Garfield Opening Offices in Tallahassee and Fort Lauderdale

If you want something done right, do it yourself. I moved back to Florida where I am licensed for the express purpose of getting involved in the  trenches and turning out some different results. I am creating partnerships and associate positions and renting out space to lawyers who wish to keep their own practice but would like to share space with me and other lawyers in South Florida — specifically Coral Springs, near the Sawgrass where the Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties will be covered.

If you are  licensed lawyer, forensic expert, or other vendor assisting homeowners with claims, modifications, litigation we have two offices for rent available in Coral Springs. Tenants will get first crack at spillover business and that should be enough to establish a  full practice. Lawyers who practice in bankruptcy field are especially invited as long as they are willing to follow the policies, strategies and tactics of the Garfield Continuum. If you read this blog, you know what that is. If you don’t buy the workbooks and you’ll see.

If you are young and looking to create niche and need mentoring to win cases, make money and perhaps someday become a partner or start out on your own, this is an excellent opportunity for you.

If you are interested, call our customer service number at 520 405-1688. That will set you up for a short telephone conference with me. We are currently covering all of Florida and parts of 11 other states. Anyone looking to work us in Jacksonville and Orlando-Tampa corridor should contact us as well.

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  1. I have a couple of questions that I would appreciate some answers to:
    1..Is a SEC filing required when there is a change of trustee in a Remic Trust?
    2..Does anyone have their Wamu note stamped endorsed in blank by Cynthia Riley as VP for Washington Mutual Bank FA without a written signature? I believe she is in Jacksonville….Anyone know about this?
    3.. Did she actually work for WaMu before it was closed 9/25/2008?
    4..Does anyone have access to Bloomberg Terminal for checking what has been sold on Wall Street?
    5..Does anyone know if duplicate securities have been uncovered in WaMu Mortgage Pass-Through Certificates Series 2007-HY2 and in other trusts?
    Answers to these will be posted on this blog to share with anyone who requires same. Thank you.

  2. Neil, I refer out 35-50 cases per year to Florida for loss mit, foreclosure defense and short sale. If you get a well-traveled realtor to share space I would like to speak. Send me an e-mail when you have a chance.

  3. I’m still waiting to find out if I will ever receive my money I had deposited with IndyMac bank; that failed on July 11th 2008? The FDIC is not telling me anything??

  4. It’s official. Neil is now a complete failure at being retired. Heh.

  5. NG, I do thank you for all your work and all that you write. I use to blame myself for all that happened I now am able to let go of that and move on, you have helped so much. jme

  6. Best of Luck NG !

  7. Likewise regarding banks, the Savings and Loan company that closed on our home was Downey S&L. I spoke with the OCC investagating them at the time and got next to no info except check with your c clurks office. Downey name was on the forclosure paperwork and the paperwork dates after their closure. Any thoughts or ideas are welcome.

  8. So glad to have you working for what is right and just. Thank you
    It is time for the Judges and Whitehouse to step up and do whats right. Jme

  9. Good Luck Neil and great job cleaning up this blog….!

  10. Neil is just the guy isn’t he? Watch out!

  11. Open up in ILLINOIS NEIL….

  12. Good Luck Neil! I have been waiting to see when you will be getting down on the litigation turf and put into practice what you have been preaching for so long. You are one of the very few who understand this turf and how to litigate. Now that you are down there you will set a good example for others to follow.

    We need more like to to do the same like Max Gardner (I know he is unwell at this time), and others I do not wish to name at this time.

    Charles cox, Papa Koppa, we need to act here on the West Coast. there is a lot of work. I promised to launch at the end of last year. I am now on the turf. Let get to work and do what we are capable of doing and set a good example.

    I buy properties and upside down homes. I will litigate all my properties.
    Join me in our fight.

    Satish Shetty

  13. Does anyone know what is going on regarding IndyMac/OneWest bank IFR
    “settlement”? They have not announced any type of settlement as the other banks have.
    I have heard they may continue with the review.

  14. An Angel….that’s all I can say!

  15. I just dont understand some people, Why start a War when it can be Prevented? Why would we be critized for not having any litigation? Seems to me … We already Won! You Go Neil! Keep Flushing the Buttwipes!!

  16. Good Luck Neil and may G-d give you strength and wisdom.
    Here is a new industry I do not endorse the following link below.

    Debt Related PTSD and Financial PTSD Quietly Hurts Many


  17. Good luck Neil. I hear they really need help in Florida. What do you mean by “getting involved in the trenches”? Your theories are great but, so far, they are not being used in court or, when they are, they don’t yield much result. Are you going to actually try cases? We’re all hanging by the nails, waiting to hear that, indeed, you turned the situation around.

    PS: any idea when you’ll be cleaning up this blog?

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