Monday is Last Day to File for Review and Damages Under Settlement Agreement


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For assistance with presenting a case for wrongful foreclosure, please call 520-405-1688, customer service, who will put you in touch with an attorney in the states of Florida, California, Ohio, and Nevada. (NOTE: Chapter 11 may be easier than you think).

I have written extensively about the OCC review process, the consent decrees and the settlement wherein you can file for a review of a wrongful foreclosure. Whether this includes foreclosures that are in litigation is doubtful. But if you have already been foreclosed and the “lender” used improper means to do it, the review process is something supposedly designed to give you monetary damages up to $125,000.

I stopped writing about it because the results have been largely unproductive. The good news is that the agreement does NOT preclude you from filing a common law or statutory wrongful foreclosure claim and associated claims like slander of title and quiet title.

The review process, like the judges sitting on the bench basically looks at the claim with a view that the foreclosure would have and should have been completed anyway, even if papers were forged, fabricated and so forth. THAT is because the assumption is still out there that the debt is real, the default is real, the note is valid and the mortgage was valid. Our strategy of Deny and Discover addresses exactly that point.

If you want to preserve your rights under the review process then you need to file by Monday. My suggestion is that lawyers assist clients with preparing the demand for review and specify that the client was not and never was in a financial transaction with the foreclosing entity nor any parties from whom they allege to have received an assignment. Thus the debt. default, note and mortgage were all faked.

It probably ought to be framed pretty much as an objection to claim, in which you make no affirmative allegations but simply deny that the homeowner ever received money from any of those entities. If you make the allegation that you DID receive money from someone else you are creating a burden of proof for the homeowner that cannot be easily met without discovery. The demand in the review should be to produce the wire transfer receipt, wire transfer instructions, cancelled check or any other actual proof of the movement of money in the name of the supposed “lender” or “assignor” or endorser.

The foreclosing entity is going to respond with some version of the property would have been foreclosed anyway, they did act improperly and they offer a couple of thousand dollars for their “error.” If you don’t intend to take them on, then you certainly should file for review because there is a relatively high probability of getting a few thousand dollars — but nothing like $125,000 unless you are successful at showing that there was no right to foreclose because of standing or lack of perfecting the mortgage lien.

Accepting the money doesn’t waive your rights and could pay for a retainer of a lawyer to start wrongful foreclosure proceedings seeking either monetary damages, getting title back in the name of the homeowner or other remedies. But people are getting tired of this entire mess and I don’t blame them for just walking away. At some point it is a personal more than a financial decision.

Yet it irks me that that these bankers sucked something like 1/3 of the world’s wealth out of the system and brought about calamitous results both here and abroad. It bothers me that there is no prosecution, receivership and restitution. So I would like to see more people pursue their rights judicially and administratively.

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  1. Thanks Stripes, Yes. The has cnbc news as well.

  2. That’s why I watch CNBC…because when you know the truth, you get it. They really know how to sift through the nonsense.

  3. Yes. You are right but who is actually reporting the truth resulting with most people being uninformed & ignorant which is the intention here and that is what needs to change. The banks & politicians will continue doing what they do best and keep the general public uninformed in the process.

  4. Pandora’s box is wide open if you want to see whats in their box….. its full of secrets, lies and deception to defraud WE THE PEOPLE. The FED owns nothing ; they are robbing and extorting us via the traitor politicians.

  5. It amazes me what the banks & politicians will do to keep their Precious Pandoras Box locked & unopened…..for the time being anyway. Boy, would I love to see it opened!

  6. CNBC host saying hopefully this debt deal will strengthen THE BANKS and get the nations GDP up and everyone starts participating ……. Rick Santelli said…he hopes the GDP gets rolling too but, he is doubtful. There you have it….THE TRUTH ……you will never hear that anywhere else on the MSM…..THE DEBT DEAL IS ALL ABOUT STRENGTHENING THE BANKS……and if recent history is any indicator of the banks doing anything to improve the U.S. economy that is not going to happen…..the fiscal cliff is simply just another robbery by the FEDSTERS. It is more usury in the form of a tax that we will all be paying more for our own robbery by the very group who robbed us. This is all being done by proxy of the traitor politicians.

  7. Stockbroker interviewed on CNBC by Rick Santelli about the debt deal said, he is disgusted with the politicians who have been doing the same thing for the last 40 years….spending too much of our money. He said they are taxing us more and have done nothing about the nations fiscal structure that we will be facing in a couple of months. Rick Santelli compared them to a bunch of kindergarten children who decided they could drink 20 ounce sodas and eat smarties every hour. The stockbroker said Rick is being unkind to kindergarten children.

    I say make the FED pay us back the gazillions they owe us…….you lousy traitors and cowards.

  8. So, The HoffingtinG Post says The independant Review no longer exists. What time did Neil post This article. Must have been within minutes of the Hoff Post. The link below proves it was just another scam by the Federal Government to feed the Banksters information on how homeowners would plead a case for wrongfull foreclosure. Information is the weapon, and Timmy just gave Jamie a bunch. Homeowners are apparently an enemy of the state and must be squashed.

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  10. tollbooth, it’s all about running out the clock. that’s why you have to file YOUR suit to preserve the claims.

  11. The dirty deed is done and Obama said he told Congress….I don’t want to hear anymore complaining from you….just do what I say…the U.S. will pay it’s bills….WOW…YOOHOO….he sounds just like a Dictator…..What he really meant was…. We will re-socialize this debt in the form of progressive taxation onto the American people because, even though the American people already paid for everything…..we need to use this fraud to severely weaken them…Weimar Germany here we come…..

  12. The traitor media, specifically that Nazi on CNN…Wolfie boy, from the Fourth Reich calling the fiscal cliff debt deal. “history in the making”….History is their codeword for we got away with it again. I won’t feel sorry for any of these liars and crooks when the American people really wake up. It’s coming.

  13. The whole bunch got caught. They thought we were too stupid to figure it out. It was a test to see what you know. Congratulate yourselves….you must have really shocked and awed them. They are probably hanging out in their underground bunkers trying to devise another scheme. We got caught said the jokers to the thieves……

  14. Aw–HEY-ULL NAH…

    I’m with E. Tolle! I just found out that the “independent foreclosure review” that I spent several late nights writing, compiling, editing, splitting/merging PDFs for, etc. was now all WASTED EFFORT? For reals? Haven’t they ever heard the old saw “you can’t make up rules in the middle of the game?” Oh wait, I forgot–that’s their business model!

  15. Maybe upon review, they realize the crooks need to give back all of the property they stole.

  16. Could also mean that the reviews sent in proved we knew too much and had the proof. Well however you look at it, the whole thing was one big poorly thought out mess. But it pisses me off that I spent time on it. And exactly what are they going to do with the info we sent in?????

  17. On second thought, a great case could be made that this was a craftily designed stalling tactic that added yet a couple of more years to the SOL expiration date. Humpty Dumpty will indeed be put back together again, even if it takes every last penny we have.

  18. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am stunned at that neck-breaking turn around over at the OCC. I, for one, spent a lot of time and energy crafting an undeniable case of max-pain for B of A in my review. There’s simply no way that they could defend my proofs, even if they were supplying the answers to their accompliced reviewers. Not a chance.

    I had my review in at the onset, meaning well over a year and a half ago, and have received two follow-ups that my case was being reviewed. Now all of those other so called borrower programs…. HAMP and the like have been all fluff and were merely for show (and votes), but you expect that sort of dark magic coming down with the likes of Geithner and Summers pulling levers behind the curtains. But to scrap a program on the very day before the checks were to be cut? WTF is that? Cold feet? Complicit remorse? A sudden stab of moral hazard syndrome?

    I guess they decided, albeit at the very last minute, that more foam was needed on the runways. Besides, it’s their beloved banks. All hail.

  19. The Originals should have been stamped paid by the Originator ….THE U.S. TREASURY DEPARTMENT…and returned to you….by the Issuer of the Original Bill of Credit…..When you pay a bill with a check…..the bank returns that paid check to you stamped paid….It is no different for a bank who issues credit and borrows money in your name….the paid check goes back to you, the Issuer of the Original check/note….

  20. Read Carpenter v Longan……Collins v Ogden… Bayview v Nelson…Katz v East-Ville Realty Co……U.S. BANK v Merino…Raines v Byrd….Elvin v Wochetich…..Moore v Lewis……Commercial Products Corp v Briegel….18 USC 513 (People v Adams)…..Mersman v Werges and another…DeZotell v Mutual Life Insurance Co of New York….People v Hunter…..Eliason v Wilborn….UCC 3-205……Vander Jaqt v O’Neill……Allen v Wright…..FW/PBS Inc v Dallas…..People v. Cotton…..People v Chronister……Federalist No. 78….Marbury v Madison…Title 26 of the USC….UCC 3-102……UCC 3-301…Either UCC ARTICLES …8…or 9…& 4……govern judicial Foreclosures…Article 8 requires proof of Control 8-106…by Delivery and Possession….8-301….they don’t have that…..Article 9 & 4 require…..Acceptance 3-103 and…..Consideration 3-303 by the Issuer of the Original Bill of Credit….the Originator must return the paid off Original Note & Mortgage from the Original purchase you made before any other transactions occur …. otherwise any other party claiming you owe them money are in possession of a Overdue Instrument …..and are in Default in your name….they are IMPOSTERS; fictitious payees and are FELONS who are counterfeiting forgeries to gain unjust enrichment and the intent to permanently harm you is upon Presentment of those copies of those mortgages & those notes….IS…..FRAUD UPON THE COURT….an attempt to deceive is criminal….

  21. Let me make clear….these were never securities because of the origination fraud….they are not negotiable instruments because the FED cashed the note/checks and never paid the money back…..therefore, the mortgages are a nullity…..

  22. The original lender was WE THE PEOPLE……WE SIGNED THE CHECK/NOTES…..So don’t tell me the original lender is undisclosed…that is why WE THE PEOPLE ARE THE TITLE HOLDERS OF RECORD…..Have you ever signed a check that was coming out of someone else’s bank account……? No….because if you did, you would be in prison….That is where the banksters belong….in prison. They cashed our checks….never paid back what they borrowed in our names and turned the mortgages into 10 year bonds and they oversold investments in the notes and turned them into security entitlements. They had no legal right to do that or anything without paying back the original loan they took out in our names to WE THE PEOPLE….That’s what they are hiding with those copies of unindorsed notes……THE ORIGINATION FRAUD…… These crimes against us were done for FREE…..WE THE PEOPLE PAY FOR EVERYTHING UPFRONT AT THE ORIGINATION……THEY ROBBED US….that’s what the FED did via Wall Street.

  23. Once we signed that check/note it was cashed by the FED at the U.S. TREASURY DEPARTMENT……and that note should have went no where until the Original Note was repaid by the Issuer of the credit…The FED….THAT IS WHAT THE LAW REQUIRES…..The repeal of Glass-Steagall allowed Wall Street to sell investments in something of value….not oversell investments in something stolen and render everything of value worthless..

