Don’t Take Advice from Banks! It’s All Scripted to Get You in Foreclosure and then Default

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Neil F Garfield, February 28, 2013

If you are directly talking to the bank you are talking to people who have been carefully scripted in what they are supposed to say. The goal of the bank is to get you in foreclosure. That is why they tell you that in order to be considered for modification or relief you must stop paying on your mortgage. Then they lead you along in the so-called modification process extending the time you are in default so that it is unlikely that you will have the money to reinstate.

After they are pretty sure you can’t reinstate they tell you your request for permanent modification has been denied and they give crazy reasons like someone didn’t call them back (after they have repeatedly “lost” the documents). In judicial states they file a foreclosure lawsuit. When you call them up and ask what is going on, they tell you your loan modification is denied and they proceeding with foreclosure unless you have the money to reinstate, which includes fees and costs that are probably fabricated. Meanwhile they refuse to provide you with proof they have any right to collect anything from you much less foreclose.

In the judicial states and sometimes even in the non-judicial states the banks encourage homeowners to write “hardship” letters to the Judge. This is a very clever way of getting a lot of people to file a paper with the court that essentially admits all elements of the foreclosure and creates a default situation because you didn’t file a formal answer. The next thing you know a final judgment is entered setting the date for the auction of your property stating the amount due based upon a flimsy affidavit filed by someone with no idea who you are, what the history has been on your file, and what amount is owed to the actual creditor.

In a sense, as pointed out to me by some other lawyers, the banks are practicing law without a license when they give legal advice to borrowers and they have a blatant conflict of interest when doing so. Do NOT follow the advice of the bank representative as he or she is only parroting what they have been told to say. They are all going after foreclosures with the same frenetic energy that went after the loans because if the loans don’t end up in foreclosure they have some questions to answer to the insurers who already paid them (several times over) on the markdown of the value of the pool claiming an interest in your loan.

Here is a simple example: Imagine your call is stolen and your insurance company cuts you a check for the loss. And then another insurance company cuts you a check for the same loss. In real life this doesn’t happen to insured motorists. But in finance the loan insurance works exactly that way. So now you have twice the value of the car that was stolen. Suddenly the police call and tell you the car has been found. If you follow the law, you give back the insurance money and take the car back but that is not what the banks do with your loan. They make sure the car gets buried so they can keep the insurance money which is twice the value of the loan (or ten times the value of the loan). In your case “buried” means foreclosure. It is only through foreclosure that they can demonstrate the claimed loss was real.

Another way they get you is with force placed insurance. They get a “notice” from the carrier that the insurance has lapsed and then contrary to law, without notice to you they get insurance that costs three times what you were paying. This raises the payments to a level you can’t pay and then they give you a notice of default that you failed to make your payment, even though the payment they are demanding is wrong. Then they foreclose, give the same advice over the phone to write a hardship letter to the Judge which admits the debt, note, mortgage and default and then raises the issue of force placed insurance which the average pro se litigant doesn’t really know how to state in a formal pleading. The judge takes the letter to be your answer and with little fanfare enters final judgment for the bank.

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  1. […] Don’t Take Advice from Banks! It’s All Scripted to Get You in Foreclosure and then Default […]

  2. […] Don’t Take Advice from Banks! It’s All Scripted to Get You in Foreclosure and then Default […]

  3. Is this the same company that you talked to about doing a loan mod?

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  4. The Bronwen family are the knights Templar’s, the masons.

  5. The case-link below is from a comment at bottom of this web-page:

  6. Neil:

    Another new development you may want to ponder on, and dedicate a page to, is the obvious fraud perpetrated by this Supreme Court decision on victims of banking and securities frauds.
    I saw it in a VeteransToday page regarding another decision legalizing wire-tapping.


    No. 11–1274. Argued January 8, 2013—Decided February 27, 2013

  7. Look into the Bronwen family on you tube.

  8. The TBTF CORPORATE GOVERNMENT will do everything they can to cover up their Default and our robbery, their dishonor. The Knights Templar’s are Totalitarian control freaks who planted their evil seed here at the inception of our Constitutional Republic. They have no loyalties to Rome or anyone but their own criminality which they cover up through brainwashing that make us accept social and civil justice fixes for their criminality. They always use CONTROL FRAUD MECHANISMS TO CONCEAL THEIR CRIMINALITY AND CONTROL THE MASSES.

  9. NEIL:

    You may want to dedicate a page discussing this new Bank-Proposal:

    Draft LegisLation to restore the original Bank of the UniteD states retUrning the UniteD states economy to the PrinciPLes of the U.s. creDit system

  10. Other than the ins proceeds on the note, can you think of another reason they did not want to re-enstate the defaulted loans? The reason they got down and dirty to get the fc deeds? The one thing they hid during the reviews by saying the borrower has appled for a loan mod (when they had not) so that it would show no harm to the borrower at the time?

  11. Sit down JG, Your face is a little flush from your head spinning. I totally agree with you! If you had good warranty deed when you pledged your deed, you should get the same warranty deed back when you tender. You should also get the Origional Note back.. PAID IN FULL! Read your contract and demand enforcement. They cant do it!

  12. They are trying to turn securities fraud into something legitimate ….that can’t be done without committing more fraud…..these frauds are felonies. They are in fact, Concealing their original crimes and creating a dictatorship by committing more securities fraud. It is scurrilous.

  13. That is a fraudulent re-conversion of fraudulent securities jg… is Securities Fraud. Once fraud enters a contract, fraud vitiates everything.

  14. carie – if a loan were sold and assigned and delivered to a trust, could the TRUST issue certificates to demonstrate rights to payments to its beneficiaries? I don’t see why not, as long as the rights to payments sold are consistant to the penny with the payments actually to be made AND no one else is on the hook for those payments. And as long as (oh that “as long as”) the beneficiaries to the trust as so identified. But tranches with payouts not consistant with the payments at all? I don’t know that, but that’s what I hear. Wth? Before securitization, that I know of, there has never been a time when a third and unrelated party guaranteed payments in a contract to which it was not a party and was not invited to guarantee by the borrower. If these notes are negotiable, which I sincerely doubt, what? Does the guarantee run with the note?! What impact does the guarantee have just on the negotiability (if they are to begin, or at least when the trusts allegedly get them)? So many questions. It’s dizzying. We need a lot of experts from different areas and that itself is messed. Only thing I know, think, whatever, to do is GET them sooner than later. In the meantime, like I said, MERS has to go and take securitization with it. This quit claim
    business is just too much for this oldster. I can’t deal with the despair the ruination of our real property laws and rights would bring if I acknowledged it, so I’ll have to stay at angry as hell.

  15. FNMA has some program called HomePath. People can bid on homes alleged to be owned by Fnma at some website. This language is part of the deal – its an addendum to the purchase contract:
    “Deed: Regardless of local practice, the deed to be delivered by Seller at closing shall be a deed that covenants that grantor grants
    only that title which grantor may have and that grantor will only defend title against persons claiming by, through, or under the
    grantor, but not otherwise. Any reference to the term “Deed” or “Special Warranty Deed” herein shall be construed to refer to
    such form of deed. Under no circumstances shall Seller be required to deliver any form of deed which grants a general warranty”

    This is a not much more than a quit claim deed incognito and is dead wrong. Any property in these deals which can’t be conveyed by warranty deed shouldn’t be conveyed. THEY need to fix the mess first. Anything else about our world they want to change and mess up? Don’t miss no. 18:

  16. How do you guarantee $700 trillion in mortgage fraud backed by $12 trillion in property….? You don’t, and if you do, you are a criminal because that is robbery. This is a massive criminal conspiracy. Trusts aren’t created when no value exists. These are more empty & fictitious deals.

  17. sorry – i truly am getting old and not very good at it, apparently. the trusts would get what they got by f/c if no one had guaranteed the loans (like fnma).

