Chorus of Whistles as the Blowers Get Ignored or Shutdown


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Editors Comment and Analysis: Chorus of whistles around the country and indeed around the world is going over the administration’s handling of the wrongful foreclosure claims and the outright bullying, intimidation and lying that lies at both the root of the false securitization scheme for residential mortgages and the false foreclosure review process supposedly designed to correct the problem. The plain truth, as pointed out in the article below and the Huffington Post, is that the reviews were never intended to work.

Take a step back for perspective. The news is being carefully managed by Wall Street just as Congress is being carefully manipulated by Wall Street. But for the inquiring mind, the data is right there in front of everyone and is being ignored at the peril of the future of the real estate industry which depends upon certainty that the title intended in the transaction is actually conveyed without undisclosed or “unknown” liabilities. The title companies are greasing the rails with their
“Guarantee of Title” but that doesn’t fix the corrupted title records.

We know that every study done shows collectively that

  1. Strangers to the transaction dominate the foreclosure activity — i.e.,  entities that are not injured or even involved with eh funding of the original loan or the payment of the price of the loan on assignment, endorsement or transfer of the alleged loan.
  2. In virtually ALL cases of securitization, regardless of whether the securitization started at the origination of the loan, or later, the use of nominees rather than actual parties was the rule, and the documents misrepresent both the parties and terms of repayment.
  3. The Banks are slowly prolonging the process to be able to assert the statute of limitations on criminal or civil prosecution but that wouldn’t protect them if law enforcement would dig deeper and find that there was nothing but fraud at the origination and all the way up the “Securitization” chain — all of which transactions were unsupported by consideration.
  4. We know the Banks know that they are exposed to awesome liability equaling the whole of the mortgage market from 1996 to the present. If that were not true they would be announcing settlements every day where some bank is paying hundreds of millions or billions or tens of billions of dollars “without admitting liability.”
  5. We know that in ALL foreclosures where a loan was claimed to be securitized or even where it was hidden tactically (like Chase does), the “credit bid” at auction was not submitted by an injured party. Thus the party who submitted the credit bid was not a creditor and everyone of those foreclosures — millions of them — can be and should be overturned.
  6. We know that at origination the money came from a controlled entity not of the originator but of the aggregator. The originator was not permitted to touch the money nor did the originator ever have any risk of loss. Hence the originator was a nominee with no more rights or powers than MERS. The borrower was left with the fact that he was dealing with unknown parties whose “underwriting process” was designed to get the deal done and allow the originator to proceed.
  7. We know that without the approval from the aggregator, the originator would not have announced approval of the loan. At no time did the Borrower know that they were actually dealing with Countrywide or other aggregators and that the money was coming through an entity (credit warehouse) set up by Countrywide for the origination of loans, with the caveat being that the money for funding would NOT go through the hands of the originator.
  8. We know that the mortgage liens were not perfected.
  9. We know that the note describes a transaction that never occurred — wherein the originator loaned money to the borrower. (No consideration) and that the originator never had any risk of loss.
  10. We know that the actual transaction was from an aggregate fund in which investments from multiple investors in what the investors thought were discreet accounts for each REMIC trust but where the Trust was ignored just as the requirements of state law or ignored by using nominees without disclosure of the principal on the note, mortgage or deed of trust.
  11. We know the losses on the bogus mortgage bonds were taken by the injured parties — the investors (pension funds) who put up the money.
  12. We know that the investment bank, aggregator and Master Servicer were in control of all transactions and that the subservicers were nominees for the Master Servicer whose name is kept out of litigation.
  13. We know the despite the loss hitting the investors because it was after all their money that funded this PONZI scheme, it was the banks who were allowed to take the insurance, proceeds of credit default swaps and federal bailouts leaving the investors twisting in the wind.
  14. We know that the investment bank, Master Servicer and aggregators were in privity, owed duties and were agents of the investors when they received the insurance and bailout money.
  15. We know that the banks kept the money from insurance and bailouts instead of paying the investors and reducing the balance due to the investors.

We know all these things, and much more, with whistle-blowers stepping up every day. The day of reckoning is coming and the announcement of BofA about another hidden earnings hit is only 2-3% of the actual number as shown on their own statements and probably more like 1/10 % of their real liability.

The term “Zombie” is being used to describe many features of our financial landscape. Truth be told it ought to be used to describe our entire financial system. If the actual corrections were made in accordance with existing law and existing equitable doctrines applied in hundreds of millions of other individual cases, we would be working on plans to wind down the mega banks, wind down household debt, falsified by the banks, and wind down the efforts to derail appropriate lawsuits by real injured parties.

The more you understand about what REALLY happened, the more you will see the opportunity for relief. I can report to you that I am receiving daily reports of multiple cases in which the borrower is winning motions. Even a year ago that was unthinkable.

The Judges are starting to catch on and some lawyers are realizing that this is just like any other case — their client is subject to enforcement of an alleged debt or foreclosure action and their answer is to deny the allegations, the documents and make them prove up their status as injured party on a perfected mortgage lien securing the promises on a valid note for a debt created by actual payment of the named party to the borrower.

The assumption by Judges and lawyers that there wouldn’t be a foreclosure if the facts didn’t support it is going down fast. Judges are realizing that title is being corrupted by bad presentations made by pro se litigants and many lawyers in which they admit the essential elements of the foreclosure and then try to get relief. Deny and Discover covers that. Deny anything you can deny as long as you have no reason to believe it to be true beyond a reasonable doubt. Let them, force them to prove their case. They can’t. If you press discovery you will be able to show that to be true.  File counter motions for summary judgment with your own affidavits and attack the affidavits of the other side in support of their motions.

More Whistleblower Leaks on Foreclosure Settlement Show Both Suppression of Evidence and Gross Incompetence

No wonder the Fed and the OCC snubbed a request by Darryl Issa and Elijah Cummings to review the foreclosure fraud settlement before it was finalized early last week. What had leaked out while the Potemkin borrower reviews were underway showed them to be a sham, as we detailed at length in an earlier post. But even so, what actually took place was even worse than hardened cynics had imagined.

We are going to be reporting on this story in detail, since we are conducting an in-depth investigation. But this initial report by Huffington Post gives a window on a good deal of the dubious practices that took place during the foreclosure reviews. I strongly suggest you read the piece in full; there is a lot of nasty stuff on view.

There are some issues that are highlighted in the piece, others that are implication that get somewhat lost in the considerable detail. The first, as stressed by Sheila Bair and other observers, is that the reviews were never designed to succeed. This is something we and others pointed out; this was all an exercise in show. The OCC had entered into these consent orders in the first place with the aim of derailing the 50 state attorney general settlement negotiations. This was all intended to be diversionary, but to make it look like it had some teeth, borrowers who were foreclosed on in 2009 and 2010 who thought they were harmed were allowed to request a review. If harm was found, they could get as much as $15,000 plus their home back if they had suffered a wrongful foreclosure, or if they home had already been sold, $125,000 plus any equity in the home. Needless to say, the forms were written at the second grade college level, making them hard to answer. A whistleblower for Wells Fargo reported that of 10,000 letters, harm was found in none because the responses were interpreted in such a way as to deny harm (for instance, if the borrower did not provide dates of certain incidents, those details were omitted from the assessment).

But the results were even worse than that, hard as it is to believe. For instance, even though the OCC stipulated that the banks hire supposedly independent reviewers, they were firmly in control of the process. From the article, describing the process at Bank of America, where a regulatory advisory firm Promontory was supposed to be in charge:

Bank of America contractors were reviewing Bank of America loans at a Bank of America facility under the management of full-time Bank of America employees. They were reporting those results to Promontory, the outside independent consultant, whose employees started their reviews based on what Bank of America contractors had concluded.

As the auditor, Promontory had authority to overrule any conclusion drawn by a Bank of America contractor. Promontory has defended its work as independent from influence by Bank of America. But the Bank of America contractors said it was clear to them that what they noted during their reviews was integral to the process. They continued to do substantive, evaluative review work until a few months ago, they said, when they were told that their job going forward was simply to dig up documents for Promontory.

Of course, Promontory protests that it was in charge. It is hard to take that seriously when no one from Promontory was on premises. And the proof is that the Bank of America staff suppressed the provision of information:

Another contract employee recounted the time he noted in a file that he couldn’t find vital documents, such as notice supposedly sent to a homeowner that a foreclosure was pending. “Change your answer,” he said he was told on several occasions by his manager.

Second is that the OCC was changing the goalposts as the reviews were underway. But was that due to OCC waffling or pushback by the consultants acting in the interest of the banks to derail the process by making the results inconsistent over time? If you do the first month of reviews under one set of rules and then get significant changes in month two, that implies you have to revise or redo the work in month one. That serves the consultants just fine, their bills explode. And the banks get to bitch that the reviews are costing too much, which gives them (and the OCC) a pretext for shutting them down, which is prefect, since they were all intended to be a PR rather than a substantive exercise from the outset.

Consider this section:

From the the consultants’ point of view, it was the government regulators who had some explaining to do. First there was the constant change in guidance, throughout at least the first eight months of the process, as to what they wanted the auditors to do and how they wanted them to do it, they said. The back-and-forth was so constant, one of the consultants involved with the process said that specific guidelines for determining if a mortgage borrower had been harmed by certain kinds of foreclosure fraud still weren’t in place as late as November 2012.

Huh? Tell me how hard it is to determine harm. If a borrower was charged fees not permitted by statue or the loan documents, there was harm. If the fees were in excess of costs (not permitted) there was harm. If the fees were applied in the wrong order, there was harm. If a borrower was put into a mod, made the payments as required in the mod agreement, but they weren’t applied properly and they were foreclosed on despite following bank instructions, there was harm. Honestly, there are relatively few cases where there is ambiguity unless you are actively trying to throw a wrench in the process, and it is not hard to surmise that is exactly what was happening. That is not to say there might not have been ambiguity on the OCC side, but it is not hard to surmise that this was contractor/bank looking to create outs, not any real underlying problem of understanding harm v. not harm.

It looks that some of the costly process changes were also due to the consultants being caught out as being in cahoots with their clients rather than operating independently:

The role of the Bank of America contract employees did not change to simply doing support work for Promontory until near the end of last year. That happened after ProPublica reported that Promontory’s employees were checking over Bank of America’s work, rather than conducting a fully independent review.

Finally, the article mentions (but does not dwell on) the fact that there was considerable evidence of borrower harm:

The reviewer said she found some kind of bogus fee in every file she looked at, ranging from a few dollars to a few thousand dollars. Another who looked for errors that violated state statutes estimated that 30 to 40 percent of loan files contained mistakes.

One reviewer who provided a comment that we elevated into a post was far more specific:

…in one case I reviewed the borrower paid approximately 25K to reinstate his mortgage. Then he began to make his mortgage payments as agreed. Each time he made a payment the payment was sent back stating he had to be current for the bank to accept a payment. He made three payments and each time the response was the same. Each time he wrote and called stating he had sent in the $25K to reinstate the loan and had the canceled check to prove it. After several months the bank realized that they had put the 25K in the wrong account. At that time that notified him that they were crediting his account, but because of the delay in receiving the reinstatement funds into the proper account he owed them more interest on the monies, late fees for the payments that had been returned and not credited and he was again in default for failing to continue making his payment. The bank foreclosed when he refused to pay additional interest and late fees for the banks error. I was told that I shouldn’t show that as harm because he did quit making his payments. I refused to do that.

There was another instance when there was no evidence that the bank had properly published the notice of sale in the newspaper as required by law. The argument the bank made when it was listed as harm to the borrower was “here is the foreclosure sale deed, obviously we followed proper procedure, and you should change your answer as to harm.”

Often there is no evidence of a borrower being sent a proper notice of intent to accelerate the mortgage. When these issues are noted in a file we are told to ignore them and transfer those files to a “special team” set up to handle that kind of situation. You choose whatever meaning you like for that scenario.

To add insult to injury, the settlement fiasco was shut down abruptly without the OCC and the Fed coming with a method for compensating borrowers. So the records have been left in chaos. That pretty much guarantees that any payments will be token amounts spread across large number of borrowers, which insures that borrowers that suffered serious damage, such as the case cited above, where the bank effectively extorted an extra $25,000 from a borrower before foreclosing on him, will get a token payment, at most $8,000 but more likely around $2,000. Oh, and you can be sure that the banks will want a release from private claims as a condition of accepting payment. $2,000 for a release of liability is a screaming deal, and it was almost certainly the main objective of this exercise from the outset. Nicely played indeed.


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  1. I agree. All we need to do is review the history books and the events that occurred over the last 15 yrs. Add up the movements ans strategy.Thank you for sharing valuable information.
    part time job

  2. That’s right Shelley….they are all crony capitalist communist thugs and traitors…..CRIMINALS…WOLVES IN SHEEPS CLOTHES…

  3. An attorney in Issaquah Washington near Seattle, states we are dealing with Thugs and Theives video. I say the thugs and theives would not get away with this if it were not for the judges, and politicians enabling it and the Sheriffs and locksmiths.

  4. Hahaha…newsflash….you will never pay this entity what you owe it because its evil contract never, ever expires until you become a useless eater then they send hospice in to put a diaper on you and slowly starve & drug you to death in front of your loved ones…and all that awaits you is the bowels of hell. Rather undignified and its all being paid for by you and all of us..As I said …it doesn’t pay to do business with this evil crook… It will take your soul…destroy and betray you sooner or later…it will cut your heart out and eat it while it is still beating….

  5. No I am not greedy, the FEDSTER buttwipes are. The truth is…. I know what they really want is my impoverishment ….. my soul…they want to try and destroy everyone with their fraudulently induced debt ….well they will not destroy what we built for 25 years…over my dead body..screw them and screw you. You are a lying thieving crook and your criminal rearends all belong in prison for life and then in hell for the rest of eternity. No one would knowingly do business with or work for Satan…. unless they were one of his minions or cohorts..

  6. hahaha …. I’m just trying to pay what we owe. We dispute the amount owed and the monthly payments they were trying to collect.. thats all. We pay our Attorney and we pay our property taxes. We could pay the entire remaining principal balance off in a 36mo CH 13 or 11 on my husbands income alone. You are Just Greedy like the Bankster Buttwipes!


  8. Guest warned us…she will be back in a few weeks to argue with herself…woo hoo…

  9. The same sentiment is true for the States…..the politicians who used the TAXPAYERS money, pensioners money, property and social safety nets as their own personal credit card to rob us and abuse us.


