U.S. Attorney Continues to Prosecute Despite Settlements


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Editor’s Note: Preet Bharara, the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York. He is unfazed by the tangle of “settlements” and will not let up on prosecuting Bank of America for fraud. He gets it and is methodically working his way through the maze set up by the mega banks.

BofA settled a civil claim that it had lied when they “sold” mortgages advertised as meeting government standards. We all know by now that the loans “lacked documentation and underwriting.” But what is still to come out is WHY they lacked documentation and WHY the loans lacked underwriting.

The documentation was absent simply to hide the fact that the bank was pretending to have ownership or an insurable interest in the loans and mortgage bonds. The true transaction was between the investor/lenders and the homeowner/borrowers. BofA stole or misused the identities of both the lender and the borrowers so that it could sell the loans many times under guise of exotic derivative instruments called mortgage backed bonds.

If fully documented, the lender would have shown up as the investors, which is as it should have been. BofA never put up a dime for the funding or acquisition of any of the loans. Its claim of ownership and an insurable interest was a blatant lie, inasmuch as they actually had no risk of loss, which is why there was no underwriting standards applied either.

I would suggest you track the pleadings of this U.S. Attorney and pick up some pointers along the way. He is definitely on the right track. As for now, the focus is on the bad mortgage bonds, bad loans, and lack of documentation up at the lender level.

Once that veil is penetrated it will be revealed that the borrower was defrauded using the same misdirected documentation using appraisal fraud as the principal leverage point.

But the real stuff is going to hit the fan as more and more people realize that this standard practice in the industry allegedly to “protect” the investors, invalidated the chain of title and there has been no effort to correct the problem. When it is revealed that the investors were cheated out of their money by a use of proceeds that crosses the borders of fraud, and that the terms of the bonds were never intended to be satisfied, just as the terms of the loan were never meant to be satisfied or secured, then we will have justice peeking its head out over the mess.

In the end, legally, there will be privity or a relationship only between the investor/lenders and the borrowers and that there transaction was supposed to be documented and recorded. Instead the banks documented and recorded a different transaction in which the intermediaries looked like the principals and were therefore able to do “proprietary trading” in which they took investor money from one pocket and put it into another.

That is what opened the door to huge “profits” (actually theft proceeds) on the way up and on the way down. These banks are now buying the same houses from themselves (using another affiliate entity) and then reporting the results to the investors so they can write off the loss. They are going to be the largest landowners in history as a result of this PONZI scheme.

The investors were duped into thinking that all the intermediary entities were being used to protect them from liability from claims of deceptive and predatory lending practices. In actuality the investors were already protected because their agents committed intentional acts of malfeasance and crimes that were specifically prohibited in the documents and other representations the investors received.

Just like the Too Big to Fail Myth, the investors are operating under the myth that if they assert themselves as lenders, they are going to get sued. That too is untrue. If they assert themselves as lenders, then they are going to show proof of payment, something the megabanks can’t do because they used investor money instead of their own.

If the investors assert themselves as lenders they will see that money is missing from the investment pools and that in fact the investment pools were never funded at all. They will realize that they have a legitimate claim for repayment of loans, and a legitimate claim for civil or criminal theft against the banks who intentionally diverted the documentation and the money from the investors and from the borrowers.

That will leave the investors and borrowers with (1) an obligation that is mostly undocumented and (2) unsecured. But the borrowers are more than happy to allow a mortgage if it reflects fair market value. This is what will give the investors far more than the current process in which the banks have a stranglehold on the mortgage modification process (for mortgages that are invalid from the start).

If you pierce through the veil of PR and utter nonsense flowing out of the banks and their planted articles in every periodical around the country, you will find your lender and you will find out the balance due because both of you (homeowner and investor) are going to want to know what happened to all the insurance money, credit default swaps and Federal bailouts that were promised, paid, but not delivered.

Because the mega banks were mere intermediaries pretending to be lenders the entire current scenario is going to turn upside down. Ultimately, the insurance, CDS and bailouts were in fact bailouts of the homeowners and investors. When they are applied correctly according to common sense and the contracts that were executed, practically none of the mortgages will have the balance demanded by the intermediary banks who claim but do not own the mortgages or rights to foreclose. Thus practically no foreclosure was correct by any standard, no credit bid was valid at auction, and no eviction was legal.

