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Editor’s comment: In a classic Abbott and Costello routine (look it up for those who are too young) the banks are playing “who’s on First” and winning because of the dizzying pace with which they move the goalpost.

I wrote the following comments (see below) on a case I was assisting in which Quicken Loans  purportedly originated the loan but immediately informed the borrower to start paying Countrywide. Countrywide in turn disappeared into what now appears as RED OAK MERGER CORP and the borrower was told to start making the payments to BAC. BAC claimed ownership of the loan until they didn’t at which point they admitted that the loan belonged to some REMIC trust. The REMIC trust turned out not to exist and was never funded.

Then Bank of America informed the borrower that it was BofA that owned the loan despite all evidence and admissions to the contrary. Then BAC disappeared and a little drilling gave up the name Red Oak Merger Corporation which was planned to be the entity that would take over Countrywide. But apparently, like the REMICS, it was set up but never used.

Now the borrower is seeking a short-sale. BofA has performed its usual circus of “errors”in which it loses or purges files for important sounding reasons but which have not one grain of truth. During this time the borrower has lost sales because BofA tried to pawn off the loan servicing to another entity which produced conflicting notices to the borrower that the loan had been transferred for servicing and that the loan had NOT been transferred for servicing.

The borrower has property that is easily salable. BofA came back with a counter-offer for the short-sale. The HUD counselor located in Phoenix and who is extremely savvy about these loans and the legalities of the false moves by the banks finally asked “Who’s on First” by asking who was making decisions and what guidelines they were using.

BofA responded that the trustee BNY Mellon was the only one with that information. So the HUD counselor asked the same questions to BNY Mellon as trustee or the supposedly fully funded trust that included the borrower’s loan. BNY Mellon responded with the same answer Reynaldo Reyes at Deutsch Bank did — we are the trustee in name only.  All decisions regarding short-sales, modification and foreclosure are made by “the servicer.” Of course they didn’t distinguish between the subservicer and the Master Servicer.

The question asked of me was whether this was meaningless double talk and my answer is that it is very meaningful doubletalk providing admissions that the real loan is undocumented, unsecured and leaves the investors (pension funds) holding the bag, while the investment banks were rolling in a redaction of 1/3 of the world’s wealth. Borrowers don’t matter because they are deadbeats anyway and don’t deserve discussion.

Here is my response to the information we had at hand:

How could it be the responsibility of the servicer unless it was the servicer that was acting not as a bookkeeping and collection agent but as the trustee for the investors? If BNY Mellon claims to be the trustee then by definition (look it up) they ARE the investors and they would be the only ones who had the power to make the decision. If they are saying (just like DeutschBank does) that the servicer  makes the decisions then they are saying that  they have delegated(?) the trustee function to the subservicer (usually just referred to as the “servicer”). So like Reynaldo Reyes at Deutsch bank admitted, he is not a trustee for anything and the whole thing is, as he put it, very “Counter-intuitive.”

None of this makes sense until you consider the possibility that nobody ever started a trust, a trust account or gave any powers to a trustee, established beneficiaries of the trust or funded the trust. It makes perfect sense if you consider the alternative: that the investment banks sold bogus mortgage bonds to investors pretending that REMIC trusts were funded and issued the bonds. Read carefully: they are attempting avoid criminal liability and civil liability for the insurance, Federal bailouts and hedge proceeds the banks received on behalf of the investors but which they never reported much less paid the investors. The amount is in the trillions.

By telling you that the trustee has no power they are telling you that the trustee is not a trustee. By telling you that the power to make decisions is in the hands of the servicer, the correct question is which servicer? — the subservicer who dealt only with the borrower or the Master Servicer that dealt with ALL transactions directly or indirectly on behalf of the investment bank that did the selling and underwriting of the bogus mortgage bonds? Assuming either one actually has that power, the next question is how the “servicer” was appointed the manager and why, since they already had a trustee? The answer is what they are avoiding, so far successfully, but which at the end of the day will come out:

NO REMIC trust was used and none of the parties with whom we are dealing ever spent one penny of their own money, capital or deposits (if they were a depository institution) on funding or buying a loan. The true money trail generally looks like this: Investor—> Investment banker- who sold the bonds–> aggregator or intermediary affiliate of investment banker—> closing agent —> payoff seller and prior mortgage (probably paying a non-creditor in exchange for a fabricated release of lien and satisfaction of note which is never given back to borrower marked “PAID).”

The important thing is not who is in the money trail but who is not in the money trail. If you track the wire transfer receipts and wire transfer instructions and are able to track any compensation after closing that was not disclosed but nonetheless paid to undisclosed parties you will NOT find the loan originator whose name, as nominee (but they never said so) was used as the lender and the possessor of the loan receivable.

That is, you won’t find the originator as a funding source but you will find the originator as a paid servicer for the undisclosed aggregator in an illegal and predatory pattern of table-funded loans. In Discovery: PRACTICE TIP: Demand copies of the bookkeeping records that shows that the originator booked the transaction with the borrower as a loan receivable.

You will find that most of the loans were not booked at all on the balance sheet of the originator which means that their own records contain an admission against interest, to wit: that they were not the lender because they did not add the loan receivable to their assets, nor a reserve for bad debt to their liabilities, because they had not funded the loan and were not exposed to any risk of loss. The originator, especially those originators without any financial charter as a depository institution, was merely a paid nominee to ACT as though it was the lender and take the blame if there were findings in court that the closing was illegal or irregular. But there again the originator has no risk because of the corporate veil which shields the operators of the nominee pretender lender leaving the borrower with an empty shell possibly declaring bankruptcy like First Magnus or Century.

