Banks Using Paid Spinners to Undermine Blogs and Other News Media

Be careful what you read and how you use it. Not everyone has background like mine in investment banking, bond trading, accounting, law and layering (securitizing). That goes for the latest “plant” that is taking up 50% of the comments of our blog with false facts, no training or education and nonetheless an opinion that I have sold out to the banks. Their point is that anyone can be purchased if the price is high enough.

The only clue you need: If I had sold out to the banks, I wouldn’t be working at all. But not all banks are bad and not all bad banks do bad things all the time. We must be educated to understand when they go astray and what we can do about it.

My primary focus is on stopping foreclosure and getting restitution from the banks for the homes they stole.  That has not changed since I started in blog in October 2007 warning as many people as I could of the coming crash in the housing market and the coming crash in the stock market. I’ve published nearly 4,000 articles and all of them are still accessible on the blog.

So when someone gives you the impression that there is nothing can be done for you and nobody to help, then ask the key questions about their education, training and experience and where they got their information so you can check it out. Ask them if they are being paid by the banks and whether the “Sell-out” was their’s.

Here some unequivocal statements and where I stand:

  1. Except as an expert witness for borrowers, I have never received single penny in compensation from any bank, financial institution, pseudo financial institution, or credit union, indirectly or indirectly nor am I the least be interested in having such discussions with them.
  2. It is my premise that most of the mortgage liens  during 2001-2-11 were not perfected which means they cannot be enforced.
  3. It is my premise that the note, whether the original is presented as a signed original or not (they are very good at faking it) presents material variations from law, fact and the expectations of the actual lender. Industry underwriting rules were abandoned because there was no risk to the intermediaries in the false securitization chains by which they now claim a right to payment or a right to foreclose. The investor would not have advanced money for bogus mortgage bonds if they knew the real deal on the loans offered and the borrower would have been in a position to know the real terms as set forth in bond indenture instead of the partial truth exhibited in the note. The fundamental purpose of TILA — to give the consumer choice in the marketplace — was thus removed.
  4. The document trail starts and compounds violations of basic law — that each transaction must be supported by consideration.
  5. The real debt owed to the real creditor is not correctly stated in virtually any of the declaration of default, foreclosure or auction and in many cases might be zero resulting from the trillions of dollars made in “proprietary trading” conducted by the investment banks or their affiliates. These “trades” were sham trades by which investor money was used for “trading.” Since the Master Servicer retained the right to pull the rug out from a pool whether there were apparent loans or not, they could gamble freely knowing that the profits would be retained by the banks and the losses would be fabricated and thrown at the investors contrary to the express terms of the pooling and servicing agreement.
  6. Had the proceeds of insurance, credit default swaps and other exotic instruments been paid to the principal (the investor who advanced funds for the purchase of bogus mortgage bonds) the liability to the lender/creditor would have been reduced regardless of whether or not the borrower was making payments and regardless of whether those payments were being collected by an authorized servicer.
  7. If the investors received any such money or even if it was merely their agent that received the money (investment banking affiliate) then the total liability would be reduced, as long as payment was received by agents of the real creditors.
  8. With the principal balance owed TO the creditor reduced, the balance due FROM the buyer is correspondingly reduced since a creditor can only collect the debt once.
  9. Based upon my analysis summarized above, it is my conclusion that most homeowners either owe much less than the principal amounted demanded by the pretender lender or even owes nothing if the liability was wiped out by third party payment. It is even possible, that with multiple time the same loan or pool share was sold, that the homeowner/borrower may have a right to collect the over payment received by the subservicer.


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  1. @Todd W: I am in the trenches with crooked judges and lying forging attorneys, too. I am now considering going back into fed court to nail them. There are very few attys out there who know what they are doing and are taking money from people and then not representing them properly. I have years of experience in litigation as well, not as an atty however. But so what!! Keep the pressure on.

  2. And, Marilyn… Garfield himself called it for what it is.

    Banks Using Paid Spinners to Undermine Blogs and Other News Media
    Posted on December 18, 2012 by Neil Garfield

    Be careful what you read and how you use it. Not everyone has background like mine in investment banking, bond trading, accounting, law and layering (securitizing). That goes for the latest “plant” that is taking up 50% of the comments of our blog with false facts, no training or education and nonetheless an opinion that I have sold out to the banks. Their point is that anyone can be purchased if the price is high enough.

  3. They are a bunch of inbreds. That is why they are so evil and how they keep all of their evil plans for World Domination alive. Rumor has it Angela Merkel is Hitler’s daughter…they are all said to be related by one satanic bloodline and they spread their demon seed onto unknowing victims. They buy and brainwash others. They certainly all seem to have one agenda, and it’s nothing good for mankind.

  4. guest….You clearly did not understand my statement….these crooks don’t intend to give back what they have stolen. I know this part of their evil plan..IS..complete communism..& it has been in the works since the Treaty of Verona….all 3 major wars were well planned. The third one being their evil endgame plan of Complete Communism. The set up for their manufactured “failure of socialism” began with the fraudulent inducement of the FED, the 16th Amendment and their first manufactured collapse of the stock market. F.D.R. and his so called social safety nets….all methods of robbery by the ILLUMINATI BANKING FRAUDSTERS…They hijacked us to rob us with fraudulent credit & investment scams…this is all about making us believe they own us…..they don’t ….because of THE ORIGINATION FRAUD…

  5. YES! When all the banksters are doing the same exact cirmes carrying on corrupted business in the same business model from the straw man lenders to the take overs with no transferrs of notes. Freddie and Fannie having a policy of not wanting any notes, the deregulation fo good protective law, the notes cashed and endorsed to blank, non of them ever enered into trust eve, by any of the strawman lenders nor the bigger TBTF banks.The need for fraud assignments to literally steal and unlawfully seize property with the blessing of the sheriffs helping to commit the crimes. From small financial institutes to the big one, with only the small ones being sacrificed to criminal charges to either make the public think something is being done or to rid the big banks of compitition. All the crime proven in color, with blantant disregard to the people being told THERE WILL BE NO CRIMINAL CHARGES OR PROSECUTIONS! Organized crime has become COSTCO AND SAMS CLUB SIZE! Our politicians and judges unraveling America in to destitution, the judges bantantly disregardijng “THE LAW” , blantant treason and terrorism being committed in almost every court room and every neighborhood in the U.S. and the entire globe. A total take over by organized crime from the dark underground to the foundation to the roof is being commited. This is outright EVIL at work and with years of diligent acts of crime and evil to make it all come to this point. This did not happen over night. And I agree it took thousands of people to enable this treason and terror over the entire globe.

  6. @ Stripes:
    “….These crooks who stole it and destroyed the economy certainly don’t intend to.”
    WRONG stripes: This was done by a lot of design & planning & legislation to make it happen. Many people have proved that with books, films & in courts. Whistle-blowers have testified to these crimes. you’r apparently not aware of them.

  7. There was a call for an indefinite moratorium on fraudclosures over 3 years ago by Robert Shear who authored a book about these crimes. He said on local talk radio it could take a decade or more to get to the bottom of this massive crime spree. The conflicts of interest are what I believe are preventing that. Obamas retirement is invested in Vanguard, one of the 4 largesse institutional investors who are invested in the Multinational Government Corp. America has been turned into a vast, multinational whorehouse by these traitor politicians who are the real entitlement people who want everything for free. They want all of us paying for their lavish lifestyles and their big fat pension plans. Use and abuse is all they do so they can carry on their complete stripping & robbery of WE THE PEOPLE…..after they use you up, they throw you into poverty and label you a deadbeat useless eater. That meme is coming everbodies way. They used us to carry out their evil plans for world domination, they no longer have any use for the majority of us other than becoming their slaves. How many pensions have been stolen in both the private and public sectors…..? Who is going to pay for all of that missing money….? These crooks who stole it and destroyed the economy certainly don’t intend to. That is why they are blaming us and want us to die broke and homeless with no way to recover. That is why they are sweeping our robbery under the rug…..nothing to see here….WRONG…! To say oh well, they robbed us of everything just move on… will get it back….OH HELL NO YOU WON’T ….. BELIEVE THAT YOU ARE NEVER GETTING BACK WHAT THEY STOLE….Then there will be outrage by the people the likes we have never seen since the last Revolutionary War…that is what these criminals really fear….and why they want to disarm us…..the day WE THE PEOPLE really wake up and realize they are going to be living in poverty till the day they die, and it was well planned and instituted by traitors from within. That is what people don’t want to hear…..the depressing truth IS….that they are being turned into homeless, broke, fraudulently induced slaves ….and that will be permanent …. there will be no working your way out of the poverty these crooks created for WE THE PEOPLE….

  8. I trully believe if the rule of law was followed the foreclosures would have been literally stopped permanently long ago. There would not be one foreclosure. That is the problem the rule of law is not being followed.

  9. There are illegal conflicts of interest all over the place thanks to these Wall Street crooks. That is the #1 reason all of these fraudclosures should have been halted indefinitely long ago. That is also the reason they haven’t been, because the politicians at all levels of Government are also heavily invested in our demise. Fraudclosure is not only criminal, it is treason coming from the highest levels of Government. These are the most corrupt traitors in history who have allowed these foreign dictators to hijack our country by credit and investing scamming.

  10. Here is an easier way to copy THE LAW!

  11. For some reason part of my sentence that was there, did not copy onto the post. Guessing from what I see in the courts across thiscountry about 90-95 % of the judges are going by unconstitutional law and are bought , and or biased judges. I dont think I am to far off on that count if not to low

  12. Guessing from what I see in the courts across this the judges are going by unconstitutional law and are bought , and or biased judges. I dont think I am to far off on that count if not to low. I would like to see real statistics to expose the judges. They are the worst of the worst human beings enabling this horrific crime. Thank God above for the judges with morals and humanity and principles. But they seem to be fewl Look at the unconcionable law the bar in Calif. just pushed through, No lawyer can be paid for helpiing homeowners accomplish modifications. OMG! What next a militay take over? It has just about come to the point that the law does not allow the citizens to own homes. Just not straight foreward! Unlawful seizures in the millions and our government knows the crime and just what caused it and whom the real victims are and conceal and pass laws taking away our rights. These crimials all of them will go down in history as modern day Nazi’s.

  13. @ STRIPES:

    Re: “stripes, on December 20, 2012 at 10:45 am said:
    The truth is Wall Street created $700 trillion in mortgage fraud debt….”

    Stripes, you’re right on. & all gov. agencies & their officers (judges included) are in on this massive crime.
    The Law By Frédéric Bastiat Audio Book Part 1/9

  14. ill look at it and get back to you. really busy right now .

  15. In re the question of law for the debt not being subject to being paid twice. This is a reply from a paralegal friend: The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the corresponding state statutes cover debt collection. Specifically, Section 807 (A)(2) covers misrepresentation of the character and status of a debt. Once a debt has been collected, I would anticipate that suit could be brought (via a counterclaim) against the new collecting party to make them prove up the debt. Once the court sees that the debt has been collected by one collector, they can injunct the other debt collector from collecting on the same debt; or, what might be fun in the alternative, is to bring the original debt collector in as a third-party defendant and sue them for not “clearing up” the debt issue so that it doesn’t expose the Plaintiff to double liability. That would stop a lot of this overlapping of debt collector cases and multiple plaintiffs trying to foreclose on the same piece of property … see attached.

    .I think you are trying to find what I am trying to find, once the fraudsters are paid once for the debt then try to collect the house it shoudl and is illegal. Proving they collected money already and sold it several times plus on the stock market or in the PSA takes nvestigation on a Bloomberg terminal. I have a case law sent with this email if you want to look at the case law email me at

  16. thx. shelley–for a change something helpful. But I am still looking for two things: the second comment in this string I have still not gotten an answer to and I want a case that says you can’t collect twice on the same note–that is, if its been paid, its been paid, or two lenders can’t come forward claiming the same note. thx. happy new year

  17. It is terrorism being waged on the American people by a group of Corporate Government spooks who have become completely corrupt and are oppressing WE THE PEOPLE…..Never give up your guns. Stop cooperating, complying & conforming with their criminal fraud wherever possible.

