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“Thus under the current scenario each one ($1) dollar spent on criminalizing certain acts, prosecuting them and punishing them is met by a comparative figure of seventeen thousand ($17,000) dollars in damages caused solely by the Wall Street mortgage meltdown alone. It’s impossible to graph on a single piece of paper — it would take 12 reams of paper for economic crimes versus 1/4 inch on a single piece of paper for all other crimes.

‘If the current societal cost of all crimes including nonviolent drug related offenses was plotted at 1/4 inches, the next line down for economic crimes would be 68,000 inches long or 6,181 pages. Yet the number of people prosecuted and incarcerated for economic crimes is, thus far, less than 1% of the number of people snared in the 1980’s savings and loan scandal which all admit to have had far less reaching consequences than the PONZI “derivative” scheme of 1996-2012. ” Neil F Garfield, Esq.,


Do you think that a person who possesses marijuana should be given a state or federal pension? What would you do if you found out that this is exactly what is happening for 1,000,000 U.S. Citizens every year? What would you think if you were told that they were each getting a pension of $40,000 year, free medical care, plus the initial cost of processing their pension applications to the state or federal government which adds another $40,000 for each pensioner?  The cost is $40 Billion per year plus the cost of initial processing of another $15 Billion per year.

$55 Billion per year is spent on pensioning possessors of marijuana and other drugs, plus the cost of socialized medicine and care for all pensioners, which includes those who commit violent crimes when they are young who are now senior citizens posing no threat to society but nonetheless retain their room, board, and medical care. The total cost of this system exceeds $80 Billion per year, which using the ten year budgets that are being hotly debated in Washington, would reduce the deficit by about $1 TRILLION dollars.

Most of the pensioners would be forced to work if they were not on the pension system. The loss from taking these people out of the workforce is another $6 Billion per year, which over ten years is another $6 Billion and the loss to economic activity is at least another $25 Billion per year or over a ten year period $250 Billion to the federal and state government on income and sales taxes is another

There are 1,500,000 people incarcerated in the United States at any one time — more per capita than any other country in the world, most of whom have far lower violent crime rates than those in the U.S. which admittedly are declining due to factors not well understood (economic, abortion, lead in gasoline and other products etc. – nobody knows).

If you were to draw out a simple three stage pyramid of incarcerated people in this country the vast base of nearly 1 million people would be comprised of those committed non-violent acts which means by definition that nobody got hurt. The vast majority of those were given sentences of “pension” for minimum mandatory periods for possession of controlled substances, mostly, marijuana. Hence, these people committed acts that posed no threat to anyone in society, or to put it simply, posed no threat to society. We spend $40 billion per year, which with inflation and other factors will cost nearly a Trillion dollars over the next ten years on these people.

The next level comprising just half the size of the foundation of the pyramid consist of people who committed violent crimes. And the last level is composed of a tiny fraction of people who committed “economic” crimes that are presumed to be non-violent. The fact that these economic criminals altered the landscape of the finance and economies all over the world in whole or in part, resulting in inevitable suicides, mass shootings, riots, wars and billions of dollars in mental health costs which leads to tens of billions of dollars in physical ailments brought on stress does not get any consideration as to whether their crimes hurt society more than say, a murderer, who shoots his partner for stealing.

Up until thirty years ago the pyramid didn’t look anything like the pyramid today. Costs for incarcerated “pensioners” and other people held in prisons and jails were far less than 1/3 of what they are today. The reason that the cost of and size of the prison system has quadrupled in 3 decades is MONEY. The prison system was privatized and this is what happens when you privatize a societal function like police, fire, and prisons. After years of lobbying big business managed to support or convince legislators that privatizing the prison system was a good idea.

This was a great idea for business — but only if they kept the jails full, using the same business model as the hotels. If you have no guests staying there you lose money. The more you can count on a full prison or jail the more you can spend on new jails and prisons, using the Wall Street markets to bankroll you. The trick is to make sure that people are convicted of something and sent to prison. And if the prison industry had their way they would make breathing a criminal event because that would give them an unlimited number of people to choose from in filling their ever growing prison system.

The closest thing they could come to criminalized breathing is taking a puff of a cigarette and since there were many types of cigarettes — tobacco and other substances, they supported anyone who was “afraid” of marijuana and managed to pass a new era of prohibition where we all know is where organized crime got its start.

To make certain they were reaching the huge population of people who used marijuana they even made it a crime just to possess it. This coup enabled the prison industry to grow into one of the largest industries in our economy (over $60 Billion per year) and create one of the largest lobbying systems to make certain that as many thing could be criminalized as possible, so long as it was directed to large numbers of potential “guests.” Violent crimes were not as much fun as non-violent crimes because costs of insurance and other measures goes up exponentially as the risk goes up, guards demand more pay for assuming the risk of dealing with violent individuals and the list goes on. Hence the lower sentences on violent crimes than possession of pot.

As for the economic crimes, the pickings are slim. The prison business model views it as a loser. There are just not enough people committing them as those who commit drug offenses and violent crimes. So prosecutions are sparse and the number of guests is very limited — really of no consequence in the business model of the prison industry. Besides it was the kingpins of Wall Street that financed the privatization of prison systems with new bonds, stock offerings and hedge products like credit default swaps. The last thing the prison lobby wants are prosecutions of Wall Street titans who are supporting the prison industry. And the last thing a politician wants is to to decriminalize non-violent drug crimes if he or she is dependent upon Wall Street or direct donations to their campaigns from the prison industry. The two lobbies combined probably exceed the total of all other lobbying.

I submit that the pyramid is inverted and that any politician  who lacks the nerve to do what is best for society should be removed from office and replaced with someone who will vote with an eye towards what will most benefit his or her constituents and the country as a whole, as is stated in their oath of office. I submit that the reason why Wall Street criminals were not prosecuted is that they are indirectly in charge of criminal prosecution system and the departments of corrections in each state and federal prison or jail.

If you analyze the pyramid in terms of damage to society, the base would be economic crimes costing some 1/3 of the world’s wealth — $17 trillion — through an obvious PONZI scheme that was named “securitization.” The principal flag for recognizing a PONZI scheme is that it collapses when people stop buying in because the venture is using incoming investments to pay the old investors. That is exactly what happened.

Compounding the crime, the Wall Street Bankers took money from investors under false pretenses, intentionally diverted a large part of that money into their own pockets, and then funded mortgages from remote thinly capitalized entities of dubious or impossibility viability by manipulating property values, rating systems, mortgage brokers and nominees that became called “originators, as if that term means anything.

The Wall Street Banks diverted investor money into their own pockets, then compounded that with  making themselves (instead of the investors they were required to protect) beneficiaries of insurance, federal bailouts and proceeds from “hedge” products like credit default swaps.

Instead of protecting the investors by having them named as payee on the funded loans, they created plainly defective notes and mortgages that were patently wrong as potential liens on the homeowner’s property.

Instead of having the money that funded the loans come from REMIC trusts that issued the bogus mortgage backed bond, they funded the loans from other entities leaving the REMIC and the investor with nothing.

They had simply diverted the paperwork from the investors for whom they were supposedly acting as agents, and created the illusion that the Wall Street Banks owned the mortgage backed bonds that contained no mortgages, no notes, were not backed and therefore bogus bonds  with no capacity to pay the expected interest and principal back to the investor.

So the foundation of pyramid based upon societal damage would be $17 trillion, with a continuing cost of trillions of dollars per year caused by squeezing values of currency on which the banks made even more money, minimum, whereas the cost to society of even the most violent crimes would be under $10 billion using the most liberal formulas. The cost to society of non-violent drug crimes could be computed as high as $3 Billion per year depending upon whose analysis you look at.

Thus under the current scenario each one ($1) dollar spent on criminalizing certain acts, prosecuting them and punishing them is met by a comparative figure of seventeen thousand ($17,000) dollars in damages caused solely by the Wall Street mortgage meltdown alone. It’s impossible to graph on a single piece of paper. If the current societal cost of all crimes including nonviolent drug related offenses was plotted at 1/4 inches, the next line down for economic crimes would be 68,000 inches long or 6,181 pages.

The outcome is clear — the bigger the economic crime the less likely the punishment regardless of the damage to society. And, as we all know, criminals who are successful tend to escalate their criminality rather than say “‘enough.”

Unless the State and Federal and Local governments understand and act on these self-evident truths, it is virtually certain that whatever is left in world wealth will be taken on the next round of Wall Street exotic securities that only robotic supercomputers can properly value — on chips containing programs created on Wall Street and never reviewed by any regulatory agency.

I submit that like the FDA, an agency I have no love for, the labeling of products from Wall Street should await approval from a newly created division of the SEC that can review —- and understand — the tricks and tools of the new “securities” being offered and that the U.S. attorneys and Attorneys General get together a task force and claw back what they can to cure or assist their deficits.

Until that happens Wall Street will continue its 4 decades long pursuit of selling crap instead of investments.

