Worst Years Still Ahead in Florida Foreclosures


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Editor’s Comment: Why is it that we are willing to sacrifice vital government services and hard earned taxpayer dollars to prop up banks that committed the largest economic crime in human history?

We all know the banks sold “securities” in a “securitization” scheme to investors and used investor money for fees, profit, fun and funding of of mortgage loans that were doomed either because they couldn’t work to begin with or because the Master Servicer had the power to pull the rug out from under them. So why are we even talking about the losses the banks took? The only thing they lost is the steady stream of illicit cash plundered from pension funds on the Ponzi sale of bogus mortgage bonds.

Everyone knows the facts, so why are government officials telling citizens that the banks gete priority and immunity from prosecution whereas the pension funds and borrowers get the shaft? The taxes, fees, fines and penalties that the banks owe each state is enough to take any state out of budgetary crisis even if it means dismantling the mega banks.

The spin line circulating around the media by paid political consultants for the banks is that the problems all stem from the slow pace of foreclosures and that we should speed it up to get it behind us. THAT is only going to attack what is left of middle class wealth. The real solution is restitution by those mega banks for perpetrating a fraud on the stable funds managed by professionals, on homeowners who had no access to the information that would have given them a clue that the closing was a sham, and the taxpayers that keep bearing the brunt of the enormous cost that siphoned out trillions from our economy.

If you or I defrauded someone we would at a minimum be required to make restitution — giving back what we took. In many cases, in a pattern of fraud and Ponzi schemes the perpetrators go to jail and pay fines. Here part of the scheme was the use of improper means to avoid recording and other fees, costs and taxes. The unwillingness of states to pursue all of this revenue can only be traced to dire warnings that are completely false: that the whole economy will drop like a stone if the mega banks get hit with paying back their illicit gains.

The opposite is true. 7,000 banks, savings and loans and credit union are currently operating and using the same financial data processing platform as the mega banks. The only thing that would happen is that our financial sector would return to a free market  economy where healthy competition and risk analysis would take the place of gambling with money and property that was always owned by others. The banks never owned the loans and never owned the mortgage bonds. They have no loss and yet we keep paying for this fictitious loss.

PRACTICE TIP: It is absolutely essential that you keep your eye on the ball — the flow of money, not as recited in documents but as shown in actual receipts and from secure original financial data processing logs showing that real money exchanged hands between the parties recited in the documents. It didn’t happen. Whether it was the original note, or an alleged sale or assignment, “for value received” are just words.

The value, the consideration, the money was never paid. The loans were passed around as Mike Stuckey said from MSNBC.com, like a whiskey bottle at a frat party. There was no payment, there was no transaction, because the entire monetary transaction never hit the books of any of the securitization players, except for the fees they took out fo the flow of money generated from tier 2 yield spread premiums, insurance, hedges and federal bailouts.

When a person asks for a loan at a real bank, they are frequently asked fro bank statements and proof of the ability to pay the down payment and to show their pattern of spending. If the borrower later claims to have made a payment that the bank says was not received, he needs to show a canceled check.That’s evidence. “Take my word for it” doesn’t get credit nor would it be very persuasive in court.

If the borrower says someone else made the payment for him, and the bank denies it then they are subject to discovery, an accounting and even a receivership. Looking for the real money and not just data entries that can be changed by anyone and certainly not in documents that can recite just about anything.

Enterprising lawyers should approach agencies they think have been cheated by the system and offer their services for a contingency fee. There is a lot of money in those hills.

Worst years Still Ahead in Florida Budgetary Crisis

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  1. I know you are ….. Isn’t it annoying when someone who really gets it comes along…..? Yes….you just can’t lie your way out of this brown paperbag then can you…?

  2. wow, what a piece of shit.

  3. Or brainwashed ….. but I doubt it.

  4. No one is as demented as someone who on a daily basis tries so intently to make innocent victims believe lies that will permanently harm them. That is an illness that is some type of psychosis that is dangerous. You must be heavily medicated or boozers to live with yourselves.

