Reaching the Boiling Point: Sandy Hook and Wall Street

We all know that there was a tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School on Friday. It was happening while we were pursuing our daily errands and work routines. I was typing an article on the blog, oblivious to the fact that at that very moment a gunman not only shot his way into the school killing the principal and other administrators and educators, but mostly killing children whom he shot, in some cases up to 11 times each. How dead did they need to be before the crazed gunman turned to the next child, aged 6 or 7?

The death toll is placed at 28 by most organizations on the scene. He aimed well with skillful precision having been brought out to the gun range for target practice by his Mother who legally purchased the weapons but obviously left them in a place where the gunman could gain easy access to them. He shot her before he left dressed commando style to commit one of the worst atrocities at a school in our history. And based upon history and human nature, there is no other reasonable expectation but that this will happen again and again with escalating numbers of dead victims.

I’ve heard comments like “at least it wasn’t as bad as Virginia Tech or Aurora.” Yes it is just as bad and the numbers of dead victims are barely relevant to the atrocity visited upon the actual victims and their families, the witnesses, and the children and adults who will be scarred for the balance of their traumatic lives.

Yet at the same time this school shooting was taken place, someone was planning a  similar shooting the next day. We live in a society in which there are, on average, 32 murders by gun each year.  Other countries have had incidents, but on balance the number of gun murders in the U.S. per capita, far exceeds the numbers in all other Western nations. On a visual chart it looks like the lines plotted for our country don’t even belong there because they are so far out of line with dozens of other countries and have been for decades.

It all comes down to determining our priorities — is it more important to protect people who have or want guns or is it more important that we protect our citizens, our children, from being targeted by gun violence. That is a fight between ideology and reality. 74% of NRA members are in favor of reasonable gun regulation, about the same as the rest of the population.

The dirty little secret is that the amount of  money being made by NRA leaders, lobbyists and vendors not only gives out the wrong message, but is making them richer, by the day, in opposing any regulation on gun purchases and ownership. In Florida and other states you need to renew your license every three years to use a dangerous instrumentality — a car. It is deemed a dangerous instrument because cars kill around 40,000 people per year.

I’m a gun owner and I possess weapons requiring a license if I want to leave the house. But I should be subjected to at least license requirements and renewals the same as cars. For those who say that the second amendment should protect them the government knowing their gun ownership and usage, we cannot deny they have a point simply because of the second amendment, which is the law of the land. Taken literally, it would appear that weapons of any kind should be just as available to members of the public as the military.

Yet taken to extreme, this would mean that missiles, cannons and nuclear weapons should be in the hands of civilians. With 32 gun deaths per day, how many times would we read in the newspaper that more missiles and nuclear attacks from domestic terrorists have occurred? There is obviously a tipping point where even the most ardent NRA member would concede that such weapons should not be allowed in the hands of the public. At that point these same anti-government ideologists concede that government indeed plays a rule in keep the playing field level and safe.

Those on the left end of the political spectrum mus realize and accept that the the second amendment actually exists and that some of the measures they propose would eviscerate the rights set forth in that amendment. In the end it is a process of keeping out children safe. We must balance rights perhaps too strongly worded but nonetheless in existence as set forth in the 2d Amendment with he public policy need to regulate the sale, ownership and use of those weapons.

Taking the ultra-orthdox gun owners’ arguments at their word, they want to be protected from a government or society gone wild. But a simple mind experiment (or actual experience if you have one) will tall you that even if you possessed the same number and caliber of weapons, you will never have the same number of soldiers that the government controls and that arming every household will only lead to more domestic filing shootings (a primary source of gun deaths) and death by police, in all probability, without enough intelligence to know what was going on or why.

32 gun deaths per day or to put it annually, that would make it 11, 585 per year, more than 3 times the number killed on 9-11. Over the term of a President, more than 48,000 gun related fatal crimes, some including police officers, around the same number of American treasure lost in the entire Vietnam war.

When it is bad enough in a wealthy, white neighborhood, it makes front page news. In the inner city the deaths from young gun wielding people in and out of school has reached daily epidemic proportions. We are numb to violence because it is all around us in reality, on TV, movies and video games.

Like the frog in the pan full of water, we are unaware that the heat has been gradually increasing until we are already cooked. And we reward the ratings of main steam media for continually reporting breaking news that is hours, days or even weeks old. It’s not the news that is breaking, it is the news media process that is broken.

It has been the same with foreclosures. Despite the fact that we know the thousands are being foreclosed we are accustomed to hearing the numbers without calculating the shattering of human lives, hopes, dreams and illusions of safety. Like the fanatical gun lobbyists, we rationalize to ourselves that because the homeowner did receive the benefits of a loan, that a stranger to the transaction can simply steal the house without ever have been a creditor, and without ever having pout money at risk for funding or acquiring a loan.

We know about the fabrication, forgery and corruption of title just as we know another 32 people will lose their lives today in gun violence. We know it’s wrong to shoot a 6 year old by 11 times with assault-style weapon and we know that something went horribly wrong in the mortgage meltdown.

We are leaving the evidence on the ground — the forgeries, theft, fabrications and illegal means used to steal homes, but we do nothing. But we steer away from the essential question of why these homes are in danger of foreclosure  and why the banks should receive the benefit of a free house plus a profit that often exceeds the false appraised value of the house used at closing. We don’t ask why?

We are at a boiling point in our history allowing 280 million guns and the coup d’etat using money instead of weapons run our country. Are we going to sit there or are we going to let the boiling pot break into our sensibilities and move us us to action.

It’s all up to you

Neil F Garfield,





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  1. Does anyone know if a state can sue another state under the theory of Respondeat Superior for failing to institute laws to control guns which altimately cross state lines to injure or kill citizens of another state with assault weapons?

    email me at

  2. Apparently, the school Obama’s daughters attend, has 11 armed guards. Read about it here…..


  4. These politicians have stolen our wealth & have armed guards while we are left robbed and defenseless. That is fascism.

  5. I bet Obamas proud of himself …..the insane criminals are well armed & WE THE PEOPLE are being disarmed….we are being out gunned by these traitor politicians. There have been 2 armed escaped convicts on the loose for 2 days in my area …..arson fires..murders… robberies….people being randomly shot & robbed everywhere. These traitors are obviously planning to declare martial law. Never give up your guns no matter what excuse they use.


    Trish Reagan of Bloomberg news said…if someone registers 5 guns or more, maybe the Government should pick them up and their metal health should be evaluated. Nice huh…? These are the commies from within America saying this garbage.

  7. There are many kinds of death – this tragedy by rifle – others by means of bad foreclosures and evictions.

    I REPEAT – where is the OCC ?????

    There is a huge elephant in the room and I demand to know what is being done to force them to post results or admit they are a fraud !