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  1. you are correct. The government s the problem. They now have HUD and the uneployment agencies as well as Non ofr profit organizations helping in the fraud. St.loous children fund greatly involved. Check the Recorders office for Judith A. Belanger and son alike Ethn Belanger. A new name that comes to mind is the Nenninger family. They are stealing home from the homeowners.
    Come to St.Louis and look at the fraud. They have submitted fraudulent documentation , backed dating information into the files. Funny how this is done without an issue.
    Millsap and Singer working for the criminals. Vernon Millsap would perhaps roll over with the level of fraud they are committing.
    The problem is they have set up these looans from the very beginning with fraud only to come back and steal later.
    Federal Authorities do no exist. They will do nothing as well as the Judges, Bank of america downtown stouis committing forgery and blantant fraud alond with the co-operatives on 7700 forsyth Home of JPMorgan and numerus attorneys. The attornys in stlouis will act as id they know nothing, You are not permitted to employement until they are able to steal everything you have. The Mayor has much bllod on his hands.
    Come to stlouis O’Bama and see how your cabinet or financial advisors are working.
    Either they are all working against what you have told the Amrica people or this is part of the game . Tell the poeple one thing and do another. When it comes to voilations made against you by the banks and their many little engines nothing is done but, wait lets steal the citizens homes using the UCC violations and see if the judge won’t understand that clearly….See the profile list of the worst criminals in game today ……can u imagine KPMG is right in the heart of downtown stlouis facilitating the fraud. They are networked with al the accounting firms. They have stolen your money and want you to pay once again.
    In 2008 you will find ost people realized their principle was inflated and then suddendly they are going into foreclosure. weren’t they the original accounting firm auditing the trust accounts ? I beleive so.
    Jay -Zee , Inc is associated , What does this mean ? Lets start to look at some of the famous rappers and what they are into behind the scenes. take Nellie for instance his Uncle broke into my home several times . Stealing what and anthing they could. This wa clearly orchestrasted by the Uncle that lived next to me. Yes. He has something to do with it or his mother does. The woman is a Bitch ! He funds the fraud.
    Its all about commodoties and stock !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Concerning the fraud our of Illinios ….

    This is true. My ex -employer pushed me into foreclosure by diverting phone calls and the mail. They are heavily involved with MSD, Millsap and Singer and the power player that play golf. Replacement Services which appears to be on the surfice as a Insuramnce replacement service however that is not all they are doing. They worked for McKee and other real estate investors. AIG deployed Homeland security after the election in 2008, My home was sold to a THF Investor when it was not foreclosured on yet. Criminal. I had paid over 7000.00 to get the home out of foreclosure however, they never reversed this transaction from there books. They sold the home and I had been paying rent thinking a mortgage for over 4 years. This was great for the investors.
    They placed holes in the roof , damage to the property. I thought I was ina Modification however, this was all a smoke screen to try to coverf the fraud they were already part of. I never singed the modification because they had the principle inflated , the payment made over a year were never listed or accounted for.
    They have hired a Company called DYSNS to harrass you in the skies.
    When I refused to sign the documents only sending a final request to cure here is what happened. They were due to receive this document on January 31,2012 , I was then called into the Managers office and told , ” We can’t use you any longer , its not working for us.”
    They forgot to pay me the money stolen from my paycheck each year of 3600.00. They reduced my income by changing the payroll structure from every two weeks to twice a month. Used my insurance for orchestrated car accidents and many other criminal things. I am not trying th hide there bad behavior. The COO of the Company was the President of Credit Control. This company is a debt Collection Mavin
    Failing to state this when he came aboard the company , placed a tracking device on my car without prmission proir to terminating my employment . Harrass me whereever I go. Credit Control has the Agreement with MSD- Insurers are XL-Capital , Inc , Attorney is Johns Heimos hwhom seem to be very comfortable representing the crooks. They never sent a bill or a pyment to me. Placed a lien on the home and charged me over $8000.00 . This is simple criminal. When checking with MSD they claim other debt collectors had this debt prior to Credit Control. When viewing the other Companies they are all owned and operated under a disguise of Credit Control or Replacement Services employees. This reduces your payroll by two paychecks. They have done th very same with the unemployment as well. This man has the nerve to act like he wants to sue someone for the fraud he placed upon me. They are good with trying to make it your problem.No , You have committed fraud and you work for Wellsfargo among other banks. This is the criminal behavior they are allowed to get away with. Ask the Mayor why is he transferring your home to The wealthy families in stlouis ????? The last show that aired on PBS is not quite indicative of what is currently going on. They act as if this is being stopped. It is not. They are doing more now than before. I was dosed by Radiation while working for these people. No telling what kind of damage was done to me physically. Judith Belanger whom happens to just be in banking , whom I met while working for Replacement Services is listed as Corelogics , manager. Meanwhile her son Ethan Belanger works for Wellsfargo . Clearly the re-affirmation agreement came from these people as the MERS assignement created. She is listed as a Nurse. She very well may be a Nurse however one thing os for certain , I met this person while working for Replacement Services amdnd she was in Banking and Married to a Monsanto Seed breeder ( He’s a Farmer ) I am in possession of the ” Original Deed” How in the world did the Judge allow the foreclosure ? Hey Julies family is tighed into the Kroenke Family aren’t they ? Perhaps because Stan Kroenke investors purchased the home? Failure of the system to report these crimes , act on these crimes , investigate these crimes are rampant. St.Louis has a lock down. They are diverting phone calls , mail and any other means of communication. They are clearly blacklisted me with hving a contract with th unemployment division. They have hired all of their friends and family. They have kept people in bondage. Truly going to the Feds and see what will happens. Your documents will never get to the party intended. I now have the Chicago Housing Authority members committing fraud on a duplex.
    Antwanette Turner – Mail room for CHA , does anyone have her name on documents, or another name that is assumed is Courte A. Turner.
    This by the way is roughy a 13 year ld posing as a 31 yea old with 5 children , working for Bank of America.

    Lets call them all out. ….. HUD is committing fraud!

  3. *** stlouis, Mo feeling grief from Bank of America and Wellsfargo?
    Does your document show MERS: corelogic Judith Belanger ?
    Lets talk about the fraud

  4. David, on January 1, 2013 at 7:50 pm said:

    The BofA litigation attorney replied a few years later that our rescission was denied. I replied that I did’t realize they had the authority to deny a rescission request. They were required to stop collections and take us to court. They have no authority to simply deny our request…

    After I notified the new servicer of the frauds in our case, including the FBI meeting at our house for 3.5 hrs – we get a letter a few weeks later that BofA is no longer transferring their servicing rights. Gee – and how do they have servicing rights when the Trust doesn’t own our Note…?

    If they had any common sense, they’d simply send us our docs and right this puppy off, especially since they’ve already collected the insurance claims. The building code violations are calculated at 500-bucks per violation and retroactive to the day of settlement. That equates to 5-6 million dollars in violation fees alone. It is a no-win situation but if they continue I will have the house condenmed and make sure the evidence is given to the county code officials for prosecution. The county code official that gave the originator the fraudulent docs was terminated. So I’m quite sure they will not be very nice to the bank when they go after them for the violations.

    We have done everything we know to do. We have tried to solicit the AG and other folks but they seem too busy…? go figure… I would love to file criminal charges against the Trust (CWALT).

    So, we wait – & wait – its been 7yrs we’ve fighting and going on 5 yrs since our last payment. The frauds are grossly obvious and they all know it. I have no intention of giving them our house without forcing them to take and us attempting to expose their frauds. I’d rather attack them with everything we can especially with criminal charges.

    I sent the fraud evidence to their corporate HQ, CWALT Trust, BNY, AG, FBI, and several other Gov agencies, some have responded – some haven’t… I guess we’ll have to see what happens


  5. Looks like I am not the only one who feels this way…..Check it out from…a Crook County t-shirt and guess whose pic is on it….?

  6. Nearly every state is on the titanic of bank & politician fraud. I don’t hear too many States not crying broke. Illinois & California are definitely two of the worst. However, out of the 49 States where concealed & carry is allowed I don’t see them storming the Bastille either. These crooks have ransacked the entire country and a property tax revolt may be near and nationwide boycotts & revolts on a lot of things…..we all may be dining by candlelight or worse before this is over.


  8. The creeps have been here for a long time. Hillary Clinton is from Illinois….Bill Ayres of the Weather Undergound is a Professor at U of I Chicago and his wife teaches at Northwestern University of Law… she is a law professor.. These evil plans were laid out here…Max Keiser said the masterminds of the evil Wall Street derivatives scam were devised in Chicago…Michael Savage said Chicago is running the world from behind the scenes….and all roads lead to Rome & the next day he got the boot under Rahm…..the head of the IMF Christine LaGuarde, worked for a law firm in Chicago before her appointment. Obama & his wife were both attorneys here. Google Sherman Skolnicks Report….he will get you up to speed on all of their dirt..

  9. The robbery of Illinois taxpayers is two fold….we were robbed by the banks and the politicians who used our money as their own personal credit card. The people of this State are well aware of what these crooks have done.

  10. The politicians are crooks in this State that is undeniable. Cook County was named the most corrupt county in the country and the residents call it what it is….Crook County. I am a member of neither party. It is becoming more of a tyranny everyday. Everyone is fed up with their criminal b.s….The people of this state are way beyond disgusted….Many have moved or are planning on it. The people of this State have been robbed mercilessly and it never stops. Who in their right mind would stay in a climate like this and pay the taxes we pay…? Expect a mass exodus because Daley told us expect a huge property tax increase by 2014 to pay for $155 billion dollars in missing pension money. The politicians and the banks can all pay for their own crimes when we all leave for a warmer climate. It’s coming.

  11. go ahead beat your drum—–or is it too late to be ALLOWED

  12. @STRIPES

    I cant figure whether all the dems in illinois are total odiots or were paid by the republicans——the demeaned state of illinois will be all over the papers across thecountry for weeks–the NRA will keep pounding this drum right up till the republicans take the senate in 2014

    i can tell you itll be a total shock to most americans in midwest and south particularly how pathetic illinois is—how bad it can get—-most would think this sort of crap only could exist in places like masschussetts—–but the creaps made it all the way into the heartland–how do you carve a turkey witha plastic knife?

  13. I don’t comply with tyrants. But go ahead and live in denial and pretend you don’t comply with all of their b.s…

  14. If this can happen to 150 million Americans….it can happen to any American….and that includes you …..they use you up and throw you in the dumpster…there is no loyalty among thieves. Go register your toys and when they come to steal it all from you…hand it over to them like a good little servant…they will give you an RFID CHIP as a thank you for being so loyal & so incredibly stupid..

  15. Maybe–but at least im ALLOWED to own a sharp butterknife

  16. @STRIPES

    “People” do not live as subjects like that in illinois—-subh’s–coolies–slaves–peons–untouchables–etc–not people

  17. @STRIPES

    Dont think so—-BTW–do you still carry your politicos around in those coolie-carried divans?—when you approach one, do you just bow or do you have to crawl on your bellie?