  18. I don’t mean face amounts of notes. I mean existing balances. fwiw.

  19. I don’t know without looking if hidc calls for good faith. But to be a bona fide lender, for whatever that’s good, requires good faith. Good faith is one of the three reqs for bona fide lender. The other two are
    for value and without notice of other claims. fwiw. If a trust is to eat the loss from foreclosure instead of the indentured party (the guy who didn’t endorse or deliver the note previously or possibly fnma/fhlmc if they renigged on the prospectus), what is the value paid for the transfer? Okay, money was paid for the security interest, but the late transfer of the note is being done to eliminate the transferee’s obligation at the expense of the trust now that / when it’s known the collateral of the indentured party is insufficient. It reminds me of the Dylan song “here’s your throat back. thanks for the loan.” There was value paid, but now at the date of transfer, the collateral is diminished. I would think the indentured party’s obligation remains as to any amts not realized by liquidation of the collateral. It’s just now unsecured? Have the banksters upped their exposure by not timely transferring the notes? If they had transferred them when they were supposed to,
    they wouldn’t be indentured and not liable for full face amounts – the trusts would have owned the notes and realized ‘whatever’ by way of enforcement. You know how some properties sit there forever without being foreclosed? If I got any of this right and the indentured party owes the secured party the face amt of notes, they owe a whole lot of money which would be due and payable when the underlying asset is liquidated. So that’s what’s I got to as I wrote this: the indentured party owes the secured party the face amts of the notes, and that’s what that gang did to itself by not transferring the notes when they should have (had they, the trust would – i think – rightfully bear the loss without guarantee). Like I said, that’s IF I got this right- and that includes the fact that the indentured party is the primary obligor.

    Moving right along, who could ever be said to take a note in default in good faith? A junk buyer, maybe. This might not, I don’t know, be so much about the UCC as it’s about the def of Lender (must be bona fide lender?) in the note and how that then relates to the def of lender’s successor and or assign in the MERS dot. Something (esle?) to think about?

    And weren’t these loans supposed to be seasoned by six borrower payments in the first place before qualifying for securitization? The UCC can’t say an indentured party may surrender the collateral for its indenture if another law (or a contract) says that party can’t accept a loan in default. So if the loans weren’t timely transferred, they’re either making the payments so the loan isn’t in default when alleged, or they are breaking the law. If you break a law, it isn’t legal, so it, the transfer, isn’t in fact accomplished, right? But if it’s a law as we hear, not just contractual, that a trust can’t take a loan in default, why don’t we know chapter and verse by now? Has anyone actually seen that law?
    lay opinions – ask a lawyer

  20. The trusts never existed….These instruments were securities frauds. Just because they converted this crap into stocks & bonds doesn’t mean what they were actually peddling on Wall Street ……mbs’s ……weren’t securities frauds. Their default means those Conversions were in fact, illegal, Securities Frauds.

  21. computer ate my last note. cant belleve I have to pen this again. ugh.
    Holder v hidc. Being overlooked here to our detriment imo. To the best of my knowledge, the diff between the two is the defenses available. Many affirmative defenses good against a (mere) holder cannot be made against a hidc. Therefore, it’s critical to know if the claimant claims as holder or hidc. That requires knowing if the holder is a transferee pre or post-default, which is why I have posited that requesting a more
    definitive statement shouldn’t be overlooked. In order to be a hidc and not be subject to myriad aff defenses, the holder (here owner) must have taken the note for value prior to the default and not after, for one thing.
    To determine that status, the date of the transfer must be known, which is what we want, in addition to being able to formulate our defenses, of course. Note that no bankster has ever claimed to be a hidc (that I know of, anyway) or he one has, it has been done
    very cavilierly.
    But if a trust is the true note owner, how is a trust to know if a borrower is in default or not, especially when someone, like fnma for instance but only for instance, is yet making the payment under its own liability?
    Is notice to the servicer notice to the trust / investors?
    As to fnma, payments are made by fnma under its guarantee. That guarantee, which the borrower had NO part in, could wrongfully find the investor to be a hidc (unless notice by the servicer is notice to the trust / investors) and interfere with the borrower’s defenses to the note to which the borrower has a right. If notice to the servicer is not notice to the investors, someone else’s act has interfered with the contract between the note’s owner and the borrower and most specifically, has interferred with the borrower’s defenses (that’s funny – I’m calling fnma’s guarantee tortious interference) FNMA has become liable on the note, voluntarily, of its independent volition; the borrower was not consulted and had nothing to say about it . The first four payments made by fnma are made pursuant to a guarantee. The fnma prospectus needs further scrutiny to determine what is the dynamic after that: is the lump sum payment to the investors after the first four payments pursuant to that guarantee or is it articulated / defined as a re-purchase? It matters because they are not synonymous, not the same things at all. One imo, the guarantee, retires the debt including the borrower’s obligation, and one, the re-purchase, doesn’t. If it’s a re-purchase, then the borrower owes fnma, but still not for the first four payments made by guarantee (and any amt due which doesn’t include those payments is a fraud). If the subsequent lump-sum payment is a guarantee, I don’t believe fnma has any rights against the borrower. FNMA might be found to have rights in equity, don’t know this minute, but even if so, it is NOT on the basis of the note ( because the note’s been paid off of by guarantee and not re-purchase), and the best fnma could hope is to be found to be equitably entitled to reimbursement by a court. Lot of argument, that one. Unless and until that happened, fnma’s claim isn’t on the note (so goodbye ucc). To reiterate, this is if fnma paid off the investors by way of guarantee, not re-purchase.
    Well, I did go on a bit; I really just wanted to say we need to look at the prospectus for what it actually says: guarantee or re-purchase. It’s probably (?) re-purchase after the initial guarantee of four payments. I have, as I’ve said, yet to see these four payments identified and credited on a ‘you owe us this $$’ document.

    And significantly, fnma will never be a hidc, having taken the note with notice of its dishonor. But because of the guarantee and or guarantee and then re-purchase, any loan that went thru fnma (and likely fhlmc) can never be legitimately enforced by a trust because of either fnma’s guarantee / repurchase. Banksters will say the homeowner has no standing, as usual, because the borrower was not a party to that contract between fnma and the investors. I think what a homeowner MAY say is that the court has an obligation to enforce an existing contract before it looks at anyone else for remedy between the two parties (fnma and the investors), i.e., if fnma hasn’t been made to perform, how and why must someone else? FNMA’s the one who wrote the prospectus and declared its rights and obligations. FNMA may have called for its own subrogation in the prospectus pursuant to a guarantee) if that’s what causes the lump-sum payment and not re-purchase or it could have called it re-purchase. I realize I could have and maybe should have gone and dug out a prospectus to see what it says for sure before writing this, but I didn’t mean to write it. I was really just looking at holder v hidc and my pen wouldn’t stop. Honest.

    If a bankster came after me today, I would ask for a more definitive statement: holder v hidc (to be established by transfer date but I wouldn’t express that exactly) to determine my legit defenses. And as an included alternative, I would aver that the assgt of the note in the assgt of the dot is prima facie evidence of the transfer date to the trust and go from there, remembering I’m likely to have to overcome my alleged lack of standing as to the cut-off etc dates when arguing the assignment date has long since come and gone and a trust can’t take a note in default (but never minding cds type payments, is the note in default if others are making the payments, which gets us back to tortious interference with our aff defenses?)
    Someone would have to admit payments were made or the trust is taking a note that’s in default, which they know is no bueno. Someone needs to find the law which says a trust may not take a note in default (not to mention how’d they write and sell securties without a note? On a secured interst) Those are the choices. Even tho the banksters all include an assgt of the note in the assgts of the coll instruments, they really don’t want that looked at, less so than the fnma if not also fhlmc guarantee. If I had a loan which qualified by loan amt and alleged underwriting standards to go to fnma or fhlmc, in recognition of the fact that it probably did, I would bring up the stuff above and also ask where do I find the four payments made by guarantee which don’t appear to be a part of the calculation for what I allegedly owe. And I (me – not you) would follow NG’.advice and not admit default, actually because I wouldn’t do anything except ask for the more def statement first off. I think.
    lay opinions – ask a lawyer or 10

  22. AIG were insolvent on their balance sheets…they were $600 trillion in the red backed by $12 trillion dollars in U.S. TAXPAYER MONEY and got billions from the U.S. TAXPAYER’S in bailouts. The truth is in the Danny Schecter documentary, PLUNDER THE CRIME OF OUR TIME. Did they pay it back after they made profits from what they stole…? I for one, don’t believe a word of what they say.

