorsements on the Note must MATCH the chain of title. They could not bring them back together for standing to invoke jurisdiction of the court. So they used the phony Mers assignments of the Note and Mortgage together to make it look like they had recogntized the asset to invoke jurisdiction of the court. Buttwipes!! That was the Investers lien you messin with!!! Buttwipe!!! And my Title!!! Buttwipe!!!!

  40. I meant to say they used the MERS assignments of the Note and Mortgage to avoid showing the endorsements on the note>

  41. Neils says …. They can’t say they transferred the loan into the trust in 2006 and then claim that an assignment in 2011 from Countrywide to Bank of America conveyed anything. ……………… I ask Neil what makes them think they can assign a Note from the Broker to CWHL in 2011? They couldnt CWHL didnt exist!!! But Mers had lien and CW had LP on Title And BOAna knew it!!! That is why they were desperate to get the FC deeds in CW name and LP!! Buttwipes!!!! When that didnt work, they used the MERS assignments of the note and mortgage together ( to avoid showing assingments of the Note) in 2011 to make it appear BOAna has a valid lien. Buttwipes!!!

  42. If the proof of payment is dated more than 90 days from the closing, they and their claims are a nullity. They had 90 days to perfect their legal lien and 30 days to record it. That is what they are really hiding. The original wet ink note & mortgage stamped paid by the Treasury….they destroyed those originals and sent you a Warranty Deed instead of a Satisfaction of Mortgage and they continued to commit fraud in your name without your knowledge or consent. There is no legal remedy for the Origination Fraud by the Originator.

  43. All required Elements must first be met, also think state statutes for failure to state a claim. State statutes for time to re-file a complaint. Statutes for the number of times the same claim can be brought against the same defendant. Think! Think! Think! Dont Drink!! Hire An Attorney!

  44. per Neil: Practice hint: dig deeper and follow the money trail and don’t think that the note is part of the money trail. It isn’t. Only a cancelled check or wire transfer receipt, or ACH confirmation or check 21 confirmation would be proof of ownership (proof of payment) and proof of loss (entitling them to submit a credit bid at the auction of the property). Stick with this strategy and you won’t be sorry. The failure to come up with evidence of an actual injury to an actual party is deadly not only on the facts but for jurisdictional purses of standing

  45. Strike One… Strike Two… Strike Three… And #4 is out of the game by default. SOS..


  47. 1) they must have an endorsed note 2) they must have filed an assignment of the mortgage before filing LP or Judicial Default Notice 3) the defendant must have caused the plaintiff a direct harm or a loss 4) the attorney must sign affidavit attesting that the facts are verifed and true, (contain no fraud)……. All of the elements must be met to invoke jurisdiction of the court.

  48. The Federal Reserve Open Market Committee of human slave traders who work for the bank owners are not open at all …..they secretly hide their human slave trading operation behind money printing.

  49. Foreclosures were brought to a halt in 2010 because of the corruption of the titles .. not because any bankster has a heart or one shredd of humanity.

  50. Non-recourse state theif …. a party who files LP and Judicial Notice of Default, …. the party flies LP in its own name without the assignment of the mortgage lien. prior to LP being filed (if ever at all). Le party is now insolvent. Creates serious issues for the homeowners and the RPII. Yep! The RPII can not recogntize the Note and Mortgage to invoke Jurisdiction. The homeowner can not refi/transfer/sell … no lone know who has the authority to enforce the contract and file a satisfaction of mortgage. I did not cause harm or loss to the RPII … Le Buttwipes Did! I did not cause harm and loss to myself or my husband … Le Buttwipes Did! Do you get why the corruption of the titles had to stop?

  51. Research shows these evil doers live in an alternate plane of reality where they believe they crossbred with demons and this is why they inbred with each other. They believe they take their instructions and indorsements directly from Satan……. They regard everyone else as inferior to their secret race. They consider all of us usable and expendable commodities on their secret freemason open market…known publicly as…..THE FEDERAL RESERVE OPEN MARKET THAT OPERATES VIA WALL STREET…..they use, abuse and slave trade us, our wealth, property and labor without our knowledge or consent because they believe they are superior to the Creator and his Creations. The bank owners are self appointed dictators who believe everyone should be subservient to their evil agenda of robbery and complete control by them.

  52. There are no alternatives to their mass criminality …. these crooks need to pay back what they stole … starting with the families and the people who were the innocent victims of 9/11. 3000 American lives were stolen on that day to put forward the evil, rotten agenda of the bank owners.

  53. The crooks are blocking that link. Google it, it is well worth the read.

    The truth about this evil plan and their methods of control are pretend money lending in the form of credit, and investing in their own fraud and other secret methods of fraudulent control are undeniable, this is all about robbing the American people into poverty by these Communist crooks who are hiding their true communist identities and communist tactics behind a Corporate shield, and social and civil justice fixes for their own crimes they commit and they are using the Governments and the judiciary as their own protection rackets to rob all of us into permanent impoverishment.

  54. Who Runs The World? Solid Proof That A Core Of Wealthy Eliteists Is Pulling The Strings..

  55. The secret the Corporate crooks are really hiding behind secret martial law actions is the Monarchy of bank owners hiding behind the scenes of these crimes against us. They are the secret shareholders, investors and directors of this Hegelian Dialectic scam. Order out of chaos …they cause the problem and offer the solution and it is all being done by one order…The Synagogue of Satan…AKA THE CORPORATE WORLD….It is all about control by big business for the benefit of the bank owners who will tell you Christianity is really sun worship and Jesus was a symbol of this …All lies….the Creator exposed these crooks, the Synagogue of Satan through Jesus…….when you hear the number 666 it is a warning to pay attention to what your enemies are doing.

    The truth is ……it is all immoral, illegal and unconstitutional.

  56. I said that wrong. security first doesn’t necessarily preclude a lender from getting a judgment on the balance of the note, but it must look to the collateral first and a one action rule would require that going after the collateral and a money judgment must be done in one court action.
    I’m confused on this one since one of the articles says a non-j f/c action doesn’t qualify as to “one-action” so as to preclude a court action for a deficiency Or for Pete’s sack. Now we have to see which states have anti-deficiency rules and how it looks if so? I think how it would look is if there’s an anti-def statute, and the Lender chose non-j, it’s over – no money judgment. Anyone? And btw, I think it’s a crock that a lender who chose not to do what had to be done to get the money judgment may yet ding a homeowner with a stinking 1099. I mean if I didn’t pursue you for moolah you owe me, I’d play hell taking the write-offf, right? Looks like those rules aren’t being applied fairly, either.
    lay opinions as always
    Here’s another informative article well worth a read:

  57. NG – have you really no mechanism for stopping or removing the clearly rude, crude, and socially unacceptable? How about just plain base?

    In non-recourse states, where any action to collect on the note must be one against the collateral (because no money judgment is available on the note), one in possession of a note but without a legitimate assgt of the collateral instrument may not even invoke jurisdiction, having no cause of action on the basis of the note alone. In recourse states, I believe unless the contract says otherwise and honestly I’d have to scour that thing anew, an action for a money judgment would be possible if a state does not have a “security first” rule, which I am just learning is a corollary to the highly significant one-action rule. I have always believed remedy was limited statutorily to garnering the collateral – anywhere, and while I didn’t remember its name, it appears it’s the “security first” rule (and I’m fired for not finding its name sooner), which tenets may be additionally expressed in the contract, though not necessarily by its name. A one-action rule says there may be but one action to recover on a note secured by real property, which precludes a separate action to recovery any deficiency (but see article for def of action – bah humbug, jury not in, etc).
    A point here is there are other statutes and rules which determine whether or not a bankster in possession of a bearer note or even an owner of the note, either one, who is without benefit of the coll instrument may even invoke jurisdiction, aside from the critical threshold injury bar….the ever present danger of looking at one
    factor only.
    “I’m a note holder” or “I’m a note owner” is just not good enough if 1) the agreement spells out security first, 2) if the state has a one- action / security first rule, or 3) if the state is a non-recourse state.

    If one in possession of a bearer note files an unsecured claim in a bk proceeding, say, as long as the amt doesn’t put the debtor over the unsecured limit in that form of bk, under Article 3, the debtor should be able to bk the claim, right? After all, art 3 says the guy in possession of a bearer note is entitled to enforce the note. Say that guy in poss is a thief or a pretender pretending to be the rpii (aka a thief?). Have the owner’s rights been 86’d by the thief’s claim as between the owner and the borrower, leaving only a cause of action between the owner and the thief? Under article 3, seems that would be the case. But is it? because the thief or pretender is not the
    creditor and if this rule is strictly read, I don’t know how the law would find when the party who tried to enforce an unsecured note is not the creditor. If nothing else that draws attention to the distinction, and also, under say Nosek and any progeny, the creditor could be held liable for the act of at least a pretender and forfeit its collateral.

    “Violations of the one action rule typically occur when a creditor (i) proceeds directly on the note before foreclosing on the
    security and obtains a judgment, (ii) fails to include all of the
    security in a judicial foreclosure action and following a judgment attempts to enforce the remainder of the security, or (iii)
    exercises self-help remedies after a debtor’s default.”

    (i) supports a contention that anyone’s right, regardless of relationship to the note under article 3 or any other, does not lead to jurisdiction, and imo an attempt to invoke jurisdiction and seek remedy on the basis of the note violates the one-action rule where applicable. That’s why they MUST have an assignment of the dot prior to an action and that’s also one of the reasons imo they want a dot to simply follow a note, which it doesn’t. In other words, there’s a lot more at stake here than previously considered.

    MERS acts as if a dot follows a note. One day MERS is the nominal ben for ABC and the next it’s magically the nominal ben for XYZ and this, to boot, is based on voluntary entries made by people whose interests do or may well conflict. That’s why I scoff at MERS allegation that it “tracks” anything. Its computer does no more than reflect those voluntary entries, and on that basis alone, assigns collateral instruments thru the use of the 20,000+ twenty five dollar conflict-of-interest straw officers. There is an attack or two here, imo, which are being overlooked. 1) MERS claims to be so and so’s nominal ben based solely as far as I can tell on volunteer entries and 2) not MERS, not anyone, can be anyone’s nominal anything until that party has itself obtained the interest for which to designate a nominee, and in these cases, that means by an assgt, recorded or not. How could you be my nominee if I have no interest? Even taking the language in the dot (which is not signed by the Lender) as legally sufficient (yawn), that MERS will be the nominal ben for the LENDER’S successors and assigns, as to “assigns”, no one is an “assign” until the dot has in fact been assigned. Right after that, MERS might, maybe, might be described as that party’s nominee
    Not having an assignment isn’t just a jurisdictional issue, trying to enforce an unsecured note in some states (many? all? – I don’t know) violates statutes and rules and I believe leads to forfeiture of the collateral.

    MERS is (unbelieveably) alleging to assign the note in the assignment of the dot for one thing to keep the note and dot from being bifurcated (using the assgt as an art 9 sale and assgt agreement) and additionally may be breaching its fiduciary to the Lender/creditor. That would imo be true if the party seeking to enforce by way of poss of a bearer note is not the lender / creditor. And or as I’ve said before, that gang is trying to end it’s own indenture and liability on these notes by now foisting them off on the trusts / investors, ignoring the fact that they owe the investors the note balance and not just what is garnered by foreclosure.
    These comments may be disjointed as heck, but knowing me, it’s now or never.

    In case it won’t open, it’s called “A Defaulted Loan within the Framework of California’s One Action Rule”
    I don’t know which states have one action rules.
    lay opinions – ask a lawyer or 10

  58. You tube search the Church of Gesu in Rome. That is the International Corporate, sacrilegious home of the Jesuit order. The jesuits are the shareholders, investirs and directors who, by many proxies, work for the bank owners of this murderous and torturous corporate bank owner scam.

  59. The American people don’t have a clue these bank owner crooks have no legally enforceable lien, no title and no standing because of their crimes against us and, as a result, the American people are the only title holders of record.

  60. These cash only short sales are criminal as well. I heard an attorney for a defendant talking about one of these shady, under the table, corporate deals to the judge in court. This dirtbag attorney told the judge I have a “buyer” for the property in question and they understand the “deal” has to close in 30 days and they are paying cash. That’s right….cash, no paper trail…….These crooked attorney’s are aiding and abetting these bank owner crooks and screwing the people by “finding” cash buyers for our property to steal it from us and cover up for the crimes of the bank owner crooks. Despicable…!

  61. Notice how we are being treated like criminals upon entry of the courthouses, airplanes and at sporting events we are searched like we are all criminals. Screw one should accept that as anything good.

    Neil Barofsky being interviewed on RT today and being much to kind and lying about the reason for and, the cost of the CORPORATE “AMERICA” TOO BIG TO FAIL BAILOUTS…..TO OUR ENEMIES BOTH FOREIGN & DOMESTIC.

  62. There was a secret declaration of war on the American people, on 9/11. As a result, our Constitutional Republic is under attack by Corporate America. That is the reason why the politicians, the banks, corporate america, the judges and the cops are treating the American people like shit both openly and covertly.

    This goes way beyond corruption.

    These crooks are all members of this open and secret society called Corporate America. They are the Synagogue of Satan and they are our enemies who are both close at hand and far away.


  64. Elizabeth Warren knows why the politicians aren’t enforcing the law with these crooks….this is the greatest bank owner hoax ever perpetrated on the American people in U.S. history. Our enemies, the foreign and domestic international bank owners have declared Martial Law on the American people to steal everything from US..and they lend no money…and nothing of value. Corporate America are the scourge of humanity. They will not stop until they steal it all from us unless this war declaration by these Corporate bank owner, Crony and Political communist Capitalist totalitarian control freaks are exposed for their crimes and all of their evil totalitarian plans against us …. the truth needs to be told to every American ……the International Bank owners……CORPORATE AMERICA IS OUR ENEMY….and they are acting innocent but are operating covertly and openly to destroy our Constitutional Republic and theg are our enemy on U.S. SOIL…

  65. When the so called alternative media tells us these crooks want to impose martial law and we are living in a police state…..they are LYING TO US….. This is a covert and secret war against the American people and it already is Marshall law that has been declared by this bank owner Corp of crooks…..the bank owner corp, their minions & cohorts, imposed martial law and it has been covertly being enforced since 9/11.

  66. This secret Marshall Law declaration has been being covertly enforced since 9/11 under the guises of the Patriot Act, bailouts, tge nationalization of TOO BIG TO FAIL, fraudclosures, the NDAA as well as the weakening of the Posse Comitatus Act….

    There is no basis in law or fact why there needs to be Martial Law declared in the U.S….Therefore it is criminal & illegal.

    You will know who the criminals and traitors are ….. they keep manufacturing threats of martial law being imposed because of economic collapse, acts of terror, pandemics and other false flags all created by the bank owners who already declared martial law on 9/11. These are bank owner secret black ops to take over our Constitutional Republic. It is a foreign international bank owner coup de tat of our Constitutional Republic and our National Sovereignty.

  67. There is an ongoing cover up in the media as to what this really is…these criminal bank owner corporate crooks have secretly declared Martial Law on We The People for no valid or legal reason…these crooked Politicians and Supreme Court judges are lying and hiding that criminal act, a secret war powers act called Marshall Law and the fact the Foreign imposter International bank owners have made a secret declaration of war on We The People.

  68. These bank owner crooks have secretly declared Martial Law in the courtrooms and on the American people for NO VALID OR LEGAL REASON….. We The People did nothing illegal….we are not or were never a threat to our freedom, liberty and independence, our Constitutional Republic…the only threat to these International bank owner crooks is our discovery of them and their heinous felony crimes against We The People.