The money came from the investors through the investment banker through the aggregator in which the investors’ money was used to create the appearance of an asset consisting of only part of the investor’s money and then sold back to the investor “pool” which turns out not to exist because it was neither funded nor were the conditions of the pool ever followed.  This sale was booked by the investment banker as a “trading profit.” In other words, they took the money of the investor into one pocket and while transferring it from pocket to pocket took out their trading profit on transactions that were a complete illusion.

The documents use the nominee originator (like Quicken Loans) for the note to create “evidence” of an obligation that does not exist because Quicken Loans and its aggregator never funded the loan or the purchase of the loan — but that didn’t stop them from selling the loan several times, insuring it for the benefit of the investment banker and aggregator, and getting paid Federal bailout money and proceeds from credit default swaps all without deducting the amount promised as repayment to the investor, which is why the investors are suing.

The investors are saying there was a false closing based upon no underwriting standards and a fake bond based upon the backing of a mortgage and note that didn’t exist or was never enforceable.

When you boil it all down there was nobody at closing on the lender side. The named payee was a nominee for an undisclosed party and the named secured party was the nominee of an undisclosed party and the consideration came neither from the nominee nor the undisclosed principal. This is what leaves investors holding the bag.

The foreclosures are a grand scheme of cover-up for what was a simple PONZI scheme whose survival depended not upon borrower payments on legitimate loans but rather on the sale of more bogus mortgage bonds. There were no funded REMIC trusts, there were no active trustees, and the job of managing the flood of money fell to the Master Servicer who instructed the subservicer and all other parties what to do with their new found wealth.

The investors are saying they are left with a pile of money owed to them, documented by fake bonds, and no documentation on what was actually done with their money.

That leaves them in a position where they can NEVER claim that the loan money they advanced (and which was commingled beyond recognition) was never secured with a perfected lien or mortgage. The foreclosures that have taken place are based upon an illusion of a transaction that was never consummated — namely that the named payee on the note would loan the borrower money. They didn’t loan the money so the transaction lacks consideration.

Lacking consideration they have nonetheless fabricated, used, executed and recorded papers procured under false pretenses and they are taking the position in court that the borrower may not inquire as to the internal workings of the scheme that defrauded him  and which the investors  (Pension funds) corroborated with their lawsuits.

If you went to the originator and asked to payoff or rescind they would have had to go to the investment banker or aggregator to find out what to do instead of simply following the federal statute (TILA) and returning the documents in exchange for the money. By contract the originator agrees and the wire transfer instructions the originator agrees, just like MERS, to not take, claim or keep any money from the transaction.

PRACTICE TIP: Getting the cancelled check of the borrower to see who cashed the check in which account owned by which party might be helpful in determining the truth about the so-called closing. A good question to ask in discovery is how the”servicer” accounted for each payment it received or disbursed and what notes or notations were used. Then the next question to the subservicer, Master Servicer and investment banker is to whom did you disburse money and why?

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  1. I hate to say it but, forced mediation is more than likey an admission of guilt. They are hiding criminal activity behind that word…….mediation. The truth is, the debt these crooks created off of our signatures is so massive, a QUADRILLION dollars by some estimates, is so huge, bankruptcy doesn’t come close to extinguishing it. These crooks don’t even know how many debtors they owe…. For example, one attorney found there were 607 “investors” in his clients one mortgage…..these FEDSTER crooks pocketed the bailouts and ran….and left the American people holding their bag of fraud…..that is 50+ trillion in U.S. TAXPAYER MONEY & 20 MILLION + FRAUDCLOSURES to date and the robbery continues….with NO AUDITS OF THESE CROOKS….the politicians and their criminal friends both foreign and domestic renamed themselves TOO BIG TO FAIL….!

  2. @ dana

    My story is not as bad as yours, but comes close. The Hunoval law Firm, Charlotte, NC…fake addresses, false players, people who aren’t even listed in documents show up and claim they are trustees, unlawful trespasses, threats and intimidation, stamped paperwork not attached to anything, signatures of my name on sheriffs documents…the list is long. Feel your pain, I have no answers at this time.

  3. by Millsap and Singer STLOUIS bANKRUPTY FRAUD……….

    I have written about this fraud for over a year now it seems. I have found on line where this is happening and seems to be the protocol for the Courts. Blantant disrepect for the Homeowners, it is bad enough when you have to tackle filing an appeal and you are sourly misguided only to have your appeal returned by the Judge as Moot when claiming Fraud. Stllouis is covering a great deal of truth behind these foreclosures, it is not just the banks doing however what they will not tell you is this,..,
    These loans are not secure. Anytime you have the Original Deed , there is noway possible they could have securitized the loan according to the protocal required,. They must have the Note and Deed – attached and Affixed and ….delivered into the trust. The trustee did not do this.Could not have. I have the original Deed, St.Louis has passed this Mediation law, Why would you require Mediation when you currently have laws on the books to follow?
    Because the Banks do not have the Note or the deed and this is the way out for the State to resecuritize the loans,
    This ois clearly why the Judges are not observing the Law and the Attorneys are not allowed to assist the Homeowner, It is State Driven,

    ***** I found an affivdavit in the recorders file on my home. This was placed into the files by Millsap and Singer, This was a death Certificate of one Eugene Leicht, ironically this person is related to the Special assistant to the Mayor Slays office, I found this to be rather unusual. Today this person is no longer the assistant to the mayor, Her position has changed to Interim Executive Director at Children’s Service Fund. Now this becomes interesting because, since the fraudulent foreclosure of my primary home, I have since moved into my rental property,
    This is now in the City of St.Louis. Yes, we have a new treasurer for the City, ‘ Just check yourself and see who this is,
    Now interesting enough my tenant is working for a girls home and have displayed some unusal behavior patterns such as not wanting to pay her rent on time, always come up with an issue when it is time to pay her rent. Oh, someone stole my Bank account or I was robbed.,
    Again she works for a Girls home. ” Suddenly I have neighbors following me and harrassing me,, The door suddenly is unlocked. They like to let you know they can enter whenever they want. She is under the umbrella of the director of childrens services. ” You start to see the pattern of abuse of power here?
    Ok move forward with this one.

