UBS Admits Criminal Wrongdoing, Pays $1 Billion Fine


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Editor’s Note: This happened because European regulators and law enforcement made it happen. Why are we not doing the same thing here? See my earlier post today.

Criminal wrongdoing is all over the  board spilling onto the floor in the mortgage meltdown. The banks are rigging the auctions just like they rigged the Libor rates, which should be interesting because now we don’t know what the rate should have been. That interbank rate is the base for all interest rate calculations on all loans. And where the LIBOR shows an increase mortgage payments go up.

So most everyone with an ARM or even conventional mortgage, should send a QWR asking for how the rate was calculated at origination and how it is calculated now, plus how they intend to calculate the rates and payments in the future.

Foreclosure auctions based upon demands for money due were based in part on adjustments caused by the bid rigging in LIBOR. Thus the amount demanded was probably wrong, even if the loan was valid (something I doubt). That would mean the Notice of Default and the sale would have taken place with the wrong figures being used.

PRACTICE HINT: In filing for wrongful foreclosure, make an allegation that the banks already admit criminal wrongdoing in setting LIBOR, the foundation for computation of all interest rates. Thus the homeowner additionally DENIES the amount due and demands DISCOVERY of the calculations that were made and by whom those calculations were made when the loan was approved and/or when the monthly statement went out and/or when the monthly payment was supposedly adjusted to reflect LIBOR or changes based based upon LIBOR.

If the attorney represents the state or county, then they should make hay out of this, stating that besides corrupting the title registries across the state, the defendants conspired to wreck the economy of the state by false calculations in which the banks themselves were the source of the LIBOR manipulations.

UBS Admits Criminal Wrongdoing in Bid Rigging

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  1. The two articles abover were taken from Mortgage servicing frraud web site.

  2. Using Other People’s Money
    Freddie Mac pays $62.5 billion for (Garbage) mortgages
    (Surprise, the $40 billion firgure was another lie.)
    The GSEs (Fannie/Freddie) have an open checkbook to buy and conceal the bank cartel’s fraud and toxic, WORTHLESS mortgages. Now Judges will rule against the homeowner and claim to be protecting the taxpayer’s money. How sweet. May jail await them all.

    Too Big To Jail
    Hopefully one person in a position to make a difference, uninfected by the greed and power virus, will step forward and do the right thing. Then our leaders, sworn to serve and protect us, will end up right where they belong, in the jail cell right alongside the banksters they sold us out to.

  3. Treason,and tyrann!

  4. They are also invested in the fraudclosures. They are buying up foreclosed properties under the radar via their attorney friends. That’s why they want you to get an attorney. They are cleaning up. It’s treason.

  5. I agree Shelley, many of these judges are invested in this mbs scam….I witnessed one judge palling around and joking around in open court with bankster attorneys a few months ago….She told the people in the courtroom the banks don’t have to talk to us..It was an appalling disgrace. These judges are all attorneys like most of the politicians….they are in the sack together and most are the banksters best friends. However, I believe the real problem is the American people are very uneducated and uninformed.

  6. We live in a state of tyranny and treason. RICO Fraud Upon the court Fraud affidavits the judges are enabling the criminals and our courts and every neighborhood is a crime scene. Judicial and non judicial.

  7. If the title was automatically equitable for them then there wouldn’t be a need to file a fc. They are just that arrogant acting like a judges ruling is just a technicality. It is b.s.

  8. I am talking about judicial states…not deed of trust States jg….they shouldn’t be transferring title while the fc cases are pending. That is balls out IMHO.. they weren’t granted anything. That is in our face criminal …it is racketeering… These are criminal acts prosecutable under RICO..

  9. The dot does grant its trustee bare naked (legal) title. The homeowner retains equitable title. (Those are the two forms of title: legal and equitable) It’s not a taxable event. A foreclosure is not a repo of a sale / lease-back. It’s actually an ordained quiet title action. Both forms of title, legal and equitable, are joined in the successful bidder and the homeowner’s interest is extinguished: title is quieted (against the homeowner). A payoff of the indebtedness secured quiets title in the homeowner’s favor.
    The dot is in fact an odd deal, but I didn’t come up with it. Imo, part of the reason it was structured this way is so it would be subject to the statute of frauds, and any changes, including a new beneficiary or a new trustee, would be required to be evidenced by a writing to prevent fraud. The main reason for a dot, of course, was to provide for non-j foreclosure thru the use of an impartial third party, the trustee. It’s an out-of court remedy for default, a privilege granted to lenders which has been abused like nothing else. The lender has given up a deficiency judgment with the use of non-j f/c and the borrower has given up his lengthy right of redemption (ask a lawyer).
    It’s all become totally messed: once, respected title companies (with land-law attorneys on staff) were used as trustees (and inserted as orig trustees to induce agreement imo ) – now it’s any yeahoo with a pulse, who in addition to being as dumb as the day is long, is likely contractually bound to the bankster, with this fact being kept from courts. These contracts in my lay opinion represent a prima facie conflict of interest as to the dot trustees.

  10. To be fair I did not know the half of what was going on in the end of 2009. We have had our eyes opened wide.

  11. Stripes I still have an email from usedkarguy from 2009 that He quoted” There is no way you paid your mortgage & lost your home”. I will get back to you with exact date and wording. Not a fraud fixer to me just another doubter.



  14. There are many legal problems with these pretender lender claims.. third party debt collectors who were never a party to these “transactions” are showing up to collect properties on notes and mortgages that don’t exist to cover up for the fraud of the Issuer….that is criminal on many levels…

  15. The cost basis in the asset is not the house: Your home is the collateral you’re granted a security interest to a note holder upon recording confirmation. The basis in the asset is the face value of the note – got It? At settlement you allowed the lender its encumbrance that provides the beneficiary an interest in the estates title. Bare and legal is presumptive and not enforceable in advance of a default.If you believe the presumption you granted title to a lender in advance of a default then lose your home and go peacefully. Pretender lender and Robo the Hobo, Pretender Lender and ….. Let it go!Look, law makers are woefully incorrect to believe title is granted in a non judicial state. If that were the case —EVERY LOAN at originated would trigger a taxable event. Get back to basics in a defense if you’re to succeed. Unfortunately, Now I believe every mortgage loan originated in a non judicial jurisdiction for “POS” power of sale shall invoke a tax payer’s right to record the loan origination as a taxable event. The IRC is convinced these deal structures and transactions constitute a lease and common securities vehicle that survives state law as a sale lease back and REPO. Washington, Oregon California Arizona and Rhode Island are a few examples of this traditionally unfriendly jurisdiction for a lender to recover by under a Purchase and Sale lease back or what we called a reverse REPO. The REPO feature ignites a garden variety of restraints the court has long held a combatant to a common law creed of Life Liberty and the pursuit of a lenders right to ALWAYS be repaid. Therein is an obvious counter claims for inalienable rights of the debtor and structure which clearly gives merit for avoiding anything binding if its real intent was executory and shown made as a conditional sale. It is puzzling to see the securities registration is still undecipherable or just too hard to understand. Lawyers and the courts are ….I mean …wow…it’s not that hard to grasp guys. If applied to some simple principals and with least effort for understanding…you really can prevail. No less the court’s have struggled with and through the entire gambit of claims; from the pejorative to well pleaded controversy. The plaintiff household shares in common the same fate – the common law courts discretion over institutional constructive trust and surrendering to a 12(b) 6 to dismiss. Herein it is household’s relentless desire to assert the most inaccurate and artificial, subjective and entirely misleading claims. Take this to heart; it’s not the oppositions fault either. The capital markets and overall sub prime sector are really good at working into structure layer upon layer of fortified defenses. Over the last 10 they have ripened into a near impermeable defense. Now, can someone like the author really bring down Mers.Corp. . . . with what is not known? …Well …no; Of course not ! (we shall see)

  16. Obviously the fascists are in both parties because the fiscal cliff is complete tyranny, fascism & oppression upon the American people. WE THE PEOPLE are yet again, being forced to pay for the crimes of the wealthiest people on the planet.

  17. Everyone who has had problems with a hamp loan should read this. . So they were able to lie to homeowners and the government as well and are getting away with it. wanted everyone to see this. this must stop.

  18. If you ask me somethings fishy about that shooting in relation to the fiscal cliff. I believe that was terrorism & its somehow linked to fiscal cliff fascism.

  19. We all need to be diligent and email call and write our represenatives constantly, until they help us. Not just once. I am sure my repres. are getting sick of hearing from me. So Be it. I will not stop until I see justice and political moves to help the people. The real victims.

  20. The CEO pulled the articles about the mortgage crime day after the alleged murder by the nanny, that no one believes the nanny did. Coincidental CNBC did an article about the corrupt mortgage crimes then pulled the articles the day after his children were murdered.

  21. CNBC reporting Wall Street watching the fiscal cliff closely… Well sure they are, they caused it…….and they know the economy is going to get alot worse…….& they are no doubt the party telling these traitor politicians they need to tax us all into poverty to pay for their crimes so they better hurry up and weaken our Second Amendment rights to keep & bear arms.

  22. I agree poppy, the media is fully engaged in this coverup for the biggest financial crimes in history by the wealthiest people on the planet. I heard Vietnam ended when the soldiers put down their guns & refused to fight. I understand most young people join the military because the system has failed them and they can’t find work or afford to go to school. These politicians are a disgrace. They know their kids don’t have to put their lives on the line to educate themselves. The financial oppression created by these crooks was well planned IMHO they are despicable.