  24. The property has nothing to do with the monetary debt…..? So what you are saying is the collateral …..OUR PROPERTY, is just a pawn in their game. Wall Street can create $700 trillion in derivatives fraud, without any collateral backing up that debt and just collect our property, that we pay for at the Origination when we sign that check/note….& pocket all of our payments… ? OH HELL NO….! What they did is criminal, and the FEDSTERS OWE WE THE PEOPLE AN INUMERABLE AMOUNT OF MONEY….The banks are being sued left and right for having NO COLLATERAL …..THE MORTGAGE BACKED PART…..THAT CREATES THE SECURITY….TO BACK UP THOSE FRAUDULENT SALES…No amount of fraudclosures, bailouts, taxes or other form of robbery can cure their massive SECURITIES FRAUD CRIMES….A QUADRILLION DOLLARS IN CREDIT & INVESTMENT FRAUD BY WALL STREET…Their big swindle…the 2008 Insider trading scam that these crooks committed to try and cover up their crimes….they took our money and ran…Thank the SEC for repealing the Uptick Rule in 2007 and allowing that robbery to happen. Goddamned crooks……

  25. The FED are the strippers and Art Bell is on youtube. The truth about this evil plan is not hidden. The conspiracy theories are no longer theories, they are becoming reality a little more each day. Is this the world we want for future generations? That is the real question. Happy New Year to all.

  26. christine, thanks for the docs, haven’t digested all the case law, lotsa different jurisdictions.

    stripper; i have a boxed set of Art Bell archives. post your address, i’ll ship them to ya.

    now follow along……
    “MS – The lender [originator aka any assignee disclosed or undisclosed] is always the beneficiary [the one entitled to the note]. The beneficiary can be a lenders successor and the successors assignee…A nominee [one named to hold the place of the assignee in name only, a nominal beneficiary, as in not real] is never used in a mortgage origination[he’s saying there is always a borrower-debtor position established at the origination that is an unnamed party, i.e. w/h line] ….a nominee is used in a purchase and sale of real property. The originator is a tax payer corporation formed as a REIT [which is also a QSPE. The QSPE issues certs (or stock) based on debt, not hard “res” assets]who is the transferor FOR assets transferred to a closely held entity formed as an LLC [again, debt obligations and interest-bearing certificates (or stock)]. The transferee provides no consideration (money} for the assets transferred. The LLC will swap securities (stocks that represent DEBT ie LIABILITIES)for assets under an eventual Merger and acquisition. The 3 to five year Merger & Acquisition deal is for recognition (accounting resulting DE-recognition, loss, write-off) purposes for collateral [recorded corresponding liabilities, i.e. the liability of the DEPOSITOR/ORIGINATOR] assets(defaulted bonds, ie debts) milked dry of value (payment streams deceased, or trading on derivative basis only) trading corporate debt (THE STOCK) at multiples of 10 times the value of the pledged capital account (reserves) . . . provided by a LLC depositor (the DEBTOR QSPE) as collateral (pledged notes) for bond holders debt.”

    So what’s missing, you ask?


    the houses have nothing to do with monetary debt equation utilizing the credit enhancements to fund payment obligations incurred by the original lender, the depositor, the sponsor, the master servicer, the counterparties, the securities underwriters, the trustees, MERS (or anybody else named as a nominee) makes YOU the invisible man.
    Once you signed your note, it was going places you never dreamed.

  27. Maybe the foreclosure review got scrapped because the politicians pocketed the money.

  28. Right now we are holding their RFID CHIP in our hand…..its in our Drivers License, passports, insurance cards, debit and credit cards, our cell phones…they keep track of our purchases through those store discount cards….because very soon they want to force all of us to accept that chip…..they will say it is for the sake of mankind…peace and security….lies all lies….it is about complete control…nothing more.

  29. This completely corrupt bunch of crooks are not going to save us. They work for our enemies. They are tyrants….all of them. Including the media…they are all NEW WORLD ORDER PRESSTITUTES….

  30. It’s no joke usedkarguy…..when they bankrupt us they will tell us they own us….our roof….our utilities & our food…..everyone pays a fraudulently induced WORLD TAX through their MEDICHIP in Obamacare or you will have no roof….no utilities and no food….there will be no cash and everyone works for these crooks on their Wall Street Corporate debt slave plantation…….This is their evil endgame plan for WORLD DOMINATION….a cashless, RFID microchipped world of debt slaves.

  31. Is this the event Maher proclaimed?

    Every man (and woman, and child) for himself


    Foreclosure Review Scrapped on Eve of Deadline……

    So much for that, kiddies. I talked to those emeffers today. No comment.

  33. The American people better start fighting like hell and stop waiting around for the traitor politicians and the foreclosure attorney’s to save them. These fraudclosures are criminal cases, and these mortgages and notes are not negotiable. All of the price increases, Obamacare and tax increases are fascism. These crooks are trying to create a national welfare state …….so we accept complete communism as a fix for a quadrillion dollars in financial fraud by the FEDSTERS and Wall Street. They want to turn the unsustainable debt of these crooks into our enslavement. No one is going to be free and independent anymore if these crooks have there way…they want it all, and the ongoing tyranny & oppression proves they are coming for it.

  34. keepon….they weren’t going to do anything for us anyway….

  35. Just can’t make everyone believe the lies ….what a relief. Maybe I won’t have to work so hard trying to explain to people they need to save themselves. No one is going to do that for you. That is how WE THE PEOPLE are indivisible ….each one of us have to stand up to these crooks. In the courtrooms and everywhere. We need to take our property and our money out of their greedy hands.

  36. E. ToLLe,

    I wasn’t going to get back on and I don’t plan to be after this. I sent UKG my last brief. I know he’s legit and so are you. And either, way, nothing to lose: can’t lose what you don’t have, right?

    He’s got my e-mail and he gave it to you. Drop me a note. Nothing will happen here. Still in touch with Anonymous. Still a lot to share.

  37. Well darn i wasted. 2 stamps one to tom horne and one to review as to why i wasnt buying it , good letter spell ck too.

  38. Just in case you guys haven’t heard the news, the “Independent Foreclosure Review” has been scrapped. The alleged reason is, the reviews were taking too much time. Funny thing is, I filed mine over a year ago, then after six months had passed I complained to the OCC about the lack of any action and was told the “reviewing process” would not begin until after the filing deadline. Bottom line, we’re screwed again! Here’s the link:

  39. Foreclosure Review Scrapped On Eve Of Critical Watchdog Report …

    1 hour ago … retheauditors OCC and Fed were incompetent, complicit, captured in the way they have designed and monitored foreclosure reviews, but not … – 1 hour ago

  40. I guess the American people are waiting for the Politicians to come out and tell them, we are here to steal everything from you. Like that’s going to happen.

  41. As the roads crumble and our infrastructure dissolves; we can barely keep our 9-11 operators, fire & police departments staffed…..they are taking way more & more of the things WE THE PEOPLE already paid for…..and calling more tax increases and Obamacare necessary while the politicians keep collecting their big fat paychecks and other entitlements like massive pension plans and topnotch private healthcare….all paid for by WE THE PEOPLE…..Who is to blame…? WE THE PEOPLE ARE….because we keep handing it all to them on a silver platter.

  42. It’s an eminence front…it’s a put on…they tell us they have a legal right to steal everything from us, and WE THE PEOPLE allow it …. instead of revolting on all of their debt by a nationwide boycott of their Multinational corp, a mortgage and property tax revolt we just keep Complying, Cooperating and Conforming with the extortion. So go ahead…keep being scared and handing them your livelihoods, healthcare, pensions and wealth and property and you will wake up in medichipped commieland. …… and you will own nothing but their debt for the rest of your miserable days.

  43. I pray that God gives me the strength to not shy away from exposing these crooks and revealing all of their evil and their evil plans for mankind. I believe these truths are now self evident. What stopping fraudclosure and demanding clear title and monetary restitution is really about, but is being hidden by the crooks. It is really about saving our own freedom and independence from these diabolical and maniacal investor crooks. What too many Americans fail to see is that owning property and getting back the wealth these crooks have stolen from us is power. WE THE PEOPLE possess that power over ALL OF THEM….That is what they are hiding.

  44. If you would rather empower evil Deborah…that is certainly your choice. Not openly discussing what they are trying to achieve is just what they want.

  45. Hollywood promotes satanism in many ways. Watch the movie Project X and you will see what I mean. They are targeting our youth and destroying the minds of our youth and making evil look mainstream….The movie is about high school aged kids and is loaded with foul language, graphic sex scenes, nudity, torturing the family dog by tying it to helium ballons, kids are dropping ecstasy pills with booze like its candy. They even burned the house down in the end of the movie. The so called “reality” Tv that began with those satanists the Osbournes…..rap music lyrics, the violent video games, this stuff should be banned yet, it is right in our faces….and in our ears as if it is no big deal. That is how evil works, it is very sneaky and deceptive.

  46. In sorry strips- i will not give what you talk of power. Happy new year

  47. I agree that good will triumph. Those who call a belief in God and Satan religious nuts should know that the real players hiding behind the scenes of these crimes believe they take their orders directly from Satan/Lucifer..They believe they can become God and all of their power is derived from committing evil acts on all of us. The more evil and treachorous the acts, the more powerful they become. That is why they spread immorality under many guises…They are trying to normalize sin and make it o.k. to do whatever you want…Do what thou wilt and all that garbage. They want the whole globe to worship Satan and all of his evil works by destroying the morals of the people and drugging society into a passive bunch of morons…They can cure all disease because they create them. They choose to make us sick and create more sickness and make humanity suffer for their own sick, sadistic pleasure.

  48. I know work with an amazing gal from soviet union i foind oout from her
    during her childhood she worked innthe feilds no time to he a child. School holidays yep worked in the feilds.
    I cant say the word. I cant buy into it either all i can do is my best with what ive got rest is up to god.

  49. I do believe they want anarchy but, they want to control it. An attorney told me point blank, they want Complete Communism and they fully intend to cause Anarchy to achieve that goal. He told me they want to take every house. I told him that is Communism, he told me no, that is Complete Communism.

  50. I agree Deb, many of these cops do need to be woken up. On a local blog I was conversing with a cop about how their sneak road blocks and searches are unconstitutional. He argued these are public roadways and the Constitution only protects you in your home…I argued that is not true…..WE THE PEOPLE paid for those roadways and our cars are our property…..our effects, not theirs to search at will…he finally stopped arguing when I posted the Fourth Amendment.

    Amendment IV – The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the person or things to be seized.

  51. Stripes – indeed they hire idiots used to be married to one ( detective) sorry coulnt stop myself, there are some very clued in cops but god they are young lol. Just for the record i tried to get one to take a report that my home was stolen well it turned into an oppertunity to educate cop was clued in actually.

  52. Stripes- i think they hire idiots i used to be married to one ( a detective)

  53. And im throwing this phone away

  54. Robert J Ringer said
    ” if man misses the boat on economics he misses the boat on the issue if true freedom”
    He was relating economics to property matters too
    Old book called ” restoring the ametican dream”
    He describes the ametican dream to be
    “about individuslism and the oppettunity to achieve success without interference from ithers”
    We cant let government control our destinys
    And that is the ethos of the book.

  55. I agree Deb….that is proof of the severe brainwashing. My husband and I were talking about the local cops and how they hang out at stop lights and look inside cars for seatbelts and are ticketing people on foot. Talk about idiots….don’t they realize they were robbed by these politicians too and by robbing us, they are ruinining it for themselves…? When we are all finally bankrupt and can’t pay for all of the fraud anymore, the cops will be jobless, broke and homeless too.