    My property has been resold and people are moving in as I speak.

    Why isn’t there an uproar about a year of extensions but no results ???

  8. These crooks will steal it all from us if we allow it..Remember what Rahm Emanuel said….never let a good crisis go to waste.

  9. The notes don’t exist….they were cashed….so…there are no mortgage contracts. These were credit slips wall street turned into stocks, bonds & other “offerings”…. therefore they are not negotiable instruments. They are not securities because no due consideration was paid to the Treasury….The judge told the courtroom today…the Supreme Court is the final word…so in that case….these whatevers.. are all nullities..junk…garbage…worthless paper..counterfeits & forgeries by IMPOSTERS; fictitious payees…

  10. Origination torts, breaches,and errors should have a ripple effect giving the rippled their own causes of action. The mortgage victim’s attorney should never fail to raise that scary issue in the settlement negotiation. A good technical exam report that reveals causes of action equips the competent tort/breach attorney to ply his trade as advocate for his client’s interest in the full slate of contest arenas – negotiation table, open battle to the figurative death in court, and figurative ninja dart assassination.

    Without that report the attorney has to push rainwater uphill. I don’t see the point of such an abuse of attorney talent and client wallet.

  11. I understand the mortgage exam principle ..The question I have is…..where’s the cuffs..?

  12. Of course they counterfeited the notes Bob…..DC…if your spewing the lost note theory….they need to enter that litle ditty at the onset…. subject matter jurisdiction …

  13. Nicely written and intellectually sound–balance–litigators need support–technicians get beat by legal tangles and unseen events such as the DOJ re Brown admissions against interest. The paper authentication will trum the securitization—but a nice article 9 assignment is hard to beat if there is no note–at that point you are forced into UCC 3-309 how to draft and negotiate a bond—the question these days is how can you be sure you are off the hook by agreement —if there is a lost note–who do you bargain with?

    if BoA’s rep is in the room she will mutter something about preserving BoAs interest in the matter—-and you are on notice of round 2 played without a note—what then?

    Its a challenge all the way around—its really helpful if the collector or the the trustee/trust can be imputed to have responsibility for those awful predatory terms–concealed etc—that is truly where the brake has to apply–the predatory note must become unenforceable–to discourage its proliferation. that is the policy argument–offset for damages–but damages through today were foreeable–so even servicing abuses and collection abuses could be re-attributed to origination frauds –and the acquirers of that predatory debt–the sham-trusts in the securitization crap are deemed to have that bad intent or perhaps reckless disregard are chargeable with the sins of the origination and vice versa–rico over time

    allege all harm against the collector–good idea

  14. If you look at this commentary, you will see a photo of an Israeli school teacher and her students. It shows clearly how the government sets her up to protect those kids:

  15. Clearly, you don’t understand the mortgage exam principle or practice. A lawyer could do it if skilled enough. Most aren’t. The exam shows where the lender cheated the borrower. The borrower uses this as the basis of a countercomplaint in judicial foreclosure states like Florida, or tort/breach complaint in judicial foreclosure states. This changes the profile of the proceeding from a mere foreclosure action to a tort/breach action against the lender.

    In foreclosure, discovery matters little unless the lender counterfeited the note. Securitization doesn’t matter at all. Whoever has the note can foreclose. And the lender doesn’t even have to produce the note in non-judicial foreclosure states.

    The court knows the lender gave a loan to the borrower, the borrower signed note and mortgage, then stopped paying, and now must forfeit the house. THAT’S WHY in Tx, Ca, Va, Ga, Az, the borrowers confessed judgment in the deed of trust, and foreclosure needs no court proceeding. It’s a foregone conclusion, a fait accompli THE defaulted mortgagor MUST FORFEIT THE COLLATERAL and get out of the house so the trustee can sell it. All judges know the same thing and that’s why they want to order the foreclosure.

    But suppose a mortgagor goes to court and says “Judge, the loan is no good because the lender and appraiser lied to me about the value of the house, the mortgage broker falsified my loan application, and I got defrauded into signing the note.

    NOW the judge looks at the lender and says “Did you do that? Why, I oughta…” Judges HATE it when lenders cheat borrower like that, so they gladly rule in the mortgagor’s favor if the mortgagor can prove the fraud.

    The mortgage exam helps a lawyer prove that fraud to the court. First and foremost, it alerts the mortgagor and his attorney that some causes of action exist. That lets them discuss their options. If intelligent, they will go right away to the lender and seek a settlement. If the lender does not offer a good enough settlement, the mortgagor can sue, as in this case:

    THAT’s what happens when a mortgage victim’s lawyer handles the case correctly. HUGE punitive damages award because the lender so horribly injured the victim, INTENTIONALLY. So the court PUNISHED THE HOLY HELL out of that lender.

    This case is only one of many examples of the good a comprehensive, professional mortgage exam can do. It basically gives you a hammer to beat the lender half to death IN COURT, WITH THE JUDGE’S HELP, for cheating you.

    I hope you understand this. You and others keep whining on this blog about the crooked courts. In reality foreclosure victims HAVE NO COMPLAINT BECAUSE THEY DID BREACH THE NOTE AND THEY MUST FORFEIT THE COLLATERAL. Judges would be crooked if they DIDN’T order the foreclosure. Here’s why (Florida Constitution, Article I:)

    SECTION 10. Prohibited laws.—No bill of attainder, ex post facto law or law impairing the obligation of contracts shall be passed.

    SECTION 21. Access to courts.—The courts shall be open to every person for redress of any injury, and justice shall be administered without sale, denial or delay.

    See? The government cannot make a law impairing the obligation of contracts. If the valid contract says the lender can foreclose for non payment, then the government cannot say otherwise. And if the mortgagor INJURED the lender through non-payment, the the court MUST give redress to the mortgagee for that injury.

    THOSE TWO FACTS show with crystal clarity why foreclosure defense attorney efforts generally constitute a waste of the client’s time and money and the foreclosures statistically ALWAYS happen, no matter what whining and shenanigans the mortgagor pulls.

    The professional, comprehensive mortgage exam gives the mortgagor the ONLY AVAILABLE CHANCE to win against the mortgagee/lender. That’s why you MUST do it if you want any chance to save the house from foreclosure.

  16. The local media reporting every 80 minutes a military veteran commits suicide…because of post traumatic stress syndrome.

  17. Anderson Cooper read a letter tonight from a young child who said only cops & the military should have guns. The media are using the uneducated and traumatized against the Second Amendment…..despicable…

  18. It’s just sad Bob….all I can say is, the American people are severely uneducated. She probably never heard of one. There are NO attorneys fighting mortgage fraud either….I have never saw it yet…I heard a couple different attorneys say they have asked for discovery. One day a while back, not the same judge as today.. one attorney told the judge he wanted to ask for discovery the judge looked at him like he was nuts. It’s all b.s….where is law enforcement …? a mortgage examiner does you no good if you don’t have a clue about this scam. Most people believe everything they are told. They don’t now what mortgage fraud is. People are at the mercy of corruption that boggles the mind.