  23. They have their own code speak. They are protecting the 4 largesse institutional investors…..and the 8 largesse “families” who use them as a means to control everything & everyone…..Vanguard being one of them. The DOJ is running a protection racket for this global crime syndicate that has hijacked America by credit and investment scams, they have committed massive criminal fraud and monopolized everything. These monopolies need to be broken up but, these appointed politicians are invested in this crony capitalist scheme. This is a dangerous hostage situation of our country by the wealthiest crooks on the planet.

  24. @ stripes

    Although somewhat helpful, cutting and pasting articles that are censored and screened for their content is at best “curious”. The media is controlled, you cannot ever get an entire story and the actual facts. I know what I see, not what is published.

    The HSBC article is a whitewash and what it means is our government, via the media is covering up the truth about everything we have believed in, our entire lives. The drug dealers are the banks, they have an intimate relationship with the drug cartels and the Terrorists. People forget the conflicts in Syria, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan have our teenage kids fighting their, they are our children too. Where’s the outrage on that?

    We are a nation of lawlessness. Only, we the citizens are punished for committing Felonies. Gun laws are not going to change criminal behavior and we here know that, better than most. The real criminals wear suits every day to work. They produce nothing, manufacture nothing and give nothing without a very high price tag.

    This country is in free-fall and DC is wanting to pass more legislation on people who follow the law. Criminals will ALWAYS break the law. The judges need to quit making the decent hardworking people pay for the trash, going in and out of the courthouse, set free to victimize again.

  25. E. ToLLe,

    I picked up on it but figured that it was the queen’s English… Might be a tad different.

  26. ….with the Department of Justice as ever at the vanguard.

    The vanguard?


    1. the foremost division or the front part of an army; advance guard; van.
    2. the forefront in any movement, field, activity, or the like.

    What about the DOJ could possibly resemble any of the above? The lowest prosecution rates in decades. Get Out Of Jail Free cards handed out in all ivory tower C-sections. There wouldn’t be a significant drug problem without their complicit involvement.

    The only thing Holder and Breuer are good for is stand up comedy when they attempt, over and over again, to rationalize their bankster friendly, justice defying lack of prosecutions.

    The only thing they’re in the forefront of is misprision and treasonous acts. They should both be imprisoned on these grounds.

  27. Many of us want to see a few heads fall before we can believe it. It may not happen but things are in the works and I believe they have been now for a year or even longer. Change is in the air.

    SFO takes the fight to America

    The arrests earlier this week of a former banker and two inter-dealer brokers in relation to the Libor-fixing scandal represent the first public skirmishes on UK soil of what is becoming a hugely political international law enforcement effort.

    By David Bermingham

    8:16AM GMT 16 Dec 2012

    Ever since Barclays entered into a Deferred Prosecution Agreement with the Department of Justice in the US in June this year, speculation has been rife as to when, where and how many bankers would end up being hauled before the courts on criminal charges.

    That the first arrests have been in London, at the behest of the Serious Fraud Office, might suggest that the UK authorities are on top of the matter, but the situation is not nearly that simple.

    The Libor scandal represents what may be the greatest test to date of international co-operation in criminal matters. The conduct involved took place in financial centres across the globe, from New York to London, Frankfurt to Tokyo. Many national prosecuting agencies are running their own investigations into conduct on their patches.

    To date, the lead agencies have been in the US, with the Department of Justice as ever at the vanguard. Although Barclays remains the only institution so far to have entered into a settlement agreement, as many as 20 international banks are apparently under investigation, and UBS is rumoured to be close to finalising an agreement with the prosecutors that could see it paying significantly more in fines than the $450m (£278m) Barclays coughed up in June.

    The burning question, though, is where individuals involved in international inquiries should face criminal charges? And here, the interests of justice may just come second to overtly political considerations.

  28. @Deb,

    You’re right: we must be relentless. Sometimes it feels like we’re sending the same thing over and over but, eventually, it will stick. Especially now that MSM is finally talking about it. The NY Times, Washington Post and Chicago Tribune had pieces on HSBC. And with congress members now taking action, it can only end well. Takes time but we’ll get there.

  29. Bloomberg news talking about the call for the destruction of our Second amendment rights to bear arms. Guest said the American people are never going to give up their guns. This call for stricter gun control is a fascist fix for a much larger problem that has nothing to do with our right to bear arms. Criminals will always find a way to do terrible things. This is America, not Europe of Israel. The unnaccounted for crimes of Wall Street have caused far more destruction to families than what happened at that school.

  30. The truth is…. converting worthless crap into more worthless crap is more fraud. CNBC was talking about it this morning. Time to face the music & pay the piper for these crimes. These were never mortgages by any stretch of the imagination.

  31. I should have said those of us who were forced into fake default because the truth is these were never structured as 30 year conventional mortgages and the FED & their Shareholder/Investors are the parties who are in Default to WE THE PEOPLE.

  32. I don’t see how deception is helpful to anyone. I guess knowing the truth about this giant fraud allows me see right through the b.s. I liked Mandelman until he started talking about loan mods. There is no way to modify or write down a quadrillion dollars in fraud, it is just a very deceptive way to bankrupt the people. The people who have been most harmed by this massive fraud, those who already have had their property stolen and those of us who were forced into default by this evil plan demand our stolen property be returned to us, title cleared to us & compensatory damages & other equitable relief. None of this should have ever happened and it was criminal and highly destructive to WE THE PEOPLE and the economy in general.

  33. christine, your posts are very worthwhile and helpful links, thank you
    ill be acting on letters to WH and AG and state AG here in AZ.
    done that before but its time to do it again. everyone on face book or tweet or whatever to everyone you know to put the pressure on the HSBC hail mary pass pardon is too much- if ever there was an issue to outrage about this takes it to a new level.,

  34. Yeah they better hurry up & get the honest ones like DeMarco out of there and write down every sucker still paying to play before they all wake up & tell these crooks to stick their unsustainable debt where the sun don’t shine…

  35. It’s a doer alert alright. DeMarco knows the quadrillion in debt created by Wall Street can’t be written down. Any write downs are juice money for these crooks and their criminal shareholder/investor friends both foreign & domestic.

  36. The principal never existed Christine because these were not structured as fixed rate conventional mortgages to begin with. They were structured as 10 year bonds.

  37. I agree with a Rabbi speaking out against the shootings and speaking out against the culture of violence that our children our inundated with at a very early age as the probable cause of all of this.

    I would like to add that culture of violence, along with the sexual exploitation of mankind in general, and the glorification of the gangland lifestyle by the media is hidden sadism that is destroying the moral fabric of society. This media attack on our second amendment right to bear arms is moronic. The media should be attacking themselves for lying to the public for decades and covering up for the crimes of the greedy, they have heavily contributed to the decline of society in general.

  38. on 12/11/2012, 19 members of Congress demanded 50 billions in principal reduction

    From Mandelman Matters:

    “In case you’re thinking there’s no way, think again. This is not an unreasonable request.

    The budget for HAMP alone, when the president announced it, was $75 billion. It was later reduced to $50 billion, and then to $37 billion, but that’s only because they’ve only spent like $6 billion tops. Authorizing $50 billion in principal reductions wouldn’t be unreasonable in the least. And not that it would solve all problems, but in addition to the principal reductions now being granted as part of the National Mortgage Settlement, it would be a lot better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.

    President Obama asked for this same amount before, last year, but acting director of the FHFA, Ed DeMarco, whacked the president’s hand with a ruler, figuratively speaking sort of, and said no. I knew that had to get the president at least a little mad, although he certainly didn’t show it. A few days ago, President Obama gave Ed his walking papers, as I had fun writing about in a post titled, “Bye-Bye DeMarco!” (It’s funny, you should read it.)

    Now, here’s where you come in… it’s called political pressure and it works just like a DOER ALERT, which you should all know works. Everyone and everyone you know has to spread the word to everyone else… it’s time to write to your elected representatives in Congress, in the Senate… and to the President at the White House.

    To send an email to the White House click the link below:
    You can also call the White House at:
    Comments: 202-456-1111 or Switchboard: 202-456-1414
    And you can mail a letter to the White House here:
    The White House
    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
    Washington, DC 20500

    Typed on 8 1/2 x 11 paper preferred, include return address or email.


    To find and contact your congressional representative click the link below:

  39. For Immediate Release
    December 13, 2012

    Grassley: Justice Department’s Failure to Prosecute Criminal Behavior in HSBC Scandal is Inexcusable

    WASHINGTON – Senator Chuck Grassley is calling the Department of Justice’s decision to forego any criminal prosecution of HSBC officials involved in the money laundering scandal inexcusable.

    In a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder, Grassley wrote, “Even more concerning is the fact that the individuals responsible for these failures are not being held accountable. The Department has not prosecuted a single employee of HSBC—no executives, no directors, no AML compliance staff members, no one. By allowing these individuals to walk away without any real punishment, the Department is declaring that crime actually does pay. Functionally, HSBC has quite literally purchased a get-out-of-jail-free card for its employees for the price of $1.92 billion dollars.”

    Grassley added, “What I have seen from the Department is an inexplicable unwillingness to prosecute and convict those responsible for aiding and abetting drug lords and terrorists. I cannot help but agree with an editorial in the New York Times that ‘the government has bought into the notion that too big to fail is too big to jail.’”

    This failure to hold people criminally accountable appears to be a continuation of the department’s apparent policy to prosecute and hold accountable as few as possible of Wall Street’s main players who in large part were responsible for the financial crisis. Grassley has previously questioned the department about the number of mortgage fraud cases the department has brought forward.

    Here is a copy of the text of the letter to Holder. A signed copy can be found here.