  11. Grandkids Here Now! I will check back in a few weeks!

  12. No one expects you to do that Stripes … that burden has already been dumped on current and future taxpayers for generations to come. I dont know about you but I can not live with the thought of knowing that if I dont pay what I owe its gonna be taxed on the backs of my children and their children for many generations to come. You may not agree with me, but that is just the kind of people we are.


  14. I am not going to be a slave and pay UNSUSTAINABLE DEBT, the quadrillion dollar derivatives fraud these crooks on Wall Street created in my name, without my knowledge nor am I going to pay for the FEDS DEFAULT TO THE U.S. TREASURY IN MY NAME WITH MY PROPERTY…TELL THE FEDSTERS & WALL STREET TO PAY THEIR OWN BILLS OUT OF THEIR OWN POCKETS….

  15. Stripes, if we were insolvent we would be in Bankruptcy, a CH 11 at that. But Why Should we Be? We have only one creditor (whom ever that may be for the note my husband signed). Everything else paid for, lakehouse, vehicles, business assets etc.etc.etc.. We put two kids thru collage, we have pensions and a 401k. .. Now you on the other hand, set at home all day, do not pay your bills and you think everybody owes you.

  16. Or should I say…dough dough brain…..

  17. That is why I filed a motion for a hearing….do do brain…

  18. There is no sub plaintiff on the residential property you moron…..same plaintiff as at the onset.

  19. Insolvent……you are talking about issues you know nothing about…and why are you suddenly back on the evil bandwagon….? We already argued this crap and you lost so buzzzzz off. You are nothing more than a vulture flying over your fraudulently induced kill zone…

  20. TI dont know anything about the contract you entered into with your business, I am talking about your home. They are just taking you thru the legal motions until its time to move in with the tax lien. So if the sub plaintiff also has no case for the note and mortgage thats all good. But out there somewhere is an unknown party who is paying/buying your taxes at the same time of your lawsuit. You need to find out who that is and be prepared to stop them. Thats all I am saying…

  21. You don’t know what the hell you are talking about insolvent … are crossing two separate cases that were all caused by one fraud but, are two separate and different properties with different and separate issues.

  22. #1….dumbass….that sub plaintiff is on the commercial property and those taxes are coming out of the receivership money…..the rent money……..#2……that sub plaintiff is an illegal reconveyance because the last sub plaintiff reconveyed their plaintiffs fraud back to the original plaintiff……that has ZERO….nothing to do with my residential property….same servicer as at the onset of their fraudulent fc claim…

  23. hahahaha .. Thanks for the Laugh Insolvent! The truth is you already have a sub plaintiff, Right? Anybody can buy and sell the taxes. Yep! Yep! Why wont you just call? Are you afraid of the answer? Sure You Are! The Truth will Set You Free! You are scared to call them because you are afraid of the Truth. Look at it this way, you could call them to prove me wrong. You would Love to Do That now, wouldnt You? Sure You Would! Prove Me Wrong … Make the Call!



  26. By LAW…..hat would have to be the same IMPOSTERS; the same fictitious payees who are trying to steal my property…..the third party not before the court…they have no legal rights of enforcement because their claims were fraudulent upon presentment …

  27. You fell for it Hook .. Line & Sinker Insolvent! You just dont know it yet and I’m not going to argue with you. Call your county tax collecters office and ask them. SIMPLE! Or wont your ego let you admit your wrong? Or maybe you wont call as I have suggested many times before, because you dont have the money to pay them. You can convince yourself of what you want… but your day is coming soon. The Whole Truth Will Set You Free! Not just your truth alone. Just sayin …

  28. Sure there is …. you will find it under the name of the undisclosed party paying your taxes, could that be the same party who claimed to be holder and owner of the note to? Oh well, cant get it with the note, cant scare her off, cant get her to do shortsale or DIL. Cant pay her keys for cash. Only one option left ….



  31. Listen Up Buttercup, I am only going to repeat myself one more time just because you are a slow learner. Just because they have no right to enforce the note does not mean that another party does not have a right to enforce the tax lien. They are two seperate issues and YES…THEY, WHOEVER THEY ARE CAN LEGALLY ENFORCE THE TAX LIEN!!!!! I dont laugh at other peoples pain or loss .. but I am going to laugh my ass off at your stupidity! Or is it your Ego? Either Way … I Hope You Relocate out of my State!

  32. The cost for these crooks will be nothing in reality …….nothing out of their pockets …… their failure is really their inability to deceive me into stealing my property and my freedom……Liberty will prevail…

  33. That is precisely why IMFL says they better be prepared to pay for their fraud if they get caught….red handed trying to steal from the defendants by the defendants ….goddamned deceptive crooks is all they are….

  34. So the crooks should have to “pay” the taxes and surrender my hijacked title and pay for their crimes….because they tried to steal from me…..and cause me permanent harm….The proof is at the onset of their fraudulent fc claim…

  35. THE TRUTH IS….They cannot force abandonment or a tax sale because that is DECEPTIVE CRIMINAL FRAUD….they can try and trick you but I know what the law says…….they must prove they have any legal rights at the onset…..and the did not because THE TRUTH IS…..THEY DO NOT HAVE ANY LEGAL RIGHTS…..NONE….BUT THEY SURE THOUGHT THEY COULD GET AWAY WITH IT…..BECAUSE PEOPLE DO NOT KNOW THE LAW…..

  36. You are a deceiving crook guest….THE TRUTH IS…..They don’t pay for jack shit…..never have…..and they defrauded me….So….surrender my title…..& pay back what you stole…..THE LEGAL THEORY OF CORPUS JURIS SECUNDUM (THE EVIL TALMUD) IS NOT BASED IN LAW OR FACT…..IT IS A COMMUNIST THEORY & IT IS ALSO CRIMINAL UNDER THE LAWS OF THIS LAND….

  37. Knucklehead Services paid the taxes for you. So what you want to know is who funded the advance for the taxes/ins to the Knucklehead Services. Knucklehead Services paid the advance on the behalf of a hidden funder (like the notes). Are we getting there yet? If they trashed your title and left you in limbo loan, .. there is only two ways to get your property legally. Abandoment or Tax Sale. Or a New Loan and a QT action. Most got new loans (loan mods), but have no idea about the mess left behind on their titles yet.

  38. These horrors don’t just happen….they are always well planned and executed by our enemies both foreign & domestic.

  39. You are wrong again guest…….I didn’t just finally “get it”…..I saw it was a vast criminal conspiracy by these crooks very early on.


  41. “The State & the FED are acting as one entity” ….. She Finally Gets IT! And the Taxpayers fund them both!

  42. The State & the FED are acting as one entity. That is why we are here…it is called FASCISM…..The State are who put us here by doubling the property taxes on the commercial property out of nowhere…..that is what FORCED the chain of events that put us here. We couldn’t very well double the rent on the renter or we would have lost the renter and that is what they wanted….it is a vast conspiracy and it is fascism. This is not about the money for these crooks, it is about stealing private property from the people. The proof is evident and on the face of all the documents ….

  43. Tip of the Day … Did you ask the Buttwipes Attorney to name and verify under oath who his client is? Who is writing his paycheck for his firms services? Is it the Plaintiff? Sooo Many Questions to Ask!

  44. You are so Screwing your ownself .. Insolvent! You are fighting the Fed while the State is sneaking in your back door.

  45. They FED should pay their own damned bills and not be criminally extorting money from us when in fact, they went into default in my name way back in 1992 at the Origination Fraud and all payments since then were unjust enrichment ….In reality, for the amount of counterfeiting & forgery they committed in my name, what I am asking for is meager compensation in the big scheme of this scam….

  46. I wasnt greedy, all I wanted was credit for the stolen prepaid escrow funds used to pay illeagal fees, and our attorneys fees, QT fees credited to our principal balance … then we gladly pay what we owe. Anything Less is Extortion! Anything More is Greed! End of Story!

  47. I did not file a countercomplaint for damages…….I told the court based on the facts presented I have all the legal rights of the harmed party. The motion is based on Plaintiffs failure to prove status of holder or prove they have legal rights of a holder at the onset….based on those unindorsed notes and the notes in blank I have in my possession….the truth is no counterclaims can be brought because the plaintiff failed to invoke the courts particular subject matter jurisdiction… it a note…a mortgage….a security entitlement ….no…none of the above… is a fraud…

  48. You should have gone with lack of standing to envoke jusisdiction(NOT filed a counter complaint for damages). Just for a Summery Judgement in your Favor on your motion. Done! With what you did filing the counter complaint for damages in the same lawsuit you will get litigated to death for years. If you wanted damages, you should have filed a seperate lawsuit! In the meantime …. your tax bill is running up with intrest and penalty and about to be fc on, while at the same time the old plaintiff drops its claims against title.. Long before you settle your lawsuit with Greedy vs Greedy. Intresting data thou…..

  49. I give up ….. all I can do is set back and watch you sink your own boat. Oh well! Ok, one more time here ….. so you win and they lose. You were and still are the Homeowner .. RIGHT? So now that you tenitivly won your current case …. here comes along a new plaintiff wanting to collect on his tax investment. Yep! No Fix for That!


  51. I should clarify that in reality WE THE PEOPLE are paying the property taxes in everything we do……THE BANKS PAY FOR NOTHING…..THEY STEAL BY HYPERINFLATION AND PROGRESSIVE TAXATION POLICIES ….THEY ARE DECEPTIVE CROOKS….


  53. If the property taxes are a separate issue than where is that plaintiffs suit. The taxes were paid by us in full at the commencement. Unless you are saying the crooks were pocketing the escrow money too….because I have every receipt and escrow statement.

  54. LDTX
    So I guess this will lead me to another question. The Tax Accessor and Collectors Office will tell you the property taxes have been paid. If I pay the taxes again, I will ask who paid the taxes on the property?
    Then should I send the cashier’s check to whoever paid the taxes or do I pay them again at the Harris County Tax Office and get a receipt of payment?

  55. It is not a separate issue…..they said in their original complaint they are fraudclosing on a fee simple contract but at the commencement the taxes were over paid by us there was actually a surplus in escrow which they refunded. Now if they claim they own the land then why would they not pay the taxes…? It is all deceptive practices but bottom line….IMFL states the plaintiff must be prepared to pay the property taxes because generally people in fc are in financial hardship. That is undisputable.

  56. In your case … the Plaintiff and the Defendent Both Lose! The party buying your property taxes is the Winner! It has nothing to do with your case … It is a Seperate Issue!

  57. There are no escrow accounts because we are fighting fraudclosure …. Why would we trust to pay a fictitious entity any money to be paid on our behalf….we wouldn’t. It would be like handing a criminal who you knew robbed you more money. If they filed the fc lis pends they are claiming property rights.

  58. So your saying is under the contract .. they are responsible for the taxes? Isnt that an admission there is a contract? ??? State Law says the party listed on the Deed is the property owner and must under Law pay the property Taxes. If you dont, they are sold and the buyer can FC on you! Your dispute with the other party over ownership has nothing to do with your obligations for the Property Taxes! Period!!! You Lose!!!

  59. It just so happens that stranger is also trying to steal my property. What a coincidence …..! NOT…….that is what I told the court in my motion ……and asked the court to assess all costs of their fraudulent case, including the property taxes to the plaintiff… They are telling the court they hold the property rights but they would allow a “stranger” to steal the property while in litigation …? Not only is that deceptive, that is criminal. Nice try but the judge is never going to go for that.

  60. Guest…..who are you calling insolvent……? The FDIC are the criminals here trying to enforce insolvent debt that can never be repaid that is bankrupting the people……RE MY PROPERTY RIGHTS…

    The outcome of the lawsuit is pending….. No transactions can be made on property involved in a lawsuit, that is why the foreclosure lis pends is filed publicly, it puts everyone on notice the property rights are unsettled. If you are not in fc then you must pay the taxes. Their invalid contract that they claim is valid says they are responsible for payment of the taxes. Funny how they can claim they hold a legal contract that allows them to steal property but they have no other legal responsibilities under that contract.

    You can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time.

  61. Its like MS said …. there are NO escrow accounts. If you dont pay your legal obligations and a stranger does …… you’ve got a problem.

  62. We have Never applied for assistance! No HardShip! (except their BS Extortion) …. We have also paid the taxes and ins and played the tax and ins game since 2010. No new FC action by BOA after we hired attorney and stopped making payments in 2010.

  63. 2010 … NOD for Escrow Default, $5000
    2011 …. Notice` application for financial assistance denied, escrow default $5000, sending loan to fc dept.
    2012 …. Notice` application for financial assistance denied, escrow default $10,000, sending loan to fc dept.
    2013…. Notice` application for financial assistance denied, escrow default $15,000, sending loan to fc dept

  64. Yes Poppy, they do it with the homeowners insurance to. They just did with mine again, my auto pays get kicked out and the credit balance of BOA payment (after 12mo max applied to homeowner ins) was applied to my umbrella policy. Tricky! Tricky! In order to kick BOA off as morgagee, I have to cancel and start a new policy AGAIN this year. Its the only way to get BOA payment refunded to them and get them off as morgagee on my homeowners policy. Buttwipes!!

  65. @ Poppy, never meant for you to fill up on crow. I just wanted to see if you had a menu of cases that I wasn’t aware of.

    You cite some good ones. Alderazi is my all time favorite of any genre, as it shows a judge ruling with care and concern for…OK….I’ll say it….the – LAW – for a change.

    Now I still don’t understand why Kemp didn’t blow the lid off of CW once and for all. The evidence entered and the depositions taken should have been such an easy road map to follow. But few attorneys keep up with this stuff. They’re way too busy (billing huge amounts) sending cease and desist letters, and writing threatening letters about flower beds being too close to property lines.

    A few years ago when I still believed that Lori Swanson’s office (MN AG) just might prove helpful in my cause (laughable when looking back on my sophomoric beliefs back then), I had a hardcore and lengthy face to face with one of the attorneys in her office. After trying unsuccessfully to make him understand the blatant criminality occurring, I started all over again, from the top, seeing as how he was obviously lost. He interrupted me and said (I swear on Grandma’s doilies), “Now tell me again, which one is the mortgagor, and which one is the mortgagee?” It was right then and there that I knew all was lost without chance of hope, and that there was simply no sense in flailing around in the quicksand I found myself in. There were no branches anywhere to reach for.

    At the time I struggled with thoughts of forming more attempts at breaking through their wall of ignorance. Now, years later and post The Great AG Sellout, I’m glad I didn’t waste any more gas or time on the effort. They were all simply waiting for the right bus to come along to throw us all under.