    There is no other explanation for what is going on in the courts. These crooks have committed numerous felonies and have broken every State, Civil, Common, U.S and Federal Law, every Trust Law and Securities Law with impunity. These crooks hide behind the flag of Admiralty Law but this is not Admiralty Law because Admiralty Law is Contract Law and there are NO LEGALLY ENFORCEABLE CONTRACTS…!

    This is Martial Law and these crooks intend to use it under many guises to steal everything from us, including our guns.

    We The People have committed NO CRIMES….WE HAVE DONE NOTHING WRONG. These Foreclosures and bailouts are criminal acts of war and insurrecton on We The People, on U.S. SOIL….. Therefore, everything the Government is doing is illegal. The only threat to our Constitutional Republic is, the International Bank Owners, their minions and cohorts.

  69. Guest talks about the right thing to do. Not one American should have lost their livelihood or property in this Corporate crime spree. What these crooks did was no secret. Over 2 years ago there was a radio interview with Robert Shear who wrote a book on this biggest ponzi scheme and swindle of our wealth in history and said all foreclosures should be halted indefinitely because it would likely take a decade or more to get to the bottom of these crimes against us.

    Who could have imagined since 2008, $60.4 trillion dollars of our wealth and 20 + million of our properties would have been stolen from us….? Worse yet, these crimes against us would still be going on unabated. Not one criminal prosecution to date and no attorneys are fighting the filthy crimes of these crooks and that is why there has been no justice to this day.

    Therefore, the truth is apparent, the American people did nothing wrong….absolutely nothing wrong. So, the only conclusion that can be made is, We The People are at war on U.S. soil with the International bank owners both foreign and domestic. These bank owner crooks have infiltrated the U.S. Government and the politicians and other governmental agents have become completely corrupted and have turned against the American people in a big way. This phase of this bank owner war was well planned decades ago and has always been solely against the citizenry, our Constitutional Republic. This phase of this war on us is incredibly deceptive and began on 9/11.

    These crooks have very deceptively imposed Martial Law in the courtrooms and are hiding behind foreclosure being an Operation of Law which it is not. These International bank owner crooks are simply stealing everything from the citizenry under many disguises and never thought we would figure out the mass criminality of the bank owners. The truth is, when fraud enters a contract, fraud nullifies the contract. Case closed.

  70. LPS orders and confirmations all include the clients name and contact information. i.e. …. Pages from the Le” Black Book. Have you ever seen a chicken running around with its head chopped off? Its kinda like that … ring around LPS clients, ring around LPS, ring around LPS forclosure mill lawyers, Yep! Yep! All pointing fingers at each other because the real PII can not collect on its contract, just as the homeowner can not get their contract enforced either. Its not stonewalling folks …. its the biggest buttwipes turning on each other as to who has the liabilities to the RPII and the Homeowner.

  71. They will not shut them down … but they will dismantle them, they already have been working on it behind the scences.


    Petition: tell Obama to shut down too big to fail.

  73. Our loan was broker funded on the last day CW was allowed to use invester money to fund/table fund the loans (draw from the minglled pool of invester funds). Fannie and Freddie were no longer accepting CW loans for pooling as they were seized shortly after. The loan is litterly a limbo loan funded by invester (our) money and never went into a trust. No loss to the taxpayers, FHA and HUD have been kind enough to make sure of that. 🙂 I always said I was confident were paying the RPII, the party with actual losses. Honesty is Always the Best Policy!

  74. “How much money does a financial have to launder before being shut down…?

    HSBC is really in hot water. I love her! Time to replace all those clowns with… women!

  75. Happy to hear your feeling better Marilyn but you still need a lot rest. That stuff is dangerous. Get well soon.

  76. For all those with whom I’m in direct contact: I got hacked despite my antivirus. My most sincere apologies.

  77. Sending Prayers for You a Speedy Recovery Marilyn! .. JG, I am reposting this from Neils article as this is exactly what transpired in our situation. 08 and 2011 (after inquary into 08 LP). Who is the RPII Here?


    If the Trust DID own the loan, then what effect does a fabricated assignment have from the originator, aggregator or anyone else other than the trust? The pretender lenders can’t have it both ways. They can’t say they transferred the loan into the trust in 2006 and then claim that an assignment in 2011 from Countrywide to Bank of America conveyed anything.

  78. Well folks…I just didn’t fall off this earth and disappear from sight…I was alot sicker than originally thought….never sick in almost 75 years…no health record ever…but this almost did me in…over some months with just acute sinusitis..than chronic bronchitis…not doctored…turned into double pneumonia with airways shutting hospital vitals showed all normal..when in fact was far from normal..confusing?? Between foreclosures and this… my frigen brain was spinning..BUT a good spin…I am home now but will go further with tests next week…I am strong now…never lost that..a fighting fool….few things I read real quick on I will mention…My notes are some what old in spots..but the IMFL says the party bringing the FC lawsuit must be prepared to pay the property taxes until the dispute is settled. If you are not in FC than you must pay the the taxes. In Florida when tax statements are sent has like 4 months to pay property taxes in legal time…(Nov to March)…my daughter went to pay her taxes a few years back as usual to find chase hurried and paid them first week…got copies of all paid taxes to show my daughter always paid her own taxes in plenty of legal time..and also property insurance fully insured…chase proved shit…good lawyer said ‘ let ’em ‘…so far nothing has been proved against defendant…got plenty on chase…so cornered we got them…hired another attorney/federal to join Mills to fight it…proves we had them wiping their a$$e$ with corn cobs…ask me now if I am ready for them and the courts…..I have a feeling the Florida courts are nothing more than an arm of the banking system…A PRIVATE COLLECTION AGENCY…that black robe is all a front….a farce…take it off and come outside…lets talk on the corner sidewalk…I have clean hands…something you judges have not had in a long time….REMEMBER…Karma is coming back…Patience is a virtue…..things are starting to move lurking behind the scenes…evil is crumbling…people are fed up..pissed off…silence is the most scariest sound…can you hear it? That’s people power working…..

  79. As to lamenting why we haven’t prosecuted the people responsible for the crime spree at HSBC et al, there’s the following. It might as well be from the “We can’t handle the truth department, this comment posted under an article on the hands off stance by the captured regulators and Warren’s grilling of same. Not only do we not have any idea of what TPTB are up to, they’d have to kill us if we found out, which I have no doubt they’d do without batting an eye. What do you think stateside weaponized drones are good for, skeets? A nine point buck? As Carlin said, it’s one big fucking club, and we ain’t in it. We’ll slowly awaken to the fact that the enemy is totally in charge, and they are us.

    Agree, it’s collusion. Senator Warren answers are best found on the Senate Intelligence committee:

    It wasn’t just Lawsky who was shut down from prosecuting HSBC. In June 2010 (prior to Lawsky’s cease and desist order) William Ihlenfeld – the U.S. Attorney in Wheeling, West Virginia- had been told to stand down in by the Department of Justice; just as they were preparing to indict HSBC for as many as 175 counts of money laundering .

    Prior to both stand down orders, UK investigation began in early 2010 (and concluded in 2012) when UK Revenue and Customs, Britain’s tax authority, investigated more than 8,000 accounts held at HSBC’s subsidiary in Jersey (the largest island in the English Channel – and a Tax Haven); the accounts contained about GBP £669 million (USD $1.2billion) A majority of the accounts were held by British citizens, nearly 4,000 belong to citizens of other countries – but more than 100 Americans held accounts with suspected links to CIA front companies.

    The Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations released a report alerting government agencies that HSBC allowed clients to move funds from countries that includes, Mexico, Iran, the, Cayman Islands, Saudi Arabia and Syria ($7 billion of dollars from Mexican drug cartels and 25,000 Iranian transactions totaling over $19 billion, in just one week). Saudi Arabia (nation to all 9/11 Al Qaeda terrorists), Iran (declared a nation of state sponsored terrorism by the US) and Syria – suspected of having ties to Hezbollah and Hamas – Islamist groups that the U.S. considers to be terrorist organizations.

    This alert initiated US agencies into the investigation which, besides the DoJ, included the US Attorney’s office, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, and the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. However, oddly, HSBC received requests for information only from the DoJ and the Attorney’s Office, which focused on the bank’s global banknotes business and its “foreign correspondent” unit (both of which move money globally -the bank’s global banknotes business on behalf of its own clients, often from central bank to major domestic banks – now shut down. The foreign correspondent unit is, still, transmitting company funds to countries where they did not have bank accounts).

    The DOJ’s lack of prosecution for HSBC criminality is likely due to the fact that HSBC has been working with and on behalf of US agencies (CIA, et al), explicitly. Much in the same way as, in the 1990’s, the then 7th largest bank in the world, Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) served as (to cite, Sen. John Kerry Intelligence Subcommittee report) “a Federal Express service” for CIA weapons, drugs, gold and currency for smugglers all over the world, it helped to finance and ship Scud missiles from North Korea to Syria and Chinese Silkworm missiles to the Middle East. The CIA used BCCI branches in Europe and a front company in Warsaw to trade in weapons to such a degree, that CIA had several checks drawn on a BCCI account from Manucher Ghorbanifar, an Iranian arms dealer who played middleman during the Reagan administration’s covert attempts to negotiate the release of U.S. hostages in Lebanon with the Iranian government (Iran-Contra).
    Kerry’s’ subcommittee hearings cited a 1986 CIA memo, five pages long and stamped SECRET (followed by a much more detailed 1989, ‘SECRET’ 30 page report) summarizing the agency’s knowledge of BCCI’s activities – including the illegal acquisition of First American Bankshares. Both memos were prepared by the CIA’s Directorate of Operations and sent to various government agencies including: the Treasury Department, the Federal Reserve Board and the Justice Department. The CIA memos advised each agency that BCCI was involved in money laundering, “narcotics financing,” gunrunning and holding large sums of money for terrorist groups; had established a so-called black operation and that a bank-within-a-bank consisted of “secret, managers’ accounts” used to enable favored clients to move money without attracting the attention of international banking authorities. Regan’ and his Attorney Generals (Edwin Meese and Dick Thornburgh) plead plausible deniability. None of the agencies carried out any meaningful investigation and no senior US- BCCI bank employee was indicted.

    Flash forward to election year 2012. This administration looking to line itself up for easy financial services, pre-election prosecution (to counter the ‘soft on banisters’ criticism) has Holder and the DOJ investigate HSBC for three years – it hands the administration an election year ‘October surprise’: an open-and-shut case to prosecute one of the biggest Wall St. banks.

    Though the ‘November Surprise’, occurred when, on the eve of Holder handing out indictments, HSBC tells the DOJ that, actually, all of this nasty money laundering business had been for, and on behalf of Uncle Sam’s Praetorian Guard (and it has the ‘indemnity’ paperwork to prove it); HSBC had simply administrated the financial transactions of the CIA, its friends and its clients (allies and enemies alike). It had been sanctioned and approved by the consigliore of the previous administration and this one – just ask Leon Panetta and that new guy, Petreaus.

    The DOJ had stumbled upon its own Bush era long Iraq-Al Qaeda-Los Zetas-CIA-Afghanistan-Drug-type clearing house. The October Surprise had to transition itself through a ‘November nonevent’ into a ‘December Dud’. Because, the political jeopardy for this administration (or an indicted HSBC) announcing that the Pantheon of Wall Street is indeed a bastion of corruption, but it is this (and previous) administration’s sanctioned corruption, was likely to be less damaging than announcing: ‘yes, banks and the bankers are bad, we tried our best, they are still too big to fail or jail, it’s their fault, let’s discuss how bad this TBTF/J problem is and let’s not look at the underlying basis of HSBC’s actions beyond their marginal profit motive.

    Likewise, HSBC “failed” to monitor $60 trillion in wire transfer and account for activity from 2006 – 2009. How does any bank perform any transaction with “rogue” and “enemy” states, from within the borders of the USA and UK, without the CIA/NSA and MI6/DI, respectively, being aware of it?

    HSBC, today’s BCCI

  80. carie @ 9:31 – that was hard to read (Warren). I’m trying to figure out still how prosecuting the people at HSBC, say, who have it coming spells failure for HSBC if good people are at the ready to take over and keep things calm. HSBC might be an entity too big to fail, got me, but the guilty players aren’t, unless there are reasons, which imo could only be unsavory, that their individual prosecutions would cause some nasty, insurmountable new catastrophe. ‘They’ would have us believe we are teetering on such a precipice. I know I have a lot of company if I say they and our representatives can all (*&^*!*! if they have let it get to that.

  81. Non violent revolution… It’s happening. And I applaud it. I’ve said for a long time that we would be going back to local governance. People are simply fed up.

    Maine Town Declares Food Sovereignty

    Sedgwick, Maine has done what no other town in the United States has done. The town unanimously passed an ordinance giving its citizens the right “to produce, process, sell, purchase, and consume local foods of their choosing.” This includes raw milk, locally slaughtered meats, and just about anything else you can imagine. It’s also a decided bucking of state and federal laws.

    “…The problem with your question is that nobody really knows the answer. In Maine, there are maybe ten or so “citizen-initiated rights-based” ordinances like ours, passed in various towns in recent years, on a variety of issues. For instance, Montville passed an ordinance forbidding the planting of GMO’s several years ago. ME’s Dept of Ag wrote them a letter saying they could not do that according to some legal point, whereupon Montville’s counsel wrote back that they could do it because of a different point of law. As far as we know, that was that.

    Also, Maine has “home rule” for its towns in the statutes. The Maine Municipal Association published “Municipal Home Rule: Grassroots Democracy or A Symbolic Gesture,” (from Maine Townsman, January 1983) by Michael L. Starn, Editor. In this article, he writes:

    Municipal home rule in Maine is both constitutional and legislative. The constitutional provision can be found in the Constitution of the State of Maine, Art. VII, Pt.2, §1, and was adopted in public referendum in 1969. The amendment reads:
    “The inhabitants of any municipality shall have the power to alter and amend their charters on all matters, not prohibited by Constitution or general law, which are local and municipal in character. The legislature shall prescribe the procedure by which the municipality may so act.”

    Our Local Food and Community Self-Governance Ordinance states:
    (1) Producers or processors of local foods in the Town of Sedgwick are exempt from licensure and inspection provided that the transaction is only between the producer or processor and a patron when the food is sold for home consumption. . . .
    (2) Producers or processors of local foods in the Town of Sedgwick are exempt from licensure and inspection provided that the products are prepared for, consumed or sold at a community social event…”

  82. They can’t create a colorable title claim because they are the colorable title claim.

  83. You are wrong ukg….the payment of the taxes are in their fraudulently induced contract. I already spoke to a few attorney’s on this subject. As long as the property is in fc they have to pay the taxes.

  84. UKG plays attorney at home very well! I Like Him! 🙂

  85. jg…there are no trusts…trustees or discovery. The banks, servicers and their attorney’s are racketeering for the bank owners so they can steal everything from US….THIS IS ALL OUT WAR ON THE AMERICAN PEOPLE….IT IS U.S. STEAL BY THE BANK OWNERS…There are strict laws regarding the way trusts are be set up…..that is why they were never set up….the PSA FOLLOW NEW YORK TRUST LAW…The Prospectus governs the servicers and the servicing of the payments….the servicers are not the trustees….the title companies are …..the servicers duties are very limited .. These trusts appearing years after the FRAUD CRIMES WERE COMMITTED ARE CRIMINAL…..they are trying to Conceal their crimes they committed for the bank owners. MERS IS A FRAUD & A FICTION…LATE ASSIGNMENTS ARE A NULLITY….NULL & VOID….THEY HAD 90 DAYS FROM THE CLOSING TO DO THEIR DUE…& 30 DAYS TO RECORD A LEGAL ASSIGNMENT AT THE COUNTY RECORDER OF DEEDS OFFICE ….

    stripes, on March 9, 2013 at 3:56 pm said:
    The truth is, in foreclosure the property taxes are the responsibility of the Plaintiff until the dispute is settled. Why would we pay property taxes on property they claim to own….? That is illogical.