    December 13, 2012

    Via Electronic Transmission

    The Honorable Eric H. Holder, Jr.
    Attorney General
    U.S. Department of Justice
    950 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
    Washington, DC 20530

    Dear Attorney General Holder:

    I write today to express my continuing disappointment with the enforcement policies of the Department of Justice (Department). On December 12, 2012, the Department entered into a Deferred Prosecution Agreement (DPA) with HSBC, a global bank that has now admitted to violating federal laws designed to prevent drug lords and terrorists from laundering money in the United States. [Read the rest here:

  40. The cover up for all of this fraud by the rich is what is based on a theory of natural selection. It is the theory of “survival of the fittest,” it is AKA “the law of the jungle.”. It is the greed-philosophy…. it is extreme sefishness by select wealthy individuals who have way too much in the first place. These individuals destroy progress in order to mete out the weak by using their wealth and power they monopolize society and create a cut-throat economy. They create the weak by exploiting their weaknesses they create and consider their weaknesses fair game.and use their weaknesses to destroy them. They use controlled chaos mechanims in which to install their dictatorship on the remaining victims. Read about it here…Darwinism is a cold, calculated, cut-throat and ruthless view that influenced Naziism and Communism….Darwin’s Influence on Ruthless Laissez Faire Capitalism…..

  41. Sounds like usedkarguy is a fraud fixer.

  42. The only domestic morons I see are those who allow themselves to believe the lies and even defend their abusers.

  43. I have been to Sulemain & they do not fight mortgage fraud last I heard. They all say they do but they don’t. I have witnessed a couple attorneys in Illinois fc court rooms who appeared to actually be asking for relevant docs but I don’t know their names. Hang out in fc court one day and maybe you will get lucky.

  44. Christine…….I am well within my rights to speak the truth about the secrets, lies and fraud of these criminals. You can’t debunk anything that I say so you lie. That is a cop out.

  45. @ ED: talk to these guys: Not a referral, just a firm I have contacted on behalf of other borrowers.
    also try to get ahold of Jeff Barnes at He has associates in Illinois and works with them to defend your home. LakeLaw (Waukegan, Kenosha, a Jeff Barnes associate) has not really taken a hard stance against foreclosure. I know the pres., good guy. They just aren’t fighting this like we are. Be prepared to interview many attorneys until you find one who is “ahead of the curve” and “up to speed”, so to speak. Good luck. Wish I could help more, but I’m in Cheeseland.


    The Real Danger to America is not Foreign Terrorists but Domestic Morons

    September 13, 2012
    By Cosmic Surfer

    …The US has its own role in this history in the making. We are responsible for our actions against Iran as early as 1953; actions against Iraq; support of repression and oppression throughout the planet; the use of extraordinary rendition against thousands of private citizens in other countries; use of torture to set intelligence and create a false paradigm; use of Guantanamo and Bagram to imprison innocent men, women and children who become a “threat” or are used to create a “perceived threat” to “national security”; and refusal to hold those people accountable who are guilty of crimes against humanity……..

    More importantly, each and every American is responsible for allowing people, who are no more than narcissists promoting fear and bigotry, to have a role in this government of the people; to give them forum for spewing the most evil kind of hate; and for denying our actions against others…

  47. Neil,

    Is there a reason one single blogger would be allowed to clog 50% of this site with idiotic crap that does absolutely nothing to advance homeowners’ cause and trashes it so much that people with meaningful information end up leaving? Was that what you envisioned?

    Serious foreclosure defense professionals have taken to talking about Livinglies in such derogatory ways that this site ends up hurting homeowners more than anything else. Read Mandelman and you’ll see what he thinks about your blog! Ditto for the people he interviews. All that Ivent/stripes individual does is incite to hatred and intolerance with her inflammatory rants. And now, she posts links so insulting to everyone, whether Christians, Jewish, Moslem, Chinese, Russians or anyone else, that Livinglies will soon be known as the site that condones bigotry by failing to impose a minimum of decency. Is this really what you want?

  48. Great info at this site……

  49. Exposing the secrets, lies fraud & deceit of this criminal cabal is patriotic. We need all hands on deck to expose these criminals.

  50. Christine……who are you calling moron…? are a deceiver & a liar. You are part & parcel to the reason why we are all here….Citizen Journalism is one of the most powerful forces against this evil on the planet. That is what the liars & deceivers…..the criminal felons fear….Therefore, I will call these agents of evil out here & everywhere that I can.

  51. Can someone make that moron understand that we have access to CNN if we want to and we don’t need her idiotic take on it? This site is definitely turning into a toxic dump.

  52. I know the people in Connecticutt are in shock but come on America……WAKE UP…..& STOP asking the corrupt & sinister politicians to save you….that is Communism…..form citizen militias & learn how to protect yourselves & your loved ones & your communities.

  53. I flipped on the CNN for a few minutes. Big mistake….these media pirahnas have turned this tragedy into a war on the Second Amendment. Unbelievable. This mass shooting of innocents was unheard of back in the day. Weak gun laws didn’t cause this. Is it the vaccines, the prescription med craze, violent media, bad education, poor moral values, brainwashing, birth defects from enviromental factors ….. I don’t know. But it isn’t the gun laws that need to get tougher, we need to protect ourselves from this evil & arm ourselves to the hilt because you never know when something evil will come your way. Lab created or otherwise. I believe God made every man in his image and something or someone evil is ruining it. Remember Oklahoma City.

  54. They aren’t contracts either. The crooks have buffaloed millions of Americans with their fraudulently induced contracts. FRAUD IN THE FACTUM makes all of their debt a NULLITY…..

  55. Excellent letter from Senator Jeff Merkley to Eric Holder asking for serious prosecutions of HSBC.

    December 14th, 2012 | Author: Matthew D. Weidner, Esq.

    “…According to the U.S. Sentencing Commission, jail time is served by over 96 percent of persons that plead or are found guilty of drug trafficking, 80 percent of those that plead or are found guilty of money laundering, and 63 percent of those caught in possession of drugs.[6] As the deferred prosecution agreement appears now to be the corporate equivalent of acknowledging guilt, the best way for a guilty party to avoid jail time may be to ensure that the party is or is employed by a globally significant bank. The Department’s deferred prosecution agreements may offer something in the way of promises of future compliance, but they look sorely lacking in justice and accountability.

    I ask for your immediate response and explanation.


    Jeffrey A. Merkley

    United States Senator

    cc: Hon. Timothy Geithner, Secretary of the Treasury
    Hon. Ben Bernanke, Chairman, Federal Reserve Board
    Hon. Tom Curry, Comptroller of the Currency
    Hon. Martin Gruenberg, Chairman, Federal Deposit Insurance Commission”

  56. First, Iceland. Now, Ireland. Once country at a time is considering debt forgiveness. That’s the only solution and it will have to be ours as well if we ever hope to get out of our slump. The entire article can be found here.

    Howlin calls for debt forgiveness

    Irish banks will have to offer debt forgiveness to people who are not able to service their loans the Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform Brendan Howlin said today.

    Speaking days ahead of the passing of legislation aimed at tackling the debt crisis, the minister said that if a person could prove to an independent third party that their were not able to pay off what they owed then the debt would have to be written off.

    The Insolvency Bill will be enacted this week and the measures contained within it will be fully operational by the Spring. It will allow debtors to emerge from bankruptcy after three years instead of the current 12 and to write-off debts up to €3 million.

    Mr Howlin said it would “come to a situation where people who are demonstrably, to a third party external view, not in the position to pay will be absolved of that debt”.

    He said debtors could be given relief on debt which “isn’t sustainable” but insisted that there would have to be “some level of engagement between banks and borrowers to ensure that those who can repay, do so”.

  57. Any Law firm in Illinois that has a good track record and gets it?

  58. How does the say go again? Give someone a rope long enough and, eventually, he will hang himself. Are we there yet? As Barry Ritholtz states here, it would take fewer than 20 questions in cross to find the perjury out. the problem is that not enough homeowners have attorneys worthy of that name.

    The Newest Foreclosure Scandal: Robo-Witness
    Email this post Print this post
    By Barry Ritholtz – December 14th, 2012, 8:44AM

    Pay attention to this, its quite fascinating and has potentially awesome and amusing consequences.

    There is a former bank defense attorney named Thomas Cox. You may not recognize his name, but after he retired, he decided to switch sides, defending people on the receiving end of bank litigation, typically foreclosures. You should know him as the lawyer from Maine who exposed the entire robo-signing sscandal. The cost to banks were a few billion dollars (far less than the damage they wrought and the profits they earned on this unlawfulness) Oh, and it also resulted in exactly one arrest.

    Robo-signing was conceived to deal with a quantity of scale issue — there were simply too many foreclosure files that required to much costly review for banks to pay attorneys $300 hour to pursue them. Hence, a 90 minute, legal review might cost over $200-500 was covered instead by an $8 an hour person doing 100-200 files per hour. The math is compelling: 36 seconds of time from someone making $8 per hour = 8 cents a file. That’s more attractive than the $100s they pay for an actual legal review.

    The Robo-signing scandal revealed exactly how corrupt the US banking system was, but also show the corruption of the US Treasury department, too many state Attorneys General, and a frightening swath of court rooms and judges. If I had anything good to say about the Robosignin, it was the epiphany it was for so many people perhaps the exact moment they discovered we are in fact a banana republic.

    Perhaps emboldened by the costless (at least to them) destruction of centuries of US Property law and legal precedent, the bankers are pursuing a new form of legalfuckery, as revealed once again by our intrepid counsel from Maine, Thomas Cox: Behold the litigation department “Robowitness.”