    One last note about CW….for the life of me I can’t figure out why some enterprising law firm not connected to big banks (are there any?) doesn’t jump on the fact that everyone everywhere realizes that every single thing CW produced was pure unadulterated shit, and the putbacks are going to probably end up near 100% in investor suits. Given those facts, it’s a given and pretty elementary math that the exact same formulations work on the borrower’s side as well. In my opinion, each and every CW origination needs to be unwound and restitution paid to the victims of these crimes.

    And while we’re at it, the DOJ should get off their asses and convict every single sleazebag at the top of CW when their securitization squeeze was in play. Take their gains, and place each of these slimy bastards in small cold cells with metal toilets and no windows. Allow them just one book to read….Mortgage Underwriting For Dummies.

  66. A tidbit here: BOA paid the insurance only, last year (not lapsed, 2 months early), it included the auto bill too. They started an escrow account and added the amount to the mortgage, which I refused to pay. Then started to default me, intentionally. I never made the connection the way you stated it, but now…we have to include other language here and try and stop that, immediately.

  67. When I contacted the county collecters office again a couple of weeks ago, after the notice from BOA and a property inspection they said someone paid the taxes in full as a walk in but they didnt know who. (ME — I have the cancelled check and reciepts). BOA financial services payments were sent back. 🙂 ….. Fraud Upon the Court if they file for FC? Sure it is!

  68. The county collecter will not send back their payment. TRUE! You MUST request a tax statement/bill from the party who paid them. You MUST send them the tax money, with intrest and penalty or they will fc on taxes. Trust Me! I prefer to walk into the county collecters office and pay them in full the 1st day the become due. I thought it would save alot of hassle …. hahaha …. the servicer is still saying we have an escrow shortage of $15,000. Let them take us to court,

  69. Now I get why they have started paying the taxes…Hmmm. Got to them before I could and county won’t rescind them. Interesting. They never do anything without an agenda, need to watch everything. Still have a rabbit in my hat with the title. Went back to previous sale, WoW!

  70. Our note escheat to the state, but not title. Since the state pensions were screwed with the MBS…. they deserve the assets and cash flows not the FED Buttwipes who have already been paid in full but still screwed the pensions! We are in the process of working out a settlement, that will clear our way to a QT.

  71. Poppy, in our case the LP and JFC was filed in 08 by CW (broker on note and MERS on title). JFC dismissed (reinstated) after mod scam and LP finally released in 2011. The problem was CWHL did not own the note and did not hold mortgage lien. That is why BOA was atimate about trying to get fc before SOL expired. So in 2010 they trumped up an escrow shortage for the 2010 taxes (not yet due and payable, but we paid them into escrow with our P&I) and tried to get fc in CW name,

  72. I meant ”

    Failure to State a Claim” sorry

  73. SOL on failure to make a claim starts when the LP or JFC is started here.

  74. S.O.L. s vary by state.

  75. Anyone here know when the SOL runs from on a debt, with the promissory note?

  76. As a stockholder let me give you an example. I recieve my annual dividend check but do not cash it. They check is void after 90days. BONYM does not get to keep the money.. They hold it til the S.O.L expires, Then it escheats to the State as unclaimed property. Get It?

  77. Failure to Make a Claim under S.O.L., Escheats to the State like any other unclaimed asset. But maintaining the property and paying the property taxes is still Required By State Law to be Paid by the Party holding the Deed! Its all about who hold the deed and what their legal obligations are, and what happens if they dont meet them.

  78. I am reposting this article just for you Insolvent. Read It and Weep! This applies to those still in there homes to …. Let me know when this thing about fc on property taxes sinks in or if it hits you like a rock first.

  79. @ E Tolle

    I may have to eat crow here…but I haven’t thoroughly checked my Pacer account yet.

    We used;
    BOA Case #10-52208, Scribd;
    BONY v. Alderzi
    AWL #24592-Appeal
    Pinson v. AWL 1:09-cv-5630 WHA
    Martinez v. AWL
    CW v. Stenz
    AWL v. AWL, Inc….NY (information regarding corporate names)
    AWL v. CHLI, 8:12-cv-00242-CJC-AN

    Misc…with CW:
    Kemp v. CW

    My thought in most of my research is the information I acquired, even if they lost….it was informative, for me, the incidental issues many times of why someone was ruled against. I, personally found it was how the case was pleaded or the basis for the claim…now I am going about trying to correct those errors. Just me…

  80. Nice MS! Very Suttle! LOL! Listen Up Stripes, as the homeowner you are required to keep up the maintance and pay property taxes! You are facing a FC on your taxes! The IFA does not superceed the Illinois Property Tax Law when there is a conflict, IPTL is Upheld!! I told you to call your county tax collecter and ask … such a simple task! But you are hell bent on being right and wont admit your mistake and it is going to cost you your home! Pffft!

  81. Thanks for being honest MS….That’s all I want, honesty. I am not trying to be entertaining, I am really truly pissed off. Not just about what they did but, what they are still doing, playing people for fools. That is what really gets me going berserk. They are stealing everything from the people and the people aren’t getting it… all. Even the few who sat they “get it” really DO NOT GET what this is really all about….TOTALITARIANISM ….Because if they really “got it” they wouldn’t be coming out screaming & yelling about their gun rights…they would be REVOLTING ON EVERYTHING…..They would walk out of this SHAM DEMOCRACY & STOP PAYING THESE CROOKS….and give the middle finger…the Italian salute to these Roman Emporers & these political crooks…..THAT IS WHAT A CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC DOES…..NOT PROTEST LIKE A BUNCH OF WHINING CRY BABY STUPID YING YANGS…I KNOW YOU ARE CROOKS BUT PLEASE DON’T TAKE AWAY MY LEGAL RIGHTS TO KEEP & BEAR ARMS…..! What the hell..? Grow some you morons…!

  82. No I don’t know Stripes and she is a lot better off for that LOL. Her rhetorical discourse is entertaining and no one has suffered more than I for what …telling the truth ?

    I was part of the first securities offering for a private label registration . It was in 1996 and through Continental Grain .

    I delivered the most production under a whole loan SR transfer and sale method using my own proprietary Mortgage Electronic registering platform. I rejected Mers Corp from the start

    I still , believe this or not, still get a call to execute a missing assignment or to endorse an alonge. I included in every file the Blank and the open ended assignments and allonges along with the executed assignment in favor of the transferee, GMAC, C BASS , CWHL Inc Capital Markets etc GMAC was my biggest purchaser.

    Still the attorneys call alleging I never did the assignment when I went to sell the loan as part of a 25 million pool . The last time I was contacted by Counsel in New York ( I am seeing a lot more attacks on my work coming from the opposition , in court and out , via attorneys in New York ) .The beneficiary attorney , he asked that I aid their efforts in a foreclosure and provide a gratuitous assignment and endorsement. I said in a moment of fatigue – sure . I asked however that the lawyer answer a couple of questions.

    It was bizarre as for that moment I was once again one of them and talking to a sector bud….I asked how much was owed on the file meaning UPB …he laughed and said. Come on …nothing . You know that.!

    This is for a loan I sold and then for a file I was told I never sold.

    Look my point is for today’s tidbit of advice . Look up gratuitous assignments….get familiar with the concept

    More later



  83. The truth is our only weakness is what we don’t know. Telling the judge these fc actions are criminal & why is not a crime. What do you suggest John gault we do…..? Let them steal it…..or make us a slave….or stand up for our rights….? Here is a good example of why pro se’s are told to get attorney’s …… pro se goes up to the bench and the judge asks him….”what is it you are trying to do…?”…..Pro Se says……GET A LOAN MODIFICATION ….. WTF..? Perfect example of a rebel without a clue……he could get a “free attorney” to do that for him…..DUMB…DUMB..DUMB…DUMB…DUMBER THAN A BOX OF ROCKS…..



  86. stripes @ 2:24, well then. that takes care of it. How silly of me and everyone else We’ll just march into court and tell the judge it’s all a load and can we go home now? Don’t know why the rest of us haven’t thought of that. You want revolution – fine (if you’re not factually in charge of oppression). But if we play it your way, we’ll be doing it from tents.

  87. No body believed the nanny did such a horrible thing. Goes to show you how little the bankters care about families and children and anyone but themselves.

  88. Also stallilng in hopes to deregulate more law to enable their fraud.

  89. Lou Dobbs on FOX Bill Oreilly… said …..what has happened here in America is the merging of Corporations and the politicians (fascism)….Lou calls democracy akin to debauchery …. he said the interest on the FEDs debt will be a trillion dollars in a few years…Oreilly said in a smiling, laughing response.. the dollar will collapse way before that happens. Not only is that not funny…that is the mentality of these corporate criminals. Time to issue our own currency…

  90. The statute of limitations begins upon discovery of their fraud….not at the onset of their fraudulent fc claim……..Kudlow guest talking OBAMACARE & IS ANTI OBAMACARE…..HE SAID OBAMACARE IS WRONG BECAUSE IT IS BEING GOVERNED BY GOVERNMENT DIRECTION….



  92. Stalling to get past the statutes of limitations. However fraud and crime are extended statutes. They know about statutes and I am sure the houses are all past the statutes and uncollectable. Statutes of limtations for breached contract by fraud and rigged LIBOR rates. more fraud and fraud upon fraud.

  93. Read the latest on the politicians biggest scam in history here…

  94. Guest said “they are stalling for time.” Stalling for time to do what….? I am the movant and I caught them all red handed.

  95. Thanks Shelley….I knew the nanny didn’t do it as soon as I heard the story. It reminds of the skit by Dave Chapelle….I Plead the FIF … where the cops come in to “pick up” the Wall Street dude and the first thing they do is shoot his dog. They treat the drug dealers like kings and the crooks all plead the FIF….They are deceivers, liars and mental abusers is all they are.

  96. The fact the taxes were coming out of the receivership money was quite deceptive and criminal. The plaintiff is supposed to be paying those. That’s why they asked our permission to pay them out of the receivership money and that’s why I am suing them for it. Deception is the devils work and that is the only way the operate……as Max Keiser said….take fraud out of the equation and the U.S. GOVERNMENT …..THEIR FRAUDULENTLY INDUCED DEMOCRACY IS OUT OF BUSINESS.

  97. The lies and deceit to defraud the people never stop…..

  98. Its not the house, its the commercial property and the taxes are being paid by the renter. I am suing them for fraud & property taxes on both properties. The plaintiff has to pay the property taxes under ILLINOIS MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE LAW….& IF THEY DON’T THEY ARE IN DEEP SHIT WITH THE JUDGE….THEY ALREADY TRIED THAT & GOT ADMONISHED BY THE JUDGE AND WERE TOLD TO PAY THE PROPERTY TAXES…

  99. They were stalling for time to get you for the property taxes, they knew they had an unsecured debt and no standing to invoke jurisdiction. But they still want that house and you better stand prepared to cough up alot of cash for those property taxes with intrest and penalty ! I Warned You!

  100. This is the second time during the fc they substituted the plaintiff….

  101. The judges keep allowing this crap.

  102. guest….The whole country has to revolt….on EVERYTHING….then it’s a Constitutional Republic again….That’s right a motion to substitute plaintiff while I am the moving party and they switched plaintiffs 5 months ago and never notified the court.


  104. If you stop paying income tax, you dont shut down goverment … you get a big bill with intrest and they will seize your assets including your home and your paycheck. If you do not pay your property taxes, you get big bill with intrest and eventually get fc on by the party paying them on your behalf at the tax sale.. (substitute plaintiff )?

  105. Remember a while back during the height of the Occupy protests Erin Burnett said what are they protesting….? Nobody seems to know… Precisely….because WHAT they should have been doing is telling the POLITICIANS TO RESIGN….. BECAUSE…this thing called DEMOCRACY wa fraudulently induced….THE U.S.A. IS A CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC AND THE POWER OF WE THE PEOPLE IS THE GOVERNMENT…..THE POLITICIANS MAY NOT USE THE ENUMERATION IN THE U.S. CONSTITUTION TO WRITE LAWS THAT WEAKEN THE POWER OF WE THE PEOPLE….

  106. Ask them for discovery to do what…..? Aid & Abet their crimes against us. Give them another chance to orchestrate a phony chain of title…?

    Oh criminals please will you allow us to give you another chance to rob us……? OH HELL NO..!

  107. There is no discovery John Gault and we already know that. The reason we are hanging out here morning ….noon….and night is to EXPOSE THESE CROOKS…..I have already done my “research” I already know they are all crooks.

  108. Ask a lawyer what …..? If the intent to deceive by concealment at the onset of the plaintiffs claims is subjorning perjury…? Are the Plaintiffs openly admitting to the courts they are IMPOSTERS…..and fictitious payees….? The lawyers already know they are and they will tell you they can’t help you.

  109. So then you (reasonable people) say big whoop because we’re not even getting to discovery to consider those rules. Some people here spend a whole lot of time saying they’re all rat-b’s, the game is rigged, yada, yada. I don’t know that any of us would disagree, so it’s rather preaching to the choir, which itself is sort of odd. So, yeah, okay, now let’s prove it. Anyone who has the luxury of hanging around here morning, noon, and night, day in and day out surely has time to reseach discovery so that we CAN prove it. All blow and no go? I’m not anyone’s boss here, nor is anyone else (maybe NG if he deigned). But I fail to see the value of all the inflamatory, incendiary stuff here, when what we need is solid bases for getting discovery, without which everything remains at law an allegation and will remain just an allegation until it’s all just another bi-line in our history (e tolle – again, you could say that so much better). In that regard, the constant droning of allegations of criminality, a conspiracy so vast and sweeping, are nothing more than rhetoric, are oppressive, which curiously, unavoidably undermines real efforts because that’s what
    oppression does.

  110. A request for discovery is no more than offering them a chance to commit more fraud.

  111. There is no need to motion for discovery when the plaintiffs fc complaint was intentionally deceptive by concealment and Plaintiffs were subjorning perjury at the onset of their fraudulent claim….it is racketeering ….counterfeiting and forgery as well. They are engaging in a coverup for the FRAUD IN THE FACTUM by the Issuer.

  112. Poppy, no offense taken. I’d love to be proven wrong when it comes to AWL getting their asses handed to them. Scum of the earth and the offspring of Satan incarnate Mozilo.

  113. E. ToLLe

    I will certainly refresh my cases…I believe we have more than that, as my case caption used it…in this case it would be a pleasure to prove someone wrong…no offense intended.