  19. If that woman in the hallway bothered to get a professional mortgage examination, she might be able to hammer the lender into a settlement.

  20. You have got to be kidding DC…

  21. Have you ran out of meds DC….?

  22. What other site…? I saw your psychopathic rantings on 4closure fraud yesterday……you called yourself…. I LOVE BANKS DC…..You blew your cover no longer have any relevance because you said you love banks…how despicable. Don’t talk to me….you are a loose canon.

  23. stripes Do you get paid extra for screwing with me–or flat rate—-maybe you get a bonus for each post i make responding to you–you dog

  24. stripes there you are on paragraph 2 of the playbook—attack the accuser —sure you lying piece of dung

  25. Civil rights depravation….now you have officially blown a gasket DC…you should wake up & realize there is no loyalty among these thieves. They will use you up & throw you away like useless trash.

  26. stripes this one is way too long—-it took almost 7 minutes to post this since the last one—–mustv been pouring garbage into another site huh—-you gotta cut it back down to your usual 4 words —maximize revenue—the jig is up here

  27. The only lying thieves I see are the banksters…You must be working a protection racket for the real thief’s…the banksters…..and the politicians. All along the watchtower right DC…..? Well I am no barefoot servant to those crooks.

  28. stripes you are a dirty low down thieving scoundrel—paid by the post on multiple sites—cleaning up by filling the sites with crap—constant layers of crap–every 3 minutes–nobody has time or incliniation to do the stuff you do unless thet are nuts or paid —assassins bent on depriving others of the right to hear and right to speak—deprivation of basic civil rights is what you are all about

  29. & a liar too…? Where…? Show me where I lied about anything. Are you referring to what happened in court today…..? Absolutely unequivocally true…all of it….& then some. The truth is citizen journalism kicks bankster butt..& that’s what you trolls can’t stand. Try & debunk me….you can’t so you hurl baseless accusations….unsubstantiated facts just like the banksters…

  30. Stripes you are a lying thief—anybody who supports your crap is part of your team

  31. stripes you are one of several operating to destroy the site’s utility you dog

  32. …..and a piece of crap too….LMAO…WOW…!

  33. LOL….I am a despicable monster for speaking the honest truth…? What a joke…!

  34. Sounds like the trolls don’t want me speaking out about what’s going on in the courtrooms….well tough …I will speak the truth loud & clear …… I haven’t told the half of the horror stories I have witnessed….believe me….you don’t even want to get me started…

  35. Neil was not talking about me…..I never say anything derogatory about Neil. I am a schill for who….? Prose defendant’s …? That is who I am…a pro se defendant and thanks to Neil and a few other American patriots who cared about others, I have learn grateful & I am forever grateful.

  36. stripes you are a lying piece of s…——–i heard in the hallway –i heard an atty say this BS that BS

  37. STRIPES You are a shill trying to recover from the beating garfield gave you—passion—you despicable monster

  38. The pay is good…..? LMAO at that one…Meet me at the courthouse and you will see I am just another victim of this scam.

  39. Where there is fraud in factum…every case should be dismissed. I heard on attorney out in the hallway tell a woman her house will likely be sold by Christmas but she doesn’t have to leave…I wanted to cry…..another woman noticably ill & in a wheelchair…no attorney…..her husband told the judge the bank won’t give them a loan mod…the judge told the bank attorney he wants a letter from the bank explaining why….I saw that judge had compassion for this horrible situation and others. I blame the traitor politicians for blocking criminal prosecutions against these banksters. What a disgrace.

  40. you never give up do you–i guess the pay is good

  41. I was in fc court today. What a sad state of affairs. WE THE PEOPLE are not being properly represented. The whole criminal law division in this country has stood down to these crooks. This is a disgrace. It makes me sick to see these banksters getting away with this level of crime because it is being disguised as collecting a debt. These politicians are complete traitors.

  42. Time to throw the foreign investors on Wall Street and their FEDERAL RESERVE bank whores out on their heads. They don’t own anything because they don’t pay for anything. They are criminal vampires who use, rob and then suck the blood of the U.S. TAXPAYERS. We are no longer a land of immigrants ….. we are a land of ignorants. Thanks to the traitor politicians and their criminal friends on Wall Street, and at the FED..Globalism is just a code word for the rich that really means robbery of the people & spread their wealth around the globe.

  43. Anyone with half of a brain can see my point …….even my teenage daughter and her friends recognize this is communism. Therefore, you sound like the moron christine, and you are probably a commie pinko too.

  44. “It is communism MS….my teenage daughter & her teenage friends are even saying it.”

    OMG!!! The moron is getting her brains, knowledge and opinions from listening to her teenagers kid and her friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Tax…tax…tax….it’s all about the usury disguised as taxes…they don’t want the peasants deducting anything…they might get a few nickles ahead….they don’t want to incentivize home ownership for the peasants….they want to force them into renting…it’s a hog farm. All the hogs are investing in the rentals. I know of a guy with some money who went down to Florida and bought peoples foreclosed homes out from under them and then rented them back to the homeowners…he said he did them a favor…. People aren’t paying attention. They are being robbed and abused and don’t even know it. My hope is they wake up and reclaim what has been stolen from them before it’s too late. They don’t realize property ownership is freedom. WE THE PEOPLE were not properly educated. Basic law should be part of the school curriculum. If you don’t know the basic laws of the land or your rights you are a sitting duck for these crooks.

  46. HSBC off the hook,…Fed Reserves counter party for Asian central banks “rate swaps”; washing 90 day LIBOR into 30 day commercial paper [short term debt ] . The moderators here have said accounting is a lesser argument to violations of law. I say do the accounting. This is reverse predatory lending where households paid a rate as follows:

    6.5% = 10% and 10% calculates to a yield of 15.5 % to 16%

    …if people knew what they were really charged ….Its called beating RESPA from a toothless icon into a potent claim for trees that produced the paper used to print these disclosures.

  47. @MS

    I think you have put your finger on a key point. The richies want a cap or complete termination on mortgage interest deduction–so you pay both principal and interest with after tax income. Eventually no deduction for interest, real estate taxes… etc

    Zero tax subsidy

    But lts look at rental owner: deduction for interest, maintenance, real estate taxes, insurance, even phantom depreciation.