    A very similar person to the robosigner, only instead of doing the robosigning behind close doors, they do their dirty deeds by testifying live in person in court.

    This new approach to robosigning is very different — you are not paying $8 an hour burger flippers to falsify documents — you have specifically trained witnesses testifying in open court to some very dubious data.

    Judges do not like when someone under oath lies to them in their court.

    This is, to my eyes an extremely risky behavior. After the testimony of the Robowitness, I believe it would take less than 20 questions of cross examination to get them to repeatedly perjure themselves. That would be part 1 of my strategy as a defense counsel. Part 2 would be working closely with judges and local prosecutors — the goal is to have the RoboWitness arrested for perjury immediately as they get off the stand.

    This is a very interesting development, and warrants further observation.

  59. They are counterfeited forgeries.

  60. These are not security instruments or negotiable instruments.

  61. No subject matter jurisdiction is spot on.

  62. How do you know neither ever blogged here Christine…? You have no way of knowing that.

  63. Judgment reversed on the basis of Freddie v. Schwartzwald. Then again, unlike those who lose their house, Schwartzwald fought hard to get that result. Kuchta fought hard as well. Come to thing of it, neither ever blogged here… must be a correlation somewhere.

    GEORGE M. KUCHTA, et al.

    {¶11} A trial court’s decision to deny a motion for relief from judgment without holding a hearing is reviewed for an abuse of discretion. Id. at 152. Accord Somani v. Dillon, 9th Dist.
    No. 2839, 1994 WL 189773, *1 (May 18, 1994). An abuse of discretion implies that the court’s decision was unreasonable, arbitrary or unconscionable. Blakemore v. Blakemore, 5 Ohio St.3d
    217, 219 (1983).

    {¶12} One of Appellants’ arguments is that Bank of America did not have a valid assignment of the mortgage at the time the complaint was filed, and therefore, lacked standing to bring the foreclosure suit. The Ohio Supreme Court has addressed this issue in a recent decision, Fed. Home Loan Mtge. Corp. v. Schwartzwald, Slip Opinion No. 2012-Ohio-5017.

    {¶16} Appellants’ assignment of error is sustained. The judgment of the Medina County Court of Common Pleas is reversed, and the cause is remanded for further proceedings consistent with the foregoing opinion.

    Judgment reversed, and cause remanded.”

  64. I like ” niether admit nor deny” precious

  65. E.ToLLe,

    Can you post Neil Garfield’s e-mail again? It worked the first time around.

  66. I agree Deborah. I believe real evil exists. People call it many different things, greed, psychopathology, liar, thief, deception, betrayal, traitor, etc. I just call it evil. IMHO there is nothing more despicable than a church leader or a politician pretending to be godly.

  67. I saw a good bumper sticker one day that read…….Got Docs…?

  68. You know there are signs out there
    Watch the bumper stickers, i know it sounds silly but there is a growing section of the community that are aware they are just not able to fight as we do but we would have their full support in a fair jury trial setting. Renember we need probable cause and reasonable doubt. I pray for a paradigm shift
    Amongst men stripes.

  69. There are a lot of people who want to get away from this cartel and back to the free republic our founding fathers intended.

  70. The real reason Congress molested your finances and stole your home

  71. The pope is calling for a new world order again. I have been Catholic my entire life, and all I can say to that is, I am now thoroughly ashamed of the entire organization. If I would have known what entities from within have been planning, I would have abandoned that religion long ago based on my own moral principals they espoused. It is not the Catholic teaching that I am against, it is the hypocrisy of the people from within the church, who claim to be moral and are not. The pope is way out of line sticking his two cents in over here.

  72. Colleen Collins- I would like to send you something. As a fellow American, if only that, I apologize for the inhumanity of the ordeal which your foreclosing entity has put you through. My email is, My prayers are with you and your family.

  73. Conceal & carry is legal in 49 states but not Illinois, even though Chicago has one of the highest crime rates in the country. However, the local suburban high school is armed with an armed police officer at the front door.

  74. Make no mistake, these Wall Street financiers have waiting in the wings, a way to turn these bad credit swaps into juice money for themselves & their shareholder/investor cohorts & minions when they can’t steal with ease anymore. Beware their “fixes” for a quadrillion dollars in credit swaps fraud will create complete communism. It will be in the form of a tax.

  75. Right on Shelley. This is a vast Global Government conspiracy. It has tentacles that reach into our local government. The biggest battles I have encountered have been at the local level. The agenda 21 b.s..

  76. The crime against Americans goes way beyond what we ever dreamt of. Well orgainzed. And in every corner of the globe.

  77. The judges are doing this in every single state in all most all courts. What does that tell ya? Only a few good men! Judge Schack is awesome and their are a few. But most are all blocking justice and enableing crime. Breaching their oath of office. Blantantly ignoring the rule of law and mandatory case law.

  78. Not to mention they are possibly purchasing homes with clouded titles. and can never own them legally and may loose them back to the owner unlawfully foreclosed on.

  79. I agree Deborah. The mainstream media stinks.

    @colleen…I agree, most of the judges are corrupt and not upholding the rule of law. Money is their God. It is disgraceful.

  80. Stripes what about these Judges? It amazes me that they ignore the facts, the bank did not & could not prove that hey owned the loan or that they abided the MA state foreclosure laws which they didn’t. The problem is these unethical Judges are allowing the FRAUD & THEFT to continue. If you could see the answers or lack of from them for Request for Documentation, interrogatories & their depositions answers, it would blow your mind. Unfortunately after spending almost $40,000 in one year we were out of money. How many people could pay that much money if they weren’t paying their mortgage? We had proof of every payment paid on an invalid loan and still the Judge allowed them to steal our home. The Fraud didn’t stop there and our story has to be told by an ethical person (reporter) that has a voice that will be heard. 2013 is gonna be a new year if my health allows me to devote the amount of time needed to get Justice! I am praying for the right person to take notice and have an interest in exposing all these criminals. Our Attorney ended up being a wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing. How do these people lay their head down at nite. Well our case made him a partner in the firm so I’m sure that was the win he wanted! I have every email he sent me about how organized I am and all the work was done for him etc. He’s gonna be in for a rude awakening.

  81. stripes- for example the HSBC money laundering- hardly publicised, its the mushroom treatment,
    the people trusted that they had consumer protections in place- they dont, they relied on it, and they still think they can. thats my point re the foreclosure and those people who buy them dont get it- partly because they think they are buying at the right time- well isnt that great, 2 yrs from now im thinking neg equity, the money invested in the home will be gone, i just hope those folks break even.

  82. Criminal Issues of the Mortgage Servicing Industry

    While these probably in no way cover all of the illegal activities by the Mortgage industry and Your Federal Government, this may give you an idea of how pervasive this problem is when you figure that with the MERS system alone there are 60+ million homes and properties with no ownership papers. Compound this throughout the industry and you have a conservative estimate of over 200 million homes with bad paperwork and a 14 trillion dollar screw up that the taxpayers are paying for instead of forcing these corrupt banking institutions to pay. This doesn’t even include the fraudulent insurance scam in the 100’s of billions of dollars easily. For more information please visit us on our WEB site, Homeowners Against Mortgage Servicing Fraud on Facebook or visit our sister site

    1) Mortgage Fraud – This hardly needs explaining. This is not a matter of homeowners not paying their mortgage as the Banking industry and Fed. Government would like you to believe.

    2) Postal Fraud – All notices being sent through the US Postal Service is supposed to be mail fraud if it is a fraudulent notice as most mortgage servicing documents are. The USPS is ignoring this.

    3) Conspiracy – The banking industry conspired with the Federal Reserve and the Insurance industry and the mortgage servicing industry to swindle the homeowners and the investors while avoiding all jail time.

    4) Tax Evasion – With every sale transaction of the loan note on a property, a 1099-A is to be filed and taxes paid to show that the said property is being carried on the books of the company. This is being ignored by IRS. We foot the bill in lost tax revenue by these major banking entities.

    5) County Filing Fee Evasion – With every transaction, the counties are supposed to collect a fee from the Mortgage company. All these lost fees are then paid by the taxpayer in higher taxes. This is a 10 million a month loss in Tarrant County-Ft. Worth, Texas alone. State and countyGovernments are allowing this.

    6) Illegal Foreclosures – without any paperwork to substantiate their claims, the courts and the Federal and State Governments are allowing the illegal foreclosure of American Homeowners

    7) DTPA-Deceptive Trade Practices Act violations – the banks and mortgage servicers are violating the DTPA. Government is allowing this.

    8) FDCPA –Fair Debt Collection Practices Act violations – the banks and mortgage servicers are simply ignoring FDCPA notices. Government is allowing this.

    9) TILA – Truth In Lending Act violations – the banks and mortgage servicers are simply ignoring TILA notices. Government is allowing this.

    10) RESPA – Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act violations – the banks and mortgage servicers are simply ignoring RESPA notices. Government is allowing this.

    11) Insurance Fraud – companies that have no ownership rights to the notes are forcing insurance while naming themselves as the mortgagee. State insurance boards are not investigating.

    12) SEC Fraud – the correct paperwork such as the 1099-A is not being filed as mandated by IRS and SEC law to keep chain of ownership and title clear.

    13) Forgery – lost paperwork is simply being created out of thin air by firms set up to help perpetuate the fraud with no basis in facts and signed by non-existent individuals and the Attorney General’s offices and Federal Government is allowing it. Companies like DocX (indicted and shut down) and the Richmond Monroe Group in Missouri (still forging away).