  5. You call the deceptive crap you post here good info…? LMAO….

  6. BTW…..I am not about to lose my home or anything else. You are a sleazy liar.

  7. You’re a liar Christine. You proved you know nothing about me by saying we didn’t save our business. We saved it by cutting costs. Retail is for the rich crooks who have a pipeline to the wealth of others and hire crooked attorneys to avoid paying taxes & hide their profits overseas. The little guy can’t compete in that environment.

  8. So you teach securitization to attorneys….? Do you teach them that these mortgages & notes are uncertificated securities and that once a default occurs they have no value…..?

  9. Usedkarguy,

    Irritating, huh? I post good info and she keeps commenting on it from her imbecile and moronic angle as though she knew something about taking action. Know what? Big mouth is on the verge of losing her house after having done nothing to save her business. What we’re witnessing is early dementia from sitting in front of TV and reading all kinds of idiotic crap that terrifies her. She’s trying to scare us silly so that she won’t feel so alone being such a loser.

    Garfield would do good keeping her out of here. So far, he won’t.

  10. Nah…I don’t hangout in gangland loser……a native knows that ….. I grew up in the city….I know the area. With any luck you and your gangster friends will spend some time at 26th & California.

  11. hey, dipstick, google ‘usedkarguy’ and then tell me who i am. Been here a long time, watched nitwits like you come and go. i said Sulaiman wasn’t a referral. if you know so much, tell ED something. or go stand on a streetcorner and shoot your mouth off. maybe somewhere around 63rd and Cottage Grove.
    i pleaded libor manipulation in 2009 in the answer. i’m on my fourth action. still in my house. i teach securitization to attorneys. what have you done?

  12. Knowing & speaking the truth is a gift.

  13. usedkarguy…..This is a massive conspiracy and there are many elements to this scheme. You obviously work for these criminals or you wouldn’t be attacking the truth. That is disgraceful.

  14. What was once brilliant has become tarnished. Very sad. It was a good run here for awhile, but all good things must come to an end. As my case stalls in Fed Court, outside of BK, I simply look to case law and rulings as they appear elsewhere. Made some good friends on this site. Met some real warriors up here behind the Cheddar Curtain. But all this dopey opinion in lieu of fact is dragging this site down.

  15. Carie did nothing wrong ……. the liars & deceivers are doing the destruction & the harm. Maybe Neil knows the truth will set the people free & covering up for these ruthless criminals is the wrong thing to do & aiding & abetting felons is a crime punishable by the law as well.

  16. Usedkarguy,

    “maybe it’s really carie in disguise. Whoever you are, get lost.
    this is why the blog is a dead duck. Too much useless b.s. and a waste of time.”

    No. Carie tried to come back as “Melody” to attack a few more times before she gave up. That “stripes” engine is Ivent. And that site has, indeed, become a duck. Garfield must like to see his site trashed. Otherwise, he would do something about it.

  17. Christine said…we are born, we live & we die and we have no control over the first & last part. She forgot to mention the truth is…..the self appointed rulers want to control all of those parts because they believe they are God. That is what I am fighting against. When politicians believe they have a right to control our free will, that is tyranny.

  18. No its not carie in disguise but your picture sure is creepy.

  19. maybe it’s really carie in disguise. Whoever you are, get lost.
    this is why the blog is a dead duck. Too much useless b.s. and a waste of time.

  20. Stripes, you should get a real job and lay off for awhile.

  21. The truth is Ian, your perfect grammar skills don’t impress me. Foreclosure is a complicated mess. If you are really fighting foreclosure you would be cheering the truth being revealed, not jeering it. What do you mean you have been here for 5 years and are fighting another foreclosure….? It seems that you may have another agenda besides fighting foreclosure.

  22. masterservicer, ms, or Maher Soliman- enjoyed speaking with you for hours on end in 2010. PLEASE post here more frequently. You cannot withold information in hopes of gaining business. It is a logistical impossibility. So spit it out, get it out, move it out, and get on with it. So the depositor and the seller are one and the same? How so? Give us a case, an example, an exemplar, a copy, a whim- give us something. Eagerly waiting your reply.

