Look Who Got thrown Under the Bus for Criminal Prosecution on Banking Crisis

“Furthermore, evidence of the DocX forgery and fabrication process could be used to reach even higher. Who directly solicited the company for fake documents? The foreclosure mill law firms, which then knowingly submitted them into courts. Who directed the foreclosure mills to do that? The mortgage servicers, which are typically units of the biggest banks. Furthermore, there’s no reason to ever request the “entire collateral file” unless you have no other way to generate evidence to prove underlying ownership of the loan. This speaks to a faulty mortgage transfer process, improper securitizations, and generally fraudulent practices at the heart of Wall Street.”


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Editor’s Comment: In a very good piece written by David Dayen for Salon.com (see link below), he takes the government and the bankers to task for masquerading under the “rule of law” while actually undermining it — something that consumers and homeowners have instinctively known for decades.

The general consensus of those in government and on the bench is that they are so deathly afraid of giving a free house to a homeowner that they are willing to overlook criminal and civil misbehavior — leading to granting a free pass to those pretending to be lenders to get the free house.

Worse than that, we have established a climate that allows for the possibility of taking a crime to some indescribable level where it becomes somehow necessary to allow the crime to stand because of the “risk” posed to the rest of society. That Too Big To Fail thing came directly out of the proposition that if the big banks were allowed or forced to fold,  the credit markets would freeze up. So our government gave them even more money than the ill-gotten and well secreted money they made during the mortgage boom, under the supposition that those banks would start lending.

The reverse happened. People received notices in the mail informing them of decreases in their credit limit on credit cards, HELOCs, and cancellation of loan commitments on small businesses and real estate purchases. The outcome predicted by those on Wall Street as well as Hank Paulson, then Treasury Secretary to President Bush, was a massive recession with millions of jobs lost and a huge demographic of people who are working at jobs for less money requiring less of their their talents. Armageddon arrived and we managed to steer our way of of the roughest waters for the time being, but we also proved that the Too Big To Fail hypothesis was dead wrong.

So they have a scapegoat that they are going to send to prison without involving any of her superiors, affiliates or the actual conspirators who created LPS and DOCX. The case proves, however, that people CAN go to jail for these crimes and that the line we were fed about it not being illegal was incorrect or an outright lie. The truth, as we now know it, is that the actions of the banks were a total fraud and that many entities and companies and institutions aided and abetted the the most massive fraud in human history.

Thus the issue is no longer whether there is a case that can be made, proven and thus sending people to jail and ordering restitution to all the injured stakeholders. Instead the issue of who will get thrown under the bus so that nobody really “important” gets the adjoining prison cells.

The recession was her fault. Meet Wall Street’s scapegoat, the one person to get jail time for the most massive mortgage fraud in history. By David Dayen

“This scheme was part of the giant bundle of illegal conduct known as foreclosure fraud. According to statements of fact from the Justice Department, from 2003 to 2009 DocX recorded over one million fake documents. That’s probably a low number. DocX wasn’t just forging signatures, they were fabricating entire loan files. During the bubble years, they created a now-infamous mortgage fabrication price sheet, where mortgage servicers, who had trouble proving in court that they owned the homes they wanted to put into foreclosure, could purchase, at low prices, whatever documents they needed. To “Recreate Entire Collateral File,” basically the whole set of documents including the promissory note? That would set a servicer back $95.00.”

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  1. thanks

  2. RE my comment below regarding my property titles.

  3. Anonymous has irrefutable physical proof of GSE false default and subprime being “collection rights” only…no funding…no “fund’em”…Mozilo knew it…they all know it.

  4. In both titles, assignments were filed and recorded and transfers were made after the filing of the complaints.

  5. Break all the laws of this land with impunity in order to rob all of us is what TBTF does.



  8. Shill is having one of her (many) nervous poops… Must be the fear of the unknown. Or the fear that her current income is in jeopardy… What, with OPPT and all.


    There is a lot more but, that is a tidy evaluation of how TBTF gained fraudulent control of our wealth without our knowledge or consent.


  11. Louise….you have no valid argument.

    GUEST…..The name TBTF is the best way for me to streamline the enemy. It takes too much time to name each of the players in this vast conspiracy against our freedom, liberty, independence and our Constitutional Republic. TBTF are the entity who have hijacked the country under many guises, too many to mention, and are also called all those names you mentioned. TBTF labeled themselves with that name.

    TBTF are any person or entity who are working against US. There are many. They are easy to identify. They are secretive, lie and deceive in order to defraud and steal from US something of value like our rights, our wealth, our property, our Freedom, Liberty and Independence. They want to destroy our Constitutional Republic.

    They want no sovereign nations, no private wealth, no private property ownership, destruction of the traditional family, destruction of moral values, a one world pagan religion and a one world totalitarian government where the citizenry are microchipped robot slaves that TBTF controls and everyone works for them on their slave plantation, they want no private business and a paperless currency..

    TBTF are control freaks who pay for nothing, steal everything from us and want to dictate and control our lives from cradle to grave via their microchipped medical device registry hidden in OBAMACARE. TBTF wants everyone to believe they own everything and everyone through credit lending and investing. That is simply a BIG LIE because they don’t pay for anything.


    The American people have been brainwashed to believe the opposite of the truth. That property is not freedom but investment is. That is simply not the case…..& another BIG LIE by TBTF…

    TBTF have used lies to turn the truth on its head….only the life, liberty and property of the naturalized U.S. CITIZENRY are protected by the U.S. CONSTITUTION & THE U.S. BILL OF RIGHTS. Not the investments of foreigners they “offer” to the citizenry. The politicians in this country are the biggest fraudster sheisters on the planet and most are investors or members of TBTF.

  12. @ stripes +

    TBTF (too big to fail) is not yet an official acronym to quickly ring the bell. I have heard these others too:

    TBTC (too big to care)
    TBTN (Too big to nail)
    TBTJ (too big to jail)
    TBTP (too big to pay)

  13. The Mers officers employeers are telling their employees to keep their mouth shut without depo. hahaha Ok then… Keep your mouths shut! Because MERS is going to take the Big Hit to protect their buttwipe buddies behind it who gave the order for Mers to act on their behalf.

  14. Lets just say when MERS gets hit with Buckshot ….. all its owner/stockholder/members get hit to! Brings a Smile to My Face!

  15. Its not as cut and dry with Brown as you think John. I have docs from parties requesting DOCX services. So If I have them … You know the State and Fed do to. Sumbuddy had to request the order right? Who? They know … trust me! When all else failed …. they used MERS as a shield. MERS has taken on alot of water! Now the officers wont talk and tell who gave the order…..

  16. Hey, Everybody, stop reading and responding to Stripes. She is a waste of time and a shill so that you will not be able to provide good info out there. She has to be a shill. She posts in the a.m. and very late at night–has to be two people at least. Did you not read the post from the anonymous guy who said he had been a shill in the past and how it works. Stripes should be ashamed of herself. I have represented myself in several lawsuits to save my home. FYI, Google FDCPA and take a look. It has some real interesting stuff about debt collection.