  56. All of these traitor politicians need to be impeached by WE THE PEOPLE.

  57. People dhould just check value of their pension plan. That should convince them

  58. That’s right Poppy. The difference is this is the fine tuned version of their fake economic collapse. Instead of hitting the whole country all at once, they are doing it gradually. As a result everyone will wake up one day, broke and homeless in the land their fathers conquered.

  59. If these politicians are not trying to cause anarchy, you could have fooled me. I believe the only reason it hasn’t happened is, the last Great Depression was the trial run and they slowed down their fake collapse. Everyone is not feeling this as severely as others. The crappy economy is still functioning and is deteriorating slowly and strategically. The fiscal cliff along with the other tax increases locally and statewide could just be the breaking point. If anyone saw the documentary Obama 2012 they know Obama and his pals planned on taxing our income 100% in his second term. That is a very diabolical and sneaky way to institute complete communism and complete government control. The medichip tattoo is hidden in Obamacare. This is war folks and this war was declared on us by these crooks….who are the Illuminati banksters on 9/11. WE THE PEOPLE keep accepting all of their fascist fixes for fraud by Complying, Conforming and Cooperating with everything. They are sneaking in Complete Communism, make no mistake.

  60. Stripes
    The saying goes ” playing both sides of the fence”. Could say more but im saving it

  61. What is the difference between what Stalin and Hitler did and what is going on right now? People right in this country are starving, homelessness is at an all time high, our Democracy is gone, inner cities are diminished to dog-eat-dog scenarios, food staples are becoming unaffordable for many, gas is at its elasticity point and it is a hours worth of labor for 2 gallons of the liquid gold, we are stuck with GIANT monopolies and little choices for goods and services…am I the only who sees this massive movement in government, taken from the people?

  62. Masterservicer, you may change your view if you read the link I posted below entitled WOLVES IN SHEEPS CLOTHING and all corresponding links. It is startling to read about this evil plan in such a concise and particularized format. Make no mistake, the folks hiding behind this plan are incredibly evil.

    E Tolle, I was a fan of Spitzer until I read about his law firm and their connections to the big players in this manufactured financial crisis. He helped Silverstein get his very large insurance settlement from the 9/11 tragedy, even though Silverstein was merely a landlord of the twin towers, he had what amounted to a 99 year lease. Unfortunately, Spitzer appears to be another wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  63. And allow me to spell name correctly i know o suk at spelling and using thr keypad
    mahatma Gandhi
    ” be the change “

  64. You could be right about that poppy…they could be worse than Stalin and Hitler….. Here is a very informative article, aptly entitled:
    WOLVES IN SHEEPS CLOTHES: Tracking The Syndicate Through History.

  65. E T
    Noo. Thats not what i meant
    Never. It was indeed an Monumental piece if history but he BELIEVED

  66. That’s right E. This disregard of human rights is ever present in this country. The government takes our hard-earned money and “willfully” spends like drunken sailors (not insult intended to sailors). The only people getting “Entitlements” are the people in DC. You notice we hear nothing of the drug dealers, HSBC and their money laundering, all while they took bailouts and insurance money. Small story compared to the Kartrashians baby news.

  67. … violent ghandi [sic] style approach…”

    OMG, please do not rewrite or misshapen one of the most elegant, selflessly served lives and episodes in history. The British oppression was 110%, we’re nearing 100% here, only the masses haven’t awakened to that fact yet.

    IMO, a repeat of that amazing man’s fearless feat is exactly what is needed in our day….millions of people standing up and walking towards TPTB holding hands and stating sternly, unblinking, that we will not tolerate their ways any longer. No more scorched earth, no more drones, no more graft, no more government assisted theft from the people. Enough.

    Until we have a Gandhi moment, we’ll continue to allow boots on our necks. I was assaulted big time by our paramilitary police while simply trying to show my support of borrowers against Chase bank. The police attacked many of us that day for simple peaceful protest. What does it take for Americans to realize that what we looked upon with disdain for decades, things that occurred in Moscow or Tiananmen Square are occurring all around us at this very moment in the good old USA?

    Sharpen your pitchforks and warm the tar. THEY will not listen to reason. If not for ourselves, for our offspring.

  68. one day at a time

  69. yes i know dear.

  70. Deborah,

    I too, do not want an all out “wild west” style shoot out. I have been threatened more than once by these thugs, with trespass. My house is locked and loaded, as I have been robbed in daylight. It won’t happen again.

    These guys will stop at nothing, really. They can deem your home “abandoned” and come in anytime. No sheriff is called, no subpoena, no summons…nada, no court order. They just do it. They have come onto the property more than once, under the guise of an inspection. So far, no actual B&E type, but I am concerned they will. They are forcing people’s hand. There was a time this could not happen. A lot has changed in our government. Our liberties have been eroding for years now and people are asleep. The foreclosures are just the tip of the iceberg.

  71. i agree E Tolle, you play, you pay

  72. im sorry , poppy, typos, my hand eye co ordination is scewed id be useless with a gun,

  73. gov dont care. revolution no revolution, they dont care. we have to care about one another and we would be gunned down revolution histirically is what happens, i hope theres a better way im a nurse i hate human suffering on any level i cant bear the thought of revolution, no violent ghandi style approach, we must go about our business peacefully poopy. i have gun toting freinds that believe its long overdue though, i am worried.

  74. @ E

    Individuals made these decisions, no matter how much they cry, like the cowards they are. When one commingles assets into personal gains, by way of wire, checkbook or bonuses with fraud (felony behavior), you are no longer covered by the corporate shield.

  75. Eliot Spitzer says, “….the inner sanctum of senior management as they come to grips with the reality of the obligation to plead guilty — not individually, perhaps, but at a corporate level.”

    As much as I like this guy, and Lord knows there are few in the media pointing flashlights at the criminality, I still can’t condone this attitude. Not individually? Why the hell not? What good is corporate culpability?

    What is needed is for a few dozen (50?) prison buses to pull up beside that brass bull statue and empty out the C-wings of the nearest tall buildings. That is the only thing that will stop this crime wave. And btw, it would also have the effect of returning elections to the people, away from the candidate placement system we now suffer through. Short of that, pitchforks will have to rule the day. They will leave us no choice.

  76. consider mers can not transfer interest IN THE DEBT BECAUSE IT HOLDS NO INTEREST IN THE DEBT, it only has power to act solely as nominee for lender successors and assigns,” right acting as “beneficiary” under the security instrument. it is true that the recorded beneficiary originator was never a true beneficiary or a lender in true sense of the word but i paid to a non lender for a long time for ???, collecting for who, mers does not allow me to check, members only, but of course, so how does mERS know who does in fact have the right to enforce the debt obligation, property rights aside, they did transfer under oath to have personal; knowledge of this so they should, since its supposed to be sooo efficient, so we go around in circles, no one wants to break mers, in there lies our freedom. maher be explicit as to why i should embrace mers because i would if i knew why, lets go. MERS is a trojan horse.

  77. If you and I don’t pay our indebtedness for a sale, what would happen? This deception is everywhere. One rule for them, different rules for average citizens…this is the part, I am lost in, seriously. The entire game is rigged…what do we need an all out revolution? And is that why the government really wants “gun control”…they are scared this is where it is going?

  78. when something is not in the general publics interest our state officials should be jumping all over it- what do we see- apathy

  79. poppy
    because our state officials are puppets just like Obama
    we need to force them to do their job- god knows how

  80. @ deborah

    Yup and they are a “members only” club…a CD is not a holder of anything, except information. It has always been curious to me why the state government and the local government entities are not screaming for revenue lost to these gangsters.

  81. MERS has no assets pays no one, no one on payroll, it TRACKS and the banks invented this, its unlawful but has prevailed as a replacement for a safe and sound system called land records, if its industry owned do you think theres a conflict of interest, rough guess. so if it tracks so much better than the old system why the huge breaks in chain of title, if they want the benefits of lighning fast transfers/”sale” they must be held accountable for the adverse effects – clouded/slander of titles, no lawful way around it in my layperson oppinion. i say lawful.

  82. @ ms

    I get much of what you are saying, but much of what you are relaying is not viable in the court system.

    No question, you are smart, but are you going to quit with the foreplay and beating around the bush or say it straight, so we can use it in our complaint and pleadings? There are a lot of bright people here. As far as I know, none of can use what you are referencing, not directly. The judges are not that bright either. This information needs to be easily referenced with statutes, rules of procedure and case law, otherwise it is no good. Many of us have been doing this for some time and I won’t debate the lack of judicial prowess, but we have all found many attorneys do not understand this either. That’s why we are getting beat out of cash and homes, not houses. Can you give us one example of how your information has been used successfully? Frankly, I am not sure Neil has gotten a lot of it right either. How can an expensive forensic audit help with the paper trail that lies between the false affidavits, forged paperwork, altered applications and deceptive wiring? Connect the dots, please, because this is what the hearings come down to. We both know, much of what you are saying may well be correct, but what good is it, without a proper presentation that a laymen can understand?

  83. Stripes

    I do not see not using names like Hitler and Stalin, incorrect in any way …financial terrorism does in fact have the same result and ending as either of the aforementioned cats behavior. This country is being hit at all angles, the housing piece is just one battle of the war. You have the dependence on gas (fake prices), food staples (fake pricing), debt to credit ratio of our country, spending, taxation, monopoly of goods and services…the problem is huge and feeding on itself daily. We now have a military presence in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Chad, Pakistan, Afghanistan, under Obama…when he was hired it was to change what others have done, he has failed and needs to either get a set of balls or get fired…impeached!

  84. The note and the deed have been separated. MERS is only on my deed. The problem I see, is the judges don’t acknowledge that, where they are supposed to. MERS owns nothing.

  85. Stripes – Its wrong to use names like Hitler, Mussolini , Dick Cheney and Stalin.

    Just plain wrong !


  86. MS…the real problem was in the structuring of these things.
    No S&^% Sherlock …but Why ?

    One of the bank attorneys in one of the fc even refers to these as “loans” in quotation marks.
    Yes – But Why ?

    Ex-FDIC chair, Sheila Baird said publicly all of these mortgages were set up to fail. That is why the underwriting was poor….

    MS Yes Damn it Yes But Why ? Why would anyone risk adverse set up a loan to fail …Why

    they were not giving loans, this was a giant ponzi scheme where they were pooling as many payments together as they could to keep the ponzi scheme going for as long as they could.
    MS Nope – close but your drifting here ….

    They were looking for revenue flow to sell investments in. ….
    MS Your grasping but there is truth here in what your chasing …argument wise

    They had no regard for the stakeholders who were all of us.
    ….I’m straight …not a steak holder

    This was about keeping profits from the money flow huge for their own shareholders/investors. The CEOs got paid big bonuses for this.

    No No No you is Guessing …..

    Today’s Mortgage Minute

    Contingent consideration is an obligation of the acquiring entity to transfer additional assets or equity interest to the former ownership of the aquiree , as part of a contract to change over control to the acquired entity , but only if a specified event occurs or conditions are met .