As these facts are revealed and accepted by a critical mass of people, the Too Big to Fail Myth will be put to the test. The nonexistent assets on their balance sheets will be reduced to zero. What will really happen is simply that the mega banks will collapse inward and the thousands of other banks that are unfairly under the thumb of the bank oligarchy will be able to pick up the pieces that are left and return to normal banking, with normal profits and normal bonuses.

Allowing the mega bank to retain the money they stole is like throwing a steak to a dog. Now that they have a taste of unlawful profits driving their profitability upward, they will only want more. Our job is to make sure they don’t get it. The Obama administration was surprised by the quick recovery by the banks. The truth, as it will be revealed in the coming months and years, is that there was no bank recovery because there were no bank losses. THAT is why the banks grew while the rest of the economy tanked.

Theoretically it is impossible for the bank profits to go up while the stock market and the economy is going down the drain. Their profits are supposed to come from being intermediaries in commerce, not principals.

Thus the higher the commercial activity, the better it is for the banks. But here, the relationship was twisted. The banks sucked the money out of the economy in “off balance sheet” transactions, secreted the money around the world, and are now able to report higher and higher profits every year simply because that is the way that they can repatriate their ill-gotten gains. By doing that they drive up the apparent value of their stocks and their stockholders are happy. What the stockholders do not realize is that this is a powder keg that will, at some point, implode. Yes, Warren Buffet is wrong.

See the story and Links Here

Despite a settlement with an alleged victim, U.S. District Attorney Preet Bharara will continue to prosecute Bank of America for selling allegedly fraudulent loans to Fannie Mae and other government-sponsored enterprises, his office told the Charlotte Business Journal.

Bharara, U.S. attorney in the Southern District of New York, charged BofA with fraud in a $1 billion federal lawsuit in October. He alleged in court documents that BofA had sold government agencies such as Fannie Mae billions of dollars in mortgages that were advertised as meeting government standards. However, the suit contends the loans actually lacked proper documentation and underwriting.

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  1. Disregard last message, my faith is restored in a few truly honest lawyers.

  2. What’s the matter Neal scared of a lawsuit, you of all people.
    I wouldn’t post it if it were not true.

    Joe Parisi

  3. They will keep sending you down their rabbit hole when all the proof you need that they are criminals is right in front of your face…

  4. Preet Bharara has been defending my neighbors foreclosure action the last three years. This guy is a simple tradesman, but there are providing him free defense in his foreclosure with U S Bank???
    This guy has gone through 4 foreclosures, all on record.
    How do I find out, public records.
    I told the NY AG about it, and so far have heard nothing.
    They are also looking at our case with One West- Indy Mac. Schneiderman promised alot and delivered nothing.
    I am a fighter and will go to Matt Tahibi and other well known media people.
    So you are right on the money when you say the US Attorney at 26 Federal Plaza NYC is still active in investigations, but only selectively as with my neighbor.
    Me being a street person, and knowing the Feds, I would guaranty this tradesman is an informant.

    Still probing, will let you know.

    Joe Parisi


    Keep up the great work Neil, been following you for over 3 years now.

  5. Local media, CLTV in Chicago reporting, members of the Kennedy family are publicly saying they don’t believe the Governments lone gunman theory. They believe the murder of J.F.K. was a mob hit. So much for the Governments wild lone gunman, magic bullet conspiracy theory. As I said, the real lunatics are finally being exposed and it is not the citizenry.

  6. Obama didn’t write Obamacare….Hillary Clinton and her commie subvertor friends wrote it when Bill the traitor was President. Lying scumbags in Congress and the Senate passed it without reading it….??? LIARS…..THEY KNEW FOR YEARS WHAT WAS IN HILLARYCARE…..COMPLETE COMMUNISM…BECAUSE ALL OF THEIR COMMIE FRIENDS EVIL PLANS ARE IN THERE. Make no mistake, all of this commie subversion was well planned decades ago and none of the traitors have the balls to say it. They use Obama to help them commit their crimes that they pre meditate and commit against us. They are sitting in the Supreme Court as well…liars and traitors all of them.


  8. The politicians and most of the media are bullies …. they are also investors in this scam to rob us out of everything. Fear is their only weapon. The politicians rob us of our rights and tell us they are trying to protect us while they rob us. The media reporting expect a tax on the flu shot is coming soon.

  9. The media reporting the flu scare is all about the fear….it is a scam trying to scare us into getting the flu shot that actually makes you 3x more likely to get the flu..and who knows what else.