    The cost per square foot of rental housing after tax is probably less than 50% owned

  48. stripes PLEASE acting aside… dont compare him to two of the greatest – in any way lol

  49. ADD to MS points re coming tidal wave of abuse: in Ohio tenna etc the banks are denying the servicers were authorized to settle and release. Coming after homeowners who thought it was over–its not.

    the double sold notes are starting to surface—servicer represented trustee A seized the house–settled—now trustee B asserting it is TRUE owner

    This is popping up increasingly–

    Hard as I try–I cant figure out how to fix the dual claim exposure issue by legislation—maybe mandate that no servicer can collect for anybody absent a full bond—eg UCC 3-309 type with specificity—not a judge deciding whats needed–but legislated???

  50. I agree poppy about the teary eyed part. A good friend of mine said that guy is the best actor he’s ever seen. Maybe better than Pacino…or DeNiro…LOL..

  51. This is a giant Globalist conspiracy Deb….you may want to do some research on the U.N.

  52. @ Poppy= HSBC off the hook, cant believe it could actually happen, its a huge insult to the United Nations stance on terrorism, doesnt jibe, definitely not in line with the UN global strategy. what has the DOJ got to say about that.

  53. Check out the latest news on the biggest scandal in history…

  54. Fareed Zakariah too please.

  55. Can we have Piers Morgan deported…? He needs to go back to his merry old homeland.

  56. The High School told the girls today they can no longer bring large purses to school…there is a size requirement …..what the hell is that all about…?

  57. I think Neil meant we are reaching the boiling point in general. I know I am FED up.

  58. It is communism MS….my teenage daughter & her teenage friends are even saying it. The Government …..the traitor politicians are robbing the people for the crimes of the rich and taking away more & more of our rights everyday. They are pushing WE THE PEOPLE around and telling us what to do …..

  59. The truth is the FEDSTERS hijacked the U.S. TREASURY to gain more unjust enrichment via the traitor politicians……the FEDSTERS little perps……the FEDSTERS never lent WE THE PEOPLE a dime…they all need to be arrested by the U.S. MARSHALLS…THE U.S. MILITARY….SOMEONE PLEASE ARREST THESE CROOKS…!

  60. by installing complete communism….? What ?

    Look- you use tax deducted W2 income to pay mortgages ….are not entitled to 1098 interest deductions …allow all your disposable to go to debt service….lose everything you own and then receive a 1099 for abandonment that will be a life time paying off. Next stop is government subsidized rentals ….

    …Hey maybe there something to what this guy is saying !

  61. NG Never had an edge….so

    Some GOOD NATURED guy named Mandelman  asserts –  FACT #1: The foreclosure crisis is NOT close to being over, in fact, the worst is yet to come.Here’s your problem with soothsayers.

    First , Frank Dodd disclosure mandates kick in after the first of year making the masquerade more difficult. Then you have the Obama debt forgiveness coming to an end in 2012. Now the stakes just got higher. And remember the Trust Preferred conversion into Tier I is bye bye.

    For the most part the U.S. government under domestic and foreign bureau chiefs Timmy G and VP Bernanke gave themselves a four-year horizon to manage the worst of the worst. Origination from 2004-2005 in 2009 , 2005 in 2010 and 2006 in 2011-12. These are the households that are stung by payment shock and not necessarily hardship .

    The government aid, for what it is worth, was directed towards  payment shock and rate hike adjustments.  Hardship will be viewed at this late stage as “other than” a Bank Fed problem as for granting assistance.With all this going on its inevitable that an executive order is in store calling for preemptive STRIKE. In other words anything to halt all this failed consumer litigation and to restore

    ….well, what ever and who ever knows what.

    There is more than meets the eye in a foreclosure defense. . So open them and see!

  62. Something is completely amiss on this post by Garfield. Where is the correlation between Sandy Hook and Wall Street? Is this foreclosure-defense-related site turning into an editorial of yesterday’s news? As far as I can tell, Lanza’s family wasn’t evicted and did not suffer from the effect of 6 years of unlawful foreclosures nationwide.

    Garfield is losing his edge and his purpose.

  63. The fiscal cliff is more fascism by the politicians. The politicians are yet again forcing WE THE PEOPLE to pay for the crimes of the wealthiest people on the planet. It will bankrupt WE THE PEOPLE…..WEIMAR GERMANY IS ON ITS WAY…

  64. STOP PATRONIZING THE TBTF CORP…Stop using their banks, their credit & shopping in their stores.

  65. There is a power struggle from within ….. the foreign interest wants complete control by installing complete communism via the FED but the foreign & domestic socialists are pushing back. Both are bad. We need to restore our Constitutional Republic and throw the foreigners out or we are going to find ourselves living in commieland. Worse than Stalin’s Russia or Hitler’s Germany because of technology. Time to break up the TBTF CORP.

  66. I also wonder why anyone, even a crazy person would shoot children? Doesn’t add…

  67. I agree with the Doc too. People need to wake up…maybe it’s too late already. Control has been relinquished. We are now circumventing the Constitution, allowing felonious behavior and liberty is abolished, under the guise of protection from others’. The behavior here is what we need protection from. If we are strong enough to protect ourselves from invaders, then why are we so weak within our own governments agenda?

  68. Iwantmynpv…..It appears the banksters are the connection.

  69. How exactly do we parlay a lunatic into gun control and foreclosure defense?

  70. does anyone see a connection between the dark knight shooting and the sandy hook shooting? both shooters were the sons of men scheduled the next day to testify in the financial scam. put anyone else scheduled to testy under witness protection. Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2012 16:28:36 +0000 To:


  72. I smell something fishy in correlation with the shooting & the fiscal cliff fascism.


  74. @DOC you said;” By requiring a license to travel in ones property does that convert your right to travel into a privilege controlled by a permit or license?”

    Yes—for example, during hunting season i must have a license to walk my own property with a gun, bow or slingshot—-subject to a limit and warrantless search–to bag a rabbit. That is where we are today–the King’s animals—-permit needed to take if you have 1 or 1000 acres.

    The right to bear arms is obviously subject to limits —under the concept espoused by author which i believe is the law in massachussets—–you have no right to simply put your deer rifle in your trunk and drive to penna for hunting–you cant take the gun out of your house without permission.

    So OK aside from making most Massachussets hunters into outlaws –does that affect illegal concealed carry by say street thugs hired to steal your furniture out of your house because they get the street addresses mixed up on a foreclosure seizure –opportunistically?? I dont see the nexus between a shotgun–deer-rifle revolver etc and the stuff they are talking about—-and MASS demonstrates–it does not stop at more questionable mankillers like AR 15s or semi-pistols—MASSt gets down to lady’s 22 caliber pink-handled 2-shot deringers if i understand correctly–maybe somebody from mass can shed light???something to think about.