  87. @MS… Stop your Bulling, Name Calling and Dancing Around in Circles! Just come out and say it … or are you chicken shit to?

    cant… AT LEAST NOT YET ….(i like the attitude though – don’t stop the fight ….peace )

  88. MS tells the world about the dirty little deeds covered in sin. Let the Quiet Titles Begin!

    Guest – lol YOU OK

  89. Leave a Message – MERS cannot foreclose, but being named on the “deed” they can only assign their beneficiary interest on the deed only, so maybe someone can carry the ball, with the PROPER paperwork assigned, released, etc…”

    MS – The lender is always the beneficiary. The beneficiary can be a lenders successor and the successors assignee…A nominee is never used in a mortgage origination ….a nominee is used in a purchase and sale of real property. The originator is a tax payer corporation formed as a REIT who is the transferor for assets transferred to a closely held entity formed as an LLC . The transferee provides no consideration for the assets transferred. The LLC will swap securities for assets under an eventual Merger and acquisition. The 3 to five year M&A is for recognition purposes for collateral assets milked dry of value trading corporate debt at multiples of 10 times the value of the pledged capital account . . . provided by a LLC depositor as collateral for bond holders debt.

  90. Countrywide is the exception, as BOA bought servicing rights for approximately $450.00 per note, so they have plenty of cash to play around with.


  91. CW filed 08 LP before the Lien was transferred out of MERS to them. They also failed to file the LP release as required by Law. CW also claimed to be Note Owner via origination lender ..( affidavit filed in Judicial court 08).

  92. The notes were cashed and never repaid, therefore the notes don’t exist & the deed of trusts does not exist and MERS or any other party claiming rights of the holder has to prove up the underlying transaction that allowed any other transaction to occur….Carpenter v Longan says you can’t have a mortgage contract w/o the note.

  93. @Z … “Broken Chain of Title” was the result. In our case for instance… In order for us to warrenty title.. 1) get LP dropped from CW and 2) prove MERS was paid off by CW. How are we supposed to do that? And when did it become our responsibility to do so? The party must end …. how many homeowners in the future will go to market a get hit with this bomb? The party already lasted 12 months longer than it should have. Not enough signatures 12mo ago… mods, refis, fcs, short sales, cash for keys etc,,,,,,

  94. Poppy, you said:
    ” MERS cannot foreclose, but being named on the “deed” they can only assign their beneficiary interest on the deed only, so maybe someone can carry the ball, with the PROPER paperwork assigned, released, etc…”

    I agree that MERS argues it can assign the DOT, but that would mean that the mortgage/DOT wouldn’t be following the note. For example, in my case, MERS said they could assign the DOT to BAC while the note was held by Fannie Mae. In other words, that separates the note and mortgage and violates the sacred “mortgage follows the note” dictum. Or am I not following you?

  95. Please allow me to repost that link…

  96. Read more about the monolithic conspiracy by the Illuminati Bankers to control the world….Illuminati Bankers Hired Hitler to Start WWII…

  97. I don’t see these as complex legal issues usedkarguy….. Target one aspect of their fraudulent claim, which most likely began at the onset, that is irreparable. There is no legal fix for that. There is no need to ask for discovery if there is fraud in the factum, they destroyed their own case at the onset.

  98. I have heard more than one American say, none of this terror being waged on WE THE PEOPLE is Obama’s fault…..he is just a puppet. To that I say so were Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin. That doesn’t excuse him or make him any less guilty than the Illuminati banking families he is working for, or is a member of. That is like saying the Manson family were just carrying out orders for Charlie, so they are not guilty of their crimes.

  99. Research the ILLINOIS MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE LAW….If you bring the complaint, you are responsible for the property taxes while the case is in fc….These crooks are the strippers, pimps & hooker’s. I am a victim of their global crime spree and I am speaking out truthfully and honestly about their crimes against all of us. It makes no sense at all to pay property tax on property if they claim to own it. However, they must prove it. Their case was fraudulent upon presentment and insufficient in law. They have no legal facts to back up their claims. That is because their fraud began at the Origination and continues up to the day they filed their fraudulent fc. Plaintiffs presenting copies of a supposed security instrument, with no proof of legal claim, at the onset can only be considered counterfeit forgeries by IMPOSTERS; fictitious payees…and FRAUD UPON THE COURT. ….

  100. I have about five of those claim forms last one says ” return by JAn 14 2013 – so my guess is they will keep asking us to sign until hell fire freezes over

  101. That wAs supposed to say – most of all believe you can do it.

  102. Poppy good council is hard to find
    Big firms only want class action or a 20k retainer with this kind of complex litigation. Thats my experience ( as for ouncil i had that is another syory) bear in mind you only need. 2 people to start a class action i believe.
    In the interim or if you choose otherwise legal aids by. Nolo are greAt snd the book i think the judges use is the thompson west Frcp i bought one used on line, forget which book company just google away, then you must know local rules and msybe have a freelance paralegal shepardize your case law They tun between 30 and 50 per hour average
    Hope this helps. Also buy some midnight oil anc mist of all believe you can fo it and wat h what happens.

  103. Me either, ukg, no way!

  104. any agreement to let go of all your future claims is ridiculous. Wells sent me a mod with no such language. I signed it, paid five months, and came back with another fraud suit (the foreclosure was dismissed pending “settlement”, aka extortion to modify). Unless you get a big pile of cash (bigger than your mortgage, that is) there is no reason to sign such an agreement. Soliman says this is all over in a couple days. I just don’t see it ending with the turn of the calendar page.

  105. Sorry my typo. Lost my glasses again

  106. Poppy and that is truth of matter
    So when the opposition ate wrong on FRCP
    Hold their feet to the fire a d when a fed judge sudes witj them hold hus feet to the fire ( (damn nation a lot hell fire going on today lol)

  107. Good for you, guest. One for the guest, zero for Anderson, per Judge Schack, NY

  108. Stripper Wins one and Stripper Loses one. Research the Property Tax Law, Hell just call the tax collector EASY!.

  109. Oh Poppy … me and Scotty Boy go back along way. Lets just say the Kat was smarter than the Rat. He preferred to talk to me instead of my company attorney (whom offered to represent my daughter if needed ). Silly Boy! I already had his little pecker recorded, emailed, faxed and mailed via us mail before he knew what hit him.

  110. guest says….These are 2 separate contracts, 2 separate issues….not according to the laws of this land. U.S. courts have long held..”The note and the mortgage are inseparable; the former as essential, and the latter as an incident. An assignment of the note carries the mortgage with it, while the assignment of the latter alone is a nullity.” (Carpenter v Longan)

  111. It occurs to me, many of us have the goods on these thugs, but procedure is where we need the most help. What good is all of this is we cannot properly present it, get it into evidence and use the law, rules to our advantage? Isn’t there anyone out there that can help us with legal procedure and litigation tools? These creeps are beatable…damn!

  112. The applications, the mods, the refi’s ….. A contract to do business with a mobster above the law all legal like.

  113. No guest you are a complete idiot…there is one issue…..the fraud at the onset by plaintiffs….they are going to try & push a loan mod…that’s right….that’s how they want to create complete communism..if you accept their massive debt fraud… are not only a slave to it but, you are a party to it. If these properties were worth the bubble price, and we could sell them and make a profit, things would have never gotten this bad. However, they destroyed the market with all of their criminal fraud and those prices are never coming back so they can all go screw themselves. I’m not going to be their slave & their criminal cohort by aiding & abetting their crimes against me.

  114. Well, the conflicting information comes from the Delaware Bankruptcy Court. Saying Credit Suisse seized the note only, for non-payment of the lines of credit in 2007, they are a non-lender and have no authority here. But, the hook comes from the balance being paid off at Ocwen, due to an Amended Re-Purchase Agreement from Select Portfolio Services (Credit Suisse in 2007). It gets better, but too long to post here. The mod offer comes from US Bank and was authorized by Scott Anderson, with a attorney-in-fact designation in 2010. They were in default, not me…the entire mess is all contradictory. Not one piece of paper matches the paper trail we have found. Go figure? And they are liars, thieves and sociopaths…

  115. Poppy, New Century as originater lender, Ocwen as Owner and US Bank as Seller. These are the Buttwipes that sold our daughter a bad repo.

  116. Your an Idiot! They are Two Seperate Issues! Two seperate contracts! Trust Me … I’ve been down that road already in 2010, and the bsers tried it again last week. I have the cashier checks …. hahahaha! They are desperate to force a mod down our throats, and not let us pay it off! I wonder why?

  117. Deb….if speaking the truth is what you call bitching ….can’t help you there because this is war and all is fair. BTW….I agree…..don’t sign or agree to anything with these crooks…attach a note and tell them you will settle for no less than clear title, all taxes paid in full and compensatory damages in the form of all payments you made, returned to you.

  118. My comments in the mod agreement are word-for-word…from the substitute trustee, who claims to be in bed with US Bank…Ha, Ha, Ha…

  119. WOW…guest you are a real F LEE BAILEY…..the request for a hearing is not based on the case but the facts presented by Plaintiffs thus far….and they are criminal. The taxes are the responsibility of the Plaintiff until the case is settled….and they are going to owe me all costs associated with their fraudulent fc plus compensatory damages and other equitable relief. Read it closely.

  120. 100% correct. Who in their right mind would sign that?

  121. Deb & Poppy, ..Answer… Dont sign Anything!

  122. Let me give all of you an example of what is in the modification agreements: Paragraph #3. Release by borrower: In consideration of the recitals, covenants and agreements set forth in this Agreement, and other good and valuable consideration, receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, upon effective date of this agreement, borrower hereby forever and fully releases, acquits, and forever discharges Ocwen and its predecessors, principles, parents, heirs, successors, assigns, subsidiaries, affiliates, commonly controlled entities, companies, enterprises, ventures, partners, insurers, investors, attorneys, officers, shareholders, directors, agents, representative employees, clients, administrators, executors, personal representatives, the beneficiary and investor in the subject loan, US Bank as trustee for the registered holders of CSMC Asset-Backed trust through certificates, Series 2007-NC1 OS1 and their predecessors, heirs or successors in interest and assigns, and each of them, of and from any and all claims, demands, actions, causes of action, suits, liens, debts, obligations, promises, agreements, costs, damages, liabilities and judgments of any kind, nature or amount, whether in law or equity, whether known or unknown, anticipated or unanticipated, liquidated or un-liquidated, including any and all claimed or unclaimed compensatory damages, consequential damages, interest, costs, expenses and fees (including reasonable or actual attorneys fees) which were or could have been raised in, arise out of, relate to, or in any way, directly or indirectly, involve the Objection, the note or the deed of trust. The borrower also specifically waives and releases any rights of rescission under the TILA and any other claims she may have, whether know or unknown, fixed or contingent, under TILA, the home ownership and equity protection act (HOEPA), the real estate settlement and procedures act (RESPA), the fair debt collection practices act (FDCPA), the fair credit reporting act (FCRA), or any corresponding state law, statute or provision concerning the note, deed of trust and or the objection. How’s that folks?

  123. If you need to speak that is a right im just asking you please take out the bitchin part dont ” react” because it discredits and dilutes the message and some bloggers have left and thats a shame, i am interested in ehat everyone has to say. I am despsrstely trying to get justice i have to or ill be a slave and i point blank refuse to be a slave.