  17. the only way this lorraine the robo-signor should be going to jail without cellmates is if she were found to be acting outside the terms of her employment, in other words if she were a rogue employee acting on her own ideas, direction.
    An act by an employee sanctioned (certainly ordered) by an employer
    is the act of the employer. In these cases where the acts are performed as a MERS (straw) officer, not only should Lorraine’s true employer be joining her, but somebody at MERS should, also, and as I’ve said, I sure don’t get that one. The employee and alleged officer
    gets nailed and the employer, but not the company for whom she is an alleged office,r gets a financial sanction? .Like I’ve asked before, how would a teacher explains this to students on “in the news day”? I don’t get this. I really don’t. What could possibly shield these people? Was she paid to fall on her sword, or what? I guess without seeing the d file all we can do is speculate.

  18. It’s your soul Christine …. The truth is….”Do what thou wilt” has no place in a civilized society.

  19. We were warned not to trust the moneychangers. The American Dream was always to be free & independent. Not to go to work for these control freak weirdos. The slave mentality came from these crooks…Work hard for us and we will pay you what we think your worth. All b.s…. They made us believe we are limited to one career path for life. We have lost our creativity and believe in these crooks more than we believe in ourselves. TBTF have frozen the capital markets …….STOLEN & SEIZED OUR WEALTH…AND MILLIONS OF OUR PROPERTIES…..SUE THESE CROOKS AMERICA…!

  20. You’re an absolute zero. Go back to your imbecile Gawd. He is the one you deserve.

  21. I despise Globalism. Globalism it goes against National Sovereignty and our Constitutional Republic. You advertise this “trust” while you blaspheme God. The United States of America already has a Monetary System in place but it has been hijacked by the Fed Reserve Bank owners. We need to restore our Constitutional Republic and send these TBTF crooks packing.

  22. And by the way, Gawd never said either that we had to slave 40 hours a week, without time off, vacation or pleasure. Otherwise, he would have created little robots. Ants.

  23. And before you get excited, the trust is NOT communism, socialism or any “ism”. It is the return to truth: we don’t “own” earth. It is here for each of us to realize ourselves. People are born with different talents, different gifts and abilities. Look at today’s society. People may be incredibly artistic and talented but… they end up going into law because whatever they would realize themselves in doesn’t pay.

    Gawd told us to work. He didn’t say to prostitute ourselves doing something that goes completely against who we are simply because corporations need us to do certain jobs in order for them to make a maximum of profit.

    Gawd did say we had to work hard. He never said we had to be miserable doing it, selling insurance or making money for the sake of making money.

  24. You don’t get it, do you? The trust has no money and is not funded. The trust is earth being returned to all of us instead of it being owned by a few at the expense of all others.

    Go back to the origin. Who owns earth? No one. Gawd does. it is put to our disposal for the time we live on it. We are to be good stewards and pass it on to the next generations. Use it. Not abuse it. We are to leave this world a better place then we found it.

    The trust is removing the shackles of slavery to the corporations that appropriated all the means of production and created the legal system to institutionalize their ownership.

    The trust is us being re-entrusted with what once was ours, all of us.

  25. Where did the money come from to fund OPPT TRUST….?

  26. Johngault,

    Read what I posted on 2/25 at 4.47. That is exactly the argument Anonymous was making over and over (and Carie decided to make her own once Anonymous decided not to post here any longer).

    It is starting to make sense for more and more people. of note, Heather Tucci (a international UCC attorney) decided to go into foreclose voluntarily to understand the mechanism and the extent of the fraud.

    And then, she created OPPT.

  27. The only bad actors here are the INVESTOR TROLLS who want to see the entire private sector wiped out. They think a law degree or an investment makes them smarter and better than everyone else. The last thing TOO BIG TO FAIL wanted was for Joe lunch box as MS put it, knowing anything about their scam to rob us all into poverty for their own crimes and install a totalitarian dictatorship in the U.S….

    Well thankfully, we found out the truth…so. all of you deceiving little liars can take a hike. The truth is finally taking center stage and it’s about time.

  28. I’d like to defend carrie. I thought there was substance to her arguments even tho I didn’t understand them 100%. A couple weeks ago I got a mental hit about her false default, but of course I forget.
    Does anyone doubt that a gang with no alleged interest who may get unregulated insurance on loans would hesitate to “default” those loans where they could to get the insurance? My only problem with carrie was that it was hard to understand what was meant to be conveyed, despite the no. of times it was recited. imo.

  29. What? That is like having two sets of rules, one for you and one for us. Its ok to be bullied .. but if you fight back you are a bully. But If I Poppy get bullied and I spout back… I am not a bully. Dont make no sense to me. What I see is alot of folks sick and tired of Stripes attacks on us all! You called it freedom of speech while she verbally abused others and called them bullies for giving her a dose of what she was giving. But now that your being attacked … Its still freedom of speech… but not if it attacks you? I am so confused!

  30. Poppy – I haven’t read any comments here yet except your goodbye.
    My vote is that you don’t let bad actors win by taking away your own input, which in my estimate is the goal.

  31. Here it is: I believe the First Amendment you all like to “whine” about provides for her freedom of speech. It apply’s equally. The buck stops with the personal attacks.

    This blog has turned into a “abusive” mob of tyrants, who have no respect for anyone else, like to bully people and make little of yourself, not me.

    I have no stake here and really don’t mind not posting here, as there really is no point spending the time, money and resources I have spent to share anything with the “ignorance” before me here.

    There are far too many of you are really not interested in altruistic principles of humanity. Many of you are mean, spiteful and are right where you belong and it is not I, who put you there.

    The folks whom this applies to, know who they are…best wishes…win or lose I will not tolerate this disgraceful display of attempted intimidation, rude comments and insincere hospitality.

    Some of you are a disgrace…and it doesn’t seem like you’re in such a bad place, if you have the venom and tenacity to conduct yourselves in the manner you do! ’nuff said…Good Bye…out with the trash!

  32. If the truth loses and the rule of law loses, everyone loses except TBTF…

  33. It sounds like poppy is a worried investor…..


  35. What have I made up poppy…..? You are hurling baseless accusations not based in law or fact prove nothing. You are basing your opinions on theories….mine are based in law & fact. Big difference between ideology & fact….THE RULE OF LAW IS FACT…


  36. Poppy, I do not understand you …. it did not seem to bother you when she was doing the same to many others here. Why the change of Heart?

  37. What the FUCK are you talking about now? I was one of this one’s defenders of her right to speak, but her delusions of what people say, twisting the meaning, etc..GOD – WTF is wrong with her?

    I do not need this abuse in my life, this chick makes this stuff up…anyone here thing I am telling or even hinting at giving up? Maybe I don’t understand what I’m saying anymore. Good – God!

  38. Sorry if you find the truth insulting poppy….

    Bernanke on the hill today says he can steal trillions more in the assetts of the American people with our stolen wealth…..! Assetts the FED OWNERS NEVER PAID FOR….AND SELL THEM TO OUR FOREIGN ENEMIES…..!


  39. Frankly poppy, why are you telling people they are already defeated and can’t win? That is not the way I feel. You are hurling your opinions on me and so are a few others.