  114. Well, I sit corrected. I found it pretty quickly. It’s rule 7026(b)(5) – BKRP (see FRCP’s – 26(b)(5)?) which says that when objection is made on the basis of of privilege or work product, they must yet identify the docs or items withheld. ask a lawyer

  115. re: my comment at 12:47: my notes say who must sign in discovery is found in rule 7033(b)(2) in bk rules, so maybe 33(b)(2) in FRCP’s:
    “The answers are to be signed by the person making them, and the
    objections are to be signed by the attorney making them. When a seasoned attorney signs answers which should be signed by the party, are they deemed non-responses, is it sanctionable? I don’t know. And still need to find the frcp which says discovery withheld on the basis of privilege (or ?) or for which protection is sought must yet be identified. Gwen, you can probably find it faster than me if you’re interested.

  116. That motion was not just improper, it is illegal. This is their 2nd request to switch plaintiff since the onset of their bogus claim.

  117. CNBC asking the question….DID BERNANKE BLOW IT…..?

    NO… CONgress, the SENATE and the HOUSE BLEW IT…



  118. Yes making the judges the policy makers.This has gone to their heads.

  119. There may be an action a court may take on a finding of frivolous and vexatious motions. But I’m not sure if it’s contempt. It might be sanctionable, but not necessarily as contempt. I’m not sure, nor sure that it matters which. From the hip only and as a lay person, I’d say that to find f & or v, the matter brought up in the motion(s) must have already been adjudicated. When one doesn’t like an adjudication, prob either a mtn for reconsideration (59 or 60) or a rule 52 mtn for clairification would be the proper route. A rule 59 mtn suspends operation of a judgment. imo. Ask a lawyer – I can’t even recall if 52, 59, and 60 are available on mtns re judgments. Imo when one has said the eggs are broken and the leather is plastic, and the court’s ruling doesn’t address one of both, a rule 52 mtn for clarification is in order.
    lay opinions. ask a lawyer. Lawyers, feel free to chip in.

  120. What priviledge does the Plaintiff have when their allegations are not proven at the onset of their faulty, fraudulent claims.

    The House & Congress members all need to be arrested for doing this to the people. They are governing this country on COLOR OF LAW THEORIES NOT BASED IN LAW OR FACT.

  121. Intent to deceive is a cause of action in a criminal case.

  122. What if the cause of action was never proven…..then the alleged cause of action can only be considered a criminal act …… an intent to deceive by plaintiff at the onset.

  123. Well they are in contempt and in violation of a court order. The judge ordered them to respond to my motion and their response is they want to substitute the plaintiff……5 months after the switch. It’s like they are admitting guilt IMHO…

  124. gwen – isn’t it true that when requesting a protective order, one must
    identify the material to be protected, just as one must identify the material withheld on the basis of privilege (or what not)? I wish I remembered more, but there’s also something like: the plaintiff (or def)
    must sign the discovery tendered and the attorney only signs discovery objections? I’ll see if I can find the case where I got this
    (citing the rules, as I recall).

  125. It is all criminal deception poppy and all of this criminal fraud is going on during my motion to dismiss. I am the moving party. That is my point. WTF was the same reaction I had to all of this.

  126. ian – very entertaining – thanks for the laugh.

  127. poppy – don’t take my word for this (as usual), but it’s my understanding that as to “outrageous (or slanderous/libelous – I forget which applies to writing but it matters) statements” made in litigation, no contempt is available. There is no cause of action for whatever is alleged in a court action to the best of my knowledge and I think this because I remember it from some case or two. The only thing which could implicate rule 11 or any other imo is if those statements were stated as facts found by the court or actual fraud on the court. It’s my understanding you can say so and so is really a purple pig in disguise as a human without fear of reprisal in litigation. You can call the other guy’s behavior criminal even, far as I know. Contempt is only available as a violation of a court order. That’s why, for instance, when s-heads won’t comply with discovery, one has to get a mtn to compel granted, which leads to an order for which contempt may then be found when the sh doesn’t comply. As to the issue of outrageous or scandalous statements made in litiation and ramifications, I’m pretty sure “all is fair in love and war and litigation”. That’s why they can paint homeowners as deadbeats without reprisal, though it’s nothing but a red herring, and unfortunately one which seems to have influenced courts. “Whether or not I’m a deadbeat isn’t the issue before the court, your honor. The issue is my right to ascertain and the court’s responsibility as a trier of fact to determine that granting the relief sought by plaintiff will resolve any obligation I may have, which for the record, isn’t admitted.”
    Try looking up “scandalous allegations in litigation” and ask a lawyer.

  128. CNBC reporting FEDSTERS plan on printing a trillion dollars this year to buy back their own fraud and hand us that bill with interest.

    The truth is the FEDSTERS are CONgress by proxy and they are destroying us.

    Bernanke said openly that CONgress has the power to pass a mandate to abolish the FED BECAUSE CONGRESS CREATED THE FED….

    CONgress are the real criminals here. Obama is a member of their “big investor club” but he is just doing CONgresses dirty work or he would have been impeached a long time ago.

    CONgress are the biggest fat criminal liars on the planet. All their criminal fraud begins in the HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES where their crimes are written and then they are passed by the instigators of these crimes against us…..CONGRESS & THE SENATE. If they want to hide their crimes, they have Obama use his Executive Priveledge. Obamas aiding & abetting and covering up for these lying crooks.

    They are all proxies for the World Banksters.

  129. @ Poppy, can you define what “several cases” means? I know of only two, Pagano and Silberstein, both in CT. The banksters have been getting away with foreclosing in AWL’s name on millions of people, with nearly zero published accounts to the contrary.

    Please prove me wrong, as I have a vested interest in any knowledge to the contrary.

  130. Right on Poppy! If it were me I would also file an affirmation of proof of authority to represent to the lawyers per the court and see if they back off. This is one of Neils articles way back. This is why my sons opposing lawyers sent a letter to represent only Countrywide AND I THINK THEY ARE IN DEEP TROUBLE NOW. This puts the lawyer on the hot seat to make a choice to go to jail or do the right thing and withdraw. I am not a lawyer so seek counsel on this.

  131. @ L Dean,

    One thing: in several cases Americas Wholesale Lender has been kicked to the curb, for saying they are the lender on the DOT. Trade names are not parties to judicial relief, they cannot file an action or defend one…needs to be Countrywide, which is SOL.

  132. If that were me, just saying, I’d file a motion for a dismissal or summary judgment, as the real Plaintiff is not in the action any longer…what the hell is a substitute Plaintiff? A party suing for the previous party, is that like a substitute criminal? WTF

  133. @LDean

    The BofA servicer is the junk debt buyer “investor” in disguise.

  134. I should have said, the politicians, law enforcement and the judiciary are engaging in a conspiracy to cover up for the biggest robbery of our wealth and destruction and theft of our property in history for the elite via their Banks and Wall Street. The entire country is a massive crime scene.

  135. L Dean…they are crooks, manipulators and liars and this country is a national crime scene because of it. The politicians, law enforcement and the courts are engaging in a cover up for the biggest theft of our wealth and property in history. Tell the judge that, in legal terms of course.

  136. LDean TX
    Please if somebody can answer my question I would greatly appreciate it. I have been living and fighting against foreclosure of my home in Texas for 2-1/2 Years now. I have fought off the foreclosure by bringing forth many facts presented in the Neil Garfield Livinglies Blog.
    Thank you to all who participate. As most of you may know, I have the situation of America’s Wholesale Lender, MERS, Bank of New York Mellon for the Securitized Mortgage under CWABS 2007-2. Since I received a letter from Bank of New York Trustee, telling me they are not the investor but the Trustee for the Investors, they have no say in loan modifications and do not hold the note or physically own the property, I have not paid on the home in 2-1/2 years, so we know there is no money in escrow to pay the taxes, and Bank of America clings to their story that BONY is owner and holder of the note, just recently I went to pay the taxes on the property and they have already been paid by Bank of America. How is it, Bank of America is the Servicer, Bank of New York Mellon is the Trustee, we can not identify the true holder of the note the how did Bank of America pay the property taxes on the home? I am still occupying the property and I have advised both BONY and Bank of America in writing to stop paying any and all taxes on the property until this matter is resolved. I am the owner until otherwise advised by BONY or Bank of America who is owner and holder of the note so I am responsible for all property taxes to the property. Who gave Bank of America (Servicer) funds to pay the property taxes?

  137. That motion to be heard by plaintiffs is after my check status hearing. Therefore, I am considering their motion their response to my motion.

  138. The truth about securitization is….. the only security is all of us RE PAYING them, and THE BANKS destroyed their ORIGINAL BILL OF CREDIT by DEFAULTING on THE U.S. TAXPAYERS and by OVERISSUING INVESTMENTS Via their criminal friends on WALL STREET……They are all just corrupt dirty criminal bastards who owe WE THE PEOPLE GAZILLIONS….& THE WHOLE COUNTRY IS A CRIME SCENE BECAUSE OF THESE CRIMINAL DEADBEATS.

  139. Ask counsel if you should object to this I sure would think you should flat out object.

  140. My sons case is in the Appeals court when the lawyers wanted to only be frepresenting Countrywide, when they had represented countrywide, BOA, RECONTRUST and MERS . He objected. This to me is admission of misrepresentation. The reason it is in the Appeals court is lack of standing. He sent a letter for affirmation of proof of representation. Then they sent hin a letter asking his permission to represent only Countrywide. A bankrupt company. BOA MERS and RECONTRUST know they have no right to represent and neither do the attorneys have the right to represent them. The notes are obviously in Countrywides hands or shredded, due to being VOID nots and not negotiable anymore. As far as I see it.

  141. Thanks poppy. I like you believe we need to expose these crimes against us.

    Quick question for Neil or anyone who knows the answer to this one and its a hot one I believe. Can Plaintiff file a motion to substitute Plaintiff in the middle of my motion to request a hearing? The judge told them to respond to my motion and switching plaintiffs was their response. They sent me a letter last August they were switching servicers and now they are notifying the court of the “switch” in the middle of my motion to request a hearing? This is the second switch and the previous servicer reconveyed the title back to the original plaintiff so this switch is more “improper” than the last. This is our business property & the receiver told us she has no idea who the plaintiff even is anymore. Of course this appears to be totally deceitful. The judge in this case moved up to appellate so the sub does not know the case. That switch of judges “happened” after I filed my motion. There is a “check status” hearing on my motion next month. Should I consider that motion their response and reply to that in support of my motion? It seems they are admitting all of my claims are true and they are telling the judge they lost possession of ownership. The fact they switched plaintiffs again, in August is already in my motion with evidence. There is another conundrum, the building caught on fire a couple of months ago and was heavily damaged. The fire Marshall said it was arson and the whole act was caught on tape. At first the receiver said there is no insurance, now she said there is forced placed insurance but she doesn’t know who holds it and she is trying to find out. I told her its probably the original plaintiff who holds the insurance…..the bank. Yes it’s official, it’s a real crime scene now.

  142. The charge offs make absoluted sense. When charged off the debt becomes uncollectabel. The debt collectors trick you into believing you owe the debt. When you object to owing the debt that should be it but the banks have the wool pulled over the eyes of the judges and the people and are coning the entire system to steal teh house that have void uncollectable notes. I recommend you read the Kevin Trudeau book, Even if you believe it is a book on how to con a con. The book explains how this con by debt collector works and how to stop the con game. However the worst of it is you have to find a way to make the judge understand it or accept it. Most judges are biased and dont go by the rule of law. It is off with your head, you are not going to get a windfall due to the banks crimes. It is so sad all the homeowners including me are fighting a ghost note.Charged of by PSA contract and uncollectable. We are battling with mortgage promissory notes that in most cases are past the statutes of limitations in most states and are uncolletable due to the breadh of contract, by both fraud at inception and rigged LIBOR rates. My promissory note is past the statute of limtations in Wa State as of last June. Uncollectable and my attorney tells me I can only work with the bank due to the judges are not ruling by the rule of law they are blocking the rule of law and juding by biase. We are in a debacle of hell. Look up the statutes of limitations for written contracts, promissory notes including mortgages. There is a reason for that law.It exist This is something I have been shouting fo the last two years and have not seen anything to debunk it. This party that asked me to post the above just supports my theory. A void not is a void not just like a void negotable check is a void check. A void negotiable cashiers check is void aftert it is so old. They all have time lines to be cashable and negotable and void after that time frame.Ral check or real note or real cashiers check. The are not negotiable after being void.My opinion only not an expert however I recommend you investigate this opinion and debunk me if you can. I truly believe this is the case,

  143. Poppy, securitization goes back much further than the 70’s. Ranier simply made it a popular tool for non-agency securitization.

    You are correct that everything is securitized, and even more have swap availibility or derivatives through synthetics. True derivative exposure has been estimated at 600 million.

    You are also absolutely correct about accrual and held for sale off balance sheet transactions.

    Here is one thing everybody misses – FNM and FRE do not charge off and eliminate notes that they are investor in. They do not take receipt of the Note from the GSE approved lenders (reserve systme banks for the most part). Don’t believe me; just look at any final HAMP mod and you will see that the lender is not FNM or FRE (because they do not lend) it is always the N.A.

    So can someone tell me how FNM or FRE charge-off notes they do not own, and if they are actually doing anything other than insuring credit risk or receiving cash-flow from the loan pool, held in the off balance sheet SPE.

  144. P
    “…Securitization of credit goes back to the 80’s. For mortgages, the ONLY securitization was Freddie/Fannie. Then credit cards, auto loans, student loans—all started to be securitized by banks. But, it was not until the subprime fraud that the banks started to “securitize” Freddie/Fannie charge-offs. This started to occur about the year 1999/2000. As this happened, “mortgage” market share shifted from Freddie/Fannie to the banks. Anything that has a cash flow can be securitized. Securitization is the pass-through of cash flows. But, the key difference as to subprime is in the accounting (remember Enron scandal??). Valid securization must involve the removal of RECEIVABLES. You have to understand an accounting balance sheet for this. Receivables are the current assets that are owed to a corporation (the only one who files accounting financial statements). Thus, for “TRUE” securitization—the current asset (cash) receivables are removed from “ON” balance sheet to off-balance sheet conduit. But, for subprime, this was NOT the case. Any GSE charge-offs (the note) cannot be “refinanced” for current cash receivable to be reported by corporate financial statements. Charge-offs are—well, charge-offs. Note is GONE. So when the GSEs charge-off the note—only collection rights remain. These collection rights are SOLD by GSEs to third parties. Collection rights (because there no longer is a note)—can only be reported as “INCOME” by the acquirer. Therefore, all these REMICs that claimed to be removing receivables from on-balance sheet to off-balance sheet—for “security” pass-through—were fraudulent. This is what the securities fraud is really about. As to the borrower, big difference—because, one—the note is gone (and only collection rights survive)—and two, the “debt” is no longer secured. It is UNSECURED. Big issue in bankruptcy. And, of course, the subprime refinances were falsely (fraudulently) presented as a mortgage refinance—when, in fact, they were nothing more than COLLECTION RIGHTS MODIFICATION. Also, big IRS tax issues involved. This is why the financial crisis hit so heavy and hard when it did. Europe discovered it first. Of course, US regulators, Congress, and the Federal Reserve themselves—did not know what hit them. Totally unprepared. Why?? Because Deregulation (which occurred at the same time that subprime started to surface–around year 2000)—allowed involved financial institutions to get away with it. Who is to blame for Deregulation?? Senator Phil Gramm, and President Clinton (President Bush could have stopped but did not.)”