    The bank is paying your taxes to create a colorable claim to title, you idiot. Just keep letting them pay your taxes and insurance and then when the judge asks “Who’s paying the taxes and insurance????”
    they can say “WE ARE!” and you have proven their point. You’re broke and you can’t afford the house even if you owned it.

  87. You are evil because you pay your bills and not mine….? LMAO…Everyone is paying for the bankster fraud in everything they do. You and everyone else are paying them for committing criminal fraud and felonies in our names with our forged signatures and counterfeiting, securities fraud, racketeering, concealment, Deceptive Practices, the list is endless.

    The bank owner crooks shouldn’t have been allowed to put millions of private business owners out of business, steal $60.4 trillion of our wealth and steal millions of properties from the American people to CONCEAL THEIR CRIMES AGAINST US. They are still committing the same crimes and are still EXTORTING PAYMENTS THEY ARE NOT OWED & POCKETING THEM FROM MILLIONS OF IMBECILES.

    They aren’t a failed L.L.C…….they are concealing the Original Plaintiff….First Midwest/Chase Bank.

    With the residential Chicago Title, screwed them by not performing their fiduciary duties and securing their lien. I had no knowledge of that or I would have stopped paying them and sued the crooks a long time ago.

    You are evil because you blame the victims of the bank owner crimes against US, and you know they are crooks and you still send them payments. You are aiding and abetting the crooks and that also makes you party to their crimes. There are millions of useful idiots in this country. The lights are on but no one is home.

  88. Can you imagine how frustrating it is having a group of ” Anything” standing in the fire ring all pointing fingers at each other. From my Experience …ring around the rosie … ashes..ashes… they all fall down.

  89. You can Survive a War without Fighting In Every Battle! YEP! YEP!

  90. Hey Stripper! Did you cost the plaintiff injury or did Chicago Title cause the plaintiff injury when the failed to file the Mortgage? My personal opinion is you both screwed the Buttwipe .. but the buttwipe deserved it. But what do I know? I’m a meanie head.

  91. Dont Forget!! The Plaintiff must also prove the defendant caused the injury or loss to the plaintiff.

  92. Presentment of a Note with all proper indorsements give the Beneficiary the right to authorize Mers to transfer the mortgage to them. This recogntizes the Note and Mortgage. The trust didnt have the Note… the Banks gambled with them on WS. No Note with endorsements … no authority to transfer/assign the mortgage. Again… I want to emphasize that this is important if a counterparty is insolvent. Also … even if the note and mortgage are recogntized, there still has to be an actual loss or injury to the plaintiff to invoke jurisdiction of the court.

  93. I agree JG. The Note and the Mortgage travel together (as the mortgage is incidental to the Note). You can not have one party trying to enforce the Note and another the Mortgage. They must recogntize the Note and Mortgage together to have the power to enforce. The Chain of Endorcement on the Note should match the assignments of the Mortgage on Title. And you are Right … only the last note owner with full endorsement to back it up can authorize MERS to act and assign the Mortgage.

  94. guest – the trust, if it owns the note, may not tell MERS to assign the coll instrument to the trust. Only the last noteowner may issue that order, which reveals one of the phallacies and failures of MERS. MERS may only be the nominal ben of one boss at a time, and there would be times when that is NOT the current note owner, such as when a note has been transferred, but not the coll instrument. They think this is musical chairs? Well, it isn’t. Notes and their coll instruments are supposed to travel together, to be transferred and assigned concurrently, and when they did and were, we didn’t have these problems. And recordation told us who was who or snooze you could lose. Even if MERS the utility could actually assign these coll instruments itself and not by way of straw officers aka employees of its principal or sometimes not even that (after the payment of the 25.00, which is cheap by any standard for the ensuing free for all), MERS as an alleged nom ben for 1000’s of entities has a patent conflict of interest. It has a fiduciary to the last noteowner by virtue of being its nominee (gag) until it isn’t. Yet under MERS tweaked deal, it also has a fiduciary – gotta think some more on this one – to the current noteowner. If that isn’t a material conflict of interest, I don’t know what is.

  95. Why Stripes? Because I pay my own bills and not yours? Good Luck collecting those damages from a LLC gone bye. Just sayin….

  96. guest, you are not the worst of the worst i have dealt with but, you definitely rank right with the meanest trolls of all who I have encountered at the local level. You are what i would describe as quasi evil…..but evil none the less.

  97. No Fclosing under MERS name and No FC under the trusts name. Lets try the servicer…. hahahaha. Do you all suppose the masterminds dont want you to know who they are? What would their reason be? Oh wait ……. Multiple payoffs from multiple parties to the Well … Trustee/Master Servicer Bank Buttwipe!! and the balance owed them is what again? And this is where LPS and MERS comes in …….

  98. MERS was recorded as nominal mortgagee in favor of the Invester/Lender (the trusts). The Trust is the Legal Beneficiary of the Mortgage and only the Trust can have MERS act. THE TRUST DID NOT AUTHORIZE MERS TO ACT. But why not? oh wait … the trust didnt get those pesky little notes as per psa. To enforce you must hold the Mortgage and own the Note. Ut Oh …….

  99. The truth is their fraud claims should be dumped on them in a big way…. because they are crooks who stole $60.4 trillion dollars from US and 20 million properties and they are insane criminal perverted who are trying to dump their criminal fraud crimes on all of us.

  100. carie – okay, but even if it were the trust which owns the note, it still wouldn’t be the trust who would be MERS’ “boss” re: the coll instrument. MERS ‘boss’ would be the previous note owner who owes the trust as the (alleged) new note owner an assignment of the coll instrument. So even if anyone else had authority to act for the trust, it wouldn’t matter because the trust, the assignee, can’t tell anyone including MERS to execute an assignment to itself, the assignEE: that request or demand, whatever, has to come from the last noteowner ,(who must, for one thing, qualify pursuant to the language in the note as the Lender).

  101. Guest….You are a real wantoned sleaze bag .. they have no claims in equity and no standing or jurisdiction to invoke the courts subject matter jurisdiction….however, I do.

  102. I have paid too much for their crimes against me already. Now they will pay for their latest installment of crimes against me out of their own pockets. Because of their numerous felony crimes against me, they gained unjust enrichment and profited from their crimes against me enormously.

  103. I was just kidding. It only goes to help prove thier case that you are a deadbeat a wantin somtin for nuttin. Oh yeah … it gives them standing to invoke Jurisdiction of the Court. hahahaha …

  104. Hey Everyone… everytime a fraudster makes a fraud claim, lets all use it as an excuse to dump all our obligations on them. No .. Not Really!

  105. What is illogical guest is why would I pay property taxes on property someone else claims to own…..? That is why the crooks should have never brought a claim they could not prove. They can pay for their crimes against me, I am not paying for them to rob me.

  106. Fraudclosure is in reality, an international bank owner military black op on U.S. soil. Think FINcen….they are conducting military black ops on U.S. SOIL for the bank owners.

    The American people are at war with the international bank owners both foreign and domestic and have been since our inception. This is the final battle in their war plan to conquer US.

  107. What is illodgical is … Why wouldnt Stripes pay property taxes on property she claims to own.

  108. Our Attorneys say… I am to close to the situation and emotionally involved. I say …. That is why we pay you! After all … a court room is not at all like circle time. Have you ever tried to send a Judge to sit-out to cool off? Me either …. but I wouldnt put it past myself thou. *grins & giggles*

  109. The truth is, in foreclosure the property taxes are the responsibility of the Plaintiff until the dispute is settled. Why would we pay property taxes on property they claim to own….? That is illogical.

  110. The American people should know the meaning of the name 9/11…

    9/11 meant the bank owners were going to use the 16th & 14th Amendment via the President of their international bank corp to turn the 11th Amendment, the judiciary against the 9th Amendment….We The People.

    This is a secret bank owner war and they are using the 14th,16th & 11th Amendment -v- the 9th amendment to rob We The People of our Constitutional Republic.

  111. If the bankster servicer is now the holder/owner of the note (as they claim)… what consideration did tne servicer give for the Note? zero! Hey… if BAC servicer ( known as BOA na servicer) paid former CW servicer 400+ bucks for servicing rights that did not exist. NOT MY PROBLEM! I did not cause BAC a loss!! And the lastest almost gone servicer BOA na … what loss have I caused them? I kept my property insured, maintainced and I paid the taxes as required by state law. I guess BOAna has no loss. Take A Hike Jack!

  112. The truth is, they have no evidence. That is why the crooks are ignoring us…..the judges are in most cases, pretending ignorance. An autograph is not a signature carie and an autograph proves nothing. An autigraph is not evidence of a crime…..

    As I stated earlier, these crooks are using the court rooms, secret Marshall law to Conceal evidence of their crimes.

    This is not even about legal theory, the bank owners, both foreign and domestic terrorists, are using false flag operations, 9/11 and the manufactured stock market crash, a fake war on terror and a fake economic crisis to steal everything from the American people.

    Those staged events by the bank owners were acts of war and insurrection on the American people by the bank owners by many proxies.

    The media are reporting Obama has closed the White House, the Peoples house to the American people.

    What the media will not tell you is that is because Obama is the President of the Bank Owner Corp and he is at war with all of us as well.

  113. MOTS (more of the same)
    why things won’t change any time soon…..

  114. Senator requests DOJ investigation of LPS

  115. @JG
    The servicer/debt collector will tell you that the “beneficial owner” is the securitization trust—the (empty) MBS. Which is obviously impossible, yet they get away with it because there is NO ONE enforcing any real laws…because the fraudulent system is the only system we have.

  116. I speak specifically to those butwipes listed in Neils article above. Not all cases are the same.

  117. Judges don’t care about Proof Of Claim…they only care that you “signed” something…anything…and BAM!—you’re guilty—NO MATTER WHAT!!

    This poor guy (link below) DIED IN COURT—while Wells Fargo was attempting to steal his house (because of THEIR TYPO—that’s right—a TYPO)…heartbreaking story—unbelievable, the times we are living in:

    …The night before, L.A. County Superior Court Judge Laura Ellison had indicated that she intended to side with Wells Fargo in a summary judgment…”

    Nice judge.

  118. “….and MERS was acting on behalf of the beneficial owner of the promissory note.”

    Yes JG, but it could only act on the authority it was given within a limited scope. The Majic Question Is ….. Who is the beneficial owner? Mers? Le’Servicer? I hardly think so! Try Again! But then again … ask yourself… if the debt was paid off and the balance was zero …. Beneficaiary to What Exactly? ZERO? Yep! The Deed? hahaha The transfer of the Mortgage Alone is a nullity. Buttwipes!!!

  119. guest – gotta love that judge.

    NG could do us all a favor here and get real: posts on getting evidence which is singularly in the custody and control of the opposition. All that stuff about what happened and didn’t is of less than zero value if you can’t get to it. Obviously courts don’t cotton to what they and the banksters will call unfounded allegations / speculation. So show us why/how we have a right to that withheld info, because imo, there is no doubt we do. Puh-leeze. Or give me your you know what pw and I’ll stinking do it. We are spinning a wheel or two here when we could be making some real progress in a very critical area.

  120. Bucci (Lord, this could go on all day and then some):

    “….and MERS was acting on behalf of the beneficial owner of the promissory note.”

    And the court knows this how? This is nuts. That is so not a fact in evidence.

  121. Hey… I was not the one who caused myself or the RPII a loss. It was the Mystery Man hiding behind Curtain LPS. “La Pooper Scooper”. Stuff stinks there ……

  122. The truth is…we owe these bank owner crooks nothing but, they owe We The People GAZILLIONS. The usury fraud alone is astronomical. Wall Street made $60 trillion dollars for their owners in 1999 selling fraudulent investments around the globe reported CNBC…..This ongoing robbery is just Corporate greed by our enemies and it is not about the money for these crooks. It is about creating complete Corporate Control by our foreign enemies by secrets, lies, deceit, fraud & fascism…they want totalitarianism. That is inhuman.

  123. Conclusion
    A lawyer who plans to institute a new litigation and who wishes to avoid the threat of sanctions and of
    professional discipline should be sure of two facts: 1) that his client has standing; and 2) that the
    defendant in his sights is the right defendant.

  124. Judge Schack cited several cases to support his decision. In Guttridge v. Schwenke, 155 Misc. 2d 317 (Sup
    Ct. Westchester Cty. 1992), plaintiff persisted in pursuing a claim for money due under a contract after
    the defendant presented documentary evidence that the claim had been paid. The court in Guttridge
    Plaintiffs’ counsel must share the blame for such frivolous conduct as it was also his
    responsibility in preparing and verifying the complaint, and in conducting this litigation, to make
    diligent inquiry into the facts and to discontinue litigation when it became apparent it lacked any
    merit. The frivolous conduct by plaintiffs and their attorney has not only burdened defendant by
    forcing him to incur legal expenses in defense of needless litigation, it has burdened the court by
    having to intervene on defendant’s behalf. an award of costs and sanctions is needed here not
    only to compensate defendant, but to deter abuse of the judicial system and to ensure the orderly
    administration of justice.

  125. Since when is it NECESSARY for some custom to be complied with, not withstanding that that alleged custom wasn’t even in stinking place when that doc was crafted, as I said? How is custom relevant to one dxxx thing? Is ‘custom’ just another part of the new law and we didn’t get the memo?

  126. The right thing to do is make these bank owner crooks pay us back the $60.4 trillion dollars they have stolen since 2008 and all the stolen & hijacked properties with clear titles.

  127. I see those vans all over the business districts. They are destroying evidence of these Corporate crimes against us.

    They brought the fraudulent claim after committing numerous crimes against us and for that they should have to pay at least 3x the face value of those notes, plus clear titles and all costs of their fraudulent complaints should be assessed and charged to these crooks including all property tax bills associated with these criminal cases.

  128. Back to Bucci from the review:

    “The Court went on to quote the mortgage which stated that: “if
    necessary to comply with law or custom, MERS (as nominee for Lender and Lender’s successors and assigns) has the right to exercise any or all of those interests, including, but not limited to, the right to foreclose and sell the Property.”

    There is a very large, glaring, and ridiculously overlooked caveat
    in that language; “IF NECESSARY to comply with law or custom”.
    1) Why, what, where, when, how would it be necessary to 2) comply with (a) law or (b) custom? Really. WHY would it be necessary for a nominee to perform the acts of the Lender? What law could possibly find that a nominee must perform for its boss? There isn’t one, plain and simple. What custom? The only custom I can think of is the one
    MERS and its buds wanted to create AFTER the crafting of that
    document. But even so, it wouldn’t be necessary (their word, not mine) to comply with that newly-created custom.
    And the borrower could no more empower the Lender’s nominee to act for the orig Lender’s successor and assigns any more than a borrower could empower the orig Lender;s nominee to act for it. What a crock.
    I keep trying to have respect for the judiciary, but sometimes I can’t help wondering how some of its members passed the bar or how they can live with the patent idiocy of some of these rulings.

  129. Its the right thing to do, Right?

  130. Some people play .. you drop your claim to my deed and I will drop my lawsuit. I like to play ….. Show Me Your Proof Of Claim (Injury) that I have caused you and I will gladly pay what I owe.

  131. @ Christine ,

    re: video post at 10:30 .. that looks like a salt mine ,, quite possibly a “Iron Mountain” facility … couldn’t help but notice one of the vans was a “Walmart” / “Sams Club” van … I don’t buy it that this is anything but a local storage facility ,, possibly for FEMA? It certainly doesn’t extend for any great distance.

  132. The deceiving plaintiff should be forced to pay whatever the Defendant’s demand them to pay because of their Negligence and other Crimes, we are the only harmed party and it was intentional, criminal, felonious and intended to do permanent harm to the Defendant’s.

