Time Running Out on Foreclosure Renters


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Editor’s Comment: It would sound like a joke if it were not so real. First you oversell mortgages, throwing underwriting standards overboard, then comes the inevitable foreclosure and eviction of the homeowner — but not the tenant who WAS protected under Federal law but is no longer going to receive that protection. Millions of people are going to be seeking rental accommodations.

The result? rental prices will go up creating a new tax on those who rent, and housing starts will increase. Think about it, we build a bunch of houses, sell them as exorbitant rates knowing we are going to get thrown back in our lap, we create blighted abandoned neighborhoods and towns and subdivisions, and the solution selected is not to find a way to put people in homes that are unoccupied but to build more houses.

Policy makers like new construction because of the impact on jobs. Investors like renting because they get higher and higher rental income on their properties. But the essential problem of homelessness will remain because the rents will be priced outside the capability of the prospective renters.

Wouldn’t it be a better idea to keep the homes occupied, to prevent blighted neighborhoods where the cities bulldoze the homes away because the banks walked away from their responsibility as “owners?” Wouldn’t it be a better idea to keep getting tax revenue from these homes? Wouldn’t it be better for utilities and local businesses to have the people occupying these homes pay their bills and revive a stagnant economy and unemployment?

Of course we could start with extending the rights of tenants to stay in homes legally rented to them by the homeowners. But amongst the millions soon to be displaced are those homeowners who occupy their homes, who put earnest money into the deal and more money to fix up and furnish the place. Most of them had no idea that the amount demanded in the notice of default, in the foreclosure and in the auction was simply a wild guess without taking into account the money received from insurance, credit default swaps and federal bailouts.

Most had no idea that the party foreclosing on them had not invested one dime into the funding or purchase of their loan. These people were every much a victim of fraud as the investors who bought bogus mortgage bonds. We know the remedy for fraud but in this country it has a twist. If you are big enough and you commit fraud you to keep the money and property obtained through illegal or criminal means. But if you are the little guy then you get prosecuted for numbers on an application form that you never saw, much less filled out until closing along with a 3 inch stack of papers to initial and sign.


But the only reason why the party seeking eviction (forcible detainer) has standing is that title changed. The allegation of a change in title is an essential part of their pleading.

You should argue that if they bring up title then you have the right and obligation to defend it by showing that the title that was recorded was procured through fraudulent means.

The renter still owes the money to the homeowner. The response should be a counterclaim or interpleader in which the homeowner and the “new” owner fight it out over who gets the rent money. Otherwise the renter could be twice liable for the same rent if the unit owner prevails in overturning the foreclosure.

Renters At Risk In Foreclosure Crisis Rely On Short-Term Federal Law

Renters Foreclosure Crisis

A group of homeless people sit around the fire at their homeless encampment near the Mississippi River on Feb. 23, 2012, in St. Louis. (AP Photo/Tom Gannam)

A key law that has prevented millions of low-income tenants from becoming homeless is set to expire at the end of the 113th Congress, kicking off what experts warn could be a new wave of evictions.

Homelessness is up 16 percent among families in major cities since the beginning of the foreclosure crisis, according to a report from the U.S. Conference of Mayors, and the number of renters affected by foreclosure has tripled in the past three years.

While public attention has centered on homeowners, research shows rental properties constitute an estimated 20 percent of all foreclosures, and 40 percent of families facing foreclosure-related evictions are renters. Those numbers translate into millions of Americans at risk of homelessness, many of them children.

What stands between many of those children and the streets is a little-known federal law that, barring congressional intervention, will expire in 2014.

In 2009, the Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act (PTFA) granted renters the right to stay in their homes until the end of their lease or, if they have no lease, for a minimum of 90 days. Without that guarantee, renters are dependent on a patchwork system of state and local protections that range from quite good — in California and Connecticut, for instance — to completely inadequate.

“States have not stepped up to ensure protections within their jurisdictions,” said Tristia Bauman, a housing attorney at the National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty. “And so the PTFA is still the best protection available and we want to make sure that it lasts beyond 2014.”

Bauman is the primary author of the law center’s new report, “Eviction (Without) Notice,” that warns the homelessness problem for renters will only continue to worsen. The total number of renters has increased by 5.1 million nationally since 2000. In 2010, renters made up the majority of households in several of our nation’s most populous cities, and their numbers are expected to grow.