    Our national security is in peril over what these foreign corporate investor crooks did which was, commit massive Securities Fraud with our unauthorized signatures.

  23. Reading louise at 7:57 am made me think of a couple things. Didn’t AIG (there’s my bad memory) get a major bailout – billions? Haven’t they allegedly paid a bunch of it back? Where’d they get the dough?
    Really – where?
    CDS’s required no present interest. No, wait. They did, but either way, payment to the banksters had and has no application to the notes nor to their (banksters) obligations to the investors? Funny (not) – we still have a few bona fide bank robbers, but mostly, the banks are now the robbers and they don’t even need masks – just alleged possession of a bearer note and 25.00 MERS’ straw officer for the assignment. The bf robbers’ masks hide identity whereas the banksters steal identity. This is real identity theft – the banksters are stealing the identity of the true party owed the funds, if any. They’re identity thieving chameleons. We’re bailing out cds’s and sh*t for brains business plans. We’ve bailed out private (and talk about immoral) contracts, but there’s a moral hazard in providing relief to homeowners? Are they kidding? IF banks are too big to fail, why were they deregulated? I’ll bet if presented with the risks, 14 year olds could make accurate make predictions. Heck, maybe we should give our even younger grandkids a shot – see how they’re business acumen stacks up to those yeahoos. NO one was minding the store and there’s just no excuse for that. Home loans don’t need to be securitized. If that’s the best we can do, we’re in more trouble than we know. When MERS goes, it needs to take the rest of the rubbish out with it. Louise, from FNMA to the lowliest and loftiest, they wrote that garbage in the name of production bonuses. I sincerely doubt they gave any thought whatsoever to the consequences of their reckless when not criminal behaviors, including the need to be bailed out, but if they had, I doubt that would have changed a thing. If it were predictable, no one cared. NO one, starting with people who are paid to care. Guess they’re paid more not to care.

  24. Control is one thing, Rule is another.

    Ask the Russian Christians or Palestinians what its like to live under their rule…

  25. I hear you JG…. kind of hard to disclose the APR unless you disclose the YSP.

  26. These crooks all hide behind many corporate logos.

  27. Bush family links – Halliburton, Root and Brown and Permindex…

  28. Here is one interesting article about PERMINDEX entitled: Permindex The International Trade in Disinformation….

  29. Certainly the Foreign Corporate Gov made GAZILLIONS from this scam. CNBC reported Wall Street made $60 trillion dollars selling derivatives in 1999…they were insuring their gambles and betting on their risks in their private cyberspace betting parlor. Wall Street conducts most of their business on the weekend, in cyberspace. The NYSE, the Boards of Trade & the CME, etc…are just fronts for their real operations they conduct electronically. These Corporate crooks want a completely electronic platform for their financial black ops. It is completely unregulated., that way they can do whatever they want, under the watchful eye of only themselves. That is why they want to microchip us to them so they can CONTROL US, regulate us and spy on all of us through cyberspace. The TBTF GOVT CORP are using technology for much more nefarious than good purposes.

    Their discount cards, their credit & debit cards, our bank accounts, the drivers licenses, the S.S.#s, the cable boxes, the medical establishment, the utility companies, and their smart meters & grids, the cell phones, the satellites, our PROPERTY INDEX NUMBERS…. …all spy tools part and parcel to the PERMINDEX…of the elite. We are all in their control freak data base. They want to be able to track every move we make to create complete control and to prevent any kind of organized revolt.
    We need to stop cooperating with these foreign investors, they are imposter spies and these foreign spies don’t like US…AT ALL….all they really want is FRAUDULENTLY INDUCED COMPLETE MIND CONTROL OF EVERYONE & EVERYTHING.

  30. incognito – practicing law….hmmm, that’s interesting. I’ve also thought they needed to be licensed as lenders, also. Imo, a new reg z, for instance, is also mandatory. Among other things, that’s a disclosure of the a.p.r. and I’d bet homeowners aren’t getting them.


    (from ANON):

    “…Neil’s interpretation of insurance payout is wrong. Neil claims that the trusts have been paid by swaps, etc., and therefore, no money is owed.

    This is not relevant, because the debt was already paid out by insurance BEFORE the collection rights ever made it to the trust.

    Neil has just not got this.

    It has been a major reason why the REAL fraud has not been exposed.”

  32. Everyone is not educated on this mess. We were all meant to learn through this process. Most Americans begin the loan mod process blind and there is a reason for it. We are supposed to be learning something important …. how to fight for ourselves. Most Americans going through the loan mod process will not know how to fight for themselves and there is a reason for that. We needed this education and I for one, am grateful for it. There is no easy way out of this, and there is a reason for it. The real harm is to those who take the easy way out. I made a decision, I will never allow these TBTF crooks to label me a deadbeat. We The People should not be allowing CORPORATE AMERICA to do that to US.

  33. guest, on February 27, 2013 at 6:33 pm said:

  34. Mary says ….. everyone else who has received a notice from law firm for ‘lenders” or servicer:

    Send them a letter, certified mail, return receipt request, demanding that counsel sign an affidavit stating they have examined all documents submitted to the court and there is NO fraud. (required by law here) 🙂
    Guests says …. It works for her. Not in a lawsuit. Nope! Nipped It in the Butt before it became a problem again. Yep! Yep! Hooray!

  35. Guest, you talk this stuff like it’s all with authority, but absolutely nothing that you say matters in real courts of law. Law firms are routinely creating, signing, and proffering assignments to courts across the land. Show me where they’ve been bitten.

    Don’t tell what Mary says, tell me about the real world.

  36. Mary says … and I agree…….Some other info we recently uncovered regarding MERS signing officers…

    In NJ, a number of hacks working at foreclosure mill law firms sign the Assignment of Mortgages as a MERS officer. Their name, signature and MERS title appear on the document. They are silent on the fact they are an employee of the law firm suing the homeowner. Conflict of interest anybody?

  37. opps, meant to say Foreclosure Path, not practice

  38. I agree with it being scripted and designed to guide you to the foreclosure practice, but even more so, it would seem to me to be the Unauthorized Practice of Law, both giving advise to stop paying a mortgage for a modification that cannot be granted, and need not be past due to qualify anyway, and in addition to that, Unauthorized Practice of Law in judicial states to tell people to ignore the foreclosure complaint papers that were just served because they are “working on a modification” that again is false and cannot be granted. Please tell me why Bar complaints should not be done on the people at these banks giving such legal advise?

  39. A party whom causes Damages/Harm another party because the 1st parties actions were …. and …. and …..! So if the party with the losses recovered from the Bad Boys actions. Who is trying to recover from you? Bad Boys Bad Boys … watch gonna do when the homeowners ccome for you? *GRINS*

  40. Mary says ….. everyone else who has received a notice from law firm for ‘lenders” or servicer:

    Send them a letter, certified mail, return receipt request, demanding that counsel sign an affidavit stating they have examined all documents submitted to the court and there is NO fraud.

    Also, they have spoken/met with a specific individual person, at their client firm who has direct knowledge of the facts of your loan. Not a computer print-out. A real conversation with a real person. Of course, they’ll need to provide the name, title of the individual and verify they worked for the client. And the date, time and evidence the conversation(s) occurred.

    This is extremely important because if an attorney signs this affidavit and fraud is uncovered, they are directly implicated. The attorney could be sued for malpractice and lose their license. A signed affadavit is considered testimony before the court – if they lie on this form, it’s perjury.

    In every instance, the attorneys disappear. The legal actions end. The lender and their client go away.

    When this happens, file a Quiet Title Action. They will not show up, you will win by default and be mortgage-free.

  41. I remember sending the where’s the note letter after I was denied the mod…They sent me nothing relevant and still filed the fraudclosure. When this war begins, you don’t know enough and can’t find an attorney to do the right thing. The entire thing is a learning process and we need to learn to fight for ourselves.

  42. Obama is the President of Corporate America AKA …. TOO BIG TO FAIL. Obama is not the President of our Constitutional Republic. That is what the Judiciary, Law Enforcement, the Media, the Attorneys and the Politicians are all covering up.

  43. When a buttwipe has no authority to act and they choose to do so anyway .. it is called (criminal intent), and they know it

    Oh I see. As in the implementation of MERS without any authority whatsoever, usurping County recording systems from coast to coast?