  23. Neil- once again, we have persons hogging your website. you are on the cusp of reversing this unconscionable fraud, and it is being undermined by ‘stripes’ and to a lesser degree, others. PLEASE- knock it off. I have been on your site for almost 5 years. Dealt with one fraudclosure, have another one coming up. We need your site Please monitor your site, and get rid of these people spouting beliefs and other irrelevant observations. Please note that there are no spelling or grammatical errors in this post..

  24. In an interview a few months ago on CNBC, Warren Buffet said he would love to buy up all of the fraudclosures. These are the type of Billionaire whores who put us here. They never have enough.

  25. Unfortunately Poppy, not too many Americans can participate in the fire sale these crooks created. They have our lives tied up in homes that have no value because these banks and their shareholder/investors are wantoned thieves, murderer’s & destroyers.

  26. Has anyone here seen the prices in Atlanta? 4000 sq.ft. homes with granite, video/game rooms, pools, etc…$150,000. Absolutely crazy!

  27. Instead of complaining christine, why don’t you add something informative to the dialogue.

  28. 23 out of 44. That’s more than 50% of this blog taken over by one individual since this morning.

  29. I agree lies…the greedy crooks are destroying the world.

  30. why is the bp oil spill not blamed for the foreclosure problem in Florida? #1 again. 20 billion tied up in litigation. they are just now releasing funds to the fishermen, but what about the rest of us losing our homes. where is the accountability to us and now i heard it was leaking again

  31. The fixes for their fraud is what we need to try & protect ourselves from. I read a while ago that when they can’t fraudclose anymore, they will declare the fraud too big and slap a World Tax on all us as a fix for all of their mortgage fraud. It will be like a property tax & everyone will pay it. We need to push back hard on these crooks & demand clear title & monetary restitution for the harm they have done to us.

  32. No question, I think the same, stripes. They are full of it. Part of the complaint and summary judgement request included asking the court to remove Ocwen, by the substitute trustee, another Hmmm

  33. I agree with you stripes.The real question is :how will any of us find our true “investor?After the way they hashed and dashed it and butchered it like the suckling calf it was what is left?The fraud is so immense that the whole picture is very blurred.After all that nobody owns anything or owes for that matter.

  34. These are debt collectors. They are IMPOSTERS; fictitious payees.

  35. Poppy….I am willing to bet they are hoping you will fall for it and try to get you to sign a new debt. I was told by a very reputable attorney not to sign or agree to anything in regard to this debt because it is unsustainable and can never be repaid.

  36. The question I have Pamela is, how can the investors modify a mortgage that was never structured as a mortgage…? The notes were already cashed by the Issuer and the issuer never performed on the contract. Remember indorsement or instruction does not guarantee security entitlements. These are Federal Reserve defaults on the Original Contracts. Therefore, no contract ever existed.

  37. According to what I’ve heard only your investor can offer you a modification.If it was repurchased and not registered in the trust according to the PSA then that makes it unsecured credit much like a credit card.If it is unsecured credit it can ding your score but not do much else.JMHO.

  38. I just got a letter today, sent to another address, not mine (they did this on purpose), from Ocwen, saying they don’t want to spend more money on litigation, due to the escalating cost. LOL. My QWR has a zero balance and from discovery my “note” was seized by Credit Suisse and serviced by Select Portfolio Services, from an Amended Repurchase Agreement. Hmm, I’m wondering by what authority they are offering a modification? Folks?

  39. E Tolle….being in denial is you’re choice. I learned early on in this mess that, if it doesn’t make sense, start looking for the fraud. The truth is, there is fraud everywhere, & it is rampant. There is a massive cover up going on for the crimes of these shareholders/ investors and I will not be a party to that. That is not only evil but that is also criminal. What is at stake is too valuable.

  40. ETolle, I went to AG also ..then our attorney did. They responded and both letters said our problem was of a Legal Nature and we needed to contact an Attorney. Nice huh? My Hero went to a Zero! Did you know Crimes are punishable by Both Criminal and CIVAL suits .. like OJ.