    It never occurred to me the reason you are on this site 20 hours a day–is you arent ALLOWED to go outside—are you actually incarcerated? Do they allow online in prisons or are you in some sort of half-way house for loons—–you immediately admitted only homemade weapons—–hmmm–sharp spoons?

    come on give me the scoop from the inside

  18. Do I sound like I fear these buttwipes….? Like you are not living in a prison camp…..? You are more confined because you are brainwashed by them……..they own your mind body & soul.

  19. It is never wise to underestimate people…..

  20. @STRIPES

    No —you need to get out of that downtrodden illinois thought mode——MOST americans are still ALLOWED to have REAL WEAPONS—you are so lowslung you think its like that everywhere—–are you allowed to leave illinois without permission of your local party bosses? talk talk —–i think your next psuedonym should be “imonlyallowedtotalk”

    i just had no idea that illinois was the breeding ground of so many gutless creatures—–i dont know why the ill gun guys even think the guns are needed—–seems like you are taught that all you need to do is talk really loudly to be attended—–welfare state with spoons only allowed

  21. The entire country is booby trapped….Home Alone on steroids….it would be like walking into a field of landmines.

  22. Ha Ha Ha—-soooo funny—-homemade weapons hidden under your cots–like prisoners–shivs?

    no i know—extra heavy purses?—–what a joke you people are–talk talk —–leading the vanguard to complete submission—-dont need fences to keep you where they want you–just a firm “STAY” —-how long does it take to train little illiinois kids to say “how high?”—they must start early to be able to train midwesterners to be so submissive–most of us dont like to be told police can come beat on our doors and ask where we keep our slingshots-

  23. That’s what you get when you get caught stealing everything from people……150 million pissed off Americans with all of the time in the world to educate themselves and make homemade weapons….

  24. Wouldn’t you nannies like to know…? That’s the point…no one really knows and that’s the way WE THE PEOPLE like it.. Do a google search of homemade weapons people are making at home….you don’t have to register those..

  25. The German population under Hitler …..55 million unarmed sheeple who trusted everything their leader told them.

  26. @STRIPES

    BS—-talk talk—–weve got your number—12 million from illinois armed with what –toothpicks? talk talk

  27. Wall Street down today on FED threat to curb easing. Looks like they don’t want to deal with 300 million pissed off Americans armed to the teeth.

  28. CNBC reporting AIG is putting $11 million dollars on there balance sheet…Aren’t they $600 trillion in the red in cds insurance fraud…?

  29. How did the Conversion occur if the Issuer never held legal title in the first place…? They use many deceptions to coverup the Origination Fraud. The truth is, they are not God, they can’t turn water into wine ….or the overissuance of investments into free property. They had 90 days from the closing of the trust to record a legal lien…on the Original. There is no legal fix for that. They can set up trusts from now until the end of time, it doesn’t make them a holder or give them any legal rights of a holder. Their investors are greedy. Anything goes until you discover that you were induced to sign something that was a fraud.

  30. Leave a Reply: The originator (C&F Mortgage) has an “agency” relationship with CW? If so, doesn’t that pass culpability and liability onto CW? To me it strikes as deceptive practices.

    MS overview

    Party “A” is a Third Party Originator “TPO” under a Purchase and sale agreement.

    Party “B” is a tax payer corporation formed as a REIT its first year and who transferred the Trust to a subsidiary

    Party “C” is a close held tax payer subsidiary formed as an LLC for purposes of a tax shelter scheme

    Party “D is the registrant of a private placement offering securities that form a series of “Special Purpose” De novo entities. The entities are held as “the assets” under a statutory trust formed in the state of New York.

    Trust assets: Consideration that is specific to the conversion of the originators liabilities for assets it originated and contributed into investment scheme investment trust fund. The assets are the domain of the securities trustee holding shares of “available for sale” Trust Common Certificates, the trust “principal assets”

    The transferor is the FDIC member bank who provided the deal financing by construction of a standard mortgage banking platform featuring a 90 day revolving warehouse line of credit,

    These bank to originator funding and settlement facilities are commonly used among mortgage originators under strict “buy sell” conditions for assuring the lines are swept of all mortgages a lender originates over each 3 month quarter.

    Under this scenario the originator allows the member bank to transfer its whole loan assets to the seller. The seller is a transferee , who you recall is a closely held subsidiary owned by the FDIC Member Bank and ….

    not for legal advice and not for republication


  31. We have become a nation of Chinese factory workers making money for the Government Corp and then we hand most of the money we bring home right back to them….

  32. The American people need to find ways to employ themselves. We need to stop depending on the Government Corp for jobs. The American Dream is freedom & independence….be your own boss. What happened to us….? We have allowed these crooks to turn us into slaves in the service of their tyrant shareholders and investors. When did the American Dream become getting a job making money for somebody else….?

  33. Let’s at least let them know that we aren’t stupid. Go to the site and click to sign. It’s that easy.


  35. More extortion is near…..the Treasury claims they can’t pay their bills in February ….? We have a $26 trillion dollar GDP, everything we pay is a tax and the Treasury can’t pay their bills…? They are liars and tyrants. The truth is, THE FED has owes everybody and their brother, their biggest debt is what they owe the U.S. TREASURY DEPARTMENT…THE TRUTH IS…..THE FEDSTERS ARE WHO DO NOT WANT TO PAY THEIR BILLS….the FED/WORLD BANK are worth well into the quintillions and beyond and are EXTORTING WE THE PEOPLE via the traitor politicians ….. THEY ARE NOT PAYING THEIR BILLS…THEY ARE POCKETING OUR WEALTH….THE FEDSTERS ARE ROBBING US INTO FRAUDULENTLY INDUCED POVERTY & BANKRUPTCY by ROBBING US AND EXTORTING US VIA THE TRAITOR POLITICIANS …. The FED just keeps stealing from WE THE PEOPLE….printing money & handing US their bills.

  36. They are exposing the evil plans but we certainly don’t have to comply with them. Cut up their cards & quit using their credit. Don’t shop in their Corp.

  37. MS speaker here? which table you guys ar?

  38. Make no mistake, the ongoing bailouts of the so called TBTF….FRAUDCLOSURES, skyrocketing prices of everything we need to live, progressive taxation policies and the ongoing “debt deals” are extortions by the traitor politicians and it’s criminal and heinous. They are intentionally oppressing the American people by what amounts to fascism. That’s why these traitors signed the NDAA and they want to take away our guns.

  39. That is why Control is by legal assignment….that is the Delivery and Acceptance receipt…..and is legal proof of Possession by the Issuer of the original bill of credit and must be recorded onto the public record. That’s why at the most, they can only file a UCC lien with the State as a lien on fixtures, not property. That is why the FED are using the FEE SIMPLE DEED as a trump card but in most cases, the homes are still worth more than the land the FED claims to hold.

    The TRUTH they are really hiding is……the FED really owns nothing because they are in DEFAULT for innumerable amounts of U.S. TAXPAYER money to the U.S. TREASURY DEPARTMENT ….. WHO ARE……THE U.S. TAXPAYERS.

  40. Let’s review the Article 8 requirements that create an investment security shall we…? The entity trying to foreclose on you must have Control….8-106; by Delivery and Possession 8-301; by the Appropriate Person; 8-107; by the Issuer; 8-201; of an Investment Company Security; 8-103; not by Overissue; 8-210; is the Purchaser Protected; 8-303; by a Securities Account; 8-501; Indorsement 8-304 or Instruction; 8-305; does not Guarantee the Signature Indorsement. 8-307; States that the Purchaser must have Proof of Authority with any other requisite necessary to obtain registration per 8-4, et seq. To obtain requisite of Security Entitlements 5-8 et seq; all said requirements must be met.

    Article 9 & 4 requirements cannot be met without proof of Acceptance; 3-103; and Consideration; 3-303 by the Issuer to the Originator……the Article 8 requirements…..that is the underlying transaction AKA….THE ORIGINATION FRAUD.

  41. MS knows the truth is, the coverup can only last as long as the real players can make us believe their lies. CNBC anchors just said “the jig is up” and shook hands. That’s right….it is.


    PS: you were correct re MS—–hot air

  43. Too many Americans still do not believe the banks are predators…I guess it takes an actual gun pointed to their heads and they want the politicians to tell them we are here to rob you to believe they are being robbed. I know quite a few who were robbed into a stuper by the banks and still defend their robbers. They are so severely brainwashed they defend their abusers. They probably won’t wake up until they are living in the street, stripped of everything. Or maybe not….

  44. The truth about TILA is….the FED changed the rules and amended it so that TILA puts you right back at the closing table. The crooks really should rescind these mortgages and clear all titles to us but they won’t …This is war…… An attorney told me don’t sign or agree to anything with a bank in regards to this debt….it is unsustainable and can never be repaid. Remember banks wear many disguises. Bankruptcy can never cure this massive quadrillion dollars in credit and investment fraud the FED created via Wall Street. Bankruptcy allows the crooks to extinguish their debt…..not yours and puts no money in your pocket but takes money out of your pocket because Bk is expensive and helps the crooks. This is IMHO of course. The judges can invoke the courts Common Law, Criminal Law jurisdiction. They have more power than what it appears.

  45. More like the rhesis monkey is out of the cage. Their great experiment failed. The truth is, God gave everyone a great gift, it is called FREE WILL and that is something they can never completely control. They want clones and robots who are their pre-programmed slaves…..a globe of lab created Frankensteins. The Creator, who made everything, is never going to allow that to happen.