    All those $4K suits are shaking in their Italian wingtips for sure.

  44. Here’s a template for the QWR:


    Servicer Name


    Re: Client Name

    Loan Number:

    Property Address:

    Dear Madam or Sir:

    In accordance with RESPA and Section 131(f) of the Truth-in-Lending Act, 15 U.S.C. Section 1641(f) (2), please provide me with the name, address, and Telephone number of the owner of the Promissory Note signed by me and secured by the deed of trust in my mortgage loan referenced above.

    By their signatures below, I authorize you to furnish me with the requested information, and any other information regarding my account and my mortgage loan.

    You should be advised that you must acknowledge receipt of this request within five (5) business days, and respond within thirty (30) business days, pursuant to 12 U.S.C. Section 2605(e) (1)(A) as amended effective July 16, 2010 by the Dodd-Frank Financial Reform Act and Reg. X Section 3500.21(e)(1).

    Thanking you in advance, I am

    Very truly yours,

    Homeowner name

    cc: Law firm for servicer if there has been any correspondence

  45. I don’t have a law degree but, I see TBTF are violating every RCP and every law on the books.

  46. <—- Lives between a Law School and a Mers Warehouse Machine.

  47. Obama said he is not a dictator, he is the President (of this Foreign Corp AKA TBTF), and he can’t have the Secret Service block the door.
    Unfortunately, TBTF already did that. Including the media, law enforcement, & the judiciary by way of many agencies & their agents
    Foreign Corporate Controllers have hijacked our country via taxation, social safety nets, Corporate Credit Lending & Investing.

    The CORPORATE traitors from within allowed these Foreign Corporate Controllers to monetize everything from our birth certificates to our possessions….these TBTF CORPORATE crooks have monetized the American people without our knowledge or consent.

    That is why this Foreign Controlled Corp AKA TBTF have hidden the Laws and Legal Rights of the American People from the American People. That is how they Indulge themselves and Abuse & Violate US. That is why they want us to hire attorney’s because that is how they Conceal the Truth. However, when you know the truth, the truth is unchangeable. This Corporate Fiction AKA TOO BIG TO FAIL is not Constitutional or Legal BECAUSE TBTF do not pay for anything. INVESTMENT, INDORSEMENT OR INSTRUCTION DOES NOT

  48. You may have stumbled and dug yourself in even deeper by applying for mod, review or any other admissions. But ya got the Law on your side about tellin what you really owe and to whom. Send them back to the Corner and Nail them in there until their behavior changes. 🙂

  49. All ya gotta do is ask them for what you are entitled to have. Simple!

  50. The law says they must be sent via U.S. Mail. Knock! Knock!

  51. carie – it took me, for instance, some years to know even a little bit about certain law including procedure and I was a serious student. I had some education in real property law and some (key word) in business already, which was helpful. People work hard at following a particular thread, but we’re all still disjointed which keeps us from understanding everything we have to (which is why I say the law no longer protects the people for whom it was enacted – no homeowner ever intended to enter into such a complex bargain). I don’t have the energy even to form an alliance to pull it together. But I think it’s what we need: an alliance of qualified individuals getting paid – or volunteering – to use their talents in a common goal. I feel strongly that if someone started such an effort, the funds from all of us would be forthcoming. As candidates, retirees come to mind, from the title industry, attorneys (various areas of the law def including securites), professors, and so on, because they have no careers to put on hold. That will take some organizational talent and some motivational, as well to get such a group together. Surely someone among us will rise to the call and get on it. Well, I hope so, and call me naive for thinking it could happen if one must, but I really think that’s what it’s going to take. Immediately, we need some experts on discovery.

  52. […] Filed under: bubble, CDO, CORRUPTION, currency, Eviction, foreclosure, GTC | Honor, Investor, Mortgage, securities fraud Tagged: bank advice, credit default swaps, foreclosures, legal advice, loan insurance, modifications Livinglies’s Weblog […]

  53. When a buttwipe has no authority to act and they choose to do so anyway .. it is called (criminal intent), and they know it… So they flood you with load mod apps (you file) and collection calls to a home phone line that only leads to two places. 1) The Fax Machine or 2) A verified ph# only Voicemail. So if your attorney does not contact them every 90days, they assume your attorney has dropped you (and they hope it for financial reasons). In some cases … they should check their facts before they make assumtions and move in the back door on abandoment, taxes and ins liabilites, maintance claims. In 2010 BAC was more than happy to provide multiple (with discrepencies.. copy one for A and copy two for B) re-enstatement figures. Why on Gods Green Earth would our 3rd party debt collector refuse to provide us with one now? Oh … and to avoid U.S. mail fraud charges now days. They send Funny Stuffs via a private company called Fed-Ex. Just Thinkin you should know that.

  54. @JG

    This from ANON ( I had informed her that my servicer told me that a “securitization” owned my “loan”…)

    “…The question homeowners should be asking is—who owns the security??? Although security investors are NOT creditors, by the Fed Res’ own Opinion, if courts want to claim that that securities own the loan, the party owning the security should be identified. And, securities are for pass-through of current cash flows only, NOT collection rights.

    This is an argument I have had with top officials at Maiden Lane, the US government vehicle for purchase of distressed assets. It is their opinion that the party with the largest tranche ownership to a trust must be identified under the law. I am not adverse to this. If it can be proven that a loan was validly transferred to a trust (which I doubt), and that the trust has received all advances for principal and interest default, then I will accept that the security tranche holder with the largest security interest must be identified as the creditor to the borrower. Of course, loans were NOT validly transferred to trusts, subprime trusts were NOT valid securities, and collection rights could NOT be validly transferred to trusts—nor could they be the “asset” from which securities and derivatives are derived. Nevertheless, at least we would have an entity if the largest (proportional) tranche owner is identified.

    …we have a piece of paper (supposed security)–with a faceless, unidentified beneficiary creditor claiming foreclosure rights. We do not have the ability to question that creditor as to anything, including a valid modification.

    A “heresay,” questionable “security” reference, serviced by a servicer, is all we get.

    …Procedure will always be decided on behalf of the party with heavy law firm influence in court. There is no decision on the merits. To me—meaningless. But, I do blame the law firms for making poor securitization fraud arguments. Many of these law firms make it worse for homeowners, because they do not know what they are doing., As you know, I have placed much blame also on Neil for this. Can never recover the lost time to make good argument in court — given Neil’s poor advice over these years. ..”


  56. One thing about dictators, they will never tell you they are dictators. He should have never bailed these TBTF crooks out, they owe US GAZILLIONS and he should have never bailed out Corporate pension funds. These TBTF crooks and the Treasury should have been shutdown and audited and the TBTF overseas bank accounts seized. They should have been forced to pay their own bills. The fraudclosures should have never been allowed because of the massive fraud.

    The truth is, Obama and the politicians affilliations to TBTF represent an unconstitutional and illegal conflict of interest. Political Crony capitalism has no place in our Constitutional Republic. Foreign Corporate Greed is a wealth stealer & destroyer.

    There has been a lot of deceit here in America about investment. The U.S. TAXPAYERS pay for everything upfront in the U.S. therefore, investment is not ownership in our Constitutional Republic.

  57. @JG

    you said:

    “…What if the truth is that when payment streams, rights, whatever they are have been chopped up into securities, the (alleged) underlying asset behind the payment streams can’t be modified, but that acknowledgement would certainly have messed up ‘securitization’ because it undermines the right and ability of the two parties to the note to agree to changes?”

    Right. You can’t “modify” collection rights—and a “note” isn’t a “note” if it is procured by fraud.
    There is so much securities fraud and insurance fraud and a million other kinds of fraud in this government endorsed ponzi that it will take decades to sort it all out—if ever.

  58. Obama just said in his speech about the sequester….”I am not a Dictator.”

  59. I don’t think the attorney’s can save them. Many have tried and failed. What is going on in those courtrooms down there is blatant high treason and it’s criminal. These crimes against the people down in Florida need media coverage. Where are the people? Why aren’t they marching on the State Capital …? I heard an attorney say a while back, the people threatened to burn the Capital down over the crooks trying to turn Florida into a non judicial state and the people won that battle. The people need these crimes against them to go mainstream.