  133. Dig deeper and follow the money trail and don’t think that the note is part of the money trail. It isn’t. Only a cancelled check or wire transfer receipt, or ACH confirmation or check 21 confirmation would be proof of ownership (proof of payment) and proof of loss (entitling them to submit a credit bid at the auction of the property). Stick with this strategy and you won’t be sorry. The failure to come up with evidence of an actual injury to an actual party is deadly not only on the facts but for jurisdictional purses of standing. 🙂

  134. First & Foremost there must be PROOF of a Legal Lien or no other Discovery is needed. There is no proof of claim without the PROOF OF AUTHORITY and no harm to the Plaintiff…..however, that non-disclosure by Plaintiffs meabs we the Defendant’s do have all the Legal Rights of a harmed party because of the fraudulent fc complaint. The plaintiffs were negligent and did not exercise ordinary care in the taking of the instruments…..and that is a claim for monetary damages and other equitable relief….

  135. Every lawyer who initiates an action should be careful to confirm that he has the right defendant, and,
    also, that his client has “standing” to sue this defendant. In an action to recover for personal injuries, for
    example, he should avoid naming anyone as a defendant until he has reasonable proof that the putative
    defendant caused or contributed to the accident, or was responsible for preventing it.
    And if the lawyer – either because he fails in his obligation to investigate or stubbornly ignores the facts –
    receives notice from the defendant or his attorney, or in a pleading or deposition, indicating that he has
    named the wrong defendant or that his client lacks “standing,” he should immediately stop to determine
    whether he is justified in proceeding or whether the wiser course would be to discontinue.
    The lawyer who ignores these basic principles risks both a motion for sanctions and the possibility of a
    disciplinary complaint.

  136. Entering the indorsed note proves nothing without the receipt and the general ledger of all transactions that were made with your autograph under that “contract.” All transfers and transactions made in your name must be proven, along with the proof of pay off to the Original lender, all of us, before any transfers, swaps or sales were made otherwise all of those transactions were unauthorized, they were crimes. The note cannot just suddenly appear with no proof of authority….pay off, chain of transfers & indorsements and the Secretary of State must also be notified by UCC filings everytime a transfer occurs in our names. That is a State Security measure that protects real property from being hijacked by foreign imposters.

  137. z – why did you need to object to the note’s ‘probable’ introduction and admission at trial? You should have known it was to be a trial exhibit because you should have gotten, x amt of days before the trial, a list of
    trial exhibits and copies of those exhibits. After the receipt of those exhibits, you might have filed a mtn in limine to exclude the newly endorsed note on x y z grounds (adverse ruling preserved and appealable or basis for interlocutory appeal, I’d say if the mtn should have been granted and wasn’t), .However, I’m a big fan of the “when your opponent’s evidence is evidence against them” club. Had the note been admitted at the trial without the endorsements, it would have led to a ruling, if made legitiimately, that the bankster had no interest, and similarly formed the basis for appeal as necessary. Btw, “there is no trial without discovery” is an old adage of the law. fwiw. lay opinions – ask a lawyer or 10

  138. I never say never. Calling them all out by Exposure is our greatest weapon..They never thought any of us would figure them out because we were all too closed minded to figure out their scam to rob us blind. They never thought they would get caught and that is why those who “get it” need to expose not only these crimes against us but, the who, the how and the why they are committing these crimes against us. They want totalitarianism and that is inhuman. No one would want that unless you are completely insane.

    MERS is yet another work of FRAUD & FICTION by the Bank Owners and all of their minions and cohorts. MERS is controlled by the bank owners who are their shareholders, investors and directors by many proxies like MERS but, MERS IS NOT A BANK…..LEGAL TRANSFERS CAN ONLY GO FROM BANK TO BANK. MERS IS A CONDUIT THAT CONNECTS THE BANKS AND IS A SECRET PLACE……666….FOR THE BANK OWNERS, THEIR CRONY CORPORATE MINIONS & COHORTS TO HIDE, TRANSFER AND DUMP ALL OF THEIR CRIMINAL FRAUD ELECTRONICALLY. That way their crimes are not governed, controlled or watched by anyone but them.

  139. E Tolle and carie,
    Yes, I had two notes in my case–one unendorsed, and one presented 2.5 years into the litigation (right toward the end, and only after I objected to its probable presentation at trial) that was purportedly endorsed. Judge said, in writing, that I would win the quiet title if it weren’t for the “endorsed” note, to which I objected strenuously and presented the deposition of Michele Sjolander to prove that she had nothing to do with endorsing my note. Judge said, “You know what, I’m gonna allow this note and take Sjolander’s word for it. Zurenarrh, YOU LOSE!”

    The judges ignore precedent, ignore evidence, ignore arguments. They do what they want. They do it to attorneys, and they of course do it to pro se litigants. It doesn’t matter if you have an attorney or not. You’re going to lose. I hate to say that, but that’s what’s turning out to be true. This fight will not be won in the courts, because the courts are as fraudulent as the banks. A bank, like HSBC, can admit guilt and essentially escape punishment.

  140. E.Tolle said:
    “…the judges protect their universe, one filled with pensions holding MBS (albeit empty MBS, but they don’t know that, or they don’t want everyone else to know that)…”

    That’s why there haven’t been, and will never be any real “wins” in court, with the current fraudulent system.
    Like my friend’s judge said: “I will NEVER dismiss a foreclosure case WITH PREJUDICE!!”

  141. Okay, I was interested, so I’m looking at Bucci v Lehman, Mers, et al.
    In the lower court (I think) the court found this acc to a review:

    Citing directly to the mortgage, the Court – 2 – noted that the borrower granted “the Statutory Power of Sale to MERS, as nominee for Lender,
    its successors and assigns.”

    Anyone awake here – anyone at all? (no offense intended) How exactly does a borrower (Party A) grant someone else another party’s (Party B) rights? How does the borrower grant MERS anything? He doesn’t, plain and simple. If the (any) court wants to find that the Lender granted its nominee any rights, it may do so if it may in fact be found that the Lender did. But to say a borrower granted the Lender’s nominee anything, including the power of sale, is beyond absurd. The BEST a court could find, right AFTER (key word) finding by the appropriate bar including the statute of frauds, is that the LENDER (who does not sign the dot) accorded its nominee certain rights and that the borrower was informed and agreed.

  142. The Communist Cronies don’t like to part with what they steal but are not protected by any laws of this land because they are criminals & imposters.

  143. There is nothing wrong with free market capitalism…..the problem is the Crony capitalists hijacked it with their political cronies, the U.N., THE IMF, THE WORLD BANK, THEIR CENTRAL BANKS, THE FEDERAL RESERVE BANK, TAXATION, SOCIAL ENGINEERING BY SOCIAL PROGRAMS, & UNJUST TREATIES & TRADE AGREEMENTS THAT the bank owners use to steal and control.

  144. Keep It Simple E-Tolle, Keep It Simple. To Invoke the Jurisdiction of the Court … Le Plaintiff must show proof of loss (proof of claim). Make the plaintiff show his proof of loss (proof of claim) or take a hike! Simple!

  145. IMHO they will never disclose the truth about who these alien imposters are. They are the fallen ones, they are demon entities. This is a spiritual war first and foremost. They are not the creators of anything. They infiltrate by cross breeding and control by inbreeding. They are evil and I don’t want anything from them and if you are smart, you wont believe any of their ancient astronaut theories and alien disclosures.

    J.F.K was on the right track but went about it in a dangerous way. These secret societies are the great deceivers of mankind who have hidden the truth from mankind about everything. They have no special powers, they have hijacked all of the Creators plans, the higher knowledge from all of us and that is why we are here. All the bank owners do is deceive, counterfeit, forge and steal from the Creator and his Creations and work against all of us by fraudulently inducing everyone into believe their lies to fraudulently control everyone & everything.

    Don’t believe me, do your own research…ALIENS ARE DEMONS FROM ANOTHER DIMENSION. They have hijacked the creators plans for mankind to be free and independent. It sounds crazy and the reason is they tried to program mankind to only think with a small portion of their brain and close our minds however, they failed to capture everyone in their false paradigm. They use the higher knowledge to control.

  146. Of course everything Patrick is saying is perfectly true, and he does a great job of articulating it. MERS shouldn’t be able to do anything save for knighting a new nominee, whatever in the hell that’s good for. But just like hman said, it doesn’t roll at all with the judges, especially at the federal level. They have a uniformity in their abuse of borrower rights to due process, turning a deaf ear even to well argued law. Case cites on Patrick’s premise?

    And of course the borrower is a party to the PSA. How in the hell else can one guarantee protection against duplicative claims, or know that they’re litigating against the real party in interest? But, judges rule for the banks 100 times out of a 100, with no fear of reprisal. Two notes proffered in my case. The judge says hrumph – so what? I believe the same is true with usedkarguy’s case as well – two different notes….so, two folks on just this little blog….how real is the possibility of duplicative claims?

    Ask zurenarhh, usedkarguy, hman, or me….it’s universal, the judges protect their universe, one filled with pensions holding MBS (albeit empty MBS, but they don’t know that, or they don’t want everyone else to know that). I could also list the names of dozens of past posters who hung out here for years while their houses were being handed to the banks, along with their finances and asses, all with perfectly logical law on their sides. And guest’s cheerleading about following the money trail is simply wishful thinking by one who hasn’t yet confronted the machine that will inevitably thwart any hint of discovery of that same money trail.

    Yes things are changing, very slowly, but it’s going to have to come to a great upheaval in order to right all of these wrongs. Capitalists don’t like parting with our money or properties.

  147. To be Truthful LPS is slang for La’ Pooper Scooper! Yep! Yep!

  148. LPS….. You can not run a Whore House without clients willing to pay you for your services. Le’ Black Book!

  149. Updated February, 2013

    UFO/Alien Disclosure

    [Believe or don’t. Your choice. Be scared if you want (although i think it is ridiculous). The fact of the matter is: disclosure has happened at a very, very fast space and continues. Interestingly, the US and Israel are glaring by their absence from that list and resistance to disclosure. But when 2/3 of the world population is in agreement, with the most populated countries listed, the mere 320 millions Americans ain’t gonna stop anything.

    And foreclosures are only meant as a distraction to keep people from looking and seeking. Disclosure means zero point, free energy. And all wars being economics and bank-waged, we know the outcome of disclosure: world peace, clean-up of earth and return to healthy basics.]

    This lists contains countries that have actually disclosed, those that are in litigation to disclose all or specific files and countries that have released significant aspects of UFO and alien encounters.

    This is happening in rapid fashion and will continue until we have some undeniable facts put forward that the UFO and Alien Phenomena is real.

    This list will be updated monthly or when additional countries determine that these files should be released to the public.

    There has been some new rather startling information that has come out of Russia in February 2013, check the Russian Links below for details

    Click on the country for the source.
    1. Argentina
    2. Australia
    3. Brazil
    4. Canada
    5. Chile
    6. China
    7. Denmark
    8. Finland
    9. France
    10. Germany
    11. India
    12. Ireland
    13. Japan
    14. Mexico
    15. New Zealand (Additonal Report)
    16. Peru
    17. Russia (New Info From Feb 2013)
    18. Spain
    19. Sweden
    20. Ukraine (not in English)
    21. United Nations
    22. United Kingdom (Additional Files July 2012)
    23. Uruguay
    24. Vatican City

    It is very clear that mankind is being prepared for disclosure. It is no coincidence that more than 20 countries have started partial or full disclosure. Also comments and actions from the Vatican and the UN indicate that the “so called powers” want some of this information to become public. The preparation process is well under way and it is not that difficult to connect the dots. The time frame for proof is expected to be late 2013 – 2014.

    On a final note, full, honest and complete disclosure may never happen. At best, we can expect some type of limited or partial disclosure.

  150. I don’t know exactly what D Krieger is trying to say (and I have respected his work). He’s the one who turned at least me on to MERS 7 year contract with Genpact that I’m fuming about. I don’t agree that “all the bankster has to do” (abbreviated) is remove to Fed juris and spew those two cases, but I would have to agree it happens. They are, yes, the two most cited cases by the banksters in support of Rule 12 mtns to dismiss or for sj ( or both – I forget) and the gist is that the homeowner has failed to state a cause of action for which relief may be granted, so dismissal or sj is warranted. Since it’s been brought up, and that’s actually a good thing, I’d say it would behoove homeowners to be prepared by researching both those cases, as well as other rules and cases which rebut those cases, because imo they’re out there. And I’ve seen the banksters cite to cases which had zero application to the case at hand, tho they appear to as framed by the banksters. Further, mtns to dismiss and sj are actually disfavored (hard to reconcile that with today’s rulings, I know) in favor of adjudication and neither a mtn to dismiss nor one for sj should be granted if the opponent has shown (or could show? I forget again) any triable issues. lay opinions as always


  152. The unindorsed notes prove they are committing fraud by Concealment of the true facts…the notes were already cashed. These are third parties because their names are not on the original contracts, they have no legal authority to act as a trustee because those notes were in fact, already cashed and never repaid by the Originator.

  153. Deb,

    I am optimistic. Think how how much has been uncovered in the past 2 years. Humanity has only one way to go: forward and to better and bigger things. It might take a few detours and set backs but the genie is out of the lamp.

  154. All ya wanna do, all ya wanna do is pay whats due. Oh please Mr Mystery Man , Mr Mystery Man… Please Please Tell “Em What is Owed to You! all ya wanna do .. all ya wanna do is make sure your current with your ANew. Whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do? When the Homeowners come for you? Whatcha gonna do?

  155. It is the bank owners Christine, through their agents and agencies they have hidden in the Vatican and in the governments who use clever disguises to hide their true identities and commit their crimes against the people. The bank owners are imposters, wolves in sheep’s clothes and are in fact, Fascist Communist dictators, Nazis, who used Social Engineering and Socialism to manufacture their own Holy Grail which is totalitarianism on U.S. SOIL. The BANK OWNERS, in fact, have no legal authority to operate on U.S. SOIL because they are criminals and foreign imposters who snuck in under papal bull authority and worthless treaties that no American ever agreed to. This is why Secrets & Secret Societies are so dangerous.

  156. guest them foolish greedy men are gonna ” eat the bread of sorrow and the bread of sad tomorrow,” its their karmic debt. would not want to be in their god forsaken shoes. they know what they do, they know.

  157. The NOTES are in fact, the cancelled checks, and that fact is being Concealed by the unindorsed notes. The transfer to the second bank could not have legally occurred with an unindorsed note. They are hiding the Origination Fraud and the fraudulent transfer. Even in a refi, merger and aquisition or buy out, those originals must be paid off in our names and stamped paid by the U.S. TREASURY and returned to us by the U.S. TREASURY… in order for another transaction to occur in our names. THESE TRANSACTIONS WERE IN FACT, SECURITIES FRAUDS….BECAUSE..N The Original Transaction never occurred because the Originator never Performed on their contract as required by law, Article 3, Acceptance & Consideration.

  158. 🙂 … dig deeper and follow the money trail and don’t think that the note is part of the money trail. It isn’t. Only a cancelled check or wire transfer receipt, or ACH confirmation or check 21 confirmation would be proof of ownership (proof of payment) and proof of loss (entitling them to submit a credit bid at the auction of the property). Stick with this strategy and you won’t be sorry. The failure to come up with evidence of an actual injury to an actual party is deadly not only on the facts but for jurisdictional purses of standing.

  159. @ Christine,
    they are a bunch of hypocrits. i dont know how they live with themselves.

  160. ………….: dig deeper and follow the money trail and don’t think that the note is part of the money trail. It isn’t. Only a cancelled check or wire transfer receipt, or ACH confirmation or check 21 confirmation would be proof of ownership (proof of payment) and proof of loss (entitling them to submit a credit bid at the auction of the property). Stick with this strategy and you won’t be sorry. The failure to come up with evidence of an actual injury to an actual party is deadly not only on the facts but for jurisdictional purses of standing.