  124. If there is no standing or jurisdiction to bring a suit on the note/mortgage, i.e. then there is no standing or jurisdiction to bring a counter-claim (duh). Simple! No Lawsuit! Now there is the little matter of the tax sale thou (late fees,intrest & legal fees snowballing during litigation)… standing and jurisdiction? You Betcha! And Trust Me! They Will Come Calling and When they Do …. Have your cash cow handy!

  125. We all have to do our part that is true, and exposing these crooks and all of their evil plans for mankind is a big part of it. We have been programmed to believe that is complaining….it is not. Knowing the truth is empowering…that is true freedom. Knowing the truth is what destroys their control mechanism. You call speaking out bitching, I call believing that, brainwashing. Speaking the truth is freedom.

  126. Make no mistake im livingit the hell part
    However this too shall pass and we all must get to grip. sT oP bitchin. Pleeeez
    You said strioes that each if us must do what we must do. Let people do what they must do no right no wrong only consequences the crooks will get what is coming karma assured they cannot do what they do and not pay the karmic debt and until the fat gal sings we can only do our best on the playing feilds we have in this lifetime
    And thats all i have to say today. Peace

    Its not an exact science trial n ertor. Excuse pun…

  127. What is hellfire…? Complete Communism…that is who these politicians and their judges are… Complete Commie subversives….that includes Obama and all of his minions & cohorts in CONgress & the Senate….their commie legislators are on the COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS…they are in the media as well. Well….WE THE PEOPLE OVERRULE ALL OF THEM….INCLUDING HOLDER & ALL OF THESE STUPID POSER COPS …

  128. It’s all hellfire……that’s what they are hiding.

  129. That’s the problem…no one is allowed to argue at the stand. They are violating all of our Constitutional Rights. These are not courts of law, they are mini dictatorships. The third party debt collectors are admitting they are imposters and therefore, they are crooks at the onset & the proof is all in their fc complaint….and the judge says….shut up….& pretend….these idiots are never going to figure this out….

  130. All you did guest was you proved to me you are a two faced lying jerk.. Therefore, why would I believe a word you say…? Therefore, I don’t …

  131. I swear if all you arguing got on the stand i think the judge would simply bang your heads together. Hell fire its confusing enough.
    Anyhoo, ill send my little letter to tom.

  132. Are you saying this is a sneaky complete commie takeover guest….? Or are you too much of a lousy coward to say that’s what they are planning……..because one act of fraud in a contract, nullified the contract…..I count about 50 …..all felonies….3 felonies = life in prison.

  133. I did tell you multiple times, you choose not to believe me. Your Problem ! Not Mine!

  134. BNY Mellon Shareholder Services, Servicer of Trusts such as MetLife , and Hobo Jo.

  135. Oh hell no guest…..I’m not shutting up ….why don’t you tell me why miss fancy pants…know it all….you lousy coward…

  136. Stripes.. your stupidity and greed amazes me. Shut the Hell Up! MasterServicer… Why dont you tell her why she is going to Lose! Even if she wins she loses … Tell Her Why!

  137. Stop complying, conforming and cooperating with these crooks people….or before long you will be their microchipped debt slave….with the medichip in Obamacare….Stand up to the crooks and demand clear title and compensatory damages for the crimes committed in your name, by these crooks. Believe this….they want to impoverish you and tattoo you as their slave …..and that will be permanent …No one can or will save you, but you…

  138. What the crooks really fear is, the day the American people wake up and realize, not only were they robbed and stripped of everything by these crooks, but they are NEVER getting it back…..they are going to be poverty stricken slaves to the debt of these crooks for the rest of their lives and owners of nothing of value…..that was all caused by the traitor politicians…These crooks want complete communism…..they want us to believe ….they own us….that is the depressing truth everyone is in denial of..When the people get that….then there will be outrage not seen since the last Revolutionary War….That’s why they instituted NDAA & they want our guns…

  139. @MS… Stop your Bulling, Name Calling and Dancing Around in Circles! Just come out and say it … or are you chicken shit to?

  140. just finished my letter with the enclosed forms, NOT filled out and i state my claim why. i will retain my private causes of action , thank you i dont trust you.

  141. Ahhh Yes … The Night the Lights Go Out, the Party comes to an End. The day MS tells the world about the dirty little deeds covered in sin. Let the Quiet Titles Begin!

  142. No ex post facto laws…. MERS is not a bank, they are imposters; fictitious payees, who are engaging in a cover up for the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK……THE ORIGINATION FRAUDSTERS.

  143. In the commercial mortgage contract it states that I wave my right to a jury trial if any transfers of ownership by the bank are not proper. That is an admission of guilt if ever I saw one. They are very deceptively saying, if we racketeer and commit numerous frauds in your name, you have no right to due process. The truth is, that contract is worthless for a lot of reasons but that statement is written proof of the arrogant nature of these crooks.

  144. MS ……. are you saying MERS is in receivership for the Bank of NY…?That’s criminal because they never owned anything. MERS was never a party to any financial transaction….Where are the receipts ….. ? What MERS really are is a racketeering and money laundering arm of the FEDSTERS. MERS are in the wording of the mortgages but the mortgage contracts were never Performed upon so the contracts are a fraud & so is MERS….. What is really going on in the U.S.A…..? These FED investor crooks hiding behind the scenes of these crimes are strategically working toward one goal….they want every American to COMPLY, CONFORM & COOPERATE…because these communists who have hijacked America are dead set on creating one giant commie superstate. It is up to every American to stand up to this giant fraud known as the FED……who are in reality, a small cabal of uber rich banking families who are complete commie control freaks. It is up to all of us as Americans to dispell the lies of these wantoned criminals.

  145. Thanks poppy

  146. 7:11-CV-163, NC Eastern District of North Carolina Southern Division…Konar v. Ocwen Some of the stuff is recent, may not be in Pacer yet, 12/13/2012…more to come. Modification offer by US Bank, LOL…note was $117,600.00, mod offer for $184,472.68…$66,872.68 unaccounted for, not itemized…made payments of over $32,000, not included in original note herein. Hunoval law firm, substitute Trustee, has investment company, management company and real estate holdings…one address is for the real estate office in VA. checked the office: a company called: eLove (dating service), per Secretary of state a “ficticious address”. Then have an “Amended Repurchase Agreement” from Credit Suisse, sent from a viable/current doctors office in NJ’s fax number on a Sunday @ 6:00 p.m. and it is not registered with the SEC as required after 2005…why would Credit Suisse use a doctors office to fax such an agreement? Anyone?

    Delaware Court, same action, but New Century…note was seized by Credit Suisse, Hmm, prior to BK for line of credit defaults, by New Century in 2007, hence loan was not funded and the non-lender took possession by seizure, from the default. On and on…interesting case, actually! All contradictory info. And their is more…we have gone back to the original wiring instructions, called every phone number, checked all the addresses, deed offices around the country (as much as possible) daunting…looked under every rock…lies, lies and more lies!

    No legal advice here folks, just a lonely, losing homeowner.

  147. Poppy
    Can you send case number eould love to see it. Thanks

  148. And you wonder why im stone walled by the fdic re i dyma assets that were transferred/ sold to one west and the “sweetheart “deal and why i ask ok you say you not have the files so i say but you got to know what you sdld and what files were trsnsferred and i cc one west i say fdic says they transferred “certain assets” and files thereto sooo. What were they precisely because i have this 1099a and you claim my loan was in deutsche trust – but it wasnt it was unqualified so as servicer. I mean debt collector who are you collecting for really and why does the 1099a issued by one west state the full amount of the purported loan and the market value ( the amount of the credit bid by hsbc) Show me how one west has the right , Over to you MS
    I struggle and you know i do.

  149. @ Deborah

    What I have done, have not had a trial, so cannot attest to the outcome, but removed the case to Federal Court and amended the complaint to include: denial of indebtedness to the party of the foreclosure action. In mine I have taken a pro-active, rather than defensive posture and in doing so have altered the defenses options, as they are putting up a summary judgment request for ” a failure to state a claim which relief can be granted” 12(b)(6)…this makes it a lot easier to appeal, file another cause of action and keep the momentum of the issues alive, over an extended period of time, where they cannot get away with equitable tolling and res-judica issues. The thing I am learning, is to keep them spending to litigate and file. As an indigent, which I am, under the circumstances, judgments are difficult, I have nothing. One point is: diminishing returns can make them negotiate. Countrywide is the exception, as BOA bought servicing rights for approximately $450.00 per note, so they have plenty of cash to play around with.

    Strategy is just as important as the complaint. They use strategy all the time, with procedure, which is where most of us are weak and they know it. Don’t play in their ball park, they are better and this has been in the “rinse” cycle for a long time, with very skillful players. No legal advice, just a loser homeowner,deadbeat…like many of us, as we are used to being called.

  150. MS
    Whst it will take is case remanded and a change of venue for stArters.

  151. Mers Corp is the fed under the new “open markets” commercial branch called the Bank Of NY . Please stop ! Its the Fed’s wild card to avoid the catostrophic losses involved in selling mortages from one member bank to another . But how can one lose selling from one member bank to another member , and Mers Corp members are in fact member banks and doesnt the member bank and mers corp members and members and members and members …stop . guessing ! Dont fight it …become a member !

  152. This is soley for posterity now …..Its like I can’t waste enough time here …So as for AZ Rev. statutes 33-707 t

    1. In connection with the acts alleged in this complaint, defendants, directly or indirectly, used the means and instrumentalities of interstate commerce, including, but not limited to, the mails, interstate telephone communications, and the facilities of the national securities markets for corrupt and unlawful financial gain .
    2. Claims hold the collaboate pursued mortage lending under the accounting rules used to proliferate or encourage more Enron debacles that caused their chairman to pass away and CFO to go to jail needlessly are the Generally Accepted Accounting Principals known as FAS 140 (codified SFAS 140-3). These rules are now further engulfed in confusion and barn burning controversy linked to a simple concept known as de-recognition of assets.
    3. When a mortgage is allowed to convert into equity the mortgagor truly becomes a trustor who conveys his / her title into trust free and clear. This causes the mortgagors obligation to cease to exist.
    4. Yes that’s right; the mortgage you’re fighting as predatory or high cost loan…never existed. This concept is called the extinguishment of liabilities held as the basis in the assets de-recognized
    5. God Bless lieN Garfield who is all about putting the Robo signors in jail. For what? For gas pians? Or..for endorsing a mortgages assignment for obligation that never existed. Now do you think HSBC took delivery of thousands of mortgages & Pizza’s held on a revolving 90 day line of credit called mezzanine financing? No, I say no doubt. The Domestic N.A. wrapped the mezzanine into a certain class of stock ( No I won’t say what class it is ) but this is what provided the collateral for a 3 to 4 year bonds that amortized a 100 percent CLTV mortgage into a …well lest say 60 percent Loan to value. Would I rate that if I were a rating agency? Hell Yes AAa Aaa
    6. So now its 2006 and time for a market implosion and seek and recover using a straightforward conventional approach to foreclosure. One complete with assignments and substituted trustees and of course ROBO Signer’s with false notary jursat’s , tainted allonge and warped Mel Toupee 45 singles (records).
    7. So now Arizona has to lend the Fed a hand and …how do you create a re-conveyance for a loan that does not exist due to de-recognition of assets and extinguishment of liabilities?