  75. I agree with Dr. James Chappell….people need to wake up quickly.

  76. Many Americans believe that school shooting was a plant. I would like to know the truth because it seems everytime there is a shooting there is a bank issue behind it. Like the batman shooters father was set to testify against the banks. Gabrielle Gifford’s was calling for a moratorium on foreclosures before she got shot. This is terrorism and the media is a disgrace for not saying so. My daughter came home from school today & told me the school is oppressing the students and telling them they can’t bring big purses to school anymore…Whaaaat…? A student of the school had nothing to do with that shooting. WAKE UP AMERICA….THEY ARE INSTALLING COMMUNISM UNDER FAKE GUISES…

  77. I really believe there needs to be a changing of the guard and the U.S. military needs to intervene and protect the citizenry.

  78. Help me understand. Is a license similar to a permit? Do both grant permission to do something that without would be illegal? By requiring a license to travel in ones property does that convert your right to travel into a privilege controlled by a permit or license? If we have a right to bear arms, can the government convert a right into a privilege by requiring a license? Isn’t there a case wherein the judge or judges said, “Where ones rights are concerned there can be no rule making or legislation to abrogate them”? Was that Miranda v. Arizona?
    If we are leading towards banning firearms, shouldn’t we ban all of them including those held by our government, law enforcement and criminals? After all, if citizens are the only ones banned from possessing a gun or forced to register/license one, isn’t that what Hitler did? If we dramatically reduce a citizens possession of firearms, isn’t that what Mexico has done?
    The people of Hitler’s Germany, specifically Jews, did not do well with gun control. The people of Mexico are left defenseless against drug cartels, government, law enforcement and their military.
    What’s the answer? Knowing the common denominator for most mass killings are drugs, perhaps we need drug control? Knowing our children have grown up on violent videos, movies and television programs, perhaps we need media violence control?
    It’s something to think about.

  79. While I could agree these Wall Street crooks could be brought up on charges in an international criminal court, WE THE PEOPLE had nothing to do with these crimes. You really want foreign militaries to protect you….? Then the crooks will have blackwater and other bank black ops operating a protection racket for them on U.S. soil. That sounds terrifying.

  80. @ DC

    They are pirating the globe. They talk about globalization like it is a good thing, when in fact they rape and pillage workers for $.13 per hour and are locked-up in a manufacturing plant, while it burns and they die a painful death. These people are traitors, killers in every sense of the word. They care less about humanity, any human kind, black, brown, red, yellow, white, if you will.

    Obama sits on his pulpit teary-eyed, talking about we must not let this happen again, really? Then why are our other children fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, etc…on his watch? Why are the HSBC’s laundering cartel money and drug Lord’s money and getting no punishment, while they and their cohorts drain the life out of our very neighborhoods and children with crack, heroin, meth, etc…has he seen the carnage in the inner cities? I’ll bet not in his privileged life.

    It is easier to get a gun, than get medical coverage or drug treatment, which in essence effects all of us. The taxes we pay, the billions we spend on a zero-sum game and people are okay with this? This country is becoming a cesspool of broken-ass, morally bankrupt people. Their moral compass is so off they cannot find their way to the corner.

    Most of us here get it, unfortunately, many more don’t. Until people wake the F**K up, we are in serious trouble. We are already in serious trouble…Jeez, exhausted from thinking about this!

    My rant for today…

  81. well said DCB this is a crime against humanity.

  82. I feel it is a necessary that the World Court obtain jurisdiction over US citizens. In Germany even UK they are cracking down on financial fraud with criminal actions. In US citizens that engage in substantially similar conduct have their companies pay a small piece of the action to the govt—in the most egregious of situations.

    The actions of billionairs have global effect: if they are to wander the globe raping and pillaging–then the globe must have the power to exert jurisdiction to punish human rights abuses. Greece should have at Llloyd Blankfein and his fellows that enabled the corruption that laid that country low.

    In this country he sits at the table and determines how long we should wait to get our social security and medicare funds back–not welfare.

    this is wrong. He lectures administration and legislative types–rather than standing trial. We are the ones who must fear –not him.

    This country cannot continue to be a modern pirate haven.

  83. The bankster mafia has hijacked America.

  84. These were not mortgage loans, these were credit swaps the banks turned into stocks and bonds. They were not structured as mortgage loans, they were structured as ten year bonds and other offerings. The credit swaps were structured to fail so that the banks and their shareholder/investors could cash in on the credit default swap insurance and steal our property in fraudclosure. The intent to deceive is criminal in the United States of America.

  85. Interesting comment from Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle about how she believes Ronald Reagan’s war on drugs was a failure and did nothing but cause mass incarcerations of citizens that has resulted in a major expense to taxpayers …

  86. @BOBHURT

    you said among other things:
    “THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A VIABLE FORECLOSURE DEFENSE in such a circumstance with a valid mortgage loan.

    NOTHING the lender/assignee does with the note changes the above facts”

    Ill stay on the technical side by offering a fact pattern that might cause you to reflect:

    1st “valid mortgage loan” ——well put limitation: the horrendously predatory loans described as subprime because a person entered unknowingly into a deal with an outfit engaged in combined investor-mortgagor fraud–thats a good exception for noting but forfeiture will halt that conduct–and make investors and ratings agencies etc actually pay attention–due diligence etc

    2nd; the same critters also loved to double sell notes, Ie sell a copy to trustee A and the original to trustee B: trustee A and B have same servicer/subservicer/originator———trustee A pursues 1st foreclosure because he has weakest [no] claim–not being in possession UCC 3-301. After there is a nice seizure and maybe even a bogus release, Trustee B comes along: “Wheres my house and the money you owe me maker?” Ah Ah but A took it and said it was over….!!!

    “Well” says B, ” too bad for you he was a theif–hes bankrupt and you still owe me…”

    OK BOB–got it?? good reason to fight?

  87. Whats the big deal Eric Holder will arrange the sale of 50mm’s and then claim it was a mistake.

  88. DC…are you a natural born U.S. citizen because I am appalled by your comment at 9:40 a.m….? I can’t believe you think the Bill of Rights should be thrown out the window….! I believe our Constitution and our Bill of Rights is brilliant in its simplicity. It was meant to be that way, so WE THE PEOPLE could use it to protect ourselves WITHOUT AN ATTORNEY….in times such as these when the Government has become completely corrupt and is acting like a tyranny and oppressing WE THE PEOPLE.

  89. DC have you blown a gasket today….? I saw your comments here today about bringing in foreigners to protect WE THE PEOPLE & your I LOVE BANKERSdcb comments on 4closurefraud today … What the heck..?

  90. Right on Nora……!

  91. I’ll give up my guns when the government gives up theirs.

  92. I am happy to hear you were armed and not defenseless neidermeyer ..I have heard and read many stories like yours..the best deterrent to crime is a NRA sticker on your front door…criminals don’t like confrontation.

  93. The attempt to restrict the 1st amendment rights of others is a violation of those rights. Those ignorant of history are doomed to repeat the worst of it’s crimes.