  161. Martial Law is being used as a secret weapon by the bank owners to criminalize all of us. This is why State and Federal agencies and agents are not enforcing the rule of law and are in fact using these lies to fraudulently criminalize We The People. This is why they are hiding the fact they suspended the Constitution, and the First & Second Amendments, WITH NO LEGAL AUTHORITY..and are trying to hide it behind manufactured threats to take away our weapons, wealth and property.

    The bank owners have used SECRETS, LIES DECEPTION & FRAUD TO STEAL EVERYTHING FROM US and have fraudulently criminalized We The People….with fake threats and manufactured debt and wars, these imposters have fraudulently induced their debt and martial law upon their victims……WE THE PEOPLE.

  162. Good Adviset: dig deeper and follow the money trail and don’t think that the note is part of the money trail. It isn’t. Only a cancelled check or wire transfer receipt, or ACH confirmation or check 21 confirmation would be proof of ownership (proof of payment) and proof of loss (entitling them to submit a credit bid at the auction of the property). Stick with this strategy and you won’t be sorry. The failure to come up with evidence of an actual injury to an actual party is deadly not only on the facts but for jurisdictional purses of standing.

    being marginalized to disguise the bank owners own criminality.

    The BANK OWNERS are hidden dictators who pose as Americans, they are not Americans, they are IMPOSTERS to our Constitutional Republic and have NO STANDING OR LEGAL JURISDICTION IN THE U.S.A BECAUSE THEY ARE IN FACT, FRAUDS, IMPOSTERS & CRIMINALS.

  164. These crooked bank owners have fraudulently induced martial law in the U.S. and it is being disguised as Admiralty Law. That is part of the reason for the Patriot Act. The Patriot Act also allows the bank owners to transfer our wealth with no accountability but heavily restricts the people under the guise of aiding terrorists. These bank owners are in fact, the terrorists. The NDAA adds more draconian restrictions. This is also why the judges and the politicians are ignoring the rule of law and are acting like dictators. That is why there is always a military “threat” like their fake war on terror. This also explains why the cops are hostile with protestors and do not prosecute the real criminals who are, the bank owners. The only threat to the American people is what we don’t know. The bank owners are our foreign and domestic enemy. They are the biggest shareholders, investors and directors of this fraudulently induced war on our Constitutional Republic. They have no legal right to suspend the U.S. CONSTITUTION, the rule of law in America, because they are imposters to our Constitutional Republic. These foreign imposters hide behind Corporatism, banks and banking and lend no money. They pocket our wealth and gamble on our labor, insure themselves on their losses and hand US their bill. The bank owners are a cabal of thieves and thugs who have no Legal Authority in the U.S. All wars are bank owner wars. They use war as an excuse to steal everything from the people. They use Social Programs and Taxation, our stolen wealth, to fund their wars. OBAMACARE is another fraudulently induced bank owner tax that they will use to fund WWIII….and it is also the final nail in our Constitutional Republic because it will be used to enslave the American people to the fraudulently induced debt of the bank owners from cradle to grave. OBAMACARE is totalitarian healthcare and it is no more than Medicare and a spy tool for the bank owners to spy and control US.

    We The People must reject these imposters and all of their evil Corporate works and prove they and their debt are a fraud.

    If not, freedom, liberty and independence will no longer exist.

  165. If anyone watched the Kay Griggs videos in which she explains exactly how the CIA and the Navy seals entrapped young men from every country for their dirty jobs, she named names, gave many, many historic facts and went in extremely great depth to blow the whistle.

    Take a step back and look at how the catholic church has been acting from the onset. In fact, anyone willing to really understand what was going on ought to read Michener’s “A world lit only by fire”.

    The methods were exactly the same. No wonder it is crumbling left and right.

    Priests ‘feel vindicated’ after Cardinal Keith O’Brien admission

    On Sunday 3rd March 2013, after a week of lies and evasions, and attempts to scare off the Observer newspaper (London) with ‘legal action’, a disgraced and humiliated Keith O’Brien was obliged to admit that he had been guilty of sexual misconduct throughout his career. He had persistently and covertly breached the Roman Catholic Church’s strict rules on celibacy and homosexual activity.

  166. Somebodys gonna give you back..what you been giving and I wanna be around to watch ’em bring you downnnnn. Its like you use ’em and its like you to abuse ’em, its like you to do that sort of thing …. over and over againnnnn. You Are Foolish Greedy Men!

  167. Very in-depth analysis of the MERS phenomenon. It takes 3 articles, and here is an excerpt of the first one (you can find parts 2 and 3 on Strop Foreclosure Fraud. LL won’t allow me to post the actual link)
    What i find very, very encouraging is that more and more people with a very serious standing (Krieger’s firm handles the audit) are saying it like it is: judges can’t make a decision. They are held by the short hair.

    When everybody placed in the uncomfortable position of having a deadly conflict of interest realized that it was intentional to keep him in check and under control, the proverbial shit will hit the fan. No two way6s about it.

    Dave Krieger: Did MERS Shoot Itself in The Foot?

    Posted on06 March 2013.
    Dave Krieger: Did MERS Shoot Itself in The Foot?

    PART 1 OF 3
    By Dave Krieger,
    Managing Member DK Consultants LLC (Op-Ed)
    March 6, 2013

    (SAN ANTONIO) – I did some checking around the country to find out whether the hierarchy with Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. (“MERS”) ever filed such a rebuttal piece to a county land record audit. I could find none. So I consulted with several people familiar with the audit to ask them why MERS CEO Bill Beckmann would cause such a piece to be published in a major metropolitan newspaper and they all pointed to the fact that the audit was conducted by my firm…

    …So the PR campaign has now proliferated itself into the mainstream media, where MERS has taken to the print media in Austin, Texas to cater to the need to put spit polish on its business model, albeit my take of what they’ve done is unimpressive. In my book, what MERS is doing works much the same way as Hitler’s PR arm during his Nazi regime … “keep feeding the masses with repeated information and soon they come to believe it as the truth …”

    Couple that with judges who are pro-bank and do half of the fact-finding for the financial institutions during open court and you’ve got a recipe for injustice. When you look up most of these judges’ financial statements, you’ll discover that many of them have investments that are backed by these securitized mortgage pools. One Austin federal judge has 15 Ginnie Mae portfolios listed in his most recently-publish financial statement. It’s no wonder MERS thinks it has a “leg up” in the game. All its attorneys have to do is simply remove the case to federal court and they know the pleadings won’t survive because in many instances, the pleadings are drafted to federal standards of pleadings that won’t survive the likes of Ashcroft v. Iqbal and Bell Atlantic v. Twombly. I also see where a lot of federal judges just can’t seem to understand the basic principles of quiet title actions, which in essence, really are the jurisdiction of state judges. This again all comes down to how to pick your battles and this time, as I’ll explain further in the next segment, how MERS needs to learn to pick its battles….

  168. @ guest- that song you mention, dont know but i thought of a line myself for prior council ” you picked a fine time to leave me lucille”

  169. hman
    no one will “get there” as in justice in Arizona , or at the lower court level , thats the writing on the case law wall lately, there needs to be one huge darn class action suit whereby some brave attorneys will go the distance but when we see the behemoths like HSBC getting a soft tap on the back of the hand and a dont do it again when they already have been given an oky doky fine of not more than a months or so profit considering the money laundering business world wide…well indeed , it will take some very dedicated folks and a lot of money- they have trillions upon trilions to fight us, albiet WITH OUR OWN TAX MONEY we need our courts and judges to follow the law, we have to make them follow the law someway somehow and the stuff is so very complex and i understand attorneys are human and may step into a minefeild of tricks and turns. theres truely has never been anything like this in court in history, we are being denied due process rights to discovery of things we do have a right to ask for considering the damage we have all endured. if we dont have these rights then the banks and their representative lying cheating greedy interloper agents of many roles at one time(sorry) can do whatever they want to us, even if we rebuild, they can just come along and interfere and take it for their own illegal reasons. like franco said, (i think) ” i would rather die on my feet than live on my knees.”

  170. @Patrick. There is case law that defendant is third party to PSA.

  171. Patrick,

    You are correct. It doesn’t make sense and my attorney argued the same thing and even brought up the PSA guidelines that were not followed. My attorney pointed out that the person who made the assignment was not a MERS officer and was actually an officer of the servicer. The same person who signed my allonge on behalf of the servicer also signed the DOT on behalf of MERS? Seriously, how can that be. Well because the judge says it can.

    The opposing attorney stated that we were not a party to the PSA and could not enforce them. How about you are not a party to my mortgage? He also stated that Servicers have appointed MERS officers that served a “dual” Role and this was done “all over the country”. Well I mean if it’s done all of the country I guess it’s legal.

    Common sense would tell you this is false logic but this is what the courts are saying. I speak from my own experience and from cases I’ve read. Not trying to detour people from fighting. I want to see some wins. I’m just not sure how to get there with all the bad case law I’ve seen.

  172. Notice the flags sewn on policeman’s uniforms are trimmed in gold thread…meaning these cops are working for foreign imposters. The flag of the City of Chicago has a row of 6 pointed stars across it symbolizing Chicago is being governed by imposters, the Synagogue of Satan. I don’t recognize or owe any allegiance or any money and certainly not any property to any of these foreign imposters.


  174. The State AGs should have never recognized these imposters or their frauds either by negotiating a settlement with them.

  175. I don’t recognize this vessel, its flag, its shipmaster or their contracts and certainly not these years old unindorsed checks they are trying to exchange for my properties….I never submitted to contracting with him or his agent at all.

  176. Get That Gold Fringe Off My Flag is an interesting link…..that talks about the gold fringed flag displayed in these court rooms are put there to invoke the courts martial law jurisdiction and tells us these court rooms are being governed by our foreign enemies. These courtrooms in reality being governed by IMPOSTERS…A Foreign Bank Corp. However, even under Admiralty Law, there is no law in equity for a non existant contract. This is why they want these notes to be Article 3 Negotiable Instruments. Nothing changes the fact they were first fraudclosing on the Mortgage Contracts under Article 7. Then there is the matter of unindorsed notes that are years old being cashed in exchange for our property. The same laws apply to banks when cashing checks, as apply to everyone else. You take the check to the bank and get cash only in exchange for it. They already did that at the Origination …… You can only cash a check once, even if you are a bank. No third party checks are accepted and checks can only be honored for up to one year from the date of issuance. These courtroom charades with these gold fringed flags are meant to intimidate us. The entire basis of these foreclosure claims are fraud, forgery and counterfeiting to gain unjust enrichment. These fraudclosures are in fact war crimes against WE THE PEOPLE by the BANK OWNERS and are being aided and abetted by foreign imposters and traitors from within.

  177. Patrick @10:10 – very interesting and supports my arguments about assignments to alleged holders of “in blank” notes, so thanks.

  178. There are a couple words in that Shawn Donavan article (mol homeowners are being helped by settlements) I believe, like “the”, “it”
    and “one”.

  179. One of the justices for the FL SC did question why one party – the note owner – is endorsing the note and another (its alleged nominee in this case) is assigning the coll instrument. One of them also started to get into the business with the note being assigned in the assgt of the mtg, but the bankster’s attorney danced around it. I agree with Patrick and I’ve said I believe the only thing a real MERS officer could do is alienate / relinquish its nominal status in the coll instrument , likely by quit claim. Also, christine said:

    Providence RI asking the court to define once and for all MERS’ role in foreclosures (!). Is MERS a nominee (agent) or a mortgagee (principal)

    I’d be glad to hear it if I thought it were going to be a complete analysis and not just another one which leaves out about 80% of what’s applicable to such a determination. The word nominee is not synonymous with agent, for instance. Nominees generally stand in, while agents are authorized to act. What MERS tried (imo key word) to do is create an illegitimate hybrid by allegedly authorizing a nominee to foreclose. I’ve many times advanced my belief that MERS willfully avoided the use of the word “agent” , etc. so I won’t again just now. But I have to repeat that there’s a legitimate question of who qualifies as the lender’s successor or assign as defined in the note, as has been batted around here lately, because it needs more batting around imo, and right off the bat, I’d say that’s at least arguably not someone in possession of an alleged bearer note.

  180. […] Filed under: bubble, CDO, CORRUPTION, currency, Eviction, foreclosure, GTC | Honor, Investor, Mortgage, securities fraud Tagged: Bank of America, Chase, countrywide, INDYMAC, OneWest, Washington Mutual Livinglies’s Weblog […]

  181. Certainly the bank owners could care less how they clean us out as long as they all get the job done…. this is all about control by robbery…they do all their criminal fraud by proxies…. $60.4 trillion dollars has been extracted and stolen from us since 2008….. Where in the hell did all that wealth get transferred to is the real question that needs to be answered. I know it was all done electronically but, if the amount is known, so are the destinations. That amount of our wealth being transferred with no accountability is insane. That is why the Patriot Act is absolutely criminal.

  182. Or X, the servicer proxies, are writing checks to proxies of the big fat buttwipe politicians and their minions & cohorts…there is no other explanation why they are still kicking the can with these fraudclosures. This truly is FORECLOSUREGATE….the biggest crime spree and scandal in U.S. history.

  183. I bet the odds are pretty good that Marilyn Brown V.P. of MERS and Shawn Lyerly notary of the bogus assignment of mortgage are fictitious persons.

  184. CNBC said follow the Investments…..#1 Obama’s retirement fund is invested in Vanguard and certainly most of the politicians, cops, judges are invested in this fraud.

  185. I am sure it is all of the usual suspects by the way the media are ignoring all of this.

  186. No doubt X = the Big Fat Buttwipe Politicians. Not surprising. We need names.

  187. More business as usual for the bank owners….

  188. Butts that Big … Use Lots of Buttwipes! Yep! Yep!

  189. Does AG Madigan know about this….? No Stripes… she is chasing them around the room with a switch for fun. duh?

  190. X= the party writing all the checks. Yep! Yep! To Big a Butt to Wipe!

  191. Answer to guests Friday Night Trivia…..Johnny Paycheck..

  192. First things first…..there has to be a Conversion of the Instrument in order for someone to hold the note or have the rights of a holder. These Instruments were not converted before they were swapped, passed around and represented and waranteed as Investment Securities. Therefore they were Counterfeiting and Forging these Instruments. Committing Securities Fraud & Racketeering. None of these Notes In Blank were Authorized by the Issuer of the Securities, who were all of us.

    So guest, sounds like they are still robo-signing …. ? They are using Unauthorized Indorsements to gain Unjust Enrichment…? They are hiding behind the veil of the AG settlement to commit felonies….? They are not complying with the terms of the settlement agreement….? Does AG Madigan know about this….?

  193. Three Clues …. 1)… If. LPS filed the MERS transfers of Note and/or the Mortgagee of Title . 2) Google that persons name (Mers Officer) who signed the assignment and see if it connects to a lawfirm who filed the lawsuit against you. 3) (LPS+ LPS ForclosureLawfirm Mills+Pretender MERS Officer + In House Lawfirm Notary Employee) – Servicers = X

  194. Take this job and shove it … I aint workin here no more. Who wrote that song?

  195. Mortgage Settlement Helping Homeowners and Exceeding Expectations
    Posted: 03/08/2013 11:27 am

    I read the article. It was surreal…! I didn’t even know anymore if I live in America. ‘Cuz seen from my angle, I can’t say people are breathing better…

  196. I ask LPS on a regular basis Christine. After all … It was the Mystery Man who ordered the Fraudulent Docs and Agreed to use LPS selected Law Firms to stamp and file them. Oh do you know The Mystery Man, The Mystery Man, The Mystery Man? Oh Wait .. thats the Muffin Man I am thinking about. giggles

  197. The entire letter is on Stop Foreclosure Fraud. LL won’t post with the link. Remarkably, LPS is made out as the (only) bad apple. Once again. No one questions who paid LPS to do what they did… Once again, as throw-a-bone-to-the-dog kind of action.