  60. An attorney told me not to sign or agree to anything from a bank regarding their debt because it is massive, unsustainable and can never be repaid.

    This junk was meant to fail because of the way it was structured.

    These crooks don’t deserve another dime from us. They have received $60.4 trillion dollars in U.S. TAXPAYER money backed by our $12 trillion dollar initial investment. This is all about control. They want a nation of renter slaves.

    TBTF are mind control freaks who want us to believe they own everything and everyone. They are just thieves who steal and plunder our wealth. Now that I know that, I won’t be a party to their crimes.

  61. What is happening in Florida is beyond disbelief!! We need an Army of Attorneys to go down there and STOP the corruption!! This is an Outrage!!

  62. Great Article/Link UKG…. More homeowners need to educate themselves on their state laws. …

  63. I watched a video last night about oppt. Person said it is cointelpro. Same culprits are behind that as occupy.

    Posted on February 10, 2013 by thegsolution

    To all those who participated in the OCCUPY Movement worldwide! I’d like to offer you a choice. Do you really want to get to the root of all the issues you were protesting – All the corrupt bankers, government officials and systems. Well the One People’s Public Trust got to the root of it all. I can only show you the door. Only YOU can open it.

    I encourage you to become familiar with OPPT and what they have accomplished with the UCC filings made late last year. You can see for yourself after thorough inspection of the information presented on this site along with other OPPT Network sites that we the people have achieved a lawful and legal action that resets all systems back to prime.

    What does this mean? Why hasn’t this been announced? Well for a lot of people it takes time to really understand what was accomplished with these filings, especially if they have had no exposure to alternative sources of information. Secondly, the final round of arrests of a few remaining key players in the old system has not yet occurred. These remaining cowards still control the media and will not publicly admit that their time is up.

    We now have a free planet. The old world is dead. I can assure you of this. It only appears the same because people simply do not know what has happened. Once people know, we can ALL move forward together in universal peace. We can ALL decide how we want to live our lives and what systems we put in place to assist this. We the people, YES YOU AND I, are the beneficiaries of the ONE PEOPLE’S PUBLIC TRUST.

    OCCUPIERS! Don’t take my word for it. Once you research and understand it for yourself, I think you’d like to share this knowledge throughout your network. Your support could just be the difference of whether or not this information goes viral. Its worth the “time” you put in to understanding your freedom and value at all levels and IS very rewarding.

    For the very latest information you can catch the upcoming Oppt-In broadcast Monday night at 7PM on Freedom Reigns blog talk radio. Here’s a link.

    With very much love.

    Grant Williams – OPPT NYC

  65. We specialize in assisting homeowners that are facing foreclosure, we can arrange legal team who help in to stop foreclosure process and save your home. We represent you and make plan based on your questions- How do you stop foreclosure? How you avoid foreclosure sale? Help on foreclosure? Answer of notice of trustee sale, Prevent auction and eviction procedure after foreclosure etc. We will provide best possible outcome to stop foreclosure process and keep your home. No upfront costs and you pay on success. Please visit

  66. We believe because app it says in psa’s (tho I haven’t seen it, haven’t looked) that someone (MS? svcr?) has the authority to modify a certain amt of loans. What if even tho it says that, it isn’t factual? What if it were just put in there to make those who needed to believe it believe it? What if the truth is that when payment streams, rights, whatever they are have been chopped up into securities, the (alleged) underlying asset behind the payment streams can’t be modified, but that acknowledgement would certainly have messed up ‘securitization’ because it undermines the right and ability of the two parties to the note to agree to changes? Yeah, I’m thinking out loud. There are so many things we don’t know. I swear we should pool our funds and get answers: we should commission our own panel with trusted participants from the relevant areas of commerce and law. A good attorney will tell you you never ask a question for which you don’t know the answer, yet we’re forced to do it all the time.

  67. Like Thomas the train …? LMAO..

  68. I didn’t come here to fight. I came here to share information. Not get attacked on a daily basis. i get it, this is war. I believe in ALOT of stuff like, anythings possible so, I don’t give up fighting for what i believe in.

  69. Tomorrow’s the first day of the sequester..these TBTF crooks are going to shut the country down sooner or later. This Govt Corp have no morals and they have no shame. They want the American people to lose it all and starve and die broke and homeless with no dignity. They are economic hospice nurses….angels of death. Wolves in sheeps clothes. The law of the jungle is in full swing. Only the strong will survive is what they want. To call this Govt Corp dysfunctional is a lie….TBTF is not our Govt. It is a foreign controlled totalitarian dictatorship who want to create a U.S. welfare nation who have stolen our wealth and have hijacked US…They want us to believe we must be totally dependent on them and they own us. They are big liars and big swindlers, that’s all.

  70. Listen Up Stripes, Fireman Sam is a preschool character, like Thomas the Train. And we got them the plastic figureines to add to their fire station they got from Santa. And he is not from the US. Enough said on that subject! It seems you know who the bad guys are …. why are you mad at me?

  71. They are master manipulators, not masters of procedure. However, I, do my homework. Unlike most Americans, I don’t believe anything I’m told. I do not trust, i verify. If I can’t verify, I do not trust.

    I can’t however verify fireman Sam…is he from Miami…?

  72. They are masters of procedure? LMAO….They broke every FRCP and law in the book and it all began at the onset…..Article 3 governs commercial property. Please….! These are rules for radicals.
    I was checking out the top 100 most powerful Chicagoans in Chicago magazine while in the checkout line at the Jewel…#1 most powerful Chicagoan…Rahm Emanuel. There were 2 Pritzkers in the top 10..yes siree…the place is up for grabs.

  73. They are masters at procedure and I already told you… I do not know procedure. I did not go to lawschool! End of Discussion! I have enjoyed a Wonderful Evening with Grandpa … we went to an Auction. I Love Auctions. We got some Great Deals…. a White Wrought Iron Bench and Seat! It will look great in the backyard! I also won the bid on a Huge New Vase for my dining room table. I can not wait til my spring flowers start blooming! I Love Fresh Flowers! Oh and of course we did not forget our grandsons … They Love Fireman Sam!

  74. L.N.R…PARENT GROUP GUARANTY…..GUARANTY TRUST….J.P.MORGAN CHASE …. EGREGIOUS HUH..? The judge is going to be shocked to learn the substitute plaintiff is the original plaintiff I’m sure.

  75. As I suspected, LNR are a subsidiary of J.P. MORGAN CHASE and J.P.M appear to have some sort of repurchase agreement with themselves….LNR is their own subsidiary group…what these crooks won’t have the balls to do with STOLEN U.S. TAXPAYERS MONEY….!

  76. They were Midland Federal Savings and loan in August, now they are calling themselves LNR….I think they are mafia hoodlums.

  77. I think you know about procedure guest…you seem to be pretty good at the game. I am doing my best to defend myself from these crooks. I called everyone imaginable to represent me….no one wants to touch this “complicated mess” as they call it. The State cops really should step in. I tried to file a police report and was diverted. These crimes against us have grown much deeper since then. This is now getting dangerous.

  78. The receiver said she didn’t insure the property…but, that was her job. Then she said the parties switched and she would look for forced placed insurance. Now she says surprise….! There is insurance & she doesn’t know whose….we need to call the insurance co. but they won’t return our calls. Shady liars every one of them….

  79. Unauthorized practice of law…? I have a legal right to defend myself if I cannot find legal counsel to Rep me the way I want to be repped. Of course they are filthy. There has been a lot of suspiscious things ever since they came along. Like the commercial property catching fire at 5 a.m. a couple days before my motion and the fire marshall caught an arsonist on tape torching the place with gasoline. The insurance company won’t return our calls after we were told to call them and the receiver does not know who these new people are…I told her, they are not new…its still Chase/First Midwest Bank, the Original Plaintiff no matter how many times they substitute the Plaintiff, they still stand in the Originators shoes. I know precisely what they are doing. They are tying to chase away the renter so we walk away because they don’t have the notes. The destruction to their title reads like a crime novel. As I said, there are no attorney’s fighting the fraud and I am sorry but, that is unacceptable.