    I am well aware this is war. You say that if the mortgage is not being paid, you lose. That is not the law of this land. If the current party cannot prove they have standing, they are committing a crime by taking any money from you, let alone your property.

    I stand firm that the law is the law for everybody. There are not a special set of laws for people who think they are entitled to take payments from us or our property from us. That is not the principles this nation was founded on. That is not legal. Investment is not ownership in the U.S.A….not by a long shot.


  41. Frankly stripes, I don’t see what was unkind…as you point out endlessly, the truth must be stated.

    You insult people with impunity and call them out, when they do not see things the way you do. Now, that is not only unkind where you insult them, but very selfish and self-serving. Now, I thought you were here to help and spread the truth about the criminal enterprises, not hurt people, because they have a different opinion.

  42. Christine …… you can’t b.s. your way through life forever. This fact is undeniable ….. When you know the truth, the truth is unchangeable.

  43. Something I learned early on…..the truth is always the opposite of what TOO BIG TO FAIL will tell you. When you know the truth you see this clearly…..BLACK IS WHITE & WHITE IS BLACK.

    They hit the petty stuff instead of the main issue…..their criminality. They will tell you, forget the criminal part…..this is really a social justice issue..or a civil rights issue..


  44. What a bunch of cop outs. I call out the lies & deceptions and have had many serious threats and baseless accusations hurled at me. Everyone is free to have their opinions at Neils blog and I am forever grateful to him for that. Poppy…..your earlier comment was not kind. You can’t play both sides of the coin.

    Only in a totalitarian regime would free speech be stymied or shut down.

    The exercise of free speech is freedom, not totalitarianism.

    Totalitarianism would not allow free speech.

    Speaking the truth and free speech are blowing the lid off of this massive conspiracy against our freedom and liberty….OUR CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC.



    Had court this morning….& they are still kicking the can….

  45. E. ToLLe,

    I tried to make that point to her months ago: what you think about all the time, you become. The imbecile got rude, snide, insulting, inflammatory, etc. That level of opacity cannot be overcome.

  46. Assvent says, “ I can’t honestly believe any American would want to live under a totalitarian government.”

    Now that’s funny. You don’t seem to realize that in your ranting and complete takeover of Neil’s website, you have set yourself up as a totalitarian regime here. Do you even know what that term means?

    1. exercising control over the freedom, will, or thought of others

    2. does not tolerate parties of differing opinion

    Check on both counts, assvent. You’ve performed a coup on Neil’s site and now you exercise control over the posts and have no tolerance for anyone’s opinion that varies from your own.

    Don’t you see that your vitriol becomes you?

  47. Too big, too fail TBTF….as for you stripes…your insults and attacks on people’s rights here bother me. I will not dignify your assumptions of me. Vindictive…WOW. The amount of feedback I put on here, the cost of attorneys and the time we have in this…vindictive. I think not!

  48. I AM not a victim, but I was robbed.
    I talk the talk about getting the money to fix what was done, but in reality there is no money that will fix what was done.

    They needed me to create the access to the land.
    They needed my ‘corporeal body’ (the body you can see and feel and touch) to go to a title company and sign the documents to bring life to the transaction.

    My life energy transferred through that pen onto that paper and gave it life. I might as well been God putting the ten commandments in stone.

    They know this. They know the power of the life within us.

    But then they distance us from the transaction but treating us as corporations. Courts cannot deal with life in the court room, that’s why everyone is ‘represented’, and the others are acting in the capacity of their office. Office of Judge, office of Court Clerk, etc.

    When life appears, the court lacks jurisdiction to handle the matter because the life can ask who is the other ‘life’ that is affected in such a way that they are called to a court to settle a conflict.

    Two honorable lives can settle any conflict without involving others. But as one stands in the court room pro se, the county attorney is the trustee behind the scenes, and it is only with that trustee’s permission that the pro se stands in the court room to fight or defend the property in the trust of STRIPES (the all caps name).

    They know the fiction of their world and that they are always dealing with a body that is NOT corporeal. A corporate body has head and arms of a corporation, but no legs, no feet.

    Crazy as it sounds, a body can appear in a courtroom, and it’s how they recognize the body what they can do to it while there.

    Coming in pro se is not coming in as the ‘true self’, and as long as that line is not crossed, they can continue to play the game.

    I wanted to see if the system would protect my right to life and right to property when I walked into that room. I provided an answer giving my status as a woman on the land. I should have read a legal dictionary at the time. A woman is defined under man and it is a person, for their statutory reasons, a person is a corporation, a partnership, a conservertorship, etc. It’s not the real organic life of the Creator with a soul, that can speak, eat, pray, sleep, think.

    So I was treated as a ‘representative’ of what the state had created at my birth. I went in ‘as if’ I did not have the knowledge I had, sans not knowing the meaning of woman and child was hidden in the meaning of man in a black’s law dictionary.

    I went in as if my mother or a friend, or an uneducated soul who was feeding and caring for others had walked through those doors.

    The corruption of that system is so deep, it is hell. It is the work of the devil to have created that system and call is just-ice. It’s cold, it’s formal, it’s divisive, it’s accusative. Someone claims they have been harmed by you, and you go to tell them you didn’t harm them at all.

    The burden of proof of an injury or loss of right falls squarely on their shoulders, but the judge is in on the deal and before you got in there, they had already decided you caused the harm and you will pay.

    That’s their system. Nothing voluntary, nor free will about it.

    OPPT supposedly forclosed on all of this corruption, but it did not. OPPT would get the proceeds of all that is ongoing if they claim to own all that is right now.

    No Trustee has appeared in court and halted a foreclosure, but they can do an interview. No trustee has gone on a flight and halted TSA but they can do an interview.

    I have done more by Being and Doing than OPPT has done by paperwork and interview alone.

    No I will not reveal what I’ve done, just like someone who has fought a part of a system or discovered an unknown aspect of the system doesn’t reveal what they’ve done but continue to do what they do and live honorably.

    The system is interfering with what I want to do NOW,.
    IT is in my way, IT is NOT MY WILL.
    It has to go away, the program no longer serves it purpose. The program has consumed those it was supposed to protect and oversee.

    Start with Austerity, Sequestration, and keep going until it can no longer function. Collapse the debt which is fake, and the interest which is not even created so it could never be paid back, and collapse everything built upon it, if it hits my 401K, so be it, it’s digits in a computer somewhere, and yes I worked for the paper that was put into the 401K, but what was built from that paper in that system has made many poor people who saved everything they had, poorer than when they entered that system in the first place. I know people who have put in $300,000 life savings and barely see $60,000 when they rob them, and spend more years trying to build that back up by putting in more money.

    It’s all deceit. The game is rigged. It was never meant to be rigged. Cheaters never win, and winners never cheat.

    Right now, I am the title owner of some land I was robbed of. There are people attempting to squat on my land for 7 years. There is a gunman between me and my access to my land. He’s called a Sheriff and he’ll do the bidding of any judge who robbed me.

    I’m not bitter, but the time will come. I saw that the trustee, I mean County Attorney at the time I was robbed, was replaced. Shortly thereafter the county did an audit of the land titles and found lots of problems and lost revenue.