    I receive a bill from MSD which goes back to 1999, they claim they sent the bills but , oh they were returned, Ok lets see who the Debt collector is for MSD, Oh wait the attorney will not reveal this information. Its Credit Control . Why does this matter ? The president of Credit Control is the COO of the Company is the COO of the Company I used to work for. I had previously complained of harrassment tactics being used by my employer without any assistance from the EEOC. I was told oh yeah they can harrass you by EMF. it’s their right, . Since then I was Blacklisted from working . The unemployment division provides the unemployment every two weeks, well they made damn sure the dates were twice a week. The additional paychecks they refused to pay, They want to extract what you have and make life a living hell for you.
    The Company also finds itself the investigators of fraud for the Unemployment division, Insurance Claims, and serve as the Laizon in the bankrupcy courts and to Foreclosure Mills. They are not what they advertise to be. Now I am learning a response to a complaint filed to the US Trustee division of fraud was answered by a Courte A. Turner, This appears to be a Antwanette Turner listed under Chicago housing authority, Really? But you are a Bank of America employee. So long story short. The fraud is being perpetrated by Multiple entities. The State for one ( Enenmy of the State )
    The owners sister is listed as a Contact on the Profile page for the Person whom presides over the US Trustees. She is listed under Wellsfarg and also a prestigous law firm.
    Really when did that happen?

  4. Their evil plans revealed by an Illuminati Insider…..

  5. That’s right Poppy…..Intent to Harm by Deception, Fraud and Forgery and Counterfeiting at the onset of their complaint, by Imposters; fictitious payees who are Racketeering and Subjorning Perjury to gain unjust enrichment.

  6. Not just that stripes; they use your signature for fabricate subsequent documents.

  7. May I add, an attorney gave me a good piece of advice a while back…..don’t sign or agree to anything with a bank regarding this debt, it is unsustainable and can never be repaid.

    I would like to add, accept no “fixes” for criminal fraud or you become a party to their coverup.

  8. I think it was attorney Max Gardner who said, if an attorney finds a loan that was delivered to the trust, and everything was done properly, that attorney should frame that, and hang it on the wall. The deceit is a big part of this coverup. Fictitious entities claiming they have some Supreme right to take property from WE THE PEOPLE when in fact, not only did they never pay for anything, but, they committed numerous felonies in our names by counterfeiting documents and forging our signatures. NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE is above the rule of law, no matter what they try to tell you.

    Complying, cooperating and conforming to criminal fraud, when you know full well what they did in your name was criminal, makes you a party to their crimes.

  9. oh, one more thing…it is a false trust, more than likely. My information says 78% of the “notes” are not in trusts, never been. Another falsehood.

    I think it’s high time they need a court order to enter any property. Thugs…and in NC a trespass, comes with consequences, if caught, per Sheriffs department.

  10. The client codes are numbers that reference different entities in bed with the trust. NA’s are registered with the SEC, they aren’t corporations. Most substitute trustees e.g. investors, management companies, (people who do the home inspections and “illegal” entries), servicers, sub-contractors, etc…are coded on the paperwork.

    The changes of mortgage numbers are significant of the satisfaction of notes, not necessarily the deeds/properties attached to those notes.

    That paperwork anyone can make a copy of. My bet is the attorneys made it up, that work for the servicer or the trust for the substitute trustee.

  11. Loan Origination…LOL…What is the FED originating and loaning….? Here is what they will never tell you….. They are loaning you credit and borrowing ALOT of money in your name, from the U.S. TREASURY DEPARTMENT…. the FED actually prints 10x the amount they borrow…..their banks mark your property as an assett on their balance sheets…….collect and pocket your payments in the form of usury…..though they never pay back their original loan they borrow in your name…..they oversell investments in your property here, and around the globe via Wall Street. The FED did that to the tune of a QUADRILLION dollars backed by $12 trillion in real estate they never paid for. They did this with anything with a revenue flow like those seconds…even things that didn’t have a revenue flow like mortgage apps…..This came right from the horses mouth by an ex-stockbroker in the CNBC documentary entitled HOUSE OF CARDS….YES…..IT’S A SCAM….& the FEDSTERS are uber richer because they robbed us silly….and they even got bailed out to the tune of $50 + trillion dollars and 20 million fraudclosures for causing this mess….I had a brainwashed family member who is a realtor, who lost his home to fraudclosure tell me….the FED, A PRIVATE BANK doesn’t have to pay back anything they borrow…..! Well, I told him…. in that case….either do we….! Bring on the FEDSTER DEBT JUBILEE…if everythings free for the FED…..IT’S FREE FOR ALL….!

  12. Lets take a look at their monolithic story shall we….? The biggest lie ever told was the lie that the FED lends anyone any money……

  13. LOL DC.. ! Who’s on First? is a good name for this charade….Do any of their numbers really matter when there is Fraud in the Factum…..? These games are becoming more and more stupid everyday. Now we are going back to arguing about MERS on the latest blog. WAKE UP…! It’s all fictional FEDSTER crap.

  14. There are many codes of differing type on the documents (mortgage, loan, etc.) and bar codes are one of them. There are also patents on the software that is supposed to help make loan origination and other procedures easier for them to bamboozle you with. One day, we will have someone who deciphers the bar codes and the loan origination patents. There are also the colorful accounting procedures that we would all like to see in discovery if we ever get discovery.