  41. @ Guest, I alerted my AG to the fact that, post the Great AG Sellout, there were/are still crimes being committed by these very same entities that were unmercifully chided and told to pay up with investor millions…..I gave them examples in boldface with flashing neon arrows…..their response? They told me that there’s a monitor out there somewhere that’s supposed to be watching them.

    I instantly had the mental image of all the AGs lined up with every third one having his/her hands over their mouth/eyes/ears…..at the same time envisioning this godlike monitor watching over the evil that surrounds us all.

    Don’t worry all, we’re safe. There’s a monitor out there somewhere.

    It’s all good.

  42. E Tolle, Your bad today .. and I’m liking it. Guess we are both going on Santas Not So Nice List this Year to more than just the Banksters. 🙂 You said a mouthful … Why are we not prosecuting these guys? They were given immunity to a certain extent for thier crimes …. other things were not covered. Now, the point I have been trying to get across on LL is that After they got caught .. anything after is a NO NO. Risky Risky. So they do not File Anything. they do not talk to attorneys … So there is No Lawsuit, NO Cooperation….. We just wait for what? That is my question.

  43. Speaking of tv, e tolle, if I had my way, my grandkids could NOT watch any kiddie shows with commercials. Maybe it was the same when we were kids. I don’t know. But this junk now is just one sales pitch after another to kids. It’s just sickening. When I saw it’s influence on my
    grandchild recently, I was truly horrified. I know some tv stinks for reasons I don’t have to tell anyone else who knows them, but that one really got me. They’re getting ’em early. I’m just saying……

  44. At least we know who are enemies are by the lies they tell.

  45. You are a complete liar E Tolle…

  46. C Bass = Credit-Based Asset Servicing and Securitization.
    MGIC , through its principal subsidiary (Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corp), is an insurer of residential home mortgages. MGIC also owned a 46% interest in C-BASS, a privately held joint venture of MGIC and another mortgage insurer, Radian Group Inc. (“Radian”). Like MGIC, Radian owned a 46% interest in C-BASS. C-BASS specialized in purchasing subprime single-family residential mortgages and packaging them into mortgage-backed securities. (In 2006, C-BASS was responsible for 24% of MGIC’s profits, and thus events relating to C-BASS had an impact.)

    Did we know this? The parent company of the mtg insurer, MGIC, held a 46% interest in C-Bass and another 46% was held by another mtg
    insurer (Radian). I guess I’m making like “Nancy Drew” and just making a(n) (internet) record. I think it was Christine who posted a Stopa article about pmi. I’d like to remind people that some loans were
    “self-insuring”, which means you wouldn’t find a charge for mi on the HUD or be shown a sep monthly payment in your payment breakdown, because the charge for mi was built into the rate, but the loans were nevertheless insured. By whom, I don’t know. Back-door deal with an m.i. company and / or some go-between sub-insurer? I don’t know much about sub-prime loans except they were bs (kind of like the babysitter giving the kids matches and some gas and then taking insurance), nor if they were insured by private mtg insurance like MGIC or Radian, but how interesting might it be if the aggregator were the same party as the insurer? MGIC is publicly traded so its stock value is at least related to the amt of claims it pays out, including on any ‘false-defaults’ (carrie, anon). What that could boil down to is this if NG and carrie are right: Use investor funds for loans, use diff investor (public) funds to pay claims to self.
    In August, MGIC got a downgrade after reports of major hits, which caused its stock to fall to 66 cents. The coast must be clear because it’s now nearly doubled from that. Imo, some coast is clear or it was another play to divest mere plebes and enrich others. “Almost doubling” in 4 1/2 mos. is huge.
    This isn’t legal advice or fact. It’s lay opinion and the most some of us can get from it is that a loan may have been insured by pmi even if it didn’t look like it. fwiw.

  47. @ stripes/ivent, no one can discredit you more than you have already. You’re your own worst enemy.

  48. @ christine, I agree wholeheartedly. While I spoke of something that has actually happened, something that is a real concern for all Americans, something that is concrete and should be taken action against right now, stripes/ivent’s take on things is to speak about things that aren’t concrete, things, the details of which aren’t known in fact. It’s simply her idea of things that aren’t knowable to a degree that specific actions would result in foreseeable gains against the machine.