  18. People are telling me they are worried about this fiscal cliff and the criminal government wanting to take away our rights especailly arms . People are scared!

  19. CNBC reporting Holiday Retail Sales weakest since 2008…….They are saying shoppers worries kept them from spending. I say the American people are simply FED UP with the high prices and their lowered incomes due to massive financial fraud committed by Wall Street. They may also be realizing the entire retail aspect of Christmas is way out of line with its true meaning.

  20. What the media calls the “new normal”…… “foreclosure” …..and the fiscal cliff and Obama calls “moving forward” & “progress” are highly deceptive and criminal terms they are using to replace the rule of law with Complete Communist Corporate Government theft. They are replacing stolen social safety nets, WE THE PEOPLE already paid for by calling those guilty sounding names, so called, “entitlement programs” when in fact, these criminals robbed them and are replacing them with even shittier social justice programs that are creating Complete Communism like Obamacare and extended welfare programs. Politicians call our robbery, “missing pension money” and “budget deficits.” These are in reality, code words for our ongoing robbery. They are lying to the people and are imposing austerity by progressive taxation policies and cutting programs WE THE PEOPLE already paid for. It is a very deceptive cover up for the crimes of the FEDSTERS via Wall Street, allowed by the traitor politicians who used our savings as a limitless credit card. They are creating Complete Communism and calling it other names that sound “nice” to continue robbing and bankrupting the American people. It is simply re-socialism under the guise of money lending that never happened because of the Origination Fraud and they are using that to rob us out of everything and are creating complete communism as a replacement for our robbery by them. This robbery of our freedom & independence is being done by criminals who are using innocent sounding names so we accept complete communism under the guise of just “rise above” the fraud…and this is being done right in front of our faces.

  21. Have you noticed almost every show on TV mentions the slow economy and foreclosures in the show itself? Like it is common and part of life now.? With the government giving permission to Freddie and Fannie lawbreakers, I allege them to be law breakers themselves and criminals of the worst kind, to raise interest rates on homeowners underwater and still hanging on paying their inflated falsely appraised houses, this crime will be evident to more and more homeowners becoming homeless. That are not even on the books yet as being alleged defaulters. It is becoming apparent our government officials are acting on behalf ot the greedy rich and powerful to steal all property. Just as the government intended the HAMP program to help the banks and never intended to help the homeowenrs and even lured unsuspecting homeowners into alleged default and foreclosure by telling people to get behind inorder to steal property not in default. People need to wake up and stop this crime. Or they will be the next ones on the default jobless list. And when the last one falls there will be no one to protect them either. The homes are being stolen in waves to keep the people from seeing the evil and the crime until they are the next on the list of jobless or incomeless. I now have a waive of new customers telling me they are laying off employees for the first time in forthy years. Customers whom told me they could not figure out why people cliamed there are no decent jobs, they were busy, now coming to me telling me they are worried! There is no work out there. I believe this is by design to sieze all property and wealth. Find good attorneys and call and email and write your represenatives and vote out the evil. Call for judges to be disbarred and debenched if they are ruling by the rule of bank law and not the rule of law. Take the time to go to the court proceedures agaisnt homeowners and become knowledgable on what is happening to the American dream and why. Call for prosecution of the banksters and enablers.

  22. If Bank of America (Chase, Wells, Citi) Does Not Own The Mortgage, They May Not Collect or Sue….
    December 21st, 2012 | Author: Matthew D. Weidner, Esq.
    The term “servicer” is a fabricated term, a frankenstein legal term that has no legal meaning. It was made up by the banks and Wall Street cartels….for far too long, courts have let them get away with it. But our friend, the angel of foreclosure defense April Charney shares these nuggets with us:
    If an entity does not own the account, or if it is not owed, the collector may not collect or sue. E.g., Cox v. Hilco Receivables, L.L.C., 726 F.Supp.2d 659, 666 (N.D. Tex. 2010) (“Improperly identifying oneself as the owner of a debt is certainly a misrepresentation of that debt’s legal status”); Wallace v. Washington Mut. Bank, F.A., 683 F.3d 323 (6th Cir. 2012) (suing before ownership documents transferred); Bourff v. Rubin Lublin, LLC, 674 F.3d 1238, 1241 (11th Cir. 2012) (misidentification of BAC as creditor); Shoup v. McCurdy & Candler, LLC, 465 Fed. Appx. 882, 885 (11th Cir. 2012) (misidentification of MERS as creditor); Gearing v. Check Brokerage Corp., 233 F.3d 469, 472 -73 (7th Cir. 2000) (allegation in its state court complaint that it was “subrogated” to Ayerco’s rights gave a false impression as to the legal status); Grant-Hall v. Cavalry Portfolio Services, LLC, 856 F.Supp.2d 929, 942 (N.D. Ill. 2012) (misrepresenting that CPS had the right to file suit); Manlapaz v. Unifund CCR Partners , 2009 WL 3015166 *5 (N.D. Ill. 2009) (suing on a debt it did not own); Matmanivong v. Unifund CCR Partners, 2009 WL 1181529 *5 (N.D. Ill. 2009) (same); Hepsen v. J.C. Christensen and Associates, Inc., 2009 WL 3064865 *5 (M.D. Fla. 2009) (false representation of creditor’s name); Braatz v. Leading Edge Recovery Solutions, LLC, 2011 WL 9528479 *1 (N.D. Ill. 2011) (identifying two companies might cause consumer to be concerned about the possibility she was being defrauded or that she might pay the incorrect creditor and continue to have outstanding debt).

    ShareScridb filter

  23. That’s right Shelley….Merry Christmas…….ho…..ho….ho…..

  24. I agree Masterservicer certainly sounds like a bank plaint. One of the biggest issues I have tried to stress is the foreclosers were not filed with the secretary of state None of them. I believe now they change of the assignments to new parties is to have parties foreclosing that are now licensed in the state. The judges dont seem to care in courtrooms that are a crime scene. It has mattered to courtrooms going by the rule of law and I have seen this very issue mentioned in caselaw across the country. In Washington State MERS nor RECONTRUST nor Deutsche Bank Nat’l Trust were nor are now licensed with he secretary of state and these parties have foreclosed on thousands. of homes. This is huge! As far as I can see.

  25. I think a spammer is involved here. His or her name is TheWTFSOB and I directly address that individual.

    FRIDAY, DECEMBER 21, 2012

    KingCast and Mortgage Movies Celebrate as Baltimore Judge Justin J. King nails robo-signer and fraudclosure Attorney Thomas P. Dore on three ethics violations; sanctions to follow.

  26. happy holidays to all

  27. The seconds are a joke when they don’t even have legal enforcement rights on the firsts…The Bk attorney my sister hired told her she could not extinguish the second in Bk…..and not to tell the bank who already fraudclosed on her and she is fighting eviction that she was filing Bk.. The bank recently told her she does not qualify for a loan mod because she failed to send all the paperwork which is a lie. Now they told her to resubmit the paperwork. This is the face of evil.

  28. john, a lot of time they wrote 80/20’s, the 20 for the downstroke to qualify for the 80, when borrowers went in to close one loan. This is still a big argument that the banks won’t recognize the fact that the seconds they hold (while also holding the first) are worthless.

    The ridiculousness is becoming more ridiculous.

  29. gotta be licensed by the Secretary of State. period.

  30. For the latest on the biggest financial fraud in history……

  31. @usedkarguy – that case you linked may be important to anyone being foreclosed in Utah by Recontrust. Hope we hear what the court finally decides. The fact that B of A made the settlement with the homeowner tells at least me that B of A knows it’s got a loser on its hands. Which reminds me: do we know of any consensus of what
    “doing business” in a state is? I think we need one. Recon claimed it wasn’t doing business, essentially, in Utah because it did everything
    from its Texas office. NV ruled that Quality Loan Services, the infamous sub-trustee, had to be licensed to act in regard to properties located in NV. I suppose they’d have to be registered to do business in NV to get that license, but that area of study was a really long time ago, so can’t really say.
    I once looked into ‘doing business’ in regard to lenders not licensed in a particular state but making loans there anyway. If I remember correctly, whether or not it was kosher depended on the amt of contact in the subject state. But what is contact? I don’t recall – too bad. Is it by phone? email? Face to face? Where were any docs signed?
    Every note ever executed has the location where it’s executed on it (supposed to) – city (or county) and state. Fwiw, it’s always been my understanding it’s the place of execution (not the property or borrower’s address) which determines the state UCC which applies to the note. So no big deal there, maybe, altho maybe a company was making loans without the appropriate license or worse for them – there was no corporate structure (in that state) which made the loan, so: no corporation actually made the loan – it would be one or more individuals (?) who made the loan, which would impact any alleged corporate endorsement imo.
    And I’ve wondered how the UCC state jives with any competing law(s) regarding securitization. Is there any conflict and if so, how problematic is it?

    Hmmmm….the no corporate structure in a state.makes me wonder. If one got a loan in CA from a NY corporation which is found to have conducted (unlicensed and unregistered in a nutshell) business in CA by way of the contact rules (if that’s the bar), did one get a loan from a “corporation” and would an endorsement from that NY but not CA corporation be valid?

  32. @usedkarguy – I would be very interested in the arguments.

    I was reviewing some of my older cases and I found this one
    (below) which I take to mean a homeowner may bifurcate a partially
    unsecured 2nd on his home. I’m getting removed from bk
    issues, but don’t I remember that one may strip a wholley unsecured second? But this is different, as it deals with a second which is partially secured (and therefore not “stripable” in its entirety). If this info pans out, it means people who got thrown into ridiculous teaser-rate seconds (for instance) might be able to get rid of the unsecured
    portion. Well, that portion will go into a bk debtor’s unsecured debt column. I didn’t read this as carefully as I might, but I’m pretty sure that’s what this case says (that one may bifurcate a second into secured and unsecured). We might have already thought or known this, but my memory is not so hot.
    But, a reminder: C-13 debtors have to keep an eye on the
    unsecured debt limits in bk, so you’d have to see what the
    unsecured amt does to your own limit. We have to fight where
    we can, and if this says what I take it to say, I will be
    thrilled if homeowners who got stuck with those morally
    reprehensible teaser-rate seconds can get some relief.

    This is not legal advice. Ask a competent bk lawyer.
    One thing I would ask a bk attorney, just in case it’s necessary, is if the unsecured amt puts one over the unsecured debt limit, can one OPT to retain a secured amt (on the second) so the unsecured amt wouldn’t put one over the unsecured limit.
    That might be first impression, but if there’s no law against it,
    maybe one could.

  33. @usedkarguy: I would be very interested in the arguments.

    I was reviewing some of my older cases and I found this one which I take to mean a homeowner may bifurcate a partially unsecured 2nd on his home. I’m getting removed from bk issues, but don’t I remember that one may strip a wholley unsecured second? But this is different, as it deals with a second which is partially secured (and therefore not “stripable” in its entirety). If this info pans out, it means
    people who got thrown into ridiculous teaser-rate seconds (for instance) might be able to get rid of the unsecured portion. Well, that portion will go into a bk debtor’s unsecured debt column. I didn’t read this as carefully as I might, but I’m pretty sure that’s what this case says (that one may bifurcate a second into secured and unsecured).
    We might have already thought or known this, but my memory is not so hot.
    But, a reminder: C-13 debtors have to keep an eye on the unsecured debt limits in bk, so you’d have to see what the unsecured amt does to your own limit. We have to fight where we can, and if this says what I take it to say, I will be thrilled if homeowners who got stuck with those morally reprehensible teaser-rate seconds can get some relief.
    This is not legal advice. Ask a competent bk lawyer. And don’t forget, it may not even say what I think it says.
    One thing I would ask a bk attorney, just in case it’s necessary, is if the unsecured amt puts one over the unsecured debt limit, can one OPT to retain a secured amt (on the second) so the unsecured amt wouldn’t put one over the unsecured limit.
    That might be first impression, but if there’s no law against it, maybe one could.