“This report shows how important PTFA’s protections are and the need to make them permanent,” said Maria Foscarinis, executive director of the National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty in a statement. “But it also shows that, because many people are not aware of the law and oversight is limited, PTFA rights are often violated — leaving families across the country out on the street.”

A survey of 156 renters, many of them unaware of their rights under federal law, found the failure of new owners to determine the occupancy status of residents in foreclosed properties to be among the top PTFA violations cited by respondents.

“We found that new owners may make no effort to determine if the property is occupied,” said Bauman. “The tenant is left in a position where they may not know their properties have changed hands until they come home and their door is locked.”

A survey of 227 legal rights advocates cited lack of communication from new owners (85.9 percent); illegal, misleading or inaccurate written notices (68.1 percent); and harassment from real estate agents, law firms or bank representatives (61.1 percent) as top problems.

Pointing to these violations of the PTFA and the ongoing risk of homelessness as a result of the foreclosure crisis, Bauman said, “All of this speaks to the need for this law to continue to be a protection.”

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  2. Interesting read…. Illuminati News: The Black Nobility

  3. …….and of course our entire monetary system…..

  4. That’s right lv…….merry xmas from the Jesuits who have hijacked the Catholic Church, the media, the Govt, the corps, the judiciary, law enforcement, education and the medical establishment.

  5. 16,000 homeless in las vegas, 18,000 vacant houses

  6. Its called “Nationalization”… another word for fascism ……. the FEDSTER crooks are still using our wealth to buy back soured mortgages….that we already paid for at the Origination…..they are resocializing unsustainable debt to create complete communism…..its all going to implode …and the FEDSTERS will tell us we own it all & we own you….that’s why the FEDSTERS had to hijack the Treasury and claim first lien holder status……on everything we paid for….Remenber what the law says ….Indorsement & Instruction does not guarantee security entitlements …..they aren’t securities….or negotiable instruments or mortgages because the FEDSTER crooks cashed the notes at the Origination and never paid the Treasury back due Consideration….they never performed on their fake, fraudulently induced contracts. The FEDSTERS are in default to the U.S. TREASURY DEPARTMENT for Gazillions and are in possession of overdue instruments ….the crooks pocketed all of our payments as usury & now they want to steal our property too….the FEDSTERS are IMPOSTERS…FICTITIOUS PAYEES…..THEY NEED TO GO TO PRISON..FOR DEFRAUDING WE THE PEOPLE OF ALL OF OUR WEALTH…THEY DON’T OWN A DAMNED THING BECAUSE THEY NEVER PAID FOR A DAMNED THING….THEY ARE CREDIT & INVESTMENT SCAMMERS.

  7. And that, my friends, is why they don’t want us to get a break on taxes. The money has to come from somewhere, right? And since it won’t come out of the 1%, we’re all stuck paying for houses we will never live in.


    Freddie Mac buys $62.5 billion in mortgages

    Freddie Mac bought $62.5 billion worth of loans in November, up from $50 billion in purchases in October. The agency saw its mortgage portfolio increase at an annualized rate of 3.6% in November, according to its monthly value summary report.

    The government-sponsored enterprise modified 6,622 loans in November, compared to 6,988 in October.

    The unpaid principal balance on Freddie’s mortgage-related investment portfolio decreased by $6 billion in November.

    The agency’s mortgage-related securities and other guarantee commitments also rose at an annualized rate of 7.7% in November.

    Seriously delinquent single-family rate decreased from 3.31% in October to 3.25% in November. The multifamily delinquency rate remained unchanged at 0.24% for the month.

    Single-family refinance-loan purchase and guarantee volume was $46.6 billion in November, representing 74% of total mortgage portfolio purchases and issuance.

    The measure of the agency’s exposure to changes in portfolio market value averaged $205 million, with a duration gap averaging one month.

  8. Hman
    New times az
    Some may poo poo it they are more likely to tell it like it is and portray the story in unbiased manner -im working on this. I should have contact im meeting with someone over xmas holiday. Ill send to you when i have it.