    Post-Financial Crisis, the SEC Is More Toothless Than Ever

    by John Grgurich , Feb 28th 2013

    “…But given the massive financial devastation wrought by the banks and other similar institutions — so much of which arose out of poorly or outright fraudulently structured securities — you would think there would be an excess of new work for the SEC to do, and therefore even more enforcement action would have been taken.

    As mentioned earlier, a cop on the beat keeps the peace by virtue of not just visibility, but also with a credible record of law-enforcement action. To be truly effective, you can’t have one without the other. And while every neighborhood can benefit from such a firm-but-fair presence, the tough ones need it most.

    And is there a tougher neighborhood than Wall Street? Or one that can more adversely affect the wealth and well-being of the average American when it’s not properly policed?

    The Treasury Department puts the amount of household wealth lost in the financial crisis in the U.S. alone at $19.2 trillion, which seems to be answer enough to that question…”

  81. Un-authorized Practice of Law? But I can advise you to seek legal councel. Yeah … I know what they did … the did it to us on two properties… REMEMBER!! In case you have not noticed …. we are the Leading State who Took on the Crooks way back when …. do you know how many of them to date have been prosecuted here? Lost their License to Practice? Got Shut Down? Of course not …!!! Oh… and the lawfirm coming after you … dirty birdies. I know absalutly nothing about procedure, I also know my husband pays his attorney to take care of those pesky things.

  82. For the latest on the biggest black nobility crime spree in history ….

  83. In the old days they would cut the tongues out of LIARS and cut the hands off of CROOKS…….even today in the Middle East you crooks would have your heads cut off for your crimes. I say bring on the guillotines …

  84. Screaming words in “ism” in all caps from morning to night doesn’t imply understanding of the concepts behind those words. In the old days, they would cut off the tongue of people who shoot their mouths off without judgment, common sense or restraint. Nowadays, maybe they ought to chop off their fingers… ‘cuz reasoning sure doesn’t make a dent!

  85. Christine left out one very important thing…..The Globalists….the Crony Capitalists turned the world into a giant Corp with OUR STOLEN WEALTH……TBTF DO NOT OWN ANYTHING by investing in their own criminal fraud…they are the GREAT PRETENDERS…

  86. jg…they did not perform on their contracts in any way shape or form and stole $60.4 million in taxpayer money and 20 million properties. If I were them, I would get while the gettings good. Look what happened to the pope. Greed is a destroyer everytime.

  87. Guest…..what in the hell are you talking about..? I dug myself deeper and you aren’t going to jail for helping me…? I have committed no crime. Give it up already. I have not asked you for any help and a “free attorney” is the last thing I or anyone needs. You have lied incessantly to me and about me. Do not talk to me. I do not need or want your advice. You are a terrorist. Cease and desist. If I needed help I would not ask a “free attorney” of all things….nothing is free.

  88. Check out the UNESCO site on world heritage, its mission and especially how it operates: in partnerships with… private corporations (Nokia, TBS, The Herald Tribune and many others, such as the Shell Foundation, Citigroup, HP, Jaeger-Le-Coultre, etc.). Click on the link. The list is on the right side of the page. The world has been turned into a gigantic corporation in which nothing is public any longer. I am starting to wonder about this manmade economic crisis and what the true intent behind it is.

    I’m surprised I didn’t see Monsanto and McDonald but it shouldn’t take long for them to take a bite at the apple.

  89. Stripes.. Please! Please! Get Yourself an Attorney or Legal Aid. We have just expanded the Legal Aid program with a portion of the funds with the AG settlement. I tried telling you what you needed to do … to keep your home, now you have dug yourself in deeper. Please! Go To Legal Aid! Dont insult Me! Go Save Your Home! I am not an Attorney and I can not give you Legal Advise and All your Questions are of a Legal Nature. I told you … Orange is Not my Color … so NO! I will not go to Jail for you or anyone else!

  90. also, stripes, if the investors only ended up with security interests for having paid with no delivery, the banksters imo have primary liability on the notes, so modifying the homeowner’s rights doesn’t let the banksters off the hook as obligors. Why not just use the hamp funds?
    What comes to mind is that the hamp funds are designated as for the HOMEOWNER’S obligation. Plus there is, not to muddy this particular water, the matter of FNMA’s (and anyone else’s) guarantee which is not truncated by relief to the homeowner, who may or may not be only secondarily obligated to the investors.

  91. Are you sure globalism won’t exist? Are you absolutely sure it doesn’t?
    When I came across this, I was flabbergasted. In my naiveness, I really believed that each country had sovereignty over its land, its parks, waterways and resources. I was wrong. We all were wrong.

    Who Owns Yellowstone National Park. You may be surprised.
    Submitted by celeste on Fri, 02/27/2009 – 15:33

    Daily Paul Liberty Forum

    The Founding Fathers would be shocked to learn that some of their successors have given control of key American sovereign territory to other nations.

    Through an international treaty, the United States is allowing the United Nations and its member countries access to and control of American soil – in particular, our historic buildings and treasured wilderness.

    In 1972, our government signed the United Nations’ World Heritage Treaty, a treaty that creates “World Heritage Sites” and Biosphere Reserves.” Selected for their cultural, historical or natural significance, national governments are obligated to protect these landmarks under U.N. mandate.1 Since 1972, 68 percent of all U.S. national parks, monuments and preserves have been designated as World Heritage Sites.2

    Twenty important symbols of national pride, along with 51 million acres of our wilderness, are World Heritage Sites or Biosphere Reserves now falling under the control of the U.N. This includes the Statue of Liberty, Thomas Jefferson’s home at Monticello, the Washington Monument, the Brooklyn Bridge, Yellowstone National Park, Yosemite, the Florida Everglades and the Grand Canyon – to name just a few.

    Most ironic of all is the listing of Philadelphia’s Independence Hall. The birthplace of our Republic is now an official World Heritage Site. The very place where our Founding Fathers signed both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution – the documents that set America apart from other nations and created the world’s longest-standing democracy – is no longer fully under the control of our government and the American people.

    I also came cross the same confirmation here:

    Who Really Owns Our National Parks?
    Our Blue Earth
    Written by Susan DeVan
    Saturday, 18 April 2009 10:58

    It is not about our individual houses. it is about earth being taken over by the world corporations. UNESCO is a corporation (check it on edgar on the SEC website) exactly like Monsanto, IMF, etc. Globalism was put in place years ago, right underneath our nose. The financial aspect of it, through which we are going today, is only the finalization of that chapter.

  92. stripes @5:45 – thank you for saying that calmly and rationally. You’re probably right and that’s pretty messed up. Even so, I think there’s still something to be learned by and about that net present value business with fnma.

  93. It is unconscionable and egregious that these TBTF crooks have stolen $60.4 trillion dollars from U.S. TAXPAYERS since 2008…backed by our original U.S. TAXPAYER investment of $12 trillion. I heard a couple of really whiny real estate witches on FOX BUSINESS tonight saying how lucrative these short sale & fraudclosure thefts are for them and how all this fraud is securitized….titles are not a problem. No wonder why TBTF wants our guns because if the people ever woke up to these thefts and realize we are at war on U.S. SOIL with these TBTF crooks…I certainly won’t pity them.

  94. Yes, TBTF have spread their evil seed everywhere. They wear many disguises and hide behind corporate logos and in the Governments. This Corporate Government is not our Government and are not part of our Constitutional Republic. They are the Great Pretenders.

  95. BTW….I don’t believe TBTF would have to pay back a dime, fraudclosure or not, because they never do. That is why we are in this mess. These banks are walking away from the fraudclosures in many cases. They are really only interesting in the CREDIT DEFAULT INSURANCE MONEY for themeslves and their investors.

  96. Funny,

    I was just about to post something about Monsanto…

  97. How can it not blow up? Even if you don’t subscribe to Genesis, we came into a world originally where everything needed (air, water, food) was free! Really, our needs were met for free. Land didn’t “belong” to anyone. People who pass through while hunting the herds of wild beast. Some of them settled, others fought over it but there never was any title to land until very recently. Likewise for waterways. The idea that a corporation could not only own seed but ever legally pursue anyone for the right to buy them and plant them, water them on his own dime them and do the hard work of cultivating them is really mind boggling! Coming soon in a theater near you: “After having pushed 250 000 Indian farmers to suicide, Monsanto is now focusing its efforts to reduce the American farmer population.” OPPT better be real!