    Posted on08 March 2013.

    LETTER | Sen. Ron Wyden’s Letter to Eric Holder re: Investigate Lender Processing Services (LPS) Fraudulent Fee Structure

    “The ramifications of this case, seem to go well beyond a fraudulent fee structure. As my office has investigated the allegations brought to my attention, I have become convinced that the entities behind this scheme — one in particular — fostered an environment in which foreclosure was seen as an optimal outcome and shortcuts — such as “robo-signing” — were inevitable.”

  198. @JG

    Re Weidner: In order for a valid holder to exist, somebody must own the note. Plaintiff must establish somebody, somewhere owns the note. If nobody owns the note, it has no characteristics of negotiability and is merely a relic or artifact. Perfection of note ownership at the time of filing must be established in order for the lien to be considered valid.

    The parties which can be described as current payee on the face of the Mortgage Note chain of endorsements (I.e. the blank) does not match the named plaintiff. An unidentified payee “In Blank” is not a real person nor a company; in fact, the unidentified payee “In Blank” is a non‐existent party and can’t assign, transfer, contract, collect, merge, suffer injury or serve as agent. Without offering any means to establish a VALID unidentified “in blank” transferee, plaintiff finding itself in possession of a bearer note can’t establish a current owner of the note exists somewhere. Therefore it can’t establish the note in its possession is valid with characteristics of negotiability and cannot establish a real party in interest exists with an enforceable mortgage.

    The only means to identify the unidentified “In Blank” payee is contained within third party contracts as there can be no type of agency or contractual relationship to an unidentifiable “in blank”. This is why plaintiff’s servicing agreement is necessary to determine its remittance duties and wire instructions so as to track the identity of the last “in blank” payee. A person in possession of a bearer note cannot claim to be a note holder unless its prepared to establish the entire universe of previous persons who had/have ownership of the bearer note.

  199. How are these conversions occurring….? These are in reality, perversions.

    In Illinois Article 8 & 4 governs residential foreclosures. If there is a conflict, Article 9 governs the fc. Article 8 cannot be met without ……Proof of Authority….Article 8-307…states the Purchaser must have Proof of Authority with any other requisite necessary to obtain registration per (8-4, et seq.) To obtain requisite of Security Entitlements (5-8 et seq) all said requirements must be met.

    No Article 8, 4 or 9 legal requisites can be met without Article 3 Perfection by Acceptance, (3-103) and Consideration, (3-303).

    Proof of Authority is by Legal Assignment….the Trust Agreement…that is Proof of Control (8-106), by Delivery and Possession ((8-301) by the Appropriate Person (8-107), by the Issuer (8-201), of an Investment Company Security ((8-103), not by OverIssue (8-210) of the Protected Purchaser (8-303), of a Securities Account (8-501). Indorsement (8-304) or Instruction (8-305) does not Guarantee the Signature Indorsement.

    They needed to create the security … Convert it … otherwise these are Securities Frauds.

    Article (3-420 a, b, c) governs Conversions of Instruments and all Commercial Instruments.

  200. Johngault,

    Providence RI asking the court to define once and for all MERS’ role in foreclosures (!). Is MERS a nominee (agent) or a mortgagee (principal)? I thought the issue had been put to rest. Shows you how much I know!

    You’ll need to google the case Bucci v. Lehman Bros. LL won’t post with the link.


    Posted on08 March 2013.

    H/T George Babcock Law






  201. @hman

    Why does MERS get to assign a status greater than that which was granted it? The borrower granted that MERS is a nominee, therefore, it can only assign its placeholder status as soley the nominee for the lender and its successor and assigns. Assigning somebody full blown mortgagee status in the public record is unavailable to it and is ultra vires to the borrower’s grant.

  202. Now they are re-converting Securities Frauds into Negotiable Instruments …..?! What is that called….? Re-Securitization Fraud….? This is sickening.

  203. Here’s one: in a MERS dot, if Freement is the lender and MERS is the nominal ben, can Freement (the owner of the beneficial interest in the dot) still assign the dot or can only “MERS”? If MERS is thee beneficiary, can Freemont or only MERS? If MERS is Freemont’s agent, can Freemont or only MERS?

  204. Weidner has a case before the FL SC which as far as I can tell is awaiting decision. One of the distinctions being made is holder v owner. The claimant, who appears not to want to identify itself as the servicer (this I got from oral arguments), also does not want to demonstrate its 1) agency which would req id of the P. When a jurist on the panel asked the bankster attorney how the court is to know if foreclosing is within the scope of the undocumented agency, the bankster said, as I get it, the court needn’t consider the agency at all since the bankster is allegedly in possession of a bearer note, entitled to enforce, and any agency with its true owner is of no consequence. Really? Well how about the “MERS” assignment of the collateral instrument to one who is not the owner of the debt? Aren’t they admitting bifurcation (which would not necessarily be the case if the bankster were shown by the appropriate bar that it is in fact an agent for X) and btw, what is the basis for an assignment to a party who admittedly does not own the note? Why would an owner want a coll instrument assigned to anyone but itself even if enforcement were sought on the note and dot by its legally authorized rep? As attorney Nora pointed out, it’s not a self-help tool so that an alleged noteholder may avail itself of the collateral for the note it allegedly holds. But that’s what this whole MERS m.o. does or at least enables. The Mitchell court as I got it said to MERS, who was claiming to be noteholder in a few of the 27 ish cases involved, “you’re not a holder by mere possession.” (and I’m still looking for that court’s distinction about holders ). But none of this considers Rule 17’s jurisdictional bar: injury (imo), which I don’t believe was even argued and also im lay opinion should have been (might have been in a pleading and I haven’t read them all).

    Weidner argued these notes are not or might not be negotiable instruments, and thus notes require legit anaysis to determine when (if) they are. What a concept!. He referenced a law review done by professor Dale Whitman of cases (think it was) which actually analyzed the negotiability of notes and found only a couple cases where the issue of negotiabiity was in fact analyzed. Since the American Securitization Forum acknowledges in judicially noticeable material that these notes are subject to Article 9, why are we having this discussion? One jurist asked Weidner what difference does it make
    who is trying to enforce the note when that party allegedly has possession of the original?! Anyone wants to weigh in on Weidner’s response, here it is:

  205. Most Americans are slaving for these Corporate demons and they don’t even know it. Those who make above average pay or their businesses were not hit yet think they are safe. They are greatly deceived. Totalitarianism knows no boundaries and this is all about complete control by control freaks. They may have a human face but they are soulless creatures who don’t have any loyalty to anyone but this evil and all of its evil machinations. They want compliance and if we don’t comply, they force compliance like OBAMACARE. No one should comply with lawlessness, tyrants, dictators or monarchs because that is not only unamerican but it is simply inhuman. Use and abuse is all they do no matter who you are. Whether you are a politician, doctor, nurse, teacher, lawyer, cop, Corporate big wig, an investor or a Store clerk or store manager, you are only good enough as long as they can use you for something.

  206. I think it’s funny that the last two blog posts by Neil have both had the word shocking in them. I’d have guessed that since he’s been the only one around that I’m aware of that saw through the smokescreen many years ago, that he’d be over the ability to shock by now. There’s simply nothing left they can do save for run down Wall Street naked and on fire which would shock me….come to think of it, I’d love to see that.

    I’d even carry the fire extinguishers only refilled with something a little more entertaining and …. flammable…POOF goes the bankster!

    Three words that just naturally go together, like perfect prose…self immolating banker….music to my ears!

  207. Hman said, “ The judge like many judges (at least in AZ) believe that MERS can serve as a “Common agent” for anyone with a MERS membership”

    Ditto for MN. It goes against all logic. All any bank has to do here is show a letter stating that they’re a full-fledged member of Club MERS, and it doesn’t matter one bit if the originator has been dead for the last decade, or whether or not it was even a MERS member to start with. As long as someone, anyone, claims your mortgage, you’re toast.

    And like has been mentioned here recently, the mortgagor is not a party to the assignments, so – you are just totally screwed if they’re askew, it’s none of your goddamned business deadbeat, go to your curb! You simply cannot have a broken chain of title in this state. And even if you could prove that the local mill fabricated every piece of their documentation, you can’t go after them because they’re simply working for their bankster client, therefore they’re off limits.

    These are the kinds of statute changes and repeals we’ve had foisted upon us at midnight over and over again over the last 30 years, all awaiting the day that they would come in really handy in one magnificent bank robbery.

    @Charles, more power to you. The rat bastards I dealt with at the OCC never responded to me or my requests at all, just sent my damning letter straight to the bank. Which is a point that really pisses me off about the closed shop IFR. I put an awful lot of damning information in my review, the same claims I’m making in my suit against them, without ever thinking that the morons at the OCC would simply let the banks open their own reviews, thus having an inside view of everything I’d hung them on.

    There would have to be something actionable in that scenario. To reveal all to an adversary without your knowledge….assholes.

    @carie, right you are. There’s simply no way in hell TPTB will ever loosen their grip on this system, short of having their hands cut off. Hmmm. I’m off to sharpen my chain saw. And to think all this time I’ve been honing this pitchfork.

    Oh, and about Clinton and repeals….he’s been written checks for $85 million that we know of since coming out of office. This is how it’s done….do Sachs et als bidding for four or eight years, and then the Council on Foreign Relations will pay you more than your briefcase can carry for a thirty minute talk. You gotta’ admit, it works really well for them.

    What a great world we live in, or should I say, we work for them in.

  208. The truth is, we never signed or agreed to any of this fraud. All of it is unauthorized and criminal. It is extortion.

  209. Charles@

    I think what you say is logical. My “lender” on title was defunct since 2008. After I won a QT against him last year I thought I was in a good position because MERS was only an “Agent” of the lender. They could take no action on behalf of a defunct agent.

    My assignment didn’t happen until after I won my QT and my case was still dismissed. MERS is the one that needs to be taken down. The judge like many judges (at least in AZ) believe that MERS can serve as a “Common agent” for anyone with a MERS membership and recordings don’t need to happen because they are in the MERS database. Totally stupid but these are the rulings that have occurred.

    Hopefully, others have better luck in other states. I guess AZ fails to see the simple logic that MERS as nominee can’t act on behalf of a defunct principal.

  210. FOX BUSINESS reporting….SEC are putting new rules in place to police themselves….! Thanks for the warning and the reminder not to give up our guns..!

  211. Where is the Legal Agreement that says we must conform with Admiralty Law….? There must be a contract that says WE THE PEOPLE AGREED WITH THIS……THERE IS NOT…..IT IS ALL FRAUD & FICTION….!

  212. “I believe without free enterprise there can be no prosperity.”- Dwight D. Eisenhower


  214. When the media and the politicians and other “public officials” talk about irrelevant issues like the weather or they start manufacturing threats we know the Bank Corp are up to no good.

  215. Carie….I hear he is stealing fraudclosures down in Florida..this Bank Corp of crooks always distracts from their crimes with social and civil justice issues. Bill Black has a name for it… 5 card monty ….the FED calls it QE to infinity…I call it an ongoing crime spree..

  216. You’re damned right I am awake. The real question is, what are you going to do about it….? Kicking the can doesn’t change the true facts these cases are completely criminal.

  217. Right, @stripes—BILL CLINTON is to blame for all this because he repealed Glass-Steagal…why doesn’t he talk about that? Does he think STEALING HOMES is CONSTITUTIONAL??? Guess so.

  218. WALL STREET and the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK CORP are complete criminals…posing as the Government(s) to carry out their crimes against us and steal our property by fraudulently inducing their crimes on us.

    All Bill Clinton can say to all of this bankster blight he caused is he wants DOMA repealed….? What a joke..

  219. WOW! She is awake! But what is she going to do about it!

  220. I also have all of the relevant docs certified and notarized ….the entire chain of your crimes…..all of the bogus assignments, illegal transfers, illegal conveyances and reconveyances….You banksters can’t hide behind a Government shield. You have no legal authority to transfer or convey anyones property…none.


  222. @Barbara-Michigan

    “…Will we ever be compensated for the theft of our homes? I can’t understand how the courts or government can’t see what the rest of us sees happening here. We need justice.”

    Unfortunately, Barbara, justice won’t come any time soon…our JUSTICE Department doesn’t believe in justice—they know the extent of the fraud—but they only believe in saving their collective fraudulent-condoning asses…the debt buying industry is the biggest industry in the world, and if they were transparent about what really happened and sincerely helped prosecute the perpetrators and sincerely helped the homeowners—all the big banks would disappear overnight…and “we just can’t have that”…but—it’s coming.

  223. You are going to pay for your crimes. Everyone is not ignorant to your crime spree. Illinois is a title theory state and there are no legal liens the attorney at the county recorder of deeds office told me. There is no law in equity for criminal fraud….

  224. You Bank Corp crooks stole everything from us and I can prove it…you are going to pay for it one way or another. You have stolen enough property from the people. You all need to be audited and arrested ..

  225. We are a lien therory state, the homeowner holds the land deed in their name. And as such owner we are the responsible party. Tah Dah! Ding Ding! Tic Toc! As a owner and holder of la deed we are obligited to such things as property maintaince, ins and taxes! Kaboom!

  226. You bank crooks are going to pay the property taxes and pay me for bringing a fraud suit against me to steal my property.


  228. Allow me to clarify……the Local, State, County and Federal Bank Corporation….who are NOT OUR GOVERNMENT….STOLE EVERYTHING FROM US…..AND WE WANT IT BACK…EVERY DIME…PLUS OUR HIJACKED PROPERTIES…

  229. I do not know anything about your business, nor do I care to know. I do not know what your issues are with your Federal Taxes, we are talking about State……as in Real E State taxes.

  230. NO….We are NOT looking for something for nothing stole the Local, State, County and Federal Bank Corp ARE… they are defrauding the American people to bankrupt us by forcing us to pay for their crimes against us. We want back what was stolen from us, that’s all. Then we will try and recover. We cannot recover until then. It has been 4 years since we were put out of business and we are still not ahead. That is because of these crimes committed against us. Bankruptcy takes more money out of our pockets and makes these crimes against us look like they were our fault. That is complete bullshit….we don’t have 5 grand to do it if we wanted to but, we don’t want to….We want back what these crooks stole.

  231. Let me tell you something guest ….we always paid our taxes on time when we were running our retail business, and we brought a lot of revenue to the city, state and county. The banks intentionally put millions of small business owners out of business in this State……look around at all of the vacant businesses in South Suburban Cook….there is a ton of lost revenue from these bank crimes….you are going after the wrong party….You don’t seem to be able to see the forest for the trees…..remember….we were put out of business by these crooks in 2008….. you are going after tax money from a perfectly legitamite business that was destroyed by these crooks. You can’t get blood from rock… can’t take money from a business that no longer exists.

  232. If the State Taxpayers paid their taxes, maybe the State could actually have some funds to get’er done quicker. Just Sayin …. some people want all the services of the States Public Servents but dont wanna pay folks to do the work. They always wantin somtin for nuttin. They thinks everything in life shoud be handed to them on a golden platter … just like a buttwipe Huh?

  233. As far as debt forgiveness goes, they can all eat their shit they created and die.

  234. Who are building these underground cities….? The Foreign controlled TBTF CORP… they are planning worldwide destruction. They certainly are not as “in control” as they think….they won’t be safe anywhere from the rath and fury of the creator. There will be nowhere for them to hide from that.