  9. Geithner was told of Libor/Derivatives fears in 2008/
    2012-12-19 — gata.org

    Wow smoking – your dead on subject matter here – cause and effect purpose for claims …damning prima fascia there in front of you (the stuff you need to win your case ) .

    Not an attorney and not for legal advice

  10. neidermeyer,

    Hey ol friend . Yes there is no servicing in a mortgage pooled investment . One lump sum and reconciliation for those who pay and those who don’t. The same is true for the insurance and collection of taxes. Vendors under 1122AB and its illegal for them to contact anyone. This is why everything is on letter head showing a PO Box.

    They have to tease you to call them and they must resort to asking you if this is your real address …right before the get ready to pull the trigger.

    You need to consider how and where to plead Item 1100(b) provides requirements for presentation of historical delinquency and loss information that is called for by provisions in Regulation AB. For this information the delinquency experience must be presented in 30 or 31 day increments, as applicable, through the point that assets are written off or charged off as uncollectible. For instance, Item 1111(c) of Regulation AB requires disclosure of delinquency and loss information for the asset pool being securitized.

    Si understand that delinquency or loss information required by Item 1111(c) regarding the pool being securitized must be disclosed in the increments outlined in Item 1100(b) through the point that the assets are written-off or charged-off as uncollectible.

    It’s a fact that issuers choose to include information not required by 1111(c), such as historical delinquency information for an asset group other than the asset pool (such as, a managed or total portfolio, servicer portfolio, etc.). Since this additional information is not presented in response to a specific Item requirement of Regulation AB but instead under general principles of materiality, the information may be disclosed in a manner other than that provided in Item 1100(b).
    Section 2. Item 1101(d) and Item 1101(g)

    If you look close at the definition of “Delinquent” in Item 1101(d) and the definition of “Non-performing” in Item 1101(g) of Regulation AB it gives us three approaches for determining whether a pool asset is “delinquent” or “non-performing” In either of these definitions, the most restrictive of the three approaches governs.

    Consider where in each definition, the second alternative provides a choice among three specified policies of the sponsor, the affiliated originator, or the servicer. Therfore when choosing among these policies in choice (2), the registrant does not always need to choose the most restrictive of these policies.


    (1) The transaction agreements for the asset-backed securities;
    (2) The delinquency recognition policies of the sponsor, any affiliate of the sponsor that originated the pool asset or the servicer of the pool asset; or
    (3) The delinquency recognition policies applicable to such pool asset established by the primary safety and soundness regulator of any entity listed in paragraph (2) or the program or regulatory entity that oversees the program under which the pool asset was originated.

    (1) The pool asset would be treated as wholly or partially charged-off under the requirements in the transaction agreements for the asset-backed securities;
    (2) The pool asset would be treated as wholly or partially charged-off under the charge-off policies of the sponsor, an affiliate of the sponsor that originates the pool asset or a servicer that services the pool asset; or
    (3) The pool asset would be treated as wholly or partially charged-off under the charge-off policies applicable to such pool asset established by the primary safety and soundness regulator of any entity listed in paragraph (2) or the program or regulatory entity that oversees the program under which the pool asset was originated.

    registerclaims@live.com or
    go to SEC Web site for more info

  11. Hello everyone,

    I am need of immediate assistance. I am sending my story to many of the mainstream media outlets. If anyone has any contact info please post here. Any such as 60 minutes, NY Times, Huffington post etc…

    Please help if you know! Thank you and happy holidays.

  12. However, 4closurefraud is reporting the banks are seeing their biggest returns since 03 while their employees suffer.

  13. The local politicians are calling it the “NEW LAST RESORT SALES TAX.” I call it pure evil.

  14. Cantor says we need permanent tax cuts for the middle class. LIAR… Just read a local news report that property taxes are going up again in this criminal county again and there is going to be another 1% tax hike on goods & services. No one asks WHO in the hell has stolen all of this money…? No audits at any level. That’s how you know they are all CROOKS. The locals finally sound angry. They are talking about firing the Mayor and the entire city council. They can’t say I didn’t warn them.

  15. From the silence on here today, it appears everyone is FED UP with these crooks. I know I am. Fighting with each other does no good . It empowers these crooks. The attacks on the victims of this scam are inhuman, just like these crooks. It is important to unite under one common cause, freeing ourselves from these crooks by stopping the theft of our wealth and property. They have no legal right to take anything from us. They are robbing and terrorizing the American people for debt they created from money WE THE PEOPLE lent them. The fiscal cliff is terrorism. It is extortion. America is not broke. Time for the American people to hand the FED the bill for what they have stolen from us.