    14) Failure of courts to Uphold the “Rule of Law” – rules of law in the judicial system are being ignored by both the courts and Government to the benefit of the lenders and the detriment of the homeowners.

    15) Constitutional violation of the 15th Amendment ( Illegal Seizure ) – without proper paperwork the government is allowing a third party entity to lay claim on homes they don’t have any interest in.

    16) Failure of Government to stand up to fight for the Homeowners – the US Government under Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the Federal Reserve are not pushing the Banks to stop the illegal activities as they are a part of them.

    17) Banks have Unlimited taxpayer Funds to fight the Homeowners – the government is allowing the banks and mortgage servicers to use taxpayer monies to fight homeowners.

    18) Denial of Due Process – Banks are pushing cases through with poor paperwork and denying homeowners due process under the law.

    19) Gambling Violations – Special Law was passed by the Feds so the Banks could Bet on the Mortgage backed securities.

    20) Clouding of Title – 1st time in our Nation’s history where the chain of title to property is being clouded and endangering the clearly defined inheritance laws.

    21) Flawed Definition of “SUB PRIME” Mortgage – This is a term used by the mortgage industry to identify homes easy to steal with just a few false fees and it does not mean homeowners who shouldn’t have bought a home as they couldn’t afford it.

    22) Falsifying Notary Signatures – aka Robo signing – This practice has become well known throughout the country. A document with an authentic signature is photoshopped and copied onto other illegally created documents to make it appear legal. In other cases companies interested in stealing someones home just have someone else sign the documents in the name of a real signatory. In many cases the signature is simply an odd squiggle mark that is indecipherable as to what name is being written. Usually the notary stamp and signatory are on a separate piece of paper than what is purported to be notarized. Again illegal in all states.

    23) Robo Signing Trustees – A trustee is supposed to be in charge of your loan note and / or trust that the note is in, however, they oftentimes just signed everything in sight with no thought given to what they were signing and in many cases sinply neglected to sign it all together. Oftentimes documents will suddenlt appear naming some trustee, when there are no signatures on any documents to prove the trustee actually was in charge of the note. All highly illegal.

    24) REMIC Fraud – The laws concerning the securitization of notes is quite clear; if you want to take a negotiable instrument like a loan note and convert it to something that can be traded on wall street such as a stock or a bond, which are “security” instruments, you can do so, but then you can never change it back to a loan note or “negotiable instrument”. Once these pools of notes are converted to stock they are supposed to be put into the loan pool, and they have 90 days from the closing of the pool to do so. Hoever, none of this hardly ever occurs as in fact, the notes are destroyed and lost so that no one ever finds out the truth about the notes having been converted to a security instrument, because if a security instrument were to materialize concerning your home and they also have in their possession a loan note, that is admission of fraud on their part. They crooks also try to concoct missing assignments of these loan notes years after the closing dates on the pools, another REMIC fraud that constitues a 10% fine of the total value of the pools. This should be in the tens to the hundreds of millions of dollars per violation.

    25) Collusion between the Servicers and insurance Companies – The Servicers are abrogating their responsibility to track the homeowners insurance to a third party Insurer, to whom you have not given access to your private records, and the Servicers are then taking kickbacks from the Insurers as the insurers are allowed to force place a hyperinflated cost policy illegally on homes and businesses, usually without ever filing the correct paperwork in the counties to give themselves the legal ability to do so. The relationship between Servicers and Insurers are being clouded as they are committing fraud. What is common is astronomically priced force-placed insurance. Servicers are billing for policies that cost as much as 10 times as much as regular homowners insurance. For example, confirmed by American Banker, an $80,000 property standing on a $40,000 lot was force-placed with a policy costing $10,000. Put another way, one year of insurance payments would strip away 13% of the structure’s total value.

    While the FEDs are allowing the banks, servicers and insurers to continue to flagrently violate the very laws that you and I would be put away for life on, at the same time they are allowing these crooks to steal your homes, your friends and relatives homes and destroy the welfare of the US and the WORLD.

    The latest scam is that the banks are refusing to produce the blue ink original at satisfaction of mortgage or loan payoff. They are offering only a lien release. This is not only illegal, but this puts your home at risk of someone down the road producing it and you then losing your home as a lien release is subservient to a Blue Ink Original Loan Note. Most likely the banks are re-securitizing your paid off loan note and hoping the investors and homeowners don’t get wise to their current scam while they rake in billions more of taxpayer cash.

    Think about this:

    If this whole scenario was a simple matter of a homeowner going into default and the lender of the funds foreclosing to regain possession of their collateral, we wouldn’t have a foreclosure crisis. It would be insane to think 20 million people suddenly banded together and collectively decided they didn’t want to make mortgage payments anymore.

    The banks must take your home at all costs and if necessary settle out of court in the end to claim the ill-gotten profits from the multiple side bets (insurance, reinsurance, credit default swaps, derivatives, etc) placed against each home. To demonstrate this, consider the extremes they will go to.

    In 2000, an Ohio family of four lost their home, despite making all payments. At that time, the homeowner didn’t understand what was happening and didn’t know how to fight back to stop the theft and ended up in a homeless shelter. They later purchased another home, and four years later, a bank alleging to be the owner tried to foreclose. The homeowner was forced into bankruptcy to prevent the foreclosure. This time however, when the homeowner responded to the foreclosure and demanded they prove ownership, the imposters quickly withdrew from the case. Now, the bank is coming back again despite the homeowner having competent counsel, so the bank has hired two law firms to try to outgun or outspend the homeowner. The influential firm alone will easily charge in excess of $100K in legal fees if it is a brief litigation. But the house is only appraised at $40K, so that is the most the bank could recover. The court record and evidence confirm the bank does not own the loan and cannot provide the original note. So again I ask you, Why are the banks doing this? Because if they lose in court it would set a legal precedent and they would lose millions in illegal fees that they expect to make for stealing this house and then …the flood of lawsuits would breach the dam.

    Also, look at the Ibanez case that the banks just recently lost at the Massachusetts Supreme Court. The Banks spent millions trying to illegally foreclose on a home that was worth maybe 50,000 in its prime. Why would you want to foreclose on this home in the picture if you were a bank unless there was another issue?

    As an update you may find this interview with the former secretary of HUD very alarming and a confirmation of everything that I had previously explained in this article.

  83. I hope there is justice for you & your family colleen. These politicians are despicable nationwide. I love this country but the problem is these traitor politicians are invested in this fraud. Thanks to Wall Street credit & investment scams the politicians and their criminal friends both foreign & domestic are destroying everything we built.

  84. Deborah…These entities have no legal right to sell these properties if they are not the holder or have no legal rights of a holder. These are criminal racketeering operations and these people need to go to prison. I don’t care if they are a real estate agency….or if its a sheriffs sale. These sales are improper & illegal under the laws of this land. These judges should be ashamed of themselves for granting these fraudclosures. They are clearly compromised and that is heinous.

  85. Stripes the house was illegally sold and we paid almost $40,000 in legal fees and had an Unethical Judge that refused the facts and ignored the facts of law. People find it unbelievable that someone that had almost 100% equity in a home and never missed a payment could lose their home. Well we are proof of the FRAUD in fraudclosure. When we show others all of our documents with proof of every payment plus extra to be applied to the principal and zero was applied they can’t believe their eyes. We are sleeping on an air mattress in my dads office. My marriage is the best after 26 yrs nobody will destroy that. We lost everything we owned but not our love and our 2 sons. It makes me sick that my son suffers from PTSD and lost hearing while fighting for our Country only to return to find us homeless. God bless America! The bank tried to paint over the mold and I got the building inspector involved and they were denied permits and then sold for cash without disclosing the mold. We have proof of everything but I can’t afford to pay any more legal fees. Our retirement is gone as well as our life savings. I am disabled had 23 surgeries, suffer from Multiple Sclerosis & had Brain surgery for Trigeminal Neuralgia. This stress is causing a lot of medical problems and my diseases are progressing. My gravestone will read “She was a fighter and never gave up, she made sure her family was taken care of before leaving this earth”! I just home I am able to enjoy the victory with my family when that day comes. Thanks for all your comments & suggestions. I am open to any recommendations especially from any MA residents.

  86. From what I can tell and am alleging it looks like Crabtree and NW Trustees are doing the bidding on credit bids and recordig on public record they purchased the house for ten dollars. all unlawful When you are not the lawful owner of the note and I am sure guessing they are not.

  87. The Ameridan people were admittedly set up by our own government to fail the HAMPto be side tracked by promises of help while the banks slowly stole the houses and paralled foreclosure and in my case and many by luring us into foreclosure when we were not in default by tellling us over and over to fall behindon purpose then we would be apprvoed. if millions of us had realized we were being duped by our own white house and the banks The banks are not prestigious, they are organized criminals. They have no honor but to greed. The banks command prestige and power but have no admiration by the people. The people look at them in disgust and danger. as criminials. The only ones the bank commands prestige from are the people bought by the banks.Their only company are theives like them. They mostlikely can not even trust each other. A bunch of cut throats.

  88. ……and numerous other felony frauds. No proof of authority at the commencement ….. failure to state a cause of action…gives the court no subject matter jurisdiction. These foreclosures are criminal acts by deception & concealment of the true facts of their cases….which is…the FED is in default to the U.S. TREASURY DEPARTMENT…..and the plaintiffs are third party debt collectors with no legal rights of a holder…

  89. JG….I think it is about time WE THE PEOPLE served a NOTICE OF DEFAULT ON THE FED…..They are IMPOSTERS; fictitious payees and are in possession of counterfeit instruments and are forging documents to gain unjust enrichment by presenting fraud upon the court, they are racketeering by committing felonies…..acts of RICO..