  34. The truth is Wall Street created $700 trillion in mortgage fraud debt on money the U.S. TAXPAYER lent the FED,…It wasbacked by $12 trillion in real estate now worth around $8 trillion. No amount of loan mods, refis, short sales or fraudclosures are going to cure this massive fraud. Any taxes, money or property they are allowed to collect is juice money that only empowers these crooks to terrorize us even more ruthlessly. I agree with Neils strategy…..Not complying, conforming & cooperating with these criminals is the best form of punishment WE THE PEOPLE can serve these crooks.

  35. Neil:
    Plenty of paid spinners & shills also posting comments on this website. Two of the recent ones I noticed appear under “MASTERSERVICER” & “Guest”.
    Watch out folks. don’t fall for crap.

  36. @jg re: MERS my cnsl. is arguing a case in a couple days against a MERS transfer. here in WI. i will post results.

    BAC Recontrust loses in Utah.

  37. Bank paid spinners …..AKA….DISINFO AGENTS are all over this site trying to block the truth about this financial scam. We need more citizen warriors.

  38. Neil knows I am constantly being trashed by Government paid trolls for speaking the truth. These trolls are constantly attacking one pro se defendant. Add up how many trolls I’m fighting. Thankfully I am a warrior.

  39. just scroll past and dont read what you dont want to read it takes a second or two. I still read others posts and some of the links and i THINK FOR MYSELF,
    This blogg is no different to any other.

  40. 83 out of 167 posts are from one single individual whose only intent is to insult everyone without exception.

    This blog has now officially been trashed to such an extent that it is doubtful it will recover. Sad.

  41. Gwen…what are you doiñg to uphold the rights of WE THE PEOPLE…..stupid.,..?

  42. If WE THE PEOPLE have to enforce the law then what are we paying these people for….?

  43. No one is enforcing the law or our rights so I guess it is up to WE THE PEOPLE to make sure the judges are.

  44. All of the essential elements necessary to prove fraud are present and on the face of many of the documents.

  45. the law stupid. the elements must be met. can u do that.

  46. Where’s the crime…? WOW….you are a traitor. If you think I don’t know about corruption you don’t know I live in the most corrupt county in the country and come from a law enforcement family. I spit in the eye of these crooks.

  47. IMHO Gwen…you are dangerous because you are obviously somehow invested in this scam. If that is true…that is treason…that is despicable, and you should recuse yourself from this site.

  48. I don’t have a problem, except with people like you who don’t understand the system. I do have a problem with many judges who do’t follow the rule of law. But saying “where’s law enforcement” is worthless. What’s the crime? Is there a crime. Do you think Beau Biden gave up on criminal cases because he wanted to? The problem is criminal intent–try proving it in these cases under the law. Try proving fraud under the law. You are clueless. You don’t understand what it takes to make a case, prosecute a case and win a case and survive on appeal. .

  49. And who pray tell would ever believe your tripe? Not I or any serious attorney trained in the law and learning this area by trial and error and lots of work which you could not ever dream of doing or could do. Save us all–shut up.

  50. You have it all wrong Gwen…#1…I am a woman….#2…I would walk out on you in 10 minutes or less.

  51. Some Americans don’t want loan mods or short sales….they want justice.

  52. I don’t give legal advice as I am not licensed currently although it is pending. I speak with lawyers and give them advice as asked for with the appropriate disclaimers. In any event, if you walked into my law office when I practiced, I would show you the door after 15 minutes. Clients like you are dangerous, never happy, and likely to sue their lawyers as well as the other side. You are the classic victim and it is always someone else’s problem not yours. I worked twenty years with pyschologists, pyschiatrists and various professionals in the mental health field to help weed out the victim from the person who was truly harassed in the work place.and suffered as a result thereof. I helped debunk MMPI on sexual harassment issues. You sir, are a classic victim. No one will ever be able to help you, and no lawyer should ever try.

  53. There are pro se’s Gwen…you need to face it …… some Americans just aren’t trusting the attorneys or believing the manufactured b.s.

  54. You obviously have issues Gwen that go way beyond this forum. You are arguing with a victim of this scam. So what is really bugging you..? It is not my fault there are no attorneys fighting the fraud…SHEESE…….GIVE ME A BREAK..YOU ARE BEYOND RIDICULOUS……WHERE IN THE HELL IS LAW ENFORCEMENT …? THAT IS THE REAL PROBLEM.

  55. We all have our paths to tread in life i try
    not to judge. I hate fighting i know how had a lotta practice .., but i hate fighting. Non resistance doesnt mean taking it lying down
    It means letting it play out and allow the truth to prevail, that doesnt mean be inactive ypu gotta act and protect yourself, just stand in truth snd let god help you.
    If god is gor me who can br against me.

  56. I am not here to have a contest with Gwen or anyone else. She attacks me but she can’t debunk me. Now, if she were here to help then why isn’t she coming up with anything relevant to debunk me. .? I asked her a simple UCC question & she never answered it. She sounds like a real tool IMHO…She claims to be 35 year professional but she talks a lot of b.s.

  57. We all have our psths to tread in life
    I di not judge. I hate fighting i know how had a lotta practice .., but i hate fighting.

  58. Stripes, you are so clueless. Class? No one has ever accused me of not having class in the face of overwhelming assholes like you shitting on me. I’m just sick and tired of your bullshit. As for stating my background, it was not meant to extol myself, but merely meant to express to those who read my posts, I have serious background as a lawyer in serious litigation unlike idiots like you who spout garbage. You call me “evil” . What a joke. Its lawyers like myself with similar background and there are dozens around the country who get together on line and speak and work toward a common goal. But we frequently lament that it is people likek you who are making our work ten times more difficult. Class. You would not recognize it if it stared you in the face. You have no clue as to my legal history, my work, my background.. Attempting to advise you that I do have some serious legal background from which to devise legal strategies for myself and other lawyers has only given rise to your insulting not only myself, but others like me, who truly are making contributions to this. Enough of this garbage. I’m out of this line. I have had enough of your garbage to last three lifetimes.

  59. I say that every day Deborah, only by the Grace of God have I come this far. I don’t trust Gwen or anyone who attacks the human spirit. Most attorneys I have encountered have done that. That is evil. She should have some class and act like the professional she claims to be.

  60. pro se in the court room- dont want to be there, id rather do anything than that, gwen knows my story and i know hers , love the gal. no contest stripes, seriously.
    thing is when your back is against the wall and you have gone the atty route and been let down miserably, you do the best you can, with what ya got, im not bitching and moaning about it i just keep going, but ill tell you this im still standing by the grace of god, and only , by the grace of god.

  61. You are right about one thing, we are all learning.

  62. All I hear from you Gwen is blah…blah…blah….you keep extolling your own virtues but you keep attacking the truth. I am not impressed by that. Obviously 35 years of experience has robbed you of more than your law license ….they have also stolen your soul.

  63. The reason I stopped writing on this site and sharing what I know and have learned is because of people like you stripes. Me arrogant? Anyone who knows me at all would say that is the last word in the dictionary to describe me. The person who is arrogant here is you and the likes of people like you who think that 35 years of legal experience can be replaced by selective reaing of cases and the law. You cannot possibly replace what peoplelike myself have done in the court system at all levesl and your arrogance that makes you believe that you can is what is hurting people. I have 400 hours of mediation training and over a 1000 hours in mediation. I have worked in antitrust, products, e & o on the defense side. I was the only woman in the Hyatt Regency collapse litigation who was a firt tier lawyer. I have 25 years representing individuals against every major metropolitan area within 100 miles of my homeI have sued every single major corporation iin my area. I had the first $1m verdicct for sex har. I have sued every governmenet agency and every military branch for discrimination and whistleblowing. I have tried over 100 major cases and lost only one jury trial in 25 years. I have filed briefs in every level of the trial and appellate courts in the two states that I live adjacent to; I have filed briefs in the 8th, 10th, 7th circuit courts of appeal personally and the USSCT. I have written briefs for lawyers in the 4th, 5th, 9th and 10th cir courts of appeals. I have tried over five doz administrative trials In my own case there have been over 400 filings. I have worked with Dave Krieger extensively since 2009. I have spent over 3000 hours investigating and researching and read an average 500 to 700 pages a week. I converse on line with countless older attorneys like myself who are working in this area to assist people without any compensation or minimum compesnation. And its people like you who disgust me and don’t help. You are a blow hard. This is not the French Revolution. This is not a civil war. You make change by changing the system from within and working from within. One case at a time with a hell o a lot of work. You are clueless and could not possibly do the work of any number of lawyers I know. So stop your rant and get a life doing something you might be capable of. But practicing law without knowing even the basics I suggest you stop doing as well as anyone else. You have pieces. You do not have the whole puzzle. And even if you did, you do not understand the court civil practice area of the law and how it affects even good cases. The interplay of the bankrtuptcy court, trial courts in state and federal venues is unique in this area of the law and has never occurred. But not one of you seem to understand the effecct of the confluence on these cases. So when you have the 35 years that I and a number of other lawyers have working for individuals who are shit upon by corporations maybe I will have some respect for you. In the meantime, you are a frigging blowhard. Nothing more. You were banned once and hopefully you will be banned again. If this makes me a blowhard or arrogant so be it. But at least I have the background and understand every day is a learning experience and may change the law. Something the ranters and ravers don’t get.

  64. BTW Gwen…as I stated yesterday I will continue reporting from the trenches and speaking out against the largest financial fraud in history until I see justice for WE THE PEOPLE.

  65. LOL…Gwen…you sound disgruntled. It’s difficult but, not rocket science. Seems like you are so arrogant that you can’t believe someone without a law degree could figure this crap out. As I have said, it is not wise to underestimate people. Besides, think of the possibilities of an online education for WE THE PEOPLE. It could save the country.

  66. you don’t get anything right Stripe, because you are clueless and have no serious background to discuss these issues. Lawyers with 35 years experience working in this area of the law are perplexed and have contrary views. To suggest that pro se litigants with minimum exposure to the law or the issues have any business rendering “legal opinions” as they do, is absurd. Your rants are a perfect example why those of us with serious legal training don’t want pro se’s in the courtroom. You make bad law and you are cluelss that you make bad law. Please find one lawyer who believes that a pro se litigant belongs in the courtroom on these issues. You won’t find a serious lawyer who believes that and it is the number one issue that is discussed among lawyers–how to stop people like you from screwing up case law and “rendering legal opinions”. Do everyone a favor and shut up and find something else to rant about. I’ve had enough of your rants in 24 hours to fill a lifetime. Make it your new year’s resolution: “I will not post any more rants on LL”.

  67. I knew I had it right. Thanks …

  68. 3rd case reversed in less than 3 weeks. It takes one major win on appeal to completely change the trend in any given states. Hence the need to keep fighting.

    The link takes you to the actual opinion.

    For about two decades, the mortgage industry’s foreclosure and modification scams have destroyed lives, stripped wealth; turned county land and court records into crime scenes, and decimated parts of Ohio. Ohio courts have surveyed the damage, and appear to be cleaning up the massive frauds upon its Honorable Courts.

    Ohio’s 11th Circuit Reverses Freddie Mac v. Rufo,
    and overrules its holdings in four more cases

    To the extent this court’s prior holdings in Cart, supra; Yeager, supra; Behrens, supra; and Shaffer, supra, are inconsistent with the Supreme Court’s holding in Schwartzwald that standing is jurisdictional, we overrule our holdings.

    Opinion also cites: “When the trial court lacks subject matter jurisdiction, its final judgment is VOID.”

  69. She’s back full speed with her insanity, capitals included, and apparently with Garfield’s blessing.

    Breidenbach: Ohio reversed Freddie v. Ruffo on Schwartzwald’s grounds. It’s the 3rd case in a couple of weeks.

    I’m out of here.

  70. You scumbag crooks should pay back what you’ve stolen from us out of the quadrillions you have hidden out of the country.

  71. Your a dirty rotten liar shadowcat. You & your criminal friends are all going to hell. I have never collected a dime in tax payer money and always pay everything I owe in a timely manner. You crooks destroyed this place….YOU SHOULD PAY FOR IT……NOT US….