  16. If you read your contract, you only need to live in the property as your permanent residence for ONE year. When they do in some cases offer, a modification (Ha,Ha) they try and reclassify the property as an investment, to kick out the possible modification… Bull shit, the contract required me to live in it for one year and the original contract does not designate the property as an investment. They need to get the language straight, per their own contract AND if you rent it you more than likely will have the ability to pay the contractual amounts payable to them. They need to quit twisting language…semantics-all of it.

  17. Boehner said let’s face it we’re broke. Dirty, filthy, four flushing low life, stinking liar……we were robbed by you & your criminal friends on Wall Street….

  18. When that day comes, these dictators will make Stalin, Mussolini and Hitler look like a walk in the park.

  19. It doesn’t matter jg…these FEDSTER crooks are going to bankrupt the country. Then no one will be in fraudclosure because everyone will be in fraudclosure. Max Keiser predicted it will happen by April. It will be complete chaos and complete communism will be their fix. That will be the result of the cowards and traitors from within who allowed it.

  20. Make no mistake, the fiscal cliff will create complete communism. That is why the traitors want to ban all assault weapons.

  21. http://www.ostermanresearch.com/whitepapers/or_or0411a.pdf

    on electronic storage and discovery

  22. Those FEDSTER crooks should have only been allowed to guarantee the Original loan the FED borrowed in our names from the U.S. TREASURY DEPARTMENT …….& ONLY IF THE FED REPAID THAT ORIGINAL LOAN BEFORE ANY OTHER TRANSACTION OCCURRED……THEY DID NOT…..WE THE PEOPLE had no knowledge of A QUADRILLION DOLLARS in so called guarantees….The FED owes WE THE PEOPLE QUINTILLIONS….

  23. The FEDSTER crooks, both foreign & domestic stole quadrillions in our wealth…$20 million+ in property….countless jobs & businesses by hijacking Wall Street and hijacking the Treasury department to claim liens on money they never lent in order to steal it all from us. Not including the weakening all of our rights by fascism. Now its the second amendment ….. they have hijacked the politicians, religion, media, healthcare, the courts, the blogosphere, the education system, law enforcement, the judiciary, & apparently the military. Complete communism is on our doorstep. It is called the fiscal cliff. They have stolen our wealth and have used it to hijack the country.

  24. “Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the taxpayer-controlled (taxpayer- “controlled” – say what?) housing giants, guaranteed 69 percent of new mortgages in the first nine months of the year, up from about 27 percent share in 2006, according to Inside Mortgage Finance. Meanwhile, the Federal Housing Authority and the Department of Veteran’s Affairs currently back another 21 percent of mortgages, up from just 2.8 percent in 2006. Altogether, 9 of every 10 new mortgages are backed by the U.S. taxpayer, up from three in 10 in 2006, when the government share hit a decade-low, according to the publication.”
    jg: I suspect those number from 2006, but if they’re real, a ready explanation is subprime paper not eligible for gse’s. Some not in gse’s can be accounted for by over the gse loan limits, but my money is on
    the majority being subprime. That’s not pretty if so. It’s downright shocking.

    1) Fnma and fhlmc both guarantee mtgs – to whom? answer: investors.
    Where is accounting of these guarantees in bankster you-owe-us-this- much statements? answer: there isn’t any. How to get an accounting?
    answer: submit a judicially noticeable FNMA Prospectus or five (if your loan went thru FNMA) demonstrating the promise of the guarantee(s).