  46. @DAVID

    Interesting fact pattern. Predatory loans are not adequaely covered by federal law—TILA RESPA etc seem to me basically cap damages for predation–but under common law fraud in inducement —terms not as expected basically only a rescission right…….

    rescission requires a pleading of tender of funds–putting parties back in same position —unless reliance is so great that cant be unraveled

    so if the lender puts a person in a loan so predatory that they slide from prime to subprime—-how does a borrower refi to unravel–ie rescind??? why fed law has been cicumvented

    if there was a totally false document that lead to execution maybe youv got fraud in factum——-and damages rather than rescission–or at least offset—-but refi still awful prospect—

    perhaps fraud in factum id appraisal documents were fake–and you relied to your detriment—–why is the house not finished if the loan went thru?

    maybe best course is sue the individual that set up the loan—even fraud statute of limitations runs in 5 years—–my guess is there are people such as yourself sitting out there in the middle of the stream with fraud defenses against the lender successors–eg not HDC—but losing those defenses by running of statute—

    what state are you in?

  47. Remember….. the U.S. is the richest nation on the planet….the U.S. GDP was $30 trillion per year before the manufactured recession by these traitor politicians….that was half of the world GDP …… The U.S. GDP is still around $26 trillion and America is not broke……NO…The American people are simply being held hostage by the FEDSTERS who committed a QUADRILLION dollars in credit & investment fraud backed by ZERO…VIA WALL STREET…and have used their own crimes to blame WE THE PEOPLE …..the traitor politicians allowed these crooks to do those crimes and hijack the U.S. TREASURY DEPARTMENT and continue robbing WE THE PEOPLE INTO FRAUDULENTLY INDUCED BANKRUPTCY…….THE TRUTH IS…..and CNBC reported this…..THE FED OWES THE U.S. TAXPAYER’S GAZILLIONS…..AN INNUMERABLE AMOUNT OF MONEY.

  48. Hi DCB,

    My pleasure. If I restored in someone even a flicker of hope, my day will have been well spent.

    Cat out of the box. People are waking up one day at a time.

  49. If it was a U.S. Government Insured purchase, CW did not fund the “loan”……they invested in the mortgage fraud. The U.S. TREASURY FUNDS ALL OF THE BANKS……..if that was a refi it was the same deal, just a bit more deceptive because they are covering up for the Origination Fraud. That is what they are all trying to coverup…THE ORIGINATION FRAUD by the FED.

  50. Hi dcbreidenbach,

    Actually, CW was not the originator. The originator was C&F Mortgage. We received notice of change of servicer about 2-3 wks after settlement. I believe CW funded the loan. Per the 10K filing of the originator they “regularily” use a Letter of Credit – and CW is one of the companies they do business with…

    If CW/BofA actually funded the loan via Letter of Credit – how could CW-BofA then also be a “bona-fide-purchaser” or hold-in-due-course because they certianly did not buy it from themselves..?

    Setting the above aside – wouldn’t that still mean that the orginator (C&F Mortgage) has an “agency” relationship with CW? If so, doesn’t that pass culpability and liability onto CW? To me it strikes as deceptive practices.

    Consider the situation – the originator used fraudulent documents to settle the loan. The borrowers (us) did not know of the frauds thus were duped into signing the docs. The originator already has a buyer for the loan which they knowingly created in fraud. They sell the fraudulent loan to CW knowing it will become MBS – and know the loan does not qualify.

    In-the-mean-time – the borrowers figure out because the frauds committed were done-so by the originator, builder, appraiser, and county code official, they are stuck in an impossible situation. We cannot complete the house, cannot repair the house, and cannot sell it. This all done by the originator conspiring parties. The house was never completed. We live in it but it has never been completed because we cannot pull the permits…

    There is much more but that’s the jest…


    Thanks re the son of Schwartzwald–did you see conversely the Freed case —turned on schedule filed with SEC as proof of ownership in 3rd circuit

  52. @DAVID

    thanks–so CW originated, kept servicing rights, BoA succeeded when it took over CW

    note that the way BNY describes itself here is deceptive–its not a name change as they put it but a successor in interest

    properly it should be

    BNYM, successor to BNY, trustee for CWALT 2007 …

    big difference is that if you settle using the FKA description it looks as if BYNM is the party that is promising performance — but it is later going to renege—asserting that only the sham trust –likely no assets reachable, is on the hook————-

    did you check with SEC filings to determine if your loan was listed on the scedule that should have been filed by CW for CWALT 2007…?

    This latter is important when it comes to showing standing–if its not listed ….????

  53. Hi dcbreidenbach,

    Sorry for the delay but I’m on the east coast…

    Regarding the FBI – I cannot say more than that – I was a subpoena and this was not some internet reporting agency bs – they came to the house and interviewed us for 3.5hrs.

    This is who I sent the information to… These are the addresses… I did it to put them on notice the loan was created by fraud. We did not know of the frauds until 18-24 months afterwards. Some folks thought I was crazy but at this point – I’d agree – it’s driven me crazy. I sent the letters with evidence of the frauds to put them on notice – so none would have an excuse and claim they did not know it. Some time later they suddenly filed an assignment of the DOT to CWALT. I sent them more information and evidence. We then received notice they were transferring the “Servicing Rights” of our loan to Residential Credit Solutions. I notified RCS of the frauds. We received another later that BofA was not going to transfer Servicing Rights… Go Figure… I sent the same information to all parties so everyone would be on the same page. I am tired of their bs and we have nothing to lose. Our loan never qualified for a REMIC Trust. I have the PIMCO docs that show our loan account number rating address, loan type, etc. I have an advertisement (my terminology) of the Trust selling our loan two-wks after we settled. This indicates to me that the originator pre-sold the loan. This concerns me because the originator knew the house was not completed thus we could not occupy the house for 8-months “after” settlement and that’s where all the fraud GLOWS. The originator defrauded the FED and CW when the allegedly sold the loan to CW. I have continued telling CW, BofA, and CWALT, that their battle is with those that defrauded them – not with my wife & I. The originator defrauded them by selling them a burning bag of bs. The battle is between them not us…

    The Bank of New York Mellon f/k/a The Bank of New York as Trustee for the Certificateholders of CWALT INC, Alternative Loan Trust 2007-7T2, Mortgage Pass-Through Certificates, Series 2007-7T2
    101 Barclay Street 4W
    New York, NY, 10286

    Bank of America Corporate Office | Headquarters
    100 N. Tryon St
    Charlotte, NC 28255

    Bank of America N.A.
    PO Box 5170
    Simi Valley, CA 93062-5170

    Bank of America – Home Retention Services
    625 N. Washington St. Suite 212
    Alexandria, VA 22314

    Home Retention Services
    9700 Bissonnet Street, Suite 1500
    Houston, Texas 77036

    Bank of America Home Loans
    4500 Amon Carter Blvd
    Fort Worth, TX 76155

    I didn’t know what else to do or who-else to send the stuff…

  54. Deception is their greatest weapon.

  55. The reason why the trusts don’t exist is because the crooks could not have multiple pledged the notes. Fannie Mae openly admitted to doing that. The real players could not do enough damage to the country if they only secured one note & one mortgage to one trust. The multiple pledging was big money and incentivized their perps. That was also massively criminal by its deception.

  56. Amen, UKG

    Sarasota author suing biggest U.S. bank over foreclosure

    By Michael Pollick
    Published: Monday, December 31, 2012 at 2:41 p.m.
    Last Modified: Monday, December 31, 2012 at 2:41 p.m.

    SARASOTA – Self-help author Liz Coursen was not looking to set a precedent when she decided to go after the big Wall Street investment bank that foreclosed on her Sarasota home. She just wanted her house back.



    Washington Mutual begins tacking on hundreds of dollars in charges monthly to author Liz Coursen’s mortgage.

    Months later, bank officials convince Coursen to enter a forbearance program that would allow her to remain in her home until she sold it. They also insist on proceeding with a foreclosure case at the same time.

    The bank’s attorneys, Shapiro & Fishman, meanwhile, begin working separately to push through the foreclosure before Coursen can sell, a federal lawsuit she has filed alleges.

    In October, Dory Goebel, a Lender Processing Services employee, signs an affidavit stating that Washington Mutual owns Coursen’s mortgage. The affidavit now appears to be among tens of thousands that Goebel and other Lender Processing employees fabricated in the so-called “robo-signing” scandal.


    Coursen finds a buyer willing to pay $385,000 but, despite the forbearance agreement, Shapiro & Fishman responds by filing a motion in Sarasota Circuit Court to speed up the foreclosure. Coursen’s buyer drops the sale.


    Lenders obtain title to Coursen’s home in March, following a foreclosure auction.

    That same month, Coursen files a federal lawsuit against the lenders, their attorneys and others.

    In August, a federal judge denies efforts by Lender Processing and Fidelity National Financial, a mortgage services provider and one-time owner of Lender Processing, to exit as defendants.


    Coursen’s case is scheduled to go to trial.

    But JPMorgan Chase and Washington Mutual have tried to quash her federal racketeering lawsuit twice, so far without success, putting the Sarasota resident in the unlikely position of potential giant killer. If the suit proceeds and Coursen prevails, her case might serve as a legal roadmap for other borrowers.

    Wall Street firms — targeted in reams of litigation after they handed out billions of dollars during the real estate boom only to grab assets back during the recession — have blocked most individual plaintiffs.

    But not the 53-year-old author.

    At least part of that is because of Coursen herself, who spent five lonely years acting as her own counsel in court. Her case, which alleges conspiracy and corporate deceit, gained more traction in recent months, thanks to Sarasota attorney Jacqulyn Mack, who specializes in consumer law and took the case last November.

    “There are millions of other people in this position. Once lawyers get ahold of new case law like this, they are just going to run with it,” said Shari Olefson, a Fort Lauderdale real estate attorney and author of “Foreclosure Nation.”

    In essence, Coursen is alleging that the big Wall Street banks, their law firms and related foreclosure processors colluded to create the foreclosure on Coursen’s former home, now an overgrown eyesore at the corner of Osprey Avenue and Magnolia Street.

    “We call this scheme a manufactured default,” said Nye Lavalle, a foreclosure fraud expert who is part of Coursen’s legal team. “They manufacture the default so they can collect on it.”

    Christine Marlewski, an attorney for JP Morgan Chase, declined comment, and referred inquiries to Chase Bank, which said it does not comment on pending litigation.