  90. When I say ongoing bailouts I don’t mean just the ongoing TBTF bailouts of the GSE’s…..I am also talking about FED monetary policy. Frozen credit at the TREASURY for the U.S. TAXPAYERS by the fascists in CONgress….no small business lending, QE to infinity…zero interest rate borrowing of U.S. TAXPAYER MONEY TO THE TBTF….NOTHING FOR WE THE PEOPLE except deterioration of the economy on a daily basis.

  91. I believe that Shelley. Geithner is obviously working for the FED as is Bernanke & Obama. These crooks have hijacked the U.S. TREASURY for the benefit of themselves and their investor/shareholder minions & cohorts. There was a coup de tat of the U.S. TREASURY ….THE AMERICAN PEOPLES WEALTH….BY THE FED. When Obama Nationalized the FEDS quadrillion in debt fraud on the American people without conducting audits….. AKA….TBTF….this was done in order for the FED and their investors to rob the American people into poverty…. TBTF is treason & the ongoing bailouts are a criminal act.

  92. @ trespass- people dont understand when they buy a foreclosure, i know someone who bought a home (paid far far too much and seller tried to squeeze more out of her- and got it) she said “oh its not a foreclosure seller is an investor”, so i would love to know what the “investor” got the house for and how. let me guess. probably an “agent for”

  93. From a totally messed up Notice of Default *allegedly from Quality Loan Services:

    “NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN; That Quality Loan Services Corp. is either the original trustee, the duly appointed substituted trustee, or
    acting as agent for the trustee or beneficiary under a deed of trust
    as beneficiary, recorded……securing, among other obligations
    including 1 NOTE(s) FOR THE ORIGINAL SUM OF ………., that the
    beneficial interest under such Deed of Trust and the obligations
    secured thereby are presently held by the undersigned…….

    Quality Loan Services Corp., as AGENT FOR BENEFICIARY
    BY: Fidelity National Title Insurance Company

    By __________________________
    Jesse Vewley

    This NOD states that QLS is an agent of the beneficiary and issues this thing as such.
    Dot’s trustees are not to be agents of one of the other two parties.
    It states that the beneficial interest under the DOT and the obligation secured is presently held by QLS (“the undersigned”), either as alleged agent for the beneficiary or in its own right (may be open to interpretation). So, a party (QLS) claiming to hold all interest in the note and dot either in its own right or as an agent for another is the same party issuing a Notice of Default: not. If QLS holds this interest as a principal’s agent or in its own right, QLS, either way, may not be the party issuing a NOD. imo.
    I didn’t copy the whole thing, but it’s also deficient imo in that it fails to
    identify the amt of default and what’s necessary to cure it. *There is also no evidence nor identification of FNTI’s relationship to QLS, i.e., in what capacity FMTI purports to sign for QLS. There’s also no
    identification or evidence of Vewley’s position with FNTI – for what that might be worth.

    QLS works in several western states, among them on info and belief, AZ, NV (where it was held to be an unlicensed debt collector by the Dept of Business and Industry), CA and I don’t know where else.
    Did you get a Notice of Default like this one?
    If so, you might want to see an attorney who knows s from shortcakes about the ramifications: f/c sale is void? voidable? Damages available? What?
    What we’ve got, not even counting this particular ridiculous NOD, is the banksters using alleged sub-trustees as their collection agents, a relationship and action absolutely NOT contemplated or approved by the legislation which allowed lenders the privilege of non-judicial foreclosure. I just want to bring renewed attention to the matter before dot “trustees” as collection agents for alleged principals is taken as rote and the law is totally forgotten by the judiciary, as well as by ourselves.


  95. I remember when I was going through the loan mod fiasco…..the servicer told me I was approved for the Obama plan but after I read the contract I might not like the terms…I might not want to sign. I never saw that contract because a week later they told me I was denied at the last minute for the loan mod by …..the U.S. TREASURY DEPARTMENT ..OH SNAP..!

  96. History channel II is airing angels & demons right now. It is a good watch.

  97. I believe there is a supernatural element to this. We are dealing with angels of Satan’s realm. The fallen ones. This is the fall of evil and they aren’t going down easy.

  98. Fundamentally if we are denied due process then we cant get to second base
    Who is blocking due process – the cour? t the judge ? whereby there is this umm kind of umm as theysay ” meeting of minds ” with the opposition , despite the legal truth of the pleadings but a bias is a bias, and you need is the ” appearance ” of bias . Though denial of your due process will be blatant. Theres a case to cite. Sheriff joe v. ? I just forgot dont have it but i have cited in my pleadings.

  99. Criminals will always find a way to destroy, kill & maim. These are the consequences of living in a free & open society. Taking our guns away would leave us sitting ducks. This happened to the German people. We can’t allow this. History has proven, it is very dangerous indeed when the Government turns against its own citizenry and declares its own citizens a threat.

    The media are despicable for discussing disarming our rights as American citizens at such a perilous time in our history.

  100. I refuse to watch anymore of the news coverage about that horror yesterday. These people make me sick.

  101. Criminals will always get guns…cowards always need to hide in the shadows, to get a leg up on the strong. This country needs to deal with the reasons people are turning into maniacs. The underbelly of all these problems is our government. You see more and more of this behavior.

    I am watching decent people consider weaponry to protect themselves. This is crazy stuff. The corporate entities promote and market sales of everything. They have the majority of this country believing their bull shit. Every time I go to court I see the same thing. The lies, deceptions and theft go unabated. The small folks are held to one standard, while the wealthy are held to none.

    In this foreclosure mess, which is the tip of the iceberg, Stevie Wonder can see the lack of judicial adherence, twisting the facts and criminal intent.

    More and more my case becomes Constitutional, rather than case law and the rules of civil procedure. Due process is being denied, denied all through the judicial system. If we cannot get a fair an unbiased hearing, we cannot move forward through the system. Neil, what do we do about this?

  102. I agree with Poppy & Deborah. I saw this was an evil plan early on.. No way our small business credit line gets pulled out of nowhere, for no reason, our property taxes doubled, we lost our small business of 25 years, the loan mod failed & on & on…… But I’m glad the loan mod failed. It woke me up and I learned a lot. I learned not to trust the Govt Corp and a lot of its employees, and if it doesn’t sound right, they are lying. It seems we are living in a WWIII scenario because of what these Wall Street crooks and the traitor politicians have done. The greed is a disgrace.

    When I heard about the school shooting yesterday, I thought back to a controversy in Illinois, several months ago. A local school district wanted to arm itself and keep guns in the school. The school lost but, that is what makes yesterdays story disturbing to me.

  103. Never thought I’d have such disdain for my country. Served in the military and did the things expected of me…and to realize where we are, is unimaginable. If we have a government that allows the “laundering” of cartel and terrorists money, with no penalty, the conclusion is only that they are part of the cartels and plots against everyone. These guys cannot have a casual relationship with these entities. Impossible. Why would the government and financial entities want all these foreclosures, illegal entry into the country and the Constitution completely disregarded? Only one I can think of…damned well frightening and people are asleep…with their gadgets.

    This theft of real property must be addressed at the DC level. These cats NEED to follow our laws. PERIOD! No ambiguity here…

  104. society truely does follow the laws of nature and the universe being of god- if a body has a gangrenous leg you can cut away at it treat it with this n that but the leg must come off for the body to survive otherwise the body becomes toxic and systems fail. eventually the same for society- the leg is removed, it hurts, you miss it, but you heal mentally and physically, you get a prosthesis (substitute) you learn to walk again, you raise your head and say thankyou god im alive and i made it
    and i have a new appreciation of my mind body spirit and your will.

  105. poppy i agree with you,
    maybe obamas job was to deliver the goods so to speak, he delivered the american people and allowed this to happen, i know that the road was paved by his predecessors over decades but the truth is being revealed and theres no where to hide, eventually the people will be wide wide awake and they will be as shocked to the core of their being as i am now. The rulings whereby the likes of HSBC can get a fine- which maybe damages their profit margin for a couple of months, they will find new and inventive ways to continue business as usual because all they have to do is pay their dues/fines once in a while when the good ol boys decide to put on a bit of a show in court.
    theres no honor in congress, none, the word doesnt exist. theres no respect for those who died in wars in the name of freedom and libertys that we think we have/had. we the people have much work to do, and we owe it to the future because god knows we have gotten lazy.( thats a generalisation ) money for nothing and checks for free,

  106. The reason they want the guns away, is they are afraid of US. They will use anything to “neutralize” the truth and citizens. Fact is, anyone can kill someone, in multiples…cars, poisons, planes (as we have witnessed), medications, etc…criminals do what they do. They are cowards by nature. The foreclosures, absolute gun control, loss of real education, outsourcing of quality jobs, complete and total monopolies of needed products and services by corporate entities and media censorship is very telling of what we have for a government.

    We have very few freedoms anymore. From what I can see these entities that run things are “immune” from prosecution and responsibility. I have even considered they do not like the citizens and want them replaced with compliant, reverent “illegals” so they manipulate the rest of us.

    Let’s face it; the banksters are killing people too, just one or two at a a time…people are living in cars, homeless shelters…the little they have left after being thrown in the street is barely enough to find shelter, particularly when they cannot withstand a credit check, buy food, acquire transportation to work at minimal wages, get health care after their $11,300.00 ($230.00 weekly) cap to pay for it, etc…

    The foreclosures represent a grab of real property, control. Honestly, if people are only required to put down .05% they have no equity and no incentive to keep paying, part of the plan…WE ARE RENTERS and that is exactly how the government, paid for by SEARS, AUTO ZONE, AT&T, pick your entity, wants it.