    2) What the h is the government doing continuing to nationalize loans by guaranteeing them? Once around wasn’t enough? Okay,
    theoretically, the new loans are being written to an actual u/w standard, but is that enough? Does anyone know why they’re guaranteed, by the way? I mean, it’s kind of like a loan from the investors to the gse’s, isn’t it? FNMA gets to use the investors money
    to replenish its capital (unless and) until there’s a default? FNMA supposedly makes money securitzing loans. How’s that? The first thing which comes to my mind is a (rate) yield differential. if that’s true, then the investors aren’t actually being paid on the basis of the ‘facts’
    recited in notes – they’re being paid on the basis of another agreement altogether. That’s just a fact, imo, if it’s true and it appears to be, even if the notes were used as collateral for that other agreement. If a loan went thru fnma or fhlmc who guaranteed payment to the investors,
    how can a trust foreclose? The only way I can think of is if FNMA or FHLMC has renigged on its guarantee AND 1) the agreement gives
    the trust the right of subrogation or 2) some provision of the UCC does AND the conditions for the exercise of the right to the collateral have been met.
    lay opinions – ask a lawyer or 10

  25. Then don’t make deceptive remarks christine that suggest WE THE PEOPLE are stupid or naive to the Globalist scam. We all know we were robbed by the traitors from within and the foreignors. They are still robbing us up to this minute. Get over yourself please. You aren’t going to blow your b.s. past me.

  26. Stripes,

    For the last time, stop associating me with your rants.

  27. It’s the Globalists & their Globalization crap Christine. I am certain China is building here with ill gotten U.S. money. The foreigners have been funneling our wealth out by the trillions for well over a decade now thanks to the traitor politicians. Audit Treasury and as CNBC said follow the investments.

  28. Bloomberg news reporting Fannie Freddie claiming they may have lost $3 billion in Libor rigging scandal.

  29. Geithner was told of Libor/Derivatives fears in 2008

    2012-12-19 — gata.org

    The emails from Hayley Boesky to Mr Geithner — with three senior colleagues, Meg McConnell, Matthew Raskin, and William Dudley, copied in — are among unreported emails seen by the FT that show New York Fed officials linking the incentive for banks to misreport borrowing rates to the bank’s derivatives positions.

    The plea by Ms Boesky, sent a few days before Mr Geithner made Libor reform recommendations to Sir Mervyn King, governor of the BoE, is perhaps the first indication that senior US officials suspected traders may have been influencing banks’ Libor submissions.

    And for additional info on the Libor scandal that isn’t going away any time soon, this links you to the following articles.



    Bank of England: “We Deferred To The Bankers” on Geithner LIBOR Warning
    Tim Geithner’s Libor Recommendations Came Straight From Banks, Documents Show
    Sir Mervyn King called Libor review ‘wholly inadequate’, new emails show
    Tim Geithner “Aided and Abetted” LIBOR Crimes: Jim Rickards
    Geithner Tried to Curb Rate Rigging in 2008

  30. Draw your own conclusions.


    China Believes in America, So Why Doesn’t America?

    2012-12-19 — wsj.com

    Arguably the most intriguing business story of the past month has been taking place back in San Francisco, where a group of U.S. developers is planning the biggest real-estate expansion there since the 1906 earthquake. The group–which includes Lennar Corp., LEN -0.48% Ross Perot Jr. and others –isn’t getting financing from an American bank or pension fund.

    No, the money, some $1.7 billion of it, is coming from the China Development Bank, a policy arm of the Chinese state, which normally backs undertakings from low-income housing to the Three Gorges Dam.

    the most upsetting thing about the San Francisco plan isn’t what it says about Chinese encroachment. It’s what it says about U.S. business.

    Burned by awful land deals before the financial crisis, American pension funds and banks simply weren’t prepared to make such a large loan as the one made by the Chinese, a person familiar with the negotiations says. Nor were they comfortable with the length of the projects, which will go on for two decades, this person adds.

    This is the bitter fruit of what we’ve been pointing out for the last 5 years, which is that the bailouts (including the Fed’s general propping up of the financial markets) can only avert immediate collapse; they cannot bring back a vibrant financial economy. In fact, these “props” only serve to perpetuate a state of dependence and hence lack of legitimate speculation and business investment.

    The Fed’s policies have made “debt deflation” and hence capital ossification permanent. Look to Japan for the example of what to do wrong (which we are following) and Iceland for what to do right (hint: only one of the three is experiencing healthy growth despite going through a major financial crisis).

  31. Breidenbach,

    Read this opinion. Well worth it. I posted it on a previous page but I just remembered that you’ve blocked the automatic notification from LL. to save yourself from the ongoing/recurrent insanity.