  57. Ohio Court of Appeals Reverses Foreclosure Based on Schartzwald

    ONEWEST v. Yevtich

    {¶ 8} Since appellee did not obtain a justiciable interest in this suit until the mortgage was assigned to it in January 2010, it lacked standing to invoke the subject matter jurisdiction of the court when it filed its complaint in September 2009.
    Appellants’ Civ.R. 12(B)(1) motion should have been granted. Accordingly, appellants’ sole assignment of error is well-taken.

    {¶ 9} On consideration whereof, the judgment of the Fulton County Court of Common Pleas is reversed. Pursuant App.R. 12(B) and Schwartzwald at ¶ 40, the underlying suit is dismissed without prejudice. It is ordered that appellee pay the court
    costs of this appeal pursuant to App.R. 24.

    Judgment reversed.
    A certified copy of this entry shall constitute the mandate pursuant to App.R. 27.

  58. #1….Investors did not buy ownership. I believe CNBC on this subject…….Wall Street does not own anything, therefore they aren’t selling ownership in anything to their Investors. CNBC also said the U.S. TAXPAYERS pay for everything upfront and the FED owes U.S. TAXPAYERS GAZILLIONS……


    Instruction or Indorsement does not guarantee security entitlements and it certainly is not ownership of property.

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  60. Leave a Reply – I have proof the Trust does not and has never owned the Note.

    MS Wrong

    Leave a Reply – attempted to transfer servicing rights last month to a company named Residential Credit Solutions.

    MS Wrong

    Leave a Reply – I checked them out and found out they do not have a mortgage lending nor mortgage servicing license in our state.

    MS Right – they do not need one

    Leave a Reply – I notified them that our loan has fraud within every aspect of it – including 3-different copies of our Note – all sent from BofA.

    MS Wrong –

    Its tough to see through the most challenging array of accounting manipulations in 200 years that Fastow and Kosolowski would both agree are beyond their scope of understanding.

    My professional opinion based on 25 years of secondary and capital market participation is no fraud claims can be identified without unveiling the means and devices used for substituting out the mortgage’s value for the Asset Backed Securities that are clearly contra assets

    Therefore the question that need answering are as follows:

    1) explain how they convert the mortgage as an asset into a present value
    2) how did they liquidate the receivables to float a discounted bond and know who is the obligor .
    3) understand how they over collateralize the deal so to rate the securities Aaa purporting your loan was affordable
    4) The conversion of a deed into a bond assumed the note was used for off balance sheet financing. Explain
    5) MersCorp is held by the majority of courts as beneficiary. But this is not one in the same with the lenders rights under a deed as a beneficiary
    4) The title holder is lost to its fee simple estate and left with an estate for years while the lenders bank looks to the collateral provider as a Surety. Who provided the collateral ?
    5) How does a Zero Coupon Bond, negative pledge , economic Goodwill and ASC 310-20 allow for this financing voodoo to work without causing fraud or triggering a securities violation?
    6) Where does the paid in capital and mortgage come into the principal argument and how is the lost “excess” recaptures.


  61. litigate, litigate, litigate.

  62. david, sounds like a familiar road.

  63. Read all about it here….the occult meaning behind the numbers 11 & 13…

  64. I think I have it…Chapter 11 and 13 bankruptcy is what they are planning for us with their dirty debt deal.

  65. Well 2013 is sure starting out with a bang….the dirty debt deal is done. It’s like the movie the Omen come to life. Re-socialism under the guise of paying our bills. Real evil has hijacked our great nation. I am sure the numbers 1-1-13 have a significant meaning to these occultists.

  66. OK, so now that we know all the reasons and ways ‘we the people’ are being screwed…(since the 14th century), any insights around how to shift the story? While Chapter 11 may provide personal relief for a few characters, the plot is still stuck.

  67. And the Feds are Wall Streets bitch

  68. The real players hiding behind the scenes of this don’t want that. They are greedy but it is really not about the money for them. They want to make us believe they own everything & everyone. They are paying their perps well to steal everything from us. They want to wear us down so we either walk away or Comply, Conform and Cooperate with their manufactured tyranny. Their attorneys have all the money & time in the world to wear us down. The State AGs office told me that and never miss a court date. Never give up because they really don’t legally own anything.

  69. their corporate HQ, CWALT Trust, BNY,

    who are they as in their? what is connection to bny?
    what state? what fbi division—when was that?

  70. The BofA litigation attorney replied a few years later that our rescission was denied. I replied that I did’t realize they had the authority to deny a rescission request. They were required to stop collections and take us to court. They have no authority to simply deny our request…

    After I notified the new servicer of the frauds in our case, including the FBI meeting at our house for 3.5 hrs – we get a letter a few weeks later that BofA is no longer transferring their servicing rights. Gee – and how do they have servicing rights when the Trust doesn’t own our Note…?

    If they had any common sense, they’d simply send us our docs and right this puppy off, especially since they’ve already collected the insurance claims. The building code violations are calculated at 500-bucks per violation and retroactive to the day of settlement. That equates to 5-6 million dollars in violation fees alone. It is a no-win situation but if they continue I will have the house condenmed and make sure the evidence is given to the county code officials for prosecution. The county code official that gave the originator the fraudulent docs was terminated. So I’m quite sure they will not be very nice to the bank when they go after them for the violations.

    We have done everything we know to do. We have tried to solicit the AG and other folks but they seem too busy…? go figure… I would love to file criminal charges against the Trust (CWALT).

    So, we wait – & wait – its been 7yrs we’ve fighting and going on 5 yrs since our last payment. The frauds are grossly obvious and they all know it. I have no intention of giving them our house without forcing them to take and us attempting to expose their frauds. I’d rather attack them with everything we can especially with criminal charges.

    I sent the fraud evidence to their corporate HQ, CWALT Trust, BNY, AG, FBI, and several other Gov agencies, some have responded – some haven’t… I guess we’ll have to see what happens…

  71. I sent the rescission letter and was told the servicer will absolutely not agree to that…….Of course not, even though that would be the right thing to do…if it was that easy…everyone would demand one.

  72. The builders were suspected of being involved in a scam with the banks as well. Illinois AG Madigan was said to be investigating that angle.

  73. Hi MS,

    The HUD-1 shows on line 110 – Payoff Citizens & Farmers Bank was 673,802.89. A few months later we received the Certificate of Satisfaction from Citizens & Farmers Bank showing 716,200.00…

    I find this kind-a strange because a bank would not simply use an arbitrary amount for either instance – at least, I wouldn’t think so…? If they kept the additional funds without giving us credit, then all our disclosures are seriously wrong and misrepresent the actual amount owed. We should have been credited for those funds.

    The bank obtained a fraudulent Use & Occupancy Permit when the created our loan. We know this because the county code official has given us a letter stating such. They also obtained a fraudulent Appraisal because the house was “never” completed. The Appraisal is so ridiculous it even states we have a 100k kitchen, yet the house has never been completed and that was Appraisal was Dec 2006. We literally have “one” kitchen cabinet. We didn’t find this stuff out until 18-24 months “after” settlement. In fact, we couldn’t even move for 7months “after” settlement and the house was still unfinished. The bank obtained a fraudulent Satisfaction of Completion Certificate. Essentially, we have been left in an impossible situation because of the banks bs and screwing us over. We cannot complete the house. We cannot repair the house, and we cannot sell the house because the bank conspired with the builder, county code official, and appraiser, and literally created the DOT & NOTE using fraudulent documentation from start to finish.

    I’ve always thought that fraud in the origination equated a void DOT and void NOTE. However, every attorney we’ve spoken with has told us it will cost approx 150-200k to fight these large banks. The Trust attempted to foreclose once but we proved the foreclosure mill signatures were forged – including the notary. Our case was dismissed but they are ramping up to come back again. I have proof the Trust does not and has never owned the Note. BofA attempted to transfer servicing rights last month to a company named Residential Credit Solutions. I checked them out and found out they do not have a mortgage lending nor mortgage servicing license in our state. I notified them that our loan has fraud within every aspect of it – including 3-different copies of our Note – all sent from BofA.

    I would like to file criminal charges against the Trust/Trustees – if possible because, I have sent them all evidence of the frauds.

    Oh and btw – we also sent our rescission notice to all parties, including the originator, CW, etc, within the 3yr period after learning of the frauds committed against us. As is typical, they ignored our rescission but we sent it PO Certified.

    Any thoughts…

  74. The FED are alleging they are a harmed party but they have no proof. That is criminal upon Presentment of their faulty, fraudulent claims.

  75. Brrrrring….Hello bank…I would like to request my Original paid note/check & contract….Funny story …My friend paid her mortgage off and mysteriously never got back the Originals….I told her call them & ask them..She called Citi and requested the Originals. They told her “Sorry, we have no way of knowing where those documents are.” An attorney told her, not to worry, all she really needs is the Satisfaction letter from the bank, but to be safe she could request a hold harmless letter from the title company. Yeah right..The truth is…. there is an unindorsed check floating around, signed by her, and no one knows where it is…..

  76. Good question…it is my policy, we had 2, one for the lender and us. I’m sensing there is a claim, but we are not hitting the mark. The letter is like the guy is eluding to something, probably cannot tell me directly.

  77. However…..they are no longer Securities because of the Origination Fraud….Maybe we should all call the Originator and ask them for the Original Note & Mortgage stamped paid by the U.S. TREASURY DEPT…The FBI told me to call them & ask them for it. Yep…that could cause quite a stir at the banks….

  78. I am denying your claim as “presented”, Hmmm.

    Who is the loss payee …..why are you bringing the claim if the loss payee is satisfied. Is your claim for an ALTA

  79. David

    HUD 1 – added amount .

    Its not enough for a POC and perhaps an accrual amount unpaid , a loan loss reserve added as an assessment . carry forward but not record able

    Does a refund show for a like amount anywhere on the HUD 1

    Let me think about this ….