    Again …how do you create a re-conveyance for a loan that does not exist due to de-recognition of assets and extinguishment of liabilities?

    According to Arizona revised stature “… If a mortgagee, trustee or person entitled to payment receives full satisfaction of a mortgage or deed of trust, he shall acknowledge satisfaction of the mortgage or deed of trust by delivering to the person making satisfaction or by recording a sufficient release or satisfaction of mortgage or deed of release and reconveyance of the deed of trust, which release, satisfaction of mortgage or deed of release and reconveyance shall contain the docket and page number or recording number of the mortgage or deed of trust.

    8. The trustee is still held as the party complicant to the fraud right ?

    9. According to AZ “….It shall not be necessary for the trustee to join in the acknowledgment or satisfaction, or in the release, satisfaction of mortgage or deed of release and reconveyance.

    10. But these foreclosures are a for basis , to restore value from charged book entry and write downs to assets that replaced the subject mortgagors loans …Right? They are not real !

    11. Arizona says no problem – The recorded release or satisfaction of mortgage or deed of release and reconveyance *** constitutes conclusive evidence**** of full or partial satisfaction and release of the mortgage or deed of trust in favor of purchasers and encumbrancers for value and without actual notice.

    I don’t know what it will take for the non believers to jump on board – but it dosen’t matter . This party is over as of …1/01/2013.

    Not an attorney and not intdended for legal advice. Call the bar in your area for finding an attorney to assist your needs in a court of law.

  153. The system is one of “laundering” the paper trail, much like laundering drug money. The ruse is there to confuse. You have a MERS/MIN number, an original loan number, a servicer loan number, a trust number, FHLA number, etc…

  154. Here’s the thing: one payment for one note. The reasoning for the change in account numbers and such, is to collect multiple times…but it is for the same loan. This is where you get into the fraud, illegal collections of monies and no contract. The “original” contract is paid in full. The subsequent “false” identifications of said notes, is where the courts should not allow a foreclosure, as the “original” indebtedness is paid. That is where the “untangling” of the parties needs to happen. The debts moving through the courts are fictious and felonious.

    Let me say this too: in Blackhawk County, SD they are charging $600.00 per month to see the mortgage documents. Then look at Pickens County, SC they are free. Gander a guess why the “used to be free documents” are now $7,200 per year to look at?

  155. Exactly poppy
    But in Az anything goes. Like i said land records are evidence of fraud nothig but. Totally midleading to general public.

  156. @ Deborah

    For your reference; “I” found the satisfaction of deed stuff, long ago. hundreds of hours of research in doing so. You bet I want credit for it…I have been trying to tell people for months. MERS cannot foreclose, but being named on the “deed” they can only assign their beneficiary interest on the deed only, so maybe someone can carry the ball, with the PROPER paperwork assigned, released, etc…

  157. Thanks for that link, Trespass…no surprise there.

  158. ProPublica revealed BOA had already decided the answers to the review…etc…
    Article date 12/17/2012

    Trespass Unwanted, corporeal, life, Free and Independent state, In Jure Proprio, Jure Divino


  160. If that’s what you want to believe. In Illinois, MERS can’t fraudclose. However, beware the deceivers because I have a third party debt collector who has joined me, the Defendant to try and fraudclose on MERS by stealing my property.

  161. well- it saYS THAT. whats done is done.

  162. CNN’s Ali Velshi trying to explain how we got here……He is blaming our robbery by the FEDSTERS and the corrupt Politicians on the Bush taxcuts. I have no idea how that explains the $50 trillion plus in extortion by the FED….backed by $12 trillion in property…or all of the missing U.S. TAXPAYER MEDICARE, MEDICAID, SOCIAL SECURITY and PENSION MONEY….Complete and utter bullshit and it gets worse, the local media is reporting retiring Illinois politicians will get their big fat million dollar +++ pensions……apparently only our stuff we already paid for went “missing”…….or maybe that’s why Governor Quinn chose to shut down 7 Illinois mental health facilities and the stupid City instituted a 1% tax raise on stuff that costs way to much already and the County is adding another 3.5% raise on tax on sales of property and Rahm is set to shut down several public schools and healthcare stinks statewide and is only going to get worse with Obamas glorified Medicare plan….yeah and half of the citizens of this state are unemployed and more unemployment ill only make matters worse. We need to impeach and fire these crooks America….!

  163. Isn’t it a pity these investors were overissued uncertificated certificates…..? They thought they bought either ownership to our property or a lifetime entitlement program and what they were really sold was a ticket to ride off the backs of WE THE PEOPLE. Well the ride is over because the FED via Wall Street created a quadrillion dollars in empty promises and we can’t afford to pay for it….. Time to go knock on the FEDS door and ask them why they did this, instead of robbing everything from the American people.

  164. MERS is not a bank, therefore MERS cannot own anything. Legal transfers can only go from bank to bank. They can never be a legal holder of a note or have any legal rights of a holder. They can never be a successor or assigned a successor or have any legal rights of a successor. Remember, instruction or indorsement does not guarantee a security entitlement. Some task must to have been performed by the Issuer……Control by Delivery and Possession by the Appropriate Person by the Issuer of an Investment Company Security, not by Overissue to the Protected Purchaser of a Securities account. Indorsement or Instruction does guarantee the signature Indorsement. That Security can only become a Security by Acceptance and Consideration paid by the Originator otherwise any subsequent sales, swaps or transfers are fraudulent because the Originator is in Default and whoever is in possession of the note is in posession of an Overdue Instrument….They are IMPOSTERS ; fictitious payees who are Counterfeiting and committing Forgery to gain unjust enrichment.

  165. ABBY
    you made me look and i found the DEEDS OF RELEASE AND RECONVEYANCE to my prior home befor the new build…i allowed that to go under a BK which i came out of voluntarily- anyhoo-
    it says “the undersigned is the legal owner and holder of the note or notes for the total sum of————- and all other endebtedness secured by a deed of trust” dated and signed by c,est moi,
    then it says… ” said note have been fully paid and satisfied therefore under Az statutes 33-707 the undersigned beneficiary does hereby release and reconvey to the persons legally entitled thereto without warranty, all right title and INTEREST, IN THE PROPERTY DESCRIBED IN SAID DEED OF TRUST

    mortgage electronic registration systems iNC

    (so MERS does own stuff? IT SAYS BENEFICIARY AND a holder and owner in this case OF THE NOTE/NOTES.
    (paid on this loan to Wells fargo for 3 years)

    so MERS releases and reconveys as beneficiary IT APPEARS AND IT RECORDED ON THE MARICOPA COUNTY LAND RECORDS.

    what a mess
    btw recording requested by recon trust company NA

  166. Need some help with this. Does anybody know what the Wells Fargo client codes equate to? such as on recorded satisfaction of mortgages it will state recording requested by ‘WF936′ Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. or ‘WF936′ Wells Fargo Home Mortgage…
    I need to know what the code numbers equate to—-

    review this document on wells fargo letterhead and towards the end they mention client codes….


  167. i have had 4 or 5 of those letters telling me i MUST (highlighted) tick one box, 2 if i want, i just picked up another one, on even better paper too, they really really want me to sign i think. i really really dont want to.

  168. can anyone say class action
    i would be in- thousands more in no time- we are fed up… any attorney ready and willing to take this on, god will guide you i promise.
    oh boy now im in even more trouble.

  169. I would demand no less than clear title and all payments I made returned to me.

  170. Pick your horse and lets head to the gate …the horses are loading .


    Defendants are parties unknown to the subject mortgages originating parties of interest who pursue a recapture of lost collateral value by conducting a recovery and repossession effort as authorized by congress.

    Defendants are collaborates led by a licensed attorney assigned the property located at _______________________in state of California and county of Los Angeles. This assignment for recovery purposes is alleged by authority of the department of Treasury and grants to the foreclosing attorney the authority bestowed a U.S. Treasury agent “financial agent” afforded the color of badge and authority to the officer of the court.

    The purported series of notices and recorded instruments held to a lawful foreclosure process in California are alleged backdated and constructed from a perspective of the mortgage having never left the originating lenders portfolio.

    Not an attorney and not given as legal advice. For information purporses and personal opinions only .

  171. We sent in the application at the begining of last year before the April 30, 2012 deadline. We did receive a letter from the review stating “Your request for review form has been received”. I completely filled out the application
    to the best of my knowledge. Also sent
    a Chronology after the foreclosure sale
    (sec. 3 just wrote “see attached
    Documents) focusing and showing why there
    Loan. Also sent was a letter asking the
    Reviewers to look into what Joseph Kiaune, escalation specialist One West Bank
    stated to myself and our attorney that there was “wrong doing” and “errors” regarding
    our loan and that he will request a rescission of the foreclosure sale, I informed the reviewers we have emails sent from Joseph Kiaune stating he requested a rescission.He then told our attorney
    on June 23, 2011 that he had done some
    Investigation during the day and found strong
    grounds in our case for a request for rescission. He sent our attorney emails re: these conversations and stalled for a month while no one at the bank ever contacted the buyer and so we were evicted. So I requested that the reviewer look into this and find out what Joseph Kiaune discovered that he would not share with our attorney. I am waiting very patiently to hear their response.

  172. These were not loans because the FED never performed on their contracts. Therefore their contracts were fraudulently induced and all payments collected were illegal.

  173. Chapter 11

    You say to file a Ch 11 for waht. A note and deed you executed. For assets lost ot a foreclosure . Not an attorney in the United States that has prevailed in a Bankruptcy . And Niel say’s go file a Ch 11 for what …wacco

  174. Plaintiffs pressing fraud-by-hindsight arguments do not specifically identify false or misleading statements, or even a corrective disclosure.
    – Undisclosed Exposure To Subprime Risks
    – In Breach Of Directors’ Duty Of Oversight
    Claims are that the market was either unaware of the risks associated with sub-prime lending in general, or The market was unaware of the risks associated with of the adverse impacts that the downturn in the housing market might have on sub-prime lenders and syndicators. . The biggest write-downs of subprime mortgage backed securities came in 2008 and 2009. Why not sooner? The answer may depend in part on the practices of the individual firms in reviewing their valuation models, and adjusting them to reflect current market conditions. Of course, the answer also depends in part on how each firm evaluated and applied the accounting literature for fair value accounting.

  175. Turpitude- used to impeach a witness possibly. good word

  176. brilliant work tresspass. wish you the best

    by the time my new build primary res was ready the old primary res did not sell, i had to rent it out and then market crash- im forced into BK to get that automatic stay, i let tiffany and bosco take the former home- usual load of rubbish on the AZ land records with substitute trustee wells and the credit bid baCK TO FANNIE MAE. well cant fight everyone, i hoped to damage limit, that didnt work either… fought for the primary res and lost that one after being forced out, day one of NOTS, Toll bros “agent” was all over it, let me take care of this for you, words to that effect… surprises, no…
    now it gets interesting, maher you know my story if anyone does, alas my council would not co operate- and the judge, that i asked to recuse but would not- rules in favor of the bank NA- all famous robosignatures aside, and so under rule 60b, which is all council left me basically, i continued and appealed under rule 60b, another year of damage limitation- sorry to spill my guts but im fearful today due to recent events.
    i signed in 2007 as did hundreds of buyers, so many that lost their “equity” in my neighborhood,
    many had the income to keep going and the tax writeoffs, i could never afford that house in reality, i only signed because i thought i had made money whilst it was being built i thought the collateral covered the debt of the mortgage and then 150k equity- not so- that was concealed and they should not have approved me for the loan, if there had been anything decent about the deal. i maintain, no appraisal- no loan, but we know had that appraiser not come in ball park he would not have made anything like the money he did during his boom years.For years it appears appraisers were disgusted at being manipulated and blacklisted by banks if they did not do as they were told, but, that doesnt make it right, it makes it worse because they had cause to know
    i probably said too much but its the truth of the matter.