    Without OPPT, let’s hope the county attorney can clean up the mess that has been created and the do a Sodom and Gomorrah on those people and clear them out of our lives.

    They are me. We are all One, and being true to self, that part of me deserves to be removed from power

    Sui Juris in Proprio Persona is a stronger statutory position of standing than Sui Juris.

    Trespass Unwanted, Corporeal, Life, Free and Independent State of Conscience, In Jure Proprio, Jure Divino

  49. I am thankful and grateful for what I have learned. That was only possible because somebody really gave a damn about US. Thank You!

  50. Seriously?

  51. what is TBTF ??

  52. Those copies of those notes and mortgages with no legal agreement attached are counterfeits & forgeries. They should not be allowed to bring these suits without the proof of standing.

  53. And may I add, I have been fighting my ass off, by myself, for what is right….learning as I went along. I did not take the easy way out and no one should.

  54. As we all know everyones case is a bit different poppy. You certainly are not very encouraging and I find that a bit puzzling with an air of vindictiveness. My cases are really criminal and this has not been easy on me or my family. Certainly all of these fc crimes have been hell for the families of the victims. Foreclosure is sinister. We have all been put through hell. I am giving basic facts that anyone can hopefully use.

    Every American should be outraged at the corruption in this country. It is nothing to laugh or snicker at. It is a disgrace. If not for being dragged into fighting these foreclosures, though I always knew there was a lot of corruption, I would have never imagined the depth or the scope of the corruption.

    Every foreclosure fight lost puts this country in more peril and it is nothing to cheer or to be proud of, that’s for sure.

    TBTF is evil and it wants to steal everything from all of us. That is nothing to jeer at me for or joke about. This is just not funny if you are going through it. No one is gaining anything here but the TBTF crooks by me or anyone losing their property.

    TBTF wants to bankrupt us and steal everything from us and I can’t honestly believe any American would want to live under a totalitarian government. That goes for the judges and the attorney’s as well as the cops. Their security is not guaranteed by these crooks either.


    Richard I. Fine – Whistleblower Jailed Over 1 Year by Corrupt Judges in California


    Richard Fine Story in Brief May 4 2010

  56. @ Christine:
    check out the counterfeiting laws in the link provided by the other “guest” at the very bottom of this comment page.
    If banks had any non-counterfeit documents the would gladly produce them up-front and do away with all delays in stealing homes. If they produce anything, which turns out as counterfeit then they would be admitting to criminal & civil violations, and that’s what they avoid.
    Regarding judge corruption & bribery, plenty video proofs and linked court documents have appeared in previous pages, such as the ones regarding former U.S. Attorney Richard Fine and others.
    The system is not correctable it is only going to self-destruct. Only way to fix it is George Carlin way:
    “upside down naked crucifixion of banking gangsters”

  57. How is it going for me in court poppy…..? It’s war….that’s what it is.

  58. Poppy….I am fighting the crooks pro se in the most corrupt county in the country and telling the truth about what I know to be true. I am doing my best to share information. I can’t fight peoples battles for them. That is up to each one of us to do that. I wish everyone the best of luck in their fight.

  59. And one more tidbit…I see where OPPT is going, but sui juris is another route.

    I will, like all here continue to fight as long as I can…this is bigger than all of us, but one by one we are making a difference and WE are the leaders in this fight and all will benefit greatly in the end!

    It took them 40 + years to destroy what we built. It has taken us far less time to make traction, even though it is slow going.

  60. There are laws and protections for us tresspass…..the corrupt jerks are ignoring them to create new ones that are justice for no one.

  61. So, how’s that working for you in court, stripes?

    Smarter, better people than us have tried that, result ZERO. These days, facts are a subjective value…the judges value.

    If you cannot beat their ass and find the possible way/ways by which they moved your property…your screwed. No amount of ranting, truths and assumptions are working. Moot point!

    Whether or not we disagree doesn’t matter. Show me the MONEY for your damages and scan a copy of the release of YOUR note.

    I am not going to stay on the sidelines, going over the same in-the-box thinking, that is my RIGHT. If I keep doing the same thing, with the same result, I am full of shit or crazy. At this point, what have I got to lose?

    Every f’n person in the free world knows what you are saying, POINT? Where is your PROOF? Share so we can all use it. At least I am trying instead of spouting off…it is not getting me my day in court, with a solid win and that, my dear is what matters most!

  62. I agree tresspass…..too many Americans look for the easy way out and don’t want to fight for what is right. They look for someone else to fix their problems and end up in a bigger mess. That’s the problem in this country. There are not enough people standing up to these crooks & sheisters and for our Constitutional Republic. The entire direction of the country is wrong. None of it is legal or Constitutional.

  63. Trespass Unwanted, I am Sorry they did that to you and your family! That is why it was so important for consumers protection to have the laws of the debt collecters applied to the debt collecters of mortgage/note or payper stuffs. . If that ever happens again … Report It! Please! The Settlements Suck!!

  64. You can’t be a beneficiary of something you lost control of……an unindorsed note means the Plaintiff must prove the underlying transaction…….the complete chain of transfers & indorsements …..

  65. Many will OPPT-in.
    For a change they get to choose to have a trustee, rather than the current system where they have a trustee and didn’t choose to have one.

    Why do people have to have a trustee liquidate their assets in bankruptcy.

    Why do schools have a board of trustees? Because they are acting as trustees over your children and you didn’t know it.

    So OPPT won’t go away because there is enough people who don’t know enough and the ‘bigger better deal’ is something they will agree to, and if it’s popular well it’s easy to agree to.

    You either know or you don’t know, and OPPT will prove that.

    I find that the ‘awake’ ones will do something of their ‘free will’, and then when they really see what they Opt’ed into, they are going to look around and call fowl.

    Some agreements last a lifetime.
    Enjoy what you agree to. It will be of your ‘free will’ this time.


  67. Only a Legal Beneficiary with the Right to Enforce can Endorse the Note and Invoke MERS to act and Assign the Mortgage to the Servicer

  68. Poppy….They are no longer what they are represented as once they are converted or transferred ……then Article 3 governs……only by ACCEPTANCE & CONSIDERATION can these securities be created….Security entitlements can only be created after that …. by PROOF OF CONTROL….BY DELIVERY & POSSESSION…BY THE APPROPRIATE PERSON….BY THE ISSUER….OF AN INVESTMENT COMPANY SECURITY….NOT BY OVERISSUE….OF THE PROTECTED PURCHASER….OF A SECURITIES ACCOUNT….INDORSEMENT OR INSTRUCTION DOES NIT GUARANTED THE SIGNATURE INDORSEMENT.

  69. @stripes,

    Yes. Clear title and a big fat check, equity, interest, treble damages and a percentage for each member of the family affected by the criminal act of terroristic threat. Causing the forced evacuation of a building, allowing a real estate agent to declare it abandoned, and then stealing it and renting it out to another.