  10. Many are waking up & realizing they are going to work everyday just to pay bills…..and they are always broke or worse…they are going to work to catch up on bills that are past due.

  11. Wait until those who are going to work everyday all realize they are working as slaves on the Government Corp slave plantation. The day is coming soon when those still employed realize they are no longer gainfully employed and that day is coming soon. That will be the day they realize they have no funny money…..no spendable income to go on trips and dine out or go to the mall because they are being secretly extorted by these CROOKS by fraudulently induced hyper taxation and hyper inflation. Then the shit is really going to hit the fan.

  12. The truth about the Government doing mental health evaluations in regards to gun ownership is, anyone is capable of doing anything at anytime to anyone. You don’t need a gun to destroy as the FED, THE BANKS, THEIR INVESTORS, WALL STREET & THE POLITICIANS PROVE EVERY SINGLE DAY. The real reason these crooks want our guns is because they are holding all of us at gunpoint and stealing our wealth, freedom and independence without a gun. What they really fear is the day WE THE PEOPLE ….mainly the 51% who voted for Obama, realize Obama is a liar and a fraud and a traitor and they are going to lose it all for the benefit of these criminals…because when the majority of people lose everything, and realize they are being forced to accept compete communism as a fix for massive criminal fraud by the banks, their investors and Wall Street they will lose it…WHY….? BECAUSE THEY ARE THE ENTITLEMENT PEOPLE ROMNEY SPOKE ABOUT……THEY ARE NO BETTER THAN THE CROOKS WHO ROBBED US……THEY DON’T CARE IF WE GET ROBBED TO PAY FOR THEIR ROBBERY BUT DON’T ROB THEM…..DON’T TOUCH THEIR BIG FAT PENSIONS & THEIR UNEMPLOYMENT & FOOD STAMPS …… THEIR PAYCHECKS IN THE PUBLIC SECTOR OR THEIR BENEFITS…..WELL IT’S COMING THEIR WAY NEXT….THE SLOW, STRATEGIC WIPEOUT OF THEIR ENTITLEMENTS THAT WERE STOLEN AND ALL OF THEIR REMAINING WEALTH..

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  14. ……and it is repugnant.

  15. Read all about their evil agenda here…. http://www.fourwinds10.net/

  16. No one said anybody is a saint but, everyone is smelling your sulphur scent.

  17. What expectations are those christine….? Evil witch. You aren’t fighting fraudclosure or any other thing. You and your criminal friends have an evil agenda and it is all being exposed. Prove me wrong….you know you can’t. You are complete control freak, batshit, nut job morons, all of you.

  18. Saint Kudlow, pray for our souls.


  19. You are a filthy slob Christine and you all got caught trying to steal the country. Evil never wins. There will be a day of reckoning for what you crooks have done. I have faith. Even Kudlow said tonight …it is time to put prayer back in the schools.

  20. “They are planning on making the background check not just a criminal background check….they want to make it much more intrusive. They will want your doctors records etc….it I all tied to OBAMACARE and the RFID CHIP. Kudlow on CNBC exposed this tonight.”

    HAHAHAHAHA!!! Too funny!

    I hope they give her a pelvic exam too. And she lived up to expectations. 4 posts on the next pages… plus 2 here on that same microchip insanity. Still follows the pattern. I post, 5 (or 6) back. Pegged to a T.

  21. Just wondering…why is it so difficult to show that no loans were ever transferred to these trusts? No conveyance, no possession, etc. How do we prove that? I mean, we know it didn’t happen…I just don’t understand—all this time and that seems like the smoking gun—am I nuts?

  22. Criminals can always get weapons is what I intended to say……

  23. They are planning on making the background check not just a criminal background check….they want to make it much more intrusive. They will want your doctors records etc….it I all tied to OBAMACARE and the RFID CHIP. Kudlow on CNBC exposed this tonight. These crooks have hijacked the country. They want to criminalize us when criminals can always get weakness. We have the politicians arming the criminals while disarming us. Look at fast & furious…..the politicians arming the Mexican drug cartel for crap sake.

  24. stripes

    I have a gun permit and had to have a background check. They have been doing that since the Brady thing.

  25. There is going to come a time when I am going to place the truth and the biggest perpatrator right in Preet Baharras lap. These loans are not underwritten. Many of the homes dont even exist. MERS invented & used by these Racketeerers. Found my ex spouse a Long Island resident. He has access to all banks & all gov agencies. Employed by the County of Suffolk government using the ALIAS Helmy Badr. Commiting billions of Mortgage fraud for Gov employees and many others. Short time later uses mers to satisfy. Across the USA. I have looked at official records. His signature all over. Since the 80s. I never knew. Now I do. Preet read our 80 pg memo sent this wk.