    Here is a good link re. the deregulation timeline (Frontline):
    osted for a friend:

  145. ian, take a look in Country Records to see if an assignemnt of the mortgage was recorded from their subsidiary bank to the National City parent – prior to the FDIC assistance (scam to keep the credit in the market) and proceed from there. I have some good stuff on them and I just received a case on Monday involving this particular subject matter.



  146. Just a tidbit for anyone who might be interested or value this: this was shared by an acquaintance…

    “…Securitization of credit goes back to the 80′s. For mortgages, the ONLY securitization was Freddie/Fannie. Then credit cards, auto loans, student loans—all started to be securitized by banks. But, it was not until the subprime fraud that the banks started to “securitize” Freddie/Fannie charge-offs. This started to occur about the year 1999/2000. As this happened, “mortgage” market share shifted from Freddie/Fannie to the banks. Anything that has a cash flow can be securitized. Securitization is the pass-through of cash flows. But, the key difference as to subprime is in the accounting (remember Enron scandal??). Valid securization must involve the removal of RECEIVABLES. You have to understand an accounting balance sheet for this. Receivables are the current assets that are owed to a corporation (the only one who files accounting financial statements). Thus, for “TRUE” securitization—the current asset (cash) receivables are removed from “ON” balance sheet to off-balance sheet conduit. But, for subprime, this was NOT the case. Any GSE charge-offs (the note) cannot be “refinanced” for current cash receivable to be reported by corporate financial statements. Charge-offs are—well, charge-offs. Note is GONE. So when the GSEs charge-off the note—only collection rights remain. These collection rights are SOLD by GSEs to third parties. Collection rights (because there no longer is a note)—can only be reported as “INCOME” by the acquirer. Therefore, all these REMICs that claimed to be removing receivables from on-balance sheet to off-balance sheet—for “security” pass-through—were fraudulent. This is what the securities fraud is really about. As to the borrower, big difference—because, one—the note is gone (and only collection rights survive)—and two, the “debt” is no longer secured. It is UNSECURED. Big issue in bankruptcy. And, of course, the subprime refinances were falsely (fraudulently) presented as a mortgage refinance—when, in fact, they were nothing more than COLLECTION RIGHTS MODIFICATION. Also, big IRS tax issues involved. This is why the financial crisis hit so heavy and hard when it did. Europe discovered it first. Of course, US regulators, Congress, and the Federal Reserve themselves—did not know what hit them. Totally unprepared. Why?? Because Deregulation (which occurred at the same time that subprime started to surface–around year 2000)—allowed involved financial institutions to get away with it. Who is to blame for Deregulation?? Senator Phil Gramm, and President Clinton (President Bush could have stopped but did not.)”

  147. @zurrenarrh: I agree with you. Where I live it is a known fact that the judicial system is completely rigged and not just with foreclosure actions. Why waste your money? I represented myself and got a loan mod. Now, I am going to work on getting a principal reduction or sue them again, because new causes of action are coming out.

  148. Not so, stripes…I am listening, we just have a different perspective on how the play goes. The defense attorneys are trying to push the contempt thing on me, due to my Motions and strong language/accusations against them. I can’t back down. No matter what I do, I lose. So, might as well go for the truth. I’m all for the semantics of the game, but this is not semantics, they are outright lies and deceptions permeating through the court system.

    I desire to not debate the finer points of our system, which by all reasonable people should be the democratic process of “WE THE PEOPLE” although we are a nation and a Republic, not withstanding, we are unable to have any power to make choices and decisions for ourselves. The electoral process should be one of inclusiveness and it is not. The only voting process we have left is to vote (hmmmm, maybe) after the purchase of the 2 candidates left standing. Not the most qualified, or the most altruistic…just the lesser of two evils, IMHO.

    And a final thought: quite tired of the know-it-all mentality here. Some great information, but some of it, which I choose to ignore much of the time, is draining and misleading. IMHO we need facts, honesty (not personal, subjective analysis of one’s opinion), but hard facts, insight into what is gaining traction and moreover support, This is a daunting task and anyone who berates the hard work and determination of one’s plight is mean, abusive and just plain thoughtless. My piece…

  149. iwantmynpv- I take umbrage at your claim that you are ‘ the 2nd most interesting man in the world’. On my own behalf, I state that what I lack in intelligence, I make up for in stupidity, so it balances out. My take on Darwin’s Theory of Evolution is that Darwin was adopted. This is a mere snapshot of my fascinating persona. So put that in your pipe and smoke it.
    On a somewhat more serious note, do you have any info on PNCs shared loss agreement in re their purchase of National City Bank?
    I appreciate your posts and insider insight since you first appeared.

  150. Neal, knows I am the sharpest tool in this shed.

    I am also known as “The second most interesting man in the world”, and someone told me if I start drinking Dos Equis I could give that suave Mexican dude a run for first place. What do you guys think, should I take a shot at the the brass ring?

    Trulia and Zillow are both great shorts again. TRLA – $22.00 per share – real value $2.00 per share.

    Zillow $33.50 per share – real value $3.00 per share. Housing is far from recovery and the rhetoric has become so controlled – you would think that housing is actually increasing without the 100 billion per month in FRC Stimulous.


    Second most interesting smart guy I know

  151. stripes, on January 17, 2013 at 8:00 pm said:

    That’s the sad part MS….I am not far out there,

    I know , but they are no listening ….I know.

  152. I don’t believe people with ALOT of money are fighting fraudclosure. It is pro se all the way because this is all about fighting for our own Constitutional Rights and no attorney can invoke your Constitutional Rights for you. I believe Matt Weidner is doing the best that he can but only WE THE PEOPLE can stand up for our own rights by refusing to comply, conform & cooperate with massive criminal fraud committed by these FED & WALL STREET CROOKS in our names, without our knowledge.

  153. And Gwen, I hope you feel better soon!

  154. I realize I’m late to this party, but Gwen is absolutely correct when she says ” The rule of law is totally ignored.” That’s why I don’t like it when Matt Weidner (who I otherwise really like) and others say that we should all hire lawyers to fight these cases. Why should we empty our bank accounts to pay a lawyer as well as lose our homes when it’s all but certain that we’ll lose our cases?

    I think everyone who gets a foreclosure notice should sue. That should be everyone’s first step. If you have plenty of disposable income, hire an attorney. If not, do it yourself. Bury these bastards in litigation.

  155. Hard facts….this scam is all manufactured, the U.S.CONSTITUTION overrules them, people are waking up to what these crooks are planning and they never wanted that. The jig is up.

  156. I am talking about the kind of good that your poisoned mind can’t comprehend Christine.. Faced with what facts am I running scared….? You have none. As usual you have ZERO facts to back up your claims and that is how evil works, by secrets lies and deception to defraud. …I know what this enemy wants….comply, conform and cooperate with fraud. Now you say they will force that by causing anarchy. Maybe so, but I believe it will be more structured than that. I believe they are much too diabolical and maniacal to do that. I also know there will be alot of victims but, they are never going to win that war. How do I know that…..? I have faith in a greater good.

  157. I am not running scaaaared of anything Christine. I face whatever comes my way head on. You are the fearmongerer who is smug enough to think you are a survivalist. LMAO…You pompous ass, youbwouldn’t last a week because first & foremost you have to have faith in good. I am more concerned with raising awareness about what they are trying to sneak in…..totalitarianism. I believe anything is possible . Whatever the hurl at me, I will face it head on. This is war and I never underestimate my opponent.

  158. Are we really? What good? American good? Chinese good? Russian good? Robot is running scared when faced with hard facts after spending the greater part of the last six months ranting, raving and inflaming. Funny…

    Fema, gun control, Hamp, Harp, Haarp, Imf, U.N., the world at large moving all around it and only now, Robot is starting to think and looking for reassurance. Amazing.

  159. If America shuts down, the world shuts down. I don’t see a chance in hell of that happening. If that does happen you are not going to survive for long without divine intervention no matter how much firewood, water and canned food you have. Survivalist is a skill most Americans don’t have. I see more of a slow wasting process until the people have had enough of their b.s….I see that coming soon. BTW…it makes no sense Christine to revolt on the taxes and the banks if they are planning what you say because ultimately they want complete control so that scheme would be a wash. I say revolt on everything and then they will get it. We are not going along with their evil program.

  160. You are merely speculating Iwantmynpv and christine. They control by manipulating markets and minds. They don’t want complete chaos, they want controlled chaos. If they skyrocket the prices of everything and there are millions of people starving they are going to have way too much to handle. I don’t believe they are going to get their way with this evil plan not now or ever. The people certainly needed a wake up call and it’s not over but, what Christine is saying, complete anarchy, I don’t see that happening. They are going to try to get away with a lot more shit though. It’s certainly not over. If it does get that bad, we will need to have a lot of faith. I believe good always wins in the end.

  161. Iwantmynpv,

    Well, I advocated years ago to get all your money out of the banks and stop paying the IRS. I still do. Had it been done then, we’d see much, much more clearly. What people don’t seem to realize is that, one day (very soon) they’ll wake up and their bank account will be frozen. No access to their credit card, debit card or anything while the monetary system becomes globally and electronically implemented outside of the dollar.

    It may last 2, 3 days. Panic will ensue, supermarket will be emptied within a few hours and everything will come to a stand still for a few days or weeks. Until we are officially (and halfway) informed of what is going on. Which is still an unknown at this juncture… to a certain extent.

    Stay put in your house and don’t move out. Get some wood if you have a fireplace. Stock up on water and canned food. And then sit and wait.

    Are you still following me there?

  162. Christine, read a bit about the Rothschild, Rockefeller & Loeb Family, etc… These are the most patient, richest folks in the world. Unfortunately, this began prior to the creation of these united states.

    Our forefathers died to root the Bank of England from this great REPUBLIC. Again, she has taken a stronghold over us with the 2nd, 3rd, and now the 4th central bank – FRC.

    We either stand up or lay down.

  163. Iwantmynpv,

    And please would you make people here understand that foreclosure have only been a purposeful distraction to prevent them from looking into the hard core reality they can’t even grasp?

    And that they ought to stay put until it blows away?

  164. Stripes, wrong. We only care when markets move, irregardless of the direction ( See. Glass Steagal). Prior to gold making it the inevitible push to 2,500, the market makers (See. GLD) must collapse the bid and cover their shorts, and subsequently build “panic positions” on the long side. Paper gold controls the actual commodity pricing for a reason.

    I.E. – if I am forced to buy physical gold for delivery – I am going to create a run, and others will front-run me knowing I am short.

    It is more simple to short against the box – cover – and build a positon using world media propoganda.

    Just like Christine pointed out… soveriegns are bringing their reserves back home.

    Now, I am either deemed the smartest or the craziest on the blog. Either way, I want a damn Title now.

    P.S.hugs and kisses debtors.

  165. Iwantmynpv,

    They won’t pop you in the head. They know you can do much more damage once gone: they don’t know what you said/gave to whom. If they haven’t, though, they will try to buy you. Last, desperate move.

  166. NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY WILL PREVAIL CHRISTINE……You need to move to Russia or some other totalitarian dictatorship. WE THE PEOPLE DON’T EMBRACE DICTATORS…. The American people are not embracing the GLOBALIST MEME……Time to coin & issue our own currency as the U.S. CONSTITUTION REQUIRES. The Fed & the Federal Reserve Note needs to go…

  167. Iwantmynpv,

    Have you read David E. Martin’s Coup d’Twelve? It’s been in the making for 50+ years.

  168. If the crooks are planning to Insider trade out of their gold shares that won’t collapse the economy, that will strengthen the dollar. What they planned was to skyrocket the price of gold and all of our natural resources and food to weaken the value of the dollar so severely it would be rendered useless. Cue the Vatican gold backed dollar scam and their microchip. They know that folks aren’t going to buy that and that is not what they wanted. They don’t want to take us by force but by conforming, complying and cooperating. This was a test to see how many were paying attention. There are way more Americans who hold their freedom dear than they ever dreamed.

  169. Iwantmynpv,

    You and I know that it even goes beyond silver although silver will out Monsanto (and we know that too). And we’ve followed very closely the IMF debt forgiveness worldwide…

    Are we still on the same wave length?

  170. Obama is a much in on this as the Bush scum-shots, Clinton and the shitty actor Reagan, peanut-queer Carter, Ford Tord, tricky-dicky, my johnson. I miss John Kennedy, he was a good man that tried to defeat the banks, and lost his life in the process. The silver certificates were our answer, and again it shall be.

    Buy silver below 25, it is a highly weighted component of the world basket. Dollar devaluation – three years and ticking.

  171. Iwantmynpv,

    Except that you and I know that it isn’t collapsing. The American reality is only going to have to shift. Toward different values. The banks and their names mean nothing. The entire world reality is shifting. You and I followed it and pretty much drew the same conclusions…

    What I still don’t know, though is this: where do you stand?

    Personally, I’ve embraced it from day one. This system is broken. Ready for a new human experience.

  172. I want my npv….these crooks didn’t want anyone knowing the truth. That means they failed. They can only get away with it with those who comply, cooperate and conform to their evil plans for world domination. They thought we were all to stupid to figure them out. Well they were wrong.

    Obama inauguration Monday…I heard they had to pay people to attend.

  173. Christine, in fact we did. Get ready for the gold whack soon, big short coming for two reasons.

    1) They want to remind the simpleton (like me) that gold can also collapse and that they should stay with dollar denominated assets for security.

    2) Chase has a huge short position with an average in the 1790 range and that eveil prick want to cover closer to 1,500.