  235. Guest…..Who are you telling to get up off their ass and do something about something I can do nothing about until these cases are settled…. ? WHY DOESN’T THE STATE GET UP OFF THEIR ASSES AND PROSECUTE THESE CROOKS…? The ONLY relevant issue at hand are the MULTIPLE CRIMINAL FRAUDS committed in our names by these crooks without our knowledge or consent. These crooks put us out of business and it was intentional… WE WERE DEFRAUDED BY THESE BANK CROOKS AND I CAN PROVE IT…! THE STATE NEEDS TO DO THEIR GODDAMNED JOBS…

    Christine….Florida is built on limestone…not a solid foundation though I do believe there is a lot of stuff going on underground.

  236. I am all in favor of debt forgiveness worldwide. What bothers me is the timeline (somebody was mentioning timeline recently…)

    The debt forgiveness initiative corresponds with the bursting of the bubble and the beginning of foreclosures in this country and elsewhere. While people are losing investments and homes here, debts has been erased in quite a few undeveloped countries. Fair enough and it was the right thing to do but… where do i get the feeling that, had the people been told about the wealth redistribution plan and kept appraised and informed instead of being lied to, they would have gone along with it?

    It’s not so much WHAT is done as it is HOW. I have been convinced from the beginning that this was part of something bigger than a damn house and a bank scandal. I seem to be proven right slowly and surely…

    The Multilateral Debt Relief Initiative

    September 30, 2012

    The Multilateral Debt Relief Initiative (MDRI) provides for 100 percent relief on eligible debt from three multilateral institutions to a group of low-income countries. The initiative is intended to help them advance toward the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), which are focused on halving poverty by 2015.

    Debt relief to help fight poverty

    In June 2005, the Group of 8 (G-8) major industrial countries proposed that three multilateral institutions—the IMF, the International Development Association (IDA) of the World Bank, and the African Development Fund (AfDF)—cancel 100 percent of their debt claims on countries that have reached, or will eventually reach, the completion point—the stage at which a country becomes eligible for full and irrevocable debt relief—under the joint IMF-World Bank enhanced Initiative for Heavily Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC Initiative).

    The HIPC Initiative entailed coordinated action by multilateral organizations and governments to reduce to sustainable levels the external debt burdens of the most heavily indebted poor countries. The MDRI goes further by providing full debt relief to free up additional resources to help these countries reach the MDGs. Unlike the HIPC Initiative, the MDRI does not propose any parallel debt relief on the part of official bilateral or private creditors, or of multilateral institutions beyond the IMF, IDA, and the AfDF.

    However, in early 2007, the Inter-American Development Bank also decided to provide similar debt relief to the five HIPCs in the Western Hemisphere.

  237. E.Tolle like with Wells Fargo Bank the way they been successful in getting away with these crimes is that their personnel is kept in the dark as to what is right or wrong. If you look at the settlements they have had a all base on the lack of the personnel providing the correct programs to the customers. But the key to the crime is blame your training program and keep written instruction, instructing personnel of wrong doing.

    So the regulating agencies also have staff that not trained to fully identify the entire picture and are not capable of asking the correct question to the lenders because they are ignorant to what they are asking and why, and like anyone don’t want to look like a idiot when they are suppose to know what going on!

    However if you the consumer are logically explaining what it is that you need and why and what it will show, the regulator going to be hard press to not grant you request for documents that will uncover the alleged wrong you requesting them to review for you.

    I my case one of the items I asked for the the current copy of the Note because it would show that there was still this blank endorsement. The Note was faxed and was what I said if would be. Everything I asked for I had done the homework on the reason I wanted it as it would prove that the lender was not who they said they were.

    If you empower the investigator so they can somewhat intelligently request the information from the lenders how can they say no without looking as they are working for the lenders instead of help solving the issue.

    I was told by the OCC prior to the Independent (wink wink) Foreclosure review Board that my loan would work to help out a lot of people because of what I had proven to them!

  238. OOps… Wrong coke video.

  239. The problem is deceptive taxation that is really forced taxation…….you can’t bash people being forced to pay taxes when they have no knowledge of it. What they are really paying is excessive usury to the banksters….THESE ARE INDULGENCE TAXES… What everyone should be bashing are the deceptions of forced taxation. Everything we pay is a fraudulently induced tax for the sole benefit and indulgence of the bank owners who are all invested in this fraud. OBAMACARE IS ANOTHER INDULGENCE TAX FOR THE BANKSTERS…. This is gluttony plain & simple because the banksters want complete control of all of us.

  240. And then, some honesty (for once). Don’t know if it was really made by Coke but that commercial is pretty good!


    That’s where all your money has been going… Don’t know what they plan but I’d rather kill over in the sun light than spend months or years underground. Interestingly, I came across similar videos showing underground cities in the Ozarks, in Colorado and elsewhere. Any question why, all of a sudden, we’ve got those mega sinkholes all over?

  242. I should have said the politicians are hyper-taxing our last means of survival and that is despicable…..the elderly on fixed incomes are losing their homes because they can’t keep up the property taxes with the rising costs of inflation that is devaluating the currency…that in itself is a crime. As a final act of desparation they are reverse mortgaging their homes to pay these crooks who are outright robbing them. These crooks are going to burn in hell for they have done. Hopefully they go to hell directly from their prison cells. No one is above the law.

  243. These bankster crooks are trying to railroad all of us into bankruptcy to cover up for all of their criminal fraud.

  244. guest….NEARLY EVERY DIME WE PAY & SPEND IS A FRAUDULENTLY INDUCED TAX…..WHO DO YOU THINK YOUR FOOLING…? CERTAINLY NOT ME…OBAMACARE will tax us to nearly 100% of our income…then it will be totalitarianism and the tattoo…everyone should see the Documentary Obama 2012…..Every dime they steal is going overseas to our foreign enemies….INCLUDING THE PROPERTIES THEY ARE STEALING…..We are paying for our own demise and you know it.

    The truth is, they are taxing our last means of survival and that is revolting. ….


  246. BTW…..They have a valid claim to invoke standing and jurisdiction on what…? Criminal fraud is not a valid claim. There is no standing or jurisdiction or law in equity for MULTIPLE FELONIES…..ESPECIALLY AFTER THE PRESENTMENT OF THEIR CRIMINAL FRAUD UPON THE COURT….

  247. What is dispicable is people who find every excuse in the world not to pay taxes and the real abomination is while they currently live on taxpayer monies as a means of survival they still bash those paying the taxes.

  248. You are full of shit guest….I am waiting for NO ONE to clean up this crime scene for me because it will be a cold day in hell before that happens. MYOB…I have asked you for nothing so keep your opinions to yourself because you don’t know what in the hell you are talking about. You are taking what you see at face value and it is all fraud & lies.

  249. The bank owners hiding behind the scam as shareholders and investors are despicable but the real abomination is this is all being done to the American people by the traitors from within. They pose as the house of representatives and have the nerve to call us their constituents…..these phony lying crooks, these committees of traitors who have the nerve to call themselves our representatives…these alderman, congressmen, senators, mayors, governors along with these traitor Supreme Court judges, the council on foreign relations, they are the legislators and orchestrators of these crimes against us…the media promotes them as our Government but they are not our government. They are a FOREIGN CONTROLLED CORP…they are controlled by one giant inbred European dynastic family AKA the Bronwens. They are control freaks and worshippers of evil.

  250. Stripes… Your problems with the Tax Man are Irrealavent! They have a Valid Claim with Standing to Invoke Jurisdiction! Stop Whinning about it and Waiting for someone to clean up your Mess!! Get Up Off Your Ass and Do Something about It! Pffft!!

  251. You can not get Damages from an Insolvent Counterparty. … No More than You can get Blood from a Turnip. On the other hand Buttwipes dont get what is NOT theirs either!

  252. There is no discovery, there are no trusts or trustees. All of the debt is unsecured because the banks don’t lend any money. Anyone who lost their property to this bankster scam or anyone fighting fraudclosure were and are being victimized and these crooks need to be forced to pay back everything they stole from us….every payment we made and every property with clear title. The facts don’t lie, nothing these crooks are doing is Constitutional or Legal. This was a set up to rob the American people out of everything we worked and paid for and it is a vast criminal conspiracy against every American by the bank owners.

  253. Yep! You can ask til you are Blue in the Face and get nadda. They make no admissions…. but they also make not denials. Prove Up your Claim or Take a Hike Fat Jack!

  254. These bankster crooks are refusing Medicaid to people who lost their livelihoods….denying the uninsured medical visits when they are ill to force OBAMACARE…COMMUNIZED MEDICAL CARE…. They are deliberately, slowly and strategically stripping the DIGNITY away from the American people. People are eating from food pantries to keep the lights on. These Corporate bankster crooks are bankrupting the American people to control the American people and every politician is to blame.

    The bankster crooks are telling these traitor politicians and their Corporate agents and agencies to destroy us and strip us of all of our dignity and it is an abomination.

  255. True e tolle
    You can ask whilst you become blue in the face legal or not. Only by suing and prevailing to discovery – the operative words prevailing to discovery and the successful production of documents ( that they dont have) will work. Hands up who got to discover. Its a bitch fight. But create your accurate record and keep on keeping on. Something has to give. The court knows. I can tell you that much because im experiencing it. Onward.

  256. These bank owners and investors, the politicians want the American people unemployed, homeless, sick from all of this fraudulently induced stress, uninsured, taxed out of their homes and broke. They are creating a fraudulently induced WELFARE NATION….where WE PAY FOR EVERYTHING and they dole out what they “think” we need. They want everyone to beg them for help. They want every American to be God forbid, at their mercy.

  257. May I add ….NO ONE KNOWS WHERE ALL THIS EXTRA TAX MONEY IS GOING…The public pension funds are a PONZI SCHEME …..those working right now in the public sector are paying for the current pension funds so all of this hypertaxation is simply robbery…

  258. The politicians and law enforcement as well as many in the judiciary are part of this fraudulently induced Corp either by bloodlines, membership or employment. They are not going to save us. We have to prove the fraud.

    FOX BUSINESS reporting….llinois has the worst credit rating in the fifty States. Illinois is struggling with a Public Pension shortfall of $85 billion….Ex-Mayor Daley said before leaving office, the pension “shortfall” is $155 billion dollars. The Politicians are saying the public sector pension “shortfall” is bankrupting the State and these “entitlements” cannot be expected to be sustained…..THEY WON’T ADMIT THEY AND THEIR BANKER BUDDIES STOLE IT…. This is criminal and why they are constantly forcing us to re-pay for their crimes by raising of taxes on goods and services as well as the 1% Emergency Tax on everything we do and the $700.00 WATER BILLS …It is now theft on a whole new level…it is GRAND LARCENY…

  259. I agree about those short sales and the deed in lieu as well as forebearance payments. People were falling for short sales, deed in lieu’s, making forebearance payments or walking away out of fear and lack of knowledge. The media encouraged this. These crooks are the scourge of humanity.

    Now they are trying to tax us out of our homes with fraudulently induced hyperinflation of all of OUR INALIENABLE RIGHTS….

    It is repulsive and what is even more repulsive is the way people just keep cooperating with this Corporation of crooks.

  260. They certainly don’t have any legal documentation because banks don’t lend money. This is all a scam by the bank owners to steal everything from us. There certainly should have been no property taken without a jury trial because the Constitution requires that when Life, Liberty and Property are in jeopardy, they better be able to prove they lent us money and they did not lend us any money.

    This is why they covered up the laws that have been in place since our inception and date all the way back to the Magnate Carta. Our property laws are there to protect our Sovereignty.

    These bank owners and their minions and cohorts don’t want private ownership of anything by us. That is because property ownership is freedom. That is why these bank owner crooks lay and collect LAND RENTS… the form of PROPERTY TAXES that prevent us from ever really owning the land and now they want a tax on the buildings so you never really own the buildings.

    It is all really revolting IMHO…

  261. @ Charles Reed, you seem to be suggesting that the OCC or the FDIC will supply you with pertinent documentation of the underlying facts, or of the fraud that is being perped on you. That just isn’t the case. The OCC has a track record of simply forwarding any complaints/requests on to the offending bank.

    What exactly are you suggesting that you uncovered by working with these totally captured entities? Proof of wire fraud? A true copy of the note? Proof of consideration? These regulators have proven time and time again to be bankster’s whores.

    I don’t get it.

  262. After reading that link, we may just want to call an exorcist. There is no way these crooks could have accomplished all of this by themselves. When you look back to the begining of this Corporate banking scam, it really makes no sense how they could have gained so much control with so little means of transportation or technology. There is ALOT they are not telling us and these technological advances of today did not come out of nowhere. They talk of how these bankers traveled all over the world all of the time but they don’t tell you how they traveled or how they accomplished so much with so little means. The horse and buggy, boats and the telegraph does not cut the mustard. Like the building of the pyramids, there is a lot of stuff they are concealing from us.

  263. Beryl, first I like to say the short sale is a big con game because it get the rightful owner to sale their interest in the property, so that you have no later defense of who actually held a debt over your property “if there was in fact a legal holder”. You take the option to sale the property short base on your own legal knowledge or advise.

    Now as there is no more Independent (wink wink) Foreclosure Review you should be able to submit a complaint to the OCC who would regulate Chase and ask for the regulator to help you find out who the owner of your loan is. So whatever ever your after included it in your complaint and why you want it.

    Since your in the State of Washington who I believe just passed a law that clear up who has the right to foreclose, and whoever claiming ownership must prove that the are actually the “holder in due course”. Since you are dealing with Chase with an ex-WaMu mortgage that as Neil mention here does not appear to have been a purchase of these mortgages.

    What I would do is get a title search done as I am sure that WaMu is still in title or MERS has step in and acted and assigned the assignment of title (mortgage, deed of trust, security deed) to Chase, but the elephant in the room is if the assignment where done after Sep 25, 2008 it could not be done because MERS is on title only as a representative of WaMu in this transaction but the company they are representing is NOW a “failed bank” the second the OTS & FDIC seized the bank.

    The FDIC is not a member of MERS nor any longer is WaMu who the FDIC determined to be a “failed bank” so who is MERS trying to say they acting for in transferring ownership from to Chase? Chase cannot go into the court and transfer to themselves ownership. Chase i believe does not have a endorse Note from WaMu before the failure, so as your family fight should in light of the recent cases in that State should start right there in the court house to make Chase provide proof of purchase of WaMu loans, which as Neil has put and I believe him, that Chase did not purchase these loans.

    So a key point to uncovering the crime is having a copy of the current state of the Note and if there is not a endorsement from WaMu to Chase I don’t see how at your local land recording office there a valid assignment of title and the burden of proof according to the recent WA State court clarification is that they must provide evidence of ownership.

    Neil is saying as I know is that the banks have just been telling the courts that they own these Notes without any proof in a form of cancel checks, wire transfers or etc that they purchase anything. The State of Washington and Oregon are perfect to take Chase down because they should be plenty of WaMu loan that are involved as it was WaMu home base.

    I sure there no way Chase has properly had these assignment done because WaMu was not able to transfer to them title, and just because the FDIC take over the bank does not change state law. I would think FDIC would have to provide some documentation where they are now owner with the right to sale a loan to Chase, and that chain of ownership must be recorded in the local county land recoding office!

  264. Allow me to repost that link. THE ROTHSCHILD BLOODLINE:

  265. Charles, it’s a servicer, PHH Mortgage Corporation. Someone else “regulates” them, it is probably satan . The bank attorney already told me quite a while ago, there is no discovery, there is no trust and no trustee. But thanks Charles.

    Interesting link: The Rothschild Bloodline

  266. Charles Reed, will you please elaborate on your 3/7 9:42pm post? “…lodge you complaint to the regulator of your bank to receive the items that you are seeking. The regulator don’t have a clue but you know what and why your seeking them. It how I obtain documents I needed to use to uncover exactly what Wells Fargo was doing.
    The could not refuse the regulator the documents.”

    What documents did you ask for and from what regulators?

    What did you do with the documents you obtained–how did you use them? I think you are on to giving real help, but I/we need the details.

