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  1. Sorry I missed wishing you a happy day. Thank your for all the info and encouragement you give. I am new to Internet and glad I found you, All the best….

  2. Thank you Neil…You focus on the truth …..And provide solutions, as best you can at this point in exposing the fraud. Happy birthday!

  3. Happy Belated, thanks for alll you do. Thanks to you Im fighting back.


    We don’t need them they need us. Cut off their resources. Cut up your credit cards and dont rent their stolen houses and pull all your money and put it in the credit unions or under your bed.


  5. your the bomb neil because of you alot of us reading your blog are on their way to save thier homes

  6. Thank you again Neil for all that you do….!

  7. All the best Neil your blog was a blessing to our family and we wish you eternal peace and happiness. Bless You

  8. Happy Birthday Neil, and Thank You!

  9. Live Long and Prosper.


  10. Keep the Faith Neil. We shall overcome!! Onward to Peace on Earth. C & A

  11. Thank you Neil!! We really care about you out here!!

  12. thank you

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