    Trespass Unwanted, Corporeal, Life, Free and Independent State of Conscience, Creator, In Jure Proprio, Jure Divino

  70. Only a party with “The Right to Enforce” has standing to invoke jurisdiction. Only a party with “The Right to Enforce” can place a credit bid. Only a party with “The Right to Enforce” can invoke MERS to act and appoint a Trustee. Only a party with “The Right to Enforce” can endorse the Note. Only a party with “The Right to Enforce” can comply with the contract. The party with “The Right to Enforce” is the ” Legal Beneficiary”. The Legal Beneficiary with “The Right to Enforce” can invoke MERS to assign the Mortgage. And the Mortgage Only.

  71. Hey…SECURITIES ARE….read what I said…Securities are: a note, stock certificate, treasury stock certificate, bond, treasury bond, debenture, certificate of deposit, interest coupon, bill, check, draft, warrant, debt instrument as defined in section 916(c) of the electronic fund transfer act, money order, traveler’s check, letter of credit, warehouse receipt, negotiable bill of lading, evidence of indebtedness, certificate of interest in or participation in any profit-sharing agreement, collateral-trust certificate, pre-organization certificate of subscription, transferable share, investment contract, voting trust certificate, or certificate of interest in tangible or intangible property; Blah, Blah, Blah…GOT IT? And there’s more. READ

    MBS’ are one type of security…just ’cause they said that’s what they did, doesn’t make it so and I want to get to the truth, or a reasonable probability, if possible!

  72. Stripper, Its late… Shouldnt you be out rounding up John ? Believe it or not … you have to pay to file bk to! Sucks to be you … I mean those pesky laws about filing bk on the IRS and all… you have no standing as an invester or a taxpayer… you cashed out all your equity, so you do not even have standing as a homeowner. Time for you to Move On! I am feeling generous today, so generous that I am offering to pay for that “Move a Big Carcuss Truck” for you. Heck.. I will even through in lunch at McDonalds.

  73. Guest,

    It is one thing to allege it. It is another to prove it. I know what you are saying but keep in mind that most people here believe that the rules of the system that is crumbling allowed it to happen and the rules of that same crumbling system will allow to fix it.

    Preaching a convert.

  74. @ Christine:

    Re: “Ohio Supreme Court Takes the Lead in Setting Rules For Examination of Bank’s Paperwork”

    Banks don’t have ANY paperworks and if they have any its all forgeries. But they do have courts, judges, legislators, & law-enforcement in their pockets which is why nothing happens to them!
    Watch the video below.

  75. ……and a lot of b.s…

  76. You trolls can’t touch the truth….and if I were a bank owner I wouldn’t be fighting against you trolls…..

    @ poppy……they were never securities……the securities were never created……there are no security entitlements or mbs’s but a lot of b.s.ers……

  77. Poppy, As you said earlier, it starts out from origination. That Mandelman interview is absolutely enlightening. Those “Fund’m” loans are what B of A bought, KNOWING full well what it was buying!

    It just would make you sick if you still had it in you to get sick over it.

  78. Gionah,

    Isn’t that the same JPM Fannie and Freddie exonerated last July for such a job well done?

    We’re getting close to the point where we’ll be lining them all up in the middle of Arizona and dousing them with benzine and the least horrible of the bunch will be allowed to light the match… or we make it a tad more interesting: some talent show first, where they really have to show us what they can do, other than screw people.

    The winner gets the match.

  79. Little research here: opinions welcomed…not ramblings about what we know.

    BOA coverts CW loans into shares of equity, altering the “promise to pay”…note, into future assets, accounts payable – changing the loan number as if, the debt is active and services the payable as an asset still on the books?

  80. “Keiser works for the bank owners…” Takes one to know one. Don’t forget to send your invoice to the bank, shill.

  81. Hilarious interview of Michael Winston, a man who had to fight tooth and nails against CW after they discredited him and tried to sabotage his professional reputation. He won. he won big. $3.8M. And in the process, he allowed some unbelievable things to come out… such as “Fund’m”. Borrower’s got no money? No problem. Fund’m. No job? Fund’m. No collateral? Fund’m. We want loans. lots of them!” Angelo Mozilo (who recently had the galls to comment on what banks ought to do… isn’t that really special?) backed that “Fund’m” mentality within his staff. He pushed it. He nurtured it!


    Goldman Sachs on the Pacific – Inside Countrywide with Michael Winston… A Mandelman Matters Podcast

  82. Keiser works for the bank owners….another pot calling the kettle black. I could care less where they go with their criminal fraud…

  83. We all deserve clear title & a big fat check from these TBTF crooks…..they are all lying and crying poor mouth. They are lying crooks….TBTF got $60.4 trillion dollars from U.S. TAXPAYERS since 2008 for committing the biggest ponzi scheme swindle and heist in history and the total value of all U.S. PROPERTY THEY OVERLEVERAGED…$12 TRILLION….NOW WORTH WHATEVER THE VULTURES WILL PAY…. I demand no less than clear titles and big fat checks for harm done & harm intended.

  84. The Daily Bail
    We watch CNBC so you don’t have to…

    Feb 22 2013
    Emails Prove JPMorgan Committed Massive Mortgage Fraud

    Emails From Dexia Lawsuit Show JPMorgan Committed Widespread Fraud

    New York Times Dealbook

    JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon has tried his best to suggest that the financial crisis was someone else’s fault. But a batch of court documents released this week undermine this claim, indicating that the bank knew the mortgage investments it sold were seriously flawed.

    According to the documents, which include emails and transcripts of employee interviews filed in an investor lawsuit by Europe’s Dexia Bank, JPMorgan hired independent analysts to review the quality of the home loans it was packaging for sale prior to the collapse of the housing market.

    That review found that 20 to 80 percent of the mortgages did not meet underwriting standards, Bloomberg reports. These documents show that JPMorgan bundled these mortgages into complex securities anyway and then sold them to investors without disclosing their problems, according to Bloomberg and the New York Times.

    The lawsuit, which was filed by Dexia, a Belgian-French bank, is being closely watched on Wall Street. After suffering significant losses, Dexia sued JPMorgan and its affiliates in 2012, claiming it had been duped into buying $1.6 billion of troubled mortgage-backed securities. The latest documents could provide a window into a $200 billion case that looms over the entire industry.

    According to the court documents, an analysis for JPMorgan in September 2006 found that “nearly half of the sample pool” — or 214 loans — were “defective,” meaning they did not meet the underwriting standards. The borrowers’ incomes, the firms found, were dangerously low relative to the size of their mortgages. Another troubling report in 2006 discovered that thousands of borrowers had already fallen behind on their payments.

    But JPMorgan at times dismissed the critical assessments or altered them, the documents show. Certain JPMorgan employees, including the bankers who assembled the mortgages and the due diligence managers, had the power to ignore or veto bad reviews.

    In some instances, JPMorgan executives reduced the number of loans considered delinquent, the documents show. In others, the executives altered the assessments so that a smaller number of loans were considered “defective.”

    In some instances, JPMorgan executives reduced the number of loans considered delinquent, the documents show. In others, the executives altered the assessments so that a smaller number of loans were considered “defective.”

    The court documents make clear that JPMorgan employees were well aware of these flaws and even exchanged emails about them. For example, after a review finding that at least 1,154 mortgages were delinquent, JPMorgan told investors that only 25 loans were delinquent.