  72. How many trillions has the FED stolen from us in bailouts already….? $50-60 trilliion…?….No one really knows. How much money was the real estate worth in the first place….$12 trillion….. now worth around $8 trillion……and Obama & CONgress say we owe $16 trillion more…? THE WORLD GDP IS $60 TRILLION & HALF OF THAT NUMBER IS THE U.S G.D.P……Shadowcat said do I want my kids & grandkids to pay for all of the fraud by these crooks…..? That quadrillion in fraud Wall Street created can’t be repaid in any of our lifetimes…..that fraud can never be repaid no matter how much property and wealth these crooks steal & extort. Fraudclosure & any new taxes is just outright robbery…Audit the Treasury all the way back to 1982. Arrest the crooks and seize their overseas bank accounts. Abolish the FED..!

  73. You dont pay taxes sweetie, not income taxes and not property taxes. As a matter of fact.. you get your income out of your mailbox, curtisy of the taxpayers. Tell the Truth! You are just another freeloader taking advantage of loop holes in the system. You are No Better than a Bankster. Greed is Greed! You critize attorneys because they see you for what you are. Poof! Be Gone!

  74. Is MERS a beneficiary? How could it be when it’s 1) just a utility and 2) has no economic interest in the note? Is MERS an agent? No, it isn’t, despite what 100 courts have said or might say. Show me where MERS’ is apptd an agent and where the appt meets the statute of frauds which governs agency agreements when it comes to real property. No one has or can, and because the agency is about real property, it may not be implied – as a matter of law. Courts determining that MERS is an agent can only be doing so as a matter of interpretation, because any agency is not expressed – and that’s the bar for this particular agency: it must be expressed and can’t be found by implication. Show me one attorney who has argued this law.

    Is MERS a nominee for the original lender, at least lender as identified in the note? Is MERS a nominal beneficiary? Can a nominee assign the interest of the principal?
    Is there an attorney practicing foreclosure defense who knows the answer to this question, having considered it in the first place? MERS isn’t a true beneficiary because it has no economic or other interest in the note, which leaves the utility which is MERS to be only a nominal beneficiary at best (gag, even on that). So I ask again: can a nominee transfer the interest of the party for whom it acts as nominee? If so, where is the authority to do so found?
    How is MERS anything at all in regard to successors and or assigns?
    Isn’t the sole reliance for that proposition the language “its successors and or assigns” in the dot? Does that language sufficiently bind any actual successors and or assigns, does that language make MERS a nominee for successors and or assigns? Does this apply to any successor and or assign? What if I buy the note and I don’t want MERS as my nominee? To start the pi$$ing match, wouldn’t I first deny that MERS is my nominee and so MERS et al would have to
    prove too bad for me? How would they do that? Can MERS only act as nominee for its members? Where is this found? How many transfers of the dot were there before it allegedly got to a trust? Was everyone of the transferees a MERS’ member? How does one know?
    What does it mean if one or more weren’t?

    Is the last purported and unknown beneficiary”, which is actually most applicable and relevant, a MERS’ member for MERS to allege to act for? How does one know? Anyone ask? What made a dot assignee (off the recorder’s records) an assignee in the first place? A book / computer entry somewhere? Where? How does one know?
    Courts don’t get to make unwarranted assumptions and presumptions, but imo they are because of their own ignorance (or bent) or ours.
    Some will think this is beating a dead horse. It’s not dead, but it’s been left for dead – to our major detriment. We’ve rolled over and apparently don’t even know it.
    lay opinions – ask a lawyer or 10

  75. not sure what planet someone is living on, but I litigate all my own cases in Md, NY and LA and have been obstructed from not only geting discovery but wanker Md Asst AG is now trying to get protective order so sheriff doesn’t have to answer discovery, and court already granted protec order on wanker fraudclosure mill so I can’t even get RFA and RFP. whoever said “that is criminal” they can’t do that, wake up since I’ve not been able to get into a courtroom in 2.5 yrs. this is SOP across the country and we are working with homeowners in 16+ states

  76. We received an additional $80,000 in our own equity….? LMAO….How many payments did you pocket from us you crooks….? We put $100,000 down on a $290,000.00 house….what did you crooks do with our $100 G…? and half a million in house payments…? How many times did you sell investments in our notes….?


  78. How much debt did you crooks create with our signatures…and where did all of our payments go…? You want to divide up credit slips and enforce parts…..a fc is not enforceable in parts…it is one transaction. What part of what contract did you crooks perform…? Collecting & pocketing payments on money you borrowed in our names is not performance upon a contract. Show me the receipt that proves you performed on a contract….the we will talk. There must be proof of performance by all parties to the so called transaction.

  79. Where are our losses shadowcat……..? Where do I begin…..? That commercial property was our retirement money…..we invested a ton in that property & I have no idea what $80, 000.00…… you are talking about……that was our down payment. 25 years of busting our asses went into our properties….you are manipulative felons.

  80. The dark knight shooter and this new kid had something in common. Both fathers are execs for FICO and GE Financial. $200.000 in alimony Peter Lanza paid! What did he make? Both were slated to testify against LIBOR scandal. Too strange a similarity? UBS just agreed to pay $1.6 billion settlement. SO did HSBC.


  82. Thats right stripes the Fed lends Credit, and its Insured by the Taxpayers. NOT PAID UP FRONT! And you didnt have a pension or retirement to be taken in the 1st place now did you? So if you didnt pay for anything upfront and you didnt lose your retirement, you cashed out and recieved an additional $80,000 in equity just before they filed the first fc against you. So please show me where your losses are, please explain why you want your children and grandchildren to pay your debt for you via higher taxes?

  83. I never saw a judge deny discovery…in fact, the judge in my case told me I am well within my rights to ask for it. What States do you people live in….?


  85. U really are stupid if u actually believe that com u made to louise.


  87. Really Louise….? The judge denied you your motion to compel…your right to due process….? That is criminal. I can’t believe a judge would do that. I have never witnessed that. Did you get that on record….? If you requested discovery, and you were denied, the case can’t proceed.

  88. No Stripes the American People do not pay for everything upfront before they start printing paper. Its called credit and it insured by the TaxPayers… i.e… when it crashes, then we taxpayers start picking up the bill. That is what is happening now, first they stole our pension and retirement money, then our equity in our homes. Now the rest of the mess gets picked up by Future Tax Payers… our children and their children for generations to come. Let Me Repeat Myself.. The American People DO NOT Pay Upfront! This is something you have convinced yourself of to cover up your need for greed. Get Over It!

  89. Remember what Rahm Emanuel said…..Never let a good crisis go to waste.

  90. Best 2 min video on fraudclosure, and fraudcreditcard sham cases. We added to our Notice of Intent to Sue the crooks letters. Goal is to get this on every “judge’s” lap and dumbo debt collector. It’s one of the best short soundbite videos on the whole sham.

  91. Obama said hopefully better gun control will lead to a greater good. Beware the deceivers….these are wolves in sheep’s clothing. They won’t stop until they steal it all from us….Notice….there’s always a crisis they are bombarding us with. That is terrorism. How many die from other acts of violence that don’t involve guns…..?

  92. Obama just got told by a reporter in a press conference…the question started….What do you have to say to the American people now that you betrayed them by changing your stance on the fiscal cliff on SS..etc…of course Obama danced around the betrayed part and made up with b.s. excuses…..

    Obama also said most Americans agree with his stance on gun control. I respectfully disagree. Is the White House reading the blogs….? They don’t give a damn……….they are spinning this war on the Second Amendment off of traumitized victims. The Government should not be telling us what to do.


  93. have a good Christmas, Louise.
    I think this is exactly what Chris King was talking about.

  94. @Gwen,

    People who attack should be ready for the repercussions. I don’t know you, i have nothing to do with you and i never addressed you. I brief, I don’t need you.

    Good luck with your seminars.

  95. CNBC talking about no criminal prosecutions for UBS or libor….CFTC commissioner Chifton said a message has been sent … do not mess with the markets……

    As I have said…this is a full blown hostage situation by these crooks.

  96. @usedcarguy: I am still here and do think there is some form of insanity percolating through some of these remarks. Foreclosure defense has many new aspects to it, and the discovery issue is a big one. In my own case, I was not given discovery even though that is part of due process. I presented a motion to compel, and it was not read by the judge. He just ruled against me. No due process, but I have a loan mod. It is cowardly to accuse people unjustly, because they can hide behind their E-mails and the Internet. I am tired of accusations. You go, guy!! Merry Christmas.

  97. I only wish I had all the answers Gwen…then this nightmare would be over. All I can do is speak out against the injustice and do my best to try and effect a change for the better.

  98. Listen to yourself Gwen…you speak of the corruption that you claim got you disbarred and you attack the victims of this scam for speaking out against it. Most Americans don’t even know they are brainwashed by these criminals and sadly they defend their own abusers. I see this everyday. That is what keeps me up at night.

  99. I agree Gwen is exhibiting some very unprofessional behavior. If she is a peoples advocate like she claims, she would be applauding me for taking the bull by the horns and teaching myself something. Honestly, I had no choice because I couldn’t get law enforcement or an attorney to do their jobs. As I said many times before, this is all the direct result of no criminal prosecutions of these crooks. In a crime scene this massive, with so many victims, a cover up cannot be sustained. I hope Gwen understands that she is being hurt by these criminals, not by people like me. Know your enemies is what I believe.

  100. Nasty aren’t you. Perhaps you are not aware that hte Court who heard the actual disbarment called it a “witch hunt” of someone who was actually helping individuals but making large law firms look bad. Perhaps you are unaware that most judges in Mi courts did not support this and perhaps you are unaware that the judge who spearheaded the disbarment did so after I represented his secretary. Do you know the background of the disbarment? Most likely not. Do you know that Limbaugh is a conservative judge who did Judge Whipple’s bidding. You certainly don’t have a clue as to any of the issues in my disbarment. If you would like some actual knowledge, write me at I will send you the book on the issue which is printed and being distributed. I stand by my comments with you. You do not have a clue as to what you are talking about. You do no service to anyone. And you could learn quiet a bit about this if you did attend my seminar . Instead you wish to bash me about a disbarment that most people in the K.C. area realize was done to stop me from embarrasing eveery major lawfirm in the city, not one of whom ever one a jury trial against me and who repeatedly lost to me on every issue. So if you want to learn about the disbarment instead of trashing me on line, write me and anyone else may do so too. My resinstatement is pending and supported by countless lawyers and judges who know why my disbarment was put in place.

  101. Sad the truth being revealed about the bigest financial scam in history is so terrifying to some. BTW..Neil never booted stripes from this blog…you simply can’t debunk me.

  102. @Gwen,

    I don’t go out of my way attacking people for no reason and I have a hard time when people engage in that conduct. I have never
    communicated with you and I post what i believe is relevant info and on target (explain otherwise why Breidenbach and Deborah Wynn would thank me for it).

    Make no mistake: I do not need any seminar from you and I already have full legal representation, both for my house and my cabin and, three years down the road, I still own both.

    Lastly, isn’t the following directly in relation with you? Don’t attack anyone unless you are spotless and white as snow please. Apparently, it isn’t the case.

    “Although it may seem to Caranchini as though a snowball has precipitated an avalanche in this case, it is incumbent upon courts to maintain integrity, professionalism and civility among its practitioners.   The Missouri Supreme Court and the federal courts entrusted Caranchini with the right to represent others before their tribunals.   Courts cannot allow a blizzard of unethical conduct to sweep across an unsuspecting public.   We are not unsympathetic to the pleas of Caranchini, especially in light of the circumstances of her case, including the evidence presented in support of her rehabilitation, but this judgment reflects the protection of the public and not the unmitigated concerns of an individual.

    We recognize the many payments which Caranchini has now made in terms of monetary sanctions, professional service, and genuine contrition.   The idea that integrity, professionalism and civility should supplant “win at all cost” strategies has surely been a long lesson for Caranchini and should serve as a caution to every member of the bar in this Circuit.   Although the law compels us to affirm the district court, the record, along with Missouri’s procedure for reinstatement, suggests that the future may lead to her rehabilitation.

    The district court’s order of disbarment is affirmed.”

  103. I was able to catch a few words….something about go to law school & help others. Hows that working out for you Gwen..? You have no clue what I have done to help others. All I can say to you is….. it is not wise to underestimate people & you obviously don’t need a law degree to understand this scam. There is quite obviously more than one type of law at play here… I would literally need to go to law school for 20 years to cover all this ground. First & foremost, Law enforcement needs to do its job.