    Feb, 24m 2013

    (NaturalNews) Agri-giant Monsanto, not satisfied with being one of the world’s largest agricultural corporations, is dragging hundreds of U.S. farmers into court over alleged copyright violations for repeated usage of the company’s patented seeds.

    In a case that has surprised a lot of observers, the U.S. Supreme Court agreed to hear one of these complaints on Feb. 19. That case, Bowman v. Monsanto Co., was billed as a landmark battle pitting farmer Vernon Bowman against the international Ag-giant over the former’s repeated use of seeds he bought from Monsanto which the company says are only supposed to be used for one growing season.

    In advance of the case, The Huffington Post reported, the Center for Food Safety and the Save Our Seeds campaigning organizations released a report detailing similar cases.

    Price of seeds have skyrocketed

    According to that report titled “Seed Giants vs. U.S. Farmers,” which readers can view here, Monsanto alleges seed patent infringement in 144 lawsuits against 410 farmers and 56 small farm businesses in at least 27 states, as of January of this year.

    Combined, Monsanto, Syngenta and DuPont hold more than half – 53 percent – of the global commercial seed market, which the groups claim in their report has led to a massive increase in the price of seed: Between 1995 and 2011, the groups say the average cost of planting a single acre of soybeans rose a whopping 325 percent, while corn seed prices climbed a staggering 259 percent.

  98. The reason they tell you to stop paying until the loan mod package arrives or some other bogus reason… is so they can collect the credit default swap insurance money….! Once you miss 2 payments you are considered in “default”…and the can collect 10x the value of the property….that is on both the banks side and the investors side. In the Craig Ferguson documentary, INSIDE JOB…..they told the tale about how they were all insured. Once they get the CDS INSURANCE $$$$ they must fraudclose or they have to pay the insurance money back… said guest earlier today.


  99. nm – I don’t know. I’m no auth on hamp, that’s for sure. I feel bad for people who get the mod-mess-over esp those who weren’t in (alleged) default and didn’t need the aggrevation and might have spent that energy on real solutions. I was only wondering if it might be of value for those who want to go that way to become as knowledgeable as possible, in which case I’d have been a person who read that foaming the runways article, but I wouldn’t stop there.

  100. No, christine, I didn’t. I’m only mentioning hamp because it’s mentioned or ref’d in the post and it made me think of the unconscionability of being told to put one’s self in harm’s way. I wish I could read everything, but I can’t and hamp isn’t on my front burner. If anyone wants a hamp fight, i’m just trying to point to potential ammo.

  101. The “hardship letter” (ie. confession) was required by the first HAMP wasn’t it?

  102. a bottom line of what I said about default and mod imo is that there’s an underlying reason having nothing to do with the borrower’s “qualification” that default is alleged to be necessary for modification. If it’s that the servicer or whomever literally can’t do anything with a loan which is not in default, then I’d venture this fact wasn’t made known to the govt which had not just a right but a duty to know when it doled out those funds. Or it was known and done anyway in an alleged ‘that’s the best we can do.” if there is no provision saying that under some condition the return of those funds may be demanded, there’s no way I can believe, just for that, that that’s the best they could do. The govt is playing in for a penny, in for a pound with poor results, unless you consider the tbtf’s still walking and talking a good result. Plus as to who owns anything, the banksters are good to go on alleging someone’s right to foreclose but not so with modifiy someone else’s rights, if that’s even possible with these deals where securities have been sold if not guaranteed. The govt can believe and rely on the atrocities being visited on us paling in comparison to those promulgated by the regimes and extremists in other areas of the world so we will never demand the end and return of war chests for our benefit when and since the govt won’t go after the money pilfered here at home. Now, stripes, that’s probably right up your alley, but I did not intend to get you going, so cut us some slack please.

  103. “the govt needs to take the funds back, straighten out the rules, and go from there. I thought the purpose of HAMP etc was to assist American homeowners in keeping their homes in a rotten-as-heck economy.”

    Did you miss Neil Barofsky’s statement that those government programs were not intended to help homeowners but rather to “foam the runway for the banks”? Remember what Bill Black was saying about “perverse incentives” such as making it more lucrative for banks to foreclose?

    I reread that thing posted by Usedkarguy. I’m still not impressed by the numbers. We’ll have to see.

  104. carie – I’m sorry. that email address was off, but not intentionally, I swear. But since you’ve posted the info here, I won’t post my email.

  105. For whatever reason a borrower is told he must be in default to be considered for modification, it’s unconscionable, plain and simple.
    If only borrowers in default may be considered for “modification”, unless that were laid out in HAMP, say, which I couldn’t believe, the govt needs to take the funds back, straighten out the rules, and go from there. I thought the purpose of HAMP etc was to assist American homeowners in keeping their homes in a rotten-as-heck economy. Our need for help can only be demonstrated by our default?
    I, for one, think not. It’s unconscionable to be told to put oneself at risk and further it’s absurd that that’s the only evidence which may determine the qualification for assistance. Your bankster’s HAMP agreement is online somewhere no doubt. I think I’ve got WF’s posted at scribd. How much of the qualification was left to the bankster? Even if one were to find most of it was, being told to default is patently unconscionable. Theoretically, you could sock away the payments and cure when you find you’ve been buffalo’d, but you still have unwarranted dings on your credit, late fees, and Lord knows what else.
    If the servicer (MS?) has authority to “modify” a loan, then the loan is modified, which means the investors get what they get. Or, the yeahoos with the HAMP funds are to use those funds to keep the investors as close to whole as possible, which still provides relief to the homeowner. But that’s not what’s happening because it doesn’t fix the banksters’ problem of their own liability or who knows what else. Instead of meaningful relief, like reduced interest rates and principle reduction which would benefit the homeowner, the bankster is taking the HAMP funds and supplementing payments to the investors on what I see as their own stinking liability.* Plus to modify a loan, the owner has to be known to a certainty, unlike stinking foreclosure.
    *It’s the only plausible explanation (well,showing the hamp funds on an asset sheet without the corresponding obligation would be another bs explanation). FNMA if I remember correctly requires the loan to be repurchased before it may be modified. This means FNMA has to first make good on its guarantee to the investors/ repurchase the loan (or whatever the heck was sold) and they may be trying to do that by way of telling the bankster to pony up. Whatever, it all seems to be predicated on some “net present value” v I don’t know what. What if someone who really wanted a “modification” (with an indemnification)
    took the time to understand at least FNMA’s rules and then were able to rattle them off when they are denied or not given any meaningful
    relief? Wouldn’t that be a place to start? In the meantime, being told to default is about as wrong as a thing can get. That’s nice you say, but what are we supposed to do about it? Well, knowledge is power for one thing. Learn what you can from FNMA et al websites and since some courts have found that a borrower does have a cause of action for non-modification, look at some of the suits with that as the cause of action and look at both sides arguments. One of the things we do around here understandably is mostly look at successful arguments / cases. Losers are well worth a look to learn what must be overcome to prevail and sometimes for what not to do (and to try our best to make an assessment as to whether law was appropriately applied in those cases). Imo.

  106. The answer lies with the judges and their allegiance to the system. Securitization rules. They’re perfectly willing to have the entire planet scorched in order to save their system.

    Why else would they thwart discovery? Why would they be so fervently against the age old doctrine of the proper party showing true standing?

    The only answer is that the bad guys are in power, and the only answer to that problem is that they must be removed from power. They’ve failed miserably. Their system is one of rot and decay, war and suffering, planetary decadence. Fools.

  107. @Louise. The answer is in discovery. I spent 5mon in discovery with no production. The bank motions for enlargement of time judge grants it instead of sanctions and case dismissal. This was court ordered discovery?