    Just my thoughts. I don’t know how we beat this system, but I am trying like the rest here..the treason is in your face!

  107. It is not wise to underestimate people.

  108. 21 out of 41. Again, more than 50% of this site taken over by one blogger. Added to the 23 on the previous page equals 44, plus 3 on another page. 47 all together. Just for one day. Can’t be running around Chicago all that much, especially when we count the hours spent in front of the tube.

    The days of intelligent and meaningful exchanges of information here are over.

  109. That sounds really awful Colleen. Lawsuits can take years. I would keep hounding law enforcement. Do you have insurance..? Maybe you can have the house repaired and move in until there is a resolution.

  110. Stripes MA officials suck they are like the fox guarding the hen house. Everybody that has been presented with the facts looks the other way. It is a disgrace. FBI has had file since 2006 and still nothing has been done they could of prevented this had they took the complaint seriously!

  111. There may be a mortgage fraud division in your recorder of deeds office as well..

  112. A closing at a mall food court…? That’s a hot one. I would call the FBI MORTGAGE FRAUD DIVISION…& your county sheriff…state AG…& file a police report….what the the States Attorneys office too..and your state bureau of financial & professional regulations.

  113. OH..LMAO CHRISTINE….paying to have a roof over our heads is a priviledge….? Is that right…? The only priveledged individuals I see are the politicians ….the Wall Street Fat asses and their investor/shareholder cohorts & minions… that their criminal largesse fat asses are not in prison for life by now…

  114. Trespass Unwanted we had an illegal closing at a food court the only person present besides me & hubby was a Notary. We were not given a Note, Mortgage or any closing docs that are required to satisfy the terms of a legal contract. We had no idea of the essential terms. We sent QWR’s, complaints etc and have copies of it all. We finally got closing docs after they had sold home illegally and now had proof that according to UCC 3- 305 we had a right of Recoupment. We also now had proof of the date we were finally in possession and had proof of forgery & perjury. Amounts they claimed to pay were thousands less and others were never paid. They forged our signatures on 6 Right to Cancel forms. We left the closing with 2 Right to Cancel each thats it and now there was 6 signed copies all with different signatures above & below the line. I can understand people being upset when they lose their home but to lose a home that had 100% equity and we paid even though we had to vacate home because of Toxic Mold. They bought with an invalid Credit Bid Judge had proof of it all and decided to ignore his oath and the facts of law. We also tried to file an Appeal which the clerk of courts refused then the Judge refused. You have never seen a case like ours. Our son is a Marine who returned home from his 2nd deployment to find out the only home he ever knew was gone and we were homeless. We also lost our retirement & life savings. We had a lawyer that was a wolf dressed in sheeps clothing. I had all the work done for him. I have a complete paper trail in consecutive order. During the lawsuit we found out that loan was never recorded. The fraud goes on & on.

  115. I am no where near SS age…Christine & if I ever do see that money…I PAID FOR IT. As far as working goes…what is your definition of work…? Working for the Govt Slave Corp..? No..I don’t work for the Oligarchs & the Plutocrats.

  116. I don’t absorb the crap christine….I observe the crap the media serves the public and I call out the crap. They are trying to brainwash the people with fear. Your biggest fear is that citizen reporting will put an end to all of their evil plans. That is my weapon ….exposing the fraud and I will continue as long as it takes. As far as sitting on my ass all day long, I do whatever it takes to expose these crooks. That takes an equal amount of standing…walking & sitting and in fact, fraud fighting keeps me in pretty good shape. You should see me run around the courthouse & all over downtown Chicago, like a twenty year old. Yeah..I make the attorneys & the judges heads spin…

  117. “Its like they want to make us live in fear and beg for help.” Judging on how little some people act and how much time they spend watching TV and plastering this site about what they saw on Piers Morgan, Jay Leno, CNN and what not all the while accusing MSM of playing banks’ games, they (whoever the hell “they” are…) are doing a fine job!

    Can’t say that Ivent/stripes will ever be a threat to anyone with an ounce of power and authority. The woman’s courage lies in sitting on her butt absorbing crap all day long and regurgitating it… She’s right where “they” want her: brainless, useless and irrelevant. A big mouth and no show. I bet she doesn’t even work. Probably on Social Security too.

  118. What I find most disturbing is school shootings were unheard of up until the introduction of tv and videogame violence. That is the trend I see.

  119. Piers Morgan just told a NRA Rep that the NRA needs to change its thinking on gun rights. I smell an agenda here. This is just getting creepy.

  120. This shooting comes at a very curious time considering all of the controversy yesterday regarding passing a conceal & carry law in Illinois. The politicians don’t want it and all this talk tonight about regulations & new laws. It makes me a bit queasy.

  121. I have 4 kids and to be honest, occassionally, I have thought something like this could happen. There have been incidents at school like a student stabbed another student in the chest with a hair pick…a kid brought a gun to school…and other horrible things. Bad things are escalating but they don’t need to panic people by calling this a crisis. What are we supposed to do lock ourselves in our houses…? Kids have to go to school. Why call this a crisis? Its like they want to make us live in fear and beg for help.

  122. You have that right on.

  123. It is a horror but if this is a crisis than what was 9/11…? They never called that a crisis. The media is being overdramatic IMHO…A crisis is a situation that is out of control & that is not the case. There aren’t madmen running through the streets shooting people for goodness sakes.

  124. The only viable solution for this country is this credit fraud debt should be extinguished because these banking criminals destroyed this economy. The people did not create a quadrillion dollars in unsustainable debt fraud. The morons on Wall Street did that, and it can never be repaid. The American people can no longer afford to pay for the fraud of these crooks. The property taxes & the utility bills are also criminally out of line with our current incomes.

  125. You are right! How ever the man being dead leaves 27 bodies to take loving care of funerals and taking care of loved ones and people in shock. That is a crisis.

  126. The mayor of the town where the massacre occurred is on CNN calling this massacre a crisis. How is this a crisis….? Isn’t the madman who did this dead?

  127. Absolutely at every peel of the onion there has been fraud. No one wanted a house for free and no one wants the banks to get a house for free either. The crooks whom have caused the crime!
    \ Should the homeowners through attorneys be asking not only for quiet title but Release of Obligatiion {NOTE} due TO FRAUD BY LIBOR/BANKS SETTLEMENTS AND GUILTY PLEA AGREEMENTS AND LORRAINE BROWNS PLEAS AGREEMENT?

    [abrogation is to abolish (law or custom) by formal or authoritive action to annul or repeal.]

    Can a Promissory Note Be Voided for Fraud By Filing a Release of Obligation?
    Holders of promissory notes can release them for any reason. Promissory notes can also be legally abrogated, or nullified, for several reasons, including fraud. While filing a release of obligation document releases the promissory note maker from any future responsibility or liability for the debt, abrogation of the promissory note for reasons such as fraud do not.

    Read more: Promissory Notes – How To Information |

  128. I agree Shelley. It’s 10 days before Christmas. Only an agent of Satan could do this type of evil. I also despise the media using this as an opportunity to try and take away our rights to protect ourselves. Criminals will always find a way to harm others if they want to. Look at Oklahoma City. Those psychos did not use guns.

  129. Why are you peddling 30 or 40 year mortgages Christine…? When the truth is these defaults can never be cured and these investors & their banking minions gained quintillions in ill gotten gains on money they never lent by defrauding the U.S. TREASURY & THE AMERICAN PEOPLE..? The FED and their investors are in Default..and they owe the American people quintillions as a result of the biggest financial fraud committed in our names in history.

  130. Taken from the most horrific tragedy in Connecticut the speech of the President of the United states:
    at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut.
    We’ve endured too many of these tragedies in the past few years. And each time I learn the news I react not as a President, but as anybody else would — as a parent. And that was especially true today. I know there’s not a parent in America who doesn’t feel the same overwhelming grief that I do.
    The majority of those who died today were children — beautiful little kids between the ages of 5 and 10 years old. They had their entire lives ahead of them — birthdays, graduations, weddings, kids of their own. Among the fallen were also teachers — men and women who devoted their lives to helping our children fulfill their dreams.
    So our hearts are broken today — for the parents and grandparents, sisters and brothers of these little children, and for the families of the adults who were lost. Our hearts are broken for the parents of the survivors as well, for as blessed as they are to have their children home tonight, they know that their children’s innocence has been torn away from them too early, and there are no words that will ease their pain.
    As a country, we have been through this too many times. Whether it’s an elementary school in Newtown, or a shopping mall in Oregon, or a temple in Wisconsin, or a movie theater in Aurora, or a street corner in Chicago — these neighborhoods are our neighborhoods, and these children are our children. And we’re going to have to come together and take meaningful action to prevent more tragedies like this, regardless of the politics.
    This evening, Michelle and I will do what I know every parent in America will do, which is hug our children a little tighter and we’ll tell them that we love them, and we’ll remind each other how deeply we love one another. But there are families in Connecticut who cannot do that tonight. And they need all of us right now. In the hard days to come, that community needs us to be at our best as Americans. And I will do everything in my power as President to help.