  104. Sorry…… my dear, you blinded me with your all caps tirade….. can’t see it…BTW…I am a woman….you are not very perceptive either.

  105. You would think I cracked the code to their safe or something by all these viscious attacks on me….LMAO..


  107. Remove me before I do damage to some lawyers case right Gwen…? You can’t debunk me so you are being quite cowardly asking Neil to violate my First Amendment rights. That is despicable and criminal as well. We pro se defendants are here at this site because of lawyers like you. God Bless America….the truth will prevail..

  108. Obviously Gwen is acting childish if she sees stripes and Christine as some sort of threat to what ever the hell it is that she is trying to do. I can’t quite figure out what that is but, she sounds confused and blaming others for that is a poor argument. If I can’t use a comment, I skip it but, most comments usually offer something useful. Being open minded is a gift.

  109. Hear me stripes and all you folks out there like him. I have no intention of engaging you in any conversation because you are clueless on these issues. Lawyers who have 35 years experience with whom I correspond spend hours on these issues while people like stripes dismiss them in a blog because of total ignorance. You choose to listen to stripes, you loose because he is totally and completely ignorant of serious legal issues. So no stripes, I won’t talk to you or engage you because it is a waste of my time which is better spent on my own case or helping lawyers who want my experience and writing ability to help them in their cases. Go rant and rave with someone else but this is the last email I ever respond to with regard to you. NEIL GET RID OF THIS IDIOT BEFORE HE DOES DAMAGE TO SOMEONE’S CASE AND YOU ARE HELD RESPONSIBLE

  110. no because people like you have all the answers so they claim while in reality they are part of the problem and have no answers whatsoever. I look forward to Neil striking you AGAIN from his blog and maybe those of us who do our homework anad are committed to serious research can use this blog. Until people like you are stricken and are relegated to some right wing conspiracy rant group we cannot move foreever. You are as much a “terrorist” as any entity and it is people like you that make our freedom of speech put at risk..

  111. I obviously don’t need your seminars Gwen.

  112. Please pardon my spelling errors today, I am struggling with a sticky keys issue.

  113. Gwen…I don’t see how Article 3 v 9 screws you….? You can’t have article 9 which governs secured transactions without article 3, which incorporates articles 1,2,4, 5 & 8. The Supreme Court of The United States have stressed that the alege injury must be legally and judicially cognizable. Ths requres, among other things, that the plantiff have suffered an “invasion of a legally protected interest which is concrete and particularized” (Lujan v Defenders of Wildlife, 504 U.S.). Plaintiff had to of performed on the contract in order for the security to have been created otherwise no “injury in fact” can be proven. Indorsment or Instruction does not Guarantee the Signature indorsement says article 8.


  115. any law who has practiced contracts knows this is horn book law. If we were wrong, the banks and their lawyers would be screaming bloody murder in briefs about this argument and they are not–when the banks don’t address an issue its because they have nothing to rebut it. This is one of those principles that does not need recitation.
    The other example of this I would give is when you file a brief or a lawsuit making claims under declaratory judgment. You wil lfind that the banks NEVER reply to the declaratory judgment claim except perhaps with denials in their answers. I have seen three Motions to Dismiss lately and/or MSJ on cases where the banks never addressed the DJ action although seeking total SJ. If you are seeking total SJ you have to address all of the Plaintiff’s or homeowners claims. When the banks don’t address the claim they are hoping you will not notice they are not addressing the claim. As I have always said, when responding to a defendnt’s motion, its not what they say, but what they don’t say and don’t address. If you practiced law, you would know that basic principle. Since you have not stated that principle it just tells me you are not a lawyer and have not got a clue as to how this is actually done in courts of law.

  116. first of all occasionally i log in, but the likes of christine and stripes make me crazy so I don’t. I’m around and working on my own case which is going on 3 years with a judge who hates me, my case and refuses to even talk to me. Amazing. Just filed my third motion to recuse and it has “disappared” they claim but I have a file stamped copy. On my way to courthouse in a few minutes despite my pneumonia.
    I’m interested in a followup to this because I am not sure I understand. Despite repeated requests for discovery on this issue in every way possible (req for production, admission, 30b6 dep) I have been unable to get any answers as to payments on the note. Now they claim that because Wilshire, Countrywide, BAC merged into BOA they don’t have to answer at all for those folks–interesting. I have been denied all discovery and even a discovery conference–I have gotten just about nothing. The diiscovery was a foot high and the court woud not even address the issues AT ALL. Now he has put a stay on discovery (what discovery?) pending ruling their motions for sj even though I filed a Rule 56 motion saying I don’t have what I need to answer the SJ–he has required that I answer all 3 msj on same day and name my expert even though I filed a motion saying I did not have what I needed to name experts! Biased? Unbelieveable. Never seen anything like it in my life. Which brings me to where I have been. I have been trying to get readmitted to the Bar and took the bar three times in the last few years flunking only the essay (contract and torts) by 30, 20 and 10 points. How coud I practice law for 35 years in these areas and get ZERO points on these two areas of the law and pass those areas of the law in multiple choice? Took three different review course and now taking a fourth to take bar in Feb. I am sure someone is screwing with my bar results but have not been able to prove to date. But between studying for the bar, doing a bit of real estate to eat, working on my own case and working for lawyers around the country writing briefs etc. I have been rather busy. Only when I am pissed do I write a reply.
    I have a new company which I am starting up and will be giving seminars and writig for lawyers. If you send me your email at I will send you materials. Stripes and Christine you are not invited to my seminars nor will I answer inquiries from you. Its a private company and I have the right to refuse work to whomever I chose and I will. .Happy holidays.

  117. who then to take by deposition? request for production? There has to be a way to get admissible evidence on this point. I have seen NO one at all tell us how to do that in any case and I look at dozens of cases every day. When I suggested recently in a filed ooc in my case that we turn the case upside down and address the issue FIRST of the value of the note, because if there is no value there can be no lien against the property, the Court refused to discuss this AT ALL although it is the easiest way to address standing actually. No value in the note, no deed of trust and no deed of trust, don’t have to get to the standing issue because they can’t foreclose on a note that does not exist folks One Citi lawyer actually said to me, OMG please don’t take my client’s dep. But the Court is refusing to address the issue at all this way. They wish to go the 3 v. 9 way to screw me for lots of reasons (just filed 3rd motion to recuse and even the filing of the motion disappeared from the court house–luckily I have a file stamped copy). Again, although I am fairly sophisticated litigator and been doing this since 09 for myself and others I need a little more specificity in your answer because I don’t understand what you are telling me and I don’t mind admitting I don’t understand!

  118. Deutsche bank created $91 million from one half a million dollar note. That is insane. Time to take the money printing machine out of their diabolical hands.

    Stars and stripes is right ….trust preferred shares are recognized as Tier one capital …at least till year end…. Therefore 5 percent cash controls 20 times the liquidity for member banks and foreign affiliate’s.


  119. gwen caranchini, on December 18, 2012 at 10:58 am said:
    Agreed. However does the master ser keep track of payments?

    The Trustee is a member bank affiliate or foreign central bank counter party …each reconciles income for book entry only under 1122 AB (See SEC rules ) . Its a single payment due for bond under a master deed of trust . All loans are presumed transferred under a general assignment. Its similar in respect to lien stripping by the trustee in a bankruptcy.. The lien is lifted as to have transferred from the estate as it it were free and clear of all encumbrances other than the aforementioned. The priority in recordings are under a New York county UCC filing. This is what is meant by the title having been siesed of the estate.and conveyed into trust .

    ***One U/D Possession claim rescinded and two Sale dates postponed 12 months …its getting better folks ….

  120. Normally I don’t have time to comment, but it’s the least I can do to give back from all that Neil has given to others in the past several years. Especially when it comes to trolls.

    Neil, as a former deep sea diver (many moons ago), and real estate investor/developer with an MBA whose $3M business was wiped out overnight by hurricane Katrina, I wound up being an “accidental litigator” after firing all the incompetent and crooked attorneys.

    I encourage everyone who has seen Neil and others attacked who are pushing back very hard against the global land grab, to take Notice (that means all the shills too) of the comments below, as they are hopefully instructive in how to “out” those shills.

    To be crystal clear, I have friends who are attorneys, and attorney acquaintances who go after crooked public servants, I have bus. partners who employ very smart patent attorneys, etc.

    Unfortunately in this game finding a good one is like a needle in 20 haystacks.

    After paying off over 60+ purported “loans” and alleged “credit” accounts, in the past 15 yrs, it wasn’t until Katrina almost wiped us out that I woke up.

    Never got 1 original wet ink note and mortgage/ DOT, or “credit” application back after being “paid in full”. We all know why, since they are functional money in a fiat debt based economy. (multiple replevin and conversion cases coming).

    With the DocX guilty plea, it’s giddy up time to pull trigger on all those slander of title complaints, that have been patiently waiting.

    That said, because I took to this litigating thing like a duck in water, I’ve been repeatedly attacked (cops, sheriff, attorneys, judges, government servants) and when I counter-attacked with my bare fangs looking for the rear end of those criminals to stick those fangs into, they all tucked and ran.

    Currently have 3 attorneys and 1 Realtor ducking service of process, and Asst MD AG trying to get protective order for sheriff so he doesn’t have to answer my discovery.

    When I sued them in NY (Schacks court) after immediate removal to fed court, Hogsden Russ (one of oldest law firms in the country in Manhattan) put a 30 yr, “complex litigation” attorney, partner in firm, and pro tem judge on my case to deal with little ole me. After collusion with fed judge, the pre-suit discovery complaint got buried and tossed.

    Ever since I “outed” fraudclosure mill attorney Thomas P. Dore (search Dore testimony on Scribd) under oath approx. 2.5 yrs ago, I’ve never been able to see the inside of a courtroom, despite “request for hearing” on every motion in multiple states.

    Mandamus to Court of Appeals of Md didn’t phase them, and appellate process evidenced the fact that the Md. appellate courts are rotten to the core with regard to fraudclosure cases (both as PLTF and DEF).

    It’s not a secret “just-us” hasn’t been served. Lawless America movie is just one piece of evidence, HSBC payoff for laundering drug cartel blood money is another.

    Since we are all making our record (everywhere), I had to comment on this most serious post to evidence the fact that I’ve had the same experience and those collective experiences evidence a pattern and practice of infiltration by agents of the wanker bankers, and their lackey attorneys, along with the other shills that lick their feet.

    We just caught a troll, who mysteriously starting making smart a…. comments (like a 6yr old) on a video evidencing corruption of the Maryland gov, pension fund, M&T Bank owns the judges in Md. etc. (posted in earlier comments)

    Video was quiet for over 10 mos. then when I go after multiple attorneys, Realtors, sheriff, and others, these trolls magically appear and start running their mouths. (see the pattern? they have a knee jerk response)

    Since the wanker attorneys hide behind the equally crooked judges, who not only obstruct access to the courts, deny due process and commit repeated acts of theft of honest services, giving rise to causes of action for violation of civil rights, constitutional torts, Title 18 complaints, etc. they have resorted to the same ole, when it comes to running their mouths about things they know nothing about.

    Since I litigate all my own cases, work with people in 16+ states and growing, I am lucky to see the patterns emerge over and over across the country.

    With over 7,000 hours in the last 5yrs in this game, I’ve seen where to find the answers, with a lot of help from Neil Garfield, and many others (Keating, Weidner, Shrout, Lavalle, et al.), who help connect the dots between trust law, tax law, commercial law, and accounting.

    It’s bad enough when a purported “hack” like me is attacked, which is actually fun, because when I attack back and tell smarta….. to run their mouths under penalty of perjury, the little cowards disappear.

    Those of the likes of Bob Hurt (who I used to respect) are total idiots, and if I had the time (I’m too busy just getting work done every day) I’d out them for the idiots and arm chair quarterbacks that they are.

    Hurt recently attacked Jean Keating as well, and I’d blow Hurt down the toilet in 5 min. He just happened to be peddling his own “service”. What a total clown.