  26. hman also,
    go to ninth circuit website it has the appellate rules on there.
    once you appeal the clerk sends you timelines and a teeny weeny bit of instruction, be bold. i agree we need council but if no good atty will take it on just try, or quit, the latter is a luxury- not really you would never know if you could prevail.

  27. hman, you ask me how we beat MERS, we get them there judges to their darn job, all due respect, do they love their country or do they not

  28. Biden pushing for gun background checks…INVASION OF OUR PRIVACY….Screw him..and I would tell him that to his lousy lying traitor face. Where in the constitution does it say you must meet some GOVERNMENT criteria to keep & bear arms…? Liars is all they are. Well practiced at the art of deception. Lets all evaluate the politicians mental health ……THEY ALL FLUNK…NOW….LET’S IMPEACH THEM.

  29. Am I going crazy, or doesn’t Neil say “bad loans” one day, and “no loans” the next?

  30. It’s a crime scene but the citizenry are not the criminals. The citizenry are the victims. Just like the last manufactured Great Depression. The difference is this time, we have Hitler and Stalin telling us what to do.

  31. Florida’s AG Pam Bondi needs to follow the lead of Preet Bharara, the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York and do the same for Florida Citizens!!- The Indep Review is a a bad joke and an attempt to make us believe there will be a fair evaluation and proper compensation. AG Pam Bondi needs to protect FL’s citizens from these criminals and fraudsters.

  32. Home (in)Security is Federal like FEMA and have no legal jurisdiction on U.S. SOIL unless it is a Federal crime scene. CSI either….they are spies who rob us, that’s all they are. Has anyone got a load of the new mortgage rules….? HA..make no mistake, this is a very serious hostage of our wealth situation by the FEDSTERS.

  33. The U.S. ATTORNEY better start moving a lot quicker because if we can prove the fraud…so can he. That is the day they fear. The day they can’t make anyone believe their lies anymore. THEY MUST HAVE COMPLETE CONTROL FOR THE DAY THEY TELL US AMERICA IS BROKE AND THE FED OWNS NOT ONLY EVERYTHING BUT ALL OF US….LIES ALL LIES…!

  34. The conspiracy extends to the Homeland Security issue too. We are paying multi-Billions to be strip searched, harassed and poked and prodded. When in fact can anyone really stop someone from killing? You can get on those planes and kill with a pencil, toothbrush, insulin needle, shoelace…why didn’t they stop those terrorists when they were learning to fly down at Embry-Riddle…didn’t they have a clue when they stated: they didn’t need to learn landing procedures? They always knew who they were affiliated with…don’t misunderstand here…I don’t think 9-11 was crafted by our government, but they surely used it to create another agency costing Billions with taxpayers money and private companies running it.

  35. @hman All appeals must be done within 30 days of the final judgment.

  36. We all need to learn a new way of thinking. That is not easy but necessary. We were disprogrammed from thinking like them by them. That is why we trusted them. They want us to believe evil is good and normal when they do it. That is why they have swung open the gates of hell and want our guns. Oh hell no…!

  37. All true poppy….they will never stop trying to steal it all from us. We need to be vigilant at all times. Evil always takes on other forms. I suggest we all learn how to recognize these demons and prepare to do exorcisms of fraud at all times. We were warned what the signs would be. Believe it or not, they do.

  38. Bernie Madoff warned everyone, that his ponzi was small compared to the Banks

  39. stripes they got too greedy and keep doing the same things over and over…that is the definition of crazy. Thieves are creatures of habit, check any prison!

  40. Is it a bank….is it a servicer no…its a computer who is the crook….However, the banks happen to own that crook. They only rule by secrets lies and weapons of mass deception…that’s how they defraud. A pyramid scheme is only good until the top runs out of places to steal from. This make what Madoff & Enron did look like child’s play. The difference is the richest, most evil masterminds on the planet did this to steal everything from all of us and they never thought they would get caught. They thought we were all too stupid to catch them stealing our freedom. They made the same mistake all criminals make…..they severely underestimated their opponents.