  94. I agree with neidermeyer… the words of Archie Bunker….arm the passengers of the planes and there won’t be any skyjackings. WE THE PEOPLE stop being bleeding hearted wimps & we better start standing up for our rights to these greedy politicians or we are going to end up living in a Weimar Republic. There have been way too many fascist fixes imposed upon WE THE PEOPLE by these cowardly, power tripping, greedy, traitor politicians for the crimes of others.

  95. @STRIPES ,

    You said ” I agree it hasn’t become the wild west because we have a legal right to keep and bear arms. It is because we have a legal right to keep and bear arms that it has not become the wild west.”

    I have had my life saved by a gun before , moving a female relative out of an abusive house when the police released the perp/husband earlier than the agreed upon time… I am not the most muscular man or best fighter , that baseball bat would have split my skull. That gun calmed the situation immediately.

  96. (In my best Archie Bunker voice)
    “Would You’se be happier if they was all killed with knives Edith?”

    Neil ,

    Nobody is happy children died but without the second ammendment the first would not be enforced ; we would be England … In Europe people are jailed and fined into submission for uttering things we say daily here.

    If you want to find a commonality between the school killings we have seen over the last 15-20 years , a time period wherein male children were proclaimed by the liberal elite running the schools as the problem keeping girls “down” and must be subdued with inane rules (point a “finger gun” and get expelled ; no playing “cowboys and indians” ) and mind altering drugs … HOW DOES GIVING SPEED (Ritalin etc.) TO IMMATURE GROWING MINDS FOR YEARS AT A TIME AFFECT THE GOVERNMENT CREATED DRUG ADDICTS AS ADULTS? And then there are the violent video games .. we don’t let boys play as they used to, you can’t hop on your bike and have fun in the woods with your friends anymore, football is “too violent”,, so they turn to indoor activities , violent video games ,, THE SAME FIRST PERSON SHOOTER games the military uses to desensitize troops and make them more willing , EAGER EVEN , to pull the trigger on a live target.

    Your post is irrelevant to the subject matter of this blog and should not have been posted.

  97. We must keep our weapons, at all cost. We would all be in servitude if the citizens’s weapons are taken away. Now that we know the mind set of the 2% ( banker elite) one can safely say they would not be in check.(pardon the pun) If we lost our weapons, that would be carte blanche for them to enslave us even more.

  98. WE THE PEOPLE in general, have had more than enough of these politicians and all of their fascist commie crapola.

  99. I agree it hasn’t become the wild west because we have a legal right to keep and bear arms. It is because we have a legal right to keep and bear arms that it has not become the wild west. The mainstream media are despicable the way they are playing this up. The politicians need to stay out of everything we do and stop forcing WE THE PEOPLE to pay for the crimes of others.

  100. There is an armed officer or sometimes two at the front door of the local suburban high school. I believe it is a valid security measure and a possible deterrent to loons but nothing is fool proof. We certainly could use to have citizen militias at the ready as the Second Amendment reads…..A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed……

    We certainly don’t want an unarmed population being policed by a foreign military as a result of being stripped of our right to keep and bear arms because of one loon. I believe that would be dangerous for WE THE PEOPLE to be stripped of anymore of our rights. WE THE PEOPLE are slowly and methodicaly being rendered defenseless by a few psychopaths ….that is not right.

  101. Everyone who blogs here is exercising their right to free speech on someone else’s blog including you E Tolle. I bug you & a few others because you can’t debunk me and for no other reason than that, you want my voice silenced. You are cowards and bullies if the only reason to call for my voice to be silenced is because you can’t debunk me. In that case, you are not Americans, you are imposters, big fat frauds & phonies like the politicians & their criminal friends on Wall Street. Why do you keep bringing lvent into this? That was another victim of your manufactured crap that you shot down because you could not win a valid argument. That is why I’m here, to make certain no one believes your lies. So stop being a coward and present a valid argument with facts to back up what you say and stop acting like a schoolyard bully.

  102. Alcohol, directly kills many more Americans annually than guns and indirectly kills more poeple in drunk driving accidents than guns all over again and yet I don’t hear calls for it’s abolishion or control.

    In light of a tragedy such as the massacre of children in Newtown Connecticut, it is natural to desperately wrack our brains for solutions. Unfortunately I am not sure there are any.

    Gun death figures in the US are bogus because most of them are suicides. “Assault weapon” is a meaningless political term. The same 12 gauge shot gun legitimately used for hunting
    would be classified as an “assault weapon” if it had a few cosmetic features such as a pistol grip or a flash suppressor which do not alter its functioning at all. The same is true of virtually every firearm designated as “assault”. Everyone has a counterpart of the same caliber which is virtually identical when purchased with non-military accoutrements but equally deadly. We do not enforce the gun laws currently on the books, and in an era when we are engaging in the “early release” of murderers from overcrowded prisons, and in a country with the highest rate of incarceration in the world, I think it is fanciful to believe that more laws and more prosecutions are going to have an impact on a nut case who gets a hold of a weapon.

    The world has gotten more dangerous, not less, and police and sheriffs department are recruiting the scum of the earth, giving them badges and weapons and turning them loose on society. These guys (cops) are routinely shooting minorities in the back like the recent police shootings in Anaheim CA and they tend to go after the “low hanging fruit” and leave the real bad guys alone. Despite being “pro-choice”, supporting “same sex marriage” and taking traditionally liberal positions on virtually every issue except this one, I can guarantee you that no matter what laws are passed I will never turn in my guns. Neither will a majority of American gun owners and it is not me or them that you have to be afraid of. This massacre is a nightmare by anybody’s standards but no matter how disheartened one feels about it, there will be no “pound of flesh”. If one thinks the death of 20 children is bad, one might wish to take a look at our policies toward “the death penalty” and towards Iraq where we have killed and maimed hundreds of thousands of children. As a society, we have not exactly “led by example”.

    It is not socially popular to say “nice things” about guns but the reality is guns are used in defense of crime 2.5 million times each year, an average of once every 13 seconds. Guns are used in defense of crime three-to-four times more often than they’re used in the commission of a crime. Furthermore, we are constantly hearing about our “wild west murder rates” as compared with England and other countries in which guns are banned, but we rarely are told how other crime rates from Great Britain and the Netherlands compare with ours. Although these two nations employ strict gun ownership laws the risk of armed robbery is dramatically lower in America. The rate of burglaries at occupied homes known as “hot” burglaries” in Great Britain and the Netherlands is 45%, compared to a rate of 13% in the U.S. comparing those rates to the percentage of hot burglaries in which the homeowner is threatened or attacked which is 30%. It is statistically consistent that there would be an additional 450,000 burglaries in the U.S. in which homeowners are threatened or attacked if the rate of hot burglaries in the U.S. was similar to the rate in Great Britain. The lower rate in the U.S. is generally attributed to widespread gun ownership.