    Hurt’s credibility and stock is now in the same asset class with all the other wankers, “AAA Air”. A little truth sprinkled on a lot of sh…. and the avg. Joe can’t tell the difference, but I can.

    For idiots like Hurt and Storm Bradford to attack people like Neil Garfield (who has more collective experience than most of the Johnny come lately, incl. me) evidences the fact they are hawking some lame program of their own, or they are truly a deep cover pawn of the crooked banks/ government goons.

    I contracted with former intel officer (I contacted him, not the other way around), to start figuring out who was planted a few years ago, developed a small herd of dumbos who follow their advice, then when the time is right, attack anyone who is actually exerting influence in beating the crap out of the crooked banks/ gov goons.

    Will update when we get further evidence of who they are working for. Hint, the really cowardly anonymous shills who don’t have the ba…. to attack head on, use masked IP addresse from an IP cloud pool to try to cover their inbound location but those can be found out as well.

    Always follow the money, and it adds up to the punks are purely either out for self interest/ greed, or they are working for the dumbo attorneys, crooked banks, judges, or a few steps removed from government goons. It always points back to one of those answers.

    A reasonable person, impartial trier of fact not suffering under mental disability, and layman grand juror who has not been tampered with by the state attorney (23 in Md), could make the same inference from the above facts.

  121. Besides…wall street created a quadrillion in fraud…there is no way to sustain that. The video posted below explains it…Deutsche bank created $91 million from one half a million dollar note. That is insane. Time to take the money printing machine out of their diabolical hands.

  122. Usedkarguy talks about the godless and he talks like a sadist..well if It quacks like a duck….you are orthodox in what way..? …sounds like you belong to the Church of Satan… The Govt Corp has become a TBTF monstrosity that serves no purpose to mankind. It is a bathouse full of whores that is becoming the slave plantation wet dream of some really sick individuals who have too much money and that is the result of generations of inbreeding. I don’t believe for a minute Obama was elected again….he is a deceptive dictator that was put in place by his inbred ancestors. We need a military intervention. We are all being held hostage by a small group of super rich inbreds who are terrorizing the entire planet.

  123. time for bed. I have a job.

  124. Christine, what did we say to light fuse this broad’s tampon?

    But seriously folks………

    GEEZ OH MAN!!! Chis King. How are you, dude? Nice to hear from you. Ya know, that’s a pretty logical explanation for all these whack jobs that come and go here. What else would they be doing once the web-blockers were installed and they couldn’t watch porn and buy stuff on their government credit cards online??? I’m from Chicago, and I speak from knowledge, not belief.
    The Feds know that if the lid blows off 70 million UNSECURED mortgages (there, okay, I SAID IT!), the banks are done. And therein lies the problem. We have reached a tipping point wherein the 53% of voters (shame on the rest) that put this guy in the White House for 4 more years are the politically fed, unionized, state and federal workers coalition. The ruling class is taking over big time.
    This totalitarian government and the military / prison / industrial / oil / pharma / media (don’t forget General Electric and King Bloomberg) / banking system / Wall Street / 1984-ish / Environmental Protection cluster fuck the Federal / State / County and school systems have become and continue to succeed in the enrichment of the few at the expense of the many has reached critical mass to the point it really does jeopardize the existence of our society. If you don’t teach your children the Ten Commandments, and a respect for life and love, and a belief in a “higher power”, your humanity disappears. Why do you think the Chinese and Russians and the old Eastern-Bloc communist folks are such rotten people to deal with? They’re GODLESS, and they’ve been oppressed for 50 years or more. They work like dogs, but they don’t think twice about lying to you or stealing to save a dollar! I digress. Sorry. But any society devoid of judgement of right and wrong and the enforcement of the rule of law against all men, rich or poor, is destined to self destruct.
    It’s just history repeating itself. Oh, and a lazy citizenry wallowing in 3 generations of prosperity and welfare and abortion and fat, casual, isolated, uneducated, immoral, ignorant bliss.

  125. Your name ends with an I….? That figures…..

  126. No talking to squirells…. I will try not to.

  127. Who is maher…? IMHO…you sound like the nutbag who needs the meds…

  128. well stripes you dont yet ask the opinions of the squirrels outsifde your window do you?–they get around and know very well how to work the grapevine–thats who i consult–they say there are nuts all over…..

  129. Shadowcat should know there is no cure for greed or stupidity …..she works for the FEDSTERS..

  130. That’s not true shadowcat… I always used stripes as my name. Why did you change your name….? Did you get the boot…?

  131. There is nothing wrong with being Catholic. Being Catholic saved me from these crooks. I’m an italian…spanish…irish…german… American. ..our ancestry makes us who we are.

  132. usedcarguy, there is no cure for greed or stupidity.

  133. Sometimes people have to be Naughty to be Nice. So let me take a swing at it … Ivent/Stripes you were blocked by Neil. You used another email address or created a new email address to bypass a software glitch. How is that for honesty?

  134. HEY!!! Stop slandering ITALIANS!! MY NAME ends with an “I” !!! The Catholic Church? I went Orthodox 20+ years ago when I married my wife. Learned a lot of history AND their priests are married! To women. They even have children. Go figure. Kind of like a rabbi. That’s rational.
    Unlike you.
    What is the “myth”? I propagate a “myth”? I need to know.
    And try some PROZAC. Fluoxetine. In three days It’ll make you a new person!
    Who the fuck is this nutbag?

    Maher, are you listening to this?

    Probably not.

  135. not a myth, A LEGEND.

  136. Not…! But that’s ok…the feelings mutual.

  137. You want to duct tape my head when we go out for coffee and leave me on the corner of 63rd & Chauncey and leave flaming bags of dog loop on my front porch. …? Sounds like you love me.

  138. Bring it on usedkarguy…..if I feared evil, I wouldn’t be here. Remember…I’m Catholic and I’m Italian…..fear doesn’t phase me..

  139. Someone has to debunk your myths ….. lucky me.

  140. hey, stripes: I don’t know what your problem is, but I bet it’s hard to spell!
    I can envision the duct tape going around your head as we’re meeting for coffee.
    I guess you don’t get out much. It sucks getting punched in the face everywhere you go, doesn’t it?
    If I throw a stick, will you leave?

    And yes, I AM and agent of SATAN! But my work is mostly ceremonial.

    Now beat it, before I publish your IP address and people start putting burning paper bags filled with dog shit on your porch.

    That was fun.

  141. Egotistical monster…? LMAO…lay low…? Not a chance in hell unless I start seeing some justice in this hell hole these traitors created. This country is a major crime scene. I’m not going anywhere as long as you demons are roaming the earth and deceiving WE THE PEOPLE…

  142. Usedkarguy…..I don’t have the time….I make the time. Hopefully I can make an impact. If I can help save a few from believing you turds it will make it all worth it.

  143. @ALL
    The only thing that I can do having tried–is cut-off the thread–and refrain from posting on material information–either by publicizing publicly known events-cases–anecdotal evidence–or questions unable to sidescreen–i cant receive info–she cuts me off—she stimulates noise and blocks info—cant automatically monitor relevant and timely info —timing at this point is everything–you get one shot at effective discovery —the target–the questions—the govt record fings of fact—all of this is critical because the big push is coming—one year of hands-off govt—

    The DOJ Plea 32 pages of confession must be entered into evidence as and by request for judicial notice as to fact [by certified record] that controls the validity of documents in your cases—making judgements predicated thereon void —

    if you do not have the DOJ DOCX foreclosure documents—the docx system was representative of conduct in other instances–industry practices sloppy–echoed by fed reserve et al this time last year.

    In judicial states at least post-Schwartwald Ohio S Ct and Wallace line the judgements are void on one million documents if one applies DOJ findings on top of Schwartzwald/Wallace.

    these cases are about the UCC integration wi14th Amend DUE Process –risk of double claims on one cause of action.

  144. LOL….All the trolls are trying to shoot the messenger…you greedy jerks are pathetic. Picking on teenagers….what bullies….you are sadists…… WWJD….??? just what I’m doing.

  145. Staying on what point Louise…? The point of covering up for the most massive financial fraud in history….?

  146. stripes, you should start your own blog since you have all this time.
    Neil, get rid of this jerk.

  147. stripes why do we want to get rid of you—-you are not only irrelevant but immaterial—-it incenses me to have to even glance over your BS in passing—-

    because you try to suffocate everyone else with a barrage of bs –its like having a dear-fly buzzing around–does that put you in better perspective–make you feel important

  148. STRIPES –IF YOU HAD THE SENSE GOD GAVE TO A ROCK__YOU WOULD JUST LAY LOW AND LISTEN–I have zero and a half interest in the hearsay accounts of you or your teenaged friends. NOBODY BENEFITS FROM YOUR PRODDING AND BS—it is inconceivable that you persist for 18 hours a day as one person every 3 minutes posting babble without compensation–lord knows its not for recognition–unless as others state its some strange mental illness—and you say you do this to bring truth “to the people” –you egotistical monster

  149. The question I have is why do you want to get rid of me so bad if I am so irrelevant….and why do you want Neil to fight your battles..? You are liars & bullies. Great deceivers of mankind. God help you.

  150. Your a sick puppy Christine. That’s why this country is in peril….evil like you is everywhere. I don’t back down to evil…I spit in its eye….and I don’t cry like a whiny little baby when I am confronted by it and ask for someone else to save me. You are a the scourge of humanity. Thankfully I have faith that in the end..the righteous will be blessed…. and all of you will have hell to pay.

  151. E. ToLLe,

    And obviously, Garfield likes it that way. Otherwise, he’d get rid of her.

  152. E. ToLLe,

    You’re wasting your time. Try to look at it as I do and everything becomes really easy: we have, here, the priceless opportunity to witness first hand what is meant by “asshole”. Up until recently, I had some indication of what it was but it always appeared to be sporadic, quirky and dictated by circumstances. I had never dealt with anyone who was nothing but an asshole, all day long, all year round. In fact, I truly believed that everyone had some redeeming quality somewhere.

    I now know better. There are people (very, very few people but we have here a specimen worth studying so as to stop it from ever reproducing) who exist strictly in the state of asshole. That’s who they are. A big butt with a hole in the middle and that hole is there in lieu of a brain. All the thinking, uttering and living they muster comes exclusively from there. That’s all they are. What is truly remarkable is that some dude actually slept with that and bred with it. Mind boggling…

  153. Oops..its the other troll…E TOLLE…

  154. DC….that is not only irrelevant to the TRUTH that I speak……..but, if I got booted a few weeks ago because I did something wrong ……why would I be allowed back on this site…? What I don’t understand is why you trolls are allowed to stick around..if you were banned….I wouldn’t need to work so hard at trying to save your victims……


  156. @ stripes/ivent, you state, “still waiting to be debunked….”.

    OK stripes/ivent, here’s your debunkment question…..answer it honestly, or not at all.

    Call it my debunk-the-fool experiment. Were you or were you not, booted off of this blog a few weeks ago? Did you in fact change your name from ivent, to stripes?

    Now, granted, anyone who checks in frequently to LL will know right on the spot whether you’re a lying sack of shit or not, depending on how you answer this question, as there’s no possible separation between the mental illnesses displayed by either poster A: ivent, or poster B: stripes. Both are in need of some serious meds and deep counseling and a good whack to the side of the head.

    If you admit that you were disallowed from reposting, and had to change your entry logins, press #1.

    If you deny, and want all of us here to believe that you’re someone else and have nothing to do with the earlier incarnation named ivent, press #2.

    Either way, you’re so inadequate. And btw, you’ve debunked yourself. Next time try ifool.

  157. Clearly….Christine still can’t debunk me …….

  158. UN: World economy grew at weaker pace in 2012

    Associated Press

    UNITED NATIONS — The world economy grew at a significantly weaker pace in 2012 and is not likely to pick up enough in the next two years to recover jobs lost during the global financial crisis, the United Nations said Tuesday.

    The U.N.’s report on the World Economic Situation and Prospects 2013 said that with existing policies and growth trends it may take at least another five years for Europe and the United States to make up for the job losses caused by the 2008-2009 recession.