    We’ve endured too many of these tragedies in the past few years. And each time I learn the news I react not as a HUMAN BEING, as anybody else would — as a parent. And that was especially true today. I know there’s not a parent in America who doesn’t feel the same overwhelming grief that I do.
    The majority of children — beautiful little kids between the ages of NEWBORN TO ELDERLY. They had their entire lives ahead of them — birthdays, graduations, weddings, kids of their own, whom are homeless and without funds for their futures and roofs over their heads. Living in cars, trucks and double up in homes in garages and the like. Sleeping in parking lots. Brushing their teeth in gas stations. Among the fallen homeowners are millions of children mothers fathers and relatives and friends some committing suicide, some having heart attacks due to the overwhelming stress. Some teachers, soldiers, firemen, police, realtors, small business owners, truckers, construction workers and more. — men and women who devoted their lives to helping our children and our community fulfill their dreams. TAX PAYERS!
    So our hearts are broken today AND EVERY DAY bank crimes go unaccountable, un prosecuted, and unlawful foreclosures are committed in every community every neighborhood in the United States. — for the parents and grandparents, sisters and brothers of these little children, and for the families of the adults who were terrorized by the bansters including the CEO of CBSN whom’s children were allegedly murdered by their nanny a day after the CEO Ikimm media company released news of mortgage crimes. The day after the childrens murders a three year old and a five year old, CEO Kimm took the mortgage exposure off the new. All decent Amerians hearts are broken for the families of the foreclosed on by banks who fund drug cartel and terrorist and are unlawfully seizing our properties, which is an act of terrorism on americans, the dead and the survivors as well, for as blessed as they are to have their children home tonight, wheither in cars or trucks, garages or doubled up in warm homes or entirely homeless, we know that their children’s innocence has been torn away from them too early, and there are no words that will ease their pain. NO WORDS THAT WILL EASE THE PAIN AND SUFFERING OF THE HOMEOWNER IN FEAR OF LOSING THEIR HOME TO THESE TERROIST OR THE ONES ALREADY HOMELESS.
    As a country, we have been through this too many times. Whether it’s a City in Washington State to a City in New York or somewhere else on this globe, homeless in elementary school in Newtown, or a shopping mall in Oregon, or a temple in Wisconsin, or a movie theater in Aurora, or a street corner in Chicago — these neighborhoods are our neighborhoods, and these children are our children. And we’re going to have to come together and take meaningful action to prevent more tragedies like this, regardless of the politics.
    This evening, and every evening I say my prayers for every America. I will do what I know every parent in America will do, which is hug our children a little tighter and we’ll tell them that we love them, and we’ll remind each other how deeply we love one another. But there are families in Connecticut who cannot do that tonight. And they need all of us right now. In the hard days to come, that community needs us to be at our best as Americans. And I will do everything in my power as an American to help.
    I will also pray with Americans that our Commander and Chief will see through the deception of the big banks and prosecute the heads of the banks and stop the unlawful foreclosures terrorizing our familes and neighborhoods. Traumatizing our people and our innocent children.
    This is another form of terrorism. Killing off our loved ones.

  131. I caught that also. They lose no time in pushing taking away our right to bear arms. Scandulous.

  132. Aside from those very few people who had a large down payment, I don’t know anyone who didn’t sign for 30 years worth of payments. People don’t care if they know that they will be paying the right entity and, ultimately, the house will be theirs at a price they can live with. I don’t see why all of a sudden, 30 years is no longer acceptable. Whether you pay rent or a mortgage, don’t you have to pay until you die for the privilege of having a roof over your head?

    Another one here looking for a free house and willing to shoot her big mouth off just for the hell of shooting off without anything of value to contribute.

  133. So frustrating these scammers are out there to hurt the already hurting. Please listen to Christine. Dont ever put anything in someone elses name. I came across a scammer like that here and warned the party that was doing it and wanted me to do it that she was dealing with a scammer and she did it anyway and they took 6000.00 from her before she realized I was right. Dont know what happened to her house due to she signed it over to them.

  134. The media are acting really despicable by talking about taking our gun rights away on the eve of such a horrific tragedy.

  135. Deeding your House? SCAM!!

    Posted on December 14th, 2012 by Mark Stopa

    Twice this week, I’ve had clients approach me seeking advice about companies that were promising a free house. Here’s a summary of their “pitch”:

    Let our team of lawyers fight the foreclosure. We’ll win, get the case dismissed, and eliminate all mortgages, allowing you to have the house free and clear.

    Now for the fine print:

    Sign a deed conveying title to your house into this trust, and begin paying a monthly fee while our lawyers fight the case.

    Folks, if you’ve never listened to me before, listen to me now. THIS IS A SCAM. Please don’t fall for it.

    I tried to warn consumers about these slimeballs a few months ago. Please heed my warning. Just don’t do it. And remember – it is neither helpful or necessary for any Florida homeowner [or any other homeowner anywhere] to deed their house to anyone, for any reason, as part of foreclosure defense.

    Mark Stopa

  136. Oh goodie Christine….just what we all want a lifetime house payment ….. we will all be dead long before it’s paid for…. perfect….!

  137. Problem Solver: Family has $91,500 waived after Bank of America foreclosure nightmare lasted years

    …Within 24 hours of my call to Bank of America, two mortgage offers were on the table. One was for 30 years; the other was for 40 years.

    “Both scenarios have fixed interest amount of 3.375 percent. Both scenarios call for the forgiveness of $91,530.77 in accrued interest, fees and escrow,” said an email outlining the deals from Mark A. Bragg, senior vice president with Bank of America.

    The unpaid principal balance was also back where it should be, at about $400,000.

    Spokeswoman Jumana Bauwens spearheaded the effort and said Bank of America is still looking into what went wrong with the loan, but wanted to resolve the problem for the Zetterlunds first.

    “We are better than this. It’s unfortunate. We want to do better than this and we apologize,” she said.

    The Zetterlunds believe they will accept the 30-year mortgage. They’re reviewing everything with an attorney and are anxious to be done with the ordeal…”


    BOOM! Oral Arguments- Zervas v. Wells Fargo – Posted by Matt Weidner

    Husband and wide signed mortgage. Husband didn’t sign the note. Wells Fargo is the trustee but… there is no evidence of trust. Judge takes note. And he asks the right questions!

  139. Here we go….knew it was coming….MSNBC is fake riding Obamas ass to take our gun rights away. The MSM make me want to hurl. As if nutjobs want guns they won’t be able to buy them and stricter gun laws will stop them. Freedom is not free and obviously law enforcement can’t be everywhere. I find it despicable that Obama took this tragedy as an opportunity to tell the American people that he works for the Federal Government. The media is using this tragedy as an opportunity as well to discuss gun laws. They are all going to hell.

  140. I think it is way past time the WE THE PEOPLE handed a notice of default to the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK & THEIR SHAREHOLDERS/INVESTORS.

  141. trespass…..There has to be performance of some task on both sides of that contract.

  142. Colleen … they are outright stealing from everywhere they can. They are all wrongful foreclosures and we were all paying on invalid loans. These banks are forcing people into fraudclosure because they are racketeering for their investors. They & their investors all cash in on their credit default swap insurance when the banks force a default. They all make out like kings . This is all about greed. We all have our horror stories about how we ended up here. This was intentional, an evil plan. Did you try appealing….?

  143. Colleen Collins,
    You have to go back to the beginning.
    Was there a clear title?
    Paying on an invalid loan, knowing the loan to be invalid can be concluded by a court as a gift. (Many Judge Judy shows have made it clear that if you pay someone money you don’t owe them and then stop, you will owe them because by paying you created a contract by gesture and to just stop will be to fail to perform the obligations of a contract they are expecting payment from.)

    General comment to the blog.
    If there was a Mod, that was a new contract. All priors are out the window. Our signatures are valuable, but if we just throw them around signing documents and not knowing what replaces what, and what supercedes what, we end up in situations we created of our own free will. A court will decide who’s least at fault and rule in most cases.
    No Notice of default should leave the title unclean unless this foreclosure had some hidden motive such that it was bidded to give it back to the original homeowner.

    They will have to give us our homes back or deal with some expensive fines..and these payments cannot be created out of thin air, it can’t be put on paper just because they are a bank. It’s coming out of their reserves which reduces what they can have outstanding in loans and derivatives since they do the monetizing at 10 times what they hold.

    So a billion dollar fine monetized 10 times is an awful lot of money they are out of for stealing, and good riddence to them.

    People will find that if they jumped in and bought a home that was taken from someone; they can expect it to be taking from them.
    Do unto others as you would have it done unto you.

  144. So, How would this affect the loan if it was treasury indexed, if at all?
    Is it still a viable stargety? Please comment.

  145. Strange.

    Neil, you’ve accepted the carrot and stick and moved from Deny and Discover to asking how the debt (that is not real, no money changed hands) was calculated makes it hard to Deny later when that QWR letter shows up in court.

    Think. Think. Think…as Winnie the Pooh would say.

    Trespass Unwanted, Corporeal, Life, Free and Independent, State, People, In Jure Proprio, Jure Divino

  146. It is obvious by now that the entire mega banking cartels rig everything from the most fundamental LIBOR, through insurance fraud, document fraud and stealing borrowers’ homes.

  147. Why isn’t there any attorneys in MA? I am a victim of the worst case of wrongful foreclosure ever. We were never in arrears and were paying on an invalid loan. The MA laws were ignored we never received any Notice of Default as none existed, No Notice of Sale, nor was it published in the newspaper. The home was bought by banks atty with an Invalid Credit Bid. After 40,000 paid in legal fees the unethical Judge ignored the facts of law.

  148. I’d like to know why these fines are not being used to make the “injured” whole, like the homeowners’. This is where the money SHOULD be going. I’d like to know exactly where this money is being used and who has it.

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