    As gold breaks 1,500 and the (bank controlled) media sets the spin in motion of the penmding collapse, all the suckers will sell whiel the governments and the investment banks cover their contracts.

    i think i should write a book. My wife keeps telling me to write about my years on the street. I think she want royalties and the insurance money when they pop me in the head.

  174. And if i can’t have that title – i want to be known as the craziest on the blog, or I am simply taking my “mortgage ball” and I am going home.

  175. That’s the sad part MS….I am not far out there, these eliteists are. What I want is our Freedom & Independence and our Constitutional Republic restored back to WE THE PEOPLE. What these control freaks want is tyranny & oppression. To hell with that.

  176. Iwantmynpv,

    Germany Takes Gold: Bundesbank to Retrieve 1,950 Tons from U.S., France
    By The Associated Press
    Posted 12:35PM 01/15/13

    And that is just for naught, right? We talked about it in the context of BRICs, the China/Japan June 1st implementation and everything else. We know it’s moving.

  177. Deborah, many have already claimed craziest,merely through their rants. Nobody… and I mean nobody has claimed to be the smartest – so I have. I have set my name upon the title of the smartest, most excellent, good-guy supreme, and i will not share that honor with others, strictly related to me own self-serving larger than life ego.

    There, I said it!

  178. You probably are iwantmynpv…

  179. Contempt of Court charges….? LOL….The only entity in contempt is the court, and I told them that in legal terms of course. You can fool some of the people some of the time but not all the people all of the time. This is not Stalin’s Russia or Hitler’s Germany though they are hiding the fact that’s what they want it to be. To hell with that…

  180. Stripes is so far out there – with stuff only someone with crazy insight and the Titlists necessary to effect a change in this country could profess…and that need for change appears to be ….way out there!!!

  181. iwantmympv
    very funny…
    yes you are
    and everyone else too
    in a differentway

  182. I salute the stars and STRIPES this nation stands for !

  183. STRIPES HAS NEVER BEEN THROWN OFF OF THIS SITE….Christine is a liar and an instigator …… She seems to believe she can fool people with her lies but certainly not everyone…and certainly not me.


    These folks are going to find out the truth…..these politicians don’t give a damn what we think. They have their own agenda. WE THE PEOPLE need to stick to our beliefs and what our Constitution tells us. No matter what these tyrants tell us.

  185. I would throw me off this site!

  186. Poppy, on January 17, 2013 at 7:13 pm said:

    You are correct stripes…Enraged/christine has been thrown off here before for insulting and instigating drama, from people who do not need anymore. She is relentless in her pursuit of hurting others. My issue; she doesn’t scare me one bit. She has no idea…

    Right, Poppy. For a minute there, after you dared me and I proved what I said, I would have helped you. Good luck with jail and all. Stripes will sure do a good job helping you with your contempt charges.

    It’s going to be interesting.

  187. ‘To the Republic for which it stands” One Nation under God!

    Not some cronie with a white collar or a skull cap. Organized religion will steer us to the final trap when we seek refuge from a corrupt government. Religion and government have carved up the bounty for years. Government provides laws and enforces whateer they believe is against the State, organized religion tells us to fear and obey, and than they whack up the money!

    By the way, I am the smartest person on this blog.

  188. The point in court; fraud is fraud, forgery and hearsay is not admissible and I will stand firm. There are some things worth fighting over and I will not make the lie a truth for anyone, including the judge.

    And one can be honest without hurting people.

  189. Christine confuses being nasty with being honest. Sometimes the truth is nasty but necessary.

  190. America is a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC Christine and WE THE PEOPLE ARE LOUD, NOISY & VERY OPINIONATED…..That is part of being FREE & INDEPENDENT …….saying what you believe and defending others right to say it. It is called the FIRST AMENDMENT …..

  191. Poppy,

    Do you now want a rational discussion to discuss your options? I’m available. I always was but, somehow, people turn on me and I never, ever understand why. I deal in rational and optimism. Do you want to talk?

  192. And Poppy,

    “I am in contempt right now and will go to jail!” When you’re scared, you bite. Is that it? You didn’t get in contempt overnight, just for nothing. And nothing is ever lost. You choose to bite, attack and insult. Get off your high horse and maybe one of us will help you.

    I was in contempt with my JDB thing I lost last June. Judge said that I owed $300 and then proceeded to find for the JDB. $7,800 more. I still haven’t paid a cent and I’m not going to. Contempt doesn’t mean jail unless you pissed off the judge himself. Contempt toward a bank is peanuts. Contempt toward the judge deserves that you look at your behavior in court.

    Which is it?

    Regardless, nothing is ever lost. Unless you read the wrong stuff.

  193. Well you certainly put me in my place…whew, I needed that!

  194. Poppy,

    I don’t use physical force. No need to until physically attacked. You’ve seen the medals. All legit. Your insecurities are yours. Deal with them. This country is a republic and nothing more. End of discussion.

    Funny how nasty those women can be toward women who think for themselves. Is this really what America is all about? No wonder…

  195. I give anyone fighting these crooks ALOT of credit. I don’t let the trolls deter me from my mission. We were all born to be free and independent. That’s the bottom line. We have all been severely lied to and manipulated. The truth will make us free.

  196. America was founded as a Constitutional Republic. Democracy was fraudulently induced and is a sham & a fraud. Democracy is alive and well as the appointed dictator and his court of jesters proves. We vote, we don’t elect. When was the last time they gave a damn about what WE THE PEOPLE want….? Democracy is a fraudulently induced totalitarian dictatorship. Time for WE THE PEOPLE to secede from these crooks.

  197. As I have explained before, what I do in my personal battle is my business, not yours. I will say, I am in contempt right now and will go to jail!

    Expressing this to someone of your caliber is empty. I have nothing to explain to you, got it? Who are you? A nobody, endless parables of lifeless rants, copy and pasting others work and litanies wrought with plagiarism.

    A coward is one who feels the need to express things endlessly with no thought of collateral damage. One who thinks “physical strength” as an end game wins and lessens others expressions with defamatory comments to enrich their own ineptitude.

    Spare me the “indignity” of attempting to insult you, as you are completely oblivious and unashamed of who you are what you have become.

  198. That’s right I want mynpv….they want us to re establish a debt that can never be repaid. Unsustainable debt… is AKA debt slavery. There is no legal correction for the Origination Fraud by the FED and there is no Monetary correction for a Quadrillion dollars in derivatives fraud created by Wall Street.

    Kudlow on CNBC right on tonight with 2 of his guests. A Rabbi and a Catholic priest. The wolves in sheep’s clothes. God Bless America.

  199. “Our Democracy is in ruins, the rule of law is non-existent and people need to get some guts and stand for something”

    So? How are you standing and what for ? E.ToLLe risks jail any chance he gets with OWS. I do what needs to be done regardless of risk. UKG, Hman and A-Man do their part. Nabullah is in it up to his eyeballs. So is Anonymous. What do you do?

    America was never, ever a democracy. It is a REPUBLIC. You want democracy? Get in the streets and fight for it. With your life.

  200. I, for one, if I had the information correctly, would put it forth. There are some things worth standing your ground on. Not many I might add, but this situation is one. This is historic. Revolutions have been started over this behavior and I don’t just mean the banks thievery.

    Our Democracy is in ruins, the rule of law is non-existent and people need to get some guts and stand for something, otherwise life has no value, excepts for things you have acquired, which you cannot take with you. However, a legacy of decency, honor and loyalty is priceless.

  201. What is wrong with people? Over 60% of Congress is made of attorneys. Judges are attorneys. Presidents are attorneys. Many bankers are attorneys. We see the results of attorneys ruling this country for 300 years.

    CA, alone, has almost the number of lawyers of the entire European Union. 242,000 for 36M inhabitants to 280,000 for almost 500M inhabitants. 1,200,000 as of June 2006, just for the US of 320 M inhabitants or less than 5% of the world population. So many of them that they have to sue each other in the wonderful US of A to make a living.

    And people turn to attorneys to fix this mess??? Haven’t they done enough damage? Almost this entire country is in the hands of lawyers. Know why? People allowed it to be so.

    Revolutions happen in the street and the neighborhoods. Not in court.

    And Malik, revolutions are made by one individual here and there who doesn’t scare easily, has a purpose and doesn’t give a hoot about dying.

    Ain’t gona happen here. Too many self0interests. Too many individual agendas.

  202. There are no modifications of the old notes or mortgages. These are new notes with new terms.

  203. Foreign Banks, i.e. offshore holding companies, federal reserve corp.. etc… This is a shit-shop that we the people need to flush.

  204. “some trustee acting on behalf of the MBS investors”

    Yes, the taxpayers are the MBS investors. It is our own money and the government (trustees) are calling the copied notes, taking the payments and lying about all of the entities on the playing filed.

    The only question I have is where is all the money going?

  205. First of all, as I have stated here in the past; The OCC program was a cheap marketing effort by the banks and the government to document the extent of the damage, and the amount of folks who cared past losing their house to the wrong party.

    Second, do not deny the mortgage, deny the transaction. Judges dont’ want the credit-suckers getting a discount on anything. If Judges applied wisdom,the credit markets would fail tomorrow. Just deny the transaction ever occured. For example:

    The Defendant / Plaintiff (DOT) admits in part, they they intended to enter a contract with a funding source, and readily understand an obligation is owed to an unamed party, and upon information and belief – the party with genuine interest is not the plaintiff / defendant!

    I love the modifications too. “Chase Bank services the loan for Fannie Mae”. The owner of your note makes the decision – not Chase. After ten months of misery a final HAMP modification arrives, and who is the Lender? Chase Bank,N.A.

    Smart people immediately recognize that the notes were never assigned or conveyed to any Trust, and they never left the pool bank. Loan defaults – no problem, we fabricate a note -stamp it with an endorsement or allonge and foreclose in the name of some trustee acting on behalf of the MBS investors. The NA gets the note, the swap proceeds and the monies from the sale.

    The investors in the GSE bonds refuse to take a loss, and so we the taxpaying sucker will eat 750 billion in losses at Fannie and Freddie alone.

    I beleive it is time to start taking it right to the homes of the bank attorneys. A picket hereand protest there will certainly make these lying, thieving and certainly self-righteous mutts takenotice.

  206. Malik,

    “If the answer is ‘no response’ from OCC, why aren’t we in the streets protesting this response ???

    If this were a company promising a rebate on a product., and I did not receive said rebate, I could go to several places to complain.”

    Anything you stop feeding will die. The bailout was in 2007. Since then, people have kept on paying their taxes, filing their returns and using the banks. Stop feeding government and there won’t be money to give to banks (and the military in place where it doesn’t belong). Close your bank account, withdraw everything and buy gold (for example).

    Had it been done in 2007, we’d be on the road to recovery. Majority has talked: let’s keep the status quo because, as everyone knows, “the devil you know is better than the one you don’t”. Well, meet that devil: it’s called fear and inertia.

    I didn’t file a return last year. I have yet to hear anything about it. I closed my account two years ago. Amazing how much money you save cashing your checks and shopping in thrift stores. People keep feeding the monsters, believing the monsters will feed them. Wrong. Your land will feed you. Hold on to it.

    Anything you stop feeding dies.

  207. FYI: over 70,000 people complained in a short period of time, when a referee made a bad call in a football game. This situation: no outrage, no media coverage, no punishment, no recourse…?

    However, I do think this gun issue is waking many up. It may be the tipping point for Obummer…

  208. Thank you Gwen and others for speaking legal English that I can understand ! Also, ty for all who stayed ‘on point’

    Has ANYONE actually received an answer from OCC regarding their application for foreclosure investigation ?? This is important since in AZ there were lawyers who offered to fill out the papers for a fee of course.

    The OCC took out a full page in the Arizona Republic about 2 months ago to deny the need to use a lawyer to fill out the request.

    This gave me hope that this was on the level.

    We need basic facts – how many people took the substantial time to fill out these papers and when did they do it (by month). Mine were received by OCC on Jan 18, 2012.

    How many people received ANY response at all from OCC ?

    Anyone receive any amount of money from OCC ?

    If the answer is ‘no response’ from OCC, why aren’t we in the streets protesting this response ???

    If this were a company promising a rebate on a product., and I did not receive said rebate, I could go to several places to complain.

    Where do we go when it’s a government program and, a year later, we only hear rumors and speculation ?

    Again,. why are we not joining together to protest and get action ???

  209. The politicians aren’t going to do anything unless they are stripped naked in the public square. That is precisely why they are labeling citizen bloggers as conspiracy nuts. Even reputable people like college professors are not escaping the media’s fake rap. I see the tables turning, esp after this unfounded attack on the Second Amendment. People are waking up in a big way to all the nonsense and are turning to alternative media sources more and more for their news.

  210. My Point: a message needs to be sent, we, the people, are not going to take this! And it is bigger than the pensions, stripes.

  211. Please allow me to correct my error…..THE JUDGES ARE RULING BY LEGAL THEORY……CORPUS JURIS SECUNDUM…IT IS NOT BASED IN LAW OR FACT…..The emperor has no clothes when you know the truth.

  212. I heard of a few cases of judges being sued but it is rare. They are a big club and It’s probably next to impossible to find a judge who would rule against another judge. These judges are all political appointments, they, like the politicians are mostly all working for the same slave master. They are master slaves but slaves none the less. I was advised not to ask for a new one because word spreads quickly in the network when there is trouble brewing. Now they are moving judges around. I believe it is being done to cause confusion in pending cases. Pension plans are the incentive but not the real reason this is going on. They want no private property ownership for the slaves they created. Corpus Jurist Secundum is governing these fraudclosures. It is ruling by legal theory….COLOR OF LAW not rule of law. They are theorizing that a legal contract exists…with no proof & they don’t want to be shown the proof that no legal contract exists. Well it doesn’t. The way I feel about the judges legal theories is, it’s a big club but, ours is bigger.

  213. gwen, sorry to say “you nailed it”. Judges are ruling in defense of their own retirement accounts. Don’t think for a minute there is any “honest” mistake being made. Get the shitty local ruling and then go to appeals.

  214. @Charles Reed,

    Any help with FREDDIE MAC ?

  215. missing deadlines gives them an excuse not to rule.  that’s what they do.  i’m sorry.  i’ve always been a fanatic about docketing since i started practicing and give myself seven five and two days backup notice in my calendar.   yeah, they dump that iswhat they do.  they should not be allowed to but they do and the judges let them get away with it.   my other thing lately is we should see whether the judges are appointed by dem or repub.  i’m betting that most of the judges who are bad are appointed by the repub.   anyone had a bad resuult from a dem????