  15. @STRIPES you moron–how can that crap help anybody


    the customer code reminds me of a credit card number or bar code conversion—somebody on this site long ago before morons took over used to post stuff as to how to interpret bar codes —maybe it converts and could cross [should cross] to bar codes on your foreclosure file or mortgage file

  16. The numbers probably mean something is seriously wrong with them internally….like they are hemorrhaging fraud.

  17. LMAO DC……Your pals got caught and the truth is clear, you guys are the predatory scumbags… wantoned criminal felons.

  18. Need some help with this. Does anybody know what the Wells Fargo client codes equate to? such as on recorded satisfaction of mortgages it will state recording requested by ‘WF936′ Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. or ‘WF936′ Wells Fargo Home Mortgage…
    I need to know what the code numbers equate to—-

    review this document on wells fargo letterhead and towards the end they mention client codes….



  19. stripes i hate you predatory scumbags

  20. Sorry DC, the laws must apply to everyone or they apply to no one. The same laws apply to notes as apply to checks. The U.S. TAXPAYERS issued those notes to the FED via the U.S. TREASURY, and we were never paid back. The FED are the party in default to WE THE PEOPLE and what they did after they defaulted was criminal. Therefore, WE THE PEOPLE have all of the rights of a harmed party.

  21. The truth is, when the Government doesn’t obey their own laws and punishes it’s own citizens and uses the crimes of others to oppress it’s own citizens, that is tyranny and oppression by a dictatorship.

  22. You really sound immature DC….like a schoolyard bully. You really need to use better arguments than name calling because you really sound like the uneducated one.

  23. Definitely the American people were not educated properly. Many are simply brainwashed and believe the lies. However, they now have a chance to change all of that. If they want to really learn something of value, the truth is at their fingertips.

  24. you are a loud noise —there is no content–like a parrot—-polly want a cracker—–polly want a cracker over and over and over

  25. My aim is people won’t be taken in by your crap DC……Your attempts to discredit me are backed up by no facts. You are wrong in assuming anyone told me anything. I have researched this scam well and financial experts agree, this is the biggest ponzi scheme swindle and heist of our wealth & property in history by the FED and their INVESTORS. They are criminals and they are communists as well.

    The truth is…. It is not wise to underestimate anyone.

  26. Ask CNBC what a gazillions dollars is….their anchors are who said that is what the FED & THEIR BANKS owe the U.S. TAXPAYERS…..I take that statement to mean the FED & THEIR BANKS OWE THE U.S. TAXPAYERS AN INNUMERABLE AMOUNT OF MONEY…..

  27. Stripes–im not saying anything to you–im not going to debate a moron like you—-im speaking to any sucker that has been taken in by your bs—–

  28. you have no idea what you are talking about–uneducated—merely parroting talking points given to you to confuse people–divert–distract —-tear up this site—you are the frauder here

    you have everything on best knowledge—overheard it it in the hallway—some atty told you—–read it on some extremist site—-you recite a litany of examles of the worst sort of hearsay

  29. So DC, you are saying if I borrow someone money to buy property by writing them a check, they can cash that check, never pay me the money back but they can collect the interest, sell investments in that Original check multiple times and then come back as another person, an imposter to the original transaction and claim I owe them the money I borrowed them by re-indorsing a copy of the original check or they get my property….?

  30. The FED cashed the notes……that is what they are hiding….THE ORIGINATION FRAUD……….No visible indorsement upon the notes is proof of the intent to deceive….It is the re-indorsements by third party debt collectors upon the notes the FED BORROWED ON AND NEVER REPAID that make fraudclosure criminal…..

  31. gazillion times ——how many zeros there—–is that something like those trillions you were lecturing us about?????/ more exageration –hyperbole—-quit BSing

  32. stripes you are a loud mouthed idiot

  33. But the FED and there investors already got paid back a gazillion times what these properties were worth….they are robberbarons for the uber rich control freak crooks who set this scam up….

  34. STRIPES —to demo your ignorance you sad “How exactly does an indorsement fail”

    by being forged moron

  35. stripes —-you probably cant balance your checkbook—but you are sitting there purporting to understand all about internatl finance–

    what are your qualifications to make these statements–to judge and assess?

    like Solimans——passed a check at the supermarket and it didnt bounce–therefore an expert on UCC——or grew up across the street from a stockbroker and gained implicit knowledge of the industry by osmosis

    or in his case—was it that he was a mail-room clerk at some financial institution —therefore qualifying himself to be an expert–hes no expert –he is a jerk though—and he never followed up on his drunken promise to show anything—just using this site to advertise and sucker people–like christine predicted

  36. The Origination Fraud is what these crooks are hiding ….. and why there are no indorsements upon those notes….. The FED are trying to recash checks, they are in default on by stealing property from the ISSUERS of the check/notes who are…..WE THE PEOPLE.

  37. A failed indorsement……? LMAO……How exactly does an indorsement fail…? The issuer signs a check…and the recipient cashes it within one year of issuance….If those funds on those check/notes weren’t available, no one would get paid. Now we know that the Treasury cashed those notes and the FED never paid back what they borrowed in our names before another transaction occurred….therefore the FED’s RE-INDORSEMENTS FAILED……THOSE RE-INDORSEMENTS WERE BIG FAT FRAUDS….

  38. A balance sheet that is cooked obviously has everything to do with money flow to these crooks…… That’s why they have not been audited. There is no collateral to back up their credit fraud.


  40. STRIPES —you do not have clue—a balance sheet has nothing to do with cash flow—-you are too stupid to know your own limitations —you spout and spout BS and more BS–and simply exagerate info for god knows what reason

    i stand by my analysis –you are a paid poster wotrjking with that fraud master servicer–solimaman whatever———–he supposedly know everything about everything—-and does not know what the effect of a failed indorsement is for Gods sake———-people do not listen to these morons

  41. It is not up to me to do your research for you DC…I cited my source, you do your own research. You damned disinfo agent commies who work for these crooks disgust me.