  41. I’ve yet to figure out how to sue a CD?

  42. How do you propose we beat MERS…? MERS IS NOT A BANK. MERS is a computer database that had one sole purpose, keeping track of servicers. The records show, MERS did not even do that. What the banks did with MERS was try to hide and dump fraud for all of the parties involved. In my case, CITI somehow became involved and then everything got dumped into public by the title company and the bank who ended up with the pile o fraud “failed” and stuck the steaming pile of fraud with their agent, the servicer who has no title and so they joined me to sue MERS….who appears from the rubble of all of the destruction the FED created. So lets get the story straight…the bank is joining me to sue a computer named MERS that they own. Your freaking kidding me right…?

  43. DW-How do you propose we beat MERS? I think we all know that MERS is bs but this is where most of cases fall apart imo. I won a QT (default judment) against my “lender”. After, I won I served MERs and the servicer QT paperwork (A.R.S. § 12-1103(B)). MERs had no beneficial interest from a defunct principal, especially after I won my first case.

    This is when the AOM happened. The defense attorney stated that the assignment didn’t come from the original broker that it came from MERs and we agreed to MERs as beneficiary as evidenced by our DOT. He stated that any accessor or assign could direct MERS to assign the mortgage. What’s worse is AZ case law has held up the legality of MERs system.

    The defense attorney stated we all agree that the original broker had no interest (WTF?!) Yes my attorney argued it was BS but on my dismissal the judge gave no reason for dismissal. it only said under advisment of counsel I dismiss or something to that effect.

    I think I may try vacate the judgment, as I believe I maybe past the point of an appeal. Any advice much appreciated.


  44. cirque de soliel has nothing on this

  45. Anyone here have a clue why a new mortgage would have investors adjustments and payments from a loan in 1986, that originated in 2005?

  46. you know folks, the longer i do this the more of a “show” it is

  47. the one truth my judge uttered ( and contradicted himself by his rulings)
    is that the two most important things to a mortgage loan transaction are 11. clear title, 2. the appraisal

  48. work in progress

  49. addendum- poppy
    not legal advice just my opinion based on what i know

  50. poppy
    they played fast n loose as Neil says- with MERS who the heck knows who sold what for what as what we cant proove a thing re mers transactions, thats why it illegal, mers is not law we have land laws and property rights laws, no mers law

  51. I wonder how many times the loans have been paid off. After all, the planet is not worth the amount of money the banks say they have as loans or assets.

  52. THURSDAY, JANUARY 10, 2013
    Former Deutsche Bank Employee Claims Bank Took Big Libor Bets During Crisis Because It Could Influence Rates

    The Wall Street Journal has an exclusive story based on a whistleblower leak, apparently with supporting transaction records.

    …Deutsche seems unusually concerned about liability, which gives the impression they have something to hide. Firms also vary a fair bit in terms of how openly staffers express themselves; one of the reasons that Congressional investigations of particularly toxic Goldman CDOs turned up comparatively little dirt is that Goldman has a very buttoned-down culture. The same deals at other firms would have had a lot more in the way of sniggers and trash talk about the deals and the clients dumb enough to buy them in the records. Libor diddling seemed to be sufficiently widespread in 2005 to 2007 that it seems unlikely that any Deutsche trader would have been careful about covering his footprints….but if one had wanted to be, I can imagine it would not have been hard (limiting discussions to face to face meetings, not using the firm phones, etc And that’s the easy stuff. I had a probably deservedly paranoid buddy who did business in Russia go on about how to leave messages on Usenet groups in ways that no one could figure out the hidden communication).

    Read more at http://www.nakedcapitalism.com/2013/01/former-deutsche-bank-employee-claims-bank-took-big-libor-bets-during-crisis-because-it-could-influence-rates.html#eFwL2xKQzbPwV6w1.99

    Deutsche has been the most heartless in its foreclosures here in the US. I think I’d like to see it seriously suffer for it…

  53. you bet…it is the only way this can happen.

  54. Poppy…the FEDSTERS are who have the serious title problems. They don’t own anything because they never paid for anything. I told the judge that I believe this dispute is between the Plaintiffs and the title company and he told me, you may be right about that. The truth is, the title companies just didn’t all get lazy and decide not to perform their fiduciary duties. They knew what these banks were doing was criminal and the truth is, the banks cashed the checks +++ never performed on the contract, therefore the notes and the contracts are null & void. There is no legal fix for that, and these foreclosures are illegal and felonious by any party. The fact the title companies never recorded ANY legal liens for the FED is proof the U.S. GOVERNMENT knew what the banks were dong was criminal and renders any claims by either party, or any party criminal and felonious. The U.S. GOVERNMENT HAD KNOWLEDGE OF THE FRAUD.