    Gwen G. Caranchini 816.223.7178

  216. For me, we need to start holding these people accountable. Why can’t we sue the judges, personally? They are not acting in the capacity they were hired or elected to do…violations of the ABA, breaching their contracts with citizens and communities. There is an answer, just who has the “guts” to do it?

  217. They changed the discovery rule as of Jan in Cook County, Illinois. From now on, all requests for discovery must go through the court. It could be because the banks are not responding to the requests and that is tying up the courts. I have never saw a request denied. I also don’t believe in most cases, these cases even need to be brought to that level. There is definitely a lot of funny business going on. The courts are operating like fraud factories and it is not only a disgrace, it is criminal.

  218. @ gwen

    I am not a lawyer, but have paralegal experience, in school, not Internet studies, so I am fairly proficient at finding, using and applying many aspects of my cases…In court, as a Plaintiff, I was told the defendants, BOA would speak first. The judge told me to be quiet, instead of a preliminary hearing an actual evidentiary hearing took place with all the bells and whistles; I contested and he said: if you don’t like my ruling appeal it.

    They sent me reams of papers less than 24 hours before the hearing, at my house, 6:00 p.m. at night, personally delivered by the defense attorney. Absolutely no time to prepare…never followed one rule of civil procedure.

    It was a nightmare, we were blindsided. As I said, I am not an attorney, but was prepared enough to present the paperwork.

    I did file an appeal, but it was dumped because I missed a deadline, I mean, I am not experienced in appeals. Am waiting to see what they do right now…we have ample evidence of everything, but if the judge won’t allow us to speak or get anything into the record or evidence, we’re toast.

    Did you see my post: on this blog further back, it relates to this event?

  219. Poppy….one of the teachers at the H.S. tells the students you go to college to party. One teacher I know told me she was so stressed out from dealing with behavioral problems in the 4th grade she ate her way to obesity. She was so stressed she didn’t see her own son was showing signs of autism. It didn’t end up being autism but he has behavioral problems. I know another ex CPS teacher who quit after 4 years because she had enough of CPS. The students were unruly and burned her out. The public school system is not up to par. I believe if you really want your child to succeed in this world, you need to be educating your children as well. Education has to go way beyond the classroom in the world today. The behavioral problems are another issue but, I believe kids are bored in school. There are a lot of important things that are missing the mark in public schools. Pushing for more hours in these schools for students is definitely not the solution to poor quality education. These teachers seem to have become more like bad babysitters than teachers.

  220. You are incredibly naive. I have been working with very sophisticated trial lawyers like myself with massive amounts of complex litigation background in the last several years. We have never seen anything like this litigation and we have several hundred years of collective trial experience. Next, yes, linda green is on my docs. No Chris Koster does not respond to inquiries. Yes I know that CW never put them in the trusts but the JUDGE, Gregory Kays of the Western District of Mo, Will not listen to that or take that evidence or hear any evidence of any kind against BOA or CW. If you cannot get the judge to take the evidence in you cannot win. I have had a title search done by Chicago Title who found a “broken chain of title”. COTA found same problems and “more”. So after three years of litigation in which the Judge has never held a tele conference or a conference in chambers let alone a ct hearing, he finally decides to set a sch order. Discovery starts and the defendants (wilshire, cw, merrill ly, bac, boa, citi as trustee for mlmi 2006 he 5) object to everythig on securitization grounds. ML also says we are owned by boa and literally answers “whatever boa says, we say” which has to be a unique answer. then Wilshire, CW and BAC say, o by the way we were bought out so we don’t have to answer. Then before I can get any discovery at all, they file M/SJ and move for Protective order. I obj saying can’t answer sj’s without discovery. Judge grants pro or. No discovery of any kind is allowed and now I must answer sj and also name my experts (again without any disc). In 35 years of my exper and the exper of numerous lawyers I work with this is a “unique” sit and a total denial of due process. Judge does not care. At all. Does whatever he wants because he is the judge. I have been sick for four weeks with flu and pneumonia and literally have not been able to work on the sj. I might add that the judge insisted that all three sj filed (several weeks apart) be answered simultaneously. The def granted me one week ext because of my illness. I doubt I can finish because I remain quite ill and seeing a specialist toorow am. So you say these things but you are not aware of what happens when a judge totally ignores the rules and does for all intents and purposes whatever he wants including refusing to remand to state court when asked to do so. Suggestions? I doubt it. Yes, I have some law, but you can’t win a case when the judge denies you all discovery. I know what to ask for but he won’t let me flle any motions to compel at all.

    So whistleblower what do you do then–and I have seen this in other cases in texas and other states . I have filed Motions to Recuse (all denied) and Complaint with 8th Cir also denied. My only hoe is to make a compete record, which I have done because I know how and hope that I can get the 8th cir to look at it. I think there is such an egregious disregard for the rules of civil procedure that they will. The court has made it a habit when the defenants fie something to grant it, frequently witout me even replying. He also makes it a habit of denying my motions without the defendants even having to reply. This in 35 years is absolute bizarre and unprecedented.

  221. Gwen I am not a lawyer but I am a whistle-blower in these cases, but these matter are so tough because until these lawyer start thinking outside the box and get some money wins, they are not going to have enough knowledge to compete with a corporation with a trillion dollars in assets.

    However it depend on what you got going on in term of what kind of loan and who originated the loan. OK first in the State of MO and the State Attorney General just reached some plead agreement with Lorraine Brown of Docx who has admitted to 1 million forged assignment. So first go to the court and get a copy of your title and see if its got a signature of Linda Green as the VP of BOA or whoever submitted. What firm filed foreclose against you? If in MO the foreclosure mill there is Kozeny & McCubbin who got the head of the foreclosure dept in Sara Knittle who robo signs for MERS as this Assistance Secretary.

    You mention BOA and Countrywide, and its a known fact that Countrywide did not transfer the Notes to the trust and is why BOA has and is currently being sued.

    If you had a FHA or VA loan, you mission is to get a current copy of the Note which is going to be blank, because it was relinquish to Ginnie Mae who does not purchase the loan debt as they are prohibit by the US Congress as they are not a lender. So one your federal government loan is placed into a Ginnie Mae pool that blank Note is forever non-negotiable because you don’t owe a dime to Ginnie Mae and they cannot title the a blank Notes because it blank and the clown don’t have a financial interest in the loan.

    You simply got to get the judge to understand that a Note without the debt attached is not a Note, and a debt that not got Note does not have a title (mortgage, deed of trust, security deed). Bottom line is if BOA does not have a biil of sale, cancel check or wire transfer and are pointing to some blank Note as under UCC 3 they own because they are in physical possession of, you only have to point to UCC 9 saying these clown have to when asked, have the burden to prove they purchase the debt!

    Hope this helps!

  222. I must say that these last two responses are quite refreshing from the usual rhetoric. I am a mother of two son’s. One with ADHD whose IQ scores are off the charts and another son who consistently scored in the top 95th percentiles for intelligence, logic and reasoning skills. He was invited to DUKE University three times for summer internships.

    I researched Duke Universities long history, curriculum, the summer programs and what previous attendee’s had to say – and the story behind the story. I then decided without any hesitation that my son would not attend. Amazing what a little research will yield.

    For my oldest son with ADHD, they called me in every three weeks to meet with the entire school board to try and strong arm me into putting him on drugs…ritalin specifically. I fought the entire school board for three full years, leaving their offices sometimes with mascara streaming down my face, in an effort to protect my child. And I succeeded. And yes, it was exhausting, but well worth the effort.

    We finally moved out of the district and I home schooled him afterwards. He now owns his own automotive shop and is highly creative, working on drift cars and racers, foreign makes, like BMW and VW….incredibly difficult engines to repair…yet he does it very easily.

    Yes, they want our children to conform to their pathetically low standards. Yes, they want them drugged and obedient. And yes, they are already, in many ways, coming after them.

    Not NO, But HELL NO ~ NOT MINE. Not now…Not EVER.

    I cannot think of anything more worthy of our time and attention than waking up to the BIG picture. Our childrens lives and futures depend on us getting focused in our efforts and attacking these issues in DROVES with a common focus, COLLECTIVELY.

    Stealing our homes was to create a generation of homelessness and poverty. Desperate people settle for less… a few will stand up and fight with every last vestige of energy that they possess. Many will not. They will just lie down. Thats how we got here. People just lying down.

    I’m not that tired….not yet anyway. As long as my kids breathe, and I have a breath in me….I’m standing and I am fighting.

    My children deserve a future. Your’s do too.

    The question remains, how de we get more organized and focused and start demanding that the corruption be removed (like the cancer it surely is) through whatever means are necessary, and move towards restoring all that has been stolen??

    And WHEN??

  223. If you think about this for just a minute; our children get up around 5:30-6:00 a.m. five days per week, eat, groom and wait for a bus. Generally, they get onto the bus around 7:00 a.m. and spend almost 9 hours per day preparing, traveling and studying. They return home to do 3-4 hours of homework, which averages around 12-13 hours a day, each day. Now, not for anything, but I don’t know too many adults that have that kind of schedule.

    The schools use standards that berate and repress any type of individualism and foster insecurity for those who do not fit in academically or athletically. The educational materials are rigid (in some cases okay i.e. math or English) and lacking in “valuable” substance, while oppressing rather than fostering an eagerness to learn.

    Schools have become a preponderance of social and political correctness, which has no place in a society, where people need to be truly informed, adequate participants of an intellectual, accomplished society.

    Before everyone starts putting nasty comments here: I have been an Adjunct Professor and the end game as I see it; far too many adults were lacking in basic skills to find employment, grades were altered to cover up the problem and cheating was rampant, just to get the piece of paper. The indoctrination begins very early…and it’s pervasive, purposeful.

  224. They have already come for our children in many ways. This generation was horribly mentally abused by these evil people. In many ways this generation has been severely brainwashed by this evil. They say they reject this evil but are a party to it in many ways. They comply, conform and cooperate with it. It really makes me wonder what in the hell was really in all of those inocculations….?

  225. A law suit against our Federal Government and the players, Timothy Geitner, Eric Holdreman, the Bushes et al…HAS already been filed through Spires Law Group out of New York.

    The Press Release announcing this was abruptly removed from CNN’s website after the head of online content and media releases, Kevin Krim’s, children were murdered and his nanny fingered for the dastardly deed. A nanny, who had no history of mental illness or violence, who was not on any medications, and whom, by all accounts, loved those children more than life itself.

    And curiously, immediate statements in the moments right after these precious children were found murdered, stated that the nanny was also found with multiple stab wounds to her throat.

    This storyline was what was initially reported by mutiple eye witnesses (the wife, the doorman, etc) and then, not even an hour later, the Media whore groups all began the “Nanny Did It’ chant ~ with no witnesses to said crime, yet she was charged, judged and convicted by them, in the time it takes to blink an eye, nonetheless.

    Then the storyline rapidly changed from the nanny being found in a pool of her own blood, to her still being unharmed when the wife returned, yet was so distraught that she waited UNTIL the wife came home and THEN, in front of the wife, began stabbing herself in the neck (no eye witnesses for this EXCEPT purported statements from Mrs. Krim after her retracted original statement) and then as a pre-cautionary measure, the paramedics that arrived to whisk the nanny away to the hospital, decided that it would be best to keep her heavily medicated and once at the hospital, the yimmediately induced her into a medical coma.

    All this with no effort what-so-ever to get her written statement of what happened, and now, she is muted. To be honest, I never expected her to come out of that hospita alive. But she did. Probably because TPTB still have one ace up their sleeve to keep this family quiet…. they left them with ONE child remaining.

    That story changed as many times as the Aurora Shootings. And the story on the Lawsuit filed against our lovely government, was WIPED completely off of CNN’s website – comments and all…. they even came back after the cached page was found to still exist and wiped that too after it was circulated all over Facebook multiple times.

    TPTB are getting sloppy indeed. So sloppy that it either has to be their enormous hubris or it is intentional. Perhaps they have grown exceedingly bored with all the sheeple…..Bah Bah Baaaaaaahing all day long over all their perceived injustices and then sitting on thier sofa’s crying into their beer and wine glasses at the end of the day, but never really DOING ANYTHING about it.

    Several enterprising entities were smart enough to capture a screen shot and it was then reposted on a few smaller sites, but soon got buried and forgotten.

    But I have not forgotten about the murder of those babies over a release of a story about how our OWN federal government has raped, robbed and now in the final stages of pillaging, the America public. And now they authorize the killing of innocents. And we act surprised when we hear a story like the “Sandy Hook” incident.

    Really?? Are we really surprised??

    And I wonder now, when will they start coming for all our children if we do not collectively wake up and take our country back? They have already taken our homes and have almost succeeded in making America a land of renters, with the top 1% owning almost everything and the rest of us owning almost nothing.

    What does this mean for OUR children?? If they are not important enough for us to begin in earnest to oust these Psychophants from the elevated offices in which they sit, then WHAT IS???

  226. I also agree we can win in court Gwen. We are up against hard hearts and a lot of corruption. Our adversary is hidden but means to do permanent harm. There is undeniable proof this was a set up to fail by that entity and it was deceptive and this was intentional. This hidden entity intended to do permanent harm to us. Where is the proof….? We are forced to fight fraudclosure pro se. We are down to our last vestage of freedom, the U.S. CONSTITUTION.

  227. @ gwen

    Can I get an opinion on this? Off the top of your head…

    In my possession is a “ledger” with dates from 1986 to 2012. The ledger has entries from, let me read it exactly: 07/20/2005; misc. posting: 07/22/2005; investor reversal: 07/22/2005; investor adj: 07/22/2005; investor payment: 09/09/2005; regular payment: 09/19/2005; subsidence insurance (mining,erosion perils): then 10/10/2005-11/14/2005-12/07/2005-01/09/2006 are regular payments: then a hazard or (subsidence) insurance credit on 01/24/2006…the loan was closed on 07/14/2005, unbeknown to me was the house was a foreclosure (I was told the owners died), thought it was an estate (didn’t get the entire work product until 2012).My insurance was purchased for the year beginning on 07/14/2005-07/14/2006, per the lender, what’s with the insurance purchase on 09/19/2005.

    This was for a title claim, which has been denied this round. Now we are thinking, breach of contract, fraud, TILA, RESPA, FDCPA and quiet title (maybe cloud on title/fraudulent conveyance). Federal and State Court.