  42. After reading that article, anyone who can’t see that the MSM and the Politicians who are pushing for higher taxes on anyone, and that this rotten economy is completely manufactured by these criminal control freaks, and these people are are simply communists trying to bankrupt the American people to create complete communism, than they are either completely braindead or they are one of them. AMERICA IS NOT BROKE…..This is a terrorist situation and we are being held hostage by communist resocialists…..We have Stalin in the White House and Hitler is Congress & Mussolini in the Senate.


    YOU ARE FULL OF IT—outrageously exagerated irrational statements that you cant support or source—-you dont even know how many zeros there are in a trillion

    i call your BS—and you tell ME to go verify your crap—BS

    You simply disgust me

  44. The FED certainly does not sound like a bankrupt institution…..they and their banks sound more like credit porn dealers who like to repurchase their own credit fraud they create with more of our stolen wealth, and collect the usury for themselves and their criminal friends on Wall Street. Yet these criminal politicians keep asking for more money from us. They are liars and are all in the criminal cabal. They all need to be impeached for even speaking about raising our taxes when the FED owes WE THE PEOPLE GAZILLIONS…..the politicians are whores for these pimps at the FED.

  45. Here’s that link entitled ..

  46. I am going to post a link to an article pertaining to the subject I spoke about. It is not the precise story however, you will get the drift that Bloomberg talled the FEDs weekly balance sheet has around $7.77 trillion in potential commitments. About a trillion dollars a day.

  47. Do your research D.C……That’s what I said…….Bloomberg News Channel reported last spring that the FED collects TRILLIONS of dollars a month in mortgage money. That’s TRILLIONS with a T.

  48. I will do whatever it takes to keep up with the trolls and dispell their deceptions & lies…..It is time to end their coverup for the biggest fraud in history committed against WE THE PEOPLE……I exposed the crooks at the local level and made their corrupt hair stand on end a few months ago. Now you should hear the locals…they are calling for all of their heads. Citizens blogging the truth and exposing these crooks is necessary.

  49. @stripes

    you said ” Bloomberg news reported the FED collects TRILLIONS per month in mortgage money……that’s right TRILLIONS with a T”

    got a cite for that or did it just come to you in a dream state?

  50. yep ur right e tolle- heavy day yesterday, you hit a nerve at a bad time…
    i hate fighting hate it hate it, but they made me, had no choice.
    stripes posts too much , but the passion is commendable- thats all im saying. we all bring unique info here, its up to the individual to decide on its merit and application to our own unique set of circumstances.
    i am grateful for this site, been here almost as long as it existed, am thankful for the info i have been able to further my research and the strong and couragous people on here. thank you all.

  51. 359) BNY has abandoned fiduciary responsibility for this purported trust.
    360) BNY published a disclaimer that warns investors of a recently added “limitation of liability,” in respect of potentially faulty data included in this BNY website relied upon by investors;
    361) The disclaimer was published on BNY’ Global Trust investor site: as follows: BNY’s statement was as follows: that The following statement is/was set out on the website of Bank of New York Mellon Corporation-Global trust division on or about Feb 8, 2012 ; “IN NO EVENT WILL WE [Bank of New York Mellon Corporation] BE LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGES, LOSSES OR EXPENSES, [of investors] INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION, DIRECT OR INDIRECT, SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL, PUNITIVE OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, ARISING IN CONNECTION WITH THIS WEBSITE, THE USE HEREOF OR RELIANCE ON ANY INFORMATION CONTAINED HEREIN, EVEN IF WE KNEW OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES, LOSSES OR EXPENSES.”

    BNY is no trustee—the books do not square with its servicer. Loans appear to be outstanding under two accts –one servicers–one BNYs

    Ok so BNY is a grossly negligent trustee re MBS—-what is the truly frightening thing is that BNY is the primary trustee for almost the entire muni bond industry???? How safe is your money if you bought munis–looked after by this outfit?

  52. Lighten up DW, it was a joke. Post away.

  53. judges arnt brainwashed- check their investments , i think the website is “judicialwatch” something like that- anyone? i think you will find they are often tied up with blackrock investments

  54. usedkarguy ……. The real question is, what are those pigs & crap really worth….? Bloomberg news reported the FED collects TRILLIONS per month in mortgage money……that’s right TRILLIONS with a T…..Bernanke said the FED uses that money to buy TREASURIES with…..Now I have a personal assignment for you…..What are they robbing us for….?

  55. BTW…A CNBC anchor said the FED OWES THE U.S. TAXPAYERS GAZILLIONS…..that’s right ….. GAZILLIONS….

  56. You are right poppy & the FED stole $50 trillion + in bailouts from the U.S. TAXPAYERS, plus the gazilliions in Origination Fraud and Usury they pocketed on money they never lent….CNBC reported Wall Street made $60 trillion dollars selling derivatives in the year 1999 alone. These crooks aren’t broke….they are hoarding all of our stolen wealth and bankrupting the American people. The judges are brainwashed.

  57. Usedkarguy…I know Blackrock is one of the 4 large institutional investors who work for the 8 largesse Illuminati banking families. Maybe they should call up the Issuer of those mbs’s and ask them what they are really worth. Many financial experts agree, this is a bank balance sheet recession. No collateral backing up their claims.
    That’s why they are robbing the private sector into oblivion… Well they are not stealing my property to pay for all of their criminal fraud. The banksters and their minions have quadrillions in ill gotten gains hidden overseas. Make them pay.