  55. stripes

    Did you see my post about investor adjustments on a “new loan” prior to closing? Very interesting…we think the loan did not originate, but they carried over the previous loan (foreclosure and lied, said it was an estate sale) and changed the numbers on the ledger to appear in sync with the new loan? And we are thinking we may have a serious title problem.

  56. The truth is, these banks are not broke and never were. The Government Corp is fatter than ever from robbing us and that is what this is all about. Robbing all of us into submission so we will willingly accept complete communism as a “fix” for the biggest robbery of our wealth and property in history.

  57. Here’s one to decipher….on e title is the name….Amcore Bank N.A. MERS…..Amcore Bank N.A. is now a “failed bank”, the biggest bank failure in Illinois history and is in fact, under investigation for all kinds of fraud crimes. I also uncovered a while back that Amcore Bank, a “failed bank”, had billions on the books when they “failed”..and were “shut down” and in fact, are actually hiding in an unsecured, non FDIC insured trust called North Star inside of Marshall & Illsley Bank….a Canadian bank, and assuring their investors their investments are safe. Their servicer has joined us, the defendants to fraudclose on MERS….Now how can a bank that is “failed” yet had billions on its books be held in an unsecured, non FDIC insured trust still guarantee its “investors” their investments are “safe”…. Someones lying, that’s how. These are not failed banks, not by a long shot. They just want an excuse to rob us.

  58. The Stock Market continues to rise and so does BofA’s Stock.

  59. @Deborah

    It’s worse than that—there weren’t even any shoes in the boxes! Classic ponzi!! They were selling empty boxes—represented to have good, honest shoes in them!!!

  60. Deborah,

    I was too and somehow ended up sub-prime. When I got my work product most of my information was missing. The reason they did that, in my opinion, was to very, specifically make me sub-prime…for that insurance money. Ocwen is the last stop for bum loans.

  61. I don’t know of this helps anyone, but any bank N.A. has very different rules than local and state banks…gives me pause to how my case is presented and what is allowed under those guidelines, hence servicing, foreclosure and the rules and authority of such entities.

    “In the modern U.S. the term “national bank” has a precise meaning: a banking institution chartered and supervised by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (“OCC”), an agency in the U.S. Treasury Department, pursuant to the National Bank Act. The inclusion of the word “National” in the bank’s name or the designation “National Association” or its abbreviation “N.A.” is a required part of the distinguishing legal title of a national bank, as in “Citibank, N.A.” Many “state banks”, by contrast, are chartered by the applicable state government (usually the state’s department of banking). The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) insures deposits at both national and state banks”

  62. i wish Tom Horne would dig his heels in here in AZ

  63. neil said, “because both of you (homeowner and investor) are going to want to know what happened to all the insurance money, credit default swaps and Federal bailouts that were promised, paid, but not delivered.”
    these are questions (and others like mark to market value and the Remic status pre, inter and post with effective dates thereto- i know good luck with that debbie) put to FDIC and One West under FOIA as to what assets precisely were transferred after the receivership and consequent sale of assets to one west, forever i have been requesting this, no answers yet.

  64. they should call it bond bailout money until they are all tried by a jury and sent to jail for their actions, and, inactions. make no mistake about it, its criminal
    as for why the loans lacked underwriting and why the liens were not perfected and why we have robosigners and mers and and, partly big partly, was because we had developers building their empire handing out big commissions to their bird dogs to find candidates for the loans, being a “shoe” gal, someone once said “debbie- think of it like this they made lots of empty shoe boxes and they simply needed shoes that fit in the box, did not matter what state the shoes were in.”
    i was a full doc loan, w2, pay stubbs, proof of income for years, i have a prior home which had equity, i was comfortable, i was induced to believe by doing the deal i was getting something of value. bla bla i know.

  65. Sorry, the Federal Government who owns the notes should release the satisfactions, which I believe they are withholding. It is almost impossible to sue the government, when they are in the fraud too.

  66. Say it ain’t so…BOA wouldn’t do that! Maybe, he can also prosecute them for payments multiple times on the same debt…that is also a crime. How about we dig up the satisfactions and hand them over to the property parties, the homeowners, so they don’t have to spend thousands in court defending “defaults” of nothing?

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