  80. Anyone here familiar with title claims? My insurer just came back with a denial of claim, but the interesting verbage was: I am denying your claim as “presented”, Hmmm. I am certain there is a claim, but am unfamiliar with the language and process. It occurs to me, the legal wranglings in court for the foreclosure are very different than the title issues. Anyone?

  81. REPLY – Notice it does NOT state that the Borrower “must” pay – but rather “Upon Payment of all sums secured by this Security Instrument…”

    MS The notional value is always amortized – The note is present value and the servicing is a forward valued. A sinking fund now emerges into arguments and here is why I assert there are three notes (not two) to contend with (that’s all I can say with other cases pending )


    This is not intended to reflect a brokers opinion or to indicate pricing tied to current equity and debt instruments sold as asset backed securities. Securities offerings are registered with the SEC and nothing mention herein is meant to indicate a particular share, class of shares or any offering unknown, held or to be sold. No securities are currently known of , offered or held by the author for securities offering under a 506 D memorandum and or other devisee are intended to reflect pricing for any one or more securities underwritten, issued or sold in private placement .

  82. So, If the Trust did NOT “legally” own the Note when it filed foreclosure (or after),

    MS ***meaning the note was converted by the divestiture of assets. So “legally” is not the best word , but having liquidated something and accepted alternative consideration is better. (not tendered) .

    clearly they have committed Insurance Fraud – which should be alleged and forced via discovery

    MS ***Mers Corp is the beneficiary of the recourse including payout and proceeds from policies and naturally you can see the nominee represents the FED

    and to PROVE the Servicer and/or Trust are attempting to collect on the debt MORE THAN ONCE.

    MS*** More than once ? They levered the mortgages net asset value as equity into 10 time the amount in off balance sheet debt carried as a contingent liability on member bank books.

    In fact, this should also be a violation of the FDCPA because they are attempting to collect a debt where no debt is owed…?

    MS **** Your talking about collateral accounts and cash flow that
    marked certificate deposits with 10 times the value of your note and cash moved off shore which is another reason for the MERS bull-shiest.

    People – do you really believe the Robo signature has something to do with standing ? . These backdated instruments are triggers for fair FMV of Contra assets that mark a monumental securities fraud claim against the party endorsing them . Rule 10(b) 6 Securities Violations

    I hope to be testify again in early January 13 and this round will be interesting ….real interesting.


  83. David,
    You said:
    “Per DOT – Para 23 – Release. Upon payment of all sums secured by this Security Instrument, Lender or Trustee, shall release this Security Instrument and mark the Note “paid” and return the Note to Borrower…

    Notice it does NOT state that the Borrower “must” pay – but rather “Upon Payment of all sums secured by this Security Instrument…” So, if the Trust and EACH of the shell entities had the multiple insurance policies – ALL TRIGGERED BY DEFAULT – including, Pooling Ins, Securities Ins, Bond Ins, Mortgage Ins, etc, etc, – this seems to indicate that there is no debt associated to the Note…?”

    EXACTLY! Nowhere in my (or probably any) DOT/mortgage does it say that the borrower and no one but the borrower must repay–in fact, such a provision CAN’T be in a DOT because if it were, then no refinancing or selling of any property would be possible.

  84. The thugs are back..truth be told, it really doesn’t take a law degree to defeat ignorant fools and crooks who aim to deceive.

  85. Hi MS,

    The issue isn’t if MERS is on the DOT or Note – the issue is, if it was legal for them to be there. Most mortgage docs have little disclaimers stating that “if” there is anything not complying with the law, then they will comply etc… They usually have some sort of verbiage – just in case… Therefore – if these originators abused their authority simply to “replace” centuries-old US Real Property Law – well, why can’t the borrower hold the liable for deceptive trade practices…? So what’s next?

    Can MERS replace the MVA (Motor Vehicle Administration) next without elected officials having a say or is that up to the banks too?

    Here’s another thought…

    Per our DOT – Para 11 – this is section discussing the “Assignment of Miscellaneous Proceeds: Forfeiture, All Miscellaneous Proceeds are hereby assigned to and shall be paid to Lender…

    Okay – so that makes sense – if the house burns down – the money is used to rebuild or repay the loan… However, there is practically an entire page dedicated to this same paragraph-subject – but there is not one sentence stating that the Lender is permitted to KEEP those funds without crediting the Borrower… In fact, it repeated states that ANY and ALL PROCEEDS shall be APPLIED towards repair of the DEBT for the benefit of the Borrower – including a total taking, destruction, or loss in value of Property, etc…

    Per DOT – Para 23 – Release. Upon payment of all sums secured by this Security Instrument, Lender or Trustee, shall release this Security Instrument and mark the Note “paid” and return the Note to Borrower…

    Notice it does NOT state that the Borrower “must” pay – but rather “Upon Payment of all sums secured by this Security Instrument…” So, if the Trust and EACH of the shell entities had the multiple insurance policies – ALL TRIGGERED BY DEFAULT – including, Pooling Ins, Securities Ins, Bond Ins, Mortgage Ins, etc, etc, – this seems to indicate that there is no debt associated to the Note…?

    So, If the Trust did NOT “legally” own the Note when it filed foreclosure (or after), clearly they have committed Insurance Fraud – which should be alleged and forced via discovery to PROVE the Servicer and/or Trust are attempting to collect on the debt MORE THAN ONCE. In fact, this should also be a violation of the FDCPA because they are attempting to collect a debt where no debt is owed…?

    One more question for ya – and I honestly do not know the answer – so I am really asking… Our HUD-1 states that we paid-off the previous loan amount of 673k. However, our Certificate of Satisfaction by the same originator submitted to our Land Records shows we paid off 716k? The obvious question is – what happened to the additional 43k? Did the originator keep this as “unearned credit” and fail to give us the credit when they refinanced the loan? Keep in mind, it was the same originator for both loans…

    Another question – if the originator was closing the loan but did so using Countrywide’s money – how can CW obtain “bona-fide-purchaser” or “holder in due course” status? How could CW purchase the loan if they actually “funded” the loan…? That would equate an “agency” status wouldn’t it…”?

    Per the 10k SEC filing – the originator states it uses a “Letter of Credit” from other mortgage lenders including Countrywide, Citi, etc… Regardless, doesn’t that show an agency connection and therefore eliminate and legitimate transfer or sale…?

    Just some thoughts.

  86. what is this the ms and stripes new years show–nobody listening frauds–didnt you get what you wanted?

  87. Remember the media talking about WORLD TAX DAY…….? That is how the tyrants foam the runway for their commie b.s…They introduce tyranny and oppression slowly and strategically like a stealth criminal…then they make you believe this is all normal …..move forward….nothing to see here….kick them when their down and keep them there….Like the Illinois Legislature & their 150 new fascist laws this year & numerous tax increases…..screw them. I live under the ORIGINAL U.S. CONSTITUTION…NOT THE FOURTH REICH or some weird Column or the The New World Order or whatever the hell these crooks call themselves.

  88. MS…with the rotten economy and the skyhigh price of rents you are probably going to die broke either way…it doesn’t take a formal education to see they want us to force us to accept their MARK OF THE BEAST….& their WORLD TAX fix for a quadrillion dollars in credit & investment fraud….Max Keiser said its coming well over a year ago and I heard about it long before then.

  89. LOL MS…..TY….Can’t explain it myself… may be of a bit of divine intervention is at play here. I’m keeping the faith..

  90. BUY A HOME …..
    and go broke …

    the rest of your life


  91. Stripes – your so full of *&^%.
    (I have to defuse you here as I’m nervous ….your actually hot as hell) LOL

    How did you know about invoking article 8 …not one attorney I have known or read about has capitalized on Article 8 as a defense .

    Your ignorance is brilliant .. . seriously –
    your onto a great argument.


  93. Of course, I am not buying that argument MS…Instruction or Indorsement does not guarantee security entitlements. The FEDSTERS still have to prove up the underlying transaction occurred. They have to prove with actual evidence in fact that is both concrete and particularized ……that an actual financial transaction occurred BEFORE they sold those as investments through their investment houses on Wall Street….the bar…..ON ARTICLE 8, the UCC REQUIREMENTS on Security Investments is much higher than on Articles 4 & 9…..but even on 4 & 9 there has to be Acceptance & Consideration by the Issuer…..I wouldn’t hand these crooks another dime to put in their foreign bank accounts. They are criminals and should all be charged under RICO AT THE VERY LEAST…..

  94. Happy New year hustlers and hooligan’s . Starting the New year with some new anger , more rage and bitter left over eggnog. Welcome to the fifth year of show and tell and take a wild guess.

    Do we know over here what they did. What they really did. Of course. Do you want to know…I know you do….I really believe you want to know ….Well here is a taste of honey. This example below tells me NO ATTORNEY WITH HALF A BRAIN WILL TAKE ON YOUR CASE – UNLESS IT IS TO GET A MODIFICATION . .


    8. Defendants are not mortgage lenders per se, but in fact a capital markets investment fund using Federal Reserve depositor funds, US single family real property and the equity held in the home as the collateral base for its investment products.

    9. Option One is the lender shown on the deed of trust. MERS CORP is the beneficiary shown on the deed of trust MERS CORP executes a re-conveyance of the deed of trust upon the loan s refinance. The new lender is CWHL Inc MERS CORP is the beneficiary on the deed of trust. Bank of America appears as the foreclosing party … MERS CORP executes a substitution of trustee

    10. Option One is the lender shown on the deed of trust. The NY Fed is the beneficiary shown on the deed of trust NY Fed executes a re-conveyance of the deed of trust upon the loans refinance. The new lender is CWHL Inc. The NY Fed is the beneficiary on the deed of trust. Bank of America appears as the foreclosing party … The NY Fed executes a substitution of trustee

    GET A MODIFICATION …WHY NOT? (I though Judges uphold the laws of the land (TARP, EESA, Frank Dodd) and lawyers are held to a duty as officers of the court?)