    The original owners bought the house in 1986, same date as on the ledger. What were are thinking…maybe you have some insight, we have not gotten clean title to the property and perhaps do not owe a “legal” mortgage…or the original loan was put in play by a refi or modification

    Oh, then the property description is .31 acres; .81 acres and .91 acres on differing deeds and the metes and bounds are off slightly. I know that is a title issue. The ledgers are different too: I have one from Blank Rome, Countrywide and BOA.

    I have two cases in different states and the ledger on the other one is showing a zero balance, with huge attorneys fees, prior to the zero balance.

  228. Great idea Gwen….Grandmas homemade chicken soup is good for the heart, mind, body and soul. We could all probably use some of that right about now.

  229. Gwen….you brought up the subject of religious views and whether you agree or disagree our First Amendment Right is our First Amendment Right.

    We exchange many views on the blogs.

    You can cite me law all day long. I have cited my share.

    I know what this entity did, why it did this and who this entity is and what it wants. That is the difference between knowing and winning IMHO…..What I mean by winning may be completely different than what others believe is winning. This is about saving our property from fraudclosure but, why are we here at all…? What is this really all about…? That is a big part of this. The name of this website says it all quite frankly…..We were all living lies.

  230. im a firm believer that we can win in the courts if we just work hard enough. continue. I have taken the bar exam three times now and failed by 30, 20 and 10 points and getting ready to do it again. The last time they gave me 0 points on my written questions for contracts and torts. Of course I always pass the multiple choice. Tell me how a 35 year lawyer who has written briefs in the U.S.SCt, four fed cir court of appeals, state courts in mo and ks, over 150 cases in fed trial courts in antitrust, med mal, e & o iin contruction lit, over 500 discriminatin cases and only lost one jury trial in twenty years can possibly get a 0 points in a bar exam on contracts and torts? Ive had over 500 settlements. You think conspiracy? That’s conspiracy. And o, by the way, I am not allowed to contest those scores. So I will take it again in February and every six months till I pass. As the judge said in my disbarment hearing in 1996/97–its a witch hunt. But here i am 15 years later still at it. That is what we have to do.keep trying. you want to read my book on what i went thru–write or you have an attorney who needs paralegal help, write me and I will help. stripes stop griping and do something.

  231. Right on Gwen C. My case mirrors yours as well. At my motion to remand hearing, the judge granted the bank’s motion to dismiss. I’m not a lawyer, but I know enough to know that this is flat out wrong procedurally. Obviously he should have answered his jurisdictional question first. He also sealed all of the damaging research I’d found on BofA’s criminality, WITHOUT ANY MOTION REQUESTING IT! That’s pure bullshit! Protect the banksters at all costs!

    He was overheard saying, “These borrowers are trying to destroy America’s financial institutions!” What a pig!

    I’m at the point to where I’ve heard enough of the breakdown of the crime scene….it’s time to start shaking the buildings that hold the ivory towers above.

  232. Stripes, you can say it all you want. That’s your First Amendment Right. But spare us your tirades on this website. Why? Because this website was meant to be used to share “legal issues” that are on going. We come to it to exchange “legal ideas” and court cases and not spout off as you do. You add nothing to our research and our legal arguments. You just take up space and time. There are places for you to make your comments. Just not on this website. Go work for a change in your government reprsentatives. Go work in a soup kitchen or pantry to serve those who have lost their homes. But taking up the time of those of us who are trying to change the law through writing briefs and putting cases forward with our legal concepts developed thru practicing law for 30 plus years is not productive. I was always “ahed of the curve” so to speak in my cases. It is what caused me to be based by conservative judges, but I put myself out there because I believe change comes thru courts and our representatives. As we used to say “put your money where your mouth is”. I did, and lost $300 to 500,000 because I did as well as my license. One of the judges who heard my case called it a plain out witch hunt. Probably was. But now I am working to again practice. Just spouting off as you do accomplishes nothing and takes up the time of those of us who are looking for ideas as to how to approach real legal issues. I am always looking for ways to couch the pleadings and discovery or respond to M/Dismiss or M/SJ or to help people perhaps write a brief. That is helpful and I am the first to admit as many trial lawyers are today, that these cases are a “new combination” of old theories of law and we are looking for ways to address them. So when I come to this website, it is usually becase the initial comment grabbed my attention and I am looking for the comments of lawyers or their paralegals or others who can really address the issue. I can tolerate the occasional “vent” as Poppy described it. But I can’t tolerate tirades from people like you who take up time and space. With dave krieger, he and I developed the concept three years ago of doing quiet title and declaratory judgment in combo. No one was doing it. It works and then doesn’t depending on the venue. Dave was creative and I am in a different way and we put our noodles together to come up with an attack. I wish I could say I have read one of your tirades which was helpful. I have not.
    I’m back to work. There are two new cases in Michigan and RI which are interesting when viewed side by side. That’s what I am doing today–as well as drinking grandma’s chicken soup to get better because I feel like S__t!

  233. @ Christopher

    Better get them protection, as people have died from telling what they know, just saying.

  234. Interesting. What I hint at in today’s movie is a whistleblower who contacted me with a boatload of additional info. I am interviewing that person tomorrow. Meanwhile:

    Counsel for Maryland Lawyer Renee Olivia Dyson withdraws in Thomas P. Dore fraudulent foreclosure case.

  235. People say Satan has nothing to do with foreclosures …… not in my opinion. But of course, that is my opinion.

  236. A belief in God is not a religion. You can believe in God and not be a member of any religion.

  237. America was founded on a belief in God and those beliefs are enumerated in the U.S. CONSTITUTION. That is why our enemies hate that document and wish to destroy it.

    I am not afraid to say what I believe. The U.S. CONSTITUTION affords me that right under the First Amendment..As Americans, we don’t have to agree with what others say but, should defend others right to say it .

    I have every right to say that I believe the Creator speaks to us through signs and numbers and Satan tries to counterfeit everything the creator does in order to destroy it by destroying us.

    No one has to agree with me but I do have a right to say it.

  238. Okay, this is not court and people deal with “predatory” issues in their own way, just saying. There’s a lot of venting goes on here and we should just let some of it pass.

  239. Here’s my problem with that–religious views do NOT belong in our court system. Religious views do not belong commenting upon our court system or our government. We have the first amendment. WHY do we have the first amendment? Because people immigrated to this country to get away from a “state religion” that told them what to think and how to run the court systems in those countries. That is why there is a strict wall between religion and government in this country. That is why Catholics have no business commenting on abortion from their perspective. Evangelicals have no right commenting on courts from their perspectives. When it comes to the courts, the only type of comment that is really relevant is what the Courts themselves have said based upon views ot the constitution–whether it be a strict constructionist view as Scalia and Thomas and Alioto have (and sometimes Roberts) or a more liberal view as the remaining justices have. Otherwise, religiosity has no place commenting on our court system or our legislature. THERE IS STRICT SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE IN THIS COUNTRY AND THAT IS WHY–THAT IS REALLY WHY–PEOPLE IMMIGRATED TO THIS COUNTRY IN THE 1600’s. That is also why all this crap from legislatures saying they don’t want sharia (sic) law in their states is bs. You can’t have sharia law under our constitution or any other law. The basics of American law continue to be misunderstood by people writing on this blog and so many places. Learn the constitution, and american law and then you will realize that religion has no place in commenting on our laws. Im sick this week and trying to recuperate and was looking for some cases on line when I started to see this blog. Shame on me. I should know better that people rarely on this blog answer the question. They use it as a forum. And I just did too commenting on something that is irrelevant to the initial comment. Back to my work and trying to get better–eat chicken soup with lemon, spinach and tabasco. it helps and my italian grandma was always right.

  240. Gwen…. Intelligent people tend to think outside of the box because they know a closed mind is dangerous. Don’t believe the enemy thinks inside of the box. That never happens.

  241. Gwen…chill out, isn’t what people migrated to this country for was “religious freedom”? …you too have that right. Neither view affects mine. Just words counselor, just like semantics.

  242. STOP! And I mean it. Stop calling this “satan’s agenda” or making this into some religious issue. Its not. Never was. Its about money and greed. And please spare us all religious “overtones”. It has nothing to do with satan. I’m sick and tired of hearing such total garbage on this website. go someplace else to spout your religious arguments. And don’t call me some agnostic–I go to my Episcopal Church weekly, and I give to soup kitchen and pantry, and work on “outreach”. I don’t try to spout religious bs to explain what is simply corporate greed. Spare us

  243. Its very sad. The very so called “conservative” judges who scream the loudest about the rule of law being followed rather than making up new law, are the ones who refuse to follow the law now. And I don’t say that lightly. I have seen way too many cases where Judges just flat out refuse to follow the law AT ALL and are “making it up as they go along”. I took an oath when I started to practice to follow the law. So did the judges before they became judges and yet they now refuse to followo the law. It is why the American people are fed up. It “used to be” we at least had our courts to make it right. We do not any more. We have courts and judges repeatedly refusing to follow clear law on contracts and land law. It is a very sad commentary on our court system. What is worse, more and more you see governors and legislators wanting to go “back” to the system of having the governor appoint judges rather than having panels that are neutral choose judges for recommendation. What is this about? It is about choosing judges who will follow the governor’s and current legislators view of what the law should be rather than what it is. That is what is going on with these judges who refuse to follow the law as it is–they are making up the law as they wish it to be. Giving those of us who have fought for the law incredible angst about why we went to law school. Sad for the court system, sadder for our country.

  244. The whole bank and government connected scam has been set up so that all the people involved can skim the money off the top for themselves. It is actually a large-scale Madoff-inspired Ponzi scheme which is ongoing. We need discovery in on-going cases but Judges refuse to give us our due process rights. This year I feel some of the discovery is going to happen and watch the fireworks happen. I think as more info gets out to the public in lawsuits, we are going to see principal reductions as the first stopgap against the restructuring of banks and restitution to victims.

  245. Poppy

    I agree. All we need to do is review the history books and the events that occurred over the last 15 yrs. Add up the movements ans strategy.
    Now step back and look at the net sum, This government has become the fig leaf for the banking cartel (satan’s agenda).

  246. Gwen,

    You post is similar to my experience.

  247. I can vouch for the “review” being a sham.

    My complaint to the OCC, application, and review, were completely ignored. There was no “independent review” that I know of.
    What a waste of time compiling all that evidence to mail.
    That is on top of failed legal actions, BK filing, failed loan mod attempts, getting ripped off numerous times, being chased by realtors and process servers, bullied by judges, dand on and on…
    The stuff we went through is just mind boggling.

    All along I had a feeling this would be the case with the reviews, but you just want to try it because you think to yourself, “Well, you never know. This time it might be different. Maybe they really are addressing the problem.”

    I am convinced that all programs designed to “help” people are a spending scheme that only benefit banks (corporations) and attorneys. One hand feeds the other. The government is a bank. They are all corporations trading funds with each other and jacking the books around to appear legit. Until one day they amass the entire wealth of the world and all its gold.

    The whole credit debacle is a trumped up event to steal money from every man, woman, and child on the planet.
    It is a staged event designed to control the fate of peoples’ lives.

    Just like 911 created Homeland Security is supposed to make us safe.

    Really, “they” do not care if we live or die.

  248. Ok, I am tired of reading these articles which start out by saying “We know” but I have yet to see, and I do monumental amounts of reading and keep in contact with a number of others who read. We share, daily. But no where do I see cases in which any of the “We know” stuff related herein comes into evidence in any way shape or form. If “we know” is that prevalent, why don’t we hear of cases in which it is used. I want to see this stuff and know where to get it so I can use it in the cases in which I deal–including my own. My own judge refuses to let me do a scintilla of evidence. You heard me–refuses me all discovery. Now you trial lawyers out there don’t give me “but . . . .”. I am a 35 year trial laawyer and I have never had a trial judge deny me the right to submit discovery and if objected to, not allow me to make a record or file a Motion to Compel. My Judge –Judge Kays of the Western District of Mo–refuses to let me file a motion to compel, have a hearing on the discovery disputes and then permits the defendants to file Motions for SJ. When I file an obj to the SJ on the grounds I have not had the discovery, he denies me the right to the discovery and GRANTS a Motion for Protective Order requested by the defendants to stop all discovery until their MSJ are ruled. Well, if I have no discovery what do you think the result will be on the SJ? I have in 35 years never seen such conduct by any judge–liberal, moderate or conservative. This is ridiculous. Get the answers to your questions? Hell no. I sent hundresds of discovery requests going to those issues to each of the defendants. (BOA, CITI AS TRUSTEE FOR MLMI 2006-he-5, BAC, Wilshire, Countrywide, Aegis Lending, Merrill lynch Mers, MERSCORP) I got zero discovery of any substance and the following standard objections:
    1) you have no standing because its been securitized (four of our district judges have now disputed this –one has done so in four class actions that are consolidated, but Judge Kays ignores that ruling)
    2) Wilshire, CW, BAC are subsumed into BOA and therefore you have no right to ask any questions of them (in fact a SJ was filed moving to dismiss these entities as “non existent” even though they have been filing motions etc for two years in my case and are doing so around the country and I have affidavits to that fact from lawyers around the country)
    3) MERS/MERSCORP of course have no responsibility whatsoever on some legal ground that does not exist in mo
    4) ML claims it does not have to answer because BOA owns it and “whatever boa says, we say” is what they said.–Really–that’s a new one for me and I thought I had seen it all
    Now, Please do not tell this 35 year lawyer to file motions (I have), take interlocutory appeals (I have), move to recuse (I have 3 x ) file a judicial complaint (I have). The rule of law is totally ignored and all I can do is make a complete and detailed record on the defendants actions and the court’s actions and hope the 8th Cir rules for me on this egregious lack of due process.
    So Neil or whoever wrote this article, how do you get the information in. Where are the people to give affidavits on these things so WE can file M/SJ. t
    So stop telling us this is the way it is and this is what happened. Tell us trial lawyers how to get it into evidence which is something I have been bitching about for two years while I watch judge after judge in case after case ignore the law–refuse to remand cases to state court when they never should have been removed, letting the parties defendant lie and get away with it, and letting the attorneys for the bans get awy with garbage.

  249. Hey Neil,

    The government is behind all of this. There is no other “entity” in the world who could pull this off. These are not legitimate banks, as you know and we have been accustomed to, there are no real servicers, no lenders in the pack…that is why we cannot get remedy, under the rule of law. The strategy NEEDS to change. Just my humble opinion, but we need to file suit against the government for aiding and abetting, deception, fraud and a COMPLETE FAILURE TO PROTECT THE CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES FROM FINANCIALTERRORISTS.

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