    While I’d also agree wholeheartedly with her that there are masters behind the scenes, hearing her constantly rant and rave about her ideas about what’s going on in the big picture got old just after her second post. It’s all conjecture, your honor.

    Fight the micro by suing these bastards. Even if you lose, we all gain by making them struggle. The macro is best handled, IMHO, by cutting off the heads of TPTB where you work and live, by not buying into their war/securitization matrix. Turn off the TV and throw away the credit cards.

    What many here have tried, unsuccessfully, to explain to stripes/ivent, is that there are many viable websites that offer her a forum for preaching to the world….she can even wave her tattered bible around excitedly in the air while she goes on and on about the end days and the Rothschild family. I don’t give a rat’s ass.

    Right now, what I do care about is hearing how one and all here are working their asses off to defeat B of A, Chase, PNC, and a whole host of others who are ripping us all off blind. Not what some prejudiced idiot thinks are the reasonings that accompany this crime wave. Those things can be mulled over with a bottle of wine as a postscript, after we’ve imprisoned all the bad guys. And if I had my way, I’d toss her ass in there just for cluttering up LL. Five years hard time for law blog annoyance.

  49. Who is Barry Glassner..? No doubt an investor schill trying to turn off the logical minds of people who are beginning to realize things aren’t adding up.

  50. Max…they are most likely a third party debt collector who swapped bad notes with the original claimant.

  51. One thing we don’t need is more junk scion crap christine. You can’t discredit me and you know it.

  52. Anyone hear the press report that Obama offered any help the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT can give the victims of the school shooting..?

  53. Anyone out there have an idea as to why Servicers, at least my alleged servicer, Bayview of Coral Gables, Florida, is not acknowledging my Loan number as stipulated on my original note.
    That loan number was utilized by the Master Servicer, Countrywide, and then by BOA Home loan servicing and now the current alleged service is referencing my loan by a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT NUMBER. I have sent a debt dispute letter and received a non-response response and I am preparing to send a QWR, based upon the template provided by Niel and friends, to all of the following: alleged current servicer Bayview, BOA servicing, Countrywide Servicing (Master Servicer per PSA), H&R Block Mortgage (Original lender), BONY (alleged trustee for a CWALT trust) and CWALT Inc.
    I am very curious as to why the sustained effort to change the loan number by the alleged current servicer. Any info would be appreciated. Max

  54. E.ToLLe,

    “The Culture of Fear: Why Americans Are Afraid of the Wrong Things
    by Barry Glassner (Goodreads Author)

    In this eye-opening examination of a pathology that has swept the country, the noted sociologist Barry Glassner reveals why Americans are burdened with overblown fears. He exposes the people and organizations that manipulate our perceptions and profit from our anxieties: politicians who win elections by heightening concerns about crime and drug use even as both are declining; advocacy groups that raise money by exaggerating the prevalence of particular diseases; TV news-magazines that monger a new scare every week to garner ratings.”

    We’re born, we live, we die. No control over the first and last part. We sure have control over what we do and what we believe while here. I understand anger. It’s necessary and it’s what triggers action in most people. Anger is good. Spreading fear the way that Ivent/Stripes moron does leads to general apathy and inaction and opens the door to 911 and the Bush/Cheneys of this world. That coward would rather destroy any optimism enthusiasm in everyone so as to not feel like the loser she is than see anyone take action and potentially win. I’m not surprised you participated in that kind of event: you’ve got enough anger to take action and you’re a solid, principled guy. So do I. Plastering this site with conspiracy theories the way she does doesn’t advance homeowners’ cause in the least bit. It is destructive, useless, detrimental and it plays right in the hands of the cabal by making people feel that they have no choice. It pisses me off and she isn’t even smart enough to come up with her own observations and conclusions. All she does is watch TV and read stupid crap. I’d like to hear of one case she’s helped anyone win by contributing anything of value!