  58. ukg

    I know they manage plenty of the Federal judges pensions, Hmmmmmm

  59. instead of tying up this legal blog, or what used to be a legal blog, why don’t you girls get twitter accounts?
    now, some thing serious…..
    and maybe the stripper wants to take this as a personal assignment and find the answers……….redeem yourself……..
    how much government pension money does BlackRock manage, and how much of it is mortgage backed securities/debt securities?

    now you know where and why……

  60. These spawns of Satan are everywhere. . I don’t get mad, I consider the source. They put us here and they want to keep us here. The truth will set us free.

  61. So Mr/ Sir E Tolle, you pissed me off a bit, first who died and made you king on here… and second, if i want to say something theres always a reason , my reason and you dont get to decide if its a good enough reason, and third …happy birthday…if you know what i mean.
    darn it, why cant you just scroll along and keep the shitty comments to yourself. if SM isnt that pertinent to my case i move along, but i dont have a poke at people as i go along.

  62. E Tolle,

  63. What was common in eastern bloc (communist nations)….? CONTROLLED ECONOMIES

  64. Interesting link talking about years ending in 13….

  65. E Tolle, you are evil.

  66. That was really kind, thanks Deb.

  67. DW and stripes/ivent, why don’t you two get a room? With no wifi.

  68. you know the world is what it is, there will always be corruption and the war between good and evil, the balance of power has become more unbalanced over decades, did not happen overnight, whilst the people were lulled into a deep trance by walmart and minigolf, and i agree its up to the people to get some balance back, we must start moving in a better direction- i know this is a sweeping statement i make and i wish to god i could think of something other than “petitioning” we need a ghandi type movement, non resistance non violent, national strikes- but how do we organize that, so we have the court- the constitutioinal rights are from the magna carta all those years ago to protect the system and keep in place a civilisation that had order and justice. what is happening is beyond shocking, to think , there will be a good ending is a stretch of the imagination because we know what governments answer has always been. i hear people say words to the effect that Obama has something “up his sleeve” lol, how in denial can you be,
    I was at a party over xmas and all i could hear was some guy talking about how the market was up- i left.

  69. fraud in the origination absloutely- try proving that in Arizona, but the hyperinflated appraisals can be tried infront of a jury and provable, no appraisal (loan to value) no “loan”= reliance , we all relied on that being the true market value- wjether it looked convincing at the time is one thing but now looking at the fallout- the numbers dead wrong.
    if my case is remanded and it better be, we shall see what i do next.

  70. i agree credit/plastic will become the only way to pay. HSBC have mexico- try paying USD there soon.

  71. stripes, i admire you. for fighting they way you are doing.

  72. The rising costs of everything is being done to eliminate the use of cash. More and more people are pulling out the plastic to pay for basic things because cash is not freely circulating. That is a direct result of manufactured poor economic conditions. They are trying to condition us to accept the microchip. They are planning on ushering I the “medichip” via Obamacare under the guise of a way to track our medical history but they will use it for many other nefarious purposes. You Tube search the video entitled: RFID CHIP EVERYONE-FEDERAL LAW.

  73. I would like to add something I found that is what needs to happen..it is entitled…THE WAR IS ON…..
    The war is on and it’s not being fought with bullets, bombs, illegal country invasions and chemical weapons the banks themselves have been investing in, it is being waged by the people (some 65 billion of us) vs a few thousand global elite, Illuminati global banking families who throughout history, have stolen everything. The law, in fact, comes down to a few simple facts, you don’t steal from anyone, you don’t harm anyone on their property, and you don’t take what is not yours by illegal measures. The Illuminati royal banking families have done exactly this. They are guilty of fraud, theft, illegal wars, murder, mass genocide, collusion, racketeering, deception, money laundering, drug trafficking, people trafficking, pedophilia, environmental catastrophe, the list is endless.

  74. For me, it is all about what these greedy crooks have stolen. That is why we are here. How does their manufactured “new normal” feel..? They want us to get used to being their slaves so that we accept the easy way out. Their “fixes” for all of their fraud. They want us to accept our stolen private pensions & stolen private healthcare, our stolen livelihoods in exchange for food stamps, slave wages look good and we will be convinced we can’t afford our property and walk away, give up our guns, accept obamacare and their microchip slavedom which includes a cashless society and no private ownership of anything of value. The eliteists want to exterminate us, mentally, financially, physically, emotionally and spiritually so that we accept their manufactured slave plantation from hell. We are a nation of uneducated morons for allowing it to get this bad.

  75. My mental image is all of the traitors on several rowboats to China.

  76. I agree Deborah that education is key, however, there are millions of brainwashed victims. That is why we are here. Even those who claim they get it, choose not to fight. Sadly, what Eric Holder said a while back appears to be true, we have become a nation of cowards. I have heard the excuses even from the seemingly well educated, I’m done….they can have it. Unemployed, underemployed all have the same excuse. For example, a woman I know lost her teaching job over 2 years ago and told me, I don’t understand it, I am a qualified teacher and I can’t find a job. She also decided to do a short sale on her home after becoming tired of trying to get a loan mod. Her husband lost his small business, he was a bricklayer, 5 years ago and has been underemployed ever since. I read a startling statistic today that there are more unemployed Illinois citizens than employed. We have definitely gotten lazy about defending our freedom & independence. Too many American’s are waiting around for the traitor politicians to fix the mess they created.

    People don’t want to be bothered trying to save themselves. That’s the problem…comply, conform & cooperate is all they have ever been taught to do. They believe everything they were told because it’s easier. Little do they know, we have a Constitution that was written simply so that every American citizen could use it to defend themselves without an attorney.

    The way I see it is, everything goes back to the Origination Fraud. When fraud enters a contract, fraud vitiates everything, including the foreclosure. I see very few putting up a fight against these crooks and standing up for their rights. United we stand, divided we fall.