    Although I consider myself very liberal and hate the terms “A liberal” or “A conservative”, I think it is a liberal tendency to believe we can create Utopia. I believe that those on the far left who believe they can create Utopia by inventing well meaning solutions to insoluble problems make things much worse rather than creating Utopia. Much like the so called “war on drugs” has not stopped drug use and has achieved nothing but the creation of a lucrative black market, so too will all the suggestions I am hearing regarding how we should respond to this tragedy which to me is simply a case of a nut case, no different from the nut cases who have existed throughout history, getting a hold of a weapon that is a manifestation of a genie that cannot be put back in the bottle called modern technology.

    Cesar Becceria,who was a penal reformer of the late 1700s and wrote what is still considered the handbook of modern criminology, “Of Crimes and Punishment” made what I consider to be the foremost statement on this topic. He said:

    “False is the idea of utility that sacrifices a thousand real advantages for one imaginary or trifling inconvenience; that would take fire from men because it burns, and water because one may drown in it; that has no remedy for evils except destruction. The laws that forbid the carrying of arms are laws of such a nature. They disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes.

    Can it be supposed that those who have the courage to violate the most sacred laws of humanity, the most important of the code, will respect the less important and arbitrary ones, which can be violated with ease and impunity, and which, if strictly obeyed, would put an end to personal liberty… and subject innocent persons to all the vexations that the guilty alone ought to suffer?

    Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man. They ought to be designated as laws not preventive but fearful of crimes, produced by the tumultuous impression of a few isolated facts, and not by thoughtful consideration of the inconveniences and advantages of a universal decree.”

    Sadly, I think that just about sums it up. The ugly little secret is everyone wants someone to blame. There is more than ample evidence that this Mother knew her kid was mentally unstable and yet allowed him access to guns. It’s hard to blame the Mother because she is now dead and the reality is this would not be satisfying to far left Utopian types because they will settle for nothing less than blaming the hardware, the gun.

  103. Way to go, Jan Van Eck. I revisited Jefferson’s comments on guns, and the real reason for them. I whole heartedly agree with him. How about security at the schools? The criminal element and the crazies will always get guns.

  104. Yep, the control freaks, racists, haters, neonazis and fools are coming out of the woodwork. No doubt, they will also tell you they are good Christians. Getting a loan to purchase a house means ALL the facts about that loan are to be given to the borrower. Full disclosure did not occur. MERS was already on the mortgage BEFORE you signed it. The Note and Mortgage do not represent the transaction, because another unknown, undisclosed party allegedly loaned the money. It is another scam, because no one leant any money in actuality. A contract is void if it contains illegalities or does not represent the actual parties to the contract.

  105. Mr. Garfield (and a good many others) have misunderstood the issues. Dealing very very briefly with Mr. Lanza, please note that his behavior was so worrisome that he was removed from elementary school and “home-schooled” by his nutty mother, married to a man earning one million a year from GE and receiving child-support of $250,000 a year (alimony extra), and still feels threatened enough to go play “survivalist.” Adam himself was on substantial medication, and the long-term effects of those psychotropic drugs is not factored into his drop into unreality. The incompetence and malpractice of the psychiatrists, and the poor parenting of a disturbed person, are not being explored.

    Moving over to the tension between “government” and “the people,” I remind you all that the current iteration of “government” is brought to you by Janet Napolitano, the single most incompetent and mediocre bureaucrat conceivable. Her ideas of “security” are now on display just South of the intersection of I-89 and I-91 in Vermont, where your tax dollars are spent on a giant new “Border Station” some 150 miles south of the border with Quebec; complete with stoplights on the interstate, the federal “agents” stop every single car to interrogate the occupants about their citizenship. does not go over big with the rather crusty Vermonters. The “Station” is complete with a jail, and of course a big Gun Room. Yup, those French-Canadian farmers are real dangerous folks, need to do Internal border Security checks to keep them in line.

    Meanwhile, compliments of your moron Congressmen, we have the National Defense Authorization Act [NDAA], which allows for the most atrocious government misconduct. Additional to locking people up without charges, forever, your charming government, led by Napolitano, can and does wiretap everything, including the email on the Internet, and puts it all into giant Servers, there to be sifted by algorithms to sniff out “suspects.” In case you were wondering who those suspects might be, I have news for you: the suspect is YOU.

    When you read the Federalist Papers, describing the debates at the Constitutional Congress, it becomes clear that Jefferson saw this coming (albeit not in the current massive form). Thus, the 2nd Amendment, which had little to do with a “militia,” but rather was intended for the countrymen to be able to march down to DC and overthrow the Government, in the event that Janet Napolitano became overbearing.

  106. Up to “YOU,” Neil? I guess you have stated the problem. Maybe you should have said “It’s all up to ME.” But then you don’t have a plan except,

    Your echoing of the story of the shooting in the Connecticut school only poses a problem, a traditional liberal scare tactic You pose no actual solution. You murmur the tired, effete, insipid liberal sentiment of restricting restrict gun ownership.

    When people have to give up their dangerous weapons, others will rob and murder them. Every public school operates under a no-weapons-on-campus rule. So frustrated, demented bad-asses come into them from time to time and mow down whomever they can.

    IF those bad-asses knew that every teacher and staff member packs heat, they would not do that, would they, Neil.

    Our public schools show PRECISELY WHAT WILL HAPPEN WHEN Government disarms a society. Bad-Asses will rape, murder, pillage, and plunder. Think RWANDA, Neil. Think CONGO.

    I DO have a plan:


    Arm ALL SCHOOL TEACHERS AND STAFF and REQUIRE them to take periodic competency training with the weapon so they can use it in emergencies to gun down trouble makers (including kids who try to beat them up).

    Teachers should also carry non-lethal weapons like laser pointers that can blind an adversary or burn the adversary’s skin or clothing.

    Naturally all such weapons should have fingerprint/iris/voice recognition built in to prevent unauthorized persons from operating them.

    Teachers and staff have a RIGHT to defend themselves, not to run around like the metal ducks at a carnival shooting gallery.


    Eliminate “bad” (stupid, irresponsible, and criminal) people from our society.

    1. Stop procreating them – the bulk of welfare and social problems in America come from inferior and defective people. No law of nature gives stupid and irresponsible people any special right. The law of the survival of the fittest, “SOF,” typically mandates their death. That becomes unnecessary when we stop procreating them. When government actually protects them instead, and finds no way to obtain the benefits of SOF, government thereby guarantees their proliferation. Every state should enact a constitutional amendment that forbids the procreation of children who are stupid or seriously defective in some other way. That becomes most humanely possible through sterilization of the stupid and defective, and through broad encouragement for smart, able people to procreate large families..