  85. OPPT mentioned by Max Keiser. Do you really think it will go away?


    UCC Filings Causing Global Ripples

    Posted on February 24, 2013 by Eileen Dublin

    The members of a group calling themselves The One People’s Public Trust (OPPT) have been in the news lately, because of recent UCC filings, with regards to the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC).

    The UCC is not a U.S. law, rather a uniform code of conduct for Intra-State and Global commerce, drafted and approved by private organizations, to be enacted by the individual U.S. States, and World Governments.

    It has been approved by all 50 States in the U.S., Washington, D.C., The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and The U.S. Virgin Islands, as well as all major World Governments.

  86. …..and the buyer of the junk who sold you the junk.

  87. Poppy…..I am well aware bonds and certificates are two different things. It doesn’t matter what the judge “thinks” …. these notes no longer exist and either do the mortgages…unless proven otherwise….I am sorry for anyone who got holding an uncertificated piece of junk. However, your issue is not with the property owners, it is with the Issuer of the junk and the seller of the junk…

  88. The world as we’ve known it is crumbling. It won’t be very long anymore. Vatican. LIbor. Now this. When we go back in history and start digging old skeletons, the only logical conclusion will be: universal debt forgiveness. Everyone in this world owes someone else for some atrocity of the past. If everyone owes someone, no one owes anyone anymore. Right now, we’re all buying some time until complete disclosure. And it isn’t going to be pretty but… debt forgiveness is the end result.


    Britain’s colonial shame: Slave-owners given huge payouts after abolition
    David Cameron’s ancestors were among the wealthy families who received generous reparation payments that would be worth millions of pounds in today’s money

    The true scale of Britain’s involvement in the slave trade has been laid bare in documents revealing how the country’s wealthiest families received the modern equivalent of billions of pounds in compensation after slavery was abolished.

    The previously unseen records show exactly who received what in payouts from the Government when slave ownership was abolished by Britain – much to the potential embarrassment of their descendants. Dr Nick Draper from University College London, who has studied the compensation papers, says as many as one-fifth of wealthy Victorian Britons derived all or part of their fortunes from the slave economy.

    As a result, there are now wealthy families all around the UK still indirectly enjoying the proceeds of slavery where it has been passed on to them. Dr Draper said: “There was a feeding frenzy around the compensation.” A John Austin, for instance, owned 415 slaves, and got compensation of £20,511, a sum worth nearly £17m today. And there were many who received far more.

    Academics from UCL, led by Dr Draper, spent three years drawing together 46,000 records of compensation given to British slave-owners into an internet database to be launched for public use on Wednesday. But he emphasised that the claims set to be unveiled were not just from rich families but included many “very ordinary men and women” and covered the entire spectrum of society.

    Dr Draper added that the database’s findings may have implications for the “reparations debate”. Barbados is currently leading the way in calling for reparations from former colonial powers for the injustices suffered by slaves and their families.

    Click on the link for the entire article.

  89. […] Filed under: bubble, CDO, CORRUPTION, currency, Eviction, foreclosure, GTC | Honor, Investor, Mortgage, securities fraud Tagged: Business News, CRIME, criminal prosecutions, DAVID DAYEN, fraud, housing, justice, mortgage fraud, salon.com, Wall Street Livinglies’s Weblog […]

  90. The bank attorney told me & my husband…..to our faces…there is no discovery….no trust and no trustee.

  91. I realize they overissued investments in garbage and the GSEs bought back their own garbage for pennies on the dollar…..but they knew what they were buying back was not what it was represented as and the investments they overissued either. They misrepresented everything they did, just like in fraudclosure. They committed massive SECURITIES FRAUD…. That’s why Security Entitlements are not guaranteed by INDORSMENT….INSTRUCTION OR OVERISSUE……and I’m not paying for their MASSIVE SECURITIES FRAUD SCAM with my properties..

  92. Poppy

    “The issue is: how this is done, it matters. You cannot discuss/defend something you can only speculate about and cannot prove, without information and educating one’s self.”

    Those questions are only answered through formal discovery which, incidentally, has been blocked every step of the way by many courts, in many jurisdictions. I never wanted to file suit: I really don’t have it in me to fight for years and years as someone we all know has been doing. It is weary, it is exhausting and, unless you really don’t care about the result, it can kill anyone. Banks benefited for years of people’s fears. The reason we’re going on 7 years of that insanity is that too many originally simply folded. Banks believed they would hit a permanent home run: nobody would fight and nobody would insist on them proving their case. They didn’t count with the Lynn Szemoniaks of this world, those who fight tirelessly and go public. it takes courage. Moral courage. Not too many have it.

    Everyone here who fights is bringing us closer to ending this charade.

    Why do i tell people to attack first? Because you have the upper hand. You file on your terms and you set the rules for the game. you decide what discovery you want to obtain. You force the banks to start really showing their game. Defense is still dictated by the banks.

    I feel for those who don’t have an attorney and i have the utmost respect for them: it is even tougher to fight alone.

    We’ll get there. I never had any doubt.

  93. I’m not going to debate this with you…the note is at issue…the judge views that as payments due. We need more and I am willing to do this work and share. Why do you care? My time, my energy, my expense.


  94. And one more thing: issuing certificates and bonds/debt are two entirely two different things.

  95. I have papers that indicate otherwise…what can I tell you.

    The premise/offer by way of selling investments, is fictional, however, it is based in paper.

    And there is a paper trail of what has been done, it is not all air, stripes. The UCC provides for commercial paper issued, for mortgage backed securities.

    I’ll say it again; if you cannot dissect how they sold investments and changed the “nature” of the flow of payments, as security for the real estate, you CANNOT argue IT in court. No matter what you say, it is NOT evidence, on its face! And further, you cannot “compel” discovery without more information about the “underbelly” of the transactions.

    And that is my opinion…no one is winning, with these statements to the judge. Statements, opinions and conjecture are not FACTS!

  96. The process of converting never occurred because of the SECURITIES FRAUD……THE CONVERSION PART WAS ALL A WORK OF FRAUD & FICTION. They were in fact converting & overissuing fraud by misrepresenting these as SECURITY INVESTMENTS in MORTGAGE BACKED SECURITIES and the IMF thought they were holding bonds that were secured to real property but they were not SECURITIES…..WALL STREET & THE GSEs bought fictitious bonds and represented them as ownership and Wall Street sold investments in fictitious revenue flows as investments in Securities…backed by real property……IT WAS ALL FRAUD & FICTION…

  97. The issue is: how this is done, it matters. You cannot discuss/defend something you can only speculate about and cannot prove, without information and educating one’s self.

    We know they did not securitize, and they essentially sold junk bonds…the process of converting is very, very important. Most of the other stuff is known.

  98. Oh.. I like Brian To! 🙂 Bright Young Man!

  99. I Like Heather Ann! 🙂 Smart Gal!

  100. TBTF skipped the securitization part and converted crap into 10 year bonds that were in reality junk bonds because they were overissuing investments in this crap before we even autographed anything. That is why there are no assignments, the notes are unindorsed but they were cashed at the Origination Fraud and the money the FED borrowed in our names was never paid back by Acceptance and Consideration……TBTF committed SECURITIES FRAUD on steroids and it continues in fraudclosure.