  77. the money stolen is not the real issue, we have to get back a system that protects the weaker less educated less able to defend themselves, screw survial of the fittest- that is easy for those with means to say isnt it.

  78. not that i would loose a wink of sleep if those lower hanging fruits who took their bribes did time

  79. i have a mental image of us all in a lttle row boat on our way to the caymans holding our deeds of trust ect with a sign saying, now listen here you bastards give it back.
    i wish i felt more optimistic that those men with the gold will ever see jail time in this lifetime but my god, i would not want to be in their shoes in the next- right BSE !

  80. Hi Neil,

    I have a very similar case to this one. I have been fighting with BOA for over 9 years. Attached is the latest thing that I sent them. I have all the evidence against them, and am ready to proceed.

    Please let me know what you think.

    Thank you,


  81. Interesting article about the real players hiding behind the scenes…..

  82. @Deborah Wynn ,

    “How are we going to ” get it back” stripes. Raid their bank accounts in caymans”

    How about a EMP generator at 68 west bay road in George Town , Cayman Isl. ? ,, It could be built in a nearby apartment … HSBC would be the first domino in the collapse.

  83. Obama is their man. The Globalists put him in place to finish the country off. Black nobility symbolism. Congress and the Senate are hijacked by them as well. That is why they are allowing the dictator to get away with everything. If they resist, he overrides them. Gabby Gifford’s got shot in the head not long after suggesting a foreclosure moratorium. It is clearly a war on the people and what is at stake is our freedom and independence.

  84. The FED, a private bank, is in Default to the U.S.Treasury, and they are pocketing all of our payments. The traitor politicians,, these communist, re-socialists, have allowed these criminals to rob us of our wealth, livelihoods, pensions and destroy our econony, hijack the U.S. Treasury and fraudclose to turn The United States of America into a weak, welfare nation ripe for a Complete Communist takeover.

  85. The FED certainly are thieves who wear many disguises. They tried to buy in at every angle to claim they own the place. However, because of the Origination Fraud, the Fraud in the Factum, they don’t own anything. They rule by lies they make the masses believe. Investment is not ownership if the seller never held title to it in the first place. CNBC’s Rick Santelli said Wall Street doesn’t own anything, and they are not selling anything. The real problem is the FED is a tyranny and is controlled by our enemies, both foreign and domestic. These Globalists are determined to destroy our National Sovereignty by stealing our own wealth and collecting interest on the money they steal. The FED, and their Globalist cronies, need to be given the boot by WE THE PEOPLE. They are all way to greedy and they don’t own this place and they never did. WE THE PEOPLE, THE U.S. TAXPAYERS, pay for everything, upfront at the Origination….and these Globalist crooks never pay for anything. They borrow our wealth, loan US their credit and never pay back to the Treasury what they borrow in our names. Then they invest in and oversell investments in their credit and insure the risk they create. It is a credit and investment scam created off the backs of the U.S. TAXPAYERS that only benefits the FED and their Globalist minions & cohorts.

  86. Countrywide loans like Washington Mutual loans are in deep stuff, as the loan were not first titled correctly and any of these loans that were placed in Ginnie Mae pools as per Ginnie Mae requirements, they were done with endorsed in blank Notes.

    I am sure with my complaint to the OCC & Fed that none of these loan could ever be foreclosed because as the blank Notes were relinquish to Ginnie Mae it triggers in motion a separation of Note, debt & title as there cannot be one without the other all belonging to one party.

    Ginnie Mae Ponzi scheme has always been in place from the very first Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS) that was sold, as Ginnie Mae cannot buy or sell a home mortgage loans. Once Ginnie Mae takes physical possession or has one act as their custodian and are in possession of the blank Notes for Ginnie Mae, the Notes become a non-negotiable instrument because a Note is not a Note without debt, and a debt is not a debt without a Note, and you cannot title a lien against the properties unless the party claiming ownership of a debt is properly recorded as the “holder in due course”.

    Here the problem Ginnie Mae and others are having and that is the Notes are titled (mortgage, deed of trust, security deed) by party A at the local land recording office, now instead of transferring title at the time the loans are place into the Ginnie Mae pools, Ginnie Mae request that the relinquisher in the lender turned issuer transfer the title over to Ginnie Mae through it’s GinnieNET system, through MERS’s Transfer Beneficial Rights – Option 1, that can be found on the MERS Milestone report at MERS or in the Ginnie Mae records system.

    However MERS does not and cannot act for Ginnie Mae who is not a lender and does not purchase home mortgage loans, so this procedure that is done amount to nothing, just because Ginnie Mae my be in possession of a blank Note that is not endorsed to them, as they cannot and did not purchase.

    Now what was being done was that the servicers who actually under these circumstances cannot servicer the loan for Ginnie Mae who is not the “holder in due course” as they have no financial interest in the loan, and are not authorized or regulated to be a lender of home mortgage loans.

    In Sept 2012 the OCC, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, Ohio State Univ, Univ of Chicago and Columbia School of Business found 800,000 loans process for a HAMP were instead foreclosed when in fact the should have been modified under HAMP. The fact is that 20% of the 4.4 million foreclosed loans that applied for the HAMP were Federal Government insured home loans and as 86% of those loans were in Ginnie Mae pools but not modified, because Ginnie Mae is first not signed up for the HAMP (they are not a lender) and they cannot change a interest rate or term at all, and cannot have a surrogate act for them as Ginnie Mae does not have a financial interest in a debt they are claiming that the homeowner owes them.

    What you have is a Ponzi scheme that needs this stream of loans to keep being fed into this system were somehow a mortgage loan is turned into a part of a securities and sold to some investor who is buying the securities and not the mortgage loans which they cannot buy. Ginnie Mae is only acting as the “insurer” for the investors buying the securities. Ginnie Mae acted with servicer to keep borrowers from finding out who was the actual “holder in due course” which in every single loan in a Ginnie Mae pool there is not a “holder in due course”, so at no time EVER can the loans be administratively or otherwise be foreclosed.