    We’ve asked for few to many docs in QWRs, TILA demands, etc., wasting our time and being fools all along. Now, for about a year+ all this “trusts” talk, but still can’t get the necessary documents to take Chase (from WaMu)–Washington State to court pro-actively for one family member, and BA/BAC (from CW)–Hawaii (lost everything and more in a forced short sale) for another. I’ve been doing most of the research and work, and keeping them hopeful–they are very near and precious to me–while we all pray and believe and they gather strength and resources.

    If you don’t want to post details here, will you kindly email me with details of your suggestion? Please? If you will, I will post my contact information here.

  267. How could Countrywide assign anything in 2011 when they had gone out of business 4 to 6 years prior without selling our loans to B of A? i never received proof of this from either Countrywide nor B of A and foreclosed on my home in Sept. 2010, When i requested proof of my mortgage loan being sold or transferred, I received no proof to this day.
    Will we ever be compensated for the theft of our homes? I can’t understand how the courts or government can’t see what the rest of us sees happening here. We need justice.

  268. stripe lodge you complaint to the regulator of your bank to receive the items that you are seeking. The regulator don’t have a clue but you know what and why your seeking them. It how I obtain documents I needed to use to uncover exactly what Wells Fargo was doing.

    The could not refuse the regulator the documents.


    “…Some observers have defended the Justice Department, suggesting that prosecuting law-breaking banks would amount to a death penalty that could upset the financial system and trigger another recession — although nobody really knows if it would do any such thing. But by not prosecuting law-breaking banks, and confessing to its terror of prosecuting those banks, the Justice Department has waved a big checkered flag to the biggest banks to go ahead and break all of the laws they want…”

  270. Elizabeth Warren is awesome:

    Sen. Elizabeth Warren unloaded on bank regulators Thursday about the fact that British bank HSBC is still doing business in the U.S., with no criminal charges filed against it, despite confessing to what one regulator called “egregious” money laundering violations.

    Her comments came just a day after the attorney general of the United States confessed that some banks are so big and important that they are essentially above the law. His Justice Department’s failure to bring any criminal charges against HSBC or its employees is Exhibit A of that problem.

    During a Senate Banking Committee hearing about money laundering, Warren (D-Mass.) grilled officials from the Treasury Department, Federal Reserve and Office of the Comptroller of the Currency about why HSBC, which recently paid $1.9 billion to settle money laundering charges, wasn’t criminally prosecuted and shut down in the U.S. Nor were any individuals from HSBC charged with any crimes, despite the bank confessing to laundering billions of dollars for Mexican drug cartels and rogue regimes like Iran and Libya over several years.

    Defenders of the Justice Department say that a criminal conviction could have been a death penalty for the bank, causing widespread damage to the economy. Warren wanted to know why the death penalty wasn’t warranted in this case.

    “They did it over and over and over again across a period of years. And they were caught doing it, warned not to do it and kept right on doing it, and evidently making profits doing it,” Warren said of HSBC. “How many billions of dollars do you have to launder for drug lords and how many economic sanctions do you have to violate before someone will consider shutting down a financial institution like this?”

    The regulator she was questioning, David Cohen, the Treasury Department’s undersecretary for terrorism and financial intelligence, repeatedly refused to answer the question. Like the other regulators at the hearing, he said that his department has no authority to shut down a bank unless the Justice Department — not represented at the hearing — convicts the bank of a crime. He said that Treasury had come down as hard as possible on HSBC. But he wouldn’t answer Warren’s question about when a bank deserves to be shut down in the U.S.

    “You sit in Treasury and you try to enforce these laws, and I’ve read all of your testimony and you tell me how vigorously you want to enforce these laws, but you have no opinion on when it is that a bank should be shut down for money laundering?” Warren finally asked. “Not even an opinion?”

    Another regulator, Fed Governor Jerome Powell, said closing a bank is appropriate when that bank has been convicted of a crime. But he also said that only the Justice Department has the authority to prosecute a bank for a crime.

    The regulators said they did answer Justice Department questions about the potential repercussions of convicting HSBC, but offered no opinion about whether the Justice Department should do so.

    A frustrated Warren, who has sounded off on the issue of big banks repeatedly in the past week, was less constrained.

    “If you’re caught with an ounce of cocaine, the chances are good you’re gonna go to jail. If it happens repeatedly, you may go to jail for the rest of your life,” Warren said. “But evidently if you launder nearly a billion dollars for drug cartels and violate our international sanctions, your company pays a fine and you go home and sleep in your bed at night — every single individual associated with this. And I think that’s fundamentally wrong.”

  271. These bank owners are control freaks …. Usury is a means of control by fraudulent inducements of their debt….Neil Cavuto said U.S. TAXPAYERS are now on the hook for $60 + trillion…..CNBC reported the bank owner maniacs and their criminal friends here and around the globe have stolen $60.4 trillion dollarsxfrom us since 2008…..Neil Cavuto confirmed those crooks not only robbed us of $60.4 trillion dollars but, handed us the bill for that robbery.

    I agree Charles, it is complete insanity by brainwashing that people believe the Wall Street numbers are something to celebrate…they are celebrating their own robbery….it is true.. the inmates are running the asylum..whether the stock market is up or down, these crooks are robbing us.

  272. No judgment touching life, liberty or property but by jury trial.

    These crooks have a lot of explaining to do.

  273. I asked for a copy of the PSA & the Prospectus …. the bank attorney told the judge I was asking for “all kinds of things” like a PSA and all kinds of things… the judge used those requests against me. These crooks don’t have anything……fraudclosure is outright theft being disguised as due process but there is no due process. No life, liberty or property may be taken in our Country without a jury trial.

  274. There are plenty of conivers Charles that’s for sure…I read a while ago that rat Paulson bonded himself so he could not be arrested for bailing out his criminal friends. Max Keiser said his head should have been sent rolling down the steps of Capital Hill…..but they are all in on it. …..Who Commands this Conspiracy? ….

  275. There is a section in every Prospectus for every trust that states (and this is not verbatim—“That the investor funds will be used to purchase the mortgage loans. The investor funds will also reimburse the seller for any loans the seller financed before the date of this prospectus, etc. etc.” A trust CANNOT be established without the Prospectus per SEC. So, where is the injury to the plaintiff or interloper or pretender lender? What is their loss if the mortgage notes were funded by the investors? Also, I never read where the homeowner, when asked if “they are trying to get the house for free” mentions the total amount of payments made before default, remodeling costs, insurance, etc. which apparently is not “free”.

  276. Stripe you right, I see the stock market as a tool to convince the public that thing are coming back to normal but it only a trick to take those who only lost value in their homes and 45% of their 401K, plus savings and pension values.

    You see people wanted somebody to blame so they took the story hook line & sinker that the GOP followed by Obama constant preaching that “people wanted to live outside their means” as if that was some loan option.

    Obama let Bernanke and the Fed print $16 trillion and lend it to banks without the Fed having $16 trillion in assets to make these loans. Yes we hire the Fed to print are money but is not the Fed the most powerful group in this nation as they did not have to have the President or Congress prior approval to simply print and lend monies at zero to .5%.

    Who is not on TV anymore that first told of the $16 trillion? Dylan Ratigan is no longer on TV but really why? This guy put more information on what Wall Street and these bankers were doing.

    The more monies in TARP and this %16 trillion stop us from understanding in a much faster time frame than what has occurred. First to put this trick in motion was Paulson and Geithner when Paulson lied to the Congress of the uses of the TARP and did not purchase the alleged toxic mortgages, but as soon as the ink was dry, Paulson instead gave the money to the banks without restrictions.

    Paulson made all the top banks take the TARP funds so we could tell who was actually foreclosed! But as the Senate had to sue to make the Fed release who they lent the $16 trillion too!

    People are like jumping up and down that the Stock Market has set records, so where do you think $16 trillion was going to find its way?

    It about the usury system that at play!

  277. That’s right Christine … & post & post…. it’s all about the social deprogramming…. not the re-programming by these crooks because that will land all of us in their manufactured control freak hell on earth…

  278. The bank owners are control freaks. They hide behind shields like Corporate Logos, banks and banking, Wall Street, freemasonry political appointments, religion, law enforcement, government agency’s, and many private clubs like the trilateral commission, the council on foreign relations, the bilderbergs….the media, education, law, the medical establishment …they are all members of the Synagogue of Satan….aka the Knights Templar’s who believe they are superior because they are of the same bloodline as Lucifer. The Holy Grail for them is Complete Control of all of Gods Creations. They want to destroy our free will and make us believe they own everything and they own all of us and they are more powerful than the Creator. It is all about mind control and what they can make us believe.

  279. And then there are those who will post and post and post and… lose.
    Such is the game…!

  280. “…The banks are avoiding the obvious: that they claim a REMIC trust exists and was funded (both of which are probably untrue), and that the REMIC trust acquired the loan by buying it (without any evidence of a money exchange) backdated to when the loan was “closed” [note it is our position that none of these loans were closed, since they have yet to be completed].”

    True—no funding because they were COLLECTION RIGHTS (to GSE false default debt) ONLY.

    You don’t/can’t fund or transfer collection rights.

  281. The bank owners print as much money for themselves and their criminal friends as they want. They keep the worthless credit they lend us on their banks balance sheets as a fraudulent means of control. The bank owners are control freaks who don’t lend any money and destroy the credit they lend by borrowing in our names from the PEOPLES TRUST….THE U.S. TREASURY DEPT…. and defaulting on what they borrow in our names and pocketing all of our payments as usury….they destroy the value of our property by overissuing investments in the credit they default on via Wall Street ….they invest in all of the risk they create and insure themselves on that risk.

    It is not just a big game, it is really not about the money for the bank owners….. it is an evil plan by the bank owners to destroy our Constitutional Republic by robbing us they want to create totalitarianism …They use the methods of progressive taxation, social safety net programs, public and private pension funds, credit lending and investing, to siphon our wealth….that is how the bank owners fraudulently control nations …they keep handing the people their bills for robbing all of us.

  282. I need help in trying to recover my money I lost when IndyMac bank failed on july 11th 2008. The F.D.I.C. is in control of my deposits I lost. They tell me we have no money to give me?

  283. Deb,

    Drop me a line when you feel like it.
    We’re all in it together.

  284. Deb,

    I know. We all do. We all did our frickin’ best for years… decades… centuries, with that odd gut feeling we passed on to our kids.

    It was never meant to be that hard. A few bad apples got in the way. Decent people (the great majority) understood, forgave and forgot. The few bad apples got stronger and, eventually, overpowered the whole damn thing!

    It’s over. May take a while to correct itself but the old paradigm is gone.

    Have confidence..

  285. promise Christine I hope so cause god knows im trying.

  286. Meant to say Ginnie Mae & Wells Fargo had not paid a dime for the loans.

  287. This is what I been talking about that Wells Fargo nor the other banks owns these loan that are in the Ginnie Mae pools.

    But Neil is on point with the double payoffs on the accounts, as I been battling Wells Fargo who was to arrogant to think that they would ever be caught, so through the OCC they sent my account activity statement that show the $202,000 balance I had on the original loan from 2003. However the bank who has since admitted to not being the lender in a formal letter, did receive $191,683 for the foreclosure sale accredited on Mar 25 & on Mar 26 the account was credited with $211,648 full settlement, and on Jul 2 it was accredit with the VA Guaranty Fund insurance amount of $25,764.

    So Wells Fargo received $429,095 in payouts, to a loan they or Ginnie Mae paid a dime for. The balance if Washington Mutual still owned it, and had not relinquished the blank Note, they would not receiving $227,000 over the balance of the loan.

    The principal & interest payment are not actual going to pay down the balances because its a pass-through system and the P&I pays the investors that have purchase the mortgage backed securities.

    Look because of the internet we would not have been able to exchange the different experiences, but just today there is the story about Wells Fargo and the fixing of the Notes that in no way were endorsed over to them.

    All who have read somewhere on the net what I been saying know I have talked about the lack of the ownership on these Notes. If you read The Lost Bank, you can see that what the FDIC did was all about Shelia Bair saving her own butt and did not want to be controlled by the Treasury as these failures would have depleted the FDIC’s insurance fund. So Bair who now walking around as if she save part of banking, added to the fraud!

  288. Everything is the polar opposite of what is advertised …. The bank owners control through many proxies like Wall Street investing, their banks rob us by lending their worthless credit and collect all of our payments as usury, their politicians lay and collect their taxes and social safety net monies, their attorney’s write the Rules for Radicals to oppress us and rob us so they and their courts and attorney’s can rob and control us.

  289. And by the way…

    You know that queasy feeling you have when you work for a company and you are told to do something that goes completely against what you were taught (do not steal, lie, cheat, etc…}? That ethical conflict you feel in your guts? Person to person, you would never apply your company’s policy. And yet, you do. You even hide behing it: “Jeez… I know how you feel but it is company policy.”

    Why do you?

    They hold you by blackmail. “You want to keep your job and a regular paycheck? Do what we say!” The day anyone gets held personally for his company’s actions is the day we all are free.

    Soooooooooo simple! Hence the courtesy notices OPPT advises to send. Not a threat. just a re-establishment of human relations as they ought to be and as they meant to be.

  290. Boa NA switch to Bac Home Loans and back again , all while switching my original account while still on good standing. Oh yeah throw in a Freddie Mac trust into the mix. I will fight these criminals until they finally give up.

  291. What I find puzzling, though, is the fact that, after 5 years of uncovering the enormity of this charade, people still handle those entities as though they were the reality, as though they truly existed.

    By acknowledging them, we give them veracity, we give them an identity. That’s why OPPT is so important. OPPT, in substance, removed existence to all those players, be it the government, its agencies, the banks and what not. OPPT returns relationship[s to what they were meant to be: human to human, with no artificial shield in between. OPPT takes away the ability people have had, up until now, to hide their malfeasance behind a corporation and behind laws that mean absolutely nothing and were enacted uniquely for the purpose of controlling people.

    How do I know? Simple. When was the last time you had an opportunity to actually decide among yourselves what you wanted the game rules to be?

    Short answer: never. Granted, once in a while, a “proposition” is being thrown to the people as a bone to a dog. It never is offered on its own. it never is a stand-alone. it is always part of other votes, such as elections of county, city or state reps.

    Remember: in order for something to exist, all is needed is to give it a name. By doing so and further pronouncing it, be it orally or on paper, we sanction its existence. And for all those bigots: it’s biblical. You name it and it comes to life.

    Stop acknowledging the corporations. Deal person to person and… follow the OPPT guidelines when dealing with the humans working for those corporations and… problem solved! When they get personally held to their company policies, people will fold.

  292. Tell us more, Neil!

  293. There is so much wealth and property being stolen from the American people by the BANK OWNERS by electronic shadow banking and by so many other proxies…they have stolen $60.4 trillion of our wealth since 2008, and over 20 million properties, that is why there is no incentive to regulate them. It is called TOO BIG TO FAIL and it is an evil plan to completely control and regulate the American people.

    Their perps on Wall Street are all getting paid well and so are the politicians, law enforcement, the judiciary and the media to keep this well engineered and ongoing robbery and impoverishment of the American rolling.

    The bank owners want all of us to be their microchipped debt slaves for life with Obamacare and the treason and concealment of this robbery of us is at every level of Government but, most prominently at the State, local and county levels. These bank owner crooks are denying people doctors visits when they are ill to force OBAMACARE totalitarianism ….

    Everything these bank owners and their many proxies are doing is Unconstitutional and Illegal. It is complete tyranny and manufactured oppression by the bank owners who wear many disguises.

  294. Seeking,

    Don’t despair. It’s coming.

  295. And the magic question is still asked. Where is there a Judge on the planet that will listen to this stuff?

  296. I always knew Neil was a Smart Cookie! 🙂

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