  55. The cops are brainwashed into believing we are the threat. When the cops start waking up jobless…broke, stripped of their pensions & in fraudclosure as a result of what the politicians have failed to do…reign in these crooks then this nation will be under siege by a foreign military…not our own. These cops are being governed under the direction of the corporate shareholders who are mostly foreign governments …The house of Saud…the bank of China, the japanese, the Germans, the Spaniards, the Italian, and Russian mob.

  56. E. Tolle…if the notes don’t exist…& they don’t ….the contracts don’t exist….they can’t by law cash the notes twice…the notes were the contracts. The law of the land says the 2 can’t be separated.

  57. BTW….there should have been arrests long before now, the bailouts should have never happened without audits being conducted. If these financial institutions were told there would be audits before bailouts…no financial crisis would have happened. Therefore it is obvious the TBTF were told they would be allowed to steal from us and bankrupt us. That was high treason by extortion by the politicians. They are wantoned criminals bar the real criminals at the top. This has gotten way out of control. The politicians who are allowing this escalation of the deterioration of our nation to protect the richest criminals on the planet need to be held to account.

  58. @ christine, not to put a damper on your zeal, but that‘s just more arrests of people who are ripping off the banks. Just like in my case, when I went to my county prosecutor with assignment and recordation fraud only to be met with, “Well, we prefer to go after people who are defrauding the banks, NOT the other way around.”

    As to being the cry of occupy, been there – done that. My comrades (without arms) are facing two years in prison for locking arms and sitting peacefully on the porch of a home that was being stormed by separate SWAT teams from two different agencies intent on doing the bank’s bidding. Remember folks, these are contractual issues, not national security threats. Over the course of five eviction attempts on a house that was dual tracked and illegally foreclosed upon by PNC when they admittedly lost a payment, there were 26 arrests. It brings to mind the good old Gulag days of the Soviet Union. Those were the days, and we’re revisiting them as we speak. And don’t forget, the issue of dual tracking was ordained thanks to another governmental agency, the AG’s Great Sellout.

    During the above mentioned eviction, which took place at 4:00 AM, in which all exits were blocked off by dozens of squad cars, 15 were charged with “violence or the threat of violence to people or property when more than three are gathered.” They face up to two years in prison.

    There are 15 people now facing “riot” charges who were arrested doing nonviolent civil disobedience, basically sitting down and linking arms on the front steps of a house. Now think about that…. “violence or the threat”…..who’s to determine whether a threat exists….from sitting individuals? When more than three are gathered? What happened to the right of assembly? Free speech? Too bad we don’t have a constitutional lawyer for a president.

    The city’s response to their jackbooting incident was, “….the city has fulfilled its legal obligation to secure the property.”

    Watch here, in a different episode of “What Constitution?”…..as an arrest is made on public property for the mistaken belief that speech is a protected right.

  59. You know what Christine..? fear doesn’t rock my boat, standing up to tyranny & oppression does. I have no fancy college degree but, I know right from wrong. Obviously these politicians do not. Therefore I have no other choice than to speak out about these things.

  60. CNN reporting many people see erratic weather as a biblical sign….20 killed in Connecticutt school shooting. One thing is for sure…..times are awful. I blame the politicians for all of it. When criminals are not held to account because money buys people than society quickly deteriorates as we are seeing this moral decay on a daily basis. Obama acts ignorant to it because he is invested in Vanguard. That is a disgrace. The calls to disarm the people are ridiculous when criminals have hijacked and are running the country. I don’t feel safe anywhere anymore as a result of a President who chooses to turn a blind eye to rampant criminal fraud by the richest people on the planet.

  61. Bank Interest Rate Manipulation Scandal Grows Bigger With First Arrests

    December 14, 2012 • Lisa Barron


    Investigations are ongoing worldwide in a concerted effort to bring the monster down. Fear mongering has no place anywhere and especially not among people who claim to be “believers”. But if fear is what rocks your boat, by all means, engage in it. As far as I’m concerned, it’s a waste of time and energy and those who keep spreading it like certain people here will be dealt with eventually.