  178. MS…the real problem was in the structuring of these things. One of the bank attorneys in one of the fc even refers to these as “loans” in quotation marks. Ex-FDIC chair, Sheila Baird said publicly all of these mortgages were set up to fail. That is why the underwriting was poor….they were not giving loans, this was a giant ponzi scheme where they were pooling as many payments together as they could to keep the ponzi scheme going for as long as they could. They were looking for revenue flow to sell investments in. They had no regard for the stakeholders who were all of us. This was about keeping profits from the money flow huge for their own shareholders/investors. The CEOs got paid big bonuses for this.

  179. So the originators sustained heavy losses starting abount late 2006 and early 2007, as a significant jump in household defaults, along with a substantial decrease in real estate values and sales, prompted secondary market purchasers to stop buying sub-prime loans.

    Plaintiffs typically allege that these companies intentionally engaged in lax lending practices, including encouraging brokers to market loans with a high risk of default (such as interest-only loans) and facilitating fraud through the easy availability of “low documentation” or “liar” loans, and that these companies knowingly misled investors about the nature of these practices.

    Consider also where the Defendants o are accused of ignoring evidence that loans willfully ran askew of the company’s published underwriting guidelines causal to loans being made with little chance of surviving.

    Herein are claims the parties are concealing the true extent of the mortgagees or company’s exposure to risky loans, and failing to maintain adequate loan loss reserves, which, among other things, resulted in material misstatements of income.

    More improtant to new homepurchaser claims is where facts center on residential home building corporations, such as Toll Brothers, Toll had experienced rapid growth in 2005 and 2006, and like other builders faced a steep decline in new home sales in 2007.

    Defendants are accused of intentionally misrepresenting business and financial prospects to investors, particularly with regard to prospects for the sale of housing inventory. Some companies, such as Beazer Homes and Toll allegedly were involved in arranging mortgage loans for buyers as well. Like the mortgage originators, these companies are accused of marketing loans with a high risk of default and of facilitating mortgage fraud.

    I contend that marketing loans with a high risk of default and of facilitating mortgage fraud is less important as is the fact the loans were sucessfully marketed and sold.

    But sold to who ….this is what not one complaint I have reviewed to date reveals. Not even one complaitn to date deals with the subejct matter of recourse versus the right to bring a foreclosure under a misjoinder of calims !

    So , if that is not enough , its gets even better here…

  180. I agree, this is another whitewash for the crooks. Everytime there is a settlement with these crooks, the same people scream foul and then just about everyone complies. I heard someone say the neurotransmitter in some peoples brains have been somehow shut off. I think they are mostly shell shocked. This is a truly complicated mess and most people are overwhelmed by it.

  181. Their comment about visitation is included here

    A concern of mine, does anyone know if the OCC, and the collective behind this action, is pro-bank, or pro-consumer? I ask, because the OCC has historically been very much pro-bank. Thus, would one expose oneself to the wrong side.
    When I checked on the OCC about six months ago, I was told that if they checked into a loan, it was called “visitation”, and that information, once visited, could no longer be utilized as evidence, etc. So, I have reason for my concern.

    end comment

    Trespass Unwanted

  182. Once the check is cashed, it is final settlement. The bank can pretty much write that one off as cleared and have clear title.

    Someone on another site that mentioned the deadline had this to say about the OCC and used a term called visitation.
    I take it to mean that once the OCC looks into a loan it is considered ‘visited’ and the information they discover cannot be used as evidence in any suit.

    Makes one not go the OCC route and since they are behind the review, it may mean they are doing some sort of visitation of the purported loan and will not go back once they reach some conclusion.

    For all the years of sweat equity and payments and moving in and out costs alone, $800 is like toilet paper; which makes it an inequitable offer of settlement for fraud and wrongdoing.

    There should be a refund of payments to go with that $800 settlement check someone received.

    I knew the offer was going to low ball the people as if we should be grateful they offered anything.

    No one should support a system of organized theft.

    Once that check is cashed, it will be monetized like all the others and end up being equivalent to $900,000 to the various banks that will have it as deposits in some form or another over time.

    What better way to keep themselves operational than to pay the funds, and get them back into the banking system as if they are fresh deposits and monetize them to make it look like they are receiving and loaning money again.
    Keep the scheme going for as long as they can.

    They’ll have to cough up a deal that includes them buying back the home, returning it to the state of when I was living there, and compensating me for the financial injury of forcing One from an building under threat (terroristic threat).

    Treble damages is about right. What they did may have worked during the depression, but without their education we are still divine by right and have knowledge of right and wrong. What was done was Turpitude.

    Trespass Unwanted, corporeal, life, free and independent state, state of life, state of conscience, by divine right (Jure Divino), in One’s own right (In Jure Proprio)

  183. My sister received one of these forms, she is fighting an eviction from CHASE and is still in her home. My brother in law was already thrown out into the street over 4 years ago by Wells Fargo hiding behind the HOA and received a flat $800.00 settlement check about a month ago. He had an attorney who a close relative recommended, not a fly by night, advise him there was nothing he could do to stop the eviction by the HOA… he was behind $1500.00 on HOA fess, paid it, and the “HOA” evicted him anyway, with no due process. They were all in cahoots, including the real estate agency. Evil is all they are.

  184. Thank you Neil for your continuous words of wisdom in support of victims of bank-crime & their counsel.
    I know several people who filed these claims shortly after the claim-forms were made available. However, as far as I know none of them has even received a confirmation that a claim-file ever opened in their names!!!
    Apparently the whole thing is a sham as everything else before it and everything else that will follow!
    If anyone knows of anyone else who received any compensation from this source please announce here!!! thanks

  185. I agree with Abby. The whole “penalty of perjury” part is creepy and unnecessary. And also, it’s a farce. I agree–they know all this stuff already so why make us tell them again under penalty of perjury. This whole thing stinks. Yes, it’s carrot and stick.

  186. The joker being the FED and the thief being their investors….

  187. I agree, they want to sweep these crimes under the rug and hand out paltry settlements to the peasants they created. Another one of their sickening social justice “fixes” for the biggest financial fraud committed on WE THE PEOPLE in history. As if even $125,000 is enough to cover harm done. Every fraudulent foreclosure case is egregious IMHO…..and this is more stolen U.S. TAXPAYER they are using to clean up their mess.

    It was fun and very lucrative selling the sheep these Baa grade junk bonds disguised as 30 year conventional fixed rate mortgages and other pigs and crap, and dumping them back on the sheeple, said the joker to the thief…

  188. Here is the pdf of the settlement.
    Many will not be part of it…there is no justice even for those who can get the best of the deal they are offering – it’s not enough for what was done.

    it’s all laid out for you.
    If they did then and the home is gone, you get this..if the home is not gone, you get that, if the home is gone and you can get it back, then you can get this other thing.

    Dumb..dumb…dumb…is how I experience the entire situation.

    Fools rush in…I’m no fool. I’ve been robbed.

    Trespass Unwanted, corporeal, life, free and independent state, state of mind, state of conscience, In Jure Proprio (In One’s Own Right), Jure Divino (By Divine Right)

  189. RE my comment below on Landesbank Baden Wuertemberg sueing their rival, Deursche Bank, in a $173 million dollar lawsuit for RESIDENTIAL MORTGAGE BACKED SECURITIES FRAUD…..and WE THE PEOPLE who got screwed more than any other entity are willing to settle for the crumbs the traitor politicians are throwing at us. All while the traitor politicians are working on a “debt deal” to avoid a completely manufactured “Fiscal Cliff” that will bankrupt most of the nation and enrich and keep filling the pockets of the very whores who robbed us in the first place.

  190. I have asked the following questions many times of many people and have never gotten a response. Who or how many have had a completed foreclosure overturned or declared null, etc. and received a financial benefit in excess of the cost of the required legal action? And, what does that type of legal action cost? Expense is material. How much money does a foreclosee have to risk to attempt this type of case?

  191. Please read this FAQ:

    There are two foreclosure settlements: National Foreclosure Settlement and Independent Foreclosure Review

    Eligibility requirements are different for each. You can file a claim for both if you meet the criteria.


    National Mortgage Settlement: The deadline to make your claim is January 18, 2013

    Independent Foreclosure Review: I believe the deadline is still December 31, 2012

  192. Please read this FAQ:

    There are two foreclosure settlements: National Foreclosure Settlement and Independent Foreclosure Review

    Eligibility requirements are different for each. You can file a claim for both if you meet the criteria.


    National Mortgage Settlement: The deadline to make your claim is January 18, 2013

    Independent Foreclosure Review: I believe the deadline is still December 31, 2012

  193. Please read this FAQ:

    There are two foreclosure settlements: National Foreclosure Settlement and Independent Foreclosure Review

    Eligibility requirements are different for each. You can file a claim for both if you meet the criteria.


    National Mortgage Settlement: The deadline to make your claim is January 18, 2013

    Independent Foreclosure Review: I believe the deadline is still December 31, 2012

  194. Deutsche Bank sued by rival LBBW over Mortgage Backed Securities…

  195. These “settlements” are control fraud mechanisms by the traitor’s from within. Professor William Black has spoken out about “control fraud” as being one of their methods, one of their “fixes” for massive criminality by the banks, and not the proper correction for these crimes against us, and has called for criminal prosecutions of the perpetraters.

  196. A family member of mine was offered $800.00 to settle. He was evicted over 4 years ago by the HOA with no foreclosure ever filed, no day in court, no due process in a judicial State. After he contacted a “free attorney” about his plight “someone” erased his name from his public records and transferred his property to a real estate agent..his property has since been sold. I told him I wouldn’t cash that check until he reads the fine print.

  197. Gosh Neil,
    The form traps you into it by getting you to indicate the servicer was your servicer…that alone makes it hard to rebut what they were servicing unless it was a debt owed.

    In my opinion, it’s a trap. The deadline has been extended at least three times; the people who’s homes were stolen, they know who they are, because they have a list of those who were robbed, and the situation of getting $125,000 is minimal. There is a worksheet of some sort that has some ifs and thens, and it’s more likely the homeowner will get nothing, or get $5000 than it is that they’ll get the $125,000.

    So the mere mention of 125,000 is carrot and stick.
    Lump-sum payments can range from $500 to, in the most egregious cases, $125,000 plus equity, according to guidance issued by the agencies.
    Very minimal instances that they consider as an egregious case.
    at the same site and this link /newsevents/press/bcreg/20120802a.htm

  198. Impeach these traitors….Obama….Pelosi…McConnell & Boehner….they don’t work for WE THE PEOPLE…

  199. These FEDSTER crooks have hijacked the trust for the American peoples money….THE U.S. TREASURY…and are holding our wealth hostage….CALL YOUR CONGRESSMEN & SENATORS …DEMAND AUDITS OF THE U.S. TREASURY DEPARTMENT… OR WE WILL DEMAND THEIR IMPEACHMENT..