    Read more here:

    HaHaHaHa! Good one! You want growth? Dismantle the banks. Take their money, invest it in worldwide infrastructures, housing, education, food and medication and then, you’ll see the world economy pick up in no time!

  159. It all depends what someone considers relevant information DC… The disinfo agents abound as Neil stated. I’m just trying to alert the people.

  160. “Do credit unions swap credit slips & oversell investments in credit they never lent on Wall Street……? Aren’t they borrowing money that’s not theirs & lending credit…? Time to cut out the FED middleman and abolish the FED & WE THE PEOPLE should be borrowing from Treasury direct ……at a nominal interest rate.”

    Ask your teenage kid and her teenage friends. Isn’t that where you get your info from?

  161. Do credit unions swap credit slips & oversell investments in credit they never lent on Wall Street……? Aren’t they borrowing money that’s not theirs & lending credit…? Time to cut out the FED middleman and abolish the FED & WE THE PEOPLE should be borrowing from Treasury direct ……at a nominal interest rate.

  162. What a f’ing joke! Same fiat money going ’round and ’round.


    Deutsche Bank to Pay $32.5 Million to Settle Mortgage Suit

    HSH Nordbank sues Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley over MBS

    German Bank Sues Barclays Over Mortgage Securities; Cites Improper Trust Assignment

    Goldman Sachs Sued By BayernLB Over Mortgage Bond Losses

  163. So, all those banks are being sued left and right and end up paying but… where does that money go? Is this the new and improved way of scoring big fast? No criminal investigations, no one going to jail but a steady transfer of funds through endless lawsuits and not one of us seeing any change in our situation? Musical chairs at its best. The US banks sue DB, Nordbank sues US banks, everyone sues Barcklay, attorneys are making a bundle on each side of the pond and… nothing else changes. What a wonderful world!

    Bank of America Sued by HSH Nordbank Over Mortgage Bonds

    2012-12-18 —

    “HSH Nordbank is one of a group of regional German lenders that have sued over mortgage-backed securities in New York during the past year. HSH Nordbank filed a similar suit against Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Morgan Stanley in August.

    Pools of home loans securitized into bonds were a central part of the housing bubble that helped send the U.S. into the biggest recession since the 1930s. The housing market collapsed, and the crisis swept up lenders and investment banks as the market for the securities evaporated.

  164. And this warms mine…

    NCUA Sues JPMorgan Chase over Mortgage Securities

    2012-12-18 —

    “The complaint follows similar lawsuits the credit union agency filed against other banks, including one in September against Barclay and those previously against a unit of Credit Suisse Group AG, Royal Bank of Scotland Group, the Wachovia Corp. unit of Wells Fargo (WFC) and Goldman Sachs Group (GS).

    JPMorgan was also the target of a separate claim in June 2011.

    Barclays last month filed papers seeking dismissal of the lawsuit against it, arguing the claims were filed too late.

  165. @ Lies,

    This should warm your heart.

    Credit Unions Grow in Popularity for Mortgages
    Know what works for your loan mod. Get the REST Report.

    2012-12-18 —

    THIS year for the first time in their century-old history, credit unions are on track to surpass $100 billion in mortgage loan originations.

    Member-owned and not-for-profit, the institutions have benefited from the explosion in home refinancing, as well as a record growth in membership that industry representatives attribute to consumer disillusionment with the big banks.

    “We’d be remiss if we didn’t give a shout-out to the major banks for being annoying to consumers and forcing people to seek out other alternatives,” said Bob Dorsa, the president of the American Credit Union Mortgage Association in Las Vega

  166. go away stripes —you add nothing but noise—which would be ok if it was background—you diminish those others who put up useful material

    just call you “50%er”

  167. That’s right lies…After numerous requests I have received…nothing…

  168. Still waiting to be debunked….

  169. whats i am finding is the banks are not submitting discovery. what i have learned is the banks feel they dont have to. you see the foreclosure stems from the home owner not paying the mortgage. they are high on themselves is all i have to say because that is a small part if you are all following foreclosure defense:
    judges should be judicating to civil contract law if a bank tells a homeowner not to pay. that is false information

    they also are not sending notice of defaults out,, to cut corners , they didnt send these NOD’s certified. by not sending them certified there is no proof they were sent at all

    proving standing ….the banks think by submitting a copied promissory note with an undated stamped endorsed in blank is going to get them a house .

    in many mortgages assignments were never recorded?? i read some where this was done to keep the loans invisible, so they can be sold and resold.

    never did the banks figure out social media would be the death to them. hope everyone is out of the banks and in credit union.

  170. And here is the case Stopa referred to.

    Fireworks in open court today. Matthew Bavaro and Judge Alan Schwartz did not see eye-to-eye in today’s Miami-Dade foreclosure trial.
    Tuesday 18th December 2012

  171. Foreclosure Defense in Miami-Dade

    Posted on December 18th, 2012 by Mark Stopa

    I don’t know Matthew Bavaro, a fellow foreclosure defense attorney who practices in Miami. However, the story he posted on his blog today struck a cord with me, as it’s eerily similar to an experience I had in Miami a few weeks ago. At this point, it’s time – perhaps past time – that I shared my experience and voiced my concerns.

    Read the rest here. It is much, much worse than Kafka… A few more of my illusions knocked down.

  172. Gwen- you are referring to the remittance ledger. Which will include net interest margin perhaps the biggest scam of all. Referred to on a balance sheet as ‘unearned income’ , it must be returned to the borrower, under TILA. I haven’t heard of anyone making the case. Sounds like you could be the first. Nice to see you back after your multiyear absence.

  173. @NPV

    Jobs posted: Jobs jobs jobs ABA

    This is the homesite for ABA…….

  174. Yeah Stripes–when did your shift come on? your the troll finder—whos on day patrol?

  175. I like it very, very much when cases are reversed AND appelee must pay the cost of the appeal… Smells like sweet justice.

    {¶ 23} Because of the existence of a genuine issue of material fact on whether Nationstar had standing to bring the foreclosure action at the time it filed its complaint, we reverse the judgment of the Lucas County Court of Common Pleas to the extent it granted summary judgment in favor of Nationstar Mortgage, LLC, and remand this case to that court for further proceedings.

    Pursuant to App.R. 24, appellee is ordered to pay the costs of this appeal.

    Judgment reversed.

    A certified copy of this entry shall constitute the mandate pursuant to App.R. 27. See also 6th Dist.Loc.App.R. 4.

  176. Like any Ponzi , the investors got too greedy !!!

  177. 18 Dec 2012 at 8:28 AM
    Three dozens and not one of them is ours.

    Opening Bell: 12.18.12
    By Dealbreaker

    Dozens Likely Implicated In UBS Libor Deal (FT)
    About three dozen bankers and senior managers will be implicated in the alleged rigging of Libor interest rates when UBS settles with global regulators later this week, according to people familiar with the matter. UBS is close to finalizing a deal with UK, US and Swiss authorities in which the bank will pay close to $1.5 billion and its Japanese securities subsidiary will plead guilty to a US criminal offence. Terms of the guilty plea were still being negotiated, one person familiar with the matter said on Monday, adding that the bank will not lose its ability to conduct business in Japan…Not all of the three dozen individuals will face criminal or civil charges and the level of alleged misconduct varies among them. While it also is not clear how many bankers will be criminally charged, people familiar with the investigation said the settlement documents will document an intercontinental scheme to manipulate the Yen-Libor interest rate over several years involving desks from Tokyo to London.

  178. Probably why AIG owed $600 trillion in credit default swap insurance backed by $12 trillion in real estate….A BIG FAT ZERO……

  179. BTW trolls….I never, ever said or insinuated Neil sold out to the banksters…..that is incredibly disrespectful …

  180. In the context of insurance it is black letter law of unjust enrichment. From a policy perspective it is also reflected in the context of insurable economic interest. The basis is to prevent fraud and criminal conduct–intentional destruction of property is rewarded.

    Double insurance is a type of insurance where the same subject matter is insured more than once. In such cases the same subject is insured, but with different insurers. The method of double insurance is considered a legal act. In case of loss the insured can claim from both the insurers and the insurers are liable to pay under their respective policies.

    The features of double insurance are:

    1. subject matter is insured with two or more insurance companies;

    2. the insured can claim the amount from the policies; and

    3. the insurer cannot claim more than the actual loss.

    Double insurance also follows the basic principles of insurance. Thus a double insurance does not allow for unjust enrichment of the insured.

    I hazard a guess that so far the problem is less the inequity in law of dual recovery–as it is proving who is entitled to and received what–evidence of these things—seems to be anecdotal–discovery being impossible but for bk committees–ask paula rush

    but then you get to the point–ok it is double recovery to some servicer collection rights claimant—–and ill go one further–he bought those rights for 25 cents on the dollar of princlpa–so its more like 400% recovery——but if he is not to collect the debt from the maker–who is?

    the maker is in the weakest position—subrogation should come 1st–but if abandoned there should be escheat to the state of the intangible–the debt–and the states dont want to be collectors–and they allow debtors to walk or all payments stop theoretically

    the problem is that there should be subrogation–or insurance-like limits on recoveries beyond losses

    prove the unjust enrichment and as with insurance law–eventually cases will be there—the secutitization scams are too new to have caselaw–but athor is applying old caselaw concepts–look up unjust enrichment–go back to 1500

  181. The investors got way too greedy…they should have not Insider traded the markets into freefall. They caused the horrible economy & it was intentional….they want to steal it all…

  182. Time to lock em up…..e discovery….pffft….more covering up for fraud in the factum..I agree with Neil…these whatevers can’t be enforced….may I add…not today..tomorrow or ever….the debt these crooks created from our forged digital e-signatures..can never be cured…

  183. What answer jg …? How much felony fraud are they going to be allowed to get away with….? They committed how many felony frauds when they presented those copies at the onset…? They don’t want us knowing where our money went……This is purely about investor greed … & all they invested in was ….. a revenue flow….that Wall Street destroyed.

  184. My answer to the e discovery….? Why aren’t the notes indorsed ….that is check fraud….& nothing changes the fact no legal assignments were attached at the onset of the fc action as the law requires….that is concealment…..uttering…counterfeiting…forgery….subjorning perjury…… subject matter jurisdiction for the court without the legal assignment…….no recorded liens as the law requires in my state….my county recorders office told me no legal lien recorded means no fc for the crooks……..Any unauthorized change by addition of words or numbers or other changes to an incomplete instrument relating to te obligation of a party that is filed as a document, that is evidence of a debt take on the characteristic of presentment and filing of “false or forged” documents in public office is a felony. Discharge of the promissory note renders the Deed of Trust a nullity, (Carpenter -v – Longan).

  185. I have gone through a dozen or more under minimal scrutiny to decide if the plaintiff proved ownership at time of filing of complaint—i have found only one which actually purports to tie the negotiation of the note by indorsement to the plaintiff–the rest must be taken on faith of paragraph 1–“plaintiff owns and holds the note, a copy of which is attached”, the notes often are not attached at all—-then a wide array of spectacular failures—-the houses now sitting vacant–deteriorating

    for the successes that are not vacant and totally destroyed, it is more senseless waste—-a house worth 80-90 pumped to 120-130 loan—sold by bank to investor for 40-50, i wish i could tell how much insurance proceeds the servicer got.

    The “investors” that hold these things boght them for 25-35% of the original loan–50% of pre-runup appraisied [debacle] value—-but their titles are subject to attack if a homeowner gets shaken up by a deficiency and has to unravel the foreclosure —certainly these low ball investors are not bona fide purchasers

    what will be the longest tailing cost of this regulatory collapse is immensely expensive home casualty loss insurance premiums

  186. Neil; you keep stating the debtor is due an off set against the principle balance of any and all third party payments, insurance, pmi etc. What is case law and/or state law on this issue? You have not.cited one ounce of proof on this issue; if there is no case law or statue on this issue, be honest and tell us this is only your personal opinion

  187. Hod do i get a job as a paid spinner? How much does it pay?

  188. JG, NICE! re: CACH, LLC, Respondent, vs. Jon Askew, Appellant.
    Missouri Supreme Court – SC917

    Its the same here, So nobody files anything… where does that leave us now? Answer is “In Limbo”. My question is … how do we Fix It?