    2. Stop granting suffrage to them – allowing the stupid and irresponsible to vote guarantees that the city, count, state, and nation will have criminals at the helm of government who rob from the smart and responsible and give to the stupid and irresponsible. That has made America into a welfare state that enslaved the productive in society so as to bestow largess on the criminal and feckless, both inside and outside of the USA.

    As a nation we breed, feed, and cultivate the stupid and irresponsible, and we allow them to control government, almost as though we have a sacred duty to do it. 25% of the population haven’t the intelligence to graduate from high school. Another 15% haven’t the responsibility to do so. That MUST stop or the USA will slide ever further year by year into third world status and become the anus of civilization.

    I mean no personal insult here, Neil, but you have proposed a solution for the school shooting that I find as ridiculous and unworkable as your solution to foreclosures. Please allow me to explain.

    You encourage people to hire you and your associates to do securitization audits, loan audits, and fight against the foreclosure process, EVEN THOUGH YOU KNOW that every mortgagor signed the note and mortgage, took the loan, owes payments, and must forfeit the collateral house for failure to pay according to the note’s terms.

    THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A VIABLE FORECLOSURE DEFENSE in such a circumstance with a valid mortgage loan.

    NOTHING the lender/assignee does with the note changes the above facts. So, using foreclosure defects as a defense merely delays the inevitable foreclosure. The borrower who fails to pay RIGHTLY becomes DOG MEAT for the lender DOG. Trying to snatch the dog’s meat away from the dog simply wastes resources and increases mortgagor costs and ruins the mortgagor’s credit rating further.

    The ONLY PRACTICAL DEFENSE of foreclosure lies in an ATTACK AGAINST THE MORTGAGE. Every home mortgagor in the past 10 years should get the mortgage comprehensively examined for causes of action like tortious conduct, contract breaches, and legal errors by the lender and agents. Such causes of action might VOID the mortgage and garner huge damage awards in litigation, or provide leverage to negotiate a mortgage cram-down (reduction of loan balance to present value of the house).

    Only rarely (almost as rare as chicken’s teeth) can you get anything close to either of those benefits by defending against the foreclosure. You only get them by ATTACKING THE MORTGAGE.

    I know the only man in the country who can do a competent comprehensive mortgage examination. And that man is not you, Neil Garfield. Sadly, your foreclosure solution is no better than your school shooting solution.

  107. That’s just one of your many fallacies stripes/ivent… think you have a constitutional right to free speech on someone else’s blog. Haven’t they already removed your commenting abilities once already? And yet you feel that you have a natural-born right as an American citizen to post your maniacal rants against the website owner’s wishes?

    You suffer from delusions of adequacy.

  108. Neil, please back up your FOUL assertions about the NRA with evidence. No one is rich there. Most weapon manufacturers eventually go bankrupt. Lobbyist are a dime a dozen. This nation is just now emerging from a century of useless firearm regulations. Finally the 2d Amendment is recognized, even in Chicago as the 7th Circuit has ordered that concealed carry be implemented statewide in 6 months. Train and arm teachers and staff. Limit unrestricted access to school buildings. Eliminate gun-free zones for legal carrying adults. License violent computer games and single parent families. Make Boy Scouts or 4H Clubs (or their equivalents) membership mandatory. Stop awarding custody of male children to mothers after age ten.

  109. Unfortunately pam, the fact is, the cloak & dagger has hijacked the country in the form of TBTF & the politicians who are in cahoots with it.

  110. Not so much! Too much cloak and dagger just state the facts.

  111. You would love the truth being removed from this site E. Tolle. The loss of my First Amendment rights would help your cause greatly. That is despicable.

  112. I agree …I also believe the loon is a plant mainly because of the way the media immediately began using this as an attack on the Second Amendment. The mainstream media are more despicable than the loon.

  113. Agreed. I have no problem with the venting , we all vent but going on n on to the amount of posts is a problem for the majority being that itheres too much general banter and not helping when it comes to applying it rationally. (Its a shame because i think the intention is good, dont think a plant but someone who is suffering personally.)

  114. @ pam28971

    Have you considered that his comment was possibly tongue in cheek? And a good thick tongue at that?

  115. All of these points are well taken. It is true, we are a nation being held hostage by a vast foreign & domestic criminal fraud racket by the wealthiest people on the planet. These politicians who are protecting it, are armed with weapons that we could not even imagine, all paid for by WE THE PEOPLE. However, giving up any more of our rights to this racket would mean more loss of our freedom for the crimes of others. That loss would surely empower and embolden these politicians into doing more harm to WE THE PEOPLE. History has proven, fascism leads the citizenry to the gas chambers. Remember NDAA was signed into law by these traitor politicians. WE THE PEOPLE do not need to be made less free or secure in our property or persons because of the actions of some really sick individuals. These tragedies are horrible and are becoming more frequent because of no other reason than the greed of the mega rich. Professor Bill Black described the deterioration of our society and the societal chaos that would result would be what he described as a crimogenic society. This would be the result of no criminal prosecutions of these Wall Street criminals. I am deeply saddened by the senseless murders of the innocent but, that in no way should effect my daily life as an American citizen. These are the unfortunate perils of living in a free and open society that has been hijacked by a global crime syndicate.

  116. Agreed. I have no problem with the venting occasionslly we all vent but going on n on to the amount of posts is a problem for the majority being that it is general banter and not helping when it comes to applying it in court or pleadings, so yep maybe a plant.

  117. I too am a gun owner and a foreclosure fighter as well.You know as well as I do that that a gun is an inanimate object and is harmless without human intervention.You can’t disarm a country to get rid of a problem or we will be forever unprotected.Should there be regulations ,probably as we have so many people.I disagree with dbc and think he has some delusions as to what most people would automatically be expected to do. It is his right to have his opinion,but seriously it sounds like he just wants to hide so he doesn’t have to be involved.More government involvement?More be told what to do?What color your house is what kind of flowers you put in a garden.Really? seriously?SMDH.Wow what a character.

  118. GOD BLESS ET—I dropped off but for the gun thing as to which i fear erosion of bill of rights as a general concept—i thing the loon is a plant

  119. To:
    Dear Mr. Garfield,

    Please re-remove stripes, a.k.a. ivent, from your blog. Her incessant ranting is driving off any helpful discussion on foreclosure defense. Not to mention that she’s crazy as a loon.

    Thank you,

    E. ToLLe

  120. I’m a gun owner and I possess weapons requiring a license if I want to leave the house. But I should be subjected to at least license requirements and renewals the same as cars. For those who say that the second amendment should protect them the government knowing their gun ownership and usage, we cannot deny they have a point simply because of the second amendment, which is the law of the land




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