  200. The “Fiscal Cliff” is a severe ABUSE OF POWER by the Politicians. These are more fraudulently induced austerity measures in an already severely oppressed economy. The ongoing bailouts because of the nationalization of TBTF, fraudclosure, OBAMACARE (glorified Medicare), fraudulently induced price & tax increases, the attempts to wallpaper over massive criminal financial fraud by the banks, all fascism by traitors that will bankrupt WE THE PEOPLE and lead us right into complete communism. WE THE PEOPLE MUST IMPEACH THESE CROOKS…!

  201. Obama tells the American people….it’s going to be my way on the “Fiscal Cliff” or the highway… WE THE PEOPLE need to start a petition demanding all of these tyrants be impeached.

  202. Tyrannical investors are the real problem. The proof is in the soaring prices of all of our basic necessities…..More fraudulently induced tax increases in the richest nation on the planet called the “fiscal cliff”….
    $7 or $8 bucks for a gallon of milk …. that is the face of tyranny and oppression. This is a very serious hostage situation of our freedom and independence being allowed by the traitor politicians. This terrorism is coming from our enemies….the FED INVESTORS, both foreign and domestic…..and I mean the politicians and all of their minions & cohorts. CNBC reporting….Obama (the dictator) telling his (criminal friends) in CONgress & the Senate, he will make no new “Fiscal Cliff” offers…..

  203. Good advice Abby…….

    For the latest on the biggest robbery of our wealth and freedom in history go to this link…

  204. Zur
    The questions need a “but” at the end do t know where to start n finish with my addendum
    it started with kma however that doesnt create a record of our knowledge of the real material facts protest and disgust and my vote of. NO confidence.
    I too shall continue my private cause of
    action but i will not waiver this right.

  205. Again—all should look towards the end of each OCC foreclosure review form and where they want you to sign.. Compare the loan number on the form to the one on your mortgage/note. Mine is NOT the same, yet they want me to swear under penalty of perjury that this fictional loan number is my loan number.


  206. Interesting link about the PKWN manifesto…it was meant to counteract rebellion by the citizens to complete communism by sneaking it in gradually by controlled opposition by a Soviet backed provisional Government……

  207. I have been putting off filling out the review and said I would never do cause I simply do not feel any of the info we give matters to them. In the whole foreclosure process none of us have been taken seriously. I am with zurenarrh anyone have any tips?

    I am not a stupid person, but I simply do not know how to answer some of these question. For instance the yes or no, can you write in you cannot answer the question because the way it is written? Simply state you cannot answer the question because you never had a loan with f/c entity as suggested by Neil? Can I state that there was never an assignment made to MERS, yet they suddenly show up in the county records as making assignment? MERS in WA state does not meet the definition of a beneficary in a recent SC decision. Can I state that all assignments were made in house by the foreclosing trustee (who by the way is supposed to be inpartial). Trustee did not follow the laws set by the state to foreclose as well as the DOT? Also can I say the amount at the time of auction was wrong because there were several months of late fees added on after we were discharged in BK? Also the balance is wrong because interest was front loaded to the loan so therefore each month paid the interest rate would be greater than what is in the loan papers. And an allonge in blank that suddenly appeared in the paperwork to lift the BK stay. It was dated 6 months after the NOD, never attached to the note and it was endorsed in blank by a robo-signer by the foreclosing bank for a bank who had been out of business for a couple of years. I could go on.

    Can anyone give some suggestions (not asking for legal advice)? Thanks

  208. Check out this link….scroll down to Formation of Eastern Bloc…click it and read it…..

    CNBC reporting milk prices may be going up to $7-8 bucks a gallon. CNBC anchor said maybe this is the wake up call America needs to realize what a screwed up economy we have.

    I picture a worse scenario, kids whose parents won’t be able to afford to buy milk for them.

  209. We sent in our review application at the beginning of this year and so far have only received a letter stating they received our application.
    Why not send in an application to the review board? Nothing ventured nothing
    Gained. That being said I cannot trust
    this process the way it is being conducted.
    Frankly from our experience with the
    Banks and the OTS and being a positive person most of the time in my opinion they
    Are all crooks and how can you trust a crook?

  210. What was common in Eastern Bloc (communist nations)….? CONTROLLED ECONOMIES

  211. z…..Did you invoke all of your Constitutional Rights and Legal Rights afforded to you as a Natural Born U.S. Citizen….? Time to wake up these brainwashed judges and tell them WAKE UP…. this is The United States of America, not the Eastern Block.

  212. Hopefully people are not satisfied with this settlement, and future lawsuits prevail, and bring the victims of the biggest financial scam in history justice, as they have all of the rights of a harmed party.

  213. But I made the same devastating points in my lawsuit, which I lost, so, you know…I like that this review is not a court proceeding, though. Courts are useless–for us.

  214. That’s a great idea, Shelley. Just talked to my wife again and I’m gonna go with the legal complaint style just so I make all my points, which are pretty devastating.

  215. I added this and the entire report to my Independant review due this is the direct results caused by the evil bankds directly causing the alelged defaults. The direct cause of all the litigation and fraudclosures. Proves the crime.

  216. Neil, the “results have been unproductive” because the review process doesn’t even begin until the filing deadline has passed. In other words they’re sitting on all the filings they’ve received (like mine, filed over a year ago), a fact which like everything else related to this topic does not bode well for homeowners who were screwed.

  217. I’m in litigation too. Federal. And I requested review as well, citing the standing issue. Hell, when your pinned down in a foxhole you use every weapon within reach.

  218. I am trying my best to write my addendum to the foreclosure review. I wanted it to be short and sweet but instead it reads like a legal complaint. My wife thinks that’s not the way to go. I do not believe for an instant that I will receive a penny from these rat bastards. I do not believe that my or anyone’s submission will even be looked at. The fix is in and has been in for some time. Anybody have any tips on how they handled their foreclosure review?

  219. When the banks were sanctioned for doing the harm by risky loans and a long list of claims, the 25 bilion dollar settlement was put into place. It is not any question weither they owe it or not. How can the review board now claim they do not do what they made a settlement for? The case has been made. The settlement has been granted. The only thing left to do is figure out how much money is owed to the people harmed. The bankster can not state this is proof we did not harm you, they are suppose to see who gets paid what. Lynn Szymoniak has been paid for her part in battling this crime and all the whistleblowers have been paid. This is not the banks fighting for their case. The case has been settled and the funds are to be distributed. Just how much goes to whom for the damages is what is being decided. If you dont file you are allowing the banks to make a statement, you were given the opportunity to make a claim and you did not. If they pay anything at all they are proving guilt. The settlement is they have to pay this to the homeowners that qualify. I am in litigation and so is my son and we have been told we qualify. A freind of our is the same and has been told she qualifies. You are suppose to be able to use these funds to hire legal help. I personally dont think it is wise not to file just tell the truth and let them know you object to the fraudclosers claims of this alleged uncollectable debtn you never owed the frauds. Send proof of your income loss due to the banksters. And all unlawful foreclosure paperwork including the mod fraud and the robo docs. Dont admit to a debt you legally do not owe. Ask legal counsel. I am not a lawyer. My friends attorney told her she did not qualify, so I plead with her to call the independant foreclosure review board and they told her she qualified. So not all attorneys have the answer either. Call the review board. She has been confirmed to have qualified and is in lititgation like I and my son..

  220. hi harry i would check this web site
    i have read some of his cases. may help you.
    good luck
    i agree the lenders have no standing.
    i have wells fargo servicer
    wells fargo bank na foreclosing with no assignments from fnm who claims ownership
    i have a copy of note with defects
    the # on top left if you line them up then the body of the note doesnt match
    all aditional type added is crooked like a regular type writer was used to fill in the blank
    who needs a forsenic audit tight
    crazy stuff i suppose we were all suppose to walk away not htis chick’

  221. If you take the chance of not sending this in you may loose out by when or if they pay us anything it is admission of guilt I denied the alleged debt and sent in proof of financial harm and modification fraud. I just found out the servicie did not account for the five months of modification payments I made them before they unapproved me. The records show I quit paying the mortgage the month before the modification payments of 3200.00 began. I believe the servicer must have pocketed the funds. I have absolute proof of the payments and the payment coupons for the modification.Not one mod payment was applied to the mortgage. Chase servicing also claimed they could not find the assignment from WAMU to Chase. There are no records of it on country records either. THe loan is still in Long Beach a branch of WAMU name. Then the servicer told me she had accidently given me information she was not allowed to give and would not answer anymore of my questions. She had told me there was 215,159.53 in servicing fees added to my principle. The banking crimes have reduced my business income by a hundred thousand a year since their crimes began to effect the economy to date. Really starting in 2005 slowly then a big drop the mid of 2006, then a land slide drop to date. Where are the economic harm cases? I have only seen one! Does not just matter who owns the note. Who cauised the economic harm to cause the alleged defaults.?

  222. It is likely that the nearly all of the 4.4 million people eligible for review fall into categories 11 and 12 of the OCC FRB FINANCIAL REMEDIATION FRAMEWORK (June 21, 2012).
    Category 11: “No Standing”
    Error: “Servicer did not have standing to foreclose.”
    Description: “Servicer initiated foreclosure or foreclosed on borrower, but lacked standing to foreclose.”
    Less than 10% of those eligible have asked for a review. The other 90%? You are quitters. Shame on you.

  223. I have been qualified and approved for the review board to do the next step. The review board is aware I am in litigation.

  224. Attorney Neil Garfield…

    Your suggestion is brilliant…I have several houses in litigation, including Melanie’s, and none of the defendants have standing, for various reasons. I’m going for it. It shall be a busy weekend. Got any citations, so I don’t spend the time searching for addresses and documents?

    Best regards,

    JJ Sandlin, Lawyer

  225. create the record, put your points down, (very carefully) at least state why you have a problem with the foreclosure process…especially in arizona
    our land records are a complete sham for one thing.
    there is a twisted tale around what i received and a judgement against me i knew nothing about- i was never served., TnB in there, and a purported line of credit, PNC now who sent me copies of outright forgeries, i called them on this and they went away.for now that is…

  226. If one is in litigation and has an appeal ruling in their favor citing lender had “No Standing” is there any reason or benefit for filing the OCC Independent Foreclosure Review? Also, can you recommend an out of state(OK) firm? It appears that few, if any, in-state attorney’s tied to the local District Court system are willing to challenge one of their colleagues for damages resulting from a “No Standing” ruling. Should this be taken up with a Federal court and Federal attorney? Are you aware of anyone having success at the Federal level through litigation?
    Harry Milhisler

  227. Wow Neil! I am surprised you’re so optimistic about people getting “a few thousand dollars.” Based on what I’ve read, the reviews are a means for the banks (via their in the pocket surrogates) to relieve the sense that they did anything wrong to homeowners. They can say to the government, “Hey, independent consultants looked at these files extensively and found we did nothing wrong! And we paid lots of money for these “reviews” so they must be spot on!” That’s what I believe will happen. Let me know though….anyone….if I m wrong and someone gets a check.

  228. Monday? Under what settlement agreement?

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