Andrew Venezia Special Guest on Members Teleconference Tonight at 6pm EST

After scouring the countryside for experts with both credentials and good witness skills I have found one for South Florida. He’ll be the guest on tonight’s member teleconference.

Andrew Venezia was the owner of 2 mortgage companies in Broward County and has over 20 years  experience in loan origination, processing, underwriting, funding, closing and post-closing functions. Andrew also has over 11 years of research into all aspects of loan securitization and In 2000 obtained his Series 7 and series 55 Securities License.  Andrew started his company Lender Audit Investigations in 2010 and currently is a practicing mortgage fraud expert.

The Garfield team is happy to announce that Andrew will be providing expert witness declarations, analysis and testimony. He is a welcome addition to the team we are building across the country.


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  2. How do we get on: Member Calls?

  3. I beleive broward county paved the way for the fraud. in 2002 the builders and relestate agents defrauded all of us. The realestate owners new long term home owners new NOTHING about the SAVE OUR HOMES LAW. why else would we be moving and not using our equity to fix up and build on???? i found out about it AFTER i moved and the christ makes it portable but doesnt retro active it what a puch in the stomach. then you have builders like GL homes and Centex building communities in broward county “pre construction pricing” lie to us about schools bein gbuilt, never tol home buyers that the “options” we picked out would be included inthe purchase price and we would pay realestate taxes on our “bevelled mirrors and diagonal tile” forever., then they give an insentive to use thier mortgage broker and do not include the taxes and insurance on the mortgage so anyone that breathes can be approved. they also lies about the taxes and insurance stating they were much lower then they actually will be. Then to top it off during the entire building proccess prices rose weekily from 2002-2004. unprecedented. then i wondered while looking around the development as they were being built and noticing somepeople had no options. how do they come up with our appraisal because we have options??? then i heard about what the builders did. the 1st few homes in the developments were put in relatives names so there would be price for the appraisers to use!!! yes we were scammed. all of us. in 2005 when we received the 7k tax bill and a 4k insurance bill and the high school we were zoned for was one of the worst in broward county because we had no zoning fo rhe new one, and the elementary the promised was never built for 2 years we were totlaly forced out of there 300 miles north. where little did we know the fraud tricled up the state. appraisers were doing all they could to comein above selling price even if it meant going back 6 months in stead of 5 miles!!!! using the wells fargo broker in the office with keller williams real estate. i send her the w2 form for 2 years and last 4 paycheck stubs. tell me she can not use my husbands unemployment so he is not on the note but on the mortgage. she decptivley puts me in a “NO DOC” loan AKA stated income loan although i have been working for 25 years. she goes behind my back gives us a no doc loan and without my knowledge adds my husbands unemployment to our mortgage application. at closing papers are passed so fast there is no time to stop and inspect. apparently i only initialed the applicaiton, i never signed it. but thats not the issue the issue is wells fargo inducung me into foreclsoure by telling a curent homeowner wnating to apply for hamp not to pay in order to apply. this needs to get to al th ejudges this inducment into foreclosures needs to be stopped and all mortgages voided. contract voided. please we must start getting something going here. where are the judges..

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