  189. Gwen – imo, electronic discovery IS where the answer is found.
    We get what the MS et al want us to get. Period. You want to know, I think, in whose records will other payments like from cds, etc be found.
    So doesn’t one have to start by asking the bankster questions about third party payments known to the bankster and then where are those book entries (whatnot) to be found? I get what you mean; beyond these disc questions, I’d have to think about it. You might find some answers in Kroll’s cases. At least how to posture the questions. It could happen. I think we have know WHO was the insured party and right now, we don’t know. I personally think it was the depositor who only sold the trust an ART 9 security interest in the loans. So one discovery question comes to mind: who retained an interest in the loan when it was securitized? Have to start somewhere.

  190. too bad its not being appllied in foreclosoures– in fact it is being ignored

  191. The Missouri SC recently put the hammer down on collection
    attorneys, agencies etc (others) who are NOT the original note holder. Basically they held 2 things:

    1. If the person suing the debtor is NOT the original entity that was
    owed the debt then the assignee must prove all valid assignments in the case or they have no standing to sue the alleged debtor.

    2. The custodian of records testifying for the collection attorney
    or collection agency must have PERSONAL knowledge of how the original creditor prepares and keeps records and WHEN the record was prepared.

    “Standing cannot be waived and must be established as to every link in chain of debt’s assignment. Statute sets forth elements of foundation for a document’s entry into evidence as a business record exception to the hearsay rule. Documents “appear[ance] in the files of the business that did not create the record” is not enough. Testimony as to the procedures, including mode and time, of preparation is
    necessary as to that document. Judgment for creditor reversed.”

    CACH, LLC, Respondent, vs. Jon Askew, Appellant.
    Missouri Supreme Court – SC91780

    Missouri case law is, of course, not precedent in other jurisdictions, but still, I would think a reading of the case would tell us on what the court relied for these determinations and we can examine that for our own use.
    I think Weidner has an ongoing case where the bankster’s surprise witness introduced an oral summary of another entity’s records at trial: no can do since she had no personal knowledge (and as I recall, those records to be relied on were not provided to Weidner ever. If they weren’t, he should have screamed about it, and I don’t think he did.

    Here’s the MO decision:

    As always, not legal advice. Lay opinion. Ask a lawyer or ten.

  192. Thank You for that video Christopher King….you are a knight in shining armor…91 million generated by one wet ink note by Deutsche…..gotcha crooks..

  193. You are so right…one can never just suck everything in as it is given….people’s in business want business….and the banks put bluffers in place to see if those who catch on to them as part of a blog will question comments given, and ask questions. Their dirty….the postion of banksters is to just not get caught as usual.

  194. JOHN, i am well aware of electronic discovery. It still does not get the answer to the question. What is the value currently of the notes. I have asked it in numerous different ways of numerous different sources but the court is still holding me up. You can ask of the MS, you can ask of the purported owner of the note, you can takek a 30b6 dep, you can ask of the intermediary people claiming ownership of the note in mers records–but I have yet to see one person in any case and I have looked at thousands of pages of cases who has found out the actual value of a note. I hear what neil is saying–but i am already there–what I can’t get is an answer to the question. I know the questions but where are the answers and no one is telling me that from any source whatsoever. A lot of guesses but nothing yet that says how to get there. Have you got an answer? I have not seen it from you or anyone else on this blog. My own blog and company will be up and running soon.

  195. No Louise…

  196. Now its the e-threat…Kroll & the CIA…ls that what they’ve been stealing all the tax payer money for…to steal more..? Good God…the country’s in morning could you demons give it a rest…?

  197. Neil your general knowledge of this subject matter is far above and beyond mine, but one thing we both know is that COINTELPRO is still alive. I see it in the comments section to my videos all the time.
    It is happening right here and right now:

  198. I think Neil was talking about you trolls….I think shadowcat has re-emerged to spread her joy to all. Anyhoo…you trolls know I’m spot on & it kills you…remember the words of the creator….the righteous will be blessed. Save yourselves…

  199. what question?

  200. It’s way past time for electronic discovery. Gwen, you are someone
    who will understand and can benefit from the info at Kroll Ontrack, imo the leading authority on the subject, For those who don’t know what
    electronic discovery is, you can go to Kroll’s website and start learning.

    “From January 1 to November 30, 2012, Kroll Ontrack summarized and categorized 70 of the most significant state and federal judicial opinions related to the preservation, collection, review and production of ESI Major cases in 2012.”

    Kroll also published the new guidelines for ediscovery for the ND of CA, it can be found at their website (I think), and imo would be instructive for any jurisdiction. Also, imo, if anyone wants the real balance of a note, it’s going to be found in the electronic (computer) records of the banksters. We haven’t even tapped this resource, haven’t insisted on it in courts, and let banksters rely on hearsay and bs affidavits, which in my strictly lay opinion fly in the face of best evidence rules.

    An endorsement on a note doesn’t tell one what amt an alleged holder is entitled to enforce. Neither does a servicer’s records which are never tendered (they’re summarized in hearsay testimony and I have yet to see the “business records” to be relied on at trial provided to the homeowner as required by the rules of procedure / evidence) and even if they were, all they will show at best is payments made by the homeowner.
    Isn’t it evident, for instance, that FNMA guarantees these loans and has to make four payments before it can repurchase whatever was sold (something like that – there goes my memory)? Where are these payments, which imo reduce the amt owed, found? Anyone ever seen an accounting in a servicer’s “records”? Use the judicially noticeable FNMA Prospectus to demonstrate there are other payments to account for as to a loan’s balance. If one doesn’t , the bankster if not the court will say the servicer’s alleged records or hearsay testimony showing only the borrower’s payments is the bomb. Wlhat about “regular” private mortgage insurance? Should we just forget about it when the borrower has been paying for it monthly? PMI may only cover a lender’s actual after-sale loss, but given that this isn’t a fact in evidence, why forget about it?
    No one in any contract dispute is entitled to double-recovery.
    Lay opinion. Not legal advice – ask a lawyer.

  201. The drama never ends here. Make sure you title your book, “The Lost Days of My Life” or perhaps “From the Bottom of the Bottle”. Either way, Neil is talking to you Insolvent, but he doesnt have the cure for stupidity yet. Just sayin … Happy Holidays and Many Blessing to All!

  202. And again, is there any legitimate lawyer or former lawyer out there who has an answer to my question. The rest of you get a life. There are cases to be defended and brought and legitimate info is needed–not BS. In my own case there are now 475 filings in three years and we are just now starting discovery. Have any of you got an answer to my question. NEIL? wHAT’S THE ANSWER.

  203. @LOUISE
    That says it for many and ill stop now—made my point–and im not giving him any more bonus points

  204. Staying on point would be great. Also, posts that say the same thing over and over again are not desirable or helpful. Stripes/IVent: go away.

  205. its another alias or fellow team-member—-you were identified by your 50% of posts

  206. Neil- i have been following your site since fall 2008 and I can clearly say you have helped us tremendously and more than not, heck most the time, if not all the time you are spot on…regarding your predictions and your strategies. ALL THAT info was posted for free and at my ability to use or not use the info. SO I THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME SAVE MY FAMILIES FINANCIAL LIFE.

  207. stripes you are a lying dog and will be banned again soon pray the lord

  208. You are deceiving the many DC….I am learning as I go and I have posted a lot of good information. I have spent a long time researching this scam. You have agreed with my conclusions on many occassions in fact. You just want to shoot the messenger. I don’t claim to be anything more than a pro se defendant fighting these criminal banks. I call out the deceptions & fraud when I see it because I believe it is the right thing to do.

  209. Neil wasn’t referring to me. I never said anything negative about Neil nor would I. Neil’s site has helped me tremendously …..he is a true gentleman & a patriot. I will be forever grateful to Neil.

  210. “That goes for the latest “plant” that is taking up 50% of the comments of our blog with false facts, no training or education and nonetheless an opinion that I have sold out to the banks. Their point is that anyone can be purchased if the price is high enough.”

    Even if the “plant(s)” do not attack the author, they nevertheless mislead newbies in particular and send people chasing red herrings on the pretense of freedom of speach.

    In fact the financial industry view of freedom of speach is; CONFIDENTIAL negotiations, settlemens including the purported releases buried in those confidential settlements. Ok so what good is a confidential release buried in a confidential settlement by the servicer/collector when the bank comes knocking for collection on the note that the bank says it OWNED all along?

    How do you defend?

    The minute you offer the CONFIDENTIAL release into evidence, servicer and other parties to the CONFIDENTIAL dealings will object on the basis “its subject to confidentiality and settlement”

    simply said–unless you can upend the settlement by proving that the servicer committed INTENTIONAL fraud–you are SOL….

    Then thee is the other hallmark of financial industry freedom of speach: the non-disparagement provision: AKA “speak no evil”. Notably this provision as typically offered up specifies that you the homeowner’s lips are sealed period!!!!! You cannot speak even the truth–you cannot go on this site and recite the actions taken against you–no matter how atrocious –no matter how true–no matter if DOJ has made the finding. Now lets add confidentiality and non-disparagement in a settlement agreement with a servicer to the bank knocking on your door a couple months after your “settlement”.???

    Yeah—you cant even refer to the fact that you already gave your house to the thief—no release can be put in evidence—absent uppending the settlement–so the burden shifts to you to prove that you were intentionally deceived.

    you are seriously screwed –to use technical terms

    this is the state of the law in judicial states today—next stop bk ct

    this practice is what the plants are trying to smother with thousands of one-line crap and deceptions and other devices to deter, derail and and denigrate others that are attempting to publish facts and law

    the truth is beware of settlements period. beware servicers and servicer attys purporting to represent banks without express POAs

    never agree non-disparagement–unless you are absolutely sure you have an ironclad settlement that absolutely insulates you from the 2nd coming of the bank–and the 3rd

    they will come at you in this order:
    1st the servicer whose name you recognize–sometimes in its own name–sometimes purportedly on behalf of an indenture trustee bank, with copies of documents –or nothing but a naked claim “plaintiff holds the note a copy of which is attached” —make sure the “copy” is bar-coded to show it was entered into a file and indorsed to the plaintiff

    after this shakedown –usually with loss of home will come the purported bank trustee—“we never authorized that servicer to release you dirty deadbeat from liability on our note” pay us

    after this–suppose somehow you beat this off—then comes the warehouse lender bank;
    “That trust was never given the full interest in this loan –the trust was a failure and the loan was never transferred out of the bankrupt originator assets–so our lien duly filed with state of new york etc—-applies to your note –not the trust claim–pity you did not take the time to review all the details and allowed these thieves to steal our bank’s house and money–pay us

  211. could we stay on point and answer the question–i have 35 years of trial experience and I am looking for an answer to a leg question–not pontificating which is why I don’t post anymore. Keep your opinions to yourself and add something SUBSTANTIVE to the blog.

  212. I don’t give legal advice about fraudclosure christine. The law is the law. There is ALOT of fraud here and it is criminal. You don’t need to be some sort of crime expert or have a law degree to see that. Just because it is a bank or an investor, that does not give them a license to steal.

  213. I know you are referring to yourself Christine…..Neil knows I am a pro se defendant fighting these crooked banks. I am completely honest in what I post here…more than I can say for your highly deceptive claims meant to obstruct justice for WE THE PEOPLE…THE MAKERS OF ALL OF THE NOTES……

  214. Agreed. However does the master ser keep track of payments? In discovery against foreclosing pretend lender and servicer who do u ask for the REAL amt due? My case they obj that i am nit entitled to this info on grds of secoritization arg. Arguing this in m/compel but judges buy sec arguments. But whose 30b6 dep do u take to get actual value of note after payments fm var sources. Bloomberg ter screens only show whether its still trading . Securitization inquiries do not get at current value of note. some entity has to know this for acct purposes. No value in note well the mortgage must be set aside in quiet title. Or get a qt dec first and then put burden on def in a dec action. Answers neil?

  215. “That goes for the latest “plant” that is taking up 50% of the comments of our blog with false facts, no training or education and nonetheless an opinion that I have sold out to the banks.”

    Please, please, please, make it true… Kick her out once and for all.

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