    Loan Mod? YEAH …WHY NOT.

    I’d wish you luck – but you would not know what to do with it …


  95. This is a global crime spree by the ILLUMINATI banksters remember…? Why should WE THE PEOPLE leave the land our fathers conquered….?…Though these crooks are covering it up…..this is still THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA the PEOPLES HOUSE….WE THE PEOPLE ARE WHO FOUGHT, DIED, PAID FOR AND BUILT IT….TELL THE CROOKS TO GO EMIGRATE SOMEWHERE ELSE. Better yet, lets throw them all in GITMO…the political traitors too.

  96. What is important—truly important—is to persuade your children and grandchildren to emigrate to a civilized nation that is not teetering on the brink of fiancial collapse

    there is no sense in young people putting money and careers into a collapsing civilization of mini-banana republics—where justice requires a connection wih a mafia boss or cartel connection

  97. @ET and DAVID

    If the Minnesota MERS solution cuts off the risk of 2nd claimants–then maybe its a better solution. today across much of the country—iv seen cases in OHIO, TENNA, and Florida in recent weeks where two claimants are after the same note—sequentially—another twist is the settlement with a servicer —-with the bank trustee named then asserting the servicer was unautorized to release you from the note–after the house was seized…….

    this i would fully expect in Mexico—in Panama —in Cuba—-in Venezuela—maybe even Thailand and cambodia——–certainly in Nigeria—which is why no foreignor should ever attempt to buy property in those places—-or enter into contracts governed by the laws of those jurisdictions

    –and ALWAYS have a bag of gold closeby—-and guards with automatic rifles ———this is third world life and rule—–but

    In cleveland Ohio it is unseemly—–but when a nation embraces globalism and diversity above all other things—one cant pick and choose–its all or none—

    thus the majority rule in the states in the US today is that the servicer is 1st entitled to rape you—-then the bank is expected to come along and finish you off—-the only recourse is to file bankruptcy and become a vassal of the servicer—-a peon—it is an embarressment to be an american

  98. MERS is not a bank. In fraudclosure, MERS is engaging in a coverup for the Origination Fraud by the Issuer. MERS is a computer database whose only duty is to track servicers. MERS was clearly put in place to coverup Racketeering and dump the fraud by the banks.

  99. Hi back David, I do understand your points, and DCB put down a cogent response, but it’s all unfortunately a very moot point for me. Here in MN, MERS simply came into the capitol in St. Paul back in 2004, set up shop, wrote their own bill ordaining their practices, and then paid the legislators to cram it down our throats in the dark of night, all the while the citizens cross-country skied, built ice castles, and sat in those stupid little frozen ice-boxes catching pickerels and colds. Now we’re all living in those little fish-houses, having had the primary residences stolen out from underneath us all. At least we have plenty of frozen fish sticks for supper.

    In the Minnesota court system, MERS, unbelievably and only through a very thick-headed supreme court and grafted legislature, has all the rights of a lender, even though it never funds, never transfers the note, and on and on and on. Unbelievably, MERS needs NO PRIOR APPROVAL FROM A CREDITOR to assign mortgages. They just free-for-all divvy up our homes like thieves after a bank-heist, which, of course, it is. The courts don’t give a rat’s ass that the originating lender died a horrible death years ago.

    None of it is right, but Big Money gets its way every time.

  100. @DAVID

    RICO allegations are near impossible w/o extensive discovery—even the idiocrats with full authority cant get there—-

    MERS was disclosed on the mortgage—was its nature inherently deceptive ? tough question?

    it is not your cause of action that it may have been contrived to evade fees—-the local counties are so flush with cash now that they are breaking contracts with employees—abandoning benefits–defaulting on debt—-they dont need the fees—

    the true deception was the securitization which mers was tangential to—this device has made it near impossible to satify the debt–to recover the note–to assure the note was not sold twice etc—such that there are many potential claimants —this is RICO—-1st on homeowners via predatory designed to fail mortgages–then on investors in the sham trusts—now then again on borrowers subject to multiple claims on a single note-cause of action

    the question very simply—Did you knowingly agree that exceution of the note to be securitized necessary meant that you agreed the ONLY WAY TO TERMINATE LIABILITY ON THE NOTE IS VIA BANKRUPTCY

    because that is the harsh reality–not to speak of the clouded title

  101. If there is fraud at the onset, MERS doesn’t matter. Their cases were faulty and criminal upon Presentment. No Ex Post Facto Laws.

  102. I have stated many times, the crooks are using what we don’t know and our money to work against us. There is plenty of evidence of a vast conspiracy to cover up for the FEDs mass criminality. This entire administration has aided and abetted crimes by lying umpteen times, therefore, Congress & the Senate have lost all credibility. The local news reporting today, the Senates Homeland Security committee finds the State Department failed to do their job in Benghazi and allowed the murders to happen. But no word about punishment for this. Let’s not forget Fast & Furious….our Government arming the Mexican drug cartel but disarming their own citizens. Traitors from within, all of them..

  103. Hi E,

    I realize many folks have attempted to challenge MERS via capacity and legal standing… without much success…

    Though I believe it is absurd for MERS to have any rights considering the issues regarding “value” per the UCC (and other legal issues) – however, suppose we didn’t argue those issues and simply focused upon the fact that MERS was never explained (disclosed) as being a “separate” entity (owned and operated by the banks) – outside our traditional recordation laws consequently prohibiting a borrower from having access to their documents.

    Under the MERS system a consumer has no-way of knowing if the monthly mortgage statement received and used for payments – is in fact, from the legal servicer or creditor. Whereas per the proper traditional recordation process – a consumer could simply go to their local land records and be assured they were paying the legal entity requesting payment.

    Oddly, it seems extraordinarily difficult to find any attorneys who know our consumer protection laws. It is even harder to find one with the integrity and litigation experience to fight for those rights and force our courts to comply with our laws.

    The originator should have “explicitly” explained/disclosed to the consumer that MERS would be used as the recorder of the consumers binding documents instead of the traditional local county land records. It surely should have been disclosed that MERS was owned and operated by banks – which should also be considered a conflict of interest. It should have been disclosed that by using MERS the consumer’s county government would not be paid their required transfer and tax fees…

    IMHO – as citizens and consumers – the MERS issues should have been disclosed to every borrower having MERS within their documentation.

    Consider the violations below…


    18 U.S.C. § 1341. Frauds and swindles

    Whoever, having devised or intending to devise any scheme or artifice to defraud, or for obtaining money or property by means of false or fraudulent pretenses, representations, or promises, or to sell, dispose of, loan, exchange, alter, give away, distribute, supply, or furnish or procure for unlawful use any counterfeit or spurious coin, obligation, security, or other article, or anything rep resented to be or intimated or held out to be such counterfeit or spurious article, for the purpose of executing such scheme or artifice or attempting so to do, places in any post office or authorized depository for mail matter, any matter or thing whatever to be sent or delivered by the Postal Service, or deposits or causes to be deposited any matter or thing whatever to be sent or delivered by any private or commercial interstate carrier, or takes or receives therefrom, any such matter or thing, or knowingly causes to be delivered by mail or such carrier according to the direction thereon, or at the place at which it is directed t o be delivered by the person to whom it is addressed, any such matter or thing, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 20 years, or both. If the violation occurs in relation to, or involving any benefit authorized, transported, transmitted, transferred, disbursed, or paid in connection with, a presidentially declared major disaster or emergency (as those terms are defined in section 102 of the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Ac t (42 U.S.C. 5122)), or affects a financial institution, such person shall be fined not more than $1,000,000 or imprisoned not more than 30 years, or both.
    (June 25, 1948, ch. 645, 62 Stat. 763; May 24, 1949, ch. 139, Sec. 34, 63 Stat. 94; Pub. L. 91-375, Sec. (6)(j)(11), Aug. 12, 1970, 84 Stat. 778; Pub. L. 101-73, title IX, Sec. 961(i), Aug. 9, 1989, 103 Stat. 500; Pub. L. 101-647, title XXV, Sec. 2504(h), Nov. 29, 1990, 104 Stat. 4861; Pub. L. 103-322, title XXV, Sec. 250006, title XXXIII, Sec. 330016(1)(H), Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 2087, 2147; Pub. L. 107-204, title IX, Sec. 903(a), July 30, 2002, 116 Stat. 805; Pub. L. 110-179, Sec. 4, Jan. 7, 2008, 121 Stat. 2557.)

  104. It is called TBTF, and it is a coverup, and that is also criminal. When banks are being sued by every entity imaginable for having cooked books and empty balance sheets, yet they are still doing business as legitimate institutions, that is evidence of a conspiracy at the highest levels of Government. The FEDs cases went out the window at the onset, when they failed to meet the criteria they needed to bring their fc . The FED failed to follow proper legal procedure at the onset and that is fatal because the FED Presented FRAUD UPON THE COURT Counterfeited and committed Forgery at the onset & Concealed their identity and the true facts of their case to Conceal the fraud they committed at the Origination. Therefore, because the fraud by Plaintiffs was Concealed at the onset, and Presented upon the court, Defendant’s have all of the rights of a harmed party.

  105. Maybe they turned the settlement into a tax and pocketed the money. Too many claims & not enough money. 20 million + fraudlosures is a lot of fraud.

  106. IDIOCRACY–$10 billion more to pay for those state AG letters “We don no nuttinbout dem mortgages”—excuse me –that was from SEC

    no the state AG says: “wes caint do nuttin becaise yo is litogatin”

    then there is the old standby—“wes fowded ur letr to nother idiocrat”

    they need a lot more money to keep answering those please with such meaty replies

    your money working against you

  107. yup

  108. @ David, that would be reason #385,283,364 why they shouldn’t be allowed to operate the securitization machine.

    But what’s gonna’ change? Obama thinks Wall Street can do no wrong. Congress is vacationing over these holidays on the payroll of the banks. The AGs are busy spending our money….that is….the monies that were supposed to go to us for fraudulent foreclosures. The FBI is busting modification companies. The judges are happy with MERS, it fattens their pensions. And the OCC just decided that the foreclosure review is too much for the banks. There’s simply too much fraud….to aid the borrowers might harm the bank’s delicate condition.