  101. No, I am talking about “converting ” our NOTES into “commercial instruments”…which makes it a UCC issue, rather than a residential mortgage anymore. When did our “contract” disclose this? It is my understanding also, cloud on title, fraudulent conveyance, Federal Court stuff…at least that’s where I am headed with it, because the district courts have been completely oblivious to the action. The play is match, set, game from the onset.

    The rules are drastically different, and as I said, cannot speak for anyone else, but this means to ME only, District judges do not have jurisdiction for some of this and do not understand it, as I am struggling too (read it over and over). They have it for quiet title, civil disputes, traffic court, unlawful detainers, injunctions, etc…

    I am getting ready to file a tort claim against them too…for starters. It will be filed this week. See what happens. This is the beginning of what I hope will be a war! Keep you folks informed.

    One more response: it is my understanding, “a promise to pay/note” is placed in pools, as MBS’ (I don’t know the process to convert) and sold forward for the amortized, end yield gains, multiple times, which they pocket…it is more money if they sell the notes/instruments, rather than securitize them properly. Actually, given the loans were not of good enough quality to be pooled and put into trusts, they failed and the agencies who pooled, or sold them forward to unsuspecting investors, were bound by repurchases, which they did not honor, instead kept the money and many of the trusts failed, as a result. And further, there is insurance for the pool, by cats like MBIA, AIG, Allstate, suits have been filed “cause they” claimed losses due to this behavior, blaming the homeowners for falsifying applications, assets, home values, wages, WHAT? I have my original application and they never entered my income, assets, and such…it was on a separate piece of paper. That’s how I ended up sub-prime.

    Again, not 100% on this, but everything I read, transcripts, cases and bankruptcy files, leads me here…actually, I am going to make it my business to find out how they convert this note…it matters.

  102. We’ve known for a long time. Knowing is one thing. Making it stick in court is another altogether. However, it is getting traction, like everything which was, once, ludicrous on its face… That being said, there still hasn’t been anyone who won with that kind of argument.

    So, in my books, it remains an FYI-keep-this-in-the-back-of-your-mind until proven otherwise.

    “Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf [the attorney behind OPPT. Shut up Stripes]




    1. produce documentation of prior title, ownership and rights to the money they purportedly loaned you

    2. produce documentation of the history and origin of funds that they purportedly had prior title, ownership and rights to that they purportedly loaned you (banking requires 3 generations at least if not all the way back to issuance/creation of the alleged funds…this is why banks issue a letter of origin/history of funds)

    3. produce documentation of the actual transaction and transfer of said funds (prior title, ownership, and rights) from loaner to borrower (invoicing/receipts) there is a difference between a “loan” and “debt,” conceptually and factually
    look up the definitions of loan and debt
    difference between statement and invoice…only an invoice has to be paid…however they would first have to show that they made you a loan…if no loan, each invoice is fraud, mail fraud, etc.

    ~ Brian”

  103. FDCPA Update: Sixth Circuit Takes Minority View on Foreclosure as Debt Collection

    February 19, 2013 Posted by: Amy R. Jonker

    In Glazer v. Chase Home Finance, LLC, — F.3d —, 2013 141699 (6th Cir. 2013), the Sixth Circuit joined the Third and Fourth Circuits in the minority holding that mortgage foreclosure consitutes debt collection under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, 15 U.S.C. § 1692 et seq. (“FDCPA”). Courts across the country are split regarding whether the FDCPA covers foreclosures. Some courts have found that foreclosures, both non-judicial and judicial (or by lawsuit), are not debt collection because they do not attempt to collect funds but to foreclose a security interest in real property. Other courts have found that where a foreclosure, either judicial or non-judicial, attempts to collect funds (for the deficiency, collection costs, or amounts to reinstate the loan) or where the foreclosing entity obfuscates the truth regarding the loan payments or amounts, the FDCPA may apply.

    On January 14, 2013, the Sixth Circuit reasoned that mortgage foreclosure is debt collection because, although the FDCPA does not define “debt collection,” the definition of the terms “debt” and the FDCPA’s substantive provisions governing how debt collection is performed, including §§ 1692(f)(6) (governing security interest enforcement) and 1692i(a)(1) (governing venue for enforcement of security interests in real property), indicate that mortgage foreclosure is debt collection under the FDCPA. Id. At *6.

    Some courts have found that inclusion § 1692(f)(6) in the FDCPA logically excludes from the remainder of the FDCPA general enforcement of security interests so that judicial foreclosures are not governed by the FDCPA and non-judicial foreclosures are subject only to § 1692f(6). The FTC Staff Commentary appears to support the majority interpretation: “Security enforcers. Because the FDCPA’s definition of ‘debt collection’ includes parties whose principal business is enforcing security interests only for section 808(6) purposes, such parties (if they do not otherwise fall within the definition) are subject only to this provision and not to the rest of the FDCPA.” 53 FR 50097-02, 1988 WL 269068 (F.R.).

    The Sixth Circuit countered that interpretation with the explanation that § 1692(f)(6) “does not except from debt collection the enforcement of security interests; it simply makes clears that some persons who would be without the scope of the general definition are to be included where § 1692(f)(6) is concerned.” Id. At *8 (citing Piper v. Portnoff Law Assocs., Ltd. 396 F.3d 227 (3rd Cir. 2005). The Sixth Circuit’s minority position is notable as it adds not just a flat ruling but a thoroughly reasoned analysis to the mix of analyses in an area of the FDCPA that is in dispute among various courts around the country and could have far-reaching consequences for anyone dealing with mortgage foreclosures and particularly for those whose handling of them began after the consumer’s default.

  104. “…This speaks to a faulty mortgage transfer process, improper securitizations, and generally fraudulent practices at the heart of Wall Street.”

    No “mortgage transfer” (no funding—so no mortgage—so no transfer of money)…no “securitizations” (nothing in MBS—empty)…only “collections rights” were transferred in the subprime—hence all the fraud.

  105. Let me tell you a story about a Greedy Man, He is desperate and running with BS as fast as he can. He tried to default my taxes before March 1st. But my tax bill does not become payable til Maayy.. Hay! But he had a plan twoo ,,, he messed with my insurace too. But now without option one or two… he knows the payper in his hand belongs in the can. Boo Who?

  106. I meant to say … Converting your Mortgage …. (not note)

  107. Do you mean Conversion as in …. Converting your loan into a 30year security and cashing out the intrest in advance for payments of services not yet provided or intrest not yet earned? What about those Early Penalty Payoff Laws?

  108. I cannot speak for anyone, anywhere, but I think the battle is in the contract and the UCC Code.

    IN your contract it was never disclosed or agreed to “conversion” of you promissory note; promise to pay as a security instrument and further, after reading at length about that “note” it is “immediately” converted to cash upon deposit by the bank, meaning a loan for $100,000 is paid at the moment of deposit to the bank, usury interest is aside and different accounting for the 2 1/2 times or 250% of the charges related to that transaction.

    In the UCC code: #3, #8 and #9 is where part of the problem is,

    And USC 18 subsection 473 as to how they were handled, transferred, forged, or altered and counterfeited; passed and used.