  62. Just because we don’t hear about the big names doesn’t mean that nothing is being done. I do believe that operations are underway everywhere to clean up the banking industry without risking a complete collapse of the world. When we learn that the big players are no longer, that will mean that everything else has been put in place to assure continuity and stability and that disruption will be limited to the minimum.


    Ex-Wells Fargo banker arrested in insider-trading scheme

    Dec 14 2012 Sarah N. Lynch, Reuters
    A former Wells Fargo banker was arrested on Thursday on charges of fraud, conspiracy and money laundering resulting from an insider-trading scheme that netted its participants $11 million, the Justice Department said. John Femenia, 31, stole non-public information about upcoming mergers from the bank, in exchange for kickbacks from his high school friend, Shawn Hegedus, 32, and Hegedus’ girlfriend, Danielle Laurenti, 31, prosecutors said. Hegedus, Laurenti and six others used the information to trade on, the department said. Hegedus, who is facing the same charges as Femenia, and Laurenti, who is facing the same charges except for bank fraud, are fugitives, the Justice Department said. The remaining six defendants, a web of friends and acquaintances, who allegedly obtained the nonpublic information, have all agreed to plead guilty to conspiracy to commit insider-trading. The criminal charges against Femenia come roughly one week after the U.S. Securities

  63. The 8 families are the hogs who hide behind the scenes of their crimes…..Fidelity….Black Rock….State Street….Vanguard……and their control freak shareholders & investors……they are the controllers of the banks….the gas stations…..the utility companies…the grocery stores ….the big box & department stores who stifle small business and steal your labor, wealth & property. They are who have hijacked the U.S. TREASURY…all of our wealth with secrets, fraud, lies & deceit. Under the guise of credit lending they have hijacked our country & they don’t own anything because they never paid for anything. WE THE PEOPLE paid for everything…upfront at the origination. They have millions brainwashed into believing they lent us money…they did not. They are financiers who use the issuance of credit to screw you out of everything.

  64. I agree ken…we need to make a stand against these tyrants. I don’t roll over for them and no one should.

  65. It’s bankster pestilence. They are the scourge of humanity. The TBTF 8 investor families who own these 4 major corps are so consolidated in their evil that they are up everyones rearends with a microscope. You can barely take a pee in private anymore. They are everywhere harrassing us from the grocery store to the gas pumps to our own living rooms. Time for everyone to call them out. I do it everyday. Everyday I am fighting with one of these banksters. It is to the point now where I expect confrontation with them everywhere I go in some form. It is time we unite & push back hard & we stop putting up with & taking their shit. I don’t, and I don’t fear them either because this is not the world I want to live in or the world I want for my kids.

  66. Who is the leader who can make a difference if he is not you?
    Who is responsible for the direction and purpose of your life if he is not you?
    Who is the source of inspiration and insight in a mindful moment if he is not you?
    You are the individual. You are the community. You are the universal truth.
    You are the cry of Occupy and the wittness of corruption.
    Listen. You are the leader who can make a difference.

  67. The worst years are still ahead for all of us.Most of us are too stupid to listen and take heed.It isn’t just Florida it is the whole country with no remorse shown by any of the banks.

  68. I agree we need to demand audits of our accounts. That is the discovery they don’t want to give you. They don’t want us to know where all of our money/payments went. I told a bank a while back that I wanted my bank account audited because I believed they robbed me with fictitious fees. They promptly credited my account. These banks don’t want to hear the word audit.

  69. I agree BSE…another interesting article with links entitled…… DEUTSCHE BANK ACCOUNTS ARE FROZEN…… http://www.fourwinds10.net/siterun_data/government/banking_and_taxation_irs_and_insurance/news.php?q=1355492717

  70. Stripes – This is true. The sad part is that our troops and vets think they fight for freedom. They risk their lives and helath . In reality they fight to secure the greed of the banking cartel and they ( I) did / do not know it. My heart goes out to our troops and vets.

  71. I found a good interview that everyone may find interesting. The title of the show is…THE FEDERAL RESERVE CARTEL AND THE EIGHT FAMILIES THAT RULE THE WORLD… http://www.blogtalkradio.com/johnwallace/2012/01/18/the-week-in-review

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