    You and I simply don’t fit into their plans. The USA is officially a third world nation now.

  109. Does anyone know if it was legal for mortgage originators to use MERS prior to say 2008-2009?

    My reasons for asking – I’ve read several reports, including congressional reports, state that using MERS bypassed our State & County Land Records and Recordation Laws…?

    Some states have grappled with this issue and sort-of given MERS a free-ride as beneficiary or nominee etc… However, this was only effective as-of 2009 or 2010 or something like that…

    So this beckons the question – since MERS was “outside” the standard law practices – shouldn’t that then become a “Disclosure” issue?

    Shouldn’t it have been disclosed to homeowners that their loans-Notes-Deed of Trusts – Mortgages – etc – were NOT going to be traditionally recorded per the State & County laws but were instead going to be filed by the Bank-Owned and operated MERS system…?

    I’m not sure I’m saying it correctly – but it seems to me that these liars should be busted with failing to properly disclose exactly what consumers were signing. In fact, given what we all know now – if a consumer was given the option to use the traditional recordation process OR use the bank-owned MERS system – most would surely elect to use the traditional system. This is especially so, if consumers were told once MERS had their documents they could no longer have access to them…

    I’m sure there are some smarter here that could elaborate on the issue better but this seems to be a glaring issue to me. The originators should be liable because the failed to disclose the actual intent of bypassing our centuries old recordation process.

    Any thoughts –

  110. These aren’t securities DC…..if they were, the Original notes and mortgages would have been returned to us stamped paid by the Originator ……the U.S. TREASURY DEPARTMENT…before any other transactions occurred…..They aren’t negotiable instruments either because the FED already cashed the notes/checks at the Origination….and never repaid them…Happy New Year Everyone…!

  111. […] Filed under: bubble, CDO, CORRUPTION, currency, Eviction, foreclosure, GTC | Honor, Investor, Mortgage, securities fraud Tagged: 2013, economic crimes, investors, mortgage backed bonds, Ponzi scheme, prison system, private prisons, privatizing prisons, U.S. INcarceration, Wall Street Livinglies’s Weblog […]

  112. happy 2013 from behind the Cheddar Curtain….

  113. It’s coming if we don’t stop complying with these tyrants…..the fix for all of their fraud…A WORLD TAX…..When they rob us all into poverty and convince us we are broke….(because the politicians and their criminal friends robbed us)…The FEDSTERS will say….WE THE PEOPLE are who screwed up…when we can’t afford the mortgage & the utility bills or food because they stole our livelihoods and our wealth…These commies will say we own you…and your house & your utilities and your food…and you will pay us through you medichip in Obamacare for your house and your utility bills….or you wont have a roof….or utilities or food….there will be no cash….you are now our microchipped slaves…and everyone works for us….on our Corporate Government slave plantation…Obama and all of these Politicians are crooks …..they are working towards one goal…WORLD DOMINATION…….STOP COMPLYING….CONFORMING & COOPERATING WITH THESE CROOKS BY HANDING THEM YOUR MONEY AMERICA…!

  114. Doesn’t WHO get it…? That these crooks who are hiding behind the Government Corp are so greedy that they are willing to destroy the planet and 90% of humanity to achieve total domination…..? God put us here and he made everything. Only the maker of everything, the Creator, who is God, has the right to judge. The Creator gave us free will and put all of us here to be caretakers of his creations. Population control is manufactured control freak bullshit. God said be fruitful and multiply and gave us everything we needed to live a free and independent life and these crooks stole it.

  115. Don’t you get it? Not ONE human being in any of those movies!

    Nature never gave a hoot about humans! Humans came and they didn’t give a hoot to nature. Who do you think won?

  116. @ALL you securitization folks

    Recent Ohio 3rd circuit upheld trial court in face of the recent Ohio S Ct cases schwartwald and Wallace. Those cases stand for proposition that the plaintiff must be owner of note and mortgage at time of filing complaint–or no substance matter jurisdiction–no due process.

    In this 3rd Circuit case Wells Fargo v. Freed, the Ct of appeals upheld the trial court dismissal of defense on motion for summary judgment because the NOTE was listed in the mortgage loan schedule filed with the SEC as an Exhibit to the PSA in 2004. That was deemed evidence of ownership—–there was a redacted schedule placed in evidence by servicer —-query why nobody obtained a certified unredacted list from SEC?????? Or what would holding have been if the UCC filing differed from the SEC filing????

    anyway–to me it means attys better be paying cose attn to the securitization to show or disprove initial claim of ownership—and remember a theif can be a holder but not an owner. lot of complaints only allege holder status—should be at least owner status alleged

  117. None of this could have been possible without the traitors from within…..They are the credit and investment scammers who robbed us for the benefit of themselves and their criminal friends on Wall Street….but by all means RISE ABOVE the truth and believe the lie that America is broke and keep handing them everything…in return you get eternal debt slavery….go ahead and spend your hard earned sheckles at Wallmart and Target and support the foreign and domestic terrorists who pay their employees spit and don’t believe in unions…or pension plans for the slaves…..

  118. The DOW is up over 150 points and gold too..that could only mean the fascist debt deal is just about set in stone…the crooks got their way again and our robbery is about to ramp up….don’t worry, you will barely feel a thing, you will just wake up one day broke and homeless….Rise Above the rule of law worked for the commies…and..Do what thou wilt prevailed….

  119. Great news! THE COURTS are GETTING scared!
    be scared…….be very scared

  120. Of course I believe that is true Poppy….Complete Communism is complete control….that’s why they stole quadrillions of our wealth and hijacked the Treasury. It’s certainly not because they need our money. The FEDERAL RESERVE BANK…A PRIVATE BANK are their robberbarons and Wall Street are their credit and investment whores.

  121. Right on Poppy…we are all starting to sound like Gerald Celente…he calls them what they are. Presstitutes..They are all selling complete communism as a fix for the biggest crimes in human history under many guises. Everytime I see the stupid Rise Above slogan on CNBC and hear that stupid Move Forward crap I want to hurl. Jail these crooks and traitors…!

  122. Hey stripes, I agree with most all you say, but my thoughts are this; is about control, absolute control. If they keep us uneducated, broke or in debt, renting and sickly…they can use us anyway they want. Our choices are limited already. This not about money, they have more than they can spend in a lifetime. Just saying…

  123. Crime does pay, particularly if your are a large corporation. They are the Pimps and the DC gang are the prostitutes. I wonder what their individual price is for the service?

  124. I agree Poppy, these traitor politicians and their fixes for these massive financial crimes, a quadrillion dollars in credit and investment fraud by Wall Street are complete b.s. This was the biggest transfer (theft) of our wealth from MAINSTREET to Wall Street to the overseas bank accounts of these crooks in history. They privatized (stole) our wealth, and socialized their massive Quadrillion dollar fraud on the people……the hijacking of the U.S. Treasury by the FEDSTERS….$50+ trillion in bailouts ……to the FEDSTERS overseas bank accounts….skyrocketing prices and taxes on everything we need to survive…..20 million + plus fraudclosures the ongoing bailout of the TBTF in Dodd-Frank……Obamacare and the medichip….millions of small businesses, pension plans and livelihoods stolen… a Fiscal Cliff and in February there will be another “Fiscal Crisis” (robbery)…..make no mistake this is financial terrorism and extortion by these traitor politicians, they are all investors in our manufactured demise.

  125. The real players hiding behind the scenes are invested in the prison system that WE THE PEOPLE fund and pay for. CNBC did an hour long documentary on this. That is how they privatize our wealth by investing and by borrowing tax payer money to fund their so called private owned prisons. Time to take our money out of their greedy hands wherever possible. The reason they don’t want us employing ourselves is because they want to get rid of paper currency and microchip us with the medichip in Obamacare so they can steal our income whenever they want.

  126. We just got another 10 Billion dollar settlement of which 1.5 Billion will go to homeowners. Of course with no prosecutions…it comes out to $750.00 per person. Feel better yet?

  127. I think that the articles author missed the main beneficiaries of prohibition of POT—–and big contributors to bank margins as well as political warchests in NE, SW———-CARTELS

    By keeping soft drugs illegal, they guarantee a continuation of gravy train money which the bans then launder for them.

    God forbid some elderly hippie should grow some pot in the backyard—my god they might somehow contract cancer and die a couple years earlier—–it makes less sense now than ever—but its one of those neverending wars that must be preserved at all costs

  128. Neil, I know the theme of you post wasn’t the FDA but I just can’t pass up the opportunity to give my opinion of that particular organization, the very definition of “organized crime”. (BTW, this all comes from personal experience) The FDA is suppose to regulate the pharmaceutical manufacturers and suppliers of API (active pharmaceutical ingredients) among other things. In reality, the FDA is big pharma’s bitch. Big pharma is the FDA’s cash cow and the FDA acts as big pharma’s hit man if anything threatens big pharma’s bottom line. They are the only agency that I know of that makes the laws and also enforces those laws. No checks and balances as the founders fathers envisioned. Their favorite defense to any challenge is ” well the FDA interprets (the rule or guideline or whatever) this way” and it becomes gospel. Interpret?? aren’t interpretations the same as opinions? And don’t we all know what is said about opinions? I have actually heard judges ask the FDA for how a law should be read during trials where they are a party. WTF?? In the past I have sought out their guidance as the regulatory authority on the correct way to proceed in order to remain compliant and was told that they couldn’t tell me how to proceed. ????WTF again. Who should tell me? Oh, right, if they told you how to “interpret” their ambiguous regulations, they couldn’t come back with one of their favorite actions, “discretionary enforcement” to nail small business that doesn’t throw money at them. This could go on and on, but suffice it to say that I hate the scumbags that are the FDA as much as I hate the scumbags that are wall street.

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