  108. It’s all about the robbery of the American people.

  109. Suchan Murray lists herself as the attorney in fact on the filing of a substitution of trustee. Wow… I must be the president


    Since your email address didn’t work, I’ll post the info here (re. GSE false-default):

    manufactured false default…

    (excerpt) from ANONYMOUS’ (I’m not posting actual year):

    “…Connections to his 20** Freddie (which government has told him is in default). Wells Fargo was the servicer at the time of the 20** refinance (he did not know it was a Freddie loan he was refinancing). Payoff checks shows Wells diverts the check from Freddie (but, again, he would not have know since he did not know that it should have gone to Freddie). Wells adds a 3 digit number to his account number on the payoff check. He had been told that the 3 digits represent that the “loan” came from Washington Mutual. He never had any contact with WaMU — never had anything to do with them.

    Now he goes back and looks at his recorded Discharge — there is one recorded in his County. He notices an LPS number on it. It was LPS who prepared the DISCHARGE. In 20**, he would not have known who LPS was. He just checked the notary on the Discharge. Notary Journal was never turned in — even though the notary has not been licensed since 2005. And, LPS paid the bond for that notary.

    I am telling you — every single subprime loan was done this way. Loan goes to GSEs — but, when ready to refinance — it gets BUMPED OUT — reported as false default to GSEs. Refinance is not really a refinance — it is a modification of a false default debt. And, many NEW purchases also passed through GSEs as false default.

    I know I am 100% on this. But, those in power will do everything possible to stop it from being publicized — if this got out — heads at top would roll…”

  111. Call it curiosity ….. But I am more intrested who is not named on that list.

  112. In case you ever decide to take on another foreclosure case – REMEMBER this- 11 MILLION homeowners didn’t just wake up one day (collectively) decide to be irresponsible. If you ever wonder why I’m so stressed out- last nite (about 10) my neighbors and my upstairs tenant and my roommate heard 4 gun shots VERY close to this house. I called 911 but they sped off before the police got here. This is not unusual for this area Barb Do I put the date in that form you sent me- of course I signed it

    On Thu, Feb 28, 2013 at 8:42 AM, Livinglies’s Weblog wrote:

    > ** > Neil Garfield posted: “For information on our services call our > customer service number at 520-405-1688. Services include legal > representation in Florida, Nevada, Ohio, California and other states. Neil > Garfield is a member of the Florida Bar. Readers should consult with an > att”

  113. Re read the article Christine … Your math formula is wrong. I did not notice CW on that list. Maybe that is a typo. go figure …..


  115. Other stuffs attached to title…that’s right….lots of TOO BIG TO FAIL FELONY FRAUD……! TBTF tales of REMICS & REMIC TRUSTS THAT APPEAR YEARS AFTER THE CLOSINGS…..IT IS MORE TBTF IRS TAX FRAUD……TBTF bar fly attorney’s are hiding out at this blog, posing as Americans fighting fraudclosure….THEY ARE LIARS…TBTF WOLVES IN SHEEPS CLOTHES…!

  116. The crooks equity stripped our property without our knowledge or consent. Don’t forget…we also put $100,000.00 cash down from the sale of our old house on the home we purchased in 1992 and made $550,000.00 in house payments in 18 years that went in these crooks pockets as we never missed a payment in 18 years. We don’t have IRS issues …..YOU DO….TBTF LYING SWINDLING CONNIVING SHEISTER SWINDLER CROOKS..!

  117. UKG,

    That thing you posted states, in substance, that 4.2 M of homeowners are covered by 9.3 B minus 3.5 B = 5.7 B

    Unless my math is wrong, if you divide 5.7 B by 4.2 M, you get $1,357. Yet it talks about compensation “ranging from a few hundred dollars to $125,000”

    Does that remind you of anything…?

  118. As to guests usual rude buttwipe comments……We are well aware there was a condition to the receipt of the stolen U.S. taxpayer bailout money. THE $60.4 TRILLION IN STOLEN U.S. TAXPAYER BAILOUT MONEY WAS TBTFs INCENTIVE FOR THEIR BANKS TO STEAL OUR PROPERTY….

    They hid their message …they said they would send the communists and the nihilists upon us however, no matter, we could have never known who they were, these secretive, lying, deceptive, defrauding and stealing WOLVES IN SHEEPS CLOTHES AKA TOO BIG TO FAIL.

  119. @NEIL, p.s. … My invester did not need even one red cent down to buy in. *giggles* I”ss not intrested in bailing out homeowners with IRS and other stuffs attatched to title thou … lots of dough upfront. To Risky!



  122. you can call for the status of your foreclosure review, but they don’t know anything yet. you will be notified by the end of March as to your time frame for settlement, via post card. If you lost your house or changed addresses, you better call them to update your file.

    So my neighbor comes over and says: “We finished our Chapter 13 plan, and somebody from HSBC called and asked if we would give them a ‘deed in lieu’. Do I want to do that?”

    This is going to be fun………….

  123. This was all about TOO BIG TO FAIL putting Main Street out of business and into the welfare line in order to steal our property. TBTF robbed US and rang US up with their massive unsustainable quadrillion dollar debt fraud and it was well planned and instituted.

    This was an evil plan to slowly and strategically steal the wealth of the industrialized nations and re-distribute it to poor nations. This re-distribution of our stolen wealth was all about GLOBAL SOCIALISM, PEOPLE CONTROL and WORLD GOVERNMENT. This evil plan was put into play by the TBTF Globalists in Brazil after the RIO EARTH SUMMIT in 1992…..

  124. “…Every single subprime loan was done this way. Loan goes to GSEs — but, when ready to refinance — it gets bumped out — reported as false default to GSEs. Refinance is not really a refinance — it is a modification of a false default debt. And, many new purchases also passed through GSEs as false default.

    I know I am 100% on this. But, those in power will do everything possible to stop it from being publicized — if this got out — heads at top would roll…”

  125. They do not have to repay the ins comapnies if they get the fc deed. Get It? What ever it takes they told’em … Hardship or None … our mistake, we got to hide it or we will have to pay back all that money… Mow’em Down was the follow up to Fund’em! Buttwipes!!!!

  126. I learned that lesson the hard way Neil! And we paid dearly for it, both financialy, physically and emotionaly. The problem has always been … We dont have a hardship! Even after I stopped contracting for the Buttwipes… There Was No Hardship! My Income was Gramma Spending Money! As a matter of fact applying for a loan mod … would have meant lying. I just didnt get it … I do now! Buttwipes!!

  127. We’ve only been saying this for almost 6 years now. The one saying that is constant in my 21 year career is “do not underestimate peoples’ willingness to get screwed” Tis very unfortunate. Nevertheless, I still hold on to some optimism that people will wake up some day.

    Interesting how all Obama Administration help for the housing crisis consistently starts with advising homeowners to call their banks and follow their instructions. This scam has been the most blatant and transparent but homeowners keep lining up for it. So sad.

  128. from ANONYMOUS:

    “…People with much debt were targeted. Easy to put GSE loan in default — no one would appear to question. Subprime are loans in which only servicing rights transferred. They were not actual mortgages, because the debt was already charged off. Collection rights do not have to be funded. All you get is a servicer — there is no lender — there is no creditor. Of course, they needed someone to foreclose, and naming servicer largely does not work in court. So they started naming the trusts that pass through cash payments to security investors in collection rights. Problem is — these trusts were never the lender, never the creditor.

    You can ask johngault this —– if you are NOT in default, and tried to refinance, where would the payoff go?? Would it go to the trust??? Trust has to record this and report to SEC. Would it go to servicer??? Servicer is not a creditor/lender/mortgagee?? How will you a proper cancellation of mortgage?? Trusts are largely dissolved, trustees have abandoned responsibility. How would you get a valid payoff from a refinance???”

  129. After being told by the servicer we were approved for the Obama Plan, we were told we were denied at the last minute by the U.S. TREASURY DEPARTMENT.

    As for louises comment about the AIG bailout. They were $600 trillion underwater in 2008, backed by $12 trillion in property. They are insolvent on their balance sheets and can never be bailed out. TBTF are just stealing under the guise of money owed. We don’t owe them anything…..however, they owe US GAZILLIONS.

  130. My question is: where are the insurance contracts for these loans? In my opinion, there are probably additional ways of squeezing more money out of these deals that have not been revealed yet. Why would an insurance company insure a bad deal? More money is out there and more crimes are yet to be exposed. AIG was bailed out by the taxpayers. The banksters, insurers, regulatory agencies must have known that the taxpayers would be accessed to pump money into AIG.

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