    For about two decades, the mortgage industry’s foreclosure and modification scams have destroyed lives, stripped wealth; turned county land and court records into crime scenes, and decimated parts of Ohio. Ohio courts have surveyed the damage, and appear to be cleaning up the massive frauds upon its Honorable Courts.

    Ohio’s 11th Circuit Reverses Freddie Mac v. Rufo,
    and overrules its holdings in four more cases

    To the extent this court’s prior holdings in Cart, supra; Yeager, supra; Behrens, supra; and Shaffer, supra, are inconsistent with the Supreme Court’s holding in Schwartzwald that standing is jurisdictional, we overrule our holdings.

    Opinion also cites: “When the trial court lacks subject matter jurisdiction, its final judgment is VOID.”


  32. The American people are horribly uneducated and intentionally uninformed.

  33. http://www.msfraud.org/

    For about two decades, the mortgage industry’s foreclosure and modification scams have destroyed lives, stripped wealth; turned county land and court records into crime scenes, and decimated parts of Ohio. Ohio courts have surveyed the damage, and appear to be cleaning up the massive frauds upon its Honorable Courts.

    Ohio’s 11th Circuit Reverses Freddie Mac v. Rufo, and overrules its holdings in four more cases

    To the extent this court’s prior holdings in Cart, supra; Yeager, supra; Behrens, supra; and Shaffer, supra, are inconsistent with the Supreme Court’s holding in Schwartzwald that standing is jurisdictional, we overrule our holdings.

    Opinion also cites: “When the trial court lacks subject matter jurisdiction, its final judgment is VOID.”

  34. 3rd case being reversed in Ohio in the past couple of weeks.


    : CASE NO. 2012-A-0011
    – vs –
    JANE RUFO, et al.,
    Civil Appeal from the Ashtabula County Court of Common Plea

    {¶13} Appellant now appeals, asserting two assignments of error. For her first
    assigned error, she alleges:
    {¶14} “The trial court erred to the prejudice of the Appellant by granting
    Summary Judgment where the Appellee failed to sustain its burden to prove that it had
    standing to sue by providing evidence that it had both (1) possession of an endorsed
    Note on the date the Complaint was filed and (2) ownership of the Mortgage on the date
    the Complaint was filed.”

    {¶47} “The trial court erred to the prejudice of the appellant by overruling her
    Motion for a More Definite Statement and Motion to Dismiss. The filing of a Notice of
    Assignment of Mortgage and Indorsed Note is not a substitute for filing an Amended
    Complaint. If no Amended Complaint can be filed to correct the deficient documents,
    the remedy is to dismiss the Complaint without prejudice.”
    {¶48} Having sustained appellant’s first assignment of error, we find her second
    assigned error to be moot.

  35. So in other words….these foreclosures are fraudclosures…..they are robberies of our properties.

  36. Legally we can sell, rent or do whatever we want with our property because there were never any legally enforceable liens put on the property, our properties are paid for because of that is what the county recorder of deeds office told me. Tisk…tisk…

  37. Mr. Breidenbach’s maneuver will be seen by the Court as perpetrating a charade, and will (ultimately) fail, I predict, although it will take some time. The argument will be that his “purchase” was defective, and the buyer was with Notice as to the claim of title by the “investor” (who, let’s face it, is a shark). A more interesting gambit would be to have a confidant, a third party, your wife’s cousin, somebody you get along with and go fishing with, buy the property from the former owner and then you have a real challenge.

  38. An interesting device would be for a tenant of an investor that obtained seized property —-to go to the former owner and buy a quit claim for 50 bucks and then refuse liability for rent based upon superior title—might have to throw motion to vacate judgment in the court—stop paying rent until the low ball investor buys the quit claim out–maybe a years free rent?? maybe two? landlord must pay taxes and insurance for you too

  39. These crooks turning this country into a nation of RENTERS after we already paid for everything is not only despicable it cannot be sustained. This economy stinks and not too many people can afford high priced rentals…..or want to throw that kind of money out of the wndow. The maintenance & the property taxes are way to high for these crooks to turn the profits they would need to get a rental ponzi scheme going. Foreclosed homeowners are stripping these houses before they leave. It’s a joke. Throw the foreignors out. They are ransacking and destroying the country WE THE PEOPLE WORKED..BUILT & PAID FOR.

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