    The system wants to use UCC 3 but not UCC 9 in handling ownership. The shell game inside the Ponzi scheme was complicated but not impossible to figure out!

  87. A bulldozer sounds good right about now. LOL

  88. We certainly can’t allow them to walk away with the place Deb. Too many are.

  89. Just got a modification offer from US Bank/Ocwen…LOL. Original mortgage, without 4 years of payments taken out approximately $32,000, with a note of $117,600. The modification amount $185,000. yippee, thanks- Ocwen. Releasing everyone from the janitor to the CEO for liabilities and errors forever. Oh yeah, let me get my pen out immediately!

  90. These are Foreign banks with U.S. BANKING CHARTERS who have a direct pipeline to the U.S.TAXPAYERS MONEY via the U.S. TREASURY DEPARTMENT, thanks to the traitor politicians from within. These are the same traitors who want WE THE PEOPLE to believe the banks own the place. They do not.

  91. How are we going to ” get it back” stripes. Raid their bank accounts in caymans

  92. At my closing with a crooked attorney, the HUD-1 was not filled out correctly and approximately $8k disappeared in the transaction. A different entity allegedly provided the money and was not mentioned in the Note and Mortgage. Two Satisfactions of Mortgage were outstanding at the time of closing, which means the title company and my attorney did not do their jobs or worse. However, I did get a full title insurance policy, which you do not get these days. I notified the title insurance company. When it came out that there were missing satisfactions and lots of scrambling started by the seller who was in on the scam along with the mortgage broker.

  93. The FED and all of their banks are controlled by foreign governments. They are all using the U.S. Treasury as their own private bank to withdraw funds. Not one of these FED banks are held by U.S. They never pay back what they borrow from US. They are using the trust for the U.S. Taxpayers money, The U.S. TREASURY like a whorehouse.

  94. Lies…That is because the real money for them is in our failure. The Insider Trading frenzy that crashed th markets in 08 was the dumping of the Junk bond mortgages Wall Street created because they were worth more than the dollar and had to be dumped. That was planned in the structuring of the mortgages as bonds and why the notes were oversold and destroyed. The shareholders bought out of their risk, collected the CDS insurance money and then steal our property by fraudclosure, the FED dumps the junk they created, then repurchase…buy back their own junk…..repackage it and offer the junk to their shareholders/investors to repurchase the junk the FED dumped for them. That is where the nation of renters is being created. That is why home “loans” are hard to get. They want everyone renting. That is the hope of the wicked to abolish private property ownership. It is feudalism with the FED for the benefit of their shareholders/investors, who never paid for anything. Remember, investment is not ownership. None of these entities ever held legal title. That is why we have a Constitution and strict property laws and laws that date back to the Magna Carta to prevent feudalism with foreign monarchs.

    If we could have insured our failure like they did, none of this would have ever happened because there would have been a lot less risk. They were instead, allowed to create tremendous risk because the real players had Credit Default Swap insurance. At the time of the collapse, AIG held $700 trillion in CDS insurance claims backed by $12 trillion in real estate…..that is criminal.

  95. Time they give back what they have hijacked and pay back what they have stolen.

  96. answer this question….. a woman and her husband both who have a 760
    credit score, paying on a mortgage for 1 1/2 years and is their 2nd home.n apply for a mortgage with well fargo mortgage broker. long distance. broker fills out application over phone (no reason to to trust). pay check stubs sent w2 forms sent. told husband can not be on note because he is on unemployment. get approved go to closing. 3 years later woman lose sjob. hving diffulty paying mortgage asks for hamp loan. denied. found mortgage documents with help of a fellow foreclsoure fighter. find the broker addedd almost 1k to womans salary. (husbands missing unemployment) find out they were put in a stated income loan verses denied the mortgage and find a less expensive home.

  97. Looks like they “lost track” of who the “real party in interest” is poppy.. Could be why they could not prove status of holder at the onset and they keep changing positions during their cases. What they are hiding is, these cases are in fact, criminal.

  98. all part of the scam to get us out of our homes
    read this http://www.illuminati-news.com/0/House.htm

    sad one house at a time some will lose some will win, and some will remain in limbo
    so happy after 3 years on here that my lawyer is one of neil garfileds deciples. its a great feeling to read Neils posts on discovery and to know my lawyer asked for everything Neil recommends.
    and to think they have not been able to come up with everything asked for
    is priceless
    thank you neil
    and everyone for being here all these years

  99. Well, for my lineage I have New Century, Select Portfolio Services, US Bank, Deutche Bank, Credit Suisse, Ocwen, MERS, RBC, Wells Fargo and 3 different trusts named, as well as 5 substitute trustees. This from the wire transfer on. Hey your honor, eenie, meenie, minee, moe…

  100. BINGO

  101. They must have banking charters to be “loan originators” so my guess is they are agents of the FED and are passing these “loans” around to their own banks. It’s like a game of hot potato and that is why the FED originator….the Issuer of the credit is hard to trace. These transfers, can only go bank to bank, so the originator had to have a bank charter. For example, the originator for my home “mortgage” was Margaretten Mortgage. Then a few years later CHASE “aquired” my “mortgage” and said they merged with and aquired Margaretten. However, I found Margaretten is still to this day DBA Margaretten. Then 10 years later, I have a signed affadavit that claims 2 banks own my “mortgage”….CHASE & FIRST MIDWEST BANK. It’s all shady and predatory IMHO. It appears they are hiding the true identity of the Issuer of the credit at the origination to hide the origination fraud and who cashed that original note.

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