    My $.02 Not intended to give legal advice, just a summation of readings and publications.

  109. Rule #1.. Look at the Document. Rule #2 Read the Document. Rule #3.. Verify the Document. Rule#4.. Know your ass in on the line Before you Sign. Yep! That about covers It!

  110. No kidding! And how much are they paid to reached that conclusion we all kinda, sorta know for… leaving through it? Don’t like violence but some serious physical beat-ups are desperately required at the top to impart a little common sense into those morons… And possibly restore equality!


    Insane Levels of Inequality – Which Hurt the Economy – Are Skyrocketing
    Posted on February 24, 2013 by WashingtonsBlog

    Preface: All capitalist systems have some inequality. We don’t want to prevent all inequality … just economy-wrecking levels:

    Lawrence Katz, a Harvard economist, adds that some inequality is necessary to create incentives in a capitalist economy but that “too much inequality can harm the efficient operation of the economy.”

    And you might assume that conservatives don’t worry about rampant inequality … but that is a myth.
    Rampant Inequality – Which Hurts the Economy – Is Skyrocketing

    A who’s-who’s of prominent economists in government and academia have all said that runaway inequality can cause financial crises.

    Extreme inequality helped cause the Great Depression, the current financial crisis … and the fall of the Roman Empire.

    But inequality in America today is actually twice as bad as in ancient Rome , worse than it was in in Tsarist Russia, Gilded Age America, modern Egypt, Tunisia or Yemen, many banana republics in Latin America, and worse than experienced by slaves in 1774 colonial America.

    Inequality has grown steadily worse… [long article follows. Click on link].

  111. Yeah Stripes! Lots of people lost their jobs. But you need to quit beating on those still working and paying taxes, because without us .. you wouldnt have Ins or shelter! Bite Me! And Bite This ….. Who do you think fills the shelves at those Food Banks? Have you seen those Lines? You Are Welcome Assvent!!

  112. Ohio Supreme Court Takes the Lead in Setting Rules For Examination of Bank’s Paperwork

    February 25, 2013 by Dan McGookey, Esq.

    We reported in our November 2, 2012, CMN newsletter about the Ohio Supreme Court’s seminal decision in the case of Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. vs. Schwartzwald. There, the Court held that a foreclosing bank must have standing, or the right to enforce the note and mortgage, at the time the complaint is filed in order to invoke the jurisdiction of the court. Recently, the Court expanded the reach of Schwartzwald by accepting jurisdiction to hear, and by remanding, a case to the Court of Appeals to reconsider its decision in favor of the foreclosing bank, indicating that the bank’s paperwork may not have been sufficient to meet the Schwartzwald standard.

    That case, CitiMortgage Inc. vs. Schippel, is huge in its own right, as it serves as a wake-up call to all the lower courts in Ohio that they must employ the same rules of evidence in examining a bank’s paperwork as it would if you or I offered it in a legal proceeding. Those rules embody legal concepts known as “hearsay”, “personal knowledge” and the “business records exception” to the hearsay rule. In essence, these rules stand for the proposition that the persons offering the evidence must demonstrate that they in fact know what they’re talking about. Without question, this elemental concept has been overlooked hundreds of thousands, if not millions of times by courts nationwide when it came to judging the adequacy of banks’ paperwork in foreclosure cases. No doubt this phenomena was due at least in part by the courts’ tendency to naturally assume the banks had their act together (what do they say about assuming?), a predilection exacerbated by desire to clear their crowded dockets of messy foreclosure cases.

    Basically, what the Ohio Supreme Court did in Schwartzwald and Schippel was to restore Ohio homeowners’ due process rights to notice and to an opportunity to be heard before having their homes may be taken away from them. That right has slowly been eroded away with the passage of time as the foreclosure crisis took off after the housing market crashed in 2008. In issuing its admonition to the lower courts, the Ohio Supreme Court reminded them of one of the most fundamental and treasured constitutional rights we enjoy as Americans; that is the right to have our voice heard within the framework of our judicial system before we can being divested of important property rights. And when it comes to rights in property, nothing is more important than our home. The significance of the Ohio Supreme Court’s decisions will most likely be realized only over time. However, like the proverbial snowball rolling down the hill, that significance will grow and gather momentum as courts across the nation pick up the irrefutable logic of the decisions, with the effect being felt far and wide for years to come.

  113. Can’t afford to keep our homes my ass…TBTF blew the economy up intentionally…by committing gagillions in fraud & felonies. Goddamned crooks & lying buttwipes are all going to burn in their own hell they created. Rotten pieces of dung.

  114. I am sorry to hear that Louise. They are looking at it like this … if you had defaulted and couldnt afford to keep your home, you were going to lose it anyway. So they do not believe there was any harm done to you. Nice Huh? Buttwipes did not think about the snowballing effects of the titles! The USS MERS has Sank!

  115. There are quite a few document creation companies forging and forging documents to take your house. LPS/DOCX is still in business. Lorraine’s going to jail, but all the company got was a slap on the wrist. We need more people going to jail. All the documents they submitted were forged, and we were foreclosed on.

  116. The only banking crisis is our own lack of knowledge about banks and banking and our own failure to imagine that banks are in fact, predators.

  117. The crooks don’t even bother attaching bogus assignments or affidavits since the robo-signing fraud & forgery scandal …. the judges now just ignore that the notes are being misrepresented and the fact these copies are counterfeits & forgeries & THE FACT that these fraudclosures are being governed by SECURITIES FRAUD and the judges are openly denying us our legal rights in court.

  118. I have been fighting with the bar flies on the last post. All of the TBTF crooks need to be sued out of existance….all of their assets stripped and everyone of them locked away for life. The DECEPTION about the SECURITIES FRAUD alone should be enough to get them life in the hoosgow.

  119. Every Banking Gangster shown in this video should be thrown under the bus, together with every government official affiliated with them:


    from the following web-page:


  120. stripes is strangely absent?

  121. Report! Report! Report! Enough Reports will Trigger Undesired Effects for the Buttwipes!

  122. Jordana, all we can do is Keep A Watchful Eye and Make Sure they are Complying with the Consent Orders.

  123. Tally the comments requesting removel… and Yes Poppy, I counted your NA .

  124. I don’t remember that vote, c’mon…I can fight my own battles.

    Leave me out of this…I have my own problems. Thanks

  125. I provided Lori Swanson’s office (Attorney General of MN) with evidence that Wells Fargo had its own forgery and document creation shop set up in Minneapolis and Eagan MN. I also sent documents and letters to AG’s in WA and CA. To date, nothing has been done to correct this situation or in response to my report. It is very frustrating. Wells continues its operations there unfettered. So, I have moved on with my life. Then I see this post and read the Salon piece and I become frustrated all over again. What more can I do?

  126. HSBC vsw Carchi … Google It! NYSE – MERS ASMT FAIL!

  127. So Neil, Now that we know you read the comments on your blog, Why in Tarnations have You Not Banned Stripes! We all Voted and Agreed we Would Rather Have Carrie Back! At least she did not Threaten Our Life! Just Sayin ….

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